Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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  • Chapter 73: I Don’t Know Why, But I Feel Like Throwing Up Blood


    Chen Ming continued by giving orders, "Eldest Bear, Second Bear, take the Great Fiends to build the Disciple Resting Pavilion. When they are here the will also need a dining hall and other such things that you need to prepare. As for spirit stones, find Ling Xian."

    The bear brothers received the order and immediately went to work.

    Chen Ming went on, "Ling Xian, spread around that I'm recruiting disciples in the range of Six Kings Alliance. This Master will accept man or fiend, regardless of background!"

    Ling Xian went to fulfill his order.

    Chen Ming continued, "Li Suyi, you will be selecting worthy youngsters, go. "

    Li Suyi was a man reliving his life, so he might find some familiar faces. He also had high cultivation in his previous life, so he must have good eyesight. 

    With the preparations underway, Chen Ming set on arranging a place for the Spirit Vein. The bear brothers were planing on using two peaks for the disciples' cultivating area, Flowing Peak and Blazing Peak.  

    Chen Ming focused his spiritual power and went deep inside the Flowing Peak, where he prepared a stone room. He set little carp's home here, the Spirit Vein, and illuminated the area with many night pearls. It would allow little carp to wander around Yan Mountain while the Spirit Vein laid here and gathered water spiritual power.

    After showing where his home was, and after leaving enough dried fish for the little carp, Chen Ming left him to his meal and proceded to Blazing Peak. He did the same as before, and despite the gathering amount of fire spiritual energy was slower it was still not bad.

    To help induce the little guy's birth, Chen Ming spent no less than two hundred thousand fire spirit stones, almost emptying Yan Mountain's coffers of these type of spirit stones. Then he set up a great Spiritual Gathering Array, something he saw at the Flying Immortal Sect. Since learning it wasn't hard and having enough materials, from destroying the Flying Immortal Sect, he chose to set it up.

    The only thing left was for Li Suyi to bring in disciples. It shouldn't be too difficult. From the impression I recently left on Southern Border's kingdoms and Six Kings Alliance, I should come out as having the image of a peace-loving, kind Master that guides his cherished disciples. With this kind of image, everyone will come to my sect!

    Chilling Ice Sect.

    As an agent, Li Suyi first went to Chilling Ice Sect. This sect was among the first to rely on Master and if I start here, a good result will be guaranteed. Master is the most famous for this generation and recruiting disciples will be an easy matter.

    As expected, Li Suyi easily gathered youngsters who cultivated a fire cultivation method. 

    "Have you guys heard? Archfiend Chen Ming is recruiting disciples!"

    "What? The Archfiend who killed three King ranks, with one of them being at Divine Palace?"

    "Archfiend Chen Ming is a ruthless person, vicious and without mercy. Following such a Master we'll guarantee us a future free of miseries!"

    "Exactly, there's no point in following those kind Masters that won't fight back even when they got hit. It would be better to change them for a vicious and cruel one instead!"

    A red-clothed youngster made a cautious analysis, "Choosing based on strength doesn't help us. When teaching, strength has nothing to do with it. And the Archfiend is only recruiting normal disciples. From what I see, these three hundred disciples won't even be able to listen to any sermons on the Grand Dao. With so many disciples, the treatment will be average."

    A youngster from the side asked, "Then brother, can you please explain why are you signing your name?"

    The red-clothed youth laughed in embarrassment, "Um, uh, if I don't enter hell, who will? Leave this unfortunate matter to me!"

    Li Suyi listen to the Sect Leader's report, "So far, there are less than three hundred disciples!" 

    Li Suyi was doubtful, "Why so few?" 

    Sect Leader said, "Also, many have started fighting at the main gate over who should sign, even now..."

    Li Suyi nodded, That's how it should be. With how majestic Master is, he made me, the magnificent Eternal Night Li Suyi, completely willing to take him as my master. Casually recruiting some disciples won't do without some struggles. The Sect Leader said, "But most of them have a fire attribute and very few with water."

    Li Suyi asked, "What is happening?"

    "It is common knowledge that Archfiend cultivated a fire cultivation method to the rank of King. And other adults say that on Yan Mountain, all disciples cultivate a fire attribute cultivation method. How could an Archfiend with a fire cultivation method impart a water cultivation method to his disciples?"

    "How could you people understand the magnificent and miraculous abilities of Master! Putting aside the water attribute, regarding demonic cultivation, immortal arts, array, alchemy Dao, sword Dao, saber Dao and all other Daos under the heavens, there's is none of which my Master doesn't know! Look at me, Master imparted me with the Demonic Blood Saber! Senior sister, junior sister and senior brother are all cultivating different Daos!"

    Li Suyi was more inclined to refer to Chen Lingyu as his junior sister. They have lost their parents and now paid respects to the same Master, making them even closer than real siblings.

    In the world of cultivation, this was normal. Despite Ling Xian having brothers and sisters, when it came to affection, even all of them combined couldn't compare. They were all under the same Master, all aspiring to become immortals. How could his relatives ever become immortals? And when he completed his cultivation, all would be swept away with a wave of his sleeve. 

    While Li Suyi stood at the side pondering on how to make more water attribute youngsters sign, the youngsters at the foot of the mountain were also discussing.  

    Two sneaky youngsters unveiled their act. They were once Flying Immortal Sect's disciples but they never began cultivation. They escaped from all kinds of inspections and now they were set on ruining Chen Ming's recruiting, "Say, people, why on earth would Sir Archfiend, cultivating a fire attribute cultivation method, would recruit water attribute disciples?"

    "Brother, let's think about it. You should know that many cultivators with water attribute are girls, and the cultivators with fire attribute are prone to rash decisions. I fear that Sir Archfiend wants to mix fire and water, to use the girls for his satisfaction, then neutralize his inner fire!"

    "What! This must be the Archfiend's plan all along!"

    "Such wickedness!"

    But the following day, the entire area was packed full. Many many gorgeous, young and delicate girls with water attribute shed their virtuous appearance of a young lady and came to the main gate! 

    The two sneaky youngsters, upon seeing the endless queue of girls, had to lean on each other to avoid collapsing, "Brother, I don't know why, but I feel like vomiting blood..." 

    "Me too..."
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    Chapter 74: You’ll Die, You Know


    Early morning found Eldest Bear standing on Flowing Peak. Feeling the thick spiritual energy and taking in deep breaths, it gave him a refreshing feeling, "What an abundant water spiritual energy. This Flowing Peak is strange, and the same goes for the Blazing Peak next to it. Standing on that one feels warm." 

    Second Bear: "I heard that Flowing Peak only has pretty girls. Supposedly they are disciples to help relieve Sir Archfiend's loneliness."

    "Isn't that a harem?"


    Their hair suddenly stood on end, looking like a pair of hedgehogs, as the bear brothers became aware of icy and violent sword energy shrouding them. 

    "What did you just say?" Zhuo Qingyao's tone was cold.

    The two turned their heads and saw her, "Young miss, you came down from the mountain?"

    Zhuo Qingyao nodded, "I'm already at the Sword Heart rank. Now, I need to severe all worldly affairs to make my Sword Heart shine brightly. So I will save my little brother and remove any distractions from my heart. "

    "But before that, I think I must give these new girls an everlasting impression."

    Zhuo Qingyao then walked towards Yan Mountain, with Eldest Bear saying, "Young miss, that's the opposite way!"

    Zhuo Qingyao walked on, "I'm going to greet Master."

    Chen Ming was playing with the little carp at the moment. This cute little guy is so interesting, making such a moe face when he's angry!


    Chen Ming knew it was Zhuo Qingyao and turned his head, "En, it is indeed the Sword Heart. It looks like you have found your Dao."

    Zhuo Qingyao nodded, "Yes, I have. I want to be the first under heaven!"

