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  • ...Looks like a girl...Still a good drawing! (Can barely make a stick figure) Thanks for the chapter!
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    ...Looks like a girl...Still a good drawing! (Can barely make a stick figure) Thanks for the chapter!

    Yes! Yes! Haha. Well. I don't know if he is too girly, but he is suppose to look feminine. 

    Edit: Also, I might need to work on a transitional chapter between Chapters 10 to Chapter 11. I just noticed that as I was rereading. 

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    Chapter 11
    Mistress of Total Evilness

    “Haha, fear and obey me for I am the dark overlord!” shouted a young girl with blonde hair. She stood on a hilltop made out of sticks. Around her, children were on the ground bowing to her in reverence. A few children carried sticks and piled them on the hill to make it higher.

    “That’s right peons! Work slaves! Work for your queen!”

    She carried a long oak branch that doubled for a scepter. On her head was reef of leaves. She snapped the whip of a long vine.

    “Haha. I’m invincible!”

    Her eyes gazed at her vast kingdom. Only a short few days she had conquered all the children of the adventurer’s camp! All save for two trouble makers. Her eyes looked angrily at the two children on the nearby grass. All they did was sit and look at each other all day long! What was this upsetting feeling that nestled in her heart. Stop looking so happy! Suffer! Suffer!

    She leaned over her throne of sticks and spoke to a kid next to her.


    “Yes, Mistress of Total Evilness?”

    “We need to make those kid’s suffer. Make them join our kingdom. Who are they?”

    Jason bowed. “My dad said their names were Grey and Sho. They came here a few days ago with that last batch. The one with that woman mage.”

    “Ooo,” whispered the girl. The last batch of adventurer’s were truly fierce! They even had a powerful mage with eyes so cold it sent chills up her spine. The way that woman made everyone tremble! This girl admired her greatly.

    “Come Jason! And bring some goons with us too! For these kid’s to be taken in by that woman they must be special. We attack!”

    In the grass a few yards away, Grey and Sho sat quietly with their eyes closed. The energy around them rippled, sending soft vapors into the air. Sho’s vapors were enormous, nearly five feet long, causing the air itself to feel heavy and damp. After Baylee had taken out that Parasitic Dragon Spirit. Her true power had manifested itself. She was a magical savant with a magical talent twenty times that of the average person. Truly frightening.

    Sweat formed on Grey’s forehead. Before she left, his master had said the most important thing about cultivating talent was to not only train your body but to think about history. 10,000 years ago, back in the time of darkness, there were monsters larger than they were today. How did those ancients fight back with no magical powers? The secret to magic lay in their first bumbling attempts to survive. The techniques learned by adventurer’s today were the groundwork set by past heroes aided with nothing more of their fists, where one hit by a monster meant death. The courage and willpower by those early humans to go willingly where their survival was practically 0 was unimaginable.

    Courage. Honor. Willpower. The traits of heroes was the will of mankind itself to struggle against impossible, to defeat all that stood in its way. This was why man not beast was ruler of the known world. Grey pondered on these question deeply, but then was suddenly interrupted when a girl sauntered towards them with a group of kids following her. Her chest held high.

    “Hey you two!” said a girl’s voice, walking over haughtily. “Yes, the two of you sitting on the grass. What do you think you two are doing?”

    Grey sighed. Who was it now?

    “We are cultivating our talent. My master told me to train. So, I am training.”

    The girl looked at Grey questioningly.

    “What are you talking about? You are a kid like me. You don’t have magical powers.”

    Grey shook his head.

    “I might not have much talent, but I can do a little thing.”

    Grey took a deep breath and exhaled. The air around him shifted for a moment and the haughty girl could feel her body lift up gently as if pushed by a wave of water. The girls eyes turned to surprise. What was that?

    Grey shook his head and murmured, dissatisfied. “She can do it better though,”

    Sho smiled. These last few days it was obvious that she was gifted. All the things Grey learned in a year. She did it in a few days. What was this craziness? Even Grey could not believe his eyes.

    “Grey don’t worry,” giggled Sho. “It’s okay if I become a hero first. Not all of us are so good at magic.”

    Listening to this, the other girl shook herself out of her daze. Ah, these guys are being happy again! They need to be punished! So what if they can use some tricks? That little thing can’t hurt me. I’ll teach them a lesson.

    “Paul! Jason! Accost this fellow!”

    Two big kids came up and grabbed Grey by either arm.

    “Hey what are you doing!” asked Grey.

    “Be quiet! My name is Mylene! I am the dark overlord of this camp and I demand you obey me!”

    “What? Dark Overlord?” Grey’s ears tingled with a sort of playfulness. Heroes slay dark evil things. This girl calls herself an overlord?

    “That’s right! I rule over this kingdom. Now prostrate yourself and lick my toes!”

    Grey shook his head, almost laughing. “No way! What kind of weird person does that? I say no! You can’t make me!”

    Mylene looked at him amusingly. “Fine, if you shall not bow down to my persuasion. Then perhaps this shall change your mind. Mary! Jeane! Accost this girl too!”

    “W-Wait what?!” stuttered Sho. Her eyes a little fearful. A few days ago she had been beating by kids. She looked normal now and thought it wouldn’t happen anymore. Was she going to get beating again?

    Grey could see the look in Sho’s eyes and became upset. In these few days, Sho had told him all about her past, and knew this kind of situation really bothered her.

    “Hey stop that.”

    “Hmph,” scoffed Mylene. “So will you obey me now!”

    “No way! But if you don’t stop. I’ll be upset and tell the folks at the camp you are being tyrannical.”

    Mylene shook her face in disgust. “You haven’t learned your lesson at all!”

    She moved close to Grey. Close enough that her breath was on his neck. Her hands dived into his pockets and she pulled out the light gem that Baylee gave to him!

    “Ha! What is this pretty thing? I thought you might have something precious? Now, this thing is mine! Let this be your payment for your disobedience!”

    Grey face turned several grades of color. Embarrassment. Anger. Playfulness. Mylene was a kid just like him. Did he have to go all out? He would teach this girl a big lesson that she would never forget. Heroes will always win against evil villains!

    Mylene turned to leave but a large blast of wind exploded behind her. The two goons holding Grey flew backwards as if struck by a great force! Wind Boots!

    “What is this!” yelped Mylene, surprised.

    Grey smiled and picked up a stick from the ground.

    “If you are dark overlord then I am a great and powerful hero! I have come to slay you and free your people from your control!”

    Mylene ran in terror.

    “Guards! Guards! Protect me!”

    Grey chased after Mylene. A large kid with a potbelly lugged his way over. His fist came down on Grey’s head. Grey leaned to the left and smacked the kid in the head, causing him to tumble over to the side. The next kid slide on the ground to trip Grey’s feet. Grey jumped over him and whacked him in the head too! One by one. Grey defeated Mylene’s minions dueling them with great finesse and purpose! Though, he had been a weak framed kid, his body had naturally become more stronger with the training he had done over the year to improve his aura. His eyes had also become much clearer since he had witnessed that crazy fight in the woods between all those adventurers.

    While he could not see any of the flashy things those adventurers used in their attacks. For young children, it was as if he could feel which direction they would move. How they would act. His instinct had improved in these last few days without him even noticing it. This was precisely the reason why several adventurers sought to fight one another. To improve one’s instinct through combat. This kind of battle experience had amazing benefits.

    Mylene seeing her troops dwindle could only gaze with amazement and shock! Who knew a kid could be this strong? He didn’t even bother using his boots, but his own physical talents to beat her army down to pulp. The last kid in Mylene’s guard fell to the floor in a daze. Grey’s eyes turned to her, pointing his stick.

    “Now, it’s the final battle! On your guard dark overlord!”

    “N-No!” yelled Mylene running into the woods. To beat so many kids all at once. Fighting that kind of person? Was he crazy!

    Mylene made her way through the woods till she reached a clearing. Grey was fast behind her. In a moment it would be all over!

    “Mylene!” shouted Grey. His eyes full of mischief. “There is nowhere to run! I am faster than you! Do you want to get hit on the back of the head or in the front! It’s your choice!”

    Mylene turned around and took a step back. “No! Stay back! I’ll give you your gem back!”

    She hastily pulled the light gem out of her pocket and raised her hand.

    “Here take it!”

    Grey walked closer menacingly. This girl deserved a taste of her own medicine. “Of course I’ll take it. I’ll take it after I beat you up!”

    Mylene’s eyes trembled in fear. “No! Mercy!”

    She continued to step backwards. She could not see her feet were nearing a hole. A deep hole. Grey seemed to notice the danger too late, his eyes trailing the grass, a blackness suddenly came into view that only seemed to grow wider with each passing second.

    “Mylene!” he yelled in horror. He ran up to pull her from the danger, but the girl thought he meant to strike her down. He grabbed a hold of her outstretched hand and the ground trembled. He could feel his sense of gravity lifting. Darkness seem to come up all around him. His hands flailed helplessly in the air. The light vanishing at his back. His eyes stared deeply into the horrified eyes of Mylene. Her soft fragrance filling the air. And down he went, down into that deep abyss, that Gaping Maw.
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  • Chapter 12
    Monsters and Men

    In the depths of the darkness, there lay a boy and a girl. The darkness was a boding void. A damp wet rock brushed against Grey’s cheek and he awoke! Nearly, jumping up in fright, Grey sat upright, his hands searching for something to grab a hold of. The chasm let out a burst of air and the ground itself shook, settling down as it traveled up the darkness. His eyes were blind, but as his hands felt around the rocky ground, the vast expanse of the gorge gradually became clearer, more familiar. His nerves settled, and with it calm collected thoughts replaced fear.

    “Where am I?” Grey whispered. In his head there was a throbbing pain. He remembered the fall, the big hole, and Mylene. He searched around and found her hand by his side. He could hear a subtle but quiet breathing. He patted the ground in front of him, afraid he might accidently fall off a ledge, and made his way to her. He felt around, touched something soft and cushiony, and then her face. He lightly slapped her to try to wake her up.

    “Mylene,” he whispered, “Mylene are you awake?”

    Mylene murmured softly in her. “Call off the slaves. Slap that fellow one more time for me, Jason.”

    “Mylene. Wake up. We can’t stay here.”

    Grey slapped her again harder. This time the slap echoed through the deep chasm.

    “Ow! Who dares hurt me so!” Mylene yelled, startled.

    “Mylene be quiet,” Grey said urgently. Who knows what kind of things lurk in the dark? Monsters or men. Both could be dangerous..

    Mylene sat upright and squinted her eyes if in a daze. “Why is it so dark? Who is that talking to me?”

    “It is….” Grey said, and then paused. Would it be good to say it was him? She might freak out even more, seeing as he was the one who chased her into this hole. Wasn’t there was that one fellow that was with Mylene earlier? His name was….

    “It’s me, Jason.”

    “Jason?” said Mylene, confused. “Why does your voice sound so different? Where is that fellow Grey. I so scared then…then something happened.”

    “There is no time to explain. We are in big danger. We have to get out of here.”

    “Where are we?” Mylene asked, stupefied.

    “I have don’t have time. Please….Just follow me.”


    Grey placed Mylene’s hand on his shirt and the two of them crawled on the ground. Grey dared not get up, afraid that the floor might suddenly shake and cause him to fall to his doom. He checked the ground in front of him, patting it down with his hands, before crawling forward. It was a time before he touched what felt like a wall, and following that a strange glowing light. It was a light unlike anything he had ever seen.

