Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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  • Chen Yu: "So It's okay to Cripple them?"
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  • Chapter 83: A Master Must Pay Their Disciple a Home Visit


    The annual Archfiends Summit was just days away. Chen Ming thought he should use this chance to show where he stood compared to the other five Archfiends in the Six Kings Alliance.

    Six Kings Alliance was very useful to Chen Ming. With Yan Mountain deep in its territory and the other five Archfiends surrounding it, his disciple would be completely protected. And while they were also close to the Myriad Mountains, he would just join the others into repelling any attack. 

    Or at least the strength to make the attacker fall back.

    If, suppose, those five were improving slowly, Chen Ming would be tough enough to hold his own for a while, while delivering to others the Bones of the Taotie. 

    Chen Ming peaked at his merits, over eight thousand. It was still far from the intended thirty thousand but at least it was enough for a round of upgrades. 

    Chen Ming thought, "Comprehend Heavenly Four Elements Array."

    "Ding! Heavenly Four Elements Array and Earthen Four Elements Array can be combined into Eight Extremes Array. It requires 2000 merits to comprehend the first stage of controlling the combined version. Continue?"

    Eh? This was also possible? This Eight Extreme Swords Array isn't simple.

    "Comprehend after combining them!"

    Moments later, Chen Ming could control Eight Extremes Array but he still needed four other cultivation methods at the same stage as Fire Crow Art. Heavenly Four Elements Array required star, lightning, cloud and metal attribute cultivation methods. 

    This world was divided into twelve Daos. The land supplemented myriads of creatures and the heavens were riddled with uncertainty. The Earth, governing over life had the wood element at its origin, while Heavens, governing death, had destruction at its origin. Between life and death, the eight extremes came to be. From the Earth came the four elements of earth, wind, water, and fire while from Heavens came the four elements of star, cloud, metal, and lightning. The metal element didn't refer only to its material aspect but also its deadly character, pointing at Heavens' destructive nature. Cloud element was the most mysterious Dao among the four belonging to Heavens, filled with endless changes. All cultivators who used illusion type magical arts or practiced divination had a cloud element cultivation method. Lightning represented Heavenly tribulation, while metal was the most deadly element. Thus, the two came to be known as the most tyrannical elements. The eight extremes along with life and death established the ten Daos, while outside of them was time and space. 

    These were the twelve Daos.

    As for why there were three thousand Grand Daos, this was something Chen Ming wasn't able to understand, for now.

    The star cultivation method wasn't hard to get since Flying Immortal Sect's Sect Leader's Heavenly Flaming Star Art was of this element. For the lightning element, he had the Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art from the Endless Swords Sect. The metal cultivation method would be hard to find, but he reckons Archfiend Azure Lion's treasury should have one.

    But regarding cloud cultivation method, Chen Ming had no way of getting one, since those who trained in it were all mystics, with weird and diverse abilities.

    For all his life, Chen Ming has never even seen one such mystic.

    Eh? I seem to have encountered my fair share of mystics, the ones who show off and cheats people.

    The problem was how to make the distinction between a true and a fake mystic. Everyone knew that a true mystic liked to show off his stuff, and even more so when he was a cultivator.

    To differentiate them you needed to put them to death. When the fake one was put to death, he would die. But a true mystic was difficult to trap, as he knew how to divine and avoid calamities.

    Eight Extremes Array wasn't as mild as Earthen Four Elements Array, a bit of pressure here and a tad annoying there. The Eight Extremes Array had the Heavenly Four Elements Array in the mix, truly tyrannical. It could harmonize the eight extremes into the Eight Extremes Array, and when used at full power its might was comparable to that of heaven. 

    This kid, Li Suyi, is living a second life, he might know where I could find a true mystic. 

    With his mindset, Chen Ming looked for Li Suyi, "Little third, do you know where I can find a diviner?"

    Li Suyi had some doubt at Chen Ming's question but soon dispelled it. A mysterious figure like Chen Ming had his own secrets. He began to recall Ling Xian's book, History on Border Development. Ling Xian became A Grand Sovereign at the time and sighed when he retold of the event when he was but twelve, meeting a wandering Daoist, who called himself Old Meishan. He had a worn-out Daoist robe, with plum blossoms drawn on it and said something to Ling Xian, who had crippled cultivation at the time. He told him to wait outside the entrance to Jade Void Temple's secret domain and he would one day meet with the opportunity to rebuild his Dao Palace. Ling Xian was at the end of his rope then and believed him. So after it came to pass, Ling Xian wasn't sure if he was a diviner. But Old Meishan took advantage of this favor, and when the land sank into Ghost Immortal's chaos, he had Ling Xian help him to escape along with the other four. And now, Li Suyi reckons this Old Meishan was still in Southern Border, at Ling Xian's home, searching for Ling Xian. "Master, you should go take a look around Ling Xian's home. See if a man calling himself Old Meishan is wandering around. He might be a diviner. "

    Despite not needing to directly ask Li Suyi of his past life, he got what he needed. 

    To be able to use the array encompassing the eight extremes, Chen Ming could even fight a Divine Palace Archfiend. It was a power that would make him soar. He had no time to lose, so he looked for Ling Xian, "Little second, you've been staying on Yan Mountain for quite some time. Master decided to visit your home, to ask your parents if they are pleased with the arrangements I made for you."

    What's he playing at, visiting my home? But Master is anything but normal. So even with this strange request, Ling Xian had no choice but to agree.

    With everything in order, Chen Ming jumped on his fiend cloud and Ling Xian on his flying sword. A mere day later the two were already at Ling Xian's home. With Ling Xian rise his clan also profited, holding great influence.

    Under Ling Xian's guidance, they landed before a large gate. The guards were so scared, they bolted to report to Ling clan, "Clan Head, Sir Archfiend is here, Sir Archfiend is here!" 

    Loud ruckus echoed from within the house and in the next moment, the Clan Head, Ling Xian's father walked out the gate, bowing towards Chen Ming, "Clan Head Ling Jue welcomes Sir Archfiend!" 

    Ling Jue didn't dare to show anything but respect. The Six Kings Alliance was the Overlord over Southern Border, and all King ranks unaffiliated with it were wiped out. And his son, was Southern Border's general manager, giving the Ling clan the chance to rise with him. But everything was a grace from Chen Ming.

    "Please come inside Sir Archfiend, as I send for dishes to be made!"

    After tasting exotic delicacies, Chen Ming went down to business, "Ling Jue, I need you to do something."

    "Sir Archfiend needs only to ask, and I shall give you my entire fortune!"

    Chen Ming smiled, "There's no need to go that far. I need your help to find someone. He calls himself Old Meishan, a diviner. He wears a worn-out Daoist robe with plum blossoms on it. Don't cause too much ruckus in your search, and you need not concern yourself with capturing him. I only want to know his whereabouts."

    "If it's only looking for someone, I will bring Sir Archfiend the result tomorrow!"

  • Chapter 84: Battle of Experts


    A cloth laid spread in front of an old man wearing a worn-out robe sitting below a blooming plum tree at the side of the street. The words on the cloth said: impart your wealth and glory on me, and I impart the will of heaven. 

    The old man took a gulp from the wine gourd at his waist, face blushing from the drink, with his greasy fingers from eating a roasted chicken. 

    The street went eerily quiet, and the old man saw someone draped in a black-feathered robe before him. His face had a mask with a smiley on it. The old man inspected the details on the mask, sensing a hint of demonic nature below the surface.

    He came to two conclusions. One, this man was filthy rich, since the black-feathered robe on him wasn't cheap.

    Two, he was going to get his fill of food today, with barely a chance of visiting the pleasure house's ladies. He was certain he would cheat this youngster of all his coin. 

    His eyes showed a desolate shimmer and faced Chen Ming while beginning, "I can foresee your death!" 

    Chen Ming moved aside the bones in front of the old man and eyed his danger value, 4.5, less than a thug, then said, "Isn't that nonsense, since everyone ends up dead sooner or later? Are you saying that some are undying?" 

    The old man was struck dumb, Why isn't this guy following the usual pattern? A normal person would ask me why he is dying.

    The old man followed with, "That is something predetermined by fate. I will tell you this, your gaze is far in the horizon but the answer is right before you. You might search for a thousand times yet the one you seek is standing under the flickering light..."

    "Are you sure you're not speaking rubbish again? Talking about horizon means I'll never meet the one I seek and isn't it normal for her to be in front of me when I meet her? But this has nothing to do with finding a woman. Say something useful for a change."

    The old man was dumbstruck again, Swindling this guy requires some skill.

    The old man pondered, "Then you must consider your future. It will be filled with hardships but a glimmer of hope will light your way, pushing aside the dark clouds and making way for the bright blue sky."

    "Are you still going on about this rubbish? I am a cultivator, it is normal to encounter battles to the death. Everyone knows, the longer one lives the deeper one's cultivation. If you lived long enough a glimmer of hope will light your way, pushing aside the dark clouds and making way for the bright blue sky."

    "Then what if you die?"

    Chen Ming gave a dazzling smile, "If I die, who will come to hound you? How about this then, give someone complete divination and if it's wrong then they die. If it's correct then you're divination is also correct."

    The old man frowned, sensing a complication coming. He was doubtful for a moment then said, "You're one of us? I have barely started on this path and I didn't know this was your swindling turf. Ptui, what swindling diviner? True money comes from swindling with facts! Look, wait until I have enough to begin traveling then I will leave this Fengshui place of yours. What do you say?"

    Chen Ming's face went black, 'It can't be that all diviners are weird, right? They're not one bit different from fake mystics! They even blend in the secular world. '

    The old man saw Chen Ming was silent and continued, "You want me to leave but I can't right now since I have no coin for the road. But if you give me something... And by the looks of you, you had quite a fruitful business. " 

    "How about this, you let me look over your scripture and I will give you the coin. What you say?"

