Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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  • Chapter 443: Flay Immortals

    There's a reason demonic cultivators were referred to as such.

    The blue saber wave inched ever closer to Li Suyi. It left a storm in its wake and shattered all in its path.

    Li Suyi opened his mouth and the blue Taotie flew out to meet it.

    With each severing of a heart demon, the Taotie grew ever stronger.

    It spread the mouth in its stomach and pulled everything in its maw. Blueish saber waves vanished, swallowed as they passed through its fangs.

    Taotie flew back in Li Suyi and the later, belched.

    He pulled his sabers and charged among the flock of Earth Immortals. Since he was taken as an enemy, no one was to be spared.

    The blue Taotie swept the crowd getting its fill on Earth Immortals. It roamed among them, and each swallow cut short an Earth Immortal's life. When it was back in Li Suyi, it filled him with endless power. Demonic energy billowed until not even the sun was visible. It not only darkened the sky but spread for ten li.

    Li Suyi's eyes reddened as they swiveled to Leng Xue. The fight had just begun.

    The Earth Immortals flew away in doves, not daring to watch any longer. They were now reawakened to the horrors of demonic cultivators.

    It's a demonic cultivator, so how can we keep watching? To die?

    Leng Xue said, "You're a perfect example of a demonic cultivator. You devoured so many yet there's not even a trace of guilty in that so-called heart of yours?"

    Li Suyi was looking at him like an idiot as if to say, If I hadn't wouldn't they have killed me first? Their glints alone were filled with cold killing intent!

    Li Suyi flew from among the rumbling demonic energy and hacked with his blades.

    News traveled fast to Heavenly Court, and Ninth gathered the geniuses before Sky-crossing Bridge again. He began, "A demonic cultivator appeared, matching Leng Xue blow by blow."

    Jin Xiangyu smiled, "The times are filled with unrest it seems. We not only have an aberrant but a demonic cultivator too."

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince said, "This only confirms it. It's the offender's plan. He wants to draw us out!"

    Void's Crown Prince's voice came out of the carriage, "There's no need to debate. Crownless Assembly's Sword Paragon is on his way there."

    Their hearts cooled. For him to also join, this was going to be interesting.

    On Ling Xian's side, he knew by now Li Suyi was here. If nothing else, the demonic energy covering the sky was a dead giveaway. And by the looks of it, Li Suyi became demonic, again. Who could he be facing to force him to go to such lengths?

    The fighting has reached a point of no return.

    Heart swept by thousands of thoughts, Ling Xian punched and ten Earth Immortals coughed blood as they were blown away.

    He surveyed the dread around him, corpses strewn everywhere, and laughed, "This is enough, I see it now. If after killing so many Earth Immortals I was still thick-headed, I wouldn't have been worthy of being Master's disciple."

    His Dao Palace sucked spiritual energy with an even greater speed. His cultivation was climbing.

    Spiritual power was compressed inside of it and an Immortal's Pressure spread from him.

    A thousand li wide tribulation cloud floated in the distance. Lighting snaked its way right smack into Ling Xian, yet it did nothing to him.

    "Today, I shall become Earth Immortal. Too bad Master isn't around to watch me do it."

    Leng Xue saw the clouds and knew.


    He flew at the cloud in hope of killing Ling Xian as he underwent the tribulation.

    As for fearing the tribulation's ire, he didn't stint from passing the Heavenly Tribulation a second time.

    Li Suyi flashed before him. His meaning simple, You're not going anywhere while I'm around.

    It was then when a blazing greatsword flew right at Li Suyi.

    His slash sent it away. A bare-chested man, covered in tattoos caught the sword in a leap, "Crownless Assembly's Sword Paragon, Xu San'er.(1) Well met!

    "Your soul doesn't seem to be worth two or three either."

    Li Suyi staggered ten feet back. Looking at the bitter fight he was about to face against these two, Second senior brother, better hurry it up with your tribulation, or you'll be drinking alone.

    Leng Xue and Xu San'er got him in a pincer. He flipped the sabers in his hands and went saber against sword. After ten exchanges, blood leaked from between his fingers and onto his heavy sabers.

    Ling Xian was undergoing his tribulation yet saw Li Suyi hard-pressed, "Those that harm third junior brother shall die! Heavenly Tribulation, see how I crush you in three punches!"

    Ling Xian began performing a battle art. His hands were opened in a palm, sometimes formed a fist and other times only a finger remained. The tide of spiritual energy in his palm formed into weapons. When the palm flew, thousands upon thousands of weapons whistled at the sky and bombed the Heavenly Tribulation!

    The Flay Immortals stage was unlike Flood Dragons and Qiongqi. During battle, it held the intent of endless weapons born for slaughter!

    This was the Arsenal Kingdom!

    He waved his hands and an endless stream of immortal power formed thousands of weapons, all targeting the tribulation cloud until it was nothing more than a rag.

    Ling Xian never stopped. The weapons not only were they endless but also filled with the intent to kill.

    Under tree punches, the Heavenly Tribulation vanished and the immortal power in it entered Ling Xian's body.

    Li Suyi blocked with his right and deflected with his left. He was forced into being defensive, yet it still didn't stop his body from pilling up wounds.

    These two were strong!

    Li Suyi heard a familiar voice behind, "You dare gang up on third junior brother?"

    Xu San'er turned to Ling Xian, "What can a mere early Earth Immortal do in a battle like this?"

    Ling Xian laughed and stepped. The first one, shot him in the mid-Earth Immortal realm, the next lit up his Fate Star, and the last put him at peak Earth Immortal realm.

    "Was becoming peak Earth Immortal so hard? Three steps are enough, it seems."

    Ling Xian watched Li Suyi then walked up to Xu San'er as he laughed, "Third junior brother, let us unleash carnage on these two fools!"

    Li Suyi smiled, "Second senior brother, you're finally an Earth Immortal."

    Leng Xue and Xu San'er looked at the pair, The battle will be hard.

    Leng Xue widened his stance and arched his blade, ready for anything Li Suyi might throw at him. Xu San'er also stretched out his sword. This pair before them were not your ordinary opponents.

    (1)   lit. gentle two or three.

  • Chapter 444: We Can’t Stay Here

    Yet Li Suyi tossed out two snow-white lightning ferrets, and each of them rode one out of their sight.

    After all was said, there was no done.  

    He stalled one, then another showed up. They blocked two, then a third ought to come. Staying here would be a death sentence.

    The two disciples weren't stupid and ran like the wind.

    Ling Xian broke through, so what was the point of fighting?

    Even the wind paused!

    Xu San'er and Leng Xue stood slack-jawed at their retreat. Come on! You got from early to peak Earth Immortal like it was nothing yet you ran away?

    The hell was it all for then?

    Leng Xue clenched his teeth, "Scum!"

    Xu San'er agreed, "Bandits the lot of 'em!"

    "The situation isn't in our favor. How come so many geniuses are popping out of nowhere?"

