Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



  • Silver wing also mentioned the grass already grown over MC's grave (back when chen ming fought his first sovereign), is that a famous saying? or was it mixed up?
  • Chapter 474: Yan Mountain's Ascending Diary, Third Entry

    The cultivators had looks of dismay. They couldn't find the right words, well, until someone did, "Manager's talent is amazing."

    Zhong Tongzi smiled, as if from habit, "You're too kind."

    "Why isn't there a Yan Mountain Lords' rankings?"

    Zhong Tongzi's smile widened with pride, "They are all Mountain Lord's disciple, and I'm sure you understand what status implies. With them listening to Mountain Lord's sermons on Dao, they needn't something like a training class. They can pass the Heavenly Tribulation whenever they want to."

    "Yeah, Yan Mountain Lords are as powerful as immortals."

    "They even have dozens of immortal beasts."

    "Their immortal beasts alone are enough to face off against the Heavenly Tribulation."

    With the men tucked in, Zhong Tongzi went to his home to rest. He got comfortable and fished out a booklet from his chest, Yan Mountain's Ascending Diary.

    He wrote: Today I met Mountain Lord. He values me with great importance. Mountain Lord is as open-minded as the ocean, not carrying in the least when I spoke about the grass on his grave.

    For some reason, Silver Wing sneezed.

    Zhong Tongzi looked long at the page about his encounter with Chen Ming and decided to tear it in the end. He framed it and hanged it on a wall.

    Then Zhong Tongzi kept updating his diary regarding today's events.

    On the morrow, he gathered the cultivators and resumed the tour by taking them to the Beast Pen, "Today, we will continue our visit of Yan Mountain's facilities with the Beast Pen. You can all obtain from Yan Mountain a special beast badge that allows you to have your own immortal beasts to help you on your tribulation."

    They witnessed as the ten thousand immortal beasts roamed lazy and docile around the Beast Pen, showing no sign of the brutality they name suggested. Some even basked in the sun's warm glow, while others frolicked in a river.

    "There's a Fire Luan over there, the best match for me. If I can have it in my trial, my chances will go up by half!"

    "All of us can use them for our trials. Just how strong is Yan Mountain?"

    "Flying through the ranks, this is the best description for Yan Mountain!"

    In fact, Yan Mountain upheld its life long tradition as a wastrel. Its wealth was bursting at the seams. The sect leaders weren't slacking, following Chen Ming's teaching of 'Money is only money if spent. Leaving it home it's mere decoration!'

    Thanks to their Master's inspiring words, the broken toys kicked it into high gear!

    As such, the sect leaders' wastrel skills were second to none, to the point of perfection. Each of their casual moves displayed an awe-inspiring achievement.

    With Yan Mountain's speedy growth, all these goodies were taken advantage of by the Scarlet Tide Continent's cultivators. They were Chen Ming's subordinates, as such their treatment was top notch.

    Yet even that didn't bridge the gap in treatment between disciples and them.

    Zhong Tongzi shouted as he led them, "There are more places to visit, like the Ascending Class graduates' experiences. Yan Mountain used many recording stones to preserve the cultivators' trials. We will watch how they do it and learn from their experience."

    The record stone, i.e. the cultivator world's video camera.

    Zhong Tongzi arrived at the Hall of Records were countless record stones were exposed. They were each placed in an array and, once someone added spirit stones, they could view the contents.

    Zhong Tongzi never lacked spirit stones so he started the pay-per-view for them to see.

    "Ah, that's sir Bai Wuxia. His skill in directing the immortal beast to fend of the lightning is amazing."

    "Oh, this is an easy-going trial. Not bad, not bad, each reaction is precise."

    Zhong Tongzi's was the second before the last record stone. The eyes of others shined, "Oh, there's even sir Zhong Tongzi's record here! Each movement is flawless!"

    "Sir Zhong Tongzi's every move it's as if he knew what the Heavenly Tribulation would do next! He is the best of the best!"

    "Sir Zhong Tongzi's fame is well deserved!"

    Zhong Tongzi smiled as if all was a matter of fact.

    But then one asked, "Sir Zhong Tongzi with his perfect record is ranked second. Who then is the first?"

    "Yeah, can we see it?"

    Zhong Tongzi took a deep breath, "It contains a Yan Mountain's great Lord's tribulation. I advise you not to look for your own good."

    "Since it's here, why can't we watch it?"

    "If you want to, you can watch it of course."

    Zhong Tongzi powered the array and the movie played. It depicted Wu Qingfeng wielding his meter-long sword as he stood below the tribulation cloud. Under the constant shift of the clouds, Wu Qingfeng remained staunch. A bolt out of the blue fell and he just raised his head, hair dancing in the wind. He slashed and the tribulation cloud vanished, ripped apart by the sword wave. The sky brightened as if nothing occurred in the first place.

    Their hearts shook like mad, "Is this a Yan Mountain great Lord's power?"

    "I remember him. He is the one who picked clean the Nine Frozen Springs!"

    "Such power! One slash rends the Heavenly Tribulation to pieces!"

    "Yan Mountain can only soar!"

    Zhong Tongzi knew they would do this once they saw his trial. Since it was perfect and all. They wanted to gain more experience about it and had to see many more others.

    The ones stronger than him were only the Yan Mountain great Lords. As for watching Mountain Lord and sect leaders' tribulation, that wasn't something someone like them should know.

    A glimpse was enough for them. The quick and efficient way of how the great Lord passed his tribulation would stir in them the true meaning of reverence. And how miserable an outcome any treason would evoke. It also worked to give them hope. The stronger the Yan Mountain was, the farther they would walk down the road to immortality by following Yan Mountain.

  • Silver wing also mentioned the grass already grown over MC's grave (back when chen ming fought his first sovereign), is that a famous saying? or was it mixed up?
    It's how Americans use to say pushing up daisies. In fact, this sounds much cooler, I'll use it next time.
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  • I made an account just to say this. No one uses the term 'pushing up daisies'. Please continue using the grass over grave term, because at least that is used commonly in Chinese novels.

    It basically means that someone is so dead, or so likely to be dead, that had they been buried in a grave, grass would have grown over it already.
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  • Chapter 475: S-ranked Mission

    Chen Ming activated the Soul Bead and countless souls flew out towards the Heart Enlightenment Tree. They disappeared without a trace as if the tree was akin to a door to a new world.

