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About the Author
An inspiring eccentric young female writer who tends to helps others more than her self. This is the story that I always wanted to write. It's going to be story about a future Demon Queen who laments her own power, but her power is needed to change the world.

The question is it for better or worst?

Wicked Woman
by Tasear
Genre: Tragedy, Adventure, Slice of life
Style: Prose Fiction: Bildungsroman

Being difference has its consequences. Not even given a name, she lived her life in shame, having no home to return, no protection of parents, no friend to turn to in her sorrows those were only the minor things that set her apart from others.

Every day she tried to walk in the shadows away from others, but she never had enough luck not meet some people. She wanted to flee, but they were everywhere and always did the same. Laughing as she turned every corner then mocking her as she fell down in the mud. The worst days were when she had to run from the stones they threw.

Every day in the daylight was the same, one without any happiness. She could only find sanctuary with the darkness that was the night. Letting out her cries to the looming stars that cuddle the night, she wished every night to be normal.

Then one day she got her wish, but....

Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Other Works: A Man's Legacy,Finding Mr. Bear, Tasear's Poetry Collection

Contributions to this story come from "Game: Cooperative Story Telling"
Note: Consider it a draft until audio is added. Also first set of audio will be added sunday.


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    On a beautiful small island in a not far world, slept a beautiful yet fair maiden, locked away in her dreams, she suddenly woke up to find a beautiful little bird with snow white feathers and red-bluish crown-looking feathers on top of its head pecking on her head. Suddenly, the bird flew around the room when it noticed the maiden was not like any other maiden.

    This difference was made clear when little bird noticed her frosty white eyes, and evening snow hair layered upon her lily white coat. The moment she spoke, it wished be a dove to come together with her artistic purity. Ensnared in her ephemeral voice, the little bird soared towards the beautiful maiden, circling around her, just before it went out of the window, and landed on a tree branch.

    With an excited posture, it started to happily chirp while spreading its wings so wide, as if to show off to the maiden. The maiden seeing this laughed a bit with a heavenly chuckle, before easing herself out her bed. Like wisps of wind, her feet slid towards mirror. Unexpectedly, she let out a soft sigh after looking into the mirror.

    Every day, she wished at the prevailing stars that she was something or someone who was not herself. She hadn't thought much of it at the time, but now she only thought of those moments which brought the curse upon her.

    Not lingering long in her constant sorrows, she mellowed her stride as she then did her braid. With ease and elegance unfitting her former self, she enlightened her already fairy like appearance to begun, yet another day in the materialization of her illusions. She had been caged on the island for a very long time.

    It hadn’t always been this way, but being different had its consequences. After constant humiliation from her unforgiving company, she decided to let go, and have happiness for herself. Seeking happiness, she joined the Holy Sect. And yet, what awaited her was just another suffering.

    Arriving at the island, she had been told that this place would rid her of her unholy power. She had thought the happiness that she had long sought would be within her grasp, but at last when night fell, she was reminded once again that she wasn’t human.

    The priests, who just moments ago were laughing, had gone silent. An eerie wind goes by, and she tries to change the mood by offering them a drink. Just when she was about to pass the drink to his hand, he slapped her face.

    “Holy God, why has tis monster darest touch me,” she knew Brother Felix had his eccentric moments where he would babble on about nonsense, but this is the first time he had injured her.

    “Oh forgive me my lord, I have sinned, laughing with tis breast,” she watched as Brother Felix rose his hands to the sky.
    “Worry not my brother, the moment is here, she will be but caged beast with others of her kind,” She turned towards to Brother Cane while he spoke those words.

    “Wait, what do you mean?” Her heart was racing as she tried to grasp the conversation.

    “You are buttst a beast” she tried to calm herself as she began to rationalize his words.

    “No… that’s not right. You have drunk too much. Stop with your fussing, you know why we are here” she smiled, hoping they would smile back.

    “Such is the beast. Not able to understand. I have not drinkin enough. My thoughts be clear whilst yours are not. That’s right, not even beast would be beest tis deaf. You are, but a monster”

    “Oh right be thee is, she is not worthy be cal lest even a beast. Such foul creature, brought by sin” she watched as Brother Felix rejoices in her new name.

    “Oh prithee thy pardon thy sin, she be nigh to your holly vassal.” She hadn’t moved from the ground, but she could only watch as Brother Felix was lamenting her existence for being close to him.

    “Calm yourself thy brother, thou need not wait much longer, we will go and she will stay.” She starts to cry as she saw Brother Cane along with Brother Cane walk away.

    “Brothers… why,” crawling on the ground, she tried to grab his robes, but as she got close she was kicked back the ground. Landing awkwardly on her leg she could feel something was broken.

    “Please don’t go!” Realizing the reality of the situation, her wails echo the pain in her heart.

    Then she saw him turn around. Calming her moans, she thought he had seen reason. Doing her best, she got up on her sprained leg, but as she started to approach him she heard the words that brought her further into her sorrows. .

    “Go you monster enjoyst your land,” Turning his back, he laughed as left on the boat, Leaving the monster on the island.

  • nice going with the story... :)

    keep the good work...
    Life is a series of choices that makes who you are today and thread your path ahead.

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