    The old man did some thinking, "If you're saying you want to look at my scriptures, then I won't be leaving."

    Chen Ming's though, This old geezer is staying here to wait for Ling Xian. With a weir job like a diviner, if towards the first man he has some fate with, he imparts some wisdom, he will later use the favor to save his life and stand close to him when he becomes great. I.e. Ling Xian.

    Hold on, now that you mention it, this might also be considered a true mystic. Because he can see their auras, he can predict who can have great achievements in the future.

    Chen Ming said, "Are you waiting for Ling Xian?"

    The old man was startled, "Did you also divined it? Since you also found Ling Xian's destiny then you must have gotten to him already. There's no point in me staying here any longer. I need to go find the other three."

    Chen Ming ignored the weird old man's words. He came here to get the scrip after all, "Then what do you want in exchange for looking over your scripture?" 

    "This is my sect's most important secret, how can I easily reveal it?"

    He was unmovable, staunch and determined. Even Chen Ming felt moved, Seems I'll have to resort to my special weapon.

    "Ten thousand gold taels!"

    "A hundred thousand, not one tael less!"

    "Eight thousand."

    "Fifty thousand, have some conscience!"

    "Five thousand."

    "Thirty thousand, I won't go for any lower!"

    "Twelve taels."

    "Um, let's settle on five thousand..."


    Through a disturbing event of trading 'blows', an exciting battle of words, from which even the dogs were scared, in a battle of experts, Chen Ming came victorious at the mere price of three hundred taels of gold, twenty-four taels of silver and three hundred and twenty-eight copper coins. 

    The old man fished an old scripture from his chest then placed it before Chen Ming. He picked it up and though, "Comprehend this scripture."

    "Ding! This book has nothing to do with cultivation. I am actually worried about your mind since you've been scammed."

    Chen Ming put it down then eyed the old geezer. "It's fake."

    The old men blushed from embarrassment. He took another one, but after a mere moment, Chen Ming also threw it away, "Fake again." 

    At the end of it all, the old geezer took out, from god knew where. no less than three dozen books. Chen Ming was beginning to doubt, Why is this geezer pretending so much? With the help of the system, Chen Ming finally found the right one, Ten Values Dao. 

    "Comprehend Ten Values Dao requires 3000 merits."

    Chen Ming was stunned. This book had no stages, it was either all or nothing. Cloud cultivation methods were weird to the core. 

    Chen Ming was left with no choice but to comprehend it. If he missed this, he might not get it later. And so, as a piece of himself was torn apart, three thousand merits also disappeared. 

    Chen Ming flipped through the book ten lines at a time and soon understood its meaning. As he finished, his eyes also gained a certain sharpness, while the number of his professions increased by one, diviner. 

    Chen Ming smiled at Old Meishan, "Worth every copper coin."

    Old Meishan nodded, indifferent. Divination was something you either did or didn't get it, "Alright, then give me my money."

    Chen Ming fished out a thousand gold tael banknotes, "Keep the change." 

    Old Meishan accepted the money as he beamed from happiness, "That won't do, all the change shall be returned in full. If I don't have enough I will lower the price, not even have a coin must be kept. What should be swindled will be swindled! If it's too much then it's no longer cheating."

    And so, he gave his all in returning Chen Ming his change, without missing a single copper coin. He even bit a coin in two so he could give him half. 

    Chen Ming received his change and the old geezer disappeared without a trace. But as Chen Ming comprehended the Ten Values Dao, he knew where the old man was, This old geezer knows illusions to perfection; he already vanished. Old Meishan doesn't seem to have only Ten Values Dao.

    In the mountain forest, Old Meishan looked back at Ling clan's surrounding, "When fortune-telling, one must be keen on what's true and what's false. My last divination just came to me, seems that this was fate."

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    Chapter 85: Didn’t You Say You Could Take It?


    After learning the cloud cultivation method, and still having over three thousand merits left, he upgrade Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art, Heavenly Flaming Star and Golden Annihilation Star to the Dao Seed stage.

    Using all his merit in one go as well as thirty-five thousand spiritual knowledge, with only two thousand left to spare, Chen Ming could at last use the Eight Extremes Array since all cultivation methods were at the 8th stage of Dao Initiation realm. 

    Chen Ming checked his status.

    Name: Chen Ming.

    Fame: 9823.

    Rank: high-level cannon fodder. (Due to your endless struggle, you finally shed your mid-level cannon fodder fate, becoming a glorious high-level cannon fodder)

    Realm: Dao Initiation realm. (There is no longer any relation between your strength and your realm)

    Constitution: Limitless Dao Body.

    Cultivation Methods: Fire Crow Art Cultivation Methods: Fire Crow Art, complete. Dragon Form Art, stage 8/9. Nines Mysteries Art, stage 36/81. Dao Canon, volume 13/18. Golden Annihilation Star, complete. Ten Values Dao, complete. Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art, complete. Jade Water Core Sutra, stage 8/9. Nirvana Astral Wind, stage 8/9. Heavenly Flaming Star, complete. Illustrious Casket, chapter 1/9.

    Magical Arts: Lustrous King Sword, Benevolent Sword Heart. Fairy Sword Art, entry-level. Demonic Blood Saber, Demonic Saber Heart. Eight Extremes Array, first stage. Ten Values Dao. Finger From Beyond, entry-level.

    Dao Seeds: Fire Crow, Flaming Star (from the Heavenly Flaming Star Art), Dazzling Gold, Ten Values Dao.

    Disciples: Zhuo Qingyao, Ling Xian, Li Suyi, Chen Lingyu.

    Merits: 85.

    Spiritual knowledge: 1972.

    Professions: Alchemist Grandmaster, Diviner, Array Master.

    Auras: Killing Intent, King Slayer, Control.

    Danger value: 578. (Not calculated when it's controlled)

    Danger rating: very dangerous. (You're not only dangerous to cultivators but very dangerous at that) 

    Fate: A year after the Grand World Opening, at the Demon Subjugation Gathering, you will die at the hand of demonic sect's Head Disciple Ya Mo.

    Fame was on the verge of reaching the ten thousand mark. All his accumulated spiritual knowledge have gone into improving his strength, enough to match against Archfiend Azure Lion, alone! And Azure Lion would be hard-pressed when fighting him. If he had enough merits to upgrade his eight cultivation methods to the peak of Dao Initiation realm, his power would have grown even further. 

    He was also an array master, able to fight groups of people, something Azure Lion lacked. Even if the other five from the Six Kings Alliance ganged up on him, they would still end up losing.

    As the day came to pass, the time was ripe for Archfiend Summit to begin. Chen Ming woke up even earlier today and took the sleepy Chen Lingyu over to Blazing Mulberry Nest.

    Blazing Mulberry Nest was located on an immense tree. If you wanted to know how big, then let just say that it was enough to hold Archfiend Fire Crow's entire clan.  

    The tree was akin to a village, and when Chen Ming landed, there was already a fiend welcoming him. He led Chen Ming up the tree, at the Blazing Mulberry Nest, until he saw the other five Archfiends sitting across a strong and tall middle-aged man who instead of the usual long hair, had a buzz cut. His aura was thick with fiend energy, denoting his Archfiend status.

    The middle-aged man smiled, "Presenting Archfiend Golden Ape's order: Flying Ape has come to invite you to the Archfiend Summit being held on Prodigious Fruit Mountain! "

    Black Tiger wasn't pleased, "We are the Six Kings Alliance, why should we hold the Archfiend Summit on Prodigious Fruit Mountain?" 

    Flying Ape laughed boisterously, "Who would acknowledge your Six Kings Alliance? You're just simple heads over the weak! Is the Six Kings Alliance even powerful? You don't even have a Divine Palace cultivator, and you want it to be held here? Isn't this overstepping your bounds?"

    Black Tiger grew angry, "Archfiend Azure Lion was at the Divine Palace stage, yet we still killed him!"

    Flying Ape disdained at that, "A true Divine Palace cultivator has Archfiends as subordinates. Archfiend Azure Lion barely broke through and didn't subdue any. You really think a true Divine Palace cultivator would let you six surround him? Our Prodigious Fruit Mountain's Archfiend Golden Ape has four under him!"

    Black Tiger was pissed but had nothing to retort. Archfiend Azure Lion was a newly promoted Divine Palace with no Archfiend at his call. This was the main reason why the six of them could kill him. While Prodigious Fruit Mountain had a true Divine Palace cultivator. 

    Flying Ape grinned, "Are six independent Archfiend banded together a power nowadays? What a joke! Go to Prodigious Fruit Mountain and kneel at Sir Archfiend Golden Ape's feet, and you will live. Don't, and in the following days we will destroy your so-called Six Kings Alliance!"

    Black Tiger raged. He was an Archfiend, of course he wouldn't kneel, let alone accept such insults, "You're dead!" 

    White Fox stopped him, "Let's Wait for Chen Ming. Only strength can settle this."

    Chen Ming waved his hand fluttering his black-feathered robe, then sat on a large chair next to the other five, "No need to wait, I am here."

    Flying Ape smiled at Chen Ming, "You're the new Archfiend, Chen Ming. They say you are a genius in the array Dao. Archfiend Golden Ape appreciates talents so you only need to half kneel!"

    Chen Ming was by no means angry. Thankfully he just upgraded his strength, and this guy dropped right when he needed to test his newfound strength. That's why he came. He gave Flying Ape a meaningful stare, "You really like kneeling?"

    Flying Ape was full of contempt, "Archfiend Golden Ape's pressure qualifies in making me kneel!" 

    Chen Ming was a man of action not talk, 'It's good someone is dying to live like him around here, it will help speed things up!

