Metropolitan System



  • Chapter 20


    Chapter 20: Something happened to cousin


    Without realizing it, half a month passed. This had been a fulfilling half a month Jiang Bai. He spent every single day reading, and with that, the amount of knowledge he had grew rapidly. In half of month, his level of knowledge in the various subjects such as economics, culture, politics, biology, history, and so on were already comparative to the best PhD holders.

    Apart from spending his time reading, Jiang Bai had also been visiting the Great World once every two days. The place had been handed over to Li Qiang and Xu Jie, and business had been booming. Xu Jie's men were now in charge of watching over the turf around the club, and apart from that, the bouncers had all been changed to a bunch of sturdy youths as well.

    Jiang Bai understood clearly the type of activities conducted within the club, but he turned a blind eye to them. The thugs watching over the club were all Xu Jie's men, but in a way, they were all his men as well. Although he wasn't directly managing them, everyone knew he was the actual boss of the place.

    Jiang Bai had successfully made a name for himself through one battle. His feat of wiping the floor with a group of 20 thugs including Xu Jie had been spread far and wide by all the youths under him. Each time he arrived at the club, he could clearly feel the adoration in their eyes. Unknown to him, his feat was not only known within the Great World. In fact, his name was being spread in the entirety of the Upper East District.

    Jiang Bai was not from the criminal underworld, and he had no intention of entering that world either. Even so, his name was starting to be recognized by many people of the underworld. After all, Xu Jie himself was a renowned figure at the Upper East District, and he had a big mouth. He had been singing Jiang Bai praises everywhere he went, to the point Jiang Bai's status had now been elevated to the number one boss of the turf. Sure, he might not be much in the entirety of Tiandu, but at the Upper East District, his name was known far and wide. Many young thugs dreamed of joining his gang.

    When Great World was recruiting, why had all those young men agreed to work as bouncers for a low pay? That was so they could claim that they were Boss Jiang's men when they were outside. That alone would earn them a considerable amount of respect. All of that was unknown to Jiang Bai. In fact, he had not expected that something like that would happen.

    Ma Changyang hadn't been idling around either. After cleaning up the affairs of his production company, he changed the name of the company to Soaring Dragon Films as per Jiang Bai's request. He had also hired people to redesign a new logo and signboard for Jiang Bai, and had even asked for a copy of Jiang Bai's ID so he could transfer the ownership to Jiang Bai in advance. All that was done without a single mention of money, to the point even Jiang Bai was feeling somewhat embarrassed.

    Everyone except Jiang Bai seemed to be very busy. He had nothing to do. Apart from reading, the only thing he had been doing was flirting. Who had he been flirting with? Who else if not that seductive neighbor of his?

    Since the day they split Wu Tian’s money, the relationship between Jiang Bai and Yao Lan had improved considerably. Their interactions had been much warmer, and for some reason, Yao Lan greatly enjoyed teasing Jiang Bai. Every now and then, she would unleash her seductiveness on Jiang Bai, greatly stirring his lust.

    What's odd was the fact that Wu Tian had never shown himself ever since. It was unknown if that was due to Yao Lan having said something to him. During the day, Jiang Bai's cousin would deliver him lunch every single day. He could clearly feel the concern she had for him. And when he returned home from work in the evening, he would be able to flirt around with his sexy neighbor. He was indeed living a fulfilling life. His only regret was the fact that Su Mei had not contacted him since their first meeting. It was as if she had vanished from the world.

    “Ding ding ding...granddaddy, your grandson is calling...granddaddy, your grandson is calling...”

    Today, while at work in the library, Jiang Bai was fully immersed in the Dream Analysis by Sigmund Freud he was reading when his phone suddenly rang. That was his new ringtone. The moment it rang, it attracted the attention of everyone in the library, causing Jiang Bai to feel awkward.

    "Hello? Who is this?" Jiang Bai blanked out when he saw that it was an unknown number. He answered and asked politely.

    "Is this cousin? I am Ma Shuyuan." A woman's voice rang out from the other side of the phone. The caller was Lin Wanru's roommate who Jiang Bai had met once before. The girls staying with Lin Wanru were all decent people, especially this Ma Shuyuan who was the best friend of Lin Wanru. When they met previously, she had even teased Jiang Bai and Lin Wanru, asking about their relationship. During the meeting, she had also asked for Jiang Bai's number, but they had never contacted each other before.

    Jiang Bai checked the time and noted that it was around six in the evening. Why was she calling him at this time?

    "Hello. How can I help you, Shuyuan?" Jiang Bai asked with a smile. He had a favorable impression of this straightforward young lady from a northern town.

