Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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  • Chapter 105: The Blue Bamboo Above Ten Thousand Swords


    To avoid any mishap, Ling Xian responded swiftly, handing a new pair of chopsticks to Zhuo Qingyao.

    Over at Chen Ming, he began to hand out rewards based on their merits. He directed a million spirit stones to the fiend army and the Archfiends, when Black Python spoke out, "Oh, Mountain Lord, we found a spiritual gold mine in Mountain Grizzly's territory. He kept it hidden since he didn't exploit it, and only noticed it when we got hold of his lands." 

    Chen Ming said, "This mine is of utmost importance. For Yan Mountain to become a great power, the fiend army needs to be equipped with spiritual weapons and spiritual armor, increasing their military might! With this spiritual gold mine, we will have enough to refine equipment for all of them!"

    Black Tiger said, "If we provide the Regalia Legion with spiritual armor and weapons, their power will make them invincible in the Myriad Mountains!"

    Chen Ming poured himself some wine, "Tonight, I feast among you. Tomorrow, I will inspect the spiritual gold mine. Also, send the order to the officer in charge of Yan Mountain's areas, to collect all equipment refining scriptures then send them over to Yan Mountain!"

    With business out of the way, Chen Ming stayed behind at the feast, while Silver Wing took his four kids back to Yan Mountain.

    En route, Zhuo Qingyao walked on the fiend cloud next to Silver Wing to ask, "Is the fiends' Sovereign's daughter truly beautiful?"

    Silver Wing took a moment to recall, "They say fiends' Sovereign's daughter is of outstanding beauty, enough to destroy a city over, but I haven't seen her. The Sovereign won't be coming to Yan Mountain any time soon, just take those guys' words as a joke!"

    Zhuo Qingyao nodded, "Oh, so that's how it is."

    The next dawn, Chen Ming followed after Black Tiger, as they entered the large cave in Mountain Grizzly's domain. They traveled for three li, and, in a tunnel, Black Tiger lifted a leather cover to reveal the bright spiritual gold. There were faint flickering inside of it as if it held the power of the sun within its core. 

    Chen Ming ran his hand over it and poured some of his spiritual power. It smoothly went in, proving this ore was spiritual gold. It let spiritual power move freely through it, and if it were mixed in spiritual weapons, then it would travel through them also. 

    In the cultivating world, weapons were divided into three ranks. The most common was the spiritual weapon, something all Dao Initiation realm cultivators and Archfiend used. Above it was the nation weapon, also known as royal arms, a weapon that a Sovereign used. There was a saying spoken across the land, Sovereign, the kingdom crusher.

    Only when one had a Sovereign's power, could he stand tall and proud in this world. 

    And above the nation weapon rank, was the divine weapon. Li Suyi's Demonic Blood Saber was one. What this entailed, was that these weapons were used by immortals.

    The Astral Immortal Sect was an ancient immortal sect who had such a weapon.

    What Chen Ming wielded, so far, we're only spiritual weapons. If one regarded his strength, along with just these common weapons, he wouldn't gain any advantage in battle. 

    He had the Demonic Blood Saber but he handed it over to Li Suyi. He couldn't just take it back. Moreover, his main method of fighting was through arrays, something the Demonic Blood Saber didn't adhere to. He wouldn't be able to wield it to full power even if it landed in his hand.

    He would have to find a way to refine some weapons that fit him.

    With adequate weapons, the future battle wouldn't leave him with a weak Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword like before.

    Chen Ming waved, "First start by removing the rocks, soil, and everything around it. Let's see how much is in there."

    The troops rushed inside and began the extraction, while Chen Ming went to see the refining scriptures his officer brought, and read. 

    After two days, Black Tiger came before him, and Chen Ming put aside a scripture to ask, "What's is it, is the mining done?"

    Black Tiger replied, "Yes, it is a truly large vein. But we also discovered a bizarre bamboo!"

    Bizarre bamboo? What toy is that?

    Curiosity sparked in his heart, so Chen Ming followed Black Tiger to the bizarre bamboo, back inside the cave. The cave went through a huge change, as the rocks and soil were cleared around the ore, leaving only the spiritual gold. After going through quite a number of refining scriptures, he now knew this spiritual gold's name, Bright Sun Gold. An ore that took years to form by absorbing the sun's rays. 

    Following the ore vein, Chen Ming found a blue bamboo, with its roots planted in the spiritual gold vein. The essence of the spiritual gold ore above it was already sucked dry, becoming its nutrients, and turning the ore into common metal.

    This bamboo grew underground, unnoticeable from the surface. Black Tiger said, "This bamboo is too hard. Even my spiritual weapon couldn't even scratch it."

    Chen Ming started shuffling through his newly acquired knowledge about refining materials. Can this be the legendary Phoenix's Tear?

    Rumor had it that a Phoenix's tears were able to give birth to a bamboo, absorbing all the energy in the surroundings. Chen Ming eyed its roots and condensed his spiritual power into a flame, melting the wasted metal on them. As the flow of molten metal cleared the area, Chen Ming now saw an ancient sword at the bottom. 

    The bamboo's roots were twisted around that ancient sword. After clearing the surroundings, he realized this was a Sword Pool, a pond in which swords were placed. And in this Sword Pool, this bamboo absorbed the sword energy of ten thousand swords to grow.

    Chen Ming walked in front of this bamboo and shocked him when he touched it. His spiritual power flowed unobstructed through it!

    This was very unusual. It wasn't similar to the Lustrous King Sword, who could only accept earth's spiritual power, like the one from the Dragon Form Art. Or the spiritual gold, who only accepted fire spiritual power, like the one from Heavenly Flaming Star. 

    This bamboo accepted all types of spiritual power!

    Chen Ming lacked a good weapon, the main reason being that his spiritual power had many attributes. Demonic Blood Saber couldn't use sword energy, and sword energy didn't flow through a saber. But he could move all of his spiritual power through this bamboo before him!

    It was like this plant was tailored especially for him!

    It already outstripped its title of plant, it was more apt to call it the best treasure there was!

    Chen Ming's heard was ecstatic, No need to overthink it. I only need to refine this bamboo into a treasure, and my power will soar!

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    Chapter 106: That What They All Said


    After examining the bamboo, Chen Ming knew the reason behind this special trait. It absorbed ten thousand swords' sword energy. And despite being refined differently all the swords had the same purpose.

    Chen Ming wasn't of the idea of only turn it into his treasure. He wanted to turn it into a living treasure, a heavenly treasure, one tailored to him, one that was rarest of the rare.

    While preserving its ability to grow ever stronger!

    If he used fire, then it would die, along with its best trait. What Chen Ming wanted was to turn this bamboo into a divine weapon with its own awareness, a growth type divine weapon.

    Reading many equipment refining scriptures, he had yet to find the one who could handle living materials. They were all methods that worked with dead objects.

    This live refining method was most likely something only an ancient immortal sect would have. But if he just went to Astral Immortal Sect and said he wanted one, they wouldn't kill him. But he would end up divulging this secret to them.

    Then what should I do?

    Chen Ming learned from Xing Ming that Jade Void Temple was once an immortal sect. It even created an immortal. But after the coming of Ghost Immortal, they swiftly declined.  

    I'll just give a try searching in Jade Void Temple. And since I'm there might as well hand over this month's pills to Xing Ming.

    With the Drifting Feather Art, Chen Ming's speed multiplied and in just a day he was at the sect. The Sect Leader noticed his coming and went to greet him. Chen Ming smiled, "I heard that you gave rise to an immortal a thousand years ago. Why have you fallen to such a state?" 

    The Sect Leader sighed, "I'm not very clear on this matter. What I know is that after Founder became immortal, he found something of great importance and used all of our resources. This resulted in our decline you see today. And we have yet to hear from our Founder ever since."

    They didn't know anything about the clash with Ghost Immortal. What happened to the Immortal Pill Cauldron was tragic. He just became an immortal and he had to resist the much powerful Ghost Immortal. If he didn't have some understanding of this world, he wouldn't have been successful in sealing Ghost Immortal, who had a clear advantage over him. 

    Chen Ming asked, "Have your Founder left anything behind?"

    "He did actually, but there hasn't been one to make heads or tails of those scriptures!"

    "Could you let me take a look?"

    He didn't mind it. Many previous Sect Leaders had the intention of comprehending them, but they all failed, unable to get any use from them.

    Taking Chen Ming to a rotting attic, the Sect Leader indicated, "This is the residence of our Founder in those years. From time to time, we come to see the scriptures. But they are all decayed, with words fading away."

    Chen Ming was hit by a rotten smell as he entered. It already passed a thousand years, yet it was in this condition. It must have been hard to preserve it.

    Chen Ming lifted a book, flipped it, Eh? Are these characters? Aren't they just scribbles?

    This illegible writing had reached a heaven-defying state!

    No wonder no one comprehended it. They can't even read it!

    He reckoned Immortal Pill Cauldron wanted to pass on these precious scriptures; only to die out because of his sloppy writing.

    Chen Ming wasn't one to care since he had the system to evaluate it anyway, "Comprehend this scripture."

    "Ding! Comprehending the pill recipe Flawless Jade Pill requires eighteen thousand merits."

    That's an immortal's legacy alright, taking even eighteen thousand merits to learn!

    But this wasn't what he wanted. This was just a pill recipe.

    Chen Ming took another scripture, "Comprehend this one."

    "Ding! Comprehending Nature Immortal Cauldron requires a million merits."

    Eh!? This cultivation method wants a million merits? This was an immortal ranked cultivation method, many times more profound than Illustrious Casket, something that Chen Ming had only enough to comprehend the first stage.

    He didn't take it with him. Not comprehending an illegible thing, then taking it with him proved no point since no one could read it. Yet the system still recognized it.

    After a search through the scriptures, he picked another book, "Comprehend this scripture."

    "Ding! Comprehending Basics of Immortal Tools Refining requires ten thousand merits."

    I finally found what I need, but isn't the price too high? He asked inwardly, "How many stages does it have?"  

    "Ding! After scanning, it can be divided into three stages."

    "How many merits for the first one?"

    "Ding! The first stage requires five thousand, allowing the refinement of prototype immortal tool."

    Even an immortal tool prototype is good! With his income of then thousand a month, he would just be patient for half a month.

    Chen Ming looked at the Sect Leader, "Give me all of these faded scriptures."

    The Sect Leader didn't refute. He gave them many times but never were they understood, "Alright, I will prepare them. But let me warn you, you cannot train them on a whim." 

    Chen Ming was puzzled, "Eh, why is that?"

    "Many who could recognize Founder's writing trained in secret then went crazy and exploded."

    Chen Ming's face went black, No wonder Jade Void Temple decayed to this state. "Be at ease, I will only take them. They are things left by an immortal after all."