    Chen Ming extended his hand and eight swords flew from his ring, encasing Flying Ape in the Eight Extremes Array. On the ground, ice froze his body, the wind blew while the fire rose. Above, black clouds gathered, a golden light flashed and stars shined. The entire Blazing Mulberry Nest became a new world, stifling Flying Ape's power by more than half. Chen Ming jumped, his fist, holding terrifying might, bolstered even more from the array, came down on Flying Ape head.

    Although slow, Flying Ape could still react, lifting his hands to block. 

    The fist landed and flesh exploded, leaving only a red paste on the floor. Chen Ming, he took a handkerchief from the distracted White Fox's chest, wiping the blood off his hand. 

    Chen Ming looked down on that meat patty, "You must have had a hard life. Didn't you say you could handle such pressure?"

  • Chapter 86: To Battle


    It was a calm and peaceful gathering, but then Prodigious Fruit Mountain came crashing so Chen Ming stepped in with an unwavering will, crushing the enemy Archfiend to pieces.

    White Fox just now realized the handkerchief from the deep ravine on her chest disappeared. Her eyes flashed but didn't seem to mind Chen Ming wiping his hands with it, "Chen Ming, isn't killing him an ultimatum?"

    "Ding! Triggered the E ranked mission: clash battle. Description: only overbearing power will subdue the surrounding factions. Objective: please repel the invasion. Reward: 10000 spiritual knowledge, 2000 fame."

    Black Tiger said, "Archfiend Golden Ape is at Divine Palace stage, and also has three Archfiend."

    The two weren't against it, having noticed the sharp increase in Chen Ming's power, but since he didn't tell them he was already at the Divine Palace stage, they felt unease.

    Chen Ming smiled, "What's there to fear? If he's a Divine Palace cultivator, that doesn't mean I'm not. Since they wanted to attack, might as well remove one of their Archfiends!"

    Chen Ming's words made Black Tiger smile, "With bro Chen Ming at the Divine Palace stage, then we can fight!"

    White Fox smiled, "Yan Mountain has been requiring more ingredients lately, and most of them came from Prodigious Fruit Mountain. This mountain's effect speeds up the growth of herb, and could even grow spiritual herbs. If we occupy it, then Six Kings Alliance's strength will extend farther!"

    Chen Ming said, "We cannot delay. Since Prodigious Fruit Mountain wants to fight then let us surprise them!"

    Old Turtle added, "Chen Ming, are you saying we should go raid them?"

    "Correct, Prodigious Fruit Mountain has only three Archfiends and a Divine Palace cultivator, while we have five Archfiends and a Divine Palace cultivator. You only need to bring Fiend Generals with you. Even in their home ground, with the Eight Extremes Array's support, they won't be able to take us on. As for Great Fiends, they can't even withstand the array's tempering!"

    Black Python was one who liked raids and Chen Ming's words were music to his ears, "Good. When we take control of Prodigious Fruit Mountain, we'll have a place to grow spiritual herbs. Archfiend Golden Ape is fostering his four Archfiends with what Prodigious Fruit Mountain offers. Once it's ours, our disciples and descendants will have a much higher chance of breaking through to Archfiend stage!"

    Chen Ming said, "Alright, mobilize the Fiend Generals. We will present Prodigious Fruit Mountain with a great gift!"

    Very soon, the twenty-four Fiend Generals gathered. Since it was the Archfiend Summit, they all brought their generals. At this gathering, Fiend Generals were bestowed with rewards so of course, they came with them.

    Chen Ming told Chen Lingyu to be prepared. With Chen Ming's rise in power, he was the best in the Six Kings Alliance. It would be even better if Chen Lingyu didn't go hard on others since no one dared to do the same to her.

    The six Archfiend jumped on their fiend clouds, along with their respective Fiend Generals, then rushed towards Prodigious Fruit Mountain. The five's ambition grew. They only wanted to repel Prodigious Fruit Mountain's attack at first, but with Chen Ming's change in power, it changed to seizing it!

    The Great Fiends on the ground lifted their heads and looked at the black clouds. They crossed the sky with great speeds, and in front of them all, were the six Archfiends, "No way! I was just passing through and the six Archfiend came?"

    "What's happening? Why are they all mobilizing?"

    "They even have Six Kings Alliance's men, quickly report to the king!"

    "The Six Kings Alliance must be ready for battle. I heard that Prodigious Fruit Mountain threatened them with invasion."

    "Six Kings Alliance seems to be going towards Prodigious Fruit Mountain. Are they thinking of striking first?"

    Chen Ming and co. disregarded stealth. Since they came to attack Prodigious Fruit Mountain, they wouldn't cower in front of these fiends. And even if they reported, were they faster than an Archfiend?

    By evening, the six finally reached Prodigious Fruit Mountain. With one look, Chen Ming noticed the thick spiritual energy on it, almost as dense as the one on his Flowing Peak. But this Prodigious Fruit Mountain had the rarest spiritual energy, wood!

    No wonder Prodigious Fruit Mountain could have this power just based on this mountain alone. They had a great fortune at their fingertips!

    With Prodigious Fruit Mountain in his hands, he would have a great number of ingredients to make pills for his disciples, and even a fair amount of spiritual herbs!

    The powerful force of six Archfiends and twenty-four Fiend Generals stormed the gates. Prodigious Fruit Mountain's response was to come out in full force, with no less than six Archfiends. Since it was the Archfiend Summit, the factions in the vicinity sent their own Archfiend along with Fiend Generals.

    Chen Ming gazed upon the enemy Archfiends and cut to the chase, "Listen here, my business is with Prodigious Fruit Mountain. All others, scram!"

    The two unaffiliated Archfiend detached from the group and landed. One began, "They're Six Kings Alliance's men. Wasn't Prodigious Fruit Mountain preparing to invade them? How come they came first?"

    "Who knows. By the looks of things, Six Kings Alliance isn't that easy to push around, they truly killed a Divine Palace stage. But they must be dreaming if they think they can conquer Prodigious Fruit Mountain. Their enemy has four Archfiends, with one of them at Divine Palace stage!"

    "This could turn out to be a great chance of subduing them. Send word to Sir Archfiend Rhinoceros. When the Six Kings Alliance fails, we will save them and then they'll be ours!"

    "Smart, I will send word to my own Sir."

    Chen Ming eyed the blond Archfiend, presumably Golden Ape, and checked his danger value: 550. He was almost on par with him, but it made no difference since Chen Ming had King Slayer Aura.

    The other Archfiends weren't picky, simply going at the one across, while the Fiend Generals swarmed around them, charging at Prodigious Fruit Mountain's troops. The Fiend Generals were evenly matched, but the difference appeared in the number of Great Fiends. While Prodigious Fruit Mountain had over a thousand, theirs were still mobilizing.

    Black Tiger, Old Turtle, and Black Python each faced one Archfiend from Prodigious Fruit Mountain, as White Fox and Fire Swallow launched attacks at the group of Great Fiends, not letting them get any closer.

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    Chapter 87: Try a Thirty-meter Long Broadsword for Size


    Under the astonished looks of the spectating Archfiends, Six Kings Alliance began the attack without senseless talking.

    It was a boss's tradition to move last, and so, the only two still staying put were Chen Ming and Golden Ape.

    Golden Ape smiled as Chen Ming didn't attack, "Are you, my opponent?"

    Chen Ming smiled, "What, don't I look the part?"

    Golden Ape laughed, "Your alliance only has more Archfiends, but my Prodigious Fruit Mountain has a Divine Palace stage, me. I am quite interested to see how you'll stop me. Will you use that inferior array of yours?"

    "Let me show you how inferior my array truly is!"

    Golden Ape flashed golden then turned into a ten-zhang-tall golden-mane giant ape, "First I deal with you, then those pesky shrimps!"

    Eight swords flew out of Chen Ming's storage ring, shrouding the entire battlefield. The black clouds gather above and send a bolt of lightning upon an unfortunate Fiend General, burning him black. The flashing stars shined upon a dozen Great Fiends, shattering them, as golden lights hacked down from the heavens above, each drilling a Great Fiend's chest.

    Golden Ape's rage peaked, "You're dead, Chen Ming!"

    Golden Ape threw himself at Chen Ming, shrugging off lightning strikes with no effort, and shirking of golden sword blows like it was nothing. He was worthy of Divine Palace stage, having a stronger body than even Azure Lion!

    The spectating Archfiend sighed, "I see now why the Six Kings Alliance attacked. Under Chen Ming's array, a Great Fiend has no chance, erasing him from existence!"

    The other said, "But how will Chen Ming deal with Golden Ape? His body is said to be Vajra Body! This array has no effect on him."

    Chen Ming also wanted to test Golden Ape's strength, and when their fists clashed, he retreated three steps, with blood dripping from his hand. He operated the Illustrious Casket and it was like there never was a wound in the first place. Chen Ming's interest in duking it out with Golden Ape vanished. It was clear that Golden Ape excelled in cultivating the body, a hardship cultivator. 

    Since Nine Nines Mysteries Art's wasn't high enough, there was no meaning in taking this course of action.

    The Archfiend watching was incredulous, "Impossible! They exchanged punches and yet only a bit of blood flowed. Looks like Chen Ming can handle Golden Ape on his own."

    "While Chen Ming keeps Golden Ape occupied, the other five Archfiend will deal with the troops. When their side finished, they will end up surrounding Golden Ape just like they did to Azure Lion!"

    Golden Ape figured out Chen Ming's intention. He wasn't his match and wanted to end him quickly. His body was enveloped in a golden glow, filling him with power, while veins wiggled along his skin. Golden Ape roared, "I won't let you win, Chen Ming. Light Emperor' Fist!"