    Chen Ming spat his tea, Why did the atmosphere suddenly become so intense?

    "En, very good, go become the first under heaven!"

    Chen Ming didn't believe her, Just kids talk, saying whatever they liked. Who didn't dream of becoming a scientist or whatever when they were little?

    Zhuo Qingyao went on, "Master, now that I am at the Sword Heart rank, I want to make it shine. I want to save my little brother, to help him lead a life without worries."

    Chen Ming nodded, "En, go."

    Zhuo Qingyao was about to leave, but then she turned her head, "Master, I think that with your appearance, if you go and guide the disciples, there will be many girls who won't be able to help themselves and only come to watch you, instead of listening to your guidance."

    Zhuo Qingyao took the smiley face from the table, "Master, I think this mask is very good."

    Chen Ming nodded carefully, Zhuo Qingyao is right! My appearance will distract many disciples. How will I grow chives if that happens?

    "En, what you said has some truth. Whenever I'll walk in public I will always wear this mask."

    Zhuo Qingyao cupped her hands, "Then Master, disciple will be taking her to leave."

    After leaving Yan Mountain, Zhuo Qingyao went to find Ling Xian, almost scaring him into suffering from deviated cultivation. No way, how come senior sister came out of seclusion? But relaxed when he found that she was just interested to know where were the new disciples. She didn't come to pick on me. After telling her, she left, with Ling Xian paying it no mind. 

    Li Suyi was hurrying along with the hand-picked six hundred disciples to Yan Mountain, This should also complete Master's assignment. He also had to continue waiting for those helpful memories to come back. Just then, a sudden powerful energy came from within the forest in front of them. This energy was something Li Suyi would never forget even in death. 

    But the next moment, Zhuo Qingyao walked from the forest and Li Suyi bowed, "First senior sister!" 

    In Yan Mountain, it wasn't much if they weren't proper in front of their Master since Chen Ming wasn't a stickler for etiquette. But if that happened in front of senior sister, then she would make sure to teach them decorum. 

    The other disciple also looked over at Zhuo Qingyao, Was this girl, the first senior sister?

    Seeing Li Suyi's respectful manner, the rest followed along, "First senior sister!"

    Zhuo Qingyao's eyes wandered over the crowd, they were all kinds of people here, and all girls with water attribute were gorgeous and delicate young ladies. She began on a flat tone, "Rise."

    "Before you go to Yan Mountain, you should know, Master received three hundred and twenty-three wounds in his battle with Archfiend Azure Lion. It even ruined his appearance. So he always wears a mask, but if anyone dares to make Master's pain resurface..."

    A brazen girl asked, "What then?"

    "What, Master's appearance is ruined?"

    "Master must be heartbroken."

    "How can that be?"

    Zhuo Qingyao laughed coldly, "Nothing important, just death."

    Zhuo Qingyao touched the five-foot-around and ten-zhang- tall tree next to her and the endless sword energy released from her hand turned it to dust.

    The six hundred disciples felt a shiver pass their spine, sensing the terrifying chill within the attack.

    Zhuo Qingyao added, "This is the first taboo of Yan Mountain. You know what that is, right? If you break it, you'll only die, you know."

    Zhuo Qingyao's scare silenced them, and angrily said, "Did you get that?"

    All of them nodded at once, bobbing their heads like chickens, "Yes, we will remember!" 

    Li Suyi felt nervous as he watched Zhuo Qingyao, then her eyes shifted on him, "Junior brother, I'm sure you know what you should keep to yourself, right?"

    Li Suyi wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, "Junior brother understands."

    Zhuo Qingyao finally nodded, satisfied, "Great."

    But the next instant, Zhuo Qingyao was gone, going towards the Qingyao City. She was now at the Sword Heart stage, and to make it shine brightly she had to remove all distractions, to single-mindedly swing the sword and become the strongest. 

    She was worried about her little brother's safety and wanted to go save him - the first worry in her heart.

    Afterward, she would arrange for her brother for a safe place to live, then go destroy the Wuji Kingdom. She felt ashamed for losing against them - the second worry in her heart. 

    Chen Ming took a bite out of a dried fish, then gave the little carp a bite, when it suddenly hit him, "If I'm not wrong, Zhuo Qingyao danger value should be 240." 

    He eyed his merits and saw how they were two thousand or so richer.

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    Chapter 75: Wy Are You All Looking at Me With Sympathy?


    His current merits weren't few, but it was still far from enough for what Chen Ming had in mind. Vermilion Bird said that I can only control twelve swords for now. Then I need to have at least twelve cultivation methods at the Dao Seed stage.

    In Archfiends' battle, his strength was around that of a middle-stage of Dao Seed. But even at this stage, he wasn't too strong, he should at least learn another stage in Finger From Beyond. His arsenal of arrays was also lacking, just one. To even begin holding his ground he would need thirty thousand merits, to start. 

    When that time came, one move from him would hold the power of a Divine Palace stage or even a Grand Archfiend! 

    After chancing upon the Illustrious Casket, Chen Ming also held some interest in the alchemy Dao. Of course, with Chen Lingyu's talent in making pills, she would be making most of them.

    Heavenly Pill Heart wasn't an empty aura, and when it was supplemented with the Illustrious Casket's effect, then Chen Lingyu's chance of making pills would reach an unprecedented height. But his current refined pills were all in the Dao Sense realm.

    He had enough to give them to all disciples.

    As for other aspects, Yan Mountain was dirt poor. The only one to guide disciples was Chen Ming, something that would never change. 

    It was good that Chen Ming still had wealth since he killed three Kings and all.

    Not long after Zhuo Qingyao's departure, the disciples arrived. But it wasn't yet time for Chen Ming to show himself, and Eldest Bear was the one to tell these new disciples to get familiar with the Jade Water Core Sutra and Fire Crow Art later tonight. He would be holding a lecture tomorrow.

    The powers from Astral Immortal Sect have started mobilizing, making the atmosphere in the Myriad Mountains strange. Chen Ming was of no intention of helping them. There was a Grand Archfiend nearby, and it was under Ghost Immortal too. His power and influence would only bring a swift death.  

    Chen Ming looked at Ling Xian then said, "Take a hundred thousand spirit stones and bring me scriptures related to alchemy."

    In the cultivation world, if one wanted riches, or pills, or weapons, then one would have to raise an alchemist since they were all wealthy. Chen Ming planned to make all disciples learn alchemy until he had close to four hundred alchemists! Humph, spirit stones will be rolling in soon.

    As for the fact that not all could become alchemists, Chen Ming's method of teaching was broken from the start. Some might be able to make Qi Pills but it didn't mean they could make Strengthening Pills.

    Chen Ming wanted to comprehend all kinds of books about pills, then write down a mixture of ten thousand types of pills, the Guide to Alchemy. After that he would give the new method to the disciples, to let them explore it with their power, turning them into an alchemy assembly line. Even if they were dumb, it was still good as long as they could make even a single step on the path of alchemy.

    Just like making a fridge, you didn't need to make the entire thing, just had to make one of its parts. Was that so hard?

    When that time came, some would be crushing herbs, some controlling the fire, some choosing the herb, and some making pills. Flawless!

    And the effectiveness of the pills would without a doubt be higher than those alchemists.

    But for now, he had to wait for all these disciples to reach the Dao Initiation realm.

    The disciples coming to Yan Mountain were curious since they came to the strongest Archfiend in the Six Kings Alliance. On the Flowing Peak, all the ladies could feel the incredible water spiritual energy, "This place has such a rich water spiritual energy that it makes me feel like I'm surrounded by spirit stones." 

    "I tried it just now, and after a bit of cultivating, I noticed a great improvement!"

    "Such a baffling place, yet so comfortable. When I cultivate, spiritual energy enters my body with ease."

    "Let's go over the Jade Water Core Sutra, Master will be holding a lecture tomorrow."

