King of the Multiverse

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King of the Multiverse Synopsis:


The King of the Universe makes his descent onto a mortal planet of his choice, planet Tierra is what he chose.


His day of descent was a peaceful one, no harm or notice. Then came two little kids aged ten a piece telling him he looks weird.


So, he does what he does, he tried to fit in, in the only way he knows how. The King embarks on an epic journey through streams and rivers, mountains and skies, all so that he can pretend he’s a normal person. Watch out, for he's not ready to remain King of just one Universe.



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    Chapter 1: Onboard a galactic stealth ship

    Onboard a galactic stealth ship that was the size of a small planet, an angry voice could be heard.

    “Do you know what you’re doing!? Don’t think that just because we’re immortals does not mean we are omniscient or omnipotent. We aren’t even sure about what’s beyond our current universe, as our boss you cannot just go down to the mortal worlds and fool around at this time! I forbid it!”

    A bewitching melodious voice filled with anger and annoyance hidden behind a simple white mask leaving only her penetrating red eyes, she was dressed in a one-piece full-bodied black wardrobe with cascading black hair trickling down behind the mask.

    “Relax, relax I’ll just be down there for a couple of years while we wait for the entryway into the other universes to connect.” A man with the same simple white mask already undressing his similar attire in exchange for a woven robe replied with a lazy and careless tone of voice.

    “Yo-you-you-you-you-you… ugh! You do know the consequences of going down to the lower planes and fool around within the mortal worlds, right?! Because if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times! Your powers get restricted! Going down there means you can die! and if you die our universe will be without their King!”


    “Didn’t I tell you to call me Boss? How can I be king without a queen, I don’t want to be king, you do it, anyways I’ll see you in a few years! Ciao!”


    Sealing his cultivation to upmost tier of what the mortal world allows he starts his gradual descent onto a mortal planet of his choice. Or so he thought, as he started plummeting straight downward followed by being spun around by other planets’ gravitational pull seemingly expressing their distaste of him before eventually throwing him into a wormhole like that of a galactic game of pinball. “Woah woah woah save me!! Ahhh!”


    “… you’re supposed to seal your cultivation only when directly above the planet…” The woman shook her head placing her palm to her forehead. She then peered through the hole between her fingers looking at the army of soldiers or more likely delinquent task force of rabble rousers that causes more problems than they fix left behind by her boss.






    The soldiers below stood in attention and saluted as if their acceptance of the woman as their new leader was rehearsed hundreds of times before with no signs of delay between their acceptances.


    “Where did Boss go this time, your majesty?” A towering bald immortal with a big gentlemanly moustache and a physique that is comparable to a bear glanced at the wormhole stated the question that was on everyone’s mind.


    “He went to visit the mortal worlds” She said with a hint of annoyance.


    “Oh, well looks like you’re the king for a few more years again” everyone unanimously nodded their head in admission to this fact.


    An irritated sigh could be heard as she turned around making her way towards her room. “Enough, get work I’m going to take a nap.”


    BOOM! A shattering force of a human being fell from the sky like an angel sent from heaven… without any of the grace imagined.


     “…Holy shit where the fuck am I this time?” The man staring at the light blue sky flat on his back as the wispy clouds flow on by. “I can’t believe I just did that… ow ow ow what the heck? I’m hurt?


    This. Is. Wonderful!


    I haven’t felt pain in so long!”


    “I wonder if I can even get up right now, hmm… yep, I’m stuck. Ohoho I am so badly damaged right now ahaha—owwwww” Stuck in the human-shaped indentation on the ground he had no idea when he’ll recover enough energy to move his body out of the ground. The sheer force of plummeting onto and into the ground on his back; while didn’t completely outright kill him disintegrating his body into particles, wrecked any plans for exploration to be at a standstill until help arrives.


     “Shelly, did you just see that? A shooting star! It landed nearby let’s go find it and make a wish”. A little lad around the age of 10 trying to convince his equally aged female companion to join him towards the direction where ‘Boss’ had just fallen. The boy had a bright smile with scruffy silver hair and pale green eyes. He was adorned in a clean blue attire with an emblem of snowflake that exuded that of a wealthy family.


    “I don’t think we should Arthur, the area of where it landed within the church’s territory. Said Shelly a young girl of similar height with a calmer demeanor. She has pure white hair down to her shoulder and blue eyes. Her attire is similar to his bearing the same emblem.


    “But, no one is there besides the Pope right now, right?”


    “Michael is there, after Julie’s disappearance a 2 years ago he’s been going to church every day, eventually becoming a member himself, he’ll probably volunteer to get on the good grace of the Pope.”


    “I freakin’ hate Michael he’s always trying to pick a fight with me whenever we meet”


    “Are you sure, you’re not the one trying to pick a fight with him?”


    “Yes of course I’m sure, he’s the one that makes eye contact with me first when I’m staring at him, he’s the one that tries to hit me after I provoke him, he’s the one who—”

    “Enough. We’re going home, you should respect your elder, Michael is 10 years older than you, you know.” replied Shelly stopping her male companion before he goes on for hours giving dumbass excuses.


    “But, but—”

    “No buts, I don’t want to have to inform your dad you’re making trouble with Michael again.”


    “Your Holiness, it seems a meteorite or object has fallen within our boundaries, shall I investigate?” said a young man in his twenties with light brown hair and brown eyes adorned in a yellow and white priest attire.


    “No need Michael, if it’s just a rock that has fallen from the sky it is not what our Seer has prophesied” said the Pope sitting on his throne. A youthful looking bald old man in his 70s yet looks only to be in his late 50s with white eyes, possibly blinded or actual eye color only he knows. He is entirely dressed in white from top to bottom with a silver cane in one hand and a golden scepter in the other.


    “Besides, she’ll let us know when the Apostles will arrive and make believers the Chosen of God. However, do go inform the her about what had fallen and see.”


    “Yes, your Holiness” replied Michael as he advances towards the direction of where the Seer is located. Through hallways and doors, upstairs and downstairs, the size of the church is like that of a massive maze where if one did not know where to go, they could potentially get lost for days.


    After nearly an hour of nonstop walking twist and turns he finally arrived at the edge of the church.


    “You may enter Michael; I’ve been expecting you” said the Seer as Michael approached the door and unraveling the chains around its handle. A girl in her late teens to early twenties came into view. She had curly blonde hair down to her waist and bright hazel eyes adorned in a plain church robe as she looked out through the barred windows of her room.


    “You’ve come to inform me about what it is that has fallen from the sky, yes?” Never once turning her head around to greet the person who came.

    “Yes Seer, we wondered whether or not the Apostles have arrived early.” Michael said with a straight face without a hint of annoyance at her demeanor.


    “What had fell from the sky is definitely not the Apostles that the church has been expecting, they’ll arrive years from now when the landscape changes and the energy within the planet becomes abundant.”


    “I’ll immediately inform his Holiness that it is insignificant” replied Michael as he exited slowly and unwillingly locking the chains back up around the handle.


    Murmuring to himself as he walks towards the distance “Julie, don’t worry I’ll find a way to get you out of here eventually.”


    Turning her head around and eventually looking towards the door as if she can see through it, the Seer too murmurs in reply as tears begin to shed between her eyes “…I’m sorry…Michael”


    Eventually, she wiped away the tears on her face and turned her head towards the direction of where ‘Boss’ had landed. Her eyes still wet with tears looked up at the dull blue sky behind the window bars as dark grey clouds slowly approach and sighed.


     While she doesn’t know exactly what ‘Boss’ was with her abilities she can tell that whatever it was it was neither the prophecy that she foresaw nor was he clearly a meteorite.


    Walking hurried steps back to the enormous castle of a church with more clarity on his mind he forgot to ask what exactly was it that fell from the sky? However, ignoring the question in his mind as he returned to the Pope.


    “Your Holiness the Apostles are not what fell from the sky” Michael said with one knee bent on the ground.


    “Thank you, Michael, you may leave” The Pope lifted his arm allowing for Michael to stand back up and make his way towards the exit.


    Using his spiritual sense to scan the surrounding area to peek at the nearest inhabitants ‘Boss’ saw the exchanges between Shelly and Arthur along with what occurred within the church.


     “Ohoho, the people around me are all kinds of sketchy I have no idea what they’re saying at all but, from what I’m seeing there’s definitely something stinky going on here. Nope never mind, that’s just me. Someone, help me, Save me! Come here please!”


    However, his silent screams for help received no response as nightfall lands and rain starts to fall.


    Arthur and Shelly returned home for the night.


    “Welcome back home young master, how was your day outside today?” The head butler of the household asked. He is a young-looking man around the age of 20 adorned in the stereotypical butler garb, with only the emblem of the White Snowflake on his chest that represents his family’s identity. While he may look young to be in position as head butler of the household at the age of 20, there were no signs of dissent among the servants.


    “Same as usual Benjamin, Shelly and I were just taking a leisure stroll as I need some fresh air from time to time.” Arthur replied pretending to behave like a young master.


    “Shall I go prepare you a bath before dinner?” Benjamin asked.


    “You may” Arthur replied with his arm wrapped around his back.


    “I’ll go prepare it now” Benjamin replied as he vanished from the spot.


    After refreshing up from the bath, Arthur and Shelly arrived at the dinner table for their meal. While Shelly was taking her time eating the food, a certain young master was eating a lot faster.


    “Arthur, slow down there’s plenty of food to eat you don’t have to rush, why’re you eating so fast?” a concern look can be seen from a beautiful woman with silver hair and mesmerizing blue eyes.


    “Don’t worry, he’s a growing boy and furthermore he’s a Galafray the most well-known warriors and mightiest heroes always at the frontline for any situation boasting records number of kills per person, ahaha!” His father Samuel Galafray, a man nearly two meters in height and physique of a war veteran with blonde hair and green eyes enthused.


    “More like idiots who don’t know what fear is, do you know how severely injured you guys are when you come back? I’m surprised none of you guys died in the war.” She said berating him.


    “When I think back to it and recalling our neighbors and their families receiving a visit from military official stating that their father, husband, brother, or son died and the look of devastation and grief on their face as screams and tears flow uncontrollably from their eyes and mine too because I cried for them because I’m thinking of you.” She continued as her eyes began to water.


    “I worry Samuel, I do, every night I prayed that you’ll return home to me, to us, so that we can be whole again. The only thing keeping me hopeful was the mail I’d receive at the end of each month of you telling me that you’re fine. How Jacob and Dylan are making sure you wouldn’t do anything stupid.” A sniff could be heard as she tried to hold her tears in.




    “My Angel, we don’t have to worry anymore the war was over two years ago, and we came back home fine, a little beaten up and some bandages, but we’re fine you don’t have to worry, I won’t be going back to the frontline anymore. I’ll stay home with you, grow old with you, and take care of our son, alright?” replied Samuel as he warmly embraces her.


    Finishing his dinner and listening to the same thing between his mom and dad for practically anytime war was mentioned since it ended. Arthur slowly went into his room to sleep.


    Or so that’s what he wants his parents to believe.


    Back at the dinner table…


    “Shelly why is Arthur acting so strange today?” asked Arthur’s mother.


    “Young master Arthur saw a shooting star land nearby within the territory of the church and is most likely wishing to have a look at it either tonight or before sunrise.” Shelly replied exposing Arthur’s plan.


    “Outside tonight?” Angel Galafray glances out the window noticing the dark rainclouds arriving from over the horizon.  “Shelly if he tries to sneak out tonight try to stop him, alright?”


    “Yes Mrs. Galafray, I’ll try to stop him” Shelly replied.


    Finishing her plate Shelly also got up leaving Mr. and Mrs. Galafray at the table, as she was heading to her room for the night, she heard Mr. Galafray calling her name from back at the dinner table.

    “Oh Shelly~ Benjamin will leave an umbrella by your door.” Samuel Galafray’s voice could be heard as Shelly made her way out of the dining room.


    A small smile appeared on her face, as she headed into her room to ‘sleep’.


    Hours passed by and within Arthur’s bedroom he crept his head out of the covers of his blanket, trying to hear for his dad’s snores.

    Snore snore

    Hearing Samuel’s loud snores indicating that they are asleep, Arthur’s eyes slowly got adjusted to the dark.

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    Chapter 2: Rain begins to pour

    Rain begins to pour by the time everyone had fallen asleep, the slight drizzle on the ground became the signal for Arthur to get out of bed and tip toe towards the door. Slowly sneaking his head out and confirming his father’s snores along with his mother calmly sleeping beside him. Arthur silently closed his door before something tapped his shoulder. Holding in his yelp of surprise he creaked his head around to see Shelly’s familiar silhouette as her face came into view.


    “Shelly? What’re you doing awake?” He whispers softly trying not to wake his parents up. Holding up the umbrella in her hand was all that was needed to be conveyed before they nodded their heads in agreement as they slowly tip toed towards the front door and exiting it.


    As the doors closed, the sleeping father and mother peeked their eyes towards the direction in which the two had left. Taking out the earplugs in her ears Angel gave a dissatisfied and angry look at her husband for encouraging the two kids to disobey her orders.


    “Samuel Galafray, you better give me a good explanation as to why you let those two leave the house.”


    “Alone. In the pouring rain. At night.”


    With each pause the temperature within the room became colder and chillier to the point that condensation could be seen just from his breathing.


    Knowing if he didn’t give her a satisfied answer, he’ll most likely be sleeping on the couch tonight he sighed and tried to reassure her.


     “Arthur is our son I wouldn’t let him get into danger, besides it’s just a short walk within the area of the church to look at a meteorite. With Shelly alongside him there’s nothing to be worried about.” He said confidently.


    “That’s not a good enough answer Samuel.” She said not holding in her anger.


    The temperature within the room got colder as frost started to appear on the walls and covering Samuel in a blanket of it.


    Shuddering from the cold, Samuel pulled himself together and replied, “I know, I couldn’t think of a good answer, I was once a curious boy like him going out on adventures and disobeying my parents, it’s what made me the man I am today and I don’t regret any decisions I’ve ever made” he bluntly stated as he looked lovingly at his wife caressing her hand within his.


    The chill within the room receded and the temperature started warming up, however it was not enough. “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.” Angel bluntly replied before kicking him out of the room and slamming the door on his face.


    “No! Please! Angel I’m sorry I was wrong! I’m sorry, I regret my decision! I won’t do it again...” A man groveling at the front of the door to his own room was a sight to see.


    Laying back down on the bed, Angel with her head rested on the pillow and away from the door, A teasing smile appeared on her face as she closed her eyes before drifting away to sleep.



    Footsteps splatter the water from the ground as the pair slowly made their way down the road towards the area of the church. Everything around them familiar yet, eerily different.


    “Sh-sh-Shelly, I don’t think we’ve ever walked around at night hu-huh?” Arthur stuttered half from cold half from nervous fright.


    “No, we haven’t, but it’s alright the church is only about 20 minutes ahead as long as we stay on the road.” Shelly calmly replied.


    “How come you’re so calm right now? Aren’t you scared?” Regaining some energy Arthur asked.


    “Why should we be scared? Everyone is asleep and inside away from the rain, this is probably the safest we’ll ever be at night.” Her answer was filled with credibility.


    “What about ghosts and monsters, like the demon in the west and the ghost of the eastern plains?” Arthur asked remembering the stories his father used to tell him before bed.




    “Those are just names of people hundreds of years ago during the time of war, a title because of what they’ve done. There aren’t any demons, ghosts and monsters in the world, the scariest monsters are humans.”




    The pair continued their questions and answer with Arthur asking all the questions and Shelly having every answer until they’ve reached a fork in the road. On the left is a mountainous trail leading them to the next village, and on the right leads straight into the forested area of the church. Taking steady footsteps, the two walks towards the right.


    Trees began appearing on the sides of the road blanketing the pathway in dense leaves indicating the that they are getting closer to the church. The minuscule amount of light they had prior walking, disappeared the deeper they went.


    “Sh-shelly, I c-can’t see anything, where are you?”


    “I’m right beside you, here hold my hand I’ll lead the way.” Shelly reached out her hand to grab his.


     “Shelly.” Holding her warm palm in his Arthur followed along asking her questions.


    “Yes?” She replied.


    “Can you see in the dark?”


    “Sort of, yes, my eyes are able to see a lot better than others even at night.”


    “That’s cool! I wonder what my eyes can do...” He began to imagine before he turned his head to her.


    “I never asked but, how come you know so much?” Arthur couldn’t wait in anticipation as he kept with his questions.


    “My memory is also better than others, I just need to see something to remember it. Anyways, we’re almost there I can see the church.” Shelly pulled Arthur along quickening the pace, no more questions to be asked.


    The silhouette of the church came into view, a castle-like structure secluded within the forest away from the town. A beautiful garden with hedges taller than the average adult, surrounding the pathway towards the entrance with 3-meter statues of angels on either side of the enormous door. Normally, the church is a highly secured area outside of Sunday’s prayer however, since ending the war, their personnel has yet to come back.




    The giant door of the church slowly opens creating an unsettling noise as a person walked out with an umbrella in his hand.


    “Is that his holiness?” Arthur made a guess.


    “Shh, that’s Michael, why is he outside right now? Shelly replied while covering Arthur’s mouth.


    “Michael eh? Let me go talk to him and have him lead us to the shooting star” Arthur replied softly pushing aside Shelly’s hand.


    “No, we shouldn’t even be out right now, if you go to Michael, he’ll take us home and tell your parents instead. Let’s sneak around him the meteorite should be behind the church past that tall tower.” Shelly pointed at a towering structure at the end of the church’s courtyard.


    The church contains 4 towering structures at the corner of it used as post to watch for intruders, however there is no sentry or guards currently so sneaking past Michael should be a cinch.


    Rustle rustle


    “Hey, who’s there!?”


    “Shit” Arthur quickly silenced himself as his shirt accidently got tugged by the branches of the hedges.


    “Shh” motions Shelly as she puts a finger in her mouth slowly pulling Arthur to skirt around Michael towards the tower.


    Slowly walking over to the direction of the noise Michael looks between the hedges only to see no one there.


    Scratching his head in confusion “I must’ve been hearing things”




    Glancing back at the entrance of the church and cooling down underneath the rainfall Michael murmurs “How much longer will it take for me to get you out…?”



    Hurried footsteps eventually reached the side of the tower, the two kids are now wet from hiding the umbrella to escape the Michael as they were running through the wind and rain.


    “Sh-Sh-Shelly, I-I’m c-co-cold.”


     Shivering from the wind and rain Arthur started to regret not putting on a raincoat before heading out.


    Puffing back out the umbrella and shielding him from the rain, Shelly asks in concern “Do you want to go back home? We can go back home right now if you want.” However, looking at the determination in his eyes she already knew the answer when asking.


    “How can I when we’re so close to seeing the shooting star? If I see it maybe I can make my wish come true.”


    “You have a wish? What is it?” She asked curiously.


    “I’m not telling you, if I tell my wish it won’t come true!”


    “You’re such a kid.” She said.


    “So are you. Now quickly, quickly where do we go next, over there?” Arthur pointed in a random direction.


    Pointing in the opposite direction of where Arthur pointed Shelly replied, “We go that way”


    Still incapable of moving; Boss, the fallen immortal that can’t get up recognizes the trouble he is currently in. The depression he created landing is slowly starting to fill up with water, if rain continues to pour, he’ll drown to death by morning with no one noticing.


    “Ah, shit c’mon little kiddos c’mere already why’re you so far away?”


    Exaggerating with his head slightly raised. Looking in the general direction that the children are coming from, Boss is already thinking about how to make himself look cool in front of these youngsters. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize one of them is smart and cautious of him before the other could get to run forward.


    “Oh my gosh, I can see the pit up ahead!” Arthur exclaimed in excitement.


    “Stop.” Shelly put her arm across his chest halting his advances.


    “What’s wrong Shelly?”


    “Something doesn’t feel right” She said with unease as she stared towards the direction of Boss’ pit.


    “What do you mean? The shooting star! The shooting star is right there!” Arthur said while pointing at the pit in the distance.


    “That meteorite is weird.” She said.


    “What do you mean the shooting star is weird?” He asked.


    “Normally when shooting stars fall into the earth atmosphere, they’ll either break into fragments before disintegrating or if they do land there would be a bright light. If they do make landfall the burst of bright light would show signs of slowing down. She began explaining her reasoning. She had a haunch earlier that it was abnormal, but since it was just a haunch, she paid it no mind.


    “Uh huh” Arthur replied pretending to understand.


    “However, this thing here didn’t do any of that. We saw it in the evening and when I remembered it, it didn’t break into fragments nor did it glow brightly and slowed down as it plunged into the ground.”


    “Oh, I see, so it’s a super meteor…something?” He guessed.


    “No, what I’m saying is that it is small based on the depression it made; however, it was bright enough and fast enough to make it onto the ground without breaking. This means it’s super hard.


    “So, it is super?” He felt like he was right.


    “Maybe, let me finish.”




    “The biggest issue none of that at all, the closer we get the more I feel… uncomfortable.” She said with some unease in her voice.


    “Maybe, you’re just feeling excited and happy to see it?” He tried to reason.


    “It’s not that, it’s a feeling I get only when there is something dangerous up ahead. Something dangerous and living up ahead.” She can feel it. The powers she had is capable of sensing hidden threats.


    “What do you mean living? How can a star be living?” Arthur continued asking questions after every sentence.


    “That’s the problem, rocks shouldn’t be alive, and if it was harmful in some other way, I would notice that too, yet this thing there is making me feel uncomfortable in the way it is to a living creature.” Shelly tried to explain.


    “Wh-what should we do?” He asked slightly startled now.


    “We should turn back and inform your parents.” Shelly proposes.


    “But if it is something living it might be injured or dead right? I mean if it fell from the sky it’s probably really hurt.” Arthur reasoned.


    “It’s still alive, that I’m sure of.” Shelly replied.

    “Then we gotta go to it! It’s injured because if it wasn’t injured it would’ve left already.” Arthur believed in his reasoning.


    Pondering for a moment Shelly replies, “That is true, however it could also be an egg of an alien creature and that’s why it’s not moving.”

    “That’s even better if it is an egg we can hatch it and if we’re the first that they see we’ll be its parents! They can’t hurt us.” Excitedly replied Arthur using earth logic on things alien.


    “Alright, let’s go look at it slowly, if it’s scary we’ll run away, if it’s an egg we’ll see if we can hatch it.”







    While the two kids finally formed a plan of action and are steadily walking towards Boss, he however, is feeling miserable. He wished he can scream at them right now and tell them to hurry up, but he is incapable of doing so. His once confident and dignified persona he tried to show them came crumbling down. The water is already starting to flow into his mouth even with his head raised. Only a few more gasps of air before his entire body is sunk underneath the meter sized pool of water.




    “…Oh, fucking shit…”


    Blub blub blub


    The moment the two kids finally arrived at the edge of the pit; all they saw was a single hand weakly raised out of the water pleading for help.

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    Chapter 3: Hurry let's save it!

    “Hurry let’s save it!” Exclaimed Arthur rushing ahead of Shelly into the near meter (3 feet) deep pool of water.




    The amount of water quickly rose up to above his waist the moment he hopped into the pool of water.


    “Don’t worry alien creature I’ll save you!” Shouted Arthur as he rushes towards the waning hand attempting to pull it up like a sword embedded into a stone. However, for a weak 10yr old boy he is not capable of lifting the entire weight of an adult.


    “Shelly, it’s too heavy! I need help!”


    Looking over the edge of the pool of water Shelly contemplated before hopping into it too.


    “I’ll find its head if it’s drowning, we need to at least let it breathe, keep pulling!” Answered Shelly as she rushes past the arm towards the head.


    Taking a couple of deep breaths before finally calming herself she reached her hands into the water.


    “I think I’ve got it, please don’t bite me, we’re only trying to save you” she quietly whispered in a soft voice hoping it’ll understand as she begins lifting its head up.


    “It’s a person!” Shelly exclaimed as she finally exposed the head above water.


    “What!? A person!?” replied Arthur as he kept pulling on the arm.


    Spitting out the water followed by a huge gasp of air, Boss inwardly thanked them for making it on time before trying to get himself up with the help of their assistance.


    Little by little with Arthur pulling the arm and Shelly pushing the back Boss managed to stand up out of the pool of water before falling face first onto the flat ground. Continuously gasping painful breaths of fresh air like a fish out of water, Boss finally managed to recollect himself before exhaustion took hold. Closing his eyes, he fell asleep.


    The dark rainclouds in the skies began to disperse revealing a bright moonlight underneath. The once heavy rain that had occur slowly diminished to a trickle.


    “We did it! I can’t believe a guy like that was drowning, is he an alien that is weak to water?” Wondered Arthur because anyone almost twice their height should have been able to easily walk out of the pool of water on the ground.


    “He’s most likely injured like you said, he probably couldn’t move.” Replied Shelly picking up the umbrella and squatting down beside Boss’ face.


    “He looks like an Exotic” She calmly said before shocked by what she saw “his hair is black!” she continues completely unsure if what she said was correct.


    “Lemme see, lemme see” Arthur excitedly hurried towards Boss’ face and squatted down to have a closer look.


    “Wow! He does look like an Exotic”


     Peeling open the eyelids to see if Shelly’s hunch was correct. He exclaimed “You’re right! He does look like one! He as black eyes too!” Arthur exclaimed excitedly before slowly muttering “But he’s just a human” with a slightly depressed voice realizing that there was no shooting star or fallen meteorite but a human that was laying in the pit.


    “We’re not too sure about that yet.” Shelly replied calming herself down, turning her eyes between the sleeping person and the pit of water that was on the ground.


    “Huh, but he looks like a person?” Asked Arthur confused as to what Shelly meant.

    “Wrong, he looks like an Exotic.”

    “Same thing isn’t it?”


    “Yes and no”




    Shelly calmly explained to Arthur who was squatting beside her about how normally an Exotic wouldn’t have mattered. However, Exotics were kept hidden by their kingdoms and wouldn’t be out stuck in a pit. Also, ones she’s read and heard about while slightly different in looks none of them has ever shown to have black hair and black eyes.


    She continues to explain about the size of the person and the pit on the ground beside them, she speculates that he may have been the thing that had fallen from the sky and landed onto the ground while staying intact.


    She concludes by pointing at the clothing he’s wearing it’s not made of material and fabric she’s ever seen, it’s soft as cotton yet strong as steel showing no signs of tearing or being soaked in water.


    Finishing her explanation, she continues looking at the sleeping fellow on the ground while deep in thought.


    “What do we do now, he looks to be sleeping?” Asks Arthur completely reliant on Shelly for the answers tonight.


    “Hmm, we’ll need to go back home and get more people to carry him we’ve only managed to push him out of the pit so he won’t drown, but we can’t carry him back with just the two of us.”


    “Okay let’s do that, I’m tired.”


    Leaving the sleeping immortal alone the two backtracked their way home with a bright moonlight over the skies the way back was less scary and uneventful as what had transpired.


    The moment they returned to the house; Benjamin could be seen standing at the front door as if already expecting them. The sight of Benjamin already made Arthur gulped in anxiousness, knowing that his sneak attempt has been realized by his parents. However, to his surprise his father came up to them with an amused smile and asked him how it went.


    In his excited manner he attempted to go over what happened using both words and gestures to explain.


    “Shooting star! It was dark! Rain! And then clouds, I couldn’t see. Michael. Exotic Alien! Drowning. We need help!”


    Achoo, sniff


     Arthur terribly tried to say everything that was on his mind, yet his mouth couldn’t keep up with everything he wanted to say eventually sneezing from being wet.


    Nodding his head knowingly Samuel Galafray informed Benjamin to take Arthur back and prepare a hot bath for him. Both he and Angel turned to look at Shelly.


    Scratching his head in confusion “Alright now that Arthur is gone, can you tell me what he was talking about? I understand shooting star, rain and Michael? But what the heck was he talking about with an Exotic Alien? what help do you need?


    Shelly quickly summarized what had occurred, but the moment she mentioned she felt uncomfortable a serious look was shown on the face of both the father and mother duo. Once the summary ended the entire room fell silent.


    After a while with the same serious look on his face Samuel eventually asked. “How uncomfortable were you? Are you sure he had black hair and eyes?”


    Knowing what he meant Shelly replied, “No one else came close to making me feel that uncomfortable. Yes, I’m sure.”


    “What do you think?” he asks her.


    “We should bring him back, while he is extremely dangerous, he didn’t seem to bore any malice towards us.” Shelly bluntly stated her opinion.


    “Are you sure?” Angel intervened with a serious and concern tone to her voice.


    “Yes. We did save him after all.”




    Samuel and Angel finally let the little girl go take her own bath before they turned to look at each other.


    Rubbing his forehead and tired eyes “I wasn’t expecting this when I allowed for them to sneak out. I more so wasn’t expecting Shelly to feel uncomfortable either. Gah, we’re bringing in trouble if we save that person.”


    “Well what’re you going to do about it? You can only blame yourself for this mess” Angel retorted still slightly annoyed he allowed for them to disobey her.


    “Let’s ignore him and go to sleep” He jokingly replied as he headed towards their bedroom.


    “Samuel…” A cold chill crept up on his back as he stopped in place and turned around to see an angry glare from his wife. Running back in front of her he quietly responded “I uhh… I was just kidding ahaha”


    “Be more serious about this our kids could be in danger.” Angel pouted softly punching his shoulder.


    “I think… we should agree with Shelly. When I found her during the war...” He sighed shaking his head recalling the events that transpired during the war before continuing “If she wanted to, she would’ve brought that man back herself. Her coming to us without him is because of Arthur and to let us make the decision.”




    “Fine, I’ll agree. I too think we should bring him back” Angel complied.


    “Alright, I’ll go get him back.” Said Samuel.


    “We’re going together” Angel quickly corrected.








    Helpless Samuel could only submit and zip up his raincoat with his right arm carrying a large umbrella. With his left arm he motioned shadows hidden around the estate to follow suit. Angel quickly linked her arm to his right and rested her head on his shoulder. Under the bright glow of the moonlight the couple quickly disappeared towards the direction of where Boss is sleeping.


    A romantic scenic walk under the bright moonlit night between the two effortlessly arrived in front of Boss within a matter of minutes. Looking at the sleeping immortal on the ground the two were at a loss for words.


    “Never would I have thought that there was a person who actually had black hair, this is the first time I’ve ever heard and seen of such a thing.” Samuel slowly started to make his observation.


    Crouching down and prodding and poking at the unconscious bleeding figure he continues, “He looks to be physically injured, broken pieces and fragments in every single place, it’s a miracle he’s even alive right now and even more so, sleeping so soundly.”


    “How are his eyes, are they black too?” Angel squatted down beside him while giving a curious look.


    Answering Angel’s question Samuel slowly peeled open the eyelid upwards they both exclaimed in shock, his eyes were black.


    “Mm… I was already anticipating this when Shelly told us but seeing it in person… wow.”


    “Well? Are you having second thoughts now?” Angel said teasing him.


    “Honestly, yes ahaha! Can’t we just kill him?” Samuel jokingly said as he continues poking at the sleeping person.


    “Hmm, I don’t know~ He’s quite cute let’s bring him back home” She said continuing her tease.


    Flared up Samuel began jabbing at the body harder and harder “You better not dare mess with my woman you punk.”


    “Stop that.” Angel pushed his finger away before turning serious “It’s better to not let anyone else know about this.” Angel continued.


    Nodding his head in serious confirmation “Alright.”


    Getting back up from their squatting position Samuel motioned the shadows to converge and properly placed Boss on a stretcher. Four people covered completely in pitch black appeared with two on respective sides of Boss. After covering him up in a cloth they lifted him up onto the stretcher, carrying him slowly back following the couple that was walking away from the scene.


    This time their scenic walk took almost an hour on their way back as they enjoyed the pale moonlight and the drizzle from the rain. The atmosphere was the definition of a young couple enjoying themselves taking slow walk home loving each other’s company, if only there wasn’t four people carrying a stretcher with a covered-up body slowly following behind them barely 4 meters apart.



    After taking a nice hot bath Arthur in his pajamas looked around the house before wandering around looking for Shelly.


    “Shelly~” Arthur began knocking on her door.


    Opening the door, the refreshed Shelly in her pajamas still currently drying up her hair replied “Yes?”


    “Shelly! Where is everyone?” Arthur asked.


    “Most of the servants and maids went back to sleep when we came back, your mom and dad went out to look at the person.”


    “Are they bringing him back?” Arthur inquired with a hopeful look on his face.


    “I don’t know, most likely” Shelly truly was unsure whether they’ll bring him back, even though she gave her opinion on the matter they’re still the deciding factor on whether he’ll be brought back or buried.


    “I hope he’s fine, I don’t want an alien we found to die just like that” Arthur said before closing his eyes completely immersed in his own thoughts and fantasy about how cool it was to have an alien living with them. He was imagining Boss growing extra appendages and transforming into other weird creatures that he’ll practice his swordsmanship on.


    “Haha, take that! And that, hiyah!” Arthur continued spouting while swinging his arm around.


    Facepalming herself Shelly tossed the towel drying her hair aside and before walking towards the entrance and opening it up.




    “They’re back” she replied pointing at the silhouettes coming into view cuddling each other.


    “Mom! Dad!” Arthur waved at them inside the house not wanting to run outside during the rain and getting wet again.


    They both waved back before stepping foot back into the house. Looking at the hopeful face of his son his Samuel showed a sorrowful one.


    “Ah… that person you guys found, he was completely injured with external and internal injuries everywhere.” He sighed before continuing “When we found him, he was still as a statue face first into the ground…” slowly letting his voice trail before shaking his head in disappointment making way for the stretcher carrying the covered body come into view.


    Distraught at what he had heard and then seeing the covered body carried on the stretcher Arthur completely stood in place. Frozen.




    “Wahh, my alien! My wish! Shooting star. Nooo!" Arthur began crying as he rushed towards the stretcher.


    “I was gonna, I was gonna, play and he was gonna, grow arms, and, and, hiyah” he continues crying while motioning the things he would have done with Boss.


    He continued to cry as the stretcher got carried further inside before it got placed down on the ground inside one of their empty rooms. The four people that placed them down vanished without a trace.


    The moment the stretcher got placed Arthur knelt in front of it and cried “I’m sorry alien if only I found you sooner.” His head digging into the body wiping away his snot and eyes on the cloth that covered the body.


    Tired of seeing her son cry Angel glared at Samuel before turning her head away and rushing to Arthur’s side she began rubbing his back to calm him down.


    “Mom! He’s dead… he’s dead…” Arthur muttered as he still in complete distraught.


    “He’s not dead.” Shelly calmly replied before pulling open the cover.

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    Chapter 4: He's not dead?


    “He-he’s n-not dead?” Arthur stuttered while wiping away the snot from his sleeve.


    “No, he’s still breathing.” Shelly replied while pointing at Boss’ mouth and chest showing signs that he’s still breathing and is just unconsciously asleep.


    After knowing that Boss is alive and well Arthur became excited and hopped around like a silly kid, until the two youngsters were shooed away from the room in order to let Boss rest. The parents still inside continued their observation of Boss in the well-lit room.


    “Tsk. He’s dirty. He’s not that handsome, and he’s covered in his own blood.” Said Samuel after a better observation of Boss. He’s still jealous by what Angel said about Boss being handsome earlier.


    “In fact, he’s probably the ugliest person I’ve ever seen, look at that face have you seen a more messed up looking face like that before? My god even when I was in the war those dead bodies on the ground looked better than this.” Continued Samuel not giving a proper observation of Boss.


    “Like look at him, so unsightly. Oh, and his smell, like what is that?” Said Samuel with his fingers pressed on his nose.


    Knowing he won’t stop saying negative things about Boss unless she shuts him up Angel pulled him close and gave him a meaningful kiss before looking back at broken body on the ground. A flush of blush can be seen on her face too, as she keeps her head turned away from Samuel.


    Fluttering with happiness Samuel calmed himself before giving a slight cough.


    “I’m not wrong. He is a mess it’s a miracle he’s alive.” Samuel said, calmly giving his observation.


    “We should do something about his injuries before he actually croaks.” He continued before calling for Benjamin.


    Carrying in various gauzes and medical tools Benjamin kneeled before the body.


    “It’s going to take half a month before I can fully recover his injuries. However, I don’t know when he’ll awake.” Benjamin stated after checking Boss’ pulse and overviewing his body.


    “Thank you, Benjamin we’ll leave him in your care.” Angel said before getting up and walking to the bedroom.


    “Yes, thank you Benjamin” Samuel repeated before chasing after Angel. However, before he could make it out of the room, he heard their bedroom door close and locked. Halting before the exit he lowered his head in depression.


    “Sir, the extra blankets are in the dresser beside the couch. I’ll need to begin immediately on first aid, so I can’t prepare the couch for you.” Benjamin bluntly stated before preparing to work on the body.


    Helpless, Samuel sighed before walking over to the couch and pulling out the blanket from the dresser. He could have gone to other vacant bedrooms to sleep since their home is a mansion, but the couch is the closest to their bedroom which is why he sleeps there whenever Angel kicks him out.


     Before the sunlight began to rise Arthur rushed out of his bedroom towards where Boss is lying asleep. Running by his father in the sofa without even sparing him a passing glance he made it to the guest bedroom door. However, seeing the sign in saying [Do not Enter] front of the door and the sounds of drills and hammers coming from behind the room he was extremely hesitant to even peek. He could only dejectedly wait until he was allowed in.


    Days came and went until a week passed by; Benjamin was surprisingly done after just 3 days of nonstop work, but he barred anyone from entering for a week to make sure that nothing went wrong. Today, entry was allowed. Arthur was the first to rush into the room to have a look at his alien however, to his disappointment all he saw was a human body covered entirely in bandages.


    “Is he underneath that?” Arthur pointed at the bandaged person.

    “Yep” Benjamin replied.


    “Can he even breathe? How does he eat? How does he pee?” Arthur continues to barrage Benjamin with questions.


    “Don’t worry, I made it so that he won’t feel hungry, or need to use the restroom before he and can move again.”


    “You can do that?” Said Arthur surprised about not needing to eat or pee “Can you do it to me?”


    “I can, but it you won’t like it.” Said Benjamin.


    “Why is that?”


    “You see those tubes underneath the bandages at his mouth and below his waist?” Benjamin replied while pointing at areas.




    “That’s where he’ll breathe from, and that’s where he’ll pee and poop. He won’t be getting any hard food besides just water and other stuff to just keep him nourished. The food will become waste and be excreted through the tube where we’ll collect and throw it away.” Benjamin calmly stated.


    “Eww” Arthur replied.


    “Oh, and, removing the tube from your butt is going to hurt a lot. Do you still want it done for you?” Benjamin continued.


    “No way!” Arthur adamantly refused.


    The other members of the family slowly walked into the room to have a look at the bandaged person on the ground. Samuel, too, asked Benjamin the questions Arthur had asked and was given the same response. Angel and Shelly however, observed the body trying to sense what was happening underneath all the bandages. A surprised look appeared on the face of Angel as she turned to ask Benjamin.


    “How did you manage to heal him so well; I can’t seem to find any signs of the damages he took last week?” Angel said.


    Unsure of how he should answer Benjamin slowly told what had occurred when he began treatment of Boss.


    “In the beginning, I was treating the patient with my utmost effort in making sure that he can be patched up and well. Normally, I can fully recover a person like this within a month. However, on the second day as I was working on him, his body started repairing faster than my own attempt at saving his life, it was visibly patching up the damage through the naked eye. So, in the end I just sat there and watched over him as he recovered by himself. By the third day there wasn’t a single broken bone or mark on his face.”


