Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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  • Chapter 430: A Great Boss' Performance

    Chen Ming hacked at Ninth's spear in an instant, then pierced his Dantian.

    Ninth watched in a daze. That was where his Nirvana Fire was stored. If the fire burned, he was undying. 

    Yet now he felt Chen Ming's blow pierced it. The fire was out. He was no longer undying.

    His eyes burned with rage and blood trickled from his mouth. Even robed of his undying body, fear never seemed to seize him.

    Ninth retaliated with a fist at Chen Ming's shoulder, staggering him as he roared, "Sun God's Brilliance!"

    Jin Xiangyu entered her carriage when she heard his cry. He saw Ninth unable to recover and was fighting with everything he got.

    What triggered Ninth Crown Prince's action?

    A golden glow flashed from Ninth's hand as he released it on Chen Ming. The Sun God's Brilliance pierced Chen Ming's Allheaven Stellar Array's barrier. It cracked like glass and flew straight at him.

    Chen Ming eyed it, With Sun God's Brilliance's speed, I can't dodge.

    If one couldn't dodge, they had to attack.

    He gripped Two Year Cicada two-handed as stars gathered within. He struck.

    I was his united saber against one of the ten grand immortal arts, Sun God's Brilliance!

    With a loud sound, as if a sun craked open next to Chen Ming, the earth melted and left a crater hundred zhangs around him.

    In the endless sunlight, nothing could be seen.

    The cultivators witnessed Sun God's Brilliance's power. Such a move would kill a Celestial Immortal, not to mention an Earth Immortal.

    "How is Star Dragon Crown Prince?"

    "Is this one of the ten grand immortal arts?"

    From the middle of the burning sun, Chen Ming walked out covered in scars and released black smoke from his mouth as he cursed, "Blast it, it hurts!"

    He knew he was heavily wounded.

    Chen Ming looked for his opponent, only to find surrounded by Heavenly Court's team as they pulled back.

    Chen Ming laughed, "Yeah, you better run..."

    The people knew this was his win. Star Dragon Crown Prince proved he was a living legend!

    The cowering Ninth lifted fiends spirits, "Star Dragon Crown Prince won!"

    "Heavenly Court's Ninth Crown Prince is beneath our prince!"

    "Star Dragon Crown Prince is matchless."

    Jin Xiangyu watched him whit a deep look, "He defeated Ninth Crown Prince..."

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince said, "It can be said he's on par with us."

    Yan Shengxiao's gaze was complicated, unknown as to what she was plotting.

    Chen Ming won yet was a wreck. He couldn't fight even one, least of all nine.

    Truth be told, surrounded by all geniuses was a scene worthy of a great boss!

    Before a true boss' performance, all had to feel fear and dread. He would never be defeated in duels and only surrounded would he fall.

    Although that made the great boss miserable, but one thing was certain, a grand boss' power was to be feared.

    Just that I am not quite there yet.

    He knew he couldn't stay here for long and left as he took a recovery pill. The good thing was no one made it hard for him since they needed to kill the offender.

    Chen Ming returned to Vitality Burning Constellation and focused on recovery. He also began to think of how to pass the Untold Tribulation.

    Its difficulty was incomparable with the Heavenly Tribulation.

    First was the Mortal Tribulation.

    His train of thoughts led him thinking that killing a genius in an instant would cower the rest. At the least, he'd still need to face the danger of one of the ten grand immortal arts.

    To face one his body had to be incredibly resilient or use a move to counter it.

    Chen Ming discarded the first from the start. Hardship cultivation was of no use to him. Since it could only go as far as Dao Comprehending realm and neither had he Zhuo Qingyao's 81 meridians.  

    A Dao Comprehending realm hardship cultivation was less than a percent of Sky Bearer's effect.

    He was left with the second option.

    He had one problem to solve in this case. Training in one of the ten grand immortal arts was close to impossible to him.

    He got first-hand knowledge of how much spiritual power it used up and if he used it, he'd be wrung dry. Forget about recovery arts, he wasn't Ling Xian. It wasn't like he could use Conquering Immortals Art like no tomorrow. Ling Xian relied on Dao Bones Aura and Dao Body Aura to absorb spiritual energy and refine it in spiritual power.

    I rely on the number of Dao Palaces. My spiritual power is greater than other thanks to that and can make up for the difference between spiritual power and immortal power with the King Slayer Aura.

    But it could only get him so far.

    Even if he got his hands on one of the great ten and could release it 2-3 times, it wouldn't change anything. I'll still need to kill ten Ninth Crown Princes to make it count.

    Even if he cowered the rest with Ninth's death, god knew how wretched his tribulation was.

    And after Mortal Tribulation followed Heavenly Tribulation of course.

    Chen Ming was a cautious man. Knowing one's gonna die and still went for it, well that was plain stupid. He needed a particular move, one that didn't put much stress on spiritual power usage and yet had the power to back it up.

    Chen Ming saw the vegetation around him wilting. The sudden wild environment around him gave him an idea. Land of Eternal Rest has a nice ring to it.

