Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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  • Chapter 463: He Doesn't Seem To Be From The Mortal World

    Chen Ming fell from another hit, blood spilling from his mouth. This blow rattled his organs.

    He rolled on the ground and crawled his way back up. He couldn't return one hit. This guy is more than impressive!

    The entire Galaxy watching the Sacred Mountain was rattled from shock. The almost invincible Chen Ming, he who crushed geniuses, he who made fear rise in their hearts, was now played around by a mortal!

    The wind was changing.

    "It's true what they say, there's a man above a man like there's a sky above a sky!"

    "Where does he come from?"

    "He doesn't seem to be from the mortal world."

    "Did this world have such an extraordinary person?"

    Chen Ming stood up again, eyes on Zi Yu and also learning another move. I just can't get used to reading books mid-fight, more so when fighting against me, Immortal Master Chen. But you won't ever hear me say that.

    Chen Ming ignored the blood since it'd flow again soon anyway, and continued to fight. He couldn't repeat a move, or the pages wouldn't turn. Nor could he attack the same place, or he couldn't read a new attack.

    Chen Ming used Conquering Immortals Art's Flay Immortals form, while Zi Yu faced him with a book in one hand and a fist, "True Martial Dipper Fist, Blowing Feathers!"

    It struck him squarely in the chest, making him hit the ground a zhang away.

    Chen Ming felt one of his pork chops, uh, ribs breaking.

    He scrambled to his feet, pain spearing through him where his rib broke. He coughed blood and resumed attacking, "Again!"

    And again he flew.

    His stomach was making flip-flops, along with the pain that it accompanied it.

    Zi Yu said, "You can't beat me so you will be beaten to death. Just give up."

    Chen Ming laughed, "Did you know? The cultivation world has a saying, before death, defeat is never certain. I am a cultivator, and I firmly believe in it."

    Zhuo Qingyao saw him tacking hit after hit and wanted to help. Even if she'd become a mortal, she could take some of his burdens.

    Wu Fu noticed and walked before the Sky-crossing Bridge. Zhuo Qingyao raved, "Back off!"

    "Beat me and I will." He smiled.

    "You will die."

    Wu Fu didn't care at all, "Didn't your Master said, before death, defeat is never certain? I think he's right."

    Chen Ming rose on shaky legs, dripping blood.

    He was done talking, if not for anything else, but because his chest felt like splitting.

    He went on the offensive again. Chen Ming couldn't beat Zi Yu, true, but he knew of his strength, he knew he was beginning to get used to mortals' battle.

    This time he used the Flay Immortals followed by the rising tide and finally the Sea Gazing.

    Yet his enemy only used two punches to break his form. Chen Ming got intimate with the ground again.

    Blood was everywhere on his body, while Zi Yu, by contrast, spotless.

    He stood tall and upright like a judge.

    Zi Yu watched him with a deep look, "Seems I have no choice but to beat you to death!"

    He walked, no rush at all, and each time he attacked he sent Chen Ming sprawling.

    Chen Ming's eyes flitted over the book at any moment of his opponent's inattentiveness.

    He never stopped attacking Zi Yu, who said, "This fight is pointless. Perhaps I should end it sooner."


    With a battered and swollen face, with blood flowing from his many wounds, Chen Ming rose once again, and with it, the book turned to a new page.

    Chen Ming felt how weak he was, but, I can't die yet. He could hear the cheer of the Domains and Crownless Assembly's people, crying out for his death.

    He didn't like them one bit.

    He could see Li Suyi, Ling Xian and Chen Lingyu rushing to get to him. Or perhaps, Ling Xian couldn't hold the entrance's immortals and was fleeing.

    Ahead, Zhuo Qingyao's eyes were full of tears.

    He didn't like this either. Zhuo Qingyao looked better smiling. He began to think of those cherishing memories when she made him noodles. It's been so long since I tasted some.

    Ah, is this the end credits?

    No, no, no, this is not the time to go down memory lane. That's only for when one's about to die, and I am not there yet.

    Chen Ming stood up, with his left eye so swollen he couldn't open, while the other had blood flowing in, dying Zi Yu in shades of red.

    Chen Ming rushed Zi Yu as he looked at the last page, "True Martial Dipper Fist's final move, Mountain Shaking Hand!"

    Zi Yu started sending blows to Chen Ming. Their might was visible even if it came from a mortal.

    Zi Yu's body exploded with power!

    Heavenly Dao Sanctuary's old Daoist watched with sharp eyes, "It is done. The Dao won't perish. Heavenly Dao is eternal."

    He was about to stop looking but stopped.

    Jade Lake's Empress reclined on a pink bed, her body twisting with allure, "The offender is dead."

    Moon Laurel's Empress sat bellow Moon Laurel, with moonlight hiding her body, "It is done."

    In the Heavenly Court's official gathering, the Emperor showed no shock, "Good death, quick death."

    In the Void, the Abyss Flower bloomed, yet no word came out. As if he didn't want to, or perhaps keeping in line with his mysterious air.

    On an overgrown and wild star, the woman who invited Chen Ming in the Crownless Assembly pushed open the door of her wooden carriage. Inside sat an old man with a black and white mask. A chessboard lied on his knees, pieces scattered. These two dragons were having a bitter fight right now.  

    The old man looked at the Sacred Mountain and chuckled, "How can you not lose in a game of chess?"

    His left placed a black piece, while his right a white piece.

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  • Chapter 464: I Can Give Auras Too?

    The old man didn't care about the outcome. For someone who held half the world like him, it held no interest. Plus, he was old.

    Or perhaps, he knew the result in his heart.

    The woman asked, "Almighty Crownless, sir, who among those children will win?"

    He laughed, "He won."

    Zi Yu unleashed his final move, yet it didn't land on Chen Ming's body, but his left arm.

    Chen Ming sent his own left fist to resist it.

    Not only his arm broke but so did his fingers.

    Blood kept dripping out of it as the bloody-faced Chen Ming watched Zi Yu, "You should be familiar with this move!"

    Chen Ming's right hand shook and vast power flowed through it as he unleashed the Mountain Shaking Hand!  

    Zi Yu watched Chen Ming in a daze.

    Chen Ming's strike was like lighting and of incredible ferocity!

    With his left hand as the price, he could now fight back.

    Zi Yu flew two zhangs, smacking the ground and bleeding.

    Because of his injuries, the unsullied ground was dispelled. Spiritual power rushed to Chen Ming's body and used the Illustrious Casket to patch himself up.

    Chen Ming watched Zi Yu fighting hard to get up, "A true battle is decided in one blow. This time I won.

    "Like I said, before death, defeat isn't certain."

    Chen Ming walked to him with the intent to put an end to his life. He was strong before cultivating and if he started he'd be even more of a danger.

    Heavenly Dao Sanctuary's old Daoist shifted his legs in the way of the World Leap Art and entered Sky-crossing Bridge with a step, and another to stand before the Sky-crossing Bridge. This short trip exhausted all his spiritual power.

    "Yan Mountain Mountain Lord, let's make a deal."

    Chen Ming turned to him. Zi Yu also heard him and was stunned, "Master..."

    Chen Ming laughed, "Oh, what deal? Do tell."

    "If you let my disciple live, I'll make sure no one will interfere with your tribulation."

    "Although I'm not quite trusting, I feel you have the skill."

    "I can make this world give this respect."

    "How do I know their respect is this high?"

    "I did not come here in person, as such, there are few who know me. My humble Daoist name is enough.

    "I am True Martial."

    He pointed at Wu Fu, "In his previous life, this humble Daoist beat him into entering reincarnation."

    The old coot still lives? Is this the previous Immortal King generation's remnant?

    How is this geezer still alive?

    All this mattered little now. His status was just too high that even the four Domains would acquiesce his request.

    "Not enough."

    "I won't speak a word of anything related to Yan Mountain."

    Chen Ming nodded, "Good. This offer makes it hard for me to refuse."

    The old man's meaning was crystal clear. If he let his disciple off, they'd all be at peace and harmony. If the Domains caught wind of the true Yan Mountain, it'd be like a fish in a net. Uh, I can't break the net and Yan Mountain's fishies will die.

    Chen Ming waved a Dao Sense realm recovery pill to Zi Yu, "Deal!"

    The old Daoist helped Zi Yu up. Chen Ming threw him a look, and said, "Making this deal, you must have some integrity, right?"