    The imposing fist shined brighter, drawing ever closer towards Chen Ming!

    Chen Ming eyed the golden fist, then gazed at the black cloud above him. "Have a taste of Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword's power!"

    Chen Ming's body flashed, dodging the fist and directly flew above the black cloud. His hand sank inside and grabbed a sword, but its might was so great that he had to use both hands. And when he pulled it, a dark-gold eight-zhang-long sword revealed itself. The wind blew around it, fire licked its blade, lightning flicker through it while stars shined from within. He gripped the handle tighter and said, "Try a thirty-meter long broadsword for size." 

    Chen Ming hacked at Golden Ape's head!

    Golden Ape could feel its pressure but didn't throw any big move, only his fist.

    The mighty slash sank Golden Ape's legs into the ground. His mouth leaked blood, his fist numb, but his body still standing firm. Yet that couldn't be said about his insides, as the boundless power surpassed his limits and caused his organs to suffer a minor injury. 

    Golden Ape could hardly believe it, "So you are at the Divine Palace stage. No wonder you dare challenge me! But killing you will show everyone the power of Prodigious Fruit Mountain!"

    Chen Ming's hand didn't come out unaffected, still numb from the blow, Golden Ape's body is indeed strong. No matter, I will just have to use the sword's might and shake his organs to a pulp.

    Each of Chen Ming's broadsword strikes was met by Golden Ape's fists. The booms of each clash shook even the mountains. The only ones capable of withstanding the aftermath were Archfiends, the rest becoming corpses. 

    Chen Ming made full use of the Annihilation Sword's power, pushing back Golden Ape with each strike. Golden Ape wiped the blood from his mouth; if this continued, his defeat was certain. 

    This would result in a tragic end, so Golden Ape slapped Chen Ming's giant sword to the side and charged at the edge of the array. His booming fist shook the array, giving the impression the whole world was quaking. But this swaying let Golden Ape see a crack form in the array.

    Golden Ape attacked again and slipped through the fromed gap, "Ha-ha-ha, Chen Ming, I'm outside the array. What are you going to do now? "

    Chen Ming only smiled, "You can run, but the same can' t be said about your men."

    Golden Ape knew this, yet smiled, "Chen Ming, you kill my men and I'll go slaughter Six Kings Alliance's fiends. If you crush my mountain, then see how I crush your descendants! The way I see it, we don't need to fight. We are both at Divine Palace stage, taking us hundreds of years to reach this point. There's no need to fight to the bitter end. Let's end this, or do you want both sides to suffer?"

    Chen Ming smiled, "If it came to both of us having heavy losses then I would stop. But currently, the winner is still undecided. Who told you that my array can't move?"

    Chen Ming moved and the eight spiritual swords revolved around him. As he chased after Golden Ape, the array acted like his shadow following him on every turn. Golden Ape was struck dumb, "This is the first time I hear that an array can move!"

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    Chapter 88: Title Challenge Mission


    Golden Ape wasn't stupid. He saw Chen Ming's expression, confirming his thoughts, I can't beat him, better run.

    A new Archfiend like him reached the Divine Palace stage so fast. I can forget asking Grand Archfiend for help since he doesn't care about me. He's more inclined to kill me and use this to make Chen Ming his subordinate.

    Chen Ming's potential was far above his.

    His only choice right now was to run.

    Prodigious Fruit Mountain made Chen Ming drool. He had to prevent Golden Ape from leaving here alive, or the fields with herb would suffer under his schemes. Plus, Prodigious Fruit Mountain might have a Spirit Vein. He had to get his hands on it, then recruit three hundred more disciples and wait for merits to roll in,

    Leaving a Divine Palace stage Archfiend roaming around his territory would ruin it.

    The two played a game of cat an mouse. They exchanged blows, with each of their clash ringing the heavens.

    Many Great Fiends eyed the skies, "What's with this situation? Where's the war?"

    "This is a battle between Archfiends, and at Divine Palace stage too!"

    "Isn't more like the fiercest battle beneath Grand Archfiend?"

    Among the clouds, Chen Ming's sword sent Golden Ape flying into the mountains, poking holes through them. A Great Fiend sunbathed on his quilt when he saw how a piece of something fell from the sky on it, "Who's the bastard that throws junk!" 

    But then he saw the ferocious and overbearing Chen Ming in pursuit and felt the raw power of the array surrounding him. How couldn't he understand? F*ck! I'm right in the line of fire, even an innocent bystander like me suffers. Better run!

    The Great Fiend was smart to high-tail it out of there. The clashes alone had enough power to bring him a swift end. 

    Golden Ape threw the quilt covering his face, then charged at Chen Ming. He knew that with Chen Ming's endurance it would soon end in his death.

    From his knowledge, all guarding arrays lasted but a short while. Was there ever one that could operate for months on end? 

    As the chase continued, his spiritual power would run dry, while Chen Ming would still be ferocious and ever vigorous. Result? Death.

    Golden Ape's body shined like never before, turning him into a small golden giant, then jumped to meet Chen Ming's strike. Chen Ming slashed with both hands and smacked Golden Ape, with another resounding boom, into the ground.

    Chen Ming gathered his power in the next strike, bolstered by the array's energy, then charged at Golden Ape. Wherever the array passed, it turned the land into lava, unable to stop Chen Ming's advance as he chopped with his sword! 

    "Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword, die!"

    The hit made Golden Ape spit blood. Even with his strong body, his arm had a gaping wound, blood rushing to come out of it. He inspected his arm, "Damn it! My vitality is almost exhausted. It had reached the limit of sustaining my golden body!" 

    When the two Divine Palace stage Archfiends fought, no wildlife could escape, and even some Great Fiends became collateral damage. Yet Archfiends didn't even dare approach, for fear of being slaughtered in the heat of the moment. 

    Countless Great Fiends came from the mountain, leaving their homes, watching the two monsters wrecking everything they touched, "Just what's with this situation?"

    "They're even going underground!"

    "Those underground fiends' luck turned for worse."

    The Great Fiends flew in the sky and watched deep underground. Not long after rats quickly came out only to join the other flying fiends above.

    They heard an awful loud sound, then saw how a mountain peak collapsed and the ground move, as if two earth dragons ravaged the underground.

    Mountain after mountain crumbled to pieces in their wake. If an Archfiend's battle was said to be enough to destroy a kingdom then Divine Palace stage fight was a calamity.

    The ground caved one time while bulging the other. Chasms kept spreading and rocks came crashing. There was even lava flowing from in places. 

    As the ground exploded, the bloody body of Golden Ape was thrown in the sky by Chen Ming's strike, only to be followed closely by said assailant. He then held his giant sword entwined with lightning and rammed it through Golden Ape's chest.

    Golden Ape kicked Chen Ming, removing the sword from his chest and spraying his blood into a fine rain over the ground.

    Golden Ape touched his chest, then roared at Chen Ming, "This King doesn't accept it. I won't fall here!" 

    As the two resumed their fight, in midair, the Great Fiends made a speedy retreat on the ground.

    Chen Ming raised his giant sword and smiled, "See how this thirty-meter broadsword beheads you!" 

    The two went at each other, Golden Ape's eyes growing bloodshot. He was beginning to not care about anything, not even the incoming giant sword, allowing it to enter him thus giving him the chance to strike Chen Ming.

    Golden Ape had another gaping hole in his body and Chen Ming spat blood from the blow. Solely based on body strength, he was beneath Golden Ape since he had higher hardship cultivation.

    The two struck again and again. And as Golden Ape's wounds pilled over his body, his blood rained down, until the ground was covered in it.  

    As the last drop of blood trickled out of Golden Ape, so did his last ounce of energy. His eyes grew hazy, falling from the sky and landing on a mountain, dead.

    "Ding! You killed Archfiend Golden Ape. Battle contributions: 70%, killing blow. Reward: 30%. You got 2200 spiritual knowledge and 200 fame.

    "Ding! You killed Archfiend Golden Ape. You've made your strength known to all the surrounding Archfiends and earned their reverence. You completed clash of forces. Reward: 10000 spiritual knowledge, 2000 fame. "

    "Ding! Your fame surpassed the ten thousand mark, you are no longer a nobody. Your name will come out of many people's mouths, along with praises. You triggered a title challenge mission.

    Current possible title challenges: 

    1. Conqueror (average)

    Begin expanding your reach and control. You can obtain this rank when you subdued the entire Myriad Mountains. 

    Additional reward: Control Aura lvl 2.

    Completion: 0.01%.

    2. Sects Ruler (average)

    You established your sect and guided disciples. Raise three thousand Dao Initiation realm disciples and one King rank disciple for this title. 

    Additional reward: Enlighten Aura.

    Completion: 0.02%.

    3. Pill Master (average)

    You learned tho refine pills to an impressive degree. Refine a King rank pill and you can obtain this title. 

    Additional reward: Pill Heart Aura.

    Completion: 0%.

    4. Wandering Daoist (uncommon) 

    You are a mysterious diviner. Be it in the eyes of the common people or in those of cultivators, you will forever remain a mystery to them. Use your divination skill to scam mortals out of a hundred thousand taels of gold for this title.

    Additional reward: Spirit Eye Aura.

    Completion: 0%.

    5. Thousand-faced Fox (unique)

    The aspect of your mask turns the others speechless and gives you an air of mystery. While wearing a paper mask, become an immortal grade sect's Grand Elder, prove your Enlightenment in a Buddhist Sect, become a Demon Lord in a demonic sect, a Commander in the Ghost Domain, and a Venerable to fiends.

    Additional reward: Secretive Aura and one of the ten great immortal arts, Thousand-faced Doll Words. 

    Completion: 0%.