    He didn't need Two Year Cicada but a Four Year Cicada, even five. And he also needed to turn this speed into an attack.

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  • Chapter 431: A Hint on Strength Against Adversity

    Chen Ming felt his insight in Time Dao was skin deep. Its secrets were unimaginable once one ventured deeper. The mysticism of all was how little spiritual power it needed.

    Chen Ming laughed at the Sacred Mountain, "Don't you worry, the grand boss you've all been waiting for will soon arrive."

    He began walking closer to Destiny Star.

    A week later found him setting foot on that star. He looked at the Star Chart then at a huge tree in the distance, "This is the place, and that must be the legendary Red Toon."(1)

    So this is the Land of Eternal Rest.

    He went towards the Red Toon. It looked close yet oh so far. It took him no less than half a year to reach it. The star itself was gigantic!

    In fact, Azure Dragon Star, Heavenly Court's Big Dipper and Destiny Star were close in size.

    Yet why, you'd ask, the travel speed on them was so fast? Simple really, because of teleportation arrays...

    While Destiny Star was barren of cultivators and animals.

    This only proved to show how large Red Toon was.

    He examined the fantastic mahogany. It was the only tree immune to the erratic flow of time. Eons passed yet the majestic tree remained tall.

    Chen Ming's instinct led him to think of the Trees of Martyrs. It can be such a tree, just that it's too bizarre.

    And yet he hadn't even found its effect.

    Like his and the four Great Immortal Domains' trees, each had a mystical effect. Yet the Red Toon in front of him didn't seem to.

    His mind ran a mile a minute. The only Trees of Martyrs he saw were in the fourth stage.

    With such a tree, the Domains established a long-lasting empire, supporting their future for generations to come. And that was just the fourth stage. His instinct screamed at him the Red Toon was in the fifth stage.

    The Tree of Martyrs grew in power beyond the cicada race's control, throwing the time in chaos. This was the cause of their extinction.

    He'd seen countless vestiges on his journey. Some were even strange to him, made from foreign refining methods. They were once buildings!

    He could guess as to why everything was refined. It was to build a flying city.

    In the ancient history of the Destiny Star lived a cultivating civilization who ended up lost in the ebb of time, all because of this tree.

    As he approached it, Chen Ming noticed the leaves were as big as an island.

    He stood beneath the tree, observing the land rich in ancient remnants, rotten under the endless passing of eons. The entire place went through countless changes making it impossible to know how it used to be.

    Chen Ming recalled how the Land of Eternal Rest was beneath Red Toon. But where's is that?

    Whit how big it was who knew where the entrance was.

    Hold on, based on my calculations, Red Toon is an ancient cultivator civilization's Tree of Martyrs. They must have tampered the tree so there's no need to go around it to look for the Land of Eternal Rest.

    There had to be plenty of entrances.

    A sudden cry reached his ears, "Help!"

    Chen Ming turned towards its direction, That's a sign of life. There's a survivor?

    He rushed towards it and found a child stuck under a dead tree.

    Chen Ming watched the fruit he was holding with shock; it didn't rot.

    The child too could fight against the chaotic time.

    He could guess what happened. The child took advantage of the time the tree matured and climbed it for the fruit. When the time withered the tree, it fell and trapped him.

    Seeing the gaunt child, Chen Ming felt sympathy. Since his children, Pei, that's not it! his disciples weren't few. He helped remove the dead tree.

    The child was courteous, "Thank you, uncle."

    He tried getting up but his leg was broken.

    Chen Ming crouched next to the bloody leg and spoke softly, "Don't move. I will heal it."

    He worked Illustrious Casket and covered the child's leg with his spiritual power, healing it in no time at all.

    The child was a mortal, and this was a simple task for Chen Ming.

    He found with shock that auras enveloped him. And these auras were outrageous in power!

    'Last Cicada Aura

    Description: Ages ago, the cicada race ruled the Galaxy, then calamity struck. They breached the doors of Time and overcome this ordeal, becoming their undoing. When all hope was lost, luck intervened and a single cicada survived. Being the sole survivor of his kind, this worked to strengthen him.

    Effect: incredibly resilient

    Strength Against Adversity Aura

    Description: So what if you're strong? So what if you're unbeatable? So what if you flip the heavens? So what if you lift the earth? Strength against adversity is the intrinsic quality of the strong! The strong never fear anyone!

    Effect: from the moment the fight begins, strength rises with time.

    Abandoned by Time Aura

    Description: perhaps out of carelessness, or ignorance, time overlooked him.

    Effect: a certain chance to be overlooked by awareness.

    Imperial Right Aura

    Description: As a race that once ruled the Galaxy eons ago, the fate at the Emperor title rests solely on him.

    Effect: outstanding!'

    In Chen Ming's heart, Oh my f*cking god!

    He is a complete and utter monster!

    Forget the fact that freaky Strength Against Adversity Aura changes in mid-battle, the Imperial Right Aura just screams at you he's outstanding!

