Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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  • Chapter 95: Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art


    By the time Chen Ming finished settling in the new disciples, he got to know just how hard was his title challenge mission.

    When it said three thousand Dao Initiation realm cultivators, what it meant was just three thousand disciples, not one disciple more.

    Chen Ming asked the system lady, who also confirmed that he could have a maximum of three thousand disciples.

    The mission was for each of his disciples to reach Dao Initiation realm.

    Since he already had three thousand and six hundred disciples, and despite the system no taking all of them into account, he still couldn't just abandon these young children, and then have them leave. It was just six hundred more, he might as well teach them all together, giving them the same treatment as the three thousand recognized by the system. 

    When Li Suyi returned, Chen Ming had already made adequate preparation for his breakthrough to Dao Initiation realm. And since Li Suyi relived his life, Chen Ming wasn't too worried about this process.

    Yan Mountain laid in the center of a territory bearing the same name, with the surrounding peaks occupied by its disciples. The area further away fell under Yan Mountain's fiend army's jurisdiction. One could even see a team of fiends flying on their clouds as they patrolled.  

    As Li Suyi climbed Yan Mountain, he began catching words of Chen Ming's explanation to Zhuo Qingyao regarding the boat they used to travel along the Yellow Sea, "Zhuo Qingyao, the sword intent engraved on this wooden boat is very profound. If you can understand it, then reaching the Unity stage would be but a simple matter!" 

    Li Suyi only looked at Zhuo Qingyao, as he patiently waited outside the door, not having the gall to barge in. 

    After Zhuo Qingyao left, he entered the courtyard to look for Chen Ming. He looked around and spotted Ling Xian taking great pains in his gardening of those spiritual herbs; his mouth then perked up into a smile, "Master, disciple arrived." 

    Chen Ming nodded, discovering Li Suyi's demonic energy being calm and steady, without any trace of disturbance. The control of his demonic cultivation wasn't bad at all. 

    Chen Ming began, "Try to breakthrough."

    Chen Ming had witnessed Ling Xian's breakthrough and knew that their strength wasn't enough to invoke Heavenly Tribulation. He only needed to withstand the spiritual energy of heaven and earth's baptism. 

    Reliving his life proved to help Li Suyi once again, by having a tougher body. He must have had a body cultivation manual, and added to that the endless pills he could take, his body cultivation must be quite high. 

    As Li Suyi began, spiritual energy converged within him, then absorbed by his body. With spiritual energy passing through him, it strengthened his body, helping him withstand spiritual energy's baptism, all the while removing his impurities. The spiritual energy was quickly refined into demonic energy, and as it grew, it formed a vortex in his Dao Palace, then compressed rapidly. The compression then resulted in spiritual power, prof of a successful breakthrough to Dao Initiation realm. 

    But just as he entered Dao Initiation realm, inside his Dao Palace, his Saber Heart took shape. Saber energy surrounded him, and Chen Ming waved his hand, covering it, and preventing any harm from coming onto his courtyard.

    Moments later, the saber energy settled, the Saber Heart formed, and Li Suyi's power had explosive growth.

    Ling Xian might not even be his match, right now. He did live once after all, having many many magical arts and techniques from his previous life, and even broke through immediately.

    After Li Suyi's breakthrough, Chen Ming eyed Ling Xian for twenty breaths, noticing the disturbance in his heart, then spoke within his mind, "Draw the lottery!"

    "Ding! You have won the Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art. Please inspect it."

    Eh? What kind of thing is this?

    From what he knew of this advanced system, was that it couldn't materialize anything belonging to this world. Could this book be used by cultivators?

    Meanwhile, Zhuo Qingyao darted back, carrying a metal scroll, "Master, I found this between the planks in the wooden boat. Does it have any use?"

    Chen Ming took it and saw how Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art were written on it.

    But what contained in these words, was a type of cultivation art. When cultivators practiced this art, a resonance formed among them. When they gathered, it would then condense into a kind of bloody aura, aiding them in attacks and retreat! 

    It was a kind of war formation for cultivators. With this in his hand, his subordinates would have a greater power after training in it.

    All the soldiers would form one body, not something any other disorganized armies could contend against.

    Chen Ming comprehended it straight to Dao Seed stage, then called for Black Tiger and Fire Swallow. He was prepared to hand it over to the entire fiend army so that all soldiers would switch over to this cultivation method. This wasn't a rare practice among cultivators. Take the Dragon Form Art for instance. If you'd cultivate it to the Dao Seed stage, well that was as far as it could get you. Even if you would be using it for your whole life, you'd still be unable to reach the Grand Sovereign rank.

    And this Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art was a cultivation method that allowed one to reach that precise rank. Chen Ming couldn't raise so many Grand Sovereigns, for now at least, but changing to this cultivation method wouldn't cause any problems. 

    Just that this change didn't happen at a flip of a switch, it needed a month to finish, and not to forget spirit stones. 

    For each Great Fiend, a hundred spirit stones were more than enough. And since he had eight thousand Great Fiends, that meant eight hundred thousand spirit stones. With Chen Ming not needing to buy ingredients, he could handle this expense.

    Just that if this came to pass, the leftover spirit stones would only be able to support Chen Ming's crazy spending for a month, tops. It seemed unlikely that this change to Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art would happen any time soon.

    Chen Ming said, "Distribute this cultivation method, let all our troops change to it. This is our top priority as of now. I will allow the fiend army to station on Prodigious Fruit Mountain, to quicken their transformation of spiritual power."

    Black Tiger eyed the art, "Can I also cultivate it? The one I had before only lasted until the Dao Seed stage?" 

    Chen Ming pondered a bit, "I find no problem with this. You, Archfiends, are in charge of the army and need to be prepared. Perhaps a day will come when I will even relate to you the Bones of the Taotie. "

    When it came to speedy growth, Bones of the Taotie came to mind. Despite its evil nature, when one had enough strength, there was nothing he couldn't devour.

    But before that, Chen Ming wanted to make sure that when he initiated Bones of the Taotie to them, there won't be any chance of a strong Archfiend appearing and then start undermining his control.

    Black Tiger stood in a daze. Chen Ming was even willing to give away the Bones of the Taotie?

    Just what was the extent of Chen Ming's power?
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    Chapter 96: A Brilliant and Ingenious Plan


    The fiend army's stationing on Prodigious Fruit Mountain went without a hassle. Since this was Yan Mountain, if any wanted to cause havoc, then he must have had a death wish. Fiends were a frank and straightforward race. Since they entered Yan Mountain as its soldiers, then they were fully aware of their responsibilities.

    Yan Mountain's disciples weren't biased towards their own race since there were many fiends among them who couldn't assume human form. On Yan Mountain men and fiends were equals.

    This was quite an unusual behavior for the human and fiend races nearby Myriad Mountains. Not many fights broke between them, and many humans were even taking shelter among the fiends.

    An ancient immortal sect, like Astral Immortal Sect, wouldn't just sit and let this happen. They kept watch of the center of this land, and for them, killing fiends and banishing demons was the norm of the day. But this didn't seem to have taken any hold in a small and fringe area like Myriad Mountains.

    There was no secret Yan Mountain's fiend army was coming over, not even the fact that they were changing their cultivation method.

    Yan Mountain's disciples who carried out tasks, or wondered around its lands, were guarded by the fiend army. They were able to refine and cultivate in safety all because these Great Fiends shed their blood and lives to protect them.

    After the Great Fiends arrived on Prodigious Fruit Mountain, the disciples didn't scheme or anything. Since you did good by me, I shall do good by you. They decided that once their refining quota was achieved, they would make an extra batch and give them to the Great Fiends.

    Looking at the pills in their hands, the Great Fiends were moved by their kindness. Yan Mountain disciples were young after all, and even a few of the fiends among them were their cousins.

    Chen Ming, on the other hand, was now refining recovery pills along with Chen Lingyu. He even carefully wrote the details regarding the commonly used Dao Initiation realm Mending Pill for his disciples to use.

    On this day, Black Python rushed to see Chen Ming, "Mountain Lord, Moon King Hall sent its envoy, and asks for an audience!"

    Chen Ming frowned, "Moon King Hall? Who is that?"