    "Worry not. The boss is here."

    "No way! The boss left seclusion? The show's about to start. After we deal with that damn offender, the princess and princes group will be dealt with ease."

    "Of course, he has a reason for coming out. If not, won't it mean he left for nothing?"

    "Let's give him a rundown first. If he'll go on another battle frenzy, he'll lose all control."

    Xu San'er shivered, "With boss in seclusion for so long, he oughtn't fly off the handle to that fast, no?"

    "We can only hope..."

    At the foot of Yan Mountain branch, Li Suyi and Ling Xian had their arms over each other's shoulders, "We're going to celebrate my breakthrough and won't stop 'til we're drunk!"

    Li Suyi said subdued, "I think it's best if you see head senior sister first. The consequence might be too much to bear otherwise."

    Ling Xian shivered, "You make perfect sense. I have no way to refute."

    Zhuo Qingyao was comprehending the sword as she sat before Ember when Li Suyi bowed, "Head senior sister, I brought second senior brother, alive!"

    She didn't even look back, "En, good work."

    Ling Xian pulled Li Suyi's sleeve wanting to leave this damnable place, yet heard her terse voice, "Second junior brother, you became Earth Immortal and grown wings, have you?"

    Ling Xian bowed on the spot, "Head senior sister, I'd never dare."

    "Why so scared? This is a momentous occasion. Since you advanced, I won't blame you. We need to celebrate, so stay a while and partake in some noodles."

    Li Suyi and Ling Xian's faces went from pale to ashen!

    They lost all propriety and bolted.

    Of all Yan Mountain, only Master dared to eat head senior sister's noodles. Their thought went along that if Master didn't, it would break poor head senior sister's heart so he bit down and ate in tears.

    If they ate, their lives were at stake!

    We can’t stay here!

    Time flowed drip by drip as Chen Ming cultivated for three years in the Path of Decay.

    He had a sudden feeling he could leave all the four Domains, fiends, and Crownless Assembly's geniuses as nothing but corpses.

    I can outlive them!

    Though that meant a waste of time.

    The world stayed the same as a new generation of talent appeared. Who knows if the next one was more outrageous.

    Chen Ming raised a child in earnest as he cultivated the Hegemonic Immortal Sword on the Path of Decay.

    On this day, he tried testing the fused art against the puppet. Chen Ming felt this was his most perfect sword, yet the rate on the wall showed it was just passable, 60%.

    This Hegemonic Immortal Sword is more than meets the eye.

    He was examining it from all angles as he took Luo Muye out of the Land of Eternal Rest. The child pointed at the Sacred Mountain, "Who are those people?"

    Chen Ming chuckled, "They all want to kill us."


    Chen Ming nodded tersely, "One or two might be the exceptions."

    "That hardly makes a difference. Might as well say everyone..."

    Luo Muye looked closer, "Uncle, I want to learn to cultivate."

    "You want to learn everything. Just yesterday you wanted to learn chess..."

    "Uncle, I'm serious this time."

    "How serious?"

    "If I don't learn, I'll die. They'll kill me."

    "That's an excellent point, even I find it hard to deny."

    Luo Muye blinked his small eager eyes. He pulled Chen Ming's sleeve, "Uncle, teach me."

    Chen Ming cursed, "They why am I still an uncle?"

    Luo Muye figured it out and kneeled, "Master, please accept disciple's bow!"

    "Henceforth, you shall be my sixth disciple. Once Master deals with the Sacred Mountain, I will take you to your seniors."

    Luo Muye nodded, "I have five seniors!"

    "You will see them shortly."

    Yet Luo Muye was feeling down, "But Master, I want to learn the spear."

    Chen Ming knew Luo Muye's thoughts. He wore a saber and practiced sword arts in the Path of Decay, "No need to fret. Your Master knows everything. Of the three thousand Daos I have certain mastery in each one of them. Just a casual move from me will take you to unseen heights!"

    Ling Xian's breakthrough came just then, 'I've been cultivating for too long and almost forgot about that run of the litter. Wonder if his luck rubbed off on me again. Moreover, four disciples got me one ticket, while little fifth got me four. That makes it eight. Better store it and not be an African(1). The best time to draw is with ten!

    That settled that.

    As for Luo Muye's cultivation, he'd first find a fitting hardship cultivator method and it would be fine. He'd have no trouble shifting to another once in the Transcending realm.

    After giving him a short spear and some insights on the cultivation method, Chen Ming resumed his own training on Hegemonic Immortal Sword.

    He could now use the first strike of the new art on occasions, yet unable to control it.

    Perhaps this was the reason behind the Path of Decay's evaluation.

    Cultivation was a slow trek and Chen Ming had finally made his first step in cultivating in earnest.

    He had no clue how he should be feeling about this. In truth, in his mind, it wasn't that dull, but quite fun.

    Of course, that had mostly to do with the fact he liked to slack off and he'd been doing it for oh so long. Shacking it up once in a while makes it interesting.


    (1)   Africans are black, and being black/dark-faced is considered bad luck to Chinese. An internet saying about this makes Europeans have better luck(white) while the Africans have it worse. Funny fact, tribal African chiefs had the worse luck while Europeans emperors/kings/presidents had the best. Think of how those guys washed their hands and face to get lucky with pill bottles and spoke of black faces.

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  • Chapter 445: Heavenly Dao Sanctuary

    As for talks about me liking cultivation, don't be stupid, I never did it in the first place.

    Chen Ming was pondering his most pressing matter. He trained his Hegemonic Immortal Sword and got a passing score and yet it could get even stronger. I have to fuse them flawlessly, to become one.

    Despite all talks, it was easier said than done.

    He got it now, I need to train two swords into becoming one. This is the Hegemonic Immortal Sword.

    He brought them this far and now he just had to make the fusion harmonious.

    If not for having prior knowledge of this working, he'd never believed it possible even beaten to death.

    Hardship cultivation's sword arts were used with a firm grip on the sword, as opposed to spiritual cultivation's sword art, where a flying sword was the norm. The difficulty in fusing them was high.

    Since someone trod this path, and not just one, it validated his course of actions as being plausible.

    The Path of Decay's best use was precisely this. My line of thought is valid.

    If not, the Path of Decay would've flunked me.

    Time slipped away, and Chen Ming was more earnest in fusing the swords. He began to ponder deeper notions. He was an adept of using spiritual power for Sky Splitting Sword, but that couldn't be said the same for using vitality to fuel the Matchless in Eight Feet.

    I have to merge spiritual power and vitality.

    The good news was, he had plenty of Dao Palaces.

    They were strewn everywhere inside him so, in this aspect, he wasn't lacking.

    Chen Ming was now trying to convince his heart this wasn't two but a single sword.

    Time passed as he continued his cultivation session.

    But the Galaxy had never before been so restless.

    Nr. 0 stood in his personal hall as Inevitables showed one at a time, his retainers, his first group of Inevitables since he became Relentless.