    The meaning of strength against adversity was quite simple, it was a Main Character that was no match for the villain yet grew as he fought and killed the baddie in the process.

    As for outstanding(2), it was way easier. It was safe to say this kid was a Main Character. He could make all those officials in power bow before him!

    (1)    it is a Chinese mahogany from a fable, one that lived for eight thousand years.

    (2)    it has a double meaning in Chinese. One is outstanding and the second that his poise is that of an MC in web novels.

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    hm, hm, is the "child" a male since it said he? or is it that chinese translation thing (just asking for clarification since there was only two he and others all child)? I suppose overlooked by time means "the child" can not be affected in this erratic timeflow as secondary effect? or is that eternal shota? Since "the child" is overlooked by time means "he" won't age?
    P.S. the child's fruit is lv5 tree of martyrs fruit? Since he broke his leg with is incredibly resilient aura I guess he fell from a very very high up? Kinda interesting how the cicada died with lvl5 tree of martyrs with their own unkillable martyrs. Suppose it would've been the child's plot fate to fight that power that killed his entire race after he became the emperor as his aura says as mc in his own novel.
    "Ages ago, the cicada race ruled the Galaxy, then calamity struck. They breached the doors of Time and overcome this ordeal, becoming their undoing." It is just too vague, did they all become space dust after they breached the doors of time? Meaning they were annihilated by time and that child survived by luck since time overlooked him? Or did someone else wiped them after they came in contact with that "entity" by overcoming the ordeal of time and mastering the power of time? Guess I'll just have to wait and see if author will shine light on it, I mean our mc has to go somewhere after he will outgrow this universe, maybe going higher up to multiverse where that enemy that wiped cicadas would be
  • Chapter 432: The Hardships of the Living

    This little fellow was but a three-year-old boy.

    Chen Ming rose with a smile, "What's your name?"

    "I'm Luo Muye. Uncle?"

    He chuckled, "Me, I'm Chen Ming."

    Luo Muye asked, "Uncle, where's mom and dad? Where are the others? Why can't I see any of them ever since I woke up?"

    "Ding! Imperial Right Aura interfered and judged you. Because of your King Slayer Aura, Imperial Right Aura's judgment is void."

    How could the Imperial Right Aura ever affect King Slayer Aura?

    Chen Ming said, "They're all gone. I do not know what happened. We are the same, you and I. We awoke after countless eons in an alien world."

    Luo Muye said, "Does that mean we're the only cicada left?"

    Chen Ming nodded solemnly, "Yes, us alone."

    Luo Muye was stunned and balled up on the ground in tears.

    "Mom and dad said a great disaster was coming, that everything will be destroyed. And now the cicada race is gone."

    "It's all my fault... I'm so useless..."

    Although the kid was miserable, being the only survivor of a race that ruled the Galaxy, with friends and family gone, Chen Ming couldn't quell a feeling of ridicule. Is this a Main Character's so-called logic?

    You're a three-year-old, just what could you have done in the first place?

    How did it end up being your fault?

    Main Characters just loved to pile so-called responsibilities on their shoulders, regardless if it was related to them or not. They would use these duties to march ever forward.

    You think of yourself Immortal Master Chen, Yan Mountain Mountain Lord? You're but a child, of course your useless...

    Baffling logic.

    But he liked it nonetheless.

    Always simple-minded.

    Chen Ming spoke, "Yes, it's all on you, a three-year-old child. You should have fought at the time and let the enemy reap another child's head."

    Luo Muye snapped, "That's not it!"

    "Then say it, what can you do?"

    Luo Muye froze, Yeah, what can I do?

    Chen Ming went on, "In truth, this is the dark world's cruelty. And you should take heed and learn from the hardships of the living. As such, there is no need for you to bear such responsibility."

    Chen Ming continued, "Let's go to the Land of Eternal Rest."

    Luo Muye turned to him. Maybe because he believed Chen Ming to be a cicada that he trusted him. He was but a child, the last of the cicada race. Who then could he rely on if not the apparent cicada race expert 

    before him?

    A child could do what only I child could.

    Chen Ming was walking and Luo Muye ran to block his path, "What's the big idea?"

    "Uncle, that's the wrong way."

    Chen Ming's eyelid twitched ever so faintly. I don't know it in the first place. The child does seem to know things.

    He was a cicada, part of a race that ruled the Galaxy. Such a clever brat had to be the type that spoke at birth, a veritable bundle of joy.

    Chen Ming gestured and the five-colored cloud rose beneath him, "Get on."

    Luo Muye pointed out the way and Chen Ming arrived at the entrance to the Land of Eternal Rest. He heard chirping and since he learned the cicada language a long time ago, he could understand it.

    "Everything has been laid to rest. All in this world entered eternal sleep, be it you, be it I."

    A tunnel led further in, one that looked as if it was made yesterday, likely because of the frozen time in the moment of cicada's extinction.

    He inspected the walls and found arrays echoing with chirping which told Chen Ming of the path to take.