    The tree didn't change as much as last time, only grew more Heart Enlightenment Fruits. These were plump and round, as well as soft. When it fell in his hand, it gave an incredibly cozy feeling.

    It seems souls do affect Heart Enlightenment Tree's harvest.

    The four Domains relied on these souls to obtain more and more items from their Trees of Martyrs.

    Although the 5th stage brought about a monumental change, why would Chen Ming worry about it? Heart Enlightenment Tree was at the 2nd stage and had a long way until it grew to a 5th stage.

    The 4th stage was the safest. I need to get it that far first.

    If even 400 tones did not affect it, Chen Ming guessed the Heart Enlightenment Tree had to be a fraction away from the 2nd stage to grow from only 50 tones. At this point, he'd have to feed a large number of souls to grow it further.

    He had to have the Desolate Constellation under control!

    As for the four Domains and Crownless Assembly, he didn't have it in him to fight them yet.

    Yan Mountain's current power was comparable to a true Faceless' faction. Nr. 6 and he should now be on equal standing.

    But ending a Faceless at the moment would make all the others vigilant.

    Nr. 0 was the perfect role model. When he was but a Faceless he rose to Relentless in just one night. This was the safest path for him to take.

    He needed power. Once the war started, the world would change!

    Only by participating in the Supreme Gathering would he have the right to live justly and honorably in the Galaxy.

    And the Desolate Constellation was Heaven's way of bestowing me a land of treasures. A land that brought with it a rich harvest of souls and resources. But the best thing about it was the barbarians and cultivators had close to no contact, blocked by the language barrier.

    This was a place everyone ignored.

    As for Yan Mountain of before, they were nothing more than a beast herding sect, since Li Suyi and Ling Xian still lacked in the beast language department for verbal combat.

    Leaving Nu Xiao hanging for so long should have kicked him off his high horse.

    He would have the advantage in the negotiations since Chen Ming's attitude had nothing to do with it, not when Nu Xiao was the one asking for help.

    With this in mind, Chen Ming walked inside Yan Mountain branch's hall where Ling Xian made a report, "Master, Nu Xiao requests an audience."

    "Perfect timing, show him in. Later, Yan Mountain's core will be placed in the Desolate Star Cluster. Even the four Domains along with Crownless Assembly and the fiends only have 28 under control."

    Ling Xian smiled, "Disciple understands."

    Nu Xiao stepped in a moment later and bowed, "Revered Khan, you have given me hope in an hour of desperate crisis by saving me when you had the extermination duel with Gu Tu. I am most grateful! I, Nu Xiao, owe Khan my life!"

    Chen Ming chuckled, But what you don't know is that I waited three days for you to be near your breaking point before helping you. "I did this for out of warrior's honor, as Gu Tu no longer had the right to be one!"

    Nu Xiao's heart trembled, Does this foxkin khan truly believes in the warrior code?

    Nu Xiao continued, "My brother, Nu Feng, killed my mother and hunted me down, all to become the Lion King. Our hatred cannot be amended! My father's time is running short, and it won't be long before the royal court will gather. But I am not qualified to participate and vie for the throne. Nor am I willing to give up!"

    "What do you mean?"

    "To participate in the gathering I need to fulfill two conditions. The first is to have the lion race's golden blood and the second is to have the support of at least one Khan. Despite meeting the first, the khans under me were all killed by Nu Feng."

    "So you say that if I favor you, you can participate in the struggle for the throne?"

    Nu Xiao pleaded, "Yes, revered Khan. Nu Feng has most of the Khans' favor while I can only rely on your support to fight him!"

    "How many khans does your royal court have?"

    "More than a hundred should be accurate."

    Chen Ming: ...

    You want me to fight them, alone?

    Leaving aside the fact Gu Tu was a Celestial Immortal, a Khan had to be at least a peak one, if not even a Gold Immortal. Not to mention a Khan also had no less than a hundred thousand immortal beasts. How was he gonna fight them?

    That scheming Nu Feng must have caught wind of Nu Xiao's return. Was he just going to stand and watch him return to the royal court? He definitely set up a massive assassination force. How can Yan Mountain face them?

    Most of his disciples were not even immortals!

    Chen Ming never engaged in a losing battle, and this one went beyond what mere tactics and strategies could do to bridge the difference.

    War is about using one's full military might across the entire battlefield and killing your way through!

    Forget about winning, when I don't even have enough to start one!

    While on the other hand, Uh, the enemy does have more than ample forces.

    "Ding! You triggered the multiple-choice S-ranked storyline mission: The Lion King.

    1. Please help Nu Xiao become the next Lion King. Reward: 15 billion spiritual knowledge, 2 million fame, Nu Xiao's respect, and a mystery reward.

    2. Hand Nu Xiao over to Nu Feng. Reward: 0.1 billion spiritual knowledge, 10,000 fame."

    Chen Ming spotted the difference a mile away. It was screaming at him, Helping Nu Xiao means death!

    Chen Wang always told him of how precious his status was, not to engage in senseless danger. It was just not worth it.

    Such a pity not once did Chen Ming listen to his grandpa.

    Chen Ming declared, "It's not that I can't help you, but as you know, for a single khan like myself to escort you to the royal court will need me to fight tens of other khans. I need to prepare."

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  • Chapter 476: Cicada Race's Sprouts

    Nu Xiao was in glee, "Of course, please prepare, Khan. If you help me become the king of the lion race, I will bestow Khan with the right to stand next to me, to rule the lion race together!"

    Chen Ming said, "Rest, I need to make plans. And I also need details regarding the other khans."

    Nu Xiao slapped his chest, "Worry not, I will write it down immediately."

    After he left, Chen Ming was pondering the best way to carry out this war. Now was out of the question, not when Nr. 6 was glaring at him like a tiger. Their power was around the same, but the fact Duan Shou had failed in killing him spoke of his skill.

    He couldn't use Blades in this, only Yan Mountain.

    It was time to let his disciples train in cicada's cultivation method while also advancing their hardship cultivation.

    His strength needed improving too, since according to barbarians' conduct, extermination could happen at the drop of a hat!

