would sourcebooks be profitable

For some popular fantasy series, there are source books which give more information than the novels themselves. For example Song of Fire and ice / Game of thrones has The world of ice and fire while the Wheel of time has The Wheel of time companion.

Would it be worthwhile to do a sourcebook for a particular author. For example Desolate Era opens up lots of information which is not known, like how big is a realmverse, how many realmverses in the Chaosverse, Sithe tech, how the Sithe became dominant in their Chaosverse,how large is our universe where Ji Ning originally came from compared to the rest of the three realms. I am sure there are more questions fans would be interested in IET's other works as well.

I know things like RPGs for some fantasy series has raised enough money on Kickstarter to send out a hard copy as well as soft copies of the RPG for those who pay for both (otherwise the lower pledges gives people just the soft copy), and I would imagine a sourcebook would be easier as you don't need to come up with stats, just interview the author for extra information etc. Could this be something that could be done? I would certainly consider buying a sourcebook on IET or Er Gen's works if they give more information not present in the novels.
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