Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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  • Chapter 437: River of Time

    On Yan Mountain, Zhuo Qingyao ruled with an iron fist. Yet those eligible to match her in power wasn't Ling Xian, nor Li Suyi, but Chen Yu.

    Chen Yu understood slaughter and this, in turn, made her talent shoot up. The times the two fought was far and few in between. Chen Yu had a hard time holding back, but even in such cases, Zhuo Qingyao would win hands down. If it were a matter of deathmatches, the outcome would be different.

    Chen Lingyu had two auras on her, Heavenly Pill Heart and Slaughtering Asura. But what incited true horror was their lvl 6.

    This was the highest Chen Ming had ever seen to date.

    Chen Ling'er had the Heavenly Pill Heart and Chen Yu the Slaughtering Asura.

    Never could the two be active at the same one.

    No Yan Mountain resident would treat Chen Lingyu as a fighting power. Even Chen Ming let her have the safest position of all. Chen Lingyu had a deadly weakness. In daytime, she could beat the most average of Earth Immortals, at best... uh, while relying on pills, to be honest.

    Not all alchemists were called Chen Ming.

    Yan Shengxiao focused on her opponent with all her senses. She didn't unwind for even a second.

    The cultivator across from her had gone so far on the path of slaughter it became an instinct.

    Their moves were ruthless and vicious, one slip and her fate was sealed.

    Chen Yu walked with a smile, "I tread the border of life and death. Just as I can save a life, I can also take it!"

    Chen Yu launched thirteen needles so fast, there weren't even afterimages.

    The thick power of death stuck to them and turned 'em black in an instant.

    The crowd watched Yan Shengxiao waving her sword again and again as if she drew a dragon image. One by one, seven needles fell and it was now when Chen Yu smiled. The 14th needle!

    A fine and delicate needle left her fingers.

    When all 13 needles touched the ground, Yan Shengxiao looked to see one piercing her flank.

    She spat blood and watched Chen Yu in horror. Yet she wasn't there, only her voice floated among the void, "This shall be your lesson. I enjoy peace, and definitely hate house calls."

    Long Qiao rushed with concern for Yan Shengxiao's safety, "Fairy, you're hurt."

    She rolled her eyes and slapped him into the air, "Screw off!"

    With the battle over, Jin Xiangyu found it incredulous the Galaxy had such a genius. They were all in the dark such a person even existed.

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince sighed, "Wordless Upheaval is here and the Galaxy shifts like never before."

    Ninth said, "I think the strength of this quack is a detriment. She must be from Crownless Assembly to kill the offender."

    Jin Xiangyu sighed, "Just how strong is he for every genius to fight him together?"

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince said, "At the least, he has yet to show himself. It is clear how cautious he is of us."

    In the aftermath, the quack's fame spread like a tide until the whole Galaxy knew of her. Practicing eerie healing arts, and of eccentric character, plus her heaven shaking power and dark background, it descended like a fog on everyone's mind.

    The people who came to her littlest shop became even more respectful. Such a power is healing us!

    After Chen Ming woke up, he kept looking after the child. And the boy, you'd ask? He did what any three-year-old did at his age. If he wasn't playing and roguish now, he'd never have the chance later; wrecking the kindergarten and ravaging the ancestors' garden!  

    Nabbing Luo Muye in passing, Chen Ming arrived at an openable door. The boy said, "Uncle, this place has sacred water, and one becomes a true cicada only after receiving its baptism. I remember how I received this ritual just after I was born."

    Chen Ming saw a river flowing inside with silver grains within its waters. Chen Ming scooped at the water, uh, half water half sand.

    Luo Muye said, "This is the River of Time. That's what my parents called it."

    He then turned to him with an eager look, wanting to be praised. Chen Ming ruffled his hair, "Great job!"

    Luo Muye was happy and bashful, laughing with his head down.

    Chen Ming jumped in and felt his body changing, though not by a large margin. He snapped his eyes open after a while. As he cultivated untold Daos, his perception for them was beyond keen.

    Instant Dao Palace's cultivation grew with tremendous speed.

    An average cultivator needs to undergo the River of Time's baptism to practice Time Dao's cultivation method.

    He found a stele on the bank, with the words Spring and Autumn carved on it. This was Time's stele, and the last one Chen Ming ever saw.