    He laughed, Wow, that's a neat trick. None but cicada can enter.

    One wrong step and you'd wiped off this world.

    Chen Ming walked under their guidance for ten li and came upon a gate. The gate separated like a pair of cicada wings and he came down from the cloud. Luo Muye skipped ahead of him; no danger here.

    Wait, cicada fell under Red Toon's power and the bark around us tells we're under it.

    Chen Ming followed the empty path, when Luo Muye said, "There's nothing around, just us."

    Chen Ming followed him for a while until he arrived at an armor. It had saber marks, like those from Two Year Cicada. Yet he knew this armor, it was Jade Lake's from ages ago.

    Nothing is simple.

    Chen Ming said, "Brat, have you heard of Jade Lake?"

    "Jade Lake? Jade Lake's head was one of our four' Great Kingdoms' commanders. Why?"

    Jade Lake is in on this.

    Chen Ming touched the armor, only to crumble to dust. It had been far too long.

    Jade Lake rose against the cicada race. An outline of a picture formed in his mind. Just as the disaster befell them, they were forced to rise Red Toon to the fifth stage and with its power, they vanquished a catastrophe. However, they lost control of Red Toon and backfired; this was also the moment the four Great Kingdoms rose their banners against their ruler which led to today's Great Immortal Domains.

    Chen Ming held Luo Muye's hand as they walked further. He saw a mural on the wall, depicting him and the child holding hands.

    He was stunned. It was their spitting image, down to the last detail. Luo Muye was startled, "How strange! This image is of me and uncle!"

    Chen Ming looked further to see a dozen more, yet just when he was about to catch a glimpse of their contents, they decayed into nothing.

    Chen Ming knew, Future is undecipherable and only the present is known.

    Time is mystical.

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  • Chapter 433: Altruism to the Rescue

    Chen Ming walked before the doors of a hall when Luo Muye said, "There are many slender black sabers inside. As I was too small then, they never let me in."

    Chen Ming pushed the door open and the dust seeped in from outside. He felt as if he opened an array.

    Luo Muye explained, "This hall contains our secret array. If the door is closed, everything inside grows to a halt. If it's open, it will return to normal."

    Chen Ming saw countless black sabers at the sides.

    He picked one up, a Two Year Cicada.

    He pressed forward for ten li, surrounded by black sabers. Chen Ming picked another, Three Year Cicada.

    Not bad.

    Stronger blades must lay further in.

    If I give them to my disciples and to Duan Shou to instruct the most powerful assassins, their power will reach impressive heights.

    But how can I make it so those blokes can use these?

    His instinct told him the cicada would soon tell him.

    Chen Ming himself trained in the Instant Dao Seed and could just have his people change to cicada's cultivation method.

    They'd use the blades like this.

    The greatest glee was, however, regarding whether cicada's cultivation method was for hardship cultivator or spiritual cultivator. As everyone knew, these paths could be treaded at the same time. Just take Li Suyi. This bloke was a dual cultivator.

    As to why, Chen Ming who was a disciple-conning Master, didn't give him a too good a cultivation method. His hardship cultivation could neither beat Zhuo Qingyao, nor could his spiritual cultivator defeat Ling Xian. As such, the kid went for double cultivation. Adding to this his talent on the demonic path, and Heart Enlightenment Fruit's effect, it took him on further along this entwined and double road.

    According to when Chen Ming cultivated the Instant Dao Seed, this was a dual cultivation method. It could train the body at the same time and use the extra speed of these black blades, turning one into the strongest hardship cultivator this world had ever seen!

    In a fight between hardship cultivator and spiritual cultivator, if the first got close, it was tantamount to the death of the later. But if you were to add the speed of the black saber, he'd be a monster.

    The immortal beasts on the Desolate Star would dry up at some point, though they could still be considered his main force for now. However, to pit them against the four Great Immortal Domains would be possible if the Desolate Star had a beast-matching Tree of Martyrs.

    Theoretically speaking, this was impossible as the cicada race's Red Toon went out of their control because it grew to the fifth stage. If even cicada with their special traits fell, there was no need to mention other cultivators.

    With Red Toon unhinged, he didn't need to think regarding the one on the Desolate Star.

    If only Zhuo Qingyao could cultivate the Instant Dao Seed, she'd be stronger than ever.

    It's so sad her body is weird, blocking her from taking the spiritual path...

    Chen Ming heard a gurgling and looked to see Luo Muye hungry.

    He took out some food and ate together before walking ahead. Going for five lis, he met with Five Year Cicada, six, and then seven.

    The stronger they were the lesser their number and it was also around this time Chen Ming reached the end. An intact body was up ahead, holding a meter-long slender blade with an eight-inch hilt.

    Intricate designs covered its length and the handle even had them in golden.

    The man holding the blade had his eyes fixed on Chen Ming.

    His body wore hemp clothes, and despite old, it was clear to tell he was a strong man in his prime.