    “Why is he bandaged up then?” Samuel interjected in confusion.


    “He creeped me out with his abnormal healing, so I bandaged him up.” Benjamin said with a straight face.






    “So, the tubes that are attached to him is really because he’s in a coma and requires it…right?” Samuel asks hesitantly unsure how Benjamin will respond.


    “Yes of course, he definitely needs the tubes attached in order to breathe and poop.”


    “Oh, and he’s also still wearing his wardrobe underneath, since he wasn’t profusely bleeding anywhere, I just washed it and put them back on him. So, no worries of naked encounters.”


    With a sigh of relief from Samuel, he asked a few more miscellaneous questions regarding the past week and about Boss’ situation before telling everyone to leave the room so Boss can recover.


    Days continue to pass by as people in the house returned to doing their normal routine. Arthur begins the day enjoying a light snack before training with Samuel. He’s currently learning martial arts along with basic weapon training with various weaponry. Of course, with his current age every weapon is dulled or wooden to prevent injury.


    Shelly and Angel, however, started their morning doing the cooking and preparing for lunch. Even though their house has maids and servants for the chores they don’t have a chef because Angel prefers to cook herself.


    After lunch Arthur and Shelly have free time to do whatever they want until dinner. Sometimes Shelly will assist Angel with the dinner meals, but most of the time she’s beside Arthur in their walks around the town of Rouge. With their home built on the edge of town closer to the church and trail to the village over the mountains Arthur and Shelly spends most of their time exploring the entirety of the town.


    In the beginning when Arthur was allowed outside along with Shelly, he was confused about why most of the townspeople had brown hair. In fact, little did he know, most of the world started out with brown hair and brown eyes. Only through training their mind and body will their hair and eye become a different color.


    Through training their body people’s hair will become red, blue, or green. Training their mind will result in the change of their eye color to magenta, cyan, or yellow. However, there is a third variance in colors such as Arthur’s family who aren’t born with the normal brown hair and brown eyes. People who are born with these traits aren’t constrained by the rules of red, blue and green nor magenta, cyan and yellow when it comes to their appearance. They are called The Exotics with innate skills and ability unique to each person.


    Because of his unique looks Arthur enjoys walking around town with Shelly, peacocking and enjoying people’s reaction to his silver hair and green eyes. Since time immemorial Exotics are worshipped as gift of the Gods and are believed to bring joy and prosperity to anyone who met them. With Arthur’s carefree and innocent behavior along with Shelly’s calm and mature demeanor, the townspeople are always excited to interact with them. However, constantly being stopped by the adoring townspeople their progress to explore the entire town isn’t much.



    “Shelly, let’s go all the way to the other side of town today!” Arthur said with conviction.


    “Hm? Why?” Shelly replied.


    “Cause~ I wanna! We’ve only seen half the town so far, let’s go see the other half today!”




    “C’mon let’s go!” Arthur interrupted before pulling her along outside the house and into the street.


    “Hi Mrs. Tamarind, how’s your husband today?” Arthur greeted an old grandma sitting on her rocking chair in front of her porch, as he passed by her home. She was an old grandma with brown hair and circular glasses for her brown eyes.


    The old grandma turned her head slowly towards Arthur and squinted her eyes through her glasses, “Oh! It’s Arthur, how are you dear?”


    “I’m fine Mrs. Tamarind, is Mr. Tamarind doing well today?” Arthur repeated his question.


    “He’s doing better, doctor expect that he’ll make a full recovery soon. Won’t you two come in say hi, he’ll love to see you two again.” She asks as she continued to rock her chair and forth.


    “Sorry Mrs. Tamarind, not today, I’ll visit soon!” Arthur replied.


    “Aw, alright I’ll let him know. Where are you two going today?”


    “To the edge of the world!” Arthur said excitedly.


    “Oh my.” Mrs. Tamarind gave him a look of astonishment.


    “He means to the other side of town; we haven’t been there yet.” Shelly interpreted.


    “Ah, okay. Be careful though, I’ve heard there’s a weird creature over there causing a ruckus.”


    “Will do!” Arthur said as he continues to pull Shelly along the street moving at a brisk pace off into the distance.


    “Ah… youth, so much energy.” Mrs. Tamarind eyes linger on the two kids disappearing off into the distance, before slowly closing her eyes leaning back on her rocking chair as it rocked back and forth.


    Continuing to pull Shelly along Arthur made it further towards the center of the town before suddenly coming to a halt.


    “Wait. Didn’t Mrs. Tamarind say there’s a weird creature on the other side of town?”  Arthur turned to ask Shelly.


    “Yeah, she said there was a weird creature causing a ruckus over there.” Shelly replied


    “Shoot! I should’ve asked what it looked like.” Arthur said.


    “Hm, why?”


    “I uh, just wanna know” Arthur said seemingly trying to hide something.


    “We can just go ask someone when we’re there about it, if Mrs. Tamarind said it’s causing a ruckus people are sure to have some news about how it looks like.” Shelly calmly replied.

    “Yeah! Let’s go!” Arthur energetically continues marching forward.


    The two little youngsters began asking those within the central marketplace about the strange creature on the other side of town however, their answers were drastically different each time. One person said it was a scary animal with glowing red eyes that’ll drive a person insane if they see it. While another said it’s just a big dog eating all their vegetables. One person even said it was a small bird that’ll appear on your shoulder and whisper derogatory terms in their ears.


  • Chapter 5: What kind of freaking creature is this?


    “What kind of freaking creature is this? How can it be a red eyed monster, a dog that eats vegetable and a bird that tells you you’re ugly?” exclaimed Arthur exasperated by the responses he got.


    “Hmm, let’s just look around…” Shelly is unsure if what the people are spouting is nonsense. The only way for them to know exactly what it is, is to see it with their own two eyes.


    The kids spent most of the afternoon running around the eastern half of the town looking for signs of the creature and asking more questions related to it. Every townsperson looked at them with admiration and excitement in their eyes. However, their response was always the same; completely different than the others. The only detail that remained the same was that instead of just one animal there were two, one chasing the other.


    Eventually, it was time to head home.


     Empty handed with no clear clue as to what the creature or creatures were. Dinner was silent with Arthur continuously grumbling about the animals while munching on his dinner. Samuel and Angel tried asking him questions, but he continued to spout nonsensical things about animals doing weird things.


    Maybe I should get him a pet?  They both thought to themselves. Eventually, forming a plan of motion in their mind of getting him a pet tomorrow so that he’ll be happy. Completely positive that this is what he wants.


    Dejected Arthur went to bed with only the thought of finding those strange creatures tomorrow.


    However, the next day proved to be uneventful as the first, Shelly and Arthur went back to the eastern side of town asking the townspeople even more questions about the creatures and when it was last spotted. The tragic conclusion that they found out was that the two creatures haven’t been spotted in town since a week ago, they just mysteriously disappeared.


    Sitting at the dinner table with an even more somber and dejected appearance fiercely ripping a piece chicken leg with his mouth. His parents eventually brought up yesterday’s dinner.


    “Ahem, my son, yesterday you seemed a bit moody about not having a pet, right?” Samuel curiously looked at Arthur to see a sign of agreement.


    “Yes, that’s right you wanted a pet?” Angel repeated too, looking at Arthur.


    “Well, if I had FOUND it. I would’ve made it a pet, yeah. Freaking dog, cat, bird whatever it was.” Arthur replied still annoyed that he missed out on it.


    However, from his response his parents smile grew brighter.


    “Well I saw, that you were talking about a vegetarian dog, so I went to the kennel yesterday and asked if they had something weird like that.” Arthur’s ear perked up to Samuel’s response.


    “However, they told me that all dogs are omnivorous and eats both meat and plants, so I got you coolest one. They found it awhile back and apparently it became the group leader at the kennel.” Arthur’s ears became dejected however he was interested.


    “Wait, you bought him a pet too?” Angel interjected with a curious look. She too bought him a pet. 


    “Too?” Samuel said with an equally curious look on his face.


    “My cat is the best thing ever; I went to the eastern part of town that Arthur was talking about yesterday and visited their kennel. There is a cat there that is so friendly, it got along with all the animals. It is super cute plus it reminds me of Arthur.” Angel beamed with lovely smile.


    “Well, my dog is cooler, the moment brought it out of the kennel all the other dogs bowed in worship.” Samuel said boasting that his pet is better.


    “My cat when I bought it made all the other animals at the kennel cry, like they were saying farewell to a friend.” Angel argued back not to be outdone.


    Not wanting to let his parents argue about the pets they got for him, Arthur interrupted their boasting match saying that he’ll get both. A dog and a cat? Could they really get along? His parents weren’t sure.


    However, they agreed to see if it was possible and called for Benjamin to bring out the cages. What was shocking was that both the cage for the dog and cat was extremely small fit for the size of puppy and kitten.


    The first cage to open was Angel’s cat. A little innocent kitten with silver fur and bright green eyes indeed resembled Arthur at a glance. Shelly’s cool and calm demeanor when seeing it perked up, she immediately reached out to hold it. It enthusiastically walked into her palm as she picked it up.


    “Meow” Shelly meowed at the kitten.


    Mew” It replied.


    A very satisfied smile beamed on Shelly’s face as she hugged it between her chest.


    Arthur came near the kitten and gave it a curious look. It too looked at Arthur before turning its head back at Shelly closing its eyes as it began to purr in content.


    “It looks like it likes you more, I’ll let you have it.” Said Arthur with a bright smile as he spoke to Shelly. He preferred a pet dog anyways.


    Shelly nodded her head in agreement.


    With a self-satisfied smile on his face too, Samuel smirked at Angel before he looked towards the puppy’s cage.


    “Oh Benjamin~ Bring out the little pupper and show Arthur his new pet.” A victorious tone of voice can be heard from Samuel as Benjamin opened the cage to reveal the puppy.


    A miniature labradoodle covered in beautiful golden fur walked out with firm and aloof steps commanding attention to all who was looking at it.


    Arthur knelt towards the puppy in front of him with his palm spread out hoping it’ll walk into it like Shelly’s kitten. However, the labradoodle just stood there and maintained its aloof and unexpressive manner completely ignoring Arthur’s presence.


    A muffled sound of laugher can be heard from Angel as she covered her mouth while she looked at the now sweating Samuel. Did you think you’ve already won? A teasing smirk can be seen on Angel’s face. Wiping the sweat away from his forehead Samuel knelt beside Arthur.


    “It’s okay, if you don’t want the puppy, we can return it tomorrow for another one” Samuel said with a dejected hint to his voice.


    However, Arthur kept his eyes glued on the labradoodle and woofed at it.


    Bark!” The labradoodle replied with commanding authority seemingly to try and silence Arthur. However, once the labradoodle woofed a little kitten’s ear perked up as it turned its eyes towards the labradoodle. It broke free from Shelly’s hold and ran straight for the dog.


    The dog seeing the incoming cat lost all its aloof indifference. It yelped and ran away at lightning fast pace around the house with the kitten chasing it in tow. A weird look was plastered on everyone’s face as they see this comical atmosphere of a little kitten chasing a puppy around the house.


    After two full minutes of nonstop running the kitten maintained its distance in its chase as the dog ran around trying to get away from the kitten. Eventually the dog turned to the still squatting Arthur and jumped straight into his arm patting Arthur’s chest telling him to lift him up. Arthur proceeded to lift him up as the kitten screeched to a halt in front of Arthur.


    The kitten seemed to be deciding whether it should climb up Arthur’s leg to get to the puppy before it turned its head towards Shelly. The cool and calm girl saw the kitten look at her and patted on her thighs inviting the kitten to come.


    Indeed, the little kitten turned its attention away from the puppy and Arthur and ran back into Shelly’s arm, snuggled between her chest it closed its eyes and purred in content again.


    Flabbergasted the parents didn’t know what to say when this scene played out. Is this the aloof and commandeering puppy that was leader of the kennel? Was that the kitten that was friendly with all the pets at the kennel? Why did the puppy run away in horror when it saw the kitten?


    Questions echoed in everyone’s mind as they looked at the two kids and the pets in their arm one is still shuddering in the boy’s arm whereas the other one is asleep in the girl’s.


    “It seems, we might have to return the kitten” Samuel dejectedly said seeing how both the kitten and the puppy in the same house having wouldn’t work out.


    “Now, just wait a minute, shouldn’t we return the puppy?” Angel said as she looked at the shuddering puppy.


    “Look at the puppy it’s horrified of the kitten if we get rid of the kitten it’ll be fine.” Said Samuel maintaining his shameless attitude.


    “Couldn’t we just keep the kitten since the puppy is too horrified? It didn’t even listen to Arthur; we can just replace it.” Angel said annoyed at Samuel’s shamelessness as the temperature drastically dropped to the point of freezing temperature.




    “I was, uh, just kidding we can replace the puppy.” Samuel said as he tried to reach for the puppy and put it back in the cage.


    However, the puppy shook its head in defiance and refused to go back in the cage and away from Arthur.


    That’s strange didn’t this puppy not like the boy. Samuel then turned his eyes towards the kitten in Shelly’s arm before making eye contact with Shelly. A menacing look full of killing intent of refusal can be seen on her eyes. Sweat began to pour from Samuel again as he is stuck between a rock and a hard place.


    “We can just let them both have the pets, if the puppy now likes Arthur and doesn’t want to let go then that’s fine. Besides when the kitten had to decide between the puppy and Shelly it chose her, so it’ll be fine.” Angel reasoned with logic helping Samuel out of the predicament he got himself into.


    The two kids agreed with her reasoning and would rather do that. The puppy will be Arthur’s and the kitten will be Shelly’s. The puppy stopped shuddering in Arthur’s arm as if to show his agreement to Angel’s logic. The small kitten continued to innocently purr in Shelly’s arm.


    After the whole ordeal was over a thud could be heard as sounds of things began to break and fall in the room next door. Wasn’t that where the alien foreigner was sleeping in?


    The entire family ran towards the room with Samuel barring Arthur and Shelly from walking in incase it was dangerous. When the parents and Benjamin walked into the room the entire mummified bandages wrapping the person began to glow.


    A beautiful warm white light enveloped the entire body as a green pulsing glow appeared. The pressure within the room got heavier and heavier as the beating pulse rose in speed.


    The horrified barking of a dog and the hissing of a kitten could be heard in the background outside of the room.


    Things within the room shook and fell, the pulse grew stronger before transitioning to a bloody red light the people within the room cannot move. The pressure and force made them completely incapable of running out of the door at this moment.


    “What is happening?” Samuel mustered


    “I don’t know sir” Benjamin replied


    “He’s waking up” Angel began to sweat.


    White turned to green, green began to pulsate, the pulsating transitioned the green to red as the person within the bandages began to overflow with vitality. Red became more rapid than ever beating nearly 300 times a minute before the entire room suddenly came to a halt. An eerie quiet pervaded the air as no one within the house tried to make a sound.


    A dense black glow covered the entire bandaged body as everyone in the room regained control of their body, reaching for the nearest item as a weapon they all stood in attention prepared to attack if there was a sign of hostility.


    The bandages began to break as the cocooned person revealed himself, handsome with the black hair on his head. Like a princess who was waking up from a long slumber his equally black eyes started to twitch before opening.


    However, unlike any sort of princess that had just woken up from a long nap, no one in the room dared to relax themselves as the person adjusted his eyes to the lights within the room.


    Slowly, he sat up and looked around the room before his eyes saw the father, then the butler, finally resting on the mother. His first words weren’t exactly what they had expected.


    “Holy fuck, where am I?”

  • Chapter 6: Why are you guys so old?


    “Why are you guys so old? Is that your son?” Still muddle-headed Boss confused the appearance of Arthur’s father and mother with the kids who rescued him.


    “Wait… you didn’t have blonde hair? Nani? You don’t look like the girl either… WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE” Boss shouted shocking the people in the room who couldn’t understand a single word coming from his mouth.


    Seeing the look of confusion on their face along with a box of tissue in Samuel’s hand, a lamp in Angel’s hand, and a broken leg of a chair in Benjamin’s Boss slowly recovered himself.


    Finally noticing the weapon that they each picked up both Angel and Benjamin shot Samuel a weird look. Was he going to attack with a box of tissues?


    Recognizing his mistake Samuel tried to play it off by offering some tissues to Boss.


    Boss seeing the comical mistake that Samuel made, screamed in horror at the box of tissue as it got closer to his face. Everyone in the room backed off away from Samuel and his box of tissues. Boss standing on the opposite side of the room and Angel and Benjamin near the door with Samuel in the center with his box of tissue.


    Unsure what to do, Samuel stood in the center motionless wondering what the heck made him so terrified of a box of tissues? Is this box of tissues magical? Maybe?


    Slowly Samuel regained his composure and started to smile at his newfound power he held the box of tissue and motioned it closer to Boss. Boss, seeing the box of tissue getting closer to his face began shuddering and screaming like a madman.


    He is afraid of a box of tissues! Samuel completely believed as he slowly pressed the tissue box in front of Boss’ face hearing the scream before pulling it back completely shutting Boss up. He repeated the scream and shut method as he was enjoying every moment.


    “Everyone, I think he’s afraid of this box of tissue, maybe on his planet he probably got invaded by tissue aliens or something” Samuel reasoned in his delusion as he went on one more time to make Boss scream.


    However, this time the door opened from the outside with two kids and their pets peeking in. They were wondering why there was so much screaming coming from the alien only to see Samuel scaring Boss with a box of tissues.


    “Kids, he’s afraid of this box of tissues!” Samuel exclaimed in excitement letting them know as he slowly pressed the box closer to Boss’ face.


    However, the scream this time never happened instead a confused look on was shown on Boss’ face with a box of tissue pressed on his cheek.


    “What’re you doing dad?” Arthur said as he looked at the interaction between Boss and his father.


    “I uh, I can explain. He’s afraid of the box of tissues. When he saw it earlier, he screamed I thought… maybe we can control him with it. Look.” Samuel said as he tried to continue scaring Boss with the scream and shut method that happened earlier.


    But all the kids saw was Samuel acting like an idiot pressing the tissue box on the guy’s cheeks before pulling it back away and then slowly pressing it towards Boss’ face again.


    Strange he was scared earlier? Maybe it’s the tissue inside! Samuel concluded as he started to pull tissue paper out of the box and tossing them at Boss.


    “Muahaha take that!” Samuel said completely delusional as he started tossing tissue paper at Boss’ face hoping to make him scream.


    However, after all the tissue paper landed on the floor and there was no scream coming from Boss’ mouth, Samuel snapped back to reality. This guy was just messing with me! He concluded and began seething with anger forgetting about how powerful the person in front of him was.


    “You! You made a fool of me! You motherfucker, I’m gonna kick your ass!” Samuel said completely losing his rationality.


    Uhhh, the entire people in the room along with the two pets gave Samuel a weird look. Are you sure you can kick his ass?


    Angel hurried towards Samuel and pulled him away before standing in front of Boss.


    “Uh, hello” She said.


    “Uh, hello” Boss replied.


    Startled by the fact that he can speak English. She continued to ask.


    “You can speak English?”


    “You can speak English?” He repeated with the same shocked tone of voice she presented.


    “Yes I can! My name is Angel Galafray, what is yours?” Angel beamed in delight knowing he understood her.


    “Yes I can! My name is Angel Galafray, what is yours?” He repeated with the same enthused expression she made.


    The entire room became silent. The temperature within the room began to freeze up. This fucker was just mimicking me! He doesn’t know what I’m saying. Angel flared up ready to attack.


    However, she controlled herself knowing that this is not the right time or person to attack she calmed down. Once she did so she froze in place. The temperature in the room was still just as frozen as she made it, however, she already stopped using her powers…


    A shocked expression can be shown on Angel’s face as she backed away. Everyone in the room knowing Angel’s power stared at Boss’ face in disbelief. This guy is dangerous! He can copy her powers exactly. Just what on earth is he?


    Finally getting the attention he wanted Boss’ motioned them to calm down and sit. Everyone in the room know this universal gesture and sat instantly waiting for him to start speaking up. However, the next moment the sound of grumbling could be heard as they looked at the only guy standing up. The guy standing up had a bashful expression as he began to blush. Damn you stomach why now!


    “You’re hungry? Benjamin quickly let’s get him some food!” Samuel said as he noticed the gurgling noises from Boss’ stomach.


    Benjamin disappeared and prepared a light snack for Boss to eat. It was just some sandwiches and a glass of water since it’s been nearly two weeks of him being asleep.


    Devouring the sandwich and finishing the glass of water Boss exhaled a contented sigh as he turned to the people sitting on the ground. He motioned the little boy to come over. However, Angel stopped Arthur from getting up. He’s too dangerous for Arthur to get near.


    Realizing that he’s quite scary right now Boss, then pointed at the books scattered on the floor. Gesturing that he wanted to read the contents of the books. He was also too lazy to pick up the books, so he wanted to use his scary persona to have others do it for him.


    Shelly calmly picked up a book about the history of Tierra. The planet that they are from.


    Boss slowly flipped through the pages all the way towards the end before speaking up again.


    “Alright, I understand your language now.” He said in perfect English.


    The entire room was silent, no one was sure of what to say.


    “Ahaha, it seems like I’m quite exotic eh?” He continued referencing his hair and eyes.


    Arthur beamed when he saw the casual expression on Boss face.


    “Hi, I’m Arthur! What’s your name?”


    “You may call me Boss.” He replied.


    Did he read the book right? Boss is a title not a name does he really want to be a boss. However, Arthur was okay with this.


    “Hi Boss! You’re right you are an Exotic! I think! Uhh, I’m not sure! Shelly~” Arthur continued to exclaim in happiness even when he didn’t know something.


    “In our world, you would be considered an exotic since your hair color is different from the normal brown, red, green, blue. And your eyes are not brown, magenta, cyan, or yellow.” Shelly answered for Arthur.


    “However, there has never been an Exotic that was born with either black hair or eyes before. So, I’m not sure if you’re considered an exotic or not” Shelly continued honestly.


    “Hmm, this history book doesn’t tell me much about the school of power can you tell me what they are?” Boss replied asking about the two Red, Green, blue hair academy and the Cyan, magenta, yellow eye academy.


    “I can answer this” Samuel interjected since he had more knowledge of the current power system of the world.


    “There are two powerful schools in this world that we know of that teaches the way of the hair or the eyes.  One is here in our country of Zeldova, and the other belongs to the Tillowisk Empire Or more accurately, in the Kingdom of Cheshire. The school where people of brown hair goes to train to become either red, green, or blue hair is called The Lumiere, these people focus on enlightening people the way of training the body.”


    “Each body is born with a different constitution that is better suited for either going in the pathway of red, blue, and green. Those who are born for red will focus on power, green will be durability, and blue will be speed and reflexes”


    “Why would people want to be durable? When there’s speed and power as an option?” Boss asked.


    “I’ll get to that. The two schools while teaching different methods of thoughts are not against the other’s way of thinking. In fact, students who go to one school, if they are capable can also go to the other school. These two schools can make students who have for example red hair and cyan eyes! Prodigies!”


    “Ohoho, I see so they combine the powers of the hair and eyes together I see, I see.” Boss replied.


    “Yes! Those who go into the school of the mind or The Naturelle will learn the powers of Magenta, Cyan, or yellow. I’m not sure if the history book talked about their powers so I’ll just repeat it. Magenta is the power of Telekinesis they’re able to control inanimate objects, Cyan is Empathy, they can understand, enhance, and manipulate anything related to feelings, and Yellows are able to Teleport.” Samuel continued with his exited expression.


    “Oh, I see, interesting then if that is the case being a durable teleporter or object tossing person is quite difficult to deal with” Boss surmised.


    “The combination of any hair and eye color will greatly boost one’s capabilities. However, there is a clear weakness.” Samuel said.


    “Their color represents their power?” Boss easily guessed the problem.


    “That’s right! No matter what power you have, if your opponent knows what you are, they can be prepared for it. That’s why the two schools work together, they have no reason to be against each other when their powers are so transparent.” Samuel said.


    “Couldn’t they just dye their hair to fool the enemies?” Boss asked.

    “They can, however, it’ll only be able to fool the idiots. Students of Lumiere and Naturelle are already taught about situations such as this, there is a resonance between those who have the same power and those who don’t, you can’t fool them by pretending to be normal if there’s a similar or different resonance when you’re nearby.


    “What about the Exotics then?” Boss continued to ask


    “That’s the cool thing! Exotics much like everyone here, including yourself probably, are those born with unnatural powers. Their hair and eyes don’t have a specific pattern of power that we know of, they are capable of everything and anything. Some are more powerful than others and are normally used as the last line of defense. Also, there is no resonance between Exotic no matter how similar their powers are.”


    “Ohoho, that’s interesting what’s the strongest Exotic on this planet?” Boss asked his interest piqued.


    “Uh, that is a hard question to answer, for every Exotic there is one that has powers that can counter it. However, if you want to know the two currently most impressive well-known Exotics that may be considered the strongest. It would be Judas the demon of the west and Uriel the ghost of the east.”


    “Oh? What makes them any good?”


    “Their longevity, the stories of Judas and Uriel has been passed down for generations, in the west whenever Judas appears there will be bloodshed soaked into the ground no bones or bodies are left behind. Uriel the ghost of the east is a plague, anywhere he goes death and decay follows like an illness turning everyone into ghosts. Corpses scatter the area filled with any and all types of diseases.”


    “Ooooh, sounds scary” However, the enthusiastic smile on Boss’ face tells otherwise.


    “But that’s not all, they’re so high profile yet no soul has ever come back alive to tell us about their power. Only the things they’ve left behind can tell their story. We don’t even know their real names everyone just calls them Judas and Uriel.” Samuel continued.


    “It is also a very effective way to scare children to stay inside. So, everyone continues to tell their story.” Samuel leered at Arthur with a smile.


    “I see, I get it now, Exotics are secret weapons for wartime. Then how come you guys are just chilling here in this shanty ol’ town in this giant mansion on the outskirt of it?” Boss asked.


    “Nobility, we are the Galafray one of the largest and most powerful families. While I am just part of an offshoot branch of Galafray our blue attire and white snowflake is a recognizable symbol status. No foreign enemies would dare engage with us in public.”


    “What about in private?” Boss asked.


    “Everything is more dangerous in private, kidnapping, assassinations, we’ll have to be completely prepared for that. However, foreign enemies are not what we should worry about. It is the other families can rule a nation and control an army of their own that is the most worrisome. However, we’ll know when they come to town as they’re not hard to miss.”


    “Oh? Can’t they disguise?” Boss continues asking about disguises.


    “Our families are not idiots, ya know. I know information about everyone who enters and leaves in this town and the village across the mountains.” Samuel explained.


    “Which family is the most dangerous?”


    “Obviously the royals, our current royalty, the Masters, are probably the most powerful family of Exotics with King Baroque Masters being a powerful Exotic himself. Only other royalties of foreign nations have the power that can match the Masters. Probably the Vistas are equal in power.”


    “Ooooh! I see! Ok, would you like to become royalty?” A mischievous look can be seen on Boss’ face as he asked such a blasphemous question.

  • Chapter 7: Haha You’re joking right?


    “Haha You’re joking right?” Samuel tried to laugh it off only to notice the spirited look on Boss’ face that’s ready for action. Holy shit he’s serious.


    Sweat began to drop from his forehead as he is unsure what to say, does he completely reject Boss’ question and anger him? Or does he play along and become a wanted criminal? What if Boss succeeds and he becomes king? Samuel began fantasizing in a daze.




    Angel interrupted putting her useless husband out of his daze.


    “My apologies Boss, but we do not wish to become royalty.” Angel stated flatly.


    “Aww, c’mon it’ll be fun. We can do it the easy if you want, but that’s no fun.” Boss replied.


    “Easy way…?” Everyone looked at Boss in confusion.


    “Yeah! I’ll just kick them off the throne and make uhh… Mr. Galafray here the King.” Boss said. He forgot to ask them for their names!


    “Oh, pardon our manners, let me introduce ourselves to you first. I’m Angel Galafray, my husband you were talking earlier to is Samuel, this is Benjamin our butler, she’s Shelly and you know Arthur.”


    “Hello, Angel, Samuel, Benjamin, Shelly, and hello again, Arthur.” Boss greeted each of them in order. With each of them giving the proper responses back.


    “Anyways~ easy way?” Boss continued from where he left off.



    “We’ll have to decline that too.” Angel said completely cutting off Samuel from saying anything.


    “It’s not that we don’t wish for power, but I have a son to raise and would rather not get involved in the ugly scheming of political factions.” The current royalty and higher-ranking nobles are always vying against each other for power, suddenly becoming the next royals has way more negatives than positives.


    “What about your daughter? Why didn’t you mention raising her?” Boss said giving Shelly a curious glance completely ignoring the bigger point of the political factions.


    “I’m not their daughter.” Shelly bluntly stated.


    “Well they still could’ve mention raising you or something right?” Boss continued pestering.


    “I don’t need to be raised.” Shelly refuted.


    “Eh? You’re an old person that looks young or something?” Boss replied.


    “No, I’m 10 ½.” Shelly factually stated.


    Unsure if she should continue to let Shelly bluntly answer him Angel quickly intervened.


    “Shelly’s very mature for her age, we have complete trust in her, and she sometimes makes Samuel look like the kid.” Angel said completely throwing her husband under the bus.


    “That’s right! Shelly’s very mature and she’s been my best friend since we were 8.” Arthur added.


    “Hm, looks like you have quite the story to tell eh little girlie?” Boss said giving Shelly a curious look.


    “But that’s not the point, easy way is a go, yes?” He quickly changed the topic back to the royalty problems.


    “No!” Angel exclaimed after getting a better read of his personality. She is certain he wouldn’t harm them for rejecting it.


    “Fine, fine, fine, no easy way, I got it. Anyways, I have one more question to ask. Why is there a big empty castle in the middle of the forest with only a few people in it?” Boss asks about the Church.


    “Oh, you mean the Church of Future Heaven. It’s one of two opposing religions most people believe in.” Samuel was the first to speak.


    “Why is it so empty?” Boss quickly asked what was on his mind. Why on earth is a church so massive? Yet contained hardly anyone?


    Silence befell the entire room again. Holy shit when did he ever have time to visit the church to know it is empty?


    However, those in the room started to get used to how unfathomable Boss could be and quickly recollected themselves.


    “It’s empty because the Pope ordered the Emissaries and every personnel to go to the other countries. Thanks to the Church of Future Heaven and the Church of Safe Haven for sending their Emissaries to both our Northern Country of Zeldova and the Eastern Continent the Tillowisk Empire, our war ended at the end of our 3rd year 2 years ago. Samuel was the first to respond as he was on the frontline of this war since the beginning.


    “Oh? What changed? Why two opposing religion get involved to end the war?”

    Samuel’s eyes instinctively darted towards Shelly’s direction, he quickly closed them and reopened a few seconds later with a formulated response.


    “The war between Zeldova and the Tillowisk Empire started like any other wars for territory and riches. Our country of Zeldova and its royal family the Masters have a monopoly over the most powerful energy source called Rainbow Stones. These stones can be used to enhance the powers of human beings beyond limitations of that taught from the two school of thoughts.”


    “The Tillowisk Empire had energy resources of their own mainly Rainbow Shards and Colored Energy Gems. However, shards and gems were a one time use product whereas a Rainbow Stone can be used 7 times. With the ever rapidly growing powers of the Masters. The Vistas knew it was only a matter of time before the balance of power was toppled.”


    “So, they engaged war on the Masters and fought for three whole long years on land and across oceans. However, in the middle of the 3rd year of war the energy level on our planet dramatically increased. When the two Church felt this sudden spike in global energy they intervened and ended the war. Their Emissaries are currently conducting research with the aid of the Tillowisk Empire at sight of dispersal.” Samuel concluded.


    “Ah I see, okay I got it.” Boss didn’t ask any more questions because after being told about the energy dispersal of the planet he clearly sensed the increase in global energy starting from across the continent.




    Arthur was the first to let out a yawn and began rubbing his eyes. It was already past 10 at night. One yawn followed by two before long everyone within the room bid Boss a good night and went towards their own room to sleep. All the lights within the home turned off. Only the moonlit night provided any light within his room.


    Boss laid still on the bed; he was staring at the ceiling overhead lost in thought. Memories of his past resurfaced, hundreds of millennia of warfare and conquest for power to become the ultimate victor. How many friends and family did he loved and lost in the process? Generations after generations of up and coming young sprouts becoming stronger than the previous, yet their life blew out like a candle.


    He knew why war persisted back on his own home planet as he felt the subtle energy within this planet wafting around. He didn’t want this planet to follow that route of struggle for power.


    Only he currently knows what it means when the planet’s energy grows and becomes abundant to the point of dispersal. He knew that this planet could evolve and become a higher tier planet within the universe.


    Sadly, a planet like this is precious on a universal level with one in a ten quintillion ever having the capabilities to evolve. Less than 1% of the entire universe of planets evolve with even less being habitable. His own planet was one such planet and now he apparently stumbled upon another.


    Scratching his head Boss began to worry. He thought back to what his female companion had said. Was handicapping himself to visit a mortal planet really the brightest idea? His current power is only at the limit of what this planet can hold.


    With this planet becoming an enormous temptation for other unseen forces that will eventually stumble upon it, could he manage to hold them back? Sure, if they are weaklings whose power isn’t at the peak of what this planet holds. But what if others like him began to show up ones whose power is beyond this planet’s threshold.


    Groups of people standing at the peak of this planet’s existence only death would await the one with fewer numbers. He knew this all too well that currently quantity is better than quality.




    A second round of hunger pang hit his stomach as it began to gurgle. His once worry of formidable enemies vanished instantly as a new and more formidable one made its way in.


    The guy who at one point was thinking about his friends and family got out of bed and snuck his way towards the kitchen acting shady like a bandit.


    Morning follows and some of the inhabitants woke up anew refreshed and ready to start the day with a morning breakfast. Only to find the desolation and emptiness in the kitchen in its wake.


    “There’s no food? What do you mean there’s no food?” Samuel gave Benjamin a questioning look.


    “All the food in our kitchen is gone, seems like the sandwich and water I prepared last night wasn’t enough ahaha” Benjamin stated with a hearty laugh not caring about Samuel’s hunger.


    “He ate all of the food!?” Samuel exclaimed before rushing out towards Boss’ room.


    Opening the door Samuel snuck his head into the room only to see a sleeping immortal with a rotund belly popping out, snoring away with no care in the world. He softly closed the door back and returned to look at Benjamin behind him.


    “Quickly go restock the kitchen, the kids will be awake in an hour and I want to eat something now!”


    Benjamin handed Samuel two little oval eggs before he disappeared out to buy food in the market.


    “…this is all that is left?” Samuel sighed as he made his way into the kitchen to prepare two eggs.


    Benjamin quickly arrived at the marketplace where stalls of fresh produce are lined up. People are already hawking and hollering their products and the prices.


    “Benjamin! C’mere” one of the food vendors motioned him over. He was a man on the heavier side with short arms. “Look at this imported from the Tillowisk Empire.” He said pointing at the rows of vibrant display of juicy meat.


    “A buddy of mine over there said creatures are becoming larger and tastier since the war ended. And get this, he also said that eating them can even increase your physical and mental energy. Ahaha what a jokester that guy is.” The rotund belly of the many could be seen jiggling as he laughed.


     “But, look this is the leg of a rabbit, a freaking rabbit what kind of rabbit is the size of a horse? And look at this! It’s chicken! My gosh if only they sent me a cow, but apparently those things are the size of a small ship it’s insane what being closer to the dispersal is like.” The merchant sighed in amazement.


    “Hmm, I’ll take a leg of both the rabbit and chicken.” Benjamin wanted to try tastier food. I wonder when our animals will get bigger and tastier. He thought as he slowly walked from vendor to vendor carting a large amount of his purchase.


    Carting food home lost in thought, unsure of whether to arrive early to satisfy Angel or late to mess with Samuel, Benjamin bumped into a familiar person.


    “Oh, excuse me” yawned the person with dark bags under his eyes as he walked past like a zombie towards the direction of Church.


    Wasn’t that Michael? Heck happened to him. It doesn’t seem like he’s slept for the past two days.



    Oh well.

    Not my problem.

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    Chapter 8: Angel quickly prepared breakfast


    Angel quickly prepared breakfast with Shelly at her side. Their movements in the kitchen was swift and precise, vegetables diced, meats sliced, there was no wasted movement the entire time they were in the kitchen. Before long an aroma drifted its way out of the kitchen and entered everyone’s nose.


    Oh, what heavenly smell. Everyone tried to control the drool leaking from their mouths as dishes upon dishes was brought out for their morning. Samuel impatiently hurried behind a maid carrying the dishes out hoping he can grab a piece of sausage before everyone else. However, who inside Samuel’s home was weak? She quickly evaded his hands that were heading towards the piece of meat and immediately darted straight for the table.


    “Ahaha, let’s go sit down.” Samuel could only play off his embarrassment in front of others who had seen him attempt to peck at the food early. Breakfast was neatly arranged across the table. Meats, eggs, sausages and waffles along with fresh bread rolls all perfectly combined to make masterpieces.


    “Hm? Where’s Boss?” Arthur quickly noticed an absent person.


    “Don’t worry about him, he had a big feast himself last night” Samuel said as food was placed on their plate.


    The glistening golden waffles warmed everyone’s plate with a side of honeyed berry syrup to match. Bread, omelets and sausages so simple in design yet so elegant and refined.


    The door to the kitchen as the chef of honor took her place beside her husband, and her assistant beside Arthur. Samuel couldn’t wait any longer, he went straight for the first bite, the juice from the sausage exploded into his mouth as he let out an indecent moan. That was the start to their breakfast, a second bite a third bite, everyone busied with their own plates.


    Breakfast came and went in a moment notice however; the memory of that breakfast etched its way into everyone’s heart. Eyes are closed in satisfied delight still savoring that last lingering taste.


    “Mommy, can I have some more?” Arthur was the first to ask for seconds followed by Samuel joining his son. That breakfast was just too delicious! However, Angel remained calm.


    “No, anymore and you’ll have a tummy ache.” Angel declined Arthur’s plea.


    “What about me? I’m a big man I won’t get a tummy ache, I promise.” Samuel tried to play it cute.


    “No.” Angel remained resolute in her response. Breakfast is only for them to start the day, she didn’t want everyone to go back napping from eating too much.


    Dejected they could only sit at that table staring at the empty plate.


    “Mommy, how come breakfast was so good today?” Arthur curiously asked. The breakfast she made was always good but not to the point where they’d lose control.


    “It’s because I’m a great cook sweetie.” Angel said with no hint of modesty.


    “Benjamin bought imported meat from the Tillowisk Empire at the marketplace this morning.” Shelly answered Arthur.


    “Why is their meat so tasty?” Arthur asked Shelly hoping for an answer.


    “I’m not sure, it was just extremely larger than the normal ones we’ve always had. Perhaps Mr. Benjamin could explain?” Everyone’s eyes darted towards the direction of Benjamin hoping for an answer.


    Putting down the tea in his hand he responded saying that animals in the Tillowisk Empire started becoming massively large due to being closer to origin of the dispersal leading to more tasty meat. However, besides that he’s not sure why animals were getting larger and what the dispersal had to do with it.


