can trash fall in love?

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It is a first story I write. Hope you enjoy the passionate version of Cale Henituse.
I'm Brazilian, and I don't write in English. Hahahaha Hope you can read the translation.

Cale arrived in Henituse territory after winning the battle against the empire. His enemy, Arm, had not yet been completely vanquished. But you could at least rest for a while.

"Oh, good of you to be back."

Violam went to receive Cale at the entrance of the residence.

• Human, this is weird. There is something going on here.

Cale realized they were acting weird, Violam had never come to greet him before, the employees were euphoric.

- It's all right? Did you have a good trip?

- Yes, thanks Violam, the trip was exhausting ..

Before finishing Violam interrupted Cale.

- Oh how wonderful, yes. Very good. Let's sit down and have some tea, come on honey.

Cale knitted his eyebrows lightly, now he was sure. Violan was preparing something to tell him, and she was sure she wouldn't like to hear it.

Violan snapped her tongue with satisfaction after taking a sip of hot tea and setting the cup on the table. Cale waited in disgust for the interception.

- Cale honey, I know we didn't have a good start, but I'm proud of how you grew up in the last few years. I should have known the Earl and I were worried about your future.

Violan paused, looked Cale in the eye with affection, and then let out a little laugh. Cale swallowed a sigh and kept his face serene.

- As the Kingdom hero and commander of the Crown Prince's troops, you have been recognized by the citizens and garnered much attention from society. Cale, it's past time to give me a daughter-in-law.

'What? daughter-in-law, is this a wife?

Cale widened his eyes and opened his mouth slightly, not expecting this. His surprise was stamped on her face, there was no hiding it after that statement.

- Why the surprise? You should have known by now that you were getting married. I talked to his father and he also agrees with my thoughts. I will not make it difficult for you dear, you can choose the woman you will marry.

Violan smiled sweetly as she waited for Cale to process the information.

Cale opened and closed his mouth as his expression tightened.

"What if I don't want to get married?"

The smile widened, but it didn't reach his eyes that shone coldly when he answered:

- Marriage is not an option but a certainty. You are the firstborn of the Henituse family, it is your obligation to give us heirs.I was worried about not getting a good start when you were acting so out of control. But now you have become the second largest party after the Crown Prince. It will not be difficult to find a suitable wife.

‘Arg, this will ruin my plans for a peaceful life.’

• Human this is so cool! You can leave with the big and powerful Raon Miru, I will find the perfect partner for you.

Cale ignored the voice of the little dragon and before he could answer, the Count appeared at the door.
Sensing the tense atmosphere, the Count sighed, sat quietly beside Violan, and poured himself tea.

Violam made eye contact with her husband who captured the situation in a wordless conversation with a lot of understanding.

Cale closed the bedroom door and sighed loudly.

End of the first chapter.

‘Why did things get like this?’

Recalling the conversation with his father, Cale felt that fate was cruel. His brother Balen has been diagnosed with a curable disease that prevents him from having children. Lilith is a woman and her descendants will bear her husband's name.

Cale sighed again.

//Cale, I've always allowed you the freedom to come and go and make your own decisions as you see fit. However, this time I ask you to listen to your Father, the family is the most important thing, the shield defends the family. I hope you can protect our lineage.//

A burden was thrown on Cale's shoulders. Was all that struggle to secure Kingdom peace and your own peace in vain? An even greater calamity fell upon me?

• Human since violan gave you a month to find your partner, are we traveling?

Cale stared at the black dragon who settled with him on the couch.

"Raon, do you understand what marriage is?"

The little dragon jumped in the angry air.

• Is human doubting my intelligence? Of course I know. You will grow your family. This is going to be very good.

"What if she doesn't accept living with a dragon?"

• Who wouldn't want to live with the great Raon Miru! Besides, your partner must be as good a human as you.

Cale smiled, could not argue with this dragon

Cale did not give up his ambition to live a peaceful life. He would fix Balen's situation when possible. By then it would curl the stepmother.

However, Cale did not count on Mother's cunning. The whole Kingdom received word that the Henituse heir was looking for a bride. Within hours the property was full of greedy suitors, escorts, and nobles.

Cale stared thunderstruck at his bedroom window.

- Violan, you really drive me crazy.

Raon I'll leave a message for the Count, let's teleport to Hallis Vilage.

• Right human.

Raon quickly swallowed the steak he was eating and prepared to transport Cale. Within the forest of darkness these mad matchmakers could not reach them.

Two days later Cale was comfortably in a chair eating grapes while watching the training of the wolf children when he received a video broadcast from Count Deruth. On the first day the transmitter kept flashing receiving messages. But today it was calm. The message alert broke the stillness of the moment.

- Raon.

• Yes human, connecting.

- Dad

- Cale, sorry for what Violan did. But think what she did thinking of helping you. She's hurt that you left without seeing anyone.

Cale was still sitting in his very relaxed chair. He did not regret running away. But I didn't blame the stepmother.

