Metropolitan System

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Author: World of Storm 
Translator: Pokkadude
Synopsis:  Jiang Bai woke up one day and found that he had transmigrated to a parallel world that is similar to Earth. Stuck in the body of a weak and cowardly loser, he was granted a cheat system to forge the path of a tyrant in this new world. With the cheat system, he grew in strength, amassing great wealth and influence.

As he grew in power, he discovered that this world was not what it seemed after all. Legends and myths were not mere fabrications, and this world was much more dangerous than it seemed. How would Jiang Bai fare in this new world?

Table of contents:


  • Chapter 1


    Chapter 1: Jiang Bai's Rebirth


    It was March. At this season, the sky was supposed to be blue and clear, yet it was now covered densely with black clouds. A gust of wind arrived, causing the tree leaves to lightly sway around. Occasionally, lightning bolts could be seen gliding across the sky above, while a continuous drizzle rained down upon the earth below.

    The gloomy weather caused one to feel bad as well. Sitting blankly in front a crude rented house was Jiang Bai. Currently, his emotion was as gloomy as the weather, his heart hurting so much it was as if the raindrops had pierced numerous holes on it.

    "What joke is this? Where is this? Planet Aquamarine? Parallel world? Have I transmigrated? What is happening?"

    It took Jiang Bai a long time to recover from his daze. He couldn't help but to land a heavy slap on his face. When he confirmed that it actually hurt, he started muttering to himself.

    One could not blame Jiang Bai for behaving this way. Anyone would behave like this if they woke up one day and found himself turning younger by ten years and was now on a different world. In fact, an ordinary person might be taking it worst than him. He was already an extremely carefree person. If this was any other person, he would have turned mad from this.

    "Aquamarine is a world parallel to Earth, and the planet is rather similar to Earth. Apart from some minor differences, you can totally pretend that this is planet Earth from ten years ago. Congratulations, young man. You struck jackpot. You have transmigrated."

    Just as Jiang Bai was busy slapping himself, a voice rang out in his head. This voice sounded like how someone would speak when he was trying hard to "act cool".

    "Who are you?"

    Jiang Bai was first stunned, but the emotion was immediately replaced by shock.

    What in the world was this?

    "Me? I am the Great Tyrant System! As for my doesn't matter if you don't know that. In any case, young man, you struck jackpot! After I brought you here, your life will go through a complete change. Why think so much? Start accumulating prestige and I shall give you endless benefits!"

    The voice rang out again, and completely ignoring Jiang Bai's question, it started speaking.

    "Great Tyrant? What the hell is that?"

    Jiang Bai was stupefied. He fell like his brain was stuck and he couldn't think anymore.

    "The Great Tyrant System has come into existence for the sake of cultivating you into a world-shaking great tyrant. The foundation of this system is prestige. By obtaining prestige points, you will be able to get anything you want," the system's voice rang out once again as streams of information started appearing in Jiang Bai's mind. With this, Jiang Bai obtained a basic understanding on the prestige-based system.

    Simply put, this was like a game. Jiang Bai would complete missions to gain experience which could be exchanged into things he wanted. It's that simple.

    "Jiang Bai, get your ass down here! How's the progress on the task I gave you yesterday?" Right this moment, someone started hollering in the courtyard.

    Standing amid the drizzle were three hoodlums dressed in brightly colored clothing. One of them kicked the door of the three-story rented building open. And right after he entered, he yelled while pointing at Jiang Bai who was sitting at the balcony with rusty railings at the third floor.


    Jiang Bai rubbed his head and dug through his memory before recalling who this person was. The person standing at the middle of the group with his hair dyed yellow was Liu Bin. He was a rather well-known hoodlum in this area, and could be considered an acquaintance of Jiang Bai. Of course, the two weren't exactly close.

    The original Jiang Bai of this world had a cowardly disposition who would try his best to avoid fierce fellows like these guys. He planned to just honestly work his security personnel job of a club as he drifted through his dark life. He was also hopeful that he could find a decent wife in the future and live through his simple life in peace.

    Jiang Bai and Liu Bin were akin to two separate rivers that would never meet their entire lives. Alas, yesterday, his mother told that incredibly beautiful distant cousin of him to deliver him some clothing. Unfortunately, Liu Bin caught a sight of Jiang Bai's distant cousin. Thus, he came for Jiang Bai yesterday. Without saying anything, he first landed two loud slaps on Jiang Bai's face before demanding that Jiang Bai introduce his incredibly beautiful cousin to him.

    Although Jiang Bai was a timid person, he would never do something like that. He did not know this person well, but he was aware that this person wasn't exactly a decent person. How could he subject his cousin to such a fate? Furthermore...even if he actually agreed to do that, it’s not like the distant cousin who was in fact an extremely distant relative would actually agree to that.

    "Ah...I'm here," Jiang Bai answered. Without saying anything else, he lifted a brick and went downstairs.

     The past Jiang Bai was extremely timid. But now that a new person was occupying this body, things were no longer the same. The new Jiang Bai might not be a heroic warrior, but he was never one to shrink from a fight. The worst that could happen was death. What was there to fear? Was a person like Liu Bin even worth fearing?

    "Boss Bin, I have a plan for your task. Come, let me tell you in detail..." The moment Jiang Bai reached downstairs; he approached the three and smiled before speaking deferentially.

    "Hmm? A plan? Heh, kid, you're smart. When the task is done, in the future, I guarantee nobody will dare touch you in this area. Let me tell you..."

    The yellow-haired Liu Bin thought Jiang Bai was scared of his threat when he saw how Jiang Bai was behaving. A satisfied smile formed on his face. At the same time, he strode forth toward Jiang Bai in a carefree manner while laughing heartily and patted Jiang Bai's shoulder. He behaved like he would definitely be taking care of Jiang Bai in the future.

    "Plan your mother!"

    Thud! The brick in Jiang Bai's hand was smashed into Liu Bin's head.

    Instantly, blood started pouring out Liu Bin's forehead. As his miserable wail rang out, Jiang Bai's brick landed for the second time.

    Thud! Thud! Thud!

    Jiang Bai slammed his brick down seven times, causing Liu Bin to wail repeatedly. He only stopped when Liu Bin was lying weakly on the ground. He wiped the blood off his arm before shifting his glance to the other two hoodlums that were now completely dazed. He said, "What are you waiting for? Piss off with him! Tell him to look for me at Great World if he's really that amazing. Who the hell does he think he is?"


    The two hoodlums were only in their early twenties, at a similar age with Liu Bin and Jiang Bai. Although they were frequently involved in quarrels and brawls, they were ultimately individuals that only feigned strength while they were in fact weak inside. They were scared of the mighty and would only dare bully the weak. They originally thought that nothing would come out of bullying someone like Jiang Bai. Little had they expected that this Jiang Bai would actually be so ruthless in a fight. He was showing no mercy!

    And when they heard Great World...

    Holy shit!

    So this guy here was someone from Great World? That was a place with quite a reputation in this area. Thus, the two hoodlums lost all their confidence and did not dare say anything. They opened their mouths but no words came out. Finally, they carried Liu Bin and fled. They ran as fast as a rabbit, while their previous ferociousness was nowhere to be seen now.


    Jiang Bai heaved a breath of relief when they left.

    To speak the truth, this body was truly quite weak. Just the short brawl was enough to cause this body to pant heavily for breath. If the two hoodlums were actually ferocious characters, today would be the end for Jiang Bai.

    Nevertheless, this would probably not end after they fled. After all, this was a society with the rule of law. Although Jiang Bai looked like he enjoyed beating Liu Bin up earlier, after the fight, he was still anxious. With his present situation, if Liu Bin decided to go to the police, things would be very troublesome. Of course, hoodlums like Liu Bin wouldn't normally go to the police. But still, there would definitely be a continuation to this. After they found out more about Jiang Bai, they would return for revenge.

    "No way, I can't stay here any longer. I need to leave!" Jiang Bai immediately made up his mind.

     "Ding dong! First battle, victory! Facing three opponents alone, a perfect feat of acting tough. Young man, congratulations. You have obtained five prestige points."

     Just as Jiang Bai made up his mind, the system's voice rang out in his mind.

    The system's comment caused Jiang Bai to curse in his heart. Why did the Great Tyrant System sound so annoying when it spoke? And what in the world was that five prestige points? How had he obtained five prestige points when he had only faced three opponents?

    It did not take long for Jiang Bai's questions to be answered.

    With astonishment, he found that his neighbors, a man and woman in their twenties, were staring at him blankly from their balcony at third floor. When they saw Jiang Bai looking at them, they shrunk their necks by reflex as they quickly nodded before hiding in their home.

    Jiang Bai felt like laughing when he saw how they were behaving. If he remembered correctly, the man was slightly older than him and due to his sturdy body, he had always been very rude toward Jiang Bai, shouting at Jiang Bai whenever he pleased. But after what he saw earlier, it was likely that he would not dare to do that ever again.

    "Congratulations, young man. You have successfully gained prestige points, completing the achievement of obtaining a first time experience. As a reward, you are granted one lucky draw attempt. The path of life is long, and the basis of traversing this path is accumulation. When your prestige points reached one thousand points, you would be granted your second lucky draw attempt."

    "Lucky draw?" Jiang Bai blanked out. Then, a massive slot machine appeared before him.

    That stunned Jiang Bai. Then, he realized that he was the only person that could see this slot machine. He heaved a sigh of relief at that realization. He studied the slot machine and found that it was slightly different than a regular slot machine. It was made up of three slots. There was an arrow at the middle slot pointing to a slot at the side. To the other side was a slot with nine square boxes of different colors.

    Three of the boxes were black in color and had nothing written on it. There other six boxes had something written on them, and they were respectively three white boxes, one blue box, and two purple boxes.

    On the three white boxes, "RMB 100,000", "one encounter with a beautiful woman", and "ten prestige points" were written respectively. It was clear these were the common rewards. Apart from the RMB 100,000 that caused Jiang Bai's eyes to lit up, he did not care about the other two rewards.

    The reward on the blue box was much more interesting: "High-leveled mixed martial arts proficiency". Jiang Bai's eyes lit up when he saw that. That was a good reward! After all, the present him was incredibly weak and frail. Furthermore, in both his past and present lives, apart from his resolute personality, he knew nothing. The incident with Liu Bin would not end just like that. If he could get the blue reward, he would be much safer.

    As for one of the purple boxes, a question mark was written on it. Thus, Jiang Bai decided to pretend it did not exist and looked at the other purple box instead. But when his gaze landed on the other purple box, he could no longer shift his gaze away. High-leveled mixed martial arts proficiency? RMB 100,000? No, he had forgotten all of them.

    Before his eyes, the following words were written: "One chance to get rich overnight!"

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    Chapter 2


    Chapter 2: Path of literature: shattered


    "Since this is your first lucky draw, a list of possible rewards is provided to give you an idea of what you can get. But this is the only time we will be doing this. On your next lucky draw, all the rewards will be hidden. The reward tiers will be different depending on the color, respectively black, white, blue, purple, and the highest tier, gold. But gold rewards will only appear on high-tier lucky draws. As for purple rewards, there will be a chance for them to appear on all tiers of lucky draws, so their appearances will be completely random. Start now, young man. Start your bright path of life!"

    "Spin!" Jiang Bai yelled inwardly. Next, the nine slots on the slot machine started spinning rapidly, all of them passing by the arrow repeatedly. A few seconds later, they slowed down as the different colors continued dashing past the arrow.

    "I want to get rich overnight, get rich overnight..." Jiang Bai couldn't help but to start chanting inwardly as he watched the slot machine spinning. His eyes were fixed on the purple slot with such concentration his eyes were turning bloodshot.

    Slowly, the white slots moved past the arrow. "RMB 100,000", "high-leveled mixed martial arts proficiency", one by one, they moved on. And finally, a black slot stopped at the arrow. Jiang Bai nearly fainted then and there.

    "Fuck!" Jiang Bai nearly jumped in anger. So he was going to get nothing? Nothing?

    "Huh? Wait..." Jiang Bai was already prepared to start cursing, but with astonishment, he noticed that the slot machine was still spinning. It was merely spinning at a speed so slow one could hardly see it moving. At the exact moment he was about to curse, the purple slot with a massive question mark on it stopped at the arrow.

    "Congratulations, young man. You have obtained a purple reward, special ability, photographic memory!" The system's voice rang out, with a slightly toying and mocking tone.

    At the next second, a gush of energy rushed into Jiang Bai's body. His head ached, and next, numerous memories erupted within his mind. All his memories since young, even those from his infancy, all surfaced with clear clarity, as if he had just experienced all those. And those memories included not only the memories of this body, but they also included everything he had experienced in his past life.

    Jiang Bai could remember clearly the scene of his mother cooking him dumplings when he was young, and he could clearly recall that feeling of happiness from the past. Bit by bit, all the past memories resurfaced. Without realizing it, tears were already streaming down his cheeks at the realization that he could no longer return to the past, nor could he see some people anymore.

    Jiang Bai wiped the tears off his cheek and rubbed his head, tossing all those recollections to the back of his mind. He rejoiced that he had obtained the photographic memory ability, and at the same time, he also started reevaluating his current life. His first decision was that he could no longer stay here. He had to move somewhere else.

    Although a house with rent as cheap as Jiang Bai’s current house was very rare in the Upper East District, he did not believe that he would not be able to find a new house in the massive Tiandu City. A smart man would never intentionally put himself in danger. He could not stay here any longer. After packing up his belongings which included a shabby second-hand computer, he left the house he had been staying at for over half a year. Equipped with a saving of only RMB 10,000, he went looking for a new residence.

    Jiang Bai found a middle-class neighborhood within the city. The security of that place was decent, and it was also located near the city center. The transportation system of that area was good as well, while the surroundings of this neighborhood were flourishing. The apartment was about 100 square meters. It wasn't too spacious, yet it was so much better than his previous dilapidated home.

    Of course, the rent was much higher as well.

    After paying the rent, Jiang Bai found with astonishment that he did not have much money left. He only had a few thousand RMB to his name, and even this was only possible after he tried his very best to persuade the owner to accept only two months upfront rent for now.

    It was not that Jiang Bai couldn't find a cheaper apartment, but in his past life, he lived decently. He was a person with his own house, his own car, and a decent amount of saving. Thus, he could not stand staying at the kind of houses the previous owner of this body had been staying at.

    "Life sure is hard. How have this kid been living his life? He is 23 years old yet he has zero accomplishments. He has been working for about four years since high school graduation yet he has only been making enough to feed himself. No decent job, all alone, and still a freaking virgin. This is quite a sad life." By the time Jiang Bai was done unpacking and cleaning up, it was already very late at night. Carrying a bowl of instant noodles on his hand, he grumbled about his current life without stop.

    Jiang Bai was so poor he couldn't even afford adding a piece of ham to his instant noodles. This was a truly sad life. "I won't be able to continue working the security job for now. What should I do then?" He started wondering. He did not have much money on him, and he was effectively jobless as well. He had to avoid Great World for now as Liu Bin and his people would go looking for him sooner or later.

    In any case, even without this incident, Jiang Bai was not content on continuing working as an insignificant low-ranked security personnel. If he agreed to that, it would be an insult to the "cheat" he had obtained from his transmigration.

    "Huh? I got an idea..."

    Suddenly, Jiang Bai thought of something. He quickly turned on his computer and started searching on the internet. After a while, he stood up laughing heartily. He found that this world was indeed somewhat different than the Earth he came from. Although they were identical, there were still some differences here and there. For example, literature. Many literature works of Earth had never appeared in this world before.

    This caused Jiang Bai's eyes to lit up, as if he had discovered a gold mine. He was certain if he recreated the literature works that once rocked his previous world, he would be making waves in this new world. At that time, he would be making so much money he wouldn't be able to spend them all. At this thought, a wide smile formed on his face.

    Alas, though a dream would always be perfect, reality was cruel.

    Right after Jiang Bai made his mind to pirate the famous works of his previous world to become a leading figure in the literature world, obtaining both fame and fortune, he recalled that he was in fact a person without learning or skills in his previous life. That stunned him greatly.

    With Jiang Bai’s photographic memory ability, he could clearly recall everything from his past life. He found that during his previous life, he had been focusing on making money and had never spent any time reading. The four great classics? He could forget about that. The four great classics existed in this world as well. Even if they did not exist's not like Jiang Bai had actually read those works. Harry Potter? What's that? Yeah, Jiang Bai had no idea.

    Legends of the Condor Heroes? Demigods and Semi-Devils? Works of Jin Yong and Gu Long? Well...apart from watching some TV adaptations of those works, Jiang Bai had never read any of them. In his previous life, he only had an education of high-school level. He was fine watching some TV series, but reading? Reading such classic books? No way.

    Jiang Bai also found with great sadness that although he had read a lot of those tremendously popular web-novels, the books he had actually finished reading were less than five, and those were mostly some unpopular books.

    "I am a human tragedy!" Jiang Bai slapped his forehead, deeply regretting his past actions.

    "Forget it. It's not like I am particularly interested in becoming a super writer. I should think of something else...Huh? But I still remember a couple books and it won't be too hard making some money off those books?"

    After rearranging his thoughts, Jiang Bai decided to give up on this path of literature that seemed so bright. But toward the end, he suddenly recalled a certain book he had once finished reading.

    Zhu Xian!