    "You see, just now, Zhang Tian'ang picked Wanru up. I think Wanru had previously asked for his help. He called her today telling her there is an update, but it is a tricky problem so he will only help if Wanru agrees to have dinner with him. But I have a bad feeling about the dinner. Zhang Tian'ang has never been a decent person. There are even rumors that he had gotten some seniors pregnant in the past and they were made to abort the baby. And I have also heard that he has done many bad things outside the campus as well. I'm worried about Wanru going out with him. That's why..."  Ma Shuyuan slowly explained her reason for calling, her anxiousness clear from her voice.

    "Where did they go?" Jiang Bai's face fell as he asked with a gloomy tone.

    What kind of help would Lin Wanru need if not for the trouble Jiang Bai was in previously? He had already told the girl that everything was fine, but she refused to believe him. And what was that Zhang Tian'ang trying to do? Wasn't he from an influential family? If he had really asked around, shouldn't he know that the issue had been handled? Would he not know Jiang Bai's current relationship with Xu Jie? If so, why was he still asking Lin Wanru out for dinner? Dinner? It's definitely not that simple.

    "I think it’s at Marriot Hotel." [1]

    "Alright, got it. Don't worry. I'll deal with it."

    After promising to deal with it, Jiang Bai ended the call and left the campus. Xiaotian had been spending his time loitering around the campus. With a single call, he arrived to pick Jiang Bai up. Jiang Bai got on the car and they started heading toward Marriot Hotel.

    Halfway there, Jiang Bai decided that it was not enough for him to go alone. So he gave Xu Jie a call. It was not like he was afraid to go alone. He had great combat strength, but it was better to have Xu Jie around to deal with the aftermath. Xu Jie was a person with a number of connections. He even knew some people from the police force. If things turned south, Jiang Bai would fight but Xu Jie was the best person to deal with everything else. In fact, the various interactions Great World had with the numerous parties such as socializing, giving gifts and brides were all being handled by Xu Jie.

    "Don't worry, boss. I'll be there immediately!" Xu Jie stamped his foot with fury the moment he heard from Jiang Bai. After gathering his men, they charged straight to Marriot Hotel. When Jiang Bai arrived, Xu Jie was already there. Also standing there waiting together with Xu Jie was a middle-aged man.

    "Big brother, this is the president of Marriot Hotel, Sir Chang. He is Old Ma's friend. I’ve already checked with him. That Zhang Tian'ang is currently upstairs."

    "Nice to meet you, Mr. Jiang."

    Sir Chang was obviously a wise person. He did not show any contempt despite Jiang Bai's age. Instead, he quickly shook Jiang Bai's hand warmly. Marriot Hotel was a five-star hotel, a business worth a considerable sum of money. With his wealth and his wisdom when dealing with people, it was no wonder he could be friends with someone like Ma Changyang.



    1. As we all know, this is an alternate world similar to Earth. You will occasionally see similar places and organizations in this world, but those would all be this world’s version of those places and organizations. So do not be alarmed if there is something different with what you know. An example would be this Marriot Hotel here. There is a Marriot International hotel chain irl, but they are not the same.

  • Chapter 21


    Chapter 21: Insolent young master


    After a handshake, Mr. Chang spoke in an anxious tone, "Mr. Jiang, since you are Old Ma's friend, I will be straight with you. I know who Zhang Tian'ang is. He is the young master of Mr. Zhang from Haojiang Corporation. To speak the truth...this matter is quite troublesome. Unless absolutely necessary, I don't suggest that you fight him."

    It was blatantly obvious that Xu Jie wasn't any normal law abiding citizen. When he arrived, he brought with him a group of bulky and aggressive looking men. With them waiting here for Jiang Bai and Zhang Tian'ang being Jiang Bai's target, what they were here to do was clear. If it wasn't for Mr. Chang's good relationship with Old Ma, he wouldn't even have revealed that much to them. Of course, as the owner of this hotel, he did not wish to see any conflicts here as well.

    "Haojiang? Zhang Changgeng?" When Xu Jie heard that name, a grave expression surfaced on his face. It would seem like he knew Haojiang Corporation as well.

    "Yes, it's him. Therefore, unless absolutely necessary..." Mr. Chang nodded and spoke softly. He did not finish his sentence, but his meaning was clear.

    "Mr. Chang, just give me the room number and this won't have anything else to do with you. We will go ourselves. We can't drag you into our trouble, right?" Jiang Bai said, telling Mr. Chang to leave in a roundabout manner. Mr. Chang was visibly relieved when he heard that. After giving them the room number, he left.

    "Why? You know him?" Jiang Bai asked after Mr. Chang left.