- Yes I understand . But I refuse your help.

- very well. You still have time to submit a candidate. Let's put this conversation aside for now. I want you to come to the Henituse residence to discuss Muller's new project with the Viscountess of Ubarr.

- 'Hm, I don't remember asking for a new project. '

- never mind. I will go next.

- I'll see you soon.

The Count turned off the transmission. Cale continued to stare into the empty space, now filled with the black dragon's face.

• Human will we teleport?

-No, let's go by carriage, I want to observe how the environment is.

Of course Cale wanted to check if there were maidens camped on the way. Would it be a safe route? Not to attract glances they traveled with an anonymous and discreet carriage.

End of the second chapter.

At Henituse residence the lady of Ubarr was waiting for Cale's arrival.

"Very good to see you are healthy, young Master Cale."

- is very kind Madam. I am flattered by your visit. Let's go in for a drink while we discuss the subject that brought it.

Cale was acting as the Kingdom Hero, benevolent and kind. The viscountess was glad to have started her business with the Henituse family before her fame grew.

A while after discussing the new project, the Count and the Lady of Ubarr would drink and talk.

- Cale, Ubarr's daughter came along too, she's in the next room. She is a good candidate. I didn't call her before so as not to upset him. But I hope you talk a little with the girl to keep the good terms.

The Count confided in a whisper for Cale to hear, then continued walking with the lady of Ubarr to another room.

Cale sighed and frowned. 'Should I run away again?'

Cale made up his mind and entered the room to receive the young lady.

- Young Amiru, long time no see.

Miss Amiru was not beautiful or ugly, she had a common and unflattering countenance. She dropped the cup of tea to her lips on the table and stared in surprise at the young man's sudden arrival. He got up quickly and greeted him.

- Cale-nim. Long time indeed. I'm glad you took the time to meet me.

Cale nodded and looked skeptical at the girl.

- Amiru-nim, what brings you here?

Cale did not curl up, and without superfluous words began the discussion by sitting on the adjoining couch, pouring himself tea and dessert.

Realizing the nobleman's attitude, Amiru sat back down. She looked around as if searching for something or was afraid to be heard, and then changed her expression and personality. Formerly, she looked like the typical serene and restrained noble lady.
The faint smile turned into a wide, tricky smile, her clear eyes cold and sharp. The straight back adjusted to the couch comfortably as if at home.

- Cale-nim doesn't hit the bush at all. So let's go to business.

Cale knit his eyebrows lightly and waited. A sudden change. 'I didn't expect to see another personality.'

- I will be your wife.

- How much confidence, it seems that is already decided.

The corner of Cale's lips lifted slowly as he let out a muchocho.

"You will definitely marry me. Because my proposal is very good.

Amiru threw a stack of papers at Cale as she stated with conviction. Cale picked up the papers and looked around.

Continuing to savor the grapes, the young girl did not have to look at Cale, for she was sure of a signed agreement.

Cale exhaled deeply. 'The terms are good, she won't disturb me after marriage, give me the freedom to keep doing what I want, not be a troubled wife who demands attendance at society events, nor will she demand me to be a husband, like a wife in love and honey. Anyway a merely political marriage.'

- Really tempting, girl Amiru.

But Cale wasn't convinced, activating his dominant aura enough to scare her a little, he exclaimed as he bent over his bent knees:

What would be the benefit to you of this kind of marriage? Status? I think not.

Amiru stopped smiling immediately, her hands shaking slightly, as well as her eyes. Such a discreet gesture that it almost went unnoticed. Recovering quickly, she replied:

- freedom.

- As?

Cale was surprised at how little effect the dominant aura had on her, and couldn't help but glance at the girl in front of him for her answer.

- Cale, I need freedom too. I don't need your status and I don't want to demand your love. I like the work I do in the territory of Ubarr, the commerce is fascinating. But I have little freedom to act. I need not tell you that Ubarr's successor will be my husband.

Cale understood immediately. The husband was not going to accept his work being performed by a wife, as a noble lady is doomed to home affairs and children. Of course, for most noble men it would be so. Not your case of course.

"You are young and handsome, Cale-nim. Don't worry, I'm not flirting, it's facts. My destiny was to marry an old man with money. My parents love me, but the rules of society speak louder to them.

Amiru smiled mischievously.

- did you read the last closure of the contract?

-hum, the last ..?

End of the third chapter.


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    -hum, the last..?

    Cale looked back at the papers in his hand, widened his eyes and stared at the young girl before a shimmer of understanding reached his eyes.

    - Yes. It's one of the requirements. I want the wedding night to be effected. With everything I have entitlement as the new wife.

    ‘But of course, your fox. Without it the marriage could easily be broken off. It's a way to keep me from going back. ‘

    "If I have to sleep with a man, I hope it's at least pretty. I also hope to have good memories of the moment. It's my body after all. I wish it to be romantic. Anxious, Cale nim?