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    Chapter 3


    Chapter 3: Instant hit


    "No matter what, Zhu Xian is the book I once neglected sleep and forget about food to read back then, spending several sleepless nights. It is now time to reap the harvest of my hard work from back then. Sigh, why didn't I read more books back then?" Jiang Bai lamented in regret. He opened his computer again and started typing with mad speed, extracting everything from his memory.

    With his photographic memory, Jiang Bai did not even need bother trying to recall the contents of the book. Sitting there, his fingers danced around the keyboard. In a few hours, he typed tens of thousands of words. Then, he found the largest Chinese webnovel website of this world, registered an author account, wrote a summary for the book, and submitted two chapters to be edited. After he was done, he stretched lazily and stood up.

    "Holy shit!" Jiang Bai’s stomach started rumbling. After working for several hours straight, he was getting hungry again. He wasn’t even full from his first meal in the first place. A miserable expression surfaced on his face as he prepared another bowl of instant noodles for himself. This time, he added two poached eggs and started stuffing the noodles into his mouth.

    "Oh, right, I earned five prestige points today. I wonder what I can do with it? System, you here? What can I get with five prestige points?" Jiang Bai suddenly recalled that he could exchange his prestige points for rewards from the system. Thus, he asked in his mind while eating.

    "Young man, five prestige points are a tad bit too low. But don't worry. A great system like me is omnipotent. You can still get a lot of rewards with five prestige points. Here, let me list them out." The system's annoying voice rang out.

    In truth, Jiang Bai had intended to give this fellow a name. But after he heard that annoying voice, he gave up on that idea. He would just continue calling this fellow system. Next, a list appeared before his eyes. The list looked like it was ripped from some online shopping website. There was a long list, and apart from the names, pictures and detailed introductions were given as well.

    First on the list was prestige to cash conversion, one prestige point for RMB 1,000. Jiang Bai found the conversion rate acceptable. In fact, it was higher than expected. But this was a one way conversion, and money couldn't be converted to prestige points. Thus, only an idiot would convert the prestige points to cash.

    As Jiang Bai continued going through the list, he started feeling helpless. One computer? One Iphone 6? One high-grade sex doll? Electronic sex toy? He started cursing as he found that with only five prestige points, he couldn't get anything worthwhile at all...

    "By the way, the high-leveled mixed martial arts proficiency from the slot machine today, how many prestige points for that?" Jiang Bai asked when he recalled the blue reward, high-leveled mixed martial arts proficiency he saw today.

    The system did not say anything. The next second, the screen before Jiang Bai changed. Apart from the high-leveled mixed martial arts proficiency, there were also high-leveled Taekwando proficiency, high-leveled Xingyiquan proficiency, high-leveled Muay Thai proficiency, and so on. In short, a long list of martial arts were listed.

    Jiang Bai was shocked to find that high-leveled mixed martial arts proficiency was the cheapest. Even so, it was still priced at 500 prestige points. As for the other martial arts, they were excessively expensive. The high-leveled Xingyiquan proficiency required 1,500 prestige points! What was the concept of 1,500 prestige points? A similar situation like what happened today with Liu Bin where he beat someone up with followers and onlookers, frightening all of them needed to be repeated 300 times to earn that much prestige points.

    Three hundred times? If Jiang Bai had to leave seven gaping wounds on someone's head each time like Liu Bin today, not to mention 300 times, just doing it 30 times would probably land him a long time in jail.

    "What the hell is this? What a scam!" Jiang Bai couldn't help but to start cursing. Next, he checked the price of the purple reward, photographic memory he had obtained. Then, he felt incomparably lucky to have gotten the reward. Why? Because he found that the ability photographic memory would cost him 100,000 prestige points! Yes! 100,000 prestige points!

    That made Jiang Bai felt like he had truly struck jackpot, and all his dissatisfactions vanished. While going through the rewards list, he fell asleep without realizing it. Unknown to him, in many parts of the world, many people were unable to fall asleep due to a certain action of his earlier.

    One of these people was a reader with an ash-gray account at the webnovel website. He had some idle time so he decided to check out a random new book he saw.  And the first thing he saw when clicking on the book was: "The heavens and earth were cruel, all living beings were akin to dogs for the slaughter!"

    "Huh? Interesting...let's read more..."

    "There were no gods in this world. But since time immemorial, humanity observed that there were numerous natural phenomenons from the world around them such as lightning bolts, howling winds, torrential rains, and natural calamities capable of causing countless deaths. These phenomenons were seemingly unstoppable. Thus, humanity came to the conclusion that on the ninth heaven above them, there were various deities, while deep down in the underworld, there were numerous spirits and devils where Yama, the King of Hell resided."

    "Thus began the legend of gods..."

    As the owner of an ash-gray account, Qin Feng frequently spend his nights reading books online. He mostly focused on Wuxia books, and longed deeply for the life of those Wuxia heroes that were so carefree and powerful. As for those romance books which emphasized greatly on emotions and relationships, he viewed those books with disdain.

    With the rise of internet, many people started reading online. Even so, the contents of the books were mostly similar. Thus, some people started getting burnt out by the same rehashed generic plots. Even so, they still greatly enjoyed reading online, and Qin Feng was one such person. However, it had been a year since he had lost the initial passion he had toward these books. But this particular new book seemed to have given him those feelings all over again. He had only read two paragraphs, yet an incredibly magical and majestic world had been laid before him, something that was completely different than what he had seen before.

    "Holy shit! A human can have a lifespan of 300 years? Thousands of years? Qingyun Sect? Six Character Bright Curse? This...this...damn it! Why are there only two chapters?"

    Two chapters were sufficient to completely suck Qin Feng in. Alas, the joy of reading ended soon for him, causing him to curse. After smoking a cigarette and thinking about it, Qin Feng decided to recommend this book to all his friends. He could not afford to allow a good book like this to be buried. What if the author stopped because of low views? It would be too much of a loss!

    The background and setting of this book, the narrative style of this book, they were something he had never seen before. And Qin Feng was not the only one who had this thought. In fact, several dozen people were reading this book at the same time, all coming to the same conclusion. In a few minutes, the readers multiplied to several hundreds, then several thousands...and on and on it went.

    Thus, the first abnormality since the establishment of the webnovel website appeared. A book that had only released two chapters took the entire internet by storm. In the span of one night, it accumulated over 80,000 views. Donations started raining in. Although each individual donation was small in amount, but with hundreds of people donating, this book with only two chapters released became a new hit, occupying the top spot on the new book ranking.

    All that was unknown to Jiang Bai. He was busy sleeping and dreaming of his future great life, drawing up a blueprint for his future life in his dream. At noon the next day, the first thing he did after waking up was to open his computer and post some more chapters.

    When Jiang Bai opened his instant messenger software, a message appeared. The message had arrived from an editor of the website. He had a simple screen name: Second Fatty. He immediately offered Jiang Bai a contract. After the contract was signed, he started giving Jiang Bai encouragements and various suggestions. Done with all that, Jiang Bai finally had the time to check the status of the book he pirated. He was shocked by what he saw. A total of 120,000 views and 10,000 shares!

    That stunned Jiang Bai. That result was in fact quite shocking. Even though he did not know too much about the webnovel industry, he knew that such a terrifying result was something unheard of in his previous life.

  • Chapter 4


    Chapter 4: Eight Extremes Grandmaster


    Unknown to Jiang Bai, the webnovel industry of this world was much more developed than his previous world, thanks to the overall higher awareness the populace of this world had toward copyright. Moreover, this book was completely original and unconventional in this world, first of its kind. Thus, the book was able to perform even better than he had expected.

    "Congratulations, young man. Your reputation is rising. You have obtained 12 prestige points." The system's voice rang out in Jiang Bai's mind while he was in midst of lamenting about how remarkable Zhu Xian was.

    "Twelve prestige points? What have I done to earn them?" Jiang Bai blanked out. He could not understand how had he obtained the 12 prestige points. The only thing he had been doing was sleeping. Even during yesterday when he mustered his courage and left seven gaping wounds on Liu Bin's head, he had only earned five prestige points. And now, he had earned 12 prestige points while sleeping?

    "Renown is also a part of prestige. Young man, your pen name is getting popular, with many people taking note of it. Thus, you have obtained prestige points."

    " haven't been able to earn much as the book was newly published. However, the rate of prestige you can earn using this method is very low. Out of every 100 views, perhaps only one of them will be deeply interested with your book. And this one person would only be able to give you 0.01 prestige points. In short, you can only earn one prestige point per 10,000 views. And with the 120,000 views you have gotten last night, you earned 12 prestige points."

    "Congratulations, young man. You have discovered another source of prestige points. You are making progress in your path to become a tyrant.” It did not take the system long to give Jiang Bai an answer. That caused Jiang Bai's excited heart to become even more excited. He was originally worrying over how he should be making more prestige points. But now, it would seem like he had discovered a bright and wide path of progress. Making 12 prestige points in one night? How much would he make by the time the book was finished?

    From the initial result, Jiang Bai stood to gather over 100 million views by the time the book ended! In his previous world, Zhu Xian had earned about 30 million views. Here in this world, the views would definitely be higher. If he could gather over 100 million views, he would be able to make over 10,000 prestige points. The mere thought of that made his blood surge in excitement.

    "It's really too bad that I only remember a couple of books from my past life, and Zhu Xian is also the comparatively shorter one. Sigh, looks like the path of literature is closed for me. I guess I should look for a proper job. I need to focus on making enough to feed myself for now."

    Jiang Bai sighed for a bit before tossing that to the back of his mind. With 17 prestige points in hand, he still needed to deal with his financial problem. But he was in no rush. His first task at hand was to finish his job.

    Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Once again, Jiang Bai buried himself in his work. Time passed and before he knew it, one month passed. He finished writing the book of 12 million words.

    After releasing 20 free chapters, in a miraculous way, Jiang Bai's book was converted into pay to read after 20 days of release. Moreover, he had obtained a generous number of donations and subscriptions. He had also gathered over 9,810,000 views, with 17,000 subscribers at his peak and averaging at about 10,000 subscribers. This result made Jiang Bai a considerable amount of money.

    On the first day the book was converted into the pay to read system, Jiang Bai had released 100,000 words at one go, creating quite a sensation on the internet. Zhu Xian took the internet by storm. It almost seemed like everyone was reading the book. Discussions on Qingyun Sect, Zhang Xiaofan, and so on popped up everywhere on the internet.

    The popularity had earned Jiang Bai a good sum of money, and coupled with the donations by the various readers, he found with shock that after deducting the hosting website's cut, he had still made about RMB 3,800,000. Unfortunately, half the book had been released by now, signifying that the book was ending soon. Even so, he was still so excited he nearly leaped up in joy.

    "Over 3.8 million...a month ago, I was still worrying over food. Now, with this money, I have nothing to fear anymore! I will be able to add as many hams as I wished when eating instant noodles! Wait, no, I won't even have to eat instant noodles anymore!"

    "Now that I'm rich, what should I do?" After calming down from his initial excitement, Jiang Bai started wondering how he should be spending the money. He was able to get Second Fatty to make an exception for him and transfer part of the money to him today. As for the remaining balance, he would receive them at 10th the next month. With money in hand, his new issue was what to spend the money on. Should he buy a new house first?

    Jiang Bai soon gave up on that idea. In Tiandu, even after spending RMB 3.8 million, he would only be able to afford a two bedroom apartment. He was no idiot. He would rather spend the money on himself than on a house. With money, his first focus was to reward himself with a good meal. He would think about the other stuff in the future.

    Reaching this conclusion, Jiang Bai stood up and left his room. Since he had just finished writing, he had some free time so he decided to spend a few days relaxing and think about the future when the future came.

    "Ding! Congratulations, young man. Your initial stage of acting tough is a great success. Not only have you earned a lot of money, you have even earned some prestige. You have successfully accumulated a total of 1,000 prestige points, earning yourself one free mid-tier lucky draw attempt. You will get your next free lucky draw attempt when you accumulated 10,000 prestige points. You may also spend 1,000 prestige points for one low-tier lucky draw, or 10,000 prestige points for one mid-tier lucky draw." "

    The system's voice rang out right after Jiang Bai was done cleaning up and changing. He was on his way out the house, but he stopped upon hearing that.

    Next, the slot machine appeared before Jiang Bai again. As usual, there were nine slots, but unfortunately, no description was given for any of the rewards this time. A large question mark was on each of the slots, and there were no black slots this time around.

    There were three white slots, three blue slots, and three purple slots. Evidently, the quality of this lucky draw was higher than his previous lucky draw. The only downside was that Jiang Bai could no longer see the reward pool. Since he could not see the reward pool, there was nothing for him to think about. With his eyes shut, he started the slot machine.

    The slots started moving rapidly and after a short while, the arrow stopped on a purple slot.

    "Congratulations, young man. You have obtained a purple reward, Grandmaster Tier proficiency in Eight Extremes Fist."

    The next moment, Jiang Bai's body started shaking as a gush of energy appeared in the air around him before rushing into his body. His entire body was enveloped by a warm and comfortable feeling, as if he had returned to his mother's womb.

    After an unknown period of time, Jiang Bai woke up. The sun on the sky was already replaced by the moon. He stretched and discovered that his entire body was stinking badly, and he also had a layer of black sticky substance on his skin. The realization put in him great discomfort.

    At the same time, Jiang Bai’s mind was flooded with the various stances of the Eight Extremes Fist, and he knew all of them so well it was as if he had practiced them for several decades. When he casually punched at the air, a whooshing sound could actually be heard as his fist streaked across the air.

    Jiang Bai felt incredibly good, his entire body seemingly filled with power, as if he could kill a cow with one punch. In fact, as a genuine Eight Extremes Fist Grandmaster, it was actually possible to kill a cow with one punch. Of course, the current Jiang Bai was unaware of that.

    Supreme Ultimate, the stabilizer of civilizations, and Eight Extremes, the force charting the world's course. There was a reason for that saying to exist. And from that saying, it was obvious how powerful the Eight Extremes Fist was.

    After a shower, Jiang Bai changed into a new set of clothing in satisfaction. While enduring his raging hunger, he left the house, preparing to get something to eat. Right after he stepped out his house, he saw a woman dressed in a pink skintight dress with a seductive figure.

    She was around 20 years old, and was incredibly beautiful. She had tiny puffy lips, a pair of amorous eyes, high nose bridge, and fair tender skin. In Jiang Bai's previous and current life, this woman was definitely among the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, even after including all the celebrities he had seen in the TV before.

    Jiang Bai wasn't exactly a pervert, but when he laid his eyes on the woman before him, he could no longer shift his gaze away. The woman was currently drunk. Leaning on the wall, she glanced at Jiang Bai. A mocking smile surfaced on her face as she said, "What are you looking at? Have you never seen a drunken woman before?"

  • Chapter 5


    Chapter 5: The beautiful source of trouble


    Jiang Bai wasn't the type of guy who would be stunned out of his mind whenever he saw a pretty woman. Although the woman before him was truly good looking, it was clear she had a bad personality. He did not have the habit of fawning over someone who did not care about him anyway. He couldn't bring himself to do something like dropping his dignity to please any pretty woman he met. Thus, he shrugged and turned to press the button of the elevator, ignoring the woman.

    When the woman saw how Jiang Bai was behaving, she was slightly stunned. Then, a toying smile formed on her face. With great difficulty, she stood back up and wobbled torward Jiang Bai. Her fair arm rested on his shoulder as she leaned in, whispering seductively to his ear with her warm lips, "Handsome boy, are you my new neighbor? I am Yao Lan. What's your name? It has been a while since you moved in, right? Why have I not seen you around?"

    "Jiang Bai."

    Jiang Bai frowned before looking at Yao Lan and answered with a gentle smile on his face.

    "What do you do for living?" Yao Lan asked.


    "Where are you going? Do you want to come get a drink at my place? I'm staying opposite your apartment. As for the other apartment on the floor, the person staying there is very mysterious. I don't know who that person is, and he's rarely around anyway. It's like the two of us are the only ones staying on this floor. We need to nurture an intimate relationship in the future." Yao Lan's voice rang out again as she spoke seductively.

    Jiang Bai could not understand why she was doing this, and he also couldn't understand what she was trying to do. After all, they were complete strangers. Moreover, this Yao Lan was only about 25 or 26 years old, a youthful age. With her exceptional looks and figure, she did not seem like a woman who couldn't get a man. There was no need for her to seduce someone she had just met. What exactly was this woman trying to do?

    "I'm going out to grab a meal. As for getting a drink at your place, no thanks. This late at night, it's not proper for a man to visit a woman's place alone." Jiang Bai rejected Yao Lan's seemingly irresistible proposal. In truth, he definitely wouldn't mind doing something intimate with her, but the entire situation was too fishy and he had no idea what this woman was planning.

    "You're jobless? How about I introduce a job to you? The wage isn't too high, but that's a job with a bright future. In any case, it's better than staying at home doing nothing. You have spent an entire month hiding in your apartment. Perhaps you're a shut-in? As a man, you need to do something with your life. As for your meal...well, I'm getting hungry as well. How about buying me a meal? Or perhaps...let me buy you a meal?"

    Even after being rejected by Jiang Bai, Yao Lan did not seem like she was going to give up. She brought her seductive body near Jiang Bai and when the elevator's door opened, she stepped inside without saying anything else. And after entering, she gestured at him seductively with her finger while blinking her pair of wide eyes. She was obviously giving her all to seduce him.

    "The fuck?"