    If my power lacks, I might even die in one.

    If the opponent is a khan, then I'll have to accept it. If I don't, I'll lose my Khan title and can't support Nu Xiao.

    Fleeing from the war would be even worse, with all the barbarians right on my tail.

    Death welcomed all who dared go against the barbarians' most sacred duel.

    First things first. He would get his disciples to change with cicada's cultivation and also hardship cultivate since this was the most important. His power could arise anytime, as long as he had plenty stock of merits and spiritual knowledge, while his disciples needed time, a lot of it.

    While letting the disciples work towards being immortals, he'd teach Luo Muye cultivation, then decide on the Fate's Ten Chains!

    Who knows, maybe the chance for a comeback lies in them.

    With a plan in mind, he told Ling Xian to gather the disciples.

    It had been a long time since Chen Ming's last lecture, and the disciples rushed with glee to attend.

    Even Duan Shou mingled inconspicuously among them. Since Chen Ming came back with cicada's stele, his lecture had to be about its cultivation method.

    As a hardship cultivator, Duan Shou's understanding wasn't as sharp, even with the added help from the Heart Enlightenment Fruit.

    It was morning, and not even the sun appeared. The graduates from the Ascending Class watched as throngs of Lords rode their immortal beasts across the sky. Their hearts beat with admiration, "What brought this deployment on?"

    "They say Mountain Lord is giving a lecture and all the great Lords are attending, afraid to miss it!"

    "It was just a few days ago that these great Lords returned, but waited for the rest to be here!"

    "No wonder there's such a commotion. Mountain Lord is giving a lecture."

    The great bell at the foot of Yan Mountain branch tolled. The Lords saddled up and flew for the lecture.

    They all sat in silence on their mat, waiting for Chen Ming.

    More than 3,000 disciples sat there, while Chen Ming went pensively down the mountain, "Oh, almost forgot it's today..."

    Chen Ming climbed on stage and Li Suyi stood up, "Greetings Master!"

    The others followed, "Greetings Master!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "En, sit."

    "Before we begin, I want to tell you a story. It is how the four Domains were born. A long, long time ago, the Galaxy had a glorious cultivation civilization, called the cicada race. This race held all the power, ruled the Galaxy with unquestionable might. Even today's four Great Immortal Domains were nothing but Commanders under them at the time.

    "But the Galaxy was fraught with disasters. In the face of an apocalypse, the cicada chose to save the world by risking growing their Tree of Martyrs to the 5th stage. With this tree, they succeeded in averting the calamity. But they couldn't control the new Tree of Martyrs, leading to their rapid decline. It was then that the four Great Immortal Domains turned traitors and wiped the cicada from the world down to their records in history.

    "Master is a cicada. I came out of the endless time flow only to see me and Luo Muye as the only survivors."

    The disciples burned with resentment, "Damn those four Domains!"

    "The cicada sacrificed themselves for their sake yet only to receive betrayal!"

    "Restore the Cicada Empire and destroy the four Domains!"

    "Master is the true Lord of the Galaxy!"

    "Wait, if Master is a cicada, so are we! Restore the Empire! We must revive it!"

    In Chen Ming's heart, Quite the nationalist bunch. Ah, such honest children. "Our strength is far from enough. This is why Master had brought to you the cicada's cultivation method and their legacy from behind the four Domains' blockade."

    Chen Ming drew Nine Year Cicada, "This is our cicada's symbol, a blade that can surpass time! This blade in your Master's hands is a true soul weapon, Nine Year Cicada!"

    He said all that to make it more convincing he was cicada's sole ruler. After all, he controlled cicada's treasure, Nine Year Cicada.

    All disciples watched him with fervent looks, "Our history was actually so complicated. We were once the dominant force in the Galaxy!"

    "The Galaxy is ours yet the four Domains betrayed us. They must die!"

    "Revive the Empire! Master is the one true Emperor!"

    "We have to restore our nation!"

    "We, cicada, will unite the world once again, will make the four Domains pay the price for betrayal!"

    "Master, tell us what to do!"

    Duan Shou watched him in a daze, Sire Faceless has such an identity! If the cicada rose, he would be an Immortal Emperor, exacting power over the land in Sire Faceless' stead!

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  • Chapter 477: Such Honest Children

    Of course, the Lords and Duan Shou were clear Yan Mountain was far from enough to beat the four Domains. Even the fiends alone could crush it.

    Chen Ming continued, "Today, I shall pass on to you the cicada cultivation method. It is a spiritual cultivation's cultivation method, as such, you need to destroy your previous one."

    Chen Ming removed the cloth next to him to reveal cicada's stele.

    Among the disciples watching it, Zhang Ming crushed his Dao Seed on the spot.

    He did it without remorse, with ease and speed...

    It didn't take long for his juniors and seniors to follow, without any exception.

    Chen Ming had yet to finish. He was going to say they could keep their previous cultivation method as long as they asked.

    Good, all are ruined!

    These broken toys of mine sure are an honest bunch.

    Of course, this didn't apply to legacy disciples. Each had their path, their cultivation to follow.

    Chen Ming gave the signal to Li Suyi who nodded and waved for his demonic sect subordinates to bring the water before each disciple.

    Chen Ming spoke, "Immerse yourself in the River of Time and your cicada bloodline shall awaken."

    He left out the fact it would change their bodies and had to tell a white lie.

    All to give them the idea they were cicada from the start, to bring them closer to him.

    Each of them flipped the bucket above their heads and let the water drip down on them.

    Something shifted inside of their bodies and they could understand cicada's language and cultivate its cultivation method.

    Chen Ming waved, "Pick up your blade!"

    Li Suyi was ready and provided them with more than 3,000 Five Year Cicada.

    They held onto their black sabers and wore them behind the waist like Chen Ming.

    He said, "Sit, Master will begin the lecture."

    With the activation of Enlighten Aura, "Zing, zing... (time flows, flows into nothing. In the far East is our home, where the Red Toon stands majestic...)"

    As they were changing their cultivation method, their speed was faster than cultivation itself as they were Transcending realm cultivators or immortals. But altering one's entire cultivation was far from simple, as they needed to pierce through the Time Dao's meaning. They had to at least form their Dao Seed to use the black saber.

