Looking for novels that appeal certain tastes (+ rant)

Hey guys,

I like reading light novels, and I've been doing it for some years, so now I have developed certain tastes that make finding new content difficult.

Let's start with types of novels I absolutly hate, and I will stop reading it right away:

- Novel centered on the MC. There are more characters, but if you analize them, you can just remove them and nothing happens (examples: Tales of Demons and Ghosts side characters, love interests excluded; Rebirth of the Thief, exceptions with Xie Yao and Tang Yao; I Shall Seal the Heavens: this is an interesting example, because at first sight, there are really good and important side characters, like Xu Quing, Chu Yuyan, or his parents, but at the end, they just represent emotional aspects of the MC, using them to express "unconditional love", "profound respect", "brother's unity" or another aspect).
- Novel hyper-mega-hard centered on the MC. Self explanatory, the guy goes around the multi-verse being just awesome and badass, side characters below abilities or items (examples: Sage Monarch, this is the novel archetype that I hate the most, I laughed so hard when I found this novel is labeled as "political intrigue"; A Will Eternal, I started this novel an threw it away, probably because I was getting tired of the concept, but I still think is plane).
- Endless cycle of "the MC awesomeness", or Markovian novels (google markovian chains for more info): MC gets new ancient, profound, pure and OP ability/item > random guys (obviously at least 4 levels above) die > cultivation breakthrough or power-up > the ancient, profound, pure and OP ability/item is forgotten because there is a new ancient, profound, pure and OP ability/item. The boring cycle is somewhat altered with: new harem girl or Arc antagonist (that in reality are a bigger cycle of random guys) (examples: the description covers 95% of the light novels, so I'm committing reader suicide here, but there is a subtle difference when this cycle is one of many resources that the author has or just the only one that the novel is centered). Honorable mention to Solo Leveling novel. At some point the MC is stronger than the S-Rankers, la crème de la crème, so the author hotfixes the novel adding the National Level Hunters, never mentioned until then.
- Moral ambiguity: because if the bad boys do it they deserve hell but if the MC does it it's obviously righteous and correct. I'm just too logical and obtuse to process this kind of information, it generates me a mental block. The moral ambiguity is something interesting to adress, but when the author puts a lot of emphasis on how detestable and shitty human beings the bad guys are for bullying the weak, and 20 chapters later the MC does the same freakin thing, sorry but you have some ethic problem/misinformation. There are some funny variations, like when guys from the same sect, full of arrogance, try to kill the MC, but when they are about to die they shout "you dare to kill a sect member!".

Now, the aspects that I love on a novel:

- A fucking plot: Dude, come on, I'm just asking for a development here (bad plot examples: League of Demon Sealers or Mountains and Seas on ISSTH, the author envelops them in a deep mystique, but in reality they are just power-ups and unlockable new worlds, so the MC can kick more arses fashionly. Good plot examples: I think I identify more with an occidental approach to narrative, but I can mention 3 light novels that appealed me: Praise the Orc! beautiful work here, the story slowly unfolds, with a climax that keeps you anxious and absorved; Overgeared, this is an interesting example, because there isn't a hard plot, we are simply introduced to a loser playing VR games that develops both in the game and in real life (abs included, because who wants a flabby MC); and Terror Infinity, here are a lot of things that I want on a novel (original plot and relationships), but the author may not join or develop them perfectly, so I'm open to criticize it). NOTE: If you are thinking "Oh, he likes games stories, let's recommend other game stories like Rebirth of the Thief!" you are underestimating my effort to write this, when my native language is actually Spanish.
- Enriched side characters: with their own story, emotions and development: stress one development, or they are just a random/generic suffering history, that only appeals to an ephemeral emotional orgasm (examples: hard one, but the closest would be Overgeared and Terror Infinity).

Considering this things, can you recommend some novels that can appeal to this humble reader tastes?


  • Have you read Mao Ni's novels, Ze Tian Ji (Way of Choices), Nightfall, Joy of Life, The Path Toward Heaven? You can see that the author put real work into the story and characters. One of the great parts of these stories is the side characters, some of the most memorable ones. Each has been my favorite at the time of their translation. The first three are even completely translated.
    Another good novel recently popping up is Lord of the Mysteries, its story is good and well thought. You should read it if you haven't.
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    Thanks for the recommendations and your time! Much appreciated.
    Mao Ni looks really good, I have to pick one to start, Nightfall looks different, so probably I'll start with that one.
    Lord of Mysteries looks great too, and it's good to have an ongoing novel on your reading list.
  • The Author of Lord of Mysteries is really good at making Mystery and innovative world building and nice fleshed out characters, Cuttlefish has another Novel called Throne of Magical Arcana which is also pretty good. 
    I would say overall that i am also a reader suicider that hates the same stuff so i can say that Second Coming of Glutonny has been a very pleasant surprise with the MC being very different and humane and the side characters being very relevant to the story along with very good drama and action scenes.
    Kingdoms Bloodline is a slow but rewarding mystery, political intrigue and fantasy novel that makes you want to read everything.
    Tutorial is Too Hard is a fight against madness and a test of will for the sake of freedom and finding his path to relevance and freedom in a world controled by gods
    Isaac is a very heavy (morally) political intrigue fantasy that is nerve wracking but enjoyable at the same time.
    Other than those i usually end up with Slice of Life stuff or seriously written fanfics, there is a serious lack of goodstuff out there...
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    @Genoma what do you think of Divine Throne of Primordial Blood ?

    I really enjoyed that novel, thought it had a strong story. I am not so sure whether it satisfies the "Enriching Side Characters" aspect though.

    You may enjoy Emperor of Solo Play.

    Also can you recommend me some novels that you most enjoyed?
  • haha your point about Moral Ambiguity is hilarious btw, bc in almost all the wuxia I read so far the MC is such a hypocrite:

    They are weak, and get trampled on and treated like shit by the OP overlords of their town/city/province.

    So they swear to become strong so that they don't have to undergo this injustice, because it's wrong, humans shouldn't be treated like this.

    But then as they become stronger they just treat everyone weaker than them like shit too lol, any other "young master" who challenges the MC's arrogance will get completely humiliated, or his clan wiped out, etc. etc.
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