Can't find the title of 2 novels

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So guys... there are i think a couple of novel's i can't find but i remember what was happening:in the first one the MC is about to marry one of the most beatiful girls of his home town, she goes to his place to stay for a week but in the end because
his clan is kicking him out he give the marriage contract to her and says something like "it's yours, you can decide what you want to do. If you tear it apart we won't cross our ways ever again, but if you keep it i'll come for you wherever you are".
another image i have in mind is that the MC kills an entire clan in his hometown (something like Cheng Clan, a clan proud of his Fire) but leaves only a single member that almost goes mad and becomes super strong thanks to an entity or something and tries to kill him

the last image that i have in mind is the MC that is walking in the forest behind the clan and a specter girl possess him, then they become friends and he tries to find some herbs to create a new body for her.

the second the MC while running for his life goes in a cave where he finds
half of the bloodline of the phoenix , then the other half of it start searching for him to kill him.

I've read this stuff a year ago,it may be Against the Gods or maybe it's not a single novel but many, i don't know. Help me please.


  • 1st story is Against the Gods
  • Yea first story is definitively ATG.

    Second story I got no clue. Only novels I recall that involve the MC having something to do with a Phoenix is ATG, Martial World and Spirit Vessel.

    But none of these include half a phoenix unless you're thinking of ATG again where MC goes into a cave and passes the Phoenix spirit's test to gain Phoenix bloodline but there's another Phoenix inheritance location on the continent which has turned into a Phoenix Empire run by the royal family that gained the Phoenix inheritance there and will kill the MC if they find out someone other than them also has the inheritance.
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  • Pretty sure that is ATG or Dragon Blooded War God.
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