    The old man threw back a discontent look, "This old man won't throw his reputations of tens of thousands of years on this bet. My illustrious name will crumble if I go back on my word."

    Zhuo Qingyao and Wu Fu stopped. The latter couldn't recall who the old man was, but his words didn't sit well with him. Hey, who are you to say you beat me into reincarnating?

    But one look was enough to know he couldn't gauge him. Maybe he really was beaten to death in his previous life. Whatever, I won't bother with it.

    Once this lord reaches Immortal King realm, the two lives will unite and then I'll go settle the score!

    Chen Ming saw the man's title, but not his auras. He was just too strong. It was Heavenly Emperor True Martial.

    It wasn't easy to gain the Heavenly Emperor title. Even the four Domains' leaders were only simple Emperors, not daring to call themselves Heavenly Emperors.

    If Chen Ming got it right, only the Almighty Crownless could fight him.

    With his disciples guarding the Sky-crossing Bridge, he should have no problem passing the tribulation now.

    By coincidence, his eyes also landed on Zi Yu, spotting an extra aura.

    'Powerful Rival Aura

    Description: at the Wordless Upheaval, he is the only one who could match the mortal Limitless Dao Body Chen Ming, shocking the world.

    Effect: strong and tenacious battle intent.'

    Uh, did I just reach a stage where I can dish out auras?

    I am so strong I didn't even realize it?

    I'm a bit excited!

    So all who fight me get an aura!

    Then what aura would one get if someone kills me? Uh, better not think about it.

    News traveled fast. With the appearance of Heavenly Emperor True Martial protecting Chen Ming, he could now pass the tribulation undisturbed. Chen Lingyu and Li Suyi stopped, and Yan Shengxiao and Void's Crown Prince ceased their chase. They rushed to Sky-crossing Bridge, not to interfere, but to observe.

    Ling Xian stopped blocking the entrance and the slaughter ended.

    Just when Moon Palace's Crown Prince recovered and wanted a rematch, he said with resolve, "Next time, the outcome will be different."

    Chen Ming ignored anything else and began moving to the three thousand steps beyond the Sky-crossing Bridge.

    He passed the hundred li long bridge quickly and arrived before his Heavenly Tribulation. With Heavenly Emperor True Martial standing watch, he chose to recover first.

    Chen Ming sat and watched Zhuo Qingyao who was by his side, "Go and make your Master some noodles."

    Zhuo Qingyao was worried he'd rebuke her for leaving the mountain and meekly left.

    Since I am about to start the final Heavenly Tribulation, I need to go up with a full stomach.

    Chen Ming worked on recovering. His 3,000 Dao Palaces spun and immense amounts of spiritual energy rushed over to transform in spiritual power within each of them.

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  • Chapter 465: 3,000 Dao Injuries

    Geniuses gathered around the head of Sky-crossing Bridge, watching Zhuo Qingyao kneading dough and Chen Ming taking it easy. Yan Shengxiao's voice dripped with hatred, "Who'd have thought it would come to this."

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince said, "No one dares interfere with Chen Ming's tribulation now."

    Jin Xiangyu added, "Under Heavenly Emperor True Martial's safeguard, there's nothing we can do."

    Li Suyi and Ling Xian had different topics in mind. Ling Xian rubbed his chin, "Say, third junior brother, you think Master will pass his tribulation after eating head senior sister's noddles?"

    "I reckon Master plans to enter further danger to bolster his will to live!"

    "So that's how it is!"

    Li Suyi felt an unpleasant glare. Ling Xian followed Li Suyi's eye on the other side of the bridge. Ling Xian was always a dunce and cursed, "What ya lookin' at, huh? Bring it on!"

    Both sides were on the brink of erupting, but a light cough from a particular Daoist cooled their spirits.

    Chen Ming ate his meal, feeling satisfied. He didn't even leave the soup, then climbed the mountain.

    The top must have the Untold Daos I want!

    He went through all the heartaches and pain just for this little thing.

    Chen Ming stepped on the 3,000 stairs and a Dao Chain flew right through him.

    Chen Ming felt a great change inside. One of his Dao Seed broke!

    What is this damn Heavenly Tribulation planning?

    Does it want to crush my Dao Seeds?

    This climb would turn all his Dao Seeds to pieces!

    Chen Ming took another step and a new Dao Chain passed through him.

    In his body, another Dao Seed laid in pieces. A sudden pain jolted him. This was from an injured Dao!

    A Dao injury couldn't be treated. His eyes traveled to the cauldron at the top, where the Untold Daos rested.

    If I want to pass these stairs, all my Dao Seeds will be in ruin!

    Do I continue?

    Chen Ming thought it through, "I have enough merits, and once this is over, I'll also have plenty of spiritual knowledge. At worst, I'll start anew!"

    This Untold Daos came with a prefix aura, his very first!

    He might not get another chance.

    Chen Ming steeled his heart and pressed on, and with it, a Dao Chain crushed another Dao Seed.

    Chen Ming's lips trembled.

    A Dao injury just doesn't compare.

    Chen Ming felt his power waning as another Dao left him.

    I cannot control this.

    Chen Ming's every step ended with a Dao Chain wreaking havoc inside.

    He never thought this climb would be this long, each step mounting the number of injured Daos.

    When the night fell, Chen Yu was about to attack, but Li Suyi and Ling Xian stopped her, "Fourth junior sister, it's fine now. You just need to watch Master pass his tribulation."

    Li Suyi said, "Master looks like a true reincarnated immortal, an incredibly strong one!"

    "Just that Master has a bolder spirit than of a reincarnated immortal!"

    "I wonder if Master would look for us if we reincarnated."

    "Won't he transcend reincarnation at that point?"

    Chen Yu said, "Why is Master's tribulation fraught with Dao injuries?"

    Ling Xian replied, "Master is the only one who can climb these stairs. Only he can take 3,000 Dao injuries."

    The old Daoist chuckled, "He's just like me back in the day. I wonder if he can surmount the greatest threshold and go beyond reincarnation."

    Zi Yu asked, "He's a reincarnated immortal?"

    "Most likely, or he'd never be this eccentric. Only a reincarnated immortal has such an unreasonable power. But who was he in his previous life? Having this power now, in his past life he had to be a Heavenly Emperor. But none of them looked anything like him!

    "Even more so when he walks a path similar to that kid Leng Xue. In his past life he trained the ardent saber, and this time the ice saber. If yin and yang combine, will he become an Emperor?

    "That kid Leng Xue can't even beat Wu Fu, but if his ice saber reaches the Immortal King realm, he won't be any weaker than me. Not when yin and yang harmonize and fire with ice united.

    "As for that Zhuo Qingyao, if not a reincarnated immortal, for her first life to be so powerful, when she becomes Immortal King and reincarnates, her next life will have a high chance of surpassing reincarnation."

    Chen Ming looked ahead, Cultivating for all this time was for this moment. I, Chen Ming, won't admit defeat that easily.

    He took out an immortal metal and put it in his mouth, in fear of biting his tongue. When he'd lose Illustrious Casket's Dao Seed, he'd have no way of getting it back.

    Chen Ming bit on it and pushed through.

    A Dao Chain pierced him and another Dao Seed shattered.

    He didn't spat blood. This was a Dao injury, a wound of the soul.

    His mind spun as if pieces of him were ripped from his very core.

    Chen Ming kept at it for a day and reached the 700th step.

    Even at night Chen Ming bit on the metal and kept climbing. Each step felt endless to him; as if it took a lifetime.

    Did his soul got torn to shreds?

    He had no clue, nor did he check. The only thing he did know was to keep moving forward.

    Having spent much effort already, if he didn't take this last step, he felt like it was all for nothing.

    Chen Ming kept it up until the break of dawn!

    When this Dao Chain passed through him, it brought him to his knees. His body was free of wounds but his soul was torn with a blunt blade.

    Just like a saw cut through wood.

    Zhuo Qingyao's heart was in a vice. She was clear on the pain of a Dao injury. But he was now facing thousands of them!

    She watched those stone steps with conviction and soon took a step herself.

    The oddest thing happened. Zhuo Qingyao was fine. She recalled how her Master told her she didn't acknowledge spiritual cultivation scriptures and neither do them her.

    She was the peak of hardship cultivation, without a iota of spiritual cultivation in her. And these steps before her only affected spiritual cultivation.

    Zhuo Qingyao thought of something and rushed up the mountain. Perhaps she could help Master by taking out that item inside the cauldron!