    His cultivation of the Time Dao Palace was only up to the Dao Seed stage.

    After reading the stele, Time Dao Palace's cultivation grew to the peak of the Dao Comprehending realm.

    Chen Ming pulled his saber and felt it reached twofold speed. Yet still unable to activate the threefold speed.

    For that to happen he needed a much deeper insight into the Dao. His Dao understanding increasing would allow him to grasp even the fourfold speed.

    His insight could increase, while cultivation could not.

    Chen Ming used up merits as he read the stele, promoting his understanding realm of the Time Dao and furthered his cultivation in Spring and Autumn.

    The higher Spring and Autumn rose, the faster he'd get to using Nine Year Cicada.

    However, insecurity gnawed at him. Just how Sword Soul was close to ripping him apart last time, he needed to be extra careful in learning it the smart way, and rising one step at a time.

    If he cultivated a Dao Chain right off the bat, then issues would crop up.

    He'd reckon his control over the Dao Chain's power would fail and he'd succumb under its own power and die.

    Death by old age was Chen Ming's goal in this life, but growing old in a flash wasn't among his hobbies.

    It's best to spend merits slowly and gradually cultivate.

    When three months passed by like a trickle, Chen Ming found his understanding of Time Dao reached a peak.

    He spent three million merits to reach half-step to the Dao Chain stage on Time Dao.

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  • Hey lads, I just stumbled upon a transmigration parody, hilarious.
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    Laugh and laugh, till your lips start to split. May your icy, piercing sadness be known all over the multiverse.

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  • Hey lads, I just stumbled upon a transmigration parody, hilarious.
    Enjoy, I know I laughed til it hurt.

    P.S.: the manhua is longer.

    It is funny! Thanks for brightening my day
    Laugh and laugh, till your lips start to split. May your icy, piercing sadness be known all over the multiverse.

    See you on the other side, mate.
  • Hey lads, I just stumbled upon a transmigration parody, hilarious.
    Enjoy, I know I laughed til it hurt.

    P.S.: the manhua is longer.
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  • Chapter 438: My Master Once Told Me…

    Knowing how strong his body was, Chen Ming decided to end his comprehension on the Time Dao.

    Going further would lead to forming a Dao Chain, something only Gold Immortals controlled. Doing it now was a death sentence.

    Chen Ming waved Nine Year Cicada, fourfold speed!

    Twice then before!

    This speed is like practicing a diabolical saber art.

    Chen Ming was certain no one could block his blade, though he knew it wasn't enough as his strength still left to be desired.

    The Heavenly Tribulation awaited him just around the corner of the Mortal Tribulation. Who knew how freaky it was?

    Based on how outrageous the first one was, the second had to go for broke.

    Without complete preparation, he couldn't even test it. If he underwent the tribulation, his power would be exposed and the Mortal Tribulation would be even more ruthless.

    Chen Ming considered his battle style. His greatest advantage was his ability to do anything and everything. But how do I get them to fuse into one?

    I need a counter to the ten grand immortal arts!

    Body and spiritual cultivation had both reached his peak. The only way forward was to use his specialty in the magical arts.

    For his arts to fuse with Nine Year Cicada, they had to be sword arts or saber arts. The first were recommended as he achieved complete training in Matchless in Eight Feet and Vanishing Immortal Sword.

    He now wanted to fuse the two together. Wait, Vanishing Immortal Sword's speed doesn't match with Nine Year Cicada. My speed is good enough as it is. I need to train in another sword art, an immortal sword art of unprecedented power!

    Cicada relied on their strong body, yet they still needed to spiritual cultivate. Cicada had to have such a sword or saber art!

    They had to have trained in hegemonic immortal sword art fusing the immortal and hegemonic paths.

    They were a cultivator nation that controlled the Galaxy, the just had to have a counter for the ten grand immortal arts. Based on their traits, their only choice was a hegemonic immortal sword art!

    Chen Ming asked Luo Muye who played with mud, "Do you know where our race trains their saber?"

    He carved two mud men, Chen Ming and himself, as they held hands.

    Luo Muye said, "I'm thinking."

    Chen Ming crouched, "Did you make two dogs?"

    "That's not it. The big one is you and the small one is me."

    Chen Ming: ...