    After the ladies took a stroll around the peak, they got serious and started to recite the Jade Water Core Sutra.

    While Blazing Peak only held youngsters who had no interest in roaming around and jumped straight to studying the Fire Crow Art. Some even began cultivating it since they could sense that one day here was equal to a month outside! 

    There were also many fiends, but since the area was close to Myriad Mountains, no disputes arose. They were all under Chen Ming after all. 

    On the morrow, Chen Ming finally made his appearance. Today's lecture would be about Fire Crow Art since he already comprehends it to the Dao Seed stage. Comprehending didn't mean cultivating, and if he wasn't worried about Fire Crow Art's Dao Palace reaching the Archfiend stage and affecting the Four Elements Array, he would have already upgraded it to the Archfiend stage.  

    But Chen Ming reckoned that because of the system, he would find it hard to promote it to the Archfiend stage. It would most likely involve a mission. 

    What he was considering now was to upgrade it to the 9th stage of Dao Initiation realm.

    Wearing the smiley face, Chen Ming went to the Blazing Peak where the three hundred youngsters waited quietly. Upon seeing the masked Chen Ming, all disciples rose and bowed, "Greetings Master!" 

    Chen Ming had some hesitation. Why do they recognize me? I am wearing a mask. Must be Zhuo Qingyao who told them. But why are they looking at me like that? There's respect, yes, but most importantly, why is there sympathy mixed within?

    Not feeling in the mood to pay attention to this, Chen Ming sat in his high chair then the disciples kneeled before him one by one.

    Chen Ming began his lecture on the Fire Crow Art. His knowledge of this art has reached extreme heights, to the point he could recite it from memory.

    Chen Ming started gushing with his explanations, pointing out the intricate details, and even going as far as describing some strange ways of cultivating it. Like cultivating when the sun was at its highest when a strand of yang energy helped their cultivation. Chen Ming even went in detailed about some training methods that weren't even in the art. 

    This lecture went on for three days. And in this time, the disciples looked enraptured, soaking up all of Chen Ming's teachings.  

    Their original cultivation looked blurred, then Chen Ming came and removed the fog, showing them the essence of the art. He even showed where his way differed from the art, as the flame in his hand never stopped transforming.

    Some disciples, as they listened to Chen Ming's lecture, broke through. He believed it had to do with him removing some of their doubts, along with the sufficient amount of fire spiritual energy around them. 

    When the lecture was over, Chen Ming gazed upon the disciples, "From now on, we will keep track of your cultivation. The last thirty will clean the chamber pots, while the first thirty will receive five spirit stones each month. While the next thirty will receive four, and so on... "

    If he wanted these fellows to work hard then he had to establish some rewards and punishments. Or how else could he stir their interest in cultivation?
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    Chapter 76: Is There a Need to Be so Excited?


    The same thing happened on Flowing Peak, and after explaining the rewards and punishments, Chen Ming returned to Yan Mountain. He eyed his spiritual knowledge and saw an increase of three hundred.

    Despite not knowing how they were calculated, he still received three hundred after six days. It wasn't bad since he now had a stable income.

    Chen Ming also found that these disciples didn't trigger any mission with merits as a reward. They only gave merits when they broke through, though in pitiful amounts.

    He would have around a thousand after a month and in two years, around thirty thousand merits. 

    But Chen Ming still thought it slow. Two years later was the Grand World Opening, so how would he have the strength of a Grand Sovereign to guarantee his safety?

    He chose to let it go for now. He checked the treasury and saw how he currently had around one and a half million spirit stones. Chen Ming sent the bear brothers along with three hundred thousand spirit stones to buy Dao Sense realm pills. If your speed was slow, take a pill!

    If you have a stable foundation, take a pill!

    Archfiend Azure Lion nurtured over a thousand Great Fiend under him. So how couldn't Chen Ming train a bunch of Dao Sense realm cultivators? 

    And they barely started training too. To help each of you find the joy of Dao Initiation realm, eat and eat until you puke!

    These guys weren't a sucking abyss like Zhuo Qingyao, Ling Xian and Li Suyi. They didn't need so many pills to break through like legacy disciples.

    And so, in Yan Mountain, the disciples were over the moon with the addition of another great place, the Alchemy House. A place where they could have any pills free of charge, as long as they ate them inside the house and if the bear brothers found it wouldn't affect their foundation. And when the previous pill's effect wore off they could eat again. 

    But they weren't allowed to take them away. Yet it was alright since it wasn't clear if they would eat them or not.

    It brought joy to these fellows. These were pills, something only the geniuses of the sects could enjoy. But now, so could they, in Yan Mountain. 

    After a while, their interest in taking pills began to wane. Just who could stand eating day in and day out those weird tasting things? 

    As a result, rice vanished from Yan Mountain.

    You didn't want to starve? That's easy, finish absorbing the pill, then have another! After all, the pills had great effects. It could recover your strength, filling you with energy, and also hand all the necessary minerals an nutrients a growing child would need. Besides, in Dao Sense realm one would strengthen the body, increase one's power, something the Dao Sense realm pills all had as effects. So go, go eat pills like rice! 

    A month later, Zhang Qun came to Yan Mountain to see his son. He knew that his son was a disciple to a glorious figure like an Archfiend, and the competition in the sect must be fierce. He sold many of his belonging so that he could get a Qi Pill and help increase his son's cultivation.

    After two more days, he finally got the chance to see his son. Zhang Ming looked upon his father as if he was his savior, "Dad, how come you're here?"

    Zhang Ming's impression was that his father had brought many delicious meals. Zhang Qun said, "Didn't you became an Archfiend's disciple? You must have had a fierce struggle until now, so father has brought you something great." 

    Zhang Qun took out the hidden Qi Pill bottle and said, "For this pill, your father had to hire ten Dao Sense realm. Eight died before they could bring it. Here, to help your cultivation!" 

    When he heard this, Zhang Ming barfed right there and then. But since he only had pills, what he vomited was an already empty stomach, "Dad, you probably don't know this but, Master makes us eat pills for food. Each time I see a pill it makes me vomit!"

    Zhang Qun was stunned. He only heard how there was a battle of life and death over pills, but this was a first, to see someone taking pills until they puked. This Archfiend was too overbearing. With such expenses, even if he was an Archfiend, how long could it last? 

    What was this Archfiend thinking? That he had too many spirit stones, so he could burn a few?

    Zhang Qun said, "Son, looks like Sir Archfiend is prepared to raise you. You all need to cultivate hard, don't fail Sir Archfiend's expectations!"

    Zhang Ming could only give a helpless nod, "Dad, you'd better take back this pill and sell it. Make sure to never leave a whiff of pills at home, or I won't return. Every place on Yan Mountain has pill fragrance, it's too dreadful!"

    Just after establishing the Alchemy House, Chen Ming found a great increase in merits. Like this, in around a year he would amass thirty thousand merits. As for spirit stones, each month only used thirty thousand, he could totally bear it! 

    But he later discovered how the disciples were starting to loathe taking pills. He flipped on the spot and moved the entire food reserves in his lair so that even his Great Fiends would have no choice but to eat pills. 

    Chen Ming also used his merits to comprehend what the Sect Leaders from Chilling Ice Sect and Drifting Wind Sect brought him, alchemy scriptures. Soon, he only had around two thousand merits left, but it showed him the Dao of alchemy. When he reached the Grandmaster stage, he would cross over into the domain of alchemists, becoming an alchemist Grandmaster!

    Eldest Bear arrived to give Chen Ming a report, but when he saw him in high spirits he had to shout for him to recover. Chen Ming said, "Eldest Bear, buying pills is an expensive venture."

    Eldest Bear's eyes began to shine. For the past month he ate so many pills he was close to puking, "Sir Archfiend's words ring true!"

    Chen Ming added, "So I found the solution. We will make our own pills, and even sell some. This way we can keep the same pace."