    "Moon King Hall is the largest power in our vicinity. The leader is even a Grand Archfiend, known as Moon Fiend. And Our Yan Mountain is in Moon King Hall's surroundings. Usually, such power like ours wouldn't raise Moon King Hall's attention. Perhaps it's because we annihilated Prodigious Fruit Mountain too swiftly."

    "Then let us go an see this Moon King Hall's envoy."

    Yan Mountain's headquarters was by no means exposed. Its official palace was placed outside of it.

    At the external palace, Chen Ming caught sight of an old man dressed in Daoist robes, with a crescent moon painted on his back.

    Despite having noticed Chen Ming, the old man ignored him, as he kept wandering around the palace. Only to finally, with great fanfare, sit in the Mountain Lord's seat. The old man showed disdain as he gazed upon Chen Ming, "Are you Yan Mountain's Lord, Chen Ming?"

    Chen Ming had some dissatisfaction with this hight and mighty old man, "This humble person is indeed the lord."

    The old man glowered at Chen Ming, barking, "What? You still aren't kneeling at the presence of Moon King Hall's envoy? Are you disrespectful towards Moon King Hall's decree?"

    Chen Ming shook his head. "Forgive me, my legs are stiff and can't kneel."

    The old man smiled, "The young are dauntless indeed. But are you aware of how fortunate you will soon be?"

    Chen Ming shook his head, "I'm not keen on knowing."

    The old man laughed hard, "A wicked place breeds wicked people, not even hearing of Lord Moon Fiend's might! Engrave this in your mind, Lord Moon Fiend has a marvelous reputation even among the Myriad Mountains. While you are just an ant! This is a rare chance Lord Moon Fiend is giving you. Take the Bones of the Taotie along with all your Archfiends towards Moon King Hall, and you will have the honor of kneeling before Lord Moon Fiend!"

    Chen Ming sensed something was off. The other party even knew of Bones of the Taotie and came prepared, "In other words, what you're trying to say is, groveling before you is all for the chance to kneel later?"

    The old man nodded, "Correct, you seem to still have a good head on your shoulders."

    "Then what will happen to Yan Mountain when all the Archfiends are leaving for Moon King Hall?"

    "It will be handled by one from Moon King Hall of course."

    Chen Ming now had a clear picture. What going to Moon King Hall? Prison was more like it. Then all of Yan Mountain would belong to Moon King Hall.

    To be frank, Chen Ming had no intention of fighting, not to mention a Grand Archfiend at that. But he didn't give Chen Ming anyway out, wanting to swallow him whole, destroy everything he had, and still become Moon King Hall's lap dog.  

    Chen Ming said, "What you mean is, if I don't agree, I'm not even qualified to live in Myriad Mountains?"

    The old man smiled in disdain, "Not only Myriad Mountains, but you won't be able to stand no matter what place you end up in!"

    Chen Ming waved his hand, "In that case, we'll just have to fight for our right."

    The old man was stunned, his face shifting between blue and white. Even among the Moon King Hall's subordinates, this was the first he ever came head to head with such a stubborn Archfiend! "Humph, since you seek death then let me oblige!"

    He waved his sleeve and left enraged.

    Chen Ming looked towards Black Tiger and Black Python beside him, "What do you think?"

    Black Tiger replied, "Actually, I wanted to smash this old geezer to a pulp, but that will turn the entire Moon King Hall on us. If Moon King Hall would use all its assets to fight us, we will lose, so I let this geezer go!"

    Black Python gave a faint smile, "If Moon King Hall sends a Divine Palace Archfiend, we might be able to survive!"

    Chen Ming was thrilled, they didn't feel any fear from the path he chose to thread, "Good, take eight hundred thousand spirit stones from Yan Mountain for the fiend army to hasten their change to the new cultivation method. Just a mere Grand Archfiend. It won't be long before even Myriad Mountains' Sovereign will fall at my feet!"

    The envoy returned to Moon King Hall and relayed the news to Moon Fiend. He appeared to be a young man of only twenty-four years, with a crescent moon on his forehead and moonlight flickering all over his Daoist robe. The Moon Fiend looked upon his commander, Archfiend Stag, and asked, "Great Venerable, what do you make of this?"

    This Great Venerable the Moon Fiend was speaking of was precisely Fiend General Stag who fled from before. After meeting Stag, Moon Fiend came to know the extensive knowledge he had regarding war strategies and felt like he looked at himself. Stag has sworn his allegiance to Moon Fiend, who made him a Great Venerable and helped him become an Archfiend. Stag took a moment to ruminate, "Yan Mountain is just a hard bone to crack. They only took three days to win against Prodigious Fruit Mountain. They have a favorable location, and also knowledge of its lands. If we attack, even with throwing everything Moon King Hall has, it will incur substantial losses."

    Moon Fiend contemplated, "Then what is there to be done? Great Venerable, what is our plan?"

    Stag stroked his beard and smiled, "Yan Mountain isn't the only one with a Divine Palace Archfiend among the lands Moon King Hall controls. Lord Moon Fiend only needs to send a kill order, and the Divine Palace Archfiend to pulverize Yan Mountain is allowed entry in the Moon King Hall. They will surely fight to the bitter end for this opportunity. When Yan Mountain is on the brink of collapse, Lord Moon Fiend would swoop in and crush them, taking all the credit and boasting an incredible feat. As for that Divine Palace Archfiend, he is only trash, unworthy of your favor!

    Moon Fiend laughed, "What a brilliant and ingenious plan! With Great Venerable at my side, our power knows no equal!"

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    Grand Sovereign - Sovereign 
  • Chapter 97: To Respond in Kind


    Moon King Hall had an illustrious reputation in Myriad Mountains, becoming well known around these parts. It had a Grand Archfiend, after all, second to a Sovereign in power. 

    The King Hall part of its name pointed at a gathering of Kings, and also at its might.

    This time, Moon King Hall became enraged, and Moon Fiend sent out a kill order: 'Wipe out Yan Mountain and you may enter Moon King Hall!'

    The Divine Palace Archfiends in the vicinity reacted on the spot since not all of them had the protection of a Grand Archfiend. Who would care if you died? Just look at Prodigious Fruit Mountain, crushing it was but a trifling matter. 

    As long as they hoisted Moon King Hall's banner and refrained from stepping on Sovereign's tail, then everything else was of little importance. They would be able to roam unrestrained, in Myriad Mountains at least. 

    Many Archfiends began wagging their tongues at this news, "These are tragic times for Yan Mountain. Having offended Moon Fiend, it will soon end up in ruins."

    "They say that four Divine Palace Archfiends are mobilizing their armies!"

    "Four Divine Palace Archfiends!? Isn't that close to five thousand Great Fiends and around two dozen Archfiends?"

    "This is the largest battle in Moon King Hall's lands over tens of years!"

    All kinds of Great Fiends flew around Yan Mountain in the hope of peaking at its secrets. Yan Mountain has officially become public enemy number one, but it didn't want to send its fiend army to pointless death so it refrained from letting its fiends leave Yan Mountain's nearby areas.

    Now it was a crucial time for their transformation, with Chen Ming unwilling to let them die like nothing.

    In this time of war, at the external palace, Chen Ming was hearing Black Python's report, "Mountain Lord, four Divine Palace Archfiends gathered their armies so far. They are Mountain Grizzly, Madam Spider, Silver Wing, and Forest Ogre! Please look over the information regarding their subordinates." 

    Chen Ming skimmed through it. Mountain Grizzly was an earth grizzly, and while on the ground he had the strength to move mountains. Madam Spider was a poison expert, dabbing in the venoms of scorpions, snakes and the like. Silver Wing was a silver goshawk, boasting an impregnable plumage. Forest Ogre had an extremely refined cultivation; some say that he lived for more than a millennia, and wasn't a monster in name only.

    None of them were easy to deal with.

    "Ding! You triggered a storyline challenge mission, D rank: to survive or perish, that is the question. Please repel the invading enemies. Reward: 80,000 spiritual knowledge, 3,000 fame. Failure: Yan Mountain's destruction."

    The mission has arrived. He now had no choice but to do battle, and not just fight, but win.

    Chen Ming asked Black Tiger, "How long before the fiend army finishes its change?"

    "It needs fifteen more days."