    It wasn’t dazzling like the sun, but had a faint glow, as if it were an ember that was about to go out. It flickered formlessly, a wisp of glowing smoke that rose and fell like a cloud. Not knowing what it was, Grey stopped to take a look at his surroundings. Mylene did the same, groggily wiping her eyes. She looked to the person in front of her and received a great shock!


    Grey turned around and covered her mouth!

    “Shush. Don’t you see we are in weird and dangerous place. Don’t yell.” he whispered.

    Mylene eyes were fearful. She nodded her head. Grey let his hands drop, and looked at that weird light.

    “Do you remember what happened? We fell in a hole. I think we are in that new dungeon my master was talking about so there should be monsters around. If we make too much noise we might get eaten.”

    Mylene nodded her head. Her hands trembling. Her eyes looking straight at Grey. Grey noticed this and frowned. Was she still afraid of him? Monsters vs. Grey? Grey was more scary? What kind of logic does this girl follow….He sighed.



    “I am not going to hurt you.”

    “You aren’t?”

    “I am not. And…I’m also very sorry.”

    Grey bowed his head.


    Mylene couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Why was she being apologized too?

    “Why are you apologizing?”

    “I did wrong. I promised my master to not make trouble and I did, causing a even bigger mess. If she returns and finds I’m missing. She won’t be happy.”

    Grey could imagine Baylee’s face in his head. She had an angry pouting face.

    “Stop being so pig-headed!” she would say.

    “W-Well if you are really sorry. Then kiss my hand!” said Mylene, holding out her right hand. “And call me master.”

    This little girl…Grey thought, shaking his head. It wasn’t the time for such things. Grey quickly took her hand and kissed it.

    “Okay, master. Now, we should think of a way out of here. Or maybe a way to call for help without attracting any monsters.”

    Grey took a seat by the wall. Mylene stood there and blushed for a moment before sitting down next to him. She didn’t think he would actually do it. There was a warm fuzzy feeling in her chest.

    “A dungeon huh?” Mylene murmured.

    “Yeah,” mumbled Grey. His heart was heavy. Would he die here? A kid was no match for even the smallest of creatures, much less a full blown monster.

    “Do you think they’ll know we are down here? I mean the people back at camp?” Mylene asked.

    Grey shook his head. “Maybe, who knows? Even if they do, will they be able to find us? This hole feels very deep. Even if they come down. It’s too dark to make out right from left. Much less two kids.”

    Grey sighed deeply. Mylene looked around her. The walls extended far above their heads, rocky protrusions hanged down from the ceiling like the jaws of some large beast. She looked at the strange light and back to where they came. Both sides were completely pitch black. Hard to say which way was up and which way would go down.

    “Even so. Aren’t there many adventurer’s down here that might help us? I mean they do fight monsters right?”

    Grey nodded his head. “Adventurers fight monsters, but how are we going to find them? The chances a monster will find us first are probably higher. They have good smell.”

    “Then we wait?”

    “I don’t know…”

    Grey’s eyes furrowed in deep thought. He had the wind boots on his feet. If they encountered danger he would be able to get away, but what about Mylene? He risked tumbling with her added weight and didn’t even know if the boots could carry both of them out of danger. A fast moving monster appeared and they’d be done for! Was there a way to counter a fast moving monster? What about a monster they couldn’t see? It was possible if they stayed here something else might also sneak up on them. If this was the case leaving would definitely be the best choice.

    “We should continue going forward very slowly,” murmured Grey, after some thought. There were too many things to consider. His head hurt a bit. He should deal with it as it came, rather than think of all the possible scenarios. Heroes were always a lofty folk anyway, striding into danger. He just need to be a bit more careful since he was smaller.

    Grey took Mylene by the hand.

    “Okay, let’s go. Don’t get separated.”

    “Okay,” said Mylene, following Grey.

    The tunnel grew wider as Grey and Mylene walked deeper until they came to a room made out of marble and granite. Pillars of stone rose from the floor to the ceiling. An inscription read in front of a stone door in front of him in a language he could not read. He looked around at the pillars a bit and pressed his hand upon the door. Surprisingly, it gave way with a little nudge, opening by itself and revealing a row of steps leading down.

    Mylene looked down. Her eyes a bit curious. “Do you think it’s safe?”

    Grey shrugged. “It would take more time to go back. If it goes too far down. We’ll head the other way.”

    Mylene nodded in agreement. The stairways led down, deeper into a cavern. Fireflies glistened in the dark. Their tiny wings beating a musical hymn that filled the air.


    “Yes,” Grey replied, remembering a book he had read. “It is Dungeon Music. The creatures, sometimes the walls, creak in unison, creating music. There have been several famous musicians who were renown adventurers. Though, it is the first time I have heard Dungeon Music myself.”

    Grey looked at the fireflies closely, their colors shifting with each note. Truly mysterious.

    “Come on, let’s keep going.”


    The stairs stopped at a large room, the ceiling nearly a hundred feet tall. The entire room spun in a clockwise motion. Overhead, arching bridges suspended by chains, crisscrossed massive stone pillars that surged out the floor. A stairway led up from the floor to one of the spinning bridges, and on a faraway platform, thirty feet away, appeared to be a door.

    Mylene pointed at the door. “Is that the exit?”

    “I think so. Let us see if we can get across.”

    Grey walked up the stairs to the first spinning bridge. It seemed simply enough. You waited till each bridge aligned itself then made your way over. He stepped on the first bridge and felt the weight of the bridge suddenly shift! It leaned horrendously to one side and Grey was thrown backwards. His feet slipped as it touched the stairs behind him!

    “Grey!” Mylene shouted in fear.

    Grey grabbed a hold of the edge of the stairs. His feet dangling off the side of a thirty foot drop. His arms strained. He lifted himself back onto the stairs, gasping for breath.

    “I-I’m okay,” said Grey, getting on his feet. Grey looked with worry on his face. What kind of bridge was that? To look like stone but to swing so violently? As if it were….made of paper?

    Grey leaned down and waited for the bridge to come around again. His hands touched the surface of the bridge. It was soft as water! Holy! What was this thing?

    The bridge suddenly came to life. Two bright eyes flickered from its corners. It grew in size, a long tail flickering from its end. It was a snake! A large giant snake! It let loose a venomous hiss!

    “AHHH!” Grey screamed.

    “AHHH!!” screamed Mylene.

    The Giant Serpent swung its tail, smashing into the stairway. Grey was thrown into the air by a tremendous force. His boots sent out a gust of wind before he hit the ground. He landed softly on the ground. His hands covering his head in fear.

    Still Alive?!

    Roar! Two massive fangs lunged forward. Grey ran! The fangs digging into the floor behind him.

    “Back up! Back up!”

    Mylene dashed back up the stairs. The fireflies scattering out of her way. Grey moved like a flying tornado. The Giant Snake coiling close behind. Grey and Mylene made it past the stone door, but the snake plowed right through it! Breaking everything apart as if were nothing!

    It’s head struck again, plowing into the wall! Grey looked in front of him with despair! If they ran forward they would be trapped in that perpetual darkness, and wouldn’t be able to see in front of them! He looked back at the snake as it wrestled it’s head out of the wall. The cavern shook as the serpent pulled out, leaving a hole where it’s head had been. Hope!

    “Mylene!” Grey yelled, grabbing the girl before she ran any further. “This way!”

    He tossed Mylene through the hole and dived right after her as the snake lunged again, ripping apart the ground beneath their feet. His eyes search the new area with purpose. A new tunnel. Another door! Only this one was made out of metal instead of stone.

    “Hurry! Run!”

    Mylene was too tired to complain. Her breathes had become very heavy. Compared to Grey who had trained all the time. She was already exhausted and followed him blindly, driven by his words. The next set of stairs they nearly tumbled over, running. The voices of other people started to echo throughout the stairway. When Grey and Mylene made it all the way down there was a group of adventurers opening the massive fifty foot door. All three of them pushed with all their might and the door screeched open.

    “Well,” heaved the blue-haired warrior, panting. “That was something….hmph?”

    His battle sense picked up something. He looked back. There were two kid’s standing behind him. He rubbed his eyes. Two kids?!

    “Yo, my friends. I know I am getting old, but I don’t think I’m that old. Tell me but are there two kids by the stairs behind us?”

    The mage stood up. His eyes receiving the same surprise. “I don’t remember there being mimics this close to an entrance. I know they can do voices, but bodies? Some shenanigans is happening here friends.”

    The rogue tilted her head. “You silly guys. Can’t you tell a kid from a monster. Look, I see them sweating. They are tiny. They look scared. It’s a kid. The only question I have is-”

    A loud roar came from outside the room. Everyone’s eyes were raised in alarm. Grey lifted Mylene over his shoulder and started running. A large snake appeared behind him! Then another! And another!

    “Oi! Oi! What the heck!” yelped the warrior. Not one, but six large serpents wrapped around the exit. Their eyes full of hate. Grey looked back. His face paled. They must have been the other bridges in that room! They had all been large snakes, one angry hiss, and all must have woken up at the same time!

    “Giant Serpent!” yelled the mage. “No way we can fight all six of them!”

    The rogue quickly ran, picked up Grey and Mylene, and heaved them over her shoulder. “Then run you idiots! I got the kids go!”

    Everyone ran for their lives! The warrior took up the rear, the mage in front, the rogue with the two kid’s in the center. The door had opened up to a long corridor, rocks jutting out on all sides. Warrior dodges right and breaks a piece of rock using his axe, heaving it into the gaping mouth of one of the serpents.

    “Sod off you bastard!”

    The mage wrestled with his staff. All sorts of diagrams projected in the air around him. Light wrapped around all five of them.

    “We are too far in! I can’t port us out!”

    “Then look for an exit stupid!” shouted the rogue.

    “Stop calling me stupid, stupid!”

    “Well, if we had a better mag-!”

    “Alright shut up!”

    The corridor split into three paths!

    “Go right!”

    The group entered the right passage. Three giant chickens with scale like wings and fiery breathe stood pecking on the ground. Their eyes turned to look up at the mage.

    “Never mind. Go left!”

    The group went back left and there were five large trees with vicious looking branches. It’s its center was a human shaped face, mouth gaped open in horror.

    “Okay! Other way!”

    “Danmit Roy!” yelled the rogue, angrily.

    “Shut up!”

    The last room opened into a wide expanse, a meadow similar to that outside, except the grass was made out of glowing mushrooms. Here another group of adventurers sat down in a circle, eating some food.

    “Hey fellows!” shouted the priest, seeing the group enter. “How have you been? We were just talking about the right corri-”

    “No time to chat!” shouted the mage heading the tunnel to the right of the adventurers. The top of the tunnel had been marked with an O.

    “Yeah, gotta go!” yelled the rogue after him.

    “Yeah you guys better start running,” bumbled the warrior.

    The priest looked at him strangely. “Wait what?”

    A loud explosion came from the passage. Six Serpents, Five Howling Willows, and Three Cockatrices burst into the room.

    “What the hell!” yelped the priest.

    Throughout the dungeon cursing and swearing could be heard as several more adventurers ran from a growing army of monsters. On the third floor, far above the chaos, Baylee, Vernon, and Dane walked down a rock passage.

    “Hey did you hear that,” whispered Baylee, her ears perking up.

    Dane looked around, but shook his head. “I heard nothing.

    Vernon nodded in agreement. “Yeah, me neither.”

    “Ah,” mumbled Baylee. “Must have been the wind then.”
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  • Chapter 13
    Past and Present

    “Grey? Why do you want to become a hero?”

    Two children sat on a hill underneath a starry sky. They had arrived a night ago at the adventurer’s camp. The soft grass beneath their legs and a warm breeze in the air. It truly felt comfortable.