    Chen Ming asked impatiently when he saw Sect Leader's hesitation, "What now? If there's something you want to say, just say it." 

    "That's what they all said, before suffering from deviation and blew up."

    Chen Ming: ...

    Chen Ming could imagine those collectors' experience. They got their hands on an immortal's legacy, then carefully investigated Immortal Pill Cauldron's life. And on a certain night, with a starry sky, they laughed, "I know the secret of this scriptures!" Then they followed the pill recipe and began cultivating with the resulted pill. Then deviation came, of course, and exploded. That was how those scientists passed away.

    He went and met with Xing Ming, giving him this month's pills, two hundred thousand, neither more nor less.

    The pills eaten by Yan Mountain's fiend army were refined by disciples for that occasion, not affecting Yan Mountain's schedule. So he could deliver the entire amount without a problem.

    Xing Ming smiled dejectedly, "You are a great fortune upon us in this time of need. Without a supply of pills, the war would fall into a desperate state, So I once again request your sect's help! "

    Chen Ming nodded, "Don't worry, half a year later, we will make a million pills!"
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  • Chapter 107: I Didn’t Invite an Actor!


    Back at Yan Mountain, Chen Ming resumed his affairs. He went to hold a lecture to the many fresh disciples.

    He now understood a thing or two about the Eight Extremes' Grand Daos. Not as a whole but walking along each path, he at least formed their Dao Seed. As for the Heaven, Earth, time and space Daos, he didn't have any cultivation method appropriate for the disciples having these attributes. Even if he scoured the land, he didn't believe he would find any of the four cultivation methods.

    For this lecture, Chen Ming wouldn't hold a too deep explanation, just enough to struck something inside these Dao Sense realm disciples' hearts. 

    At the foot of Yan Mountain, in the Bluestone Plaza, three thousand and six hundred praying mats were neatly arranged. Before the break of dawn, even before Silver Wing woke up, disciples arrived in a steady stream at the plaza. First come first served, of course, taking the front row seats. The closer they got to Chen Ming, the better.

    The ones in the back held some dissatisfaction, but with Chen Ming on the verge of showing up, none of them were foolish enough to start anything. 

    With the brightening of the sky, Silver Wing climbed out of his bed, donned his flashy silver armor, then went to his post, his eyes still hazy from sleep. Looking over, he saw the praying mats in the plaza before him filled with disciples. 

    Eh? Mountain Lord is holding a lecture?

    Truth be told, his heart moved, feeling some admiration. If it were him giving a lecture, he would also feel some pressure for having so many disciples wait on him! 

    Just this view was enough to move him!

    With the shifting of the sun, Chen Ming put the smiley mask on and made his entrance in the plaza, with Chen Lingyu keeping him company. The was a nine-steps stage in the plaza. Chen Ming sweeps his eyes, and smiled, "Everyone came very early. Very good."

    The disciples rose one after the other and bent their waists, "Greetings Master, good morning Master!"

    Chen Ming climbed the stars, sat on his prayer mat and began his lecture, "Of the Dao beneath the Heaven, men sense it, they then tread it, and then comprehend it. Comprehending the Dao will carry you above the mortal world, and when you transcend, you will become Immortal..." 

    "The Dao Sense realm is the first step in coming in contact with the Dao. But only touch it, and not tread it, because none of you are yet qualified for even touching it..."

    "To get in touch with the Dao, first you must endure the Grand Dao with your body. Here is what it means to cultivate. The myriad creatures of this world are like the sea, and your body is the boat, with the soul as the oar. You are to cross the sea while competing against thousands of other boats. As you sail, each step will unravel the heaven and earth..."

    "But before that, Dao Sense realm has ten meridians, thus then stages. Opening meridians expands one's vitality. This energy surrounds the body, and the stronger it becomes, the stronger your body..."

    Chen Ming spoke with confidence, revealing his understandings of Dao Sense realm to these disciples that barely touched the Dao. Silver Wing was entranced by his words the moment he began. Dao Sense realm is actually so important, holding so many secrets!

    When it came to understanding Dao Sense realm who could outclass Chen Ming? He went through Dao Sense realm ten times, while still having Nine Nines Mysteries Art at the peak of this realm, the cultivation of it Dao Sense realm reaching the 36th stage. Who could be more clear of what Dao Sense realm entailed?

    No one, not one person could compare his understanding of Dao Sense realm with that of Chen Ming's.

    This lecture let these disciples have a more in-depth understanding of this realm. The analogies helped them perceive many of this realm's misteries. I didn't know this lecture about cultivation will be this insightful.

    Zhang Ming suddenly got up and faced his disciples, "Seniors, juniors, I'll step out."

    The disciples around him didn't understand, "Zhang Ming, you don't want to listen to Master's lecture? "

    "We need to grasp this rare opportunity!"

    "Listen to Master's knowledge, hear how profound the Grand Dao is. How can what we did before be called cultivation?"

    "Zhang Ming, you're at the peak of Dao Sense realm. You cannot miss this once in a lifetime chance."

    Zhang Ming shook his head, smiling, "Everyone, I'll be walking ahead. I want to break through to Dao Initiation realm. From Master's teachings, I can now surmise what I need to do to advance."

    Zhang Ming left them with his words, then sat on the last praying mat in the plaza and shut his eyes.

    Chen Ming saw this, stopped speaking and focused on Zhang Ming. This was the first disciples to advance to Dao Initiation realm!

    Meanwhile, Silver Wing shifted his chair right below the stage. Chen Ming was puzzled, "What are you so excited about?"

    "I want to cultivate the Dao Sense realm anew, based on your words. I didn't want to hear it at first, but the more I listened the more it felt like I've done wrong. And when I tried to ignore your lecture, my ears itched."

    Chen Ming was stunned, "Everyone has a praying mat. If you stand so high, you block the other disciples' view. Sit at the back."

    Silver Wing felt ashamed for losing the fight with these little fellows and moved his chair not far from Zhang Ming.

    Chen Ming eyed Zhang Ming and Silver Wing, No way, I didn't invite an actor! Why is he a perfect match for my act?

    Nearly two hours later, Zhang Ming's eyes flashed open as spiritual power rushed outward. He was in the Dao Initiation realm. 

    Chen Ming's gaze went from him to the rest of his disciples. Since he was one of his three thousand and six hundred disciples, he naturally knew his name, "Zhang Ming, wait for a bit. After Master finishes lecturing the other Dao Sense realm disciples, I will explain to you how to cultivate in the Dao Initiation realm." 

    Zhang Ming was overjoyed. Doesn't that mean I am the first to have the same treatment as a legacy disciple?

    And so, Zhang Ming took a Qi Pill and waited for Chen Ming to finish his lecture on Dao Sense realm.

    They all witnessed Zhang Ming's advancement and heard Silver Wing's words. This expert was at the Divine Palace stage, yet still held Master's lecture in such high regard. Even his eyes became starry as he gazed upon Chen Ming. They listened to his lecture, afraid they might miss a word. When hungry, they took a Qi Pill, when thirsty they asked for a senior sister of the Flowing Peak to create water.

    Chen Ming finished the sermon for the Dao Sense realm disciples and, after they left, he continued with teaching three people. Two disciples stood behind Zhang Ming, having also broken through. 

    Since they were only three, Chen Ming knew of their cultivation method and began explaining how to form a Dao Seed. The Dao Initiation realm cultivators cultivated to form the Dao Seed. Once formed, then they could begin comprehending the Dao.

    With just three, Chen Ming needed only half a day to finish explaining, while questioning them the other half. And only when he was clear they understood, did he call it a day.

  • Chapter 108: Heavenly Tribulation Arrives


    As he wrapped things up, Silver Wing came before him in a very devoted manner, taking a deep bow, "Are you still accepting disciples, Mountain Lord?" 

    Chen Ming was under the impression Silver Wing had a cousin he wanted to take him in. Silver Wing was the second strongest on Yan Mountain. It wasn't much trouble for opening the back door for him. It made no difference if he had one too many or one too few, "Why? You have someone who wants to pay respects to me?" 

    "Not someone, me!"

    Chen Ming's face went black, "Stop joking."

    You damn Divine Palace. What are you playing at taking me as Master?

    Silver Wing's eyes were full of devotion, "No, Mountain Lord, I am serious. Listening to Mountain Lord's lecture on the Dao, woke me up into realizing how shallow my cultivation is. With my decision to turn over a new leaf, I want to walk the path of cultivation in earnest!"

    Chen Ming's face showed his conflict, then his eyes shined like never before, "You aren't planning of getting in then have unlimited access to pills like the other disciples, are you?"

    Silver Wing gave a strained laugh, "Uh, um, that is only a tiny part of the reason..."

    Chen Ming waved his hand, "Get lost, now!"

    Half a month flashed by, and this day marked a year and a half since Chen Ming came into this world. From a Prince of an unknown empire, he was now standing shoulder to shoulder with the other Grand Archfiends. Recalling the past year gets me worked up!

    This half of the month, because of his lecture, his merits swelled by six thousand points. He comprehended the fist stage of Basics of Immortal Tools Refining and came to know how hard it was to refine immortal equipment. All immortal tools were living, all having awareness. They were just like Demonic Blood Saber, capable of choosing their masters. If he didn't have King Slayer Aura, forcing Demonic Blood Saber into obedience, he would suffer its backlash, and lose in the fight with Mo Tian.

    That blue bamboo he just saw was an immortal material for refining immortal tools.

    And the first step was to connect with it.

    Through the seal carved in his fresh blood, he would make the bamboo aware of him, aware of his train of thoughts.

    Through the blood, the immortal material would, on his end, become aware of the information regarding him. It would connect to his meridians and gather the information from his blood, to decide whether or not he'd become its master.

    Of course, there is no need to panic even if it doesn't 't recognized me. I can just drive it up the wall!

    Regarding the binding method of the Elemental Cauldron, Immortal Pill Cauldron grated on its nerves for three hundred years before he got its approval.

    Chen Ming reckoned that he wouldn't be needing such a long time. He made a great match with blue bamboo. Fitting for the saying a match made in heaven! The ideal couple, like coal and fire, a bamboo after his own heart! 

    Chen Ming left for the spiritual gold mine, back to the blue bamboo. He cut his wrist and gathered the blood in a bowl. With his hand as the brush, Chen Ming began drawing the seal. After drawing for three whole days, his bowl was empty. If Nine Nines Mysteries Art wasn't at the 36th stage, strengthening his vitality, then Chen Ming would have been sucked dry like a mummy by now.

    With the last brush, Chen Ming stared at the blue bamboo. Black Tiger was waiting alongside him, witnessing everything. 