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  • Chapter 466: Untold Daos

    Zhuo Qingyao skipped up the mountain, going through the steps as if they weren't there.

    She reached Chen Ming and when he nodded, she understood.

    She kept going towards the top.

    The old Daoist spat, "I've lived for so long, but this is the first time I witness such crass disrespect for the Dao, yet it only gets worse!"

    The two's plan was clear to all eyes. Chen Ming wanted to let Zhuo Qingyao fetch the Untold Daos for him!

    Your common cultivator, for his Dao Heart's sake, no matter what he faced he'd walk his path himself. Yet here was Chen Ming, who looked to be on the Dao Heartless side.

    To the point, he even mumbled, "Blast it! If I knew she was fine, I would've never even try climbing!"

    Zhuo Qingyao reached the bronze cauldron atop the mountain and pushed the lid, only to find it firmly shut.

    With a light shout, she used all her power yet all was for naught.

    She understood that only Chen Ming could do it.

    Zhuo Qingyao pouted, letting Chen Ming know her mind.

    She arrived next to him. She couldn't get the Untold Daos for him, but she could at least carry him.

    Zhuo Qingyao held his right arm for support, "Master, can you still walk?"


    In this manner, a day and night passed. With Zhuo Qingyao's assistance, Chen Ming climbed 1300 more stairs and was now 600 away from the bronze cauldron.

    Chen Ming was on his last leg, weak and dizzy. At some point in holding his arm, it slipped into a peculiar position; a fully round one, and soft, very soft.

    Climbing a few dozen more stairs, Chen Ming lost his last scrap of strength and collapsed on the stone steps.

    Zhuo Qingyao asked with concern, "Master, can you keep going?"

    Chen Ming nodded.

    She grabbed both his arms and carried him on her back. Chen Ming laughed, "I used to be the one to carry you when you were small. Now seems to be your Master's turn."

    This brought her years back when Master had her on his back, fighting his way through a kingdom's forces. Swords came from the front, piercing his chest and he didn't even have the time to pull them out. All the while she was safe on his back.

    "Master, it's fine. Isn't it just a climb?

    "We can go further!"

    Chen Ming laughed, "I can't have a lass like you despise me. Keep going, Master can take it!"

    After another few dozens, Chen Ming said, "Let me rest a bit."

    Zhuo Qingyao found his body wreaked with cold sweat and was losing heat, "Master, how about we go back?"

    Chen Ming shook his head, "We can't. If I do, won't those 2000+ stairs I climbed be for nothing? That's too much of a loss!"

    Ling Xian watched him as if in a daydream, "Master sure is precise in his planning!"

    Li Suyi said, "I knew it ever since I saw Master's expert price-cutting skills. "

    Despite what they say, their eyes never left Chen Ming's figure.

    This got Moon Palace's Crown Prince an idea, "Right, Moon Palace has some fine white cloth, top of the line. Does any of you want any?"

    Chen Yu glowered at him, "You're telling us to wear funeral clothes?"

    Yan Shengxiao smiled, "I also have first-rate hemp threads. Don't you worry, I'll sell it to you at a bargain! "

    Mourning clothes...

    Jin Xiangyu interjected, "Actually, Jade Lake has many white lotus flowers... "


    Leng Xue joined too, "In fact, I'm quite good with couplets."


    Xu San'er thought of something, "I remember a guy who kept shouting his coffins were high quality. Want me to place an order for you?"


    Wu Fu butted in, "Uh, people die, and since everyone shows their goodwill, I will also try, though I don't have anything special. This frock should do nicely as burial clothes. "

    Burial clothes...

    Ling Xian snapped, "You wanna fight?"

    A Heavenly Court's Earth Immortal added, "Uh, Ninth Crown Price just died, so you might as well accept them. Leave the arrangement to us! We'll do it together. Our candles are perfect!"

    Li Suyi drew his saber.

    The old Daoist cleared his throat.

    And the two armies cooled.

    It was now that Zhuo Qingyao took a final step and reached the peak. Chen Ming on her back no longer made any sounds. She took him to the bronze cauldron and put his hand on it.

    The lid inched forward and revealed the endless shining lights within.

    Zhuo Qingyao could sense Chen Ming was still living, just that his body was cold, "As long as you are alive!"

    She took Chen Ming off her back with great care, What do I do next?

    Zhuo Qingyao thought for a bit then placed him inside. The bronze cauldron closed before she even noticed.

    The people watched the cauldron as the sky shifted and revealed the deep stars it held. They saw a divine light fell on the cauldron.

    Chen Ming's body warmed up, his Dao injuries recovering, and his meridians healing, flowing with rich spiritual power. It was all thanks to the divine light.

    Light shined on the body!

    Zhuo Qingyao looked for the source of the light but it was just too far away, not able to discern its origin.

    Ling Xian laughed, "Master did it! Even Heavenly Dao approves of him. He has the right to wield Heavenly Dao's authority!"

    The rest of the people there seethed with frustration, Yeah, Chen Ming succeeded. He passed the Wordless Upheaval. Now even the Heavenly Dao acknowledged him and has the right to wield its power.

    The fragments of the 3,000 Dao Palaces flew together into a blue Dao Furnace, and a scripture formed inside page by page. The sound traveled outward as golden by golden page appeared in the shape of a 3,000 pages thick scripture.

    The furnace gave birth to scriptures!

    Chen Ming pushed the lid away, and let out a deep breath. It scattered the clouds as if a gale swept them!

    One's energy piercing the sky!

    One by one, Dao Seeds reformed in his body, floating withing the Dao Furnace.

    It was as if they came from his flesh, they weren't the result of cultivating but formed naturally.

    The birth of Untold Daos!

    His head peeked out of the cauldron, standing there with his eyes closed. His body was changing, growing stronger and stronger!

    "Ding! You completed the mission. Despite the twists and turns, it was impressive nonetheless. Reward: 8 billion spiritual knowledge, 0.8 million fame, and Decree of Untold Daos Aura."

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  • Chapter 467: Reward: King

    Chen Ming's realm was changing, transcending at last.

    Along with the changes of his body, his Dao Palaces became a Dao Furnace, holding great amounts of spiritual power. In this place, the 3,000 scriptures were born.

    Sacred Mountain began to fade, not collapsing, but disappearing.

    It began from the edge, sending cultivators in those areas from whence they came.

    Ling Xian and Yan Mountain's 3,000 disciples were the first to go, back on Expansion Star.

    Ling Xian laughed, "Master passed the tribulation!"

    All other disciples joined him, "Master is a reincarnated immortal, the strongest the world has ever seen!"

    "That might be a bit of a stretch, but one thing's for certain. Master is unrivaled among geniuses!"

    "Obviously. There's no genius out there who can face Master alone. Yet even if they swarm him, they would still be miserable!"

    The disciples were overjoyed, convinced he was a reincarnated immortal. If not, how could he have such cultivation? He imparted them with the 3,000 Daos. No one but Master could comprehend them all.

    Zhong Tongzi saw Ling Xian and the others appearing and kneeled before him, "Second Sect Leader, you're back!"

    Ling Xian's gaze made him nervous. With Yan Mountain in control of the Three-headed Dragon Constellation, his scope of power extended beyond it and even included some of the Desolate Constellation.

    Ling Xian said, "What happened?"

    "A large scale immortal beast battle is underway in the Desolate Constellation. There are no less than a hundred thousand! Subordinate suspects they come from that Desolate Star!"

    "How did this happen?"

    "I do not know. We didn't dare advance beyond the fringe of that star and only seized the savage beasts around it. We had no way of knowing!"

    "Such a large force, yet only at the edge of the Desolate Star. This is only the beginning. Keep investigating. We cannot act on it now, as Master just finished passing the tribulation, but it won't be long. It's better to wait for Master's return then decide what to do. This is a serious matter."

    No matter the danger value, Chen Ming was certain few Celestial Immortals could best him in battle.

    In the Devil Gate Star's hall, Yang Hun, Bu Liuhen, and Lu Qingxuan exchanged a look. Yang Hun began, "Where did Duan Shou go?"

    Lu Qingxuan replied, "He went to prove his loyalty."

    Bu Liuhen doubted, "Where's that?"

    Lu Qingxuan shrugged, "Who knows? He doesn't have anything to guard either. He's the freest among us."

    Back at Chen Ming, he finished his trial and felt his cultivation growing along with his danger value, way up to 50,000.