    "How many achieved it so far?"

    "A thousand."

    "Let's go inspect their strength."

    The three went to the army camp and called for the thousand soldiers to attention. Chen Ming ordered three hundred of them to form a battalion, then said to Black Tiger, "Go and try them out."

    "Good, I want to see for myself how great is this Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art!"

    The battalion soon assembled into a square formation. Black Tiger began, "Release the blood aura. I will be testing your progress!"

    A red mist slowly rose from the three hundred troops and shrouded them. Black Tiger said, "I will first begin by examining your defense!" 

    Black Tiger reached for his black iron mace, then send it crashing down on the battalion. It collided with the blood aura and it actually sent the mace flying!

    Even Chen Ming rose an eyebrow at this, Everything that comes from the system is high-rated stuff!

    Black Tiger was impressed, This blood aura is too strong, and it only came from three hundred fiends.

    Coming back after he retrieved his mace, Black Tiger continued, "Come at me so that I may test your strength." 

    The battalion swarmed him, the blood aura making them ferocious as tigers and as mighty as dragons. Three hundred flying sword came at Black Tiger, who only waved his mace to block them. Yet this wasn't something that could be withstood so easily, visible from the steady steps he took backward. 

    Chen Ming quickly set up the Eight Extremes Array around Black Tiger to save him. 

    "Great, I am now clear of your power!"

    Black Tiger might have lost miserably, but it didn't seem to phase him at all, "Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art is indeed an art meant for war. From what I understood just now, a hundred can face against an Archfiend, and three times that can kill a Divine Palace!"

    Chen Ming nodded. This went along with his conjecture. 

    Black Tiger laughed, "With eight thousand Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art soldiers, there's no need to mention the four Divine Palace Archfiends when not even Moon King Hall can withstand it. We can win this! Not even a thousand mountains can block a legion of eight thousand Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art soldiers!"

    Chen Ming said, "Carry on with the transformation, I cannot let them fight for now. I'll just have to go give them a surprise myself. Black Python, with me."

    Once the eight thousand fiends finished, Chen Ming would finally have a fighting chance. And in a crucial time as now, he wanted to avoid any slip-up.

    Black Python's stealth cultivation method wasn't bad at all, with low chances of being discovered. And he could even guide the other party's movements. By bringing him along, Chen Ming would give the enemy endless headaches, while he, an array master, had no fear of being surrounded. 

    The two didn't go by cloud. With such a big plan in mind, they would be easily spotted. As they crossed through the forest in the mountains, Chen Ming spoke, "Who is the first to arrive?"

    "That would be Silver Wing, with two of his Archfiends as the vanguard."

    "Where is the best place to surprise them?"

    Black Python led the way through the forest, and as the night descended, the two spotted a camp being raised. Before starting the hunt, Black Python indicated, "That is one. And because we are familiar with the terrain, it is easy for us to track their movements." 

    Chen Ming launched the eight swords, "Let's respond in kind. Since they came to our doorstep, let us give them a warm welcome."

    From the dark sky, eight swords fell. Such an obvious attack wasn't something an Archfiend could possibly miss, "What's happening? Go see if we're under attack!"

    With the descent of the swords, ice spears began rising from the ground all over the camp, passing through the bodies of each Great Fiend, as blood pooled on the ground. A firestorm formed and soon ignited everything, as lightning showed no sign of stopping from falling across the camp. They struck the Great Fiends, sending them in chaos, then starlight followed, cutting off their limbs.

    Chen Ming came out of the darkness and gazed upon the helpless Great Fiends, "Ain't this a nice surprise?"

    Chen Ming laughed wickedly, flew inside the black cloud, then came down holding a giant broadsword, hacking at the camp, "Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword!"

  • Chapter 98: I’ve Seen Six of Your Kind Already!


    The sword energy wave swept hundreds of zhangs, leaving mournful cries in its wake, as dozens of Great Fiends turned to dust from this move alone.

    Chen Ming closed his eyes, feeling for the Archfiend's location inside the array. He was One With the World as long as he stood inside it, grasping each minute change that occurred in this domain. And in the next moment, Chen Ming's eyes flashed open, "Found you!"

    He rode his fiend cloud while bashing and smashing with the broadsword, then soon arrived at the hole where the Archfiend was hiding. With but a thought, the ice spears scattered, making way for the firestorm, turning the ground into lava. 

    And yet the Archfiend was still alive. Chen Ming didn't feel like wasting any more time and charged among the lava, slashing down with his huge broadsword. 

    After mere moments, there was only a corpse left underground. Chen Ming pulled his broadsword out, leaving the rest of the enemy troops for the array to deal with. 

    A quarter of an hour later, the mountain top was a complete mess, but Chen Ming didn't seem to care much. He took to his crow form and landed on Black Python's shoulder, "Let's go to the next place."

    "Which is the next target?"

    "Mark them on the map."

    Chen Ming then indicated towards a large camp quite a distance from here, "We'll go here."

    Black Python scurried in the night, and in less than four hours they reached it, all thanks to the power of Archfiends. Chen Ming looked around, finding this camp hidden in the forest. When it came to a battle among cultivators, the terrain didn't matter much. They all used spiritual power, with common water and fire having little effect on them. 

    This camp also fell at his hands following the same strategy. Chen Ming flew on his fiend cloud above all the destruction, Since we're on the subject of wrecking, I will make sure to let them know how it's done. This is the kind of person I, Immortal Master Chen, am, sincere. 

    If not, why would he even bother, bother wasting time outside Yan Mountain?

    Laying back on his cloud, Chen Ming was suddenly seized by a tad feeling of regret. I should've brought that little lass Zhuo Qingyao over, to enjoy some of this chaos.

    It was impossible for Silver Wing not to catch wind of the two camps' destruction. Overseeing the army, and with the news from the front, he had a new understanding of this creature called Chen Ming. He wasn't a run of the mill Divine Palace Archfiend, but an array master. All crowd tactics fell through with him as the enemy.

    Chen Ming was the best example of a one-man army. No wonder Prodigious Fruit Mountain fell so swiftly.

    Yet Archfiend Silver Wing wasn't kind enough to share such a trifling matter to the other three. Only one Yan Mountain existed, and the same could be said about the free spots in Moon King Hall. We are all competing, and since I suffered, why should I help them hold an even bigger advantage over me? 

    "Gather all soldiers, we'll advance as a whole. If we remain scattered, by the time we reached Yan Mountain, there would be nothing left of us to fight."

    After several days of regrouping his forces, Archfiend Silver Wing resumed his marched towards Yan Mountain.

    On this day, one of his Fiend Generals, the one clearing a path for the army, looked up at the sky, only to see a fiend cloud, "Eh? What's with this situation? Why is there an Archfiend here?"

    The general flew above it and found a black-feathered robed guy, slouched in his chair, basking carefree in the sun's rays, "Hey, get up! Sir Silver Wing's army is crossing through here, don't block the way!"

    Chen Ming looked at the Fiend General, his thoughts filled with doubt, Am I having a midair battle of wits and power now? "Don't you know who I am?"

    The general couldn't care less, "I don't have time for this, get lost from here. Our army is passing through, so don't block our way!"

    Chen Ming retracted his fiend cloud then fell on the ground. He then gazed at the marching Silver Wing's army towards him, Didn't you come here to beat me? I'm right here, in front of you!

    It can't be that they don't even know how I look. Can it? Then again, it is entirely possible. I am a new Archfiend, and when I fought Prodigious Fruit Mountain, it was a too swift battle. Not many must have seen how I look.

    Chen Ming waved at the incoming Archfiend, "Brother, are you by chance attacking Yan Mountain?" 

    That Archfiend nodded, "Yes. What, you also want to come with? Sorry, but we can't take you with us."

    Chen Ming shook his head, "That's not it, I'm from Yan Mountain. That Chen Ming from Yan Mountain is me."

    That Archfiend stared confused for a while, then laughed harder than ever before, "Brother, are you afraid no one will know you're crazy? Chen Ming has a stocky built and mean-looking, with a ferocious appetite to boot. How can he be a frail and delicate twig like you? That's a great joke."

    Then followed with, "I don't blame you. Let me tell you a little secret, on our way here we already met with six Chen Ming pretenders. And with you, makes it seven!"