    "I got it. There's a place the others spoke of that you can visit once two something types of saber arts are trained to a certain stage. Walking through the Path of Decay you will get to train in our secret art. I'll show you."

    "I remember many people going in only to come out much older!"

    What kind of place is that? though Chen Ming in puzzlement.

    They reached a gate, where Chen Ming find it opened with a light push.

    He said, "You stay here. I won't be long."

    Chen Ming entered a long tunnel. The words on the wall read, Path of Decay.

    There were other records engraved on them, which echoed out in chirping, 'Once you enter the Path of Decay, you will come out as a Hegemon Immortal.'

    It's real?

    He reached a stone room with a puppet in the middle. The chirping from the walls told him to attack it and the melding speed of the hegemonic immortal sword would increase.

    Each who trained in the hegemon sword and immortal sword was different. There was no scriptures, no guideline to speak of. Only through trial and error would one find his way to unleash it and to finally reach a point where they could fuse.

    Chen Ming sighed after a look around him. "No scripture. This is the first time I need to rely on my comprehension!"

    He drew the saber, My comprehension is my comprehension. Adding the Heart Enlightenment Fruit and my affinity to Dao, I shouldn't be too lacking.

    He began his cultivation on the Path of Decay.

    As for immortal sword arts, Chen Ming recalled the ones he knew and set on cultivating the Sky Splitting Sword. It wasn't that famous, only a mere immortal sword art, yet it was rather hegemonic in nature. Let's train it for now.

    Chen Ming spent merits to form Sky Splitting Sword's Sword Soul in an instant and was getting ready to fuse it with Matchless in Eight Feet.

    Their unity shall bring forth the move to counter the ten grand immortal arts.

    Time inched forward.

    Wan Baqian was using his abacus for all its worth on Sacred Mountain, sizing today's profits. Of course, almost all were. This period was the best time of his life. After all, staying home and counting money was something that filled one's whole being with rapture.

    "The ten-thousand-year-old immortal herbs I got today aren't small. Not a bad harvest. Yet on the scriptures department, it isn't going too well."

    A man entered the shop with a sword. He wasn't too old and had sharp eyes like an eagle.

    Wan Baqian said, "We're close for tonight. No deals."

    The man put the sword on the table, "Someone bought your life."

    Wan Baqian fixed him with an even stare, "Master once told me a tale, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

    "From then on, I realized something. Money isn't enough.

    "Well of course it ain't enough, that is why you need lots of it.

    "No matter how much he gave you, I'll double it."

    The man wasn't fazed, "I come under orders to take the wealth here and avoid a disaster. I have the professionalism of a deserter when doing my job."

    Wan Baqian said, "There are people in this world that aren't moved by money. Such a person found herself across from me."

    The deserter looked over. He knew whose littlest shop that belonged to, it was the quack.

    His hand shivered. Quack's fame spread far and wide that even he felt fear in her presence.

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  • Chapter 439: A Dimwit's a Fool Of Course

    Wan Baqian continued, "Seeing as you come unwilling to take a life, how about I buy it off you. As far as money goes, I have more than enough."

    The deserter said, "Once I kill you, all your possessions are mine."

    Wan Baqian laughed, his smile showed he didn't mind it at all, "Those words just made you sell me two lives. First, is your current one, and the second, your following life."

    The deserter felt a thick and heavy killing intent, one that even took form as a red mist and covered his body. An icy voice came from behind, and knew it was the quack, "Fifth junior brother, is everything alright?"

    Wan Baqian smiled, "Yes, fourth senior sister, we're just doing business."

    He heard her cold tone, "If there's anything, just ask."

    Wan Baqian nodded, "Thank you, fourth senior sister."

    The deserter's back was soaked. The tubby was quack's junior brother! Damit! No money is worth this hit.

    This was no longer troublesome, but a death threat.

    Wan Baqian said, "I'll give you ten times as much to buy your client."

    The deserter said, "The power behind me will hunt me down!"

    "A hundred times for the head of that power."

    He gasped, "Not enough. He's strong, and has many under him."

    "A thousand then."

    Endless dread seized his heart, Just how rich is this guy?

    His bottom line was left in the dust a long time ago. The wealth the guy had awed him, being a junior brother to the quack filled him with fear.

    "I accept this mission."