    "Yes. I met him twice at my master's place before. Zhang Changgeng is a very thorny opponent to have. He used to be a street thug as well. Equipped with his ruthlessness, he spent only several years to rise in power and status. He then got married with his present wife. Relying on his father in law's influence, he started cleaning himself off crime. Over the past decade, Haojing has been growing madly. From a tiny company focused on smuggling and selling counterfeit products, the company grew into a massive entity involved in real estate, manufacturing, export business, and so on."

    "Although he has been slowly washing himself off crime over the years, he still has a bunch of madmen working for him. And it is also rumored that he is still maintaining a large number of his illegal businesses. He has a large number of people working for him in Tiandu, making him one of the tyrants of Tiandu. Old Ma is nothing compared to him. To be honest, in Zhang Changgeng's eyes, Old Ma is simply a rich thug, an insignificant individual." Xu Jie explained in whispers, his brows furrowed tightly.

    He further continued, "This Zhang Tian'ang is his only son, a son that Zhang Changgeng had only gotten at 32 years old. Both he and his wife doted on this son greatly. This kid is known as a wastrel young master. Over the years, he has done a lot of bad things. This dinner with your cousin is definitely not as simple as it seems."

    Xu Jie hesitated slightly before he added, "Zhang Changgeng’s power is deeply rooted in Tiandu. He is really not someone you should easily provoke. Maybe I can try calling my master? Zhang Changgeng knows him and is usually quite respectful of him. If my master is willing to help, there won't be a problem."

    "It's fine. Why do I care who he is? Zhang Changgeng? Even if he's an emperor, what do I have to fear? His son is the one looking for trouble. I'll just have to deal with whatever he has to throw at me. At most, I'll slaughter my way out, creating a river of blood!"

    Jiang Bai declared coldly with his eyes narrowed. Xu Jie was first shocked by what he heard, but he then recalled that Jiang Bai was an authentic martial arts Grandmaster who specialized on the extremely destructive Eight Extremes Fist. If he decided to throw caution to the wind, creating a literal river of blood was very much possible.

    "Ok! This is how my boss should be! Let us see what this Zhang Changgeng is made of. At most, we'll slaughter our way out and create a river of blood! With his large family and business, he has many to lose. I wonder if he can afford that!" Xu Jie roared with laughter before declaring with wanton recklessness, seemingly prepared to start a battle he couldn't return from with zero regrets.

    They went straight to the presidential suite at the top of the hotel. The moment they reached the door, they were stopped by four bulky men in black. Before Jiang Bai could even do anything, Xu Jie charged forward. His underlings also charged forth with no hesitation. After a short while, the four men were already pressed on the ground, unable to even budge.

    Bang! Jiang Bai kicked the door open and strode inside. When he saw Lin Wanru seated at the dining table at the middle of the room, he heaved a breath of relief. The worst case scenario that he had imagined had yet to happen.

    "Who are you?" The moment Jiang Bai entered, the young man seated across Lin Wanru and facing the door saw him. He immediately stood up and shouted in anger. Standing behind him were two men in black suits. When they saw Jiang Bai's group entering, they stepped forth and reached inside their suits. It was obvious what they were reaching for.

    The shout caused Lin Wanru to turn around as well. When she saw Jiang Bai, she was momentarily stunned before she quickly stood up. Like a child caught doing something wrong, she lowered her head before asking, "Jiang Bai, why are you here?"

    "Silly girl, if I did not come, you would be eaten up by this beast before even knowing what's happening." Jiang Bai said with a sigh. He was planning to scold her, but when he saw her expression, he swallowed his words and said something else instead.

    "Hmm?" Lin Wanru looked at Jiang Bai blankly. Then, a realization seemed to hit her as she abruptly turned to look at Zhang Tian'ang.

    "So you're Jiang Bai?" Zhang Tian'ang knew who Jiang Bai was. But from how he was behaving, it was obvious he did not think much of Jiang Bai. His voice was filled with contempt as he spoke.

    "You know me? Since you know me, you should know that my problem has already been dealt with. Why are you still lying to Wanru?" Jiang Bai asked with an unfriendly tone.

    "So what if I’m lying to her? I know you are quite a capable fighter. You can fight a few dozen people by yourself? And the guy beside you is that thug, Xu Jie? But so what if you can fight? You actually dare to come here today? Are you tired of living?"

    "I was initially in the mood to play a little game by talking terms with Lin Wanru. She seems to like you a lot. For your sake, she is willing to beg for my help. I was planning to exaggerate the trouble you're in. She will then probably agree to strip down and allow me to have fun with her. But since you are here to spoil my fun, I'll have to use force instead." Zhang Tian'ang said coldly in complete disregard toward Jiang Bai and the others. Even though Jiang Bai's side was holding the superiority here, he was still looking down on them.