    The cicada stele contained 17 stages and Chen Ming comprehended the 8th, a step away from forming a Dao Chain. Teaching the disciples was an easy matter.

    Chen Ming unraveled the essence of Time Dao to the intoxicated disciples for a month.

    As their understanding of Dao deepened, each lecture could only last longer.

    Chen Ming said, "We shall stop here. You all need to look for hardship cultivation methods that suit the cicada's cultivation method to wield the black sword. Pressing forward is folly. You should reach certain cultivation and form a saber soul or sword soul for the hegemon sword and immortal sword. Then I will explain to you the most overbearing art of the cicada, the Hegemonic Immortal Sword!"

    They all bowed, "Many thanks, Master!"

    It was then he sensed Duan Shou broke through. He'd been comprehending for a while now and with Chen Ming's lecture, it pushed him into forming the Dao Seed.

    Duan Shou drew his saber and swung it a few times. His quick saber was twice as fast!

    Duan Shou laughed, "With this art, close to no Gold Immortal can stand in my way!"

    He got too excited and only now sensed something, rushing to clasp his hands before Chen Ming, "Thank you, Mountain Lord, for your teachings."

    Chen Ming nodded, "As your understanding rises, come to me for better blades."

    Duan Shou was stripped of any thoughts of betrayal. He knew his talent and any talk about becoming Emperor fell on death ears to him. Yet Chen Ming crushed all unparalleled existences in his tribulation. If he matured, he would become an absolute ruler.

    Duan Show was but a mere Earth Immortal veteran in his time as an immortal.

    The disciples left to cultivate and Chen Ming was thinking of how this hardship cultivation training was going to play out. But he wasn't too rushed, since they just listened to his lecture and needed some time to take all in.

    Yan Mountain had a hardship cultivator stele, the Eight Desolate Tyrant Body Zhuo Qingyao was practicing. Just that it didn't mean it suited everyone. And hardship cultivation revolved around a universal truth, a sucking abyss of resources. If every single disciple started hardship cultivating then he'd go for broke, literally. Where the hell would he find so many tempering resources?

    Not to mention he'd need a wide variety of hardship cultivation methods.

    For now, they had never hardship cultivated, so as long as they didn't go and nailed in their foundations by becoming immortals with it, they could train in any way they wanted.

    It would be fine to address this again later, once their cicada cultivation method took them to the Immortal realm.

    In truth, Chen Ming's expectations of them were pretty high. They had all the resources they could grab, after all, and Heart Enlightenment Fruit to boost their perceptions. Besides Dao Heart, which was a crucial issue, others were easily solvable.

    Having dealt with the disciples, Chen Ming could now get back to bumping his power. He had a lot of merits and spiritual knowledge on hand.

    After all his time, his merits reached 12 million, while his spiritual knowledge was above the 10 billion mark.

    Recalling how upgrading to the Transcending realm cost him one billion spiritual knowledge, the current amount ought to be enough for two stages. The transcending realm had four stages, Detached, Emergence, Chakra and Beneath Immortal.

    He had enough to reach the Chakra stage, but god only knew what mission awaited him to open it.

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  • Chapter 478: Tough Choice

    With the scriptures he was packing, he'd have smooth sailing until the Immortal realm. After which, he'd have to go out collecting again.

    "Increase my realm to Chakra stage."

    "Ding! 12 million merits required. Continue?"

    Chen Ming did the math, 20 years of merits will be gone just like that?

    Thanks to his disciples getting busy with raising beasts, their cultivation was stuck at the Transcending realm, with a few lucky exceptions that became immortals. He only got about a million merits a year, most of which was from his legacy disciples while the others were having the time of their lives(slacking).

    Those disciples' heads grew bigger and now the 2nd stage Heart Enlightenment Fruits are as useful as feeding them to the dogs!

    At least dogs get to be immortal beasts!

    He took a deep breath. If even with the help of these fruits the merits income wouldn't change, he would prepare a special surprise for these blokes.


    Inside his Dao Furnace, each page on the scripture had extra lines written. The golden book ebbed and sent out sounds of Dao that surrounded the entire Yan Mountain branch.

    The disciples were cultivating in their courtyards when they heard them, "Master must be increasing his power."

    "What scriptures did he comprehended this time?"

    "Listen, the sounds of Dao calms the heart."


    "Get to cultivating. I don't think Master was lying when he said about having head senior sister educate us!"

    "There's also a huge gap between seniors and us. Even fifth senior brother is better than us!"

    No Dao Palace existed in Chen Ming's body, his foundation was the Dao Furnace. It bore thousands of scriptures.

    And his Dao Seeds were permeated by these scriptures inside of it.

    He, the perfect Limitless Dao Body is quite interesting. I'm more like a magic item now.

    The Dao Furnace changed while the body stayed the same since only his realm went up.

    "Increase my cultivation to Emergence stage."

    "Ding! You triggered an advancement mission, please kill a Gold Immortal. Reward: cultivation release."

    Chen Ming frowned, Kill a Gold Immortal?

    The same scamming system lady as always, not one even a bit of a discount!

    Then again, this mission didn't say he had to do it himself. As for who had the best Gold Immortals to bully? Why Heavenly Court, of course. Step right up please, the best Gold Immortals to bully are Heavenly Court's at a low, low price! Need only flip your hand and you're done!

    Didn't Duan Shou say almost no Gold Immortal can handle him?

    Yep, it's time we have some fun.

    Chen Ming went to ask him, "Duan Shou, what Gold Immortal under Nr. 6 is easiest to bully?"

    Duan Shou thought a moment, brows knitted in concentration.

    Kid, didn't you say you're among the best Gold Immortal out there? What's with the frown?

    You're telling me Nr. 6's Gold Immortals around here are a pain?

    Duan Shou thought some more as if trying to make a clear distinction. After fifteen minutes, he said, "Sire Faceless, I think they all are. But it's such a tough choice."

    Chen Ming: ...

    Is this how the strong think?

    When the eagle watched ants, it didn't consider which was big or small, since they were all tiny...

    Chen Ming continued, "Then chose one who is vile and evil. I am a good man, an altruist, and can't go kill people willy-nilly."

    Duan Shou zoned out again. Scratching his head as he was clearly using all his faculties to come up with a perfect candidate.