    As the Sacred Mountain vanished, he turned to the carrying Zhuo Qingyao, "Since you carried Master up the mountain, I won't blame you for leaving the mountain. Let's go home."

    She relaxed, "Be at ease Master. I won't leave on a whim again."

    As Sacred Mountain vanished completely, Chen Ming appeared on Destiny Star. He saw Luo Muye still waiting on the ground.

    Luo Muye said, "Congratulations, Master. You have prevailed over the Wordless Upheaval!"

    Chen Ming let out a carefree laugh, "I'll leave a teleportation array behind and take some things with me, then we'll leave. The four Domains must know by now who I am since I was carrying Nine Year Cicada. If we're too slow, we won't get out at all."

    Chen Ming guessed Jade Lake was about to have the entire Destiny Star surrounded, having just one way to go in or out. It was also in its territory and he'd have to fight his way through.

    He took Luo Muye back to the Land of Eternal Rest and set a teleportation array at the River of Time. Chen Ming stashed the stele in his storage ring along with other black sabers.

    With that done, he took Luo Muye's hand and arrived at Jade Lake's entrance to the Destiny Star, "Stay in my beast bag. It's not suitable, but it's enough to save your life. From here on out, it's going to be too dangerous."

    Luo Muye nodded. He was but a ten-year-old and knew of the danger surrounding them.

    A beast bag's purpose was to carry immortal beasts. If they could live then so could humans. Just that no one would waste it on a human.

    With the prized Luo Muye in the bag, Chen Ming rested his hand on his saber and pushed through.

    When he arrived on the next continent, he saw one person only, Duan Shou.

    He presented his buster blade as he kneeled with respect in front of him. Next to him was a Gold Immortal's corpse, and behind him, a dozen Celestial Immortal corpses.

    Duan Shou must have guessed who he was and came to greet him before Destiny Star. This guy isn't average to have such a sharp mind.

    Duan Shou bowed when he saw Chen Ming with his smiley mask, "Blade Duan Shou greets Sire Faceless! As of now, I offer my allegiance!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Did you kill everyone?"

    "Only those standing at the entrance. If there were any more, I would've been exposed. But Sire Faceless would have no difficulty dealing with so many Celestial Immortals."

    Chen Ming nodded, "But of course. After we return, come find me on Yan Mountain. I will impart you with my saber art."

    Duan Shou was in exultation, "Many thanks, Sire Faceless!"

    Chen Ming stabbed Two Year Cicada next to him as he walked passed him. He turned to his crow form in mid-jump and soared away.

    Duan Shou's heart was overwhelmed as he gripped the black blade, treating it like a treasure, "Is this the saber that allows one to be faster?"

    Duan Shou tried it for a few swings, but nothing stood out, "I need to return to Sire Faceless and learn how to control it."

    He had no doubt if it was genuine or not, certain it was the same blade Chen Ming used before.

    The only thing left is to wait for Sire Faceless to teach me.

    On the stars controlled by the four Domains, on the boulevards of the River Offices, bounty posts were on every side.


    Yan Mountain Mountain Lord Chen Ming.

    The one who overcame the Wordless Upheaval, the one who was once known as fiends' Hidden Emperor, Star Dragon Crown Prince. Spiritual cultivator. His main abilities lie in arrays and quick saber. Highly dangerous. Other information, unknown. Peak Celestial Immortal realm or Gold Immortal realm is recommended to take him down.

    Reward: title of King.

    Any Domain is viable for choosing.

    Yan Mountain Head Sect Leader, the Outstanding Swordswoman:

    Yan Mountain Mountain Lord's head disciple. Hardship cultivator. Unmatched in body strength. Unsurpassed in sword art. Dangerous. Recommended Celestial Immortal realm for capture.

    Reward: Supreme Gold Immortal fortune immortal fruit.

    Can choose eight of Jade Lake's millennial peaches.

    Yan Mountain Second Sect Leader, Immortal Killer:

    Yan Mountain Mountain Lord's second disciple. Spiritual cultivator, cultivating Dao Canon and uses the Conquering Immortals Art. Dangerous. Recommended Celestial Immortal realm for capture.

    Reward: Supreme Gold Immortal fortune immortal fruit.

    Can choose five of Jade Lake's millennial peaches.

    Yan Mountain Third Sect Leader, Ya Mo:

    Yan Mountain Mountain Lord's third disciple...

    Yan Mountain Fourth Sect Leader, quack:

    Yan Mountain Mountain Lord's fourth disciple...

    Chen Ming perched on an immortal's shoulder, En, me and Zhuo Qingyao's bounties are the highest. Li Suyi, Ling Xian, and Chen Lingyu are around the same. As for Wan Baqian, there's none to speak of. Did the four Domains overlook him?

    Uh, probably.

    My bounty, though, seems to be on the high side, excessive even. Title of King means they'll be treated as Immortal Kings. Wow, they sure think highly of me.

    I was just too awesome recently and now it's time for growth and development.

    This won't get resolved anytime soon. I need to grow to the point not even the four Domains will dare attack. One person was the perfect example to Chen Ming, the man known as Relentless Nr. 0.

    I guess I need to work my way to his level, to walk without care anywhere I wish.

    I've been to long away from Yan Mountain. I better return.

    Chen Ming flapped his wings and landed on a blue carriage exuding a woman's fragrance. It carried him out of Jade Lake's reach and towards the Three-headed Dragon Constellation.

    The fact he passed the tribulation set the entire Galaxy abuzz, though it didn't garner much attention. The four Domains set their sights on Relentless Nr. 0's movements. Heavenly Court's Martyr, Big Dipper's Star Lord was set in motion but had yet to capture him.

    Chen Ming's tribulation, by comparison, was but a trifling matter. Relentless Nr. 0 was the thorn in everyone's side. Even the Crownless Assembly's momentum grew more violent as time passed, capturing three of the four Domains' solar systems.

    As for the troublesome Chen Ming, he was no threat to them, for now.

    Of course, if Chen Ming came out swaggering, he'd be dealt with impunity.

    In the Restless' hall, Inevitables looked towards Nr. 0 with shock. He chuckled, "Chen Ming, we are destined to meet in the Supreme Gathering. We will see then who's status is higher. I am waiting, but you better not disappoint!"

    "As for you, Nr. 5, I will weigh your soul personally!"

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  • Chapter 468: You're Telling me I Conned Honest People?

    Three months later, outside the city walls in which the Devil Gate Star' hall laid.

    The night carried with it endless dark clouds, fluttering Faceless' banners in the fierce wind and brisk rain of autumn. Four immortal beast riders fell from the sky before the city gates.

    Yang Hun, Bu Liuhen, Duan Shou, and Lu Qingxuan dismounted and trudged through the muddy soil.

    This was the city from which Faceless sent his orders, the capital of the Three-headed Dragon Constellation. Any besides Faceless daring to fly above it would be considered a traitor and would be dealt with accordingly.

    As the Crownless Assembly always reeked with blood, this place was no different. The deposed were place on the block, a blade their only parting gift as they left this world head first.

    There had never been instances one survived this blade, since the one wielding it was Duan Shou.

    Dressed in black, they sped towards downtown. Sire Faceless was calling them. They knew who Chen Ming was and had no reason to stall for time.

    Thousands of Blades half-kneeled in the square before the hall, not minding the raindrops trailing down their clothes. No sound was made in the ever-present rain.

    The four strode through the throng of people, entered the hall, kneeled and closed their eyes, "Revered Sire Faceless, your Blades beseech you..."

    Chen Ming's shadow drifted into being on the only seat in the hall, "Rise."

    The four opened their eyes as he continued, "You must know by know who I am, right?"

    Yang Hun wanted to say, It matters little even if we do. We will always revere you.

    But why would Chen Ming give them the chance? This was a classic case of a weak ruler with strong retainers. He might have it easy killing Bu Liuhen, but when going against the three Gold Immortals, he'd be dead in no time!

    Please, these are Gold Immortals! To surpass one's realm one must first fulfill the basic conditions!

    The first thing I'll do when I get the chance is to write the Realm Surpassing Guidebook. It will be epic, a historical classic.

    As such, I must make it so everyone follows my lead. Chen Ming flipped on Enlighten Aura, King Slayer Aura, World's Crown Aura, Ruler's Presence Aura, and Decree of Untold Daos Aura in silence. Each by itself had the power to bolster his image by a good margin. Good, now it's time I lay it on thick. "I have awoken from the endless reincarnation to witness the world's end."