    Chen Ming approached, eyes on the blade, My, what an eye-catching weapon. The blade traced a perfect arc, glinting with coldness.

    Luo Muye steeped to make a bow, "Greetings Emperor Qin Qiu!"(1)

    Chen Ming ignored it. As a king slayer, he bowed to no one. He reached for hilt to take it out of the Emperor's hand.

    Truth be told, the black blade's killing move complemented an array's pressure. It was Chen Ming's most suited battle art.

    He wanted it!

    Chen Ming pulled, yet found Emperor Qin Qiu's grip was a vise, not budging an inch.

    He's strong even dead?

    "Ding! Nine Year Cicada is assessing. Due to King Slayer Aura, the assessment is terminated. Judging... due to possessing the Instant Dao Seed it reached 20%. Due to having Altruist Aura, King Slayer Aura's assessment is reevaluated. King Slayer Aura's assessment is reinstated. Judging reached 100%, you earned Nine Year Cicada's approval."

    "You obtained the soul weapon Nine Year Cicada."

    Emperor Qin Qiu loosened his grip and Chen Ming took the blade.

    He just stared at it in his hands. This is a first, who knew Altruist Aura had such effect?

    This blade must be on the righteous side, and instead of doing like Heavenly Wolf Bow, it voided King Slayer Aura's assessment. Then came Altruist Aura to the rescue and saved his image in Nine Year Cicada's eyes.

    It came to the conclusion he was a nice guy, killing only tyrants and all.

    It fits. I always seem to kill despots.

    He went and fiddled at Emperor's waist, if not for other reason than for its belt, who carried Nine Year Cicada's sheath.

    As he put it on, he found a pair of cicada wings on it and chains decorating it. Nine Year Cicada's scabbard was at the back. He gripped it and sheathed the blade.

    With his left resting on the hilt, I say, I strike quite the handsome pose.

    The blades worn at the back were usually for the backhanded style. They were drawn very fast, with an even quicker attack, saving time in launching deadly moves.

    As for the backhanded style and the righthanded style, their difference laid in the grip. With the left on the handle and the body straight, lead to the righthanded style, the edge facing the enemy. In case of the backhanded style, the edge faced the hand.

    The backhanded style was known as the fast blade, quick to move in for an attack.


    (1)    Lit. spring and autumn which has multiple meanings. It can be the seasons, annals, a person's age, or even a particular period in Chinese history.

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    Laugh and laugh, till your lips start to split. May your icy, piercing sadness be known all over the multiverse.

    See you on the other side, mate.
  • Its cicada is two pointed sword like in shaolin movie?  Or like a usual saber?
  • Its cicada is two pointed sword like in shaolin movie?  Or like a usual saber?
    It was mentioned when fused the four season blades, back when he returned from his trip in the inheritance. It is a black, slender and long saber.
  • Chapter 434: Immortal Master Chen's Grim Fairy Tales

    As a speed-based weapon like Nine Year Cicada, it only fit the backhanded style.

    To top it all off, it was a soul weapon!

    Since he had its approval, he knew of its characteristics.

    1. Quick and sharp!

    2. Hard and tough!

    3. Maximum nine times speed amplification.

    4. Quelling souls.

    The last effect was obvious. When it killed, the man would have no way of becoming an eternal Martyr, swallowed whole by the Nine Year Cicada.

    Everyone knew a Martyr was eternal with soul weapons as their sole weakness.

    Chen Ming cursed inside, Simply cruel.

    The third effect was also plainly obvious. Just how Chen Ming's ex-blade had twofold speed, this one was just far faster and sharper.

    Soul weapons were strong yet Chen Ming's level wasn't enough to use them to their potential.

    Luo Muye didn't think Chen Ming's act tarnished Emperor Qin Qiu. Weren't they the only survivors? Was he to let an outsider take it?

    His instinct leaned on relying on Chen Ming. He was but a child and Chen Ming was the only adult. He was meant to live under his wing.

    "The blade fits uncle's celestial warrior look!"

    Chen Ming took a long look at him, What dark truth are those words hiding? "Anyone can see they are fake. Don't say them again."

    Luo Muye nodded meekly, "Uh, yes uncle."

    He needed to get cicada's good stuff back home and expand Yan Mountain's power. However, they all belonged to the kid and Chen Ming wasn't a petty senior, but a man of upstanding morals and ethics. How could the peace-loving Yan Mountain Mountain Lord possibly do such a despicable act?

    The kid's auras were not bad at all. If he could con him into the fold, then it'd be a done deal. How could his filial disciple ever conceive the thought his Master would take his things by force?

    Chen Ming said, "With us as the only survivors, we can only look after each other. As of now, you will come with me."

    Luo Muye nodded, "Yes, uncle."

    Chen Ming didn't put the cart before the horse and spoke of apprenticeship. He wasn't in the habit of taking initiative in getting disciples, it was they who wailed before him in tears and snot to take them. This rule was set in stone.

    Chen Ming said, "You're still too young. Wait for a bit and I'll give you a knife. You are unable to use these."