    No way! Are they all saints? Although our dear Immortal Master Chen flaunted himself as a bad man, he still had a sliver of conscience.

    Chen Ming cut his focus short, "Doesn't matter. Heavenly Court is our enemy and this is the path they chose. When we get to fighting all of this matter little."

    Duan Shou said, "Regarding who is evil, they all are. It's such a hard decision. Take the Radiant Constellation's Daoist Radiant for example. He is more than 3,000 years old and still sends his men to kidnap women, wanting to enjoy a virgin each day. He's been doing this for a hundred years now!"

    Chen Ming's heart trembled, No wonder this Immortal Master is still single! This rotten bastard went and stole all the women! This has gone too far!

    Duan Shou continued, "There's also Prosperous Constellation's Daoist Thriving, who likes virgin males. He raises them then..."

    Chen Ming dismissed him, "Enough. We'll go get the drop on Radiant Daoist and do Heaven's work!"

    Duan Shou looked dubiously at him, "Sire Faceless, you can't use others in a fight between Faceless."

    "What are you taking my words for? Am I that kind of man? Do I look the part?"


    "Then it's fine. At worse, we'll just have to leave our name after killing him. This way we won't break any rule. Great, let's be off!"

    "If we are to assassinate, Lu Qingxuan is better at it. He's an assassin after all! "

    Chen Ming looked him in the eye, "Assassination? Stealth? Are you making it hard for Lu Qingxuan on purpose?"

    Duan Shou nodded, convinced, "Then let's go."

    Chen Ming went off in a black mist and landed on his shoulder, "Sire Faceless, I am more than enough. There's no need for you to risk such dangers."

    Chen Ming shook his head, "How can I? This abomination will be personally dealt with by me, or I won't be free of this hatred!"

    The two toiled hard for a month before reaching Radiant Constellation. Duan Shou dressed up as a righteous cultivator with his Daoist robe and began to act the part.

    Since it was a hit, Duan Shou had to be cautious. Arriving at Radiant Constellation River Office, Chen Ming was perched on his shoulder as Duan Shou entered a tavern to tune in on the latest gossip.

    Chen Ming thought a Gold Immortal's location was hard to get his hands on, but he overestimated the man as he got it in no time at all.

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  • Chapter 479: What Did I just Say?

    "I heard a beauty appeared on Refreshing Star, who goes by the name Shui Ling!"(1)

    "What's the point anyway. You know how it is, General Radiant must be there by now."

    "He's quite lively despite his age!"

    Three days later.

    In the middle of a path to immortality, a man was roasting a chicken wing, nice, juicy and golden. Chen Ming found Duan Shou returned and asked, "Shouldn't this guy be here yesterday?"

    "I made inquiries and Daoist Radiant chanced upon a married lady so he drank milk all night."

    "More like to die another day."

    "They should be here any minute now."

    "How many?"

    "Only him since his men won't take kindly to watching him having his fill of milk."

    "He's lone you say?"

    Getting confirmation from Duan Shou, Chen Ming frown in thought.

    Duan Shou though he was having second doubts, "It is indeed just him, and not an ambush either. Sire Faceless can rest easy."

    "It's not that. I was thinking if our hit is so easy, needing not even a bit of planning and even opens himself for a sneak attack, tell me, how the hell did Lu Qingxuan end up slaughtering to cover his tracks each time he takes a job?"

    "This might be a problem, a difficult one."

    Daoist Radiant hummed a tune as he flew on the path to immortality. These days in Heavenly Court had been quite comfortable. Though his thirst for milk was now abated, It doesn't fill one's belly!

    But then he sniffed a faint smell, "This is the scent of a roasted chicken wing. Ha-ha-ha, I can have my fill!"

    Just how hard was it for a man like him to eat a chicken wing?

    The red-faced Daoist Radiant landed next to Chen Ming and Duan Shou, and cupped his hands, "Is it possible for this Daoist to try you cooking?"

    Chen Ming didn't care and thew him a wing. He was a man fond of sharing, eating alone wasn't in the vocabulary for him. He would always give another a taste of what he ate, to incite the newcomer's appetite, and then gorge himself before the newcomer.

    Daoist Radiant and ate it as he heard them talk, "Why is this guy so late?"

    "He should be fast since he has deep cultivation."

    "So how do we go about killing him?"

    Doist Radiant's heart skipped at that, Who do they want to kill?

    "As he is so vile, of course we need to cut him below first and remove the instrument of evil. Then cut off his tongue!"

    Daoist Radiant felt his tenders go cold, not paying attention when he bit through the chicken bone. He kept chewing on instinct.

    Chen Ming shook his head, "That's going easy on him. I think strapping him tight and cutting at his instrument of evil one piece at a time is better."

    Duan Shou found it reasonable and nodded in earnest, "If Sire wants this result, I have a way. We first cut it off, then give him a pill to regrow. A year of this should do."

    Chen Ming chuckled, "You're not bad, you have a good head on your shoulders!"

    Chen Ming turned to Daoist Radiant, "Fellow Daoist, what do you think?"

    He thought the two came out for revenge, "Not enough. First, feed him with aphrodisiac then have a bunch of women tempt him. When he's at the breaking point, drop the blade. But don't take all of it, let him rise again and the outcome will be exquisite!

    "Then, just like brother said, give him a pill to regrow it. This is slow and deep frying!"

    The two nodded, "Makes sense, but what's taking that Daoist Radiant so long? How is a Gold Immortal so slow?"

    Duan Shou replied, "Any second now."

    The chicken fell from Daoist Radiant's mouth, What the hell did I just say?

    Come on! You telling me these two are debating on how to saute me?

    I even went along with it and helped them out of the goodness of my heart...

    Chen Ming said, "What does he look like anyway? Did you get a picture? Let me see."

    Duan Shou replied, "I couldn't steal it."

    Daoist Radiant sucked a deep breath, These guys are in so eager talking about doing me in. They have to have the skill for that or how would they come after me?

    Thank god they never saw me.

    Duan Shou continued, "Don't you worry Sire, I remember his description. He has a small goatee, en, just like that guy who asked for a chicken wing. One eye larger than the other, right, just like the fellow Daoist who came up with a better proposal."