    Jiang Bai cursed without stop inwardly. What exactly was this woman trying to do? Had he encountered a legendary female sex maniac today? From his observation, everything she wore, including her handbag, were branded products. The Cartier watch on her wrist alone was already worth as much as the entire savings of an ordinary person. No matter how he looked at her, she did not seem like a prostitute...

    "Maybe she's a high-end prostitute?" As Jiang Bai entered the elevator, he couldn't help but to start guessing in his mind, estimating the market price of prostitutes in his mind. He heard before that these high-end prostitutes could get quite expensive. Although he had some money now, he had only gotten several tens of thousands today. The remaining balance would only arrive next month. He wondered if he could afford her with what he had right now...

    Yao Lan did not react to what Jiang Bai was thinking as she had no way of knowing what he was thinking anyway. After they both entered the elevator, she pressed the button, and the door closed. In the narrow space, the two fell into silence, with Yao Lan leaning against the corner of the elevator silently, her arms crossed.

    "I have been drinking so I won't drive. I know a stall nearby with some decent food. It's near so we can go there on foot. Come with me."  Right after they stepped out the elevator, Yao Lan wrapped her arm around Jiang Bai's right arm without hesitation. She was nearly hanging from him. Jiang Bai couldn't help but to shiver at this. His first instinct was to break off from her, yet at the same time, he couldn't bear to separate himself from her as well. Thus, he accepted his fate and started enjoying the moment.

    Like a pair of lovers, they two walked out the building. The security guard on duty stood there blankly, his mouth wide agape looking at the two. From the shock and doubt in his eyes, it was obvious this fellow knew Yao Lan as well. But that was understandable. Any man would notice a woman so beautiful living near them. It would be a lie if Jiang Bai claimed that he did not feel smug after looking at the envy, shock and doubt in the security guard's eyes. But the beautiful feeling was cut short by a furious voice.

    "Yao Lan! Who is he?" A man around 30 years old in a black suit walked out from the shade of a tree and pointed at Jiang Bai angrily.

    "My boyfriend!"

    Jiang Bai rolled his eyes at her words, reaching a conclusion at what she was actually trying to do. It was no wonder Yao Lan was behaving so warmly even though they had just met. So she was merely planning to make use of him after seeing him going downstairs. She was clearly using him as a shield! But who was this man over here? Was he the boyfriend? Or merely an annoying housefly?

    In truth, the man looked decent. He was around 30 years all and was neatly dressed. He had a fair skin tone, and the clothes he wore looked expensive as well. From how he looked, it was clear he was someone successful in life. But for some reason, his face looked rather sinister, giving off a feeling of discomfort to whoever looking at his face. Therefore, it was understandable why Yao Lan did not like him.

    "Boyfriend? Since when have you gotten a boyfriend? Why am I not aware of that? Kid, what's your name?" The man grew angrier when he heard Yao Lan's answer. He shifted his focus to Jiang Bai, and when he spoke, he behaved as if he was speaking to an inferior person. From how he spoke, it was clear he did not think highly of Jiang Bai. In fact, he was even looking at Jiang Bai with contempt.

    And the moment he spoke, five burly guys in black suits walked out a gray van. They ran over before standing behind the man, all glaring at Jiang Bai furiously. It seemed like they would all pounce on Jiang Bai with a single command from the man.

    Initially, Jiang Bai was planning to tell them he did not know Yao Lan, but the tone in which the man spoke angered him. He was never one who would bow to force. And with his newly gained martial prowess, he became even more fearless. He was an Eight Extremes Fist Grandmaster. There was no need to fear these fellows.

    "What are you trying to do? Wu Tian, I have never liked you. We don't even know each other that well. Why do you care if I have a boyfriend? Leave with your man! I don't want to see you!" But before Jiang Bai could erupt in anger, Yao Lan spoke out. It was obvious this sudden change had taken her by surprise as well. Instinctively, she pulled Jiang Bai and stood before him. She was clearly not willing to see something bad happening to Jiang Bai because of her.

    "Yao Lan!" When Wu Tian heard her words, he yelled, fury on his handsome face. From how he was glaring at Jiang Bai, it was as if he wanted to swallow Jiang Bai whole. Nevertheless, he showed restrain and did not get his man to beat Jiang Bai up. He merely glared at Jiang Bai before turning to leave in anger.

    "Yao Lan, in Tiandu, I, Wu Tian, am still an influential individual. I have many women, but over the years, you are the only woman to have ever captured my heart. I will never give up. Calm down and think about it. This kid is not suitable for you." Wu Tian said before leaving.

    He did not say anything else to Jiang Bai, only glaring at Jiang Bai angrily before leaving. Jiang Bai was clear that this would not be the end of it. From how Wu Tian was behaving, Jiang Bai had the urge to make a move on him then and there. But after giving it a thought, he decided to not do anything. In any case, this was a public place, not exactly a suitable place to have a fight.

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  • Chapter 6


    Chapter 6: Xu Jie


    "Sorry for bringing you trouble. But don't worry. I promise I won't allow him to continue troubling you. I only brought you down today so he will give up on me. I have never expected him to be such as troublesome person. Looks like he will continue being my source of headache for the foreseeable future." After Wu Tian left, Yao Lan let go of Jiang Bai's arm and rubbed her head, as if she was having a massive headache. Her previous drunken state was gone without trace.

    "Alright. Since we are done, I'm going to get my meal." Jiang Bai displayed great magnanimity and shrugged, indicating that he did not mind. Then, he turned to leave. But from the words he spoke, it was obvious he was trying to distant himself from her. He did not enjoy being used by others, even if the other party was a beautiful woman.

    "I...fine." Yao Lan could see that Jiang Bai intended to distant himself from her. She opened her mouth to spoke yet stopped and nodded with a bitter smile. After taking her leave, she returned to her apartment. Jiang Bai's anger dissipated somewhat when he saw how she struggled to speak.  He walked out of the neighborhood and headed to a nearby food stall. After buying two kidney skewers, 20 meat skewers, and a dozen cans of beer he started eating and drinking. While enjoying his food, his phone rang.

    "Jiang Bai, where are you? Why did you run without saying anything? I thought something happened to you but it turns out you have courted a big trouble?" The caller was Li Qiang, the manager at Great World Club where Jiang Bai worked previously. This Li Qiang was a fatty of about 40 years old.

    It was rumored that he used to be part of the underground, and commanded a decent amount of respect at the Upper East District. It was also rumored that he used to be a part of some criminal organization, but subsequently, he attracted the attention of the boss of Great World and was hired as a manager there. Nobody knew how much of these were true, but these were the stories being spread by everyone.

    As a person, Li Qiang was slick and smooth, able to maintain a good relationship with both his superiors and those working under him. He had even given Jiang Bai some help when Jiang Bai was bullied in the past. But Jiang Bai was still surprised by this phone call.

    "What trouble?" Jiang Bai could already guess what the trouble was. But Great World was quite well-known at the Upper East District, and the boss was also a rather influential person. Liu Bin was merely a minor hoodlum. How had he created so much trouble for Great World to the point Li Qiang had to call Jiang Bai?

    "Have you beaten someone on his head a while ago? And you even told them to look for you at the Great World? Kid, looks like you are getting capable nowadays. I originally thought that you are an honest person that has never gotten into a fight. Why did you beat him up so ferociously? You nearly killed him! And now, he's here for revenge. This time, not even I can help you. You will have to come and settle it yourself. I reckon you won't be able to avoid spilling some blood this time. You better talk to your family while you can. The person coming for you...umm, he's not someone you can afford to offend."

    Li Qiang continued speaking, disappointment in his voice. But toward the end, the tone of his voice seemed to have changed. There was a hidden meaning within, giving Jiang Bai a clearer understanding on what the issue was.  Since the person coming for him could force Li Qiang to bow and even cause the influential boss of Great World to bow as well, this whole situation was no longer as simple as Jiang Bai had thought.

    "Got it. I'll be there right away." If the other party had opted to call the police instead, Jiang Bai would be somewhat scared. But since Liu Bin had decided to deal with it privately by seeking the help of a third party, he had no fear. He had just become an Eight Extremes Fist Grandmaster and hadn't even gotten the chance to test his new strength.

    Jiang Bai downed his glass of beer before paying for the meal and left. He got on a cab, and about 20 minutes later, he arrived in front of Great World. It was currently midnight, the peak business hour of the club. Within the Great World, there was a pub, a KTV center, and a sauna center. With the variety of services offered, the business here was very good.

    Numerous vehicles were parked outside, expensive cars worth millions included. And outside the club, groups of man and woman were loitering around, some were drunk, some were embracing each other intimately, while some were leaving in pairs.

    "Little Bai, you're here? Be careful. Xu Jie is here with over 20 people. They are all in room 666 waiting for you. Big Brother Qiang is also attending to them in there. Be careful, you can't afford to offend that Xu Jie. My advice is to not even bother going inside. Just take a night train back to your hometown. He might be a vicious person, but I doubt he can travel across the country looking for you." Before Jiang Bai could enter, a bouncer pulled him over and spoke to him.

    This bouncer came from the same hometown as Jiang Bai. He was older than Jiang Bai and had been kind toward Jiang Bai. When he saw Jiang Bai here, he quickly pulled Jiang Bai aside and explained in whispers.

    "Xu Jie?" Jiang Bai raised his brow when he heard those words. He knew who Xu Jie was. He was a renowned hoodlum at the Upper East District, a person with no regard to his own life. There were quite a number of hoodlums under his command as well, and over the past few years, few people in Upper East District dared to provoke him.

    It was rumored that this person was a competent fighter and a merciless person. But at the same time, he was also fair and reasonable. Thus, despite his viciousness, he still commanded many respect. In fact, Jiang Bai had seen this person here before. Back then, the boss had personally attended to him. It was quite a surprise that he was the person Liu Bin had gone looking for. No wonder not even their boss was willing to help Jiang Bai.

    Offending Xu Jie for the sake of an inconsequential low-ranked security personnel of the club? He was no idiot. Nobody would be willing to get involved in something that troublesome.

    "Uncle Cao, don't worry. Everything will be fine." Jiang Bai patted Uncle Cao's hand and stepped into the lavishly decorated lounge under Uncle Cao's worried gaze. Before the numerous pairs of astonished gazes, he entered room VIP666. And the moment he entered, he saw about 30 people inside. Sitting in the middle was a bald man wearing a flowery checkered button-up shirt and a pair of long tight-fitting trousers. A tattoo of a dragon's claw was vaguely visible on his neck.

    Beside him, Li Qiang who was usually high and mighty was standing with a bottle of liquor, a fawning expression on his face. Huddled around the man were the four beauties with the highest popularity in the club. Just like that, the man sat there with his eyes shut, his legs crossed and a cigarette hanging from his lips. Li Qiang appeared rather awkward standing to the side fawningly. This person was precisely Xu Jie.

    "I am Jiang Bai. You're looking for me?" Jiang Bai did not bother being polite. He walked in and without saying anything, he lifted a random hoodlum sitting not far from Xu Jie and tossed the hoodlum away before sitting down. The present him was no longer the same person. For the current him, these hooligans were nothing.

    Seeing what Jiang Bai did, the people in the room lost their temper. Over 20 young men stood up hollering. Eight of them each pulled out a different weapon, while the others all grabbed a beer bottle each. With a single command from Xu Jie, they would immediately beat Jiang Bai up. When Li Qiang saw that, his face fell as he immediately berated Jiang Bai.

    "Jiang Bai! What are you doing? Do you want to die? Quickly apologize to Big Brother Jie! My apologies, Big Brother Jie. He..."

    "Ah, kid, you got guts! It has been so many years since someone dares speak to me like that," Xu Jie interrupted Li Qiang's words and stood up while gazing at Jiang Bai with a toying look.

    Jiang Bai remained unmoved. Lounging there, he lifted a bottle of liquor and poured himself a glass. Only after taking a sip did he speak. "That's because the others fear you, but I don't. So you're here on behalf of Liu Bin? I don't think I did anything wrong. Why? Do you intend to avenge him?"

    "That's right. I have a rough idea of what happened. Liu Bin was indeed in the wrong, but you were a tad bit too vicious as well. That kid isn't a good person, so I don't usually care about him. But no matter what, he is still my cousin. My aunt has personally called me about him this time. So you will have to answer for that."

    "Although I am by no means a rich person, I don't lack money either. I know about your current situation, and I'm aware you won't be able to afford paying anything. So what should we do? Do you want to leave a hand behind, or do you want me to leave seven gaping wounds on your head instead?" Xu Jie narrowed his eyes and spoke with a toying tone. His tone of voice was rather dull, yet it contained an intense murderous intent within.

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  • Chapter 7


    Chapter 7: I'll be your man if you win


    "What if I reject both options?" Jiang Bai placed the glass of liquor down, the smile vanishing from his face. Just like that, he sat there silently as he met Xu Jie's gaze with no intention of backing off.

    "Heh, if that's the case, the solution is simple. I have 23 brothers here. So long as you can knock down all of them alone today, everything will end here. Of course, if you do decide to fight, I can't guarantee that my brothers will be able to hold their hands back. If you got unlucky, you might lose more than a hand. Think over it carefully." The smile vanished from Xu Jie's face as well as he spoke sternly. It also became increasingly obvious that he was threatening Jiang Bai.

    "Big Brother Jie, this is Boss Ma's place. You should at least consider that, right? I..." When Li Qiang saw how things were developing, his face fell as he quickly spoke, even bringing his boss out.

    "Boss Ma? Hehe, others might be scared of him, but not me. Besides, Old Ma is stupid enough to provoke the river crossing dragon from the old marquis of the northeast. He is too busy fending for himself right now. Even if you ask for his help, he won't be able to help. Old Li, heed my advice. Stand aside and stay out of this." [1]

    Xu Jie spoke very calmly, completely unlike Liu Bin who had a habit of making a scene out of everything. At the same time, he was also speaking in an extremely firm tone. He did not need to repeat himself as Li Qiang no longer dared to say anything after the first time. He merely threw Jiang Bai a look of sympathy before standing to the side, staying out of this.

    "What if I managed to beat everyone, including you?" Jiang Bai scanned the room, did some calculation in his mind before looking at Xu Jie and asked. After the system's transformation, Jiang Bai was now a proper Eight Extremes Fist Grandmaster. Apart from his skills, speed, and strength, he also had the experience of a Grandmaster. Thus, he now had an accurate sense of judgment as well.

    A Grandmaster making an error of judgment was almost nonexistent. Therefore, Jiang Bai could see that all of them were regular people. Even if they had vicious personalities, their combat prowess would be limited. Xu Jie was the sole exception. Jiang Bai was able to see that Xu Jie was an expert, a true expert that had reached the Clear Force stage in his martial arts training. A person that had reached this level of martial proficiency was extremely rare.

    "Me included? If you can really beat all of us, you will be my big brother in the future. From today onward, I, Xu Jie, will be following you!" Xu Jie laughed and declared, not minding Jiang Bai's words. He believed that Jiang Bai was bluffing. Before coming, he had already investigated Jiang Bai. As a low ranked security personnel, this Jiang Bai had quite a big mouth. Unfortunately, he talked big yet did not have the capability to back that up. A person like that would suffer in life. Xu Jie had seen way too many people like that.

    Right after that, Xu Jie's men moved. With no hesitation, they charged forth with their weapons. One of them directly hacked at Jiang Bai's head with a knife. It was clear they were all vicious fighters.


    Jiang Bai reached out and leaped, snatching the attacker's knife. He then casually punched out, sending that person flying before shifting to a different direction. While moving, his head, shoulders, hands, back, and legs moved in perfect coordination, his movement as smooth as flowing water. In the span of about 10 breaths, the over 20 men that were still so fierce earlier were all lying on the ground, groaning miserably. Not a single one of them could stand up anymore.


    Xu Jie had just sat back down, lifted a glass of liquor and was prepared to watch a good show when Jiang Bai was done beating his underlings. He immediately stood up, his face filled with shock.

    "Supreme Ultimate, the stabilizer of civilizations, and Eight Extremes, the force charting the world's course. So you are actually an Eight Extremes Fist expert. No wonder you have such confidence. Looks like everyone have underestimated you in the past."

    Slowly, Xu Jie stepped forward and took off his shirt before tossing it to the side, revealing his substantial abdominal muscles and the tattoo all over his torso. Ignoring his brothers on the ground, he stopped when he was about five steps away from Jiang Bai and cupped his fists, "Xu Jie of Form Intention Fist. Pleased to meet you."

    Then, he leaped forward before slanting his body, putting one foot forward, his left fist resting in front of him while pulling his right fist backward. The right fist shot forward toward Jiang Bai's chest. And just like that, his Half Step Crushing Fist streaked through the air toward Jiang Bai. Accompanying his punch was a hissing sound as his fist tore through the air. This was a signature of a person at the peak of the Clear Force stage.

    When Jiang Bai saw that, he laughed as he stepped forward as well. With one hand, he grabbed at the incoming fist before slamming his back on Xu Jie. When Xu Jie realized what Jiang Bai was doing, his body reacted by reflex to defend himself. However, a gush of internal force rushed out of Jiang Bai's shoulder, immediately sending Xu Jie flying.

    Xu Jie was sent flying by the slam. Since Jiang Bai had been holding back, the attack only caused Xu Jie to cough out some blood. Otherwise, this one attack was enough to kill Xu Jie. But Xu Jie couldn't even be bothered to wipe the blood off his lips. He stared at Jiang Bai in shock, as if he had just encountered a ghost.