    Luo Muye was excited, "Awesome. The next time I go for fruits I can avoid climbing them only to fall on me. I can cut them down!"

    Chen Ming had the urge to roll his eyes, Such pure thoughts!

    Then again, it was expected for a three-year-old to have them.

    With Luo Muye in tow, he went to check if he could open a few more doors, and stuff his pockets while he was at it.

    This was the homeland of the last Emperor of the Galaxy. It had to be packed.

    Treasure-hunting and the like was our dear Immortal Master Chen's greatest thrill.

    The two closed the door behind them and walked further in. There weren't many doors he could open though. Besides the black sabers' hall, only three more were opened.

    Staying a day in the black saber warehouse of a hall, Luo Muye grew tired, "Uncle, I'm sleepy."

    Chen Ming took out a bed, "Sleep."

    Luo Muye tucked himself in and peaked at Chen Ming, "Uncle, I can't sleep. Tell me a story."

    Chen Ming thought, Eh? The dark life of raising a child begins. It was hard enough raising those five broken toys and here comes another one to torture me!

    Forget it. I, Immortal Master Chen, have so many children, one or two extra would hardly matter.

    Chen Ming began, "Then I shall begin. This story is called Sleeping Beauty. Once upon a time, there was a princess who grew into an amazing beauty. She was one day cursed, and only a prince's kiss could wake her... Finally, the prince and the princess lived happily ever after."

    Chen Ming said, "Now that you heard it, what have you learned?"

    Luo Muye ponder for a while before answering solemnly, "To kiss the sleeping beauty as many times as I can?"

    Chen Ming: ...


    Not even close!

    Sigh, I can't lower myself to a brat's level. "Did you think this was what I wanted to tell you?"

    Luo Muye said, "Are you speaking of doing unto others as you would have done to you, yet no one does it?"

    He's not wrong, in fact, right on the mark.

    Chen Ming shook his head, "What I'm trying to tell you is, the reason why a prince could wake sleeping beauty through a kiss is because she's a princess, and also beautiful. If she was a crone and neither a princess, no one would throw themselves into danger to rescue her."

    Luo Muye nodded with conviction, "I see, Uncle. If you wish to be kind and to resist the clutches of evil, you will die one day. And the dead kindhearted are only good to stir tears and sympathy."

    Chen Ming said, "Such a thing cannot give your life back. The thing I truly want to say is that a brat like you who no one likes will one day be caught by a bad man if he isn't careful, or poisoned. There's a saying in the Crownless Assembly, a toast for the dead, a toast for long life, and the final toast to myself. Although Crownless Assembly's lands are chaotic, I do believe these words make sense. Life, we cannot control. Death, we cannot control either. But we have the time between them in our hands. We are our own masters!"

    Luo Muye asked, "Uncle, if a bad man takes me, will you save me?"

    Chen Ming pondered, "I will."

    Luo Muye asked, "Why?"

    Chen Ming smiled, "Who else will save you if not I?"

    Luo Muye nodded, "I see."

    Yeah, they were the last of the cicada. If not Chen Ming, who then would come to his rescue?

    With Chen Ming's grim fairy tales whispering in his ear, Luo Muye's breath evened out. Chen Ming lied down on the bed, gripped by a sudden longing for those broken toys on Yan Mountain. It meant nothing else, it was just because they called him Master. They are my only family, walking the same road of cultivation together.

    I wonder how are those brats doing.

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  • Chapter 435: Shallow Grass Hides the Horse's Hooves Fleeting By

    It was the dead of night and Wan Baqian sat in his little shop, his fingers flying over the abacus. He was tacking stock of today's profit, "A ten-thousand-year-old immortal herb, hmm, that's dozens of time the profit, poor. I got quite a few cultivation methods and I'll give them to Master once he's back since he likes them so much."

    He heard a noise coming from Chen Lingyu's littlest shop. He peeked over in passing, not caring in the least.

    It's night, you know. Any who looks to trouble fourth senior sister doesn't know the meaning of death.

    To have the balls and go to fourth senior sister at night, you have my deepest respect.

    Uh, I'd better think of a few lines for his gravestone next year. "Unruly flowers almost overwhelms the eye; shallow grass hides the horse's hooves fleeting by.(1) Not bad at all. By this time next year, it's going to be the beginning of spring. These verses are a perfect description for pushing up daisies."

    Prince Long Qiao followed by a detail of a hundred Earth Immortals looked around and seeing no one, "Seal off the area!"

    The people moved and trapped Chen Lingyu's littlest shop inside.

    They were vigilant to their surroundings. A quack had a rotten character, but the number she saved wasn't small.

    If she found out, things would go from bad to worse.

    This quack could be rated as divine. Even the dead were brought to life. Who wouldn't be tempted to take such a person as a retainer?

    Long Qiao had no right to mess with such a divine quack. But since it was Yan Shengxiao's order...

    He arrived before the shop and saw Chen Yu threading needle as she worked on a brocade under the warm candlelight.