    He first looked them over through the one eye opened mask. The purpose of the mask was to show the world nothing could escape his sight, that he always had an eye on it.

    Nr. 0 said, "First order of business, I don't want any Nr. 5 Faceless to appear among you. Got it?"

    Inevitables clasped their hands, "We obey!"

    He resumed, "Second, Sacred Mountain. In this day and age, someone wants to wrestle Heavenly Dao's power. If it wasn't for my high cultivation, I would've given it a try."

    One said, "Sire Relentless, our men are out there! The four Paragons and their leader are moving as we speak!"

    Nr. 0 said, "You don't seem to understand the gravity of the Wordless Upheaval. There's no point in it if the offender doesn't try to break the limit. That punk, Wu Fu, is good, but not enough."

    Another asked, "Is there an Earth Immortal in this world who can best Wu Fu?"

    Nr. 0 chuckled, "But of course. I am that place's exiled disciple. You tell me if there aren't."

    None dared. With such outstanding renown, not even the four Domains move against Nr. 0.

    Yet the fact he was an exiled was shocking.

    Nr. 0 continued, "On a far and distant star, a temple lies, the Heavenly Dao Sanctuary. I need someone to send it a message."

    One said, "Sire Relentless, we do not fear death. We are just unsure if we can enter such a place."

    "Enter? Of course, you can't. I only want you to send my message. I recall junior brother's cultivation should prove a decent match for the offender. Go."

    Months later.

    Outside the Heavenly Dao Sanctuary stood an Inevitable with his mask of rage on his face. He never imagined this place, this weak and small star, being empty of cultivators to the point not even the Sacred Mountain showed up.

    Heavenly Dao Sanctuary was outside a remote and isolated fishing village. He didn't dare step inside, always waiting at its edge. The sun rose, basking the land in its warm glow.

    A Daoist youth came out to sweep the place.

    Inevitable couldn't even gauge his cultivation, he was nothing more than a mortal in his eyes.

    He spoke, "The Wordless Upheaval has begun."

    The youth kept to his work as if he didn't even hear him. He repeated, "The Wordless Upheaval has begun."

    The young Daoist just looked in passing and the man broke out in sweat. Yet the youth's gaze was warm as the spring breeze.

    "I know."

    Inevitable wanted to flee, not wishing to stay a second longer. Relentless couldn't have played me.

    The youth said, "Did head senior brother sent you?"

    Inevitable was lost for words. He didn't know Nr. 0's rank here and left dejected.

    The young Daoist looked around yet kept to his work until no leaves remained about.

    He descended into the fishing village. Children laughing and playing rang about but the sight of him made them take the air of scholars as they bowed, "Teacher Zi Yu."

    Zi Yu smiled with a nod, "Behave alright. Today we will learn a Confucius saying, it is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar."

    Zi Yu stood before a sand tray as he wrote on it. The courtyard entered a period of study.

    Six hours later, Zi Yu watched the inattentive children. Such behavior was normal for them. Teaching them any longer would be pointless.

    "Go out and play."

    Zi Yu walked next to the courtyard where a widow lived, Xing Hua. Zi Yu knocked on her door.

    She looked with longing at the door before opening it, "Teacher Zi Yu!"

    Her word contained joy as well as shyness.

    Zi Yu smiled, "I thought you're running low on water and since I was free, I came to help you."

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    Chapter 446: Since You Asked, You Must Have an Answer

    Xing Hua denied in a rush, "No need, no need. Teacher Zi Yu helped me so much already, rumors will spread like this."

    Zi Yu smiled, "I am a Daoist."

    Xing Hua said, "A young widow and a young Daoist together will lead to bad rumors. It won't matter for me, as my fate has run its course. On my wedding night, my husband was killed. But it will harm Teacher Zi Yu."

    Zi Yu didn't speak, carrying the bucket to the well.

    Two hours later, Zi Yu filled the water jar, as he himself was dripping water from his forehead.

    Xing Hua came to him and was gentle in wiping the sweat.

    Zi Yu didn't find it improper as he waited for her to finish, "The hour is late. Little Daoist shall take his leave."

    Xing Hua said, "You carried all that water, take a drink before you go."

    Zi Yu left nonetheless, "I need to leave. Master won't like it if I return late."

    Zi Yu was on his road to the temple. His first thought wasn't to report the Wordless Upheaval to his Master, it just wasn't important. Not as important as teaching children and carrying water at least.

    Once back, he prepared the Master's meal and called him.

    The Master was quiet and wizen old Daoist.

    The old Daoist and Zi Yu ate together when the later said, "Master, a masked man came today to say the Wordless Upheaval has begun."

    Old Daoist considered, "Did you carry water for widow Xing Hua?"


    "Good, it is now clear your heart is at peace. You should know why we are cut off from the world."

    "Only this will lead us closer to the Dao. Head senior brother just couldn't bear the loneliness so he returned to the Galaxy."

    "Today's dishes aren't to my liking. Remember to bring a fish tomorrow. "

    "Yes, Master."

    The day passed like always and Zi Yu brought a fish when he returned the second day, bringing much joy to his Master.

    Neither mentioned the Wordless Upheaval.

    Three years later, the master and disciple sat in the temple, "Tomorrow, you shall go see the offender."

    Zi Yu said, "Is there anything worth seeing?"

    "You'll have to see him sooner or later. Some yearn for Heavenly Dao's power while we, serve it."

    "Then I shall be thorough."

    Old Daoist  bowed towards the Heaven, "Heavenly Dao never dies, the Dao is everlasting."

    Zi Yu followed his example as he repeated the words.

    The youth left the mountain while the old Daoist closed the gates.

    A month later, Yan Mountain branch.

    Zhuo Qingyao was comprehending the sword in front of Ember when a clamor came from bellow, "Silver Wing, come."

    He swiftly landed and asked, "Head Sect Leader, what are your orders?"

    "What's happening down there, why all the ruckus?"

    "A Daoist, a mortal, wants us to take him on the Sacred Mountain."

    Zhuo Qingyao knitted her eyebrows, when an idea came to her, "Bring him over."

    A foreign voice came behind her a moment later, "Little Daoist Zi Yu greets Yan Mountain's Head Sect Leader."

    Zhuo Qingyao only saw a mortal Daoist.

    She asked, curious, "Why is a mortal venturing for Sacred Mountain? There are many immortals there, very dangerous."

    "Few are there who can grasp the wind's course. And with the Wordless Upheaval upon us, it'll be even harder. Clues are there in regards to it and I wish to see them."

    "Let me ask you something."

    "Head Sect Leader shouldn't as a mortal such as I. I do not understand the cultivation world. You shouldn't ask an outsider when Yan Mountain is filled with Head Sect Leader's people, your kin. They have the best answers."

    "I do not want the best answer. Because you're a stranger, looking in from outside, you see it clearer. Even more so since you're a mortal."