    Amiru continued to smile with malice. ‘Anxious my ass' this is going to be hard. At least it was the best proposal I have received so far.

    - You will have one week to decide. Until then I will wait in the territory of Ubarr. See you later.

    Amiru stood up, ending the conversation.

    • She reminds me of the Crown Prince.

    "Hm, would she be an elf in disguise?"

    • Without the part of the elf. Sounds like a good person. She wants to help you human. We won't have to look for a good person anymore.

    Ahhh, Cale sighed and ignored the small child floating around excitedly.

    Returning to his room Cale received Ron, who brought him a glass of lemonade. Taking a sour drink, she snapped her tongue and turned to the benign butler.


    - Yes Young master nim.

    - Let's go to the territory of Ubarr. Call beacrox, I need some good wine and good takeaway food.

    • Human will we steal something?

    Miaww. The little cat rubbed itself on Cale's legs in agreement with the little black dragon. Miaww, Hong shook his head in disapproval. Cale smiled mysteriously and headed for the door.


    • A call. I will connect.

    Before getting out they received a call from Super Rock Village.

    - Cale - nim, how are the meetings going for the future bride Henituse?

    Cale clicked his tongue. Rosalyn was enjoying this mess about the wedding.

    "Wizard-nim, you say that because you already got rid of the social obligation when you left Breck."
    Haha ha.

    - sorry, I didn't mean to mock. I called you for something important.

    'I didn't want my ass' your eyes are still laughing.

    - Cale nim, will you marry me?

    "I think we're done with the jokes, don't you?"

    Cale choked on the redheaded mage's question. And showed a skeptical expression.

    • Human is not a bad idea either, we already know Rosalyn and she is very nice and powerful.

    - I'm serious. I consider you a good friend Cale min. Besides, I owe you a lot for the good you did to me. I know you like times of peace and quiet ... Listen, I think marriage is a serious thing, don't just marry to please your parents. You are a good person.

    - calm down princess nim, I would never do something I don't want. Do not worry. I am flattered by the offer but will have to decline. I am happy to have such reliable companions.

    Rosalyn closed her mouth and nodded.

    - Very well then. If you need me feel free to ask.


    The display has been turned off. Cale felt warm inside. It's great to have people by your side for a change.

    end of the fourth chapter

  • In the territory of Ubarr the sound of the waves crashing on the beach filled Cale's carriage.

    • Human let's call Amiru nim and accept the marriage.

    - not. We came to investigate. Let's not go see Amiru.

    In the inn Cale entered the best room and settled in the comfortable armchair.

    "Ron, is the information I asked for ready?"

    The benign butler approached and faced the young man sitting surrounded by the cat children and the little dragon on his lap.

    - Forgive young master, the requested information is being collected. I believe that tomorrow I will have in hand.

    - OK, bring me something to drink, I'm thirsty.

    - Yes, young master.

    Amiru nim was really confident, I entered Ubarr territory under general knowledge, but the girl didn't come running to meet me. 'She's waiting for my initiative.

    'Hm'. Cale's lips curved as he caressed the black dragon.

    • Human you have that smile again. Are we going to steal something yet?

    As the night curtain fell two shadows went unnoticed between Ubarr's houses. Near the home of local lord Cale appeared wearing a black spy suit.

    - Raon where is young Amiru's room?

    • Upper floor second window from left.

    - lets go in.

    Cale used the power of the wind with an impulse and landed softly on the windowsill.


    Raon smashed the latch on the window that opened with a muffled noise.

    • Human what exactly are we looking for?

    - Look for a small notebook. Probably well hidden.

    Amiru's diary. To be sure of the girl's intentions, nothing more practical than to have her deep thoughts in hand. It seemed so wrong to read something so intimate and personal. But right now that mattered little. Cale wanted assurances of a peaceful marriage, just her word wasn't enough.

    • I found it human. It's in a small trapdoor under the dresser chair.

    Cale watched the young lady softly resonate in her bed in the center of the room, and noiselessly headed for the dressing table. The chair was lifted and taken out of the way. On the floor could be seen a discreet gap that with a small object could be removed.


    The floor creaked as the lid was lifted.


    Amiru moaned on the bed and shifted on the covers. Cale caught his breath and watched tensely as the girl went back to sleep.

    • I thought she would wake up now. Hahaha.

    Cale could feel the black dragon's breath on his back and his wings fluttering in the air.

    - I got the content, let's go.

    Whispering to the little one, Cale replaced the trapdoor lid and left the room.

    In the inn a black-clad figure stepped through the rooftop window levitating in the wind.

    Cale changed his spy suit and sat on the bed to open the looted small package.

    Inside the cloth bag was a tastefully carved wooden chest. The young man opened the lid of the trunk and took out two notebooks and several drawn sheets.

    'That is...

    • Human This is amazing. Amiru really admires you. I like her more now. You should keep drawings of what I like in my piggy bank. Is a good idea. A treasure must be kept well.

