Anyone recognises this novel (need name)

Spoilers alert!!!!!/

Hello all. I am looking for a novel I remember reading before but cannot find

- The MC is part of a small clan where he lives with his father. Appearing weak.
- The father is the leader of the said clan, till he gets betrayed by some rebel elders and the old ancestor.
- The father, along with his wife and 2 other people were considered as pillars of the country. One of them, from the imperial clan, sealed the father's strengh
- The leader of the rebel has a daughter(MC's cousin) which the clan favors and count on in building relationship with main city
- The mother of the MC is part of a bigger clan and has her own all female sect that pops up later to help her son
- The mc gonna end up engaged to the princess ... but ends up being blamed for poisonning her instead
- turns out the prince he thought of as a friend, her 2nd brother, was a cunning dark martial art practitionner
- mc ends up having demon powers that he uses with the danger of never being able to become a human.

Thank you 


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