    "Then please ask, Head Sect Leader."

    "My Master is in grave danger and I wish to go to him and help, yet he told me not to leave the mountain. What should I do?"

    "As Head Sect Leader asked such question, you must have an answer by now, or you would never have asked.

    "Head Sect Leader, follow the answer in your heart."

    Zhuo Qingyao nodded with joy, "I see. If Master dies this time, the order is invalid. I'm not even leaving the mountain and instead, going higher, climbing the Sacred Mountain."

    "Now that Head Sect Leader grasped the answer of her heart, little Daoist shall take his leave."

    "Since you want to go, let me warn you. The Sacred Mountain is fraught with danger."

    "I'm only going to understand the situation. Life and death are foreordained by Heaven. If I die, young Daoist is following Heaven's Will. If Heaven allows it, my life shall continue."

    Zhuo Qingyao watched him with confusion, "I just can't understand a mortal's thinking, and you are a strange one even among them.

    "As you've helped, freeing me of the weight of disobeying Master in my heart, I will take you. But, in matters of life and death, I do not dare make promises. This is your decision and is not related to me."

    Zi Yu was happy as he bowed, "Thank you, Head Sect Leader."

    "I'll be right back."

    "Please do, Head Sect Leader."

    Zhuo Qingyao entered her courtyard and wore a bamboo hat and a thick black cloak. Certain Chen Ming wouldn't notice her, she waved for Ember to enter a sword box and strap it to her back.

    She said, "Let's go. One step is enough to get us there."

    Zhuo Qingyao grabbed his shoulder and leaped. With her immense power at work, one jump brought them on the Sacred Mountain, "We can't use immortal beasts. Come, we're walking."

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  • Finnaly head senior sister take a stroll walk
  • Chapter 447: Myself Is Chen Ming, Please Advise

    Path of Decay.

    Chen Ming gripped Nine Year Cicada in one hand and closed his eyes. Luo Muye stood outside the stone room with a short spear on his back and munched on mutton.

    "What's Master doing?"

    He'd been at this for nine days. Luo Muye had no choice but to eat his Master's meal.

    It was then when Chen Ming's eyes shot open, Nine Year Cicada trailed the air, and slammed into the wooden puppet. He sheathed the blade as the pupped leaned on one side, cut in two.

    On the wall, a new score was written, complete.

    Chen Ming didn't even need to launch the second strike. He knew he succeeded. It was an odd feeling, something that gripped him the moment the blade left the scabbard.

    This was a first for him, as all other magical arts he learned before were through direct comprehension.

    En, this feeling is quite peachy. I can get addicted to this.

    Through years of hard work, the result presented itself. His efforts weren't in vain.

    He knew now that his perception wasn't lacking. A long time ago it was close to nothing, but after cultivating 3,000 Daos he felt it reach higher than ever. There was another reason, the fact he had increased affinity towards the Daos and also looking at things from a new perspective compared to others. 3,000 Daos laid withing his being and his eyes could pierce deeper into the intricacies around him.

    Added to that Heart Enlightenment Fruit's effect, this six-year undertaking had achieved fruition in the shape of a complete Hegemonic Immortal Sword.

    Chen Ming's power was now at his true peak. There was nothing left to improve.

    Time to pass the tribulation.

    Life or death, soon all shall be made clear.

    Chen Ming turned to Luo Muye. He didn't teach him a cultivation method, only a spear art. The system lady hadn't opened the sixth disciple spot.

    If Luo Muye went up in realms, he'd get nothing.

    Moreover, he was still young, even after all these years passed, he was only ten.

    Chen Ming smiled, "Master is going on a trip, be good and wait for me."

    Luo Muye nodded, "Yes, Master."

    Chen Ming left a few scriptures suitable to him and Yan Mountain's Sixth Sect Leader's crest, "If I don't come back in a year, train in this cultivation method and take the crest to the Three-headed Dragon Constellation under Heavenly Court's jurisdiction and find a place called Yan Mountain. Your seniors will be there to help you."

    Luo Muye said, "Master, is this your last will?"

    Chen Ming laughed, "As if! Your Master won't die so easily."

    "But Master, this is just like a last will."

    "I'm not dead yet and I forbid you from crying. Do it after I'm gone!"

    Luo Muye lowered hi head.

    Chen Ming gave Luo Muye another look, Untold Tribulation is it? Mortal Tribulation is it? Your long-awaited calls for the grand boss to make his entrance will be answered. I have entered the stage!

    Chen Ming flew on Sacred Mountain and walked through the entrance.

    Luo Muye watched him with resolve, "I cannot cry, Master isn't dead. I must laugh, laugh hard, ha-ha-ha!"

    Many rumors roamed the Galaxy. For example, regarding the mystical and all-powerful Star Dragon Crown Prince who vanished many years ago.

    "Is Star Dragon Crown Prince afraid? That's why he never appeared?"

    "Can't be. Ninth Crown Prince isn't even his match."

    "What is going on with that offender? It's been so long yet he never showed his face."

    Today was the day Star Dragon Crown Prince re-entered Sacred Mountain.

    Fiends were shaken and Bey Junwu watched with surprise to find Chen Ming there, "That blade looks familiar."

    Daoist Qing sat next to him. He used his close connection with Star Dragon Crown Prince to reach the top, "Humph, His Highness is unmatched in power. He never cowed!"

    Bey Junwu's eyes trembled, "That's the fiend blade Veiled Water!"

    Qing Long was puzzled, "What's that?"

    "Damn it! How did the Hidden Emperor get his hands on it?"

    Qing Long was stupefied, "What fiend blade? Aren't we all fiends? For Hidden Emperor to carry a fiend blade, it couldn't be more fitting!"

    Bey Junwu shot to his feet as he roared, "Heavens! This is a disaster!"

    Qing Long was left in the dark, "What disaster? Speak clearly!"

    In the Heavenly Dao Sanctuary, the old Daoist laughed, "The Untold Tribulation begins."

    Chen Ming gazed forward. His thinking was simple, insta-kill a genius and let deterrence do the rest.

    He didn't feel like concealing his identity by relying on Star Dragon Crown Prince's status to reach the Sky-crossing Bridge. This would make the others think his power wasn't adequate. And since he hid his identity, everyone would be upon him like wolves.

    No, no, no, this was not what Chen Ming wanted. When a grand boss entered the stage he was dauntless, unshaken, resolute. He wanted to tell everyone, Chen Ming was here to pass the tribulation.

    As for his Blades, they knew who he was a long time ago. Nothing was holding him back now.

    Chen Ming stood at the entrance as he shouted, "I, Yan Mountain Mountain Lord, Chen Ming, came to pass the tribulation!"

    All eyes whisked on him, "Is Star Dragon Crown Prince out of his mind?"

    "He's the offender?"

    "Nah, he must've gone crazy."

    The sky above the Sacred Mountain turned blood-red, as red began pouring down on the world.