    "This guy's forehead is large and even has a mole on it."

    Chen Ming and Duan Shou were just talking when they saw Daoist Radiant trying to ease his way out of here.

    Chen Ming shouted, "Fellow Daoist, turn around, let us take a closer look at your face."

    Daoist Radiant didn't even dream of it and only waved, "No need, we are mere strangers meeting by chance. We, cultivators, mustn't be tempted by worldly affairs. This humble Daoist shall take his leave!"

    Chen Ming snapped back, "You're Daoist Radiant?"

    "No, nope, you got the wrong man. He has many guards around him while I'm all alone in the world!"

    Chen Ming laughed, "Talk about luck. We didn't even need to look and he comes right to us. This is a first even for me."

    Of course, our Daoist Radiant knew he'd been found and chose to take the sensible choice, to bolt.

    Chen Ming said faintly, "Get him, you know, half-dead and half-alive, that sort of thing. "

    "I'll be right back, Sire."

    Duan Shou chased, with Chen Ming too lazy to follow. Wasn't this easy pickings, having Duan Shou kill a Heavenly Court's Gold Immortal?

    Chen Ming spit-roasted some more chicken wings, "In other words, I've been down on my luck for all this time just to have all the good luck wasted on this?"

    "Sigh, looks like I have to wait for the Ten Chains before I can change my fate."

    (1)    Lit. fresh

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  • Chapter 480: Got No Time to Fuss with You

    Chen Ming soon saw Duan Shou coming back with Daoist Radiant and notice his lower half bled like crazy, Yep, half-alive indeed.

    A weak voice came from Daoist Radiant, "Why do strangers like us need to cross swords?"

    Chen Ming replied, "I'm a righteous and honest to god youngster that goes out subduing monsters and vanquishing evil. How can I not kill you?"

    Chen Ming was in no mood to waste words on the dead, especially when bad guys usually die at this time. He pulled his saber and stabbed through Daoist Radiant's forehead and started stirring.

    He wiped the blood on the body and muttered, "Since he's dead, we need to leave evidence, one that proved Nr. 6 was out of the loop. This way it won't break Crownless Assembly's rule."

    After all, if killing him would end up with Heavenly Court's generals going after Nr. 6, it would be the same as violating Faceless' rule.

    Chen Ming pondered then wrote with the blade on the ground.

    With that done, he and Duan Shou swaggered off.

    Chen Ming also got the notice, "Ding! Advancement mission complete, cultivation released."

    The pair returned to Yan Mountain after an eternity and a half, not in the least bit interested in the aftermath. Just as he got back, the decennial Inevitable meeting required his attendance.

    He sat on his throne in the main hall and wore the mask.

    As Faceless appeared, they were all there except for Nr. 6. They watched him with a long look. Chen Ming and Nr. 6's squabble went on for two decades.

    Nr. 6's delay had to have something to do with Nr. 5.

    And by the looks of it, it was a heavy blow too.

    Even Inevitable showed up, but Nr. 6 was still missing. Inevitable, with his mask of rage, turned his abyss-like eyes to Chen Ming.

    Chen Ming wanted to say, Don't look at me, when Nr. 6's seat was occupied at that moment.

    He slapped the table in rage and anxiety, "Nr. 5, I accept your declaration of war!"

    In Chen Ming's mind, What did I do? When did I write it?

    The others made their own guesses. Nr. 5 had to have hit the other so hard, it caused him this delay to the point he barely made it.

    Inevitable ignored his outburst. He saw his fair share of wars and hostility among them.

    Chen Ming said, "When did I declare war?"

    Nr. 6 glowered, "It's what you did with Daoist Radiant!"

    Chen Ming now got it, "Oh, oh, now that you mention it, didn't I leave a message?"

    Nr. 6's rage was mounting, "You call that a message?"

    "Exactly. I left a message stating you were totally innocent!"

    "So you wrote: it wasn't the Faceless in the neighboring constellation that did it?"

    Chen Ming thought for a bit, "Yeah, I wrote it since you had nothing to do with it!"

    Nr. 1 smiled, "Reverse psychology..."

    Nr. 3 added, "No, no, no, this just goes to show how honest Nr. 5 is..."

    Even Inevitable smiled, "En, it doesn't count as using Heavenly Court to do it."

    He killed Daoist Radiant and even left a message: It wasn't the Faceless in the neighboring constellation that did it.

    Could he be any more clearer?

    With these two matters combined, the first suspect that popped in anyone's mind was Nr. 6. Heavenly Court considered it a challenge to their power.

    Killing and leaving such an obvious and arrogant message was the same as saying Nr. 6 did it without a doubt then challenged with: Uh, I did it, so what are you gonna do about it?

    Nr. 6 was raging, "Just you wait. The next Inevitable meeting you won't be there to see it."

    "Ding! You triggered an S- storyline mission: Overt Showdown. Please kill Nr. 6 and obtain his mask. Reward: 1 billion spiritual knowledge, 0.1 million fame, and unknown."

    Chen Ming was peaked on the spot. He left that line but, Didn't see that one coming.

    It's just a scuffle. Plus I need to go over at the barbarians' place and I won't be back anytime soon. Killing Nr. 6 to spread my might should fit right in my schedule.

    Nr. 6 and I are too close, neighbors actually. One that always schemes to kill me.

    The tumor had to be removed.

    The meeting had nothing substantial to offer and soon came the time for trading, but Chen Ming declined to participate. He was mulling over how to get rid of his neighbor.

    Hmm, it's a bit hard.

    Each Faceless had the power to hang a general of the four Domains at a whim. The hardest part was finding them.

    Chen Ming could inspect their status, even if they were Faceless, but as this was war, Nr. 6 wasn't as easy to handle as Daoist Radiant. He wouldn't bump into him on the street, that's for sure. Plus he wore a mask all this time and had no clue as how he looked.

    Chen Ming was thinking and so was his neighbor.

    Nr. 9 said his the same line as always, "I only want to kill all of you."

    With Inevitable's meeting drawing to a close, Chen Ming opened his eyes and sighed, "Such troubled times. I only had the best intentions, so he won't die of old age. Who'd have thought he'd take it the wrong way. Now I need to figure out how to deal with him."