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    I think you meant "shrouding" by "shrowding" at chapter 87.
    And "tales of gold" should be "taels of gold" at chapter 88.
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    Chapter 89: All I Want Is the Whole Mountain


    "Ding! You can only pick one challenge."

    Control Aura of the second level wouldn't be much different than the first, and to go on an expedition in flipping over Myriad Mountains, that was strength Chen Ming did not have.

    Enlighten Aura's effect was unknown, but he assumed it would help guide disciples, to show them the right path for them. It put cultivation first while being unrestrained suited him best. 

    He didn't need the Pill Master since his success rate wasn't low at all. Immortal Master Chen had confidence in his refining skills!

    As for Wandering Daoist, he could understand, since a diviner could see fate but he was still just a swindler. But where could he find the time to scam mortals out of a hundred thousand taels of gold? Would he be scamming even at the Grand World Opening? Did he not want to live?  

    He could see other people's aura, so he didn't even consider the Spirit Eye Aura.

    Look, wasn't Ling Xian useful?

    While Thousand-faced Fox, well sorry, living is better. With this degree of difficulty, this Immortal Master doesn't have the time to spare.

    He could only choose Sects Ruler.

    The title was average, but he would be able to shed his fate of cannon fodder.

    With life, came enough time to do other stuff. 

    "I chose Sects Ruler!"

    "Ding! Title challenge mission has started."

    He carried Golden Ape's body and flew to Prodigious Fruit Mountain. It was time for harvest.

    Chen Ming was even drooling at such a treasure like Prodigious Fruit Mountain, Why is a day suddenly so long?

    When he arrived at Prodigious Fruit Mountain, the place was in ruins, yet the mountain, intact. The five Archfiends knew that the spiritual plants and herbs were the most important.

    On the battlefield, Archfiends still fought, since this decided the future owner of this mountain, some even at an advantage. Chen Ming flew above the battlefield then shouted as he threw Golden Ape's corpse, "Golden Ape is dead, this battle no longer has any meaning. If you want to live, bring his kin to me."

    Chen Ming wasn't about to let off these Archfiends. He didn't want to play the part in letting Golden Ape's descendant flee to Demonic Domain, train in demonic cultivation, becoming the head disciple then searching for him two years later for revenge.

    Besides, didn't he had the advancement mission with a quota of three hundred Archfiends to kill? These Archfiends were already in front of him, why let them go?

    Chen Ming entered the field and went to kill the three fleeing Archfiends. His five companions didn't sit still and went to block them.

    With Chen Ming, the three Archfiends had no chance, and in mere moments they died under the Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword.

    Chen Ming's voice echoed throughout the area, "Our Six Kings Alliance and your mountain minded their own business, but since you started this battle, now you must pay the price!"

    Chen Ming handed this task over to the experts, White Fox, and Black Python. While he went to the spectating Archfiends, who didn't dare to slight him and bowed in respect, "We greet Sir Archfiend!" 

    Chen Ming nodded, then laughed, "Guests, since you came to my Prodigious Fruit Mountain, come sit."

    The two were hesitating, unclear of Chen Ming's intention, eliciting a question from him, "What's wrong, you think Prodigious Fruit Mountain isn't my territory?"

    They wouldn't dare refuse him. With Golden Ape dead, Six Kings Alliance's might would echo everywhere. They moved swift and efficient, not someone they could withstand easily, "Of course it belongs to Sir Archfiend, we have no complaints." 

    "But we cannot stay, our leaders are waiting for our return."

    Chen Ming waved, "Take care!"

    Two brothers, Chen Ming, and Black Tiger strolled around the Prodigious Fruit Mountain, seeing medicinal plants at every step, all the way to the peak. And among these common plants, the spiritual herbs shined like stars among the fields. Common plants were good for making Dao Sense realm pills, while spiritual herbs we more precious, reserved for refining Dao Initiation realm pills.

    Seeing so many spiritual herbs, Chen Ming was filled with joy. They were many many times more than the ones he had in his courtyard.

    And an Alchemist Grandmaster like Chen Ming was more than familiar with these ingredients. From a glance, he determined that these ingredients had enough medicinal property and, despite only being half a year old, they were comparable to that of tens of years old herbs. The peak even had spiritual herbs growing. This mountain was a true treasure. 

    Chen Ming spread his awareness within and soon found a yellow palm-sized little guy on a bluestone. It had a small sunflower on its head, its limbs consisting of vines and it seemed to know that its master was no more. Yet this little guy leaned on the bluestone, one leg over the other while throwing seeds in its mouth.

    Little sunflower chewed seeds, little carp nibbles dry fish, so all was normal. 

    You all took the form of what you eat!

    Yet the seeds looked more like peanuts in little sunflower's mouth. It needed to chew three times to eat just one.

    By the looks of it, little sunflower wasn't as obedient as little carp. Chen Ming grabbed its sunflower and began drawing the spirit pact. After spitting the shell in his face, it became quiet, finding Chen Ming's features familiar. No longer feeling shy, since he wasn't a stranger, or more like, an outsider, it stretched on Chen Ming's head.

    Little carp was a River Soul, while little sunflower was a Mountain Ghost.

    Its temper was not in the least cute.

    Prodigious Fruit Mountain couldn't stay here, so Chen Ming's idea was to move the entire mountain back home. It was already filled with ingredients and even had a Spirit Vein in its heart, little sunflower's home.

    From the form of these Spirit Veins, these spirits didn't have high awareness. They were more like animals. 

    It was indeed a Wooden Spirit Vein, the rarest of them all. But wood attribute cultivators were even less, known as children of the earth.

    But the earth supplemented myriad of creatures, so even cultivators with earth, wind, fire and water cultivation methods could absorb the wood spiritual energy, without any repercussions. 

    I can grow three hundred more chives, but what it's truly worthy of celebrating, is that all of this is free!

    Chen Ming looked at Black Tiger, "Elder brother Black Tiger, do you know of a way to move Prodigious Fruit Mountain to Yan Mountain?"

    "No problem, just a mere mountain!"

    The old tradition was that the older brother ate meat while the younger soup. Since Chen Ming already got his bite of meat, little brother got his share. Chen Ming continued, "As for the other lands, divide it among yourselves. I am not interested in those, and you know that I have a few subordinates."

    Just what Black Tiger wanted to hear. They didn't want Prodigious Fruit Mountain. If you had nothing to back your wealth, then it would get you killed. And they were now under Chen Ming's shelter, that's the only reason for their current status. Chen Ming held his head high, showing there was no problem, "Then many thanks bro Chen Ming. We already consulted and felt that Six Kings Alliance doesn't suit us. How about we change from Six Kings Alliance to Yan Mountain? And Black Tiger Mountain will be Yan Mountain's Black Tiger Peak. What do you say bro Chen Ming?"  

    Chen Ming had no objection to that. These Archfiends were sophisticated people, and having such a firm grip on Chen Ming's hairy leg, why would they even think of leaving? 

    "Then I will trouble brothers and sister in making Yan Mountain the main peak. The rest of the mater we will finish at Yan Mountain."

    Black Tiger laughed loudly, "Well said!"

  • Chapter 90: A Lesson to Remember


    Yan Mountain rose in fame, Chen Ming rose in power, the five Archfiends' subordinates increased and the same could be said about their ambition. They were thinking along the lines that Chen Ming would become a Grand Archfiend, a true Sects Ruler. While they would take advantage of his growth and ride on his coattails.

    Even Golden Ape, despite being at Divine Palace stage, no Grand Archfiend was willing to take him in. There were many other Divine Palace Archfiends out there, so to have a Grand Archfiend's protection one needed to choose the best moment to act.

    When he returned to Blazing Mulberry Nest, Chen Ming didn't see Chen Lingyu crushing egos, but the sight crushed his heart instead. Outside her courtyard were flowers, held by many young fiends who came to woo her.

    Chen Ming's thought, I went through hell and back to grow this fresh cabbage, only to let some swine have it? I won't allow it.

    As a parent, ptui, a Master, I need to give Zhuo Qingyao and Chen Lingyu a lesson to remember.

    At the Archfiend Summit of this time, they went and destroyed Prodigious Fruit Mountain, so there was no need to hold the usual competition. Chen Ming took Chen Lingyu to Yan Mountain then went for Zhuo Qingyao, taking them to a hall room, where he began his lesson. 

    Many novels wrote that such-and-such proud daughters of heaven would have many throwing themselves at their feet. To avoid this dreadful scene, Chen Ming decided to hold a lesson to repent for allowing such a scene to come to fruition.

    "You are no longer little, so master won't meddle in your matters. But, you need to know one important fact. That sea of boys out there, each of them is using flowery speech, but they're all bastards at the core! "

    Chen Lingyu raised her hand, "Master, you too?"

    Chen Ming did some thinking, "That's not important. Let's have a nice long talk. Every man will have an affair, just look at Ling Xian. He might seem alone now, but in the future, he is bound to have three wives and four concubines. There's no need to even mention Li Suyi. You can look in a million miles around us and you will never find one man with a moral heart. So don't give any boy a chance! Because they will forever be plagued by one illusion: she likes me."

    Chen Lingyu nodded slightly. Zhuo Qingyao wanted to say something but nodded instead.

    Chen Ming continued, "Remember, boys will ask you out to see the beauty of the land, but what they mean is that they want to sleep with you. Boys will ask you out for dinner, but all they want is to sleep with you. Boys will give you gifts, but only think of sleeping with you..."

    Chen Ming came out at the end of this long lecture filled with satisfaction, En, now I can rest easy.

    There's no way they'll follow the script!

    The five Archfiends gathered and soon moved Prodigious Fruit Mountain a distance outside Yan Mountain. With fresh ingredients, the disciples went crazy. But a month later, they finally succeeded in refining a chicken-flavored Qi Pill!