    "Zhang Tian'ang, you're shameless!" Before Jiang Bai could say anything, Lin Wanru shouted angrily. Her face was flushed red, either from anger or shame.

    "Heh. Shameless? Why is that? You can only blame yourself for being too pretty. You should have agreed to follow me when I courted you in the past. Being with me, you would be living a good life. But you were unwilling to be with me and went on to get a crush on this kid instead? If that is the case, the only thing I can do is have some fun with you. You like him, right? Today, I will play with you right in front of him!" Zhang Tian'ang declared and roared with laughter. He was filled with arrogance and had zero sense of shame.

    After he was done talking, he waved his hand. The two bodyguards beside him immediately pulled out their guns and pointed at Jiang Bai's group. He then shouted at the people behind Jiang Bai, "My father is Zhang Changgeng from Haojiang Corporation. If you wish to live, piss off!"

    Upon hearing that, some of the people that came with Xu Jie retreated instinctively. After a slight hesitation, they started leaving. In the blink of an eye, of the initial over 30 people, only about a dozen of them were left. Even so, from the expressions of the ones left, it was clear they weren't feeling much confidence either. From this, it was obvious how big of a reputation Zhang Changgeng had in Tiandu.

  • Chapter 22


    Chapter 22: Even if your father is the god emperor, it won’t save you


    "Heh, your men are quite brave, huh? They have the guts to stay behind even after hearing my father's name? People this brave are very rare in Tiandu nowadays. Unfortunately, they are too stupid." said Zhang Tian'ang with a sneer when he saw that there were still about a dozen people left.

    Pa! Pa! Pa!

    The moment Zhang Tian'ang finished speaking, sounds of doors being opened rang out repeatedly. The doors of the four rooms around the presidential suite were suddenly opened. Several dozen people rushed out of those rooms before surrounding Jiang Bai's group. These people were equipped with various weapons such as clubs, daggers, and even spears.

    Every single one of them was burly, muscular and over 1.8 meters tall. In fact, their arms were thicker than the legs of an average person. Each of them looked incredibly ferocious, and it was clear they were also experienced fighters. It only took a single glance to see that the quality of these men was far higher than Jiang Bai's men.

    "Since we're going to be playing, let's make it fun. I had someone investigate your background before. Therefore, I have naturally made some preparations before coming here. Of course, I have not expected that you would be brave enough to actually come. I know you're a good fighter. But my men are good fighters as well. So what if you're a good fighter? At my command, your skull will be immediately pierced by a bullet." Zhang Tian'ang said and started roaring with laughter.

    He stepped forth, staring at Jiang Bai and continued speaking arrogantly, "If you know what's good for you, stand still and don't move. Watch with your own eyes how I have fun with your beautiful cousin. If I’m sufficiently satisfied, I might even spare you."

    Then, Zhang Tian'ang started ignoring Jiang Bai and looked straight at Lin Wanru. He scanned Lin Wanru's body with a lustful gaze, causing her to instantly go pale. With a perverted smile, he spoke, "Lin Wanru, you heard me. And you can see clearly what's happening here. Serve me well today and I will spare that kid. Or else, I am still going to do what I’m about to do but on top of that, I will also allow my men to have some fun with you after I'm done. As for that kid and his men, they will be made to watch before dying."

    Zhang Tian'ang paused before he recalled something as he quickly added, "I am going to play with you right in front of him. Remember to struggle more. I like it when girls struggle. Hahaha! Come, let's put on a good show for him. You may start stripping now."

    "Strip your mom!" Jiang Bai was completely infuriated when he heard all that. For the very first time in his life, he had the urge to kill someone. The moment he shouted, he dashed forward.

    Pa! Pa! Pa!

    Moving like the wind, Jiang Bai leaped forward. Immediately, four figures were sent flying and crashed heavily on the wall. Four guns appeared in his hands while the four that were sent flying could no longer stand. After tossing the guns to Xu Jie, he charged forth again.

    "Freeze, motherfuckers! Move and die!"

    Wielding two guns, Xu Jie pointed at the people in the room. Zhang Tian'ang's men no longer dared to move when they saw the guns in Xu Jie’s hands. They were aware that he was a madman. If he claimed that he would shoot, he would definitely do it.

    "Boys, whoop their asses! Whoever dares to fight back will take a bullet from me!"

    With a sinister grin on his face, Xu Jie commanded his men to go forward. With their confidence bolstered, they snatched the weapons off their opponents and started beating those people up. The room was filled with miserable wails, yet nobody dared to hit back. In a short few minutes, the floor was filled with a group of groaning men.