    The night passed and the first rays of the sun shined over the lands. Wan Baqian was in his courtyard when the door opened and saw a group of black-garbed Earth Immortals filled the street. The same deserter from last night walked in with two heads, "Here're the ones you wanted."

    Wan Baqian put on a fake smile, "I'm sure you know this isn't all I want."

    He kneeled, "Lord, please accept this deserter general's allegiance!"

    The others kneeled also. Wan Baqian turned to all of them, Master once said, wealth can reach the heavens. If it doesn't, it proves you're not rich enough.

    As always, Master is right.

    Chen Ling'er stretched and looked across the street to Wan Baqian, "Business is booming so early!"

    Wan Baqian smiled, "Just a casual deal."

    He waved, "Rise and enter all of you."

    Wan Baqian handed the reward, a thousand Heaven Spirit Veins. Such a deal was but a common occurrence on Sacred Mountain.

    Wan Baqian said, "You must know by now what needn't be said, no?"

    The deserter cupped his hands, "I understand!"

    "The same for my connection with fourth senior sister."

    "There's nothing between Lord and quack!"


    If head senior sister's guess is right, the best is to not let others know of us. With fourth senior sister's power and us standing in the heart of the conflict once the secret is out, the end won't be pleasant.

    They will all know of us in time, when Master undergoes his tribulation.

    Yan Mountain.

    Li Suyi and Ling Xian were taking a beating per usual. They weren't masochists by far, just that under head senior sister's tyranny, their magical arts' training sped up.

    On this day, Li Suyi arrived much earlier and was waiting for Ling Xian to ascend together. He never came.

    "How is second senior brother not here yet? His willpower isn't that weak."

    Li Suyi went to Ling Xian's home. With how many immortal pills they got from Chen Lingyu, there should be some around, yet there was no sign of any and even the immortal items were gone.

    Li Suyi found something amiss. He recalled something Ling Xian said to him in a drunken stupor the night before, "Head senior sister is amazing and we get stronger the more we fight, yet head senior sister will never show kill intent. This isn't a true fight."

    "Without a true fight, I will never cross the last step."

    Li Suyi was aware he was but half-step away from grasping the third stage of Conquering Immortals Art, the Flay Immortals stage.

    He'd been stuck in this place for days on end.

    Li Suyi joked, "That's easier said than done. You cultivate Dao Canon as well as Conquering Immortals Art. They are all for killing immortals. If you're found out, the world's entire immortal civilizations will hunt you down. The Conquering Immortals Art is taboo in the Galaxy."

    Ling Xian said, "Of course I'm aware. I'm not suicidal. I am but a Transcending realm cultivator. Master once said you mustn't do stupid things. To know it is stupid yet still do it, makes you a fool."

    Li Suyi looked at the situation around him and cursed, "That fool!”

    Li Suyi hasted his flight to Zhuo Qingyao and bowed, "Head senior sister, I won't be coming for a while."

    Zhuo Qingyao noticed Ling Xian's absence, "Since this stage is called Flay Immortals, then he must kill one to reach it."

    "Go, and bring him back alive."

    Li Suyi cupped his hands, "Yes, head senior sister. I will return with second senior brother!"

    Li Suyi looked at the Sacred Mountain in the sky. Of all the places that had Earth Immortals, this mountain was packed.

    Ling Xian stood at the entrance to Sacred Mountain, talking to himself, "Sigh, I am Master's second disciple, younger than head senior sister by only six months. Yet even fifth junior brother reached Earth Immortal while I'm stuck in the Transcending realm. I am an embarrassment to Master!"

    "Flay Immortals, in the end, means killing immortals."

    "Yes, I know this is stupid, I know this is the dumbest choice. Only a true fool can cultivate it. If not a moron, who else was there to cultivate it?"

    "Master always said, the weakest must go to competitions... Uh, that's me. This oughtn't to go against Master."

    Perhaps moronic, but dying from it would make him a retard.

    Perhaps he did this according to Dao, dedicated to his Dao Heart. Coming out alive was a trial for his Dao!

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  • Chapter 440: It Seems You Have No Inkling of the Meaning of Taboo

    Ling Xian spread his arms and embraced the world. He breathed in, "Let us see if the immortals in this world can suffer me!"

    Ling Xian flew as the Dao Palace spun faster inside him. Endless spiritual energy came from all around like a huge vortex.

