Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



  • Chapter 483: The Hell Is That?

    Chen Ming said, "Let's go see how strong the eight tigers are."

    Since he said a Gold Immortal came to Three-headed Dragon Constellation and also found him, Duan Shou trusted Chen Ming divining.

    He also found the next target's location from Bu Liuhen. The two made their way with ease through Atlas Constellation since their neighbor was a Faceless and it always helped to scout it.

    In three days, they arrived before the star Chen Ming' detected. Bu Liuhen said, "Sire Faceless, this is a military star. It holds ten thousand Earth Immortal and a hundred Celestial Immortals."

    A military star was just like a military camp, where soldiers gathered and trained.

    Such stars were wider than normal, to avoid destruction. This place was also forbidden for others to enter.

    Chen Ming said, "Ten Thousand immortals, not a bad power. Leave them to me. Duan Shou, you deal with the Gold Immortal."

    Duan Shou's heart shuddered, "Nr. 6 found us!"

    Chen Ming thought, An away battle!

    Faceless held the power to call to anyone withing their domain, Duan Shou included. He couldn't order him but finding his location was easy.

    This was why they never used real names. If the others knew it and entered someone else's domain, he'd be found out on the spot.

    A black smoke wreathed in front of Duan Shou and formed into a Faceless. Nr. 6 looked around and knew where this was. He chuckled, "Your scouts aren't bad to have found my military star!"

    "Deceitful bastard!"

    "I just came here out of boredom, yet didn't expect Nr. 5 to send you. Tell me this Duan Shou, why do you serve him yet only made a deal with me?"

    "You don't deserve to know!"

    Nr. 6 shrugged, "A dead man has nothing to say anyway. Why should I waste time if you'll soon die?"

    He pointed at the hall on the military star, "Look, they've got my order."

    Swarms of Earth Immortals left the hall and floated in the sky, watching Bu Liuhen and Duan Shou with vigilance.

    Duan Shou didn't care as he could tread the void. Chen Ming and Bu Liuhen could also, just that it wasn't as optimistic against ten thousand Earth Immortals.

    Chen Ming operated the Turtle Breathing Art to remove all signs of life and appear dead. He knew 3,000 Daos so of course he knew a feint death art. He transmitted his voice to Duan Shou,  Throw me to Bu Liuhen. Since we're here, we need to play our part!

    Duan Shou grabbed him, knowing his intent. Chen Ming was an array master. What good would more people do when they had a one-man army?

    Ever heard of a moving array?

    "Catch my magic treasure!"

    Bu Liuhen thought he'd be thrown something good, only to find the play dead Chen Ming in his hand.

    Nr. 6 eyed the dead thing, "The hell is that? A magic treasure?"

    Bu Liuhen got the gist. Chen Ming couldn't show himself so he wanted to dupe Nr. 6 into thinking the crow was a magic treasure.

    As the circle of Earth Immortals tightened, Duan Shou said, "I'll leave this to you while I go finish the Gold Immortal!"

    Bu Liuhen nodded. He saw Chen Ming's display on Sacred Mountain, killing Earth Immortals even before passing his trial. Killing them now should be easy pickings.

    The two were boxed in by the army of Earth Immortals when a man wearing a black tiger armor, a Gold Immortal, stepped out, "Duan Shou, who'd have thought you'd turn to Nr. 5."

    Duan Shou gripped Two Year Cicada. To hide its appearance, he covered it up.

    "Just an official servant choosing his lord, one that acknowledges my talent. You are a fool for staying with a waste like Nr. 6."

    Xuan Hu glowered, "You dare show disrespect in his presence?"

    Duan Shou chuckled, "What's wrong? It's so obvious how weak he is. The way I see it, we don't even need to fight. Just have Nr. 6 and my glorious Lord duel, quick and efficient. Why complicate the matters?"

    Xuan Hu snapped, "Rubbish! Why should Sire Faceless face a weak pup like him?"

    "One strike shall be your doom!"

    Xuan Hu reached for his Tiger Cleaver, "Since you want death, I will help you!"

    He and Duan Shou exchanged blows once and stopped. The later sheathed his blade and Xuan Hu's head was already on the ground, spilling blood.

    Nr. 6 said, "So this is why you chose Nr. 5. Your saber is much faster. It seems Nr. 5 is a reincarnated immortal relying on quick saber."

    Nr. 6 wasn't disturbed, ascertaining Duan Shou's new strength. He signaled, "Kill them!"

    Duan Shou and Bu Liuhen could leave anytime. Such a pity they needn't do so.