    Eldest Bear nodded, "Sir Archfiend's idea is great, but it isn't easy to refine pills."

    Just let Sir Archfiend stew for a while, making pills isn't such a simple matter. By the time Sir Archfiend learned alchemy, many years would have passed. So now we no longer need to eat pills. What wonderful news!

    But then Chen Ming's words struck his core, "So I will let you in on a piece of good news. I am already an alchemy Grandmaster!"

    Eldest Bear's thought, No!

    Chen Ming thought Eldest Bear didn't believe him, so he collected all the herbs in his courtyard with a simple wave. All the plants in his courtyard were the stuff of legends, with barely any on the normal side. Chen Ming's internal flame gradually came out through his palm, then looked around and took this and that from the pile of herbs, "It's about right, there shouldn't be any issues." 

    At his current stage, he didn't need a pill furnace and could directly control the flame in his palm to refine pills. Moments later, it filled Eldest Bear's nose with the nauseating stench of a Qi Pill. 

    Chen Ming placed the five pills in front of Eldest Bear and said, "See, isn't it the Qi Pill you all take each day?"

    Eldest Bear's eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, then he threw the door open and rushed to a dark corner. His shouts echoed out of the darkness, "Heavens, I'm dying! Sir Archfiend knows how to make pills! We'll eat pills forever!" 

    Then, from Blazing Peak and Flowing Peak wailings and howls constantly echoed. It then became endless crying, crying that could move even the heavens... 

    Chen Ming stood on Yan Mountain and overlooked the two peaks, "I just refined a pill, is there a need to be so excited, so thrilled?"
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  • Chapter 77: Chicken-Flavored, Very Crispy!


    For a while now, Yan Mountain's atmosphere was strange. Not only were the disciples depressed and crestfallen, but all the Great Fiends were of the same thought.

    Chen Ming finally discovered the issue. They ate pills until puking, but it made sense since their taste was peculiar, not to mention potent. To the point that the entire Yan Mountain was enveloped in a thick pill fragrance. Even Medicine King Valley came short in this aspect. 

    Yet Chen Ming didn't find it an inconvenience, Aren't they just hard to swallow? With my mastery of alchemy, be it tangerine flavored, apple flavored, strawberry flavored, and even beef-flavored pills, I can make them all!

    Chen Ming did some thinking then wrote the Guide to Alchemy, dividing it into four chapters: identifying ingredients, handling ingredients, recipes, and refining. 

    After toiling with writing tens of thousands of words, Chen Ming came up with a finished Guide to Alchemy. The disciples don't have high cultivation. It would be better to go fetch Eldest Bear and those Great Fiends and test it on them first. If even they can refine pills, then the disciples will have it easier.

    He called for Chen Lingyu and handed the Guide to Alchemy for her to check if there are things she didn't understand.

    Chen Lingyu thought of this Guide to Alchemy as a manual, but it still contained some ambiguous topics, "Master, I have some doubt about the refining method explained here."

    Chen Ming said, "It is very complex, so let me explain." After clarifying Chen Lingyu's misunderstandings, he amended the Guide to Alchemy. 

    With the help of Chen Lingyu, a genius in the Dao of alchemy, someone who would reach the Grandmaster soon, he was able to quickly improve it. Then came the second item on the agenda: changing pill flavor. 

    With knowledge of medicine, knowledge of plants and their combinations, the two revised the Qi Pill recipe. They did their very best to strengthen its effectiveness and to also improve the taste.

    Throughout the three long days of refining, master and disciple finally created the first batch of new Qi Pills; but with an awful stench. 

    Chen Lingyu covered her nose, "Ugh, Master, this time seems to be a failure."

    Chen Ming didn't rush to agree, "As accomplished alchemists, we mustn't be rash in our judgment. The Dao of alchemy is filled with trials and errors. "

    Chen Ming first thought was to let Chen Lingyu check it for poison, but after seeing her being such an adorable little girl, Somewhat inappropriate. Whatever, I'll do it myself. Chen Ming put the improved pill in his mouth, leaving a memorable taste on his tongue, mildly spicy and a certain fragrance, Isn't this frickin' tofu!?

    Only a frickin' genius like me can refine a pill with tofu-flavor.

    Chen Ming tried another, "The flavor ain't bad, no, it should be that is great. Try it." 

    If others said it, Chen Lingyu wouldn't believe them even in death. But since it was Chen Ming, she popped one in after some hesitation, then her tightened brows smoothened out, "It's very good, despite its stench. If we make it in large amounts, it won't be good to have the entire Yan Mountain reeking of this." 

    Chen Ming nodded, "Right, we'll have to continue our research."

    But what Chen Ming failed to see, was Chen Lingyu writing down the recipe. She had a strange feeling, Don't know why, but I feel like I have found a brand new world. The more I eat the more it feels like this tofu-flavored pill is more and more delicious.

    The two proceded in researching pills, and then seven days later, Yan Mountain's first special Qi Pill was revealed: chicken flavored, very crunchy! 

    On this day, Second Bear stared in a daze at his bear paw, while Eldest Bear eyed a black hawk Great Fiend before him, giving off a red light, "Second Bear, the other Great Fiends' eyes are flashing red, as if they want to eat them."

    The second Bear slobbered his bear paw, "Don't mention eating them when your own eyes are flashing red."

    "It can't go on like this, I will go find Sir Archfiend."

    Eldest Bear went to find Chen Ming, while he himself was looking for Eldest Bear, holding a Qi Pill, "Eldest Bear, try this."

    Eldest Bear was unwilling, "I don't need to. Sir Archfiend, many things are happening in the Alchemy House."

    Chen Ming's eyes slowly grew colder, and Eldest Bear promptly took it. He closed his eyes, recognizing death, and started chewing, Hmm, wait, something ain't right, why does it taste like chicken; very crispy!

    As his brows smoothened out, Eldest Bear's chewing made out louder and louder noises. He then found how its effect was stronger than the previous version by thirty percent, It's Qi Pill, but why chicken-flavored? "Sir Archfiend, why does it taste like chicken?"

    He already ate it, but Eldest Bear's mouth still let off the fragrance of chicken meat.

    "This is the newest Qi Pills I developed. And although not many, the rest Qi Pills were made in collaboration with Chen Lingyu."

    Eldest Bear was downcast, "Ah, I see..."

    But his second thought, Sir Archfiend doesn't have that many and also lacks the time to make us more. We'll have to do it ourselves. "Sir Archfiend, can you teach us the way of refining this Qi Pill?"

    Chen Ming's thought, I haven't even begun and you just pointed it out. "Here is the Guide to Alchemy and also the Pill Refining Process Steps. Look them over. You can also take the rest of the chicken-flavored Qi Pills."

    Eldest Bear was filled with joy as he held the books, and went to search for Second Bear along with the other Great Fiends to begin studying. The Great Fiends wanted to turn and leave when he mentioned refining pills, but after experiencing first hand the miraculous chicken-flavored Qi Pill, not only did they stayed but also actively participated in the discussions. 

    "With those damn Qi Pills from before, sooner or later, we would have met our end!"

    "Right, from what I can tell by what Sir Archfiend meant from writing Pill Refining Steps, was that each of us is in charge of one step. We don't need to control the entire process, so it shouldn't be too hard. "

    "Yeah, if we were to control everything then it would have been impossible. But Sir Archfiend went and divided it into thirteen steps. With each learning one, we will definitely succeed!"

    When all was said and done, for the sake of their stomachs, the Great Fiends began to study nonstop. Even the disciples who saw them all had their chin dropping, "No way! Are my eyes deceiving me? I just saw those Great Fiends studying!" 

    Another one sighed, "And they do it all night too, restless and assiduous in their endeavor!"

    "Such fierce determination!"

    "Why are they so hardworking in cultivating? We cannot give up either, we need to work harder."