    The blue bamboo showed a reaction, shivering slightly. Its roots stretched, covering the ancient sword entirely. Two hours later, it finished wrapping around the sword completely, then it extended its roots in the vicinity. It struck deep into the spiritual gold and started absorbing its essence! 

    Black Tiger felt how the area darkened. He lifted his head and looked to see how in ten li radius, thick and black clouds gathered, with thunder flickering within. He was shocked, "That's Heavenly Tribulation!" 

    Chen Ming recalled a note from the Basics of Immortal Tools Refining. When the prototype was formed, it would invoke the Heavenly Tribulation!

    It's truly done!

    It seemed that this blue bamboo was also clear that he was its perfect owner. His fated owner!

    Where, in the whole wide world, would it find another person like him, who had untold types of spiritual power? 

    No one else out there, only him!

    Black Tiger has also heard of this. Only equipment with their own awareness, would invite Heavenly Tribulation after a complete refining!

    Speaking of quality, the was no need to mention from the refining point of view, because this treasure, was a natural occurring treasure grown in the scope of heaven and earth. They had their own awareness! 

    This equipment, or more like magic treasure, had the power to startle even the world's most powerful beings!

    As a day came to an end, Chen Ming still waited anxiously. The black clouds above ever thicker. He never expected to encounter a Heavenly Tribulation, and such a weird one too.

    "Ding! You triggered the storyline mission: Happy to See You!. Phoenix's Tear sensed your kindness and thirst to join you in battle. Please assist it in overcoming the Heavenly Tribulation. Reward: prototype immortal tool."

    Chen Ming would help even without the mission. This was his very first weapon, perhaps even a magic treasure.

    The blue bamboo focused together the essence and energy it absorbed from the spiritual gold and ancient sword. It made the ancient sword to contract, then disappear withing the blue bamboo, as it blended together with the spiritual gold essence. Chen Ming could no longer see the sword, only a four-foot-wide ball wrapped around the spiritual gold's essence. As the essence became absorbed, it revealed a blue horsetail whisk. From the moment he laid eyes on it, Chen Ming became entranced.

    It is a part of me, linked to my meridians!

    Up in the sky, a bucket-thick bolt of lightning descended straight for the horsetail whisk. Chen Ming shouted, "No!"

    Chen Ming leaped in front of the horsetail whisk, and with a mere outstretch of the hand, it flew in his palm. The handle was a two-foot-long blue bamboo, thick as a thumb and with nine bamboo joints. Its whiskers were made of fine bamboo leaves linked together, even finer than a strand of hair.

    A horsetail whisk was actually its final form! Horsetail whisk was the most famous magic weapon of Daoism. This was something most wandering Daoists would carry with them. They could lack anything, but horsetail whisk was an indispensable item. It fit Chen Ming's Dao Heart to perfection. With but a thought from him, the horsetail whisk would sweep across, his body becoming a Bodhi Tree, and his heart a door to enlightenment. With a swish from this horsetail whisk, he would sweep away at the world of mortals and its depravity!

    With the horsetail whisk in hand, he would sweep the entire world, grasping at all its changes, and returning them to their origin!

    Chen Ming's cultivation swayed towards Daoism. His hardship cultivation, no matter how deep, would never be able to match his spiritual power. And this horsetail whisk was a Daoist's magic weapon!

    Chen Ming felt how the three thousand whiskers were one for each Dao. Thus, three thousand whiskers were three thousand Grand Daos. And each fine bamboo leaf was a flying sword!

    Chen Ming ran his hand gently over the horsetail whisk, smiling, "What a good treasure!"

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  • Chapter 109: Strongest Beneath the Heavens


    The bucket-thick lightning grew ever closer, while Chen Ming looked with radiant eyes at the black cloud above, "Let's see if this Heavenly Tribulation amounts to anything!"

    Chen Ming waved the horsetail whisk, releasing a blue wind. This sweep simply scattered it into lightning spiritual energy! 

    Returned to origin!

    Lightning came from the gathering of lightning spiritual energy, yet a move from the horsetail whisk shattered it to its original form. 

    Chen Ming laughed in excitement, "Good treasure, good treasure!"

    Then laughed at the sky, "The mortal world and its depravity can't hold me, untold Daos can't hold me, and you, Heavenly Dao, can?"

    Black Tiger's heart grew anxious, Mountain Lord, are you going to attack the black cloud, the one releasing the Heavenly Tribulation? This will draw out its wrath! "Mountain Lord, you can't. You'll anger the Heavens!" 

    "Ha-ha-ha-ha, untold Daos can't hold me down, so how could Heavenly Dao? See how a brush of the horsetail whisk wipes away this Heavenly Tribulation!"

    Chen Ming flew above, swinging the horsetail whisk, "All Heaven's untold Daos will return to their origin. Show me what made you!"

    A blue wind blew, scattering the black cloud above. The tribulation cloud dissipated that easily, revealing the sun once again. It was as if the Heavenly Tribulation wasn't there to begin with!

    Chen Ming was wild with joy, This horsetail whisk is worthy of being a Daoist's magic weapon. He ran his hand along it, petting it. Chen Ming's heart burst with happiness, laughing out loud, "You represent untold Daos, yet can brush them all aside. I will call you, Dao Empyrean Bamboo!"

    Black Tiger was rooted in place, This horsetail whisk is too tyrannical. It can brush away even the Heavenly Tribulation!

    There were always sayings that the Heavenly Tribulation struck cultivators dead or hacked magic treasures to pieces, but this was a first to see an overbearing magic treasure brushing the Heavenly Tribulation away!

    This was a weapon that restrained the Heavenly Dao!

    Yet the Heavenly Dao couldn't shake this magic weapon at all! This horsetail whisk, was, in and of itself, a magical art.

    This was even touching the boundaries of the Origin Grand Dao! 

    This treasure brought sock to even Black Tiger.

    What Chen Ming didn't know was that the Astral Immortal Sect was thrown in chaos. The five elders gazed upon the Astral Immortal Disk, shocked painted on their faces. Elder Jian Wangge began, "Elder of Astral Immortal Sect, what just happened? Why have you called us on such short notice?"

    Elder Xue Shan said, "I wouldn't have drawn your ire if it wasn't of importance. The war is in a dreadful state, and any mistake will affect the entire land!"

    The Elder of Astral Immortal Sect sucked a breath in, then revealed the Astral Immortal Disk in his hand, "The Astral Immortal Disk was refined from a small part of the origin of this world. It encompassed all of its changes, including major events. Now, look at the Divine Weapons Board."

    The four elders didn't see any change at first but then noticed how there was an extra entry at the bottom.

    Dao Empyrean Bamboo: a weapon restraining the Heavenly Dao.

    It wasn't of importance that the last name changed, but its description was. For them, who were the closest to becoming immortals, they knew of its true meaning. The other divine weapon lacked such a description. This restraining of the Heavenly Dao revealed that this was a magic weapon refined in accordance with the Grand Dao. 

    Moreover, the Divine Weapons Board ranking didn't change, it grew. This confirmed that it was an immortal tool or at least a prototype.

    Immortal tools were something only an immortal could posses. Did that mean that this world gave birth to another immortal after a pause of a thousand years?

    Elder Xue Shan said, "Are you saying that this world can still create an immortal?"

    The Elder of the Astral Immortal Sect shook his head, "A thousand yeas ago, to prevent Ghost Immortal's descent on this land, Immortal Pill Cauldron united us five ancient immortal sects and closed off the path to immortality. This world is unable to bring another immortal into being!"

    Elder Jian Wangge chuckled, "Immortal. We are the closest to becoming one, yet who can say we will grasp it! It's not so easy becoming an immortal. The way I see it, there's just one more person approaching immortality like us, out there."

    Elder Tie Yi said, "Correct, immortality is an impossibility for now. We all know the entire land is in a perilous state. Before we can grasp the certainty of becoming immortal, the immortal path won't reopen. Only, an expert approaching immortality might have appeared, but he is not among our ancient immortal sects. I wonder if he's a friend or foe."

    The Elder of the Astral Immortal Sect gave his analysis, "A weapon that restrains the Heavenly Dao. You should all know the meaning of these words. Among divine weapons, the ones with this innate inscription, are the strongest among immortal tools. Yet this Dao Empyrean Bamboo is actually the last on the board. This most like means that it's not a true immortal tool. It only climbed on the Divine Weapons Board because of this inscription, a weapon restraining the Heavenly Dao." 

    Elder Xue Shan said, "The situation is critical, but we are yet to find out if this expert is either good or bad."

    Demonic sect's Blood Sea.

    A man with seven long sabers on his back scooped up blood from the sea then pour it over his long saber, then started sharpening it.

    He was the Head Sect Leader of the demonic sect. Each of the seven sabers on his back had its own story to tell. 

    The demonic sect wasn't at all like its immortal counterpart, divided into many. The demonic sect was the demonic sect, unique in the world. No matter who one was, if he was a demonic cultivator, then he belonged to the demonic sect. 

    Just that it was divided into Head Sect Leader, Second Sect Leader, Third Sect Leader, and so on.

    Behind him stood a person, neither man nor ghost, yet ghostly energy surrounded him, and Bones opened his mouth, "The Heaven changed, I need you."

    Wu Jiang turned his head and asked, "Is it about that previous deal, Shi Jiuquan?"

    Bones gave a burst of creepy laughter, as if it was made by bone scraping on bone, "Yes, you help me eradicate the immortal sects, turning this land into my Immortal Domain, then I will open the path to immortality. But I won't touch any living creature in your Demonic Domain."

    Wu Jiang chuckled, "You are dead, I don't trust a dead man's words."

    Bones ignored him, and smiled, "Did you know? No one in this world is qualified to know my name, except you. I don't care if you shout it out, because you have the right to. You might not believe me, but you must believe yourself. You, Wu Jiang, demonic sect's Head Sect Leader, are the strongest beneath the heavens. No one else is. Wouldn't you be an immortal right now, if it weren't for the ancient immortal sects shutting the path to immortality? Deal no deal, you still need to overthrow the immortal sect's rule. This is the only way to open the door to immortality, to try your chance at becoming immortal!"

    Wu Jiang paused, then smiled, "Truth be told, no one is as moved as me, but fighting the entire world, does pick my interest."

    Bones continues, "Then tell me of your choice!"

    Wu Jiang sheathed his saber, "I'll get what I want, and you'll get what you want. That's how it'll be."

  • Chapter 110:  Danger Value Hurricane


    Wielding the Dao Empyrean Bamboo, Chen Ming eyed his danger value, finding it swept by a hurricane, It jumped by 200 to its final value of 840! 

    It wasn't enough to reach the Grand Archfiend rank, which was likely above one thousand.