    Bu Liuhen fueled Chen Ming with his spiritual power and flew.

    Chen Ming seemed to have come alive, blinking his beady black eyes and cawing non-stop.

    Bu Liuhen thought using a chant was the perfect prop to complement activating a magic treasure.

    "Death Crow, oh harbinger of death, activate the array!"

    He had no clue what array had Chen Ming cooked up but played it by ear.

    Once Chen Ming heard him, My turn. It's the perfect chance to complete my Immortal Punisher Array Lord mission. Let them fall beneath my blades.

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  • Chapter 482: Stupendous Idea!

    Duan Shou said, "Didn't Nr. 6 only had five tigers? Does that mean he hid tree Gold Immortals?"

    tree -> three
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  • Chapter 482: Stupendous Idea!

    Duan Shou said, "Didn't Nr. 6 only had five tigers? Does that mean he hid tree Gold Immortals?"

    tree -> three
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    Chapter 484: Marvelous Treasure!

    Chen Ming flapped his wings and his body spilled a torrent of black energy. He had the Allheaven Stellar Array and 3,000 Dao. Not to mention black fog, he could make it white, even green!

    He was deploying an illusion art with the Allheaven Stellar Array to obscure Nr. 6 vision. Chen Ming's identity was a bit of a pickle nowadays.

    The black mist enveloped the entire star. This was his first time using the array to its full potential, yet still found it incredible it could stretch so far.

    A nasty thought came to Chen Ming, Let's refine the entire star!

    He linked his power with it. One should know Chen Ming was a Constellation Lord, anywhere he passed stars glittered.

    He couldn't use it on Sacred Mountain, but this was now.

    Through this link, the power of the star flowed into Chen Ming and bolstered the black mist.

    Even if I borrow the star's power, I can't be too ruthless, killing them ought to suffice!

    Come to think of it, this was his first time using Sky Bearer Aura note's effect and found it pretty ruthless.

    He felt his spiritual power doubled and his body reinforced. This was his limit. Chen Ming didn't expect it to be so strong, and if he could refine it slowly, he would be even stronger.

    Chen Ming understood how powerful his newfound ability was!

    What can top double increase in power in an instant?

    From what he scrutinized, the strongest here was in the 90,000 danger value's range. Chen Ming was now at 80,000, and even though his power doubled, that wasn't related to danger value but through a borrowed star's energy. Danger value was the total of someone's strengths.

    He didn't have a 160,000 danger value, but he should be around 120,000, a Gold Immortal's.

    With the extra danger value, it was easy to slaughter all Earth Immortals. Even Celestial Immortals would find it hard to cope with the new Allheaven Stellar Array!

    All had their eyes riveted on the black crow in the sky, "What treasure is this?"

    "Just some useless black smoke!"

    "But look at the style, the pose, the demeanor. It's just like a treasure!"

    His power was at peak and he had the star's power under control. Chen Ming closed his eyes, It's time I let immortals know of the power of an array master!

    His awareness took in the entire star, his eyes were the Allheaven Stellar Array. And thanks to his link with the star, he knew the location of every creature on it.

    In the black mist, a sword of dark starlight flashed and an Earth Immortal was cut in two!

    The black mist seethed in a blink and 3,000 black blades rained havoc on the immortals in this abyss. With a thought, 3,000 starlights danced. 

    They might stop one, but not thousands as they passed through them and left mangled corpses behind.

    Chen Ming felt the peak of his destructive power. He heard of Ling Xian and Moon Palace's Crown Prince's battle. If it weren't for the Mind-numbing Aura flaring, Ling Xian would've lost. Chen Ming didn't find Ling Xian's power that of a Main Character but he understood now that he couldn't link with the star in that battle.

    Even though they both could link with stars, Chen Ming's control took precedence. In simple terms, Chen Ming could wrest the control of a star from anyone.

    If Ling Xian had that in his fight with Crown Prince, he would've wiped the floor with him.

    Chen Ming was still as a rock, floating there, and putting on a show. I'm a treasure, you know?

    And below him, the ground of the star turned into a living hell as golden immortal blood bathed it and pieces of flesh littered everywhere.

    Nr. 6 was beside himself in shock, What treasure is this? No wonder they came here. They brought an outstanding treasure to help them!

    He watched the black crow with greed. This thing is tantamount with having an army with you at all times!

    The ten thousand immortals army could do nothing in the face of such and overbearing treasure!

    But then Nr. 6 got angry, Come on! Don't you know showing off such a thing will get you robbed?

    "A bunch of trash. Why are the Celestial Immortals standing around for? Kill the wielder and steal the crow!"