    On the leaves were several portraits, all of the same man in different situations, displaying exceptional beauty and brilliance.

    Cale's face was hidden under his hair, a close look could see the intensifying blush.

    ‘It's my photos ..‘

    Cale took a leaf in his hands and couldn't help thinking it was someone else. His turned face looked into the void and had the expression of the priest who looked at the sick. It's me ... but I'm not .. 'Cale Henituse was very handsome and sophisticated, Kim Rok Soo was happy to get that countenance. But he had never realized how other people saw him. 'Amazing.. '

    Amiru was able to convey deep feelings only with sketched images. Full face or full body, he even had an image of Cale wearing the indestructible shield.

    Cale's teeth clenched as he deposited the images back in the chest and held the black cover notebook with gold trim in his hands.

    * Amiru *

    The owner's name was visible when Cale hesitantly opened the diary to read. ‘Should I keep this up? I'm apprehensive. ’

    The curiosity was greater and the content was discourse to be then loudly closed. Cale covered his face with trembling hands and felt his heart pounding.

    End of the fifth chapter.
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    ‘Always ... since always .. really Amiru, you ..‘

    They have known each other since childhood. The northeast territory never had a ruler. The factions have always been in contact with each other and living with Ubarr is old. Amiru already loved me back then.

    // I had a horrible nightmare today. I'm sure it was due to my recurring sadness. I learned from my dad's best trader to never express his true thoughts for the success of a transaction. Dad and mom don't know about my love for Cale. They will never allow a marriage proposal from the Count's family trash. Ignorant, he is a good person. No one will understand. I know. Only I know why. Should I give up on Ubarr and run away with him? What can i do? I'm exhausted, a weak and powerless woman. What can I do..'//

    Cale swallowed hard as he remembered the written words. ‘Why don't I remember Amiru as a child?’ Cale's memories are confused by forcing the memory.

    Cale picked up the other notebook with a simple, crumpled. Untitled. Flipping through lightly, he realized it was Amiru's business experiences, his work notes, informant secrets, sales contacts, and so on.

    I need some air.

    Cale went to the open window, took a deep breath of the night air. He visualized the stars shining in the sky and the sound of the night birds.

    • Human aren't you happy?

    'I'm happy? I couldn't tell. It is more like a feeling of self satisfaction. Who is not happy to have a woman who looks so good.' Kim Rok Soo has never had an admirer or lover. ‘Actually, I'm scared. I prefer to deal with what I know and avoid the unknown. After all, I am a cowardly man who fears pain. '

    Cale sighed and turned inward. the notebook on the bed was heavy in his eyes, but he still took it with cold hands to start reading again.

    / /my goodness, oh my goodness. I couldn't believe my eyes. Cale was splendid in the meeting of the nobles with the crown prince. Very restrained and polite. It looked like someone else. I was very happy when I saw him, but I didn't expect him to approach me to whisper in my ear. When I felt hot breath my heart pounded, I thought I would be kissed, I almost dropped my mask. I took a deep breath to focus on what I was saying ... / .. I shouldn't be feeling happy and excited about your approach, not when you risked saving everyone. Young Silver Light. Hmm haha. Beautiful . Simply incredible. I need to draw this. My heart clenched when I saw him pale leaning on Eric. Luckily he was fine. My dear has an elegant tongue like the prince, he deceived everyone with a weak and humble image. It makes me excited. It's like when I catch a salesman trying to fool me with a high-priced product.//

    ‘I prefer not to remember the nasty nickname. Smart girl, apparently should not be underestimated. Crazy, it reminds me of the Holy Maiden's bloodlust. '

    Cale shivered.

    'I can see the little woman laughing loudly with Victoria in a trade'.

    / I discovered a potential rival that day. A beautiful redhead standing beside Cale. The princess of the Breck Kingdom. A powerful magician. I want to cry because .... /

    ‘Humm jealous? Very sweet, I don't want to see '. Cale skipped the reading to the last page written.

    /I'm freaking out. I've lost count of how many bottles of liquor I've dried in the last hour. I don't get drunk easily, I trained hard not to embarrass Cale. But today I wanted to get drunk. I received the news that Cale is looking for a bride, of course that is the heir obligations of the Henituse. My sources tell me he ran away. I understand your concerns. How can I use this to be the chosen one? I broke my head and I haven't got a good idea yet ... / ... / I can't believe I did it. I almost lost everything. The idea of ​​using muller's designs to get me closer worked. Everything was going as planned .. but what was that? My mind went blank, Kaleim suddenly became bigger and more seductive, his eyes caressed my skin, when he spoke his voice rumbled in my being as if his lips were in direct contact with my skin ... ahh I get goose bumps only to remember. I managed to maintain the posture with all my effort. Am I a pervert? Why did I feel so hot at a casual gesture? /

    ‘Yes, perverted. Seductive look? Since when did I do something like this? ’

    Cale grunted, hiding his flushed face again under his hands.

