Life of Titan. chapter two :D

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Side project ? idk I just written this for fun ahahah

genres: sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, action, romance, xianxia

                                                                                          The Life Of Titan.<?xml:namespace prefix = o />


As you may have already read the title, I am a titan… Yes a real Titan thirty meters in high too. I was declared as the biggest Titan in our titan village.


Where I live? You might ask, well the truth is I live among the humans. Yes in a normal human city, the reason for this is because I got thrown away from my Titan village as everyone were jealous of me. I am whole ten meters higher than other titans not to mention that I am, much tougher as well. I had really tough life in the Titan village, everyone despised me and mocked me, but all I ever wanted is to be normal Titan, or even human…


*splash*, “ah I am sorry, I am sorry! Mister are you alright?”… I did it again, humans are extremely small, and I kept help it but sometimes step on one or two every day. After I accidently step on them, they won’t talk anymore after, I just don’t get it what’s the problem?


Everyday humans would fly with their mechanisms, and shoot at me with missiles and other weapons. Trying to get me out of the city, but I just want to be a business man! No matter what they say I’ll never give up on my dream!


Ah what a good day, no clouds and soon shining so beautiful, the only thing is those little human screams, why are they afraid of me? Wherever I go they would run from me… Well it’s time to go to my job.


I should put on costume, but all the clothes are too small for me so the only thing I can wear is metal plates, that I made myself. One day I got an idea and painted the plates all over my body too look like a costume, when I look at myself I can’t help but grin.


Ah I finally arrived at my job. My job is of course a business man! The only problem is that the building is too small, so I can only sit on the ground. After that, everything else is simple. I take out my ten meter Led Tv, which I has touchscreen technology on it and start working. My colleagues say that I am workaholic, but what can I say? I just like my job.  


My colleagues say that I should find a girlfriend and relax sometimes, but human girls are all so small, how can they be my girlfriend. Also when I try to relax, humans would try to kill me, but of course I don’t blame them. The truth is that I actually really want a girlfriend, but I don’t know how to talk to girls… They would always run away or I would accidently crush them…*sigh* I really don’t know what to do, I even thought of going to back to titan village to find girl that would like to marry me. But there is very big problem you see our village has very big tradition, which says that when male titan finds her other side they needs to have children as confirmation for their love. The problem is that my member would always get too big for the girls to handle, and so there is no way for me to have children with them…


Nevertheless I really enjoy my life, I like peace and quiet very much, and I also enjoy my job. Actually my boss is very happy that I joined his company he would always say, “Mirk ever since you joined our sales sky rocketed, and other companies actually gave up on their job!” When I ask my colleagues the reason for this they would always say that, other companies and people afraid of me so they would always accept all of our products. Well I guess it’s a good thing, so I don’t have problem with this.


*Sneeze* *Whoosh*


“Tragic accident happened today in our city, five building disappeared from the city, due to unknown mysterious extreme wind, which blew them away” I am watching, TV right now at my house and it seems that they always say only bad things that happened…


“Nasa finally invented intergalactic space travel engines, with these we will finally be able to explore another planets… Excuse we just got new that Nasa discovered a planet with gigantic life forms which reaches up to hundred meters in high, apparently this will be their first mission, which they will be doing tomorrow!” Wow! People that reaches hundred meters in high? Maybe I could find a girlfriend there… I must ask them if they could take me with them.


I stood up, and started walking towards nasa station. Ah but what if their rocket is too small for me ?. Well I’ll see…


Soon I arrived at the nasa station, but I only saw a space ship no bigger than me I was extremely disappointed, but then I got an excellent idea. Why not just follow them while they fly towards that planet?


And so I ended up waiting till the other day, watching the space ship lift. It started its engines and flew at incredible speed, I could barely see it in just few seconds apparently they can fly few light years in just seconds. I didn’t wait, I concentrated and jumped with all my might following the space ship.


*crack* A five kilometre deep and thirty kilometres wide crater appeared on the ground, suddenly Mirk launched himself.

*whoosh* Beam of light seemed to erupt to all sides as huge explosion sounded out.


*whoosh* Ah crap I flew past them… ah but I am going at good trajectory, I should reach the planet before them.


At this moment in one seemingly out of ordinary galaxy a seemingly small object, flew across the universe, piercing through suns and planets, making supernovas one after another. The object suddenly entered a black hole.


What is this, black thing that I entered? I couldn’t understand just moment ago I was flying towards that planet and now I entered this thing, I thought I could just cross it…


*Whoosh* ah finally I exited.


