Moonlight Garden

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About the Poetry Collection

These are poems done under the moonlight, where all is quiet by the rattling sound of this author's mind.  This author hopes you enjoy here work. All feedback is appericated.

Moonlight Garden
by Tasear
Genre: Wisdom, Light, Spoken Word
Style: Poetry

Tasear's Other Works: A Man's Legacy,Finding Mr. Bear, Wicked Woman


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    Dreams of Forewarning

    The darkness recedes into the shadows allowing the moonlight to brighten his surroundings. Giving him the strength to rise from his shivers, and confront the days ahead.

    Taking not notice of whispers that plagued his night. A passing wind takes the sweat from his eyes. Releasing his breath, the pressing cold calls for him to return to the blanket once more. He is due elsewhere.

    The Meaning: We shouldn't always rely on the "moonlight" in our life to save us from worries or we will "due" more than simple consequences.
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    Morning smells

    Swift sensations dwelling amidst the air,
     he bare not care for other affairs
     once his he heard his belly rumbling.

     Sanding his hands,
    it takes not even moment to stand.
    Without looking aback, he begins to act.

    Open door, creeping floor, but echoing steps,
    He need not run, but simply move,
    Crossing shadows.

    A tilt in winds,
    A brisk of dew,
    Stumbling in his breath,

    A flare of nose
    feeds his foes
    Caring all his woes

    Food Near
    Fear no more
    Beside the cave

    The Meaning: Good food can distract a person from their worries.
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    Lost in Time

    A young soul in body,
    but not inst mind.

    Born beonst her time
    Her hand did not squabble,

    Letters she wrote
    did not carry her time

    The Meaning: Sometimes we don't belong to era which we are born.
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    Once upon a time

    Twisting roads
     Upon a

    Timbers a thatched,
    gone with time.

    The Meaning: The difficult paths or "Twisting roads" of life don't last forever, but you must keep building up your foundations.
  • Nice collection of poems. Really good.Keep it up.
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    Flimsy at Best,
    Fat or Pretty,
    Fun or Not,
    Fool hope Not,
    Worst at Face.

    The Meaning: Human mind is subjective
  • Nice collection of poems. Really good.Keep it up.

    Thanks, I really appreciate the support.

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    Twisting dirt roads padded,
    by humans over time

    Carry not words,
    but burdens a bundle,

    Stories a fuddle,
    less than great

    But more than late

    Meaning: Learn from history
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    Twas the Night before a Chapter

    Was the night before Chapter and all through the house
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a shadow mouse
    The typing was done by the Deathblade sect with care
    In the hopes that rest would soon be there.

    The young master was nestled all snug in his bed.
    While visions of wooden swords danced in his head.
    Mom in her kerchief and I in my cap
    Had just settled down for a long winter’s nap.

    When out of Dawn there arose such a clatter
    I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter
    Away to the cradle, I flew with a flash
    Brewing at boo, I ask what do.

    The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow
    Gave a luster of mid-day to objects below.
    When what to my wondering eyes should appear
    But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer
     with two chapters in their sted.

    The Meaning: thanks for the two chapters of ISSTH

    Note: this re-imagining of twas the night before Christmas.
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    The road to others enlightenment leads one to sorrow,
    but passing grief, turn and give, but a thumbs up instead

    The meaning: congratulate others on their enlightenment even if it causes you grief..
    Note: Rewritten text from another context
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    Dao Geyser

    The road to others enlightenment leads others to sorrow,
    but passing by his grief, he turned to give, but with a thumbs instead

    The meaning is some parents would complain, but others give a thumbs up instead.
    This is written in honor of Baby Deathblade cultivation achievement. I wish him well in the future.
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    A greeting of Kindred souls,

    Not alike, to be alike,
    To tie ones talks

    To talk beneath the souls
    Underneath ones soles

    Not one other, but another
    There has been no other

    The Meaning: There's is something special in knowing there's someone like yourself.
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    Winter Cold
    Winter cold what a joy
    Carrying on the sled

    Winter cold what a ploy
    Waiting to be in bed

    The Meaning: Happiness of winter is short lived.
    Type: ABAB
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    Sometimes simple other times not
    Like a pimple, needing to pop
    So small, it was a dot
    Call no other, wasting no time

    It would be over soon
    Yet all was for naught
    Not only one , but now
    Many needed to fought

    The meaning: Problems can escalate themselves when your don't get help soon enough.

    Type: XAXA

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    Every day I walk hoping you are there

    I look in the shadows, hoping you are there,
    As I walk by where you used to be,
    I see you there for moment,
    only the next moment you aren’t there.

    I listen for you at the door, hoping you’ll be back,
    as I sit here where we used to be,
    I hear you there often,
    only to turn my head, and you aren’t there.

    I make our favorite food, hoping to give you a bite
    as I set the table with your favorite food,
    I taste what’s on there the plate,
    but the taste is no longer there

    I lay in our favorite spots, hoping to touch your warmth
    Cuddling with the our favorite bear
    I feels you might be there,
    but I am cuddling with cold air without you there.

    I feel my tears, hoping you will take them away
    I try to put on your favorite smile,
    Nothing feels the same.
    I ask why you aren’t you there

    Emotion: Anguish
    Meaning: The feelings of someone trying to move forward after losing someone.
    Type: Lyric Poem
  • Healer's Awakening

    A Walk among God's or demons
    Falling neither between light or dark
    A gradual decline for the darker arts,

    A connection that should not be made.
    Not meant to be, yet it's come to be
    A touch of darkness a bit of light, to make things all right.


    Emotion: embracing self
    Meaning: Made this to describe my Sorc healer in game.
  • Shadow in Ones Heart

    When you fear darkness in your heart,

    Do you howler like lonely wolf grasping at the unreachable moon

    Yet moaning as your tears as the tears just a whispers in the wind,

    Weighing a shadow by an unreachable moon,

    To never see what is behind and look only above

    Avoiding the darkness like it's really the answer

    But carry your voice not at the moon

    But inside of you, see not the shadow suffocate you,
    Embrace that darkness that has made your heart stronger.

    Meaning: Accept yourself for not the things that have happened to you, but for what they did to make you who you are this moment. 

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    Fate of the Stars

    Stars of the nights,

    Shadows of the doom,

    Do we believe this creed

    Is who we were are meant to be.

    To we fight on among the darkness,

    Will we approach the light,

    or we just a glimer of what the stars have decided


    Note: Took this from a tatter note, I wrote long ago as my soul spoke to me.

  • Words of the Soul

    Fear in my heart
    Fear in my soul
    My feet don't pace like they used to be told
    Pen to the soul
    words to etched from the soul

    Meaning: This is poem about experiencing writer block. 

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    Gold Making Days

    How much gold can I make.
     You in my way
     How much gold can I make
    Alts all the way How much gold can I make.
    Nodes vanishing during my way
    How much gold can I make
    Battles must I stay
    How much gold can I make
    May the rngess god me be with me
    How much gold can I make
     Before I get carried away.
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