Changes in Longitude - D'urville Island

Rangitoto of the south

Terry and Sue Savage have lived in Kupe Bay on the western side of d'Urville Island for 24 years. Evening Post newspaper (1879) The D'Urville Island-Copper Mine, Vol. important site , 25 January 1878. Herbert Cox, S. (1878) D'Urville Island Copper Ore Deposits (Report on the).
In 1957, Webber, a young farm worker, was casting around for a small farm to buy, and ended up with an island. Spreading out from the southern entrance to Greville Harbour, Owhai farm is a 1550-hectare property owned by the King family. Guy King had never heard of d’Urville Island until he met Gillian Woodman at Massey University. Her family ran the property at the time, and, together, they came to live there 17 years ago. D’Urville’s roads may have pro­vided better access for its residents, but they are no paved highways.
Returning to the island four years ago, he opened D'Urville Island Water Taxis and Charters. He also provides bach accommodation and – thanks to the increasing number of island visitors – a lot of water taxiiing.
They are just as strong as the southerlies.” Some days, Bob says, the winds are so strong that the stock have trouble keeping on their feet. D'Urville Island Wilderness Resort located in Catherine Cove. D'Urville is the outermost island in the Marlborough Sounds has a population of around 40 permanent residents, with a land mass of approx 150km sq. D'Urville Island is at the western boundary of the Marlborough Sounds area. We drive down Waihopai Valley, refuel along the way to the outer Marlborough Sounds to French Pass to meet our barge to transport us to Kapowai Bay, D’Urville Island.
  • In fact, her first child was born on a boat en route to Nelson Hospital.
  • britz hire new zealand , you need to make your way to Okiwi Bay.
  • Hans no longer has snow to contend with, but drenching rain and salt-laden wind provide their own endurance test.
  • The mail boat calls every Tuesday, and drops off the few supplies Ross needs.

With improved roads on the island, nearly anything can now come by barge and be transported right to the customer’s door. It is a sign of the times that whereas a wharf and family launch were once necessary parts of island life. some families now have neither. Of course, d’Urville Islanders have to resort to the sea for more than just the movement of farm stock.
Living on a small, sheltered section of land in Kupe Bay, on the western side of the island, their intentions are betrayed by the ordered appearance of the property. motorhome rental new zealand is the typical Sounds sprawl of nets, fishing baskets, upturned dinghies and rusting tin sheds spreading down towards the sea. Rather, their home is nestled into native bush and surrounded by gardens, curios, and the unmistakable evidence of aesthetic intent. The Moleta farm is named Waitai, literally meaning “water salt”—a di­rect reference to the wild con­ditions that often envelop this part of the island.

Walks on D’urville Island

Terry calculated that from their house to Nelson and back it is 322 kilometres. It's a journey the couple make every few months, sometimes more frequently if the need arises. Like many residents, they have a vehicle on the island and one at French Pass, that way they only need to hop on a boat to get to the mainland.
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