    Everything changed, all was beyond normal. It was a clear sign the offender was here.

    The Sacred Mountain was dyed in shades of red, filled with killing intent.

    The Earth Immortals watched Chen Ming, "It's him! He's the offender! He's no Star Dragon Crown Prince, he's Yan Mountain Mountain Lord, Chen Ming!"

    "Kill him!"

    "Tell the geniuses!"

    "Star Dragon Crown Prince is the offender, no, he's no Star Dragon, he is Yan Mountain Mountain Lord, Chen Ming!"

    "Get all geniuses here to kill him!"

    Chen Ming observed the commotion, "Oh, since the tribulation started, then I shall see who in this world can take me."

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  • Chapter 448: Chen Ming's Disciples

    Wan Baqian was haggling with a customer when the sky turned to blood. His instinct told him something was coming, "Master is here. The Wordless Upheaval has descended."

    Wan Baqian waved, "No deal, we're closed for today. "

    He looked at the shop across from him closing its doors. Chen Ling'er hurried over, "Master is about to begin his tribulation. Get ready."

    Wan Baqian rushed outside the tavern behind his courtyard. With the street stretching for ten li and only taverns on each side, Wan Baqian stood in the middle of it as he jerked a little bell.

    Earth Immortals poured into the streets, and all wore black. It was a clear proof of who they are, not from the four Domains, and neither from the Crownless Assembly.

    On this rare occasion, Wan Baqian wore an armor, "Set out!"

    He rode the immortal crane his second senior brother gifted him as the hundred thousand Earth Immortals swarmed behind.

    Having raised a hundred thousand immortal beasts, Wan Baqian could do the same with Earth Immortals.

    Before the Sky-crossing Bridge, the four Domains' geniuses glared in fury at one person only. Ninth snapped, "Yan Shengxiao, you have some explaining to do!"

    "It wasn't me who decided his identity. It has nothing to do with me. At worst, we just need to kill him. You're telling me you're scared?"

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince barked, "Enough! All that matters is that we kill Chen Ming."

    Void's Crown Prince interjected, "What of Crownless Assembly's men?"

    Jin Xiangyu said, "Who knows what they're hatching."

    Ninth added, "We need to assemble the troops and end him!"

    Void's Crown Prince said, "It will only work to weaken him. This place must not be left unguarded. You understand, don't you, to people with our power, any amount of Earth Immortals won't do a thing."

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince said, "Here's how we do this. Ninth Crown Prince, you will lead your troops and surround Chen Ming. The offender is here and our four Domains must move also. Chen Ming will have no way of going through this world's Earth Immortals. Even if we have to wring him, well make sure to squeeze the life out of him!"

    Yan Mountain.

    Li Suyi and Ling Xian exchanged a glance, "Master has started."

    Li Suyi said, "We must stop the four Great Immortal Domains' forces from gathering!"

    "We've prepared for this. From this point on, it is war. As the instigators of one, we prepared it."

    "It is ready and all that's left is to move it."

    3,600 disciples and a hundred thousand immortal beasts stood before them. They've planned this for a while now, as glints flashed from the spiritual metal on the beasts.

    Ling Xian raised his arm and shouted, "They want to kill our Master. So tell me, what is our answer?"

    Roars burst in unison, "Kill them!"

    Ling Xian laughed, "Good, with Master away and head senior sister in seclusion, I have the final say on Yan Mountain. Yan Mountain Lords, to war!"

    The beast horde took to the sky and straight for the Sacred Mountain. Ling Xian was leading the charge and everywhere he looked saw more and more Earth Immortals entering. He responded with Conquering Immortals Art. The Arsenal Kingdom flew from his hand and left only broken corpses in his wake.

    Li Suyi led his own team of Lords and commanded, "Deploy the city!"

    They got one ready years ago and only needed to move it. With 600 tool refiners, building a city in three years was nothing.

    The Yan Mountain Lords set to work at the entrance. Walls sprung up and a city took shape.

    Ling Xian stood a distance from the entrance, moving his hand without stop and killing each new Earth Immortal.

    Li Suyi said, "Second senior brother, I'll leave this to you. Junior brother will go and help Master."

    "Go. With me here not even an army shall pass."

    Chen Ming laughed at the incoming swarm of Earth Immortals. Stars glittered on his back and deployed his array. None but peak Earth Immortals could withstand the dreadful pressure. The rest were dust.

    3,000 stars took the shape of a dragon and carried Chen Ming towards the Sky-crossing Bridge.

    It was now when an army came into view, with Ninth in the lead. He griped his Golden Crow Spear and faced him, "Chen Ming, I never would've thought it'd be you!"

    Chen Ming chuckled, "Does it matter in this late hour?"

    "You shouldn't have yearned for Heavenly Dao's power!"

    Chen Ming was blunt, "I didn't really. Yet in a bizarre twist of circumstances, I trained the Limitless Dao Body. I didn't foresee this!"

    "Your death is the only way to settle this war. Show me what an offender is made of, show me what gives you the right to challenge the world's Earth Immortals!"

    Chen Ming's hand landed on Nine Year Cicada, "You will all know."

    His eyes throbbed with killing intent. King Slayer Aura lvl 3 activated.

    Chen Ming saw the red dot on Ninth's body moved to his head. Quite smart to change positions, yet futile. Don't think Immortal Master Chen's eye for slaughter won't find it just 'cause you shifted it.

    Chen Ming drove the Star Dragon towards Ninth. The prince said, "Fire! Shoot him down!"

    The rain of arrows blotted out the sky and knocked into the Allheaven Stellar Array.

    Chen Ming dispelled the array since the drain on spiritual power wasn't something even he could sustain for long. He followed with the Eight Dragon-ascending Steps.

    One step brought him before Ninth. With a firm grip on Nine Year Cicada, he let loose.

    Ninth once fought him and new of his skills. The Blazing Sun rose from his body casting a bright light as he met him with his spear.


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  • Chapter 449: Chop!

    Hegemonic Immortal Sword and fourfold speed!

    With uncanny speed, the blade flung the spear down yonder while also drawing blood from Ninth Crown Prince's mouth.

    In the instant he evaded the blow, the saber punched through Ninth's stomach and forced the Nirvana's fire to scatter.

    Ninth raged, "Impossible!"

    Yet Chen Ming chose to stop, turn around and wielded the blade two-handed, "The grim reaper has come."

    He slashed down angle, and Ninth's head fell from up above. Chen Ming was swift to trample it in mid-roll, turning it into a gory mess.

    "Ding! You killed Ninth Crown Prince. Reward: one million spiritual knowledge, 0.1 million fame."

    I say, Ninth is worthy quite the pretty penny.

    Three hits reaped a life.

    Heavenly Court's Ninth Crown Prince had fallen.

    Chen Ming waved Nine Year Cicada in a flourish, "Anyone else?"

    The Earth Immortals' hearts were in fear's grip, yet still charged, "With Ninth Crown Prince dead, we have to kill him. If we don't, the Heavenly Court will end us!"