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    Chapter 78: Yan Mountain’s Fiend Alchemy House


    Beneath Yan Mountain, Eldest Bear was talking to his fellow fiends. They were in an alchemy house that the Great Fiends took close to six hours to build, "Brothers, time waits for no one, we must work faster. Are everyone in charge of their step ready?"

    "Ingredient purchasing master, ready!"

    "Ingredient processing master, ready!""

    "Recipe master, ready!"


    "Refining master, ready!"

    "Evaluation master, ready!"

    Eldest Bear opened the Pill Refining Process Steps then began writing down all the information necessary for making the pill, "Good, Yan Mountain's Fiend Alchemy House's first refining, begins!"

    Eldest Bear went next to the herb purchasing master and looked over what ingredients and amounts he wrote on his paper, "Wild Angelica: twenty-three years old, tough, wide leaves, average medicinal property, ranked fifth. Ginseng: one inch long, 3,2 taels (1), has a hardly discernable sweet scent, low medicinal property, ranked third..."  

    Eldest Bear took ingredient purchasing master's list then when to ingredient processing master who checked each ingredient while writing down the details, "Wild Angelica: average medicinal property, ranked fifth. According to Guide to Alchemy it must be grounded down to powder of uniform granulation. Ginseng: low medicinal property, ranked third. Too low, it can only be sliced then dipped in wine to release its medicinal property..." 

    Eldest Bear walked along the ingredients' path while writing down on his paper, "According to the formula in the Guide to Alchemy, Wild Angelica powder needs to be 9.2 taels, ginseng slices 0.5 taels, crow blood 0.48 taels, spiritual herb powder 12 pieces..." 

    "Furnace temperature, 32.5 degrees, and no wind. According to the Guide to Alchemy we need to increase it in ten breaths. Use the ninth fire controlling method. After ten breaths, change to the 7th fire controlling method, then to the 52nd fire controlling method. Cycle through them every quarter of the hour..."

    "Inserting ingredients. Based on the Guide to Alchemy, first is a hundred and three dewdrops, then a quarter of an hour later, insert the spiritual herb powder..."


    "Ingredients inspection. No juice appearing, it does not satisfy a successful pill. It will produce a problem, later on, send it back and redo it..."

    Eldest Bear checked his data and analyzed this step. A moment later, he found where the problem was. The fire control wasn't adequate and the controlling method incorrect, "We've just started refining, so errors are expected. Brothers, let's persevere, we will surely succeed!" 

    Seven days later, the refining master once again checked the pill, "Pill inspection: the chance of completion eighty percent. It needs the eight method to harmonize the compound!"

    "Evaluation: pill fragrance appeared, the chance of success 90%. Extract the pill with the twelfth method. Use the water spiritual energy to extinguish the fire... "

    Half an hour later, a Great Fiend saw the round pill in Eldest Bear's paw spreading a chicken-flavored fragrance. Eldest Bear popped it in his mouth under the expecting gazes of the other Great Fiends. His mouth let out crunching sounds as he chewed, then he opened his eyes, "Success, chicken-flavored and very crunchy. Has twice the effect of a Qi Pill. Sir Archfiend is a true scholar, he actually found this method for us to refine pills!"

    Eldest Bear gave a pill to the others to try. All the masters were close to tears; they finally did it. Eldest Bear said, "Our current success rate is only temporary. We need to find a way to refine more, and then all our problems will disappear!" 

    "All the steps are in order. Please give the order Eldest Bear!"

    Eldest Bear waved his hand and shouted, "Begin!"

    The disciples were beginning to notice something. Nowadays, the ones doing the inspection, to see if the medicinal property of the pill finished dispersing in their bodies, was either Eldest Bear or Second Bear, but never both. They stood at the Alchemy House's door checking upon them, but always with the other missing. 

    And what the disciples found out in particular, was that the bear brothers slipped a pill in their mouth from time to time. But the expression they showed wasn't one of disgust, but content.

    Something was fishy!

    Then Yan Mountain's Great Fiends began buying ingredients in bulk from the other Archfiends' subordinates. But these ingredients weren't something Master needed.

    With a bit of investigating, the disciples soon exposed the Great Fiends' secret. They were refining Qi Pills, chicken-flavored Qi Pills!

    If looks could kill, the bear brothers would have died thousands of times. And as a result of their harassment, the bear brothers could no longer take the oppressive stares and handed over their own version of the Guide to Alchemy and Pill Refining Process Steps. Once the disciples studied the bear brother's process, they started buying ingredients, to begin refining on their own. 

    The disciples couldn't compare to the Great Fiends. How could Dao Sense realm methods allow the same level of control? They soon discovered, in embarrassment, that they needed to reach the Dao Initiation realm first. Let's not talk about the Dao Initiation realm when the Guide to Alchemy wrote that one needed to be at least at the 7th stage of Dao Sense realm to start having a chance of succeeding.

    And so, many disciples started to frantically cultivate, So what if they taste bad, just wait until we get to the 7th stage. Then everything will change.

    Then news came from the Fiend Alchemy House. Master along with the fourth senior sister have devised a recipe for strawberry-flavored Qi Pills and the Fiend Alchemy House was in the middle of mass-producing it!

    They even have fruit flavors!

    This news almost drove some of them insane. They all squeezed everything into cultivating, forgoing sleep and meals. Some of them didn't even leave the Alchemy House.   

    Yet the legacy disciples didn't feel any pressure since the disciples were mere talents in the eyes of mortals. Ling Xian cultivated the hardest cultivation method, Dao Canon. Li Suyi needed to absorb Taotie's Seed's power then break through to the King rank, while also training in a sabre method, Demonic Blood Saber. Chen Lingyu even cultivated an immortal ranked cultivation method. As for Zhuo Qingyao, Ling Xian said that she beat him in ten moves... 

    Li Suyi practiced his sabre method just once and found himself filled with power. But he only practiced, with no one to try it on. Then go find a sparring partner! And so he went to have a match with Ling Xian. The two were quite close in power, but neither dared to release everything. He couldn't just go and find Zhuo Qingyao to spar with. The problem was that Zhuo Qingyao's 'spar' resulted in a trashing, his!  

    A demonic cultivator was more focused on having a carefree spirit. So how could he advance when he was so afraid?

    Li Suyi entered in deep thought, There has to be a way to settle this problem. Right, there's a place in the Myriad Mountains called the Yellow Sea which houses a Tower of Trials, where illusions appear. It will be the same as having a real fight. And when the threat of death loomed over, the Tower of Trials will take the participant outside.

    My strength isn't enough to reach the tower, but Master can!


    (1)    Around 0.1 kg. 1 tael= 30 grams

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    3,2 tael is aroud 100 grams, you either meant it was 32 taels or meant it's around 100 grams in the note.
    "increase it in then breaths" i think you meant to say "increase it in ten breaths."
    Another "then breaths" in the same paragraph.
    And i think "just once an found" should be "just once and found."
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  • Chapter 79:  Marking the Boat to Recover the Sword(1)


    With a firm plan in mind, Li Suyi went to Chen Ming, "Master, my family has an heirloom map, leading to an immortal's treasure. With my strength, I won't be able to get it, but Master is sure to prevail. "

    Chen Ming gave him a forced smile, Heirloom map? You kidding me!? I know everything there needs to know about your family, and they've been nothing but farmers for eighteen generations. That immortal's treasure is clearly something you chanced upon your previous life.

    Chen Ming didn't poke a hole in his story, only smiled "Your Master has been idle for some time. Guess I will go along with you on this journey."

    Since they started, they've been wondering left and right around the mountains for three days. Li Suyi stood on the cloud, throwing away a banana peel casually, yet his hairs stood on end when he caught Chen Ming's stare, "Master, what's wrong?" 