    "This...Hidden Force Grandmaster? Impossible! It has been many years since an Eight Extremes Fist Grandmaster last appeared! And with your age, that is impossible! Absolutely impossible!"

    From the investigation he did on Jiang Bai previously, he knew that Jiang Bai was a 23 years old young man from a small town. He was only 23 years old! A 23 years old Grandmaster? That was something unheard of! How far could he go in the future? Not even Sun Lutang and Li Shuwen back then were comparable to the current Jiang Bai!

    "As the saying goes, a Tai Chi practitioner needs to spend 10 years in training, while a Form Intention practitioner needs only a year to start killing. Your Form Intention Fist is no pushover. Unfortunately, you are not well-practiced enough with the Half Step Crushing Step you used earlier," said Jiang Bai with a smile. Then, he turned to leave.

    "Hold on!" Right after Jiang Bai turned, Xu Jie stopped him. Helped by his underlings, he stood up with great difficulty.

    "Yes?" Jiang Bai raised his brow. He was already holding back. Why was this Xu Jie refusing to back off? Was he under the impression that Jiang Bai couldn't kill him? Or perhaps he thought Jiang Bai did not dare to kill him?

    "I said that I will be your man in the future if you do beat all of us. So from now onward, you are my big brother! Big brother, just give the order if you need anything done in the future! Whatever you need done, I will not hesitate! I am now your man!"

    Xu Jie was very straightforward. Behaving like someone from ancient China, he cupped his fists and offered his allegiance formally. If he had taken it one step further and knelt down as well, this would be totally a scene out of an ancient Chinese bandit recruitment ceremony.

    "Big brother? Please, I am not a triad member," said Jiang Bai as he rolled his eyes.

    "Uhm...I'm not a triad member as well. Although I am rather well-known here, and can be considered a hoodlum, I have never gotten involved in prostitution, drug, and gambling businesses. I have never extorted and blackmailed anyone before as well. Although some of my incomes are earned illegally, they are all petty crimes. We are not even part of an organization. I merely have a group of brothers following me. In fact, I run a restaurant. I will shut it down tomorrow. In the future, I will be working for you!"

    Xu Jie blushed and explained awkwardly. He had already decided to follow Jiang Bai after the fight. Firstly, he was truly convinced of Jiang Bai's strength. And more importantly, in his opinion, Jiang Bai was so young yet so strong and magnanimous. There must be some reason for him to allow others to bully him in the past despite his martial prowess.

    Now that Jiang Bai was finally revealing his true strength, he would definitely soar high. Thus, there would be countless benefits following Jiang Bai. It was understandable why Xu Jie was willing to follow him.

    "You know what I used to do for living. How am I supposed to pay so many of you?" Jiang Bai waved his hand awkwardly. What a joke. Yes, he might have some money now, but not enough to feed so many people. In any case, it was not like he was planning to start a gang. What's the point of accepting so many underlings? He was no idiot!

    It wouldn't be cheap to feed all these people. Moreover, since he had no use of them, they would be freeloading off him. Even with the money he could earn from Zhu Xian, he wouldn't be able to last long with such expenses and it would be a matter of time before he was broke again.

    "I know. But with your fighting prowess, it is easy to make money. In fact, there is a free business waiting for you to take over. So long as you are willing to make a move, the business will be yours!" Xu Jie wiped the blood off his mouth, put his cloth back on and spoke with a smile on his face.


    TL note:

    1. In the context of this book, “river crossing dragon” means an expert visiting from a different place. “Dragon” is usually used when referring to powerful individuals, and “river crossing dragon” means a dragon from opposite the river is coming to visit. Hence the term “river crossing dragon” has the meaning of a visiting expert.

    2. The marquis here is not an actual marquis. It’s just a fancy title given to him out of respect.

  • Chapter 8


    Chapter 8: Boss Ma's trouble


    "I don't do crime, so if you are suggesting that I rob someone, I won't do it!" Jiang Bai declared with a scowl. He had clearly misunderstood what Xu Jie was proposing, but that was understandable. After all, Xu Jie didn’t exactly have a good track record.

    "Haha, what are you saying? How will I let you do something like that? Old Li, give Old Ma a call. Tell him I found a solution for his trouble. Get him to come here immediately." Xu Jie laughed before telling Li Qiang to call the boss of this place. He also waved his hand and chased his underlings and the ladies out of the room. At this point, his underlings were already looking at Jiang Bai with a worshiping gaze like he was some god while the ladies were looking at Jiang Bai with sparkling eyes.

    "Tell me then. What is it about?" Xu Jie mentioned earlier that Boss Ma was in some sort of trouble, having provoked the men of the old marquis from the northeast. But no detailed explanation was given. Now, it seemed like this free business waiting for Jiang Bai’s takeover would be related to that trouble.

    Jiang Bai still had no idea what the trouble was, but he knew who Xu Jie was. Although Xu Jie wasn't a tycoon, he still had a net worth of about two or three millions. Therefore, a business even Xu Jie would take interest in was definitely a business of a respectable size.

    "Don't worry. This might be a big trouble for others, but not for you. It’s merely that a river crossing dragon has arrived from the other side.  But no matter who he is, facing a Grandmaster like you, he has to show some respect. Moreover, that person has already declared that so long as Old Ma can find someone capable of defeating him, he will leave without saying anything. With that declaration, both his honor and the honor of that person at the northeast is on the line. To the north and south of the Yangtze river, the three provinces and 16 cities around Tiandu, people from both sides of the law have refused to help Old Ma out of respect to that old man.”

    “Furthermore, Old Ma was the one at fault here, so he has been begging everywhere for help but nobody is willing to help. Not long ago, he finally managed to find two helpers with great difficulty, yet the two helpers have both been defeated. Therefore, Old Ma is in a deep trouble currently. So long as you can deal with this for him, he will give you anything you want." Xu Jie explained with a smile on his face.

    Jiang Bai would never know how much of a deterrent a martial art Grandmaster was without Xu Jie telling him. One ought to know that against Grandmasters, apart from firearms, all cold weapons were no difference than scrap iron. They were capable of killing with bare hands, appear and disappear as they wished, and were people nobody wanted to provoke.

    "Is he a difficult opponent?" Jiang Bai blanked out slightly before asking.

    "He's...a pseudo Grandmaster," Xu Jie answered solemnly, the smile vanishing from his face.

    There were many experts in Tiandu and the areas surrounding Tiandu. Part of the reason why Old Ma had failed to find any help was because everyone was staying away out of respect for the old man. But more importantly, the river crossing dragon was truly no pushover. He was a genuine pseudo Grandmaster. His Twelve Tan Kicking Technique was as fast as lightning, capable of breaking even stones.

    Jiang Bai's eyes lit up when he heard that. He nodded and moved on to a different question. "And who is the old marquis you spoke of?"

    "Heh, he's an old fashioned fellow. Everyone calls him old marquis out of respect for him. He is 83 years old this year, and he commands absolute power at the northeast. He is known as Marquis Nalan, a true tyrant of the northeast, with his influence spreading across both spectrums of the law. He has been running the north and south sides of the Yangtze River for over 30 years, and nobody dares to provoke his authority. But in recent years, he has been very low-profiled. His underlings are the ones doing everything on his behalf nowadays. As for the river crossing dragon, he is one of the capable generals under the old marquis, one of the three great hitmen of the old marquis. Therefore, I need to remind you that although the Eight Extremes Fist can be hard to control once you unleash it, do try to not kill him. Otherwise...even if you're a Grandmaster, things will be extremely troublesome for you. That old man is a very difficult opponent. Not even Master Zhao is willing to provoke him for no reason."

    Xu Jie's explanation was extremely eye-opening for Jiang Bai. But Jiang Bai did not seem to mind. That old marquis might sound powerful, but no matter what, he was merely an influential person. With the system backing Jiang Bai up, he was filled with confidence. Even if he ended up provoking the old marquis, so what? At most, he would be forced to stay in hiding for a few years before coming out for revenge. But of course, if there was no need for that, he wouldn't intentionally seek trouble either.

    Next, Jiang Bai told Xu Jie to give him the full story of Old Ma's conflict with the other party. So it turned out that Old Ma had a useless son, and since young, the son had been a playboy. He was studying at the capital, yet he spent his time eating, drinking, and enjoying himself instead of studying.

    Unfortunately, that kid was also an extremely sweet talker with a handsome look to boot. That coupled with his wealth and youth attracted countless women to him. A few months ago, he got into a relationship with a pretty woman. But after a short while, he got bored of the woman and dumped her. But the woman was an extremely old fashioned woman. When the kid dumped her after sleeping with her, she slit her wrist in a suicide attempt. Of course, she was rescued in time and was not dead. But she was emotionally scarred.

    When Old Ma first found out about that, he did not think much about it. He merely got someone to go pay her some money as compensation. Little had he expected that he had provoked someone he shouldn't be provoking. Yes, his son was rich and powerful, but the woman wasn't an ordinary person either. Her parents were legitimate law-abiding businesspersons, and her family was rather well-off as well. Of course, compared to Old Ma, they were nothing. It was reasonable to assume that they wouldn’t be able to do anything to Old Ma no matter what.

    Alas, the woman's uncle was no ordinary person. The uncle had no children of his own, and had treated the woman like a princess since young. And when he heard that his beloved niece was dumped by someone after sleeping with her, causing her to attempt suicide, how could he let it slide?

    With no hesitation, he came for revenge bringing only several underlings. In a single day, all the capable generals under Old Ma were sent to the hospital. He had even declared that if Old Ma's son did not come out to accept his death within 10 days, he would exterminate Old Ma's family. Old Ma had since begged everywhere for help, but nobody dared to help.

    After all, the other party was Tan Zongming, a pseudo Grandmaster, also one of the three great hitmen of Marquis Nalan. Nobody wished to provoke a person like that. It's not like he had given Old Ma no way out either. He had declared that if Old Ma could find someone capable of defeating him, he would leave right away. Alas, Old Ma couldn't find anyone.

    Jiang Bai smiled speechlessly when he heard the full story. In truth, Old Ma's son was truly a useless person. But that Tan Zongming fellow was quite ruthless as well, for him to so casually threatening to exterminate someone's family like that.

    Thud. Thud. Thud.

    Jiang Bai and Xu Jie started chatting while drinking, getting to know each other more. After a while, someone knocked on the door. Then, the door opened and a bulky middle-aged man walked into the room.

    "Haha, Boss Ma, you're here." Xu Jie stood up and greeted with a laugh.

    Jiang Bai knew this person as well. This was his ex-boss, Ma Changyang. Apart from Great World, he owned many other businesses as well. He focused mostly on entertainment and recreation businesses, such as sauna centers, hotels, KTV centers, pubs, massage parlors, and so on.  It was also rumored that he had several underground casinos and a film company as well. He had a net worth of several billions.

    A person involved in these sorts of businesses naturally had links to the criminal underworld, and had many underlings working for him as well. People from both sides of the law were accepting his bribes, and he was also a respected guest of a certain big shot politician. He had massive influence on both sides of the law, and could thus be considered a big shot. In the past, he was like a god for Jiang Bai. But now when Jiang Bai looked at him again, he looked like a normal anxious fatty.

    "Xu Jie, I heard you can help with my trouble? Has your master finally agreed to leave his seclusion? As long as he is willing to help, I will do anything you want! If it is something I am capable of doing, I won't hesitate!"

    Beads of sweat could be seen on Boss Ma's forehead. It was clear he had rushed over here. From his words, Jiang Bai knew that he must have rushed over the moment he heard Xu Jie could help without even figuring out what's going on. It was obvious he was getting very desperate.

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  • Chapter 9


    Chapter 9: Pseudo Grandmaster Tan Zongming


    "My master?'s not like you don't know about the issue between us. I will be the last person he helps. He has been living in seclusion for a long time anyway. If you tell him to raise a bird or walk the dog, he will do it. But if you want him to leave his seclusion to help you? That's harder than reaching for the sky." Xu Jie rolled his eyes. He seemed unwilling to talk about his master too much, but from what little he did reveal, it was clear his master was no ordinary person either.

    That also made Jiang Bai understood why a hoodlum like Xu Jie could do whatever he wished at the Upper East District and had no fear toward even a person like Boss Ma. So it turned out he was a person with a backer as well. Granted, from his words, the backer was one that was very hard to mobilize, but the mere existence of the backer was enough to consolidate Xu Jie's status.

    "Oh? What do you have in mind, then?" Boss Ma asked, his expression changing when he heard Xu Jie's words.

    "I might not be able to mobilize my master, but my big brother will be able to help. He is an Eight Extremes Fist Grandmaster! Dealing with a pseudo Grandmaster won't be a problem," Xu Jie said before Boss Ma could ask more. While speaking, he pointed at Jiang Bai.

    "For real?" Boss Ma looked at Jiang Bai, his gaze filled with doubt. He did not know who Jiang Bai was, and his doubt was understandable. After all, Jiang Bai was too young. Boss Ma himself had practiced martial arts when he was young. Part of his status and reputation had been earned with his fists as well. Although he had since abandoned his training, he was still no ordinary businessman who knew nothing.

    A Grandmaster that was only about 20 years old? No way. That's not possible!

    "You find that hard to believe? I understand, before my big brother taught me that harsh lesson, I can't believe it as well..." Xu Jie said with a bitter smile on his face. If someone told him before today that there was a 20 years old Grandmaster in this world, Xu Jie would probably give that person a slap on the face without hesitation. But, he had no choice but to believe the reality presented before him.

    "Ohh, of course I believe. But I wonder..."

    Old Ma was a sly person and with a single gaze, he sensed Xu Jie's awkwardness and judged that Xu Jie was telling the truth. He quickly moved on from the topic. While he spoke, he took out his phone and got someone to serve them a bottle of 15 years old Bordeux wine.

    Xu Jie took a sip off the wine before he slowly spoke to Ma Changyang who was sitting there waiting. "Boss Ma, I am aware of the trouble you are in. After spending so many time and money, you finally found two people that are willing to help. But ultimately, the two were nearly beaten to death. As for your underlings, nearly all of them have been crippled. You are currently left with no way out of this predicament."

    "I believe you are aware of the cause of your trouble. My big brother is willing to help you deal with this trouble. But no matter what, by helping you, he is stepping on Marquis Nalan's face. You should understand what that means. Therefore, the price you need to pay..."

    "Yes, I am aware of that. I will definitely not disappoint you. Old Xu, what do you think about this place? We have sauna, public bath, KTV, and a pub here. All sorts of services are offered. For the sake of this club, I had offended many people back then. And I had also spent over 300 million on renovation alone. After deducting the operating costs, this place is still earning an annual profit of over one million. If Mr. Jiang can deal with this for me, this club will be his."

    After thinking about it, Boss Ma clenched his teeth and offered. This establishment was a money making machine, and he had to offer it out just like that. Even as someone worth several billions, he still felt the pain.

    "Haha, deal!" Xu Jie laughed and agreed.

    From the start till the end, Jiang Bai had not spoken a single word. Xu Jie was the only one negotiating for him. The main reason why Jiang Bai had been staying silent was because he never had a good impression of this Boss Ma.

    Only when the two were done speaking did Jiang Bai open his mouth, "I can help, but I have a condition. I will deal with the river crossing dragon, but your son needs to take the required responsibility as well. If the woman is still willing to be with him, take her as his wife. If she is not, he still has to apologize. If you cannot agree to that, I will stay out of this."

    "Of course, definitely!" Boss Ma nodded repeatedly. That son of his was so frightened he was probably peeing his pants right this moment. Previously, he thought that the woman was merely someone from an ordinary family that he could play around with. But now that he knew that her second uncle was a powerful big shot, how would he still dare to play around with her?

    An apology must be given! If no apology was given after offending a person like that, even if that person did leave this time, Old Ma would end up spending the rest of his life living in fear. And if she was willing to be his son’s wife? That would be the perfect solution as that would allow him to establish a relationship with a big shot under Marquis Nalan. In the future, his position in Tiandu would grow even higher. Thus, he had no reason to reject Jiang Bai's demand.

    "Let's go, then. Time to meet this pseudo Grandmaster." Jiang Bai nodded and stood up, with Xu Jie and Ma Changyang following closely behind him. The three got on a Land Rover. With Ma Changyang's driver driving, they headed straight toward a villa at the outskirts of Tiandu.

    After about an hour, they arrived. A middle-aged man of about 40 years old was already there waiting. He was lounging on a rattan chair leisurely sipping on tea. Eight sturdy men stood in a row behind him. Just like that, they waited at the elegant and refined villa for Boss Ma to arrive.

    "Mr. Tan, as spoken earlier, I found a new expert this time. I hope you will keep your promise. If we do manage to end this here, I will still admit the fault of that useless son of mine. I am willing to accept whatever punishment you wish to subject him to. I only hope you can be lenient with him. After all, he is my only son. And if your niece is still willing to be with him, I promise my son will stay loyal to her in the future. He won't be messing around anymore." The moment Ma Changyang got off the car, he rushed over to Tan Zongming and started speaking deferentially, completely unlike a powerful wealthy tycoon that he was.

    It was understandable why he was being so deferential. Xu Jie might not have made it clear, but this Tan Zongming was no ordinary person. Ma Changyang might be rich and well-connected, but compared to this person, he was nothing.

    "Xu Jie? It's you? If it's your master, I still need to show him some fear. But you...hehe..."

