2nd Giveaway-Redeem Code for Perfect World Mobile Launch [ONLY FOR WUXIAWORLD READERS]



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    I love this game! Best mobile mmo ever

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    :) I am enjoying the game thus far and see myself playing till endgame. Hope to see some graphic improvements for the IPhone 11 pro once that ships out!

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    This game is being loads of fun!

    I already have some experience with some of this type of games, but none as fun as this!
    I love the wuxia ambiance and the in-game mechanics, it's really intuitive and fun to play, and also runs really smoothly in my phone.

    The hidden missions are real fun to find and do(by the way i have some problem with one of them and if someone from the game could help me i would apreciate it), and also the group missions and their difficulty curve is challenging but not imposible.

    Well here you have my screenshot, even thought i haven´t managed to become a top playes, i'm still trying to challenge the heavens!  :D

    Congrats to the Wuxiaworld and to the Perfect World teams for their excelent jobs in your respective projects and your mutual partnership!

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    I'm hoping I've got the picture. 

    Got to lvl 20 within 3hrs of playing. Fantastic graphics with lots of quests to keep you going. Can't wait to try the other two races. The only downside is the camera angle isn't very easy/smooth to change but I'm normally an xbox player :P

  • Should I post the my character picture after I level up more or will editing picture link later work?
  • Second day playing the game and i'm fully enjoying all the content the game has to offer to the player base. Will continue to play the game and hope to get a code to give me an edge! Cheers.
  • I'm playing this game for the first time, but having fun. Just started today and I'm already lvl53. https://www.directupload.net/file/d/5577/eaz9i3hc_png.htm

  • I play this game since i play the PC version long time ago
  • PWRD-2019915194131
    Level 76, 10 days in and enjoying it.

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    I am trying to put my screenshot up here. Gum at lvl 12. It shows like it was loading but nothing is showing up..so i changed my thumbnail pic to show it :)
    So an update is I am now up to lvl 50  Great game :) US-005 surge server 
    Edit time again lvl 79 same server. Was also hoping some ppl joined this server or created a guild in it like in root post. If so hit me up!
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    Little late to the party, just discovered this game yesterday, even so i have loved the content so i much just had to start a few more characters to get a proper feel for the game! (What are you doing wuxiaworld :D I all ready spend 'too much time' reading now i have this added to the list! thank you though)

    - Galaxy Note 8: With graphics set to, Exquisite it was a tad choppy(could be my phone though not best of shape), though when on: power-saving, smooth and balance it ran fine. 

    Human Wizard, NameWáng Lín: I'm a sucker for high DPS so this class fulls that role very well! Enjoying dodging around with Shrink makes the fights pretty fun, you get to have some pretty clutch dodges. 

    Human Blademaster, Name Mèng Hào: For me the Blademaster has the most fluid combat, the moves just seem to flow so nicely for me, loving this class. Plus who doesn't like duel weapons?? 

    Winged Elf Archer, NameJiang Chén: I am biased towards archers as i find bows pretty damn awesome, so even though i like the Blademaster more i still find myself playing on the Archer, gotta love kiting monsters around.

    Untamed, Name - Linley Baruch: To be honest i'm not normally a fan of tanks but the skill set on the untamed just looks so damn awesome, especially the ability to change into best form, its a great addition makes the roll allot more fun, for me at least. 

    Overall: For a mobile game i believe they've out done themselves i don't normally play games on mobile generally only PC but damn, this is nice. Already looking forward to playing in the higher levels, 10/10 as a mobile game can't ask for much more. Well done Perfect World Games! 

    Wáng Lín: https://i.imgur.com/UfTP4Kn.jpg
    Mèng Hào: https://i.imgur.com/BXUjMkD.jpg
    Jiang Chén: https://i.imgur.com/Yu1HNEe.jpg
    Linley Baruch: https://i.imgur.com/8ljEf0A.jpg

  • Has anyone received the code? I have commented and nothing :(
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    AerynW said:
    I switched servers to be with my friend. I am now lvl 66 and finished hunting down all the hidden titles and actions. Also, it's quite fun once you have a friend with certain amounts of affection. You can carry/get carried with the snuggle option. 

    Being in a guild is a must for added bonuses in teams. 

    This game is so fun...it's 6 am before I know it XD

    Update 3: Seriously, I can't stop, it really is too addicting and fun to play with friends. I'm gonna try to go for the Full Attendance achievement :D Now I've reached level 79 and just a hair away from level cap~ Hopefully, the higher the level, the higher the chance is true >_<

    Shameless ad: need a guild? Join Finest on Archosaur server :D 

  • https://imgur.com/a/FPeFBXf
    Love the game graphics and style 
    one of the games where i love the character i created and the ancient wuxia style is my shizzz
  • Can someone tell me, what do you get from those redeem codes? I want to stop spamming and checking this forum. 

    With current server restrictions maxed level 79 Archer
  • Been playing a few days on mobile, but been playing on and off since PWI Launch years back. It's been quite the journey.

  • Love this game. Been playing it for 13 days straight. Too addicting

  • https://imgur.com/gallery/4MIH699

    My 2nd ID really hope for rendemn code  :)
  • Not my first time playing an mmorpg on mobile but this one is one of the best I've played with active guild members,hidden quests and ways to farm (prestige) while afk , although it is slightly biased towards pay to win players but it being a free game make that understandable.

    Ive been able to keep up with the top levels since i started playing a few days ago , though my BR is still a little low ; Overall , a really addicting experience.

    level 77 when I took the screenshot

  • Started playing a couple days ago really enjoy it.

  • Gostaria do meu redeem code
  • hello I’m lvl 59 in the new server.https://ibb.co/RcFs0b5
  • Çok Güzel Oyun, bunun gibi :)

  • yunus35 said:
    Çok Güzel Oyun, bunun gibi :)

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    Image uploaded. Levle 78 in US Server Ares-003. Pray i win :)

  • Probably wont get picked but I love reading your guy’s light novels. Wuxiaworld is one of the places I go to for reading the light novels. Thanks to this forum, i found Perfect World Mobile. I have been playing so much ever since i got it. Already spent $100 dollars haha. 

    Image: https://ibb.co/tpv3TPk
    • hy am playing the game in emulator and am trying my best to increase my br check out my profile here thank you https://ibb.co/4Ptcy0q
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