    The abrupt change shocked Lin Wanru so much she yelled repeatedly. The confidence Zhang Tian'ang had vanished as he stared at Jiang Bai. With a pale expression, he threatened, his voice stammering.

    " father is Zhang Changgeng! If you dare touch me, my father will not spare you!"

    Jiang Bai slowly walked toward Zhang Tian'ang, narrowed his eyes and sneered before saying, "So what if your father is Zhang Changgeng? Even if he is the god emperor, it won’t save you."

    After saying that, Jiang Bai sent Zhang Tian'ang flying with a kick. Zhang Tian'ang crashed on the wall with half his ribs broken. Even his internal organs were injured from the kick. A mouthful of blood sprayed out of his mouth like a fountain.

    Jiang Bai was already holding back with the kick as he did not want to kill someone in the public. Otherwise, he could have turned Zhang Tian'ang into mincemeat with a single kick. That was not the end of this. Jiang Bai strode forward and unleashed four continuous punches on Zhang Tian'ang, crippling all four limbs of his. A miserable wail started to ring in the room.

    After giving Zhang Tian’ang the beating, Jiang Bai was satisfied. Zhang Tian'ang was now with grave injuries and would probably end up many months in the hospital. Of course, the injuries were not fatal as Jiang Bai had controlled his force well when attacking. He had a stream of Hidden Force sent into Zhang Tian'ang's body so as to protect him from death yet allow him to clearly feel the intense pain of being beaten up.

    Even after doing all that, Jiang Bai did not intend to let this matter end here. He lifted Zhang Tian'ang with one hand before tossing him over to Xu Jie.

    "Let's go. Take him with us."

    The beating Zhang Tian'ang received was in fact quite a harsh lesson for him. With such injuries, even after treatment, his limbs would never be as nimble as they once were. With this, Jiang Bai had completely turned Zhang Changgeng into his enemy. Since that was the case, he had to find a way to end this conflict. Otherwise, endless troubles would ensue.

    Xu Jie seemed to understand what Jiang Bai was trying to do. Without saying anything else, he waved his hand and had his men tore off the curtain before tying Zhang Tian'ang up. After tying Zhang Tian’ang up, they took his socks off and stuffed them in his mouth.

    Jiang Bai scanned the room coldly and under Lin Wanru's stupefied gaze and his men's fanatical gazes, he spoke before he left.

    "Go notify Zhang Changgeng to come see me. Just let him know that if he wants his son back, today, he will have to give me, Jiang Bai, an explanation for this!"

    A fleet of vehicles had already been prepared by Xu Jie beforehand. They stuffed Zhang Tian'ang into one of the vehicles, and they all left on five different vans. Lin Wanru and Jiang Bai were seated on the same vehicle. When Lin Wanru got on the vehicle, she finally recovered from her shock. Still in disbelief, she opened her mouth, trying to say something.

    "Cousin, you..."

    Before Lin Wanru could say anything, Jiang Bai waved his hand and spoke gently.

    "Don't worry. I will handle everything. It will be fine. But you won't be able to return to the campus for now. I'll get Xu Jie to arrange a temporary hiding place for you. I will end this today."


    This time, Lin Wanru was not reprimanding Jiang Bai nor was she trying to educate Jiang Bai. She merely nodded obediently with a complicated look in her eyes. Everything that had happened today was a large shock to her; everything she knew seemed to have broken apart. It would take her some time to take in all this.

    As they travelled, Jiang Bai proceeded to comfort Lin Wanru while also answering her questions such as the origin of his combat prowess. He claimed that since young, he had been secretly learning from an expert. And under Lin Wanru's complicated and worshiping gaze, they arrived at the house of Xu Jie's friend where she would be hiding for now. The friend was a middle-ranking police officer who was tight with Xu Jie as they once fought together in the army. He was a trustable friend of Xu Jie.

    It was only now that Jiang Bai found out about Xu Jie's past in the army. Xu Jie was from the special forces, a soldier that had truly been on the battlefield and had killed before. As for his past deployment locations, Jiang Bai did not ask. But he finally understood the reason for this guy to be so fearless and ruthless during fights.

  • Chapter 23


    Chapter 23: War God of the Human World Card


    After dropping off Lin Wanru, Jiang Bai and the others headed toward a dilapidated factory at the suburban district of the city. Along the way, he did not stop racking his brain for a solution. He was fully aware that he was in a crisis. Zhang Changgeng was not an easy opponent. That much was clear from Xu Jie's reaction.

    A martial arts Grandmaster was exceptionally powerful and was akin to a humanoid weapon that had reached the limits of the human body. But at the end of the day, he was still human. And so long as one was a human, one would have limits. Even Cheng Tinhua, the Eight Trigram Palm Grandmaster, had died to a bullet back then.