    Chen Ming: ...

    No biggie, when trouble comes knocking, you knock right through it.

    Chen Ming flicked his hand, letting loose eight flying swords, with the Archfiend in the middle. He flew at the black cloud above, pulled Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword from it, then came crashing down on the poor Archfiend. 

    After the blow, he looked down upon the majestic army, and bellowed, "Listen here, I am Chen Ming, Lord of Yan Mountain!"

    That got the fiends' attention. Archfiend Silver Wing stepped out of his chariot then eyed him, 'Rumors of Yan Mountain's Lord has grown rampant it seems. He isn't at all ferocious. He doesn't even have fangs. Then waved his hand, "Everyone attack! Kill him at all costs!" 

    Chen Ming gave a wicked smile, jumped on his cloud, and bolted.

    Since Silver Wing brought his army out here for him, how could he let Chen Ming go? He spread his large silver wings and after a fierce gale, disregarding his own fiend cloud, he flew after him.

    In mere ten breaths, Silver Wing already caught up to his prey, and let lose an astral wind from his hand, "Well well, Chen Ming, you couldn't wait for death in Yan Mountain and came out. And since you provoked me, die!" 

    The five fingers of his claw ripped across the sky, tearing at the clouds and flying straight at Chen Ming. He defended with the Eight Extremes Array and as the edge collided with the claw attacks, it swayed.  

    Chen Ming smiled, "Somewhat skillful."

    Seeing Chen Ming unharmed, Silver Wing flew into a rage, "Wah-ha-ha-ha, such gall on you! You've gone too far!" 

    Each flap of his silver wings caused storms behind him, chasing after Chen Ming, and overtaking him not long after. Chen Ming's take on this, He definitely knows how to run, chasing me to no end.

    How could the army ever match their speeds? Chen Ming peeked behind and saw how they ditched the troops, and while he was at it, he also checked Silver Wing's danger value, 680. 

    He was a full hundred points higher than him, seemingly impossible to beat. With the three thousand merits and thirty thousand spiritual knowledge he currently had, Chen Ming spoke in his mind, "Fully comprehend the Dragon Form Art, Nirvana Astral Wind, and Jade Water Core Sutra. And also upgrade them to the same stage as Fire Crow Art, the peak of Dao Initiation realm!"

    "Ding! Used one thousand five hundred merits and ten thousand spiritual knowledge. Comprehension complete."
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  • Chapter 99: All Are Forced into Poverty


    This way, all of his cultivation methods used in the Eight Extremes Array settled in the Dao Seed stage, the peak of Dao Initiation realm. He checked his own danger value, 625. Adding to that the King Slayer Aura, he reckons they would be evenly matched, thus making the fight meaningless.

    Oh well, time to split.

    Chen Ming flew on his cloud, with Silver Wing in hot pursuit behind him, for a full day no less. Silver Wing only now seemed to have figured that despite being faster than Chen Ming, his array was a turtle shell. He had no way of reaching him.

    If he wanted to kill Chen Ming, he would need the help of another Divine Palace. Silver Wing thus ended the chase and went about looking for his troops.

    Chen Ming saw how Silver Wing drifted in the distance, so he took out Black Python's map, checking the routes of the other three Divine Palace's forces. He had a creepy grin as he went for Madam Spider's camp. It was time to go ahead of their trail and mess them up a bit. 

    After all four Divine Palace Archfiend suffered at Chen Ming's harassment, they regrouped their forces and marched together. This was also the first time the four saw eye to eye since the start of their march on Yan Mountain.

    Silver Wing began, "From how I see it, we can send a team ahead, led by an Archfiend, with us hiding among them. When Chen Ming attacks we will kill him in one swoop!"

    Forest Ogre chuckled, "Who's the fool here, Chen Ming or you? Letting a single Archfiend leave will make it look suspicious. Will Chen Ming even attack?"

    Mountain Grizzly was furious, "This guy's annoying as a housefly. Nothing less of crushing Yan Mountain will release me of this hatred!"

    Madam Spider laughed darkly, as the bone fan in her hand shook slightly, "All Chen Ming is doing is stalling us. But if we are to give a chase the next time around, we will need at least two Divine Palace to kill him. With Chen Ming's cunning nature, it will be easier said than done. Chen Ming might be slippery as an eel, but Yan Mountain can't budge. If we surround it, Chen Ming will surely come to its rescue!"

    A bone fell from behind the rows of teeth in Forest Ogre's mouth, "Good plan. With Yan Mountain surrounded, he will have no room to wiggle!" 

    Chen Ming also noticed how his plan was seen through. They began marching towards Yan Mountain, without sparing him any attention. 

    He did his best to stall for these eight days but seemed enough to have another three thousand Great Fiends finish their change. Even if they attacked Yan Mountain now, the outcome might be different from their expectations. He could no longer act outside and had to return to Yan Mountain. 

    Three days later found Chen Ming on Black Tiger Mountain, looking at the enemy camp. They were here since last night but didn't attack, leaving Chen Ming mystified.

    The four Divine Palace Archfiends were clear on one thing. If they attacked together, who would take the credit for Yan Mountain's destruction, who was the one to enter Moon King Hall?

    And if they took turns in attacking, then who was first to go to their deaths?

    The Divine Palace Archfiends have reached a silent agreement. Each of them used various reasons to stop their advance, just short of Black Tiger Mountain, where they set up camp. 

    Chen Ming was overjoyed at this turn of events, as it would earn him precious time. Then Black Tiger came to report three days later, "Mountain Lord, with war knocking on our door, the fiend army worked day and night and just yesterday finished changing to the new cultivation method. Our Yan Mountain has now eight thousand Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art troops!"

    Then ended with a question, "Mountain Lord, should we make preparation for a counterattack?"

    "There's no doubt we'll counterattack, but a plain victory won't suffice. We need to strike hard and fast, thoroughly crushing the opposition. This is the only way we can deter Moon King Hall, giving them the illusion I am a Grand Archfiend. If not, then Yan Mountain will be on equal footing with Moon King Hall in power. Only this will tie Moon King Hall's hands and feet, cowering him from making a decision to attacking us easily. And based on Yan Mountain's speedy growth, in a year or so, we will have enough strength to deal with them."

    Black Tiger was glum, "But, Mountain Lord, our spirit stones reserves have dwindled to a mere hundred thousand. We won't have enough to supply the Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art troops for the next month."

    Chen Ming was used to using big steps when spending, and now realized he was broke. He took a while for this to sink in, Have my steps been a tad too big?

    There were too many things eating at his money. If he stopped raising his disciples, then no merits for him. If he didn't raise the new army, then no one would be there to defend Yan Mountain's chives.  

    His expenses stacked to seven-eight hundred thousand spirit stones a month. The problem lays with Astral Immortal Sect's ingredients. I can't just give them to the army or the Archfiends.

    And so, he was left with one last option, to wipe the floor with those four outside, then plunder their old home and taking their riches as spoils of war.

    Chen Ming thought it through and this was the only viable course of action.

    Chen Ming ordered the army to assemble, then went with Black Tiger and Fire Swallow on the balcony. Chen Ming's eyes roamed over the overbearing Regalia Legion, and bellowed, "The enemy invaded Blazing Mulberry Nest, we retreated. The enemy invaded Black Tiger Mountain, we retreated again. But we can retreat no longer since behind us lays Yan Mountain!" 

    "Everyone minded their own territory, even Yan Mountain. But there are always some who covet what we have. We will use our blood and lives to tell them Yan Mountain isn't their prey. Any who dares wave their armies at Yan Mountain will have a fate worse than death!"

    "In the morrow, the Regalia Legion will unleash an all-out attack!"

    News of Yan Mountain's war preparation spread across its entire land. The disciples knew that danger descended upon Yan Mountain and sent what recovery pills they finished refining. They didn't have any risk of getting injuries for now, while the ones who were almost certain to get hurt were the Regalia Legion troops.   

    Chen Ming also hinted his legacy disciples to deliver hundreds of bottles with recovery pills to the Regalia Legion, each holding ten pills.

    Other disciples capable of refining, driven by legacy disciples' example, started to give the Regalia Legion recovery pills. For Yan Mountain's disciples, these toys called pills held little value anyway.