    Ahhh 'got tired of it.'

    -Raon take back the package where we met him.

    • Right human. I am very fast and silent. No one will notice that it's gone.

    The little dragon took the package and before turning invisible he squinted at Cale, but said nothing more and left.

    End of the sixth chapter.
  • Ron woke up Cale in the morning for breakfast with his usual glass of lemonade.

    - Young master neem, your bath is ready. Would you like to have breakfast first?

    'Arg, sour.'

    - the shower first. You can go out.

    It was boring. He didn't sleep well at night thinking about Amiru's proposal.

    After the relaxing bath called the benevolent butler.

    "Ron call Miss Amiru to share breakfast."

    - Yes, young master neem. Ah before you forget it, here is the requested information.

    Ron handed over a briefcase and went after the young lady. Cale opened the folder and found what he was looking for. Amiru never showed his true personality. People who see her, even her parents, know only the noble and educated woman. Her merchant face was known only to a group she secretly managed from her family.

    Cale smiled with the corner of his lips raised.

    'I will make other gains through this contract. but it will be fun to see how far she goes with this disguise. How long can you hide your passion? '

    Raon lying on the couch raised his head and watched Cale from across the room. What is this human trying to do? 'I don't understand, he's obsessed.'

    At breakfast Amiru sat quietly before greeting the young man in front of him.

    - thanks for the invitation Cale-nim. Have you thought about our conversation?

    - calm down girl Amiru nim. Let's taste the cuisine of my chef Beacrox. I know you will like it.

    Amiru was not shaken by the answer and did what was asked with serenity.

    Cale watched the girl out of the corner of her eye as she sipped tea. ‘It doesn't even look like a woman in love, very embarrassed. Should I start teasing her? ’

    - try this one here. Say ah ..

    Cale grinned a piece of cake with his fork and waited for the young woman to open her mouth to eat it. "I read in a book once women are embarrassed but happy to be fed by crush."

    - Thanks Cale nim, but you don't have to give me a mouth next time. I know how to eat by myself.

    Amiru bit the cake offered normally. Leaving Cale disappointed.

    - Ahh, how delicious. I'm full. Give my thanks to the chef.

    Cale looked into Amiru's pleased face and gave a fake cough.

    - good. Now that you're satisfied, let's talk.

    - Clear. What have you decided?

    "I will accept your offer, Miss Amiru." But first I want to enjoy my stay in Ubarr. You will keep me company. Do not tell anyone my decision. Let's keep it confidential for now.

    Amiru swallowed hard as she stared at Cale. I wanted to get your approval. And now that he could not believe it. Of course Cale wanted to test her during this time in Ubarr, so it wasn't time to sing Victoria.

    - well let's start the tour. I want to know the places I haven't seen yet.

    Cale stood toward Amiru who was turning to leave.

    - wait a minute ... here .. ready .. much better.

    Cale took the hand of the young lady who turned abruptly. The handkerchief in Cale's hand gently wiped the cake-soiled girl's cheek.
    At Cale's mischievous smile, Amiru was embarrassed and turned around quickly.

    - Hmm.

    Cale hid a wider smile, still thinking it was fun.

    end of the seventh chapter.
  • For the remainder of the month Cale followed Amiru everywhere. He met other different villages and foods. The girl knew of her preferences and avoided people who knew the young Silver Light. They entered the small islands near the coast to visit caves and uninhabited beaches. Amiru did not understand Cale's interest in these islands, but followed the script.

    Cale was looking for ways to tease her with the slightest gestures. But he was unsuccessful in revealing it.

    ‘Did that damn diary give me false information? I got tired of this cat and mouse game. '

    Cale was exasperated. The days spent together were pleasant and did not bring torment. Today being the last day with Amiru.

    The sun was already far away on the horizon falling for the night to rise. They were on the cliff "sound of the wind", could see in the sea where the swirls no longer exist.

    "Tomorrow I will return to Henituse territory."

    'Arg, what a tiring climb. Without the sound of the wind it gets harder. '
    Cale was right behind Amiru, who cheerfully jumped trying to catch a butterfly.


    - so let's enjoy this beautiful sunset as parting. Come brought wine.

    Amiru spread a towel over the grass and felt the wind shake her hair. Cale was distracted thinking of his departure when he stood in place with his eyes widening.

    In the light of dawn Amiru's green hair had a reflection that exalted her features. Her expression was pleasant and a faint smile played on her bright lips as she arranged the snack. The overall picture of the scene under Cale's eyes exploded in warm colors and sensations. But it only lasted a minute. Cale blinked and recovered to sit with his face tied.

    They ate and drank in silence watching the rough sea darkening as the sun went down. The dark night soon flashed in a myriad of stars and sounds of nocturnal animals.

    - finished your young wine Amiru? So let's go.

    - Wait Cale, let me finish putting the towel ..