    “Perhaps I can explain that!” The sounds of footsteps slowly arrived before them as the door to the dining room opened up and a black-haired black-eyed Boss carrying an adorable labradoodle puppy shuddering his arm and a silver kitten perched upon his shoulder walked in.






     Both Arthur and Shelly instinctively spoke out the names of their pets being carried by Boss. As if on command the puppy dog hopped off of Boss’ arms and slowly walked towards Arthur. However, a meow from a certain kitten in response to Shelly sped up Barkie’s pace.


    Safe and sound in Arthur’s arm Barkie lifted his head up and raised his chin at the kitten who was in Shelly’s lap as if to triumphantly demean the kitten below it. But once the puppy saw the kitten hop onto Shelly’s shoulder it hid back into Arthur’s arm and began to shudder.


    “There, there Barkie the meanie kitten won’t hurt you.” Arthur whispered trying to soothe the fragile puppy.


    “Boss! What do you mean you can explain it?” Arthur continued while petting the puppy. The vicious kitten at the moment is lying flat on Shelly’s shoulder sound asleep.


    Boss settled down on an empty seat and began to explain why animals were getting larger and tastier.


    “Just imagine that everything that happened before the dispersal never happened because that is what’s going to happen.” He flatly stated confusing everyone in the room.


    “What do you mean?” Shelly was the first to respond.


    “Pretty much~ that! Your entire plants, animals, country, continent, planet is all going to excessively balloon in size until the planet’s energy settles. Say goodbye to the planet you once knew and say hello to a whole new world.” He bluntly stated shocking everyone in the room to utter silence.


    It wasn’t until they calmed down that he finally began to explain their situation.


    “Your planet right now is undergoing a massive change, judging from its energy dispersal I’d say it’ll be at least 10 times the size as it currently is. The plants and animals will be the first to be affected by the dispersal growing in tremendous size from all the energy in the air.”


    “The planet will be next as it expands like a balloon, the entire ecosystem will change and new creatures and both large and small, familiar and unfamiliar. This is where your technology you’ve built up such as the tissues you’ve thrown at me yesterday will become the past.”


    “Finally, it’ll be your turn to evolve, while you won’t get extremely large like the plants and animals, you’ll become far stronger and live longer than you currently do.”


    “Alright, one question each person, go!” He concluded waiting for people to ask their question.


    “I don’t mean to be rude, but how do you know this?” Samuel raised the first question.


    “I’ve been through it. Next.” Boss said waiting for the next question.


    “What do you mean you’ve been through it?” Samuel asked for an explanation.


    “Next.” Boss said not giving Samuel an answer.


    “You said the planet will grow at least 10 times in size, how long will it take?” Benjamin asked his question.


    “I can only use my planet as an example, the energy dispersal from it was significantly higher than yours but that probably meant the changes happened faster, I’d say maybe in 100 years?”

    “Won’t we be dead by then?” Arthur asked, the current average lifespan was 75 for men and 80 for women.


    “That depends on whether you can adapt, you guys will be the last to evolve, but the planet isn’t out to exterminate you, in fact they’ve given you an abundance of resources to cultivate. For example, the plants and animals, hunt and domesticate them and you’ll live through this century easily.” Boss gave Arthur a longer response than the expected ‘yes”.


    Samuel pulled one of his maids over and whispered a question in her ear for her to repeat.

    “Boss, sir, what do you mean you’ve been through it? Care to explain?” The maid asked repeating Samuel’s earlier question.


    “Nope.” Boss dismissed the question causing Samuel to steam in frustration. Damn you just explain damnit


    “I’d also like to hear your story” Angel also asked.




    “Fine, I’ll explain.” He said causing Samuel to inwardly erupt in anger. The heck? Why didn’t you explain when me or my maid asked? Do you hate me for throwing tissues at you? is that it? Huh? Samuel could only conclude before taking mouthful of tea.


    “As you can tell by now, I’m not from your planet. I used to live on the planet called Earth. We didn’t have powers like you guys, we had technology an advanced society where planetary exploration was imminent.” He said reminiscing about the past.


     Then one day everything changed when the…”




    “The dispersal happened. Duh.”




    “Anyways, once it did, it happened fast and fierce, animals will grow and mutate at an alarming rate. People who once had technology and weaponry capable of killing anything started to lose out on the evolutionary race. We were becoming the prey almost overnight.”


    “If our technology didn’t get destroyed by the wildlife here, the expansion of the planet definitely did. The expansion was brutal, buildings collapsed, cities torn apart, abyssal chasm sputtered all throughout the world. Mountains higher than the clouds became the norm making visits to places that once took us a matter of minutes months to traverse.”


    “By then the global population of almost 10 billion of us diminished to less than a million." He paused for a moment before continuing "Then we got super cool powers and became invincible. The end.”  Boss finished his story abruptly signifying that he won’t explain any more than that.


    Surprise and shock at his response most people at the table gulped in anxiety for could come. Everyone then turned their head towards Shelly waiting for her to ask the final question. Noticing the gaze upon her Shelly calmly asked.


    “How old are you?”


    Samuel spat the tea he was drinking out coughing in return. The question wasn’t what he was expecting Shelly to ask about.


    “Errr…” Boss thought about the question, even he wasn’t expecting her to ask him his age? Don’t you know it’s not nice to ask a person their age.


    “Ahaha, I don’t know, I’ll get back to you on that, I’ll have to ask my lady friend that question she’ll probably know.” Boss answered, he really didn’t know exactly how old he is.


    “You have a girlfriend?” Arthur jumped up and asked.


    “She’s a lady friend.” Boss repeated.


    “Where is she now?” Arthur continued to pester.


    “In space.” Boss replied pointing at the sky. Eliciting a “wow” from Arthur.


    “That’s that no more questions! For now, you guys can just enjoy yourself your planet is expanding slowly so you’ll have a few more good years. Maybe long enough for your kids to be in school.” Boss said as he looked at the two children no older than 10.


    “Speaking of school, where the heck does Exotics go to?” Boss finally asked his question.


    “Same place, either Lumiere or Naturelle, there’s an Exotic department there that’ll oversee all the Exotics. Speaking of which, enrollment is coming up on a few months.” Samuel replied.


    “Cool, let’s go to school you two.” Boss said as he looked over the two.


    “Mr. Boss, you’re too old to be a student at Lumiere or Naturelle.” Arthur bluntly stated his thoughts.


    “Eh? How old do I look?” Boss curiously asked.


    “100! No. 1,000!”





    Everyone gave their response with a certain old man being a different answer than the rest.

    “School starts when you’re 10. You’re old enough to be a teacher and your black hair and eyes is too different than all the other Exotic it’ll draw unwanted attention.” Shelly intervened giving a proper explanation.


    “Oh? How about now? What color is my hair and eyes?” Boss said as his hair slowly changed to that of a deep shade of purple. Along with eyes becoming a bright hazel.


    Everyone in the room became speechless at the sight, he now looks like a normal Exotic.


    “I should be fine right?”


    “You’re too old!” Arthur shouted hoping to see what Boss will do about his age.


    As if on cue to Arthur’s response Boss’ appearance slowly transitioned to that of a young adult followed by that of a teenager. All the way till he was half his original height that looks like a child no older than 10.


    “How about now?” He said in a childish voice that made everyone in the room utterly speechless.

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    Chapter 9: Hello?

    “Hello? How do I look?” Boss asked as the look of shock was still plastered everyone’s face by his appearance.


    “Wow! You’re amazing you look like us now!” Arthur was the first to break the silence.


    “That’s great!” Boss exclaimed in a childish and energetic voice.


    Angel walked up to Boss and knelt before his face.


    “He’s quite adorable” She said as she began pinching his cheeks. Shelly nodded her head in agreement. Boss could only stand there and suffer the pinching.


    “Ahaha, this is great!” Samuel said as he also began pinching Boss’ face with no care in the world about how dangerous Boss was.


    Benjamin exited the room and came back with some of Arthur’s clothing. The wardrobe Boss was wearing is too large for the current pipsqueak. Everyone left the room while Boss changed into Arthur’s attire.


    Staring at himself in the mirror Boss only had narcissistic praises on his mind. “Wow, this was probably me when I was a kid besides the hair and eyes.” Boss said mesmerized by his current look.


    “Ahaha, can’t believe I’ve never done this before” Boss began striking poses in front of the mirror. He really enjoyed his child-like looks with bright yellow eyes and dark purple hair. A mischievous expression could be seen on his face as began to think about his ability to disguise himself.


    “Boss! C’mon let’s go play!” Arthur rushed into the room and grabbed Boss’ hand pulling him outside to enjoy. Since this was the weekend Arthur didn’t have the usual daily training and weapons practice.




    Barkie was sitting on top of Arthur’s head with complete balance not affected by the movements down below. It figured out that the only way to assert dominance against the kitten is always to stay on Arthur’s head as he is slightly taller than Shelly.


    “Where are we going?” Boss asked while getting dragged along.


    “I promise Mrs. Tamarind that I’ll be visiting soon. Oh, I forgot you don’t know her, she’s a sweet old lady who bakes the best cookies. Sadly, her husband is sick but he’s doing better! You’ll like them let’s go~” Arthur continued to ramble on as he pulled Boss along treating him like a kid his age.


    Shelly followed along with Silver relaxed on her shoulder. The three raced towards Mrs. Tamarind’s home while greeting regular passing neighbors.


    Upon arrival at Mrs. Tamarind’s home the boy raced up the steps and knocked on her door.


    There was no answer.


    He continued to knock calling for Mrs. Tamarind.


    “Mrs. Tamarind, it’s me Arthur, I’m here with Shelly today to visit! I brought a friend too!” He shouted hoping someone would greet him at the door. Curiously he decided to see if he can turn the knob and walk in.


    It wasn’t locked.


    The sound of someone weeping could be heard deeper within.


    “Mrs. Tamarind? It’s me Arthur, I brought Shelly and a friend along” Arthur repeated his greeting albeit a bit softer now that he was inside.


    However, there was no response besides for the eerie sound of someone weeping came from deeper within.


    Their movements slow, the deeper they went towards to the sound of weeping their nostrils began to get assailed by the stench of medicine. Covering their nose, they trekked through the narrow hallway.


    The sound of weeping can be heard from the door ahead. Noticing something strange Shelly took the lead ahead of Arthur and cautiously opened the door.


    It was a small room with only enough space for a bed and a few people inside. Resting on the bed was a withered old man his skin was covered in a purple tone. His body peaceful laid on the bed motionless.


    A pungent smell rot and decay plus medicine assaulted their nostrils as the door opened wider.


    “Mrs. Tamarind?” Shelly whispered hoping to get her attention.


    The sound of weeping stopped. The crying women turned her head around after hearing Shelly’s whisper.


    “Oh, Shelly and Arthur, I didn’t hear you come in. Wait outside for a bit, will you? I’ll be out in a minute.” She replied. Boss’ brow crinkled glancing at the person on the bed and the women before them.


    “Alright” Shelly said as she closed the door in front of her.


    Arthur could see the strange expression on Shelly and Boss’ face not completely sure of what was going on.


    “What’s wrong?” Arthur asked.


    However, there was no reply from the two.


    “Is Mr. Tamarind okay?” Arthur continued to ask when he didn’t hear a response.


    “When was the last time you guys saw Mrs. Tamarind?” Boss asked the two, while ignoring Arthur’s question.


    “Just a few days ago, why?” Arthur answered.


    “Before that?” Boss asked again ignoring Arthur’s question.


    The two became lost in thought, the last time they met Mrs. Tamarind was almost a year ago when Arthur and Shelly began their walks around the town. He remembered that both she and her husband were happy and healthy back then with her cookies being great.


    They would frequently visit them before Mr. Tamarind had fallen ill. After that they would visit him from time to time, but one of the town’s doctor said that they shouldn’t since he was extremely frail.


    “When you guys came to visit Mr. Tamarind when he was sick did you see Mrs. Tamarind?” Boss continued to question.


    A strange expression could be seen on their face as they had no recollection of seeing Mrs. Tamarind. They only remembered that whenever they came it was with the doctor to check Mr. Tamarind’s condition. However, the doctor stopped showing up one day after saying that Mr. Tamarind was doing fine, and they shouldn’t disturb him.


    “No… what’s going on?” Arthur answered after thinking for a minute. However, before anyone could answer him the door behind them began to open.


    Mrs. Tamarind walked out the door in her usual plain attire with the same expression she normally greeted them with.


    “I’m sorry about that, I was just taking care of Mr. Tamarind.


    “Mrs. Tamarind is Mr. Tamarind okay?” Arthur asked.


    Let’s go somewhere else he’s sleeping.” She whispered with her finger pressed on her lips.


    Following her lead into the living room where she asked for them to sit, the three kids complied as she walked into the kitchen to pour them a glass of water. The sound of water could be heard being poured from the faucet as Arthur quickly asked Boss and Shelly what was going on.


    “What’s going on? Why is everyone so quiet?” Arthur asked.


    “I think Mr. Tamarind is dead. And it’s been a few days too.” Shelly stated calmly as Boss nodded his head.


    “And it’s just not that, Mrs. Tamarind is probably the same” Boss added.


    “But, she’s right there? Isn’t she? She’s pouring water for us right now, right?” Arthur asked a little anxious and hysterical. How could he believe what they’re saying? Is she a ghost?


    The sound water in the kitchen stopped. The door opened as a little old granny with a plate of water walked out. Each kid held onto the cup of water, but none dared to take a sip. Mrs. Tamarind paid it no mind as she walked to her sofa and sat down.


    “Mrs. Tamarind are you okay? I heard you crying when I entered.” Arthur began to ask Mrs. Tamarind recalling what he heard when he arrived.


    “Ah, it’s Berthal, he’s not doing so great,” Mrs. Tamarind shook her head before picking up a cup of water to sip.


    Everyone waited for her to continue.




    “I won’t lie to you children; I don’t think he’ll make it. His illness came back during recovery and he’s been in a coma ever since.” Her voice quivered as she began to weep. It was same weeping they’ve heard when entering the house.


    “I don’t know what went wrong, he was doing fine…” The room began to darken as if the morning sunlight couldn’t penetrate its way through the windows.


    “He was recovering…” The temperature started to drop. The once bright living room turned into a dull, dark and cold place. Arthur huddled closer to Shelly; their pets began to shudder.


    “I bought all the medicine I could too...” Her voice grew heavier as everything in the room rapidly began to age and decay. Boss kept his calm while staring at the scenes before him not muttering a single sound.


    “Mrs. Tamarind?” Arthur whispered to her his voice shaking as he tried to call out to her.


    “WHY?” A violent force erupted swirling around her causing windows within the house to shatter and explode outwards. The entire house began swaying and creaking as the rot within the room spread outwards covering the entirety of the home.


    “WHY DID HE DIE?” She finally exposed his death to them. The malicious air began to spiral around her as her usual brown hair turned into an ashy grey. Her eyes becoming a malevolent red as bloody tears started to drip down.


    None of the kids dared to make any sudden movement, the change in her was all too sudden.


    “Poison” Boss slowly muttered, his voice calming yet serious.


    The old grandma’s bloodshot eyed darted towards the direction of the child who spoke. She saw serious and calm look on his face as he stared straight back at her. The angry grandma hissed through gritted teeth “what did you say!?”


    “He was poisoned.” Boss repeated in a solemn childish tone without hint of falsehood. Seeing the look on the boy Mrs. Tamarind couldn’t help but believe him. Arthur gave Boss a surprise look of shock whereas Shelly only stared at him in contemplation.


    The malevolent aura around her started to dissipate as the scenery within the entire household reverted to normal, everything except for the bloody tears dripping down her bright red eyes.


    Only the sound of weeping could be heard as the bloody red tears continued to drip onto the carpeted floor. Did he really get poisoned? Who would do such a thing?


    Arthur leaned over to Boss and whispered, “What do you mean he’s been poisoned?”


    “Mrs. Tamarind, do you know when your husband passed away?” Boss asked ignoring Arthur’s question.


    “Few days ago.” She finally calmed down enough to reply wiping away the bloody tears with her sleeve not even noticing it was covered in blood.


    “Did you buy these medicines of your own judgement or was it prescribed?” Boss continued asking.


    “Dr. Bishop suggested the medicines. Why…?” Mrs. Tamarind replied her face showcased her confusion as she could only weakly sit on her chair and listen to the purple haired child’s response.


    “Your husband should’ve been struck by a slow acting poison that destroyed his immune system. Eventually, weakening him into a vegetative state. It should’ve happened roughly half a year ago.” Boss calmly told his analysis.


     “Dr. Bishop stopped coming around then!” Arthur exclaimed in realization.


    “But he was helping my husband get better the medicine was working too, why would he kill him?” Mrs. Tamarind asked in dismay.


    “He never planned on saving your husband, the medicine he gave your husband was the catalyst and the prescribed one he gave you was the trigger. Most likely every time he had you gather medicine; he would slowly inject your husband with his catalyst.” Boss stated clearly.


    “That’s why we never saw Mrs. Tamarind she was out!” Arthur exclaimed.


    “But why? Why us? Why him?” Mrs. Tamarind asked in dejection, the lifeless eyes on her face revealing fatigue. She just wanted an answer already.


    “Mrs. Tamarind, how come you’re an Exotic?” Shelly finally spoke up asking Mrs. Tamarind that question.


    “I’m not I’ve always been normal, brown hair and brown eyes.” She replied her eyes blinked in confusion.


    “Mrs. Tamarind, you have grey hair and red eyes right now” Shelly calmly stated.


    Hearing her response Mrs. Tamarind found a mirror to look at staring at the faded silhouette in front of her.


    “Bu-but how?” Her body shuttered as she stared at the figure before her a fierce looking woman was returning her gaze.


    “You’re dead.” Boss stated throwing in even more confusion.


    “I-I’m dead?” Mrs. Tamarind looked at him in disbelief. Aren’t I right here? How am I dead?


    Arthur is completely speechless he’s not sure what the heck is going on right now. Only Shelly could vaguely grasp the answer.


    “I do believe you and Mr. Tamarind were alive when the kids met you. However, within the time frame when the kids weren’t around you probably ran into mishaps and died. Without you around your husband slowly fell ill and Dr. Bishop came to save him.” Boss calmly stated.


    “Why would he save him? I thought you said he’s the killer!” Arthur shouted at the inconsistency.


    “He most likely did at first, that is until he saw you Mrs. Tamarind.” Boss calmly replied.


    “Wh-what did I do?” She replied not sure where this kid was going with his logic.


    “Shelly do you know?” Boss asked Shelly the question not seemingly in a hurry to proceed.


    “I think so.” Shelly replied. She continued “Mrs. Tamarind, what’s your husband’s powers?” Shelly asked.


    “He doesn’t have any, brown hair and brown eyes. Well, until they turned blue one day years ago, but I think that’s normal” She replied with a look of confusion on her face.


    “Cyan!” Arthur shouted. Shelly nodded her head in agreement. It is no surprising Mrs. Tamarind doesn’t know much about physical and mental energy as everyone around her had brown hair and brown eyes.


    Even when there were people who had their hair or eye color changed, she didn’t think much of it because they were still the same people with just different hair and eye colors. Her husband also never mentioned it when he obtained it, so she just felt it was normal.


    The ones who get the most recognition are the two little kids who are Exotics, even in history books they gloss over the orthodox powers of red, blue, green hair and magenta, cyan, yellow eyes and praises Exotics as gift of Gods.


    “Cyan eyes, empathy. The power to understand people’s feelings and manipulate it.” Shelly calmly stated. Her response just continued to befuddle Mrs. Tamarind as she had no idea what the kids were talking about.


    “Mrs. Tamarind, I believe when you died, you died with intense regret. You were probably killed by someone. Your husband’s powers most likely sensed your feelings at the time of death and succumbed to it, falling into a state of deep sleep-like illness.” The absurdity of her answer was apparent as both Arthur and Mrs. Tamarind looked at her with confusion.


    Shelly continued taking some time to pause and organize her thoughts before she proceeds. “This is most likely when you came back, do you remember calling for Dr. Bishop or was he there?” she asked.


    “I-I uh, I don’t recall calling for him, he was there when my husband was ill.” Mrs. Tamarind replied honestly.


    “I see, Dr. Bishop most likely was already there helping to save your husband. However, during the recovery process you appeared. This must’ve startled him; he most likely kept his distance from you and asked you questions about what you know.” Shelly continued with her analysis.


    “He did, he would be quiet around me and asked me some questions, I just assumed he was just the quiet type.” Mrs. Tamarind was engrossed as she listened to Shelly’s analysis.


    “I think when he saw you, that’s when he made plans to kill your husband.” Shelly said.


    “But why? Why me? What did I do?”


    “Basically, he killed or someone he knew killed you. Dr. Bishop then tried to save your husband only to see someone who had died come back. Fearing that you would remember what happened to you, he had you kill your husband too after realizing your husband manifested you with his power.” Boss intervened and concluded the analysis.


    Her memories flooded in like a riptide as her eyes became clearer “I-I remember now, I died, some bastard hit me over the head on my way home to prepare dinner. “It was our anniversary…” She recalled the stuff she bought. Her body slowly started to become transparent.


    “He took everything… he said if only I didn’t buy it this wouldn’t have happened.” She recalled her memory as she became more translucent.


    “I killed my husband…” She began to weep transparent tears as her body started disappearing from the bottom up.


    A faint warm glow began to appear beside her transparent body enveloping her in a warm embrace.




    “It’s fine now Henrietta, look I’m fine.” The transparent body of Berthal Tamarind hugged her from behind in a warm embrace. Henrietta Tamarind could only cry herself in his arms as her body continued to slowly disappear bit by bit. He lifted his head up making eye contact with the kids.


    “Thank you, kids, thanks for seeing me one last time.” The glowing light from Berthal’s body began to glow becoming visibly brighter. A warm gentle smile could be seen on his face as he closed his eyes hugging his wife. Mrs. Tamarind raised her head giving the kids one last smile before both she and him dissipated completely.


    The moment their body started to fade completely the voice of Berthal Tamarind’s echoed in kids’ ears.


    “Please have our body cremated and scatter the ashes somewhere nice and peaceful so that we can be together forever…” The voice progressively got softer by the end.


    Tears flowed down Arthur’s eyes while Shelly tried to control her breathing. Looking at the unmoving kids Boss helped them off the sofa and left the home. Arthur cried all the way home creating a trail from the Tamarind’s to theirs.


    Boss summarized what had occurred at the Tamarind’s to Samuel and Angel prompting an immediate investigation. Immediately the entire taskforce of the town found Henrietta’s body. Her remains were abandoned deeper in the forest buried underneath some loose pile of dirt.


     Dr. Bishop left town half a year ago after letting the manifestation of Mrs. Tamarind poison her husband.


    Both Berthal’s body and Henrietta’s remains were cremated the same day Henrietta’s was found. The kids now own the urns and have it on display in the living room until they can find a nice and peaceful place.


    On the porch of the Tamarind’s home the rocking chairs they owned could be seen rocking together one last time as the sunlit day turned into night.

  • Chapter 10. The day after


    The day after what had transpired the three little munchkins decided to spend their time at home, no more going out for this weekend they were too exhausted. Boss was fine but he played along.


    Meanwhile, a few certain people aren’t as relaxed.



    “You’ve called your Majesty?” A silhouette appeared beside the king, their appearance hidden behind a veil obscuring their hair and eyes.


    “Jester, do you know what the state of Zeldova is like after these past two years?” The king sighed. His appearance was that of an early 40-year-old man, with deep purple eye and silver hair.


    The war took a toll on the population of his country with the destruction of half his military forces. The group of the 20 most powerful Exotics at his command half, lost their lives. The once prosperous kingdom of Zeldova that was growing with momentum with each year better than the previous, stagnated.


    “If only we were given a few more years to build up our power.” His eyes closed lamenting the possibility.


    “Day by day, our men collected Rainbow Stones to progressively get stronger. We had a monopoly sure, but we didn’t prohibit trade. Their jealousy and greed at what we were becoming started this damn war.” He continued seemingly becoming more enraged.


    “Those damn Vistas!” The king shouted in complete anger, he knew what his kingdom and this country could’ve become if he was only given a few more years.


    “We lost everything in this war!” He bellowed, in the war the Kingdom of Zeldova was on the winning front pushing back the Tillowisk Empire into their own country.


    “If it wasn’t for the Church of Future fucking Heaven and Shit Haven’s Emissaries, we could’ve annihilated that fucking empire to the ground.” Seething with rage the force of gravity within the entire palace doubled. Those with weak constitution dropped to the ground as the gravitational pressure kept increasing.


    “We won, while they retreated, and they got all the freaking benefit?” He recalled the situation with the planet’s dispersal. The dispersal occurred in the region of the Tillowisk Empire leading to plentiful and bountiful harvest of plants and animals for the past two years.


    “Your Majesty, the people.” Jester interrupted reminding the King that his power was literally squishing everyone into paste if he didn’t stop.


    The gravitational force within the palace receded as everyone who felt it regained their senses. There were minor injuries as everyone within the palace buckled to the king’s rage.




    The door to the King’s chambers exploded wide open as a teenager around the age of 13 rushed in.


    “Father, are you alright?” The youngest prince of three walked in dressed in a flaming red robe with the insignia of a phoenix. He had piercing blue eyes and Magenta hair; his demeanor was calm and commanding.


    Seeing the teenager walk in the once angry king calmed down. “Jayce, you should be training with your master right now. Why are you here?”


    “I felt your anger and immediately rushed over, remember what happened last time?” Jayce Masters said reminding his father about the time he turned some people to paste. They had to remove every normal person from the palace because of this.




    The king faked a cough in embarrassment as he continued.


    “Every day, our people are people are working hard mining Rainbow Stones and farming to stay alive. Yet, those damn Vistas crawled back to their country with their tail tucked between their legs and now they’re enjoying the planet’s energy for themselves.” He was grinding his teeth still enraged.


    “They’re gaining in power too fast; we need to deter them; a second war is the last thing we want.” The king stated concern.


    “Father, I spoke to Jester and Master about this, I think we have a plan” Jayce calmly replied as the door to the palace slowly reassembled back in place before closing.



    “Your Majesty, we need assistance!” The commanding knight knelt in front of the King. His entire body covered in bright silver-plated armor.


    “What is it this time?” King Tyran Vista hissed. He was a man in his late 50s with light blue eyes and same colored hair adorned in a kingly yellow robe with an insignia of a pale blue dragon.


    The amount of time soldiers came asking for assistance has gone through the roof since the war ended. The Tillowisk Empire suffered major casualty during the war, losing 10 men to every 1 that they had killed.


    “We need more people, the animals are growing and reproducing at an alarming pace, we aren’t sure when we can keep them at bay!” The commanding knight stated.


    During the war they waged against the Kingdom of Zeldova, they suffered a massive defeat retreating to their continent. It was thanks to the Church of Future Heaven and Church of Safe Haven that they didn’t completely get annihilated by Zeldova. However, the amount of abled men they have at this moment is only double of Zeldova’s.


    “Damn it! If it wasn’t for that damn Baroque and his stupid country! Why the hell did he have to find Rainbow Stones!? I wouldn’t have started this war and lost this many people!” King Tyran completely blamed King Baroque for his current predicament.


    “What about the two Churches what are they doing?” He remembered the Emissaries the Church brought over to inspect the location of the dispersal.

    “They said every Emissaries’ objectives is the dispersal, they won’t lend their members to us for population control.” The commanding knight replied through gritted teeth.


    “Damn! Damn! DAMN!!! Where am I supposed to get more people!?” The king roared to the heavens shaking the entire location bursting eardrums in the process.


    Those within the palace knows of the King’s powers so they always walk around with their ears completely protected. However, the vibrating frequency wave through the air can still cause those with weaker constitution to explode.


    “Oh, wait I know! How long can we hold out?” The king glanced over to the knight.


    “Sir, it’ll be less than 5 years for the balance to shift, 10 years before we’re completely overwhelmed!” The commanding knight replied.


    “I think I know what we should do! Call Cerulean over!” He shouted in the air. The knight stood in place because the voice was loud enough to call her over.


     “You called, father?” Cerulean walked in with brisk pace, she is a girl around the age of 13 with long pink hair and bright blue eyes. She asked with earmuffs on.


    “It’s time for you go to school.” King Tyran said.


    “Hm?” She replied forgetting she had earmuffs on.


    “It’s time for you go to SCHOOL!” He shouted louder causing her to nod her head this time acknowledging that she had heard.


    “Michael, do you know your mission?” The Pope asked the weary looking young man in front of him. A few days had passed since the Pope requested Michael to escort Julie to the Tillowisk Empire and see if she could learn anything from the dispersal.


    At first Michael was excited that he could finally take Julie out and away from the grasp of the Church that he didn’t sleep the first night thinking about the fun he’ll have with her. However, on the second night he began to worry about the situation, the Pope wouldn’t just let him and her walk around freely, he’d definitely have people watch over them from somewhere, right?


    For three straight nights Michael only had less than an hour of sleep due to constant worrying. The dark bags underneath his eyes as he knelt in front of the Pope weighed heavily upon his face.


    Michael could only dazedly nod his head in understanding as his eyes grew heavier and heavier.


    The Pope turned his head towards the young man knelt before him and closed his eyes, a warm stream of white light flowed towards the direction of Michael instantly waking him up with a shudder.


    “Michael Halloway, you will take Julie Chartreuse to the Tillowisk Empire starting tomorrow morning. I won’t assist you two on you way there so do your best to survive.” The Pope said, completely leaving their faith to the Heavens.


    Michael finally broke out of his dazed stupor as his entire body felt refreshed and energized.


    “But your Holiness, who will look after you if I’m gone?” Michael played along. He didn’t believe there would be no one trailing him.


    “Don’t worry about me, Michael.” The Pope replied leaving Michael with no ounce for rebuttal.


    “Yes, your Holiness” Michael got up by the command of the Pope as he made his way to the door. After closing the door, he walked a short distance away before he had to go inform Julie.


    Practically skipping towards her Michael had an excited childish smile on his face.


    The Pope remained motionless on his throne as he closed his eyes. A minute later cold sweat and heavy breathing covered the Pope’s body as he tried to calm himself down. His head turned to look up at the stained-glass pattern overhead. A sign of fatigue can be seen on his face as he slowly closed his eyes again as he waited for the townspeople to arrive.



    Awoke from her nap the woman headed towards the cafeteria for status report and information.






    A bunch of titles were thrown around as the woman entered the cafeteria opened the door. Everyone within the cafeteria immediately stood in attention as she made way through her choice of food and onto a table.


    While eating the food she motioned one of the men over. It was the same bald gentlemanly mustached man with the body the size of a bear.

    “Status report.”


    “We’ve followed other Boss into the wormhole and found the planet that he’s currently residing in. His powers… insignificant.” The gentlemanly mustached man said.


    “Hm, should I blow up the planet and forcefully drag him back?” She muttered to herself. Those around her shuddered at the words, if it wasn’t for her cruelty only directed towards her enemies, they would have really tried to stop her.


    “We’re on standby outside, neighboring their galaxy. It doesn’t seem like he’ll be leaving the planet anytime soon” The mustached man continued.


    “Oh? Aren’t we too close?”


    “We’re waiting for your decision on the matter.”


    “I see.”


    “The planet he landed on is separated 90% water and 10% land, there’s three giant continents circling the globe with the North and South pole covered in ice.”


    “Mhm.” She continued to eat her food waiting for him to continue.


    “However, that’s not why he won’t be leaving soon, this planet is capable of evolving!” The mustached man said with glee. Owning a planet and all its inhabitants meant that they’ll be able to have more powerful personnel added to their crew once the evolution is complete.


    “Oh? You’re saying there’s potential for him to be in danger?” She replied nonchalantly.


    “Yes! Luckily we’re here first so he won’t be in danger.” The mustached man said.


    “Well, if that’s the case, we’re going on vacation. How about the Planet Labelle?” She asked her group of soldiers. Planet Labelle is the best-known vacation planet where every advance civilization would go to in order to spend their time.

    “I want to visit Planet Lark I’ve heard the creatures there provide excellent training!” Another soldier interjected, he was similar in stature as the mustached man, but if one was a bear the other would be a tiger.





    The entire crew of 200 immortals divided their answers. One half wanted to train themselves and become even stronger, the other wanted to relax. Knowing that their Boss has the final say they could only stare at her and praise the two planets.


    Finishing the food and placing her utensils down she decided that they will go to Planet Lark first for training, then to Planet Labelle for rest and relaxation. This resulted in a resounding amount of applause and roaring from the crewmembers.


    The galactic ship they were on vanished from the outskirt of the galaxy without a trace leaving only some high energy residue behind.


    Meanwhile a certain other Boss of theirs felt a chill crawl up his spine.

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    King of the Multiverse Chapter 11: Achoo


    “Achoo” Boss wiped his nose on his sleeve. A cold chill crawled up his spine as he began to shudder.


    “Are you sick? Can aliens get sick?” Arthur didn’t know anything about Boss’ functionality.


    “No, I’m not sick” However he did feel a little clammy.


    “So, what do you kids do today? I know yesterday has been quite rough and exhausting, but are we just gonna stay inside all day?” Boss asked. He was getting really bored it was almost lunch time, yet Arthur and Shelly did not take one step out of the house. In fact, they were just sitting on the sofa playing with their pets.


    “Sundays is when the entire town head over to the Church to pray in the morning. There’s nothing to do besides church. Do you want to go to church?” Arthur replied feeling quite sick inside. He’s been to church a few times but every time he went it just sitting and hearing a person talk for hours.


    So, he decided every Sunday he’ll skip Church and wait until everyone is done with it before he walked around town in order to get maximum praise and attention. Of course, he tried revealing his identity as an Exotic at the church once, however, after being swarmed by entirety of the town it made him claustrophobic. It was also the last time he showed up.


    “Besides, going to church is not mandatory, so I don’t want to go.” Arthur leapt off the sofa and ran to sit in front of a mirror. Barkie hopped off and followed along not willing to let Arthur out of its sight.


    “What’re you doing now?” Boss looked at the kid who was staring at a mirror and making weird faces. Shelly continued to pet the kitten on her lap paying the two no mind.


    “I’m trying to see what my eyes can do; Shelly already has her powers, where’s mine?” Arthur began having a staring contest with himself as he furrowed his eyebrows.


    “Oh? You don’t know what your power is yet?” Boss asked before remembering something he read in the book.


    “Right, you haven’t hit puberty yet ahaha” Boss remembered what the history book said. Kids can go to the school for powers in this world any time after the age 8 or when they hit puberty.


    Puberty is when children experience the most growth in their life, meaning that their full untapped potential is best trained during this time. Both the founders of Lumiere and Naturelle has found that this is the case and has made it this age requirement centuries ago.


    Most family would send their kids to school at the age of 8 to make connections and friends beforehand. Once they hit puberty their natural capabilities will be tested and then they’ll be organized into the corresponding groups. Each group having different training regimen.


    Exotics don’t need to go to school any time after 8 or when they hit puberty, because the family of Exotics are typically well off and fortunate. They’ll instead train at home with their own teachers and masters and will enroll whenever their parents decide it is time for them to.


    Most Exotics would bring their own masters and teachers along anyways, so it is fine whether they stay at home or decide to go. This makes it easier on the two school of powers as they don’t need to find the necessary teachers curated towards specific Exotics.


    “Stop laughing, it’s not funny.” Arthur shoved Boss aside, as he continued to stare at himself in the mirror. This led to even more laughter coming from Boss with Shelly lifting a smile from the corner of her mouth.


    Anger welled up inside Arthur as he bounced up off the chair and stomped his way out of the house with Barkie sitting on his head. Laughter can still be heard from Boss inside as Arthur slammed the door shut behind him.


    Wiping away the tears of laughter from his eyes Boss looked over at Shelly and asked, “Should we go after him?”


    “Mew” Silver replied for Shelly.


    “Okay! Let’s go!” Boss said as if he completely understood what the kitten meant.


    A few moments after the door slammed shut, it opened again with two more individuals walking out of the house. Boss quickly turned to Shelly and asked her where she thinks Arthur is heading off to.


    “The church. It’s almost noon so people are leaving already, he’ll be heading there to receive attention after being laughed at by you.” Shelly accurately replied, it seems like this wasn’t the first time Arthur has stormed out of the house.


    “This isn’t the first time is it?” Boss asked.


    “Samuel sometimes makes fun of him too, so he’ll run to wherever there’s the most people to feel good and be admired.”


    “Guess he’s still just a kid.”

    “We’re only 10.” Shelly bluntly replied causing Boss to be at a loss for word.


    “I’m only 10 too.” Boss finally said after a short pause.


    “No.” Her reply made him speechless again causing the kitten perched upon her shoulder to open an eye and smirk at him. It was laughing at him. Foolish immortal you’re not 10.


    Only able to laugh it off Boss asked Shelly more questions about the Church they’re walking to and its Pope as they trailed behind Arthur.


    “Hm, the Pope? I don’t know much about the Pope besides his appearance and that he’s an Exotic.” Shelly replied, she only knows as much as any of the other townspeople.


    “What about the people currently working alongside him?”


    “I don’t know about his Emissaries that they sent to the Tillowisk Empire since I was on the way here during that time. The only one with the Pope is Michael right now.”


    “Who is Michael?”


    “Oh, he’s a 20-year-old normal person that Arthur likes to pick on."


    This wasn’t the information Boss wanted, he could only continue to ask further questions. “Uh, what else can you tell me about him?”


    “Hm, his full name is Michael Halloway, he’s been looking for his missing girlfriend for 2 years with no sign of luck. I think he became a Priest of the Church of Future Heaven to ask for a favor from the Pope regarding finding her.”


    “Oh? Can the Pope really find her?”


    “I’m not sure.” Shelly said, it seems her information about the Pope and Michael was really minimal.


    “I see Arthur! What do you wanna do? Secretly follow him or…? Boss asked Shelly with an answer already in mind. Before Shelly could decide, Boss continued “Alright, secretly follow Arthur it is.”



    “Freaking, Boss laughing at me, if I wanted to puberty, I can get it easily. Hmph, I’m just taking my time. Isn’t that right Barkie?” Arthur consoled himself as he tried talking to Barkie. However, the dog was as aloof as ever not uttering a single sound in response.


     Soon the sound of incoming footsteps of the townspeople could be heard. Avoiding them, Arthur hid himself behind the tall trees canopying the pathway.


    He remembered what happened before when he revealed himself to them, trying to get out of their encirclement was near impossible without his family’s intervention. Arthur didn’t want to expose himself to the leading group of people heading home, he wanted to get closer to the church and reveal himself to the little amount remaining, that way he wouldn’t get stuck again.


    The sounds of broken twigs and shuffling could be heard as Arthur continued to sneak his way towards the church. The townspeople were loudly talking among themselves to notice Arthur’s stealth-like movements.


    “What do you think about today’s Prayer?” A group of 40-year-old women together began to talk.


    “I think it was normal, the Pope came out and we spent our morning doing the usual. Ah~ I feel so refreshed every time we leave.” One of the women said, her looks was more on the chubbier side with equally chubby cheeks.


    “Right, I feel the same, isn’t the Pope just magical?” Another woman agreed, she had a small noticeable mole near her chin.


    “Could he be an Exotic? No way, right?” The third woman began to gossip, she was currently fanning herself with her hand.


    “Yeah, no way I think he’s blind, but his soothing voice refreshes us.” The chubby one stated confidently.


