Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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    Chapter 490: A New Faceless

    Scarlet Dragon Star River Office, the path to immortality's entrance.

    Lu Qingxuan was patrolling the city when he saw a Celestial Immortal coming from the path to immortality. Uh, what's going on? Is that Nr. 6 set on fighting?

    The Celestial Immortal walked before the gates and shouted, "Passing on Sire Faceless' order, asking the Blades to go sweep the rebels!"

    Lu Qingxuan peered at him, You're telling me Sire won?

    But he was still careful, afraid of falling in Nr. 6's ploy of ambushing this general.

    Lu Qingxuan waved, "I know, return."

    On Chen Ming's side, he reckoned he needn't go in person to send orders. Lu Qingxuan and Duan Shou wouldn't come either since a battle of Faceless was filled with overt and open schemes.

    Chen Ming was rushing to return to the Three-headed Dragon Constellation.

    He peeked at his mission, Eh! It reached 100%?

    In a Faceless mission, I only need to kill the other?

    Chen Ming was thinking he needed to lay waste to the remaining forces to finish it.

    This is great. He spoke in his heart, "Turn in."

    "Ding! Mission completion rate: perfect. Mission evaluation: perfect. Reward: 1 billion spiritual knowledge, 0.1 million fame, and a stele. Pro tip: a reincarnated immortal was once an Immortal King. You should scour his treasury more carefully."

    I almost forgot to reappropriate his wealth!

    What a blunder!

    No biggie. I can hardly take it all by myself. Better wait for Lu Qingxuan first.

    After half a month of work, thanks to Nr. 6's token, Chen Ming had a smooth sailing passing through the void and arriving at Lu Qingxuan's residence. He eyed the Earth Immortals standing guard, "Tell Lu Qingxuan to come see me!"

    They didn't dare neglect him, not since how fierce the battle was. Lu Qingxuan came to greet him and welcomed him inside.

    He saw Bu Liuhen and Duan Shou in the lobby.

    They bowed, "Greetings Sire Faceless!"

    Chen Ming waved, "Dispense the courtesy."

    He took the seat of honor and placed Nr. 6's mask on the table.

    Duan Shou smiled, "Sire's plan worked!"

    Lu Qingxuan heard of Chen Ming's dangerous ploy, "Is Nr. 6 dead?"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Yes. Now I am thinking who to send to govern Nr. 6's constellation."

    They understood a faction such as theirs needed another Faceless.

    Chen Ming scanned the three, Bu Liuhen won't do. He's too weak.

    Lu Qingxuan is found out on each assassination attempt. The hell would I make him a Faceless for? To see him die?

    Lu Qingxuan was oblivious as he puffed up his chest, Pick me, pick me.

    Chen Ming then turned to Duan Shou, He isn't a valid choice either, but his strength is excellent among Gold Immortals. At least there won't be anyone in his turf getting the drop on him.

    He forwent his legacy disciples. They couldn't leave home and he needed them for his march on the Desolate Constellation.

    Chen Ming watched Lu Qingxuan with a serious look, his voice even more firm, "I wanted to send you, but I need an assassin. It's better if you stay in the Three-headed Dragon Constellation!"

    Lu Qingxuan didn't feel dejected when he heard this, Faceless needs me. And said, "Sire, be at ease, I will raise the most powerful assassins!"

    "Duan Shou, I will leave Nr. 6's territory to you."

    Duan Shou fell on his knees, "Leave it to me, Sire! I will unite the entire constellation!"

    Chen Ming took the mask on the table and placed it on Duan Shou's face. Duan Shou rose and kneeled again, "Faceless Duan Shou greets Mountain Lord!"

    Duan Shou's words exposed Chen Ming. According to Crownless Assembly, they had the same status, but the truth was completely different and he could only call him as such.  

    Chen Ming nodded, "Go and settle Atlas Constellation as a cover for Yan Mountain."

    Duan Shou cupped his hands, "Subordinate understands!"

    "Nr. 6's treasury is below his hall. There's a hardship cultivation stele there. Bring it to me."

    "Subordinate will send it shortly!"

    "En, handle Atlas Constellation's affairs and report to me."

    Duan Shou took off the mask and rushed to Atlas Constellation.

    Chen Ming had made his preparations. By the time Duan Shou settled Atlas Constellation, he would send Lu Qingxuan and Yang Hun at the entrance to Jade Lake. As this place was now secure.

    Yet the traffic of people was still monitored. Cultivators had no objections, not even an opinion on the matter as Yan Mountain sold pills much cheaper. They had no intention of leaving before reaching the Gold Immortal realm, they had no reason to.

    An Earth Immortal wandering the Galaxy would find death at every corner, while a Celestial Immortal would live but a while longer. Only Gold Immortals could wander the Galaxy's Domains. They could tread the void.

    Chen Ming continued, "Now that the war with Atlas Constellation is over, we need to handle the safety of the Three-headed Dragon Constellation. Bu Liuhen, give your Eight Dragon-ascending Steps to Yan Mountain. You are not to teach any Celestial Immortal without my permission."

    Bu Liuhen cupped his hands, "Faceless, no, Mountain Lord, be at ease. No one besides me and Mountain Lord will know of it!"

    "All Celestial Immortals need credentials and constant monitoring of their cultivation. Any peak Celestial Immortal is to move to Yan Mountain and left in the charge of the Empyrean Manor.

    "I will establish the Empyrean Manor soon and all Celestial Immortals will be under strict supervision!"

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    Chapter 490: A New Faceless

    An Earth Immortal wandering the Galaxy would find death at every corner, while a Celestial Immortal would live but a while longer. Only Gold Immortals could wonder the Galaxy's Domains. They could tread the void.

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  • Chapter 491: Am I Cicada?

    Chen Ming knew Yan Mountain was in danger and he wasn't about to ignore it. Despite how everyone was worried about the war between the four Domains and Crownless Assembly, sending an Immortal King to look for Yan Mountain would be easy as pie.

