The Absolute Power of Chaos

From a slave with no memories to the strongest in the world this is his story.


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    APC: Book 1 Chapter 1
    A boy with white hair opened his scarlett eyes, he pushed himself up with his skinny arms and fell back down. He could barely keep his eyes open a loaf of bread feel in front of him. He picked it up off the muddy floor and devoured instantly. He looked up at the man on the other side of the metal bars of the boy's cage. "congratulations you now have a new master. Your master will come in a couple of weeks and perform the slave contract with you." He then threw in the rest of the bag "Eat up. What's with that face. At least this time you will be able to eat 3 times a day. Nobles are very generous to their salve much more than merchants."

    The boy opened the bag and looked inside it contained bread and fruits. He started devouring them one after the other. He barely stopped to breathe. When he finished he fell asleep. When he woke up the same man stood in front of him. "Awake? Good, I brought you some more food." The days passed and the boy slowly gained weight. The days turned to weeks and then the weeks turned to a month. You could not tell him apart from regular kids, he was on the skinny side but it was not irregular. 

    They lead him into an empty room. On the floor was a circle with markings inside and outside of the circle. They pulled him into the middle. Soon 3 more kids the same age as the boy walked in, also in chains. They were also brought to the middle. The door opened one more time and a little girl walked in around the same age as the slaves. She held onto her father's hand. "Father, will the contract hurt?" The father had blond hair like his daughter, they both had blue eyes. He kissed her on the forehead and said "No not at all. The most pain you will feel is pricking your finger. No matter what happens you must finish the contract or something horrible will happen to you and them."

    "What will happen daddy?"
    "Do not worry. It will only happen if you do not finish it. As long as you finish it. Take the cuffs off." he said in a loud voice that echoed in the small room. A man standing on the side clapped and the shackles disappeared. The man took his daughter's right hand and pricked her index finger. "Serine, read the spell I taught you with your hand like this." he moved her she was pointing at us. The girl started reciting as the blood slowly fell on the circle on the ground. It shone purple as the words around it started moving. Two squares appeared on top of each other and they started spinning in opposite directions with the kids in the middle of them both. A copy of both sets of the words snaked across the ground and went to the boy on the far right. It coiled around his leg and crawled up. The boy screamed and fell to his hands and knees groaning in pain. The words the snaked again and crawled up the two girls next to the white-haired boy. they too fell and started screaming in pain.

    The words crawled up his leg and stopped above his heart. His chest started aching and it slowly turned into agony, anguish and torment. He felt like his flesh was being torn and ripped apart and all the while he just stood there looking at the girl who had her eyes closed and was focusing on her chant. He then looked at the father who looked surprised while looking at me then smiled and laughed to himself.
    Soon the other kids went silent as the pain subsided. 

    The girl opened her eyes and looked at her father "What happens now, Daddy?"
    "You tell them your name and you name them if they don't have one. From now on they will do whatever you say."
    She walked up and looked at the 4 kids her age. "Hello, my name is Serine Enin Filiex of House Filiex. What are your names?"
    "Danka Ihin my lady." the black-haired boy said as he stood up. Serine smiles and looked at the others "What about you three?" 

    "My name is Sena and this is my sister Erin." 
    "What are your last names?"
    "We don't have last names."
    "Oh, then you can have Danka's last name. What was it again Danka?"
    "What? You can't give them my last name?" He shouted. He then grabbed his chest and groaned. "I'm sorry it is Ihin."
    "What is your name?" Serine said as she looked at the white-haired boy. 
    "I don't know."
    "Stop lying everyone has a name. How do you not know your's"
    "I don't remember being given a name." 
    "Oh. Okayyyyy, let me think of one." she put her hand on her chin and look seriously into the boy's eyes. "You look like and Umbra. From now you are Umbra Ihin. Let's go home now Daddy I am tired."
    "Of course."

    They walked out of the room a left the building that Umbra hated. The moment they walked outside Umbra closed his eyes. Everything was way too bright. He opened them and shielded his eyes with his hand but it was still all too bright. He felt a hand pull his hand down as a voice whispered "It is fine your eyes will get used to the light." he squinted as he looked to his left. That was Erin or was it, Sena. The looked the same to him then he noticed that this girl was using him as a shield to hide from everything. The was one difference between the almost identical girls and that was the one who talked earlier had a scar under her right eye. 'So this one is called Erin. Why is she using me as a shield? What is she hiding from anyway?" 
    There was a carriage in front of them. 

    The father and daughter duo went in and the doors slammed shut as it started to move. It stopped and the window dropped the father looked outside and said "Get to this address. This is where you sleep. Tell Brouse that I sent you and you should be in at sunrise Chanti here will take you. Goodbye." he then pulled up the window and the carriage departed.
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