Do Deities have a need to poop?

I have been rereading CD, until the part in planar wars where the houses along the side of the stellar river turn to dust.

Then i wondered how funny it would be if anyone in the houses was taking a dump when the house around him turns to dust.

So that begs the question, do deities (being constructed from divine power) have the biological need to excrete waste?


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    Even if they did, they could just use divine power to remove that need once it arrives. :3 Pretty odd question though. XD
  • the simple answer, no.

    the complicated answer:
    deities don't need to poop or piss, nor do they get drunk unless they choose so. if you want an example why, ST had a good example not too long ago where qin yu had a drinking contest. in simple terms, deities and immortals in general don't have to worry about bodily functions because the divine energy (in CD), or heavenly/elemental/ect energy (in other stories), takes care of it all, deities don't even need to eat or drink.

    if i deity decided not to use his divine energy to break down what they eat and drink, then they would eventually need to poop or piss, but really why bother with something so messy and smelly when a little energy takes care of it.

    also i think this was asked before, i just don't remember if it was in this forum or the old one.
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    Not to be disrespectful, but this is such a stupid question that I don't even know why I am answering it. Without a doubt, this is one of the weirdest questions on this forum. The answer is no. A Deity's body is created with their divine energy. Basically, Deity's are souls that can create an 'artificial' body with their divine energy.This means that they have full control over their bodies (including their bowels).
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    For the cd universe, deities bodies are made up of divine power, as they can alter their bodies, they no longer have to rely on food or drink unless they choose to for pleasure, the. I would guess they can take care of their excrement with their divine power I assume. For the st universe, I'm not fully sure, which would be a more interesting question, since in st, I'm not sure if the immortal /devil/demon are similar to deities or not
  • Linley's favorite food is human soul. Believe me or not, it is.
  • loool... you make me thinking weird think..imagine when a deity kill you and absorb or eat your soul.. when he poop, some shit exited with your horror face carve in to it 
    and what about woman deity..they can pregnant, is she get period every month? looool
  • Deities are pure energy. Humans shit because they cannot convert all the chemical energy in food into energy so waste is produced. Deities being perfect beings can covert all the chemical energy in food into pure energy and absorb it according to E=mc^2.
  • They hold their poop in and constantly compress it with their divine strength until it turns into diamond. They then collect them to give their ladies diamond jewelry. If they become highgods or above they can hold it in longer until it reaches critical mass and they shoot a new star out their butt. That's where shooting stars come from.
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