    The four knew of this. With all the buzzing around regarding it, of course they did and withheld to comment.

    The only one at the same level who could contest him was that enigmatic mortal who appeared at the end.

    What else was he if not a reincarnated immortal?

    They found no fault in his words.

    Chen Ming was pleased by his work, "I awoke at the age of 23 and begun cultivating. In three years, I killed a Sovereign. In five years, I killed an immortal. In seven years, no Earth Immortals can stand above me. And now... he-he-he."

    Chen Ming left the words hang, "Do you know what I want?"

    He didn't give them the time to respond, "Through my cultivation and my knowledge, I want the entire world!"

    He stood up, arms spread as if to hold the world when he shouted this.

    With the ruler weak and his retainers strong gave birth to discontent and thoughts of dethroning. Just how a lord had no ambition and his officials wanted to do so much more, pretty much because the lord could do some things but didn't feel like it. Since his officials also had the power, they just kicked him to the curb and went for it themselves.

    This was the logic.

    As such, to solve this matter, it couldn't be simpler; talk big, the bigger the better. Paint a grand image and give hope to those ruthless retainers. With hope, there was no place for king slaying in their minds.

    Here's how it worked. Say you had a bunch of drunkards in a tavern, causing more than a little trouble. But if you put a revealing and alluring woman to dance for them, they would be speechless, with all their focus on her.

    The gist was to give your retainers a little something to do, and they'd be to busy doing it to raise an arm against one's lord.

    Take Chen Ming for example. He didn't need to cultivate and got his head filled with thoughts of treason.

    He was bored out of his mind!

    Of course, the Domains' bounty had something to do with this too.

    So he painted a pretty picture. With my cultivation speed faster than yours, by the time you revolt, you'd be either destroyed by me or so glued together that you can't get out.

    Chen Ming continued, "You won't be mere Faceless or Inevitables in the future, but Relentless!"

    That was the same kind of glory and respect a title of King would have! As for talks of having them at the helm of an Immortal Domain as Emperors, or Almighty Crownless, that was a tad excessive. They'd never buy it.

    Chen Ming spoke in earnest, "Therefore, we need to ascertain our goal and become Relentless."

    This should get their blood pumpin'. Only now he turned to them, and Bu Liuhen took the lead, "Sire Faceless, you have rescued me and my daughter from the clutches of the Heavenly Court. I, Bu Liuhen, am forever yours, Sire Faceless!"

    Yang Hun followed, "Sire Faceless, you have saved me from life imprisonment in Jade Lake and have granted me the right of wielding Heavenly Wolf Bow. I, Yang Hun, will do all you ask with fervor!"

    Duan Shou said, "I was once your enemy, Sire Faceless, yet you have looked passed this enmity and even wished to impart me your Dao. I, Duan Shou, may not be your disciple, however, our bond is just the same as a Master and his disciple. It's is a true pity my talent is far below the sect leaders. I do not have the gal to ask that you take me in! I will go through hell and high water, through any obstacle for you!"

    That's the same as saying you three are loyalists and I'm the bad guy in this!

    Come on! You're way too honest here!

    What was the point of my speech?


    Lu Qingxuan added, "Yes! Sire Faceless is right! I have waited three long centuries for a Faceless just to start this great undertaking! I wish to stand as the vanguard and crush all obstacles that prevent Sire Faceless from turning us Relentless!"

    His eyes shined with eagerness. This was what he'd been waiting for, Chen Ming's words.

    Chen Ming gloated a bit at that, Good, good! It had some use after all!

    At least one is hooked.

    Lu Qingxuan continued, "Time is of the essence. I will go at once and train my assassins. When the time comes and Sire Faceless challenges the Almighty Crownless, they will make a difference!"

    Chen Ming: ...

    Forget it, I don't feel like saying it.

    "Duan Shou, come to Yan Mountain tomorrow."

    Duan Shou showed even greater respect at this delighting order, "Subordinate obeys. I thank Sire Faceless for bestowing me with the Dao!"

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  • Chapter 469: First Encounter with Barbarians

    As Chen Ming and Duan Shou went together to Yan Mountain branch, the disciples welcome them the moment they arrived.

    Ling Xian was there also, "Master, there are close to a hundred thousand immortal beasts outside the Desolate Star's fringe. There's been an ongoing battle so far and, from how it stands, it will be a drawn-out war."

    Chen Ming sank in contemplation, For them to be so many, does that mean there are true barbarians there?

    "Come with me." He said to Duan Shou.

    Then he took out Luo Muye and left some orders to Ling Xian, "He is your sixth junior brother. Take care to settle him in. Once I resolve the war on Desolate Star's side, we will conduct the ceremony."

    Ling Xian smiled, "Oh, so it's little junior brother. Leave it to me, I'll take good care of him. "

    Chen Ming wandered deep in the disciples' seclusion area and set up the Land of Eternal Rest's stele, "Comprehending this stele and forming its Dao Seed allows you to wield the black blade. This will be of great benefit to your strength.

    "As you progress further and further, I will give you a better saber from the Vitality Burning Constellation. That place poses an extreme danger. You can't go as you are now.

    Chen Ming also presented some water, "Enter the River of Time's water and you will be able to understand the scripture."

    Duan Shou kneeled, "Many thanks, Sire, for teaching me the Dao!"

    With that taken care of, he went off to Li Suyi and get to the bottom of the immortal beast war.

    Two men were leading the charge of a hundred thousand immortal beasts to where the war took place.

    On a nameless star in the Desolate Constellation, a burly man watched his enemy drawing near, ten thousand immortal beasts.

    Compared to that, his troops were teetering on the verge of collapse. He was known as Nu Xiao, the Lion King's son. As the king's life was coming to an end, a gathering took place to elect his successor. Thanks to Nu Xiao's great strength, it stirred envy in his second brother's heart, who was now hunting him down.

    Across from him was second brother's retainer, Gu Tu. The man rode Sky Whale on his charge to take his life.

    Nu Xiao faced the horde with but 20 immortal beasts, "Brothers, here is were we make our final stand. If there's any who wish to surrender, I will not blame them!"(Beast language. To be precise, lion dialect. But for readers' convenience I translated it in the common tongue.)

    The others laughed, "Nu Xiao, you are our khan. We will follow you even in death!"

    "Nu Xiao, why waste time speaking in this late hour?"

    "Warriors must die on the battlefield and not in a woman's bed!"

    Nu Xiao laughed, "Good, brothers. Let's go meet death!"

    A shout came from Gu Tu standing on the huge beast hiding in the fog across from them, "Nu Xiao, there's nowhere to run! Pledge yourself to Khan Nu Feng and I will let you live!"

    Nu Xiao laughed, "A bastard like him? I can't wait to have my hands squeezing down his throat!"

    Gu Tu raged, "You must wish for death in disrespecting Khan Nu Feng! With you gone, there's no one opposing his rise to be Lion Kind!"

    But then he reigned in the Sky Whale and so did the army with their beasts. The lions riding the beasts focused their gazes past Nu Xiao.

    Nu Xiao cursed, "Gu Tu, the hell are you scared for? You're even afraid to face a few dozen men with such a mighty horde?"

    Gu Tu signaled, "Sheath your weapons and restrain the beasts!"

    Nu Xiao was perplexed, What is this? "Gu Tu, can it be you want to mend your ways? Since you know I am most worthy to become the Lion King, it's not too late to surrender!"

    Gu Tu's only response was looking at an idiot. He didn't even deign a response, looking beyond him, "Khan of the foxkin, I have no intention to offend you. I have intruded upon your lands to grab a criminal!"

    Only now did Nu Xiao get it. He turned around at the horde of a hundred thousand beasts trampling their way over. The riders, humans in fact, wore fine clothing and looked quite frail, in comparison to the burly lions.

    At the head of the horde was a dashing man in black clothing and a saber at the waist.

    This demeanor among barbarians was mostly seen on foxkin. They loved beauty, so they took it upon themselves to be cultivators look-a-like.

    And from the sheer number of immortal beasts, they couldn't be cultivators. Plus they spoke in beast language, so the only viable answer was barbarians foxkin.

    Chen Ming chuckled and pointed at Nu Xiao, "My word is the final word in these lands. That man is mine!"