    “I dunno,” said Grey shaking his head. “It feels right. You help people. You travel the world. I hear so many wonderful things in books, but I never get to see them because I am in village. I want to see it all. Those amazing things that I can’t touch, but can only imagine in my head.”

    Sho nodded her head playfully. The stars twinkling in the sky. “But is being in a village so bad? There is your mom and dad. And one day you grow up you’ll take over the library and lead a peaceful life. Don’t all people want that sort of happiness?”

    Grey sighed thinking about his family. His father must be worried sick. And what of his mother? Her kind face and gentle hands. Baylee was a strong person. But his mother was the type to fret over the smallest thing. With him missing. Wouldn’t her heart be broken? He should go ask Baylee to visit them once more before leaving the mountain.

    “I guess so,” said Grey, “But even so, don’t you feel that feeling that you’ll regret?”

    His head turns to look at Sho. The moon lighting up her skin.

    “Regret what you could be? What could happen?”

    Grey reaches his hand towards the sky.

    “I want to live without regrets. Can that be wrong?”

    “It is not wrong,” smiled Sho, shaking her head. “It’s just when will it be enough? Even heroes have to return home. You can’t be traveling the world forever. Is it not better to stay home and have your happy ending sooner?”

    A little spirit dove peeked out of Sho’s hair and hopped down her arm to her lap.

    “Oh, Little Cloud. You cute thing. I thought you were sleeping. What do you think? Is it better to stay or go off an adventure?”

    The spirit dove chirped and tilted its head.

    “Haha,” said Grey, “I want a happy ending, but….but I don’t know. When I see my father with such a sad face some nights. I think about why he could be sad. My dad. I think he wanted to become an adventurer, but could not do it. If that is a happy ending then. I don’t want it.”

    “I see,” sighed Sho, “I don’t even have a dad. So I cannot say anything about such things.”

    Grey looked at her with shock. “I didn’t mean…”

    “It’s okay. You are not wrong. I am just picking a fight with you,” said Sho, shaking her head. “It’s just for me things were never so easy. If someone could tell me if I could live normally with people. Then I would…”

    Tears welled up in Sho’s eyes. “Then I would be very happy. That is what I think.”

    Grey felt a pain in his heart. He had hurt her feelings unknowingly. He thought deeply for a moment, then picked up a few pieces of grass from the ground.

    “Hm?” said Sho, wiping her eyes. “What are you doing?”

    “My mother taught me a few things. Here let me give you something.”

    His hands tied the grass together in a knot, flexing the stems into an elaborate shape. He folded the ends of the stems, and then broke the middle of the grass into a V shape. Sho watched with curiosity.

    “Here,” said Grey, placing it on her head. He brushed aside her long bangs, clipping them on with the grass. “It’s a hairpin.”

    “This is?!”

    “You don’t look so ugly anymore. So it is okay right? To show off that round head of yours.”

    “You….” Sho didn’t know whether to be upset or happy. Was Grey making fun of her again? She could not tell.

    Grey noticed this and smiled. “You look quite nice. Maybe later you will be a famous beauty. If so, then know the first person to give you a gift was me! Grey! Hehe.”

    Sho grinned. “Then it is only right I keep you out of trouble in return. After all didn’t your teacher say my talent was better than yours? Perhaps in the future it’ll be me who is saving you!”

    “Haha,” laughed Grey, imagining Sho carrying him in her arms. “Who can say?”

    In a hole within a hole there lay huddled a group of adventurers and two children. Roy sat a while away from the rest of the group and looked bored as he wrote some notes into his book. His staff gave off a dim glow, enough to read, but not enough to make out the detail of the walls around them. The warrior sat and stared at the large boulder over their heads. The rogue nodded asleep. Grey and Mylene kept to themselves on another corner. It had been a few hours since they had fallen into this hole, having ran nearly three miles through intricate tunnels. The yelling and hollering of passing adventurer’s could be heard overhead every so moments, followed by a rumbling of all sorts of creatures.

    “So now what,” mumbled the warrior, leaning on his axe. “We can’t just stay here forever.”

    “Just wait James,” said Roy. “Eventually either the rest of the folks will leave, taking the monsters with them, or the monsters give up and return to their spots. Since we are stuck here might as well get used to it.”

    “Yeah,” muttered the rogue, half-awake. “Jump into the hole, he says. It’s safe, he says. Safe enough for a boulder to drop on our face!”

    “Shut up Xeria. I don’t need to hear no trash talk from woman like you!”

    “Oh, we are playing that game huh? How about I cut off your thing and we’ll see who is the woman then!”

    “Come now friends,” said the James, raising his hands. “We are stuck in this hole. There are children here. Behave. Okay?”

    “Tell that to the Mrs. Know-It-All over there,” muttered Roy.

    Xeria scoffed. “Well, tell stupid over there to open his eyes.”

    Xeria made an opening impression with her fingers.

    “Then maybe we wouldn’t be running into all these monsters. How is it that every time we run down passage, there are like ten or like twenty of them. Did you get slapped as a baby?”

    “Okay, that’s it.” said Roy, getting up.

    “Stop!” said James. His hand pushed Roy back down.

    “What is it now? You want to fight too?”

    “No, listen. I hear something.”

    A strange rumbling could be heard through the side of the wall.

    Roy nodded. “I hear it too. What is it? It is getting closer.”

    The wall suddenly burst open. A large worm with several teeth opened its mouth! Xeria instinctively moved back to protect the children. Roy and James stood right in front of the beast, it’s mouth glaring them in the face.

    “AHHH,” yelled Roy.

    “AHHH,” yelled James.

    James pulled back his heavy gauntlets and punched the worm in the face. The worm roared! James swung again, sending an uppercut up its chin. The worm’s head struck the ceiling of the small hole and it howled in pain, retreating back into the wall, leaving behind a large tunnel.

    “Y-You punched it in the face!” said Roy astonished.

    “Of course I punched it in the face,” exasperated James, “It scared me. I punch things that scare me,”

    “Hey,” said Xeria, pointing at the hole. “There is our way out. Let’s hurry up and move before more of those things come.”

    Everyone nodded in agreement.

    A few hours later.

    Roy furrowed his brow, wiping off his sweat. “Man, this tunnel goes up pretty high.”

    “The higher the better. Means we are getting closer to the exit,” said Xeria, walking up the incline. In the last few hours, the tunnel had suddenly spiked up in a swirling motion, it was difficult on everyone’s legs, but it was better than getting chased by monsters. At the end of the tunnel, the group found themselves in another tunnel entrance, this time closer to the surface.

    “What level is this?” murmured James. “I know we skipped some, but this must be.”

    A woman mage, a warrior, and a rogue stepped from the corner.

    “Hey fellows,” said Dane, seeing the group. His eyes cheery. “You have a good haul? We are just heading back up and?”

    His eyes looked at the two kids on the rogue’s shoulders.


    Behind him Baylee’s eyes looked shocked and then furious.


    Grey’s body shook with terror.

    “Hi, master….”

    “This fellow yours?” said Xeria, dangling him by his neck. “Okay have him. My back is tired.”

    Xeria tossed Grey and Baylee caught him with his staff. She slapped him in the face.

    “What were you thinking?”

    “I…” Grey thought to say something, but everything sounded like excuses. He should just take his punishment like a man.

    “It wasn’t his fault,” said Mylene, climbing down from Xeria’s shoulders. “It was mine. I am sorry. I fell and he was trying to help me.”

    These last few hours had seemed like eternity to Mylene, but even so, she knew it she had fallen alone. She might not have been able to survive. Grey had helped her. So she would help him back. It was right.

    Baylee looked astonished at this girl. Then let go of Grey angrily. She turned away. Her face secretly pleased.

    “Well thank you for saving them,” smiled Dane. “This fellow is our mage’s apprentice. Did you need anything? It is only right to return a favor with a favor.”

    “Water would be good.”

    Dane handed Roy a flask of water. A moment later, strange sounds could be heard from deep in the tunnel. And another group of adventurers came out completely ragged. Their ranger looked at the group and started to run up the tunnel, not bothering to say anything, the warrior, rogue, and priest did the same.

    “Uh oh,” mumbled James, his legs already moving in the same direction. “Guys!”

    “It was fun, stay out of trouble kids!” said Xeria, running up.

    “Here we go again,” mumbled Roy running after them.

    “What?” said Baylee.

    Grey eyes turned fearful. “Master please start running up too.”

    “Why somethin-?”

    Several loud roars could be heard from the tunnel. Dane didn’t ask any questions and picked Mylene. Vernon hurried after him. Followed by Baylee.

    “What did you do you silly kid!”

    “Um, we ran a lot…and stuff chased us.”

    “How many stuff!”

    “Like a lot…of stuff.”

    Vernon howled in laughter. “Haha, and those monsters started chasing other people too? How come I never thought about. Kid lets be friends.”

    Vernon grinned, stretching out his hand. Baylee slapped it away.

    “Shut up Vernon,” mumbled Baylee. “Like hell we are staying here. I’m porting us out now.”

    “Aww,” murmured Vernon. “But that’s no fun.”

    “What’s fun about it? Let’s go!”

    Light flashed around the group. Grey could feel his body shoot up with incredible force. The world around him fade into a big bright yellow light. His head spun around and boom! The light dissipated and they were outside again. It was night, the moon glowing in the sky.

    “I guess I better drop off our stuff,” said Dane, heaving three large knapsacks.

    Baylee shook her head. “I’ll give you a good lecturing later, but first let’s pick up your friend and drop off this lady.”

    Grey sighed. Though he was unhappy that Baylee was upset. He was happy to have gotten out in one piece. Having Mylene outside too. This made his heart feel accomplished. The group hurried to the adventurer’s camp. The night was stirringly quiet. No movements or fires could be seen from the camp.

    Baylee raised her hand. “Wait? There is something wrong.”
  • ..Why am I even surprised anymore... *shakes* head... Another cliffhanger.. Thanks for the chapter
  • Chapter 14
    Wolf's Howl

    The night was still. A quiet calm that racked the nerves and unsettled the bones. Baylee approached the camp with caution, her staff ready by her side. The camp was sorted into the new arrivals, who had pitched up tents, and those that had arrived early, who had set up elaborate homes. Baylee approached one of the cabins. A musty smell came from the room. She peered in through the crack in the door. There was no one. It was empty.

    The next cabin, the next tent, all were empty. She nodded to Dane who had already flashed out his battle sense the moment they had entered the camp. He shook his head.

    “There is no trace of anyone,” Dane murmured. His eyes surveying the air. “Did something come get them?”

    Vernon sniffed the air. “Hard to say. This place is…too clean?”

    His hands came upon a cooking pot. The lid had been sealed shut. He opened it and it was empty.

    “It looks like everyone just got up and left? Any sign of clothes?”

    Baylee shook her head. “I looked through the houses. Everything is missing. This might be…”

    Thoughts raced through her head. Her eyes squinted into a scowl. “This could be really bad. I think it is…”

    “Everyone!” shouted Grey, near the woods. His eyes had made out something strange in the darkness. “I think I see something.”

    “Don’t touch it!” shouted Baylee, quickly coming to his side. The rest of the group followed. They could see a strange mound of dirt at the edge of the campsite.

    Vernon smiled. “It could be a trap. Let this old fellow show you how it’s done.”

    Vernon approached the mound. His hands softly digging the earth. One could see his balance leaned towards his back, ready to leap back at the first sign of danger. His hands digging. His eyes suddenly turned wide.

    “Baylee,” said Vernon. His voice grim. “You have to take a look at this.”

    Baylee’s walked towards him. Her eyes turned serious.