    They charged Bu Liuhen. He was but a Celestial Immortal, wouldn't this be easy pickings?

    But it wasn't that easy homing in on him in this array. The Allheaven Stellar Array would make them suffer before it.

    Bu Liuhen and Duan Shou watched Chen Ming release divine might. Bu Liuhen thought, Hot damn! Sire Faceless' skill in arrays is unprecedented!

    As for Duan Shou, he rectified his erroneous thinking of arrays, Are arrays that much fun?

    Before, he never had the slightest interest in them. To him, killing ten thousand was the same as using ten thousand slashes. Although he might die in the process, what other choice did he have?

    Chen Ming sensed the incoming attack on Bu Liuhen and focused a thousand starlights on them.

    Under the array's pressure, they turned weaker. Adding to that a thousand blades, the Celestial Immortals were blocked for moving even one more step.

    Nr. 6's shadow was quietly watching the black crow. He muttered, "What kind of treasure is this to display such power? It cannot be left in other's hands!"

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    Chapter 484: Marvelous Treasure!

    If Ling Xian had that in his fight with Crown Prince, he would've wiped the flow with him.

    Chen Ming was still as a rock, floating there, and putting on a show. I'm a treasure, you know?

    And bellow him, the ground of the star turned into a living hell as golden immortal blood bathed it and pieces of flesh littered everywhere.

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    Chapter 484: Marvelous Treasure!

    If Ling Xian had that in his fight with Crown Prince, he would've wiped the flow with him.

    Chen Ming was still as a rock, floating there, and putting on a show. I'm a treasure, you know?

    And bellow him, the ground of the star turned into a living hell as golden immortal blood bathed it and pieces of flesh littered everywhere.

    flow-> floor
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    We are winning the battle not using legendary "black crow of death" treasure 
  • Chapter 485: Worldly Treasure

    Chen Ming heard him of course. He had to be thinking if he had such a treasure, it'd be among the best he ever had.

    He just had to have it for himself.

    I need to go myself if I am to have it.

    A devious idea popped up in Chen Ming's head, If I use this treasure of me and sow discord among Nr. 6 and his Blades, infighting will occur. Any who has me will proclaim might is right. This plan could go two ways:

    First, Nr. 6 would die from his own Blades.

    Flawless outcome.

    And the second had to do with Nr. 6's last words. Chen Ming had to land in his hands and it'd be smooth sailing from there. He'd pop up and kill him himself.

    Also a flawless outcome.

    Though the possibility did exist his Blades were still loyal and hand him over. When all the Blades left, he'd move in for the kill regardless.

    Yet another flawless outcome!

    Come on! Just how in the hell did it come to this?

    I really didn't see this one coming!

    It's all up to me to show off my preciousness now. If Nr. 6 is dead set of me being a treasure, he'd want to get me himself!

    As for danger and whatnot, if he wasn't found out, could these guys have deviant thoughts on how else one should use a treasure? They're so bored as to hack me to pieces?

    As if!

    The plan is perfect! Genius I tell ya!

    Chen Ming went all out. The 3,000 starlight blades shuttled among Earth Immortals, drawing blood with each passing and staining the ground in gold.

    Pieces of flesh flew out of them. Earth Immortals were known as to have transcended the mortal world, yet it mattered little beneath Chen Ming's array!

    Even the Celestial Immortals were under constant attack by the erratic starlight to the point they could forget about getting close to Bu Liuhen.

    It was akin to a bladestorm unleashed by a blade of starlight, bringing slaughter on all it touched.

    Fifteen minutes later, the remaining Celestial Immortals were on their last leg, so much so that even Bu Liuhen could kill them.

    "Ding! The completion rate of the title mission, Immortal Punisher Array Lord, increased by 10%..."

    Chen Ming sent a secret message to Bu Liuhen, "Pretend you want to snatch me."

    Then to Duan Shou, "Act like you're fighting with Bu Liuhen over me, and be exasperated about it."

    Bu Liuhen knew his plan. It was dangerous, but since it was Sire Faceless' order, he had to fall in line.

    Bu Liuhen grabbed him and was ready to bold through the void.

    Duan Shou asked Bu Liuhen, "Where are you going?"

    Bu Liuhen only rushed into the void with the azure dragon beneath his feet.

    Duan Shou raged, "Damn it! If I had known that thing's so powerful, I wouldn't have given it to you!"

    He disregarded the half-dead Celestial Immortals and slashed the void. He mounted his immortal beast and was on Bu Liuhen's tail.

    Nr. 6 spoke, "How could such an item be left to commoners!"