    This was only right, as this Regalia Legion was the one protecting them from harm.

    Almost all troops had a recovery pill bottle on them, that was eighty thousand recovery pills. Because of this, Chen Ming didn't find it odd how Astral Immortal Sect bought pills in bulk. His teeny-tiny Yan Mountain only used eighty thousand in one go, not to mention how much would those ancient immortal sects used.

  • Chapter 100: Just Follow Ling Xian


    Before the army set off, Chen Ming called upon his four legacy disciples. His gaze first landed on Zhuo Qingyao, "As your Master goes to war, all of its matters fall on your shoulders. If any of you need something, you will first talk to head senior sister. Understood? "

    They nodded together, "Yes, Master!"

    Chen Ming added, "If anything goes wrong, you are to run away without delay. As for the direction, you just need to follow Ling Xian."

    Ling Xian: ...

    Chen Ming continued, "But in case of extreme danger, then follow Zhuo Qingyao."

    Even if they were to participate in a battle, they would have little effect over its course. He would give them the chance to fight only when they were King ranks. 

    With Yan Mountain's affairs in order, Chen Ming stepped in front of the army and listened to Black Tiger's report, "Mountain Lord, the eight thousand Regalia Legion troops have assembled!"

    "Good. All troops, march!"

    With Chen Ming taking the lead, they went straight for Black Tiger Mountain.

    At Black Tiger Mountain, the four Divine Palace Archfiends finally came up with a suitable plan, drawing straws. They would then take turns in attacking each day according to the order resulted from the draw. The one who won the war was the one who destroyed Yan Mountain.

    Outside Black Tiger Mountain, many Great Fiends were sent to scout the surroundings. A war of this scale hasn't occurred over the past dozens of years, they had to show caution. 

    A Great Fiend gazed in the direction of Yan Mountain, stupefied, "I'm not seeing things, am I? Yan Mountain is indeed attacking."

    Another scout said, "Can't be, did your eyes fail you?"

    "How come Yan Mountain has so many troops? It's just like a Grand Archfiend. He has that many?"

    "This explains why the four Divine Palace Archfiends banded together. From this alone, Yan Mountain is close to having a Grand Archfiend's power. It's only missing a King Corps."

    "The gap in power between the two armies is narrow!"

    "What's the use of having a matching army? A Grand Archfiend's power is not so easily achieved. Over the whole Myriad Mountains, a Grand Archfiend only appears after dozens of years!"

    In the sky above, a red cloud covered the heavens, showering the ground bellow in its crimson light! 

    The four Divine Palace Archfiends' camp easily spotted Yan Mountain's army, but they never imagined Yan Mountain would take the initiative to attack! 

    Chaos swept the entire camp, "Yan Mountain's attacking, quickly assemble!"

    The four left their tent with Silver Wing being the first to speak, when they noticed the incoming cloud, "How is this possible!? Just when did Yan Mountain get to have such a large fiend army? Have we come to attack a Grand Archfiend?" 

    Mountain Grizzly ruthlessly said, "So what if they have a large army, we are four Divine Palace Archfiends. Since they saw to attack first, they must have a death wish! "

    Chen Ming swept his eyes over the enemy camp and waved, "Kill, wipe them all out!"

    Akin to a crimson rain, the Great Fiends fell from the red cloud, forming battalions of three hundred soldiers, killing all that stood!

    From Chen Ming's angle, it looked more like a crimson river descended upon the encampment. 

    The Regalia Legion charged straight through any incoming attack, bouncing harmlessly in contact with the crimson mist. This bolstered their morale, as a battalion instantly fell upon the enemy!

    The areas that met with the legion were soon covered in blood.

    Chen Ming found this almost entirely one-sided. The Regalia Legion went like a hot knife through butter, killing the opposition until they were broken.

    It was worthy of being called a war formation. The army became a single body!

    From his understanding, Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art was a type of array, one that had this kind of an impressive result when everyone was united. 

    The legion was like a wolf among sheep, relentless and killing all in its path. It was like chopping vegetables, to be honest, reaping lives with each 'chop'. 

    When it came to the fiend armies, the opposition couldn't even hold a candle, turning it into a one-sided battle. Or more aptly called, a one-sided slaughter. The only ones who could settle this huge difference were the four Divine Palace Archfiends!  

    Chen Ming said, "Black Tiger, Fire Swallow, Black Python, each of you take a thousand troops and kill three Divine Palace Archfiends! 

    Black Tiger was thrilled, "Mountain Lord, leave it to me!"

    They went in the middle of the war zone, swiftly assembled their regiment of one thousand soldiers then charged at their respective targets.

    Chen Ming wasn't one to sit still. The weakest of the four was Madam Spider, danger value 590. Lower than his, and when he added King Slayer Aura in the mix, she was beneath him in power. 

    He moved across the battlefield, charging straight at Madam Spider, who commanded her troops, while he launched his Eight Extremes Array. Usual Great Fiends were unable to resist Chen Ming's array as he passed by, killing the wounded and injuring the able. 

    Madam Spider was quite aware Chen Ming's aim was her, "Humph, why should I fear you when we're both at the Divine Palace stage!"

    She waved the bone fan, sending a poisonous wind straight at Chen Ming. When it collided with the Eight Extremes Array, it only shook it slightly.

    Madam Spider laughed softly, and licked her lips, "Since the poisonous wind doesn't work, have a taste of my little darlings!"

    Madam Spider opened the bag at her waist, letting golden wasps fly out and about Chen Ming!

    The wasps passed through the array, alarming Chen Ming, "These wasps are formidable, she must have refined them into her treasures!"

    Chen Ming bellowed, "Firestorm, burn them to cinders!"

    The firestorm gathered and assumed the shape of a dragon, then engulfed the wasps within. But the wasps only flashed golden, isolating them from the flames, and continued towards Chen Ming. A golden wasp pricked his neck and injected its poison. Even with his Nine Nines Mysteries Art at the 36th stage, the poison spread throughout his body, numbing it.

    Then another wasp came at him!

    Madam Spider laughed lightly, "Little darling, you won't be able to move. Let this lady spoil you rotten!"

    Madam Spider flew inside the array while defending against its flame and lightning with a layer of spiritual power. An exquisite green dagger appeared in her hand, then let her tongue ran across its blade, covering it in poison. 

    Chen Ming forced a shake of his head, returning some of his wits along with it. His opponent was a poison expert! 

    Right! Don't I cultivate Illustrious Casket?  He moved Illustrious Casket's spiritual power around, and when it met the poison, it swallowed it.  

    This was indeed an immortal ranked cultivation method, and a healing one to boot.

    If Chen Ming already removed the poison, he didn't show it, waiting patiently for Madam Spider. 

    Madam Spider smiled, taking leisured steps with her long white legs, arriving in ten feet from Chen Ming. She then walked towards him, all the while twisting her waist slightly, "Oh, what a dashing young man. Why mind yourself with pointless things life fighting, when we can dual cultivate together?"

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    Chapter 101: Power, Speed, Taunting or Temptation?


    Madam Spider's dainty white hand gently caressed Chen Ming's cheek, "Cutie, what's wrong, can't move? You poor poor thing!"

    A spiritual sword flashed in Chen Ming's right hand and ran it through Madam Spider's belly. He didn't believe this to end it, so he swiftly pulled it out. When it came to the usual scenes in novels, Chen Ming made sure to thoroughly deviate from them. 

    His hand moved fast, plunging the spiritual sword again and again in her belly. In as little as three breaths Chen Ming went through the motions thirteen times. 

    After turning into a leaky bag, Madam Spider collapsed. He gazed down as she spat mouth after mouth of blood, "What power, speed, taunt or temptation?"

    You're dreaming if you think you can outclass me, Immortal Master Chen!

    Madam Spider extended a shaky finger at him, "You're... so... ruthless!"

    Chen Ming blinked, "Still alive?"

    Chen Ming hoped in the black cloud above, then brought the Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword down on Madam Spider! 

    Thunder and flames flashed, turning Madam Spider to dust with a single slash!

    "Ding! You killed Madam Spider. Reward: 3,000 spiritual knowledge, 200 fame. You earned a lottery ticket, with the result being the Poisonous Wasps Pouch."