    Cale was for some reason very upset. And began to walk without turning around. Amiru rushed to catch up with him and as it was dark and fast walking he tripped over a rock.

    - Ahhh

    - Amiru nim.

    Cale turned just in time to see her fall. He hurried to catch her but also tripped over his feet and fell with her.


    ‘How did I get involved in such a cliche scene?’

    Cale rose from his position when he felt something soft was under his hand, squeezing it and realized it was the young girl's breast. Amiru opened her eyes slowly as she felt the squeeze. Cale withdrew his embarrassed hand and quickly apologized. To Cale's surprise, despite her red face, Amiru was angry and dealt him a right-wing blow.



    Cale didn't expect the girl to be so strong, and the right blow knocked him down again.

    - I'm sorry, calle-nim.

    Almost arriving at his inn Cale was gritting his teeth with his slightly purple eye. It was the twentieth time Amiru apologized. The vitality of the heart acted fast and the pain passed instantly. But his emotions were turbulent.

    - I acted without thinking. I didn't want to hit him. Don't be angry, please.

     It was a reflection of the days spent in the underworld where she gathered her group of traders. I didn't take it easy and occasionally punched a smart guy. '

    Cale sighed.

    - I told you everything is fine. Come back to your house, tomorrow we see.

    Amiru stopped following him and ran back.

    • Human calms down. It was by accident Amiru is really sorry. Now you made her cry.

    - great.

    Cale answered sourly. I didn't want to be stupid but I couldn't control myself.

    'Why are things like this? None of her attempts made her reveal herself. Am I really a man? Also, why does it matter so much? Just need to ignore it. Or marry another. Does not matter. '

    Cale stopped walking and looked back. The little dragon had stopped a few feet earlier and was looking deeply into Cale, who felt his heart clench. The hard face softened and a forced smile appeared.

    - I'm sorry Raon. I didn't mean to be stupid with you that always helps me. I just .. just ..


    - I need some time alone. What happened is not the reason for my bad mood. You're right. Amiru nim is cool. It's ok? Soon I'll be back to normal.

    Cale stroked the black dragon's head as he spoke. The little one accepted the affection and felt better. He nodded and flew away.

    End of the eighth chapter
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    Inside the inn room, Cale called the chef cook.

    - Beacrox, bring me all the drink you brought.

    -Humm young master nim, it's three crates, I don't know if ..

    - perfect, don't just look at me, go.

    Beacrox made eye contact with his father, who nodded. Then he went out to get the drinks.

    - Ron get out, don't let anyone in. I want to be alone.

    - As you please.

    The night was calm in the territory of Ubarr. But in Cale's room the strong smell of alcohol permeated the room. His face was red and his hair tousled.

    - shit. I've had almost everything and can't get drunk.

    Why am I so frustrated? The results were good.

    A woman who loves me will treat me well and will not stop me from doing what I want. All right. Everyone happy.

    Then why?

    Cale gritted his teeth tightly and recalled the image of Amiru in the sunset light. His eyes narrowed, he rose quickly and unconsciously activated the dominant aura. The bottle in his hand was thrown hard against the wall.

    The trash of the Count's family.


    Cale sighed.

    Outside Ron was guarding the door when he spotted Choi Han.

    - I arrived now. How is Cale nim?

    - riled up.

    - should we help you?

    - Have you ever seen the young master act like trash? Your past identity? I know that not. I haven't seen him like this for years. He has carried a great burden and never wavered.

    - Yes Cale nim is strong. Although He doesnt want to demonstrate.

    Ron smiled sadly.

    - He needs to vent this pain. Let's let the pressure ease.


    Choi Han understood and nodded.

    - everything will be fine swordsman nim.

    Ron patted his back and turned as he felt someone approach.

    - Ron. Choi Han.

    Amiru greeted Cale's two friends and headed for the door. It was evident to both men that the girl had been crying. Her eyes were dark.

    - Wait, Miss Amiru nim. The young master is not well for visitors.

    - I know. It's my fault. I made him angry today. I need to talk to him.

    - I don't think ..

    Ron took Choi Han's arm and agreed with the girl.

    - I'll let you in, but if you need to call us.

    Amiru thanked him and entered Cale's room.

    The very spacious room was chaotic with empty bottles scattered on the floor, when the young woman entered took a long time to see Cale, who was standing back, to back in the back of the room. Amiru stopped in place. Coincidentally it was time that Cale activated his dominant aura to the fullest. Any other ordinary character would have passed out.

    Amiru shivered, her eyes blurred, and her face flushed red. With your mouth open a soft moan can be heard. Cale turned to see the girl who had just appeared. His teeth clenched and he looked away in embarrassment.

    He didn't want her to see his condition..

    "Since when do I care what you think of me?"

    Annoyed, he did not realize that the dominant aura was active.

    - Amiru nim, you better go.

    Cale heard a muffled groan, and finally looked closely. Amiru was panting, her body shaking.