    He closed his eyes and his next words echoed in his Blades' ears, "Nr. 5's Blades entered my constellation. Capture the one with Celestial Immortal cultivation and bring me that Death Crow. He is close to the third military star..."

    On a star forged of metal, a cultivator glittered for all the gold on him, "Death Crow? What's that?"

    He looked like a fierce metal tiger with his claws. He operated his hardship cultivation. His powerful physique kept him in this state for a long time.

    Golden Tiger chuckled, "Since it's Sire's order, I'll go see what this is about."

    "Men, seal off the stars in the area. None are allowed to leave. If any comes out of the void, restrain him!"

    Golden Tiger turned to the star chart behind, "A Celestial Immortal, and one who is knowledgeable of our star chart at that. He will avoid all secured stars and come here for respite, the last remote place in these parts!"

    Bu Liuhen and Duan Shou traveled the void for three days. Chen Ming said, "In normal circumstances, you'd be stopping at the next remote star to recoup your immortal power, so find a perfect spot to hide there."

    "But according to Sire's plan, shouldn't I give you to them?"

    Chen Ming chuckled, "Since I can think it, so can they."

    Bu Liuhen nodded, "Understood. The Atlas Constellation will be swept by a bloody storm."

    Duan Shou smiled, "Isn't that what we wanted?"

    The three snickered in tandem.

    Bu Liuhen stepped out of the void and landed in a mountain stream as he looked around. A voice came from beside him, "Are you looking for me?"

    Bu Liuhen snapped his head with vigilance at the source, watching the overgrowth and spotting Golden Tiger walking out. A thousand Earth Immortals had him surrounded.

    Golden Tiger eyed him, "A Celestial Immortal who can tread the void. You must have made quite the name for yourself. But Sire Faceless ordered me to catch you."

    Bu Liuhen looked around, "With this army?"

    Golden Tiger laughed, "Don't make me laugh! My men are enough to rip you apart!"

    "It looks like you have no idea how great a treasure this Death Crow is! Your dear Sire never told you of its power."

    Golden Tiger saw him take out a black crow from his sleeve, dead as a doornail, "Is this the Death Crow? Show me its power then!"

    Bu Liuhen poured his energy into Chen Ming and threw it among the clouds, "Death Crow, harbinger of death, activate the array!"

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    Chapter 486: Enjoying the Show

    Endless darkness spread from Chen Ming and engulfed the star.

    He linked with the star, controlling its energy, and bolstered his spiritual power.

    With but a thought, he brought forth endless starlight blades around Golden Tiger's Earth Immortals.

    In the span of a tea break, Golden Tiger saw what was left of his men, corpses.

    He turned to the Death Crow, "What kind of treasure is that? It can end a thousand immortals so quickly!"

    His eyes shined with greed. If he had it, it was the same as having an army.

    It counted the same as a ten thousand Earth Immortals army. An army and a treasure that could end an army were two different concepts.

    He could face an army at a moment's notice and needn't waste time training it either. And better yet, he could carry it.

    No Gold Immortal in the Atlas Constellation would be his match.

    But the terrifying fact was that he also felt the pressure from the crow, lowering his power by 20%.

    With such a rare and precious treasure, he'd soar!

    Greed consumed him as he watched Bu Liuhen with intent to kill, "This is not something for you to have!"

    He was charging at Bu Liuhen and the latter knew it was time to bolt yet stood still. Golden Tiger struck him until he coughed blood. Bu Liuhen said, "Damn it! I don't want this Death Crow!"

    Bu Liuhen flew away, leaving Chen Ming behind.

    Bu Liuhen disappeared into the void under Golden Tiger's unconcerned eye. The important thing was that he left the Death Crow.

    Without Bu Liuhen's immortal power, the Death Crow stopped and fell from the sky.

    Chen Ming was waiting for Golden Tiger. Smacking the ground wouldn't hurt him, but would add another dark and black stain on his already unclean history.

    Golden Tiger watched it with a careful eye. As he saw it falling there, he caught and inspect it. It's completely normal.

    Another armored man, holding a spear, came from the forest. He extended his hand to Golden Tiger, "Give it to me, Sire Faceless sent me for it."

    Golden Tiger caressed the crow. He had no clue how it worked, how it approved an owner.

    Since most treasures needed blood to bind, he cut his finger and dripped on it, yet no reaction, "Blast it! It can't be owned?"

    But then Chen Ming opened his beak and said two words, then returned to being dead still.

    Golden Tiger was overjoyed, "It must be that I'm not qualified yet, but I can still use it to some extent."

