I'm a happy and loyal fan of TDG, mad snail might be overly slow in his release of Dao content but alas it's a great story. Now like quite a lot of TGD Dao brothers/sisters I've filled in the one month void with reading the manga and watching the anime, I've fought off haters and defeated nasty criticizers... and just when I felt like the void between chapters was getting so enormous that I couldn't fill it the Dao Sages over at Coconut Island Games have given me a new life! https://www.demonsgods.com/ This is a brand new beta mobile game based on TDG that we love and cherish... But unfortunately, the realm walls have proven too much for me... I live in the humble Australia realm and don't have access to the Singapore realm... this problem can be fixed quite easily but I require a Daoist partner! I need a Daoist currently located in the Singapore region to create me a google account!!! you don't need to attach a phone number or credit card, you just need to give it a fake first name and last name, fake date of birth, create the username for the email, create a password then once the Gmail account is created you just need to return here and share the Email and password. Please, Daoist sisters and brothers, I need your help!      
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