    He didn't experience such growth even when he held the Demonic Blood Saber. But Dao Empyrean Bamboo went and rose his danger value by 200. He was at his strongest with a weapon that matched him the most.

    Only his attire left to be desired. I need to get my hands on a Daoist robe or I'll be taken as a eunuch...

    The hair also needs to be tied with a Dao pin, and not left hanging loose like this.

    In any case, I need to get started on making myself a full-body magic treasure.

    Since he could refine immortal tools, then spiritual weapons would be easy as pie. He returned to Yan Mountain and found Azure Lion's pelt in its storehouse. He was going to turn this pelt into an azure Daoist robe. He released a flame and began refining the pelt. He turned all the steel-like hairs into droplets, overflowing the material with color. Chen Ming then trimmed the pelt into its final appearance, an azure Daoist robe.

    Who said a tool refining master couldn't be his own tailor?

    Did you ever think it was that easy to make spiritual weapons? 

    Stop joking, wasn't this just nonsense?

    If refining equipment was that easy, then anyone could do it. Not all refining was as easy as it was for the Dao Empyrean Bamboo. It was a prototype immortal equipment after all.

    With the azure Daoist robe before him, Chen Ming began painting inscriptions on it. What inscriptions would be best?

    This azure Daoist robe came from refining Azure Lion's pelt, capable of withstanding seven inscriptions. These inscriptions were many and very diverse. Like the common Sharpness inscription for spiritual weapons, granting a keener edge. Normal spiritual weapons needed to be strengthened, or they would easily break, so many Toughness inscriptions were painted on them. 

    As for a spiritual armor like a Daoist robe, it didn't need something like Sharpness. Do you expect me to use this Daoist robe to chop someone's neck? Hold on, that doesn't sound so bad. No one will ever imagine my Daoist robe can chop people!

    But if it comes to that, I'll have to get naked. That won't be an enjoyable view. Let's forget it.

    After wracking his brains for a while, Chen Ming made the firm decision of painting seven Mountain inscriptions. This would give it enough toughness, highly unlikely to be destroyed, and could even defend him against penetrating damage. Chen Ming wasn't that afraid of propagating effects, he had Nine Nines Mysteries Art at the 36th stage after all. 

    The Mountain inscription, once activated with spiritual power, was effective in blocking attacks as if there was an earthen wall hidden within the Daoist robe. 

    He smoothly painted the seven inscriptions, and when he tried putting it on, he was stunned to discover he couldn't. The Mountain inscriptions made it so stiff it was hard to even wear it. No wonder armor had a higher defense than normal clothing.

    My thinking was wrong it seems. After careful thought, I should also paint seven Grace inscriptions.

    Using softness to conquer strength. With the Grace inscriptions, when he'd get attacked, it would soften the blow and protect his body. With this thought, Chen Ming recalled the Eluding Pearl, a water type treasure. It would be much better to use it on his Daoist robe. 

    No sooner said than done. Chen Ming grabbed the Eluding Pearl, ground it to powder, refined it into the Daoist robe, and painted the seven Grace inscriptions. When half a day went by, Chen Ming finished the job and tried it on. Light as a feather, the pure azure Daoist robe changed his previous devilish charming image into one filled with sageness and refinement. 

    Ah, but this hairdo won't do.

    Time to go to Zhuo Qingyao. Girls are experts on hairdos. As for why he didn't go looking for Chen Lingyu? For this matter, he would, of course, find the most experienced person.

    If he went to Chen Lingyu, then in less then three days all Yan Mountain would know he did not know how to comb his hair. He guaranteed it. Zhuo Qingyao wasn't the like, as she didn't hang out with other disciples too often.

    Head senior sister was as dignified as a mountain.

    Uh, icy mountain.

    At Zhuo Qingyao's Sword Mountain, he entered her courtyard as if he was his own. And since there was no one about, he straightforwardly pushed the door open. Zhuo Qingyao was flustered seeing Chen Ming barging into her place, quickly hiding a cloth beneath a blanket.

    Hm? What is this lass hiding?

    Chen Ming scanned it. Three-foot-long, with a strip of cloth tied to it. Just what is it? "Qingyao, what are you hiding?"

    Zhuo Qingyao's face flushed a bit, "N-nothing."

    Chen Ming smiled, "Let your Master see it. What are you trying to hind?"

    Zhuo Qingyao took three distracted breaths, "Master, is it alright to burst into a lady's chambers like that?" 

    Chen Ming threw back, "Cut the nonsense girl, what lady?"

    Zhuo Qingyao pushed out her chest. The her of fourteen years was starting to develop. Her small chest beginning to make itself noticed.  

    Chen Ming suddenly realized that she was a lady. Not seeing her for more than a year, she blossomed from a little girl into a young woman. Her chest began pushing outward, her small derriere perking up. He shouldn't just waltz in next time around.

    Chen Ming said, "Well, uh, help Master comb his hair."

    Zhuo Qingyao looked at Chen Ming's azure Daoist robe, his hands crossed, holding a horsetail whisk in one hand, and more or less figured Chen Ming's intention.

    Zhuo Qingyao let him sit before her dressing table, and in no time at all, he became all prim and proper, all the while being obedient as a lamb. After all, this was a lady's innate skill at work.

    Looking at his reflexion, he saw himself with a white jade crown on his head, dressed in an azure Daoist robe. It could be said he had the demeanor of a sage, rather immortal like. 

    After Zhuo Qingyao pointed out how to do it, Chen Ming left.

    Zhuo Qingyao quickly returned to her chamber, to that piece of cloth. She unfolded it, revealing a bamboo sword with a touch of dried blood on it. Zhuo Qingyao looked around the room, then came to the decision to stash it under the bed, "En, this way, Master shouldn't find it." 

    Back at Yan Mountain, Chen Ming started writing The Eight Tool Refining Steps And Comprehensive Inscriptions, and The Essence of Tool Refining. According to his thinking, of the Yan Mountain's three thousand and six hundred disciples, three thousand refined pills. Pills were consumables and were in high demand. The rest of the disciples were refining tools. Once the refining was done, one only needed to recover their energy, so it didn't need that many disciples on this task. 

    The hard part about tool refining was grasping inscriptions. There were many and diverse inscriptions, hard to understand them all, not to mention each taking a lot of time. And so, Chen Ming came to the answer of giving one inscription per disciple, and the last disciple tasked with linking them. 

    As for refining them, he'd split the process. Each disciple would have a step assigned to him. Even an idiot could learn it!

    He got to writing, and after several days of rectifying it, half a month later, Chen Ming finished composing the two books. He then passed them over those disciples with attributes that didn't adhere to the norm.
  • Chapter 111: I Have a Bad Feeling About This


    In a short while, these disciples should learn inscriptions, by reading and re-reading the two books. Getting them to refine tools at this point was out of the question. The minimum requirement for tool refining was higher than that of pill refining. They would need to be at Dao Initiation realm before they could even try.

    After studying the fighting style of the Regalia Legion in detail, he came up with a solution. And Archfiend would shrug off flying swords with ease, but if those specific flying swords had a chain attached then it wouldn't be the same. They might even bound an Archfiend! 

    After continuous research for half a month, Chen Ming developed the most cost-effective and the highest quality-price ratio sword chain spiritual weapon. 

    This new standard of the spiritual sword also earned a name from Chen Ming: King Binding Sword!

    As for spiritual armor, he had no problems with it. In a mere three day period, Chen Ming developed it, but with slight changes.

    Passing down the two new refining methods, Chen Ming let the disciples divide their workload. Each went to practice drawing inscriptions, while also getting familiar with the steps for tool refining. 

    He just needed to wait for them to advance to Dao Initiation realm then sit back and watch how spiritual weapons rolled in.

    On this day, Black Python also came to look for him, "Reporting to Mountain Lord. There are many unusual activities in the center of Myriad Mountains. The Fiend Sovereign sends his armies more and more often. The Grand Archfiends in the surroundings sensed this and also began mobilizing. With these activities, many other Grand Archfiends are also on high alert and started to move their armies more frequently. It's as if a major event happened." 

    Chen Ming became alert, What's going on? Has Fiend Sovereign already begun to act?

    Does this mean Shi Jiuquan sent the order for all-out war?

    To put it another way, was Fiend Sovereign planning to unify the whole Myriad Mountains, in preparation for the great war?

    The current state of Myriad Mountains wasn't something the Fiend Sovereign could solve easily. There were four Grand Archfiends. And a Grand Archfiend was just a step away from becoming a Fiend Sovereign, with a high chance of becoming one too. Who would want to miss this chance? Only a Sovereign's word had power, a word that could rouse the whole land. 

    All Grand Archfiend had proper respect for a Sovereign, but if he wanted to order them, then that was utter nonsense. 

    Myriad Mountains, as of now, was shaken by treacherous waves.

    With the reappropriation of the three Divine Palaces' wealth, the number of spirit stones on hand were enough to allow squandering. Chen Ming ordered, "Prepare Black Tiger Mountain, expand the army to a hundred thousand!" 

    Black Python felt shocked at Chen Ming's resolution, "Mountain Lord, you want to begin gathering a hundred thousand soldiers now? Isn't it too soon?"

    Chen Ming shook his head, "It won't be long before the entire Myriad Mountains will shift for the worse. If Yan Mountain lacks power then it won't stand for long in these lands."

    "But for us to gather a hundred thousand, the pace will be much slower than the last time. We cannot let the others notice, and we also have Moon King Hall sealing us off. While we have already exhausted all the manpower Yan Mountain's lands had."

    Chen Ming frowned. He first felt that Moon King Hall's decision to seal them had no effect. He never foresaw this aspect of the issue, that the seal would also prevent Yan Mountain from expanding its army. 

    Chen Ming asked, "What are Moon King Hall's latest movements?"

    "He is preparing to go hold a Meeting of Kings in the neutral area, the Jade Pond. Moon King Hall invites all Archfiend withing his borders. Not only Divine Palaces but all the other Archfiends too. But there has been no invitation sent for Yan Mountain."

    Chen Ming laughed it off, "We are like fire and water, Moon King Hall and us. Why would he invite Yan Mountain? Since he wants to hold a meeting, then I'll pay it a visit and liven things up. A power of equal standing with Moon King Hall, and in its borders, isn't one to miss such occasion."

    Black Python wondered, "Do you want to assemble the Regalia Legion?"

    "No need. I don't want to have a complete falling out with Moon King Hall. This will end in catastrophic losses for Yan Mountain. No, this time, I'll go alone?"

    Black Python bowed, "Mountain Lord, the danger is too great. It would be better if you'd at least take three thousand for your safety!"

    Chen Ming declined again, "If I bring them, they won't be returning. We would lose three thousand troops for nothing!"