    Crossing swords wasn't hard, but finding Nr. 6 was, as well as how to slaughter him.

    His first order of business was to get a feel of his true strength. War had begun.

    It was an S- mission. It wasn't S, however it exceeded the A rank. The rating alone spoke of its difficulty. Nr. 6 was going to be a headache.

    "Increase my cultivation to Emergence stage."

    "Ding! 3 billion spiritual knowledge required, continue?"

    "I have no time to fuss with a hussy. Do it!"

    Chen Ming's body began to change as the scriptures in his Dao Furnace floated and radiated with light, touching the furnace.

    The Dao Furnace expanded and began to connect with the meridians around it.

    Chen Ming felt his power growing, his spiritual power rising. It had been a long time since he last looked over his status and it was time to see just how much did this step improved him.

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  • Chapter 481: Annoying Status

    'Name: Chen Ming.

    Fame: 3.08 million.


    Sects Ruler (Due to your endless struggle, you finally shed your high-level cannon fodder fate, becoming a glorious random NPC!)

    Constellation Lord (Eh, you're getting pretty strong, huh? Meh, nothing more than a measly soldier ant.)

    Realm: Transcending realm, Detached stage. (There is no longer any relation between your strength and your realm)

    Constitution: Limitless Dao Body fledgling stage (3,000 Dao Chains, mid-stage)

    Cultivation Methods: Void Canon, Chakra stage. Sun Sutra, Chakra stage. Moon's Sacred Sutra, Chakra stage. Longevity Tenet, Chakra stage. Fire Crow Art, complete. Dragon Form Art, complete. Nines Mysteries Art, complete. Dao Canon, complete. Golden Annihilation Star, complete. Ten Values Dao, complete. Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art, complete. Jade Water Core Sutra, stage complete. Nirvana Astral Wind, complete. Heavenly Flaming Star, complete. Illustrious Casket, stage 2/9 ... (for the other 9563 complete cultivation methods, press more).

    Magical Arts: Hegemonic Immortal Sword, entry-level. Conquering Immortals Art, 3rd stage, Heavenly Imperial Dao Cannon, Eight Dragon-ascending Steps, Ten Thousand Swords Become One, Allheaven Stellar Array, Obscure Gates Swordplay Array... (as for the rest 13,000 crappy gimmicks, I figure you don't want to see...)

    Dao Chain: 0.

    Legacy disciples: Zhuo Qingyao, Ling Xian, Li Suyi, Chen Lingyu, Wan Baqian.

    Disciples: Zhang Ming, Li Yang, Chen Kuang... (for the other 3408 names, press more).

    Merits: 2.8 million.

    Spiritual knowledge: 7.8 billion.

    Professions: Alchemist Grandmaster, immortal-ranked Diviner, immortal-ranked Array Master, immortal Tool Refiner.

    Auras: Killing Intent Aura, King Slayer Aura lvl. 3, Control Aura lvl. 2, Altruist Aura, Enlighten Aura, Sky Bearer Aura, Warmonger Aura, Decree of Untold Daos Aura.

    Danger value: 80,000 (attributes influence undetermined)(includes the hardship cultivation from Sky Bearer Aura)

    Danger rating: god (your uncanny power is akin to gods)

    Fate: the time has begun to blur as the gears of fate are slowly spinning. You have become the first under heaven on this continent, but more disasters lay further in the starry sky. As one in the possession of the King Slayer Aura lvl2, the growing ambition bolsters your power, the same for the master in the shadows. You shall die from the uncrowned one.'

    With such a high danger value, he could handle a hundred thousand danger value enemy. He had Decree of Untold Daos Aura after all; besides geniuses of course.

    His new rise was all thanks to Nine Year Cicada. It was a weapon than surpassed time and its uncanny speed was most welcome.

    Chen Ming spoke inside, "Increase my cultivation to Chakra stage."

    "Ding! You triggered the advancement mission, please kill a flourishing Gold Immortal, on your own this time."

    Yep, saw that a mile away.

    Then again, Heavenly Court's Gold Immortals are a bargain, as cheap as it gets!

    Chen Ming would have to figure out how hard this mission was before he'd get to Chakra stage.

    But his power reached an exquisitely marvelous level. Though it won't hurt a bit of planning and avoid senseless suffering.

    Chen Ming looked for Duan Shou, "I am at war with Nr. 6, what information can you give me on him?"

    "There's nothing much that I found, but one thing I do know. He is beyond a shadow of a doubt not a Gold Immortal. He must be a Celestial Immortal, with a high chance of being a reincarnated immortal too."

    "That troublesome? A reincarnated immortal isn't that easy to kill."

    Chen Ming thought a moment then put on the Faceless mask, "I have blades for you to wield. Come forth."

    In his hall, Lu Qingxuan, Yang Hun, Duan Shou, and Bu Liuhen appeared one after the other.

    "Nr. 6 and I are at war."

    Yang Hun said, "Sire Faceless, we should take our time to draw out a plan to make him come out of hiding."

    Lu Qingxuan agreed, "As long as he is out in the open, I am enough! None survives my Heaven-drawn Halberd!"

    Bu Liuhen added, "Right, if he's out, my Celestial Immortal men can surround him and kill him. Even a Gold Immortal is just one man. I will wear him out and bring his end!"

    Duan Shou said, "If he does come out, you guys can stand back. I am enough! Once my blade leaves the sheath, it will take his life!"

    Chen Ming watched the dimwits roaring who got to kill Nr. 6 first and frowned, "Have you come up with a plan to bait him then?"

    Yang Hun looked everywhere but at him.

    Bu Liuhen turned to the sky.

    Lu Qingxuan was pensive.

    Duan Shou posed with dignity.

    You have no clue whatsoever, do you?

    What's with the fiery speech then?

    How could I, the great Immortal Master Chen, have set my sights on these four boneheaded buffoons?

    Was I duped by their appearance?

    Even among buffoons, they take the cake, even if it's a black one.

    Yang Hun asked, "Does Sire Faceless has a plan?"

    Bu Liuhen praised, "Sire Faceless is a godly tactician, privy to all affairs!"

    Lu Qingxuan added, "Right, we will follow your orders. Regardless of what or how, I will go through hell or high water for you and slaughter all opposition!"