    In his shop, Wan Baqian felt the change and recalled the feeling. He chuckled, "Second senior brother is here."

    Chen Ling'er blinked over. Going there now was pointless, the sun was up and all. This shift in spiritual energy can only come from second senior brother. He came? "With my pills, he should pass the day. Third senior brother won't let him have quick death either."

    Wan Baqian swung a little bell. The deserter was before him in a blink, bowing, "What are your orders, Lord?"

    "Take your men and find a man chased by everyone. Save him."

    Wang Ming was unclear, "Did this world have such a person?"

    "But of course, he's my second senior brother. He has the right for it!"

    The deserter understood, So that's how it is!

    His fourth senior sister was a quack and second senior brother was a monster.

    Yet Wan Baqian caused no reason for him to doubt for some apparent reason.

    Wan Baqian continued, "Remember, don't let others know of our connection. Don't save him 'til he's teetering."

    He bowed, "I shall comply!"


    The deserter entered the tavern behind the shop, "We have our mission. Lord's mission will reach completion at my hands!"

    The black-garbed Earth Immortals caused quite the stir as they left.

    Wan Baqian had a distant look, "Ah, second senior brother, such is youth. You greeted me with junior brother and I with senior brother. As we have the same Master, we will live and die together!"

    As Ling Xian was flying there, an Earth Immortal rushed him, "This spiritual power... You shouldn't have cultivated this art!"

    Ling Xian said, "Oh, from Moon Palace."

    The Earth Immortal said, "Cultivating such a forbidden art, you should have laid in hiding. Now that you're out, death is at hand!"

    "I'm afraid your death is in mine."

    Moon Palace's Earth Immortal cackled, "Big words! You're just a little sucker, yet dare play the senior with me, an Earth Immortal?"

    Ling Xian's shoulders shook, "It doesn't look you have any inkling as to why my cultivation method and magical art are taboo."

    Moon Palace's silver carriage flew over in front of the Sky-crossing Bridge, carrying Crown Prince. He couldn't not come. With the spiritual energy in chaos, such an act could be done only by forbidden cultivation methods!

    Those arts and cultivation methods were used for one purpose only, to kill immortals.

    They cultivated immortality and the opponent killed such beings. They were at war from the start.

    Crown Prince stepped out of the carriage and found Jin Xiangyu, Fairy Star Dragon and Ninth Crown Prince. Even Void's Crown Prince was here.

    Yet the last one was ever faithful to Void's demeanor to be mysterious and stayed in his carriage.

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince said, "A man cultivates the forbidden art."

    Jin Xiangyu added, "For such an aberration to show up now and unrestrained in his acts, this is a capital crime!"

    Ninth saw in front of the Sky-crossing Bridge a bamboo wearing man with a saber on his chest, sleeping, "Where did this guy come from?"

    Yan Shengxiao said, "Ninth Crown Prince has the time to nitpick? The aberration trains in the Conquering Immortals Art. This art needs the blood of immortals to reach its peak. Such a criminal must not go unpunished!"

    A vague and eerie voice traveled from Void's carriage, "This place is the Wordless Upheaval, and the fact that an aberration appeared out of nowhere at this particular time, raises questions. Has he no fear of death? No, everyone is afraid of dying. Then why?"

    Jin Xiangyu said, "If we are to hunt him down, the offender will take advantage of this! It's his ploy. They want us to chase the aberration!"

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince said, "But we can't let him live either."

    They began to argue. None wanted to let the offender get away just to chase this aberration.

    The dozed off bamboo hat-wearing man at the Sky-crossing Bridge woke up and walked before them, "Killing him needn't all of you. I am enough."

    Ninth asked, "Who're you? Do you have what it takes?"

    The saber-holding man laughed, "If this weren't the Wordless Upheaval, Crownless Assembly would've never intervened. You're all spiritual cultivators and the aberration practicing Dao Canon can restrain you.

    "But I am a hardship cultivator. I will also be affected, fare less than you though."

    He left, after which Void's Crown Prince's voice came, "That guy is Crownless Assembly's Saber Paragon of the Saber Dao from the four weapons Dao: Saber Dap, Sword Dao, Spear Dao, and Halberd Dao. He is the best among the Blades in the Saber Dao!"