    "Ding! You killed Madam Spider, the realm advancement mission's completion rate rose by 1. Progress: 12/300."

    "Ding! You killed Madam Spider, survive or perish mission's completion rate increased by 10%."

    Chen Ming picked up the Poisonous Wasps Pouch, but since he had no use for it, he tucked it in his storage ring.

    Chen Ming abstained from searching the corpse. Wasn't it novel nonsense conveniently finding thousands of spirit stones on a body? She didn't even have a storage ring, would she go in battle with a ten-foot-tall spirit stones filled bag on her back?

    As an Archfiend, one would stash their treasure in their lair. Who in their right mind would fight with a ten-foot-long bag on them? Were they afraid that since a Main Character would spend his treasures like no tomorrow, when he killed them, they couldn't give him enough?

    Weird logic.

    A killer doesn't carry wealth with them, or it would just provoke the others into action. When it came to getting rich quick, of course, they'd end up confiscated!

    As with the saying, when confiscating, be thorough!

    Chen Ming eyed the other three Divine Palace Archfiends on the battlefield, as they changed into moving spirit stones stashes in his eyes!

    Silver Wing complained to no end. This fiend army was too bizarre. When he attacked, that crimson fog warded his blows, and then the fiends followed with aiming hundreds of flying swords at him. This wasn't enough to hurt him, but it took its toll on his spiritual power. It was a nightmare. If things didn't change, then he would soon run out of spiritual power. 

    And to add insult to injury, their Great Fiends were powerless in facing this five thousand fiend army.

    Silver Wing's eyes swept the battlefield, seeing the relentless Regalia Legion shouting despite being in a war zone, "Brothers, don't let these contributions run away, kill them all! "

    "This contribution came to me. Isn't he afraid of making the wrong choice? "

    "There are more than a dozen contributions here, charge!"

    "First come first served. It belongs to who got it first!"

    "What, you arrived first? Bullshit! Face this grandaddy's blade and let's see if you're still first!"

    What a marvelous fiend army Yan Mountain has. They went and considered their own soldiers' contributions, to the point of almost clashing with each other over them.

    Could this even be called war?

    Mountain Grizzly felt the view swirl in his eyes, as he looked upon their side suffering setback after setback, with Yan Mountain's fiend army pursuing their own every which way.

    And the regiment in front of him kept forcing him into retreat. Was the entire fiend army this fierce?

    Chen Ming's eyes locked on Forest Ogre. This old geezer had a danger value of 780, a true Divine Palace monster. He didn't care about others running away, but he had to force Forest Ogre into leaving his corpse behind.

    The Great Fiend scouts were dumbstruck, This wasn't what they planned, weren't they about to besiege Yan Mountain? Why do I feel like Yan Mountain is the one besieging the four Divine Palace Archfiends?

    "This situation is absurd. Four Divine Palace together are unable to beat Yan Mountain? "

    "Even if Moon King Hall fought against them instead, it wouldn't have the same result as Yan Mountain, despite having the same amount of troops as them!"

    "Yan Mountain current display is no less than that of a Grand Archfiend!"

    "After this battle, Yan Mountain's fame will spread across the whole Myriad Mountains!"

    "It's quite likely it has the same might as Moon King Hall. But if the hall were to clash with them, they might win. but with tremendous losses!"

    After having dealt with Madam Spider, Chen Ming found how the opposition only had twenty-three Archfiends. First, he'd deal with them, then slowly work his way towards the three Divine Palace!

    Chen Ming operated his array, then jumped behind an Archfiend straining to withstand the Regalia Legion, beheading him with a flick of his sword. 

    Chen Ming strolled through the war zone reaping Archfiends as he passed. Like a grim reaper, each Archfiend that met him, soon found themselves laying dead on the ground.

    Only after his 13th kill did the others noticed the dread that was Yan Mountain. They held no hope for this battle, fleeing each whichever. 

    Chen Ming waved, "Besides the regiments fighting with the three Divine Palaces, the others are to form a company of one hundred and chase all of them down! Leave none alive!"

    The Regalia Legion was quick to respond, forming companies led by Fiend Generals, going in pursuit of the deserters.

    Chen Ming's eyes drifted on Forest Ogre. This old geezer had to die!

    Grasping at his broadsword, Chen Ming lunged at him. Forest Ogre noticed Chen Ming's quick approach, fully aware of his critical situation. The regalia regiment was pain enough already, so how could he stand the added pressure from Chen Ming? 

    Forest Ogre spat out skeleton after skeleton, letting out hundreds to clash with the regalia regiment.

    Forest Ogre jumped on his cloud and was about to bolt. But Chen Ming wasn't one to let that happen, surrounding him in the Eight Extremes Array. Forest Ogre then kicked from his cloud at a corner of the array and slipped through the cracks. Chen Ming's heart shook, This geezer still had this much fight left in him?

    But didn't delay and chased after him, covering Forest Ogre again in the array. Only to have him punch through it yet again.

    One ran while the other smashed. The regalia regiment couldn't match Forest Ogre speed, but that didn't apply for Chen Ming. Since Forest Ogre couldn't unleash his full speed, it gave Chen Ming the chance to catch up!
  • Chapter 102:  En, Not Bad at All!


    The senile Forest Ogre watched how once again Chen Ming chased him, but he didn't flee this time. He was stuck in the middle of the Regalia Legion, barring all directions.

    Countless soldiers sent their flying swords at him. He caught glimpses through the storm, inferno, and thunders of a black-robed figure lurking around his surroundings; sometimes behind him or sometimes outside the starlight. 

    Chen Ming dragged the huge broadsword, creeping within the array, laying in wait for the moment when Forest Ogre showed an opening. Then kill him!

    Forest Ogre waved his hands and dozens of branches flew from within, growing and surrounding him, while the incoming swords chipped splinters from them.

    A splinter drifted before his eyes then the black-robed Chen Ming fell on him from the side, the broadsword swiping his chest and leaving a large gash behind.

    Forest Ogre roared, "Ah! You're dead!"

    The vines in Forest Ogre's hand flew at Chen Ming, hoping to trap him.

    With his sneak attack successful, Chen Ming hid among the array, as the inferno further cut off Forest Ogre's line of sight. 

    Forest Ogre's fury grew, snarling louder, then a hundred zhang tall tree sprouted inside the array. The two thickest branches became his arms, moving to attack as his legs trampled the ground. He wanted to break the array!  

    Chen Ming noticed this and directed the eight swords in front of him. He used his entire spiritual power, all to resist Forest Ogre barrage, "Kill him!" 

    The Regalia Legion didn't miss this chance, and brandished all kinds of spiritual weapons at Forest Ogre, sending splinters in the surroundings with each passing. Twenty breaths later, Forest Ogre toppled, still sporting hundreds of weapons all over his body.

    At this time, Black Tiger and Fire Swallow brought their regiment over and said to Chen Ming, "Mountain Lord, Silver Wing and Mountain Grizzly are too fast. We can't give chase! "

    Chen Ming nodded, "I know. Each of you is to take two regiments and seize Madam Spider and Forest Ogre's lairs. I will attack Silver Wing and Mountain Grizzly with the rest!"

    For the sake of the mission, Chen Ming took four regiments and regrouped with Black Python before going to Silver Wing's lair, "The heavily wounded will return to Yan Mountain, while the light wounded will take recovery pills and follow after me!"

    A soldier laughed, "Mountain Lord, the fight was too quick, and we had no chance to take any recovery pills!" 

    "Mountain Lord, my stomach aches, can I have one?"

    Chen Ming also found it funny, but he now had a new understanding of the power the Regalia Legion held. They might have the might to clash with a Divine Palace but not the means to keep them.

    Chen Ming's eyes darted to their spiritual weapons. It seems he needed to refine them into Archfiend killing weapons, for the entire Regalia Legion to use.

    The thing about armors, it could only cover one man. Standard equipment consisted of arming a soldier completely, enough to scare anyone! 

    With the four regiments in tow and after rushing these seven days, he arrived at Silver Wing's lair. It was the Solitary Peak, tall and imposing. After this toiling march, the army felt exhausted, with not much spiritual power to spare. This journey was a big problem and seemed that he would need to assign them mounts in the future. If not, then they would have no spiritual power left to fight.