    Chen Ming was in a race against time. The only way to protect Yan Mountain was to grow in power to the point he could resist any attack by the time it was found out.

    Chen Ming was back on Yan Mountain and saw Nu Xiao and his ten thousand barbarians performing a drill. Chen Ming ignored them, holding no interest.

    But as he arrived at Yan Mountain branch, he summoned Li Suyi, Ling Xian, and Wan Baqian to the hall.

    They arrived at a moment's notice and bowed, "We greet Master!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Establish the Empyrean Manor. It will hold all peak Celestial Immortals in the Three-headed Dragon Constellation."

    Ling Xian said, "Master, we won't be able to handle them if all are gathered in one place."

    Chen Ming pondered, "It is harmless for now. Celestial Immortals need to understand life and death to break through anyway, and such places are rare in the Galaxy. They won't advance so easily. Plus, I'm overseeing Yan Mountain branch personally, what could go wrong?"

    Ling Xian smiled, "With Master here, nothing will happen."

    Chen Ming continued, "When they settle in Empyrean Manor, sneak in some water from River of Time in their food and let them look at cicada stele whenever they want. Only if you're cicada can you understand it."

    Li Suyi laughed, "Master's brilliant. They will end up thinking they're cicada without even realizing it. They will be willing to serve Yan Mountain at that time."

    Wan Baqian added, "Leave it to me. I know what to do, seniors! They will be none the wiser."

    Ling Xian smiled, "The whole Three-headed Dragon Constellation will become Yan Mountain's men, linked by bloodline."

    It was a month later that the first batch of three dozen peak Celestial Immortals arrived at Empyrean Manor in Yan Mountain branch.

    They were homegrown Celestial Immortals. Not knowing Yan Mountain's intention, it left them feeling on edge. Until they discovered no one restricted them and even provided resources, easing their nerves.

    The only problem was freedom, forbidden from leaving Expansion Star. They knew Yan Mountain was now a force to be reckoned with in the Galaxy and wanted to protect itself.

    Of course, they were still unwilling inside.

    Liu Qingyun was one from this time's batch. Today was just as usual, going to Yan Mountain branch to receive his pill. As he was from Empyrean Manor, he was allowed an Immortal pill each month. He couldn't get such treatment even on his star, where his strength wasn't high enough. He wouldn't miss this chance for the world.

    Despite blocked from wandering around certain parts of Expansion Star, he was allowed to visit Dao Comprehending Sanctuary. He heard this was where Mountain Lord taught his disciples, it got him quite intrigued.

    He fought through endless geniuses and was crowned the peak of Earth Immortals. This was the same as saying he had no equal below Celestial Immortals!

    His power was no longer that of a paragon, but a step beyond, where no genius dared to face him alone. Such strength could be rated as number one in the world.

    And he had powerful Gold Immortals under him, a clear proof he was no less than a Gold Immortal existence.

    Liu Qingyun's curiosity pushed him into going to Dao Comprehending Sanctuary. He saw two pines before the door and, once he entered, 3,000+ praying mats. This ought to be the place where Mountain Lord listened to his teachings.

    Liu Qingyun walked to the side and saw a wall of stone engraved with cicada's history.

    In the face of the apocalypse, the cicada chose to save the world by risking growing their Tree of Martyrs to the 5th stage... They succeeded in averting the calamity, but couldn't control the new Tree of Martyrs, leading to their rapid decline... It was then when the four Great Immortal Domains turned traitors and wiped the cicada from the world down to their records in history...

    Liu Qingyun was watching these stone walls and smiled, "The winner is always right. But these Domains are something alright, not at all righteous."

    Liu Qingyun was only curious about the history here and not much else. But it was then when he saw some disciples overlooking a black stone tablet to comprehend the Dao. Is that a stele?

    When he walked over, it just so happened that one disciple rose to leave. He asked him, "Can this be a stele?"

    The disciple smiled, "Correct."

    Liu Qingyun was in shock, "How could you leave it here?"

    In comparison, the four Domains treated theirs with much more care and hardly let anyone approach them. Yet Yan Mountain just left it in the open, so much so that even he could look.

    The disciple laughed, "You must be a Celestial Immortal from Empyrean Manor, right? How can you bee so foolish? Cicada's stele can't be understood by others. This scripture is equivalent to cicada chirping!"

    Liu Qingyun nodded, I see.

    He wanted to leave at first, but then thought how it was no harm watching it for a bit.

    Liu Qingyun sat on a mat and focused. His eyes roamed the stele and soon chirping reached his ears.

    The closer he looked the clearer the chirping became, "Indeed, if one isn't a cicada, he can't understand this stele."

    He was about to leave but he heard something among the chirping, "This is Spring and Autumn!"

    His eyes went wide as saucers, stupefied, "I seem to understand it... Can it be that I'm from cicada race?"

    "Am I cicada?"

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  • Chapter 492: He Scaled the Immortal Stage

    Liu Qingyun found he could understand the chirping and a crazy idea found its way in his mind, Am I also a long lost cicada?

    He was a hardship cultivator. Wanting to be a spiritual cultivator Celestial Immortal in a world where the four Domains had it under strict control was far more difficult. The odds were so much lower if one didn't join the Domains.

    But since he could now see this scripture, it didn't hurt to try it for a bit.

    He didn't need to crush his either, since he had no spiritual cultivation to begin with.

    He began training in the scripture before him and noticed the incredible speed.

    It was as if he met with fate!

    He was oblivious his speed had two underlying reasons. One, Wan Baqian fed them water from the River of Time, giving him the right to cultivate cicada's scripture. And two, the mat he was sitting on had a Heart Enlightenment Fruit.

    How could Chen Ming not give his disciples some when he preached?

    As for the topic of raising perception? No average man would notice it.

    The faster he went, the more excited his heart became. Everything he discovered led to one hard fact, he was a cicada!

    As a Celestial Immortal, his cultivation speed wasn't lacking, forming the Instant Dao Seed in a month.

    He never thought it possible to do it so fast!

