Perfect World finishing promotion early?

Hi, Ren and the team at Wuxiaworld.
Just to make a note that it appears that the perfect world representative that was meant to be paying attention to the posts on that redeem page, has not been doing so, or at least indicating so for the past 5 days at least.

Their announcement says that the event runs till today. If the company cannot keep to their word till the end on such a thing, with members of their partner's community, that makes me start to wonder.

As this has been used as an excellent promoting tool, inviting directly on this site, I'd like to draw this to your attention as I believe you'd want to ensure that the expectations set/ given to your readers are followed through on. 

I would hope it's just an oversight/ unintentional, otherwise, I would not be comfortable buying into the Perfect world as advertised.
Dear friends from WW,
We didn't end the GIVEAWAY earlier. Please check whether you have been replied with winning information in the comment. If so , congratulations!
If not, don't worry! Here comes the second wave of GIVEAWAY NOW!!
Please check how to participate in it in the first post of category [Perfect World].
Thanks again for your great support!


  • I uninstalled right away after I realized they won't be keeping their promises. The books are way better than playing this stupid game.
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    Are you sure he isn't sending the PMs without posting on the thread?
    Also, it is better to post on this discord or send an email. They rarely check the forums.
  • I don't know if they are checking the promotion, but i did send them a PM some days ago and they still haven't responded.
  • Wow that's disappointing.  While I'm having fun and  throwing my cash at it, I would hope they would follow through on giving back to the community.  I mean it's all digital so it doesn't really cost them anything..
  • I've enjoyed this game and am at a level cap until the 25th. No giveaway is less incentive to play...I've ignore my life a bit since playing
  • How to find the ID in the game?  I put, but asks for a 20 digit ID.
  • How to find the ID in the game?  I put, but asks for a 20 digit ID.
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    PW. It's not your user ID, it's your character ID. Character icon in top left --> Others --> 20 digit number
    brunoq123 said:
    How to find the ID in the game?  I put, but asks for a 20 digit ID.

  • I keep getting the error: 
    • Sorry, we are unable to verify this user id at the moment. Please try again in a day or two, as we get daily reports from Perfect World with updated user ids!
    I used the 20 digit code but I am unsure of my username. I attached my account to Google so I have tried my full name, my gmail email address, just my google username, and the ID number in the user center in PW. No matter what options I try I keep getting the above error.
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