    The other Archfiends went to find Chen Ming for a matter, to resolve their new identities of Elders. 

    Black Tiger said, "If we don't resolve this situation, I won't be at ease."

    Yan Mountain was surrounded by their territories, and they knew of Yan Mountain's habit of chugging pills by the bottle. Not to mention becoming an Elder for Yan Mountain, even becoming a disciple would make them feel better than an Archfiend's status!

    The five had endless envy for Yan Mountain.

    Chen Ming was aware of this matter, and after brief counseling, where all were in agreement, the matter quickly came to pass, "Elder Black Python, you are an expert in a stealth cultivation method, and even better in assassinations. You will be in charge of Yan Mountain's intelligence gathering. You will operate in the dark, as Yan Mountain's Secret Department. Recently, the movements from Myriad Mountains are filled with deceit, the Grand Sovereign fickle and erratic. We need to come up with a contingency plan!" 

    Black Python bowed, "I understand. This King, uh, subordinate, will follow your order!"

    Chen Ming continued, "Elder brother Black Tiger, you and I are brothers. You will be Yan Mountain's Commander, organizing the military of the former Six Kings Alliance, and form Yan Mountain's expedition force, to expand our land!"

    Black Tiger beat his chest, "Ha-ha-ha, relax bro Chen Ming. I won't concern myself with other matters and will make a model army out of these fiends!"

    Chen Ming was organizing the army in response to the Grand World Opening two years later. At least, he wouldn't need to do everything himself, when he had an army at his beck and call, I can't always lay back in my land and expose a thief here or a bandit there. You all need to start working for a change.

    Besides, it would also protect his chives.

    Chen Ming looked at White Fox. She had average strength, but exquisite mind, "Sister White Fox, you will be in charge of Yan Mountain's Internal Affairs. Everything will be at your discretion." 

    White Fox had no complaints, this was her field of expertise, "Then I will be troubling brother Chen Ming, becoming your manager. "

    Old Turtle was already old, it would be too much to send him into battle again, "Brother Turtle, you have gained in years, no longer in your prime. How about being in charge of Prodigious Fruit Mountain's medicine fields and disciples' refining of pills?"

    Old Turtle has also heard of Yan Mountain's matter regarding refining pills. This was the source of all Yan Mountain's extravagant spending so, of course, he smiled and agreed, "Leave it to this old man."

    The last but not least was Fire Swallow. Chen Ming said, "Brother Fire Swallow, you will be the vice-commander, helping elder brother Black Tiger in managing the troops. "

    Yan Mountain had currently three thousand Great Fiends at Dao Initiation realm. Chen Ming might not care if he fought them, but other Divine Palace Archfiends didn't have Chen Ming's skill in arrays and would be overwhelmed even against a thousand.

    The difference in numbers was great, with only a realm apart in power.

    The current problem was the disciples. Dao Sense realm pills were refined quickly, supporting Chen Ming's extravagant spending.

    Farming was too slow. Manufacturing was the true Dao! With a spirit stone, one could buy ingredients and then refine pills. This would, in turn, have a ten-fold profit!

    Cultivators paid close attention to four things: wealth, companions, cultivation method and a place to live. Wealth came first, and as long there were enough spirit stones they would keep on spending, accomplishing anything they set their minds to. But if the time came they were unable, then it showed a lack of funding.

    He called for Elder Turtle and said, "Elder Turtle, the crucial point right now is to find out the refining speed of disciples."

    Three days later, Elder Turtle came to report, "Of the six hundred disciples, five hundred have accomplished the refining of Qi Pill. If we ask them to continue, then in a month they will mass-produce a hundred and eighty thousand Qi Pills!"

    Yan Mountain's refining speed felt strange to Elder Turtle. With fifteen disciples gathered together, they could refine ten batches a day. That meant around a hundred pills, while still having enough time to refine their rations. It was true that all alchemists had money, but it was a first to see it to this extent.

    Can't it be faster? With an assembly line, the process was much faster than the traditional way, and they also had Alchemist Grandmaster Chen Ming's guidance.

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  • Chapter 91: Less Robbing


    Yan Mountain's method of refining was unheard of, each disciple was in charge of one step. In other words, none of them knew how to do the entire process.

    But when fifteen gathered in one place, their speed would trample more than thirty alchemists! And that was just for starters. An alchemist would need a three days rest after a batch, while these disciples could skip it. Their speed reached an outrageous height, comparable to that of a hundred alchemists. 

    What normal alchemist would even come up with this method? They were people who regarded their craft techniques as treasures, they would never act like Yan Mountain and let everyone learn it. Some didn't even pass them on, following with them in their grave.

    Yan Mountain's liberal policy to its disciples was unheard of. Elder Turtle, when he was in command of the Old Turtle Pond, would keep the strongest magical arts to himself, giving common cultivation methods to his fiends. This way, he would prevent the rise of a second Archfiend, maintaining his status.

    But Yan Mountain seemed to have anything you wanted from Southern Border, without even charging a coin. If you wanted to cultivate then go in and look it over. 

    Chen Ming had no worry of another disciple surpassing him. Plus, they were all of common talent.

    Only after arriving at Yan Mountain, did Elder Turtle finally understood its intricacies. Chen Ming not only wasn't afraid but became more confident instead. His four legacy disciples were all freaks. Li Suyi, for example, was training in Azure Lion's cultivation method and wielded the Demonic Blood Saber, a godly weapon. 

    The second disciple, Ling Xian, used an immortal art! And from what he heard from him, Ling Xian became a Dao Initiation realm cultivator in just three months. 

    The disciples even said that the last young miss Chen Ming brought, was even more outstanding than Li Suyi and Ling Xian. She was someone known to everyone, cultivating an immortal cultivation method, and was also close to becoming an Alchemist Grandmaster. 

    But the most frightening of them all was first senior sister, standing high above them. She was Chen Ming's legacy disciple for little more than a year, and yet seemed to have the strength to challenge an Archfiend.

    As for Elder Turtle's guys back home were only an embarrassment when compared to Chen Ming's legacy disciples. But even when compared to ordinary disciples, they didn't seem to have any worth. 

    While Chen Ming was an oddity among oddities. He knew arrays like the back of his hand, unmatched in sword arts, with impeccable sabre moves, refining pills like it was nothing and seemed to know everything about every cultivation method out there. Even if a day would come when Chen Ming would say he wanted to refine magical items, Elder Turtle would think it was completely normal.

    Yan Mountain gave him too much of a shock. But this shock assured him that Yan Mountain's rise was only a matter of fact, that their own decision was correct. 

    Chen Ming did some thinking. To exchange the useless pills with spirit stones, then use those to buy ingredients, and so on. There would be a tenfold turnover after all. Considering the expenses coming from disciples, Archfiends' and raising Great Fiends, what was left was five times the profit. It might not be much but at least it was faster than robbing!  

    If I don't have the skill to protect what I have, then I'll just have to continue recruiting disciples!

    It was perfect since Sects Ruler needed three thousand Dao Initiation realm cultivators. Se even if he had six hundred idiots who couldn't break through to Dao Initiation realm despite the pills to match, he would have the three thousand to reach it.

    En, this is the best choice.

    But a new problem popped up. Who could eat one hundred and eighty thousand Qi Pills a month? And he couldn't openly sell them, in fear of letting Grand Archfiend know. What? You can refine a hundred and eighty thousand Qi Pills a month? Come over here and bake this Grand Archfiend some pills, and make it snappy. I am a commander of Ghost Immortal, we go hand in hand in skipping around while killing stuff.

    This was a headache. And after recruiting the three thousand disciples, he reckoned the mass-produced pills would reach a frightening degree. Might end up with a million Qi Pills in a month. Who would eat that many? 

    'Hold on, didn't Astral Immortal Sect joined hands with other ancient immortal sects to fight Ghost Immortal? His Dao Initiation realm forces under him would definitely drop, and those ancient immortal sect's appetite was also large.

    Thinking of withstanding Ghost Immortal's forces on his own, Chen Ming felt the weight on his shoulders increase by tons. He might not be able to put up a fight now, but these ancient immortal sects could hold their own. The less I fight, the easier to sell pills.

    Driven by this plan, Chen Ming waited a month, stashed the pile of two hundred thousand Qi Pills in his storage ring, then set off for Jade Void Temple's secret domain. In the domain, he donned the smiley face, then went in search of his old friend Xing Ming. Astral Immortal Sect's security was even tighter here so that any change would be swiftly detected. Xing Ming felt strange when Chen Ming dropped by. Chen Ming went straight to the point, as he walked towards the boat, "How's the war going?"

    "At this point, only the small sects are fighting. You should know that their main strength lays in Dao Initiation realm cultivators, so we can only move those disciples here in secret, to avoid detection from Ghost Immortal's forces. But the war isn't going well. Medicine King Valley is backing Ghost Immortal's factions. It's supplying them with large amounts of recovery pills and strengthening pills while we fell from their favor. And other pill requests to different people aren't enough to change our current situation. We are not doing too great in the current war."

    Chen Ming couldn't be happier. Medicine King Valley had actually reached such a state, to the point that most refining came from them. From this, he had a full grasp of their demand, pills.

    Chen Ming nodded, "Ghost Immortal is someone from the Ghost Domain, and if the entire land gets turned into his Immortal Kingdom, then it will be no different than the Ghost Domain. It will change us into neither human nor ghosts. My sect might not have enough power to support the war, but it can help you with pills. Perhaps they will even change the war for the better."

    Xing Ming showed a trace of delight but then vanished the next moment. At first, he was quite happy, since Vermilion Bird stood behind Chen Ming, presuming to be from some ancient sect. Assisting with pills was indeed great, but how many pills could a single sect refine? 