    “But his eyes are white right, aren’t Exotics known to have colorful hair and eyes.” The one with the mole on her chin said.


    “Girl, I don’t know, you think we townsfolk know anything about Exotics? Shoot, I only know of Adorable Arthur and Smart Shelly.” The chubby one answered.


    “I can’t wait to see Arthur and Shelly today, oh every time I see them, I know I’m going to have a good day.” The one fanning herself continued. “I just want to pinch his little cheeks for good luck!”


    Overhearing their conversation, Arthur shuddered and quickly headed closer to the church, rubbing his cheeks he told himself to avoid that woman today. Meanwhile a certain person in the Church wasn’t expecting Julie’s response.


    “No! I’m not going!” Julie screamed seemingly succumbing to madness as her chest heaved heavily.


    “Julie, are you alright? What’s wrong? Is it the Pope, has he done something to you?” Michael asked completely unsure of what went wrong. I only just told her what the Pope had said, and she screamed at me. Did two years of imprisonment made her go insane?


    “Michael, I’m not going.” She said with gritted teeth, it seemed she was adamant about staying here.


    Confused at her behavior Michael asked, “But, don’t you want to get out of here? Didn’t the Pope kidnapped and locked you up?”


    “Michael, if you cared about me, you wouldn’t let me out.” Julie said ignoring his question her look of refusal was clearly shown in her piercing hazel eyes.


    Unsure of what she meant Michael could only ask for an explanation. “Julie, what’s wrong, why do you want to stay here?”


    Julie knew she had to give him an answer, mustering up all the effort she had she muttered “I hurt people”.


    However, that’s all she could say before her shoulder started to shudder as tears fell from her eyes recalling what happened 2 years ago.




    Covering her face as tears fell onto the floor the once repressed trauma came back to her she continued. “They died because of me.”


    Her voice was weak eliciting Michael to fully embrace her; tears continually rolled down her eyes as she covered her face in his chest. The loud sound of crying echoed out of the door.



    Standing dazedly in the empty garden in front of the Church’s enormous door, Arthur sighed to himself in regret. Recalling, what the woman said about pinching his cheeks. he avoided everyone while running towards the church in fear of getting pinched. By the time he realized what he had first set out to do, everyone had already made their way back to town.


    The praises and look of admirations he went out to get was gone by the time he knew it.




    Arthur shook his head in dejection, a slightly embarrassed smile could be seen on his face when he realized his mistake. Continuing with another sigh he turned around getting ready to head back home.


    “Boo!” Boss shouted, eliciting Arthur to yelp in response once he turned around. This made Boss laugh as he stood right behind Arthur.


    Realizing that both Shelly and Boss had followed him, he could only angrily spurt “You were following me? For how long!?”


    Boss nonchalantly replied, “Since the beginning”, he then pinched his owns cheeks and began to laugh making Arthur embarrassed about the conversation he overheard.


    “What’re you gonna do now Adorable Arthur?” Boss continued to tease him.


    “I’m going home.” Arthur answered in a serious tone, he really wanted to just punch boss and run away.


    “Now wait just a minute.” Boss said as he glanced at the door seemingly peering through everything inside.


    “How about we go inside? It’ll be interesting.” Boss walked ahead and pointed at the door before him, promptly placing his hands on it.




    A loud sound echoed throughout the church as Boss made his way in.


    “Anyone home~?”

  • King of the Multiverse Chapter 12. Anyone home~?

    “Anyone home~?” Boss’ childish voice echoed through the empty castle sized church.


    “Why was the door so loud?” Arthur covered his ears staring at the door Boss pushed through. Barkie can be seen slightly shivering above his head. Silver woke up from Shelly’s arm and didn’t fall back to sleep.


    Looking at the broken pieces of metal on the ground Shelly gave Arthur the answer “The door was locked.”


    Flabbergasted by the ease it was for Boss to push opened an enormous locked door, Arthur turned and asked Shelly, “That’s not normal right?”


    “Definitely not normal, he’d have to be an Orthodox Red hair to have that kind of strength.” Shelly replied. An orthodox is a person who had gone through schooling for the energy manipulation manifested in their hair and eyes.


    The majority of the world’s population consist of those who go to either Naturelle or Lumiere to practice and learn how to manipulate physical and mental energy. Only strange people from the third continent East of Zeldova and West of the Tillowisk Empire have their own unorthodox approach to creating their energy users.


    “Man, what kind of power does he have?” Arthur thought inwardly. An Exotic that can change his age, hair and eye color, and have the physical strength of a Red. This is the first time he’s ever heard of such a thing.


    “Anyone~home~?” Boss repeated himself as he made his way further through. Marveling at the expansive space within the Church capable of filling the entirety of the town right through just front door.


    Enormously tall hallways over 7 meters in height and 4 meters wide capable of holding dozens of people to walk through with ease. A staircase at the corner of the Church that follows alongside the wall going up to the upper levels. Boss walked around with a thought in his mind. Why are the hallways so large?


    Step by step Boss eventually stumbled upon rows of marble sculptures of Angels with 2, 4, 6 and 8 wings each one progressively becoming larger and more enigmatic than the former. The eight-winged Angel stood nearly 5 meters tall.


    Halting in front of the eight-winged Angel, Boss gave it a curious look. It was an enormous handsome Angel with an enchanting smile and straight long hair down to his chest, A thinly veil cloth wrapped around his body covering everything indecent.


    Scratching his head, Boss craned his neck to stare at the sculpture before him.  I’ve seen this fella somewhere before. However, I don’t remember where.


    The two kids quickly caught up to Boss and craned their necks to look up at the eight-winged Angel before them. A mysterious energy suddenly flowed out of it as they approached, it swirled around the two youth, completely ignoring Boss and the pets.


    Arthur’s eyes slowly dulled into a trance as the mysterious energy continued to swirl around him.


    Shelly’s forehead was filled with a cold sweat as the energy slowly enshrouded her body. A plea for help can be seen on her expression as her eyes too were becoming more listless.


    “Shoo, shoo” Boss waved his hands around the energy completely dispersing it, however not before trace amount fell upon the two.


    The two youths went out of their trance, a weird sensation enveloped their body as they looked at each other. Arthur’s eyes bulged as he stared at Shelly. “Sh-shelly there’s white lights all around you!


    “Same to you!” Shelly replied in disbelief, what is she seeing?


    “Wh-what are these lights?” Arthur asked hoping for an answer.


    “No idea, I can’t see it.” Boss lied, he continued to walk ahead, shattering Arthur’s hope for an answer.


    “W-wait for me” Arthur chased after Boss. Shelly followed suit walking slower and pacing herself as she kept her eyes on Arthur. The white lights around him slowly flowed into his body returning his appearance to normal.


    Minutes passed by as the kids continued their exploration of the church. The once smiling expression on the eight-winged Angel morphed, the smile vanished replaced by a look of viciousness as it began to move.


    “Hm?” The Pope’s eyes popped open the moment the Angel moved. Holding himself up from the seat with his silver cane, the Pope reached for the Golden Scepter at his side and began to slowly walk. Only the sound of the cane tapping the floor could be heard as he disappeared down the hallway.


    “Where are we going? It feels like we’re walking in circles!” Arthur angrily shouted; the entire church was enormous, too enormous that Arthur felt lost.


    “Ahaha, I think we are.” Boss said without a hint of worry. Using his spiritual sense, he could navigate around the church with ease, but he didn’t want to cheat. So, he shrunk it to just around him and the kids, enough to respond to any sneak attack.


    “Hm, where shall we go? That way?” Boss pointed at a certain direction he believed they haven’t been through before.


    “Shelly, please help us, if we follow Boss around, we’ll be stuck here forever.” Arthur begged her. He remembered that she told him her memory was good, she should know where to go.


    Shelly glanced at the hallway that was split into various parts like a spiderweb. Her eyes closed as she recalled the directions they’ve taken since entering the Church. Lines and dots formed as pathways were drawn on a map visualized within her head.


    A moment later, her eyes open and she took the lead. Two doors down the hallway turn to the right. Three doors down that hallway turn to the left. Three more and another left. Her pace started to quicken as Arthur and Boss followed along at a brisk pace.


    Several minutes went by with Shelly continuously moving throughout the Church, Arthur was starting to feel unrest settle in as the back of his mind screamed, we’re lost! However, right after that, Shelly made a right turn and the hallway opened to a whole other place appeared.


    An enormous cavernous area similar to the front of the Church for the townspeople’s prayer appeared. Were they back at the front of the door? No. A Spiraling tower up ahead with a chain loosely removed from its handles appeared before their eyes.


    “Wow~ look at that tower!” Arthur exclaimed; he wasn’t expecting a cylindrical spiral 12 meters high of a tower within the church.


    “Let’s go check it out!” Arthur ran ahead getting closer to the door pausing only in front of it. He didn’t continue forward to open the door, the giant chains loosely around one handle of the door felt ominous.


    “Why are there chains around the handle?” Arthur wondered, “Perhaps there’s a monster inside!” he determined, why else would you use a chain instead of a normal lock? Arthur slowly inched backwards before bumping into Boss.


    “Hm? Walk forward, why’re you backing up to me?” Boss questioned Arthur’s behavior.


    “Th-there’s a m-m-monster up ahead” Arthur pointed at the chains on the handle. “Shh, we gotta get out of here” Arthur was already ready to flee the scene. However, he couldn’t budge as Boss held his shoulder slowly scooting him forward.


    Arthur’s struggle was in vain as he was pushed back in front of the door. Quivering in front of the door Arthur was unwilling to touch the handle. Only Shelly’s calm expression beside him calmed him down.


    Since Arthur was unwilling to open the door, Boss decided to do it himself. Just like before the moment he pushed it open his voice loudly echoed throughout the area. “Anyone home~?”


    Completely caught by surprise from the loud childish voice both Michael and Julie who was crying in his arms turned their head towards the direction of the door. A little youth of 10 years old with purple hair and yellow eyes walked in followed by two familiar faces. One was carrying a silver kitten in her arm while the other had a puppy squat on his scruffy head of hair.


    “Arthur? Shelly? What’re you doing here?” Michael was the first to respond.


    “Julie!” Arthur ran forward to give her a hug, prompting her to stumble back with him in her embrace. The little boy was up to her chest.


    “Arthur? Look at you! You’re so tall now.” She said while wiping away her remaining tears. Two years had gone by since he’d last seen her, he’d hardly grown, but it was enough for her to say so.


    “I know, right?” Arthur had a smug look on his face from her compliment. However, upon closer inspection of her face Arthur couldn’t help but frown. “Julie why’re you crying?”


    His eyes darted back and forth between the tears dried on Julie’s face and the only culprit in the room, along with remembering the chains he had seen on the handle before. Arthur quickly made his deduction, “Michael you kidnapper! You kidnapped Julie!”


    “Y-you take that back! I did no such thing!” Michael was unprepared by Arthur’s accusation he could only stammer.


    “Oh yeah, then why is she crying?” Arthur quickly pressed Michael.




    “And why were there chains outside the door, you locked her in here!” Arthur quickly cornered Michael with accusations, he didn’t know how to refute the evidence.


    A sad and depressed look can be seen on Michael’s face causing Julie to come his rescue. “He didn’t kidnap me Arthur, I came here myself.”


    “Did he tell you to say that? Blink once for yes, two for no” Arthur didn’t relent on bullying Michael.


    Julie’s eyes blinked once on accident the moment Arthur said that, causing him to glare at Michael for being so despicable.


    “N-no, I just blinked Arthur, Michael was here to save me” Julie quickly tried to save Michael’s sinking ship.


    “Is that true Julie? Then why did you come here?” Arthur relented; Julie wouldn’t be this lively if Michael was her kidnapper.




    “I brought her here” Michael interrupted seemingly trying to hide something. His abnormal behavior caught the suspicion of Shelly.


    “Oh? Then why were you looking for her so hard?” Shelly decided it was better to get the truth instead of having him hide it.




    “Oh, hi Julie, my name’s Shelly I’m Arthur’s friend” Shelly introduced herself, she never met Julie before. She’s only heard about her rom Arthur and Michael. Julie returned the greeting before looking at Boss.


    “And what’s your name boy?” Julie extended her arm for a handshake.


    “Call me Boss.” Boss replied returning the handshake, causing Julie to be at a loss for words.


    “Is that your name?”


    “Probably, it is for now” Boss replied confusing her even more so.


    Arthur pulled Julie down and whispered into her ear “He’s an alien, he fell from the sky” causing Julie to give Boss a look of astonishment. Could he be that thing that fell from the sky?


    Julie began to circle around him looking at him all over, from what she’s seen he seems like a normal kid.


    “What’re you looking at? Never seen a 10-year-old boy before?” Boss harrumphed at her curious gaze.


    Arthur pulled Julie down and whispered in her ear again, “He was a man yesterday, he only made himself look like a kid”. This made Julie’s eyes pop out in wonder as she curiously stared at him.


    Noticing everyone’s gazes were now on Boss and not him, Michael couldn’t help but got curious too. He went up to Arthur and whispered to ask him why Julie was so curious about Boss. However, Arthur should’ve been the last person he asked because all he received was Arthur’s tongue sticking out at him.


    Instead, Arthur repeated what Shelly had said “Yeah, Michael, why’re you looking for Julie so hard if you’re the one who brought her here?”


    All eyes fell upon Michael as he didn’t know what to say. Should he tell them the truth that he didn’t do it? But wouldn’t this make him a liar? So many thoughts were swirling around his head as all he could do was stand with his mouth agape not uttering a single word.


    Seeing Michael in a dilemma, Julie decided that she had to tell them the truth or Michael would receive all the blame.


    “Kids, Michael didn’t do anything.” Julie paused recollecting her thoughts.




    She exhaled, her thoughts in order and her calm collected.


    “Michael didn’t do anything, I locked myself up here of my own volition”




    Ruuumble… Ruuumble… Ruuumble… Ruuumble!

  • Chapter 13: The sound of rumbling


    The sound of rumbling could be heard as the floor began to quake. Slow thunderous footsteps destroyed the ground beneath as the towering creature motioned towards the spiraling tower.


    “Wh-what is that? An earthquake?” Arthur interrupted as the quaking of the ground got more intense.


    “No, something is coming this way.” Boss replied, knowing what’s to come. Hearing what Boss had said Michael raced towards the door peeking his head out to see what was outside. An enormous creature’s silhouette came into view as it made its way out of the hallway and into the cavernous space.


    “Seraphim!” Michael yelped before instantly pulling his head back inside and shutting the door with his back against it. Would he be able keep the Seraphim from breaking in?




    “Seraphim!?” Julie was full of shock from what Michael had said. A Seraphim, the highest order of Angels is here…? What on Tierra?


    Panicked she could only say “What do we do? What do we do?!”


    “Don’t panic so much, it’s not a real one.” Boss interrupted. “Go look at it for yourself” he pointed towards the door. Julie motioned towards the door, every step quivering as if she would fall to the ground with the slightest scare.




    She stumbles in front of Michael, falling into his embrace as she tries to maintain her calm. Silently thanking Michael in her head, she slowly pulled open the door, her head peeking outside saw the Seraphim in all its glory. A monstrous six-winged angel nearly 7 meters (23 feet) tall with a vicious look upon its face as it made its way closer to the tower.


    “Eep!” She yelped as she slammed the door closed behind her in the same behavior as Michael. Her chest heaved up and down as she tried to collect herself from what she had seen. That thing wasn’t an Angel! It was the marble statue at the entrance of the long maze of a hallway before coming here!


    “H-how can it move!?” She asked the people inside.


    Shaking their heads, the three youths showed that they had no idea. She turned to Michael hoping he’d have an answer. However, his head shook too, a look of disbelief can be seen on her face as she squatted down on the floor, defeated.




    The footsteps were getting closer, if they don’t do anything soon that thing outside will break its way in and then who knows what will happen?


    “What do we do!? What do we do!?” Julie began panicking again, her butt flat on the floor as tears welled up in her eyes.


    Michael peeked his head outside to see the incoming Seraphim statue, it was halfway there a few more steps and it’ll be right before them!




    Shelly who had been silent all this time finally made her way towards the door with the kitten hugged in her arm. Her head peeked outside as the Seraphim took the next step. Followed by the other. Only 6 more steps and it’ll be before them.


    “We’ve got to run” Shelly calmly replied causing those within the tower to look at her in disbelief. She continued “It’s slow, the steps are big, but if we run fast, I think we can outrun it.”


    “We’ve got to move, right now.” Shelly tried to rally them, hoping they would listen. Arthur and Boss followed her orders and stood beside her. However, Julie was still on the ground “I-I can’t get up.” She said sheepishly, her legs lost all its strength.




    “It’s coming! Quick!” Arthur shouted after seeing the enormous presence two thirds of the way there. Michael rushed to Julie on command and lifted her up princess style. He fixed her into his embrace as he rushed back to the door.


    A whistle can be heard coming from Boss complimenting Michael’s chivalrous demeanor.


    “On the count of three we run to the right as far as possible, then we’ll rush right back towards the entrance when it is following us.” Shelly stated her plan causing the rest to nod in agreement.












    Everyone darted out immediately running to the right side of the tower, deeper into the cavernous space. The statue stood in place momentarily before it turned towards the direction of the group of people.




    “It’s coming after us!” Arthur shouted as he turned his head around to see the figure following behind.


    Rumble rumble!


    Rumble rumble!


    “It’s getting faster, run!” Shelly shouted as they turned, heading towards the hallway. Their hurried footsteps could be heard as the enormous statue was quickly catching up.


    Julie closed her eyes and turned her head to face the monster, a quick glare with her bright hazel eyes completely focused on the monster made it stop in its place. Everyone slowed down as they turned around to see the Seraphim, it was motionless.


    However, a gleam could be seen coming from the statue’s eyes, a ting sound could be heard. A white glow began to form around its eyes as a violent beam flew out, it was heading straight towards the group causing everyone to erratically evade.




    Boss pulled Arthur away from the spot in the nick of time saving his life. Barkie immediately jumped down from his spot and stood behind Boss.


    Michael with Julie in his arms and Shelly rolled off on opposite side down on the ground. Silver too, hopped out of Shelly’s embrace mid roll and hopped onto Boss’ shoulders. Gravel and dust flew up in the air blanketing only their vision.


    Shelly and Michael immediately got back up. Michael quickly turned and reached for Julie’s hand helping her back up into his embrace.




    “Shelly! Dodge!” Boss yelled causing Shelly to immediately hop off to the side and roll on the floor.




    An enormous explosion followed by gravel and dirt filled the air as the spot Shelly was in prior was left with an empty pit.




    “Shelly!” Shelly could only hop from her place halfway from getting up, her distance shorter.




    The shockwave of the explosion collided with her forcing her mid jump to fly forward three meters before crashing onto the ground. Her body on the ground, motionless.


    “Shelly! Mew!” Arthur screamed while Silver meowed, seeing her fly out of the range of dust clouds before their very eyes. Silver hopped off Boss’ shoulder as Arthur shook himself free from his grip and rushed towards her incapacitated body. Boss with Michael and Julie alongside, hurried to their side to inspect Shelly.


    “She’s alive” Boss sighed in relief as the dust particles and gravel disperse revealing the enormous Seraphim standing still in its place. Ignoring the motionless Seraphim, Boss hurried to carry Shelly in his arms, her face wrought with bloody wounds. Silver hopped back onto his shoulder as it looked down on Shelly with worry in its eyes.




    The Seraphim wasn’t done! Everyone kept their eyes glued on the Seraphim exhausted from the running, carrying and dodging.




    Another click can be heard as one of its wings unfurled completely, followed by the other. Six majestic wings shining lifelike as a white energy began to envelope it.




    The Seraphim exploded in place as the wings propelled it forward right before Arthur.




    Boss quickly kicked Arthur to the side causing him to roll on the floor. The Seraphim’s arm dug deep into the ground where Arthur once was.


    “Arthur! Get up! Run!” Boss yelled commanding to Arthur to jump onto his feet. He ran straight for the hallway.


    The Seraphim got back up, freeing its arm from the ground.




    It immediately vanished in place and appeared right behind Arthur.




    Arthur managed to half evade it and was propelled through the air, tumbling on the ground before a door on the hallway and getting back to his feet. He quickly turned the knob and pushed his body inside, closing the door behind him. Click, he locked it.





    The enormous Seraphim stood before the enormous door pounding it with his arm causing the entire door to violently shake. The Seraphim stood still momentarily. The gleam in its eyes returned once again.


    “Arthur, get away from the door right now! Bark! Bark! Boss voice could be heard from the room behind the door. Michael and Julie stood behind him, their expressions revealed their thoughts, why was the Seraphim targeting only Shelly and Arthur?




    The beam from its eyes completely shattered the enormous door blocking it, causing dust and particles to fly up into the air. Arthur quickly hid underneath a bed his body shivering, but he made no noise.


    The Seraphim made its way slowly through the door, scouring the room for any signs of life.


    Rumbe… Rumble…


    It’s heavy and steady steps entered the room as it scanned its head to look around. It glanced at another enormous door within the room and headed towards it.




    It fired disintegrating the door into smoldering ash, the door within was a giant wooden one and not made of stone as the front. It slowly walked in with each heavy footstep leaving a print as the ground quaked.


    Arthur saw the Seraphim disappear behind the door, he immediately scooted out from underneath the bed and attempted to dart out of the empty door. He needed to find another hiding place and fast!




    Arthur immediately hopped to the side of the door as the beam flew past exploding on the ground a distance ahead. He quickly rushed to another door to hide within its room. However, click the door was locked. In panic he tried the same with another one, it too was locked!




    The Seraphim appeared right behind Arthur sending its marbled fist towards him.


    “Oh no!” Arthur couldn’t evade in time as he made a last ditched jump, his body flew like a broken kite and slammed into the opposite wall. His body peeled off the wall as he landed face first onto the ground.


    The Seraphim wasn’t finished. Arthur was still alive, it wanted to finish him off with the next blow. It walked his heavy body towards Arthur and stood before him. It lifted its left leg up in the air ready to finish the job.




    The sound of something metallic hit the ground, the Seraphim’s leg was still in the air as an old bald grandpa with white eyes walked into view. He was walking forward relying on the silver cane to move as a golden scepter was in his other arm.




    The silver cane smacked the ground again reverberating towards the enormous Seraphim, the leg it held fell straight down to the ground missing Arthur completely. The Pope continued to move forward.




    The Seraphim’s twisted face distorted, slowly reverting to what it was in front of the hallway maze. The Pope finally arrived before the Seraphim and Arthur, he turned one eye towards the kid followed by looking at the girl in Boss’ arm and eventually resting his eyes on the Seraphim before him.




    The cane hammered the ground harder than the previous times. The Seraphim before him immediately lost its form and turned into a puddle of pearl white liquid, as it flowed down towards the entrance of the hallway on its own completely disappearing.


    “Michael” The Pope’s voice was soothing as he spoke. “Pick up the boy gently and follow me.”


    “Yes, your Holiness.” Michael did what he was told and gently lifted Arthur up into his embrace. Barkie and Julie followed alongside Michael as Boss carried Shelly walking a short distance behind.


    The once twisted maze-like hallway was only a single straight path forward on the way back, it took only a matter of minutes to get back to the entrance. The enormous 7 meter, six-winged Seraphim returned to its spot completely the same as if it had never moved.


    Looking at the spiraling stairs before them the Pope only muttered one word. “Up”. The golden scepter let out a soft glow as their entire body lost all its weight and began to ascend.

  • King of the Multiverse Chapter 14: The ascent


    The ascent was silent as they gradually reached the uppermost floor of the Church. With their feet steady on the ground, Boss gave the entire area a glance. All around them were murals depicting epic battles between people of various hair color and eyes as stained glass covered the ceiling.


     Most of the people had red/blue/green hair with magenta/cyan/yellow eyes. Chunks of the murals were ripped off as the broken pieces where their allies and enemies should be were missing. Who were their allies? Who were they fighting? Nobody knew.


     The spiraling staircase that they didn’t use to reach this floor, cascaded downward leaving those standing unable to get back down. Boss looked down from where the stairs once were, the stairs he had seen was completely gone. With only one direction to go, Boss continued to follow the Pope.


    The Pope didn’t walk much further as they entered a room with a normal sized door. Within the room was exactly two of beds near each other. Both Shelly and Arthur were placed on each of the bed as the Pope pulled a chair over and sat between them.


    His eyes closed as he asked for peace and quiet. White energy from his body started to swirl around him before he separated the energy and dividing it into two. The divided energy softly surrounded the two.


    Within moments their body began to glow a bright white light as the physical wounds on their face and body started healing. Minutes passed by and the once beaten and painful expression they had transitioned to a calm peaceful one.


    Sweat could be seen on the Pope’s forehead, the amount of energy he used to heal these two took a toll on him. However, you wouldn’t see it on his expression, still calm and serene. Now that the recovery was finished the Pope turned his attention to the childish Boss.


    “Child, you’re quite strong.” The Pope said. “You managed to carry the girl all the way here without breaking a sweat.”


    Scratching his head in embarrassment Boss replied, “My mommy and daddy always said I was strong for my age.”


    “You’re quite perceptive too, hm?” The Pope continued. Boss’ reaction and attention during the confrontation against the Statue of the Seraphim wasn’t out of the Pope’s radar.


    Boss couldn’t say anything, he knew the Pope had seen his display.


    “I wonder what would’ve happened to the boy if I didn’t arrive when I did...” The Pope turned to give Arthur a meaningful look before softly patting the kid’s hair.


    Boss continued to stay silent, only he knew what would’ve happened to Arthur and Shelly if the Pope never showed up. Michael and Julie gave Boss a curious look, both lost in their own thoughts of what would have occurred.


    The Pope got up from his seat and walked over to Boss, a strange silent confrontation could be seen coming from the two as they stared down the other. However, a short while later the Pope was the first to move, his arm reached for Boss’ head and rustled his hair too.


    “It seems like the time for the newer generation is upon us” The Pope sighed as he continued to rustle Boss’ hair. He then turned to glance at Michael and Julie.


    “Michael, today you and Julie are forbidden from entering our Church of Future Heaven until your mission is complete.”


    “No! I don’t want to go! I can’t!” Julie instantly refused the Pope without a single shred of decency.


    “Julie Chartreuse, you know your own destiny the best, why hide from it?” The Pope’s soothing voice provided more questions than answer.


    “I’d rather die than that damn destiny.” Julie continued to refuse the Pope.


    “A destiny is only a single moment where you see a truth, anything afterwards are your very own truths.” His words silenced Julie as she remained deep in thought. A newfound look of conviction is marked on her face as she silently engraved the Pope’s words to heart.


    “Child, would you be so kind to help me?” The Pope turned his attention over to Boss.


    “Okay!” Boss shouted in an excited childish voice. “What must I do?” he asked with a serious attitude showing that he was prepared for anything.


    “Would you like to be an Emissary of our Church and escort Michael and Julie to the Tillowisk Empire of the Eastern Continent?”


    “I can” Boss answered causing Michael and Julie to be dumbstruck, did the Pope really asked a little boy to be their bodyguard? Was there no one else?


    “However, not right now.”


    “Hm?” The Pope gave him a questioning look waiting for him to continue.


    Boss pointed at the two youths beside the bed. “The enrollment for the new class of students is coming up in a few months, I’ll go with them once they’re awake.” His answer was clear, he’ll only bodyguard Michael and Julie if they joined him.


    “That is fine, but you’ll have to convince their parents why enrolling with Naturelle is better than Lumiere.” The Pope agreed.


    “I’ll think of something.” Boss answered back.


    The Pope nodded his head in satisfaction as he returned to the chair. He had one more thing to do. His hands hovering a few centimeters above the two youths began to emit a soft warm glow, visibly different than the healing done earlier.


    Two white formed energy inside of them was pulled out and landed into his grasp. “I’ll be taking this back.” It was the same white cloud of energy that came from the Seraphim statue.


    Everyone can visibly see the dense energy cloud in the Pope’s hands. Michael and Julie both let out an audible gasp as they finally figured out the puzzle of why the two youths were attacked.


    “What is that?” Boss asked pretending he didn’t know what it was.


    Chuckling at the attempt Boss was making the Pope replied, “You can say, it’s like an exam for Emissaries.” The thing that came from the Seraphim served as a tracker for it to follow and attack. Like an exam, there could be no cheating, meaning Emissaries had to fight it with their powers locked.


    He continued “These two are physically fully recovered. Michael and Julie, you’ll carry them home to the Galafrays. While their physical appearance is unharmed, their mind is exhausted. Do let them rest.” The Pope said before the cascading staircase from earlier reconnected to their floor.


    “I won’t be seeing you out.” The two adults bowed their heads while the youth only gave him a nod before walking down and exiting the Church. The giant door with its locks broken was completely fixed as it closed behind them.


    The Pope looked at the room with exactly two beds as the entire interior started to change. The four walls were caving in, pushing towards the center, while everything else within the room started to melt, blending into it.


    As the Pope walked out from the room, the door behind him disappeared into the walls leaving no trace behind. He continued to walk steady steps towards his seat before staggering at the end.


    Falling into his seat, the Pope’s once serene expression became mixed with pain. His chest heaved as he struggled to breath. His eyes were closed, and his teeth gritted, the Pope could only endure the excruciating pain he was feeling.


    Moments later, the pain subsides as he completely collapsed onto his seat. His breathing ragged, his body sore, he made no other movements as he sat there with his eyes closed.



    Michael with Barkie atop of his head carried Arthur back, Julie held Shelly with Silver on her shoulder. Boss followed along from the back silently examining the two, their internal energy was rapidly improving. A near fatal encounter was a blessing in disguise.


    The moment Benjamin saw Michael and Julie carry Arthur in, he immediately went to inform Samuel and Angel. The power they exuded together quaked the entire mansion as they raced to a guest bedroom for two children. The two children were placed here on Benjamin’s order so that he can observe and treat them if necessary.


    The parents were fuming in anger when they asked who had done it. But once Boss mentioned it was an accident within the Church for an Emissary examination they completely understood. However, understanding was one thing, being calm about the matter was a another.


    “Ima kill him. I’m gonna kill that damn Pope.” Angel did not care whether it was an accident or not, her baby was harmed in his church.


    “H-honey, p-please don’t.” Samuel tried to stop her extremely unconvincingly.


    “You’re gonna stop me? After what happened!?” Her voice grew louder, at him turning him into a frozen sculpture.


    However, the frozen sculpture began to melt as Samuel shivered from the cold “H-he did save them too…” Samuel could only weakly stutter, a military man he may be but in front of an angry wife he can only concede.


    “And you.” She turned to Boss her anger was boiling, “Why didn’t you do anything!? You could’ve easily prevented this!” Her force directly sent Boss flying to the wall. She then impaled him at the center of his stomach with an extremely large icicle.


    Michael shuddered at the cruel act she displayed upon the child, with Julie completely hiding her face in Michael’s chest. However, the calm looks on the child’s eyes made him feel true terror.


    The child impaled to the wall remained there and left out a sigh as he folded his arms and rested it on the large icicle. “I didn’t want to.” He plainly said, the moment he spoke Michael and Julie were scared shitless at the sight. How can a child no older than 10 years old be so calm after getting impaled to speak?


    Slowly tapping at the icicle, he continued “I could have done what you’ve wanted and prevented all this, but do you think you guys have all the time in the world? This world is evolving, either you survive it or die.”


    “But they’re just kids! 10-year olds!” Angel refuted her words made complete sense.


    “During our evolution, most kids would be lucky to make it to 10.” Boss solemnly lamented, his chilling and sorrowful voice filled with regret made Angel couldn’t help but feel empathetic towards him. Michael and Julie could see that if the child continued, he’d have tears crawling down his eyes.


    “But why?” She could only mutter, the rage she had towards everything subsided. Defeated she went and sat beside Arthur’s bed with tears streaking down her eyes as she soflty petted his hair. “Is it necessary?” She whispered not sure if she was asking herself or Boss.




    Samuel let out a sigh and sat beside her on Arthur’s bed. He softly rubbed her back as she continued to shed silent tears down her eyes. The child still impaled to the wall continued to tap at the icicles before it silently disintegrated causing him to softly land on the floor.


    No wound could be seen on his chest, only a large hole left on his once pristine blue robe provided evidence of his impalement.


    “Yes.” His one word spoke volume about what is to come. It is not something that they’ll have time to adjust and adapt to, it’ll be here quicker than they’re prepared for.


    Benjamin softly motioned everyone to leave the room, Michael and Julie were the first to walk out, Julie too was crying when she saw the scene. Samuel walked Angel out afterwards, her eyes still wet with tears, but she was slowly recovering. Benjamin waited for Boss to leave the room, but the kid remained there.


    “I’ll wait here until they’re awake, Boss said, the kitten hopped onto Shelly’s bed and nestled beside her, Barkie did the same with Arthur showing their intent. Boss sat down on the floor since there was no chairs in the room.


    “I’ll go bring a chair” Benjamin excused himself.


    Boss looked at the two pets that were resting beside them “You two should take care of your master in the future, okay?” However, there was no response or movement from them as if they didn’t know Boss had said. Only the strong swirling energy within them showed that they understood.


    Benjamin returned with a chair for Boss to sit on. Before closing the door, he turned to ask Boss. “Can’t you prevent this?”


    “Don’t worry, I won’t let them die.” His voice showed his intent. Benjamin could only shake his head and sighed, he knew what Boss meant, even if he could prevent it, he wouldn’t.


    The purple haired child with bright hazel eyes sat his chair in between the two kids and their pets as the door closed. Neither near nor far away from either as he remained silent in the center.

  • King of the Multiverse Chapter 15: A few days


    A few days had gone by with no changes seen upon the two sleeping kids. Every day everyone would walk in to see the two youths asleep with Boss sitting motionless in the center. Boss was offered food and water a few times, but he shook his head as he continued to sit there.


    His attitude made Angel angry at first, but she could only relent and sigh. She would instead walk in everyday to make sure the kids were fine, and Boss wasn’t dead from hunger.


    Four days had passed since what had occurred at the church. The ever-growing energy within the two youths finally settled down on this day. They were going to wake up soon.


    Shelly’s eyes were the first to flutter as she began to wake up. A calm and collected look on her face as she slowly sat up to gauge her surroundings. The recognizable four walls and the snowflake emblem embedded onto the door eased her mind.


    She looked down to the kitten purring beside her and began to pet it. It woke up from this, releasing a soft and happy “mew” to see her finally awake. Her attention turned to Boss who was smiling back at her, his face was the same as she had remembered, but the smile felt forced.


    Her head finally turned to notice another bed with Arthur sleeping on it. Noticing someone’s gaze Barkie woke up from its sleep and directed its head towards Shelly. Its expression remained aloof as it curled back to sleep. However, its tail softly wagging gave away its true feelings.


    She tried to get out of bed, but Boss stopped her, he told her go back to sleep, there’ll be food and water when she wakes back up. Nodding her head in agreement she laid back down with her head rested on the pillow and fell asleep.


    Moments later Angel walked in to do her usual check up on the kids and Boss. Everything seemed the same except for the kitten who wasn’t asleep and the curled-up puppy with its tail softly wagging.


    Noticing her look, Boss replied “She’s finally awake, Arthur will be awake later tonight too, you should prepare a good dinner for them.”


    Angel ignored Boss’ reply and walked towards Shelly. She checked her pulse and then gazed at the sleeping child. She began to softly pet Shelly’s hair and whispered, “I’ve been lonely without my assistant. Hurry up and come back.”


    She then got up walked over to Arthur and did the same, checking his pulse. She then inched forward and kissed him on the head. “My baby, mommy will make you the best dinner you’ve ever had. So, wake up soon, okay?”

    She left the room with the same expression she’s had every time she entered. However, after walking a short distance away that face couldn’t help but beam a beautiful smile. Walking in on her smiling face Samuel couldn’t but be dazed at how attractive his wife looked at that moment.


    “Tell Benjamin to go out and buy more of the meat from the Tillowisk Empire, and if they have any other food from there, get them too.” She ordered Samuel waking him up from his daze. Only to see her departing backside Samuel could only reply “I’ll go get him.”


    Knock knock


    The sound of knocking can be heard coming from his door. Benjamin went and opened it to see his master’s smiling face. “Quickly, let’s go to the marketplace, Shelly and Arthur will be awake tonight!” Samuel excitedly said, after seeing his wife’s beaming smile he ran into the guest room with the three kids in it. Boss gave the same reply he gave Angel causing Samuel to be ecstatic.


    Inwardly sighing to himself as to why it couldn’t have been Angel and him walking around the marketplace Benjamin closed the door on his master’s face and said, “I’ll be out in a minute.”


    Exactly a minute passed by before the door was opened. Benjamin in butler garb walked out with an expressionless face. His clean red hair and bright cyan eyes made him appear more noble than just a butler.


    “My lord, why do you wish to come to the marketplace with me?” Benjamin questioned; it was one thing to order Benjamin to go to the marketplace and get the food preparations, but he as the Lord of this town, Samuel didn’t need to come along.


    “Don’t worry about it, I need to go for a walk once in a while.” Samuel replied. The drool dripping from his mouth gave away his true intentions.


    “Shall we go?” Samuel was ready to leave the house instantly. However, Benjamin reminded him, “You’ll need to put on a wig and sunglasses sir.”


    “Oh right! One moment!” Samuel said before disappearing and reappearing in a brown wig and sunglasses. As an Exotic and Lord of this town, Samuel’s appearance is highly recognizable and with it comes extreme fanfare. It was one thing for Arthur to walk around with Shelly, but it was another when Samuel steps out.


    Both Samuel and Angel are required to wear a wig and cover their eyes for when they leave the home. They normally wouldn’t forget about putting it on when they leave, the last time with purchasing the pets was the same.


    “Is my attire okay, is it too eye catching, should I go change it?” Samuel asked one question after another.


    “You’re fine my lord” Even Benjamin didn’t need to tell Samuel this, the attire they wore signifies that they are part of the Galafray household, there is nothing on it that tells other he’s the Lord of Rouge. Especially with tons of servants and maids that walk in and out of the household for miscellaneous task all wearing the same attire.


    The walk to the marketplace at the center of the town was an effortless walk with a lot of townsfolk stopping Benjamin to tell him how much they loved everything Samuel has been doing. With every passing comment the smile on Samuel’s face grew larger and larger. By the time they made it to the central marketplace he was giddy with joy.


    “My lord, what do you do for the townspeople?” Benjamin decided to ask curiously. Normally, a butler’s job is to never question their master, but Benjamin isn’t an ordinary butler.


    “I… don’t know, ahaha” Samuel honestly replied, as the governor all he does is sign off papers he thinks would be great for the people and the town. Since becoming the Governor of Rouge after the war he’s been making changes after changes to the town.


    One such example is the central marketplace, he made it easier for people to receive a license to sell their product, however made the punishment more severe if they used it to negatively affect others.


    From signing this he made people provide honest work and enjoy the ease in which they’re able to join the marketplace. Being able to obtain a license to sell made most of the townspeople burst with creative ideas allowing for a variety of things no other town would have. The only downside is that the central marketplace has grown extremely large and requires constant upgrades to the surrounding areas to accommodate.


    “Alright, let’s get to the guy who sold you the Tillowisk Empire’s produce.” Benjamin nodded in response leading Samuel towards the spot where he saw the guy. However, he decided to squeeze through every person possible, this made it impossible for Samuel who was larger to follow the same exact route. Every time Benjamin squeezed through; Samuel had to find another path around due to the overcrowded marketplace.