    "Throwing wherever you like, it seems like you lacked manners and have some bad customs ingrained in you. You could kill someone from this height, and even if you didn't it's still not right to crush plants.""

    "Disciple understands."

    "You are now my disciple and should know that your senior brother has a rule. But in your case, I think two are needed."

    "Please advise me, Master."

    "Number one: don't talk when killing. Number two: if your killing intent isn't at its most focused, don't attack. Understood?"

    He could understand the second, but what the hell was up with the first? Since Master said it, then I must obey. "Disciple understands."

    Bellow them, yellow sand spread everywhere and, as the sun-scorched the ground, the scene before them twisted. The wind passed through the sea of sand, rising the dust and carrying it like waves. Above the ground, a river tens of zhang wide flowed, made of only sand and carrying it inwards.  

    Yet, from time to time, white bones peaked out of the river.

    Those were the lives it robbed. Li Suyi said, "The place we need to go is at the end of this river, where there are only bones around us."

    Chen Ming nodded, and after a while, the fierce windstorm causes a tsunami of sand to rise up from the ground, hundreds of zhang tall. Then, it came crashing down on the earth, shaking it violently.

    In the Myriad Mountains, this place was known as The Sea of No Return. It was also a forbidden area, with people seldom stepping into this Yellow Sea. Because, when faced with the yellow sand as high as the heavens, death would be the only answer. Even an Archfiend wouldn't go too far, finding his end in this place.

    Chen Ming could feel as the windstorm carried away the sand and smashed into the protective shield made from his spiritual power. He threw a feather from his hand into the sandstorm, blowing it away, "This is astral wind, and if we continue flying, we won't last much longer. "

    "There's no wind where the wind rises like there's no sand where the sand spreads. This was written on the map."

    Chen Ming reflected a bit, then took Li Suyi out of the sea of sand, "I more or less understood its meaning. If we walk over the Yellow Sea, there won't be any astral wind. But if we walk we won't know the direction. We need to prepare a bit first."

    He took Li Suyi over to a mountain range and spread his awareness. He finally found what he needed in a black peak, magnet.

    With this gadget, he could make a compass. But first, he needed to be certain this planet was either a planet or a flat world.

    As for the way, easy peasy. Chen Ming carved the magnet into a needle then placed it on a mirror. What the needle pointed wasn't South, but West. Indeed, this wasn't a world like Earth. This was a flat world, and the needle pointed towards a large magnetic mountain. 

    But Chen Ming was certain that this spoon won't point in another direction. If he determines West, then the other directions followed with it. 

    He made a mark on the mirror, then took Li Suyi again to the Yellow Sea. After three days of walking through the sand, Chen Ming looked up to see the sun blocked by the sandstorms. But what he saw before him was a boat floating on this Yellow Sea. 

    It bobbed atop the sand, with a bronze lamp at its bow. The flame kept steady, as if it was unaffected by the astral wind. And below this boat, bones spread like a tide, pushing it forward.

    Chen Ming tossed a rock on the deck, but nothing happened, appearing to be safe.

    Chen Ming asked, "Do you know about this boat?"

    Li Suyi looked as if he's seen a ghost, "That's the boat leading to the road of immortality. Struggling through the path of immortality, until the bones come to an end..."

    Chen Ming was also startled, but he kept his composure, "Since we saw it, might as well climb on and check it out."

    Chen Ming then used his spiritual power to carry him and Li Suyi on the deck of this boat floating atop a tide of bones. Now that he was on board, he could no longer feel the astral wind.

    Chen Ming looked at the back of the ship, where a skeleton laid, draped in plain clothes and holding a sword sheath close to its chest.

    Chen Ming walked up next to it and noticed a phrase in front, left before its death: 'Three hundred times I made a notch on the boat for each time I went to find my sword, yet instead of bringing it to the immortal sect, I first reached the Yellow Springs.' (2)

    Chen Ming looked around the boat and saw many engraved words:

    'That day, I lost my sword.

    So, I marked the place at the bow, to remember where I lost it. I stopped the boat then went after it, but couldn't find it even after a quarter of an hour.' 

    Chen Ming's thought, How could you even find it?

    The boat moved, but the sword didn't.

    If you wanted to find the sword, then jump immediately after it.

    He read on:

    'And so, I have lost another sword in that place.

    And by the time the boat stopped, I still couldn't find the sword.'

    Isn't this guy afraid of going insane?

    Chen Ming finally read the last words: 'One day, I went out again into the sea to search for my sword. And I realized I lost all my swords, but the sad thing is, my life reached its end.'

    Chen Ming's heart shuddered, It's not him who was insane, but that his sword Dao was too high. At that stage, he didn't need to use his intent to move a sword. It moved by itself in his hand.

    Chen Ming had to rely on his Sword Heart to bring the sword to him but. Yet this skeleton was at a stage where he no longer required intent, the sword came by itself.

    The sword came.

    Just how far was this stage?

    And just what secret did this Yellow Sea hold?


    (1)    Chinese idiom. It means ‘an action made pointless by changed circumstances’

    (2)    Chinese Hell or underworld


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  • Chapter 80: Wooden Puppet: I’m All Out of Luck


    Wading through the Yellow Sea, Chen Ming sailed the wooden boat to where the bones gathered in piles and piles. With how hardworking and diligent Chen Ming was, he wouldn't ride it himself, he left it all to Li Suyi. He was at the front while Li Suyi was steering the ship from the back. They soon reached a point where all Chen Ming saw were endless bones, with not a trace of the Yellow Sea.

    Then a waterfall appeared in the distance, where all the bones converged.

    When the boat was just ten zhang away, Chen Ming saw the entirety of the bone river. This was no waterfall, but a maelstrom, hundreds of zhang wide. The endless bone river sank in its center, creating a bony sight. Chen Ming said, "There's a maelstrom in front." 

    Li Suyi's hairs stood on end at the front row seat view, "This is the entrance showed on the map."

    Chen Ming's face was stony while his mind, Curse you, Li Suyi, just you wait. If Master's old life ends here, see how yours ends in sparring Zhuo Qingyao!

    Chen Ming stood at the boat's front, as Li Suyi came next to him. There was no point in steering the ship when the bone river below pulled the ship towards the maelstrom.

    The wind blew in waves, and despite not fazing Chen Ming at all, it still lifted his black robes. The boat soon reached the edge, and in the next moment, it spun around the maelstrom, slowly drawing towards its center. 

    It revolved around the core for fifteen minutes before it reached the bottom of the maelstrom. Here, the boat tilted, then turned around. Li Suyi was close to falling, but Chen Ming's hand on his shoulder kept him steady, just as they arrived in a fantastic place. 

    The boat didn't flip and instead stood perfectly straight. Chen Ming then saw an island, where stars flickered on it. 

    Chen Ming and Li Suyi halted the boat at the edge of the island and could see a nine layered tower. Li Suyi knew instantly that this was the Tower of Trials from his memories. From the looks of it, it only had nine layers, but the truth was unknown.

    At least in his previous life, there wasn't anyone who finished it.

    Li Suyi pointed, "Master, let's go see what kind of treasure it is!"

    Chen Ming rolled his eyes at him as if to say Squirt, you still pretend you don't know this tower? From the ground a wooden pupped sprung up, charging at the two.

    Chen Ming eyed his surroundings and saw many puppets. They were all rotten, leaving the one before him intact. 

    If this wooden puppet was brand new, then even a Grand Sovereign would find it a headache. But it didn't evoke any danger.

    Chen Ming eyed its danger value, 300.

    He picked up a wooden chip from a broken puppet, "Ironwood, strong as steel and resistant to fire."

    The puppet's eyes seemed to be crystals, shining red, while its body glowed bluishly. It had many arrays drawn on its body, and its three-zhang-height made it look like a small giant. 