    Black Python advised, "But Moon Fiend is a Grand Archfiend, fierce as a tiger. Mountain Lord, if you go alone, the consequence might be fatal!"

    Chen Ming waved his hand, the one holding the horsetail whisk, and smiled, "It is still impossible for me to kill Moon Fiend. But I can still trade a couple of blows with him."

    Black Python was amazed, Does this mean Chen Ming's strength advanced again? His eyes shined with reverence, as he slowly raised his head to gaze upon Chen Ming's figure, "Mountain Lord, have you become a Grand Archfiend?"

    Chen Ming smiled, "Not yet, but soon."

    It could be said that this shocked Black Python to the core. Chen Ming's rise in power equaled soaring. But when his thought rested on the Bones of the Taotie, he only found it normal.  

    Chen Ming proceeded, "Get yourselves ready, I will reveal to you the Bones of the Taotie upon my return. If we end up fighting with Moon King Hall, we shouldn't just waste the lives of those Great Fiends and Archfiends."

    Black Python could foresee how far would Yan Mountain's power soar after they changed to the Bones of the Taotie. But what scared him the most was that when giving them the Bones of the Taotie, Chen Ming would have altered it and end up having absolute control. Has Mountain Lord reached such a miraculous and unfathomable hight?

    After getting his hand on the time and location, five days later found Chen Ming looking for Silver Wing. Chen Ming was the largest power, second to Moon King Hall, within its borders. As a lord of a mountain, this kind of saying, when spoken to himself, would still feel like an afront to his dignity. So he wanted to take Silver Wing, this ignoble fool, bridging the gap! 

    "Ah, Silver Wing! Have you been feeling bored lately in Yan Mountain?"

    Silver Wing disapproved, "Nope, I find it all very a novelty!"

    Yep, he's plain enough, with only a hint of the elegance of this Immortal Master!

    Chen Ming continued, "I wanted to bring you to a really fun place."

    Silver Wing's eyes leaped in joy, "Where?"

    "Moon King Hall is holding a meeting. I was going to let you get more experience. After you wandered around Yan Mountain for a while, I now think you are good enough to take you out in the world. You are sorely lacking compared to others."

    Silver Wing was sincere, "Mountain Lord, what you said makes sense, but I fell like I'll be going to my funeral."

    "Then how about this. Since you won't listen to Mountain Lord's order, I'll stop giving you pills. It shouldn't be a problem, right?"

    Silver Wing's face now changed into one of a martyr, one who would give his life for the righteous cause, "Mountain Lord, I will follow you come hell or high water!"

    Just now I find out this plain thing is addicted to pills. If I'd known this earlier, I wouldn't have wasted so much time!

    Silver Wing smeared on a flattering smile, "Ha-ha-ha, right! Mountain Lord, that is, when we return, can you give me just a bit more of those foul-smelling but delicious tasting pills? "

    Chen Ming's face darkened, I have a bad feeling about this. He perked his nose and sniffed twice. The air seems to hold a faint tofu smell... 
  • Chapter 112: We’ll Play for a Couple of Rounds


    Chen Ming and Silver Wing set off three days later. With Master gone, many pill refining disciples arrived outside Chen Lingyu's alchemy house, "Fourth senior sister, um, that pill that stinks but tastes amazing, can you let us take a peek at its recipe?"

    A brand new world opened to Chen Lingyu who tasted that stinky pill, and soon things went beyond her control. As she refined on the sly, one moment of carelessness was enough for other disciples to know. A disciple said, "Never would I have thought, the pure and innocent fourth senior sister eats mysterious reeking black pills in secret." 

    Unable to bear the disciples' cruel comments, Chen Lingyu handed over some of these reeking pills. They though the stench was unbearable at first, but then one braved to try it. At that moment, the gates were opened for him, and things started spiraling out of control. 

    How many could Chen Lingyu refine? One pill was not nearly enough for each person. They began to have thoughts of refining it themselves. 

    Chen Lingyu banged the door opened, "Master doesn't like to refine that pill."

    A disciple said, "Master and God Silver Wing left, he isn't here now!"

    "Fourth senior sister, we won't leave until you give us the pill recipe!"

    "Fourth senior sister, we want to use Master's journey to our advantage, to give it a try at refining it."


    In the end, Chen Lingyu caved under the disciples' pestering and gave them the pill recipe. Holding it like a delicate treasure, they became an unstoppable force of refining.

    Jade Pond. 

    Moon Fiend sat high on his throne, his eyes encompassing the diverse Archfiends below. They were at least a hundred. He raised his glass of wine, "Today we hold the Meeting of Kings, but it is also a Meeting of Heroes. On such a rare occasion, I, Moon Fiend, offer a toast to everyone!"  

    Moon Fiend stood up and the other Archfiends followed, none dared to disrespect, and lifted their glasses. Yet one Archfiend disagreed, slouching on a table, with wine leaking from his mouth. He was drunk alright.  

    Moon Fiend roamed his eyes, Good, very good. They are all standing. I, Moon Fiend, still have to stand as tall as a mountain!

    Eh? Back up, what is the intention of this Archfiend Pegasus?

    You mean to say that I proposed a toast and he sits and drinks? Is he looking down on me? He held his glass while descending the stairs, walking in front of Archfiend Pegasus, "Archfiend Pegasus, do you despise me, Moon Fiend?"

    Archfiend Pegasus was sozzled. He opened his smiling mouth and hiccupped. 

    Moon Fiend heard comments buzzing around him, "Do you see? Moon Fiend has great power but isn't Yan Mountain's match. Archfiend Pegasus has only contempt for him."  

    "Ah, Archfiend Pegasus has no respect for Moon Fiend!"

    "For Archfiend Pegasus, Moon Fiend's respect is worth nothing!"

    If I don't take care of this Pegasus, my standing and dignity will hit rock bottom. But I need to do it with caution, or it will look like I can't tolerate anyone. "Archfiend Pegasus, what is the meaning of this?"

    Pegasus was hammered, blurting in a daze, "Who's the bastard calling me? Don't disturb this King's sleep! Ptooey!"

    Moon Fiend scrunched up his brows in furry and slapped the table, rousing the drunk Pegasus. He got a shock when he found Moon Fiend standing there, Crap, what did I just say? 

    I seem to apparently, most likely, and quite possibly cursed Moon Fiend for being a bastard...

    Moon Fiend grabbed Pegasus' chest, lifted him, and snarled, "Archfiend Pegasus, are you displeased with me, Moon Fiend?"

    All eyes were now on Archfiend Pegasus, "He is in for it now!"

    "Disrespecting Moon Fiend like that is like a death sentence!"

    "I wonder how Archfiend Pegasus will die."

    "I reckon we will shortly get to know for ourselves if horse meat is good or not."

    At that moment, ridicule left itself be heard, "Hey hey hey, Moon Fiend is a mighty powerful fellow!" 

    Moon Fiend looked in that direction and found Chen Ming, with Silver Wing trailing behind him.

    Not many knew Chen Ming before Yan Mountain's battle. But they recognized him now, they would be fools not to, "What's going on? Why is Yan Mountain's Lord here?"

    "This is bad, this time's meeting will be overturned!"

    "Is this the lord of Yan Mountain? He looks as attractive and charming as a playboy!"

    "He went and said Lord Moon Fiend's name directly."

    "Archfiend Pegasus has to be Yan Mountain's man. No wonder he had no respect for Lord Moon Fiend!"

    "The situation is devolving. I won't get to finish my roasted pig like this..."

    Chen Ming eyed the Pegasus in Moon Fiend's hand, Eh? Since when did Yan Mountain had one such daft?

    Silver Wing is enough of a fool as it is, I don't need a second one!

    Finding the Pegasus in his hand is one of Yan Mountain's men, Moon Fiend faced Chen Ming, "What's that? Am I supposed to inform Yan Mountain each time I kill an Archfiend?" 

    Silver Wing laughed, also coming to know Pegasus was one of them. Mountain Lord and Moon King Hall are hostile, why should we let Moon Fiend enjoy his evening? "You're so brazen, Moon Fiend, killing an Archfiend on a whim. From what you said, it seems that the others sitting around us should be more careful. Who is to say that the next one won't be them?"

    Pegasus was rooted to his spot, I'm not, I never was! I've never been acquainted with Chen Ming in my life. I know nothing of Yan Mountain. He wanted to explain, but just then, a dizzy spell set it and puked. Food scraps along with wine plastered Moon Fiend's face.   

    Moon Fiend stood in a daze. Then he snapped. He was about to slap the life out of Pegasus!

    Not only you insult me, Moon Fiend, you even spat in my face! That's unacceptable!

    Chen Ming grasped the situation from the gossip of other Archfiends. They went and lumped Pegasus together with Yan Mountain. Exposed, and on the basis that he was respectful to him but not to Moon Fiend, Chen Ming moved. In the next instant, he was before Moon Fiend, grabbing his descending hand. 

    Moon Fiend glowered at him, "Yan Mountain, you want us to have a falling-out?"

    Chen Ming laughed, "Are you saying that Moon King Hall didn't already target Yan Mountain? You sent the kill order first, and now you also want to be the first to act? You won't get the chance this time!"

    Moon Fiend roared in laughter, "A waste like you can't compare to me, Moon Fiend. It's like a small bead wanting to have the same shine like the moon!"

    Chen Ming tightened his grip, "Since you want to fight, then how about we play around for a couple of rounds?"
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    Changing Consciousness to Aspect from now on. It's the third stage of the Dao Comprehending realm.
  • Chapter 113: Fighting Moon Fiend


    Chen Ming's main reason for coming was to undo Moon King Hall's seal on Yan Mountain. If it were only this faction sealing him, then he would still have a chance, but then the other Archfiends joined too, leaving him no room.

    They still saw Yan Mountain as being weaker than Moon King Hall.

    To them, Chen Ming has yet to become a Grand Archfiend. 

    Chen Ming came to let them know that Moon King Hall wasn't to be offended, but that Yan Mountain was also not to be taken lightly.

    He wanted to clearly show his standing, that Yan Mountain and Moon King Hall were on equal footing, evenly matched. Other small fries should get out of the way. It's not his fault if they get crushed in between. 

    Moon Fiend looked around, to see that Chen Ming only brought Silver Wing. He came with just two people, "Ha-ha-ha, Chen Ming, since you came to die, then let me help you send you on your way!"

    Moon Fiend threw Pegasus, then slapped Chen Ming!

    He had a deep worry in his heart. He wasn't one to let such a perfect chance of killing Chen Ming pass him by.  

    Chen Ming found Moon Fiend's danger value at 1080, extreme danger. It was far higher than his, but that didn't mean he couldn't fight. So when the slap came, he staggered back ten steps before regaining his footing, "He's a Grand Archfiend after all. He does have some skill!"