    “Freaking, this marketplace is too damn overcrowded, once I go back, I’ll divide the marketplace in half, the central will be food only, the northern part of town will be everything else.” Samuel grumbled about his plans after he caught up to Benjamin.


    “Are we close?” Benjamin nodded his head and pointed at a familiar guy ahead. It was the same vendor that sold the goods. Samuel vanished in place and appeared directly in front of the vendor, startling him.


    “You got Tillowisk Empire meat?” Samuel asked, he practically drooling thinking about it. The vendor nodded his head, however the price he asked for it was ridiculous.


    “H-how much?! Say that again!” Samuel blurted, even as a governor the price of the meat would make him feel the pinch.


    “300 silver coins per kilogram.” The vendor bluntly replied. The cost of regular meat was 30 copper coins per kilogram. With 10 copper equal to 1 silver coin, 300 silver coins is 100 times the price of regular meat per kilogram. (1 kilogram/kg is roughly 2.2 pounds/lb, so just assume 1kg is 2 pounds to make it easier)


    Benjamin made it over and seeing the familiar butler the vendor shouted “Oh, Benjamin! How was the Tillowisk meat from last time? Did the Governor enjoy it?” Benjamin glanced at the person beside him and nodded his head in response.


    “How much is it for the meat this time?” Benjamin asked it seemed like the prices had changed.


    “It’s 300 silver coins a kilogram, you know last time when I told you about my friend mentioning it being good for your physical and mental energy? It was freaking true!” The vendor exclaimed he was excited and regretful.


    “Is that why it’s 50 times the price compared to before?” Benjamin continued to ask. He bought it before for only 60 copper coins.


    “That’s one of the reason, the other reason is that these freaking creatures are actually harder to obtain than I thought, my friend said he’s finding it more difficult to supply me with these guys so I had to make it more expensive.”


    “How’re you going to sell the meat if it is so expensive?” Benjamin continued to ask.


    “People would come by and I’ll tell them about the benefits it can do for your physical and mental energy that they’ll give me a silver or two for a thin slice.” He continued saying “Since then, I have regulars who’ll come back with more silvers for bigger slices of meat.”


    “How long does the meat last? You surely can’t be selling more than a kilogram with that ridiculous price.” Benjamin continued asking.


    “Sorry Benjamin, even I don’t know how long it lasts, this meat right here has been like this for a week so far, and it’s still as fresh as the day I got it.”


    Listening in on their conversation Samuel tapped on Benjamin’s shoulder and whispered. “I want it.” Benjamin whispered back, “you want all of it?” That whole 25 kilograms (55 pounds) Benjamin thought that Samuel was crazy.


    “Yes” The slurping of the drool coming from Samuel’s mouth could be heard, he couldn’t help himself.


    Benjamin remained calm and controlled himself, “Do you have any vegetation from the Tillowisk Empire too?”


    “Only this one, a giant mushroom” The vendor replied pointing at the mushroom that was almost a meter tall behind him.


    “How much is it?”


    “500 silver coins”


    “For the whole thing?”


    “Yeah, I’m not sure if there’s any energetic effects from the vegetations since everyone prefers the meat. So, it’s a steal right now Benjamin, Whaddya say?”


    “25kg of meat is 7,500 silver coins and the mushroom are another 500. Hm...”


    “I’ll buy all the meat and that mushroom for 5,000 silver coins and I’ll put a good word in with the Governor.”


    “Y-you want all the meat?” The vendor asked in disbelief. That was twenty-five kilograms of meat.


    “Yes, I’ll take all of it right now.”


    “Fine but do put in the good word with the Governor, if ya do I’ll give you a discount every time.” The vendor agreed to Benjamin’s proposal.


    “Sure thing” Benjamin tossed a small bag of coins to the vendor, within it was 50 gold coins. 10 copper makes a silver, 100 silver makes a gold, and 1,000 gold coins make 1 gold bar.


     Most people don’t carry gold bars, and nothing ever sold is worth that amount. If there are items worth an exorbitant amount, it’ll normally be traded for what the seller desires.


    Benjamin grabbed the meat and the mushroom and tossed it to Samuel to carry. Samuel was a little irked that Benjamin made him carry the food, but he couldn’t do anything to Benjamin in public because he was in disguise and looked like a regular servant.


    As they were walking away from the marketplace, the vendor shouted, “Don’t forget to mention my name, it’s Tea Rex! Ya hear me? Tea Rex!”

  • King of the Multiverse Chapter 16: You hear that?


    “You hear that? He’s Tea Rex” Benjamin repeated what Tea Rex had told Samuel causing him to roll his eyes. They continued to walk back home until Samuel grabbed his shoulder, the drool on his face was apparent. “That’s the wrong way.”.


    Benjamin looked at him in confusion, did Samuel not know how to get home?


    Samuel hurriedly pointed in a different direction away from home, the location he was pointing at was towards a local restaurant. The moment Benjamin saw the restaurant further ahead he could only click his tongue at Samuel in displeasure as he followed along.


    The restaurant had two floors; the lower floor was for most of the people whereas the upper floor was for those who are willing to pay extra for a quieter meal. Another thing the restaurant provides is that those of the upper floors can bring in their own ingredients for them to prepare.


    This was the reason why Samuel decided to take a detour before heading home. He wanted to prepare some of the meat at the restaurant for lunch and then bring the rest home for Angel to make dinner.


    Upon entering the restaurant, they were greeted by a hostess, a pretty young woman in her mid-twenties with minor freckles on her face. “Hello, welcome to Popina, first floor or second? She asks, with Samuel replying, “Second floor please, we’ve brought our own ingredients.”


    Nodding her head knowingly she led them up the stairs at the center to the second floor, they were seated next to a window with a clear view of those on the first floor and outside of the restaurant.


    A moment later, a petite waitress in her early twenties almost a head shorter than the hostess came out to retrieve their ingredient. However, she didn’t expect to see an enormous piece of meat she couldn’t lift before her. Noticing her plight Benjamin swung his arm downward on the piece of meat, cutting a slice and handed the slice to her.


    Samuel gave Benjamin a dejected look as he wanted more than what was cut to be cooked, but Benjamin ignored him and placed a small portion of the mushroom too on the carrying tray before sending the shocked waitress off. Samuel could only shake his head; he knew couldn’t eat too much for lunch either as Angel should have something prepared for them once they return.


    Looking down below at the loud outspoken and drunk townspeople being merry and having a good time, Samuel smiled in satisfaction As the Governor this town one of the things he’s most proud of is making it so peaceful and worry free.


     “My lord, I sense a weak resonance coming this way.” Benjamin whispered breaking Samuel out of his happy satisfaction. He replied “Oh, is it Red or Cyan?” color resonance was different for hair and eyes.


    “Red, tier 1 resonance, entering this restaurant.” Benjamin replied.


    Seeing Benjamin’s response Samuel felt relieved, a tier 1 resonance means that the person either just became a red-haired power user, or one who couldn’t improve after becoming a Red, most likely at this time a dropout.


    Putting on his own brown wig, Benjamin continued “They’re too weak to sense me, but I’ll have to hide my hair since we don’t want to spook them.”


    The door to the entrance was opened as five guys in their early to mid-twenties walked in. The one in the center seemed to be the leader, he had a dull red colored hair and brown eyes. A hint of annoyance could be seen on his face as he completely ignored the hostess and walked straight to the second floor sitting at the table closest to the staircase.


    After getting a closer look at each person there was one other person besides the leader with powers. Magenta colored eyes the ability of Telekinesis, a different resonance to Benjamin’s Empathy so he didn’t sense it.


    “Benjamin, what can you sense?” Samuel whispered. Benjamin’s Cyan eyes of Empathy allowed for him to keenly observe a person and understood them.


    “Seems like Red here failed to attain tier 2 to become a Practitioner, considering his age this was probably his last chance. I can feel his rage, depression, and hopelessness. He’s capable of anything if provoked right now.” Benjamin specifically stated the major points of what the other person’s feeling right now.


    Samuel nodded his head and continued to whisper “Magenta?” Benjamin glanced at the person and continued “You would expect Magenta to be as annoyed as Red considering they both failed; however, I sense that he’s still optimistic about his life, seems like he’s optimistic about coming here.”


    “Besides, tier 1s are all just Students, Telekinesis that young are only capable of sending small objects flying, so he wouldn’t even be able to do anything to us.” Benjamin replied nonchalantly. Samuel gave him a weird look considering Benjamin was also around their age.


    A short moment later a waiter slightly taller than the hostess walked out to take their order before returning.


    Once the waiter was gone, one of the three without powers began to complain. He had a buzzcut with a noticeable scar on the right side of his face. “Fuck man, I thought you heard Tea Rex had over 25 kilograms (55 pounds) worth of the Empire’s meat.


    “H-he did! He even said it was just sold out.” A scrawny guy with a long face retorted.


    “It was 300 silver coins per kilogram, are you telling me he mother freaking sold 25 kilograms, 7,500 silver coins worth of meat in a day!?” The buzzcut with a scar couldn’t believe it. The total amount those 5 had was enough for just 3 kilograms and they were quite well off.


    “Tell me, who the hell in Rouge can afford all 25kg of the Empire’s meat without feeling the pinch? We came here as fast as we could through the damn mountain village and its crazy savages and got nothing for it!”


    “I don’t know, maybe you should’ve asked him when we were there!” The scrawny guy was annoyed at his friend for blaming him.


    “It was probably the Governor." The third friend said while cleaning his glasses.


    “Why the hell did the Governor have to buy all of it today! Couldn’t he have spared some? He’s a freaking Exotic of a higher tier, the energy from the meat wouldn’t mean shit to him! Gah." The scarred man continued to complain.


    “Enough, what’s done is done, either we go to the Governor and ask if we can buy some of the meat, or head to the Tillowisk Empire and get some ourselves.” Red interjected, stopping his friend from continuing.


    “Let’s go ask the Governor first since we’re here already, then go to the Tillowisk Empire afterwards.” The guy with the glasses replied.


    The scrawny guy kept glancing towards Samuel and Benjamin’s direction and whispered to his friends “Hey, aren’t they servants from the Governor’s estate? We should ask them about the meat and see if the Governor had bought it.”


    “Let’s ask them later, it’s rude to interrupt people’s lunch.” The man with the glasses reasoned. Red and Magenta nodded their head at his response, however buzzcut scar face was ready to rush over and ask.


    A wonderous scent of freshly prepared meat and mushroom with well-seasoned herb and spices was carried out by the petite waitress. Her face was full of desire as she walked over to Benjamin and Samuel. However, as a professional she could only place the plate down before rushing back into the kitchen to avoid the enticing smell that’ll make her do something shameful.


    The scent of the meat also caught the attention of the group of five as they all turned their head over. “Isn’t that the meat? Didn’t we hear people say that it smelled heavenly!?” The scar faced young man was about ready to hop out his chair. The other people eyed it as it was placed before the two.


    “Why are the servants eating it?” The scar faced continued to question before an idea formed in his head. A sinister smile can be seen crawled on his face as he got up and sauntered over.


    Samuel who was already digging into the cubed-up pieces of meat and mushrooms didn’t even noticed the scar faced man’s arrival until Benjamin tapped him on the shoulder.


    “Hm?” Samuel looked up to see the towering guy beside his table.


    “Hey, I’m sorry for intruding but is that the Tillowisk Empire’s meat?” The scar faced man asked as he eyed the plate and the bag containing the rest of the meat beside them.


    “Yeah, what of it?” Samuel replied, he was annoyed that his lunch was being interrupted.


    “Does the Governor know you two servants are eating the meat?”


    Samuel was about to say he was the Governor, but Benjamin stopped him. It’ll draw too much attention and Angel couldn’t find out that Samuel snuck some food for himself.


    Collecting himself Samuel replied, “Yes, he does.”


    “Oh, then what if I go tell him? Will you be as confident as you are right now?”


    Sweat began to trickle down Samuel’s forehead. Shit if he shows up Angel will find out!


    “What is it that you want?” Samuel replied.


    “I want 5 kilograms (11.1 pounds) of your meat” The scar faced man said before continuing “Of course I’ll pay for it, 300 silvers.” The smug look on the scar faced man can be seen.


    “Y-you!” Fuck this guy! He’s freaking blackmailing me! Samuel was ready to destroy the fool in front of him. However, Benjamin stopped him again. Ticked off Samuel could only glare at Benjamin through his sunglasses, before agreeing to hand over 5kg of meat for a measly 300 silver.


    Seeing Benjamin take out the 25kg of meat from the bag the scar faced man eyes grew big in delight. “You wanted 5 kilograms of meat, right?” Benjamin asked for confirmation.


    “Yeah, yeah 5 kilogram and you’ll get the 300 silver and I won’t tell the Governor you’re secretly eating his meat.” Seeing his response Benjamin nodded his head “Alright, do you want the whole 5kg or 1kg(2.2lbs) slices?” Benjamin looked over at the other 4 who were sitting at the table watching the process.


    Looking over at the group of friends behind him sitting and waiting for their meal the scar faced man replied “1kg slices, and don’t skimp out on the weight.”


    “Alright, 1kg slices it is.” Benjamin replied. As the scar face man prepared to hand over the knife for Benjamin to cut, Benjamin continued “Here’s the first slice”, Benjamin’s arm vanished before a perfectly cut slice of meat was separated from the whole.


    All 5 people watching the process was shocked. Dazed at what had just occurred the scar face man couldn’t say a word before Benjamin continued. “Here’s the second slice” his arm vanished again before the second slice separated away from the chunk of meat.


    “Here’s the third slice” Benjamin repeated once more, however the scar faced man shook awake from his dazed expression and shouted “STOP!” Alas, this did not stop Benjamin’s arm from vanishing and another slice appearing beside the others.


    “Hm?” Benjamin looked at the scar faced guy in confusion. “What’s wrong? I think these are perfectly sliced.” He continued. Everyone from the other table rushed up beside the scar faced man as Red stepped in and said “Ahaha, sorry about my friend here, he didn’t mean it.”


    “You don’t want the 5 kilograms of meat anymore?” Benjamin asked with a confused look.


    “No, no it’s okay we don’t want any of the meat, sorry for interrupting your meal.” Red replied while shoving his friend’s head down to bow in forgiveness.


    “Oh? What if I sell it to ya? I already cut up 3kilogram of meat, don’t you want it?” Benjamin’s words made them stop to consider. Their need for the meat was more important than the scare Benjamin gave them.


    After some deliberation the they agreed to buy the meat. “H-how much?” Red gulped hoping it won’t be too expensive.


    “Just 300 silver per kilogram.” Benjamin replied honestly. The value of the meat made the five sighed in relief, that was the price Tea Rex was selling it for.


    “Here’s all we have, I’m sorry about our friend’s behavior again.” Red handed Benjamin the bag of coins.


    “Don’t worry about it, I won’t tell the Governor, it’ll be our little secret.” Benjamin waved them off before sitting back down.


    The five members immediately took the meat and rushed out of Popina after tossing some coins for the food they didn’t eat.


    “Ahaha, that was brilliant! Did you see the look on their faces, but why did you not make it extremely expensive?” Samuel asked, Benjamin could’ve easily made it double or triple and they’d still have to pay the price.


    “Oh, right. I should’ve done that.” The look on Benjamin’s face made Samuel unsure if he was telling the truth or not. However, he didn’t care much longer as he returned to his plate and began devouring the food.


    “Sho delicious~”

  • King of the multiverse chapter 17: Let’s get out of here


    “Let’s get out of here, hurry!” Red rushed their group to leave the town.


    “What’s the matter Riley? Is it that guy from earlier? How strong was he?” Magenta asked. Since he was from Naturelle, and transfers from Lumiere were all Prodigies it was impossible for him to know how strong that person was.


    “Yeah, it’s that guy from earlier Mason, that guy is at least a Tier 3 resonance or higher.” Riley replied with an anxious voice.


    “How do you know?” The friend with a scar on his face asked as they were running back towards the mountain village.


    “You three may not know this since you guys haven’t awakened your powers to learn about them, but resonance can only be sensed by others with the same colors.” He paused before muttering. “However, that’s only true if they’re equal or within 1 tier of each other. Those who are 2 tier or higher will be able to sense everyone below them.


    “He could sense me, that’s why he displayed what he did, but I couldn’t sense him! He could be anywhere tier 3 and above!” Riley’s words started to make the three understand a bit.


    “How strong is a tier 3?” Scar face continue to ask.


    “You know, right now I’m the peak of tier 1, I’m already stronger than dozens of men and can crush a boulder with my bare hands, right?” Riley’s reply got everyone to nod their head in confirmation. He continued “Well, I’m not sure since our teachers never showed us how strong they were, but if I had to guess it’d take 100 of me just to go even with our teachers.


    His reply gave everyone a sense of dread, a man who is a tier 3 was a servant to the Governor was as strong as a teacher from Lumiere or Naturelle. How strong was the Governor?


    “I-if he’s that strong, how strong is the Governor?” The scrawny guy asked.


    “I don’t know, maybe at least tier 4 or higher. But I’m not staying here to find out.” Riley replied.


    “Tier?” The glasses guy was confused, “what is Tier?” Riley was about to reply when Mason stepped in to respond. “I’ve only heard this from classmates, but there’s are tiers in Resonance, the stronger we are the easier it is for us sense everyone within or below us in resonance.


    Mason continued “I don’t know much else about Tiers or how many there are, I’ve heard there’s 9, but I’m not sure.”


    Riley nodded his head and continued for Mason, “Yeah, in class we’re taught about how the world at one point had 9 Tiers of Resonance thousands of years ago. However, the teachers said there has never been another high tier Resonance.”


    “What is a high tier Resonance?” The scar face twenty something year old asked. Riley shook his head, “I’m not sure, our teachers have disputed on this, they said high tier starts at 7, but others says it’s 8.”


    “Why’re they disputing?” The scar face man asked. Riley thought for a moment and answered. “It’s the two major kingdoms, our Zeldova and the Tillowisk Empire who’re saying different numbers. I think it’s because of our General.”


    Mason agreed with Riley and stated, “I was in Naturelle, so I heard rumors that King Tyran did not like knowing that there was a person who was so close to attaining Tier 7 Resonance, so he had people spread rumors that High Tier Resonance is 8.”


    “Who is that person?” Glasses asked before the scar face man could.


    “He’s the Commanding General of our Zeldovian Military, General Cornelius.” Riley replied.


    “General Cornelius…” The three were lost in thought as they heard his name. It wasn’t a name that they’ve never heard of, in fact there were tons of stories of General Cornelius after the war ended. A lot of people said it was thanks to him that the sheer number of enemy forces were routed and killed, where losing battles turned into victories.


    However, most of the stories that were spread only mentioned that he was a strategist. It was only now that they’ve heard that our General wasn’t just a master tactician, but an insanely powerful person.


    The group finally made it out of Rouge’s territory, there was only two days of walking to make it back to the village across the mountains. However, the group paused in their track as they remembered those scary monstrous people in demonic masks as they chased them out of town.


    “Let’s take a detour around the mountain and see if there’s no other way than through that village, if there isn’t we’ll just have to deal with it and walk through, it’ll also be good to lose anybody who is tracking us from Rouge.” Mason stated. The others agreed and changed their course.


    Meanwhile, Benjamin and Samuel completely put those five to the back of their minds as they completed their lunch. The waitress returned when they were finished to clean up the table and the meal. Benjamin could still see the desire on her face and decided to cut another kilogram for the workers to share. The waitress was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say, once she returned to herself to thank them the two were already gone.


    After their lunch, Samuel decided to search the marketplace once more for other ingredients that’ll compliment the meat and mushroom that they bought. By the time they returned home it was two hours after lunch. The angry look on Angel’s face as they entered the door made Samuel shrunk back in terror while Benjamin calmly escaped to his room.


    Luckily the anger immediately subsided when Samuel showed her the ingredients they bought from the central marketplace. Going from anger to excitement Angel gave Samuel a quick kiss on the lips before grabbing the ingredients and disappearing into the kitchen to plan out their dinner.


    A nightmarish dream enveloped him in his slumber. “Where am I?” the boy thought to himself. “Where is everyone?” his eyes darted back and forth but all he sees is darkness. Feeling around trying to make his way through the dark haze to find any semblance of light the boy quickened his pace.


    The sounds of footsteps echoed ahead as he captured a silhouette of a little girl running away before him. “Sh-shelly? Was that you?” The footsteps paused for a short moment before echoing again, a little further this time “Shelly!” The boy tried to chase after the silhouette but no matter what their distance seems to be increasing.


    He continued to chase as the silhouette as it began to split from one to two, to four creating multiple silhouette all running away further and further from him. “Shelly? Boss? Mom? Dad?!” The boy could only make out the vague outlines of them as he continued to chase them.


    The ground beneath him started to quake as he continued chasing them. Behind him a familiar Seraphim began to materialize. “Oh no!” Arthur was on a full sprint chasing after the silhouette just slightly out of his grasp. The Seraphim quickened its pace as it was slowly catching up to him.




    The familiar sound of its last attack could be heard prompting Arthur to immediately hop and roll away from where he once was. However, the target wasn’t him. The silhouette of the little girl ahead was completely enveloped by the enormous Seraphim before another familiar sound rung in his ears.




    “Shelly!” Arthur cried, the Seraphim before him disappeared leaving only a small one lying on the ground. He ran with all his might eventually catching up to it. However, the moment before he could see her, she vanished. Only three figures were running up ahead, the little girl was gone.


    “No! Boss! Mom! Dad!” Arthur cried hysterically; his body was moving of its own command as it chased after the three silhouettes. He continued his chase before the same scene occurred.


    A familiar Seraphim materialized its enormous body began to chase him and the three silhouettes ahead.





    The sound caused Arthur to instinctively tumble again. However, it still wasn’t him. Another silhouette laid on the ground further ahead. “Boss! No!” Arthur raced towards the silhouette, but it vanished in the same fashion as before.


    There was only two silhouette left running. Mom! Dad!” Arthur could only continue to cry and chase, he didn’t know what to do. The Seraphim materialized again and continued to chase behind him.





    Arthur didn’t even try to evade this time as both silhouettes before him fell to the ground. The silhouette of his father and mother both disappeared before him. His body came to a halt as he sat in darkness with nothing around. The silhouette of Shelly, Boss, Angel, and Samuel are all gone, there was nothing but soft cries coming from the boy.


    The shadow of the Seraphim loomed over his body as it materialized again. Noticing its presence Arthur turned his head around. The life in his eyes were gone.


    “What is it that you want?” He weakly asked. However, the Seraphim just stood before him without making any sound.


    “What do you want…what do you…” Arthur’s voice got quieter not even able to finish his sentence. The sound of footsteps could be heard echoing behind Arthur again. It was the silhouette of the girl, however this time it was running towards him.


    The Angel’s head turned away from Arthur and locked onto the silhouette. Its eyes began to emit a faint glow.


    “No!” Arthur shouted before jumping up to his feet and flew in between the Seraphim and Shelly. The beam flew from its eyes directly his back and through his chest. The shadow of the girl finally made it before his very eyes as he looked up at her from the ground. Her familiar face along with that of Boss, his father and mother surrounded him, tears crawling out of their eyes was the last thing he saw before darkness enveloped him.




    Arthur gasped awake, heaving heavily. The same four people were surrounding him this time, however there was no tears on their face, only the look of worry. Dazed, Arthur could only just sit there and stare at their faces. The sound of a dog’s bark woke him up completely as he looked down on it. “Barkie…” Arthur weakly reached his hand over to pet it.


    Hmph, dumb human couldn’t even tell the difference between a nightmare and reality. Barkie thought to itself while enjoying the pet Arthur was giving.


    “Mommy? Daddy? Boss? Shelly?”


    “It’s okay sweetie it was just a nightmare.” Angel assured Arthur as he finally collected himself.


    “You’ve been asleep for four whole days boy, how’re you feeling?” Boss asked.




    “Well, shit this kid is still not fully awake.” Boss said before softly slapping Arthur’s face. One slap, two slap, three slaps, four. “I’m awake, I’m awake, stop slapping me.” Arthur held back Boss’ hand that was going in for the fifth slap.


    “Well, look at you, as energetic as ever I see.” Boss replied pulling his hand away.


    Arthur turned his head towards Shelly. “Glad to see you awake.” Shelly replied.


    “Shelly!” Arthur gave her a hug. “I thought you were dead!” The nightmare along with what had transpired at the Church is still revolving around his head.


    “I’m okay.”


    “Yeah you are!” Arthur replied enthusiastically.


    “Mew” Silver slapped Arthur’s face away causing him to reel back from the hug.


    Gurgle gurgle


    “Ahaha” Arthur laughed embarrassingly, four days of no food or water finally caught up to him.


    “Looks like someone’s hungry.” Samuel stated as Arthur’s stomach couldn’t lie.


    “Yes, let’s go eat dinner, mommy made you the best food.” Angel quickly remembered.


    The adults left the room first, followed by the three kids. Samuel was already sitting at the dinner table waiting for food when they arrived. Before long the aromatic smell from the ingredients wafted around the room as dinner began to get placed on the table.


    The moment Angel walked out with the remaining chunk of meat on a silver platter the entire room went silent as everyone eyed the meat making its way towards their table.


    “To celebrate Arthur and Shelly’s complete recovery, I’ll let you guys eat as much as you want.” Angel placed the platter at the center of the table, cutting a slice for everyone to eat first.


    The moment she sat down and took the first bite everyone else began devouring their plates. Boss was eating the food and examining the energy within everyone’s body that was slowly increasing. While it was an extremely miniscule amount of increase for Exotics, it is more than enough for regular people to pay a hefty price for.


    “Shelly, when did you wake up?” Arthur asked while eating. When he woke up Shelly was already leaning over him.


    “Mmm, early in the morning, I went back to sleep and woke up again an hour before you did.” Shelly replied as she ate.


    “Oh, what happened to us anyways? I thought that Angel statue was gonna kill us.” Arthur continued to ask. Shelly shook her head in reply, since she got knocked unconscious before Arthur did only Boss could explain.


    “I saved you two and healed you with my godly powers.” Boss replied as he ate. Arthur completely believed him while Shelly gave him a skeptical look. Her eyes continued to stare down Boss making him feel uncomfortable. “Wh-what? It’s true.” Boss tried to avoid Shelly’s glare as he ate.


    “F-fine, it was the Pope, he showed up and defeated the monster and then used his amazing eye powers to completely heal you two.” Boss quickly gave up to Shelly’s pressure while putting emphasis on eye.


    The moment Boss mentioned the Pope’s eye powers Arthur recalled what he wanted to do. “Mommy, daddy, I want to go to Naturelle.”

  • King of the Multiverse Chapter 18: Pfft




    Cough cough cough


    Angel and Samuel coughed and spat out the food they were eating. “What did you say?”


    “Mommy, daddy, I want to go to Naturelle.” Arthur repeated.


    “But, why son, why not Lumiere? It’s so much closer.” Samuel asked. Lumiere was in their own country whereas it’d take a month of traveling to get to Naturelle across the continent.


    “I want to learn more about my eyes, Shellys got good eyes, the Pope has good eyes, mommy, daddy you both have good eyes, I want good eyes.” Arthur began to ramble on about eyes.


    “But you can learn about your eyes at Lumiere, you don’t need to go to Naturelle for it.” Samuel replied. Both Lumiere and Naturelle had departments for Exotics with teachers capable of teaching anything about their physical and mental energy.


    “But Naturelle has all the eye people, I wanna make sure I have good eyes.”


    Arthur’s childish yet stubborn response left the two flabbergasted. What could they say? He wanted to go to Naturelle, and it is indeed better in terms of mental energy and understanding the human eyes.


    “No.” Angel stepped in.


    “But mom!—”


    “No. We’re not going to be talking about Lumiere or Naturelle right now, enrollment isn’t for 3 more months I’ll give you a month to think hard about it and if you still want to go to Naturelle, I’ll think about it.” Angel stated bluntly. Her reply left no room for discussion Arthur could only lean over to Boss and whisper. “Can’t you do something?”


    “What do you want me to do?” Boss replied with a mouthful of food.


    “I don’t know, something, use your powers to convince them.” Arthur continued to whisper.


    Samuel and Angel could only shake their head at Arthur’s attempt. As Exotics. enhanced perception is a given for someone of their caliber. Everything Arthur whispered was clearly heard by the two.


    “You know, they can hear you right?” Boss pointed his fork at the father, mother duo looking over at them. Boss’ comment made Arthur yelp in surprised as he slowly crept his head to glance at his parents nodding their head to Boss’ statement.


    “I was uh, just kidding mommy and daddy I knew you two could hear me the whole time.” Arthur tried to laugh it off. The expression on his parents were unamused as the delicious dinner they had, became an awkward silent one.


    Arthur downed the entire plate of food he had down in a few bites and raced off to his room excusing himself from the awkward silence he caused. Once Arthur and Barkie was gone Samuel was the first to break the silence. “Ahaha, you’re not going to actually do anything to us, right?” Samuel glanced at Boss who was chewing his food.


    “Maybe.” Boss replied. His response caused Samuel to freeze in place for a short moment before getting elbowed by Angel for asking such a ridiculous question.


    “Ahaha.” Samuel tried to laugh it off as the dinner became awkward once more. The same as Arthur Samuel ate the entirety of his plate and ran out of the door leaving Boss, Angel, Shelly, Michael and Julie left.


    “I’m not kidding, I might try to convince you two.” Boss broke the silence as he ate, this caused Angel to furrow her brows and contemplate on whether she should find a way to get rid of Boss.




    “The Pope”


    “Fuck the Pope.”


    Angel’s profanity towards the Pope made Michael and Julie spit out their food. Shock could be seen in their eyes as they’ve never heard someone say such words before.


    “What do you mean?” Shelly asked. Since she was unconscious, she didn’t know what happened between the two and Angel’s responses wouldn’t get them anywhere.


    “The Pope asked me to be a bodyguard for these two.” Boss pointed at the Michael and Julie who were wiping away the food on their face. He continued “And I agreed as long as you and Arthur go too.”


    “I’m still confused. Why does you guarding Michael and Julie, have to do with Arthur and Shelly here?” Angel asked.


    “Cause I’m going where Arthur and Shelly is going, and I agreed to take M and J to the Tillowisk Empire, so it has to be Naturelle.” Boss explained.


    His explanation left much to be desired because Angel knew if she didn’t allow them to go Boss would just take them there.


    Angel could only furrow her brow and contemplate on what to do. By the time dinner was over and the plates were being carried away by a maid of theirs, no one had spoken.


    “You’re going to keep them safe right?” Angel asked.


    “Mm, they won’t die.” Boss replied.


    Hi response enraged Angel as she recalled what happened to Arthur and Shelly less than a week ago. Without a single sound or notice an enormous icicle flew straight at Boss impaling him to the wall behind.


    “Boss!” Shelly gasped at what just occurred.


    “I’ll go talk to my husband about it.” Angel abruptly left the room after impaling Boss leaving Shelly shocked as she rushed towards Boss.


    “Gah, that woman she’s like ice and fire. Now this one has a freaking hole too. Oh well~ at least it’s better than plummeting from the sky.” Boss calm reply made Shelly jump away from him. A single tap on the icicle and with a flick of his sleeve Boss gracefully landed on the ground leaving only a hole in the wall from where the icicle went through.


    Even after seeing it again Michael and Julie were still as shocked as the first after seeing Boss show no wounds on his body.


    “Are you God?” Michael absentmindedly asked before covering his own mouth. This had to be a miracle for a child to survive two fatal attacks from Angel.


    “Ahaha, no I am not.” Boss laughed as he tidied himself. He continued “I’m an immortal.”


    Everyone’s jaw was dropped on the floor at Boss’ comment.


    “You can’t die?” Shelly asked. She was interested in hearing about this.


    “Well, it’s not that I can’t die, it’s just going to be really, really, really hard to kill me.” Boss emphasized, he continued “I’m the King of the Universe, ya know.”


    “Riiiiight” Shelly rolled her eyes before walking out of the room.


    “I am, I am, I am!” Boss threw a childish tantrum.


    “I am the King of the Universe, right Michael?” Boss sniffed as he asked Michael.


    “Uh, sure”


    “You don’t believe me?”

    “We believe you.” Michael stated as he pulled Julie and ran away, escaping into their own room leaving Boss alone at the dinner table.



    The door to Samuel’s office opened up as Benjamin walked in. “Are they done eating?” Samuel asked Benjamin, he was too shy to walk out the door.


    “Yeah” Benjamin replied before handing an envelope over to Samuel.


    “What’s this?”


    “Urgent report from Zeldova,”


    Samuel gave a serious expression as he tore open the envelope and began reading the content within. His brows furrowed as it as his face became graver. After finishing the report, he handed it back to Benjamin.




    “We’ll do nothing.”




    Benjamin lit the report on fire and left the room. Samuel sat there in silence as he thought about what he just read.


    “King Baroque, you’re going too far.” He muttered before shaking his head and exiting the room.


    Samuel went straight to sleep before Angel could arrive to discuss the issue with Boss. Knowing her husband only sleeps early when something is troubling his mind, she decided to talk about it the next day.


    Meanwhile, Boss barged straight into Arthur’s room after being left stranded at the dinner table.


    “Boss!” Arthur exclaimed upon Boss’ entry.


    “Why’re you here? Don’t tell me you convinced my parents to go to Naturelle?” Arthur asked.


    “Uh no.” Boss didn’t want to say everyone left him at the dinner table, so he decided to find some company.


    “Oh, then why are you here?” Arthur said dejectedly. A sour expression could be seen on his face.


    “Can’t come by and see if you’re doing okay? You’ve been asleep for four days ya know.”


    “I’m fine.” Arthur replied not willing to talk to Boss tonight.


    “Now, don’t be like that, tomorrow, I’ll convince Angel and Samuel to allow for you to go to Naturelle. In fact, you, me, Shelly and the other two will go too!” Boss tried to convince Arthur.


    “You mean it?”




    “Cool! I’ll go pack up right now, here help me out.” Arthur replied as he started tossing articles of clothes from his closet at Boss.


    The snowman made of clothes shook loose as everything fell around him, “Hm? These aren’t the normal Galafray clothes, why’re you bringing these?”


    “Enemy country, duh stupid. C’mon Boss we’re allies of Zeldova and they are from the Empire, if I walk around with our normal clothes everyone would target us.” Arthur continued to toss clothes at Boss.


    “I’m not stupid. You are.” Boss grumbled out of Arthur’s range of hearing as he started folding the clothes thrown at him making a neater pile beside him.


    Evening turned into night with Arthur and Boss packing up clothes along with other things Arthur wanted to bring. Once Boss and Arthur finished packing Arthur’s stuff, they went over to Shelly’s room to let her know about what Boss was going to do.


    However, she didn’t let them enter. So, Arthur could only whisper to her next to the door about Boss’ plan to convince Angel and Samuel. After saying goodbye, they left to their respective room. Shelly didn’t let them in as she was already packing up, and there are things boys shouldn’t see or touch in a girl’s room.


    Morning came and went as the kids decided to head out to Town and explore the entirety before they had to go. They managed to finish visiting the remaining places they haven’t been to by lunch.


    Once it was lunchtime Arthur began to nudge at Boss telling him to hurry up and convince his parents. However, before Boss could even say anything to threaten Samuel, the man of the house stood up and locked eye contact with Arthur.


    “Son, you said yesterday you wanted to go to Naturelle, yes?” Samuel asked with a serious expression.


    “Yes, daddy” Arthur politely answered, the serious look his father was giving out scared him a little.


    “Will you work hard, and try your best?”


    “Yes, I will.” Arthur nodded his head.


    “Alright, you’re going to Naturelle.” Samuel’s agreement shocked Angel as she didn’t even get a chance to talk about it with him yet.


    “Thank you, daddy! Wait, what about Shelly and Boss?”


    “They’re going too”


    “Yay, thank you~”


    The lunch ended in a shocking fashion as Samuel gave Arthur consent to head to the Tillowisk Empire and enroll in the school of Naturelle.


    “Thank you, Boss!” Arthur exclaimed after they entered Arthur’s room.


    “Ahaha, don’t mention it.” Boss scratched his head embarrassingly. He didn’t even do anything yet.


    “How’d you do it? When did you talk to my dad? Did you sneak into his room?” Arthur barraged Boss with question.


    “Ahaha, it’s a secret.” Boss continued to not explain. Shelly could only inwardly shake her head at this as she was there when Boss convinced Angel. She assumed Angel talked to Samuel after what Boss had said and decided to agree.


    After everyone was gone from the table Angel looked at her husband. “What made you change your mind?” She asked.




    “It’s nothing serious, I just changed my mind that’s all.” Samuel replied.


    “You just changed your mind and didn’t even talk to me about it?” The temperature within the room started to cool down as frost began to cover his entire body.


    “You’re going to tell me, because I didn’t punish you yet for going out with Benjamin and enjoying lunch while our son was still unconscious.” Angel’s words immediately scared Samuel shitless. Crap did Benjamin squeal on me?






    Samuel flew into the side of the wall.


    “Wrong answer.”


  • King of the Multiverse Chapter 19: This is abuse


    “This is abuse!” Samuel squealed and continued “Domestic violence!”


    “Hm? But you just flew into the wall yourself?” Angel replied nonchalantly as Samuel’s body began to spin around the room as if caught up in an invisible tornado. The speed of the tornado continued to pick up as Samuel began to spin at a faster rate, sometimes his body was closer to the walls, other times he was spinning at the center. The feeling made him considerably nauseous.


    “Enough!” Samuel dispersed the power before falling onto the ground. His eyes were spinning as Angel began to laugh. Her continuing laughter made Samuel embarrassingly say “What?” while trying to get back on his feet without falling over.


    Wiping away the tears in her eyes she replied, “You’re not the same as you used to, you usually last much longer than that.”


    Stumbling to his feet Samuel eventually managed to lean against a wall as he started to readjust his balance waiting for the entire room to stop spinning. However, he couldn’t maintain his balance much before his foot started to lift off the floor again. Panic showed in his eyes as he shouted. “Stop! Stop! I give up!”


    His surrender worked as he fell flat onto the floor again. Depressed and a little embarrassed Samuel just sat on the floor as Angel walked over and tried to help him up. However, using his own physical weight he didn’t let Angel physically lift him up.


    “Stop being such a baby. What if Arthur sees you like this?” Angel continued to try lifting him up.


    “Hmph, let him. I don’t care.” Samuel continued to pout while sitting on the ground with his arms folded.


    “Alright, I’m sorry, okay? I was a little too mean to you.” Angel tried apologizing.


    “Hmph, won’t work, you’re too mean.” Samuel continued to protest.


    His little tantrum started to irritate Angel as the air began to freeze in the room. Feeling the coldness enveloping the room Samuel realized he fudged up.


    “Samuel, I’ll count to three.” Angel began to treat Samuel like a kid that was being disobedient.




    Samuel immediately stood up in attention and spilled everything to Angel about what he had read yesterday and why he made the decision. The temperature within the room fluctuated before returning to normal as Angel calmed down from Samuel’s confession.


    “What are you going to do?” Angel asked.


    “Nothing, I’ll just send Arthur and Shelly to Cheshire instead.”


    “I don’t think King Baroque will like that.”


    “What can he do about it? I’ll just say they wanted to go there so I allowed it. I’m not lying.”