    - but what..

    Amiru ran toward the disheveled nobleman and called his name with passion, before tugging at his shirt to reach his lips hard.

    - Cale.

    Cale's eyes widened and the protest caught in his throat. His name being called so intensely ignited hidden flames that began to burn his whole body inside.

    • That's how it's done. Hahahhahahaha. This girl knows how to start a fire. Hahahahaha
    The fire of destruction was euphoric.

    • There are other types of flames that can destroy and purify. Hahahahaha

    Cale ignored the voice and returned Amiru's warm kiss. One hand grasped the back of her neck while the other squeezed her back in a warm hug.

    ‘That was it. Yes. That was missing. I feel lighter. ”Cale's frustration and anger are gone. The dominant aura was deactivated and only then did Cale realize that he had activated it.

    Choi Han and Ron opened the door quickly when they noticed Cale's dominant aura to its fullest, and Amiru's running footsteps. With his mouth open, Choi Han forgot the phrase he was about to say when he saw the couple embracing. The innocent young man froze in place as his face dyed red to the roots of his hair. The butler grinned proudly at his young master as he dragged a shocked Choi Han out of the room and closed the door softly.

    The lovers, oblivious to their surroundings, continued the bond.

    Cale felt his head dizzy, his fingers numb and his body hot, as if the drink was doing its job. He no longer had control of his actions and was carried away by the intoxicating sensations.

    End of ninth chapter.

    * Scenes for +18.
    They are cut. hahahaha
    No expectations for the next chapter.
  • Cale kept the girl in his arms as he turned and slid panting down the wall to the floor. Amiru, who breathed fast, buried her face in Cale's chest as she sat on his lap.


    Cale sighed. 'what happened? How did it happen? What I did now… oh so good, I can't help thinking I would do it again.' He took a quick peek at Amiru.

    Amiru's breathing steadied. Her hands began to tremble, an intense flush spreading over her face. She lifted her head and saw Cale watching her, serene with his bright eyes under his sweat-dampened red hair. Amiru panicked, tears formed at the corners of her eyes and not knowing what to do, got up quickly and ran for the door.

    - I'm sorry Cale, sorry ...

    Cale stood up in surprise and tried to stop the girl, but she had already left closing the door with a violent thud.

    - what .. arrgg ..

    Cale dropped to his knees still watching the empty entrance. Then he lay on his back and covered his eyes with his arm.

    - shit.

    - Now that I stopped to think, the dominant aura was active when Amiru entered, wasn't she scared? Because it attacked me?

    • Dominate the soul. It is not just for enemies. The loved one will be dominated by passion.

    ‘Was that the voice of the former owner of the dominant aura? Dominated by passion, an aphrodisiac ..? ’

    • Hahahaha a fire needs fuel to burn. Fire consumes and purifies the soul. What an amazing synergy. It would not be possible with just one.

    ‘Does the fire of destruction along with the dominant aura become aphrodisiac? Why do I know that just now? ’

    'Wait .. This has not happened before with other women. ’

    • Not all available fuel causes a fire. It's just embers and ashes.

    Cale looked up at the ceiling and sighed. At the same moment he remembered when Amiru made the proposal, according to her diary, he had a seductive look. Cale again covered his eyes with his arm to hide his blush.

    - I am the pervert. Shit..

    The day was sunny. Two boys around the age of eight were arguing in the courtyard of the Henituse residence.

    - not! it's very dangerous. w .. we'll get in trouble.

    - Stop being fearful Eric, it's on our territory. Nothing will happen. Let's see.

    Boy Eric and Cale were thinking of going to the local market in hiding.

    - where do you think you are going?

    - Amiru nim. Why are you here?

    - what else? Having fun. No one deserves to learn to embroider when there are so many cool things here. Let's go together.

    - Not

    - Yes.


    The three ended up going in the end. The market had many people and stalls. After walking for a while and buying a few things, they had an argument with a foreign merchant.

    - I'm saying this brooch. Worth less than I'm offering.

    Amiru was negotiating.

    - Do you think you can tell me how much you charge little girl?

    - This brooch clearly has signs of wear, look at that. Neither is true silver. Aren't you ashamed to try to trick children?

    - you little brat.

    - A .. Amiru nim. Let it go, let's go.

    Eric tugged at the girl's hand as she bravely stared at the 6-foot-tall man. A cold glow could be seen in the man's eyes. He touched his sword discreetly, but refrained from the attack when he saw guards walking nearby.

    - here you rascal. Take it away. And never come back here.

    Amiru took the thrown brooch and smiled victoriously.

    - Amiru nim, did not need to spend saliva because of a dull object.

    - C .. Cale is right. Are you crazy.

    - Shut up Eric. Cale - nim doesn't understand the beauty of trading.

    - I prefer more elegant objects. Only that.

    The children continued on their way while the day was ending. They didn't notice a man in the shadows. At the next bend he appeared on the road and tried to attack them.