    "Little friend might not know, but we are in desperate need of pills. But even little friend's help will be of some use."

    You can't even begin to imagine how much I have. I am not an alchemist, only a delivery boy.

    "We didn't know much of the situation, so the sect didn't prepare too many. So this time, I only brought two hundred thousand Qi Pills. If it's not enough, my sect can enter in a state of emergency, further increasing our output. It won't be hard to provide a million pills a month!"

    Xing Ming was struck dumb, "Little friend, how many again?"

    Chen Ming plainly said, "Two hundred thousand. The sect will need some time to adjust, before entering a state of emergency. And then it can refine a million pills a month."
  • Chapter 92: Taking a Huge Loss


    Putting aside that state of emergency of yours, two hundred thousand might not solve the problem but can take us out of this desperate situation.

    And young friend said they need time to adjust, then they can refine a million pills a month. It can fill our gap. "Little friend, your sect can truly make a million pills a month?"

    "We didn't know how much you needed pills, but now that we do, to fight Ghost Immortal, we will act accordingly. But I need half a year. In this time, I will provide you with two hundred thousand pills each month."

    "That would be great, but we need more than Qi Pills. We need great amounts of recovery pills, they are what we lack the most; the more the better. You are the only ones who can provide us pills, and if we can, we would like to have even more. You do not even need to participate in the war, and only need to provide pills. Your battlefield is alchemy! "

    Xing Ming might only be a King rank, but Chen Ming could see that his status was very high. He might be an important person in Astral Immortal Sect.

    "This won't be a problem. But your requests are too big, so I would need you to provide the ingredients. "

    Xing Ming laughed, "No worry, young friend. Wait for a bit while I report this wonderful news. They would surely make a quick decision! "

    Inside Astral Immortal Sect, five old and gray-haired men sat on praying mats. They were discussing the war with Ghost Immortal. The Astral Immortal Sect had a long history and knew many intricate details. One old man began, "Ghost Immortal managed to corrupt many factions of the land, but he is clearly unable to break through the seal. The final battle will most likely be in Jade Void Temple's secret domain!"

    Elder Xue Shan nodded, "Correct, he corrupted these powers to weaken the seal. The place nearby Myriad Mountains is almost wasted away. This must be the work of Ghost Immortal's subordinates. This mistake falls on us since we didn't even realize."

    Elder Jian Wangge was irritated, "But now, Medicine King Valley fell in the hands of Ghost Immortal. They cut off our source of pills, and the recovery pills are running out. The situation is dire, and if this continues, it will be disastrous!"

    Elder Tie Yi's brows furrowed, "The current war will decide the fate of this land. When Ghost Immortal was sealed, our sect used all its power. This life and death war concerns about all the lives in this land. We need to set aside everything and focus on this war! "

    Elder Lei Mo's eyes flashed, "If we can't, we should at least take all our elite troops, the King legion, and destroy Medicine King Valley! "

    Xue Shan waved his hand, "It won't be enough, Medicine King Valley is bound to have a large force defending it. If we rush to attack, we won't make it out alive. And even if we won by sheer luck, we will be at a disadvantage in the war. The King Legion can only be used as a last resort!"

    Jian Wangge said, "Then what is left for us to do? Medicine King Valley's alchemists never leave. If we knew this then, we would have wiped them all out!"

    A boy rushed to give a report, "Elders, Xing Ming is seeking an audience. He has an urgent matter to announce."

    "Send him in."

    Xing Ming made a bow, "That young friend, Paper Face Man, says that his sect can supply us with pills. It is currently able to give us two hundred thousand a month. And after half a year, they can increase it to a million per month."

    The old men's eyes flashed. This was great news. An Elder said, "Xing Ming, tell us everything you know about this young friend." 

    Xing Ming revealed all the details, then Jian Wangge said, "Not bad indeed. At that time Great Immortal Pill Cauldron used the heaven and earth as the furnace, and his body as the pill, reaching the realm of immortals. Four Elements Array is something he imparted. Since he is holding Vermilion Bird's token we should have expected him to be from Exalted Immortal Pill Cauldron's sect. If there is any in the world who can match Medicine King Valley, then that must be Jade Void Temple!"

    An Elder said, "The price of pills is currently soaring. I wonder if we can buy them from him at the base price."

    Xing Ming said, "Young friend said, that they are also doing their best, but they are unable to provide help on the front lines. But when it comes to pills, they can provide their share. They only lack ingredients."

    Xiao Ling slapped the table, "We are an ancient immortal sect, when did we lack ingredients? Take all common ingredient, and a part of spiritual herbs from the sect and give them to him! We have to do this if we want to buy them at the base price. After all, the consumption in times of wors is ten times, if not tens of times higher. We need great amounts of pills, and our young friend needs great amounts of resources to make them."

    Xing Ming said, "I will go relate this information."

    Chen Ming didn't have to wait long, and soon met with Xing Ming, who said, "Young friend, we desperately need the pills you refine, but for the price, can you not lower it a bit?"

    Chen Ming said, "I also don't like it, but you know that an alchemist is a money-burning toy. An alchemist needs a lot of funds to operate..."

    Xing Ming's face flushed red. Because of the war with Ghost Immortal, the price of a pill skyrocketed. He knew that his request was too much, "Can you... Um, make it the usual, one Qi Pill for ten spirit stone..." 

    Xing Ming felt embarrassed just from saying it.

    Chen Ming was happy, however, I can sell them at the base price! They really need these pills. "En, if I wasn't required to fight against Ghost Immortal I wouldn't have accepted this price. But now, the situation is dire. Alright, I agree with your terms. "

    "That's perfect. But doing such a great transaction, won't young friend need to discuss it over with the sect?"

    Chen Ming's thought, Discuss my a*s! I'm the Sect Leader. "It's alright, I at least have the right to do this."

    Xing Ming couldn’t be happier, "Great! But these pills will only help us out of this desperate situation. We still need even larger amounts. Young friend, quickly reports back to your sect and enter that whatever state of emergency of yours."

    Chen Ming waved his hand, "Relax, in half a year, I will definitely bring them."

    "Then, young friend, please wait for a bit, while I go bring all the ingredients. I will first exchange the spirit stones for ingredients, they should be valued close to thirty million spirit stones. If later the price of ingredients isn't enough, we can just pay with spirit stones!"

    Chen Ming faked heartbrokenness, "Alright. Since we can only do it this way, I will just have to take this huge loss!"
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  • Chapter 93: Since They’re Useless, It Falls onto Me


    Xing Ming's report filled the five Elders of Astral Immortal Sect with joy, "Quickly go and give him the ingredients!"

    "This young friend is very upright!"

    "Yes, not at all like those rogue alchemists. Even in this moment of crisis, they still fight tooth and nail over the price!"

    Two days later, Chen Ming received a storage ring from the grateful Xing Ming, "Young friend, here are ingredients worth thirty million spirit stones. I hope you will complete the adjustment swiftly, and of the next batch of pills, half of them will be recovery pills." 

    Chen Ming received it and saw the small mountain of ingredients within. This storage ring was far bigger than the one he had, "Uh, I also came to trade for a larger storage ring since the one I have is lacking."

    Xing Ming was straightforward, "Young friend is very upright in this deal, so accept this storage ring as a gift."

    Chen Ming cupped his hands, "Many thanks!"

    "You're too kind. It is I who should thank young friend."

    Chen Ming gave his two hundred thousand pills to Xing Ming who, with a swipe, stashed them in his own storage ring.

    With the deal done, the two were thrilled with his own gain.

    Xing Ming intended to invite Chen Ming for a meal but had to leave since he had pressing matters.

    These thirty million spirit stones worth of ingredients were akin to a Grand Archfiend's wealth, yet those ancient immortal sects were more than happy to fork it. 

    With this wealth, Chen Ming was now ready for a great undertaking!

    Like, say, accepting three thousand disciples!

    No Spirit Vein? No matter, just take pills!

    If there's one thing our Yan Mountain has plenty of, are pills!

    Back at Yan Mountain, Chen Ming put Old Turtle in charge of watching over the disciples' refining process. Chen Ming then gave each of these disciples a hundred spirit stones, any more and he wouldn't have enough to initiate the three thousand disciples.

    By the time Yan Mountain's three thousand and six hundred disciples settle in, each of them would get a thousand spirit stones a month. An Archfiend's salary!

    The disciples stared blankly at the pile of spirit stones, Master gave each of us a hundred spirit stones. This is a Fiend General's salary. "I reckon Master's head has gone bad. Look! Before, Master let us take pills without a care, what other sect plays around like this? An Archfiend's wealth gathered throughout hundreds of years, will be gone in just two years. And now, with each of us getting a hundred spirit stones a month, Master's treasury will struggle to hold for even a few years. We need to quickly refine pills. If we miss this chance, there won't be another."

    "Right, it's high time for pill refining!"

    "Not to mention, pills are now our meals. Anything else we eat at this point becomes tasteless. Let's go, to refining!"

    "Damn! Master is giving away spirit stones! Isn't that something we should be doing?"

    "Stop thinking about it. A disciple holding his Master's money will bring him endless anxiety."


    Chen Ming only laughed at their reactions. They have yet to notice their worth. In this day and age, a Master came first and foremost; they were the ones who should be giving gifts to their Master. For Master to just give them spirit stones, was an unprecedented matter.

    Li Suyi reached Yan Mountain's peak, only to see Chen Ming basking in the sun's glory in his chair, as usual, Senior brother and senior sister were right. I'll never get to see Master cultivate for as long as I live.

    "Master, did you ask for me?"

    "You have seen Medicine King Valley's state, and you should know of the treacherous Ghost Immortal, poking his nose all over the land. He must have corrupted many sects already. Yet the opposition only consists of some ancient immortal sects. Do you believe they have any chance of winning?"