    “Everyone else stay back. What did you find?”

    Baylee’s eyes recoiled in dread. Out of the mound, half buried, was a decapitated head.

    “Uncle Haley,” Baylee whispered. She remembered the old wizened adventurer who had spoken to her many adventures back. She was younger then, more foolish. He had helped her when her party had wiped out, and brought her back to the surface. For him to have met such an end. Her heart could only weep.

    Vernon dug deeper into the mound. His hands touching what was a corpse. Baylee moved to block the uncovered body from the children. Her eyes staring back. They couldn’t see. They were too young to know. Grey only looked at her curiously. Knowing there could be danger. He stayed back obediently.

    “I think I found something,” whispered Vernon. His hands slipping up a bloodied note. There were only two words written on it, in blood. A dying message. “Knights. Gil.”

    Then it was true.

    “Fellows!” shouted Dane, “Have you found something!”

    “Yeah,” shouted Vernon. Baylee turned to stop him, but was too late. “Halley is dead. They took everyone to Gil.”

    Baylee moved to the side, revealing the dead body. Mylene, Grey, and Dane gasped in horror. Grey could only feel a growing sense of dread of what would happen at his village.

    Sho! Father! Mother!

    His thoughts full of worry and regret. He ran into the woods towards his village.

    “Grey!” shouted Baylee, but it was too late. A gust of wind and he was gone.

    “You!” said Baylee, turning to Vernon. Vernon looked at her blankly. How was he suppose to know how the child would act?

    “Never mind,” snapped Baylee. Her thoughts churning. “Dane take the girl to our camp. Vernon follow me. We have to leaving this place now!”

    In the forest, voices seemed to echo throughout the air. Grey! How his heart could only feel fear and pain. That dead body, the image of his parents lying in the same manner, cold in the dirt. He could not bear it. Even as a kid. He might be able to trick the villains who had taken them. They might still be alive held as prisoners. His thoughts raced. His heartbeat quickened. He ran.

    Gil was several miles away but for Grey it seemed like moments. He arrived at the entrance of his village. The shops as quiet as the camp before them. A long large banner waved over the village entrance. “Welcome to Gil.”

    He walked cautiously along the walls of the houses. His body making its way to the library. He opened the door and with a soft creak. He was inside. Books lay scattered about. The window wide open, clanging ever so slightly against the wall. He walked the corridors he had walked all his life. The darkness making all things strange and unfamiliar. His body ached with fatigue. Even with the help of the wind boots. He was still a child. He collapsed on the floor, and started to cry.

    Had everyone died? He could only imagine the horror on their faces. Sho! He had told her he would protect her. Did she call out his name in her last moments? Where was he to be found, but down in some dungeon. He dried his tears and made his way upstairs. He could not let himself believe it. He had to keep going. At least till he knew for sure. His hands trembled as they came across his father’s study. It was pitch black. His hands reaching for the window, he touched something wet and hard.

    His hands feeling in the darkness, it was the legs of a person. His father. How could he not recognize the clothes he wore every day. He hung suspended in the air, a noose around his neck.

    Grief rising in his chest. He heard a loud bang behind him. He turned and two men stood at the door.

    “I thought I heard something. I guess we missed one Gresien.”

    “I say your right Mayberry. It’s a little kid. Maybe, he was hiding behind one of them couches. Come here little fellow. Let us take you to safety.”

    “Villains!” screamed Grey. His eyes covered in tears. He rushed at them with all the fury he could muster. He swung at the first man in front of him. The man laughed and struck Grey in the chest. Grey gasped and fell to the floor. Grey may have been fast for an ordinary child, but compared to men. His strength and speed was nothing but a joke. The large man heaved him over his shoulder and carried him outside. The sound of laughter ringing in his ears.

    They walked a moment in the darkness, then coming up a large bonfire in the woods a while away from the village. They passed several other people, their faces shrouded in the darkness. Grey could feel each shadow smiling, laughing. A large man with a broadsword, chuckled endlessly in the night.

    “She was a pretty one I tell you,” he said, drinking out of his mug. His friend to his right laughed heartily. “I even got a souvenir see?”

    The man pulled out a small bundle of hair. It’s ends pinned together by a grass hairpin. Grey watched silently. His eyes staring at that piece of hair.

    “Here we go fellow. Time to join the rest of your folks.”

    The man carried lifted Grey in front of the bonfire. Horrid charred faces, contorted in pain and anguish, stared back at him from the blaze.

    He could only let out a coughing wheeze. His tears mixing in his throat. The man tossed Grey into the fire.


    Wind as cold as ice blew in from the forest. Baylee! Grey felt himself floating in the air, landing in her arms.

    “Silly kid are you alright?”

    “Who are you!” roared a large man. The rest of men behind him readied their weapons.

    Baylee stared at them coldly. “I am the one who is going to kill you.”

    She let Grey down besides her. The air chilling around her very breathe.

    “Get her!”

    Men rushed in from all sides. In their hands primitive daggers, swords, axes, and shields. Weapons from a forgotten age.

    Baylee whispered an incantation and motioned her hands. Ice spears jetted from beneath her feet, skewering them all. She spun her hand in a clockwise motion and the spears turned in unison drilling through their heads. Their bodies bursting. The rest of the men who had not attacked could only recoil in fear.

    “Ah, another one.” murmured a large man in the group. He pushed pass those in front of him. His face shrouded by a helmet of plate. “You adventurers are quite tenacious. Who would have thought in a week there would be so many of you here? Truly like roaches.”

    He pulled out an axe larger than even the largest man. Fifteen feet long. It’s girth was enough to give the men around him pause. His armor glistened under the moonlight. A pitch black.

    “Who are you! Why have you done this! Are we not on the same side?”

    The large knight chuckled.

    “Same side you say? You come into these dungeon and take all you can. You fight not caring about those around, hurting countless innocents. All for what? For the title of hero? Nothing but a group of thieves and vagrants.”


    “You save a few and kill hundreds. Death is all you deserve. Come enough talk. You think you are strong? Come face me then.”
    Knights. In this world where only 5% of the population were adventurers, the ones that kept the peace, that fought in wars, were undoubtly the knights. An order charged with protecting the common folk from harm. Their skill with magic was nonexistent but paired with high grade gear, a skillful knight can take on even the strongest adventurer. Baylee’s eyes were raised in a tingle of fear. There were nearly 100 adventurers in the adventurer camp. Did this fellow kill them all?

    “What? You afraid? It’s like you fools to be scared when faced with true skill.”

    The knight rushed towards Baylee. His axe dragging on the floor, parting the earth beneath his feet. Baylee picked up Grey and tossed him to the side.


    Baylee swung her staff up. Ice jutted out from the ground. The knight plowed through them like nothing. His armor didn’t even receive a scratch. He swung down with incredible force. Crack! Miss! Baylee rolled to the side. The axe swung again. Miss! Slashing the end of her robe.

    Baylee stood with her staff ready. She did not bother to attempt to cast a spell. Knights! A mage’s worst weakness was truly exposed when they did not have time to cast. She could do nothing but defend.

    The knight swung again. However, flashes of light suddenly appeared in front of Baylee. Spider Silk Illusionary Formation! The knight’s axe was blocked and sent backwards by several dozen blades. Vernon appeared behind the knight. His dagger in hand. He stabbed at the knight’s back. Ping! It deflected off the armor. The knight swung and the rogue vanished back into the darkness.

    “Vernon!” cried Baylee.

    “This fellow’s armor is quite freakish. For my daggers that can cut through dragon scales to not even leave a mark. We should leave now Baylee!”

    “You think you can leave?” chuckled the knight, regaining his balance. He raised his hand. Out of the darkness, several soldiers appeared. So many the entire forest seemed to move. Baylee could only gasped in shock. She had not sensed them at all through her battle sense. What sorcery was this?

    “The king has sent an entire army here. You think you can fight your way past one hundred thousand men?”

    The overwhelming force that is mankind! This man did not kill all those adventurers this army did! Even if one adventurer could kill a hundred or even a thousand men. They were only human and would gradually tire out and die a horribly slow death.


    “Ah, how stupid,” muttered the rogue.

    In a dire situation. It was every man for himself! But how could he bypass a one-hundred thousand men alone? No matter how he saw it. There was only death!

    “It looks like this is really where I will die. Baylee. I did not really like a fellow like you who always nags a lot, but to die with such a famous person. Perhaps people will also remember my name. Let us fight till our guts puke out. If we kill enough maybe one of us will be able to get away.”

    A loud explosion could be heard. Blades and Spears. Swords and Shields. All clashed in a chaos that surpassed imagination. Vernon slashed through the masses as if they were paper but hundreds poured in from all sides. His invisibility did not stop people from touching him. And when his body nudged another. A sword would surely follow.

    Baylee looked as hundreds moved towards her. Her eyes could only think of Grey huddled a few feet away.

    “Silly kid!”

    She ran to him. Blades of ice spun in the air cleaving men in half. Arrows rained from the sky and a sphere of ice incased Baylee and Grey in a protective shield. A countless men hammered at the shield from the outside. Their axes cleaving at the ice. Ice spears shot out of the shield with tremendous force. Skewering a dozen men at a time. A long blade of ice, flashed from the top of the sphere and spun around, cutting all those that drew near. The ground froze over and icicles burst from the floor, stabbing men by the soles of their feet. These icicles grew larger into trees, stabbing everyone near in with branches as sharp as knives.

    “Grey!” whispered Baylee under her breathe. Her voice grown horse. A dozen spells came out at once but even so men flooded in from all sides oblivious to death. Oblivious to doom. Mindlessly dying in doves.

    “I am sorry Grey,” said Baylee. Her hands stroked Grey’s hair. “Please forgive your master for

    not being able to keep you safe. I can only hope we can meet again in another life.”

    To be faced with a slow death or a quick glorious one. There was no hesitation!

    The ice shield shattered into a thousand pieces. All the men around her died stabbed several times over, gurgling blood on the ground. Baylee raised her staff and the shards spun in the air. The air shuddered. The ground shook. Baylee leaped up and hovered over the ground. Her staff was a spiraling torrent. The ice gathered in front of her, piecing together as if parts of a puzzle, forming a shape. Teeth. Paws. Fur. A Giant Frost Wolf! Incased in its center, Baylee weaved her magic. The magical construct let loose a frightening roar!

    Baylee smiled at Grey one more time. Her voice as clear as day.

    “Little Grey. I shall be going off first!”

    “Ah!” Grey screamed.

    The Giant Wolf rushed into a group of charging men. It’s teeth sinking into blood and bone. A hundred more died in an instant. The large knight chuckled at this and ran up to meet Giant Wolf. His axe glistening. He heaved a mighty blow! With a howled shriek. The Wolf’s head was severed from its body. The magic gone, the construct shattered into pieces. Baylee laid bloodied on the ground. Her eyes full of hatred.

    “A Frost Wolf?” chuckled the knight, “I have heard of some famous genius that has such a special attack. So that is you? How pitiful. Die knowing us knights are greater.”

    Baylee could only cough blood. Her thoughts full of rage. The original adventurers were knights. To die from such an ignorant person. How shameful! The axe swung down. Baylee’s body jerked. She fell. Her eyes as distant as the wind. The knight looked at the fallen body with disdain. Wiping off the blood off his axe. He stepped over her as if she were a disgusting thing. The men around him took turns and spat on her face. Kicking and stabbing her still form.

    The knight walked up to Grey. Grey! His mind anguished beyond fear. The knight kneeled down and said. “Kid, you seemed special to that person? May I ask your relation?”

    “I-I am her apprentice.”