    Moon Fiend stood in a daze. Chen Ming only retreated ten paces, uninjured!

    The audience made room in an instant, Why did they start without any notice? And Moon Fiend went on the attack himself!

    They saw how Chen Ming only retreated, Does this mean the Lord of Yan Mountain has the power of a Grand Archfiend? A new Grand Archfiend appeared already?

    Moon Fiend's casual manner changed, This Lord of Yan Mountain has some skill. "Humph, showing off. Today, I will show you the power of a Grand Archfiend. Heavenly Moon Disk!" 

    Moon Fiend extended his hands in front. A full moon then appeared in between, as it blackened the sky, with only the silvery moonlight remaining! 

    Moon Fiend spread his hand and the Heavenly Moon Disk flew at his target. Chen Ming eyed it, This is a magical art. He enabled the King Slayer Aura and stirred his horsetail whisk, "Return to origin, scatter!" 

    The blue wind left from the horsetail whisk and touched upon the Heavenly Moon Disk. Moments later, the moon dissipated into the moonlight.

    The audience was struck dumb. This wasn't as casual as the previous exchange. This was a full-blown fight. Moon Fiend launched a magical art yet it didn't affect Chen Ming at all!

    Moon Fiend's eyes shined ever brighter, gazing the horsetail whisk, This horsetail whisk is strange! But Moon Fiend had to admit that Chen Ming held the power to contest against a Grand Archfiend. Moreover, Chen Ming's action was so light, that it was obvious he didn't use everything he had.

    Moon Fiend said, "You're already a Grand Archfiend?"

    Chen Ming gave a nod and a smile, "Didn't you just test me?"

    Moon Fiend strained his senses, to detect Chen Ming's cultivation, Eh? Dao Initiation realm...

    He is most definitely hiding his cultivation, but how much exactly? He didn't believe for a second Chen Ming was a Grand Archfiend. A Grand Archfiend represented one who could form an Aspect. And since Chen Ming didn't give any signs he did, Moon Fiend didn't believe him!

    Moon Fiend smiled, "You're seeking your own death if you think you can fool me!"

    Chen Ming shouted, "Moon Fiend, Myriad Mountains is swept by dangerous currents. Even a Grand Archfiend is in danger like everyone else. Do we need to fight to the bitter end?"

    Moon Fiend refuted, "Compared to Fiend Sovereign's threat, I am more interested in killing you first!"

    From Moon Fiend's words, Chen Ming knew he was aware of Fiend Sovereign's movements, but it didn't curb his desire to kill him.

    Chen Ming was under the impression that if he showed his power, it would convince Moon Fiend that a war between them would end up with both of them loose, that it would only work to help Fiend Sovereign. Yet Moon Fiend didn't care at all!

    Moon Fiend was determined to kill him!

    "Ding! You triggered a storyline mission. Moon King Hall isn't pleased with Yan Mountain's achievements. To destroy Yan Mountain he needs to kill you. Please escape with your life. Objective: survive for ten days. Reward: 20,000 spiritual knowledge, 5,000 fame."

    It won't be easy. Chen Ming shouted, "Silver Wing, return to Yan Mountain at once!" 

    Silver Wing knew the situation was dire. Moon Fiend was clearly intent on using this chance to end Chen Ming. Silver Wing unfurled his wings then took to the skies. With his speed, the Divine Palaces present here would have no way of catching him.

    Since Silver Wing fled, Chen Ming held a thread of hope, "Moon Fiend, don't you care about the consequences? If we fight bitterly, it will only benefit Fiend Sovereign!"

    Moon Fiend laughed hard, "You are still clueless of what it means to be a Grand Archfiend. In Myriad Mountains, such a person has tens of thousand under him. A Grand Archfiend's rage can lay death to millions! Talking again and again about the Fiend Sovereign, yet even when his order comes I don't need to listen. So why should I listen to you prattle?"

    A moon flew from Moon Fiend's back, his Aspect, connecting him with his cultivation of the Grand Dao with the Moon, "The Dao that I cultivate is the common Moon. Everything in my borders, even your puny Yan Mountain, amount to nothing!" 

    "As for cultivation, mine is deeper than anyone else's. You waltzing in hear shows you have accepted your death!"

    The silver moonlight spilled out, each ray forming a sharp moon blade. The three thousand moon blades converged as Moon Fiend pointed, "I'll just let you taste death from my Moon Blade!" 

    Thousands of Moon Blades swept towards Chen Ming, who swept his horsetail whisk in response. The blue wind flew out but it only took out two thousand of them. The rest of the blades drew ever nearer since he lacked in cultivation when compared to Moon Fiend. He once again waved the horsetail whisk and eight spiritual swords broke free from it, setting up the Eight Extremes Array with him at its center.

    Blade after blade struck the array, exploding on contact, and bending it left then right!

    Some of the Moon Blades landed on the floor, leaving deep scars. Just where could the Archfiends find a safe place from danger? They all took flight. A Grand Archfiend was just like an overlord in Myriad Mountains. They rarely acted but when they did, just like now with Moon Fiend, the Archfiends wouldn't dare to stand close.

    "Lord Moon Fiend is furious. Yet the lord of Yan Mountain can hold his own, facing him by himself!"

    "Didn't he came to die?"

    Chen Ming didn't foresee Moon Fiend would go as far and forgo all consequences. But at the same time, he also took a Grand Archfiend's determination lightly. Of course he was strong, he became a Grand Archfiend after all. 

    And only a Grand Archfiend would have the privilege of holding his own in the Myriad Mountains!

    Moon Fiend laughed, "You were impatient to die so you came here. This is all on you!" 
  • Chapter 114: The Problems the Fist Can’t Solve


    Yan Mountain and Moon King Hall have shed all pretenses. They were in contradiction at first, but now Moon Fiend wanted to kill the lord of Yan Mountain, Chen Ming. 

    Moon Fiend flew high, as the silver moonlight spread around, launching thousands of Moon Blades. Chen Ming countered with his Dao Empyrean Bamboo, scattering the blades in the blue wind.

    With a jump, Moon Fiend charged right into the array, and felt its pressure, "Eh? This array of yours is quite good, Chen Ming. I'll give you a chance, kneel before me, kowtow three times, call me grandpa three times, and I'll leave you with a complete corpse!"

    Chen Ming laughed, "This conceding has no point. I have no interest to have an intact corpse. If you want to attack, then come and try!"

    As he waved the Dao Empyrean Bamboo, it drew upon the array's black clouds, "Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword!"

    Dao Empyrean Bamboo was connected to untold Daos, posing no problem in forming the array's broadsword. the huge blade descended over Moon Fiend, yet expressed no fear as the silver moon behind him rose in the sky. It was as if it was holding the world. He formed two full moons in his palms and faced the broadsword head-on.

    The broadsword recoiled back from the clash farther and farther, shocking Chen Ming to no end.

    Moon Fiend curled his lips into a curious smile, "Chen Ming, to tell you the truth, I'm starting to admire your talent. I've changed my conditions, if you're willing to be my dog, I'll let you keep your life!"

    Chen Ming shook his head, with a fierce and ruthless face, "Just listening to you and I know it's bad. Cut the bullshit, you're just a smear of blood. Even an immortal, if he's a smear of blood, see how I kill him!"

    Moon Fiend had a moment of confusion, but laughed in the end, "What smear of blood? It seems you're losing touch with reality. I might as well kill you now and end your suffering!"

    Chen Ming felt more and more pressure. Fleeing to Yan Mountain meant calamity would fall on it. Moon Fiend's subordinates were the King Corps. That was something Yan Mountain had no way of defending against!

    Even his strongest move, the Eight Extremes Array couldn't cope with Moon Fiend. Was there any other way?

    Chen Ming charged towards Moon Fiend and brandished the horsetail whisk, erupting into ten thousand sword energy waves. Under the pressure of this attack, Moon Fiend frowned, "You still have an attack like this!?" 

    Endless moonlight rose, shielding Moon Fiend from the swords. He waved and a silver moon halberd appeared in his hand, "Do you know how much Archfiend blood this silver moon halberd tasted? I will tell you, eighty-two!"

    He brandished the halberd, feeling as if he had the power to collapse the heavens. Chen Ming defended with a wave of his Dao Empyrean Bamboo, and despite suffering no damage, he retreated dozens of steps, feeling a numbness spreading to his fingers. 

    It's not easy to face one that broke the thousand points mark!

    As one overcame this mark, a fundamental change occurred. No wonder a Grand Archfiend was also known as a ruler of Myriad Mountains!

    "The Lord of Yan Mountain can't help but despise a Grand Archfiend!"

    "One should know that each Grand Archfiend came out of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood!"

    "Where a Grand Archfiend passes, the people kneel!"

    "Moon Fiend is a ruler of Myriad Mountains, a Grand Archfiend for three hundred years!"

    Moon Fiend charged like a beast, powerful as a dragon, with the moonlight lighting the sky. He swished the silver moon halberd and let loose a torrent of moonlight, bearing down like mountains!

    Chen Ming used all his power to support the array, condensing the broadsword once again and flew at Moon Fiend. He had no qualm as he clashed against the broadsword with his large halberd. Endless moonlight poured, smacking the blade away!

    "Lord of Yan Mountain, it's not nearly enough to fight as Divine Palace against a Grand Archfiend!"

    "Chen Ming might not be Moon Fiend's match, but it can be said he is unequal under the Grand Archfiend rank!"

    "What use does that have? He still can't win against one!"

    Chen Ming's though, Damn it! It's definitely not like in the novels. Don't they send some small fries in the books first? This is more like meeting a big boss directly!

    Moon Fiend moved between lightning as if he was taking a stroll. These flames, starlight, and lightning were useless against him. This showcased what kind of power a Grand Archfiend had!

    The silver moon halberd swished, while Chen Ming dodged to the side. Where it landed, a mountain crumbled. This was a Grand Archfiend. A simple move and a mountain got crushed! 

    Moon Fiend wasn't one to let Chen Ming off that easily. With killing intent focused, he would only be able to undo the knot in his hear when he cut down Chen Ming! 

    The silver moon halberd moved, again and again, spilling moonlight on all sides, bearing down its might on Chen Ming. 

    Chen Ming swished his Dao Empyrean Bamboo, flickering countless sword energy waves, facing the incoming halberd head on!

    Moon Fiend eyed the Dao Empyrean Bamboo, "Are you worthy to have such a great treasure? Once I kill you, it will fall on to me. I'll make sure to reveal its true potential!"

    Lightning flashed, thunder boomed, starlight shined, firestorm swept, as thousands of moonlight came pouring down. The battlefield was thrown in chaos, as if the end was nigh, wanting to rip apart the heaven and earth!