    Tan Zongming knew who Xu Jie was. From this, it was apparent Xu Jie himself was rather well-known as well. Although he did not seem to look too highly upon Xu Jie, just the fact that he knew Xu Jie was proof enough that Xu Jie was doing quite well for himself.

    "Mr. Tan, I'm not brave enough to fight you. The person here for you today is my big brother." Xu Jie laughed off the contempt Tan Zongming had against him before pointing at Jiang Bai, making it known that Jiang Bai was the main character today.

    "Um? How young! Hmm?" Tan Zongming started sizing Jiang Bai up. First, he was flabbergasted; then, a solemn expression covered his face. And finally, an extremely odd expression was left on his face. He had been practicing martial arts for over 30 years, and was a pseudo Grandmaster that could do whatever he wanted with his martial prowess. Thus, it was very rare that he would fail to see through someone. But he had actually failed to see through Jiang Bai. That greatly shocked him.

    "Enough talk. We may start now," Jiang Bai did not hesitate. He cupped his fists and invited Tan Zongming to start the fight.

    "Hah! How arrogant! How audacious!"

    Tan Zongming set down the cup of tea he was holding. Slowly, he stood up and smiled. Then, he gestured with his hand, inviting Jiang Bai to make the first move. For him, he was the elder here and it was only proper that he allow Jiang Bai the first move.

  • Chapter 10


    Chapter 10: Come look for me at the north if you need anything


    Looking at how Tan Zongming was behaving, Jiang Bai did not bother holding back. He smiled before leaping forward, shifting his fist into a palm and sent a beautiful Chop Hanging Palm straight at Tan Zongming's face. The attack was both firm and flexible, and contained a great might behind it.

    There was an ancient saying: Eight Extremes and Chop Hanging, even gods and demons would be afraid.

    The Chop Hanging Palm unleashed by Jiang Bai was as fast as lightning, also as powerful as a tsunami.

    "Hmm?" Tan Zongming's face fell when he saw the incoming attack. No matter what, he was a pseudo Grandmaster with rich combat experience. The moment he saw Jiang Bai's move, his face fell as he moved as well. He could no longer be bothered with acting like an otherworldly expert who was giving a junior a chance. He stepped forth and met Jiang Bai's incoming attack. His Twelve Tan Kicking Technique was incredibly imposing, and using this technique, kicks rained down upon Jiang Bai like a torrential storm, each kick vicious and precise.

    The two moved around like two nimble monkeys, and in the blink of an eye, they had already exchanged several hundred moves. All the onlookers were dazzled by what they saw. Both Ma Changyang and the eight underlings of Tan Zongming were all totally stupefied.

    As for Xu Jie, although he was already mentally prepared for this, he was still greatly shocked by what he saw. He knew the two of them were much stronger than him, but during his fight with Jiang Bai earlier, Jiang Bai had used a comparably simple and straightforward move to defeat him with a single hit. Thus, he hadn't been able to fully appreciate how powerful Jiang Bai was. Now, he finally had a clear picture of how much stronger Jiang Bai was, and at the same time, he greatly rejoiced his choice to follow Jiang Bai. If Jiang Bai was already so strong at this age, how much stronger would he get in the future?

    It was worth noting that a person like Jiang Bai was already capable of taking on 100 opponents by himself. For ordinary people, even if there were hundreds of them, they stood no chance against him without relying on firearms.

    Pa! Pa!

    Jiang Bai shifted his palm into a fist, and after his fist collided with Tan Zongming's kick, the two finally separated from each other. Jiang Bai landed on the ground steadily, while Tan Zongming had to retreat several steps backward before he could stabilize his footing. He had an unsightly expression, and if one paid close enough attention to him, one would be able to see that his right leg was slightly lifted as the leg trembled.

    A person who had reached the Clear Force stage in martial arts training would have a strength of a thousand catties. As for these two, one was a pseudo Grandmaster while the other was a Grandmaster. Thus, their strength had already reached a point that couldn't be estimated by others.

    "Eight Extremes Fist? What a perfect Chop Hanging Palm! What a fine Eight Extremes Fist! To reach your level at such young age is no simple accomplishment."

    Tan Zongming praised Jiang Bai before leaping forward, resuming their fight. He had suffered a slight loss during their initial exchange, but he did not intend to back off just like that. He had arrived here seeking trouble behaving so imposingly, how could he leave in such a sorry state? His honor was not was not the only one at stake here, as the honor of the old marquis behind was also at stake. Thus, he could not admit defeat just like that.

    "Hehe," Jiang Bai chuckled and without saying anything else, charged out to meet him as well. While he leaped, an internal force whirled around his body before shooting out from his fist, landing on Tan Zongming's left leg.

    "What? Force Shaping Grandmaster?" Tan Zongming's face fell, and for the very first time, a trace of fear could be seen on his face. Before he could even react, he was sent flying by Jiang Bai. Immediately after, Jiang Bai slammed his back forward, aimed not at Tan Zongming but at the 40 centimeters thick tree right beside where Tan Zongming landed.


    Accompanying by a loud sound, the thick tree snapped and fell on the ground at the exact same moment Tan Zongming crashed on the ground. Everyone was completely stunned at the sight of that. That was especially true for Xu Jie as he shivered by reflex while looking at Jiang Bai with fear on his face. He started muttering to himself, "Fuck, if he had done that to me, I would have been transformed into mincemeat."

    “Big...big brother..." Tan Zongming's underlings quickly helped him back on his feet. Two of them immediately reached at their hips, and when Jiang Bai saw that, he dashed forward and sent them flying.

    "Bastards!" Tan Zongming who had just gotten on his feet and wasn't too badly injured immediately started raging. Without a care for anything else, he gave the two underlings a kick each. His kicked ruthlessly; sounds of bone snapping could be heard loud and clear. Jiang Bai knew with one gaze that those two would no longer be able to use their hands anymore.

    "Embarrassing fools! I, Tan Zongming, am not a match for him, and your response is to pull your guns out? You are not embarrassing me, but the old marquis! What a joke will it be if from today onward, it is said that the old marquis's men will be pulling their guns out whenever they lose a fight!" Tan Zongming berated them furiously.

    Then, he seemed to have recalled something as he cupped his fists at Jiang Bai and said, "My apologies, brother. It is my bad for failing to discipline my men. It is our bad today. You are free to deal with them as you wish and I will accept it. But since they have been following me for many years, if you do wish to punish them, please allow me to be the one to enact the six holes punishment on them!" [1]

    "Don't worry about's just a misunderstanding. Don't take it too seriously. In any case, I am here to solve a trouble, not create more troubles. I am Jiang Bai, consider this a start of our friendship." Jiang Bai smiled, not seeming to mind what happened. There was no point making an enemy out of them for something like that. Although he was quite dissatisfied inwardly, Tan Zongming had also given an acceptable response. If he continued pursuing this, it would seem like he was a narrow-minded person.

    "Ok! From today onward, Brother Jiang is my friend! In the future, if you need anything from the north, feel free to call me up. I will not hesitate to help. As for my issue with Ma Changyang, let it end here. Alright, I'll be taking my leave now." When Tan Zongming heard Jiang Bai's words, he cupped his fists and took his leave. With the help of his underlings, he left behind his business card before turning to leave. And just like that, everything ended.

    In truth, from the moment Tan Zongming was defeated by Jiang Bai, he was awed by Jiang Bai’s skills. And when he found that Jing Bai was showing him mercy, he was already thinking of making a friend out of Jiang Bai. Jiang Bai was a young Grandmaster with such terrifying combat prowess. He simply was a person with boundless prospects. If he could introduce this person to Marquis Nalan, it would be even better.

    Unfortunately, what Tan Zongming’s underlings did had thoroughly embarrassed him. Moreover, he had not punished his underlings in accordance to the underworld rules as well since he had only crippled one of their hands each. Although Jiang Bai did not seem to care, Tan Zhongming was still ashamed of it. Thus, he couldn't bring himself to say more before taking his leave.

    Nonetheless, a person of his status would never break his word. He was definitely not making empty promises. If Jiang Bai needed anything, he would help without hesitation.

    "Don't worry, Mr. Jiang. I will get my men to prepare everything and by early morning tomorrow, we will be able to change the ownership of the club. From now onward, the Great World is yours." Ma Changyang finally recovered from his daze after Tan Zongming left. He quickly approached Jiang Bai and spoke fawningly. He had reached a conclusion that it would always be better for him to build a good relationship with someone like Jiang Bai.

    The prowess displayed by Jiang Bai earlier had totally stunned Ma Changyang. Tan Zongming was a veteran in terms of combat, and in comparison, he was merely someone that was somewhat wealthy with some underlings working for him. Compared to individuals like Tan Zongming and Jiang Bai, he was nothing. Thus, he could not afford to try pulling tricks over people like them. Otherwise, if they lose their temper and decided to act against him, he would be completely helpless. Unless someone was suicidal, only a fool would try tricking the likes of Jiang Bai.

    "Ding! Congratulations, young man. With your fists, you defeated Xu Jie and the pseudo Grandmaster Tan Zongming heroically, earning the awe of the wealthy Ma Changyang and the numerous hoodlums. Your reputation is spreading, and you have been awarded 100, 300, and 150 prestige points for the respective feats. All in all, you have earned 550 prestige points, with a grand total of 1,550 prestige points in your balance. A friendly reminder that depending on the type of people you awed, you stand to earn different amount of prestige points. From today onward, Xu Jie will be earning you one prestige point per day. As for the 20 underlings, they will provide you 0.23 prestige points per day. This is a continuous effect."

    That was a pleasant surprise for Jiang Bai. This time, he had reaped some rich rewards. In the span of a single night, he had successfully made as much prestige points as he had made spending a month writing. And with Xu Jie being his long term prestige points supplier, Jiang Bai was in a great mood. Although Xu Jie would only provide him with one prestige point per day, it was still a passive income.

    As for those little brothers... Well, Jiang Bai found them negligible.


    TL note:

    1. Six holes punishment: As the name implies, this is a punishment where six holes will be opened on the person being punished, one of the common forms of punishment used by Chinese triads.

  • Chapter 11


    Chapter 11: I am a cultured person


    Jiang Bai took his leave from Xu Jie and Ma Changyang who were now filled with admiration toward him and returned home. Early the next morning, Xu Jie woke Jiang Bai up. Xu Jie was here to pick Jiang Bai up from his home. They then spent an entire morning finishing up all the paperwork and procedures for the ownership transfer. And thus, Jiang Bai officially became the new owner of the Great World.

    When Ma Changyang found out that Jiang Bai still lacked a car, he generously gifted Jiang Bai a brand new S600. Xu Jie showed his generosity as well. He picked one of his underlings, a person who looked rather refined to become Jiang Bai's driver.

    The kid was a smart guy, and the moment he met Jiang Bai, he kept fawning on Jiang Bai over and over. He knew when to talk and when not to talk, also knew how to act tactfully and appropriately depending on the occasion he was in. He was able to quickly get into the hang of his new role, and displayed absolute loyalty to Jiang Bai. No matter what his real thoughts were, at the very least, his actions were to Jiang Bai's satisfaction.

    His name was Ma Xiaotian, and was normally called Xiaotian by the others. He came from a family of drivers, thus his driving skills were excellent. He was also a reliable person, and when Jiang Bai found out everyone called him Xiaotian, he did the same as well.

    In the span of one morning, Jiang Bai's net worth shot up by tens of millions. That of course greatly excited him. Although this much wealth was nothing compared with the truly rich individuals, it was already much more than what an ordinary person had.

    "Mr. Jiang, do you want to have lunch together?" By the time they were done with everything, it was already noon. Realizing that, Ma Changyang tactfully invited Jiang Bai to lunch.

    "Oh...sure." Jiang Bai hesitated slightly before agreeing. In any case, he had nothing to do for now. It's not like he actually knew how to run the club either. They had already agreed that Xu Jie would be taking care of all the menial tasks of the club for him while the previous manager, Li Qiang, would still be in charge of running the club. The only change was Uncle Cao's promotion to head of security, with everything else staying the way they were.

    The club was already doing well in the first place. Thus, not many changes were required. As for Zhu Xian, Jiang Bai had already finished writing the entire book. New chapters would be automatically released each day. And since he couldn't remember any other books, he couldn't continue writing and had nothing to do now. If he went back home, he would be having lunch alone anyway. So he might as well agree to eat with Ma Changyang. This could also act as a sign of goodwill from him.

    "Haha, good. I'll make the arrangements right now." Ma Changyang was extremely happy to see Jiang Bai agreeing. He immediately made the lunch arrangements. In fact, he could see that Jiang Bai was no ordinary person. A person like this would be far above him in status sooner or later. It would be too late if he decided to fawn on Jiang Bai then. Thus, building a good relationship with Jiang Bai right now would be beneficial for him in the future.

    After a short while, Ma Changyang finished booking a table at a Hunan cuisine restaurant that was very popular locally. The three got on a car and headed there. Also going along with them were Jiang Bai's new driver, Xiaotian, Xu Jie, and Ma Changyang's driver.

    On their way, the three started chatting and was able to know each other better. Ma Changyang was very good with his words and had good social skills. Thus, even though Jiang Bai and Xu Jie were the two with a closer relationship here, Ma Changyang was still able to maintain an amicable conversation with the both of them. This slightly improved Jiang Bai's opinion of him.

    After half an hour, they arrived at the restaurant. Someone was already there waiting for them, and the moment they entered, they were brought to a lavishly decorated VIP room. A few tall and slender beauties were standing in a row waiting for them. And shortly after they entered, the dishes that had been prepared beforehand were served one after another. All in all, over 30 dishes were served.

    "Shall we have something to drink as well?" Ma Changyang asked.

    "Sure," Xu Jie answered.

    Jiang Bai nodded his head in agreement as well.

    Shortly after, two bottles of Maotai liquor were served. They started eating, and after a while, Ma Changyang stood up, exchanged some pleasantries with the rest of them before downing his glass of liquor. And the moment he downed the glass, he filled his glass full again. Xu Jie and Jiang Bai did not bother holding back and were drinking heavily as well. In about 10 minutes, they finished the two bottles of liquor and ordered two additional bottles.

    While they were drinking, Jiang Bai's phone rang. Xu Jie and Ma Changyang quickly stopped what they were doing and gestured to the others to be silent. Instantly, the bustling room sank into silence.

    " this Jiang Bai?" Asked a voice from the other side of the phone. The speaker sounded like an honest person, but Jiang Bai blanked out in confusion when he answered the call. "Yes I am. Who are you?"

    "I am your editor, Second Fatty. Haha, this is my first time calling you. The number you see on your phone is my number. I have something to discuss with you. Are you free to talk?" The person laughed before speaking with a loud and clear voice. And since Jiang Bai hadn't turned his phone's volume down, everyone in the room could hear the conversation clearly as well.

    "Editor?" Xu Jie and Ma Changyang exchanged glances in confusion.

    "Ah...yes, it's me. Yes, what do you want to talk about? Did something happen to the book?" Jiang Bai asked.

    Second Fatty was a decently nice fellow, and they had been staying in touch during the past month. In any case, this person was Jiang Bai's source of income. Thus, Jiang Bai would not offend him for nothing, nor would he start distancing himself from this editor now that he was somewhat wealthy. He was not that kind of person.

    "You see, your book has been very popular recently. A few publishing companies have contacted me for the publishing of your book. I picked a few companies, but I'm not sure if you are interested to publish your book..."

    "Yes, of course I am interested. I have confidence in you so feel free to do what you think is right. So long as the price offered is acceptable, I'm fine with anything," Jiang Bai agreed directly. He was never a person who would be hesitating over everything. They further exchanged some pleasantries before finally ending the call.

    But after ending the call, Jiang Bai found that the two person before him was thoroughly stupefied. Two pairs of eyes... No, to be precise, five pair of eyes, including the three drivers were looking at Jiang Bai in stupefaction. Others might not know what kind of person Jiang Bai was, but they were clear!

    Jiang Bai was a ferocious fighter capable of fighting several dozen opponents alone. And Xu Jie and Ma Changyang had an even clearer understanding on who Jiang Bai was. He was a genuine Grandmaster. In the entirety of their nation, there were less than 20 Grandmasters in existence.

    This Jiang Bai was akin to a human tank that could break a 30 centimeter thick tree with his back. He was a perfect role model for martial artists, also a big shot of the underworld. Yet this person had written a book? And the book was about to get published?

    The book was very popular? It even sounded like the publishing companies were in an intense competition to be the publisher of his book? Was this a joke? Was today April's Fool Day? Ma Changyang and Xu Jie started doubting their eyes, wondering if they were seeing things.

    "Cough, cough...big were talking about...publishing a book?" Xu Jie couldn't hold his curiosity. After downing a full glass of liquor, he inquired.

    When Jiang Bai heard that question, he felt somewhat awkward as well. Thus, he took a big mouthful of liquor and coughed before answering.

    "Cough...yes, you know, I'm a cultured person."

    He knew himself well, but how should he explain himself? Should he tell them he had actually pirated the book? Thus, he had to brace himself and take the credit for the book. His reply shocked everyone so greatly that apart from drinking, they did not know what to do or say. They still couldn't understand how a person as ferocious as Jiang Bai could be a cultured person. Was that even possible for a cultured person like that to exist?

  • Chapter 12


    Chapter 12: Entering the entertainment industry?


    While he ate and drank, Jiang Bai suddenly recalled something. He cleared his throat and said to the two, "By the way, I have some cash on me right now, and I'm planning to do some business with it. But I have no idea what to do. Do you have any ideas?" This question was mainly directed to Ma Changyang who was an experienced and wealthy businessman.