    Chen Ming glanced at the Solitary Peak and waved his hand, "Vanguard, surround them. Rearguard, recover your spiritual power!"

    Chen Ming hopped on his cloud and saw movements over the mountain. The enraged Silver Wing stood on its peak, glaring at him, "Chen Ming, do you have to fight me until the last man?"

    Chen Ming laughed, Did you show any leniency when you assaulted Yan Mountain? "Eh? How did you know?"

    Silver Wing has never encountered a more blunt person than Chen Ming. Others would justify themselves at this point, while Chen Ming simply replied with 'How did you know?'.

    Can't you tell? I've surrounded you already!

    Silver Wing had no words to refute, I want to run. But then I'll be living the rest of my life in exile. What place could allow this kind to live comfortably? But if I don't flee, then this is where I'll meet my end. Offending Moon King Hall meat he won't have any place to turn to. Yan Mountain has shown no fear of Moon King Hall and, offending it would result in even fewer people who could offer him asylum in Myriad Mountains. 

    Depending on others? As if! He would get killed instead then sent to Yan Mountain as a gift! 

    Going to Moon King Hall, then having them send help in killing Chen Ming was easier said than done.

    If I could kill Chen Ming, why the hell would I be asking for your help?

    Silver Wing's face burned bright red, but Yan Mountain's army was at his doorstep, so he said glumly, "There are no grievances between us. It's all because of Moon King Hall's temptation. I admit defeat!"

    Chen Ming smiled, "Even conceding, the army won't stop!"

    "Then what do you want exactly? If you block all the exits, I will fight you to the last breath."

    Chen Ming laughed, "Many of your men have died at my hands. I'm a man who likes to pull up weeds at the root. I apologize, but there's nothing to discuss."

    Silver Wing showed a trace of joy, "These people have nothing to do with me. They're just my subordinates, and if they die, they die. I only seized this Solitary Peak for myself!"

    Chen Ming let out a sound of amazement, You're that twisted?

    So his subordinates weren't something he raised. Silver Wing killed the old Divine Palace and took his place. But he wasn't half bad. At least his flying art stirred Chen Ming's interest. 

    Chen Ming set aside a moment to ponder, then, "Come with me to kill Mountain Grizzly, and I'll believe you!"

    Silver Wing was overjoyed; he had a way out. He only needed to help kill Mountain Grizzly, and they didn't have any deep ties anyway. 

    "Alright, just say the word and I'll start!"

    After a day, Chen Ming's subordinate, Silver Wing, recovered his spiritual power. He gathered the leftover Great Fiends, eight hundred in number, then set out for Mountain Grizzly's lands together with Chen Ming.

    In the sky, Chen Ming watched Silver Wing, "Your flying art is very interesting."

    Silver Wing was glum. This was the reason he could go rampant in his territory since no one could catch up to him. Silver Wing's sleeve shifted then handed over a book to Chen Ming. He accepted it, and new it for was it was, the Drifting Feather Art, an escaping art. It would condense a pair of wings from his spiritual power, greatly increasing his speed.

    Chen Ming spoke within, "Comprehend Drifting Feather Art."

    "Ding! Three thousand merits required, continue?"


    His income of merits was high, his three thousand disciples made sure of that. He amassed two thousand in just seven days!

    Silver Wing pointed out, "There's no harm in reading it since only winged fiends can train it."

    Then Silver Wing watched how a pair of black wings unfolded from his back. Chen Ming flew around in circles, quick as lightning, at a much faster speed than when traveling by cloud. To the point that not even a Grand Archfiend could catch him. 

    Chen Ming dropped beside Silver Wing, "En, not bad at all!"

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  • Chapter 103: Great Venerable’s Excellent Strategy of Bringing Peace on Earth


    Silver Wing looked in a daze as Chen Ming withdrew his wings, What monster is he? He took one look at it and he trained it to completion, while I had to toil with it for thirty years!

    Was this the comprehension of a Divine Palace? 

    The fear in Silver Wing's heart grew, squashing any remnant of betrayal he had left. I outran him before, but that's impossible now.

    With the passing of three days, the army reached Mountain Grizzly's cave. He had no thought of using Silver Wing's army to attack since he used them to carry his Regalia Legion on their clouds. His troops were filled with spiritual power, ready for killing!

    Silver Wing kept to himself as he stormed into the cave, killing all of its guards, then searched for Mountain Grizzly. 

    The Regalia Legion also entered, charging straight through anything.

    But in the next moment, the peak above the cave crumbled, showing Silver Wing in hot pursuit of Mountain Grizzly.

    Killing Mountain Grizzly amounted to measly three thousand spiritual knowledge, but even a bug had meat. Wings unfolded behind Chen Ming, then set up the Eight Extremes Array with the swords revolving around him. He pulled the Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword and attacked Mountain Grizzly!

    The explosive blow from the broadsword left him dizzy, and open for Silver Wing's attack. His claw flashed silver, launching five attacks, each leaving five gashes on Mountain Grizzly's chest. 

    He was never a match for either of them and now that they worked together, he was worse for wear.

    Mountain Grizzly raged, "Silver Wing, I didn't think a sissy like you would defect!"

    Silver Wing gave a shout of his own, "What defecting, I'm just turning over a new leaf. I've reached enlightenment and chose righteousness!"

    Chen Ming: Little brother Silver Wing has an elevated awareness!

    The two fell on Mountain Grizzly, bashing and kicking. For fear of disappointing Chen Ming, Silver Wing's attacks were all aimed to kill, earning an angry roar from Mountain Grizzly each time.

    Chen Ming took paid close attention to the fight, and when Mountain Grizzly was bone dry of spiritual power, he just ran his sword through his heart, collecting those spiritual knowledge points.

    As for the rest of the battle, Chen Ming was only interested in Mountain Grizzly's two Archfiend, ignoring the others. After a swift harvest of the two, bringing him one step closer to finishing the mission, he didn't intervene any longer.

    Looking over the battlefield, he found the most zealous person there to be Silver Wing. Who knew that the most loyal to Yan Mountain would end up being him? And yet he only recently joined them.

    After following Yan Mountain in dealing with Mountain Grizzly, Silver Wing felt a difference. The killing was so carefree. Regalia Legion dominated the battlefield leaving him to do what he wished, to kill with abandon. It was a brilliant move to join the undefeated. Only after entering Yan Mountain, did he found a battle could be so relaxing. When I fought Yan Mountain before, it wasn't that I was incompetent, but that the opposition was too strong!

    Chen Ming ignored Silver Wing, and his excitement, he clapped his hands and returned home. 

    The war lasted one short month. The three lairs he occupied had wealth far above that from a freshly promoted Divine Palace like Azure Lion. They all contributed to his treasury with no less than five million spirit stones, each.

    This was how you pillaged!

    If the threat of the fiend's Sovereign didn't loom over his head, Chen Ming would have directed his forces in dealing with some other unappealing people.

    As for dispensing with Moon King Hall, he didn't have enough for a win. The other had King Corps after all. That was a team of forty Archfiends, a symbol of a Grand Archfiend. The so-called Grand Archfiends were all persons with King Corps at their disposal. 

    He reckoned the Moon King Hall wouldn't come knocking either, or he'll incur heavy losses.

    This war was an eye-opener for other surrounding powers, of the might Yan Mountain possessed. Just how was he a Divine Palace? He was just a Grand Archfiend disguised as one. He might be a tad below a Grand Archfiend in power, but it wasn't something these little old Divine Palaces like them could provoke. 

    Yan Mountain wasn't far from being Moon King Hall equal.

    "We must avoid provoking Yan Mountain!"

    "No one is allowed to incite Yan Mountain!"

    "When you meet one of their people, turn around and walk away!"

    Moon King Hall.

    Moon Fiend was becoming impatient. With the passing of this war, he knew Yan Mountain was a force to be reckoned with. But if he were to attack, then all he amassed the past hundred years would be squandered. How could he assault the Sovereign rank then?

    But if he didn't attack, then how could this sleeping dragon within his borders let others feel at peace? If he waited until it became a Grand Archfiend power, what then?