    Of course, there was a reason behind Chen Ming's question. With Li Suyi reliving his life, he might find something he could use. Li Suyi took a grave expression, "From how disciple saw it, they will fail."

    Chen Ming's mood turned for the worse, In his past life, the ancient immortal sects lost and the land became a Ghost Domain. "Since they'll fail, then we'll find no help with them. In that case, your Master will have to step in."

    Li Suyi was left speechless. If others said this or even Ling Xian, then he would think it impossible. But since it was Chen Ming, he had a sliver of hope, "Master, I believe you. If there's anything you need of disciple, I will do my very best to accomplish it!"

    "From the extent of power you can now control, you can reach Dao Initiation realm. Your current task is to scour Yan Mountain for three thousand disciples. Your Master will take them all in, whatever attribute they might have. When you return, Master will be your Dao protector and help you break through to Dao Initiation realm."

    This step was a huge one for Li Suyi. It was unknown how profound his saber Dao was, but Chen Ming reckoned that it may be well above the Unity stage. If Li Suyi, at his current cultivation, were to forcefully reach this stage, he would blow up in smoke. 

    Li Suyi was overjoyed, he could finally reach Dao Initiation realm, "Yes, Master. Disciple will begin immediately!"

    Theoretically, Li Suyi might overtake Zhuo Qingyao in reaching the King rank. At least he only needed to completely absorb Azure Lion's Taotie's Seed, who was an Archfiend.

    With Li Suyi's council, Chen Ming knew it was useless to rely on those ancient immortal sects. He should begin making some preparations of his own. When the time came and Ghost Immortal won, then his land would be dragged into it, with nowhere to run. Yan Mountain had only three thousand Great Fiend, and only if it reached ten thousand would it look a tad better. Yet these troops were the ones guaranteeing the safe development of Yan Mountain. Well, there has never been one to find Yan Mountain's secret, so far.

    As there was still some wealth left, it would pose no problems in keeping this pace for a while longer. Chen Ming called for Commander Black Tiger, Vice-commander Fire Swallow, and Secret Department's Head, Black Python, to begin preparations. 

    When all were gathered, Chen Ming went straight to the point, "Yan Mountain is in an accelerated growth period, and we must make sure that no one will find Yan Mountain's secret. Yan Mountain's current defense is sorely lacking, thus, I decided to expand the army!"

    There was no shred of doubt Black Tiger supported Chen Ming's decision, "Mountain Lord, how far should this expansion stretch?"

    "To withstand a Grand Archfiend's invasion!"

  • Chapter 94: The Dirt-poor Yan Mountain


    Black Tiger was the first to come out of his stupor, "To face a Grand Archfiend we need ten thousand Great Fiends."

    Black Python added, "Can Yan Mountain even handle such huge costs?"

    Chen Ming was all smiles, "This is only temporary. The plan is to have the same power as the fiends' Grand Sovereign. And now is the time to start, by recruiting ten thousand, for now, in the vicinity of Yan Mountain. Half a year later, we will proceed with the second expansion, only stopping at a hundred thousand!" 

    They all though Chen Ming had huge potential. But it never crossed their minds his ambition would stretch so far, encompassing the whole Myriad Mountains!

    Yet they didn't have any adverse feelings. They wouldn't be fighting against the fiends' Grand Sovereign for now anyway, so they had time to prepare. Black Tiger said, "What of Yan Mountain's disciples? Will they be joining the fray?"

    Chen Ming laughed, "None of them will fight. I have something else in store for them. Once they have attained suitable cultivation, I will give the order for expansion, to leave the mountain. The ones leaving will receive a hundred thousand spirit stones for organizing their private army. They will conquer many new lands in the area, becoming proud new owners over them!"

    This shocked the three to no end. Chen Ming didn't limit himself to Myriad Mountains, what he wanted was the whole world!

    The three also became privy to Li Suyi recruiting three thousand disciples. When all three thousand and six hundred disciples were given the order to expand, these many lords would become an unimaginable force across the entire world.

    Yet, how much would all of this cost?

    Once they came to know the refining speed of these disciples, hope sprouted in their hearts. Then adding another three thousand disciples, Yan Mountain's success was almost guaranteed. 

    When they thought before, how the speed for attaining success was lacking, well now, they felt like flying.

    At this point, they had no words to refute. If it worked, they would be rulers on their own, if not, it was only death anyway! 

    They even dared to go as far as thinking Yan Mountain would unify the world. But what name would their land have when each had his own territory?

    Chen Ming cough brought them back to reality. Black Tiger said, "I understand. I will expand the army, but I need Black Python's help so that this operation doesn't stand out."

    Black Python said, "I will do my utmost in helping you, scouting ahead for any suitable recruiting areas."

    With the army expansion affair covered, Chen Ming called upon White Fox, to have her build accommodations for the new three thousand disciples.

    Black Tiger, Black Python, and Fire Swallow looked back upon Yan Mountain, as they left its lands. No outsider would ever know how much of a monster Yan Mountain became. 

    Everyone had unattainable dreams, but now, they could grasp the opportunity of achieving them. This was most terrifying indeed. The three spared no energy in fulfilling Chen Ming's plan. On the surface, actions were taken, and beneath it, this was only the start. Yan Mountain's war machine, slowly but surely, started its great undertaking, that of expansion. 

    As the days passed, the army ranks bolstered. And despite showing a slow increase, the growth was noticeable.

    The disciples had other matters to deal with to notice any of this, like poking fun at the fresh disciples trickling in. Flowing Peak and Blazing Peak's disciples have been living here for the past six months. They were looking at the newcomers like city folks looked at country bumpkins.

    The fresh recruits found Yan Mountain a novelty, seeing as Scriptures Pavilion had most of Southern Border's cultivation methods. But above all these, they had Chen Ming's lecture to look forward to. The fresh disciples would undoubtedly choose a cultivation method Chen Ming would hold a lecture of.

    After roaming around Yan Mountain, the recruits' stomachs began growling, but fun fact, there was no dining hall on Yan Mountain.

    "Master went too far with taking in new disciples, so much so that he didn't even get to handle our dining hall."

    "What do we do? Will we starve to death on Yan Mountain?"

    "Let's search everywhere."

    After a long trek across Yan Mountain, with the exception of Master and his legacy disciples' peaks where they didn't have access, the fresh recruits have come to know that there was no dining hall or any of such sort anywhere on Yan Mountain, "Weird, is it possible we will be eating over at Master's?"

    "You don't seem to have discovered, but senior brothers and senior sisters don't eat food, but chug pills instead."

    "Pills, what pills?"

    The new recruits went to find a group of senior brothers and senior sisters to ask, "Excuse me, seniors, but where do we take our meals?"

    The group was filled with shock and awe, "Meals, what meals? Yan Mountain doesn't provide meals."

    The new recruits were struck dumb, "If we don't get meals, then what should we do, hunt?"

    One senior brother explained, "You should know that Yan Mountain is doing its best in training us. And since this costs a pretty coin, Yan Mountain can't provide meals, becoming a dirt-poor place."

    A new disciple said, "No way! You mean to tell me that not even Archfiend's subordinates have meals?"

    That one senior brother further added, "What meals? On Yan Mountain, we are so poor that only pills are left. So Master made us eat them instead. That over there is the Alchemy House. You can all go there and take your pick. As long as the spiritual energy isn't enough to make you explode, if you can eat, then eat."

    The fresh recruits stood in a daze. So poor, pills are the only choice. This goes beyond poverty!

    Back up, eating pills as meals?


    At long last, the fresh recruits have discovered what Yan Mountain used to soothe hunger, pills. The same things over which the outside world was now waging life and death battles.

    They were skeptical at first, thinking these seniors were deceiving them, but as they arrived at the Alchemy House, they were met with the hard truth. So it is indeed like this. Is this truly Yan Mountain, or an immortal's paradise?

    The seniors were bursting with joy, "There are finally people who can finish all those weird tasting pills!"

    "Don't let them catch a whiff of those chicken-flavored and strawberry-flavored pills. Only tell them when they finish the old ones."

    "They have only caught a glimpse of Yan Mountain's thrilling nature. For now, it's enough to leave them with their zeal for pills."

    Before Xing Ming returned to Astral Immortal Sect, he checked the pills' effect. Not that he didn't trust Chen Ming, oh no, he did have Vermilion Bird's token after all. But even with this trust it still fell in his right to sample the goods. 

    He fished out a Qi Pill and began the examination. It was plum and perfectly round, a first-rate pill. Popping it in his mouth, he found its medicinal property more than great, even one time higher than Medicine King Valley's! 

    But why do I find it's flavor so fitting? And after a careful and long smack of his lips, "Is this chicken I taste?"

    Is it just one? There's no way they made it chicken-flavored on purpose, right?

    Xing Ming was thorough in his testing, and the next pill he tried had strawberry flavor.

    Xing Ming swiftly reported this news to the elders. After their own testing, they were also utterly baffled by it. Far from being amazed by its flavor since it wasn't hard to make at all, just that who in their right mind would be that bored and deranged to refine all these pills with different flavors?

    All alchemists were off their rockers!

    An elder spoke, "It looks like that young friend's words weren't empty when he said he can refine a million a month. Their profound knowledge of alchemy is something we can't even begin to imagine."

    Jian Wangge said, "Right, their refining must have reached the heavens for them to make pills with so many different flavors."

    Xue Shan added, "Yeah, they even changed Qi Pill's flavor, making high ranked pills must be as simple as waving their fingers around. We have found ourselves a powerful ally. Next time we meet young friend we need to do our utmost in lowering our attitude, to have equal standing in the trade, and not to pry too deeply."
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