    He now turned to the stone walls engraved in cicada's history: Cicada united the world. Their cultivators trained in a saber art that surpassed time, a nightmare to any other cultivator out there.

    The overbearing descriptions of cicada's power further swept his heart. My cicada race was so strong!

    Then he saw another record: To avoid the Apocalypse, they grew a Tree of Martyrs to the 5th stage...

    He kept reading with a smile, "My race chose honor over their lives, they cherished the world. Such a pity the four Domains turned traitors in a moment of weakness. They must die!"

    It finished off with a poem:

    'I and disaster met, while the world shook with fear.

    I, cicada, raised my saber, falling as I fight for righteousness!

    Thought the world was kind, only to be surrounded by wolves.

    A broken empire shook in the storm, as the saber kept cutting!

    Wind howled and rain battered, as the moon raised above the covered sky.

    He alone scaled the immortal stage, announcing the changing sky!'

    -----Chen Ming

    It was as if he could see every cicada fighting to the last man. He could see their hopeless situation, the rage against the traitors. But he could also see their valor, fighting to their last breath!

    He felt a gripping resentment inside, and only one line could free him, "He alone scaled the immortal stage, announcing the changing sky!"

    The disciples cast their curious gaze over Liu Qingyun, "What's wrong with him?"

    "Don't know."

    "Who cares, we need to work harder and restore our empire!"

    "Yeah, we need to revive our country and throw the four Domains off their thrones!"

    Liu Qingyun had hate for them at first, but now found them adorable. They are true cicada, not like my lazy children. This is how a cicada behaves, training day and night!

    We, cicada, were the sky once!

    Liu Qingyun looked at the disciples and saw the hope of reviving cicada's empire.

    Many thoughts crossed his mind. He was cicada and should pay his respects ancestor. Who was the ancestor you'd ask? Yan Mountain Mountain Lord of course. He was the greatest hope of cicada. He had the potential of becoming as powerful as Almighty Crownless!

    And he was also the head of cicada.

    Liu Qingyun rushed to Yan Mountain branch and said to Silver Wing, "I wish to see Mountain Lord!"

    This wasn't Silver Wing's first occurrence by far. Recently, many of Empyrean Manor's Celestial Immortals wanted to see Chen Ming. They went up and then came down crying, while also wearing cicada's black blade. It was so often than even Silver Wing was doubting his origins, if he was cicada or not.

    Silver Wing reported then returned with a response, "Go, Mountain Lord is waiting for you at the top."

    Liu Qingyun cupped his hands, "Many thanks!"

    He climbed cautiously, not to disturb a single rock, afraid of ruining Chen Ming's impression of him. At the top, he saw Chen Ming practicing his saber, Hegemonic Immortal Sword. Chen Ming sheathed the blade and asked, "You are?"

    Liu Qingyun cupped his hands, "I am Empyrean Manor's Liu Qingyun!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Is there something you need?"

    "Mountain Lord, I learned of my cicada origins!"

    Chen Ming feigned shock for the countless time as he walked around him, "Your face does seem to remind me of a cicada general. In the moment of cicada's destruction, I delivered a baby, but do not know where it went. Because of the 5th stage Tree of Martyrs, time stopped. By the time I woke up, the world changed."

    Liu Qingyun was shocked, "Did my ancestor died in that battle?"

    Chen Ming spouted bullshit like a pro now, "Your ancestor was a hero. Struck by hundreds of arrows, he fought relentlessly. Even when his head was cut off, he died standing!"

    Liu Qingyun's eyes glazed over, "My ancestor had such a valiant death!"

    "Even if you say you're cicada, I can't just believe you. I will conduct a test and then we will know."

    Liu Qingyun was in firm belief of his newfound origins, "Please do, Mountain Lord!"

    Chen Ming took out a Two Year Cicada from his storage ring, "This is a cicada blade and only this blade can use the time surpassing saber art. If you can wield it, you are a true cicada!"

    Chen Ming threw it over. Liu Qingyun caught it and, sure enough, twofold speed was revealed thanks to his Instant Dao Seed.

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  • Chapter 493: Announcing the Changing Sky

    Liu Qingyun could feel his new speed!

    Chen Ming was glad, "You're a true remnant of the cicada!"

    Liu Qingyun fell to his knees, "Mountain Lord, I, Liu Qingyun, have come to pay respects to my ancestor!"

    Chen Ming helped him stand, "There are few of us remaining. We must work as one and revive our nation!"

    "Of course, Mountain Lord. There's a Celestial Immortal in the Empyrean Manor acting as the four Domains' spy, planning an escape. I'm going to kill them myself!"

    Chen Ming was outraged, "What! Someone dares to defy the great cicada's resurrection?"

    "Have no fear, Mountain Lord, tomorrow night, I will bring you his head. He's no match for me now that I have the cicada saber!"

    "I've found many cicada remnants in the Three-headed Dragon Constellation that must have hidden at that time. If not for this, I wouldn't conceal myself here. Be careful when you strike, the Empyrean Manor has other cicadas among them."

    "Any without cicada sabers deserve death!"

    "Go, I await your success!"

    Liu Qingyun stashed the black blade in his storage ring and descended in silence.

    Not a moment too soon, Wan Baqian came out from behind a rock, all smiles, "Master, it's almost time."

    Chen Ming laughed, "Time to deal with those spies. Liu Qingyun ought to be the last one against the four Domains. Go and tell them tonight's the night!"

    Nighttime, Liu Qingyun was in his courtyards cleaning the black saber. He looked over at the house across from him. The one inside kept trying to lead him astray, to leave together and report Yan Mountain's secrets to the Domains.

    He used to look at things as an outsider, but not anymore, he was a cicada now!

    The Domains killed his forebearer and he alone escaped as a baby. This was a hatred born of the destruction of his nation, never to be quenched.

    He did not doubt his ancestry, he could listen to cicada's stele. With a Celestial Immortal's perception, he knew this outcome could only come to pass if he had cicada blood in his veins.

    He could also handle the black blade perfectly, an item only the cicada alone was privileged to learn and use.

