Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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  • Chapter 39: You Have the Right to Remain Silent


    The Wuji Kingdom wasn't a great power, far below Pitfall Mountain or the Six Kings Alliance.

    At the border of the Myriad Mountains, each king was bidding their tome for hundred of years, allowing them to grow in power, to the point of enabling them to hold great wars. But they were still under the thumb of real authority, like Pitfall Mountain and the Six Kings Alliance. 

    Chen Ming didn't want to fly, but he couldn't worry about this right now. He took the several hundred spirit stones from his lair, the income he from his territory, then some mature spiritual herbs from the medicine garden to help in Zhuo Qingyao's recovery, and stepped on the fiend cloud, speeding into the horizon.

    Although Chen Ming flew with all his might when he used up his spiritual power, he supplemented it with spirit stones. He was holding two spirit stones in his hands as it took him three days to arrive at the Cliff Mountain in Yan Empire, then flew straight to the temporary Regent estate where he roared, "Wang Meng, get over here!"

    Not a moment later, Wang Meng brought a dozen Dao Initiation realm Relentless Tiger Guards outside the estate. As his eyes gazed upon Chen Ming, guilt rose inside of him. He had Chen Ming's sole disciple in his care, yet he was unable to protect her. Wang Meng couldn't stand on his own as others held him straight.

    Chen Ming saw that Wang Meng's wounds were grave. With how serious his condition was, Chen Ming didn't continue blaming him. Wang Meng forced himself to his feet, "Prince, I deserve death, I am useless."

    Chen Ming took a spiritual herb and put it in his hand, "For now, tell me where is Zhuo Qingyao."

    "The Wuji Kingdom captured young miss, and from the information we received from the Relentless Tiger Guards, she is held in the tightly sealed Imperial Palace."

    Chen Ming nodded, his eyes suffused with a trace of ruthlessness, "It doesn't matter if you attack me, not even if you attack Yan Empire, but, what the hell are you doing detaining a thirteen-year-old girl?"

    Cliff Mountain wasn't far from the Wuji Kingdom and had many conflicts with its neighbor, Yan Empire, "Tell grandfather and father to prepare an army to destroy the Wuji Kingdom. I want it raised to the ground."

    He then flew on his fiend cloud towards the Wuji Kingdom, arriving outside the Imperial Palace a day later. Seeing the dazzling palace, he went inside in crow form. He didn't fear a straight fight but did fear the Wuji Kingdom but that they would harm Zhuo Qingyao.

    Chen Ming had some doubts if the Nine Nines Mysteries Art was only a Dao Sense realm cultivation manual. But even in the Dao Sense realm, he could stand aloof as a great lord. He was currently pooling all his merits and spiritual knowledge into the Nine Nines Mysteries Art, "How far can I upgrade the Nine Nines Mysteries Art right now?"

    "Ding! Because your strength isn't defined by realms, you cannot upgrade the Nine Nines Mysteries Art, and can only promote it to the 24th stage."

    "Then use merits and spiritual knowledge to promote it!"

    Using more than 200 merits and 8000 spiritual knowledge, to promote it to the 24th stage scared Chen Ming. His original 10000 spiritual knowledge was now reduced to a mere 1500.

    But he could see that his danger value increased until it reached the 299 value. He was one point away from entering the domain of Archfiends!

    Danger value: 299(Matchless below the Archfiend stage)

    This promotion of Nine Nines Mysteries Art was so strong? Making him invincible under the Archfiend stage?

    Worthy of a freaky cultivation manual that killed any who dared cultivated it.

    Based on his current body strength, Chen Ming could fight head to head with a Fiend General! Below his feathers, his skin had a faint golden glow, giving him immunity to mundane weapons, making his body as tough as jade.

    Chen Ming landed on a large tree and spread his awareness in search of Zhuo Qingyao. He scoured the entire palace and breathed easier when he found her. Chen Ming flew towards her position, inside the main hall. Zhuo Qingyao was in chains, with a pale complexion and blood leaking from her mouth.

    "Zhuo Qingyao, you can avoid this needless suffering by telling me where the Bandit King's treasure is!"

    Zhuo Qingyao twisted her head, "Aren't you afraid my Master, Chen Ming, will come smashing now that you've captured me? "

    The golden armored Commander questioning her, guffawed, "Chen Ming? He died at the hands of Pitfall Mountain. Your resistance is futile. I advise you to tell me where it is."

    They didn't realize as a black crow landed on Zhuo Qingyao's shoulder.

    The Commander exposed a cold and ruthless smile, then punched at Zhuo Qingyao's stomach. A black smoke emerged before him, holding his hand in a metal vice, unable to shake it.

    The smoke scattered,  showing Chen Ming's face and startling the Commander, "Who are you?"

    Chen Ming gave a wicked laugh and tightened his grip, as craking sounds were heard with the increase in pressure.

    Chen Ming crushed the Commander's hand to pieces!

    "This King is Chen Ming!"

    With the Commander only at the 5th stage of Dao Initiation realm, Chen Ming knew he could easily crush ten of them with a single hit.