    The knight nodded, shaking his head. “Ah, truly a pity then.”

    A dagger sank into Grey’s chest.

    “Where the master goes, the apprentice follows.”

    Grey sank to the ground unfeeling. The pain in his chest was nothing compared to that of his heart. His eyes closing with nothing but regret.
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  • Chapter 15
    The Ten Kingdoms

    Memories swirled in all at once. A lifetime spent in a small village. Grey could remember his mother telling him to wake up in the morning. His father ruffling through his hair. The feeling he had when he first time he walked out of his house. That dazzling sunlight and the vastness of the world. Years spent in the library reading his books. Training by the waterfall. At the end of these thoughts stood two people, Sho and Baylee. Their eyes look at him. Their faces smiling. But with a sudden jolt they vanish. Disappearing back into the darkness like a wisp of smoke.


    Teeth sink into flesh and Grey opens his eyes.

    A white wolf bites into Grey’s shoulder, dragging him on the ground. Blood drips from the wound. Pain shoots up his chest. He does not scream. His thoughts muddled. He is dragged helplessly on the ground before the pain settles into a dull feeling. The wolf drags him into a nearby clearing and then leaves him on the ground. It’s eyes look into his, teeth growling. It’s ears then perk up and it runs back into the forest, leaving Grey alone under the morning sun, wondering if it was even real.

    A dream?

    Grey’s head throbs in pain. He crawls on the ground and slowly stands up. He feels the grass beneath his toes. His boots are gone. A large scar on his chest. Blood on his shoulder. He fiddles in his pocket and finds the light gem that Baylee had given him. It’s iridescent glow now a pale gray color. His wipes his eyes. Memories of the previous night rush into his head. A locket of hair, a Giant Wolf, and knight with black armor. The faces in the fire staring back at him. He grabs his head. His hands shaking. He doesn’t want to remember. No! No! He can’t remember. Forget everything. Forget it happened. It was a dream. A bad dream.

    He stands up and starts walking. His eyes yearning in the distance. He heads towards Baylee’s camp.

    The campsite had been destroyed. Remains of the tents could be seen. Pieces scattered amongst the wind. A large body with a huge broadsword lay smashed into the tree. Grey did not even bother looking at it to see if he could recognize the face. His heart already knew who it was. His hands moved through Baylee’s tent. The last things left behind by his master. He took care in setting the ruined debris to the corner. All the valuables had been taken, leaving nothing but a few bits of cloth and wood.

    His feet blistered and sore. Grey wrapped a piece of cloth around his small feet and bound them tightly to his ankle. Six years old! Grey was now alone. His mind racked with grief. His thoughts turned only to what he could do now. Food. Water. Shelter. Anything to get himself from thinking about what had happened. He went to Dane’s and Vernon’s tents. He found more tattered clothing and picked up a stick. He tied the cloths together to the end of the stick to make a bag and began to collect anything that could be valuable. A shattered piece of sharp metal from a chest. He attached that to the end of another stick, making a small wooden spear. He walked around and heard a loud thumping from one of the tents.

    It was from Dane’s tent. He approached the tent cautiously, spear ready, and looked around. A hollowed plank of wood lay underneath the tent. He lifted it up and there was a wooden chest, moving ever so slightly. He moved closer and knocked on the chest twice. Knock. Knock.

    “Dane is that you?” whispered a girl’s voice.

    Grey stared back at the chest.


    “Grey! Oh, they have found you! Please let me out. I am not meant for such a small space.”

    Grey looked at the lock of the chest. He touched it and the lid propped right open.

    “Ah! I’m free!”

    Mylene stood with her hands held high. “Grey! I heard such things outside. Where is everyone else? You-”

    Mylene looked at Grey’s. Her eyes focusing on that large scar on his chest.


    She came upon him. Blood on his shoulder. His shoes were gone. His eyes glazed over as if he were already dead.

    “Ah, we should go.”

    He climbed out of the hidden floor. He reached his hand down and lifted Mylene up.


    Mylene looked at the bloodied pulp on the tree nearby and then said nothing more.

    Grey and Mylene headed down the road. There was a silence between them, both carrying handmade sacks tied to the end of a stick. They approached a river and then a cobbled path. The trees changing as they went from forest to forest. Animals could be heard from a distance, but none grew near. The two walked in silence. After some time, Mylene spoke.

    “Grey,” said Mylene. She could see a strange emptiness in his face and it frightened her. “Grey are you okay?”

    “I am fine.”

    “A-Are you sure?”


    Mylene thought for a moment. She hastened her steps to walk next to him. His eyes looked straight at the road. His hands and feet moving forward was if he were a doll.

    “Grey. Even if villains have done such bad things. Won’t heroes come and win in the end? Haven’t they always done so in the past?”

    Grey’s chest lightens a little.


    “That’s right!” crowed Mylene. “Even if we are small and tiny others will surely not let such things go unnoticed. And even if they do nothing. Will we not grow up too? We will remember and then once older we can punish them ourselves.”

    Grey’s head nodded in agreement. A small smile comes to his face.

    “Ah! You are smiling!”

    Grey turned away embarrassed.

    “No, I’m not!”

    “Ha! See the greatness that is me! Now praise me, my servant!”

    Grey looked at her and remembered their conversation in the dungeon. He smiled and took her hand. He kissed it.

    “Thank you.”

    “Wha!” scoffed Mylene, her face turning red. “My hands are not to be kissed so lightly. Your master forgives you this time.”

    Grey laughed.

    Grey and Mylene continued walking till the reached a split in the road. A sign read Walheim South. Deriora West. Krieshold East.

    “Which way do we go?” asked Mylene.

    Grey looked closely at the signs. “How about we go right? The path look a little easier and it’s away from the mountain. Walheim is also fortress town. So there should be less monsters.”

    Mylene nodded her head and followed Grey.

    “Grey. How come you know so much about the world?”

    “I read a lot of books.”

    “But I am your age am I not? I am seven. How old are you?”

    “I am six.”

    “See! Isn’t that so strange you know more than me?”

    “It isn’t that weird. I had nothing to do all day. So I read books. It is not hard if you try.”

    “So, do you know where we are?”

    “Yes, we are in the Kingdom of Gahol of the Seven Kingdoms. I do not know all the provinces, but there are a few important places around the mountain. Walheim was in a lot of wars so there have been a lot of important fights there.”

    “What about the other kingdoms?” asked Mylene, curiously.

    ” Renalta, Lukoil, Nomine, Neft, Altea, and Beyleya.”


    “Those are only the outer kingdoms though. The older inner kingdoms. Lavis, Baltor, Almacia. Are nearly 5,000 years old. Those are the really amazing ones. To have lasted so long through disaster after disaster. Together. The outer and inner kingdoms make up the ten kingdoms of the world.”

    Grey thoughts remembered that black knight. Each kingdom was named after a famous and heroic knight of legend. How did a knight become so villainous?”

    “Then? The whole continent falls under these kingdoms?”

    “How can the whole continent fall under ten kingdoms?” said Grey. “There are several others places that have risen and fallen in the large wilderness that covers the world. But these are the most famous. Renalta Knights for example. They are so cool. They have wings on the back of their armor that ignites when they charge at their enemies. Like winged angels, they descend upon their enemies in righteous might, a glorious fireball that burns everything to dust. Then there are also the Knights of the Plains. Nomine Knights. Riding cockatrices with large lances made out of sails. They glide across the plains carried by the wind itself.”

    Mylene giggled. Grey’s eyes started to sparkle. Describing the fantastical feats of knights of legend. In her heart, Mylene had been worried about Grey after they left camp. But now it was like he was returning to his usual self. They laughed like that for a while, telling each other stories.

    On the road, a few hours later, a man with a wagon rolled down the road. Wearing a pair of glasses, he rubbed his eyes twice. There were two kids by themselves walking happily on the dirt path. Was this a bandit trap?

    Grey and Mylene seemed to notice the man at the same time. Grey stood in front of Mylene with his spear raised.

    “Little kid! Who are you!” asked the merchant.

    “I am Grey! Who are you!”

    “The name is Doyle! I’m a merchant! I’m heading down to Walheim. What are you two kid’s doing on the road alone? Is this a bandit trap or something? It’s a bad trap if it is!”

    “No! We were coming from Gil!”

    The Doyle looked stunned. “Ah, I see. Sorry about your families.”

    Grey eye brow twitched. How did this fellow know that their families were dead?

    “How do you know that!”

    Doyle nodded solemnly. “Of course! Who wouldn’t know? The king issued a decree forbidding anyone from entering the mountain. They say a group of monsters came out from the dungeon and killed everyone.”

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    Doctorvgv said:

    So is there more story coming out or not? your sentence was quite unclear??

    but thanks anyways for writing this! its pretty good!
    Ah, I mean it's going to take forever to write down everything lol. It's a long story. 
  • Chapter 16
    Lies within Lies

    Doyle looked blankly at Grey.

    “That’s right. The knights came a few days ago claiming the area was dangerous. They were evacuating people when it is said that monsters attacked. To think a whole battalion of knights were annihilated. The king sent his army to contain the monster invasion from spreading.”

    Grey’s eyes furrowed. A company of knights consisted of 10-30 knights. He had seen only one that night. Where then were the rest of the knights? Had they been killed off? Then what about the army? Why did they attack them so viciously?

    Something wasn’t right. Too many things didn’t make any sense. The way that army appeared out of nowhere. He remembered the surprise on Baylee’s face. Since when can you hide an army that large without being noticed? Grey could only scratch his head and wonder.

    “Kid,” said Doyle. His head nodding. ” I like to think I can judge people very well. It’s in my trade. At first, I thought you were dangerous but your reaction now seemed genuine. How about you come along with me to the town? We can fix you up something nice. I was an orphan too you know.”

    Doyle pat his hand on the side of his seat, beckoning them to come sit beside him. After a disaster there were many thieves and bandits that took the opportunity to add to the chaos. For this kid to be so surprised. He must not really what had happened. Grey nodded and both him and Mylene jumped onto the wagon. Their destination, Walheim.

    Walheim was a town built on top of a granite hill. A field of rocks lined the flat grass towards the town gate. A guardsman with a bronze helmet looked at the group cautiously. Doyle produced his papers and said that Grey and Mylene were orphans and was asked no further questions. Inside, the buildings came out like towering monuments, large and stout, they were rocks cut into the shape of trees, their rooftops a sparkling green and blue wood.

    At the “Green Willow” restaurant, Doyle sat at a table with Grey and Mylene.

    “Kid are you making this up?” said Doyle incredulously. He placed his right hand over his mouth thoughtfully.

    Grey shook his head. “It’s true! I was attacked by a knight and the king’s army attacked us.”

    “Did you see that as well?” asked Doyle. His eyes looked at Mylene.

    Mylene slowly shook her head.

    “I was in a chest. Our adventurer friend put me there to keep me safe. He said someone was coming and when Grey got me out. Everyone was dead.”

    “I see…”

    “It’s true though! If you send anyone up there they will surely find out!” Grey cried. He was afraid Doyle wouldn’t believe him. After all who would think that the king would send an entire army to kill off the villagers and adventurers? It was too much resources for so little gain.

    Doyle sat for a moment pondering. His hand picked up the cup of tea and drank it heartily, downing it in one gulp.

    “Grey,” he said, looking at the boy.


    “Let us say you are right. Let us assume for a moment that the king had decided to kill all the adventurers. Then why was the camp you found first after escaping the dungeon empty without a fight?”


    “Haha, I am only playing with you my friend. If you knew the answer then perhaps this would not be called a mystery. I say it is strange because that is what I would expect if they were told to evacuate the adventurers.”