    The silver moon halberd created dozens of images as it danced towards Chen Ming. As the Dao Empyrean Bamboo fluttered in his hand, Chen Ming had to work hard to resist it, but it still shook his inner organs, spatting mouth after mouth of blood! 

    Chen Ming didn't have the luxury to care, as he spent spiritual knowledge like crazy, upgrading Illustrious Casket to the peak of Dao Initiation realm. Then he started using the new cultivation to recover from his wounds. 

    Chen Ming was more than aware, What's the use of me, an array master, clashing directly with him?

    Chen Ming waved the horsetail whisk, and the black cloud above descended, covering Moon Fiend's vision. Moon Fiend could sense Chen Ming in the darkness, but unable to distinguish him, "Humph, a full moon hangs above, dispelling the darkness all around us!"

    The silver moon from his back flew high, its light penetrating the black cloud, disintegrating a part of it each time. Moon Fiend came out of from moonlight and regarded Chen Ming, "Parlor tricks. You think such a tactic works on me? Ha-ha-ha, my power greatly outstrips the power of the array. How will this array help you against me?" 

    Moon Fiend stepped on the moonlight, showing the image of a moon ruler descending upon the world, as endless rays of moonlight flew from his body to attack. Chen Ming flicked the horsetail whisk, meeting it with his own endless wave of ancient swords, rushing at Moon Fiend like a flood of steel. 

    Moon Fiend opened his two arms and the halberd spun forming a full moon and hacked at the ancient swords. But these swords seem to be boundless, even falling they still flew towards their target. Moon Fiend raged, "Now even this rusted metal dares to look fierce before me, Moon Fiend?"

    Over him, the moonlight roamed as he grasped the halberd and charged into the sword rain. Metal on metal could be heard as the ancient swords struck his body. They were unable to punch through the moonlight protecting him! 

    Chen Ming found Moon Fiend to be tyrannical and knew he couldn't compare, Sigh, what the fist can't settle, only the mind can!


    (1)     A term from games. It means he is fated to be killed. He is saying that he is insignificant, like a common mob.

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  • Chapter 115: You Have a Great Wife!


    To tell the truth, using his head held no interest to Chen Ming, Ah, why think when you can resolve an issue with fists? Fight a battle of wits with air?

    By now, Chen Ming used most of his moves, but he still fell short of being Moon Fiend's match. He could only use his head now.

    It's just lying, my, Immortal Master Chen, specialty!

    Guess I can only use that to send off Moon Fiend. Since I'll deceive one, I might as well go big and deceive a crowd.

    Moon Fiend saw how Chen Ming took step by step in retreat, oblivious to the fact that Chen Ming would now resort to deception.  

    Chen Ming looked down to see the Archfiends attending the meeting, Might as well deal with them all at the same time.

    Chen Ming flew to one and a move from the array put an end to that Archfiend. He regarded the surrounding Archfiends, charging like a wolf among sheep. 

    The audience of Archfiends were struck dumb, "Lord of Yan Mountain has gone insane..."

    "He is no match to Lord Moon Fiend and now he offends the other Archfiends from Moon King Hall!"

    "I reckon he is aware he can't escape and wants to drag as many as he can with him. "

    After Chen Ming's provoking actions, Moon Fiend appeared before him, ready to kill, "You dare, Chen Ming, to kill my men right in front of me? Today you will find your end!" 

    A pair of black wings unfolded behind Chen Ming, using the Drifting Feather Art to flee, but not at top speed though. Or else Moon Fiend wouldn't chase. He whipped back his head and laughed at him, "Moon Fiend, I wonder if you heard of the saying, forced into a corner!"

    With victory within reach, how could Moon Fiend not pursue? With Chen Ming's head in his sights, how could he let him go?  

    I, Moon Fiend, will definitely have his head!

    Moon Fiend roared, "You're dead! You think I'll let you return to Yan Mountain, to let a tiger return to his den? Ha-ha-ha, no way. Today, I will take your head, showing all the other Archfiends what it means to defy!"

    Chen Ming fled on, with Moon Fiend on his tail, "All of you, chase!"

    Chen Ming slowed on purpose, letting Moon Fiend catch quickly. Now and then he overtook him, then launched an explosive strike, causing Chen Ming to spit blood.

    The more hurt he saw Chen Ming was, the eager he became, feeling Chen Ming's head drawing ever nearer. With Chen Ming out of the picture, Yan Mountain held couldn't hold a candle. He wouldn't even waste a soldier, and this large headache would vanish!

    On this fleeting journey, Chen Ming sprinkled his blood among the heavens. He was in front, with Moon Fiend and the rest at the back, traveling ten thousand li, while also taking three days and three nights. Moon Fiend eyed the bloody Chen Ming, "How can he still run, he spat two vats already? Is he an array master or a hardship cultivator?"

    He cultivated the Nine Nines Mysteries Art and Illustrious Casket. The first toughened and the second healed. Chen Ming wasn't one to say he was as strong as a horse, but he could handle a beating. 

    Moon Fiend raged, "He must be nearing his end. Continue the chase, don't let him escape!"

    With a bloody head just a stone throw away, Moon Fiend could no longer keep calm. It has already been three days, but he didn't care if it went for a day or two longer!

    After another day of playing cat and mouse, Chen Ming's ten-so Dao Palaces were nearly depleted of spiritual power.

    But it was also then when he saw a line of sand in the distance. He was finally here.

    This was the Archfiend graveyard!

    Chen Ming went headlong into the desert, when an Archfiend next to Moon Fiend said, "Lord, that's the Yellow Sea!"

    Moon Fiend cooled down at that, but he saw clearly how Chen Ming didn't fly, and entered the Yellow Sea on foot, "Look, Chen Ming can no longer fly. As long as we don't venture too far into the Yellow Sea, we'll be alright!"

    The group continued their chase, then the sand bulged in one place and Chen Ming burst out. He set the Eight Extremes Array with a flick of the horsetail whisk then in a swift move used the Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword to cut short the last Archfiend's life.

    Moon Fiend whipped his head back, just in time to see Chen Ming smile, "Since you'll all die, there's no need to mind it too much. Moon Fiend, do you know what the Archfiend I just killed said to me?" 

    Moon Fiend felt puzzled, "What did he say?"

    Chen Ming laughed darkly, "He said you have a great wife!"

    Moon Fiend blew a gasket, "Chen Ming, you're dead! After him!"

    The black wings behind Chen Ming flashed, fleeing as he turned his head, "Oh, right. He said that all your wives are great!"

    Cursing? Oh no no no, this wasn't cursing, this was tactics, tactics!

    Moon Fiend spew obscenities as he chased, "You're very good, all of your wives are good!"

    Chen Ming laughed, "He-he-he, sorry, I ain't got a wife."

    Moon Fiend's face burned, anger choking his heart, "Chen Ming, even if you run to the ends of the earth, I'll still kill you!" 

    With the obscenities done, Chen Ming went underground the Yellow Sea. Moon Fiend went after as if pricked, following the direction of his traces.

    The two parties chased through the Yellow Sea, and when an Archfiend wanted to speak, Chen Ming suddenly returned to kill him in a moment of carelessness. He sent ten thousand swords crushing him to death, "En, this guy just said your daughter was also great!"

    Moon Fiend's face was sometimes blue, sometimes red, "Enough, I decided. When I get my hands on you, I will show you what it means to beg for death! I hear you have two girls as disciples, your two disciples are really great!" 

    Moon Fiend went hysterical from rage, like a berserk demon. Since when could a majestic Grand Archfiend tolerate such insults?

    After chasing for another six hours in the Yellow Sea, Chen Ming burst out and took to the skies, with Moon Fiend hot on his tail. But when the later got here, he knew something was amiss. The sky was covered in sand, endless and thick. Even what he saw was only sand, Crap! While underground he had no way of knowing what happened above. They were completely inside the Yellow Sea.

    This was known as the Archfiend graveyard, the forbidden area of Myriad Mountains!

    Even an Archfiend, once he lost his bearings here, had no chance!

    And across from him, Chen Ming flapped his black wings, entering the sandstorm, and leaving no trace to follow.

    Was a storm that could kill an Archfiend normal? The fierce wind came in waves, swaying him each way. Here, one couldn't even distinguish up and down! Moon Fiend was unable to find out if he was standing or if he was flipped!
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  • Chapter 116: Your Master’s Grave Already Has Two Inch of Grass!


    Chen Ming popped his head out of the sand but saw no shadow of Moon Fiend. Even if he spread his awareness, it still couldn't make it through the storm, vanishing in a blink. 

    Chen Ming eyed the area, I already told you, forced into a corner. I didn't lie, you just didn't believe it.

    He already tried his luck flying through here once, but the sky seemed endless. He couldn't even make sense of up and down. So he controlled himself to not strain too far from the surface.

    If he had a Wind Pearl or an array that could dissipate the storm then, with Yan Mountain here, he wouldn't care even if the skies outside the Yellow Sea fell. The Myriad Mountains could fight all they wanted. As long as Shi Jiuquan didn't come, then everything else wasn't Yan Mountain's problem.

    It was possible, but Chen Ming has yet to find a way to make it happen.

    Taking out the West magnetic needle from his storage ring, Chen Ming picked his direction and the next day found him outside the dessert. He looked back to see how the sandstorm formed a new world on its own, Let's leave Moon Fiend to have some fun in there.

    Chen Ming had to make a speedy return to Yan Mountain. With him back and Moon Fiend gone, it was enough. History had always been written by survivors. Wasn't it all up to him, how Moon Fiend died? 

    Not only Moon King Hall's surroundings, even the entire Myriad Mountains, all would spread Chen Ming's story of killing Moon Fiend, "Have you heard? A Grand Archfiend was killed. They say some Lord of Yan Mountain killed him."  

    "Yan Mountain, where is that?"

    "I didn't hear it!"

    "The rumor says that Yan Mountain wanted to be equal to Moon King Hall in status. The exalted Lord Moon Fiend shot the proposal on the spot!"

    "This Lord thing of Yan Mountain is just a newly risen clown. He even dared to challenge a Grand Archfiend!"

    Within Moon King Hall, Divine Palace stage and Dao Seed stage Archfiends regarded Yan Mountain with great importance. Although Chen Ming was beneath Lord Moon Fiend, he rose to power swiftly. He was said to not have taken even a year, and now he could hold his own against Moon King Hall. Yan Mountain was more than surely a gem.

    "Yan Mountain can be said to be a natural formed place between heaven and earth. Only this place, that grasped the essence of the sun and moon, could give birth to someone like Chen Ming!"

    "Exactly, Moon King Hall will attack Yan Mountain withing the next days. We need to set out soon, to get our own share!"

    "Yan Mountain is a King rising land!"