    He had firm belief, now that his strength also doubled!

    Dark clouds gather and soon began to rain. It fell on the eaves of his house and made a water curtain as it reached the ground.

    He donned his chestplate, fastened the armbraces, and wore his helmet. He completed his style by wearing the black blade behind him, cicada style!

    He stood up and treaded through the rain.

    His neighbor across his house welcomed him as he opened the door, "Brother Lie, did you wore your armor since you decided to join me in my escape?"

    Liu Qingyun was silent.

    The other didn't even notice the danger, "Brother Liu, let me get ready and well leave right away. There are also others planning to come with us."

    Liu Qingyun was thrilled, There are others!

    Liu Qingyun smiled, "Alright, go prepare. We will leave together!"

    He left with his neighbor, walking down the street in rain, joined here and then by other Celestial Immortals.

    Liu Qingyun looked at them and saw those wearing a black blade and nodded to each other.

    It was now that his neighbor mentioned something, "Brother Liu, the way you wear your saber is so strange. I've never seen it."

    "I saw many Yan Mountain disciples do the same, so I thought of copying them."

    The other didn't care since they were oblivious to its significance, that of revealing their cicada origins.

    A crowd gathered inside a courtyard and watched the 2700-years-old Celestial Immortal in front, the leader of this operation.

    Yang Zhen smiled, dressed in armor, at his fellow Celestial Immortals, "All of you must be of same heart!"

    "Today, we will escape Yan Mountain's control. Such a small faction, looking to overthrow the four Domains' rule is walking to its doom!"

    "We just want to leave this constellation and collect the kingly bounty. That day will mark the beginning of our prosperous lives!"

    One agreed, "Yeah, Yan Mountain is but an egg against a rock!"

    "They're going to their deaths!"

    "If we get involved with it, the four Domains might get wind of this rebellion and will come to snuff it out. It's better if we leave and report this!"

    Their senses failed to notice a black crow landing on the roof.

    Yang Zhen saw more than one wore a saber behind their waists, "Uh, why so quiet? Do you have a better way to escape?"

    Liu Qingyun roared, "He alone scaled the immortal stage, announcing the changing sky!"

    All who had the same style knew Liu Qingyun's intent and shouted with him, "He alone scaled the immortal stage, announcing the changing sky!"

    They drew the blades and hacked at their neighbor. The time surpassing sword streaked among the raindrops and caught the others by surprise. A slaughter ensued!

    A dozen corpses littered the ground as blood ran it golden.

    Yang Zhen woke up, "Blast it! They're Yan Mountain's! Kill them!"

    Tens of Celestial Immortals entered the fray to no avail, as the wielders of the cicada blade run them through like wolves among sheep.

    In this bloodbath, Yang Zhen watched it all unfold in a daze, "What is going on? Why the hell are they so strong?"

    Yang Zhen found the situation spinning out of control. They were weaker than the cicada blade wielders!

    He wanted to flee. As long as he reported this to the Domains, Yan Mountain was done for!

    It was at this time the crow took to the skies.

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  • Chapter 494: There's Plenty Who Want to Kill Us

    Yang Zhen looked for a way out. He wanted to use the chaos of battle to his advantage before the Lords came to ruin everything.

    Liu Qingyun and the others struck with the black blades and felt as if their blood boiled and ignited.

    They reached a new height, a new level of power.

    With the black blade in hand, none could stop them!

    Yang Zhen found his moment and leaped out of the courtyard.

    Liu Qingyun raged, "Damn it, that spineless Yang Zhen wants to run. We can't let the leader escape!"

    He wanted to block Yang Zhen but a fist from the later ruined his plan. Yang Zhen barked, "You think I would've planned this if I wasn't strong enough?"

    "None of you are a match for me!"

    Yang Zhen trod the sky when a black crow flew at him.

    He ignored it, "Ignorant animal."

    Right as it got close to him, it puffed into a cloud of black smoke and a figure jumped out. Who else if not our dear Chen Ming?

    Nine Year Cicada flashed across Yang Zhen's neck with Hegemonic Immortal Sword.

    A head fell.

    The average man wouldn't look twice at a random crow in mid escape, not to mention an immortal.

    The sudden strike left Yang Zhen too slow to react.

    Chen Ming landed on the roof and surveyed the battle. It held no interest to him to mingle among others so he just flashed Allheaven Stellar Array to batter them.

    There was no way his new 'kin' would lose.

    If I joined, these guys won't have feelings of kinship.

    This feeling came into play when these Celestial Immortals were confronted with a choice. So I better fight alongside them in a battle against common enemies.

    The kins felt their valor surging at Chen Ming's arrival. Now that they had his help, they mowed through the enemies like grass.

    Two hours later, no one was left standing, and thanks to Chen Ming's array, the destruction was kept to a minimum.

    The Celestial Immortals hacked the heads and cupped their hands at Chen Ming, "Mountain Lord, the enemy is vanquished!"

    Chen Ming chuckled, "Everyone is a cicada warrior. Come, let us celebrate on Yan Mountain!"

    Ling Xian got the feast ready a long time ago. The way he saw it, If Master acts, nothing will go wrong.

    Chen Ming brought Liu Qingyun and the rest to Yan Mountain branch's side hall. They all sat down, with Chen Ming taking the seat of honor. Ling Xian was shameless in flanking Chen Ming's side. The chances to get close to Master were far and few in between. He learned to treasure each moment.

    Chen Ming was rather awkward. With Ling Xian as Second Sect Leader and Zhuo Qingyao in seclusion, all matters had his final say. If not for letting him have a bit of prestige, Chen Ming would've kicked him away by now.

    Wan Baqian also came and sat across from him with Luo Muye.

    Only these three brats were free. Zhuo Qingyao was in seclusion, Li Suyi trained in Hegemonic Immortal Sword, and Chen Lingyu, well, she was just swamped with work.

    Luo Muye, on the other hand, was pesky. Chen Ming raised him every step of the way, yet he didn't have much sense of awe in him for his seniors as he reached out and began eating.