    He wanted to link with Chen Ming, but no reaction came. It has to be its character. As all soul weapons have one, then this Death Crow must be no different!

    The spear-holding man shouted, "Golden Tiger, you dared own Sire Faceless' treasure?"

    Golden Tiger laughed, "Jade Tiger, are you talking about that Celestial Immortal trash? How is he fit to have such an item?"

    Jade Tiger glowered, "You want to betray Sire?"

    "Nothing he gave me was worthy of my attention, but this has it completely. If he is willing to give it to me, I have no intention of betraying him."

    "Then die!"

    Golden Tiger laughed, "Jade Tiger, you're not my match!"

    Jade Tiger sneered, "You're not much stronger than me. I only need to hold you down. Once Sire Faceless' other tigers come, your fate is sealed!"

    "Then have a taste of this Death Crow. Death Crow, harbinger of death, activate the array!"

    Since Bu Liuhen, a Celestial Immortal, could use it, Golden Tiger believed the chant was the key.

    Endless darkness spilled from Chen Ming and spread to every corner of the star. Golden Tiger didn't feel any pressure while Jade Tiger was on the receiving end.

    Golden Tiger laughed, "Awesome!"

    Golden Tiger punched at him with a Dao Chain. Seeing the danger, Jade Tiger resisted with his spear but still staggered back a dozen steps.

    Jade Tiger turned to the Death Crow in the sky, "Damn it! It has such power!"

    Golden Tiger laughed, overflowing with glee. The Death Crow made him unparalleled among Gold Immortals!

    If he slowly studied it, his power would grow even further.

    Chen Ming was a spectator to their gruesome battle. Jade Tiger was clearly lacking but he needed only to stall.

    Nothing to do with me. I'm only enjoying the show.

    They're the enemy, and them fighting is not my business.

    After a bitter fight that took six hours, Golden Tiger became more valiant and punched Jade Tiger into the ground until he was soaked in blood.

    They were hardship cultivators the both of them and Gold Immortals on top. Killing one wasn't easy.

    Yet it didn't bother Golden Tiger, pressing his advantage against Jade Tiger.

    Jade Tiger also felt his death drawing near and wanted to flee, with Golden Tiger hot on his tail.

    Chen Ming acted by enveloping 3,000 starlights around Golden Tiger's fist. Golden Tiger smiled at Chen Ming, "Precious treasure! And it even understands my intentions!"

    He was oblivious to the starlight's effect but one thing he did know, that it powered up his fist.

    Propped up by Chen Ming's array, Golden Tiger was like a savage tiger, beating Jade Tiger again and again. Availing to the hole in his guard, Golden Tiger crushed his head in three strikes.

    He wiped himself of blood, picked up Jade Tiger's weapon, and flew to Chen Ming, where the crow landed on his shoulder, still as a statue.

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    Chapter 486: Enjoying the Show

    In the span of a tea break, Golden Tiger saw what was left o his men, corpses.

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  • Chapter 487: Each with His Own Plan

    Golden Tiger turned to the Death Crow on his shoulder, "It must have approved of me by now, yet it is so mysterious that the process isn't over, even though its power is staggering already!"

    "With it, even my position as Immortal King is secured!"

    "I better leave this place for now. It's not safe."

    Golden Tiger took out an immortal crane from his beast bag and rode it as he fled from Atlas Constellation.

    Chen Ming wasn't worried Golden Tiger would have an easy time strolling out of here, not if Nr. 6 had something to say about it.

    If he couldn't stop even his retainer, wouldn't that be tantamount with weakness? How did he get to be a Faceless as Celestial Immortal then?

    Golden Tiger's path was no secret to Nr. 6. Back in Golden Tiger's days of loyalty, he spoke of his true name to Nr. 6' shadow and now he could watch him whenever he wanted.

    Nr. 6 still had four Gold Immortals under him and, from Duan Shou, three of them were in hiding. These three had to be of unflinching loyalty to him.

    That left with one Gold Immortal in the open.

    As for how all this shebang turned up, it had nothing to do with Chen Ming since he couldn't exactly affect it; he had to play dead, y'know.

    Nr. 6 was walking to the center of the black halls of Atlas Constellation. He was making hand signs while chanting, "Qimen Dunjia(1), Nine Palaces and Eight Gates, open!"

    The copper tiles separated to reveal a tunnel. Nr. 6 held a white flame as he walked through it and arrived before three doors. He knocked, "Come out."

    With the opening of the doors, thick undead energy rushed out and froze the ground.

    It closed in on Nr. 6 yet he didn't feel any discomfort.