    Jiang Bai might be powerful, but Zhang Changgeng was no pushover. In fact, none of the people that could be called a tyrant at Tiandu were pushovers. To be frank, apart from his fighting prowess, Jiang Bai was basically worthless in all other aspects. His only option was to start slaughtering wantonly and ensure both parties would suffer. Otherwise, he had to think of a way to end this conflict as soon as possible. That was why he had decided to kidnap Zhang Tian'ang in the first place. Zhang Tian'ang might be an arrogant and despotic individual, but he had the kind of background qualifying him to act that way.

    "I need to think of something."

    A Grandmaster was powerful but not invincible. Sure, Jiang Bai wouldn't have a problem defeating 100 opponents alone. But what about 200 opponents? Or even 300 opponents? Even if the 300 opponents decided to stand still taking his blows, he would be completely exhausted before he could go through all of them. Apart from their pure number, he still to worry about the fact that his opponents would be equipped with firearms as well.

    Jiang Bai kept trying to think of a solution but failed to come up with anything. Apart from fighting it out, he really had no other options.

    "I still have about 700 prestige points left from last time and have also earned about 1,000 prestige points during the past half month. In total, I have 2,000 prestige points right now, enough for two low-tier lucky draws. I was planning to save up the prestige points, but I don't think I have any other options right now."

    The only thing Jiang Bai could rely on right now was the system. Although the low-tier lucky draw was as good as a scam, it was still better than buying directly with prestige points. The things he could buy with only 2,000 prestige points really wouldn't be of much help to him. He could only rely on luck right now.


    With his command, the slot machine started spinning rapidly before him. After a few dozen seconds, the slot machine stopped spinning, stopping at a black slot. Jiang Bai's face fell when he saw that. A black slot meant zero rewards. He felt like he was suffering one calamity after another.

    "The old saying is indeed correct. Blessings never come in pairs and misfortune does not come singly. Looks like I'm having bad luck today." Jiang Bai smiled bitterly and activated the slot machine once again. He was already on the path of no return. At this point, his only choice was to brace himself and accept whatever he was going to get. This time, the best reward possible was still a blue reward. No purple slots were in sight.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    As Jiang Bai stared at the slot machine with bloodshot eyes, the slot machine started spinning. After a while, it slowed down before finally stopping at a blue slot.

    "Congratulations, young man. You have obtained one War God of the Human World Card. With this card, you can activate the War God Possession ability for 30 seconds. During the active duration, you are invincible in the human world, impervious to all weapons, immune to the elements, fast as wind, wild as lightning, possessing the strength of the boundless ocean, transforming into a lonely expert at the top of existence. After 30 seconds, the ability will end. No side effects."

    The system notification rang out in Jiang Bai's mind, causing his eyes to lit up.

    That was definitely a top tier reward. The description was so sensational Jiang Bai's eyes twinkled when he heard it. The "strength of the boundless ocean, transforming into a lonely expert at the top of existence" part of the description filled him with confidence.

    Half an hour later, they arrived at their destination. The moment they got off the car, Jiang Bai spoke to Xu Jie.

    "Give Zhang Changgeng a call and tell him to come get his son. Also warn him to not call the police. I will be waiting for him here. He can bring however many people he wishes. If he can defeat me today, I will submit my fate to him."

    Xu Jie looked at Jiang Bai in disbelief with his eyes opened wide.


    He had already thought of many possibilities on their way here, but this was the only possibility he had never thought of. Calling Zhang Changgeng telling him to bring as many people as he wanted here?

    Bro, this did not seem right? Shouldn't they be threatening Zhang Changgeng using Zhang Tian'ang and force him to come alone? And when he arrived, they would kill both the father and son before fleeing far away, living a nomadic life from then on?

    Or they could also take a milder approach by inviting someone of respectable status to host a negotiation between them while they still had a hostage at hand. After apologizing and paying some compensation, the conflict would be resolved. Xu Jie had even thought of asking for his master's help. All they needed to do was apologize and pay some compensation.

    Or they could also start a war, a war that would shake the heavens... Of the many possibilities he had imagined, this was not one of them. This...wasn't this the same as suicide? Yes, Xu Jie was fearless and unafraid of death. But wasn't it stupid to actively seek death?

    "Boss, this..." Xu Jie hesitated.

    "Don't worry. I have my way of dealing with this." Jiang Bai interrupted Xu Jie's words and declared calmly.

