Martial World - True essence confusion

I had read Martial World a while ago and had finished it but recently got back to re-read the novel since I enjoyed it quite a bit.

In the later chapters, the cultivation stages are described quite well but the earlier ones confused me quite a bit.

1- The body strengthening stage, it was to temper the mortal self of a martial artist by utilizing the true essence but where I'm confused is where they stored it. True essence as described in the wiki was the heaven and earth energy after one converted it into their own.

Prior to the pulse condensation stage, no should be able to store true essence in their meridians or dantian but they could utilize martial techniques using ture essence... I am a bit confused, were they strong it in the muscles and skin or something.

2- It is also stated that the manifestation of true essence outside their body is not possible until the later stages of the body strengthening stages but Zhu Yan can commune using true essence whilst still in the third stage, viscera. Because he had "control".

3- Can someone also help with the whole aspect of the soul force and how true essence is needed as well if one wished to draw inscriptions??

Would be grateful if someone could help me.


  • 3- Ture essence was merely a substitute in the early chapter for the materials to save money... nevermind this. Overlooked the chapter somehow  :*
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