    If not for anything else, but because this Nu Xiao had neat auras. The best was Beast King Aura as well as Control Aura lvl. 4.

    Gu Tu said, "Khan of the foxkin, I am from the Lion King tribe in pursuit of this man for the sake of our future. Please let me have him."

    Chen Ming smiled, "Future Lion King, you say. He's no Lion King now, is it?"

    Gu Tu said, "Khan of the foxkin, you're making things hard for me!!"

    "What's his crime? What made you chase him all the way over to my lands?"

    Gu Tu hesitated, opting for silence.

    Nu Xiao saw hope, Heaven never fails he who clings to hope. Did these parts have a foxkin khan? Leading a hundred thousand beasts, if not a khan than what?

    "Khan of the foxkin, I am the Lion King's successor. My younger brother lusted for my right and sent them to kill me. They are the traitors!"

    Chen Ming's heart danced, It's actually so complicated. I never thought the Desolate Constellation still had true barbarians. And by the looks of things, they have no idea of the benefit of souls. If I can get the Desolate Constellation in the bag, I'll have a steady income of souls.

    Need a good plan to lurk my way in. Seeing the naive and gullible(dimwit) Nu Xiao, he's just asking to be duped. It will be wrong for me to let such an honest man down.
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    Gu Tu raged, "You must wish for death in disrespecting Khan Nu Feng! With you gone, there's no one opposing his rise to be Lion Kind!"

    Here will it not be King instead of Kind?
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  • Chapter 470: Foxkin Extermination, Nu Xiao's Ha-ha

    Taking out the firstborn was a surefire way to ascend the throne.

    Once I help Nu Xiao's rise, I'll gain a lot of power.

    Chen Ming said in anger, "You're the criminals!"

    Gu Tu took a deep breath, knowing this matter just got harder. How come a foxkin khan showed up just as we were about to kill him?

    This place is too close to the cultivator world and hardly has any barbarians!

    Gu Tu said, "Per our barbarian's rules, face extermination! I am Chief Bai Gu's son, Gu Tu, and I shall declare you exterminated!"

    Nu Xiao couldn't grasp any clues from looking at Chen Ming, I don't know how strong he is, but a normal foxkin khan is never too powerful. "You're no khan, just a mere chief. You have no right to do this!"

    Chen Ming had an inkling to this extermination thing thanks to the Beast King Records. It was a type of duel which happened when barbarians who couldn't settle their conflicts on something declared extermination. The parties would fight until only one survived.

    And the winner got to continue his original plan, without the interference of others.

    In other words, if Gu Tu won, Chen Ming's disciples could do nothing as he killed Nu Xiao!

    This was the barbarians' sacred battle. Their belief lied in the warrior's code. Any who dared stain the honor of extermination would be forever despised by the barbarians.

    Of course, just as Nu Xiao said, Chen Ming could refuse. The other's status was too low, not enough to challenge.

    "Ding! You triggered an A-ranked storyline mission, Extermination. Objective: behead Gu Tu. Reward: 0.1 billion spiritual knowledge, 10,000 fame, 10,000 barbarian warriors, a Sky Whale."

    Wow, a mission's here! I get the Sky Whale, but what's the deal with the warriors?

    Chen Ming spied his challenger:

    'Danger value: 64090


    Beast Lord Aura

    Description: he grew up among savage beasts.

    Effect: has a certain degree of control on immortal beasts.

    Beast Blood Aura

    Description: beast blood flows through his veins.

    Effect: hardship cultivation's power increased by 10%.

    Savage Lion Aura lvl. 3

    Description: You believe in the path of the beast.

    Effect: can go berserk in battle, doubling your strength.


    The rest were something any common Celestial Immortal out there had, nothing of importance.

    The best was that Savage Lion Aura, the reason for his current power.

    Chen Ming checked his newest addition to his auras:

    'Decree of Untold Daos Aura lvl. 1

    Description: divinity radiates on the hundred veins, the furnace raises the thousand meridians, spirit pierces the blue sky, the untold Daos live within me!  

    Effect: Strip!

    Note: you can strip one of his auras. The strip's time is based on the aura's level. If the target is of the same level, you can use it once a day. Only once a day you can activate it.'

    This note is a bit on the odd side. It keeps saying I can only use it once a day.

    Let's give it a test run first.

    Chen Ming walked with a smile, "I accept your challenge!"

    Nu Xiao could no longer intervene. The sacred extermination was about to unfold!

    Nu Xiao said, "Form a circle!"

    The barbarians made a ring around Chen Ming and Ge Tu, weapons aimed inward. As long as more than one man stood, they were forbidden from leaving the ring.

    If any dared to flee, they'd be put to death by all of them.

    This was the sacred duel of barbarians, and no one had the right to meddle.

    Ge Tu leaped from the Sky Whale into the ring with his saw greatsword at the ready, his eyes never leaving Chen Ming.

    They locked eyes and sparks seemed to fly.

    Gu Tu drummed his chest.

    The barbarian warriors around began to howl and shout like savage beasts, singing the call of the wild.

    The mellow tune, the bold and raging shouts scattered the clouds.

    Chen Ming took all of this in, Barbarians rule through hoards of beasts. The moron who came up with this dumbass idea of extermination must have been lacking in the herding department.

    In the end, a duel's a duel!

    Nu Xiao was filled with anxiety. I never heard of a foxkin extermination!

    Foxkin were commonly seen as High Priests among barbarians. Their skills in raising beasts were quite good, and as for battle prowess, ha-ha.

    But then he caught wind of Li Suyi and Zhang Ming's words, "Third senior brother, how long do you think it'll take for Master to win?"

    Li Suyi replied, "One move ought to be enough. Master has come to like insta-killing enemies with one strike of a blade."

    "Let's watch then."

    Nu Xiao glared at the two, Just how crass can you be to think this battle will end in one stroke?

    Gu Tu took that moment to howl. The veins on his body wiggled like snakes and his stature began to shift. Lust for battle consumed his eyes as if the call of the wild awoke something primal inside his blood.

    His arm exploded in size, just like how bellows sucked in air.

    Chen Ming examined him. Is this the Savage Lion Aura in effect?

    This is the best aura in his arsenal. If I strip it, he'll be nothing more than an above-average footsoldier!

    Zhang Ming surmised, "Third senior brother, he does have some skill."

    Li Suyi concluded, "By the looks of it. Three hits then?"

    In Nu Xiao's heart, Weren't you foxkin smart? Did these guys lose their marbles?

    A foxkin extermination, ha-ha.

    Chen Ming activated Decree of Untold Daos Aura, an aura with the words of law power. This meant he needed to speak to be in effect, "You want to hunt down your khan, then you aren't loyal. You want to gang up on the few, thus straying from the warrior’s code. By my name, Thousand-faced Fox, I strip you of your warrior's honor. You, Gu Tu, are no warrior! Savage Lion Aura, strip!"

    Decree of Untold Daos Aura activated with each passing sentence. Thunder rolled in Gu Tu's ears and his body began to weaken. This was the side effect of going berserk.

    As the berserk effect wore off, feebleness set in along with withering of the body.

    This outcome was never among Ge Tu's predictions, "What's happening? I can't go berserk... Did I really go against the warrior path?"

    Chen Ming watched the Untold Daos take effect. Not in vain had our dear Immortal Master Chen toiled to no end in an effort to gain this aura.

    Very strong!

    Simply worthy of someone who has limitless in their repertoire of abilities to have such a powerful aura!

    Nu Xiao was stunned, Does this foxkin khan also believes in the warrior’s code?

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  • Chapter 471: Zhuo Qingyao's Deterring Education

    If not for their ardent belief in the warrior's code, a few words would never have worked!

    It was now that Chen Ming began to act. He never liked surprises, so he used any chance he got to beat someone when they were down!

    As his opponent was busy being shocked, he leaped towards him with Nine Year Cicada.

    Hegemonic Immortal Sword's sword soul throbbed as it flowed into the blade.

    It sent a black saber wave and only now did he came out of his stupor. Gu Te wanted to defend with his saw greatsword, but Chen Ming's fourfold speed, plus his quick-acting, prevented that.

    Blood splattered the ground and, with it, a head.

    The word 'blindsided' stuck in Nu Xiao's throat, that it was against the warrior's code, but then he heard Chen Ming talking, "In a true fight, you need to avail yourself of all advantages!"

    He wiped the bloody blade on a beast skin, "So weak, falling from one strike. Or better yet, my words from before weren't clear enough. It's my fault, all my fault I'm too strong."