    From each door came out a dried-up cultivator, just like a corpse, and kneeled. Their sunken eyes were a pure white, "Greetings Lord."

    Nr. 6 nodded, "It's time for you to go out!"

    They let out a creepy and shivering snicker.

    They were tiger thralls, known in the cultivator world as tiger's accomplices. Once devoured by the White Tiger, they could not find death and instead turned into undead, helping the White Tiger devouring even more people.

    Nr. 6 took them to the black hall and ordered two of them to stand beside him as statues as he closed his eyes, "I have a blade for you to wield. Golden Tiger, I call thee..."

    Nr. 6's shadow pooped before Golden Tiger who kneeled on the spot, "Subordinate greets Sire Faceless."

    Nr. 6 nodded, but just then he saw another Gold Immortal beside him, his brother Silver Tiger.

    Nr. 6 asked, "How come you're here, Silver Tiger?"

    Golden Tiger said with respect, "Sire, Jade Tiger was consumed by greed when he caught wind of the Death Crow's power and wanted to steal it. I almost died, but I held my own until Silver Tiger came and we managed to kill him together!"

    Nr. 6 nodded, "Is that so?"

    Golden Tiger presented the Death Crow with two hands, "Yes. To prevent any others from getting it, I asked for Silver Tiger to help me deliver the Death Crow to Sire's palace!"

    Nr. 6 smiled, "It is only normal to be careful with such a treasure. I'll be waiting for you at Faceless' hall to bestow you your reward!"

    Golden Tiger and Silver Tiger were in glee as they cupped their hands, "Thank you, Sire!"

    Once Nr. 6 was gone, Silver Tiger spoke, "Brother, we need to sneak out."

    Golden Tiger was irritated, "You know nothing! He is a reincarnated immortal. You think our cultivation is faster than him, even with the Death Crow? Our best choice is to kill him. Won't it be better if we act in Faceless' stead?"

    Silver Tiger let out a vicious grin, "Alright, brother, let's do it!"

    "We are brothers, the only one we can trust in this world is each other. Come, let's see if there's anything of worth about this Faceless."

    Chen Ming was so bored he felt he was rusting over, The ruler and his officials have no clue if they are or not brothers.

    Golden Tiger and Silver Tiger arrived in seven days. Before the halls, a youth with sharp eyebrows cupped his hands, "Sire Faceless has been waiting for you."

    Golden Tiger watched the youth with a curious eye. He never saw him before, "Are you new?"

    He only smiled, "I am fortunate that Sire Faceless thought highly of me and taught me true skill."

    Golden Tiger gave him a once-over then ignored him. He was just a peak Celestial Immortal, nothing to worry about.

    Golden Tiger and Silver Tiger were led through the city down the main street, and into the hall at its center. The youth gestured, "Please go in. I heard Sire Faceless will receive you with a great reward! Please take care from now on!"

    Golden Tiger chuckled, "It's nothing, all for Sire Faceless!"

    The brothers didn't saw a guard around and relaxed, It looks like Faceless doesn't know of their intentions.

    They entered the hall with the youth in the lead. He once let out a smile filled with ridicule and even licked his lips, but only for a second.

    The two brothers didn't even mind the extra pair of statues as they walked further in. They were focused on the man on the throne.

    Faceless opened his eyes, Give me the Death Crow.

    Golden Tiger saw the Faceless had white sunken eyes.

    He grabbed the still crow on his shoulder and walked one step at a time.

    (1)    Qimen Dunjia is an ancient form of divination from China. It is still in use in China, Taiwan, Singapore and the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia. The Qimen Dunjia cosmic board consists of a 3 × 3 magic square of nine palaces (九宫), which includes a Heaven and Earth plate, a spirit plate, eight gates and a star plate. The various symbols rotate around the palaces with each double-hour of the day, making a total of 1,080 different configurations of the Qimen Dunjia cosmic board. These situations (局; jú) are recycled four times per year, and are divided between the Yin and Yang halves of the year.

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  • Chapter 488: Psych!

    To be honest, Golden Tiger was quite adept at keeping the same mood, that of a powerful tiger. He used it on anyone he met, and this was no exception.

    He'd been at it for the last thirty years, all for this moment.

    This was his battle stance, and it kept him on alert while Faceless had yet to react.

    Golden Tiger presented the crow before Faceless as he walked past the 12 black statues. He kneeled three steps away from Faceless.

    He raised his head and showed the viciousness in his eyes, "Did you know? Half kneeling isn't a gesture of obedience, but the best stance for attack(for more concrete details, refer to the sprinting stance. Half kneeling is the best position for a powerful start)."