    - you insolent girl will die!

    - Kyaaa.

    The knife came whistling toward Amiru. Eric ran startled and hid behind a box. Before the blow hit its target, the man fumbled when a stack of boxes fell halfway.

    - run Amiru !!!

    Cale shoved the boxes into the thug and shouted in alarm before running too.

    - you shit kid.

    Cale felt a strong tug and was thrown to the floor. Coughing and in pain, he slowly got up. The man grabbed Cale's hair and was ready to shove the knife into his stomach as his hands shook and the knife fell. Cale fell again and beside him the unconscious man.

    - I found you young master nim.

    Cale looked at the benign butler who was beginning to blurry and passed out.

    Before sunrise Cale woke up and looked up at the ceiling of his room. He touched his head to check for the wound that no longer existed. The little dragon shifted on the bed beside him without waking up.

    'I was dreaming. No. It was a memory. ’

    Fatigue struck his body and Cale fell back into a deep sleep.

    end of the tenth chapter.

  • The next morning Cale got up feeling refreshed. After stretching the body lazily realized that the room was new and clean.

    - Raon. Thank you.

    • Aigo. Our human has returned.

    - Young master nim, I see you woke up in a good mood, that asks for a glass of cold lemonade.

    The benign butler's face appeared in the doorway, giving Cale shivers.
    'Why appear sneaky? I thought I got used to this old killer. '

    - Ron, bring them all together.

    • Our human has that smile. What are we going to win?

    Cale took the lemonade and smirked.

    - just the usual. Let's go back home.

    Cale laughed and got ready for breakfast.

    - Choi Han, stop gesturing and sit down.

    Choi Han didn't know what to say as he entered the room and looked like a robot waving his hands. Hearing the command, he sat shyly and ate in silence.

    Cale looked at Ron who shrugged as if he knew nothing.

    - And the girl Amiru, young master?

    - Let her know we're going home. If she comes to talk well. If it doesn't come .. hahaha .. it doesn't matter.

    • Human, didn't you make it up to her yesterday? Don't make her cry again human.

    - A .. the peace?

    Choi Han jumped and stammered staring at the small dragon with wide eyes.

    - Choi Han speak. Spit it out.

    Cale stared at the puzzled young man. ‘It's hiding something from me.’

    - ah .. a. Cale nim. I .. excuse me. I'll. See the carriage. For. Trip. Safe.

    - But what... the hell.

    ‘Choi Han is blatantly disguising himself in front of me’. Cale looked surprised at the young man who ran out the door.

    - Ron. Explain.

    - Young master, I'm glad you reconciled with the lady. / Fake cough / I'll call beacrox to go.

    ‘What the hell is going on with everyone around here. It seems until .. wait .. don't tell me ..? Were they spying on me?

    Cale dropped his fork on his plate and stared in amazement at the empty room before covering his face with his hand.

    - Arg.. I do not believe this.

    In the viscountess of Ubarr's house, Amiru was still locked in her room. No one could talk to her. Under the covers a sniff can be heard.

    - shit, shit, shit ...

    Amiru jumped off the bed and continued to curse under her breath.

    - What did I do. I really screwed up. Just hold on for one more day. I do not believe.

    Amiru whimpered as she rolled over the bed.

    'Cale was already convinced that I was good for him. I tried so hard to show him my practical side. I know you like reliable and helpful people.'

    * sniff

    - he must hate me now. A futile girl who throws herself at anyone.

    - shit.

    Knock knock * knock on the door *

    - Go away. I want to see nobody.

    - Young master Amiru. This will interest you. It is an envelope from the young master Cale Henituse.

    - What..?

    Amiru got up quickly and opened the door. The assistant jumped in fright, the young lady was totally misaligned.

    - Give me.

    The door was slammed shut before the girl went to bed with trembling hands. ‘Better get it over with, I'll open quickly and look. '

    Amiru stared at the small decorated paper that fell from the envelope.

    - That is... ? An invitation?

    ‘An invitation to an engagement party. Cale nim will be introducing his new mate in two weeks. ’

    - An invitation..

    Amiru stared blankly at the paper and a lone tear rolled down her cheek.

    - He .. he .. rejected me. And even threw salt on the wound. Invited me to meet your bride.

    Before she could control her emotions, Amiru realized that there was another piece of paper in the envelope.

    - What... ?

    / Amiru nim, my time in Ubarr was very fruitful. Their services were helpful. We'll meet in the future to hit new projects. Be sure to go to the party, unless you are no longer considered a fit candidate. Anxious? From: Cale. ’/

    - Fit candidate? Still have hope?


    Amiru jumped on the euphoric bed and laughing.

    - I still have a chance. He was not angry. I still have ... chance? Will he invite all suitors?

    Amiru stopped jumping and sat on the bed while biting her fingertip.

    - I need to prepare for battle.

    End of the eleventh chapter.
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