    “Are you sure you want to do this?” Angel asked in a serious manner. The repercussions of making a King angry wouldn’t just be a smack on the wrist.


    “We’re not weak enough that Baroque can just bully us. Besides, if he goes too far, I’ll just use our new guest. Heh. Heh. Heh.”


    Facepalming at Samuel’s mischievous attitude Angel could only shake her head and silently agree. Being a Galafray made it difficult for the King to excessively punish them even if they’re not part of the main branch. Also, she too wanted to see what would happen between a King and an alien.


    “Should we go with them?” Angel asked, she wanted to at least follow the kids along to Cheshire for their enrollment.


    “I think we should stay home, if we go with them then Baroque may not take it so well.


    “Yeah, you’re right” Angel responded with a dejected tone. She sighed and continued “At least we get to send them off.”


    Samuel silently nodded his head. “We should let them leave town soon, it’ll probably be better if they stayed at the neighboring village. He began to scratch his head “What did they call themselves again?”


    “I don’t know anymore.” Angel shook her head “They’ve changed their name 3 times since we’ve got to know them. First was Pebbleville, then Cobbleville, and the last I remembered was Boulderville.” She continued “Knowing the schemes of things they’ll eventually call it Mountainville.”


    “Ahaha, they’re quite eccentric, aren’t they? We shouldn’t be too worried right? Right?” Samuel asked his wife for assurance; he was a bit worried about the neighboring village. They were close in terms of relations and have met with them, but he didn’t know what to say about them.


    “Mm, we should let the Village Chief know not to scare Arthur and them.” Shaking her head at their only option she continued “I think it’ll be good to inform Jacob and Dylan to keep an eye on them for us.”


    Samuel nodded his head and replied, “I’ll go write them a letter.”



    “Boss, when do you think they’ll let us go to school?” Arthur asked.


    “I don’t know, whenever they want?” Boss replied.


    “I hope it’ll be soon I wanna learn more about what my eyes can do.” Arthur began to wonder before he turned to Boss and hopefully asked “Wait, can’t you tell me?”


    “Nope, I can’t.” Boss’ reply shattered Arthur’s hope of trying to know his powers beforehand.


    “Darn.” Arthur then turned to Shelly who was currently petting Silver in her arm “Shelly! What can your eyes do? Can you only just see better is that it?”


    “No Arthur it’s not just that, but I won’t tell you what it is.” Shelly replied leaving Arthur depressed. He wanted to ask why not but he held back, Shelly had her own secrets and he’ll see it in the future anyways.


    Knock Knock


    “Come in, doors not locked” Arthur replied as the door handle twisted open.


    “How’re you, sweetie? Are you feeling okay? Hurt anywhere?” Angel walked in and looked at Arthur with a hint of worry.


    “I’m fine mommy, look I’m perfectly healthy!” Arthur began to express how energetic he was by hopping on the bed and jumping around. A smile with a hint of sadness can be seen on her face as she looked at her son.


    “Mommy?” Arthur asked, he can sense that something was wrong.


    “Oh, it’s nothing sweetie.” Angel fixed her composure, eyeing the cases and clothes littered on the floor she continued “are you already packing up?”


    “Yeah! Mommy! When are going to school?”


    “Soon honey, your father has to write some letters first and then you five will be ready to go to Cheshire.” Angel explanation made Arthur’s eyes beam with joy as he jumped on the bed even more energetically than before.


    “Bark!” You stupid human, did you forget about me?


    “Oh sorry Barkie, I forgot you were sitting there, you’re so light you know.” Arthur replied as he grabbed the dog above his head and placed it on the ground. The moment Barkie was on the ground Silver glanced in its direction and hopped down from Shelly’s arm.


    “Bark! Bark!” Barkie pulled an aggressive stance towards the kitten as Silver continued to slowly walk towards it. However, the next second Barkie turned tail and ran straight for the door. Seeing this the kitten followed the puppy and another chase ensued.


    The antics of the two pets eased the worry Angel was feeling as she watched both of them run about the house. Little did she notice that the speed of the pets was progressively increasing.


    “Silver! Stop that!” Arthur tried to stop Silver from scaring Barkie. However, Silver paid him no mind as she continued chasing the poor labradoodle puppy. Arthur began to worry and could only ask Shelly for help “Shelly, can’t you do something? Silver is scaring Barkie!”


    However, before Shelly could call Silver back, Boss interrupted “Don’t worry they’re not fighting or scaring each other, they’re just having fun.”


    “Bark!” What do you mean having fun!? HELP!


    “Oh is that true Barkie you’re just having fun?”


    “Bark!” No you idiot! I’m gonna die!


    “Oh that’s so great! I was worried Silver was gonna do anything bad to you.” Arthur sighed in relief before paying Barkie and Silver no mind.


    Arthur then turned to his mom, “mommy will you be going with us?” His questioned made Angel slightly depressed inside because even though she wished she could go, she couldn’t. “I’m sorry sweetie, your daddy and I need to stay home and make sure the town safe.” She continued “But, I’ll send you letters often, and you just make sure you’re safe and healthy okay?”


    Hearing her answer Arthur felt a little despondent, but he could only nod his head to question as he wanted to grow stronger. The near fatal experience he faced at the Church and the helplessness he felt in his nightmare made him realize if he wanted to keep his family safe, he’ll have to get stronger.


    “Bark! Bark!” Barkie ran through the door and in front of Arthur and began tapping on his leg. Hurry up pick me up! Pick me up!!!

    “Oh, are you done playing Barkie?” Arthur asked as he reached for the puppy.


    “Bark! Bark!” Play!? You call that play!? Whatever just pick me up!


    Immediately jumping into Arthur’s palm Barkie pointed upwards to Arthur’s head signifying he wanted to be back there. Panting exhaustedly ontop of Arthur’s head safe and away from the kitten Barkie was too tired to even regain composure as he laid there.


    Moments later a little kitten walked in.


    “Mew” Silver looked up at the puppy laying on Arthur’s head. “Silver” Shelly called for her kitten. Shelly’s single word drew its attention as it returned to its owner’s arms and began to purr.


    Knock knock


    “Am I intruding?” Samuel asked while still holding onto the door.


    “Are you finished writing the letters?” Angel asked.


    Samuel nodded his head and looked at the kids. “I sent a letter to the Chief of I think Boulderville that you kids will be staying there for a while before leaving for Cheshire.” His comment made Arthur confused, was he not going to Cheshire immediately? Why is he going to Boulderville?


    “Mommy, daddy, why are we staying at Boulderville? I thought we were just going to go straight to Naturelle?”


    Samuel shook his head before responding, “You can’t just go all the way there in one go, the ships for enrollment haven’t even arrived yet.” He continued. “You’ll be staying at Boulderville for the next month until the enrollment ships arrive in Asmar harbor. Once the ships are safely docked there, you guys may head out to Asmar since the ship won’t set sail again for another month.”


    “Can’t we just stay home until then?” Arthur asked.




    “No, some things have come up and it’ll be better if you guys aren’t here while we deal with it.” Samuel replied.


    “What is it?” Arthur asked, he wanted to know what was so urgent. However, Samuel could only shake his head whereas his mom continued to look at them with worry.


    “What is it?” Arthur repeated after looking at their face.


    “Young master, Arthur” Shelly called to him. He turned around to look at her only to see her shake her head telling him to not continue. Arthur turned around to look at his parents, the serious face that they showed prompted him not to continue.


    “Boss” Angel looked at the little purple haired boy she barely knew. She paused, “Please just try your best to watch over them.” Seeing her serious plea Boss replied, “I’ll do my best.”


    “Tomorrow morning after breakfast, there’ll be two horse carriage to take you guys to Boulderville.” Samuel continued “Go to bed early, it’ll be a long ride tomorrow.”


    Samuel walked out of the room after saying that. Angel repeated what Samuel said in her own way before following Samuel out. Everyone eventually returned to their respective room in preparation for tomorrow.


    Morning arrived and everything was normal, the breakfast was the same and so was the atmosphere. It didn’t feel like they were sending them off at all until the entrance of the estate opened for the two horse carriages.


    One carriage carried all their cases while the other will be for them. The mother and father duo alongside Benjamin remained at the door as the house servants and maid all helped carried their belongings onto the carriage.




    Clip Clop Clip Clop


    The sounds of horse whips could be heard as two horse drawn carriages started to move. By the time Arthur realized the reality of the situation he turned his head out of the window only to see the departing silhouette of his parents waving back at him. 


  • King of the Multiverse Chapter 20: Arthur waved his hands


    Arthur waved his hands energetically in return. However, no matter how fast he waved his hands, inside he had mixed feelings. School was every child’s dream to learn and obtain superpowers, to become an idol for citizens and more importantly make their parents proud.


    Arthur didn’t wish to go to Naturelle, he preferred to stay home, but the incident from the church and seeing those he loved died before his very eyes within the nightmare made him want to get stronger in order to protect them.


    Arthur tucked his head back inside when he couldn’t see their estate anymore. He knew he wouldn’t be able to see his mom or dad until his first year of school was over. Every year when new children leave their home to enroll in school, old ones at the same time will return to visit their family.


    Most of the time the child would be chaperoned by their parents to school so they would be able to spend more time with them before they felt homesick, however with Arthur leaving without his family’s accompaniment he couldn’t help but glance back home outside the window of the carriage every so often.


    “Oh, I almost forgot!” Boss’s loud childish voice startled Arthur causing him to bump his head on the window. Arthur tucked his head back inside glaring at Boss for causing him pain and ruining his moment of sadness.


    “What is it?” Shelly glanced over at Boss.


    “Tada~” Boss brought a brown wig and sunglasses from underneath his robe. “A disguise! I almost forgot to put it on!” Boss shouted excitedly as he put on the sunglasses and then began to fix the wig on top of his violet hair.


    “Couldn’t you just change your hair and eye color?” Arthur asked in an irritated voice. The thing Boss was doing looked stupid to him since Boss had the ability to change his hair and eye color whenever he wanted.


    “Arthur, what is a disguise?” Boss asked.


    “It’s like hiding your real self by making yourself look different. Aren’t you already doing that with the purple hair and yellow eyes?” Arthur replied with a weird look on his face. Was Boss asking a trick question?


    “And what is my real hair and eye right now?” Boss continued to ask.


    “Black and black?” Arthur quickly replied.


    “Bzzt, wrong! It’s purple and yellow!” Boss continued “I can’t have brown hair and brown eyes, or I’ll be limited to that orthodox shit your school teaches. But if I have purple hair and yellow eyes and disguised myself with a wig then I can do anything! Duh.” His response made Arthur wide eyed whereas Michael and Julie looked at Boss with confusion.


    “What do you mean black and black?” Michael asked, he didn’t really understand, did this kid have black hair and eyes?


    “I have black hair and eyes, but I disguised it as violet and yellow.” Boss replied drawing even more look of confusion on their face. Michael and Julie thought to themselves did black hair and eyes even exist on their planet?


    “Are you saying you have black hair and eyes? But no one on our planet ever had that hair and eye color.” Julie asked, she was unconvinced.


    “Julie! Remember what I said before?” Arthur pulled Julie closer and whispered in her ear “he’s an alien.” Arthur’s mention made Julie recall what Arthur said to her at the Church. She remembered that Arthur mentioned he was a man that turned into a kid, but Arthur never mentioned his hair/eyes could also change colors.


    Michael looked at the two of them sharing a secret. “What? What?” He asked eliciting Arthur to stick his tongue out at him. This drew Julie into laughter as she quickly covered her mouth.


    “What is it? Can’t you tell me Julie?” Michael asked, he didn’t like Arthur’s behavior, but he hoped Julie would tell him. However, his hope was immediately shattered when Arthur quickly covered Julie’s mouth. “Shhh!” he motioned with his other hand causing Julie to obediently nod her head.


    “Julie~” Michael begged. However, Julie replied with “it’s a secret” and high fived Arthur afterwards. This made Michael downcast as he sulked in his spot. His sulking didn’t last long as he noticed something off about Arthur and Shelly.


    “Hey, where are your pets?” He finally realized he didn’t see Shelly petting her kitten or the puppy that was sitting on Arthur’s head.


    “Barkie? Where are you?” Arthur felt the top of his head and looked around; he didn’t even notice his pet was missing. He exclaimed “Oh my gosh did we left them at home!?”


    “No.” Shelly shook her head and pointed at the two horses. “They’re over there.” The kitten was relaxed on top of the head of the horse carrying their belongings whereas Barkie was vigilantly sitting on the head of the one carrying them.


    Hearing Arthur call for him Barkie turned around from the horse’s head and barked before returning back and continuing to maintain a vigilant posture.

    “Barkie? What’re you doing up there come here!” Arthur called for him, however Barkie paid him no mind and barked again. This bark caused the horse carrying them to neigh in response as it began to speed up.


    A soft “mew” could be heard afterwards as the carriage beside them slowed down and followed from behind.


    Everyone but Boss looked at the two pets flabbergasted at what they were witnessing. Could these two pets talk to animals? Arthur and Shelly quickly recalled what Samuel and Angel were bragging about when they mentioned the pets, was it true?


    “Wait, what are they doing? Why’re we speeding up? Wait! Where are the horse carriage drivers?” Arthur didn’t have time to stay amazed as he realized his pets can control the horses and that the horse carriage drivers were missing.


    “Oh them? They hopped off awhile ago.” Boss replied nonchalantly causing Shelly to nod her head in agreement. This caused the other three to look at him with a strange look on their face. “Couldn’t you have told us this when you noticed?” Michael was exasperated, the heck was this boy doing not telling them something so important.


    “Hm? Why? It’s not like you’re going to die when I’m around.” Boss waved off Michael’s concern. The boy sitting within the carriage with his smug look and arms crossed slowly began to dissipate from the seat before completely vanishing. His voice reverberated through the air “Anyways~ good luck when I’m not around, I’m going to find a place to pee.”


    “Boss!” Arthur shouted at where the little purple haired boy once sat. “Where did you go!?” A sense of foreboding enveloped Arthur at what Boss had said before vanishing causing him to slowly panic.


    Michael felt around the spot where Boss had vanished hoping it to be some sort of illusionary trick. However, the wig wearing boy was completely gone. “He’s just playing a trick on us, there is nothing to worry about.” Michael tried to reassure the passengers.


    However, his reassurance didn’t last for long as Julie asked “Guys, do you hear something?” The sound of men shouting along with multiple horses galloping could be heard coming from the distance. 


    As if on cue to Julie’s question a loud voice could be heard “Hiyah! After them! Go go go!”


    “Bark!” The horses neighed to Barkie’s command and galloped forward as fast as they could, the once smooth ride became an incredibly bumpy one as everyone sitting within held onto a part of the carriage for support.


    “Wh-what’s going on!? What’s happening!?” Arthur exclaimed in panicked fright; were they being chased?


    “I don’t know, look out of window and check!” Michael replied causing Arthur to quickly dip his head out to see what was going on.


    In a distance away a group of 3 towering tanned skin men wearing demonic looking face masks were closing in on them. Their horses were monstrous in size dwarfing that of the ones carrying the carriages.


    “People on big horses are chasing us!” Arthur snapped his head back inside and shouted. The look on everyone’s face inside the carriage was filled with worry with the exception for Shelly who was quickly contemplating something.


    “How many were there?” Shelly asked calmly. Arthur quickly responded with “Three!” with Shelly nodding her head with a plan.


    “I’ve read books about the mountainous trail to Boulderville, there’s a really steep narrow trail ahead that goes up the mountain. We can use the narrow trail to keep whoever is chasing us from surrounding us as we go up.”


    Michael nodded his head in understanding and asked “What if they caught up to us from behind while we’re going up? They wouldn’t just let us climb all the way up.”


    “We’ll just have to not let them do that.” Shelly replied. Barkie who was overhearing their entire conversation understood what Shelly was saying as it barked causing the horse carrying them to make left turn up ahead climbing up the mountain.


     The demon masked men who were chasing them saw the turn they were taking and shouted, “Shit! After them! Follow me!” The leader of the tree took the lead as they single filed their way behind.


    “What do we do now? They’re gaining on us!” Arthur couldn’t help but peek his head out as the enormous horses were gaining on them. “Julie, I remembered you stopping that Seraphim momentarily back at the church do you have Telekinesis?” Shelly asked. Even though Julie was born with blonde hair and hazel eyes as an Exotic she could still obtain Telekinesis.


    “No, I can’t control inanimate objects, I’m just able to stop anything momentarily, the smaller it is the longer I can stop it for.” Julie replied.


    “Is there a distance limit to it?” Shelly’s question made Julie paused for a moment before replying “As long as I can still see it.”


    “Mm, this might work.” Shelly nodded her head before continuing “I need everyone to back away from me.” She calmly placed her palm to the back of the carriage as thin lines carved its way forming a square completely blowing out the back of the carriage.


    “Julie!” Shelly shouted causing Julie to freeze the squared shape board form from the back of the carriage in place. Michael quickly grasped the board and pulled it into the carriage revealing Silver and the other carriage directly behind them.


    “Michael, can you throw the wooden board up in the air as high as you could behind us?” Michael could only nod his head to Shelly and say, “I’ll try my best.”


    “Julie, we’re reaching the steepest part of the incline Michael will throw it behind our carriages, can you stop the board directly in the middle of the pathway?” Julie nodded her head “I can try.”


    There was only one attempt at this as they were nearing the incline. Tension was building as they waited for Shelly’s command. The trio of masked demons were gaining on them at a quick pace, their hair and eyes completely hidden.


    The leader with the two-horned demonic mask, saw the opening that Shelly had done to her carriage and became wary. However, he didn’t slow down his pace and continued to speed up.


    Time was slowing to a crawl as the enemy continued to advance towards them. Arthur couldn’t help but panic as Arthur shouted “Shelly!” However, she paid him no mind and continued to judge the distance.


    “Now!” Shelly shouted causing Michael to erupt with full force of his strength tossing the board as high in the air as possible. The board spun in the air out of Julie’s direct line of sight, however as they continued the ascent upward the board finally came into view.


    Just a little bit more and the board will have fallen directly in the pathway between the carriages and their pursuer. Julie’s arm extended outwards towards the direction of the board as it completely froze perfectly between the two.




    Everyone was overjoyed at the success of the board blocking the narrow pathway. However, their pursuer’s leader also waved his arm causing the board that was once blocking the road to fall down the steep cliff of the mountainside.



  • King of the Multiverse Chapter 21: No!


    “No! What happened!? How did he do that!?” Arthur shouted, the board that was once perfectly in their line of sight blocking the pathway thanks to Julie’s ability was completely shoved aside by the man without even having to touch it!


    “Damn!” Shelly swore, she forgot to include something within her calculations “He’s a Telekinesis!”


    “What do we do? What do we do?” Arthur was completely terrified; he didn’t expect people chasing him to have superpowers. Shelly shook her head; she didn’t have a second plan yet. Michael and Julie looked at each other with worry in their eyes.


    The mountaintop was closing in as the horses carrying them began to slow down, they were becoming extremely tired. The horses finally gave out directly on top of the mountain as their pursers also arrived and began to surround the two carriages.


    “Heh, heh, heh not bad little kids, your plan almost worked if it wasn’t for our leader here” One of the two with similar looking demonic mask began to speak. He had a blue mask whereas the other had a green. Their leader had a red mask.


    “Now I want you guys to come on out and get on our knees, if you don’t, we’ll have to do it forcefully.” The guy continued with his threat. Michael got up from his seat and slowly headed out. His movement caught Arthur by surprise as he whispered loudly “Michael!” However, Michael only told him to stay inside as he walked out.


    “Do you know who you’re messing with?” Michael attempted to intimidate. However, it didn’t work as the green masked man tilted his head and said “The Galafrays?”


    “If you knew that, why’re you still following us?” Michael continued to maintain his posture. However deep inside he was completely shivering.


    “Ahaha, you, dumbass! Do you know how much money an Exotic slave is worth? Especially kids!?” The blue masked man laughed at Michaels question. Everything was for money what criminal wouldn’t go for a risk that’ll net them extremely huge profit.


    His words completely terrified Arthur, however Shelly only gave him a weird look as she began to contemplate.


    “So! Will you call your little friends out or… will I have to drag them out?” The two masked men inched closer towards Michael and began to surround him. “Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way?” The blue asked man continued to say.


    “You won’t get through me!” Michael roared while his legs were completely ready to buckle.


    Seeing his persistence, the two men began to crack their knuckles and inched closer. Their first punch was about to be thrown before someone within the carriage shouted “STOP”


    Julie hopped out of the carriage and rushed to stand between Michael and the two men, her arms completely extended outwards shielding Michael from behind. Seeing her courageous demeanor Michael could only mutter “Julie…”.


    “What’re you gonna do, little girl? You think you can protect him? Hm?” The blue masked man taunted. However, Julie did not budge as she maintained her steadfast stance in shielding Michael. He continued continued “Fine, if you want to be first then you better not regret it.”


    The door to the carriage opened again as the two kids slowly climbed down from the steps. Barkie was sitting back on top of Arthur’s head while Silver was curled up in Shelly’s arm. Their attention was completely focused on the three as the two youths walked out.


    “Where’s the third kid?” The blue masked man asked. He continued with a threat “Bring him out or your two adult friends are dead.”


    “He’s not here, so you’re going to have to kill them.” Shelly retorted causing Michael and Julie to quiver, the strength Julie had earlier completely vanished as Michael tried to maintain a steady posture.


    “Oh? You sure you don’t care about these two?” The blue masked man continued to speak as he walked over to Julie and tilted her by the chin with his finger. “You’re quite the beauty, it’d be a shame if we’d just kill you right here.” The guy teased. Julie could only maintain her glare at him.


    “Hmph, you little bitch! Watch me kill your man first before I toy with you.” The blue masked man said, his arrogant threat completely made the two succumb to despair.


    Barkie looked at the scene playing out and locked gazes with the monstrous horses that was behind the leader.


    “Grr” Barkie growls caught the attention of the three as they turned to look at the little puppy.


    “Ahaha, look at that little guy, he’s trying to act all tough.” The green masked man pointed at Barkie and began to laugh. However, the horses behind the leader showed signs of intimidation as their legs began to shiver.


    “BARK!” The little puppy roared in the loudest little yelp a little puppy could make causing the two men to laugh hysterically at how adorable it was. Yet, moments later the horses behind them neighed in fear and kicked about before turning tail and ran off down the mountainside from where they came.


    “You little! How dare you do that to our horses!” The blue masked man roared. However, Barkie paid him no mind as it tilted its head away and hmphed at the man.


    “The third boy isn’t here, what’re you going to do now? Mr. carriage drivers.” Shelly completely unraveled the guy’s disguise.


    “Ahaha, you figured it out kid.” The two men laughed as they removed their disguise. The two men removed their masked and showed their tanned face. The green masked man had green hair whereas the blue masked man had blue hair.


    “W-why are you doing this to uh-us?” Arthur stuttered; he couldn’t keep calm as Shelly. Shelly only told him to exit the carriage, so he did what she had asked hoping she’ll have another plan.


    “Didn’t you hear? Slavery is worth a lot of money. Other nobles would pay a fortune for Exotics like you two kids to be playmates, toys, or servants for their kids or themselves. Ahaha!” Blue laughed menacingly.


    The look of horror could be seen on Michael and Julie’s face as they completely understood what the guy meant. Arthur was still a bit too young to know exactly what he meant whereas Shelly seemed indifferent to it.


    “Okay, make us slaves.” Shelly replied with indifference. Her expressionless attitude irked the blue and green men, but they couldn’t actually do anything.


    Their leader looked at Shelly and asked “When?”


    “Since you guys chased us up the mountain.” Shelly replied.


    “Gah, I thought we were doing so good, what gave it away?” The leader shook his head. Everyone in Shelly’s group looked at the conversation between the two and felt something was off.


    “You guys carried weapons, but never used it. There was no killing intent coming from you guys, and with horses like those you should’ve caught up to us way before we had the chance to make it up here.” Shelly stated a matter of factually. The leader scratched his head embarrassingly before taking his mask off.


    The face beneath the mask was an old tanned skin man in his late fifties to sixties with red hair and magenta eyes, a Prodigy. He had a kind face as he beamed a warm smile towards the people at the carriage.


    “My name is Gran Ule, Chief of Boulderville. May I know your name?”




    “Nice name, simple yet sturdy I like that.” The chief then introduced himself to the remaining dumbfounded people as they stood there and nodded their heads and shook his hands.


    “These two are my sons, the skinny boy is Pebble and the big one is Cobble.” He introduced the blue and green haired people respectively.


    “Hello, didn’t scare ya too much did I?” Pebble shook hands with Julie and Michael in front of him before greeting the rest. Julie was still annoyed by what he did before but there was no real harm.


    “Hello! Sorry!” Cobble replied with a few short words expressing his sincere apologies, he only did this because he was asked to do it.


    “This was all an act?” Arthur finally started to recover and understood what was going on.


    “Yeah, the little boy asked of us to do this to test you guys. We thought it would be fun, so we agreed. Where is he anyways? Still in the carriage?” Pebble asked.


    “You’re saying Boss put you guys up to this?” Arthur angrily replied.


    “That’s his name? If it is the little purple haired boy and yellow eyes who was with you guys, then yes.” Pebble answered while glancing at the carriage, shouldn’t the boy walk out and explain himself?


    “Where is he?”


    “He went to pee!” Arthur replied, the annoyance that Boss caused him made him want to just punch the kid in his face, he’ll heal since he’s an alien, no worries.


    Clip Clop Clip Clop


    The sound of horses walking back up the mountaintop could be heard coming from the incline behind them. Moments later a little boy with brown hair and sunglasses sat on the back of one as it obediently carried the boy to the mountaintop. The other two horses followed behind.


    “Our horses!” Pebble disappeared from his spot leaving a trail of dust behind as he reappeared before the horses glancing at the kid above it. “Who are you?”


    “They call me by many names, some call me child, other calls me old man, but I am the one and only Boss!” The kid gave himself a weird entrance as he pulled off his glasses and tore off the wig. “Tada~ It was I”


    Everyone from the carriage looked at Boss unamused, did he not realize how annoyed they were?


    Ignoring their annoyed gazes Boss continued sitting on the enormous horse as he spoke. “So, what have you four learned?”


    No one could reply instantly as they shared glances with each other. “Is it that you’re a bad bodyguard?” Arthur asked. Boss was at a lost for words “Err no” he could only reply. While what Arthur said was true, that’s not what he was looking for.


    “I should have included people with powers in my plan” Shelly replied. Her answer made Boss slightly nod his head and continued “While yes, you four should have included those with powers in your plan, trapping yourself at the mountaintop with no exit is probably not the best idea.”


    “What I wanted to hear though is that you guys are weak, no amount of planning or teamwork will fix that if you guys don’t get stronger.” Boss continued.


    “But I haven’t even gotten my powers yet. How can I get stronger?” Arthur grumbled. Boss’ response wasn’t helpful he already knew he was weak.


    “Weak people still have things they can do, since they’re weak they’ll be deemed as insignificant threat, you can just act weak and wait for an opportunity.” Boss’ response made them silent as they thought about it. He continued "For example, look at these three how were they going to bring you back as slaves? Tie you up and make you walk on a rope behind them?”


    “The best they could do is surround you four and walk you to their base while keeping an eye on you, they wouldn’t harm you since you’re worth something to them. Well, that is if they were rational.”


    “And then what?” Arthur asked?


    “Wait until you have an opportunity and surprise attack them. Kill them if you can, they may be strong but they’re still humans with flesh and bones.” Boss glanced at Michael.


    “Or you can just run away, all you have to do is be patient” Boss nodded his head and closed his eyes as the fantasize about how great his speech was.


    THWACK A rock landed squarely on Boss’ forehead causing him to fall off the horse.


    “Run!” Arthur shouted as he ran down the mountaintop. A sneak attack followed by running away. The little kid is already putting what he’s been told to good use.

  • King of the Multiverse Chapter 22: Are you alright?


    “Are you alright?” Gran helped Boss back to his feet as Arthur laughed a distance away. The incident relieved any tension remaining between the two group as they sat around the mountaintop and admired the scenery.


    Clip Clop Clip Clop


    The sounds of walking horses could be heard again after an hour descending from the mountaintop with the two parties engaging in small talk. The two regular sized horses were replaced with the bigger one to pull along the carriage as Pebble and Cobble returned to their carriage duties.


    The first question on everyone’s mind was when did Boss and the two communicate to pull off a stunt like this. Their exact reply was that what Boss had asked was directly transmitted into their minds.


    They thought it would be fun, so they asked Gran to get involved since he was supposed to be an escort for Governor’s kid back to Boulderville. He decided to play along, and the resulting scene came about.


    The sun kissed sky turned into night by the time they finally arrived in Boulderville. The village was small with a population of roughly 500 inhabitants. The name of the village was accurate as everyone’s home was either made from slabs of rocks or built directly into the mountainside.


    “Welcome back Gran! Boulder! Boulder!” An inhabitant who was still walking outside shouted his greeting crossing his arm and stomping his feet as the carriage pulled through the gates.


    “Boulder, boulder! To you Elroy!” Gran returned the greeting as he crossed his arm while riding the horse. Every inhabitant greeted them the same way some words followed by “boulder, boulder.”


    A large split within the mountain came into view as they walked through it. Natural lighting from plant-based matter could be seen scrawled onto the sides lighting their way as they continued forward.


    A large structure could be seen up ahead filled with bright lights illuminating the darkness within the mountain. “Up ahead is the Boulderville Inn a place for all our guests” Gran continued “This will be where you four will be staying during your time in our village. I have some business to do first, so I’ll be leaving now.” Gran’s reply elicited snickers from his two sons.


    However, he paid them no mind as he galloped away faster than when he was chasing the kids. “Why are you two laughing?” Arthur asked Pebble and Cobble. They only looked at each other and began laughing harder. “No reason kid, we’re here.”


    The door of the inn exploded open as an attractive woman ran out hugging Pebble tightly within her grasp “Gran! You’re here! Are you finally ready to return my confession?” The attractive woman continued to squeeze Pebble tightly as he pried himself out of her arms. “It’s me Auntie! Pebble!”


    She stared at Pebble’s faces and immediately pushed him aside. “Tch, I thought you were your father, where is he? Did he come with you?” She began to look around behind Pebble and Cobble and every corner within the carriage.


    “Auntie he’s not here.” Cobble’s response made her depressed as she shoved Pebble aside and walked back into the Inn slamming the door behind her.


    “Why did she shove me? Why not you?” Pebble complained to Cobble, anytime they visited their Auntie’s Inn Pebble got all the attention, both bad and good whereas Cobble was completely left alone.


    Cobble could only shrug as they made their way to the door. “It’s locked again” Cobble responded causing Pebble to sigh and reach for the spare key. “Freaking Auntie, always locking us out whenever we arrive with guests.” Pebble grumbled as he unlocked the door.


    The five guests didn’t know what to say besides follow along. Seems like there was something going on with the Auntie and the Chief. The Inn was incredibly well lit as they entered making anyone lose track of time staying inside.


    “Wow it’s like daytime in here!” Arthur admired. “Don’t worry it won’t be like that in your rooms.” Pebble replied. The staircase leading to the second-floor lead to their rooms. Arthur, Michael and Boss shared a room with Shelly and Julie in another.


    The boys’ room was massive in scale with three beds comfortably fit side by side. Whereas the girls’ room was comfortable for two beds. Every room was as comfortable as a modern hotel with a bedroom, bathroom and living room.


    A circular ball was held in Pebble and Cobble’s hand. “This is a bright ball we’ve created using the natural luminescent vegetations and a mixture of other plants.” Pebble stated.


    The bright ball was an alchemical creation made by the Auntie of the Inn that is used to light up the entirety of the place. Through trial and error, she managed to make it self-sustaining capable of staying completely lit every single day.


    People questioned why there was no way to turn off the lights for the bright ball her response was tossing a black cloth over it to hide the lights.


    Handing the bright balls over to the boys and girls and a cloth for each ball Pebble and Cobble bid the group goodbye as they had to go home for the night.


    Boss didn’t wait any longer as he hopped into the closest bed and went straight to sleep. The other two followed suit with Barkie snuggled next to Arthur. A black cloth tossed over the ball dimming the room as everyone fell asleep tired from their trip.


    The following morning came as some sunlight managed to enter their window from the skylight up above the split within the mountain. Noon arrived by the time the boys managed to wake up. Shelly and Julie woke up much earlier and already had breakfast.


    The girls explored the Inn first thing in the morning walking down from the second floor. 


     It was a simple Inn, there were three floors with the first two allowed for guests. The third floor of the Inn was reserved for VIPs to the discretion of the Auntie.

    On the first floor was the cafeteria and bar near to the right of the entrance with a hallway on the left leading to more guests’ rooms.


    The entirety of the second floor was rows of rooms for guests and nothing else. The Inn was big enough to hold half the population of the town. However, by the time noon had arrived and lunch was being served in the cafeteria not another person could be seen.


    Yawning as he sat at the incredibly large cafeteria Arthur glanced around only to see that their group was the only one sitting at a table.


    “Where is everyone?” Arthur asked hoping someone could answer. The girls shook their head since they did not know.


    “There is no one else in the Inn besides the Auntie, workers, and us.” Boss answered. He continued “The Inn is extremely large yet, why is no one here?”


    The other four sat quietly as they waited for Boss to make his own deduction. Indeed, he did “The Auntie is probably an evil lady who cannibalizes on all her guests and she’s trapped in this Inn never allowed to escape.”


    Everyone facepalmed expecting Boss to give a serious answer. Boss tried to explain his bizarre reasoning, but everyone ignored it as they ate. After spending more time with Boss Arthur concluded Boss had more of an imaginative mind than a normal kid.


    Pebble and Cobble arrived at the Inn after they finished eating meeting up with the group on the second floor. Everyone crowded into the guys’ room as Pebble and Cobble started answering their questions and concern.


    Boss immediately brought up cannibalization and the Auntie being trapped inside. However, it was quickly refuted by the two young adult men as they told him it was an Inn only for guests and the Auntie already ran out of the door of the Inn yesterday.


    Boss didn’t back down and said that maybe there is a limit to how far the Auntie could leave the Inn. The young men wanted to refute however; Boss wasn’t completely wrong.




    “Our Auntie is sort of restricted to the Inn.” Pebble responded prompting Boss to go “see, see, she’s a cannibal!” However, Pebble quickly refuted and continued “Our mother, her older sister is married to our dad. Auntie was always infatuated with dad, but he and mom were the ones that got together.”


    Seeing the already confused look on Arthur’s face as he began to tell a long story. Pebble promptly readjusted himself before continuing.


    “To keep the story short, Auntie likes my father, but my father and mother are married so Auntie chose to chase after father and mother wherever they went. Annoyed at her younger sister, our mother warned her not to leave the Inn or else she’ll tell their parents where Auntie went since she snuck out chasing after the two.” Pebble concluded.


    “Ohh” Arthur said, he completely understood what Pebble had said. “So, she’s crazy.” Arthur came up with his own conclusion. Shelly jumped in and said “Stalker.” The two kids’ choice of words made Pebble and Cobble laugh as they silently agreed.


    “Oh right, we forgot what we were supposed to do here. Come with us Gran wanted to see you guys.” Pebble responded as he gathered the group and walked out of the Inn. An irritated looking beautiful woman with green hair and yellow eyes could be seen looking down below at the departing groups.


    “Tch, that Pebble, a freaking blabbermouth I’ll shove you even harder next time. Maybe if I injure you Gran will visit. Oh~.” She let out an excited squeal as she hugged herself and continued to speak to aloud “But wait, sister would probably show up too… Tch!”


    Pebble didn’t realize the almost sorry situation as he brought the group before an enormous estate at the center of the Village. The estate was gated hidden behind towering fences four Arthurs tall per pillar (5 meters/16.4 feet) surrounding the entirety of it.


    “We live a little bit further ahead” Pebble stated calmly as the enormous entrance folded inward allowing for them to enter. Everyone’s eyes darted around as they scanned their surroundings. A completely new world opened before their eyes compared to the mountainous and rocky village with small amounts of vegetation.


    In here there was beds of grass as far as the eyes could see with domesticated animals grazing on them. Each pig, sheep, cows, chickens and horses were 1.5x larger than their normal counterpart back at Rouge.


    “Wow how come it’s so green in here?” Arthur asked he was mesmerized by the abundance of grass and vegetation all around him. The flowers seemed to be in bloom all year round.


    “It’s the work of our mother, she spends most of her day gardening and taking care of the entire estate.” Pebble replied as they made it to the front door of the house. The door opened before Pebble could reach for it.


    “Back so soon my sons?” A handsome middle-aged man with bright red hair and magenta eyes smiled as he welcomed everyone into their home. “Sorry, I called for you guys here to talk about something, but I got some urgent business to take care of, I’ll be right back.” Gran Ule replied as he pulled the reins of a horse and galloped away.


    “Why is he in such hurry?” Arthur asked.


    “Mother is probably craving something weird again. It’s strange though she hadn’t had any weird cravings for a month now.” Pebble replied as he escorted his guests around the home. There was a beautiful marbled shelf in the living room with plaques and pictures of the owners.


    A young man with red hair and red eyes was standing alongside a beautiful woman that resembles the Auntie from the Inn a lot was carrying a little brown baby. “That’s me.” Pebble smiled at the picture and pointed at the beautifully innocent looking woman “She’s my mother.”


    “Wow, your mom and the Auntie are almost identical, so beautiful” Julie replied her compliment was sincere. 


    “Yeah” Pebble replied. He continued “Don’t let the picture fool you though, my mom and dad are both the same age, our Auntie is actually 20 years younger than her.”


    “Wow…” Julie was shocked, Gran was in his late forties which mean the mom was also in around there. However, from the picture the mom and auntie looked identical, in fact the mom looked younger!


    “Your mom is an Exotic?” Julie asked.


    Pebble replied with a beaming smile “Can’t you tell?” A figure walked into the room a moment later.


    “Oh? Our guests have arrived?” A beautiful woman with short orange hair and dark green eyes walked in. She looked similar to the Auntie from the Inn, but if the latter was a wild tigress, the former was an innocent kitten.


    However, that wasn’t what caught everyone’s attention, the round bulge on her belly as she slowly walked in wearing light garments was at the center of attention.


    “Hello everyone, I’m Roselyn nice to meet you all” She smiled and greeted, unperturbed by the gazes on her belly.

  • King of the Multiverse Chapter 23. Arthur’s eyes beamed


    Arthur’s eyes beamed with excitement as he rushed over and gave his greetings “Hello! I’m Arthur, are you having a baby?” He pointed at the round stomach with no modicum of decorum.


    Everyone within the group facepalmed by his bluntness. However, Roselyn returned a smile and said, “yes I am!” She continued “I hope it’s a girl.” Patting her belly lovingly she earnestly wished the next child would be a girl. She already has three boys; a girl isn’t much to ask for is it?


    Julie was amazed at the size of Roselyn’s bump it seemed like she was ready to give birth at any moment. She couldn’t help but asked “When are you due?” The average pregnancy is approximately 9 months and the sheer size of the belly looked like it’s about that time.


    “In about a month.” Roselyn beamed a happy smile she was just as excited to have her fourth as much as her first.  She continued “A doctor in Asmar did a checkup on it and she said that she can reveal the gender of the baby, but I wanted it to be a surprise.” 