    Around Yan Mountain, the finest noise could trigger chaos, as many Archfiends gathered, wanting their own share of the pie.

    Inside, Silver Wing waited a few days, then also sensed the changes beyond Yan Mountain's borders. He could no longer wait, the danger was too great! 

    Silver Wing found the four legacy disciples standing on the stage, with the three thousand and six hundred disciples gathered, "Yan Mountain has become a dangerous place. We cannot stay here." 

    These disciples were unaware of what's happening, and even the legacy disciples weren't to clear on the matters. Silver Wing explained, "A few days ago, Grand Archfiend Moon Fiend, from Moon King Hall, gathered all its Archfiends to discuss a way to deal with Yan Mountain. Your Master wasn't one to let that happen and ventured alone, for your safety. He wanted to put a stop to their attack on Yan Mountain. Yet Moon Fiend didn't know reason and wanted to kill your Master. I'm afraid that your Master's grave should have two-inch grass covering it by now." 

    Zhuo Qingyao's eyes went read, unsheathing the Fairy Sword and pointing at Silver Wing, "That's impossible!" 

    Ling Xian added, "Master cannot be dead!"

    Li Suyi had no hesitated, "You're lying. There's no way Master died at the hands of Moon Fiend!"

    Chen Lingyu wasn't too clear on Chen Ming's strength, but if head senior sister and her two senior brothers said so, "Head senior sister and the two senior brothers are right!"

    Many disciples regarded the four in silence, expressing in their own way their disbelief. Silver Wing said, "You can all see the peril that awaits Yan Mountain. At least a hundred Archfiends are marching towards us. If we don't leave now, there won't be a next time!"

    Zhuo Qingyao planted the sword into the ground, sitting cross-legged, "I won't leave. I will live and die with Yan Mountain!"

    Seeing their dignified head senior sister's stance, the other disciples followed her example, "We won't leave, we live and die with Yan Mountain!"

    Silver Wing felt helpless. They were Chen Ming's dear disciples and weren't ones to give up Yan Mountain from a couple of his words, "Whether you leave or not, it doesn't matter. But I am firm in my decision to disband. Of course, we will all take a share when we disband; I will only take two thousand pill bottles. If you want to follow me, I will do my best to carry you out of here. I have already shown all the kindness I have! "

    Silver Wing found everyone's faces changed, then kneeled together, "Greetings Master!"

    Silver Wing stood distracted, then started waving his hands, "Don't joke with me. Your Master's grave already has two-inch grass over it, if you want to disband then do it. Scarring me won't work!"

    Yet, a calm voice came from behind Silver Wing, "Everyone, rise." 

    Silver Wing's paled. This was Chen Ming's voice alright. He turned to see him covered from head to toe in blood, yet his burning eyes stared back at him. He looked as if he climbed out of hell, "Silver Wing, was it you who said just now to disband?" 

    Silver Wing's head created winds as he denied it, "I have not, I never had. That was not my intention! I was just testing the loyalty of Mountain Lord's disciples. They seem to have undying respect for Mountain Lord. Ah, good, very good! I am pleased."

    Chen Ming nodded, "Good, since you're so pleased, then you must also have undying loyalty to Yan Mountain. With many Archfiends outside Yan Mountain, you should be clear on what to do, no? "

    How could he not? "Subordinate will go attack the enemy!"

    Silver Wing flew straight away, all the while thinking, How many do I need to kill before Mountain Lord lets me off the hook?

    Moreover, Mountain Lord came back, while there's no news of Moon Fiend. Does this mean Moon Fiend fell at Mountain Lord's hands?

    The blood-soaked Chen Ming smiled at his disciples, "It's good that you're all alright."

    The disciples regarded the bloody Chen Ming, realizing how excruciating the battle must have been, and they understood what a teacher for a day, a Master for life meant. 

    Chen Ming waved slowly at them, "Don't be scared. As long as Master is here, no one can hurt you. But you shouldn't go out. For now, stay on Yan Mountain."

    Chen Ming turned around and walked towards Yan Mountain. Zhuo Qingyao was the first to step forward, hugging his arm, afraid he wasn't real, "Master, I will help you." 

    The other three caught up. Zhuo Qingyao started giving orders, "Ling Xian, bring water." 

    "Li Suyi, go find recovery pills."

    "Chen Lingyu, quickly prepare something to eat. "

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  • Chapter 117: Lifting the Seal on the Bones of the Taotie


    As the four legacy disciples tended to his well being, Zhuo Qingyao asked, "Master, we want to help you. I know we are very weak, but please let us show you we can be of assistance."

    Chen Ming considered. Around them were only small powers of Archfiends. If Moon King Hall knew Moon Fiend died, then it would become complete chaos, not giving him any worry. 

    The rest of the fights wouldn't be too dangerous. It was time to let his disciples along with his legacy disciples gain more experience. He at first needed to find three hundred Archfiends to complete his advancement mission. But he'll just kill those outside. With their small renown, it would only turn Yan Mountain into a tyrant in the eyes of the world. If he were to go find other three hundred Archfiend from different factions, then he'd stumble upon a Grand Archfiend, since they all had one. And a strong Grand Archfiend wasn't someone he could offend.

    The best, for now, was to just open the gates. The second morning, Black Tiger, Fire Swallow, and Black Python found out of Chen Ming's return, and hurried up Yan Mountain, to present their report.

    Black Python began, "Mountain Lord, the Archfiends declaring war on us are as much as ninety-three, with Moon King Hall on their way!"

    Black Tiger looked Chen Ming over, and carefully asked, "Mountain Lord, I was wondering. What has become of Moon Fiend?"

    They were eager to know of Moon Fiend's situation since he and Chen Ming were powers that could affect the course of the battle. If the opposition still had their Moon Fiend, then their morale would reach the heavens!

    Chen Ming hesitated, but then, "Relax, Moon Fiend won't return."

    The mission has yet to end, proof that Moon Fiend was still alive. The mission would have been over by now if he wasn't.

    Chen Ming just said Moon Fiend wouldn't return, and not that he was dead. But to the ears of the three, it was practically the same. From Silver Wing, they knew Moon Fiend brought along more than a dozen Archfiends to chase after Chen Ming, only to have Chen Ming return in the end. Mountain Lord's power is too terrifying.

    He eyeing his merits, finding them over ten thousand. Most came from Li Suyi's speedy improvement after breaking through to Dao Initiation realm. He only needed to refine Taotie's Seed and he'd advance. Ling Xian's realm couldn't compare to Li Suyi's. He once heard from him how Li Suyi's growth in power would explode once he reached Dao Comprehending realm. 

    Now that Zhuo Qingyao had the wooden boat, adding to that her cultivation only at Dao Sense realm, along with taking Yan Mountain's Dao Sense realm pills whenever she wanted, her power improved quickly. She was on the verge of reaching a King rank's power. 

    Zhuo Qingyao was now at the 36th stage of Dao Sense realm, on par with Chen Ming's.

    Chen Ming didn't think much about it. He reckoned his disciples would stand above a Sovereign. He'd better get to Dao Comprehending realm. He was just in Dao Initiation realm, but his power and realm had no correlation, so he didn't mind it.  

    Chen Ming didn't let himself be engrossed with imagining how he was when he transcended, "If I transcend, immortals will be helpless. That's how it should be."

    Even if he completed the advancement mission now, he didn't dare to advance to Dao Comprehending realm. This breakthrough involved Heavenly Tribulation. And his, well, damn if a  ghost(1) would know how powerful it'd be!

    Uh, a ghost definitely doesn't know.

    Chen Ming's thought went to Bones of the Taotie. He spoke in his mind, "Comprehend Bones of the Taotie!"

    Moments later, he thoroughly understood how to cultivate Bones of the Taotie, its Dao, how to use it and its scripture. Chen Ming then began improving it, since he comprehends the Bones of the Taotie for his Archfiends to get stronger. Why didn't he went subduing other Divine Palaces?

    Have you seen Silver Wing's conduct?

    He went missing for a bit and Silver Wing began making a fuss about disbanding. As Black Tiger, Black Python, and Fire Swallow carefully adjusted their defenses, to fight to the death for Yan Mountain.

    Chen Ming regarded the three Archfiend in front of him and said in earnest, "What I'm about to say is not to leave this room."

    They all had solemn expressions as they bowed, "We understand!"

    Chen Ming drew in a deep breath, but still took out the evil cultivation method, Bones of the Taotie, "I will explain to you this scripture, Bones of the Taotie. My fast rise to power isn't because of this but I have cultivated this cultivation method to completion. Therefore, I will give to you the first volume of the improved version I wrote. Then I will take the Taotie's Seed I cultivated and share it among you three. With this seed, you no longer need to commit the crime of devouring mortals."

    They knelt before Chen Ming in respect, "We thank Mountain Lord for his kindness!"

    Chen Ming waved for them to get up, "You three are Yan Mountain's most loyal people. Not like that Silver Wing, so you do not need to act so reservedly. "

    Chen Ming began explaining, "Taotie is the master of devouring, also known as gluttony. And Taotie will find its end from walking the path of gluttony, eating till it bursts. Therefore, you must bear in mind to curb your desires of gluttony. You are to see me each month, checking to see if nothing unexpected occurred. "

    They knew of the danger this method contained and none of them wanted to become a walking corpse bent on indulging its appetite, "We will bear in mind."

    Chen Ming began, "Spirit, as in soul, flesh, as in the body, are all something from which you will be able to extract their essence, to nurture yourselves. The Heaven's Dao reduces excess and replenishes deficiency(2), while the Taotie's Dao reduces the deficient and supply the excessive..."

    Once his explanation ended, he asked, "Can you remember it?"

    The three were Archfiend ranks, so of course they could recall it. And as Archfiends, they needn't so many explanations, as they comprehended swiftly. With instant comprehension, he got a Taotie's Seed, one that was much stronger than Azure Lion's. He took out the seed and divided it in two then in three. The three green Dao Seeds appeared before the three Archfiends, "Take them, and remember of the method that I passed on to you. You will be able to reach the late Divine Palace stage at most. If you covet power and advance recklessly, it will only lead to death." 

    The tree ate the Taotie's Seed, then bowed again, "Many thanks to Mountain Lord for teaching us the Dao!"

    Leaving the three to cultivation, Chen Ming began making preparation for war. After this battle, in Myriad Mountains, Yan Mountain's true power would spread far and wide. Therefore, this war had to be done beautifully!


    (1)    It’s like the English saying: damn if he know. But in Chinese damn is replaces with ghost.

    (2)    Daoism philosophy. It means the Heaven’s Way is to look for balance, taking from where its too much and giving to those that have too little. From the founder of Daoism, Lao Zhu. Here is a link regarding this line:

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