    Xu Jie was not given a chance to say anything else so he decided to do as told. He got a middleman to call Zhang Changgeng and made it known that Jiang Bai had no intention of getting the police force involved. He only wanted to have a clash with Zhang Changgeng. They were currently waiting at the abandoned factory at the suburban district and Zhang Changgeng was free to gather as many people as he wanted before going.

    It wasn't that Jiang Bai did not want to get the police involved. Rather, he saw himself as a good law abiding citizen that would never be able to stand against the law and country. In fact, he would much prefer to deal with this through the law, but the current him was not capable of that. If he was really influential enough he could crush Zhang Changgeng with a single phone call, he wouldn't have bothered to fight Zhang Changgeng personally.

    On the other hand, Zhang Changgeng was a person with a wide network of connections. He could plant numerous criminal charges on Jiang Bai at any time. That was why Jiang Bai was forced to take this route instead.

    Xu Jie did not think too much about this. Since they had decided to have a clash with Zhang Changgeng, he decided that he might as well create as much chaos as he could. And thus the middleman Xu Jie had called was a renowned information peddler in Tiandu. Simply put, this incident was going be spread all over the city.

    By the time Zhang Changgeng was notified of this, every individual of worth in Tiandu had gotten news of this as well. Instantly, the tranquil lake that was Tiandu boiled.

    Who was Zhang Changgeng? A tyrant of Tiandu! In the entirety of Tiandu, even after adding up the people from both sides of the law, there were less than 10 people capable of putting up a fight against him. All of them were extremely influential individuals capable of creating a metaphorical earthquake with a single stamp of their feet.

    It had been many years since someone had last challenged Zhang Changgeng. A few years ago, a so-called Crown Prince came from the north to challenge him. But it ended with the Crown Prince's total defeat, causing him a great embarrassment.

    Of course, over the years, many other ambitious and ruthless individuals had offended him as well. But all of them ended up at the bottom of the river. And now, Jiang Bai, a person previously unheard of was challenging Zhang Changgeng? And he had even kidnapped Zhang Changgeng's beloved son? He even told Zhang Changgeng he wanted a clash of force and allowed Zhang Changgeng to gather as many men as he wanted?

    This piece of news created a massive sensation thorough Tiandu. What were Jiang Bai and Xu Jie thinking? Were they sick in the head? How many underlings did Zhang Changgeng have? How many mobsters did he have running his criminal activities for him? In Tiandu and its peripheral regions, there were no less than 1,000 mobsters working for him, capable fighters included. And someone was challenging him like this? Why else would the person do that if he wasn't crazy?

  • Chapter 24


    Chapter 24: Zhao Wuji


    Xu Jie's message created an uproar that rippled throughout Tiandu. As for Zhang Changgeng, he did not bother holding anything back. He immediately gathered over 200 people, each of them veterans of many battles. On top of that, he had also invited about a dozen martial art experts who shared a good relationship with him. In the span of one afternoon, everyone was already gathered at his villa. And on the same evening, a fleet of several dozen vehicles set off toward the suburban district.

    Everyone was of the opinion that Zhang Changgeng was making a big fuss over a minor issue. During the afternoon, Jiang Bai's information had been dug out by many people. It was said that he was a capable fighter capable of fighting several dozen people alone. Even the river crossing dragon from the north that had arrived not long ago was chased away from Tiandu by him. It was also said that due to that incident, some sort of relationship had been established between Jiang Bai and that person.

    But Jiang Bai was still a kid. Regardless of how capable a fighter he was, a force this large to deal with him was an overkill. As a matter of fact, many people thought that Zhang Changgeng was trying to kill a mosquito using a cannon, making a big deal out of nothing.

    At the central area of Tiandu, at the center of a lush garden was a manor occupying several acres of land. A middle-aged man in glasses was standing respectfully beside a couch, reporting to a graceful-looking man who was lounging on the couch with his eyes shut and a glass of red wine in hand.

    "Master Zhao, Zhang Changgeng has made his move. He has over 200 people gathered, and among them were over 20 convicted murderers, each armed with a firearm. He is bringing along 12 martial art experts, and even the Hong Fist Grandmaster, Zhou Shilong, is there as well. They are now on their way to the factory. What do you think he's doing?

    "From what I heard, the kid called Jiang Bai is indeed quite strong. He is at least a pseudo Grandmaster. Even the dog of Old Nalan was beaten back by him not long ago. But even so, Zhang Changgeng's reaction is a tad bit too excessive."

    Not far from them, men in black suits could be seen everywhere. The entire manor was heavily-guarded by these men. The man on the couch was about 40 years old with a handsome appearance, dressed in a traditional Chinese robe. After taking a sip of wine, he slowly stood up with the help of the man beside him. And as he slowly stepped forward, he spoke.