    “What if its another boy?” Arthur asked. Michael wanted to smack the boy across the head for asking these questions however, he refrained himself. Roselyn looked at the little Exotic who was only up to her chest and smiled “I’ll love him just as much as your parents love you.”


    A shy look of embarrassment could be seen on Arthur’s face to her response as he started to think about his parents. A moment later he looked up at her and returned the smile “My parents love me much!”


    Honestly, Arthur lived a pretty sheltered life. As the only child Arthur’s parents poured their entire love to the point of spoiling him. It could be said he was spoiled to the point that it wouldn’t be surprising if he had turned out to be an arrogant young master.


    Luckily the arrogance never showed as he stayed childish and innocent, we could probably thank Shelly for this being the first person to tell him no. After a year with her around even Samuel and Angel was able to refuse some of Arthur’s requests in their own way.


    One of which was when Arthur asked for a baby brother or sister to play with. In the beginning Samuel and Angel would either change the subject or laugh it off as they ran away from Arthur.


     Once Shelly arrived, he didn’t ask for one as frequently as before as he finally had a friend to play with. However, there are moments when he brought it up which resulted in Samuel or Angel actually saying “no” then they showered him with gifts and toys afterwards feeling guilty inside.

    The door to the estate opened up as Gran reentered after rushing out earlier. He ran straight to where Roselyn and the group were sitting and chatting as they ate snacks. Gran shoved Pebble aside as he sat beside her and pulled something out from underneath his coat.


    “Here you go.” Gran said as he pulled out a dark looking goop. “Dark chocolate mixed with ginseng and durian.” His words made the everyone reel back in disgust as the putrid sweet smell of durian mixed with chocolate snuck its way into their nostrils.


    The only eye beaming with delight was Roselyn as she opened her mouth waiting to be fed. “Ah~” The chocolate goop went into her mouth and was finished in a couple bites. The satisfied smile on her face was a complete contrast of everyone else covering their nose in disgust.


    After a few more moments when the smell became more bearable Gran turned to look at the people sitting around. “I called you guys over because the Governor of Rouge requests that I help train you guys while you are here.” He continued “He told me he’s been soft since you were his own kid, so he asked for my help.” Gran gave Arthur a glance.


    “So, tomorrow I will be in charge of your training.” His words were all too sudden for them to gather their thoughts.


    “How will you train them?” Boss asked, he didn’t consider himself part of the people who needed to be trained.


    “It’ll be similar to the training Naturelle will conduct to build your entire physical and mental shape.” Gran’s reply left the people sitting around confused, they didn’t know anything about the training.


    “It’ll be simple, every morning you kids will spar with either Pebble, Cobble, or I” He continued “Of course since we’ve harnessed our energy we’ll only defend and counterattack.”


    “In the afternoon you will meditate and empty your mind while I wack you with a stick. If you flinch, you fail. Simple, right?”


    Boss nodded his head “Very crude, very simple, I like it!” Gran nodded his head in response and continued “Feel free to wander around the place, you’ll be here every morning so get used to the place.”


    Gran helped Roselyn up from the sofa they were sitting on and walked her away as Pebble and Cobble remained seated.


    “Tomorrow, it’ll be Cobble who you kids will be sparring against, you’ll just have to persevere for the morning, alright?” Pebble response made them look at each other with worry.


    “Oh Michael, you’re also going to be sparring, even though you haven’t gone to school during the most optimal time, it’s not too late for you to harness your physical and mental energy.” Pebble concluded as he got up and left the room.


    “Don’t worry I won’t bully you guys too hard on the first day.” Cobble replied as he got up. “Feel free to look walk around and explore the place, just don’t bother our father and mother.” Cobble didn’t need to say anything more than that as he left the room.


    “Bark Bark” Barkie hopped off of Arthur’s head and walked towards the door. He clawed on it asking to be excused. Arthur walked over and let Barkie out of the house.


    Shelly looked at Silver who was sitting quietly on her lap “Do you want to play with Barkie?” She asked. “Mew” Silver slowly got up and stretched before hopping off onto the ground and walked out of the door Arthur still had open.


    The sounds of a dog yelping in surprise could be heard in the distance as Arthur closed the door for them to play. “Let’s go look around” Boss said as he got up and headed straight for their kitchen.


    “Mm, some good food they have in here. I’ll help myshelf to shome if they don’t mindsh.” Boss’ face was already filled with meats and vegetables he found in the kitchen.


    “Are they even cooked?” Arthur asked. Boss was already stuffing his mouth with food, so Arthur didn’t know how he was even eating. “Of course,” Boss stated as he began to fill his mouth with raw food.


    “Shee?” He opened his mouth only for Arthur to see steam and the sound of fat from the meat crickling as the smell of cooked meat was flowing out of Boss’ mouth. He was cooking raw food with his mouth! “That’s so cool! Teach me that!” Arthur was amazed at how Boss can just cook food with his mouth.




    Boss looked at the kid who was excited “No”


    Shelly could only look at Boss with a strange look on her face. Every time they saw Boss do something so far, it was weird, he never attacked, he got beat up (impaled) and now he’s cooking with his mouth.


    She quickly turned around and left the kitchen not bothering with anything else Boss had to display. Michael and Julie who walked in behind Shelly also didn’t know what to say and immediately left.

    “Wait up Shelly!” Arthur shouted as he ran out of the Kitchen after being unsuccessful in getting anything out of Boss. The kids and the two young adults’ split ways as they went about exploring the estate.


    By the time everyone got back together after examining the layout of the place it was back at the living room where they once sat. A little kid with his brown wig slowly falling off was sleeping soundly on the sofa.


    The estate was just as beautiful inside and out, there were rows of vegetation and wildlife everywhere, yet the air remained clean. The marbled floor was polished without a speck of dust. Everything within the home was spotless as can be.


    The thing that caught their attention the most was a pond in the back where the water was constantly rippling yet there was nothing being tossed in to make the ripples. The strangest thing about the pond was that the ripples happened consistently, a small ripple followed by stillness and then another small ripple.


    They wanted to ask Pebble and Cobble about the pond, but after asking a servant at the estate they said that Pebble and Cobble both went out. They also asked the servant, but they had no idea, the pond had been like that ever since they had arrived to work at the estate.


    By the time Boss woke up from his nap Arthur, Shelly, Michael and Julie already had left to go back to the Inn. One of the servants said that since they saw him sleeping so peacefully, they asked to let him sleep over for the night.


    Boss was dumbstruck as he couldn’t believe they would just ditch him here while they went back. He wanted to leave immediately and berate the people that ditched him but decided to look around the estate instead.


    Boss walked over to the rippling pond and gave it a curious look. Looking at the reflection of himself in the pond Boss tapped at the small ripple and caused a bigger one to form. The pond continued to maintain its steady big ripple instead.


    A self-satisfied smile appeared on Boss’ face as if he did something great as he walked out of the house and headed back to the Inn.


    While walking out of the estate Boss looked to his left and then glanced to his right, the animals who were once roaming around and lazily grazing at the grass and food seemed completely different. They were alert and orderly as they took their steps and ate the hay.


    It wouldn’t be noticeable at a glance, but for someone like Boss, he can see that this wasn’t the end of it. The most subtle thing about all the animals was that they’ve formed two separate factions.


    While they were still harmoniously grazing together and enjoying themselves there was a hint of competitive spirit in their eyes as they went about the things they did.


    Paying them no mind Boss returned to the Inn and opened the door. By the time he had arrived it was in the evening and dinner would be soon. He looked at the cafeteria but spotted no one so he went into his room to change and get ready.


    Boss walked in only to see everyone in the room. “Why is everyone in here?” He asked.


    “Why not?” Shelly replied.


    “How was your sleep?” Arthur asked.


    “The boys’ room is larger than the girls, so we’re using it to discuss our plan of action for tomorrow.” Julie answered Boss. “Ohhh! What’s there to think about, just beat up Cobble and not make a noise when meditating.” Boss replied.


    “Easier said than done.” Michael answered. He continued “Maybe for you, but for us who haven’t even learned to control our powers or go to school for it, how are we supposed to deal with Cobble?”


    “Wait, speaking of powers, how many powers do Exotics have?” Boss asked completely ignoring Michael’s question. He almost forgot that in order to disguise as an Exotic he needed to know what their limits are.


    “Two?” Arthur guessed, it’s just physical and mental energy, no? No one spoke up as Boss asked.


    “Not even you know, Shelly?” Boss looked at the white haired sapphire eyed girl with a kitten asleep on her lap. To him she was like a walking encyclopedia of the world as she memorized all that she had seen and read.


    “The books never said how many powers an Exotic can have, but from what I’ve seen it is two.” She paused before continuing “But, that’s only from what I’ve seen and read so far, there might be exceptions.”


    Boss nodded his head as he began to think. The carefree look on his face slowly transitioned to that of a frown followed by a scowl as he started to scratch his hair violently.


    “Dang it! There’s too many I want to use!”

  • King of the Multiverse Chapter 24. Can’t you just


    “Can’t you just use all your powers?” Arthur asked, he wanted to see what an unshackled Boss can do.


    “Heck no! That wouldn’t be fun.” Boss argued as he continued to fiercely rub his wig in displeasure. “Gah, forget it! I’ll do this! Boss tossed the wig onto the ground. “Whatever two I use in the future in front of an enemy will be it. Yep.” Boss nodded his head, he felt that this was the best course of action.


    “What about in front of us? You’ve already shown us more than two.” Shelly asked as she recalled every time Boss had used his powers.


    “I’ll use everything!” Boss reply made their eyes instinctively wide open.


    “Everything?” Arthur quickly asked as if he misheard what Boss had said.


    Boss thought for a moment before immediately replying “Except for some things!”


    His answer left everyone as wide eyed and bewilder as before, he wouldn’t do some things? Why not? Boss quickly continued “And I won’t tell you what they are.”


    No one decided to ask their follow up question about what those ‘some things’ are as they returned to conversing with each other about tomorrow’s training.


    Boss didn’t want to help them figure out how to defeat Cobble either as he just sat in bed and stare at them until dinner arrived. Feeling uneasy as Boss’ eyes blankly staring straight at them Michael was the first to buckle and quickly mentioned dinner.


    Boss in his excitement hopped out of bed and shouted, “Let’s eat!” grabbing his wig and running down to the cafeteria on the first floor. Boss was the first one who arrived and already had food on his plate as he sat on a rectangular table closest to the food.


    The group trickled in one by one as they walked through the door. Arthur and Shelly sat next to each other beside Boss. Michael and Julie arrived shortly after sitting across from the kids. As they were eating another person walked in.


    The Auntie of the Inn walked in and got her food and sat at the corner of their table beside Boss. The awkwardness they could feel dining with the Auntie was clearly present. However, she paid them no mind as she began to talk.


    “You kids going to school?” She asked while loudly chewing her food. This is normally around the time people start flooding to Inns to stay while waiting for ships to dock on Asmar. The three nodded their head as they ate. No one wanted to talk first since the Auntie was crazy.


    “Why aren’t you talking, you think I’m a crazy stalker or something?” Arthur gulped loudly before coughing. He almost choked on his food. Shelly paused for a moment before returning to complete her bite.


    “No, not at all.” Michael answered nervously. His voice was visibly stuttering as he spoke.


    “Hm…” She paused. “Is that so…?” Her figure disappeared from the table. Everyone started blankly at the spot where she had disappeared. The Auntie was standing directly over Michael’s shoulder, her voice whispered in his ears “You think I’m crazy, don’t you?”


    A cold chill crawled up Michael’s spine causing him to shudder as the Auntie’s voice blew into his ear. Michael gritted his teeth trying to compose himself as much as he could before the voice continued.


    “Is it crazy to follow the one you love?” She asked before teleporting behind Julie. Her words hissed into Julie’s ear. “Is it?” Julie instinctively shook her head in response.


    “Right? It isn’t crazy to follow the one you love” The Auntie said before sitting back at her seat.


    “Bu-but isn’t the one you love already married?” Arthur stuttered. He didn’t think it was right for another person to get between to married people. He knew he’d be extremely angry if someone stole his mom or dad away from each other.


    “So what? I’m willing to share.” Her blunt reply made Arthur speechless. “Tch, if it wasn’t for my sister being so against it then we could have shared him. Why does she get the handsome guy while I get the ugly one?” The Auntie was getting angrier as she thought about her family’s decision to marry her off to an ugly fellow.


    “But Auntie, shouldn’t you find someone your own age?” Arthur asked, he overheard Pebble talking to Julie about their age difference. Pebble was the eldest at 26, Cobble was 24, and the Auntie was just 28.


    “So, what if he’s quite a bit older, it was love at first sight.” The auntie began to grumble. “Did Pebble tell you my age?” She asked. Considering both her eldest sister and her looked alike people wouldn’t be able to tell how old she was, only those in the family knew.


    “No…” Arthur replied, he wasn’t wrong considering Pebble didn’t specifically told him, he just overheard it.


    “It matters not, I love him, and I’ll make him mine.” She her blunt made people speechless. She then turned and locked eye contact with Julie causing her to fluster. “Uh, is there something on my face?” Julie quietly asked.


    “No, but your eyes are beautiful, yellow like mine.” She then focuses her attention on Julie’s curly blonde hair “Such a pity you’re an Exotic, it would be fun to have a younger sister to teleport around with.” The auntie was thinking about how she could take Julie along to sneak peaks at Gran and scaring the townspeople.


    Exotics are people who are born with their hair and eye color, there is no way a normal person could train their physical energy for blonde hair.


    “You and the kid are the only normal ones here?” The auntie asked Michael and the disguised Boss.


    “Yeah, it is embarrassing isn’t it?” Michael replied, he managed to calm down from the scare the Auntie gave him. It’s not surprising he should be worried, both Auntie and Gran were Prodigies.


    “Oh, why’re you embarrassed about being normal? In fact, the other three should be careful” The auntie replied. She continued “You guys have probably never gone beyond your own hometown.”


    “Yeah, that’s right.” Arthur replied.


    “Well, let me tell you, not everyone think Exotics are God’s creation.” Her reply shocked Arthur and Julie as Shelly remained indifferent.


    “In fact, there are groups out there who believe you’re anything but God’s creation. They believe you are the Devil’s creation here to destroy the stability of the Orthodoxy.” Her comment shook Arthur, he didn’t believe himself, his parents, Boss, and Shelly were evil.


    “That’s not true is it?” Arthur asked, he didn’t believe it, but he wouldn’t just outright call her a liar. She replied, “Heavens no, do you see yourself as evil? Is my sister evil?” her words assured Arthur.


    “However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some incredible dangerous Exotics out there. The story of Judas and Uriel is one.” Her comment made Arthur nod is head. She continued. “But the most dangerous are the people’s belief, Exotics are born with extraordinary powers, things they can’t comprehend.”


    Her voice serious as she spoke “People know how to obtain the orthodox coloration of hair and eyes, but no one can explain anything about Exotics.”


    “They are chaotic as they can do anything, people fear them because they don’t understand them. Be careful in the future because Exotics are as equally detested as they are worshipped.” Her tone grave as she spoke, causing Arthur to clench his fist. He didn’t know anything about the negative impact about being Exotics.


    “Thank you, Auntie!” Arthur sincerely thanked. He now understood that in the future learning and mastering his powers isn’t just an easy walk that only required time, there will be hidden dangers everywhere. The auntie nodded her head at Arthur’s thank.


    “What’s your name Auntie?” Arthur asked. She gave him a confused look “That blabbermouth Pebble told you about Gran and I, my age, and yet didn’t mention my freaking name?”




    “I’d thought you guys knew already considering that guy loves to talk.” She let out a smile as she introduced herself “My name is Orchid. You guys can stay here for as long as you’d like.” She got up and walked towards the door. “And I’m not a cannibal.” She gave Boss a glance before disappearing out of the corner of the door.


    Boss whistled to himself a random tune as he pretended, he never said such a thing about her. The group that thought she was crazy, and a stalker still believed it, but didn’t mind her as a person.


    The night came and went as everyone woke up early in the morning and had breakfast before departing for Gran’s estate. By the time they arrived servants were panicking and running around making a ruckus.


    “What’s going on?” Arthur asked as he saw the commotion. Boss shrugged his shoulder and walked up to see what happened.


    “This… I’m sorry we don’t know.” The servants apologized as he ran away holding wipes and towels in his hand.


    The group finally found Cobble who was still as a statue sitting in the back dazedly staring at the rippling pond. “Cobble? What’s going here?” Cobble looked at the group who had arrived.


    “My mother…” Cobble replied before tears started to well up in his eyes. He continued “She’s not waking up.”


    “What happened?” Michael asked.


    Cobble shook his head. He didn’t know the answer, last night his mother was doing fine he only found out about her situation this morning.


    “My father told me last night, mother went through intense pain that caused her to instantly faint.” He paused his voice trembling as he spoke “She hasn’t woken up since…”


    Everyone looked at Cobble in shock, the news of what happened was too alarming. Just yesterday they met her, and she was lively and well eating chocolate ginger durian mush. Her bright smile as she welcomed everyone was still on everyone’s mind.


    “Wh-where is your father now?” Michael tried to stay calm as he asked.


    “He left with Pebble to find a doctor who could help…” Tears flowed down Cobbles eyes as he continued “we-we don’t have any doctors in the village right now…” Cobble’s enormous body at this moment looked weak and frail. He crumpled up into a ball, his head on his knees as tears trickled down his leg forming a puddle on the ground.


    No one what to say at the sudden event as they sat beside Cobble to comfort him. The man who was supposed to train them this morning was in no shape to even take care of himself let along help them.


    Cobble’s tear dried up sometimes later as he managed to stand back up. His body wobbling as he tried to maintain his composure.


    “May we go see her?” Boss politely asked.


    “Yeah! Maybe Boss can do something?” Arthur interjected.


    Cobble wiped the remaining tears from his eyes and looked at the kids half his size. “Okay…”


    They walked up to the second floor as servants and maid continually ran up and down the stairs. The door to her room opened as their eyes shifted from the nursing maids and servants watching over to the woman asleep on the bed.


    The woman they saw was entirely different than the one they met yesterday, the vigor and energy once pronounced on her innocent face was nowhere to be seen. Her entire body was pale, her breathing unsteady as she continually released cold sweat from her forehead.


    “Mother!” Cobble ran beside her bed as he sat beside her. “WHAT HAPPENED?” He shouted at a nearby servant. Not even 2 hours ago she was just unconscious from the pain, however now it seems like she’s turned into a ghost. “I-I don’t know, this just happened a short moment ago.” The servant replied hesitantly.


    The doors to the home broke open as Pebble rushed into the door, a doctor was hanging on his shoulder. Mother!” Pebble stood before her bedside. He placed the man hanging on his shoulder on the floor. “Doctor! Save my mother!”



  • King of the Multiverse Chapter 25. A splash


    A splash of water to the face woke the doctor right up. “Huh? What? Where am I?” The doctor muttered before looking at Pebble “YOU!” The doctor was seething with rage, the guy in front of him asked him if he was a doctor. The moment he said yes, he was instantly knocked out and got carried away.


    “I know what I did was wrong, but please can you check my mother?” Pebble pleaded. He left his village immediately the moment his mother fell ill to find a doctor, when he returned his mother’s condition worsened to the point that he couldn’t do anything but beg.


    Even though he was still angry the duty of a doctor came first, he from the ground and he bent over to check the pulse of the woman lying on the bed. Moments later his face formed a frown.


    “The situation is not good. The doctor shook his head and continued “her pulse is erratic; it is strong at some points and extremely weak at others. She could suffer cardiac arrest at any moment.” The doctor stared at the woman lying in bed. The struggle was clearly visible on her face as she fought for her life.


    “In all of my professional years as a doctor, I don’t know what is going on, it seems like her internal energy is fighting against itself.” The doctor became lost in thought as he muttered to himself “Is this something that perhaps only applies to Exotics?” 


    “I-is there anything you can do?” Pebble looked on nervously at the doctor.


    The doctor sighed and shook his head “The only thing I can do is alleviate some of the pain for her with some medicine of mine.” He continued “However, everything I have is back in Asmar.”


    Asmar is closest neighboring town east of Boulderville that is built alongside the ocean separating the two continents. Asmar harbor is where ships will frequently dock to transport goods from the Tillowisk empire and their neighboring kingdoms.


    As the trading point between the two continent Asmar is the most abundant in people of all skill trade. This was the main reason Pebble ran from Boulderville to Asmar as it is guaranteed to have a doctor whereas Rouge was both further away west, and is only known for its figure, the Governor and the Pope.


    It is also the place where ships for Cheshire’s institute of Naturelle will dock to pick up and drop off enrolling or currently enrolled students between the two countries.


     “I’ll go there right away and get it!” Pebble stated. He was already exhausted running there and then back carrying the doctor but there was no time to care about that.


    “First, let’s see if you have any of the ingredients here for me to make it, it’ll be quicker that way.” The doctor began to jot down what he needed to make an effective painkiller. Pebble looked at the content on the list and then showed it to Cobble standing beside him.

    “We have them” Pebble and Cobble replied with a sigh of relief. They just had to run around the village and collect it. Pebble then circled the ingredients on the list “You’ll gather these, I’ll get the rest.” Cobble nodded his head to Pebble’s statement.


    Pebble ran down the stairs and out of the house, a gust of wind formed as a sonic boom could be heard before he disappeared leaving only cloud of dust trailing him. Cobble followed immediately after racing out of the house.


    The group who was completely forgotten the moment Pebble and the doctor arrived could only look at each other, unsure of what to do. “Are you their relatives?” The doctor asked.


    “No, we were supposed to train with them today.” Shelly replied. “Will she be okay?” Arthur asked. The doctor shook his head again “I’m afraid only time will tell, the only thing I can do is monitor her.” The doctor patted Arthur’s shoulder and continued to say. “However, she’s a fighter, so let’s be hopeful, shall we?”


    “Mm” Everyone in the group nodded their head and kept quiet standing off to the side at a corner.


    The door erupted open again as Gran darted into the room. He was immediately informed about the condition of Roselyn prompting him to run back home. “Who are you?” Gran asked the strange doctor.


    The doctor replied, “I’m Galen Galil, a doctor from Asmar.” He continued “A blue hair young man brought me here.” The doctor let out any mention of getting knocked unconscious and being kidnapped.


    Gran let out a sigh of relief knowing that it was Pebble’s doing. He then pulled out a bag variety of plants he collected since the morning. “Dr. Galil, my son told me he was getting a doctor, so I ran around the village collecting these, are they any helpful?” he handed the bag over to Galen.


    The doctor poured out the bag containing an assortment of plant life that were plucked hurriedly from the ground. He separated the plants into two piles and nodded his head “I can make a painkiller with these.” He took the pile on his right.


    Galen Galil was quick and efficient after having the ingredients in his hands. After getting some supplies from a servant he pounded and mixed the plants into a bowl of hot water.


    Pieces of each plant was plucked and tossed into the bowl at precise timing as the clear water in the bowl began to bubble. After all the ingredients were systematically tossed into the bowl a dark brown liquid was all that remained.


    He held the bowl in his hand as he motioned over to Roselyn, he lifted her upright as he slowly poured the liquid into her mouth. Roselyn while unconscious and struggling with her internal energy managed to swallow some of the liquid.


    The doctor sighed in relief as he slowly put her head back down onto the pillow. Sweat was visible on his forehead as he got back up.


    “How is she?” Gran asked. “The painkiller will take affect momentarily, I’m not sure if it’ll help relieve her of the pain caused by the conflict of her internal energy.” Galen honestly replied.


    Moments later the once painful expression on Roselyn’s pale face relaxed. Everyone sighed in relief as that meant the medicine had an affect at softening the pain she felt.


    “I only managed to relive her of her pain for now, but the energy within her is still extremely volatile” Galen replied after checking her pulse again. He continued “I’ll stay here to monitor her condition.”


    “Thank you Dr. Galil” Gran replied as he sat beside his wife. His hands interlocked with hers unwilling to let go. The doctor sighed and shook his head, he knew he didn’t do much. 


    The doctor picked up the remaining plants and tossed them back into the bag. He walked everyone out of the room into the hall and sat down on the wall with his head looking back into the room containing only the husband and wife.


    Sweat was still visible on his forehead as he didn’t even bother wiping it away. Julie pulled out a handkerchief and handed to the doctor. “Thank you, girl.” Dr. Galil returned the handkerchief after finishing.


    “May I know your names?” He asked the group. They returned with their answer with the doctor nodding his head. He sighed as he continued to look through the door at the couple “I’m not sure if I should say this or not.”


    “Gran should already sense it.” He shook his head. “If the worst come to the worst, I’ll need his approval.”


    “What happened?” Arthur asked. “It’s the baby.” The doctor replied his face showed it all as he didn’t know if he should continue to speak.


    “What happened to the baby?” Arthur asked again. The doctor sunk his head “It’s not just the mother who is suffering. The baby is also being bombarded by remnants of the collision of internal energy within her.”


    “If” The doctor paused while controlling his breathing, he wasn’t expecting to feel so emotional today it was unlike him. “If the worst comes to the worst, and the mother looks like she can’t make it…”


    “… I’ll need his approval for an emergency surgery for the baby so that, that way at least one might survive.”


    The situation Roselyn was in was dire than what everyone had expected. Their face revealing their true emotions as their eyes became cloudy and their vision impaired by tears it was releasing.


    No one spoke as they continued to sit in silence waiting outside the room, the husband and wife remained in the same position as their fingers remained interlocked.


    Boss got up and left the group, the depressing silence and waterfall on their faces isn’t what he wanted to sit around and stare at. He walked down the steps and headed straight for the pond in the back of the house.


    The once rippling pond that he saw yesterday was always consistently releasing weak ripples. After he messed with it yesterday it began releasing a strong ripple within.


    However, today as he sat there and stared at it, the rippling of the pond wasn’t consistently doing either of that. It was slowly draining as the ripples shifted between a small weak one to a stronger more forceful one.


    The water splashed outwards flowing into the grasses nearby, the grasses surrounding the pond were twice the height of the ones further away.


    Boss continued to stare at the pond that was consistently shifting between the ripples, contemplating on whether or not he should mess with it again.


    An hour passed by before Pebble could be seen running into the house and up to their room.


    “Doctor I got it! He pulled out the ingredients for the medicine and handed to Dr. Galil. Quickly!” Pebble grabbed Dr. Galil and pulled him straight into the room.


    Pebble was exhausted the moment he entered the room his chest was heaving as he tried to catch his breath. Gran remained in the same position all this time the only difference was that his once concern look was becoming more tearful as his head rested on their interlocked hands.


    “Father, it’ll be okay, I brought the medicine.” Pebble whispered hoping it’ll get his father’s attention. His father shook his head. Pebble hushed as he looked over to observe his mother.


    She had a peaceful look to her face almost as if she was sleeping. However, the moment he checked her pulse his arm instinctively pulled back as he gasped for air.


    The struggle within her bod was going out of control. A numbing sensation flowed into his arm as it became limp momentarily.


    “Father, you have to let go!” Pebble’s shout alerted everyone outside, they didn’t notice the change that occurred within the past hour.


    “Father please!” Pebble ran to remove Gran’s hands away from Roselyn’s, the intense energy he felt earlier coursed through him too. His body was becoming numb at an alarming pace.


    Gran remained seated, the disparity in strength between them made it extremely difficult for Pebble to separate their hands.


    “PLEASE FATHER!” Everyone was in the room wondering what happened. The doctor quickly rushed over to the mother and tried to feel her pulse.


    “NO! DON’T!” Pebble shout was too late. The doctor was blown back to the wall.


    Michael ran over to help the doctor up and see if he was still alive. However, the moment his hands reached the doctor he felt a shock immediately to his heart as he passed out.


    Julie ran straight to Michael the moment something felt wrong. Once her hand touched him, she instinctively reeled back. However, she wasn’t fast enough, the energy coursed through her body causing her to follow suit.


    “DON’T TOUCH THEM!” Pebble’s shout stopped the remaining two in their tracks.


    “PLEASE FATHER, LET GO!” Pebble cried as he shouted, his father was immensely stronger than him, he couldn’t pull him away.


    Cobble finally made it into the room. “What happened?” he asked as he looked at the people lying on the floor.


    “COBBLE, HELP ME PULL FATHER AWAY!” Pebble shouted prompting Cobble hug his brother and pull. The alarming energy that coursed into his body too as he struggled to breath.




    It was no use; their father wouldn’t budge at all. Pebble and Cobble came loose as they kneeled on the floor gasping for air.


    “Please… I can’t lose you…”

  • King of the Multiverse Chapter 26. Please…


    “Please…” Pebble’s tears streamed down his eyes and onto the floor. Cobble still couldn’t grasp what was going on as he panted heavily.


    “BOSS HELP!” Arthur shouted, he hoped that Boss could show up and solve all this. However, Boss was nowhere to be found.


    “Shelly! What do we do? Where’s Boss!?” Arthur panicked the situation before him was out of control.


    Shelly thought for a moment before she walked over and slowly reached her hand towards Gran. “NO! DON’T TOUCH HIM!” Pebble shouted; however, his voice fell onto deaf ears as Shelly placed her hand onto Gran and she collapsed on the ground immediately.


    “Shelly!” Arthur ran straight at her too, his mind was in a mess as he saw her collapse before him, his hands immediately reached for her. There was no difference in the situation, he immediately collapsed and laid limp beside her.


    “No…” Pebble gritted his teeth. The internal energy that was ravaging his mother and baby brother or sister expelled outwards into any living body. He expects that anyone without any proper training in energy would immediately die if they were hit by it.


    The energy that he and Cobble had depleted. Their eyes bloodshot with tears fell into hopelessness and succumbed to unconsciousness thereafter. No one was awake inside the manor.


    “Well, that took them awhile.” Boss’ figure walked into the room, his face nonchalant as he looked at the only two awake things left. “Oh? You didn’t follow your master and touched them?” He asked the pets.


    Animals had an instinctive sense to danger; they wouldn’t easily run towards it.


    “That is for the best I suppose, you two might have died.” Boss patted both of their heads before walking over to the two kids. He placed his hand on their back and then did the same for the remaining people in the room.


    “Freaking, Shelly if I didn’t tell her to touch them, she would’ve just stayed still.” Boss grumbled. Shelly’s perception to danger was as keen as those two pets.


    Standing next to the bedside he looked down at the peaceful looking mother lying on the bed her finger was still interlocked with the unconscious Gran.


    “Sorry… I made you two struggled for so long.” He then placed his hand on her forehead and stomach and walked back towards Arthur and Shelly. “Shh.” He said to the pets as he placed his hand on Arthur.


    “I’m gonna take a nap.”


    The pets were dumbfounded at what he just did. They looked at each other and the time for competition was not right now. They walked over to their respective owner and also placed a paw on them.


    Their eyes closed as they too, decided to take a nap.



    “Boss! Boss! Wake up!” A defeating voice could be heard rattling his ears. “Huh? What?” Boss smacked his lips as he looked around the room. “Boss!” Arthur hugged the little boy before him. “You’re awake!”


    “Of course, I am, why wouldn’t I?” Boss replied. What’s wrong with this kid?


    “Thank goodness you’re awake.” Arthur held boss in a tight embrace. “Thank you for spending all your effort into saving us.” Arthur whispered in Boss’ ear so that no one could hear him.


    A knowing look could be seen on Boss’ face when he saw the cheerful smile on Arthur. “Yeah, I’m extremely tired now.” Boss replied causing Arthur to shove Boss’ head back down onto the pillow. “You need to rest!” Arthur stated as he ran out of the room.


    It was early morning the next day by the time he had woken up. Everyone else in the room woke up around the same time in the evening yesterday, except for him. The first thing everyone did was run over to check on Roselyn.


    Gran’s hands were still interlocked with her by the time he woke up. The doctor wearily motioned over to her beside unwilling to touch her again. However, Gran ensured him it was okay to check.


    After checking her pulse and sensing that her internal energy was stabilized the doctor told everyone within the room. A huge sigh of relief could be heard coming from everyone as Pebble and Cobble ran over to her beside and cried tears of joy.


    Roselyn however, never opened her eyes that night, her body was still unconscious. The doctor surmised that the energy within her was too much for her to handle causing it wreak havoc within the body.


    He continued to state that thanks to Gran, the volatile energy found an outlet using the people within this room. With everyone managing to take on some responsibility of absorbing some of the excess energy that could have killed her and the baby, managed to stabilize.


    He then stated that since Boss was a little normal boy, he had the weakest resistance to the energy and required more time to rest. He believed that even though he was also a normal person, as an adult he was more capable of handling the volatile energy than a little boy.


    The group who knows of Boss had their own interpretation as to why Boss still hadn’t woken up. No one corrected the doctor and decided to let Boss stay asleep. They suspect that Boss most likely took away all the volatile energy within all of their body which is why they all woke up at the same time while he was still asleep.


    Only the two pets who were with their respective owners knows the true answer. However, as animals who couldn’t speak, they decided it was better to not do anything and keep it a secret between them and Boss.


    Boss who wasn’t actually tired got up out of bed and walked out of the room. He glanced over at the other room where servants were continually rushing back and forth from yesterday.


    It was peaceful this time with only a single doctor remaining in the room watching over the sleeping mother. The once pale face on Roselyn recovered to a warm blush as she slept peacefully.


    Boss looked away and headed downstairs, he almost instinctively made his way towards their kitchen before he heard the sound of someone laughing.


    “Ahaha! You kids have nothing over me the impenetrable Cobble!” Cobble shouted as Boss entered. His arrival sparked no notice as everyone’s attention was completely focused on the training at hand.


    Currently it was Arthur’s turn to fight with Cobble. However, fight wouldn’t really be the right word here, it was more like a one-sided assault coming from the kid.


     Arthur who was huffing and puffing a few meters away already had sweat trickling down his forehead as his training attire was covered in dirt.


    “Ahh!” Arthur shouted as he ran towards Cobble. He threw a straightforward punch to the gut of the towering green haired figure. Arthur’s fist made contact with the stomach creating a popping noise before Arthur could be seen recoiling back and rolling on the ground.


    “Ahaha! Too weak!” Cobble laughed at the kid lying on the ground. “C’mon get up! This ain’t all you got is it?” Cobble taunted Arthur who remained panting heavily on the ground.


    “No more, no more.” Arthur gasped he’s only been at it with Cobble for less than five minutes but every punch he at Cobble exhausted him greatly.


    “Ahaha, alright since it’s your first day I’ll go easy on ya. Who’s next?” Cobble eyes scanned the people sitting and watching and pointed at a brown-haired figure. “You.”


    Michael got up stretching his arms and legs as he stood a few meters before Cobble. “Alright Michael, show me what you can do.” Cobble stated as he stood there. He continued “Don’t worry about hurting me, because you won’t, just do your best.”


    Michael nodded his head and got into stance. He rushed forward throwing a left-handed punch directly to the right of Cobble’s face. However, the fist paused right before it hit the face.


    Cobble’s eye glanced at the fist beside him towards him and looked his opposite. A raised leg was going straight for his left shoulder.


    A feint!


     Michael’s leg raised and hammered directly to the shoulder of Cobble. A stronger popping noise could be heard than before as the shoulder and the leg made contact.


    Michael’s body flung backwards further than Arthur as he skidded on the grass. “Nice kick” Cobble praised completely unharmed from the kick. “Nice try, can you still stand up?” Cobble asked the man who was blown back from his own kick.


    Michael got up and dusted off the dirt on his clothes. “Again.” He postured again before running up to Cobble and sending a direct punch to the side of his face. A weaker noise of contact could be heard as Michael was shoved back a meter, his body was still standing.


    A look of understanding appeared before his eyes as he walked over to Cobble. This time he didn’t aim to feint or go for an attack directly, instead he threw a soft punch at Cobble’s chest.


    An energy force twice as much as the punch he sent pushed back upon his arm. “I get it now; you can block and repel my attack with twice the force.” Michael stated as his arm still felt the tingle from the force.


    “So, what if you know? What’re you going to do about it?” Cobble taunted. Knowing how Cobble’s defensive energy worked was one thing, having an answer for it was another.


    Cobble’s comment was right, Michael tried different ways to attack him, from the front, from the back with the supplied weapons. Nothing worked he kept getting repelled back with twice the force every time.


    Before long Michael was lying on the ground panting and exhausted, his figure was no less different Arthur before him. Julie’s turn was next as she got up and attempted to have a go with Cobble.


    Julie rushed straight for Cobble throwing a punch squarely at Cobble’s face, but the blowback from her own attack caused her to stumble backwards with her feet still squared on the ground.


    “Not bad, at least you didn’t fall to the ground with your first punch.” Cobble complimented, it was an improvement over both Arthur and Michael. Giving them time to study Cobble made Julie more prepared for the fight.


    Julie picked up a weapon off to the side, it was a dagger. The dagger felt heavy in her hand as if she was worried about actually hurting Cobble. “Don’t worry about it, if you guys actually managed to hurt me then you don’t need to train with me anymore.” Cobble eased Julie’s worry.


    “Just do your best I’ll defend myself properly if I have to.” Hearing Cobble’s comment Julie exhale to calm her unsteady breath. Exhaling for a final time Julie sprinted towards Cobble and threw the weapon straight at his chest.


    Seeing the weapon flying at him Cobble increased his defensive energy as he stared at the projectile. The weapon and the girl were upon him, he knew what the weapon was going to do but what about her?


    There wasn’t a moment of hesitation Julie focused her eye and released her own powers. Cobble froze momentarily enough time for the weapon to collide with his chest.


    A shocked look of surprise as the weapon managed to tear away a piece of clothes on Cobble’s chest before being flung off into the distance.


    “Phew, almost had me there Julie.” Cobble poked his finger through the hole in his chest “Those who knows how to use their power is something else.” Cobble praised. Julie was far weaker than him in terms of energy manipulation, but she did manage to stop Cobble for a microsecond to pull that stunt off.


    “What’s that power? I felt like my entire body couldn’t move for a moment.” Cobble asked. Julie smiled and said, “You’ll have to find out yourself.”


    Cobble nodded his head in response and said “Alright, bring it.” His body remained stationary as he waited for Julie to attack.


    Julie didn’t hesitate to dash forward again tossing multiple weapons at Cobble this time. Is she looking to stop me and see if there’s a flaw in my defense? Naïve.


    Julie shot out her power the same as last time, Cobble froze in place as all the weapons flew directly at his body.


    The sound of metal on dirt hit the ground as everyone’s eye glued at the outcome. Did Julie manage to hurt Cobble?


    “There we go, safe~.” Cobble large frame spoke as every weapon fell to the ground with a thud. Cobble beamed a smile as he stared at Julie. “Not bad, you used even more energy that time.”


    Julie was panting as she stood before him her mind was exhausted after trying to stop Cobble. “I’m too tired.” She walked back and sat down her breathing was heavy as she tried to calm down.


    “Alright, it’s your turn Shelly.” Cobble pointed at little white-haired girl with sapphire eyes who stood up in response.



  • Chapter 27. Come


    “Come.” Cobble motioned with his finger. Shelly looked at the man a distance before her and looked at the array of weapons on the ground. She walked over and picked up a small blade.


    The 8 years before she met Samuel Galafray taught her so many things about the cruelty of being alive. The hardship and peril she faced as she overcome each one of them one by one to finally find a helping hand. A person who was willing to disobey command and treat her as his own child.


    Shelly completely remembered all of it, the look of disgust in their eyes as they stared down on her, the hatred they bore when they chased her, the people they’ve killed just to get rid of her.


