Problem with Karma

I have been unlocking the chapters for BTTH *battle threw the heavens lately, from chapter 206 to 238 and i just checked to see my Karma spent, 27 of them are golden purchase despite clicking the "use free karma" it has been using the golden karma.  also got tired of manually clicking "use free karma" and started to use that "auto unlock chapters" thinking it would use the free karma... it uses golden karma as well.... is this normal, or am i being screwed over? I have been using the free karma since i hit the cap of 3,000 but it still uses golden karma when clicking "use free karma"

now i cant find where to turn off this stupid auto unlock chapters thing.


  • Hmm, you can only unlock 2 chapters/day for a novel using Free Karma
  • If that's the case, then why does it still pop up when i go over the 2 free chapters? shouldnt be there a pop up "you used up are at the daily free limit" or the free karma greyed out as a sign? fucked up system to not even give a warning when a limits been reached. then it just auto uses gold with no prompt to make sure i want to use golden karma... FFS
  • Ya...idfk why it’s set up that way, I was doing the same thing. I don’t get why they have a system in place, if they are trying to make it more complicated and difficult for readers.
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