    Prince bowed, "Fairy Star Dragon invites healer for a talk."

    Chen Yu swiveled her eyes over, hardly caring, "Like I said, if you want healing, you're more than welcome. I'm not in the habit of making house calls."

    Prince Long Qiao smiled and watched her peach flower embroidery, "Such an elegant flower."

    Chen Yu didn't even look at him, "You can see, right?"

    "Yes, I can. Why?"

    "The door is that way. You know the drill."

    "Healer does not wish to come?"

    Chen Yu didn't even deign a response and continued her work.

    I gave Master a peach blossom sachet(2) and now I need to give head senior sister one.

    Long Qiao said, "Since healer does not wish to be courteous, I am forced to do it myself."

    Chen Yu sent seven embroidering needles into his body, stopping him dead in his tracks.

    What was even scarier was that his immortal power was sealed.

    Chen Yu glanced at him, "As one who knows how to save a life, I also know how to take one."

    Chen Yu's tender smile plucked at one's heartstrings. Long Qiao was sweating buckets, soaking his clothes and dripping on the ground. Pain wracked his body, yet he couldn't budge an inch, and even speaking was impossible.

    It was like being touched by death itself, making him collapse.

    This quack's skill was insane!

    She could not only save a life but also take it!

    Chen Yu said flatly, "A long time ago, I forgot the meaning of time, I had no concept of it. I stood there beneath a peach tree, listening to Master's tale. It was called The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

    "Once upon a time, there was a little boy who liked to play a lot and shouted at the villagers 'Woof! Woof!' The people rushed to drive the wolves away only to find there was none. The boy was thrilled and cried a second time. The villagers came out again yet no wolf in sight. The third time, the wolves came and when the boy cried, no one believed him. The wolf entered the village and ate the boy, while also harming the others."

    Long Qiao was clueless about where she was going with this. Is there a connection?

    Chen Yu continued, "From that moment on, I understood something."

    Prince Long Qiao wanted to say, Don't lie?

    Chen Yu continued, "How could I let other people sleep next to me on a narrow bed?(3) If there's a wolf, kill it! This way the following wouldn't happen. I don't like the ending and rather think that beating the wolf dead is better."

    "Just like you, just like the one behind you. I need to give him a fitting warning."

    Chen Yu fished out a needle, "Now tell me, who sent you? You heard this tale and should know what it means to tell lies, no?"

    Long Qiao found he could speak, "Fairy Star Dragon!"

    Chen Yu thought, It's the one who is unclear about Master, yet also avoid him!

    Avoiding Master is good, but this unclear part, is the worst. Chen Yu said, "Come, we're going to see that Fairy Star Dragon."

    Chen Yu plucked the needles and prince Long Qiao fell like a ton of bricks. For no less than two hours he was intimately aware of Chen Yu's skills. Her power was terrifying!

    Long Qiao was meek as he led her to Yan Shengxiao, not a peep all the way.

    This is no ordinary quack!

    Come daylight, Chen Ling'er found herself out of her element. She turned to ask prince Long Qiao, "What am I doing here?"

    Prince Long Qiao: ...

    He exclaimed inside, Even her memory is divine. But Chen Yu's threat still lingered in his mind, "Doctor wants to see Fairy Star Dragon and I am taking you to her."

    Chen Ling'er understood, "Oh, so that's how it is. Let's go, now I know what Chen Yu was thinking."

    Three days later at noon, Long Qiao said, "We'll arrive in one hour."

    Chen Ling'er turned to the sky, This looks like trouble. I can't go now. I'd better leave it to that murderous Chen Yu.


    Long Qiao was stunned, "We'll rest here then."

    When the sun set for good, Chen Yu took in the camp around her, "How long before we arrive?"

    "An hour."

    Chen Yu nodded, "Lead the way. How strong is Fairy Star Dragon? She can't be trash like you no?"

    "Hardly, hardly!"


    (1)    It is Bai Juyi’s poem, “A Visit to Qiantang Lake in Spring.” Bai Juyi (772–846) was a government official. Whole version here: , or another one here

    (2)    It is an ancient custom pertaining being in a relationship. Chen Ming is oblivious since he came from the 21st century.

    (3)    It means to protect your interest and benefits, to not let others steal your hard work.

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  • Chapter 436: Dubious Seniority

    Arriving at the fiend camp, Chen Yu was led to Yan Shengxiao's tent.

    Long Qiao was thinking, Once Fairy Star Dragon moves, you will know the true meaning of genius!

    Chen Yu entered when Yan Shengxiao spoke, "Is this the famous younger sister healer?"

    Chen Yu looked her over, "No."

    Yan Shengxiao turned to Long Qiao, who nodded.

    Yan Shengxiao smiled instead, "Younger sister is so unruly."

    Chen Yu said, "I meant the seniority is dubious. With how old you are, I should call you auntie."

    Yan Shengxiao's eyelids twitched, Old? Auntie...

    She smiled, "Such an adorable little sister healer."