    Chen Ming mulled,  How do I get Nr. 6 in the open? That's the problem, isn't it. A Faceless is sneaky and hidden. If he wasn't so vigilant, Chen Ming could've made secret inquiries about him and found a good bait to hook him then kill him.

    But now it's war. And in war, Nr. 6 will use his brains!

    If he had Duan Shou scouring for his trail, it would take a very long time to find anything. Besides him, Chen Ming had great control over his other Blades, and sending them to fight each other wouldn't work.

    It's like a tiger nibbling on a turtle!

    Two hours passed...

    Four hours...


    Chen Ming racked his brain but still came out empty, No way! I know nothing about the guy, so what do I base it on?

    No wonder every Faceless was a headache. Just finding him was a huge problem.

    Duan Shou interrupted, "I have an idea."

    "Let's hear it!"

    "Fight it out!"

    Bu Liuhen: ...

    Yang Hun: ...

    Lu Qingxuan: ...

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    Chapter 482: Stupendous Idea!

    Chen Ming smiled, "Great, Duan Shou, we'll just fight it out!"

    Why bother racking my head? With Duan Shou almost second to none in the Gold Immortal realm, it'll just be a matter of time before the fighting ends!

    Duan Shou stood, even he thought it was a stupendous idea.

    Yang Hun added, "Sire, won't be dangerous?"

    Chen Ming laughed, "A confrontation between Faceless is all about provoking the other. This is just the beginning."

    Yang Hun asked, "What about us?"

    "You and Lu Qingxuan are already stationed in a Star River each. Make sure to block all outside entry."

    Yang Hun and Lu Qingxuan bowed, "We comply!"

    Chen Ming asked Bu Liuhen, "Didn't you say you never scouted Nr. 6's area?"

    Bu Liuhen smiled, "Please be at ease, Sire. Even if I couldn't scout everything, any sudden and obvious actions will be picked up in an instant."

    "Bu Liuhen, wait for me and Duan Shou at the entrance to Atlas Constellation, Nr. 6's domain."

    Bu Liuhen bowed, "Understood!"

    Chen Ming opened his eyes and found himself looking at the sky, "Eh, our constellation has a new Gold Immortal, interesting."

    Duan Shou asked, "Sire, does that mean Nr. 6 deployed a Gold Immortal?"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Yes. One that can walk through the void, and is using it to get across. We need to end him. Wait, let's not be hasty. Since he's Nr. 6's Gold Immortal, we shall observe first."

    Chen Ming closed his eyes then flashed them open, his shadow gathering next to Bu Liuhen. I say, this Faceless mask is quite handy, letting me drop whenever and wherever in my constellation.

    Bu Liuhen was making adjustments to his strategy, issuing orders for scouting when Chen Ming appeared. He was stunned for a bit and jumped to his feet, "Subordinate greets Sire Faceless."

    Bu Liuhen's scouts lowered their heads, not daring to look Chen Ming in the eye.

    Chen Ming waved the others away, "A new Gold Immortal arrived in our constellation, Nr. 6's. He is on Scarlet Dragon Star River Office. Observe him but don't let him discover you or disturb him. Monitor him and report to me any strange behavior."


    Chen Ming's shadow slipped through the cracks and reappeared before Duan Shou, "Let's go see what Nr. 6 prepared."

    The two arrived at the entrance to the path to immortality towards Atlas Constellation several days later. Chen Ming was perched on Duan Shou's shoulder and looked at Bu Liuhen. He looked around then took Duan Shou to a courtyard in the city. Lu Qingxuan left a heavy guard here, always on patrol.

    Bu Liuhen asked Duan Shou, "Sire Faceless?"

    Chen Ming cleared his throat, "I'm here."

    Bu Liuhen was in shock, So Sire Faceless' body is that of a crow!

    Chen Ming asked, "Is everything ready?"

    Bu Liuhen chuckled, "Yes!"

    "Did you followed that Gold Immortal?"

    "He didn't do anything untowardly and instead was hiding his every move. If I wasn't pretending to be the innkeeper, I would have missed him. I sent three Celestial Immortals to act as robbers and kill him without a fuss. But he acted too carefully for them to grab a chance, as if he was preparing something."

    Chen Ming smiled, "Keep your eyes on him. Since Nr. 6 sent him, he must have important orders. After the war starts, perhaps Nr. 6 will meet with him. Let him find out only what we want and not a thing more."

    Bu Liuhen said, "Worry not, Sire, now that I found him, he won't escape my eyes."

    Chen Ming nodded, "Let's go, I want to see Nr. 6's power for myself."

    Bu Liuhen said, "Follow me, there's a secret path that hides our tracks."

    They left the city in silence and stopped on a remote star. Duan Shou tore the sky with a slash of his blade and took out an immortal beast to ride along Bu Liuhen and Chen Ming through it.

    The void was constantly plagued by devastating space storms, but Duan Shou used saber intent to defend. Bu Liuhen relied on Eight Dragon-ascending Steps to evade the storms.

    Gold Immortal had the power to cross the void, while Bu Liuhen relied on a magical art's might.

    Chen Ming, on the other hand, enjoyed the ride.

    They arrived at a faraway star in the Atlas Constellation and Bu Liuhen took out two cultivator robes and black bamboo hats. This was so no one would find them at first glance.

    Chen Ming peeked at the sky from beneath the hat, "Seven Gold Immortals? I say, Nr. 6 ain't half bad. Let's go get our first kill."

    Chen Ming relied on Duan Shou's power. He took the time to peek at him, My, what a good fellow. He has a 0.3 million danger value. Just how many gulches are between us?

    Once in the Immortal realm, one's danger value didn't grow fast, it was all about auras. In simple terms, in the Immortal realm, perception mattered the most.

    Here was when a hardy Dao Heart type of aura showed its value. Such an aura led to getting achievements who, in turn, provided auras.

    Chubby was a living proof his missions weren't limited to himself. If the conditions were met, anyone could do them.

    Chen Ming worked his Heavenly Imperial Dao Cannon and identified the Gold Immortal's location. Since Nr. 6 wanted a war, he'd give him one, along with a thrilling gift.

    Duan Shou said, "Didn't Nr. 6 only had five tigers? Does that mean he hid three Gold Immortals?"

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