Hunting for Recommendations - Sci-Fi Cultivation

I just became current on Super Gene, and it resonated with me so much that I want to find more like it. Of the novels I've read so far, Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God, is the only other one that scratched the same itch. 

I think it's the sci-fi theme wrapped around an obscured but identifiable core of cultivation in a setting where martial arts and traditional hand to hand combat matters.

I think these style of novels appeal to me in the same way that Dune did, being set in a way that feels both new and old at the same time. RSSG uses an MMO to achieve this setting while Supergene uses alternate dimensions, and they both work for me. 

At first glance I wouldn't have thought these two novels would have felt anything alike, and nothing else I've read has worked for me on so many levels. I'm wondering if there's anything else out there that feel similarly that people may have read. 

(Solo Leveling is another novel that comes to mind in the vein of stories I'm looking for, though it wasn't nearly as long as RSSG or Super Gene.) 


  • Try swallowed star. It completed on the site that should not be mentioned.  I really enjoyed it. May also be on translation nations.
  • Oh should also check out godsfall chronicles. I think it excellent it's a post apocalyptic, science fiction, with gods and demons mixed in. 
  • Forty MIlleniums of cultivation fits the bill wasn't my cup of tea but I enjoyed it nonetheless

  • The strongest gene is like super gene and the series is completed
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