    The wooden puppet eyed the two in front then charged. Chen Ming didn't want to waste time with it so he rushed with a punch at its chest, sending it back three steps. 

    Nine Nines Mysteries Art's current stage is too low, or just based on its power, I should have blown this puppet to pieces.

    Chen Ming thought, "Improve Nine Nines Mysteries Art to my current limit." 

    "Ding! Used 800 merits and 3000 spiritual knowledge. Nine Nines Mysteries Art is at the 36th stage. "

    "Ding! You triggered an advancement mission: the supreme ruler's path. Objective: kill 300 King ranks. Reward: realm seal lifted and can reach the Dao Seed stage. "

    As expected, the system is an a*s again. No advancement mission could be completed easily. But shouldn't I be glad that it didn't ask me to kill a Grand Archfiend?

    With an upgrade in strength, Chen Ming wanted to give a try of the Nine Nines Mysteries Art at the peak of the Dao Initiation realm. He flew at the puppet with another fist. The puppet showed no fear, how could it? It was just wood. 

    It also extended its fist, clashing with Chen Ming's, and this hit threw it ten steps this time!

    Worthy of a cultivation method only trainable by a Main Character. It reached the peak of Dao Initiation realm and a hit could make even a King rank wail in pain! 

    It was just that the puppet has no mind of its own. No matter, at least he was now acquainted with Nine Nines Mysteries Art's fierce power. 

    Chen Ming gave a sneaky laughter, "Truth be told, you might not believe it, but I'm an array master."

    Chen Ming was picking on the puppet, throwing a fist shining golden. He didn't use any fancy moves, just a plain fist, yet the hit still shook it fiercely, to the point of having wooden chips falling. Chen Ming grabbed its finger, then began to swing it like a child. First left, then right, shaking the puppet each time it struck the earth. 

    Li Suyi witnessed Chen Ming's act, This golden light seems familiar. En, it looks to be senior sister's Nine Nines Mysteries Art.

    So Master knows the Nine Nines Mysteries Art, and to an even more profound state than senior sister.

    It seems that what senior brother said is true, as long as you learn something from Master, you can rampage all over the land.

    But a question remains. Why haven't I heard of Master and senior sister in my previous life? The loftiest person I knew from before is senior brother. Yet Master and senior sister are fiercer. As if to prove his point, an array master was using brute force to smack a King ranked puppet around right before him. 

    But the main point was, Li Suyi has never seen Chen Ming cultivating. No you cultivating, no you seclusion, no you sword training, no you sabre training, no nothing. 

    Master is an enigma.

    Chen Ming proceeds with his abuse of the poor wooden puppet. He hammered it around for fifteen minutes until it turned to mush.

    Chen Ming then walked with Li Suyi before the tower, Where do I even start in bringing this big toy back?

    Carry it?

    Chen Ming said, "Do you know how we can bring it back?"

    "Master, you only need to drip blood on it and bind it."

    Chen Ming was skeptical, but he cut his finger with the Lustrous King Sword then dripped blood on it. Then he could sense the tower in his heart, that it had its own intent. He flexed his mind and the Tower of Trials turned palm-sized falling into his hand.

    Not a bad idea to smacking people around with it. But it's leans more towards crushing them to death than smacking.

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  • Chapter 81: There's No Need


    Chen Ming stashed the Tower of Trials, aware of its purpose. It offered a fighting experience for any cultivator that entered, polishing their combat skills and testing their strength, but when the threat of death loomed over their heads, it would take the user outside. It was a good place to temper a sect's disciples. 

    It was perfect timing too, since Yan Mountain's disciples ate tons of pills and had nowhere to vent. Might as well let them give the tower a try.

    He reckons Li Suyi was also thinking along those lines, but for himself.

    With the West-pointing needle as a guide, they soon arrived at Yan Mountain. Chen Ming placed the Tower of Trials at the foot of the mountain then told Li Suyi to inform the disciples of its use; while he just went to bask in the sun's glory. 

    Li Suyi finally found a place to put it, then saw how there wasn't anyone on the rankings.

    He decided he should be the first to give it a try. Inside, he barreled through nine stages of illusions, but the tenth stage was where his speed dropped to half.

    Stopping at the fifteenth stage, Li Suyi came out of it pleased with himself, "I'm sure I'll reach the Dao Initiation realm by the third try."

    And on the Tower of Trials' ranking board, his name appeared on the first spot. 

    Some disciples, who noticed the tower sprouting, asked Li Suyi about it. Once they knew its purpose, they rushed to try it. They had so much energy with no place to vent it, so they jumped at the chance to try out this new and excellent toy. 

    From the moment they began, through hundreds of disciples' trials, the best of them only reached the twelfth stage, far below Li Suyi.

    Word of the Tower of Trials also reached Ling Xian's ears. He dropped everything and came to test himself, where he was crowned as number one with a score of sixteen stages.

    The disciples looked at the third senior brother's position, This legacy disciple is so fierce, we can't even compare. Yet when they felt embarrassed from this achievement, Chen Lingyu came down the mountain with pills. Second senior brother and third senior brother are amazing for sure, but fourth senior sister's skill is all in alchemy. They might have the chance to surpass her, and Master might make one of them his fifth legacy disciple! 

    "Fourth senior sister, this Tower of Trials is very interesting. Do you want to try it?"

    Chen Ling was bashful. This was the first time so many people paid her attention, "There's no need!" 

    "Fourth senior sister, try it. Thre's no danger, so you'll be safe from harm."

    "Yeah, fourth senior sister, there's nothing wrong with giving it a try."

    "Fourth senior sister, go ahead."

    Chen Ling held no real interest in testing herself. She liked refining pills, with alchemy holding her entire interest. There was nothing great about bashing and killing.

    Chen Ling shook her head, "Master is expecting these ingredients, I will come back in the evening."

    Some disciples checked the sky to see that barely any sun rays were left out of the sunset, "Fourth senior sister, it's already evening, please give it a try!" 

    As the final ray died out in the night, the light in Chen Ling's eyes changed, as her entire self emanated a cold feeling. She gazed upon the tower with a smile, "Tower of Trials, was it? So there is some good place to hang out too. I will go check it out now." 

    The disciples began making assumptions, "What do you guys think her highest stage will be?"

    "Fifth, tops!"

    "Seventh, I feel that fourth senior sister's cultivation is profound!"

    An hour later, the Tower of Trials' rankings changed, with Chen Lingyu's score of eighteen stages.

    Ling Xian and Li Suyi exchanged a glance, seeing the new look in Chen Ling's eyes. The crowd of disciples was speechless. As far as they knew, fourth senior sister, besides refining pills with Master, was also refining pills with Master. They knew better now, Fourth senior sister is the fiercest of them all.

    Second senior brother wore the title of the Southern Border's most talented genius, reaching Dao Initiation realm in three months. And now, fourth senior sister, younger than him, was the strongest!

    All Yan Mountain's legacy disciples were freaks! 

    As killing intent leaked from her body, Chen Ling gazed at the Tower of Trials, "I remember Chen Ling has some recovery pills on her." Feeling around her body, she finally found them and popped one in her mouth, then reentered the tower.

    Ling Xian glimpsed Li Suyi, finding him just standing there, then took a recovery pill and also threw himself into the tower. 

    He must not let this kid know Yan Mountain's tradition, the weakest going on competitions. It didn't matter if he couldn't defeat his senior sister, but now that he knew his junior sister was also unbeatable, if even his junior brother overtook him then he would be world's laughingstock! 

    Junior sister's situation was strange, becoming a whole new person at night.

    Li Suyi didn't sense this, only finding that Ling Xian's was even more arduous in cultivating. He was almost always covered in wounds from entering the tower each day. Whether or not his body could take it, he would still work himself to the bone while cultivating.

    Even the other disciples sighed, "Second senior brother still works hard, despite his renowned talent in all of Southern Border. His high strength is not without reason."