    As for Xu Jie...Well...his opinion was basically negligible. Apart from running the streets, the only business he had was a medium-sized restaurant that had been shut down. Although he was doing quite well for himself and also enjoyed a decent reputation, he wasn't exactly an expert in terms of business.

    Moreover, after obtaining the Great World, Jiang Bai was notified by the system that his daily passive prestige income had increased by 3.32 prestige points. The total number of employees at the Great World, including all the working ladies there, were about 300 people, contributing 3.32 prestige points to him on a daily basis. That was why Jiang Bai had decided to start a business.

    He could only earn a tiny number of prestige points from each person, but they could add up into a sizable number. Yes, 0.01 prestige points per person was nothing. But what if he had 1,000 people under him? Or 10,000 people? Or perhaps even 100,000 people? They could add up into a huge number.

    "Money? In terms of money making, nothing beats prostitution, drug, and gambling. Of course, we will be excluding drug and prostitution, but gambling is still an acceptable business venture. Just look at how well Old Ma is doing. Is there any business better than gambling?" Jiang Bai rolled his eyes the moment he heard Xu Jie's suggestion.

    "I don't dabble in crime."

    "What about real estate? There's a lot of potential in the real estate industry currently. The market might have looked like it was in a slump the past two years, but after the new government policy announcement this year, house prices have been soaring. And in a metropolis like Tiandu, you stand to gain even more profit."

    "In fact, I have been planning to get into real estate myself. If not for the trouble my son has gotten me into, I would have gotten started by now. Brother Jiang, if you are interested, we can work together in a joint partnership. I already have my eyes set on a piece of land and the negotiation process is ongoing. If everything goes smoothly, we stand to earn a decent profit from it. We might not be able to make a lot, but earning several times of profit over our initial investment won't be a problem." Ma Changyang was much more reliable than Xu Jie.

    "Oh, I don't have that much money, so I won't be able to get into real estate for now. I'll think about it in the future." It wasn't that Jiang Bai did not look favorably upon the real estate industry. In fact, in his previous life, the real estate industry was one he wanted to get into badly. In Aquamarine's version of China, this industry had just taken off. After the initial hurdle, it was currently on an upward trend and was still far from saturation. Thus, Ma Changyang was right. This was an industry with great prospects.

    But unfortunately, Jiang Bai did not have the capital for it. The real estate industry was extremely costly to get into. The money he was about to get from his book was nothing in this industry. And even after including what he could earn from the publishing of his book, he still wouldn't have enough.

    Even though Ma Changyang did not seem to mind, Jiang Bai did not intend to rely on him too much. This fellow might seem respectful to him right now, but he was an extremely crafty fellow. Furthermore, he wasn't exactly a clean businessman either as he dabbled in some crimes as well. Thus, Jiang Bai was unwilling to get too involved with this person. Because of that, Jiang Bai rejected the proposal.

    "What about an import and export business? Or manufacturing?"

    "Restaurant! What do you think of restaurant? I used to do that. I think it's feasible!"

    "I think the nightlife industry is a good option. We already have the human capital in form of the Great World. It won't be too hard to open more branches. In any case, the nightlife industry at the Upper East District is still far from market saturation. Even after opening a few branches, the business would still be very good."

    "I think the automobile industry is decent as well. In recent years, the number of car owners has been steadily increasing. Selling and repairing vehicles is a decent business idea. I have a contact capable of supplying us with cheap cars straight from the port. You can definitely give this a thought."

    The two spoke one after another, giving Jiang Bai numerous ideas.

    The suggestions of Ma Changyang were particularly good as he was an old fox of the business world. Although he wasn't fully clean and would use some dirty tricks in his course of business, one couldn't deny that he was indeed a successful businessman. With his shrewd brain, his ideas were naturally more reliable. Most of the businesses he suggested were worth doing.  However, Jiang Bai couldn't make up his mind as to what he wanted to do.

    "How about making movies? I have a production company as well. Currently, the local movie industry is growing fast. The box office sales are at an all time high, many new celebrities have appeared in recent years, and many investors have also gotten rich off moving movies. As long as you have decent judgment, investing in a movie will make you a decent profit. And if you are lucky enough to get several good scripts and get a few A-list celebrities to star in the movies, getting rich overnight is totally possible. In fact, this was how a friend of mine became rich overnight. I have some connections in the industry as well. So if you are interested, I can give you some help with it."  Ma Changyang suggested, seemingly out of nowhere.

    Jiang Bai's eyes lit up when he heard that. True! He had no other books to write, but he could try filmmaking instead. After all, he was an avid watcher of TV series and movies in his previous life, and he could still remember everything he had watched clearly. He only needed to learn about filmmaking before he could start recreating those movies he had watched. With his photographic memory, that wouldn't be difficult at all. This was simply the most suitable business venture for him.


    Jiang Bai slammed his palm on the table, stood up, and said, "Ok! Filmmaking it is, then!"

    "Huh? Really?"

    Xu Jie was visibly doubtful of that idea. Asking a Grandmaster to make movies? That did not seem to make any sense. Shouldn't a Grandmaster be starting a school and be accepting disciples instead? Or perhaps he could start running the streets, becoming a local tyrant. But filmmaking? That was completely unheard of.

    "Right, brother, you have a production company right? Why don't you sell it to me?" Jiang Bai smiled, ignored Xu Jie, and asked Ma Changyang instead.

    "Sure. That company was opened by that useless son of mine in the first place anyway. And the reason he had opened the company was so he could find some aspiring actresses to mess around with, so I have never taken that business seriously. If it wasn't for the decent manager we have running the company, it would have gone bankrupt long ago. In fact, I have been thinking of selling it. If you are interested, I will sell it cheap to you. How about a price of two million? You can even take your time with the payment. I don’t mind." Ma Changyang laughed and agreed in a straightforward fashion. He even offered Jiang Bai a super cheap price for it and allowed him to pay at his own schedule.

    After all, Ma Changyang had a clear idea on how much money Jiang Bai had presently. He doubted that Jiang Bai could come out with that much cash in such a short period of time. But with the Great World, it's only a matter of time before he had that much cash.

    "Alright. Give me your bank account and I will transfer you the money in 10 days. Help me prepare the ownership transfer. I can start anytime." Jiang Bai agreed directly. He would receive over three million from his book in five days. That was enough for him to pay for the production company.  As for what to do after getting the company, he would think about it in the future. After all, he would also need some time to get the company in proper order after taking over the ownership.

    In any case, Jiang Bai also needed some time to learn about filmmaking. Ever since he had gotten the photographic memory ability, he had been extremely busy and had never gotten the time to take a proper rest. He would take this opportunity to take a small break. It wouldn't be too late to start working again after that.

  • Chapter 13


    Chapter 13: Cousin Wanru


    After the meal, the relationship between Xu Jie, Jiang Bai and Ma Changyang had improved considerably. Xu Jie's respect for Jiang Bai had further increased as well. As for Ma Changyang and Jiang Bai, they had an amiable interaction with each other during the meal and were already calling each other brothers. It was unknown how much of that was true. But as a whole, their relationship appeared to have improved. All three of them were satisfied with the outcome.

    After they had their fill of liquor and food, they rejected Ma Changyang's offer to go "have some fun" and left the restaurant. Right after Jiang Bai stepped out the restaurant, he saw a youthful and beautiful woman dressed in a white T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of spotlessly white sneakers standing not far away. The young woman's hair was tied up into a ponytail. She was glowering at Jiang Bai angrily from far away, and shouted the moment she saw him, "Jiang Bai!"

    "Huh..." Jiang Bai blanked out.

    This youthful and incredibly beautiful young lady was his cousin, also the campus belle where she was studying. However, this "cousin" was actually an extremely distant relative. In fact, their maternal grandmothers were the actual maternal cousins of their respective maternal cousins. So strictly speaking, they were not cousins and were extremely distant relatives. But since their families stayed nearby and their mothers shared a good relationship, the two started calling each other cousins as well.

    When young, the two were rather close, with the little girl always following behind Jiang Bai all the time. But that was a long time ago. Ever since the girl entered junior high school, she started drifting apart from him. And when he came to Tiandu after graduating senior high school, the two drifted even further apart and spent several years not seeing each other at all.

    It was only last year when she came to Tiandu after she got into Tiandu University did they started seeing each other occasionally again, but most of those meetings were also on behalf of their mothers. And whenever they met, they would only be exchanging some simple pleasantries instead of having any proper chat.

    The girl had become increasingly pretty as she grew older, yet it also seemed like she was getting more and more prideful at the same time. They were no longer as close as they once were, and she would even reprimand him every now and then, greatly hurting his ego. Those were the only kind of interactions they had nowadays.

    In truth, when Jiang Bai first met her again after the few years they stopped meeting each other, his heartbeat accelerated seeing how beautiful she had turned. But this girl was a top student with good results and good looks, a perfect example of a person with a bright future ahead of her.

    When Jiang Bai found out about that, he completely gave up any thoughts he had about her. Because of that, their relationship stayed cool.  Why was she here today? And why was she looking so angry?

    "Hah, big brother, we'll leave first. I'll get Xiaotian to wait for you outside. Just call out to him if you need anything." Xu Jie approached Jiang Bai and said with a grin on his face. After glancing at Lin Wanru, he turned around and left with Ma Changyang and the others. Before he left, he did not forget to throw Jiang Bai a perverted gaze, causing Jiang Bai to roll his eyes.

    "Yes? Why are you here?" After the others left, Jiang Bai approached Lin Wanru and asked. But right after he asked the question, he realized that the girl was definitely not here for him as he saw a rather pretty girl not far away stealing glances at them with an extremely curious gaze.

    "It doesn't matter why I'm here. What were you doing? Hanging out with Xu Jie? Why did you quit that proper job you had? You weren’t even at your home when I went there looking for you. And I heard you even beat someone up? And quit your job? Now you're even hanging out with those thugs? You disappoint, you disappoint your mother! Do you think it has been easy for her to raise you up? If you are not good in studies, you should be working hard instead. Not hanging around with some shady people like them!" Before Jiang Bai could say anything, Lin Wanru started reprimanding him without stop.

    "Uhm...I..." Jiang Bai wanted to explain himself, but he did not know what to say. Of the group he was with earlier, Ma Xiaotian and the other two drivers were quite far behind him, so they did not look like they were together. As for Ma Changyang...

    This guy was indeed worthy of being a big brother as he had a natural gangster look. Furthermore, he wasn't dressed up formally today. He was only wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, and that coupled with his natural gangster look, nobody would think of him as a decent law abiding citizen.

    And then there's Xu Jie. He had a bald head, with a massive gold chain hanging on his neck, a flowery checkered shirt, a pair of baggy pants and a pair of boots on. The top two buttons of his shirt were left unbuttoned, revealing the massive dragon tattoo he had on his body. It was like he had the word “gangster” written on his face. No matter what, that fellow was a highly accomplished martial artist. But his taste in fashion was truly...

    It was no wonder Xu Jie’s master was so unhappy with him. If Jiang Bai was his master, he would also be too embarrassed to admit that he had such a disciple. Thus, it was understandable why Lin Wanru was so furious when she saw Jiang Bai with those people.

    "Stop trying to find excuses. You are already an adult but why won't you do anything proper ever? Why did you beat someone up? Your neighbor said that you smashed the other guy's head? Did you learn that from those thugs? Jiang Bai, don't you know that nothing good will come out of this? Do you want to end up in the prison? Or even worse, dying on the streets? I have truly misjudged you. In the past, although you aren't exactly an accomplished person, you are at least an honest person. But now, you have turned into a complete scum of the society!"

    Lin Wanru stood there, angrily reprimanding Jiang Bai without a care for anything else, attracting the attention of the pedestrians around them. As for her roommates, they were all dumbstruck looking at how she was behaving. The Lin Wanru they knew was a gentle and refined person who wouldn't even raise her voice when speaking to someone. They had never seen her acting this agitated.

    "Girls, who's this guy? Why is Wanru so angry?"

    "Is he her boyfriend caught cheating with someone?"

    "Bullshit. We all know that Wanru has no boyfriend. This guy probably has some other relationship with her. But it's really weird. I have never seen her that angry."

    "There must be a problem somewhere."

    The girls whispered to each other, their desire for gossips burning intensely.

    "Oh...actually...they aren't that bad, and I didn't..." Jiang Bai wanted to explain himself, but he was immediately interrupted by Lin Wanru.

    "And you have even been drinking? I thought you don't drink in the past? Wow, you sure have grown up huh? Aren't that bad? If people like them aren't bad, tell me, how exactly does a bad person looks like? Jiang Bai, you are getting more and more useless!" Lin Wanru furrowed her brows tightly as she continued berating Jiang Bai.

    That was somewhat excessive. Jiang Bai was just about to erupt in anger, but before he could do anything, he heard her following words, words that completely extinguished his anger, leaving him speechless instead.

    "Forget it. Just be sure to stop mixing with those thugs in the future. I have been looking for you for two weeks. I heard that the trouble you're in is a very tricky one. I have already asked some classmates of mine who are locals for help. According to them, that person is still in the hospital even now. And I have also heard that the guy doesn't exactly have a clean family background. So you have to be careful. I will think of a way to deal with this for you. I reckon you don't have much money on you now that you're jobless. My mom gave me some money a while ago. It's not much, about 2,000 Yuan. Take it for now. And if you are interested, you can come work at our library. I have already talked to the head of department about it. They are lacking a librarian currently. It's an easy job, and pays about 1,800 per month. It's not a high salary, but food and lodging is provided."

    As Lin Wanru spoke, her voice slowly grew softer as her anger slowly dissipated. Although she was still behaving coldly, the concern she had over Jiang Bai could be clearly felt. The past Jiang Bai might not be able to sense this, but the current Jiang Bai could. That gave him a warm feeling. This girl had probably been working very hard to help him for the past few days.

  • Chapter 14


    Chapter 14: New librarian


    Lin Wanru was a proud person and never liked asking others for help. Yet she was now doing that for the sake of Jiang Bai. Without a doubt, those willing to help her would either be her girlfriends or a bunch of guys that were trying to get into her pants.

    Jiang Bai had never met her girlfriends before, but he still knew that none of them were locals. And those who were locals and could help were most likely her pursuers. Although she looked gentle and refined, she was also an extremely proud person. And from what he had heard from her during their past conversations, she had always been distancing herself from those pursuers. But now, she had to request their help for the sake of Jiang Bai. Things hadn't been easy for her at all.

    Moreover, Lin Wanru wasn’t from a rich family either. Although her family was richer than Jiang Bai's family, it wasn't by much. At most, her family was a middle class family. Although 2,000 yuan wasn't much, but that was still two months worth of living expenses for her. She had probably been saving a long time to get that much money, and now she was giving them all to him with no hesitation whatsoever. At this realization, a warm feeling rose in his heart.

    "Don't worry. My friend has already settled the issue for me. Everything will be fine. As for the job, since I have no job anyway, I'll do it. Keep your money. I still have some on me. Food and living won't be a problem." Jiang Bai agreed as he couldn't bring himself to reject her kindness. In any case, he had nothing to do. He was already planning to take a short break anyway. The library of Tiandu University was one of the top libraries of the nation and would be a decent place for him to have his break.

    "Settled?" Lin Wanru was stunned when she heard that. The classmate she had asked for help from was a local from a rather influential family. His parents were all officials in the government, and although their positions weren't high, they knew a lot of people. When she first asked for his help, he promised to help with full confidence but after only two days, he returned to tell her that this was an extremely tricky issue that not even he could solve. But now Jiang Bai was claiming that the issue had been dealt with?

    So had that classmate not helped and was merely lying? No, that wasn't possible. Even if he's not helping, he would still try tricking her or use some other excuses instead of telling her he couldn't help. After all, that fellow had been relentlessly pursuing her and would constantly brag about how powerful his family was. But he had stopped showing himself ever since she asked for his help. It was likely that he wasn't lying.

    Jiang Bai's friend? What friend of Jiang Bai could deal with something that troublesome? Lin Wanru found that hard to believe. She concluded that Jiang Bai was merely trying to comfort her. Fortunately, she had also asked for a different person’s help and that person had also promised to help. Therefore, even if Jiang Bai was only trying to comfort her, everything should be fine.

    So long as Jiang Bai could behave himself, stop hanging around those thugs and focus on his librarian job, he would be fine for now. With the status of Tiandu University in the city, nobody would go looking for trouble at the campus. That should buy her enough time to deal with this for him.

    Thus, Lin Wanru expression improved even though she still wasn't smiling. She lightly nodded her head and said, "Come look for me at the campus tomorrow. I have no classes in the morning. Come at nine. I will bring you to the head."

    After giving Jiang Bai some more advises, she asked about his current situation and his new address. When she found out about the expensive rent, she told him to move out only to be told that he had already paid the rent in advance. That caused her to be endlessly furious. After reprimanding Jiang Bai for wasting money, she took her leave and returned to her girlfriends.

    "Wanru, who is that handsome boy? At a glance, he looks normal. But the more you look at him, the more handsome he looks! Haha! Come clean, who is he? Your boyfriend?" Lin Wanru was immediately questioned when she returned to her girlfriends.

    "No, he's my cousin. Not my boyfriend." Facing her girlfriends, Lin Wanru was no longer as imposing as she was earlier. She spoke softly, her face blushing, looking like a normal girl next door. If Jiang Bai saw this, his eyeballs would probably pop out from sheer shock.

