Names, about wuxia

Hello, fellow daoists

I'd like to seek your help to help me brainstorm names for everything that is used in a wuxia novel. I'd like to discuss how you think for your names, be it a character name, a city name, a place name, technique name or anything like that. I'm planning to write a novel, but I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable about the names in which I pick up.

And I can't find creativty to think of names for generic characters. I mean, with my shallow understanding of chinese names (i'm probably wrong about something), they name people in regard to what they are. Ex: "Yan" yan is someone lovely, happy or something around that. It's just an example, I don't remember what yan is. Mainly, I think of my characters personality, and go to the dictionary to search for a name for them. Albeit I'd like to insert some variations. For example, insted of Lao, Laojie, or something like that, but I don't know how.

Besides... I can't seem to think of this for generic characters, this is killing me. Should I just name that irrevelant dude to what?

Anyway, I'll probably make lots of posts about these stuff, I seek your patience, as I like to talk about it very much.

Thank you all for your help,

Sincerely, Shire!
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