    "Incomparable with you in talent yet even more hardworking. What reason do you have to not do the same?"

    "Incomparable with you in talent yet even more hardworking. Then what good will it do to do the same?"

    "You speak reason!"

    The crowd was downcast, but then, "We can't compare with second senior brother but we can with Southern Border's geniuses. The youngest genius who entered Dao Initiation realm was fourteen years old and needed seven years to do it. I believe we have a good chance of reaching Dao Initiation realm in the following year." 

    "Surpassing Southern Border's geniuses is normal. Their Masters are just at Dao Initiation realm while ours is an Archfiend!"

    "And look at the Southern Border's sects, how small-minded they are, they need to hold a competition to see who gets each pill. Then look at our head senior sister, second senior brother, third senior brother, and fourth senior sister, they all eat pills from the bottle! And we, when we want to eat, we eat! "

    "This train of thought makes the other sects look dirt poor."

    "I believe that we must uphold Yan Mountain's glorious tradition: eat pills from the bottle and walk on spirit stones!"

    While on a stroll, Chen Ming overheard their small talk. His take on it: Walking on spirit stones ain't such a bad idea. With a million spirit stones in the treasury, wouldn't this method use them all up in one year on these disciples?

    If they weren't used, they were mere rocks. Only when you used them, were they worthy of the name spirit stone.

    Not to mention, it still posed a problem. One needed a bit of skill to waster three Kings' wealth, especially so for Archfiend Azure Lion three hundred years fortune. 
  • Chapter 82: We Have the Pill Eating Contest!


    Today, a torrent of sword energy licked Li Suyi's back as he came out of the Tower of Trial. He turned his head, "Senior sister, you're back?"

    Zhuo Qingyao nodded, being brief, "En, wiped out the Wuji Kingdom, took care of little brother, then returned. You're not bad, breaking through to Dao Initiation realm after a few days. You must have worked hard."

    In the entire Yan Mountain, Li Suyi feared no one, no one but Zhuo Qingyao. Actually, he was very powerful, even for him who was living a second life, but no matter how strong, he still couldn't overtake Zhuo Qingyao, "Many thanks, senior sister. Senior brother is even more hardworking, bordering recklessness." 

    Zhuo Qingyao disregarded him, "What is this?"

    "Tower of Trials. The higher your strength the higher your ranking."

    Zhuo Qingyao looked over and saw Chen Lingyu in the first place, Ling Xian second and Li Suyi third, with only one stage difference between the last two.

    Zhuo Qingyao understood, "Junior brother, do you know of Yan Mountain's glorious tradition?"

    "What glorious tradition?"

    "If legacy disciples were to participate in a competition, the weakest will go. And you should know Myriad Mountains' saying: on the 7th day of the 7th month, Archfiend Summit starts."

    "Looks like it'll be next month, just a few days away."

    "Yes, in ten or so days. As fiends' tradition states, on that day, the alliance' Archfiends converge and negotiate important matters. So to liven up the event, their disciples will compete against each other. With Master as the strongest in the Six Kings Alliance, there's no way he will miss it."

    Li Suyi's face became demonic, "Good Ling Xian, no wonder you were so desperate lately. You want me to become Yan Mountain's weakest legacy disciple!" 

    Forget not knowing, now that he found out but he would still end up as the weakest, then the humiliation would be unimaginable.

    Zhuo Qingyao glanced at Li Suyi, "Don't be nervous. It doesn't matter much even if you become a disgrace. I'll just have to find that disgrace and 'spar' with him, bringing him back on the right track, strength."

    Li Suyi's face went black, How is this nothing? You're asking for my life!

    Zhuo Qingyao saw the other disciples charging inside, "This looks interesting. I will also try it."

    An hour later, Zhuo Qingyao came out of the tower and next to her name on the rankings, it wrote the twenty-seventh stage. 

    Zhuo Qingyao's rank was twice above the others. 

    When disciples recalled her words on that day, their entire body shivered.

    Zhuo Qingyao didn't linger there more than necessary and went up Yan Mountain.

    The disciples saw how the second and third senior brothers were madmen in their cultivation. They went as far as staying outside the tower, downing a bottle of pills to improve their cultivation then return inside. They came out, took pills to recover their wounds, got better, then trained with pills!

    Chen Lingyu came each day to fuel their training.

    It turned out that there was a rule to all this. Any who ate the most pills would have his cultivation rising the most. And when word of this rule reached Chen Ming's ear, to improve the disciples' efficiency in eating pills, he opened Yan Mountain's first Pill King Convention! 

    Legacy disciples were excluded, as they would just end up bullying others. This competition revolved around who could eat the most pills in a day. The top three receiving a spiritual weapon as a reward! 

    Spiritual weapon, a treasure wielded by Dao Initiation realm cultivators. This plucked at the disciples' heartstrings.

    The secular world had drinking competitions, while we sects had pill eating contests! 

    Organized by a group of Great Fiends and judged by Chen Lingyu, Yan Mountain's first Pill King Convention was officially open.

    Normal disciples weren't as outrageous in eating pills as a legacy disciple, downing a bottle. But even so, a few geniuses made themselves known. Zhang Ming, for instance, wasn't was closing in on a legacy disciple's appetite for pills. 

    With the passing of the first Pill King Convention, Yan Mountain's trend changed. A youngster's genius was now measured by the number of pills he could eat.

    Yan Mountain transformed into a different world. Outside people killed for a single pill, while on the mountain they held pill eating contests! 

    But the image of Ling Xian and Li Suyi emptying bottle after bottle of pills became engraved in the disciples' minds, and soon started to call them Pill Immortal and Pill Demon! 

    Each time Chen Ming went for a stroll, he was touched, "I wonder if I'm not a tad crazy, they took out all the pills. Nah, it's fine since the faster these broken toys' cultivation rises, the more merits I gain." 

    White Fox Mountain.

    Archfiend White Fox gazed at the girl in front, "Charming Fox, this Archfiends Summit is of utmost importance. It will affect our position in the Six Kings Alliance. You have to give your very best!"

    Charming Fox nodded, "Sir Archfiend, please be at ease. I won't disappoint White Fox Mountain!"

    Old Turtle Pond.

    Archfiend Old Turtle handed a spiritual weapon to a young fiend, "Koi, you are the most outstanding genius of Old Turtle Pond. You must obtain a good rank!"

    Koi cupped his hands, "Rest assured Patriarch, with the current me at Dao Initiation realm, I will definitely take first place!"

    Thousand Serpents Cave.

    Archfiend Black Python looked at the young fiends before him. "I will bring the strongest youngster at this summit. It will also help you experience the world. Who among you is the strongest?"

    After the group finished fighting, the last one standing raised his hand, "I, Savage Snake, am the strongest!" 

    Blazing Mulberry Nest.

    Archfiend Fire Swallow said, "It is Blazing Mulberry Nest holding this time's Archfiend Summit! Returning Swallow, you mustn't fail me!"

    A fiend in the half-human form said, "Yes, Lord Father!"

    Black Tiger Mountain.

    Archfiend Black Tiger gave his black iron mace to a youth, "White Tiger, you better remember, at this competition, you must declare you are the weakest, understood?"

    The one called White Tiger was puzzled, but still nodded, "Yes, Master!"

    Yan Mountain.

    Chen Ming looked at Chen Lingyu, feeling embarrassment rising, no, more like, Damn Li Suyi and Ling Xian, do you have no self-respect? The two fellows did their best to train, only to find that they were more or less equal. They then shook hands and went to find Chen Ling'er by day. How could she defeat them? 

    And so, this time's weakest Yan Mountain's legacy disciple was none other than Chen Lingyu.

    But it was now night, and she became Chen Yu. Chen Ming looked with concern, "En, when you strike, don't beat them to death. Pissing them off or wounding them is also not advisable."
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