    Ling Xian and Wan Baqian didn't mind it at all. They got used to Master loving to spoil the littlest of them.

    However, for some reason, Master had yet to hold the ceremony. But Ling Xian and Wan Baqian were convinced the kid was going to be their little junior brother.

    The Celestial Immortals enjoyed the feast and Liu Qingyun toasted, "We offer this cup to Mountain Lord. If not for Mountain Lord, that spineless Yang Zhen would've run!"

    "To Mountain Lord!"

    Chen Ming also toasted, "This was everyone's hard work! I did nothing really."

    Chen Ming and others drank their fill, enjoyed the festivities and fine cuisine. Liu Qingyun asked, "Mountain Lord, I wonder if I can bring my sons and daughters to Yan Mountain and pay respect to ancestor."

    Chen Ming didn't refuse.

    Generally speaking, all clans of status and power had their home in the capital for two reasons. One, the closer to Chen Ming the safer they were and the more resources they got. Two had to do with Chen Ming. He wouldn't need worrying about their betrayal since their clans were just a stone throw away.

    Betrayal? Don't you know the meaning of clan extermination?

    Chen Ming smiled, "But of course, let my second disciple know and he'll arrange it."

    Liu Qingyun turned to Ling Xian, "Then I will trouble Second Sect Leader!"

    Ling Xian smiled, "It's nothing. Expansion Star doesn't have many people, with many places for you to settle. The more people the better."

    As for what Chen Ming had planned to do with Liu Qingyun and co., he didn't even dwell on it, Who cares, why bother if they're not Gold Immortals?

    But their loyalty as the first batch matched the standards. He'd wait for them to become Gold Immortals before looking for a perfect candidate among them to give one of the 12 Supreme Gold Immortal fruits.

    With the festivities over, Chen Ming was left with Wan Baqian and Ling Xian in the hall. Ling Xian downed a cup and asked, "Master, what do we do with the dead Celestial Immortals' clans?"

    Chen Ming was calmly sipping his drink, "Wipeout and clean out their clans. Leave no survivors."

    Ling Xian asked, "Is it a secret or direct order?"

    "Let the new Celestial Immortals go. Since I dare do it, I do not fear the world's view of me. In this world, there's plenty who want to kill us."

    "Chen Ming's head is here. You want it, come and get it!"

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  • Chapter 495: If You're Bored, Go Listen a Story

    Duan Shou was browsing the Nr. 6's records. There were many items noted down, but one thing was of interest to him; a stele wasn't an easy find.

    A Blade suddenly arrived in his hall and bowed, "Sire Faceless, there are two Gold Immortals wrapped in thick undead energy. They must be the previous Faceless' Gold Immortals."

    "What did these guys show up for?"

    Nevertheless, no Gold Immortals could put the fright in him, not since he had gained great power, "Let them in."

    The two Gold Immortals covered in undead energy cupped their hands as they entered, "We were once turned into tiger thralls by the Faceless, but thanks to Sire's help, we have regained our freedom. We are eternally thankful for Sire's kindness. We returned to our clans, only to find them in ruins, we are alone in this world. Please take us in, Sire!"

    Duan Shou thought for a sec. He wasn't about to spill the beans that Chen Ming killed Nr. 6, or they'd be proclaiming loyalty to him. If they turn out as spies, Won't I be handing traitors right next to Mountain Lord?

    Letting them next to me shouldn't be a problem.

    Anyway, my fate hangs with Yan Mountain. It makes little difference if they're loyal to me or Mountain Lord.

    Duan Shou asked, "Do you know where he kept his stele?"

    "I know, I will take Sire to it."

    The Gold Immortal stepped in the center, opened the secret door, but didn't enter. He shattered the stone steps leading further in and exposed a black tablet.

    Duan Shou smiled, "What a brilliant move. Men! Ah, forget it, I'll do it myself."

    The stele was too valuable for anyone but him to have it. He didn't want any slip-ups.

    He handed it over to Lu Qingxuan to take it to Chen Ming, then returned to Atlas Constellation. Only now he realized why the Heavenly Court's generals near Nr. 6 were so weak.

    He was raising pigs. With such trash, he collected half the souls from them each century while they never had the nerve to rebel.

    What good would that do? They'd be replaced!

    In any case, they'd chalked it up as being robbed by Faceless and make up some story about it.

    Despite the Faceless was replaced, rules weren't. Duan Shou sent the six Heavenly Court's generals a letter, inviting them here to negotiate.

    A month passed and all six generals stood before him.

    One began, "I wonder why has Sire Faceless requested us?"

    "What, you saying I can't get you to come over if I'm bored?"

    While his colleagues were smart enough to keep silent, the first to speak replied, "The Faceless has been replaced and I think you're weaker than him. Shouldn't you lower the number of souls for the next century?"

    Duan Shou only stated, "Do you have the nerve to tell me your name?"

    "There's no harm in telling you. I am General Zhao Wuming and am proud of it!"

    Duan Shou nodded, then spoke, "I'll see you out!"

    He rose and left the hall.

    The other generals gave thumbs up, "Awesome, bro Zhao!"

    "You've got guts bro Zhao!"

    "Bro Zhao, you're a true Heavenly Court general!"

    Zhao Wuming was immensely pleased, "How can a newbie Faceless show off in front of us? Look, he can only see us out!"

    They joked and laughed, but all felt the last line was a bit evil.

    Duan Shou watched them leave, "If not for Mountain Lord telling me he wanted to kill a Gold Immortal personally, I would've end them myself."

    "Once I have everything ready, Mountain Lord will do the job himself."

    One month later.

    In Zhao Wuming's River Office, in a large tavern on the main street.

    Four people in black and wearing bamboo hart were enjoying their meal when Zhao Wuming dismounted and entered the tavern, "Let this general listen to the latest story."

    The tavern owner was overjoyed, "Lao Zhongtou, hurry up and begin!"