    Crownless Assembly had four paragons, with talent and prowess no less than theirs.

    From among the Blades' bloodbath, they rose, having no equal. They just killed. Just his title as chief in the Saber Dao spoke of his unmatched skill among his peers. All who challenged him never saw another sunrise.

    Moreover, he was a reincarnated immortal. For the whole Crownless Assembly to be a reincarnated immortal organization was impossible. Yet the four Domains knew they had many of them. This was also among the reasons as to why they had the power to contest the Domains.

    Ling Xian watched the Moon Palace's Earth Immortal and sighed, "Who's the bastard saying I need immortal blood to train Conquering Immortals Art? That's bullshit!"

    Moon Palace's Earth Immortal didn't care, "Humph, a mere Transcending realm cultivator. Since you came to die, let me offer you a swift journey!"

    Ling Xian said, "So you really don't know what I cultivate. As to why it is taboo, I will expand your horizons."

    Moon Palace's Earth Immortal flew at the laughing Ling Xian. Dao Bones Aura and Dao Body Aura activated. The world shook as spiritual energy went berserk, forming a vortex as it sped to Ling Xian.

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  • Chapter 441: Never Gamble With Your Second Senior Brother

    Moon Palace's Earth Immortal found his control of immortal power slipping.

    "What the hell is this?"

    "No wonder it's taboo. You're affecting my immortal power!"

    "I won't let you live!"

    Ling Xian smiled as his hands trembled. A tide was on the rise! "My Master taught me this move. Tell me what you think."

    The spiritual energy around him ruptured into a spirit sea. He stood in its center exaggeratedly waving his hands, launching tides with each fist, filled with Qiongqi and Flood Dragons!

    Ling Xian's left let loose Qiongqi while his right made Flood Dragons soar!

    They were closing in on the Earth Immortal as he roared, "You're dead! Moonlight's Descent!"

    A waning moon rose from his body spilling out moonlight as he unleashed it upon the waves!

    Qiongqi and Flood Dragons needed but a spark of time to shred it as Ling Xian's fist shook everything around the Earth Immortal.

    Three punches left the Earth Immortal soaked in blood.

    Ling Xian smiled, "So that's what an immortal amounts to, huh?"

    A twenty-man Heavenly Court patrol team flew over, each an Earth Immortal.

    Ling Xian smiled, "Master once said that Heavenly Court's Earth Immortals are the weakest!"

    Ling Xian flew to end them when twenty immortal swords came to meet him. He punched and, with a boom, he sent a flying sword down yonder.

    His fists never stopped and each strike shook the world.

    He ended blowing away the swords and went to deal with the Earth Immortals. One strike was enough to make one of them cough blood.

    More and more immortals rushed over and saw Ling Xian's overbearing might, "A Transcending realm cultivator is wiping the floor with immortals!"

    "And not just one!"

    "It's the taboo cultivation method!"

    This was the power o a half-step Flay Immortals stage. If he had just entered the Sea Gazing stage, the outcome would've been different.

    And Dao Canon's edge was that he could dish out Conquering Immortals Art without stopping!

    If spiritual energy didn't dry up, his power never waned.

    Ling Xian landed and punched with Conquering Immortals Art.

    He began to recall Chen Ming's teachings. As his onslaught of blows kept going, they were smoother and precise.

    An immortal sword stabbed his stomach, "There's too many of them."

    Ling Xian popped open a pill bottle and in it were golden plump immortal pills.

    He swallowed one, pulled the sword out, and resumed striking. The pill worked its magic into repairing him all the while.

    Some took advantage and charged for the kill, yet black-clothed men blocked them, the deserters.

    They shouted, "What are a bunch of deserters doing interfering in this mess?"

    Wang Ming pondered, "We couldn't just stand aside and let you pick on a helpless man."

    They cursed, "On what grounds?"

    Wang Ming laughed, "Regardless they're valid or not, you just need to know we're here to stay."

    Wang Ming heard a scout's report, "He killed most of them!"

    Wang Ming nodded, "Ten early Earth Immortals came from Heavenly Court, while the others brought five at the most."

    The immortals cursed again, "Are you going against the four Great Immortal Domains?"

    Wang Ming shook his head, "I never even attacked, so why say such things?"

    Those that wanted to kill Ling Xian were boiling inside, yet their hands were tied. The group before them was too big and were even deserters on top.