    Waves upon waves assaulted Chen Ming with all kinds of weapons.

    He cursed, "Dammit! This wasn't in the script! I forgot about this trap. Even if I killed Ninth and cowered them, it also worked to push them over their fear. Such blunder!"

    He attacked relying only on Nine Year Cicada's speed and his body. He couldn't suffer to waste spiritual power now.

    Chen Ming's blade moved to and fro, felling an Earth Immortal at each swing.

    This insane saber art boosted his speed to unseen heights. Though these fools couldn't hurt him, he'd had to keep this up for a month if he wanted to kill his way through!

    He had to clear a path. Charging left and rushing right, Chen Ming hacked them again and again.

    However, once he downed a hundred or so, another batch jumped him. Chen Ming's slaughter never ceased as he was thinking. The four Domains and Crownless Assembly must know by now of my presence. Even if I am strong, if they keep sending fodder, I'll be wrung dry!

    "Blast it!"

    It's not like I can stop killing either. At the time of my tribulation, tens of thousands of them will shoot me full of arrows. Who could survive that?

    The Mortal Tribulation unveiled it's savage side, leaving no escape for Chen Ming.

    He kept this pace for a while until he heard a shout, "Yan Mountain Fifth Sect Leader, Wan Baqian, is here. Who dares harm my Master!"

    Chen Ming whipped his head to see Wan Baqian leading a hundred thousand Earth Immortals on a killing spree.

    The armies clashed and magical arts flew. Chen Ming was happy, What's going on? Why is Wan Baqian here, and when did he get a hundred thousand Earth Immortals?

    Not seeing them for years, now I find my disciples are all grown up!

    Hundreds of thousands of immortals fought in a bitter battle. Chen Ming hacked those in front and saw Wan Baqian leading the cavalry to the rescue.

    After ending a few dozens more, Wan Baqian reached him, "Master, second senior brother sealed the entrance. Hurry to your tribulation and leave this to me. Don't spend your spiritual power here!"

    Chen Ming regarded his disciple. This Wordless Upheaval was for him alone and he needed to finish it fast if he wanted to lessen the casualties of his disciples. Once he passed it, the Sacred Mountain would disappear.

    Wan Baqian prompted, "Deserter, get your team and take Master out of here!"

    The deserter rushed in front of Chen Ming and roared. "Brothers, the payment is made and the time has come to deliver!"

    He ordered his men to help Chen Ming get through this and towards Sky-crossing Bridge.

    The explosion of events on Sacred Mountain startled the world. They saw for themselves how dreadful it was up there, "The offender is Star Dragon Crown Prince!"

    "What Star Dragon, he's Yan Mountain Mountain Lord, Chen Ming!"

    "Ninth Crown Prince and Chen Ming are fighting!"

    "What! I thought I saw Ninth Crown Prince falling!"

    "Three hits! Just three and Ninth Crown Prince is dead!"

    "Why is he so strong?"

    Heavenly Court.

    The Emperor descended on the throne like a divine light from above in, "Who can tell me what's going on? Why the abrupt court assembly?"

    A prince said, "Emperor, please restrain your grief."

    The Emperor slapped the throne, smashing it into a corner, "What the hell happened?"  

    Rage billowed. He didn't want to hear 'restrain your grief'. Another prince said, "It's the offender, he killed Ninth Crown Prince."

    The Emperor barked, "Impossible! Little nine is connected with our Tree of Martyrs. His soul should return to Heavenly Court if he fell!"

    "The offender calls himself Yan Mountain Mountain Lord. He wields cicada's fiend blade, Veiled Water."

    He gasped in shock, "I should have known. A race who once held the power to face the four seas and dominated everything, fell and now it wants to return? Send down my order. Spare no expense in gathering all Earth Immortals to go after him. I want his life!"

    "If we mobilize them all, it will leave us open for the other Domains and Crownless Assembly!"

    The Emperor snapped, "They know what cicada means, what that fiend blade stands for. For cicada and Wordless Upheaval to appear on one person can only mean one thing, disaster.

    "Don't forget, Void's Crown Prince, Moon Palace's Crown Prince, Jade Lake's head princess as well as Crownless Assembly's four Paragons are all on Sacred Mountain.

    "They will do the same as us!"

    The death of Ninth Crown Prince shook Heavenly Court and struck fear in the other Domains, as well as Crownless Assembly.

    Jade Lake.

    Princes were rushing to Jiu Qiansui's residence.

    They found Jiu Qiansui with his back turned beneath a peach tree, "Head princess can't die, but the offender must. Do you understand?"

    They bowed, "We obey!"

    As soon as they left, an order was given, "All Earth Immortals are to take Sacred Mountain by the storm. We must protect head princess. The offender must die!"

    "Spare no expense! We must rescue head princess and kill the offender!"

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  • Chapter 450: Crownless Assembly Doesn't Like Rules


    Abyss Flower buds bloomed without end and Void's Emperor echoed, "Kill the offender."

    The entire Void mobilized. The offender's power defied common sense. Now that he killed Ninth Crown Prince, Chen Ming told the world he had the power to end the other geniuses. That he wanted to seize Heavenly Dao's authority.

    Moon Palace.

    Moonlight fell and each ray revealed an Earth Immortal, "We will save Crown Prince and end the offender."

    A voice came from above the Moon Laurel, "Go."

    Crownless Assembly's Supreme Gathering.

    Relentless appeared in the grand hall, while the seat of honor had yet to receive the almighty Crownless.

    The Relentless looked at each other and Nr. 0 smiled, "It seems the Crownless has no intention of participating. We have free reign in dealing with this matter."

    One said, "Shouldn't we do whatever we like?"

    Another added, "For instance, capture some stars."

    Nr. 0 replied, "Even in this scenario, if the offender doesn't perish, a time will come when we will see him among us, in this Supreme Gathering."

    They all laughed, "The entrance is guarded by Yan Mountain. No matter how many Earth Immortals are there, if the entrance gets too crowded, there can be no fighting. If they can't spread out, the four Domains will have their hands tied."

    "Wu Fu left seclusion and adding the four Paragons, it is enough to kill this offender."

    Nr. 0 smiled, "On the off chance they can't, I asked help, help from Heavenly Dao Sanctuary."

    The Relentless were overjoyed at that, "Heavenly Dao Sanctuary! The offender is as good as dead. Everyone, the four Domains are defenseless, let's get to work."

    Men such as they knew of the Heavenly Dao Sanctuary's existence.

    "This is a banquet, a bloody and morbid banquet. The world is entering a new age."

    Nr. 0 toasted, "Here's to a long life!"

    The others followed him, "Here's to the glorious dead!"

    And all shouted, "And here's to me!"

    Crownless Assembly never did anything by the book!

    Another war was erupting. A more brutal and bloody war than the first.

    You all vie for your orthodox Heavenly Dao and we vie for our world!