    Lao Zhaotou took out his erhua, "Hear, hear, everyone. Today I will tell you my latest story. It is about none other than our Heavenly Court's General Zhao Wuming. He is tall, strong, of marvelous complexion, just like the sun. He is dignified beyond compare!

    "Today I will tell you of the story of how Zhao Wuming rebuked a Faceless!

    The drunkards cheered, "Alright, let's hear it!"

    "Faceless always hide in the shadow, how could they fight against our Heavenly Court's general?"

    "Every year they come pillaging our Heavenly Court, but Zhao Wuming showed them!"

    Zhao Wuming was sitting there, quite comfortable actually.

    The four in black and bamboo hats were Duan Shou, Chen Ming, and the two new Gold Immortals.

    Chen Ming asked with suspicion, "There was pillaging?"

    Duan Shou shook his head, "Zhao Wuming bought the services of some bandits to wave the Faceless banners. If not for this, no one would believe him. He never dared fight Nr. 6, after all, so he wrote this in his report. The Heavenly Court let him off and he came to deal with the bandits."

    Chen Ming nodded, "I see."

    Duan Shou asked, "Sire, when do we act?"

    Chen Ming chuckled, "Why the rush, let's listen first."

    Zhao Wuming was enjoying the story. How could he spare any attention to the hush-hush comments of some black-robed men?

    Chen Ming turned to Duan Shou, "Is everything in place?"

    "No worries. I prepared a full immortal armor set and weapon for him, as well as pills. It's guaranteed to make him flourishing!"

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  • Chapter 496: You Won!

    Since the mission asked for him to kill a flourishing Gold Immortal, that's what he'd do.

    Lao Zhongtou continued, "General Zhao Wuming gave a harsh rebuke to Faceless' tyrannical regime. The Faceless didn't accept and fought. Yet the outcome was in Zhao Wuming's favor, suppressing the Faceless with just his finger!"

    Chen Ming laughed and slapped Duan Shou's shoulder, "Man, so embarrassing!"

    Lao Zhongtou kept going, "Faceless admitted defeat at this time. If not for Zhao Wuming's kind heart, sparing him, the Faceless would've been dust now..."

    Once the story was over, Chen Ming nodded, "Nice, now I'm in a good mood. Let's do it."

    Duan Shou rose and released his Gold Immortal might with a shout, "Any who wants to live, scram!"

    Cultivators and personnel ran like a storm. Something big was about to happen.

    Zhao Wuming drank his wine without care, They must be from the other three Domains. Faceless men, uh, they always kill in from the shadows. There's no Faceless here.

    Zhao Wuming asked, "I wonder what business you have with me?"

    Chen Ming smiled, "Are you Zhao Wuming?"

    He laughed, "That is my name and I'm proud of it!"

    Chen Ming's tone was serious, "Then it's no mistake, you won! You got second place in our Master's program, an immortal set and immortal pills. But wait, there's more. You also have the privilege to use our traveling agency and go to a never before seen treasure land (inside a soul weapon). You will live there for all eternity (devoured by the soul weapon), in a house built from soul weapon materials (Nine Year Cicada). You have total peace and quiet, never disturbed by other residents (other devoured souls)!"

    Zhao Wuming was in shock, What the hell is going on?

    "You're telling me you came here to give me a prize?"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Yes, as long as you pay the low, low income tax of a thousand spirit stones, you will receive the immortal set and pills!"

    Zhao Wuming snapped, "Friends, if you want to say something, say it. Don't take the scenic route with me!"

    Chen Ming clapped, "Take them out!"

    Duan Shou took out a suit of armor and a weapon, as well as recovery pills, cultivation pills, and restoring pills; immortal grade of course.

    Chen Ming said, "We will include this bottle of immortal pills as a congratulatory gift. If you are please by its effect, they're yours. As for why we acted like this, I'm sure you understand. Wealth breeds greed!

    "Sir, please try to bind the equipment. If you can't, we can bring out another!"

    Zha Wuming was struck dumb. The immortal equipment Chen Ming took out was ownerless and a top-ranked one. He never touched one in his life, yet here were people throwing it into his lap!

    Is there something wrong with this world?

    He tried his hand at binding it, I say, nailed it on first try!

    Zhao Wuming said, "I accept the armor, as for the thousand spirit stones, please wait for a bit!"

    Chen Ming smiled, "No problem! Please try these immortal pills. The products of our Master's program are no third-rate goods!"

    Zhao Wuming had no clue what this program thing was about, but these were clearly immortal pills.

    He reached for one, yet hesitated. He broke one in two and gave half to Chen Ming, "You try it first!"

    Chen Ming's thoughts, If not for the flourishing requirement, you think Immortal Master Chen would play around for so long?

    He took off his hat and exposed his face, though no one recognized him anyway, and ate the half.

    Zhao Wuming relaxed and ate the other half. His body improved!

    Zhao Wuming was overjoyed, "Good pill, a marvel!"

    Chen Ming presented the other types, "Please try these two!"

    Zhao Wuming no longer hesitated and opened his eyes once he finished digesting them, "Amazing, I want all three types!"

    Chen Ming was pleased, "Try out the armor, sir, and you will become a martial god. If it's too short or long, please tell us to rectify it!"

    Zhao Wuming smiled, "You're so considerate. Alright!"

    He put on the golden armor and swaggered around, feeling mighty fine in it.

    "Fits perfectly!"

    Chen Ming said, "Good. Now is time for questions. Please tell us, have you seen where Master went?"

    Zhao Wuming's heart skipped a beat, Nope! "I have, I have!"

    When cooking a duck, one must not let it fly away.

    Chen Ming continued, "Next question, where exactly did Master go?"

    Zhao Wuming mulled it over, "He went where he should!"

    Chen Ming rested his hand on Nine Year Cicada, I knew you're gonna say that!

    Then again, that's not false you know!

    Chen Ming kept his impatience on a tight leash, "Last question, what is Master's name?"

    Zha Wuming looked at it from all possible angles, and was ready to say a passable answer, then bolt.