    Her body relaxed as she closed her eyes, a powerful formless energy swirled around her as if it was completely under her control. The moment her eyes opened the once calm look on her face became increasingly cold.


    A chill crawled up everyone’s spine as they looked at the little girl before them, no one dared to look upon the girl’s face at this moment. “I’m coming.” She said as she walked over with the knife.


    Cobble’s face was serious as he looked at the girl before him. An equally powerful energy exuded from him as he matched the output of the girl’s formless power.


    There was no rush to Shelly’s step as each one was precise and even. Walking right in front of Cobble she held out the knife in her hand as Cobble paid the closest of attention to what she was going to do.


    Shelly circled around Cobble causing him to follow. Standing with his back away from the group Cobble completely focused on Shelly and her knife.


    Her arm reacted as she lifted up the knife. The refraction from the sunlight and the knife blinded Cobble causing him to react and form a defensive posture expelling even more energy than before.


    However, there was no attack.


    Cobble regained his vision and saw the girl standing before him. There was no difference the knife was still held in place with one hand with now the sunlight now bearing down on his chest.


    “You could’ve attacked there; it would’ve been the perfect opportunity when you blinded me with the knife.” Cobble stated.


    “Oh, I didn’t notice.” Shelly’s comment made Cobble relax as he realized a kid was still just a kid. However, the next situation made him regret relaxing.


    The moment his guard was down Shelly went for the blind trick once again, however he ducked his head to prevent being blinded while also keeping an eye on her.




    Shelly’s other hand exploded into action the moment Cobble ducked tossing the dirt she picked up the first time he was blinded.




    The dirt and dust covered Cobble’s face completely causing him to immediately wipe away the dirt from his eyes. The moment his vision cleared he saw the little girl still standing before him.


    Strange she could’ve attacked there. Cobble thought to himself regretting that he relaxed himself when she missed her first chance. However, Shelly only pointed at the hole in his shirt Julie had made earlier.


    Cobble wasn’t sure if Shelly had another trick, so he didn’t dare relax himself when she did so. It wasn’t until Shelly tossed the knife down, walked away and sat on the ground; did he look down at it.


    A small cut to the flesh leaving only a deep enough wound to be considered a papercut was seen. Cobble was completely shocked, it wasn’t that Shelly didn’t attack with the knife, it was that she only made a small enough wound to pass.




    “You passed.” Cobble said dejectedly prompting Arthur in the audience to cheer. Everyone didn’t see what Shelly did as Cobble’s entire body block their view. However, with his response they rushed up and congratulated Shelly while surrounding her.


    They then ran over to Cobble who showed them the little papercut of a wound. Arthur immediately went “Tsk, is that it?” However, he was extremely happy for Shelly inwardly.


    Shelly’s calm demeanor returned as she conversed with the group.


    “Ahem” Cobble’s voice caught their attention as they all turned their eyes towards him. “While you may have passed, I’ll still be teaching you for the next month before you go.”


    “What! Didn’t you say if we hurt you, we don’t need to train with you?” Arthur quickly recalled the fight between Cobble and Julie.


    “I’m not hurt, this is just a papercut.” Cobble’s blunt reply left Arthur speechless. So, he means we’d have to make him feel enough pain to not train? How long would that take?


    Shelly who was sitting on the ground looked up and nodded her head. She agreed what she had done wasn’t enough to get out of training. Her attitude made Cobble happy as he looked at the other three.


    “Round two let’s go!” His voice boomed as everyone looked at him in astonishment. They weren’t done?


    Round after round after round, each person pulled out different trick and tactics. However, an hour before noon no one else besides Shelly had passed. She joined in for the remaining rounds and ultimately failed her other attempts.


    By the end of the physical training session everyone laid on the ground panting without an ounce of energy left to move.


    “Not bad.” Cobble stated as he looked at the group. “You guys did very well for your first time.” His praise caused them to weakly smile.


    “Tomorrow it’ll be Pebble’s turn to train you, you should prepare beforehand.” Cobble’s response fell onto deaf ears as everyone was too tired to even listen any longer. “Come back in the evening for your meditation.” Cobble walked back inside the house leaving them to catch their breath on the ground.


    Boss looked at the weak group of people lying before him. “Damn, glad I don’t have to do this for a month. I’ll be bored to death!” His voice irritated them, but they were too tired to even make a sound.


    Boss continued “Back in my day there was no such people like Cobble to train me, you should be grateful.” The four who laid on the ground didn’t have a rebuttal. “Anyways, I’m going back to the Inn to get some lunch, who wants to come with?” He was just teasing them; he knew none of them could even voice their own opinion.


    “Fine, fine. Let’s go.” Boss raised his finger pulling them all up off the ground. Boss walked in the front followed by a line of puppet-like tired people walking in synchronicity from behind.


    The march back tired them out even further because Boss would continue to release his hold of them causing them collapse on the ground. By the time they made it back everyone was able to stand up with difficulty because Boss loved to release his hold of them in front of the villagers.


    Their pride and their unwillingness of being put into positions of embarrassment by Boss was the only thing that kept them from collapsing on the floor after the first attempt.


    “Well, look at that you guys did it! Yay!” Boss childishly raised his hands to a cheer expressing his excitement. “I’m going to get cleaned up, you guys should too, it looks like you need it.” Boss skipped away leaving everyone standing there.


    The moment Boss left everyone sat down panting heavily. They only had 6 hours to get cleaned up, eat, and recover as much as possible before their meditation session.


    An hour passed by with them still in the same position. Boss all this time after freshening up circled around them with various food and snacks as he ate. Sometimes he’d put the food near them and walk away other times he’ll hover it in front of their face.


    They couldn’t do anything about it. Boss ate everything and left them sitting there.


    “We… we… we got to… get up” Michael struggled to speak; he was irritated by Boss’ behavior. Everyone nodded their head and struggled to their feet. They leaned on each other for support as they walked before the staircase to their room.


    A long perilous journey awaits them as they took their first step.


    Ten minutes passed by before they managed to make it to the front of their room, this entire time Boss was nowhere to be seen. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief knowing all they had to do was walk in and get cleaned up.


    Michael reached for the knob and twisted it. The door opened slightly before it bumped into something.


    “What the hell!” Michael shouted in exasperation, there was something blocking the door. The girls behind them saw that Michael couldn’t get in. A sense of foreboding as Julie quickly tried to do the same.


    It only opened up revealing a centimeter gap before something blocked their room.


    “Boss!” Everyone shouted in anger, this was clearly his doing. “Hehehe you can’t catch me.” Boss’ voice could be heard behind both rooms. “Come in if you can, hehehe.” His childish voice completely angered them.


    Michael shoved with all his might at the door in an attempt to get through, however there was no budge. “Hehehe it’s just a nightstand, you can’t even push away a nightstand?”


    Everyone completely ignored Boss as they walked over to Michael’s door. “Julie and I will push from above. You two will push from below, four of us should be able to move it.


    “3, 2, 1, Push!” The four pushed at the door with all their strength, their faces turning red from the struggle. The door budged a little bit before everyone collapsed from exhaustion.


    30 minutes passed by and not a single employee could be seen during this entire time. Boss had informed them that there would be training involved and for them to help out during this time.


    “3, 2, 1, Push!”


    The door finally budged enough for all of them to squeeze through.


    The moment everyone made it through they expected another challenge to stop them from resting, however none of that happened. The room was the same except for the nightstand blocking the door.


    Boss was nowhere to be seen as they entered. “I think he’s done messing with us we don’t have that much time to take a bath.” Michael continued “You girls can go first, we’ll go next.” The girls nodded their head and went to get cleaned up.


    Luckily for them, Boss did not intervene or caused any trouble as they cleaned themselves. Refreshed and feeling much better they were feeling hopeful that Boss was done with his antics.


    After squeezing back through the door and out of the room, they looked around warily hoping there was no obstacles. A sigh of relief could be heard as they continued towards the staircase.


    “We’ve done it! There’s nothing here!” Arthur shouted in excitement as he looked down below and towards the direction of the cafeteria. There was no obstacle to be seen.


    Arthur immediately rushed to the stair and began walking down. However, once he made it midway an invisible force repelled him and teleported him back up top.


    “What!” Arthur shouted as he looked at the people staring at him. “What was that!?” Arthur was annoyed he thought Boss was done with his antics.


    “Last test, make it to the cafeteria without bumping into the invisible walls I made!” Boss’ voice could be heard echoing in their ears. His voice continued “Touch it and you’ll be back where you started.”




    “Hurry, hurry, you only have 3 hours before you have to be at the Gran’s place.” His voice finished after saying that. No matter what verbal abuse they threw at him there was no more response.


    “Let me try.” Michael stated as he walked towards where Arthur once was, he avoided the wall in front and walked off to the side and stepped forward.


    “Success!” He took another step forward and sighed as there was no obstacle there. Another step. “No!”


    The three looked at Michael who was back with them. “Let’s all go at the same time and take different steps, the one who makes it through will just wait and we’ll continue from there.” Shelly suggested.


    Indeed, her plan was a great one as after less than thirty minutes they made it all the way to the cafeteria after constantly being teleported back to the beginning.


    The smell of freshly cooked food wafted into their nose as rows of food can be seen on the rectangular table they sat at the day before. Boss opened through the kitchen door and walked out with a silver platter in hand. He smiled brightly at them as he placed the silver platter down at the center of the table.


    “Eat up you guys!” Boss sat on the table and patted at the spot beside him.


    No one budge as they stared at him warily.


    Was this another trap?

  • Chapter 28. Eat up

    “Eat up” Boss’ voice could be heard again from a distance before they teleported on the seat around the table.


    “That’s better, c’mon eat up you only have less than 2 hours to eat.” Everyone looked at the delicious assortment of food placed on the table their mouth was watering as they stared at it. It was a whole morning and afternoon of no food because they were too tired.


    Arthur couldn’t help it anymore and went for the first bite. A gasp could be heard coming from Julie preemptively expecting something to happen to Arthur. However, none of that happened as Arthur began devouring the food. “Delicious!”


    Arthur’s one comment prompted everyone else in turn to begin eating. Boss didn’t say a thing the entire time they ate. It wasn’t until after they were done eating and fully relaxed and recovered did Boss finally spoke.


    “You may have wondered why I did what I did.” Boss paused for a moment as he scanned the different expressions of the people around him. “It is true, that half of it was because I was bored. The other half was because none of you know anything about how your powers work.”


    “I also won’t explain it.” Boss scanned the faces of everyone again, their expressions shows a similar look of annoyance and confusion.


    “Why not?” Arthur asked.


    “Because it’s better if I just show it.” Boss statement made everyone’s eye focus on him expecting to see some form of demonstration as to what he meant.  However, minutes passed by and the patience on their face was growing thin.


    “When are you going to show it?” Arthur finally asked his emerald green eyes showed a hint of impatience.


    “Hm? I already did.” Boss’ reply made everyone dumbstruck. However, he paid them no mind and continued, “Within the next month after your morning training and before your meditation I will continue to play around with you guys until you understand.” The bright childish smile on Boss face chilled everyone’s spine as they felt as if this next month will be extremely tortuous.


    The group finished dinner and walked out of the cafeteria. A ruckus could be heard as a bunch of people both employees and five guests were at the staircase.


    “What the hell is with this Inn!” A scarfaced young man shouted, he was getting irritated that he kept getting teleported back to the top of the staircase. “I’m sorry sirs, we don’t even know what is happening.” The employees of the Inn weren’t sure either they were stuck up here too.


     “Is this the power of an Exotic?” A guy with glasses asked the two friends with the most knowledge of this matter. “Hm, it should be” A guy with red hair replied. He looked at his friend with magenta eyes and asked, “What do you think, Mason?”


    “I think so too, this is probably the power of an Exotic, Riley.”


    “Wh-what’re they trying to do? Trap us here?” The scrawny guy started to quiver. He remembered just a few days ago they tried to blackmail the Govenor’s powerful employees and ran away. They took detours on the way to Boulderville hoping that they can throw off anyone who was following them.


    “Sh-shut up Sampson. That’s not funny!” The scar faced man’s teeth started to chatter. He remembered that he was the one that did all the blackmailing. If the Governor really followed them and trapped them here, he’s as good as dead.


    “No, you shut up, this is all your fault Seth—”


    “Now, now guys I doubt it would be them.” The guy with glasses interrupted. He tried to persuade them “If it was them, we’d be dead by now, there would be no reason to trap us.”


    “Stop trying to reason this Gerald!” Sampson exploded his body still quivering “It was Seth that did all that! I don’t want to die because of him!” His fingers angrily pointed at the scar faced young man.


    The commotion caused another person to walk down. “What’s going on?” A beautiful woman with flowing green hair and yellow eye walked down from the third floor. Her employees were standing there too unsure of what to say.


    “Madam Orchid, on the way to the kitchen we seemed to stumble upon an ability that teleports us up here.” An employee responded to answer. “I was going to make sure the guests’ rooms were in order, but it sent me here too.” Another employee added.


    “Oh? Where is it?” Orchid asked her interest was intrigued, an ability that could teleport people besides themselves. She wanted to learn it. Her employees shook their head and replied “We don’t know. Anywhere over there?” They pointed in the direction of the group of people in the way.


    “Move it, move it.” Orchid started pushing everyone away as she made her way to the front of the group.


    Getting shoved out of the way the Seth angrily turned his head and shouted “Who are yo—” The appearance of the woman completely shut him up, no need to mention how beautiful she was, her green hair and yellow eyes were the signs of a Prodigy even he knows that he’s insignificant before her.


    “Hm? You say something kid?” Orchid glanced at Seth who was cowering before her. “N-no, sir! I mean mam!” Seth continued to recoil back hiding himself behind his group of friends.


    “Hmph, wimp.” Orchid walked past Seth and looked down below. There were no signs of anything that she could see visibly with her eyes.


    “It’s Auntie Orchid!” Arthur saw the woman above the staircase before his eye trailed to the group of people standing behind her. “What’s going on?” Arthur asked Shelly and Boss.


    With steady steps Orchid made it to the halfway point of the stairs where Boss’ traps were laid. Immediately her next step sent her back to top of the staircase as she looked down.


    “Boss! This is your fault!” Arthur noticed what had just occurred and realized that Boss may have forgotten to turn off his teleporting thing he used on them. “Turn it off!” He stated bluntly. Boss only looked at him with a grin. He then pointed at Orchid who walking down the steps again. “Just watch.”


    Everyone below looked up as they saw Orchid slowly stop before the halfway point to the first trap. She closed her eyes seemingly in a deep state of meditation as her body relaxed.


    Her body moved as she turned to the spot where there was no invisible teleporting barrier and began to walk down the stairs slowly. Every step was firm and precise as she continued to shuffle left and right as she went down. It was the same twist and turns they had taken to get to the Cafeteria.


    Less a minute had passed by the time she made it down the staircase and out of the trap Boss had made. She continued to walk with her eyes closed before bumping into Michael.


    “Uh, Auntie Orchid” Michael spoke to the woman who was opening her eyes. He expected that she would walk around him, not directly bump into him. “Oh, sorry I didn’t sense you there.” Orchid replied as her eyes got adjusted to the bright lights within the Inn.


    “Oh, it’s you kids.” She saw the group who was standing before her with a bewilder look on their face. “Wow! Auntie Orchid how did you do that?” Arthur exclaimed he didn’t expect what took them thirty minutes of trial and error only took one real try from Orchid.


    “Hm? Oh that, I just sensed it.” Her reply made the group of four glance at Boss. Was this what he wanted them to be able to do?


    Orchid then looked back up at the staircase and walked into one of the teleporting barriers around her. Immediately she returned to the second floor staring down at the group looking up at her.


    “Interesting…” She then looked at the people and employees crowding around her, they wanted to know if she had figured it out. She nodded her head and then began to think about what to do next. Should she have a marker on the ground telling them where to step?


    Boss noticed the weird look on Orchid’s face as thought about her plan. Boss shook his head and waved his hand. The invisible teleporting barrier he placed around the place vanished.


    “Hm?” Orchid who was still lost in thought immediately noticed that the invisible teleporting barriers were gone. It must’ve been when I made it down to the bottom, it disappeared because I cleared it!! Orchid thought to herself, she believed she had passed some sort of trial.


    Orchid began to descend the steps again all the way to the group below. Everyone looked at what she had done and decided to follow closely. However, they soon realized whatever barrier that kept teleporting them back up disappeared.


    Mason and his friends scurried towards the cafeteria to have their dinner. Whereas the employees immediately got back to work, especially now that their Madam was standing at the floor talking to Arthur and friends. The employees took a mental note of these young kids and reminded themselves to take great care of them.


    Orchid walked towards the group and scanned the three little kids and their young adult companions “Did you kids just finished eating dinner?” she asked.


    “Yes, Auntie Orchid! Your kitchen made really good food!” Arthur replied causing Orchid to nod her head in delight. “You kids went to my Gran’s place a few days ago, how’s my future husband? Orchid paused. “Oh, and Roselyn too, I guess.”


    Orchid immediately noticed the strange look on the people’s face as it wasn’t at all what she had expected. She knows Gran and Roselyn the best, they wouldn’t have been mean to the kids.


    “What’s wrong?” Orchid could only ask. However, no one in the group spoke up. Orchid could only ask “Did Pebble and Cobble bully you?” Another drawn out silence as the group could only avoid eye contact and keep their head down.


    Sensing something was incredibly wrong with their behavior, she immediately noticed they weren’t angry about going to Gran’s place, rather they had a sad look unsure of what to say.


    “Alright, now I’m starting to get angry.” Orchid’s voice made everyone look at each other before Julie decided to speak up. “Auntie Orchid, let’s go sit down somewhere first.” Orchid saw the look on Julie’s face and walked them up to her room on the third floor.


    It was an enormous beautiful room with shimmering white walls and tiles. There was a living room, an office, and a bed and bathroom. However, no one had time to marvel at the beautiful room as they made it into her office.




    Orchid’s voice was slightly impatient as she waited for Julie to tell her what happened. 




    Julie tried to maintain her calm and slowly began to speak. She narrated the beginning of when they went to visit Gran and what happened the following day.


    The moment she mentioned that Roselyn suffered immense pain and was struggling with conflicting internal energy. A terrifying force of presence fell upon the room as if hidden beneath the serious look on Orchid’s face contained immense anger.


    Everyone was dripping with sweat as Julie struggled to continue. Julie eventually finished stating that Roselyn was stable however, she was unconscious.


    Time ticked by slowly as the room became eerily quiet. No one uttered a sound as they waited for Orchid’s response.


    The wooden chair scraped against the floor as she stood up. The look on Orchid’s face was still the same as she looked at Julie. “Thank you, Julie, for telling me.” She then looked at the other four “Thank you all for helping Roselyn and worrying about me.”


    Orchid walked over to the door and stood in front of the entrance, her back towards them “Go back to what you were doing, I’ll be okay.”


    Moments later, her entire body vanished before their very eyes.


    She had teleported.

  • Chapter 29. Where did she go?


    “Where did she go?” Michael muttered. He was finally able to let out a sigh of relief once Orchid had left. Boss shrugged his shoulders indicating that he didn’t know. He looked at the two young adults still dazed wondering if it was alright for Orchid to know. If no one from Gran’s household told her, there must be a reason.


    Looking at the people still lost in thought Boss asked, “Don’t you guys have somewhere you should be going right now?” Everyone finally remembered that they had meditation to do in less than an hour. They quickly headed down the stairs and out of the Inn.


    Boss was the last to leave the room, the bright balls that were illuminating the room dimmed as he tossed a block cloth over it and closed the door behind him.


    The group of four paced themselves as they walked to Gran’s place, they didn’t want to show up early nor did they want to be late. Boss trailed from behind, he didn’t want to get involved in anything that they were planning because he believes it’ll be better if they make mistakes and learn from it.


    Similar to a miniature fortress, the guards standing from above looked down and noticed the kid’s arrival and let them in without delay. Arthur thanked the gatekeepers as everyone else nodded their head and continued forward.


    “Bark Bark!” A familiar bark could be heard as they looked at the animals grazing off to the side. “Barkie!” Arthur shouted; they had left their pets here as Boss carried them away.


    The puppy was squatted on the head of a horse as it noticed Arthur’s arrival. It issued a command to the horse telling it to walk over to Arthur. A “moo” could be heard in the distance as a cow was also walking over.


    “Mew” Silver was lying flat on the back of the cow as it arrived before them. The horse neighed as it eyed the cow beside it. Barkie immediately slid down the back the neck of the horse and hopped into Arthur’s arm, it then pointed upwards indicating it wanted to sit on Arthur’s head.


    Arthur complied and left Barkie on his head. Silver did the same and hopped into Shelly’s arm and began to purr. The horse and cow followed along as they continued to walk to the house.


    “Are they following us?” Julie asked as she continued to look behind her back, the two enormous creatures scared her a little as they were twice the size of any of the ones she’d seen. Noticing that the cow and horse was still following them, Barkie and Silver barked and meowed respectively causing the two animals to walk away.


    Julie let out a sigh of relief as they walked away, she then looked at the kitten and puppy “thank you, they were making me feel a little uncomfortable.” Julie thanked the pets. In the future she would realize the animals that would make her the most uncomfortable are these two pets.


    “Was their house always this bright?” Arthur asked as they arrived closer to Gran’s home. The brightness coming from the windows of the house was as bright as the Inn. “They may have brought out their bright balls from somewhere.” Michael reasoned.


    “Strange, where is everyone? Are they already meditating?” Arthur asked, he then decided to walk to the room where they were supposed to meditate, it was a large empty room with nothing but four walls. There was only one bright ball at the center to illuminate the entire room.


    “No one’s here.” Michael answered. “I can see that Michael, I’m not blind like you.” Arthur replied. “What’re you talking about? I’m not blind.” Arthur was about to retort but Shelly interrupted.


    “Let’s go check on Roselyn, maybe something happened.” Everyone agreed to Shelly’s comment and made their way towards Roselyn’s room. There was not a single servant running about like how it was earlier this morning, their worry for Roselyn grew even more as everyone picked up the pace.


    The group of four and Boss went upstairs and slowly opened the door open. They peeked their eyes through the opening only to see a standoff between three men and a woman. The four immediately turned their eyes in the direction of the group, an intimidating force caused Michael to instinctively close the door.


    “Why did you do that? It’s just them.” Arthur replied as he tried to pry Michael’s hands away from the doorknob. Michael shook his head and didn’t reply, the look in their eyes was too intimidating.


    “Come in you kids” Gran’s voice could be heard from behind the door. Boss walked forward and pushed Michael’s arm away and opened the door wide. Boss entered first followed by the group from behind.


    Both Pebble and Cobble were still standing in the same spot as they kept their attention at the woman standing beside Roselyn. Gran sighed and walked over to the kids. “Can we talk about this later?” Gran’s words were directed at Orchid who had shown up.


    Orchid looked at the kids who had shown up and replied “Fine.” Before teleporting away. Pebble and Cobble fell on the floor panting heavily the moment Orchid left. “What’s wrong?” Julie went over to help Pebble and Cobble up.


    “Nothing” Pebble shook his head as he pulled himself up with Julie’s assistance “She’s just too scary”


    Michael followed Julie and helped Cobble up. He looked at the big guy who they spent hours training with this morning. Cobble’s face was pale as he tried catch his breath “What happened?” Michael asked.


    “We forgot to tell her about mother.” Pebble’s reply caused Michael to inwardly sigh in relief, he believed they had a reason to not tell Orchid, who knew they just forgot.


    “At least she knows now, right?” Arthur asked.


    Pebble shook his head, “not necessarily, Auntie Orchid and my mother is really close, she was here to bring my mom—”,


    “—Pebble enough.” Gran interrupted. “I’ll discuss it with her later, let’s go begin meditating”


    Gran lead the way downstairs, the employees that was never seen were found lying unconscious on the floor on the way to the meditation room. “Pebble, Cobble, you two bring them to their rooms I’ll take care of meditation.” Gran sighed in relief as he checked every servant, luckily none were dead.


    “Did Auntie Orchid do this?” Arthur asked. “Yeah…, she got angry and took all our servants and maids.” Pebble replied. He hadn’t felt such a sense of helplessness ever since after graduating from Lumiere. To get all the servants of theirs kidnapped from right in front of them.


    “Luckily she’s your auntie.” Boss replied. “Yeah…” Pebble replied, he’s so grateful that Orchid didn’t do anything to harm the servants. He glanced at his father and felt thankful that auntie had a huge crush on this father of his.


    “You should, do something about that though, it’s way too defenseless against her.” Boss stated. Pebble nodded his head “Our mother usually stops her immediately when auntie causes a ruckus.”


    “Well, she’s not here right now, you should always have backup.” Boss’ childish voice was schooling Pebble. “Yeah…” Pebble completely forgot the backup was his father, if it was anyone else besides Orchid, his father most likely would’ve dealt with them.


    Gran glanced at the Boss who smiled back at him and chuckled. He couldn’t believe his own son forgot of his existence.


    “You can come in and enjoy the meditation too if you’d like.” Gran stated as he opened the door to the room they were in earlier. Boss smiled and stood before the door. “Nah, I’m good.”


    The door to the meditation room closed as the group of four and Gran walked in. A small stick could be seen held in his hand as the door closed behind them.


    “Feel free to enjoy yourself, I’ll get the rest of the servants to their room, knowing Orchid she probably hid a few.” Boss nodded his head to Pebble’s reply and then looked at Cobble who was silent this whole time.


    “What’s up with you?” Cobble looked down at Boss and replied, “Prodigies are strong.”


    Boss laughed at his response. “Then go become a prodigy yourself, want to come with us to Naturelle?”  Cobble became lost in thought as he heard Boss’ nonchalant voice. A newfound look of determination burned in his eyes as he shook his head. “I’ll go later.”


    “Alright. I’ll go check out your kitchen.” Cobble almost stumbled to Boss’ reply, the kid before them ate a quarter of everything they had in the kitchen and then took a nap. “Okay, but don’t eat too much!” Cobble said with a serious voice.


    “Alright, alright, I won’t.” Boss waved Cobble off. Pebble had already left to look for their remaining servants.


    A bundle of food could be seen wrapped around Boss’ arm as he walked back to Roselyn’s room.




    Orchid dropped the unconscious Dr. Galil on the floor of Roselyn room and looked at the boy who had entered. “Oh? It’s you kid? What’re you doing here?”


    “Nothing, just eating.” Boss plopped some food into his mouth as he ate. Steam started to flow out of his mouth as the meat within his mouth began to cook. An astonished look could be seen on Orchid’s face as she stared at the boy. The wig on his head was slightly off centered revealing his purple hair.


    She then realized he wore a wig and sunglasses every time they had met. “You’re an Exotic?” She asked.


    Boss nodded his head in reply, there was too much food in his mouth for him to speak. “What a strange power.” She said as she looked at the meat that was being cooked.


    “Gran and the kids are meditating?” She asked Boss, the little kid before her was amusing with his strange abilities.


    Boss gulped and replied “Yeah, they’re going to be there for an hour.” He began to stuff more food in his mouth and cooked it. “How come you’re not with them?” she asked.


    “Boring” Boss stated with his mouth full. Orchid became lost thought as she looked at the kid before him. A kid that looked no older than 10 was already able to use his powers and didn’t even needed to meditate with Gran?


    Boss continued to eat until the rest of the food in his arm was gone. Orchid waited patiently as she looked at the boy. There was so many questions she wanted to ask him about his powers. Like, does cooking food with his mouth make it hot on his tongue? Or can he cook food without using his mouth?


    “Yes.” Boss first response threw Orchid off. Can he read my mind?


    “No” Boss said again after a short pause, his words confused Orchid even more if he couldn’t have read her mind then he wouldn’t know what she was thinking to say no.


    “No” Boss repeated, this time Orchid was floored, she didn’t even think anything yet and he said no.


    The little kid before her started laughing extremely hard as he looked at Orchid’s confused face. “I was just saying yes and no because you looked like you had a lot of questions for me on your mind.” He giggled.


    “And then, and then you, your face looked so confused like I had answered correctly so I waited and then said no.” Boss was laughing himself silly, he was easily entertained when it comes to messing with people.


    Orchid began to laugh along after Boss’ explanation. The anger she had felt earlier regarding Roselyn’s condition and how they forgot to inform her about it diminished a bit.


    Wiping away the tears in her eye Orchid looked at the kid before her. “Thank you, I needed a good laugh today.” Her bright smile was enough to enchant anyone who saw it. She then walked over to her older sister and a complex look could be seen formed on her face.


    “Are you thinking of taking your sister back home?” Boss asked. This time his question felt as if he had read her mind. Orchid looked at him in shock however Boss immediately shook his head “Pebble has a big mouth.”


    Orchid sighed and said “Yeah, I followed my sister because I loved both her and Gran. I promised her I won’t interfere with their relationship if they were doing okay.”


    “However, does this look okay to you?” She pointed at her unconscious sister. “She almost died!”


    “I think this warrants my interference.” Her hand was shaking in anger as tears started to well up in her eyes. She loved her sister and never wanted to see her sister suffer any problems. In their home it was mainly just her and her sister. Their parents didn’t even bother to raise them, they just decided on their marriage. To her, Roselyn was both her mother and her older sister.


    “Your sister will be fine.” Boss replied nonchalantly while fixing the wig on his head.


    “How do you know?”


    “Because I did it.”





  • Chapter 30. You did what?


    “You did what?” Orchid was a little lost as to what Boss’ was saying, she couldn’t fathom that her elder sister was left unconscious by a little Exotic of only 10 years old.


    “Oh nothing” Boss quickly changed his mind in telling her. His comment made Orchid suspicious, yet she didn’t say anything else. “How did you make the bright balls?” Boss quickly changed the subject.


    “Oh, these things?” A bright ball appeared in her hand. Her ability to teleport stuff to her hand made Boss look at her in amazement “Wow! you can teleport stuff to your hand?” Boss asked, he didn’t know the limits of what teleport really meant in this world.


    “That’s right kiddo, I’m able to teleport small objects to my hand as long as it’s in the same location that I left it, it’s my specialty.”


    “Your specialty?” Boss asked.


    “Yes, that’s right. Every person of the Orthodox powers aims to try to make their skills unique to themselves. Besides being able to teleport around like any other teleporter, I’ve learned how to teleport small objects from where they were placed.” Her comment made Boss understood more about the world around him.


    “What about teleporting other people?” Orchid nodded her head “I can teleport other people, however I have to grab onto them, I can’t just extend my hand out and use some weird force to teleport them.”


    This world was a lot more flexible in terms of their energy manipulation than he once thought. Boss thought to himself he ought to smack Samuel for not mentioning this. However, as an Exotic, Samuel wouldn’t know everything about the Orthodox powers.


    “Can every teleporter do this?” Boss asked.


    Orchid quickly replied “No, most will just know how to teleport, most of them will either just try to increase the distance or speed of their teleporting ability. There are quite a few that can teleport others like me, but none are able to summon small objects like me.”


    Boss nodded his head in understanding. Like any person in the world most will conform to what they believe is the limit of their abilities and only few would try to figure out a different pathway in what they can do.


    “Oh, I see! Thank you, auntie Orchid!” Boss thanked the woman a short distance away. Orchid walked over and rustled the kid’s brown wig causing it to become off center again. “You shouldn’t tell other people about this, okay? I don’t want copycats.”


    Boss immediately zipped his mouth with his hand indicating he wouldn’t tell another person.


    Orchid nodded her head in content. “You wanted to know how I made these?” Boss really didn’t care about the bright balls he just wanted to change the subject. However, he wouldn’t tell her that, so he nodded his head.


    “It’s fairly easy, you know the luminescent moss that grows alongside the mountain walls on the way to the Inn. I figured out the compound to make them brighter, and longer lasting. After that I just put them in a clear ball, I’ve made myself and voila a bright ball.”


    Orchid’s explanation was straight to the point. She didn’t need to go to the scientific aspect of it considering she was talking to a child. Only she truly knows how much trial and error it took for a bright ball to form.


    “Auntie your bright balls are too bright sometimes, is there no other way to make it dimmer besides throwing a cloth on it?” Boss asked, as a person who enjoyed eating and sleeping, he prefers sleeping in a pitch-dark room.


    “Of course, I just never got to it.” Orchid remembered when an annoying guy kept pestering her about the bright balls and the lack of functionality of it besides staying bright. Her response of just tossing a cloth over it, made the guy become a laughingstock of the whole village and everyone decided on using a black cloth to poke fun at him.


    It became such a norm that even she forgot to about to fix the issue. “Maybe I’ll think of something to do about it.” Many different ideas started forming on her mind causing her to become lost in thought.


    Boss waved his hands in front of her face trying to get her attention, however moments later Orchid teleported away.


    “What a weirdo, she left just like that.” Boss remarked. He then looked at the doctor who was asleep on the floor and Roselyn peacefully asleep on the bed. Her inner energy was stabilizing and recovering. However, the activity within her belly is becoming more expressive.


    “Looks like she’ll need to wake up soon.” Boss thought to himself as he walked out of the room.


    The lighting around the home became dimmer back to its natural state. It seemed Orchid had collected most of the bright balls she had brought into the house. Boss walked over to the rippling pool that was maintaining its rigorous pace.


    He dipped his finger in the pool again and walked away. There was no change in the ripples as he left the place, only he knows that in a few days she’ll be awake.


    An hour passed by before the door to the meditation room opened again. Pebble and Cobble at this time found all the servants placed around the home, some were placed in well-hidden spots. The only way they found them all was the bright balls Orchid had left near each person serving as a beacon.


    Gran walked out the room with the same stick in his hand closing the door behind him. He walked over to the sofa where Boss Pebble and Cobble were sitting. “How were they?” Boss asked Gran.


    Gran replied with a straight face “Girls were good, the boys though… terrible.” The door to the meditation room opened again as Shelly carrying Silver and Julie walked out before silently closing the door behind them.


    Some slight red marks on their arms were visible from the meditation training. However, the expression on their face was calm and serene as if they were hardly punished by the stick.


    “How was it?” Boss asked the two girls.


    “Next time, I won’t get hit.” Shelly replied. Julie nodded her head “It was only because Arthur and Michael made us lose our concentration.”


    “Was it difficult?” Boss asked. Shelly shook her head “I thought it would be harder.” Her answer surprised Boss as he looked at the marks on her arms. There were less on her arms than Julie’s.


    He looked at Julie and asked, “What about you Julie?” Julie’s calm face finally broke into a smile. She couldn’t hold back her laughter any longer. She couldn’t answer Boss’ question right away. Her laughter also caused Shelly to reveal a faint smile as she silently laughed to herself.


    Feeling left out Boss asked, “What’s so funny?”


    Boss didn’t need to find out for much longer as the door to the room opened up again. A little tail could be seen first as it slowly backed out of the door. Barkie’s face came into view tugging the collar of the little boy that laid on the floor. There wasn’t a spot on his body that didn’t show signs of being marked by the stick.


    “Ahaha!” Boss laughter was immediate as he saw the little silver haired boy getting dragged out by his puppy. Arthur had a dazed look to his face as he laid on the ground staring upwards towards the ceiling.


    Michael slowly peeked his head out the door, his face was full of red lines causing Boss to double up on laughter. Michael could only sigh and walk over and sat beside Julie, the marks on him was as much as Arthur.


    Pebble and Cobble maintained their expression better when the two boys came out, only a slight smile could be seen on their face. Julie showed a concern expression when Michael got closer, however everyone else knows she was the first to laugh at them.


    Barkie got annoyed with dragging Arthur out, once the door closed and Arthur’s full body came into view Barkie walked over to Michael and pointed at his head. It immediately got placed on Michael’s head as it laid there, an annoyed look showed on its face as it stared at the kitten in Shelly’s arm.


    The kitten only glanced at the puppy and meowed in response before closing its eyes and purring, the corner of the kitten mouth raised to a slight smirk. A sense of defeat overcame the puppy as it compared masters. Why did it get Arthur instead of Shelly?




    “With only 6 out of 60 in the hour Shelly managed to maintain her concentration for 54 minutes. Julie 14 for a total of 46 minutes of concentration. Arthur and Michael could not focus even once.” Gran finally stated the result of the meditation.


    At the start of every minute a person would get hit softly by a stick. The stick would release a red line every time it landed on a person’s body to keep count. Those who can manage to use their energy to stop the stick from attacking their body with their eyes closed were cleared for the minute.


    Gran completely controlled himself when he tapped them with the stick, if there was even a slight repulsion from those meditating the stick would stop. Only Michael and Arthur showed no signs of being able to control their inner energy as the stick tapped them.


    Arthur kept shouting “Aw man!” whenever he was tapped causing Michael to tell him to be quiet. Julie lost her concentration during these times when the two began arguing with their eyes closed. Shelly only lost her concentration during the beginning especially when Arthur and Michael began to bicker at each other.


    Arthur slumped over and plopped himself on the sofa. “Michael ruined my concentration.” Michael shook his head and didn’t bother retorting, the first 10 minutes in there was them blaming each other, the result showed for itself he didn’t have the energy to argue back.


    “It was everyone’s first time with meditation, don’t worry about your results.” Gran stated calmly. He continued “Today was just practice, I’ll be increasing the difficulty after you kids train with me. By the end I won’t just be tapping, you’ll have to be fully focused to defend yourself, otherwise it’ll hurt.” Michael and Arthur’s faces went pale, the harmless marks on their body began to sting foreshadowing their miserable life of meditation.


    “Tomorrow it’ll be Pebble’s turn to train with you guys.” Gran glanced at his son.


    Pebble nodded his head “Tomorrow it’ll be you four together versus me. I won’t explain it so just keep in mind my powers and guess.” Everyone spent another hour chatting away until Gran excused himself to check on Roselyn. The group of five decided it was time to head back to the Inn.


    “Boss, can’t you help us I don’t want to get smacked during meditation.” Arthur grumbled once the whole group made it back to the boys ‘room. “Sure, I’ll give you an advice.” The four listened intently waiting for Boss to continue. “Meditate more, spend all your time meditating.”


    “But it’s so boring, I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do.” Arthur replied. Boss sighed and responded. “Every single one of you have an innate inner energy that you were born with. It is the first thing every person who goes to school will try to find within themselves in order to manifest the coloration of their hair and eyes.”


    Boss continued “Meditation is how you’ll find this energy within you. The girls were able to find it easier because they have already awakened their powers, so it was natural for them to handle the meditation part of the training well.”  He then turned to Arthur “It’s only difficult for you right now because you haven’t hit puberty.”


    “Why does puberty matter?” Arthur continued to grumble; he was annoyed he hadn’t hit puberty yet.


    “Because, once you hit puberty your inner energy hidden within you will become more apparent and reveal your natural abilities.”


    “Can’t I just wait until I hit puberty then?” Arthur didn’t feel like he should meditate so early.


    “You shouldn’t.” Shelly answered for Boss.




    “Young master Arthur, your parents should have already told you why. Don’t you remember?” Shelly’s comment made Arthur try to remember what his parents told him about meditation.


    “Arthur, you should practice meditation, it’s good for you.”


    “But it’s too boring mommy.”


    “Yes, it is sweetie.”


    “I don’t wanna.”




    “Arthur listen to your mother, it’s good for you.”


    “But I don’t wanna.”




    Scratching his silver hair, Arthur’s emerald green eyes blanked out as he turned to look at Shelly.


    “Nope, I don’t know why.”

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