    Chen Ming's fist struck, and like a tiger, it erupted with a powerful wave of energy cracking the Commander's chest!

    The blow rag-dolled the Commander out of the main hall, ending up nothing more than a pile of meat, with every bone in his body broken.

    Zhuo Qingyao's eyes flashed with vigor at the sight of Chen Ming. "Master, I knew you'd come."

    Chen Ming broke her chains with a flick of his hand, but Zhuo Qingyao's body was too weary and swayed. Chen Ming crouched in front of her and said, "Grab on."

    There was a huge commotion outside, as even a fool knew an intruder came from looking at the Commander's corpse. More than twenty Dao Initiation realm cultivator rushed here, bringing along even more cultivators, all on flying swords, right behind them. From all around the Imperial City, tens of thousands of soldiers converged here like clouds, bows at the ready. 

    There was a sea of spears outside, while the cultivators sealed of the sky. They intended to fight Chen Ming to death!

    Zhuo Qingyao noticed the disturbance, "Master, leave, I'm only a burden. Use this chance to escape."

    Chen Ming's thought, This lass is still worried about me, "Don't be afraid, these tens of thousands of soldiers are all in my grasp. What!? You haven't seen me for so long and you no longer listen to me?"

    Zhuo Qingyao grabbed on to Chen Ming's back, her arms circling his neck. Chen Ming knew that the tortured left hear weak and exhausted, he was afraid she would fall from his back. Grabbing a cloth from the main hall, he tied Zhuo Qingyao to his back using his spiritual power.

    Lustrous King Sword flew from its sheath and landed in his hand, and with Zhuo Qingyao on his back, he walked outside the main hall. From a thousand steps above, Chen Ming watched the army below and the cultivators in the sky, then laughed, "Listen closely, you are all in my grasp. If you surrender you still have a chance at life. If not, then you have the right to remain silent, anything you say will turn into your dying words."

  • Chapter 40: Finger From Beyond


    The atmosphere took an awkward vibe.

    The army and cultivators prepared for war, stood dumbstruck, carefully inspecting Chen Ming, and whispering comments, "Did the fear get to his head?"

    "Where did the Yan Empire found this clown?"

    "Since he came alone, his head must have a screw loose. This must be a common occurrence to him."

    Chen Ming's thought, Wasn’t that a declaration of war? Why aren't they attacking?

    "Ding! Host entered the battlefield. Setting up the death toll, when it passes 10000, the achievement Ten Thousand Slaughterer will be obtained."

    Chen Ming was thinking, It's perfect! When a rare chance to earn an achievement shows itself, you cannot miss it.

    Zhuo Qingyao was worried, "Master, let's leave."

    "Don't you believe in Master? Daring to do something like this to you, I will give them an unforgettable lesson, forever engraved in the history books of the Wuji Kingdom."

    Chen Ming saw how the dozen or so Dao Initiation realm cultivators in the sky launched their swords attacks. There was a storm, an inferno and even flickering thunder among them. In contrast, Chen Ming coated his Lustrous King Sword in three-zhang long sword energy then hacked with a move from the Lustrous King Sword Art, the Nine Mountain Crusher!

    Like a sword cutting reeds, the ten-odd incoming swords shattered. The sword went through them unaffected, as if they were rotten wood, then continued to engulf the cultivators, forced into retreating!

    "Just how powerful is he?"

    "I can't see his cultivation!"

    "One sword made us retreat, he must be a Great Cultivator!"

    "How did the Yan Empire invite such a terrifying man?"

    "He must be using a secret art, he won't last long. Continue attacking, I just can't believe he can withstand the might of our entire kingdom by himself!"

    The generals also sensed something amiss, "Fire, quickly!"

    The black cloud in de sky rained arrows straight at Chen Ming, who turned his head, "Hide yourself and don't get hit."

    Chen Ming stomped the ground. The thirteen years old Zhuo Qingyao could easily hide behind him, but Chen Ming wasn't assured as the spiritual power burst from within and created a barrier. The stone crumbled beneath his foot, as he launched himself towards the armed and ready soldiers.

    He wasn't worried about their strikes as none could hurt him, but Zhuo Qingyao couldn't handle these hits.

    The three-zhang long sword energy swept across, splitting tens of soldiers in two, then followed with another step and with another swipe, killing dozens more.

    Each swing of his sword shrowded all who stood before Chen Ming, spreading death to tens of soldiers.

    A hack would cause a ten-zhang long crevice in the ground, while a sweep split the soldiers at the waist!

    The cultivators above didn't let Chen Ming continue his wanton slaughter, as they rushed at him. Chen Ming was pondering something, Should I use it? He was afraid it would scare them into retreating.

    Chen Ming reached a conclusion, then faced the twenty-some cultivators charging at him and sheathed his sword, "Finger From Beyond!"

    Power erupted from his finger, drawing an entire Dao Palace's spiritual power,  making the cultivators feel the touch of death. The power in his finger was too horrifying!

    Up above, the clouds turned into a vortex and a blue finger came out, disintegrating everything in its path.