    Devil Gate Star's hall.

    The four Blades were gathered. Bu Liuhen began, "All paths to immortality are sealed an no one outside this constellation knows of Yan Mountain."

    Lu Qingxuan added, "Clean up the rebels. Nothing must go wrong. If words get out of Yan Mountain, it will be dire."

    Duan Shou smiled, "Swift acting will deal with this."

    Yang Hun laughed, "Let's do it. With nothing getting in or out of the Three-headed Dragon Constellation, any who dares contact the four Domains shall die!"

    Armies marched out of the Devil Gate Star and the Three-headed Dragon Constellation's cultivators felt a weight bearing down on them like never before.

    Faceless' Blades came out in full force to subdue everyone. Either submit or die.

    The black army of the Faceless donned their masks and trampled their way through every rebel star, running them with blood.

    Sacred Mountain's entrance.

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince watched the metropolis. This move wasn't their style. It dawned him, "I underestimated them. They planned to make the Wordless Upheaval into a war all along."

    He looked ahead, "Do they think a few immortal beasts are enough to stop me?"

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince flew above the city wall and saw a white-clothed fellow grinning at him, "Yan Mountain's Second Sect Leader, Ling Xian. Greetings!"

    The Crown Prince's eyes flashed, "You're the aberrant."


    "It wasn't hard to guess. Your body gives off that wretched energy, that of a forbidden cultivation method.

    "You are probably thinking of stopping me. You won't be able to contain the four Great Immortal Domains' ire."

    "The offender is Yan Mountain Mountain Lord and I am Yan Mountain's Second Sect Leader. You tell me of our connection."

    "You're Master-disciple.

    "The only choice is war then."

    The master-disciple relationship was the most sacred among cultivators. The only way for them to fight was if it was among fellow disciples.

    Yet all of them worshiped and loved their Master.

    No relationship was stronger than that of a master and his disciples in the cultivation world.

    A Master once, a Master for life.

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince saw the armies of the four Domain cramming at the entrance yet only one could go through at a time. Meeting them were the enemy's hundred thousand immortal beasts posed as guards.

    A few hundred could enter at most yet the next second they'd be swamped in immortal beasts. If the metropolis stood, no backup would come.

    The beasts above the metropolis followed the Lords' orders breathing fire and ice upon intruders until nothing but pieces remained.

    Ling Xian smiled, "You must be Moon Palace's Crown Prince. The ones outside say you're among the strongest of your generation."

    "It's no rumor, but fact."

    Ling Xian dismissed it with a wave, "I don't believe it. Master once said there's nothing great about me, hardly with talent. Yet I still think I can best you, even if hard pressed."

    "Empty words! You think your forbidden cultivation method allows you to rampage unchecked?"

    Ling Xian gave a curt nod, "Precisely. If not for my strong cultivation method and magical art, why else would you want to kill me?"

    Frost came from between Crown Prince's eyebrows as if he gleamed like ice crystals, "Now that we dismissed the pleasantries. Let us see who is right."

    Ling Xian rose as the spiritual energy in hundred lis boiled, converging on him. With his breakthrough his control expanded, covering a wider area. If this was an average star, he would've sucked it dry by now!

    As spiritual energy vanished in the area, other places started to thin out as well, as the spiritual energy stormed to fill the gap. The entire Sacred Mountain was aboil.

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  • Chapter 451: Moon Nation

    Ling Xian chuckled, "Last time there were too many of you. This time's the same, however, I won't flee again."

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince seemed covered in dazzling crystals as the moonlight spilled out of him, "I lowered my realm, all to kill him. And you will die before your Master."

    Ling Xian's palm shook and the bluish Arsenal Kingdom aimed for Crown Prince!

    This is a battle and Master said that in a battle, one must eliminate his opponent swiftly!

    That was why he used his strongest move.

    Crown Prince's eyes flashed as he roared, "I am wherever the moon shines, Moon Step!"

    He entered a ray of moonlight and appeared into another.

    The weapons hit nothing but air, "That move used all of your spiritual power, are you an idiot?"

    Ling Xian guffawed, "So you have no idea of Dao Canon's traits. My immortal power has no limit!"

    He launched the Arsenal Kingdom again.

    Crown Prince's eyes showed shock, "I see now why it's forbidden. It's diabolical!"

    He now saw how frightening Ling Xian was. With endless spiritual power, he could launch Conquering Immortals Art again and again and again!

    It meant nothing if all these killing moves hit nothing, but in the off chance it did, the damage would be severe.

    This is gonna be a problem.

    Cold spread from Crown Prince and froze everything around as he released a frigid air to nip even bones and turning the ice into statues.

    One of the ten grand immortal arts, Moon Nation.

    Crown Prince shifted around unseen in the Moon Nation, bidding his time for the chance at victory.

    Ling Xian saw the frigid ice statue drawing near, yet countless weapons poured down on them, leaving pieces of ice.

    These statues were as strong as peak Earth Immortals, but he was Ling Xian and were rendered useless before him, "Glamorous yet empty. See how I break them apart!"

    Ling Xian punched in this ice world sending ice fragments flying all over the place.

    Crown Prince's voice was faint, "Withing Moon Nation, the home of the dead, as the Moon keep shining, the dead know no end!"

    Ling Xian struck left and right with extreme ferocity, leaving no ice untouched.

    To others, the frigid statues would leave them stumped, yet it posed no obstacle to Ling Xian. Each attack held all his spiritual power and unleashed a flurry of blows on them.

    It was now that Crown Prince showed himself behind one statue and sent a palm strike towards Ling Xian.

    The hit staggered him, spatting blood a few times, and each time it turned to ice.

    This is the power of cold?

    Ling Xian let out a cold breath and studied the statues. The other didn't rely on them to kill him. The opponent used the true killing move!

    His style somewhat resembles Master's, yet not nearly as strong.

    Ling Xian regarded the rest of the statues, Only three left and after that, I'll deal with that pesky Crown Prince!

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince entered the snow and vanished from sight.

    Ling Xian punched the first statue and soon the last two followed it in pieces.

    "Now let's see where you can hide."

    Crown Prince's voice traveled tp his ear, "You think this is over?"

    Ling Xian watched the ice splitting and more ice statues rose, twice as many as before!

    The hell is going on?

    What is this Moon Nation based on?

    Ling Xian crushed another statue and his perfect control of spiritual energy and immortal power showed him the inconsistency. The Moon Nation absorbs my immortal power to form new statues!

    So that's how it is, he-he. Only death awaits those who dare think they control spiritual energy and immortal power in the presence of Dao Canon!

    My control is flawless!

    Ling Xian trembled and worked his Dao Canon at full speed. The statues around felt how power exploded from his body.

    They crumbled and turned in immortal power rotating around him. Crown Prince was wide-eyed, "Dao Canon is such a marvel. It can even break Moon Nation!"

