Translating to Spanish

Hi, I just have a general question with several mini questions that some of you might be able to answer.

First of all, thanks to RWX, Deathblade and Alyschu for translating my 3 favorite light novels so far (CD, ISSTH & ATG). I haven't read many (only about 10), but those 3 are definitely my favorites.

My main question is: Do you know if anyone has tried to translate them to Spanish, or started to translate? I looked online, but I haven't been able to find any translations (Maybe I didn't look hard enough?)

As a native Spanish speaker, I can definitely see how these novels could become popular among the Spanish community, just as they have here in Wuxiaworld.

I studied a few languages back while in the university, and although I have never done any professional translating work, I could see myself interested in giving these novels a try. However, I am completely unaware of the rules that may come with translating. Such as: Are there limits to what I would be able to translate? Obviously, I would try to translate your English works since I do not know Chinese at all. Would this represent a problem? If not, then how could I go about it? Do I only need to recognize the author, and original translator, or do I also need to pay some sort of fee? What about the website? Do I really need to open up a new web address to host my translations, or is there some branch of Wuxiaworld that could host the translations?

Please do remember that these are only questions, and even though I am very excited to see these works translated to Spanish as well, I am not committing to anything. These are just curious inquiries. If anyone could answer them for me, I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance!!


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