    Hegemonic Immortal Sword's power crushed any flesh and bone, cut all chances at life. Against those geniuses, one move was hardly enough, but the one before him was just an above-average footsoldier.

    If he couldn't insta-kill him, that would make all his auras a waste.

    "Ding! Reward: 0.1 billion spiritual knowledge, 10,000 fame, 10,000 barbarian warriors, and Sky Whale."

    It was now that he turned to the masses, "Any objections?"

    They all kneeled and one among them spoke, "Revered khan of the foxkin, your strong among strong. You have earned victory in this sacred fight of extermination. You have earned our devotion."

    Nu Xiao said, "Their man they were loyal to died. If no one takes them, they can only go home and feed milk to beast cubs."

    Chen Ming: ...

    No wonder they switched sides. They want to suck me dry instead, is it? "I'll leave these men to you."

    Nu Xiao was overjoyed, "Thank you, khan of the foxkin."

    Nu Xiao still had his use, so he left the ten thousand barbarians to protect him. He worked with great enthusiasm as he arranged them as his own, "Hear that? The revered foxkin khan said you are all my warriors!"

    No retort came. On one hand, Nu Xiao was also a khan, and on the other, Chen Ming still had a hundred thousand immortal beasts glaring at them.

    Chen Ming was pretty peaked by this Sky Whale. He turned to his disciples, "Who wants the Sky Whale?"

    Who didn't? It could face-off against a Gold Immortal!

    But they all knew propriety and cast their gazes on Li Suyi, Third senior brother is still here.

    Li Suyi answered, "I am not too fond of raising beasts, while junior brother Zhang Ming is enamored with them. He always wanted to catch a Sky Whale. And so, I leave this beast to you."

    Such a surprise came out of the blue for him. Third senior brother gave me the Sky Whale!

    Zhang Ming turned to Chen Ming with an expectant look. He, in turn, watched Li Suyi. This kid knows that strong beasts will make you reliant on them, slowing your growth. For others, such power was a great help, but for Li Suyi, it was a burden on his Dao Heart.

    Chen Ming nodded, "This is how a senior brother behaves, watching over his juniors. Zhang Ming, go, it is yours. Take a thousand disciples and subdue the Sky Whale."

    Zhang Ming cupped his hands, "Thank you, Master, thank you, third senior brother. Disciple will take it and capture more Sky Whales for my juniors."

    "Go ahead."

    Yan Mountain was still peaceful and happy!

    Chen Ming smiled, "Suyi, want to learn Master's sword?"

    Li Suyi nodded on the spot, "Master, I do!"

    He saw it combined hardship cultivation and spiritual cultivation into one attack. It was a perfect match for him.

    Chen Ming nodded, "I will teach you when we get back."

    Other disciples saw this, "Third senior brother makes us do saber practice."

    "Master also tricks us into learning arrays."

    "Head senior sister tricks us into going to spar with her."

    "Fourth senior sister also tricks us into going for acupuncture treatment."

    "Second senior brother's daily deceptions get us as his punching bags!"

    "Fifth senior brother, hold on, fifth senior brother never forced us with any practice!"

    "Immortal beasts are more reasonable!"

    With a great increase in power came a steep drop in merits. This ended up turning these broken toys into rearing immortal beasts. How could I let that happen?

    This is malpractice, neglecting my poor chives' growth!

    "When we get back, all of you are to do saber practice!" Chen Ming's cold tone woke them.

    "If you don't break through to the Immortal realm in ten years, don't even think of calling me Master."

    They were all ashen, but then one disciple said, "We can't call him Master, but we're still Master-disciple. It's doesn't seem that much of a difference!"

    "You're right!"

    "Look, we need to raise immortal beasts more than ever. Look how great they were when Master passed his tribulation. At least they could carry the city blocks made of spiritual metal!"

    Chen Ming: ...

    If I'm not a bit harsh, this bunch of broken toys shall never see reason.

    Chen Ming said calmly, "Your head senior sister is crushed when she recalls there are disciples with low cultivation."

    A dozen or so disciple had their legs turn into jelly, collapsing.

    Chen Ming pressed on, "Qingyao cares deeply for her Master's reputation, believing any who has low cultivation is a loss of respect to me. Now that I recall, you're the only ones with low cultivation head senior sister visits each day to teach."

    More than a hundred hit the ground with a thud.

    Chen Ming grinned, "It's nothing awful really. Isn't it just a spar with head senior sister? Just look at your two senior brothers, aren't they leading a cheerful life as before?"

    Three thousand disciples touched the ground, falling from their mounts.

    What living? You mean they died once already? They are second and third seniors we're talking about here! Even they end up crying for their mommy! Their wails of agony went on for miles, not stopping be it day or night. Wouldn't this crush their poor little frail limbs?

    "Master, we were wrong! We know our crimes. We will work harder than ever on cultivation!"

    "Not just the saber, we will learn even the sword!"

    "From this moment, any who doesn't work hard will be despised! Any who doesn't cultivate is no junior of mine!"

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  • Chapter 472: Yan Mountain's Ascending Diary, First Entry

    On Chen Ming's side, he was about to retreat along with his disciples, leaving Nu Xiao hanging, "No way! Foxkin khan, I'm still here!

    "Brothers, chase!"

    You saved me and now you ignore me? I, Nu Xiao, still need your force to kill my way back!

    Chen Ming had no interest in saying outright he'd help him get the throne. That would be to fake, Plus it will lay bare all my plans.

    Even more so when taking the initiative to help will place me on the losing side of the deal as opposed to him asking me.

    Chen Ming was preparing his 3,000+ disciples to train in cicada's method, training their hardship cultivation and spiritual cultivation according to cicada's cultivation method. This was how they'd get to use the black sabers. It would bring about the strongest hardship cultivators in existence.  

    Cicada united the Galaxy in the past, so the talents he fostered with this method were enough to sweep the world!

    He didn't limit himself to cicada's materials either, he had the Heart Enlightenment Tree!

    Now that I have two Trees of Martyrs, even if one isn't under my control, if I can't rise now, I only have myself to blame.

    He still had the 400 tones of souls he skimmed off Second Crown Prince. It might be enough to make the Heart Enlightenment Tree grow again.

    Chen Ming needed to mind a lot of things now.

    He went straight to the Scarlet Tide Continent when he got back. He wanted to sprinkle fertilizer for the Heart Enlightenment Tree first. Our hard-working and diligent farmer, Chen Ming, descended upon the Scarlet Tide Continent once again. He saw crowds of cultivators, tongues wagging.

    They sounded like goodbyes.

    In front of the path to immortality, people were shouting.

    "Senior brother, going to the Expansion Star you will succeed this time on breaking through to Immortal realm!"

    "Master, disciple awaits your good news!"

    "Brother, I will soar in the immortal world. Just you wait, world, I am coming!"

    Zhong Tongzi was in the lead of these ascending cultivators on the verge of breaking through. Seeing the people waving goodbye, again and again, he couldn't help it and said, "What are you so afraid of? You are Yan Mountain's people, so of course it will help you breakthrough! On Expansion Star, you will join the Ascending Class and Second Sect Leader will impart the Dao and the skills needed to breakthrough. Yan Mountain will even give you a set of immortal armor. With how rich it is in them, your bound to find one to like you. You will all return alive, bearing good news to all your friends and families!"

    One man said, "But this trip is the same as when an immortal parts the mortal world!"

    "Yeah, the Scarlet Tide Continent can only have one immortal as the Star Lord."

    "Master, I don't want to leave you!"

    Zhong Tongzi wangled, "Go back, everyone. The entire Scarlet Tide Continent cultivates now, and raising immortals is important. Just recall how last year thirty entered the Immortal realm. Please return and cultivate in earnest!"

    One cultivator from the Ascending Class said, "The road to immortality is slow. One needs rest and watch his children grow!"

    "This trip is to help Yan Mountain expand!"

    "Work hard on cultivation, Master will be waiting for you on Expansion Star!"

    It was then Zhong Tongzi spotted a familiar face in the crowd. He looked up-close and found it imposing, elegant and refined. He went on his knees on the spot, "Subordinate Zhong Tongzi, Manager of Scarlet Tide Continent, greets Mountain Lord!"

    Everyone watched the person Zhong Tongzi kneeled to. He could only be the Mountain Lord!

