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  • Cale kept the girl in his arms as he turned and slid panting down the wall to the floor. Amiru, who breathed fast, buried her face in Cale's chest as she sat on his lap.


    Cale sighed. 'what happened? How did it happen? What I did now… oh so good, I can't help thinking I would do it again.' He took a quick peek at Amiru.

    Amiru's breathing steadied. Her hands began to tremble, an intense flush spreading over her face. She lifted her head and saw Cale watching her, serene with his bright eyes under his sweat-dampened red hair. Amiru panicked, tears formed at the corners of her eyes and not knowing what to do, got up quickly and ran for the door.

    - I'm sorry Cale, sorry ...

    Cale stood up in surprise and tried to stop the girl, but she had already left closing the door with a violent thud.

    - what .. arrgg ..

    Cale dropped to his knees still watching the empty entrance. Then he lay on his back and covered his eyes with his arm.

    - shit.

    - Now that I stopped to think, the dominant aura was active when Amiru entered, wasn't she scared? Because it attacked me?

    • Dominate the soul. It is not just for enemies. The loved one will be dominated by passion.

    ‘Was that the voice of the former owner of the dominant aura? Dominated by passion, an aphrodisiac ..? ’

    • Hahahaha a fire needs fuel to burn. Fire consumes and purifies the soul. What an amazing synergy. It would not be possible with just one.

    ‘Does the fire of destruction along with the dominant aura become aphrodisiac? Why do I know that just now? ’

    'Wait .. This has not happened before with other women. ’

    • Not all available fuel causes a fire. It's just embers and ashes.

    Cale looked up at the ceiling and sighed. At the same moment he remembered when Amiru made the proposal, according to her diary, he had a seductive look. Cale again covered his eyes with his arm to hide his blush.

    - I am the pervert. Shit..

    The day was sunny. Two boys around the age of eight were arguing in the courtyard of the Henituse residence.

    - not! it's very dangerous. w .. we'll get in trouble.

    - Stop being fearful Eric, it's on our territory. Nothing will happen. Let's see.

    Boy Eric and Cale were thinking of going to the local market in hiding.

    - where do you think you are going?

    - Amiru nim. Why are you here?

    - what else? Having fun. No one deserves to learn to embroider when there are so many cool things here. Let's go together.

    - Not

    - Yes.


    The three ended up going in the end. The market had many people and stalls. After walking for a while and buying a few things, they had an argument with a foreign merchant.

    - I'm saying this brooch. Worth less than I'm offering.

    Amiru was negotiating.

    - Do you think you can tell me how much you charge little girl?

    - This brooch clearly has signs of wear, look at that. Neither is true silver. Aren't you ashamed to try to trick children?

    - you little brat.

    - A .. Amiru nim. Let it go, let's go.

    Eric tugged at the girl's hand as she bravely stared at the 6-foot-tall man. A cold glow could be seen in the man's eyes. He touched his sword discreetly, but refrained from the attack when he saw guards walking nearby.

    - here you rascal. Take it away. And never come back here.

    Amiru took the thrown brooch and smiled victoriously.

    - Amiru nim, did not need to spend saliva because of a dull object.

    - C .. Cale is right. Are you crazy.

    - Shut up Eric. Cale - nim doesn't understand the beauty of trading.

    - I prefer more elegant objects. Only that.

    The children continued on their way while the day was ending. They didn't notice a man in the shadows. At the next bend he appeared on the road and tried to attack them.

    - you insolent girl will die!

    - Kyaaa.

    The knife came whistling toward Amiru. Eric ran startled and hid behind a box. Before the blow hit its target, the man fumbled when a stack of boxes fell halfway.

    - run Amiru !!!

    Cale shoved the boxes into the thug and shouted in alarm before running too.

    - you shit kid.

    Cale felt a strong tug and was thrown to the floor. Coughing and in pain, he slowly got up. The man grabbed Cale's hair and was ready to shove the knife into his stomach as his hands shook and the knife fell. Cale fell again and beside him the unconscious man.

    - I found you young master nim.

    Cale looked at the benign butler who was beginning to blurry and passed out.

    Before sunrise Cale woke up and looked up at the ceiling of his room. He touched his head to check for the wound that no longer existed. The little dragon shifted on the bed beside him without waking up.

    'I was dreaming. No. It was a memory. ’

    Fatigue struck his body and Cale fell back into a deep sleep.

    end of the tenth chapter.

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