    Grey’s mind raced. If the adventurer’s were told to evacuate then no wonder they wouldn’t put up a fight. Who would question the authority of a knight, especially a command so reasonable given how close the dungeon was?

    “Then why did they murder?”

    “Wrong question again,” spoke Doyle, stroking his beard. “The question should be why did that knight tell you the king had sent an army to kill everyone off, more or less, why bother announcing it at all? Wouldn’t letting you waltz into a hidden army be more effective at killing you?”

    Grey shook his head. His thoughts muddled.

    “And those men. What man doesn’t fear death? You say your master killed dozens, hundreds of them who threw themselves upon her. Grey do you think you are thinking straight when you tell me this?”

    Grey scratched his head. He seemed to slowly grasp at the questions.

    “Yes,” muttered Doyle. “I have some thoughts on this and dare not say it out loud. They say people who are too nosy will get their nose cut off. Let us wait until I can confirm the matter, then we can speak of it again, and what we can do about it.”

    Grey nodded his head. Mylene took a bite of cooked pork and plumped it into her mouth. As the three finished their meals, Doyle could only help but remember what Grey had told him. That knight said “king’s army”, but he mention which king it was?

    They walked out of the restaurant, full bellies, Mylene licked her fingers.

    “Ah that was quite delicious. Mr. Doyle you are quite fashionable. I like a fellow like you. Be my servant!”

    Doyle laughed. “Haha, funny girl. I am already so-so old and unmarried. How can a little girl like you tempt me?”

    “Oh!” said Mylene, mischievously. “You think I have no appeal. Then come let me do this and that and we’ll see if you can still say the same.”

    “Girl do you even know what you are saying,” chuckled Doyle. He whacked her in the head.


    “That’s what you get for making fun of us old folks. Take another to the head for being so vulgar.”

    Whack! Mylene flinched and got hit again. She rubbed her head.

    “You violent fellow. To bully a little girl aren’t you ashamed?”

    “Ah, is that what it is called? I thought I was giving you a lecture. Here take let me see your head again.”

    “Don’t touch me!” said Mylene. She ran behind Grey and stuck out her tongue. “Nah! Go away.”

    Doyle laughed.

    A boy brushed by Grey as they walked down the street. Grey could feel hands diving into his pocket. He looked back. In the boy’s hand was the light gem that Baylee had given him. A keepsake of his dead master? How can he let a thief take it! Grey chased after him.

    “Grey!” called Mylene, following him. “Where are you going!”

    “He stole from me! Thief! Thief!”

    The boy turned and saw Grey chasing him, and ran into an alleyway.

    “Grey! Don’t go too far!” yelled Doyle, lumbering behind. People crowded about the busy street pushing him back.

    Grey chased the boy down the dark damp back roads. The stones kicking from the ground. Around one of the corners, Grey found the boy leaning against one of the doors.

    “Give me back my stone!”

    “What stone?” mumbled the boy, “I saw no stone. Look my pockets are empty.”

    The boy lifted his pockets. Nothing came out.

    “B-But! I saw you take it. You dropped it or hiding it behind your back somewhere.”

    “Ah who can say? Who cares anyway? You want to fight about it?”

    The boy raised his eyebrows.

    Grey shook his head.

    “No! But it is only right to return stuff to their owners. Give it back or I’ll search you myself!”

    The boy laughed. Grey walked towards him and was about to grab the boy’s collar when a large man came out of the door beside them. He wore a large tunic, overalls, and carried a meat cleaver in one hand. Grey nearly jumped up in surprise as the man grabbed Grey by his hand and lifted him into the air.

    “Who do we have here? A lost little boy? I was wondering who was making all this racket in the back.”

    “Ah, Big Sam,” said the boy. “I got another one for you. You owe me twice, plus whatever you pawn off this thing.”

    The boy pulled out Baylee’s light gem from a hidden pocket inside his shirt. He tossed it to the large man who caught it.

    “Ah, a light gem. Hard to find these around. Can sell them for plenty. Most people just buy them for looks.”

    “Give that back! It’s mine!”

    “Haha, you don’t seem to understand little boy. You are mine. You and anything on you.”

    The large man smacked Grey with the end of his cleaver. Blood trickled down Grey’s head.

    “Ah!” yelled Mylene, arriving around the corner. “Stop!”

    “Ah another one.”

    Sam swooped down and grabbed Mylene and Grey’s with the same hand. Carrying them up by their arms like a pair of ducks. Doyle stood shocked by end of the alleyway. His eyes in fear. The man was nearly eight feet tall, built like a bear, with a cleaver the size of a human head.

    “Help! Help! Doyle!” shouted Mylene.

    “Doyle!” yelled Grey. “Go get the guards! Stop these g-”

    “Shut up.”

    Sam hit Grey harder. Grey’s body shook and trembled.

    “Ah!” yelled Mylene.

    “Old fellow, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay quiet. This is street business. What goes in the alleys stays here.”

    The big man leaned over and rolled up his sleeves of his shoulder. A tattoo of a dragon coiled in a circle could be seen. Doyle looked at the kid’s meekly. Mylene yelled for help. Grey looked  silently at Doyle, blood on his cheek.

    “Ah, sorry for bothering you then.”

    Doyle turned and left. The screams and yells for help falling on his ears. His heart ached, but even still he wanted to live. That person was part of that group, a group that no merchant could offend in this city. He ventured off, and went to bar to drink his thoughts away.

    Grey saw Doyle leave. A shock ran through his heart. Were they not friends? Why…why did he go….

    “Haha, seems like you quieted down now. Let’s go meet some of your new friends.”

    Sam brought the two kid’s inside and tossed them in the basement.

    At nightfall a large caravan moved through the city, carrying goods of all sorts. A large cage was hauled onto one of the last wagons. In it were chickens, pigs, and two children. Grey and Mylene.

    “Where are they taking us?” whispered Mylene. Her voice hoarse. She had yelled for help all day. No one had come.

    “I don’t know,” said Grey, remembering Doyle leave. On his face, there were only feelings of betrayal and sadness. “I don’t know anything.”

    He cried the rest of night softly.

  • Chapter 17
    Largos De Varion

    In the 98th Dungeon in the Kingdom of Gahol. There can be said one of the largest reserves of ore in the world. The Primitive Dungeon, Largos De Varion. In a large camp in front of the dungeon cave, a caravan stocked with supplies has come to a rest.

    “Get out!” yelled a big man. He grabbed Mylene and Grey and tossed them out of the cage.

    The big man pointed to a large crowd of kids in front of the cave. “Get in line. Now!”

    Mylene and Grey nodded weakly, walking to the crowd. A man standing on a pedestal tapped his stand with a long wooden stick. On his head was two round glasses, wearing a flowing robe that dropped down to his legs. To either of his side were imperial soldiers, dressed in battle armor, holding spears.

    “Vagrants! Orphans! Runaways! According to the imperial decree by Governor Yu in an effort to stem the flow of scum on the streets. All of you are conscripted to work for his majesty’s realm. Who can say this isn’t the highest of honor? Shout if you acknowledge this honor.”

    The children looked at each other confused. Many of them wear rags, but a few here also wore some elaborate silk embroidery.

    “Sir!” said a young boy near the front. “I think there is some mistake! I was walking with my dad when I was accosted so unjustly! Can I go home?”

    “Me too!”

    “I want my mom.”

    “My stomach hurts.”

    The man waved his stick and slammed it into the ground. “Enough! I have heard your complaints, but your parents have given their full cooperation. You are to stay here till they come to pick you up.”

    Several of the children looked relieved, but those dressed in rags could only question further.

    “But I don’t have any-”

    “Then you’ll be returned at a later time. If you are good, then surely we will not be unkind. You will be fed and roof over your head. Do you dare be ungrateful?!”

    The rest of the children stayed silent.

    “Now, take a number from the box in front of the cave and report to your overseer. The tunnels are labeled 1-10. If you do not know how to count then ask the guards on your way in. You are not allowed to trade numbers. Now leave!”

    The children filed away in lines.

    “Grey, what will happen to us?” asked Mylene. Her voice trembling. While she was not a clever child, she already knew the man was lying. He was only telling the children whatever they wanted to hear.

    “I don’t know,” nodded Grey. “Let’s just follow them.”

    Grey went to the wooden box and pulled out a number. The number three. Mylene was right after him. She pulled up the number four.

    “Ah,” whispered Mylene. Would she be separated from Grey? They had journeyed so long together. She couldn’t bear to be apart. She looked at the guard holding the box. “Sir, can I take the same number as him? I-”

    “No,” said the soldier solemnly. His face as unmoving as stone. “Move along.”

    “But,” Mylene looked at the guard. Grey pulled her arm. “It is okay come lets go. Don’t cause trouble. We can still see each other even if we are in different places.”

    Mylene and Grey made it to the line in front of the tunnel. Guards were lined up on either corner of the tunnel every five feet. Grey looked in front, trying to see the inside of the cave.

    “I don’t like this,” said one of the girls. “I was supposed to be shopping today with momma, but now this happens. If my father ever hears about it these people will be punished.”

    “This is kind of exciting,” said a boy with a bandana over his head. “Look how big this cave is? What is in here anyway?”

    Mylene could spot the number three in the boy’s hand.

    “Ah, you there,” whispered Mylene. “Yes, you with the thing on his head. I must have that number. Can you trade with me?”

    “Huh?” said the boy turning around, “Why should I trade it? Is there something amazing about my number?”

    “No, but my friend has number three. I don’t want to be separated. Please?”

    “Okay, I don’t mind I guess, but if there is something amazing that way give it back to me okay?”

    “Thank you.”

    The guard saw this and walked towards the Mylene. He grabbed her hand.

    “Overseer! This one was trying to switch numbers!”

    “Ah, how uncouth.”

    The overseer was a portly man with a large leather whip. He moved sluggishly from the front of the line of children to Mylene. Mylene trembled. Her legs shaking.

    “Little girl. Rules are made to be obeyed. When one breaks the rules, others are sure to follow. Here is a little pain to remind you right from wrong.”

    The guard turned her around. The overseer drew back his whip and struck her hard on her back. The clothes ripping, leaving a bloody line.

    “Ah!” cried Mylene, tears falling from her face.

    “Now who was it that you switched with child? Give the number back to him and let him taste punishment as well. Ten lashes for both of you.”

    The boy with Mylene’s number was shaking too. His eyes wide. Mylene looked at him. But before anything happened. Grey stepped forward and bowed. His thoughts collected.

    “Oh?” said the overseer. “Boy was it you?”

    “Sir, please let her off. She did wrong. No need to punish anyone else.”

    “Oh? So polite? Child you have such terrible clothes yet your speech is quite fancy. Did you not hear what I said? Offenders should be punished. If you are not the offender out of the way.”

    “Elder, you are right to be upset, but we are all young. If you hit us so much then perhaps we will not get up. Do you wish to kill us? If you kill us will we not be able to return to our parents?”

    The other children looked at Grey. Many of them who were enjoying themselves were suddenly reminded of how they were kidnapped.

    “Little kid,” chuckled the overseer. He could see he was being threatened by a child and it amused him. “If you are so brave, will you take all the lashes yourself? You say you will die if you get hit by all of them. I say you are wrong. Dare you take my bet?”

    Grey’s eyes widened. He did not expect this adult so be so cruel! The overseer laughed inwardly. This little kid thinks he is so clever, but even so he is still a child! Will he dare take all the hits. The overseer thought not!

    “I-I’ll take all of it!” said Grey. His face pale.


    “I’ll take all the lashes. Please forgive her.”