    They now met the legend, the founder of Yan Mountain, the pioneer of Expansion star in person. This man lifted Yan Mountain with but a flick of his hand, he cast countless stars and factions in his powerful shadow, he was a living and breathing legend!

    Without any exceptions, all cultivators dropped on their knees, "We greet Mountain Lord!"

    Chen Ming didn't much care since Yan Mountain now ruled the Three-headed Dragon Constellation to supply Scarlet Tide Continent, his headquarters.

    Chen Ming dismissed their courtesy, "We are neither friends nor kin. And you aren't my men either. There's no need to kneel."

    One cultivator on the verge of breaking through said, "No, no, no, Mountain Lord, we are all your people. It is only natural for us to show respect."

    With him setting the start, another four hundred or so old cultivator added, "Mountain Lord, my son has become a disciple of a Lord. My seniority doesn't compare to Mountain Lord. This is my respect to you!"

    How could any of them treat it like nothing?

    But those friends and families took it to a whole new level, "Heavens, I just saw Mountain Lord, and he's still alive!"

    Chen Ming: ...

    Who are you calling a live Mountain Lord? You're saying you only saw dead ones?

    "Mom, I saw Mountain Lord!"


    Chen Ming was a bit happy at that, though he didn't show it, "Stand up, I do not like excessive formalities."

    Despite getting back on their feet, their eyes shone with I saw God! expressions.

    Chen Ming beckoned Zhong Tongzi, "Come here!"

    Zhong Tongzi rose with extreme care thinking something was wrong and walked with him to a corner. Chen Ming asked, "What's this Ascending Class I hear about?"

    Zhong Tongzi's heartstrings loosened. He was scared he offended him from calling him out, "Mountain Lord, it's like this. Fourth Sect Leader connected with this star and can now use its power. Therefore, I went to warn her: 'Scarlet Tide Continent cannot have a second immortal, besides Yan Mountain's sect leaders and Mountain Lord of course. But any other immortal on its lands is not allowed.' Fourth Sect Leader understood my intention and came to the conclusion to migrate all who are on the verge of reaching the Immortal realm to Expansion Star. This, in turn, will prevent the path to immortality for opening and letting others know of this place. 

    "To help these cultivators who always refined pills breakthrough, Yan Mountain formed the Ascending Class to teach them the skills necessary for survival. Second Sect Leader's Dao is deep and understands the tribulation the best. He also said by watching these cultivators he would also gain new insights, which in turn are imparted to them."

    Chen Ming got the gist. In fact, since Ling Xian trained in Dao Canon, considered the source of all Daos, by watching them he'd improve his own cultivation, and wouldn't delay his progress.

    Just how Chen Lingyu cured to gain enlightenment didn't affect her cultivation. Quite the opposite, it promoted it.

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  • Chapter 473: Yan Mountain's Ascending Diary, Second Entry

    Understanding this, Chen Ming showed an approving look to Zhong Tongzi. Scarlet Tide Continent was his home where a constant stream of Heaven Spirit Veins poured in. And it also had the Heart Enlightenment Tree, thanks to which the perception of the whole star multiplied. It was an immortal clan's paradise.

    The area where the Tree of Martyrs grew had always been treasured in the four Domain, and Scarlet Tide Continent was no exception.

    For its safety, Zhong Tongzi poured his heart and soul, when in fact he was quite shrewd. He was a native of this star and he'd always be devoted to it. Chen Ming was at ease promoting him.

    He had a thousand Gold Immortal fortune immortal fruits he could use. Holding one, he asked, "Do you know what this is?"

    Zhong Tongzi's eyes flashed, "Is this the fortune immortal fruit? But I have never seen one such as this. Please enlighten me, Mountain Lord!"

    "This can make you a Gold Immortal. I have three such men under me, so you better work hard on your cultivation."

    Tears welled up in Zhong Tongzi's eyes. He knew how important Gold Immortals were in the Galaxy thanks to working as a Manager under Chen Lingyu and discovering Yan Mountain controlled the entire Three-headed Dragon Constellation. A Gold Immortal had a thousand stars under control, and also a Fate Star!

    Mountain Lord values me so!

    Zhong Tongzi answered, "I shall never forget Mountain Lord's grace. At that time I didn't see beyond my nose and said Mountain Lord's grave already had grass growing. I was truly a blind dog."

    Chen Ming: ...

    Chen Ming continued, "You are an Earth Immortal. Work hard and you can reach Celestial Immortal, or even Gold Immortal. But once you become Celestial Immortal, your cultivation would be hard to advance. I will give you this fruit, but only then. I still hope to see you go even further!"

    Zhong Tongzi spoke, "No, Mountain Lord, I do not want it. I, Zhong Tongzi, won't fail Mountain Lord's expectations and will cultivate to unseen realms. The day will come when Mountain Lord will be leveling the four Domains and become the Almighty Crownless!"

    Chen Ming: Fu...

    No way! Why is me wanting to crush the four Domains public knowledge?

    Chen Ming patted his shoulder, "It's nothing. Go!"

    Zhong Tongzi nodded and went to lead the group to Expansion Star.

    When they all left, Chen Ming was about to take off when it struck him, Hold on, Scarlet Tide Continent has only Chen Lingyu as immortal. But isn't Zhong Tongzi one too?

    Uh, is this the candle's shadow?(1)

    Does this mean Zhong Tongzi proposed this plan just to ascertain his position as Chen Lingyu's Manager?

    Well never mind, nothing but a trivial matter. At least he did good work, protecting Scarlet Tide Continent's safety. Plus, consolidating his position speaks of his devotion, no?

    Who'd go so to such lengths if not a loyalist?

    Chen Ming was going to feed the Heart Enlightenment Tree.

    On Zhong Tongzi's side, he just led the group to a wide plaza. Some of them were still trying to settle the sinking feelings they got from going through the teleportation array when he spoke to them, "Do you see? This is where you will be breaking through. The Fengshui here is perfect and also has a great array, set up personally by the Lords who learned from the Mountain Lord. Once you're on the verge of advancing, you can apply for the right to control it and protect you in your ordeal."

    They all could see how much Yan Mountain looked after them, "Now that I lived to see Yan Mountain, my life wasn't in vain!"

    "We live as Yan Mountain's people, and will forever remain so!"

    "Mountain Lord and the sect leaders think of everything!"

    "I heard that not even the four Domains are like Yan Mountain, who offers us a haven to break through!"

    "But of course. They are all degenerates, while Yan Mountain is new and on the rise!"

    "We are Scarlet Tide Continent's people. Yan Mountain is the first to leave their native home. Of course they are different!"

    Zhong Tongzi was pleased, Exactly!

    Next, he took them to Yan Mountain's Alchemy House, "This is where immortal pills are refined. When you undertake your trial, you can apply for Tribulation Pills, a pill that took months of research before Fourth Sect Leader refined it. It is the best for tribulation so that even wounded, you will recover swiftly!"

    The 'tourists' watched the pills in awe, "Yes, this is the true Tribulation Pill. It's so valuable that even I participated only once in its refining!"

    "This pill alone raises chances by a third!"

    "Mountain Lord isn't ignorant to our plight!"

    "It goes beyond that. Do any of us even had the chance of become immortals? It's all thanks to Mountain Lord, changing the Scarlet Tide Continent into a massive array that we can cultivate this far!"

    "Yes, Mountain Lord also shows great concern for us passing the tribulation and even formed a training class!"

    Zhong Tongzi took them to the next destination, a glittering mountain, "This dazzling sight before you is due to the piles and piles of immortal equipment on the mountain, with each light representing one item. When you're about to pass your ordeal, you can apply for a set of immortal armor! This is all brought to fruition by Fifth Sect Leader, all to help you pass in safety!"

    The shock and awe of Yan Mountain's wealth came with a vengeance, "Yan Mountain has so many!"

    "Yan Mountain is unparalleled!"

    "Our chances of success will rise even more!"

    Zhong Tongzi went on with the tour, taking them to a courtyard. Its plate wrote: Ascending Class Living Quarters.

    "This is where you will be staying. Tomorrow we will finish the tour and begin the lessons. But, let me give you a piece of advice. Can you see that board? They are the most outstanding graduates."

    All turned to the board and saw his name in first place.

    No wonder he pointed it out...


    (1)    It means those living in one's shadow are the least worthy of trust. They're so close, the light of the candle cast a shadow of itself on them when looking at the map.

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