    Chen Ming frowned, "Fellow Daoist, you never saw Master and want to dupe us in taking the reward. I hate posers and fakers. I'm sorry, but I'll have to kill you!"

    Chen Ming drew his blade.

    It was not that Chen Ming liked to waste time prattling on, but the mission asked for this. He couldn't sucker-punch him and had to do it in the open.

    Zhao Wuming said, "Why is it suddenly like this? Isn't there some misunderstanding here?"

    Chen Ming was close to boiling from impatience. With his temper, the blade would've hacked him by now.

    He spoke, "Go, don't let others disturb us!"

    Duan Shou smiled, "Relax, Sire, no one will come mess up your fight!"

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  • Chapter 497: Almighty Crownless' Honorable Presence

    Zhao Wuming was stupefied. He never encountered such a thing in his thousand years of living.

    "Who the heck are you?"

    Chen Ming chuckled, "The story from before wasn't bad, I loved it."

    Zhao Wuming only now reacted, "Y-you're Faceless' Blades?"

    Chen Ming held Nine Year Cicada, "Get ready, here I come. If I kill you in one hit, it might not be considered an open win!"

    Zhao Wuming looked at his new gear and thought of the awesome pills, Nothing's wrong with them. "Are you insane? Why buff me to peak condition and then fight me?"

    "I issued the challenge, but since you can't cope with the facts, that's your problem."

    Chen Ming's Allheaven Stellar Array rose up from behind and crushed the tavern flat. Despite such obvious ruckus, the place was quiet thanks to Duan Shou's perfect implementation of his task.

    Chen Ming felt the star's will through his link.

    Zhao Wuming smiled, "I am a Heavenly Court's Gold Immortal and even though not much compared to others, I still have what it takes to control a star. This is my world!"

    He never recovered from shock as he felt his control slipping away. The star's power was focusing on his enemy's black blade.

    "What's going on?"

    Chen Ming flashed his sparkling eyes open, "Everywhere I go, stars shimmer for me!"

    Chen Ming fueled his blade with Sword Soul and executed Hegemonic Immortal Sword, aiming for the head.

    Zhao Wuming lifted his sword, but the array slowed his reaction. This delay was deadly in a high-level battle such as this.

    Their weapon clashed, with sparks and a boom.

    This was Zhao Wuming's first encounter with Chen Ming. He was clueless that his opponent would use a hegemonic sword and his weapon flew from his grip.

    Zhao Wuming's hand couldn't stop shaking, "Incredible hegemonic sword!"

    Chen Ming snickered, "Heavenly Court's Gold Immortals are indeed a bargain. One average move and their out!"

    He scanned him and found Zhao Wuming's danger value was beneath his. A Heavenly Court's Gold Immortal had a fixed value of a hundred thousand. Thanks to his connection with the star, he had the danger value advantage.

    Chen Ming didn't even need the Decree of Untold Daos Aura.

    Trice Hegemonic Immortal Sword!

    The strikes swooped in with tyrannical power, surpassing Zhao Wuming's reaction with its increased speed. His first blade aimed for the neck, but a top armor made from Yan Mountain was truly something as it kept Zhao Wuming's life and left but a small gap.

    "Yan Mountain's forging might be a tad excessive."

    Chen Ming's second hit made use of it and shattered the armor on his neck.

    His third attack sent a head rolling around.

    Chen Ming rested his foot on it and flipped the grip on his blade as it pierced the skull.

    The soul vanished, swallowed by the Nine Year Cicada.

    But then a girl started cracking jokes, "What a professional. It hasn't been two decades yet and you have such power."

    Chen Ming found the voice familiar. She was the black woman who invited him into Crownless Assembly.

    Chen Ming saw her smiling and clapping, "Nice and clean!"

    He was confused, "What, did I do it wrong?"

    She chuckled, "Did you forget? The Domains have Trees of Martyrs. You tell me, what can dissipate a dead Gold Immortal's soul if not a soul weapon? Is there another one besides your Nine Year Cicada in the four Domains?

    "In other words, you're exposed."

    Chen Ming turned to her, "You didn't come to tell me this, did you?"

    She smiled, "FIguring out your intention, Almighty Crownless came to see you."

    Chen Ming's heartbeat spiked, Almighty Crownless?

    The strongest in the Galaxy, the supreme leader beneath heaven, one whose power wasn't far from it, came to see him?

    What to do, what do I do now that he's here?

    Now he understood why the Crownless Assembly with its civil war grew to such power. The Almighty Crownless knew everyone's names.

    The woman chuckled, "Come, you can't be thinking of running away, no?"

    Chen Ming braced himself as he walked behind her.

    It was now that the outside detected the fight and sent a patrol. They rushed here and saw a man with a Faceless mask standing at the gates. Duan Shou asked them, "Is there a problem?"

    The team leader stammered, Crap! An honest to god patrol like me met a Faceless! "We are chasing a bandit. Have you seen any suspicious characters?"

    Duan Shou shook his head, "Nope, none here."

    The team leader nodded repeatedly, "So it's not here. Then we'll search elsewhere. Withdraw, brothers!"

    He took his team away as they left a trail of sweat.

    Chen Ming was wracked with anxiety as he followed the woman, Blast it! How did he set his eyes on me? My identity is exposed!

    They arrived at a simple carriage and the woman said, "Almighty Crownless' legs aren't well, please step inside."

    Chen Ming watched the flap of the carriage, Inside is the Almighty Crownless that pressured the entire Galaxy for ten thousand years?

    Crownless thought of wearing his mask but soon found it pointless.

    He stepped in with careful movements and met a kind grandpa. Almighty Crownless sat smiling on a soft bed and patted the place next to him, "Sit here."

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  • Chapter 498: Oh My Freakin' Poodle!

    Chen Ming sat as Almighty Crownless spoke, "What do you think of Xuan Ji?"

    "Uhm, who is Almighty Crownless speaking of?"

    "Seems she didn't tell you her name. It's the girl outside."