    Faceless had no expression. When he understood his meaning, he wanted to get up but it was too late. Golden Tiger held Death Crow in his left and punched with his right!

    Faceless waved, blocking his attack and staggering him three feet.

    Golden Tiger was in shock, then raved, "No, you're not him! He's no Gold Immortal. Damn it, we've been had!"

    The youth clapped, "Attack!"

    Two statues split and shadows flashed from them as they charged at Golden Tiger. Pinned down, he couldn't hold onto Death Crow any longer and it got thrown in the youth's hands.

    The fake Faceless took his mask and threw it to the youth. This plain young man was Nr. 6.

    Golden Tiger asked as he saw Nr. 6 putting on the mask, "You're the Faceless!"

    Nr. 6 laughed, "You're too late in realizing the truth."

    The brothers exchanged a glance. The hall had three Golden Immortals already. Staying here was suicide!

    Silver Tiger rushed, "Run, brother!"

    They flew out of the hall and ran like the wind. Nr. 6 waved as he licked his lips, "Grab them. I want them alive, uh, half-alive. On their last breath is also acceptable. "

    Three Gold Immortals unleashed undead energy as they chased. Nr. 6 examined the Death Crow with a smile, "It's mine at last."

    Chen Ming had nothing to retort, it wasn't the right time anyway. Once the three Gold Immortals were far enough, he'd speak then.

    Nr. 6 walked to the center of the hall and opened a secret door leading below.

    He rushed through the winding tunnel. Nr. 6 needed a safe place before he bound the crow.

    He put it on a stone pedestal and dripped blood on it. But the crow was as still as ever. Nr. 6 cursed, "Blast it! That Golden Tiger got to it first. He must die before the imprint can vanish."

    Nr. 6 was thinking of ways to remove the imprint and soon two hours passed by.

    Nr. 6 stared at the Death Crow and muttered, "Is Golden Tiger still alive?"

    It was then he heard, "Noon is here!"

    Nr. 6 didn't find anyone around. Then Chen Ming appeared from a cloud of black smoke and slashed at him.

    Hegemonic Immortal Sword and fourfold speed!

    Nr. 6 never saw it coming, not expecting danger from the crow. His head was hacked in two and the Faceless mask thrown away from the hit.

    Chen Ming chuckled at the dead Nr. 6, "Psych! Got you!"

    Then shrugged, "Ah, he's dead already. It's boring talking to the dead."

    Chen Ming walked over to the mask and picked it up, "Who should I give it to?"

    He didn't notice how Nr. 6's wound knitted and threw himself with a dagger at his back!

    Chen Ming sensed movement behind and turned around as he swiped with Nine Year Cicada.

    Thanks to the blade's speed, he could react in time, but Nr. 6 twirled and stuck the dagger in his chest.

    "Right back at you. Psych!"

    Chen Ming kicked him and watched blood trickle down his chest.

    He used Illustrious Casket to heal it. Only know did he paid attention to Nr. 6, who liked to wear his blade just like he did. He was certain Nr. 6 died at the time. Yet how was he still alive?

    Now that he no longer wore the mask, he could inspect him.

    'Titles: Faceless, Reincarnated Immortal

    Danger value: 100,000+(10,000)


    Nine Lives Aura

    Description: die and live again!

    Effect: exchange lives.

    Reincarnated Aura

    Description: I have awoken from the endless cycle of reincarnation to stand at the top of the world.

    Effect: unknown.

    Cat Aura

    Description: Let's study cat calls together. Together now, meow, meow~

    Effect: nimble

    Darkness Walker Aura

    Description: where there is light, there's shadow.

    Effect: stealth.'


    The rest were standard issued auras, immortal fitting and control related; nothing of importance.

    But did this mean Nine Lives Aura gave him nine lives?

    It was more outrageous than Ninth's Nirvana Aura. If he met with death, he'd wait for his enemy to leave then recover. And what was even more dreadful was that each death came with new insights.

    Chen Ming said, "So you're a cat with nine lives?"

    Nr. 6 chuckled, "Your eyes aren't bad, Nr. 5!

    "Killing me is useless. My tiger thralls are one less, but with two, you will never kill me!"

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  • Chapter 489: Strip!

    Chen Ming laughed, "It seems you still don't know who I am, but I am kind enough to let you reword your sentence."

    Nr. 6 laughed as well, "I've died countless times and each brought with it a new tiger thrall. You think I can't kill you once in the eight times you try to kill me?"

    "I urge you to be honest."