    Moon Fiend cast his eyes on Archfiend Stag, who was rather calm, with no change in demeanor. Great Venerable is great indeed. He doesn't even flinch with Mt. Tai collapsing towards him!

    "Great Venerable, from your understanding, what is the best way to handle Yan Mountain?"

    Archfiend Stag stroked his goatee, smiling, "These events are all within my grasp. Just think, Lord, if we attacked Yan Mountain without knowing their power, how many would you have sent?"

    "At best, it would be two Divine Palaces and five thousand troops."

    Archfiend Stag laughed, "Exactly. If this were to happen, then you wouldn't get to see them return. We would lose power while Yan Mountain bolstered theirs. This would result in us standing on equal ground. But now we have an absolute and unshakable position!"

    Moon Fiend now saw the way things really were, "So everything was in your grasp, Great Venerable. Then what is our next course of action?"

    "Humph, for one to become a Grand Archfiend, one needed to have land that sustained him. We just need to limit their expansion and seal their escape routes, since Yan Mountain doesn't have any means of producing spirit stones. How will he able to supply a Grand Archfiend's army then? As long as we seal off Yan Mountain, they will have no income. In less than three years, it will fall. We won't even need to draw blood, and the pesky Yan Mountain problem will be solved! "

    Moon Fiend was overjoyed, "Great Venerable, an excellent plan! With Great Venerable strategy bringing peace to my land, this King can rest easy!"

    Moon Fiend ordered, "If there's any change in Yan Mountain, notify me immediately!"

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  • Chapter 104: The Chopsticks Were Too Fragile


    Chen Ming didn't turn the mission in, as it was 30% away from a perfect score. The problem laid with Silver Wing. He didn't have a post and the system still treated him as the enemy.

    Of all Yan Mountain's forces, he was the only one who could handle Silver Wing. He would worry if he sent him to roam alone.

    He will stay on Yan Mountain for now. And I just came up with a great title, Mountain Guarding Diety!

    Chen Ming's face twitched, finding Silver Wing chugging a pill bottle in the Alchemy House, "You, a Divine Palace Archfiend, are actually eating Dao Sense realm disciples' pills. Have you no shame?"

    Silver Wing emptied another bottle, his mouth letting out crunchy sounds, "I didn't know there's a tangerine-flavor! Sigh, wait. Does our Yan Mountain have a dining hall? You don't expect me to die of starvation, do you?"

    You guzzling bottle after bottle is to stave off hunger? Don't you know a Qi Pill keeps you full for three days?

    Chen Ming pulled Silver Wing, "As a Divine Palace Archfiend, you should get your act together. Follow me, we have important matters to discuss. "

    Chen Ming dragged Silver Wing by the ear and out of the Alchemy House. When a group of disciples heard the two powerhouses talk, they refrained from commenting. They ran to a secluded area where they could comment freely.

    "Archfiend Silver Wing's pill capacity isn't average!"

    "It looked like Master is stronger than Archfiend Silver Wing. His pill capacity must also be higher. "

    "But we've never seen Master eat pills!"

    The group started shuffling through their memories, yet no scene regarding Master eating pills came to mind. They went and asked Ling Xian. He told them that Chen Lingyu was in charge of Master, little carp and little sunflower's meals. They all ate simple meals.

    Master is living such a simple life. "We, disciples, eat pills after pills thanks to Master living a life of poverty!"

    "What an honor, to have such a Master!"

    "I've decided, that from now on I will only eat half a bottle. For Master!"

    Chen Ming asked Silver Wing, "What do you think of Yan Mountain?"

    In a moment of carelessness, Silver Wing revealed the pill bottles in his sleeve, then tuck them back, "Great, I find Yan Mountain amazing. There's no better place in this world besides Yan Mountain!"

    Chen Ming smiled, "Since you believe it so, then you will need a position here. As I see it, from your majestic and imposing appearance, it perfectly matches Yan Mountain's style. And so, I have forged a silver armor especially for you. From now on, you will stand on the terrace at the foot of Yan Mountain, showing its glory!"

    Silver Wing touched his face, "Mountain Lord, you know me so well!"

    When he arrived before that silvery and flashy armor, Silver Wing couldn't contain his joy as he put it on. Chen Ming said, "Of course, if you are tho reveal Yan Mountain's glory, then you must also have to act accordingly in case of trouble. If someone is coming for a challenge, you need to teach them a lesson. If the disciples encounter difficulties, you need to solve them. Also, if some come to visit my disciples, then you must report back to me."

    Now Silver Wing knew where the problem laid. Standing at the foot of Yan Mountain, dealing with inconveniences, why did it sound like a guardian deity?

    But then shook his head, That's not right, how can a guardian deity have such a dashing armor?

    After bestowing Silver Wing's armor, and imposing a limit on his pill intake, Chen Ming went to hold a lecture for his disciples.

    He heard of Moon King Hall plan, of cutting off Yan Mountain's expansion, to block them from invading other Archfiends' domains. He didn't care. Yan Mountain's true wealth came from pills. Just how many could he raise with those small fields?

    At this time, Chen Ming eyed his mission, finding it at 93%. It had to be because some fled from such a large battle. He didn't wait to reach perfection, "Turn in!"

    "Ding! Survive or perish mission evaluation: 93%. Rating: excellent. Reward: 74,400 spiritual knowledge, 2,790 fame, and a spiritual gold mine."

    Spiritual gold mine?

    More stuff! The time for refining equipment was soon approaching. Yan Mountain's fiend army had spiritual weapons assigned in chaos and didn't have any restrictions regarding reaching Archfiend rank. He had to think of a way to solve this. 

    Leaving his current matter aside, Chen Ming went to Yan Mountain's external palace, to participate in the victory feast.

    Hearing this, Silver Wing also wanted to join. Chen Ming said, "Weren't you on the losing side? You also want to join the feast?"

    Silver Wing smiled, "It was all a misunderstanding. I have now turned over a new leaf! "

    Together with Silver Wing, and taking his legacy disciples along, they strode along the way, in the eyes of other Archfiend. With the speed of those two, in two hours they arrived at the feast held on Black Tiger Mountain. When Chen Ming entered, the feast became livelier, "Mountain Lord is here!"

    "It's all thanks to Mountain Lord that we get to have such a resounding victory. Not even Moon King Hall will dare to treat us lightly!"

    "Everyone in Myriad Mountains will hear of Yan Mountain!"

    All Archfiends were present, yet didn't find it unusual for Silver Wing to participate. They knew of him joining them a long time ago and even became united over the course of last month. When meeting with the five Archfiends, Silver Wing didn't have the arrogance of a Divine Palace. They even called themselves brothers on every occasion.

    The four legacy disciples sat at the table with the other Archfiends' youngsters. They soon started competing in pill capacity. Alcohol capacity was a thing of the past now.

    At the table, Ling Xian with Li Suyi, Chen Lingyu and Zhuo Qingyao stood separate from the rest. Chen Lingyu found it all a novelty and tried out one of the fruits. It was a fruit specific Prodigious Fruit Mountain, White Jade Lotus. The petals refreshed the mind and sweetened the mouth.

    Many of youths looked at Zhuo Qingyao with apprehension. After all, she was like an imposing tree. Head senior sister's legend spread across all Yan Mountain. But after a while they didn't mind this that much, finding head senior sister even more aloof then what they assumed.

    Zhuo Qingyao was eavesdropping on Chen Ming's table. She heard White Fox speak, "Mountain Lord, you are still single. I will be the matchmaker and solve this matter of great importance."

    Black Tiger laughed, "Nothing short of a Sovereign, will match Mountain Lord's image!"

    Black Python's had many sources, "I heard that the fiends' Sovereign's daughter is at the tender age of eighteen, of outstanding beauty. She has many suitors vying for her hand. I find her a perfect match for Mountain Lord!"

    Chen Lingyu heard a sudden crack, then looked to the source to see a pair of broken chopsticks in Zhuo Qingyao's hand, as pieces fell on the floor.

    "Head senior sister, what is it?"

    Zhuo Qingyao shook her head, "It's nothing, these chopsticks were too fragile."

    Chen Lingyu eyed the broken chopsticks, Are silver chopsticks that fragile?
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