    The overseer face contorted into an ugly shape. This little kid! Did he think he was bluffing?

    “Then lay on the floor. Your back outstretched. If you can endure ten lashes without screaming then I shall say this matter was settled.”

    “Grey!” yelled Mylene, crying.

    “It’s okay. Please be quiet,” said Grey, lying down.


    The whip sank into Grey’s back. His body arch in a horrible manner. The loud crack echoed through the cave. A bloody mark coating his clothes.


    A few minutes later, the children moving forward. The only two left in near the front of the cave were Grey and Mylene. Grey’s back was bloodied. His eyes nearly rolled over. He wheezed. Blood trickling over his mouth.

    The overseer stood there panting. His breathes heavy. His eyes furious. The child had not screamed once. He turned away with disgust, not bothering to say anything. The guard let Mylene go.

    “Grey! Why! You, you,” sobbed Mylene. She could not even touch Grey. His flesh exposed. A dark red.

    “Its…okay…lets go….”

    Mylene lifted Grey up to his feet. His arms around her shoulder. They limped to tunnel labeled number three.

    A few days later, Grey limped to the mine. They organized the groups of children into pockets of five. Given a pickaxe, they chiseled away at the edges of the dungeon wall. Every so often large gems and ores would fall out and they would put them in their bags and take them to the mining cart.

    Mylene stood next to him. Her eyes full of worry.

    “Grey you don’t have to work hard. Let me take these sacks to the cart.”

    While everyone carried their sacks on their backs. Grey could only drag his on the floor. His back horribly scarred.

    “Sorry,” he said.

    “What’s there to be sorry about. I am strong too! Even if you decide to sleep all day. I can do enough for both of us,” smiled Mylene, softly. She took his bag and headed down the tracks.

    Grey headed down another part of the tunnel. Here several children, scrawny and thin, lay collapsed on the walls of the tunnel. Cave sickness. No one knew what it was, but every now and then a child would fall ill and not get back up. These were the ones closest to death, and also the ones that had been here the longest.

    He walked up to one of the children. The boy leaned on the wall. His eyes glazed over, yet his chest rose and fell.

    “Are you awake? Herbert?”

    “Ah” said a rasped voice. “Grey have you come to visit me again? Why not let me go in peace you weird fellow.”

    “How can I leave a clever kid like you alone? Do they not say birds of a feather flock together? Let us clever kids talk for a bit.”

    Herbert chuckled. No one dared go near those infected with cave sickness, but this boy had figured quite early that the sickness was not contagious. After all, there were sick people all around, yet only those who had been here the longest had gotten sick. The sickness was caused by the cave, not by people.

    “They do not give us enough food. I am worried that we will starve to death. Yesterday’s meal was a little bit less than the last. Some do not notice, but I went hungry for a day to compare both.”

    “Then eat the dirt.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “There are monsters in a dungeons. Do you not know how they survive without food? Some parts of the cave dirt is quite nutritious. Most people would not eat it, but when you get hungry enough. You will eat anything.”

    Grey picked up a handful of dirt from the ground. His face confused.

    “Haha, even though I cannot see. I see you hesitate. Do you think I am lying? How do you think I am still alive? I lie here all day long. Yet am not dead.”

    Grey put the dirt in his mouth and chewed. It had an earthly taste. Too bland to be called food. It tasted like white paste. He spit some out in disgust.

    “Haha, it’ll taste better once you get hungry,” laughed Herbert.

    “I guess so,” laughed Grey. Food had been a large worry in his mind. Even if it tasted like poop. He would rather eat than to starve to death.

    “About this cave? Is there any way to escape?”

    Herbert smiled. “You think I’d be like this if I could escape?”

    “Perhaps,” smiled Grey.

    “Haha, we are both quite clever. Grey you mean to ask if I have prepared something in my years here and you want to use whatever I’ve done to escape!”

    “Haha, you got me,” laughed Grey.

    “I-I must say I have nothing.”

    “Nothing? Have you not lived here for many years?”

    “This place is meant to kill people off.”

    Grey eyes hardened.

    “The guards here are too many and you are tired all the time from working. You think you can run messed up like that?”

    Grey sat in a stupor. Herbert was a smart child. Three years older than Grey. Herbert grew up in a small town, and with an insatiable curiosity could name all manner of herbs, trees, and stones. If he could not figure out a way. Was it really hopeless?

    Herbert smiled. “If you really must know. I have found two ways. Come closer. I shall tell you.”

    Grey leaned closer and Herbert whispered in his ear.

    In a small campfire. Two children sit next to each other eating their rations. A loaf of bread and two pork buns.

    “Grey,” said Mylene, watching Grey. “Grey why are you thinking so deeply.”

    She could see Grey’s eyebrows furrow. In the last couple of days, she had began to notice his subtle expressions. Even if he said nothing. She could now guess his feelings.

    “I talked to Herbert today. He said if we ever get hungry we can eat the dirt!”

    “What! Why would we do that?”

    Grey sighed deeply. He did not want to tell her the truth behind the dungeon. Will she not get depressed and sad knowing such horrible things.

    “If they run out food. We might get hungry. So I asked him a few things.”

    “B-But dirt? I know we are not doing so well, but I’m okay eating less. You need more food.”

    Mylene took one of her buns and put it on Grey’s lap.

    “Mylene. You are working more you need….”

    “Lalala. I am not hearing it. You eat it or I toss it away.”

    Grey sighed, smiling.

    “I also talked to him about some things.”

    Mylene’s eyes glistened. Grey had told her a few days ago he had made a new friend. Though Grey did not let Mylene meet this friend. This fellow Herbert had helped them learn a lot of good things about the cave.

    “I learned two ways to get out of this place. If one fails the other is guaranteed to work.”


    “Shush,” chuckled Grey. “Don’t let everyone know.”

    “Okay,” whispered Mylene. “What are the two ways?”

    “The first way is to endure. We wait for our chance. Someone might attack or there might be an inspection. Something that will give us a chance to escape.”

    “That doesn’t sound much like a plan,” mumbled Mylene.

    “Haha, the world is so vast. How can anything stay still and not change. If it is hopeless now, who can say the same in the future?”

    “Grey,” said Mylene. “You said if one fails the other will work for sure? So if we wait long enough your other thing will work 100%? Tell me what is the other plan?”

    Grey smiled. His heart a bit heavy. Truthfully, if it came down to that. He really did not want to use the other method. “If I tell you it might ruin the plan. Will you trust me and follow what I say?”

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    Chapter 18
    How to be Cruel

    In an chamber located inside the 98th Dungeon a group of children stood in front of a wooden platform. Another fat portly overseer, stood in front of them, shaking his fist. His face contorted in an ugly manner. He looked as if he was about to hit someone, but was unable to because of the layers of fat on his body, which made it difficult for him to move. His eyes looked to the group of children tied up on the platform next to him. Five in all. They all kneeled on the platform, having cried out for mercy.

    “Please, I didn’t mean go. Mommy. Mommy help!”

    “Ungrateful wretch!” blustered the overseer. His eyes sank to the child closest to him. She was a young girl, about seven years old.

    The overseer struck her on the cheek, causing the child to cry out and fall to the floor. The other four looked nervously at the whip in the overseer’s hand. It was a different whip this time, with barbed thorns on the cord.

    “This is the punishment for trying to escape,” said the overseer. He looked to the soldiers behind him and waved his hand. “Men! Ropes!”

    Two sets of soldiers came up and tied ropes to a notch at the top of the cave. Five ropes. Five notches. One of the boy’s looked at the ropes completely terrified. The overseer made another signal, drawing a line over his throat and all the soldiers made a noose, placing one on each child.

    The rest of the children, stood afraid giving each other silent glances. They did not know what the rope was for.

    “Release!” said the overseer.

    A trapdoor fell underneath each of the five children, and they began to choke as the noose tightened around their neck. Their feet dangling in the air.

    The children watching looked horrified. Many of them covered their eyes.

    “Look!” shouted the overseer, snapping his whip. A jolt ran through the children closest to the front. “Anyone who doesn’t look will get five lashes each!”

    Terrified. The rest of the children looked, many of them staring as those five flailed helplessly in the air. After an hour, the overseer gave another signal to the soldiers behind him. Slice! A draw of the sword and each rope was cut. Each child falling to the ground, motionless.

    “Now back to work!” shouted the overseer.

    Grey and Mylene shuffled behind the group of children, returning to the mines. Both their legs were still shaking. Who could have thought someone could be killed like that! His child-like mind had become dreadfully aware that the world was exceedingly more scary than any of his books.

    Grey looked back, watching those motionless children, and beneath the pitch black veil of the tunnel, their bodies disappeared into the darkness.

    Strike! A pickaxe hits the earth. Strike! A jewel pops out and tender hands go to pick it up. Grey stood with his group of five children. Mylene was next to him with the pickaxe.

    “How long have we been here?” said Mylene, wearily. Her hair was no longer a beautiful gold, but a murky dark brown. Dirt was everywhere. On their clothes and on their face. They were only allowed to pull up water three times a day, so no one had bothered to bath anymore.

    “Six weeks,” said Grey.

    “How do you know?” said one of the boys. His name was Erick. He was a porter’s son who had been taken when he was out helping his father deliver wood to a nearby village. “We don’t see the sun or hear roosters.”

    “Every time we go to sleep. I make a mark on the wall,” said Grey, striking the earth. A jewel came out, and he went to pick it up. “When we wake up it must be morning. When we go to sleep. It must be night time.”

    “That’s silly,” said Kayla. “If I take a nap does that mean it is night time? I don’t think so.”

    “I didn’t mean nap,” said Grey. “I mean sleep, sleep. We all go to bed at the same time right? Even the other children in the tunnels sleep at the same time, so it must be night somehow.”

    Mylene thought for a moment, before speaking up.

    “Grey is really smart. If he says it must be night it must be true. You know he knows a lot about the other kingdoms too, and can even use magic,” said Mylene, proudly.

    “Really?” said Kayla.

    “It is true,” said Mylene, holding up her nose.

    Lee looked at Grey. He was the one farthest to the back. He was a scrawny child with a gaunt face, and lanky arms. He looked more like a willowed tree, rather than a human up close. He was the oldest of the group.

    “I-Is it true,” said Lee, hoarsely. “If you can use magic. We can escape.”

    Grey shook his head, returning to his work. “I can do a little thing, but I never learned any spells.”

    He remembered that Baylee was to help him with his ritual of awakening, but now that would never happen. Sho. Baylee. They had died so horribly. He had thought with Doyle’s help he could get revenge, but he was betrayed!

    If he ever got out of this place. He would not trust another adult ever again!

    “That’s too bad,” said Lee, sadly. His eyes became gloomy and returned to mining the tunnel.

    They collected their jewels into their cart and began to push it up to the trading station in a section of their tunnel. A bright sign that said ‘Station 3″ was written on a plaque over a wooden desk laid out with food.

    “Team Eleven,” said a woman, dressed in fine robes. She held a piece of paper clipped on a wooden board. “One full cart. One full meal.”

    Five loaves of bread were handed to each of the children. A soldier came up and pushed the cart away.

    “Back in the tunnel,” said the woman, curtly.

    Mylene looked pitifully at her loaf of bread. They had spent so long digging to get only one piece of bread. Would she ever feel full again? Her stomach growled miserably.

    “I think they are getting uglier and uglier,” said one of the soldiers. He stood at attention, a sword strapped on his waist.

    “Yeah. I think your right. Especially that girl over there. She used to looks so nice, but look at her now. Like pig rolled up in the mud. Shameful. You hear that? Her stomach growled. Haha.”