    Nr. 6 snapped, "You killed me once, and one of my tiger thrall is dead. I transferred my death to him, a Gold Immortal. If I don't make you pay for this, I'll never find peace. Plus, this is a rare chance to come by, that of a Faceless in the open!

    "I have to admit, it never crossed my mind you can fake being a treasure and even make my Blades betray me. But it doesn't matter because your death will be the ultimate price."

    "Done preaching? I gave you a chance but since you didn't take it, guess I have to send you on your way."

    Chen Ming's voice battered one's ears and echoed throughout the stone room, "But stop spewing that chūnibyō crap. In my name as Chen Ming, Nine Lives Aura, strip!"

    His words contained the power of Heaven.

    This was the tyrannical power of the Wordless Curse!

    Chen Ming passed Heavenly Dao's test and earned the right to exert some of its power.

    Nr. 6 felt his connection with the tiger thralls snapped and raged from shock, "Who the hell are you?"

    He felt death breathing down his neck. Chen Ming was too intimidating. He only spoke a few words yet it isolated him from his tiger thralls. He wouldn't be able to transfer death like this.

    If he died, he'd stay dead.

    Chen Ming's hand rested on Nine Year Cicada, "No need to panic, you'll know soon enough."

    Nr. 6 was stunned, "I see. You're that reincarnated immortal, the most terrible of them all. If I can kill you, I will earn a fortune!"

    Nr. 6 gripped his dagger as he faced Chen Ming.

    Chen Ming linked with the star and soon felt a kind response from it, which made him laugh, "The stars do indeed shine for me!"

    On his back, the Allheaven Stellar Array rose to crush everything around him. Nr. 6 recognized it, "You're the offender."

    Chen Ming laughed, "No one will know."

    Nr. 6 showed an even sinister smile, "As cultivators, we all have our last words before death. No one will know indeed, since the world will not have you in it."

    Chen Ming sliced with demonic speed, right at Nr. 6!

    Nr. 6 could feel the power of the saber, the Hegemonic Immortal Sword!

    "Eastern Star Slaughter!"

    He used his own special skill to fend off the impending danger.

    They clashed and fell back half a step each, as Chen Ming laughed, "Wowie, so amazing to reach small success in a grand immortal art!"

    Space ruptured in front of their weapons. If not for the star's power, Chen Ming wasn't certain he could take Nr. 6 on.

    He smiled, "In the Galaxy, I am even more amazing then when passing my tribulation. I will let you have a taste of this, trice Hegemonic Immortal Sword!"

    He swung again with raging spiritual power.

    Nr. 6 sucked in a breath and faced it with all his immortal power.

    3,000 strands of starlight gathered on Nine Year Cicada and bolstered its power.

    Their clash collapsed the ground for a thousand li around. It was Apocalypse, with the rivers reversing course and the space cracking.

    This was the reason Chen Ming refrained from relying on blinking swords. He just wasn't capable of using them in such a situation, not to mention Nr. 6 would never give him the chance.

    Their fight could be classified as a Gold Immortal battle, uh, the weakest of course.

    The moment Chen Ming's first hit fell, the second came, making Nr. 6 spit blood yet he couldn't stop him even with his dagger.

    Chen Ming flung the dagger and saw the rage in Nr. 6's eyes, "Damn it! If not for you, no one can kill him, no one can kill my reincarnation!"

    As the final strike landed, Nr. 6's body collapsed again, with golden blood spilling on the earth.

    He didn't get up this time as Nine Year Cicada sucked his soul with greed.

    Chen Ming eyed the blade, A true soul weapon.

    He sheathed it and picked up Nr. 6's mask.

    He replaced his with Nr. 6's, connected with it and made his shadow form above the city, surveying the destruction they caused.

    Countless Blades were rushing for the hall when, below the crescent moon, they saw Chen Ming's shadow. They were lost as to what to do next.

    Chen Ming noticed the white jasmine and waved for his spiritual power to swirl the petals to his hand. He spoke, "According to Crownless Assembly's customs, when a Faceless dies, he should be sent off with white petals."

    Chen Ming spread the white jasmine as one Blade couldn't cope with the dread and kneeled. All of them knew their Faceless was replaced.

    The rule of these parts had shifted to another.

    Chen Ming continued, "Spread the word, there is a new Faceless in town."

    One by one, they all kneeled, "We greet Faceless!"

    The bosses settled their battle and there was nothing underlings like them could do about it. No one wanted to throw their life away.

    Chen Ming was pleased by the outcome, "Open the path to the Three-headed Dragon Constellation and inform the guarding general there to kill all the incoming rebels!"

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