2nd Giveaway-Redeem Code for Perfect World Mobile Launch [ONLY FOR WUXIAWORLD READERS]



  • Animation and graphics are awesome but lets see how is the plot
    My profile screenshot https://pasteboard.co/IvS0F1z.png
  • Mignin said:
    When I saw the game in WW I went to try it, and I'm glad I did, the game feels good overall, especially the fights and I love the wuxia feeling of all the game.  https://ibb.co/hdghmN7
    Dear WW friend, Congratulations! The redeem code has been sent to you privately by message, please check it.Thanks for your support and enjoy the perfect world!
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    Love these kind of games. The graphics are the best i've seen with an interesting story line (i haven't played the original).Yeah I'm hooked... https://ibb.co/dJh01tY
  • Nice game, first Wuxia type game I found and I am really excited !!  <3 

  • A8als said:
    I don’t usually play games too. I watched Love O2O (微微一笑很微微) and became fascinated about the story and, so, wanted to play “A Chinese Ghost Story”. But, that game was all in Chinese. Thankfully, because of the partnership between Wuxiaworld and Perfect World, now I can immerse and get to know a good Chinese game. Love the graphics and the options to customized the caracter (tons of lipsticks colors!!!). I’m kind of lost in the game, but I’ll get used to it. Practicing and learning =^.^=
    Dear WW friend, Congratulations! The redeem code has been sent to you privately by message, please check it.Thanks for your support and enjoy the perfect world!
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    Wow, the game is really good i had so much fun that time flew by xD I'm really loving graphics are awesome and i love the music. The gameplay is great too waah, i just can't get enough of it! ^^ Well, after posting this i'm gonna play again for a couple of hours, i just noticed it's been 2 and a half hours since i began lmao


  • It's a nice game, I've played wizard and blademaster to lvl 24 and 16 respectively and so far they are pretty cool.

  • Good afternoon from the US Central region.
    I can't figure out how to attach my image yet, as when I dragged the image into this text box it said I used too many characters.
    Either way, I was hoping someone could tell me how/when I would get the wuxiaworld rewards in game.

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    PWI was one of my favorite games!! My GF at the time and I played a ton :)  
    PS: :literally made my account to post this.  I've been using the site since 2016ish

    Chracter name is LiinMiing for those who cant see!

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    This is quite the throwback to nostalgic games of the past. The game runs very smoothly and progression is quite fast (iphone). Little did I expect to actually be flying around on a sword (aerogear) while whacking monsters with a giant spear. I had a lot of chuckles with my character zooming around. One thing to praise though is that bosses seem to have some cool mechanics (ground targeting telling you to move!). While the game is quite easy in the tutorial levels, I think there is a lot of promise for late game content. Will keep playing and see how things go!
  • I find this game is really addictive. The open world is so big i don’t think i can see it all in one day. I highly recommend this game for those who like open world rpg type game especially in the xianxia/wuxia category too. 
  • Managed to play some. Unlike the original its not grindy. I mean sure you still have daily dungeons and quests but no need for the 10 hour grinds just for level 20 or something. New pic! Luv the mount lol!
  • oggy said:
    I'm in!

    Hope to see yas in there too.
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    Just started today as a cleric 
  • Seems pretty fun so far! Definitely great graphics.
  • bobmarles said:
    Just started the game, and it seems pretty fun so far. The automation seems useful enough for reducing clutter but not so much as to ruin gameplay. Love the style, and I’m looking forward to playing more.
    I’ve played some more now, and figured I would post an update since higher level profiles are more likely to get codes. Having a blast with the game so far
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    Never played this kind of game before tbh but wow!! Still need a lot of help if anyone can add me to a guild or party i'd appreciate it. Prefer to play with wuxiaworld reader!! 
  • (If my other comment gets approved pls delete this admins, i was merely unsure if my post was posted as it showed up empty after i literally poured my heart out for it, like im talking a wall of text lmao...this is what happens when i catch up to Shi Hao's adventures for the 5th time)

    Anyways this game is super pretty and i really enjoyed playing! Keeping this short as im probably making a fool of myself with the otger comment probably just waiting for approval lmao.

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    I've been enjoying the game so far. I have been looking for a wuxia/Xianxia mmorpg for a while and I'm glad to see one of being revived in a mobile 
    version. I plan on playing this one for a while. Found the game while reading a wuxia on wuxiaworld. The IGN is Yomuia 
    Edit for higher level: https://imgur.com/a/1RBcdNY
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    I have no idea how to upload an image XD Here I send a link https://i.imgur.com/87BMEBn.png
  • https://ibb.co/4JkMss6

    I used to play this game on pc b4 and just started today on iOS....and holy crab the graphic is amazing on mobile which is unexpected 
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    Found through ww, good gameplay,  https://ibb.co/XpTkNF2
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    this is my first mmorpg and i'm excited
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    I absolutely love this game I'll be playing alot and buying alot of items watch to see my name on the rankings  its a game where even without real cash you can ascend to the top
      https://ibb.co/pLVy1sR ;
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    This is really addicting. Guess I'll be very 'busy' this upcoming weekend.

  • I enjoy the game. the auto move and fight makes it a lot easier to grind through monsters and quests.

  • Damn you game for being so great and addictive i shall always resent you for the really good graphics you have even in mobiles truly a demonic pleasure(any way no jokes now the game is great and you should go now push the button and downloaded)
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    Here yah go really enjoying this game so far

  • I've been waiting for this for a looooong time, I've read on wuxia world for a long time even though I didn't bother to make a forum account until today! Perfect world is amazing and also auto fight is one of the best features you can add! I'm already really high level heheheh!


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    Awesome game, great graphics and animations can’t wait how the plot go
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