    In Chen Ming's heart, How did it come to this? "I'm not too familiar with her."

    "Please look past her lean and thin stature since she's a growing child. Her physique is great for how young she is."

    Chen Ming felt something was off, It can't be!

    Why is Almighty Crownless showing her off? A look can tell this Xuan Ji is very close to him. Is playing the matchmaker in the script?

    Bu his heart cooled, At least he doesn't come screaming at me bloody murder.

    Is he trying to hook me?

    Almighty Crownless spoke, "I have come in your domain and should be considered a guest. Aren't you going to give your guest a tour?"

    Chen Ming smiled, "Uh, umm, Almighty Crownless is peerless and am afraid of dirtying your eyes with such a desolate and plain place. Since Almighty Crownless came to speak, it's just like the saying 'kindred spirits shall always meet, put to death regardless of distance', ptui, I mean, enjoy out talks. I will take Almighty Crownless on a Yan Mountain tour."

    Chen Ming walked out and took the reins then looked no too happy at Xuan Ji, "Best get it!"

    She just sat there next to him, "You're not going in?"

    Xuan Ji said, "I drive the carriage. If I'm not outside who else?"

    Chen Ming drove it outside the city in a leap and said to Duan Shou, "Return, the matter is finished."

    Chen Ming was careful in his driving, not understanding Almighty Crownless' purpose.

    He stopped here and there for a meal and drove like that for half a month before arriving at Yan Mountain. Of course, Chen Ming's only impression of the Almighty Crownless was a kind and good-natured old man, not at all the ruthless tyrant everyone drew him as.

    Ling Xian came to welcome them, "Master!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Tell the disciples to enter seclusion. None is allowed to leave Yan Mountain branch!"

    A voice came from the carriage, "No need. I want to see the lifestyle of Yan Mountain's people."

    Chen Ming was whining inside, I just hope this bunch of little bastards won't run Master's reputation through the mud!

    Ling Xian inquired, "Master?"

    "Do as he says."

    The old man continued, "Help me out."

    Xuan Ji took a wheelchair from behind the carriage while Chen Ming eased Almighty Crownless into it.

    Then he pushed him up the mountain.

    Chen Ming spoke, "Ling Xian, bring Heart Enlightenment Fruits, we have guests!"

    Chen Ming knew he couldn't hide his Tree of Martyrs now that Almighty Crownless was here.

    But the man waved instead, "Just a few to feel their taste, not too many. You are still young and growing, it is not something you can afford to waste."

    Chen Ming cupped his hands, "That won't do, Almighty Crownless is an honored guest! Ling Xian, what are you waiting for?"

    Ling Xian watched the old man in alarm, Is he the legend? But what's with Master pushing him around?

    Ling Xian was soon back from the Scarlet Tide Continent with some fruits.

    Almighty Crownless eyed Ling Xian with a smile, "This babe's luck is extraordinary and has a strong heart."

    Chen Ming smiled, "They are all but kids, none important."

    Almighty Crownless didn't reply but looked to where Zhuo Qingyao was comprehending the sword, "Is that place for your head disciple, the one who defeated Wu Fu?"

    "Correct, it is where my humble disciple lays."

    "Calling Zhuo Qingyao, who has the best foundation, humble... If she becomes Immortal King, her achievements will be limitless and what's even more important is that this is her first life."

    "Please wait here Almighty Crownless, I shall return with water."

    Moments later, Chen Ming poured some water in front of him, "This is the River of Time. With this water, one can train in cicada's cultivation method."

    Almighty Crownless laughed, "Are you going to lend me the Nine Year Cicada at your waist for a thousand years next?"

    Chen Ming smiled, "That would be wonderful!"

    Almighty Crownless laughed harder, "I am a man with a foot in my grave. I have no need for your things. If I could've trained in cicada's cultivation method, I would've done so ages ago. With my power, I can rein in their 5th stage Tree of Martyrs. But do you know why I didn't?"


    "Only my current cultivation can control it, but if I train in cicada's cultivation method, I will no longer have the right. Cultivation it needs a certain perception, as well as luck. Leaving aside the fact that I have little time to left, even if I had trained it from the start I wouldn't have reached the peak that I am right now. Each man has his own path. As I walked my own to its peak, it proves that this path is the most suited to me. If I took cicada's approach, I might have stopped at Supreme Gold Immortal.

    "Why do you think cultivators only train in a single cultivation method?

    "Because a cultivator can only walk a single path for all his life."

    Xuan Ji stepped in, "Almighty Crownless, you believe this guy can reach Relentless' status?"

    "If Chen Ming's life isn't cut short, he can not only become one but might even attain my rank."

    It was at this particular moment that the disciples below began shouting out their new motto, "Trample the four Great Immortal Domains, down with Almighty Crownless!"

    "Trample the four Great Immortal Domains, down with Almighty Crownless!"

    "Trample the four Great Immortal Domains, down with Almighty Crownless!"

    Chen Ming's thought, Oh my f*cking poodle!(1)

    Xuan Ji: ...

    Almighty Crownless: ...


    (1)    As you can guess, it’s a standard OMG or WTF. But the particular way he worded it here includes a dog, and since cursing is censored, he decided to use a particular pedigree. Found it amusing and fits the situation quite well.

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    Chapter 498: Oh My Freakin' Poodle!

    Chen Ming walked out and took the reins then looked no too happy at Xuan Ji, "Best get it!"

    Almighty Crownless eyed Ling Xian with a smile, "This babe's luck is extraordinary and has a strong heart."

    Leaving aside the fact that I have little time to left, even if I had trained it from the start I wouldn't have reached the peak that I am right now. 

    "Why do you think cultivators only train in a single cultivation method?

    looked no too happy at Xuan Ji -> looked not too happily at Xuan Ji

    This babe's luck is extraordinary and has a strong heart. -> This babe's luck is extraordinary and he has a strong heart.

     little time to left ->  little time left          the peak that I am right now  ->  the peak that I am at right now

    method?  ->  method?"

    Just some suggestions from my side :)

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