    With how Ling Xian showed off, he'd be dead sooner or later. The deserter was here to act as a filter and let the immortals who could help him breakthrough. Ling Xian was clueless to these happenings, only thinking this was a life and death battle.

    The deserter thought, This way it won't affect Lord's affairs.

    Ling Xian had no time to think, only fight, being in constant battle; their numbers were endless. He killed a wave and another came to replace it!

    Blood soaked his body, yet it wasn't the enemy's but his. Thanks to his half-step Flay Immortals stage he could win against them. As for pointing out why they were all early Earth Immortals, he didn't have the mind to focus on such matters, when his heart and soul were only invested in this battle.

    His thoughts were around being sprawled dead sooner or later if he didn't breakthrough. Each punch, each Conquering Immortals Art release, exhausted his energy. But if there was anything others lacked and he didn't, that was spiritual power.

    Spiritual power galore!

    Ling Xian knew no rest. The spiritual energy rippled everywhere, and he was smack in the middle of it.

    Each punch brought with it new discoveries. He needed but the last piece to fall into place and his advancement was at hand.

    Truth be told, having stayed under Master's protection for so many years, this came to be his first life and death battle. It was his first time feeling death breathing down his neck. Under the threat of death, he had to make each strike stronger than the last!

    If a mid or late Earth Immortal comes, I'm finished!

    'Lucky' though, this never happened. So he would use this chance to seek out further insights and strive for a perfect Conquering Immortals Art!

    Ling Xian punched his way well into the night. Wan Baqian entered Chen Yu's courtyard without being seen. Even if he were, no biggie, shopkeepers pay each other visits all the time. It was the norm.

    Wan Baqian said, "Fourth senior sister, you're not going to second senior brother?"

    Chen Yu was earnest, "Perhaps letting him die once would allow him to understand at last. His final moments will open new doors for him. Ah, people, this is how they are. They'll never understand 'til death."

    "Then time is of the essence."

    "Aren't your men there?"

    "Yeah, second senior brother will be alright. He is one of us, a decisive man from Yan Mountain."

    "Before dying, people enter a phase of suspended death and the soul doesn't scatter. It'll be fine for 14 hours, so relax. This is the reason behind Martyrs, this is why they're undying."

    "If second senior brother's body is ruined, what then? We can't save him."

    Chen Yu thought a bit, "Oh, you never played cards with him. Go gamble with him and then come to me with your doubts."

    "Hmm, if I open a casino, I'll probably win. Once he steps in, he'll lose for sure."

    "Don't you ever let second senior brother enter your casino. His luck is a tad on the insane side."

    Wan Baqian's eyelid twitched. So that's how it is. For even Chen Yu to have total faith in luck, just how high is his?

  • Pretty high.
    thanks for the chapter.
    Laugh and laugh, till your lips start to split. May your icy, piercing sadness be known all over the multiverse.

    See you on the other side, mate.
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  • Upsy I think second brother aura more dominant here 

    Because his Aura make other people in range become dumb

  • Upsy I think second brother aura more dominant here 

    Because his Aura make other people in range become dumb

    You don't know the half of it. But soon you will, very soon. >:)
  • Chapter 442: Demonic Cultivation's Straggler

    Time slipped away with each kill. Ling Xian didn't know how many he felled yet they kept coming. When one died, another one came to take his place, throwing Ling Xian into a chasm of fear.

    He realized something, Yeah, everyone wants me dead.

    His only hope at life was to enter the Flay Immortals stage.

    Blood covered every inch of his body, yet never staggered in his attacks, killing and killing until corpses piled up around.

    Some were laying, some hunched over, some wide-eyed.

    Yet never was one who could get close to him.

    The deserter and the immortals were at an impasse when the bamboo hat-wearing man approached. His every step shifted him a li forward.

    He was Leng Xue, Crownless Assembly's Saber Paragon.

    He passed through the crowd and in front of deserter, words callous, "Move aside."

    The deserter laughed, "A peak Earth Immortal wants to trample on a Transcending realm cultivator. You have no dignity to speak of."

    Leng Xue smiled, "So you don't know what forbidden means. Killing him is of paramount importance to me."

    That it was. The four Domains and Crownless Assembly all hated aberrations for a simple reason. The supreme Crownless was one already.