    "Hehe. What else can it be? Zhang Changgeng has been very busy lately. This is simply a show of force. Due to my bad health, he is probably getting ambitious. He is waiting for me to die so he can start fighting others over the empire I left behind."

    This was supposed to be an age where he still had a robust body, yet it took him great effort to just walk. He was holding a crutch yet still needed someone to support him as he walk. It was clear his health was in bad shape.

    "He dares to think that way? I will kill him right this moment!" When the middle-aged man heard that, his face fell and he declared furiously.

    "Hehe, you...are still as rash as ever. It has been so many years yet your temper is still the same. I know myself. I don't have much time left. But even so, as long as I am still alive, he won't be able to do anything. As Old Zhang grows in age, he must have gotten senile as well. He thought he is some big shot just because of his smooth growth in recent years? In truth, he is still a nobody. Does he really believe that what happened between him and Li Qingdi three years ago was due to his own power?

    "If Li Qingdi hadn’t been holding back in fear of me, he could have destroyed Zhang Changgeng and his family right then. Yes, Zhang Changgeng's backer is quite powerful, but still not quite good enough to face Li Qingdi. In fact, that backer has to worry about his own position as well. There are many dragons capable of overturning seas and rivers here at Tiandu. And of those dragons, which of them can Zhang Canggeng actually suppress?

    "He is ambitious, but unfortunately, he lacks insight. A person like him will never amount to anything great. Compared to him, I am more worried about that little tiger from the south. He has been setting his sights on me for quite a while. Even with me here, he is already brave enough to challenge us. After my death, the tiger will be unleashed."

    Master Zhao spoke with a smile on his face after waving his hand. But toward the end, his expression turned solemn.


    At the mention of the tiger, the face of the middle-aged man fell as well. A trace of fear flickered in his eyes. That tiger wasn't an opponent to be trifled with. He wasn't called the Tiger of the South for nothing. As mentioned by Master Zhao, although that person was young, he was truly a ferocious tiger!

    "Alright, stop talking about him. Although the tiger holds absolute power at the south, it's not like he has no opponents. Over the past two years, that madman from Hong Kong had broken several of his fangs. Before he can do anything here, he has to first clean up the danger lingering behind him. But that madman is no easy opponent. Their fight will likely continue for quite some time...And there's also the Dragon of the Capital, Li Qingdi waiting around despite the setback he had suffered back then. Hahaha, looks like the floodgates will be opened the moment I die."

    Master Zhao laughed as he spoke, seemingly not bothered about these people at all. Then, he recalled something as he said, "I owed Xu Jie's master a favor in the past. Since Xu Jie is his only direct disciple, give Zhang Changgeng a call. Tell him that I don't care what he does to Jiang Bai, but Xu Jie must remain alive. Tell him these words come directly from me.

    "That young man called Jiang Bai is quite a surprise. He actually has the guts to challenge Zhang Changgeng to an upfront confrontation. He is gutsy, but unfortunately, he lacks wisdom. I doubt he can survive this. But if he really does manage to survive this, I will have a whole new of respect for him. If he survives, there is no harm in bringing him to see me. Perhaps in a few years, he will also be one of the dragons capable of overturning seas and rivers."

    Done speaking, Master Zhao turned around and left.

    At the same time, within a graceful countryside courtyard at the outskirts of Tiandu, an old man in a robe had received the same news as well. His body trembled slightly when he heard that, but he did not say anything. He waved his hand, telling the bearer of news to leave before he continued watering the plants in his garden.

    After a long time, he muttered to himself, "Xu Jie, this is a path you have chosen for yourself. I only hope this is the right path."

    All that had happened was unknown to Jiang Bai and the others. Since noon, Xu Jie and his underlings had been feasting. Jiang Bai had told them that anyone who wanted to leave may do so. He would not stop them.

    But surprisingly, the kids that came with Xu Jie seemed to be completely fearless as well. Not a single one of them left. Seeing that, Jiang Bai decided to reward them. He ordered some meat and liquor and just like that, they all sat there and feasted, seemingly having forgotten about the incoming crisis.

    As for the pitiful Zhang Tian'ang, he was left lying on the ground with all four limbs broken. He spent an entire afternoon groaning in pain, coughing some blood occasionally due to the injuries his internal organs had sustained. He looked to be in an incomparably sorry state, the arrogance he had earlier was nowhere to be seen. The only thing he was feeling was an intense fear, fearing that Jiang Bai would decide to drag him down even as they were about to die.

    Time passed, and night finally arrived. A bunch of torches were lit up all over the abandoned factory. It was also at this time that sounds of vehicle rang out from the distant. Car after car arrived without stop, while men in suits got off the cars like an unending current.

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