Right now out of white hole, seemingly very small object exited it, as it flew at terrifying speed towards one gigantic planet which was the size of Mirks previous universe.


Whoa that’s one big planet! There should be big people there right? I thought as I flew towards that planet.


*Bang* *Whoosh* Hundred kilometres deep, thousand kilometres wide crater appeared on the planet.


Whoa well I hope I didn’t kill anyone…


Suddenly out of the big crater about fifty meters muscular man with long black hair and green eyes exited, he was absolutely naked.


Well I hope this planet has some people, because I don’t know where I ended up…


  • Chapter 2:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    Just before the crater appeared.


    "I am the Immortal, who rules over this land! In just few more seconds I will reach the true immortality!"


    Millions of students were looking at the golden shinning immortal with respect and worship in thier eyes.


    suddenly the immortal felt danger, but the next moment


    *splash* *bang* *whoosh* a desart appeared and the wave of energy carried for hundreds of thousands of kilometres. A crater of hundred kilometres deep and thousand kilometres wide appeared, from the crater a naked fifty meters in height man existed he was bold and naked exited.


    I hope I will find a girlfriend here, life alone is kind of lonely. I said as I was walking, but everywhere was desert so I picked up pace as I was going forward. Picking up pace even more I soon saw trees and such appeared, but they were all just my angle high. I stopped to look around.


    *whoosh* suddenly a terrifying wind blew on the trees, sending few of them flying, I high figure appeared. Next to some trees a goblin was walking, he looked up and saw a shadow falling on him as e saw giant figure, "Holy mother of gods!, It's a God!" The goblin said as he started kowndowing.


    Oh I can see a small figure there I wonder what he is doing... I sit up to look at it and heard it was saying something, "My dear lord god, please do not kill me I will forever be your servant please do not kill me?" I couldn't understand what he was trying to say by that. "Hey little fellow." I smiled as I said.


    The goblin hearing this started kowtowing even more and started speaking, "Yes my lord god hello, my lord god, hello my lord god..."


    I wonder what's wrong with him... I thought curiously as I continued walking hoping to not step on any of those small guys, after walking for few minutes I started seeing a village, it was full of small houses, I breathed in and could smell meat, ah now that I think of it I am quite hungry... I walked towards them, "Oh hello my friends ! haha how are you al doing ?" When I said it all of them suddenly looked at me strangely, and all of them started doing that strange gesture again, and saying god or something. "Hey you guys do you have anything I could eat I would really appreciate..." I looked at them asked questionably, then suddenly all of them stood as one of them started shouting, "Quick you piece of shits, get all the food in the village we will offer it to this god!" Ah so they have some food... "Very thank you fellow friends!" I said thankfully as I stuffed my mouth with food, but in just couple moments there weren't any of it anymore. Ah that tasted good... I said it as I laid down to take nap.


    Soon after I woke up, seeing commotion in the village I asked, "What happened little friends?" They looked at me and all started shouting, "A big band of wolves attacked us, and we were barely able to defend from them, but we lost bunch of our strong warriors.. Oh great god can you help us by annihilating those wolfs?" As I heard this i was really surprised, these guys gave me food so I will definitely help them... I put one of them on my shoulder," Ok my little friend show me where those wolves are.", "Yes lord God, very much thank you for helping us, thank you, thank you, thank you..." Ah this little fellow is funny he keeps repeating thank, it’s not that big of a deal anyways... "God lord, our saviour! The wolves are pretty tasty too! so do not kill them too bad we can eat them later!" Hearing this my interest shot up by a lot, the reason for this is because I am almost always feeling hungry. Tasty food is something I cannot resist." In just a minute or so we neared a mountain with big cave, ah what to do I won't be able to get in... Ah! An idea shot to me as I grabbed the top of the cave and lifted the mountain, I could immediately see a band of red wolves with sharp fangs and claws to them. They looked extremely aggressive, "Yes god lord! These are the wolves that hurt us!" the little guy said. I nodded and crushed them with my finger, they really felt fragile... But I could already feel tasty meat coming to my mouth. Soon there were no more wolves left, I collected them in my hand and went back with the little friend to his village. Everyone in the village was extremely happy as they jumped up and down, I smiled happy.


    I stayed at the village for couple days as I headed out again.

  • I don't even know what to say. This was really good.

    P.S Do you have a short premise that I could add?
  • Tasear said:

    I don't even know what to say. This was really good.

    P.S Do you have a short premise that I could add?

    idk asap as I have time xD trying to proof read the whole other story and need to make some changes etc. 
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