    "Big Brother Bai." The moment Jiang Bai stepped out the building, Xiaotian opened the car’s door for him. Jiang Bai got into the car and Xiaotian drove him back. Nothing else happened that night. Jiang Bai watched a few movies and practiced some martial arts before going to bed. Dreaming about the seductive Yao Lan and the stern cousin, the night passed.

    On the next morning, Jiang Bai got Xiaotian to drop him off about 600 meters away from Tiandu University's entrance. After he got off the car, he headed toward the university on foot. When he arrived, he was about to give Lin Wanru a call when he noticed that she was already there waiting. She was carrying a piece of bread and a bottle of milk. Those were probably her breakfast.

    Jiang Bai checked his watch and noted that it was only 8:30 in the morning. Why was Lin Wanru here waiting this early? When he saw her, she also noticed him. She waved her hand, telling him to come over. And the moment he approached her, she spoke, "Have you eaten your breakfast? I have some food here, but I'm not hungry so I don't feel like eating. You can have them."

    Not giving Jiang Bai any chance to refuse her, Lin Wanru directly stuffed the breakfast to his hands. Once again, he felt a warm feeling in his heart. This girl had obviously bought the breakfast for him, but she was too shy to admit it. Since she was not willing to admit it, he had no intention to point it out. He started stuffing the breakfast down his throat, and in a short while, he finished everything.

    Out of the corner of Jiang Bai’s eyes, he saw a trace of smile on Lin Wanru's face when she saw him eating her breakfast. She was trying hard to hide her smile, but he was a Grandmaster. With the senses of a Grandmaster, he was able to easily observe every change of her expression.

    Done with the breakfast, Jiang Bai followed Lin Wanru over to meet the head of department. The head was a refined looking woman wearing a pair of glasses. After giving him the standard new hire speech, he was formally hired as a librarian of Tiandu University. He would now be in charge of taking care of the massive collection of books in the library with his other colleagues. Done with all that, Lin Wanru went off to her classes while Jiang Bai started his job. At the same time, he also started reading the books there at a rapid pace.

    Under the flabbergasted gazes of the people there, Jiang Bai carried over 30 thick books touching on the various foundational topics. And in one morning, he finished reading all the books. After he was done reading, he stretched lazily and started studying his Great Tyrant System.

    It had been a day since Jiang Bai last checked the system. The prestige points from Zhu Xian were still steadily coming in. Currently, he had around 1,700 prestige points in total. That was quite a large amount. After all, when he checked the high leveled Form Intention Fist proficiency previously, it was priced at 1,750 prestige points. Simply put, only 1,750 prestige points were required to reach Xu Jie’s level.

    As for the Grandmaster Eight Extremes Fist Jiang Bai won from the lucky draw, it was worth 8,000 prestige points. His current prestige points were far from enough to get something like that. However, he could still do a lot with this much prestige points.

    Jiang Bai had been too busy recently. Since he did not have much prestige points anyway, he hadn't been bothered about the system. Now that he had some free time, he decided to start looking around for something suitable for him. When the system showed the list of items he could purchase with prestige points, he was instantly dumbfounded.

    The list was too long, with tens of thousands of things available for purchase. The list included things like industrial products, art pieces, and numerous skills and abilities. Even the fist techniques, kicking techniques, saber techniques and other combat techniques alone numbered to over 10,000 in the list. If Jiang Bai had to go through them one by one, he would have killed himself from exhaustion before he could even find what he wanted. 

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  • Chapter 15


    Chapter 15: Sudden romantic encounter


    Looking at all the attractive items available for prestige points, Jiang Bai was dazzled. But at the same time, he also frowned. He was having a hard time making up his mind. Of the long, long list of things he could purchase, some were somewhat practical for him, but some were completely impractical to buy. In fact, many of them were things he could buy with money. He wasn't stupid enough to use prestige points for those.  As for the fighting techniques, being an Eight Extremes Fist Grandmaster was enough for now.

    From Xu Jie, Jiang Bai found out that Grandmasters were extremely rare existences. In the entire nation, the total Grandmasters of the various sects and schools in existence only numbered to about a dozen people. Thus, the current Jiang Bai was already an excessively powerful individual. It's not like he had an enemy he was in a rush to enact vengeance on. And he also had no plans on becoming the number one fighter under the heaven. Therefore, those fighting techniques failed to pique his interest.

    Furthermore, Jiang Bai was already a Grandmaster. If he wanted to learn a different martial art, what could he do with over 1,000 prestige points? At most, he would only be able to get the high-leveled proficiency of a different martial art. What's the point of that? With the knowledge and experience of a Grandmaster he now had, as long as he put his heart to it, it wouldn't be hard for him to master other martial arts as well. There was no point in wasting his prestige points like that.

    "Lucky draw is the better option after all." After thinking about it, Jiang Bai concluded that lucky draw was a much better option. Although he could only do a low-tier lucky draw for now, that was better than choosing a random item from the list.

    For a low-tier lucky draw, only 1,000 prestige points were required and Jiang Bai had a chance to get something good out of it. A good example would be the photographic memory that he had also gotten from a low-tier lucky draw. If he had to buy the photographic memory ability with prestige points instead, he would have to spend his entire life saving prestige points and still wouldn't have enough.

    Just look at how overpowered the photographic memory was. Without the photographic memory, how would he have written Zhu Xian? And without the photographic memory, how would he have the confidence to get into the film industry?

    "System, lucky draw." It did not take Jiang Bai long to start cursing. This time, he was not lucky enough to get any purple slots. On the slot machine, only two black slots, five white slots, and two blue slots could be seen. Not a single purple slot had appeared.

    The quality of the reward was color-graded. Black was the lowest quality with zero rewards, followed by white, blue, and purple. And with the colors of his current lucky draw, the best reward he could get was a blue reward.

    "Fine, fine. Blue it is. It's still better than nothing." As the slots moved rapidly, Jiang Bai started praying for a blue reward. Unfortunately, a white slot stopped at the middle, followed by a system notification ringing out in his ears, "Congratulations, young man. You have obtained one romantic encounter."

    "Fuck! Why would I even want something like that?" Of course, Jiang Bai was still looking forward to a romantic encounter. But at the same time, he had had an extremely bad experience with beautiful woman due to Yao Lan. He wouldn't reject a beautiful woman if he met one, but to get one at the cost of 1,000 prestige points? He would never agree to something like that.

    How much were 1,000 prestige points? Presently, Zhu Xian was his greatest source of prestige points due to its crazy popularity. But even after all this time, he had only gotten about 10,000 prestige points from the book.

    Even after expanding such a huge effort to defeat both Xu Jie and Tan Zongming, he had only earned several hundred prestige points. Xu Jie would only give him 1,000 prestige points after staying his underling for three whole years. Just like that, Jiang Bai had wasted 1,000 prestige points.

    The thought of that got Jiang Bai incomparably furious.

    "I won't ever do any low-tier lucky draw in the future anymore. It is better to save the prestige points for emergency, or I can use them on mid-tier lucky draws when I have more," Jiang Bai decided.

    "Ding! Friend request from Lonely Night."

    Suddenly, a notification sound rang out from Jiang Bai phone. When he checked the instant messenger application on his phone, he found that a woman had sent him a friend request. Her profile picture was the picture of a woman standing in front a mirror with her head cut off from the picture. The woman had a slender and slim waist and was dressed in a set of lingerie that perfectly accentuated her seductive figure.

    "Holy shit! It's here already? Just like that? This name..." Jiang Bai blanked out slightly. But when he saw the profile picture and the seemingly irresistible name of that person, he approved the friend request by reflex.

    "Hello. What are you doing?" The moment he approved the friend request, a message came.


    "What's your job?"


    The conversation started normally. But next, she immediately sent him a picture of herself in a lingerie, her hands resting on her fine and slender thighs, seemingly trying invite him in... Her fingers and skin were fair and tender, and her faintly visible abs was in a perfect shape...


    "Yes, nice..." Jiang Bai replied. This was essentially a free advantage waiting for him to gain. He was never one to give up on anything free.

    "Do you want more?"


    Jiang Bai had already wasted 1,000 prestige points. How could he return empty handed? After his reply, the woman sent him over 10 pictures in a row. In the pictures, she was dressed in various different lingeries, posing in various different postures. Jiang Bai was completely dazzled by what he saw. After some observation, it was also obvious that these were all the pictures of a same person and were not some random pictures a scammer found from the internet.

    "Is this what women are into nowadays?" Jiang Bai wondered even as he admired the pictures.

    "Do you have more?" When Jiang Bai saw that the other party had stopped, he couldn't help but to ask for more.

    "No. Do you want more? I can take more for you when I got home tonight."

    For some reason, the other party gave such a reply, offering to take more pictures tonight.

    "Oh...sure." Jiang Bai thickened his face and replied as he started looking forward for more pictures. And then, the two stopped talking to each other. Jiang Bai found this completely random, confused as to what's wrong with that woman. Perhaps she had a weird fetish? Or perhaps there were some other reasons she was doing this? Although her face was not shown in any of the pictures, her body was breathtakingly beautiful.

    "I have a question." After over 10 minutes of silence, when Jiang Bai believed that the other party had already gone offline, she suddenly sent him a new message.

    "Go ahead."

    "Erm, are you a virgin?"

    "Yes." Jiang Bai blushed and replied honestly. Of course, he was not a virgin in his past life. But he was currently in the body of a 23 years old virgin. This was embarrassing to admit.

    "Same here."

    After a short silence, the other party sent him a new message. Jiang Bai was flabbergasted when he saw the message. He thought that the other party should be an extremely open woman with her seductive figure and how she had been sending him such intimate pictures even though they were total strangers. No matter what, she did not seem like a conservative woman.

    "Oh...I see...It is not bad being a virgin..." Jiang Bai gave such a reply as he really had no idea how he should response to that. It was unknown whether he was comforting her or comforting himself with that message.

    "No, it's not good. I want to give it a try." She gave Jiang Bai a shocking reply, causing his heart to accelerate. Before Jiang Bai could recover from his shock, another message came from her, "You're at Tiandu as well, right? Are you willing to do it with me?"

  • Chapter 16


    Chapter 16: Meeting just like that?


    The other party was incredibly straightforward, making a suggestion that stunned Jiang Bai so much he dropped his phone on the ground. The noise caused the people in the library to turn and look at him. Everyone was confused as to why the slightly handsome librarian who was so calm earlier was suddenly in such a shock.

    "Is this a honey trap?" Jiang Bai suddenly thought of that. A woman had suddenly sent him a friend request, and they hadn’t even known each other for an hour before she started sending him so many naughty pictures. She had even asked him out, offering to lose each other’s virginity. No matter how he looked at it, this whole thing seemed fishy.

    "Perhaps this woman is not the system's reward, but a random scammer instead?" Jiang Bai couldn't help but to wonder. But the suspicion did not last long in his mind. That would be too much of a coincidence. A scammer appearing right after the lucky draw? That was not possible.

    "This, is this proper?" Jiang Bai replied after a slight hesitation.

    "Of course. Don't worry. I'm very beautiful."

    And before Jiang Bai could send a reply, she sent him a new picture. A long-haired woman in white dress appeared on his screen. She was about 27 or 28 years old, had a slender and tall body, an oval shaped beautiful face, willow shaped eyebrows, and was absolutely a top tier beauty. In the picture, she was standing there with a warm smile on her face.

    The black framed glasses she wore gave her a sense of elegance, and her current image was in complete contrast from the pictures she had been sending him earlier. If it wasn't for the same mole she had on her neck, Jiang Bai would never have imagined that this refined and elegant looking woman would actually send such pictures of herself to a total stranger.

    "You really do look good," Jiang Bai gave an honest reply. This woman was really beautiful.

    "So do you agree? If you do, I have a condition for that."

    "What is it?"

    "Only once, and no condoms."

    Jiang Bai was alarmed when he heard that. He was already rather suspicious of all this, but this condition placed him in a whole new level of shock. What did that mean? No condoms? Was there a conspiracy at play here? If Jiang Bai wasn't a Grandmaster who was also completely confident in himself with the system as his backer, he would have backed off by now.

    "Don't worry. I'm not lying to you, and I don’t have a disease or anything. This is really my first time. I have my own reasons for doing this. So do you agree?" She sent him a new message, seemingly having realized something herself.

    "I agree."

    There was no reason to disagree. Only an idiot would say no to this. She was incredibly beautiful, extremely refined and graceful. One’s heartbeat would speed up just by looking at her. Since she was giving herself to him for free, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if he said no after spending 1,000 prestige points for this.

    "Good. See you tonight. Hang Seng Hotel, room 6602." After that, she vanished, as if she had never appeared in the first place. As for Jiang Bai, he had a feeling he had just awaken from a mystical dream.

    At noon, when Jiang Bai was about to go out for lunch, Lin Wanru appeared before him with a simple lunchbox of rice, vegetable and meat. She set it down in front of him and did not bother saying anything much. She only gave him a simple sentence, "I was worried that you don't know where to eat since you're new so I bought some food for you."

    Lin Wanru left immediately after that. But if he did not know where to eat, she could have brought him out, right? With her bringing his lunch to him, what about his next meal? Moreover, after what she did, Jiang Bai could clearly sense numerous murderous gazes landing on him. It was clear she enjoyed great popularity in the university.

    "Wow, you are very capable, Brother Jiang. It's your first day here and you already have Lin Wanru delivering you lunch? What is your relationship with her? Is she your girlfriend? She has been here for a year but I have never heard that she has a boyfriend. So Lin Wanru, one of our four great campus belles, is already taken?" Right after Lin Wanru left, one of the students working part time at the library, Wang Yang, approached Jiang Bai and asked with an astonished expression while looking at Lin Wanru's departing back.

    As Wang Yang spoke, he recalled something and he lowered his voice as he continued, "Brother Jiang, if you're really in a relationship with Lin Wanru, you have to be careful. I heard that the Zhang Tian’ang, one of the four young masters of the campus have already declared that Lin Wanru is his. He will teach whoever dare think of touching Lin Wanru a good lesson. He comes from an influential family, with his mother being a high ranking government official and his father a billionaire, a person of great power in Tiandu. If you’re really with Lin Wanru..."

    "What nonsense are you talking about? She's my cousin," Jiang Bai rolled his eyes. As for the so-called four young masters, Jiang Bai did not care about them. They were just some brats. So what if they came from some influential families? If they dared to provoke him, he wouldn’t mind teaching them an unforgettable lesson.

    After lunch, Jiang Bai took a short nap before once again carrying a pile of books under everyone's flabbergasted gazes. Like a machine, he crammed the content of the books into his brain, causing more and more people to look at him with an odd gaze. But he did not care. Time passed and without realizing it, it was already the evening.

    After sending Lin Wanru a text message that he was going to leave, Jiang Bai left the campus. After walking about a mile away, he got on the car that was already there waiting for him. After giving Xiaotian an address, the car sped off. Shortly after, he arrived at the Hang Seng Hotel that was located at the center of the city.

    It was still quite early, so Jiang Bai decided to have a meal with Xiaotian first. During the meal, they chatted about various topics, helping him gain more understanding on Xu Jie and his underlings. After the meal, while he was preparing to go to the hotel room, his phone rang.

    "Why don't we cancel it?" The caller was Lonely Night. Hesitation could be clearly heard from her voice. She seemed to be regretting this.

    "Sure." Jiang Bai blanked out slightly before replying. He wasn't too disappointed. Something like this could only happen if both parties were willing. And since the other party was not willing, there was nothing he could do.

    Furthermore, since this was technically Jiang Bai's first time, he was also rather nervous. Now that the other party was calling it off, he felt somewhat relieved.

    "Erm...are you old? I don't like people that are too chubby by the way." Jiang Bai was preparing to leave when he suddenly received a message from her.

    "I'm 23 years old, 178 centimeters tall, neither thin nor fat." Jiang Bai replied with a smile on his face.

    "So have you arrived? I'm already here. Are you alone?"

    "Yes, I'm here and alone."

    As Jiang Bai replied, he traveled through the lavishly decorated hotel lobby and started heading upstairs. Shortly after, he arrived at room 6602 on the sixth floor. He stood there facing the door, his mind still completely blank. They were going to do it just like this?

    Ding dong.

    After calming his mind, Jiang Bai rang the doorbell. About one minute later, a remarkably beautiful mature woman dressed in a white dress opened the door. She was wearing the same black-framed glasses, looking even prettier than her picture. When the door was opened and she saw Jiang Bai, she blanked out slightly. Then, with a blush on her face, she stepped aside, making way for Jiang Bai to enter.

  • Chapter 17


    Chapter 17: The legendary child seeker?


    Jiang Bai greeted her with a nod, walked into the room and shut the door behind him. The room wasn't too big. It was a standard single room. Inside the room was pink bed that in combination with the gloomy lightning, gave the room a rather amorous ambiance.

    "Can you...take a bath first?" The woman inhaled deeply and asked softly. Right after she said that, she lowered her head, her face blushing like an apple. Even when speaking so bashfully, she looked remarkably beautiful.

    "Ah...sure..." Jiang Bai answered while scratching his head awkwardly. He was feeling rather shy as well because this was the first time he had done something like this. The woman might be shy, but he was any better off.

    "Do you...want to go first?" Jiang Bai was about to enter the bathroom when he recalled something and asked.