    Chen Yu was blunt, bypassing Yan Shengxiao's pointless rabble, "Is this going somewhere?"

    "Little sister healer's reviving skill is divine, though one must also understand that talent sparks envy. With such skill in healing, if there's no one there to protect you, someone might come to take you away and force little sister into working to the bone."

    "Who can protect me?"

    "This sister doesn't dare claim to be the best, but I am confident of being among the first geniuses. Under my wing, little sister will live unharmed."

    Chen Yu rose, "What you're saying is, your power is enough?"

    Yan Shengxiao was confident, "With my power, I can go around Sacred Mountain as I wish; of course it's enough."

    "In that case, I don't need your protection."

    Yan Shengxiao was caught off guard, What does that mean? "Someone does it already?"

    Chen Yu shook her head, "No, but I can take care of myself."

    Yan Shengxiao's eyes ignited with fury, Star Dragon Crown Prince was the same, looking down on me! Now this missy, a mere healer, does the same!

    Ninth Crown Prince, Moon Palace's Crown Prince and even head princess Jin Xiangyu show me respect, yet this missy and Star Dragon Crown Prince dare slight me!

    Yan Shengxiao said, "Did little sister healed for so long it turned you foolish? Not anyone can have a genius' power."

    A needle flashed between Chen Yu's fingers, "Wanna try?"

    Chen Yu sent needles into Yan Shengxiao's three major acupoints. She felt Chen Yu's skill was high. This move alone caused a light wound, despite her constitution!

    Yan Shengxiao shook and the Star Dragon flew from her bearing down on all creations and blasting the tent open. It also worked to remove the needles.

    The fiends were in a panic, "Who's fighting Fairy Star Dragon?"

    "Isn't it Star Dragon Crown Prince a better match?"

    "He isn't here, so only Fairy Star Dragon is left!"

    The Heavenly Court, Jade Lake, and Moon Palace camps also received notice about the signs of battle. They rushed to a mountain outside the fiend camp to observe.

    Jin Xiangyu said, "Who is it this time that came to mess with a Star Dragon? Don't they know its power? Even Ninth Crown Prince fled from its path."

    Ninth Crown Prince snapped, "That was only because I was unclear of Star Dragon's skills while knew everything about mine. Next time will be his head rolling!"

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince said, "It's the quack."

    Jin Xiangyu was confused, "Quack?"

    And so was Ninth, "Isn't that a healer? How is she fighting Fairy Star Dragon? How is she matching her?"

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince looked closer, "That's not it, the quack has a small advantage on Fairy Star Dragon."

    The three turned to fiend camp to see Draconic Influence flaring out of Fairy Star Dragon and the Star Dragon rising behind her. Chen Yu smiled. If it were day, she'd be stumped to face it, but since it was night, it was a whole nother matter.

    She glimpsed at the Star Dragon and launched threaded needles in the form of a net. The silver needle net spread and cut the stars around her to pieces.

    "A dragon-like this should just die."

    The needles threaded the sky and struck at the dragon's weak point, sealing it.

    Yan Shengxiao felt a peculiarity about Chen Yu, that she could find the weakness of her Star Dragon. Chen Yu's magical art resembled the Slaughtering Dragon Art she knew!

    Yes, Fairy Star Dragon was from the dragon race, and fiends' only art among the ten grand immortal art was the Slaughtering Dragon Art!

    The dragons' logic was simple. They were the strongest race in the world and their restraining art was bound to be the strongest too.

    And this Slaughtering Dragon Art was to suppress fiends' dragon race.

    The silver needle net spread around Fairy Star Dragon, close enough for her to fell the touch of death lingering on them. Chen Yu's immortal power was just as overbearing as hers!

    Fairy Star Dragon took a slender sword to attack yet found fine strings closing in and trapping her.

    With how strong they were, if she tried to force her way through, she'd end up sprawled on the ground in a million pieces.

    Fairy Star Dragon's power changed, boiling with freezing killing intent, "Slaughtering Dragon Art!"

    The threads became dragons in her eyes and hacked them with an onslaught of slashes. Each attack pinpointed the weakness in the strings, only this worked to cut them.

    The three up in the mountain were startled. Jin Xiangyu said, "Fairy Star Dragon can unleash the Slaughtering Dragon Art!"

    Ninth scrutinized their exchanges, "Their battle is wrought with danger, one slip and either may fall."

    Moon Palace's Crown Prince's eyes flashed, "They're using their best moves, each dancing along the blade's edge. Just how is this quack so strong?"

    Chen Yu smiled, "Is that the best killing intent you can come up with? Child's play."

    Slaughtering Asura lvl 6 enabled!

    Without a single exception, all of them felt killing intent locking them in place, as if a million demons were about to be unleashed on their being.

    They watched as the killing intent gathered and became visible on Chen Yu, a spiraling red mist.

    Chen Yu looked around, "Well, well, well. We have an audience. No point in playing then. The fiends will gape as I leave you a corpse, uh, leave you with a lesson."

    "Thirteen needles!"

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