    The Domains didn't want another, the Crownless Assembly even more so.

    The deserter said, "Riches gives rise to envy. If there's no danger, one doesn't deserve to have those riches."

    Leng Xue said, "You all want to die?"

    Unbridled laughter came from behind him, "Oh my, I haven't had a good fight for so long. Today, I might get my chance."

    Eyes turned to him. The bold youth carried a blood coffin and leaned on a tree while drinking wine.

    Leng Xue smiled, "You're smart I see, to come with a ready coffin for yourself."

    Li Suyi laughed, "We shall see."

    He rose and walked to deserter, "Take care of the others. This one's mine."

    The deserter didn't know him but one thing was certain, he was on his side.

    Leng Xue said, "To kill you, I needn't even draw."

    Li Suyi turned a deaf ear. He trained for so long mentally that he showed no impressive demeanor.

    Leng Xue made a mad dash for him. A fist exploded the earth a hundred zhangs before Li Suyi into a landslide heading right at him.

    Li Suyi looked him over, His far from matching up to head senior sister in body power...

    He just stamped the earth tide into a stop.

    Leng Xue looked closer, "Dual cultivator? And both at peak Earth Immortal realm? How interesting. You are now eligible to face my saber."

    When a real fight begins, Master once said to not say a word. The best is to lighten the other's shoulders of his head on the first occasion.

    Li Suyi reached for the blood coffin and planted it before him.

    He opened it up to reveal two tied sabers. He gripped them in each hand. His left held an immortal sword while his right a hegemon sword, to unleash both types of sword arts.

    Boiling demonic energy rose from him and swept the skies. A Demon Lord arrived!

    Both were heavy sabers. Li Suyi jumped at Leng Xue and struck.

    Leng Xue was a bit out of sorts, "A straggler from demonic cultivation?"

    This part of the Galaxy had few demonic cultivators. It was a paradise for immortal cultivators.

    The crowd was stunned, "First an aberration and now a vile demonic cultivator?"

    "What is wrong with this Galaxy?"

    "There are so many foul people in it!"

    "Yet they even dared to swagger their way through the world!"

    Leng Xue pulled a blade exuding cold air and light blue sheen. People said he was the Saber Immortal King in his previous life, to his contrary beliefs. His cultivation method and saber arts drifter towards the Dao of Frost. He cultivated a strong body in the harshest frost.

    He refined his saber art in the endless winter, "I'm Leng Xue, a peak Earth Immortal realm hardship cultivator. I practice the Snow Beheading saber art, and my blade bears the name Frost's Descent. Well met!"

    The three blades clashed, with demonic energy and snowflakes flying.

    They split for half a step only to retaliate even harder.

    Li Suyi was silent as the grave. If he weren't though, he'd say his sword art was called Demon Beheading.

    It was an art born from severing endless heart demons.

    Leng Xue unleashed a blue wave of saber energy, to which Li Suyi responded by chopping it

    In the aftermath, the ground sank three feet. The two fought within the group of immortals without a qualm.

    The crowd fled from their path. Their battle was so gruesome, that a tap would leave anyone dead, and a brush heavily wounded.

    "Just how strong are they? Why do I have the feeling these two are no less than Ninth Crown Prince?"

    "Where did they come from?"

    "Wordless Upheaval is upon us and geniuses gather. The world is a boundless place!"

    Leng Xue wielded Frost's Descent into unleashing saberforce throughout the area, then focused all of it into his blade, "Ten thousand saber energy become a blade. I have fought countless times with saber cultivators. This blade of mine sends all of them to their graves. You shall be no different!"

    A bright saber wave flew. The blue wave seemed to split the sky and rend the earth. Just seeing it unleashed, the crowd was forced to retreat again and again.

    "So strong!"

    "I know him! He's Leng Xue, Crownless Assembly's Saber Prodigy!"

    "They say that he only needs to enter Gold Immortal realm and he'll receive an Inevitable mask!"

    Li Suyi stabbed his blades before him and moved his lips.

    The people gawked, "What's he doing?"

    "Is he facing it empty-handed?"

    "He must have a death wish. Even a peak Earth Immortal will die under it!"

    Li Suyi trembled, and a blue Taotie crawled out of his mouth. Its brutal intent engulfed the world.

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