    "I...I have already showered." Once again, the soft voice that was extremely crisp and pleasant to the ears rang out.  Jiang Bai nodded and inhaled deeply.

    After a while…

    "Su Mei...can I ask you something..." Jiang Bai stopped mid sentence as he felt like he shouldn't be asking too many questions. After all, they had already agreed before that this would be a one-time affair, and the two would owe each other nothing after this. But no matter what, this was still his first woman of this life, with him being her first man as well. Possessive as he was, he couldn't help but to want to know more about her.

    How did Jiang Bai know her name? She had accidentally leaked it during their intimate session earlier when she wasn’t thinking straight. After the intimate session with her, he did not feel comfortable knowing nothing about her at all.

    Su Mei raised her head and looked at Jiang Bai in astonishment. Due to the abrupt movement, her perfect upper body was laid bare before him once again. She quickly pulled the blanket up and covered her body before sitting up straight. With a stern look, she gazed at Jiang Bai and replied.

    "We agreed that you won't ask anything." Although she sounded like she was refusing to answer him, but it was clear her refusal wasn't a firm one.

    "Yes, I shouldn't, but I still want to know." Jiang Bai said after a short pause. As he spoke, he lit up a cigarette and took a long drag off the cigarette before puffing out a cloud of smoke. He wasn't a heavy smoker as he would only smoke occasionally. This was one of those rare moments when he would feel like smoking. This applied for many smokers, where certain moments would give them an urge to smoke.

    "Both...both me and my husband want a child, but he..." Su Mei sighed, and for some reason, she started speaking about herself even though she had already vowed to not do that before this. Not even herself could understand why would she trust this man. She even had a sense of dependence on him for some unknown reason. Was it because they had just obtained each other's first time? Or perhaps it was some other reason? 

    Su Mei did not know why, but she just couldn't bring herself to ignore his questions. For a married woman, that was an extremely bad thought to have. At that realization, she started having a jittery feeling. She had yet to finish her sentence but Jiang Bai already raised his brow as he could already guess the truth. But since he was a good listener, he did not interrupt her. He believed that for something like that, since the other party had already started speaking, he shouldn't interrupt her. For her, this would be a kind of release as well.

    Listening to Su Mei's story, Jiang Bai had a rough understanding on her situation. She was a teacher of a senior high school. Of course, he was not told which school it was. She had been classmates with her husband since elementary school, junior high school, and all the way until senior high school. They only stopped being classmates when they entered the university. One could say that the two grew up together, their relationship growing to the point they started falling in love with each other and ultimately they got in a relationship. Even when they got into a relationship, they maintained an innocent love, intending to leave their first times for the night of their marriage.

    That was a perfect example of an innocent and pure love story. The two should have gotten married, gave birth to children, and live a blissful married life. Alas, her husband was a police, a brave police at that. A few days before their marriage, he was injured in an operation. He was mostly fine; the only long lasting effect from the injury was impotence. Even after visiting many doctors, he still couldn't cure himself.

    Because of that, Su Mei was still a virgin five years after their marriage. The beautiful relationship they had also gradually changed. Her husband returned home less and less. Initially, he would start returning once every two days, then it became once every three days, four days, one week, half a month, and now, he would only return once per month. Although they still treated each other respectfully, Su Mei could clearly feel the sense of unfamiliarity they now had toward each other, a realization that greatly saddened her.

    A few days ago, she randomly came across an article on the internet talking about a couple that grew distant with each other due to a lack of child. And under the husband's encouragement, the wife got pregnant with a different man. Since then, the relationship of the couple was restored. That moved Su Mei deeply, causing her to propose the same idea to her husband. And thus, it led to what happened today.

    That left Jiang Bai completely speechless. It was obvious that was a completely fabricated story. No man would happily agree to be cuckolded.  On top of that, the man would also happily help raise the child of his wife and a different man? Was that even possible?

    In fact, Jiang Bai had seen the same article as well. It had since been exposed as a fake story. Yet Su Mei had completely believed it? And what was her husband thinking? Why did he even agree to it? Perhaps he also believed that their relationship could be restored with a child? Or was there a different reason? Jiang Bai felt like he did not know the world anymore.

  • Chapter 18


    Chapter 18: Cupid and the God of Wealth


    For some reason, Jiang Bai had a heavy feeling after listening to Su Mei's story. He felt a slight sense of discomfort realizing that he was a third party spoiling the marriage of others. Although all parties seemed to have agreed to the entry of this third party, that still left a bad taste in his mouth. As for the reason for the discomfort, not even he himself could explain why. Was it envy? Or some other reason? He had no idea.

    "I'm...I'm leaving. Thank you." Su Mei took a deep breath, took her leave and lightly pecked Jiang Bai's cheek before she got off the bed and left after putting her clothes on.

    When she reached the door, she recalled something as she spoke softly, "Today...feels good. But I have already deleted you from my friend list. I doubt we will have a chance to see each other again. If I do get pregnant from this, I will take good care of the child. The room has already been paid for as well. You may leave after a good night's sleep."

    "Oh, it is not possible get pregnant with only a single attempt. What will you do if you did not end up pregnant?" Jiang Bai blurted those words out as he gazed at Su Mei's departing back. Su Mei was stunned when she heard those words.

    "I’ve already checked my menstruation cycle. Today is the best day for me to get pregnant. If...if I'm not pregnant, I'll look for you again," Su Mei stuttered out a response after a short silence. Then, she quickly ran away. Her reply stunned Jiang Bai, but he quickly recovered and smiled. Alas, the smile did not last long as it soon turned into a helpless smile when he discovered the RMB 10,000 left under the pillow for him.

    "What is this? Is this my prostitution fee?" Jiang Bai was furious. That woman was so lovable yet infuriating at the same time. If she was still here, it was unknown what Jiang Bai would do to her right now. And when he took his phone out, he found that Su Mei had indeed disappeared from his friend list. She had really blocked him!

    That left Jiang Bai speechless. He shook his head and after putting his clothes on, he left as well. Before leaving, he turned to take one last look at the red spot on the bed, a bitter smile on his face. Unknown to him, while he was leaving, a white figure was stealthily looking at him from the distant with a complicated expression. After Jiang Bai's figure vanished from her vision, she entered the room again. Looking at the red spot on the bed, she took in a deep breath. She then removed the bed sheet, folded it and stuffed it into a bag before rushing away.

    After leaving the hotel, Jiang Bai did not bother calling Xiaotian. Instead, he took a taxi back home. When he arrived, he saw a black Lamborghini and two vans parked in front his apartment building. Such cars were rarely seen here. After all, this was a middle-class area. There would be cars worth millions appearing here every now and then, belonging to the small number of wealthy families in the neighborhood. But still, such families were in small number here. This was the first time Jiang Bai had seen a sports car worth millions at this neighborhood. He wondered who the owner was.


    Jiang Bai only gave the car one glance before he moved on. But the doors of the Lamborghini and the two vans were opened at this moment. Then, more than 10 burly men got off the vans, rushed over and surrounding him.

    A familiar looking person got off the black Lamborghini and leisurely walked toward Jiang Bai. He was a rather good looking man of about 30 years old dressed in a set of black suit. He was Wu Tian, the person who was infatuated with Yao Lan and had been pestering her endlessly.

    "What is this? Are you going to beat me up?" Jiang Bai raised his brow and stood there with his arms crossed. When he spoke, his voice was filled with derision.

    "You're actually not afraid? You got guts, kid." Jiang Bai's reaction caused Wu Tian to look at him in a whole new light.

    "Why should I be afraid?" Jiang Bai showed an unrelenting attitude.

    Wu Tian laughed and sized Jiang Bai up like he had just found an interesting toy before speaking, "Haha, you really got guts, kid. Others would have peed their pants from fear by now yet you still dare speak to me like that. That's right. Today, I'm here for you."

    Wu Tian waved his hand and a man dressed in black took out a briefcase from the van before standing beside Wu Tian. And when Wu Tian waved his hand again, the man nodded and opened the briefcase, revealing a pile of neatly arranged cash in the bag. From the looks of it, there were at least several hundred thousand in cash here.

    "What is the meaning of this?" Jiang Bai blanked out shortly before he asked with a frown.

    "Leave Yao Lan and the RMB 500,000 here will be all yours. This is an option you can take. For a young man like you, this is already a large sum of money. You will be able to live off it doing nothing for quite a while. You can even find some other pretty girls to have some fun with. I hope you will stop showing yourself before Yao Lan. You have three days to sever your relationship with her. But remember to not let her know that I am the culprit who got you to leave her."

    After he was done speaking, Wu Tian shut the briefcase and tossed it over to Jiang Bai.

    Jiang Bai reached out and caught the briefcase.

    "An option? What if I refuse?" Jiang Bai asked.

    "Refuse? Simple, the cash will still be yours. You will be given one day to transfer it back home as this will be your funeral expenses. By tomorrow night, you will be at the bottom of the river!" Wu Tian sneered and left without giving Jiang Bai another glance after saying that. The burly men around them also glanced at Jiang Bai coldly before leaving.

    "Ah...I agree." When Jiang Bai saw that Wu Tian was about to leave, a wide smile formed on his face as he immediately agreed to the request. In the first place, he had no relationship whatsoever with Yao Lan. So there was nothing for him to sever even if he wanted. This guy was rich enough to offer him RMB 500,000 just to dump a woman, and powerful enough to have a bunch of fierce underlings working for him. Despite that, he was stupid enough to not investigate Jiang Bai's actual relationship with Yao Lan before doing this? Did he not know that Jiang Bai had no relationship with Yao Lan, and the two had only met once?

    "Smart choice." Wu Tian said and roared with laughter before stepping on his pedal. And with a rumbling sound, the sports car sped off and vanished from Jiang Bai's vision, leaving behind a row of skid marks on the ground.

    When Jiang Bai saw that, he shook his head and muttered, "How long will your car last with a reckless driver like you? Sure, I agreed to leave Yao Lan. But we were never in a relationship anyway. Stop showing myself before her? Nope, I don't plan to move out of this place."

    Jiang Bai decided to forget about the fool and walked back home. He knew that Wu Tian was definitely no ordinary person for him to have so much cash and to behave so arrogantly. But Jiang Bai had no fear.

    Today was truly quite an odd day for him. It was like everyone was giving him free gifts.

    Early in the morning, he received an offer for free sex with a beautiful woman, and was even paid RMB 10,000 as his prostitution fees. And next, his so-called "love rival" had appeared with RMB 500,000 in cash for him. Was this good luck or not?

    Why was everyone giving him money today? Were both Cupid and God of Wealth visiting him today? With the odd thought in his mind, Jiang Bai stepped in the elevator and headed upstairs. Right after he stepped out, a purple silhouette appeared before him...

  • Chapter 19


    Chapter 19: Sharing


    "Is that Wu Tian coming here for you? Sorry, I have never expected that he would be looking for you. Did he do anything to you?"

    The person who had appeared before Jiang Bai was his neighbor, Yao Lan. She was already out here when he arrived, seemingly in a rush. She had most likely noticed something going on downstairs and was about to go down there as well. When she saw Jiang Bai stepping out of the elevator, she was stunned.

    "Oh? Nothing happened. He was just trying to make me leave you." Jiang Bai answered and laughed it off while looking Yao Lan up and down.

    One couldn't blame Wu Tian for pestering Yao Lan endlessly. This woman was an absolutely stunning woman, and her beauty was comparable to the remarkably beautiful woman in glasses Jiang Bai had met today, Su Mei. The only difference between the two was their personalities.

    Yao Lan was a total extrovert with an incredibly seductive appearance. She did not need to intentionally do anything as her every motion emanated a certain charm capable of causing a man to lose his mind. In terms of clothing, Yao Lan dressed herself in a way that perfectly showcased her charm. Jiang Bai had only met her twice, but both times she was wearing a skirt so short her bum was barely covered. Half her chest was always visible, causing one's blood to boil with lust just by looking at her.

    As for Su Mei, she was very aggressive in her text messages, not losing to even Yao Lan. But after actually meeting her, Jiang Bai found out that the version of her in the messages was but a facade. It was very likely that she was not thinking straight when she was sending those messages. In truth, she was a conservative, rational, and shy woman. Her character was a complete match with her occupation as a teacher. She had only done something out of character like that due to some circumstances that left her with no other choices.

    "What did you tell him? Did he do anything to you?" Yao Lan furrowed her brows. She would be furious whenever Wu Tian was mentioned.

    "What did he do? Hah, that brother is an incredibly generous fellow. He offered me 500,000 to leave you. Truly generous!" Jiang Bai laughed and patted the briefcase he was carrying and said proudly.

    "What? You accepted his money? How can you do that?" Yao Lan's face fell and she screeched in anger.

    "What did I do wrong? He told me I can either take the money and leave or the money will be my funeral expenses. He will sink me to the bottom of the river tomorrow. What do you think I should do? Miss, we are only neighbors. I don't have to give up on my life for you, right?" Jiang Bai rolled his eyes and countered, completely ignoring her anger.

    Jiang Bai’s words extinguished Yao Lan’s fury. Looking at him, she spoke helplessly, "But...but you still shouldn't have taken his money. After accepting his"

    "What’s wrong with taking his money? First of all, we were never in a relationship. He wants me to leave you, but I am already apart from you as we were never close. So I have already fulfilled my promise to him. I don't feel guilty accepting his money at all. Secondly, this won’t have anything to do with you. You can continue ignoring him if you want. It's not like I sold you to him. If I can really sell you, I would have demanded a couple millions from him instead. 500,000? Am I a beggar?" Jiang Bai raised two fingers and explained as he rolled his eyes.

    "Huh? You...sure...are shameless!" Yao Lan's anger had already dissipated, and when she heard Jiang Bai's explanation, her eyes lit up. She looked at him in astonishment. A smile formed on her pensive face as she returned to her seductive self.

    "You are not the one who can decide whether I'm shameless or not. This is a proper business transaction. Since both parties have agreed to it, I owe him nothing. By the way, can I trouble you to tell him tomorrow that there is no relationship between us?" Jiang Bai waved his hand and spoke lazily. After he was done speaking, he turned to leave. He was planning to go back home and have a good sleep.

    But Jiang Bai had only taken two steps when Yao Lan grabbed on his shirt and stopped him. Next, she pasted her entire body onto him, and with her warm lips, she whispered into his ears with an incredibly seductive tone, "Little Brother Bai, you've been a bad boy. You had actually used me as a transactional product? That is totally an insult to me. Tell me...shouldn't I have a share of the profit as well?"

    "Share? What? No, everything is mine!" In the beginning, Jiang Bai enjoyed the treatment. But after hearing her words, his expression shifted as he quickly hugged his briefcase tightly and looked at Yao Lan cautiously. He had no intention to agree with this request.

    "You bastard...with our relationship, how can you say that? You disappoint me. You gained all those money through can't forget me after making a profit!" A trace of anger flickered in Yao Lan's eyes but it was immediately replaced by a flirtatious expression.

    "No, no, no! We can come to an agreement on anything else but money! You are so much richer than me. Just look at what you're wearing. They probably cost over 10,000, right? And you have a car and an apartment as well. Just your watch alone is worth several hundred thousand. Why are you trying to snatch the money of a poor boy like me? I am a librarian, making only 1,800 per month. It will take me several decades to make 500,000.  Don't even think of getting my money!" Jiang Bai vehemently rejected the proposal.

    In truth, he was really quite poor. Sure, he had the Great World, he also had Zhu Xian, but Great World was an asset. Yes, he would be making a monthly income from it, but right now, he still hadn't gotten any cash out of it. As for Zhu Xian, he had yet to receive his earnings from it either. Currently, he only had tens of thousands in cash. Therefore, 500,000 was truly a large sum of money for him. Furthermore, he was by nature a stingy person. He would never agree to Yao Lan's request.

    Yao Lan tried to be gentle, but since it's not working, she decided to use force instead. With her arms crossed, she said, "Sure, I'll call Wu Tian tomorrow and tell him I slept with you tonight. I will even pass on a message that you are taking both his money and woman. He can piss off."

    "Fine, fine, you are too ruthless. I can’t offend someone like you. You can have 10,000." Jiang Bai was speechless and decided to offer her 10,000.

    "10,000? Out of 500,000, you're giving me 10,000? At least 400,000! Since I am the reason he gave you the money, it is only proper that I get the bigger share. Leaving 100,000 for you is already very kind of me. If you disagree, I will call Wu Tian tomorrow!"

    When Yao Lan heard the offer, she behaved like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. She was about to start pointing at Jiang Bai cussing, but she held her anger and gave him an alternative instead. Comparatively, she was much more generous than Jiang Bai as she was offering to let him keep 100,000 for himself.

    "More like you getting 100,000 instead. Eighty twenty split. If you disagree, feel free to call him. It's not like I'm actually afraid of him." Jiang Bai was not willing to back off.

    "Seventy thirty!"


    "Sixty forty!"

    "Keep on dreaming!"

    "Fifty fifty!"


    The two kept on negotiating, but alas, Jiang Bai was obviously not good in terms of haggling over price. After Yao Lan used all sorts of tricks, to the point she even tried using seduction on him, she managed to get him to share half the money.

    The shameless pair had completely forgotten about Wu Tian and split the money without any sense of guilt. Happily, both returned to their respective homes. And before leaving, Yao Lan did not forget to reward Jiang Bai with a peck on his face. If Wu Tian saw this scene, he would probably be so angry he decided to sink both of them to the bottom of the river instead.

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