    “Like a pig. Like a pig!” laughed the other soldier, pointing his finger at Mylene.

    Anger flushed down Mylene’s cheeks. She was so hungry and these soldiers did nothing all day and ate good food. It wasn’t fair! It was fair at all!

    “If I am a pig then you are worm. You scum!” said Mylene, disgusted

    “What did you say girlie?”

    The soldier’s expressions darkened. Grey who was walking next to her was absolutely mortified. The rest of the children, were frozen stiff, and dared not interfere.

    Mylene began to realize too late her mistake. All the color drained from her face as a group of three soldiers walked towards her.

    “Say that again to my face.”

    Mylene shook her head and crouched down, trying to be as small as possible.

    The soldier drew back his hand to slap her across the face, but Grey stepped in and protected her. Smack! A long red mark ran across his face.

    “Sorry!” cried Grey, tears falling from his face. It really hurt. His eyes had gotten all blurry. He didn’t know what to say, but he couldn’t let him hit Mylene. “Please! I know you are upset, but she is very sorry.”

    “Sorry. Doesn’t cut it!” the soldier drew back his hand to slap Mylene who was hiding behind Grey, but Grey would move in front of them. He slapped Grey again, even harder.

    “Please. She is sorry,” said Grey, pitifully. The man had struck the same place, and it hurt even more. No matter how the soldier tried, Grey would get in the way.

    “What the hell is this,” muttered the soldier. “He thinks he can protect her?”

    “Maybe he likes her,” laughed the other soldier. “What does our little kid her have little ittle crush?”

    The soldier kicked Grey in the stomach, sending him sprawling on the ground.

    “A kid thinks he can protect someone,” said the soldier, spitting on Grey’s face. “What a joke.”

    “Hah. Did he move? I don’t think you hit him hard enough.”

    “Guy is tougher than he looks,” muttered the soldier. He kicked Grey again, deeper in the stomach.

    Grey coughed, and rolled over. Mylene raised her hands over him, trying to stop them.

    “N-No! Stop hurting him.”

    “Shut up!” said the soldier. He was about to strike her in the face, but Grey held on his leg, causing him to pause. Grey did not say a word, but looked pleadingly. The soldier grinned and stepped on Grey’s hand, crushing it painfully on the cave floor. Grey gasped and released his grip.

    “We got a fighter guys,” said the second soldier. “Let’s take rounds. Kid’s need to be taught when to stay down.”

    “I’ll be first,” laughed the third soldier. He kicked Grey in the face. Grey grimaced and tightened his nerves. When adults were angry the only thing a child could do was endure.

    “Hey. None to the face. It won’t last long if it’s to the face.”

    “Sorry,” laughed the third soldier.

    The beating took thirty minutes. He watched as the men laughed and played as it were a game. Whenever he would buckle over, or cry. They would howl louder, as if they had won. When he got silent. They would beat him more viciously until they got a reaction. At first, Grey could not understand why they were beating him. His father had said if you apologized then the other person would let it go. Even if you hurt someone, after a bit of a fight, it would be all settled. But these men beat him for no reason.

    It was only after the beating was done, that Grey understood why. He looked up at them, with his swollen eyes. The look of relief on their face. Bored. They had been bored of doing nothing, and so for a little thing they beat him for thirty minutes straight.

    Mylene sat next to Grey in grief. Twice. She had gotten Grey beaten up twice. She did not even know what words to say that would make it better. Grey looked up at her, a smile cracked on his bruised face

    “It’s okay,” said Grey. “It’s…okay.”
  • Chapter 19
    Harshness of a Child

    Grey knew he shouldn’t do anything. That was because he was a weak child. No matter what happened. He should take the beatings with a smile. But even in his heart, there nestled a terrible coldness that did not wither. Why was life unfair? Why did everyone around him have to die? Now he was stuck in this dismal place, and there was no way for him to fight back. He lay on the bed later that night. Mylene resting next to him. She did not say a word, but stared at his back silently.

    “Hey,” said Grey. “Are you sleeping.”

    “Hey,” whispered Mylene. “I am not.”

    “I think tomorrow. We should start training.”


    “Yeah. To use aura,” said Grey. “It might not be useful now, but who knows about later right?”

    “Grey,” said Mylene. Her thoughts heavy. “Are you alright?”

    “What do you mean?” trembled Grey. Did she know he was upset? No that was impossible. He had made sure to smile today. Smile and not yell at anyone.

    “People hurt you today. Are you not angry?” said Mylene. She reached out to comfort him, but pulled back her hand at the last moment. She had also had hurt him. She couldn’t keep her mouth shut. She didn’t listen when he said not to switch the numbers. More than anyone else. She was not qualified to touch him.

    “I am not angry,” said Grey. “My dad says if you let your emotions get the better of you. You will not be able to make the right decisions. The heroes I have read also would not let something like this bother them.”

    “Is that right,” said Mylene, unconvinced. “But you are hurt. How can we train when you are hurt.”

    “The training helps me relax. So it won’t be bad for me.”

    “Is that really so?” said Mylene. “Grey if you lie to me. I will not forgive you. Am I not your friend. If you are angry. You can tell me. I am also angry.”

    “I am not angry,” said Grey, slightly afraid. Was this what they called a woman’s intuition? Too frightening. “I really want to train, but I think I am too hurt to do it by myself. If you train with me. It will help me, too.”

    “Really?” said Mylene, frowning. She did not think anyone could be happy after getting beat up. Grey. Did he really think she was a girl with no brain. She would hit him! Hit him softly….

    “Really,” said Grey, nodding his head.

    “Really? Really?” said Mylene, insistently.

    “T-That’s right!” said Grey, defiantly. “Why do you not want to train with me?”

    “No,” sighed Mylene, “I will train with you. It is just I want to know what is in your head. So I can stop you from doing bad things. You are already hurt. If you get hurt again doing training or something. Will I be alone?”

    Grey did not speak. He dared not speak, afraid of giving his thoughts away.

    “I don’t want that,” said Mylene. She gathered her courage and touched Grey’s hand. “Promise me Grey. You will not leave me alone?”

    “I promise,” said Grey. He imagined Baylee looking down at him from the heavens, shaking her head.

    “Remember! Remember you promised me,” said Mylene, turning over in her bed.

    “Yeah,” said Grey, weakly. “I promise. I promise….”

    Grey woke up early the next morning and began to cultivate with Mylene. He had taken her hands and began to swirl them in a circle.

    “This is called foundational training,” said Grey. “In the Vol. I Magic Theory Book. It is known as feeling the flow of magic. Keep your eyes closed and try to focus on my aura. When you feel it enough times. You’ll be able to do it by yourself.”

    Grey took in a deep breath and released his aura.

    “I think I am feeling something,” said Mylene, meditating. Her face deep in thought. There was a warmth passing from Grey’s hands into hers. She felt it traveling up her arm into her chest. Copy that feeling! She focused on the warmth, trying to gather it in her body. It was like trying to grab a bag of air. She could see it and feel it, but every time she tried to force it out it would disappear. She grunted, before her stomach let out a growl.

    Grumble~! Grumble!

    “Aya,” said Mylene, blushing. She looked down at her tummy. “Shut up my stomach. I am training.”

    Grey laughed. “I think we should eat.”

    Mylene frowned. “But I almost got it. Let me try again.”


    They spent two hours training. Mylene was not able to create aura, but Grey knew it took several months for someone to mastery the technique, and was not worried. He, himself, needed a three months. As she concentrated on creating ‘aura’. Grey thought about his own progress. He would stagnate. There was no doubt about it.

    There was no one here to teach him. Nothing here but his own thoughts and time. He would never become the hero he wanted to be…he could be here for years, or even forever. Even so, there was a bit of him that did not want to give up. Train! Train until you dropped. As long as there was hope, perhaps, he would be able to make something happen.

    He headed off with Mylene after training, once again pounding upon the cave wall. Painful memories whirled in his head. He remembered Baylee’s death. He remembered Vernon. Those wondrous structures the adventurer’s had made at their camp. Those were his only clues on how to use magic now. He treasured those memories deeply.

    “How are you feeling,” said Kayla. She and the other children had been terrified at how he had been beaten. The swelling had not yet gone down, and Grey’s face was as puffy as a marsh mellow.

    “I am feeling fine,” said Grey.

    Kayla shook her head. “Sorry for not helping.”

    “You didn’t need to help,” said Grey. All of the children were painfully aware that they could be killed if they stood up to a soldier. Who would help in that kind of situation? Only idiots like him.

    Kayla seemed to understand this and grimly went back to work. She struck the cavern wall, and a strange glow came out of earth.

    “What’s this?”

    Grey wiped the sweat from his brow, and looked over. The soil was glowing a bright white light.

    “Is it a jewel?” asked Kayla. She went out to touch it, but her hands passed right through the glowing earth. “Eek!”

    “Are you okay!” said Grey, running towards her. It looked as if her hand had been cut off!

    “I’m okay,” said Kayla, gathering her wits. “I-I…”

    Her hand was still attached to her body. She looked at the glowing earth in disbelief.

    “I-Is it magic?”

    Grey stared hard at the soil. If it was magic then it should react to his aura. He reached out his hand, and took in a deep breath. A invisible tendril extended from his chest, lightly touching the glowing dirt.

    Whoosh! The wall exploded in a ray of light, leaving behind an opening in the wall. A new tunnel. This…this was a secret passage!

    Grey’s heart leaped from his chest. There could be treasure at the end or even a way out of the dungeon. He quickly called the rest of the children to the tunnel entrance. They all rushed over, talking excitedly to themselves.

    “Should we go inside?” said Lee. He normally did not speak, but seeing such a thing even he could not keep from being thrilled.

    “There could be monsters,” said Kayla. “If they come out and eat us then what will we do?”

    “The soldiers have been here a long time. They would have killed the monsters right?” said Erick. His hand tightened around his pickaxe. Although he really wanted to escape. He did not want to get eaten by a monster. Dying was scary.

    Grey shook his head. As long as monster wasn’t disturbed. They could remain in a dungeon for decades, even thousands of years. “I don’t think the soldiers went around digging. If there is a monster it will still be there.”

    “Can we kill it?” said Lee.

    “No,” said Grey. ” But we can still run. A lot of monsters are slow, so if we meet something scary we can get away!”

    “That’s right,” said Mylene, “Me and Grey…we fell in a dungeon before, and met a lot of monsters. As long as you run you can get away!”

    The look of relief passed by everyone’s face. Now they didn’t have to worry about getting killed.

    “We still need water and food though,” said Grey. “Let’s hide the tunnel and make a mark so we know where it is. We can come back later when we have our stuff.”

    The rest of the children agreed, and spent half the day covering it up. They had to skip a meal, since they did not have enough jewels, but everyone returned back to their part of the cave with high spirits.

    At night, Grey began to gather dirt up in a pile.

    “Grey what are you doing?” said Mylene, patting down her dirt bed. She made sure to make a soft mound right underneath her.

    “I am making a grave,” said Grey. “Is it weird? I guess it is weird. I just had the feeling of making one since we got stuck here. After seeing that secret passage. I remembered I did not make one yet. Baylee. Sho. Vernon. Dane. My father. My mother. They did not have a grave. So their souls must be lonely.”

    There was a saying that a grave is like a lighthouse in the afterlife. Where the thoughts of the living guide the dead to their final destination.

    “I see,” said Mylene. “I will make one for my dad and mom too.”

    Eight graves. Eight stones.

    Grey clapped his hands in prayer as his father had taught him when speaking to their great ancestors. Mylene did the same, and they fell asleep, hoping that their friends and family were happy wherever they had gone.
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