    The statues pooped one by one and added to the immortal power around him. He didn't absorb any or he'd be next to pop.

    Ling Xian focused the immortal power to turn faster and released it in waves around him, shattering any remaining statues!

    Moon Nation collapsed!

    Even Moon Nation was unable to handle such an amount of immortal power!

    Ling Xian looked at each piece of ice then closed his eyes. He began to feel out his surroundings. He could control a star, but not Sacred Mountain. Yet handling a small part wasn't hard for him.

    Ling Xian flashed his eyes open and cackled, "Found you!"

    He turned and blew the area with the might of Arsenal Kingdom!

    The blueish weapons formed a grinding metal river that swept his target.

    Even Crown Prince didn't expect to be found so fast. Ice crumbled like glass under the onslaught of weapons and moved like a dragon right for him. Crown Prince blew out of it as it struck.

    His mouth was bleeding.

    Ling Xian used this time to charge with a roar, "Hand chop!"

    He could release endless amounts of weapons with his palm, so of course he could turn it into one!

    Immortal power focused on the palm's edge turning into a veritable saber and came right at Crown Prince. The later released a moon, who shined on the land and protected everything in its range.

    "Moon Shield!"

    The hand chop made contact with it and the shield distorted.

    Ling Xian pointed with his right, "Spear finger!"

    A bluish illusory spear flew right through the Moon Shield, destroying it.

    Ling Xian roared again, "Hammer fist!"

    His left fist boomed and a vague bluish hammer enveloped his hand. Moon Palace's Crown Prince blocked with his hands. But the explosive impact sent him flying for three li and formed a crater as he barreled into the ground.

    His voice came a moment later from the hole, "You're strong, but this is far from over!"

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  • Chapter 452 A Wacky Battle

    Ling Xian saw him wipe the blood and formed two ice spears, sending one at Ling Xian!

    Ling Xian's eyes twitched, No way! Why do I feel this guy is a bit slow on the uptake.

    Simply mind-boggling. He knows of my control of immortal power and spiritual energy yet still uses magical arts?

    He heard Crown Prince's defiant roar, "I just won't believe you can control all immortal power!"

    Ling Xian waved and one ice spear shattered as he tampered with its immortal power.

    Ling Xian punched and Crown Prince coughed blood.

    Despite clear proof, he still wanted to fight Ling Xian.

    A moon rose above Crown Prince and a trail of snow traveled in his arm and formed into a spear. A spiritual cultivator had close to no advantage against Ling Xian.

    Crown Prince spoke, "Bellow the moon, my power doubles. My body is now stronger than ever. At this moment, I have the hardship cultivation to kill you! Humph, as long as the moon in my body is intact, you won't be able to break the one above. Your defeat is certain!"

    Ling Xian was taken aback, Oh, so your moon can be broken!

    Come on! Why the hell are you giving a rundown of your skill to your opponent? You even went as far as to point out your weakness. You're messed up!

    Did the fear of not dying get to him so he gave me clear instructions on how to kill him?

    Ling Xian was stumped, taking a moment to think if this was all a trick, if he did it on purpose for him to strike the moon inside his body. I'll just have to try and see.

    Ling Xian's senses were sharp in regards to immortal power and spiritual energy and felt the heavy immortal power fluctuations in Crown Prince's right arm.

    Ling Xian charged him with the Arsenal Kingdom.

    They exchanged three blows and Ling Xian made Crown Prince reel each time yet blood dripped from his punch.

    I say, if the moon doesn't break, Moon Palace's Crown Prince won't fall.

    Crown Prince followed up and attacked him yet, in mid-stride, he slipped on his own ice and face-slide across!

    Ling Xian was stunned, "Huh, why did he slip just now?"

    Is he baiting me?

    But Ling Xian didn't know Lady Luck lifter her skirt for him.

    Ling Xian was beyond focused, waiting in patience for Crown Prince's sneak attack.

    Crown Prince stood up with a bloody nose and battered face. Even he was caught off guard by what was happening. How! This never happened before in my entire life!

    Waiting for him to crawl his way up, Ling Xian lost a golden opportunity.

    Ling Xian's approach was to hit Crown Prince's right hand and break the moon.

    By a twist of circumstances, their fight battered the city walls and they began to collapse. By sheer coincidence, it caught Crown Prince off guard and smacked him right in the head!

    Ling Xian laughed, "Now!"

    He charged, ready to punch Crown Prince's arm as he struggled to make his way out of the rubble

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince's right hand broke on the spot.

    The moon above flitted away and Crown Prince once again crawled his way out of the broken stones. Why is this battle so damn weird!

    "As expected of a forbidden cultivation method. It is my loss today! My condition won't improve anytime soon, but I won't give you the chance to kill me!"

    Crown Prince flew for over a thousand li when it hit him, "No way! Why did I just tell him that?"

    Ling Xian stared at him, Did I win?

    It's a wee bit perplexing!

    Ling Xian turned to his bleeding fist. Crown Prince's hardship cultivation reached was incredible once the moon was out, he had the Moon body after all. I'm still not his match, but in the end, something marvelous happened.

    Well never mind, I need to stand guard.

    He flew above the city wall and ordered, "Junior brother Zhang Ming, make haste and repair the wall. I'm meeting them head-on."

    Ling Xian flew at the Sacred Mountain's entrance.

    Zhang Ming and other Lords followed him with their eyes, "Humph, not even Moon Palace's Crown Prince amounts to anything before second senior brother!"

    "Yan Mountain is invincible!"

    "The four Great Immortal Domains are nothing!"

    News of this victory spread and more and more eyes in the Galaxy started paying attention to this war, "Just how far does Yan Mountain's strength go? And how strong is its Sect Leader?"

    "Not even Moon Palace's Crown Prince could best him!"

    "He is the Mountain Lord's second disciple. If his second disciple can win against Moon Palace's Crown' then how high did his Master rose?"

    "In any case, he killed Ninth Crown Prince, a genius, in three strikes!"

    "Where did this strange Yan Mountain come from?"

    "Can Yan Mountain alone hold the power to push back all Domains' geniuses?"

    Chen Ming hacked an Earth Immortal in two. He refrained from using spiritual power. It was enough to become these people's nightmare based on Nine Year Cicada's speed and his body power.

    Three flying swords came from the side and he stomped. He evaded the swords and the jump launched him in the middle of a crowd. He slashed and Nine Year Cicada trailed three attacks.

    With his insane speed, it made him invincible among Earth Immortals. Hacking left and chopping right, he ended a life with each strike.

    He stormed among the horde of Earth Immortals and forced his way out. It was at this time that the sky began to darken.

    He was facing three carriages that made their way over. Jin Xiangyu came out, "Yan Mountain Mountain Lord, I might not know from where you come from, but your path ends here."

    Chen Ming smiled, "Leave, I do not hit women."

    Jin Xiangyu smiled, holding a lotus. It bloomed and marked the descend of a fairy, "As it happens, I hit men."

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