    When it landed, it rent the ground asunder. The aftershock struck the soldiers, turning them to dust, then it ran into the cultivators, sending them crashing down like meteors, all the while coughing blood. This finger alone annihilated more than half of the Imperial City, leaving behind an immense crater as proof of its power.

    Throughout the attack, the earth split open, revealing the deep abyss, and after the finger landed, it turned into a ten-zhang deep and tens of zhang wide crater!

    Chen Ming withdrew his sword, "This is an immortal art, this is what relentless power looks like!"

    "Ding! Death toll: 3217."

    "Ding! Death toll: 3218."

    "Ding! Death toll: 3254."


    Chen Ming surveyed the ground, the Dao Initiation realm cultivators on their last breath, and then at the soldiers who, because of the crater left behind, were now buried in the remains of the Imperial City.

    This was why an Archfiend was called an Archfiend. They would kill this many, but when they struck, they changed their surroundings. 

    Chen Ming's finger was one the strongest even among the Archfiends.

    The cultivators and the soldiers now knew, "This is... a King stage's destruction..."

    "He's a King..."

    "Our enemy is a King..."

    The cultivators didn't have the same thoughts, "He's no Human King, he just used a secret art. His spiritual power must be bone dry. Let's attack together, kill him!"

    "If we let him go, then wouldn't he come again? Only killing him will remove this torment!"

    Countless soldiers and cultivators rushed at Chen Ming, like a tide of steel. He brandished his sword, releasing his three-zhang long sword energy, followed by constant strikes, with each of them leaving tens of soldiers motionless.

    This time, Chen Ming was the one advancing, while the army and the cultivators retreated again and again!

    After wiping out two thousand soldiers more, and seven-eight cultivators, one cultivator finally managed to hit Chen Ming's body. His sword struck Chen Ming's chest, slashing his clothes, but with a 'clank', the sword snapped!

    Chen Ming grabbed his neck with his left hand, smashing him on the ground then dumping him in the resulted hole.

    Chen Ming jumped so that all the attacks were focused on him, to protect Zhuo Qingyao on his back.

    The cultivators and the soldiers noticed, "Attack Zhuo Qingyao on his back. He came to save her!"

    "He won't have an easy time protecting her!"

    "Attack Zhuo Qingyao and pin him down!"

    "Surround him, there's no reason to fear him. His fatal weakness is Zhuo Qingyao!"

  • Chapter 41: Ten Thousand Slaughterer


    I am Master's weakness.

    Chen Ming's heart tightened at the sight of everyone around him aiming their swords at Zhuo Qingyao.

    With his current spiritual power, Chen Ming could launch another Finger From Beyond at best, killing god knew how many. This might prove fruitless, but Zhuo Qingyao's safety was above all else. He was an orphan before all of this, he knew how alone he was in that world, and if he slipped, he only had himself to lean on and get back up. There was never a second person to help him, making him lick his wounds in the night by himself.

    Zhuo Qingyao has only me.

    Besides him, there wasn't another to lean on.

    Chen Ming turned towards Zhuo Qingyao on his back, "Relax, I'll keep on fighting. If it doesn't work, we'll leave. In this world, no one can hurt you."

    Chen Ming tore his black-feathered robe and draped it over Zhuo Qingyao. Since it was made from a Fiend General's plumage, it could handle mundane weapons.

    Chen Ming hacked a sword sneaking and attack on Zhuo Qingyao and spoke gravely, "Did you know? You managed to piss me off, and this fury can only be quenched by your kingdom's annihilation!"

    Chen Ming stopped slaughtering ordinary soldiers since their attacks couldn't pierce his spiritual power shield, nor harm Zhuo Qingyao. His target was the Dao Initiation realm cultivators in the sky. If he could kill this danger towards Zhuo Qingyao's life, then he could enjoy fighting without restraint.

    The sky now held a total of twenty-some Dao Initiation realm cultivators.

    Chen Ming jumped on his fiend cloud and charged at a cultivator, sending his sword energy towards him. At the same time, a flying sword appeared behind him, going after Zhuo Qingyao. With his Lustrous King Sword in mid-strike, Chen Ming turned around and took the incoming attack with his chest, sinking half an inch and drawing blood.

    These were spiritual weapons, but even them couldn't break his body when his Nine Nines Mysteries Art cultivation was equivalent to a peak Fiend General.

    And now, he was one step away from entering the Archfiend's domain.

    The cultivator wanted to recover his flying sword, but Chen Ming locked it in place with his muscles!

    The 10 stages of Dao Sense realm were to cultivate the body, to increase its strength. These 10 stages were then able to compress the spiritual energy inside into spiritual power. And the current Chen Ming was now at the 24th stage of Dao Sense realm!

    Even a fiend's body was lacking when compared to him.

    His entire body was strong as jade, shining with a faint golden light. He tightened his muscles and, like steel pincers, locked the flying sword in his chest!

    Chen Ming tapped the air, and in three steps he was upon the swordless cultivator, his own sword cleaving him in two!

    Three more swords zipped towards Zhuo Qingyao, so Chen Ming could only grab the Dao Initiation realm cultivator in front and turned around. The swords skewered the shield and struck Chen Ming in the chest, waist, and arm, then threw this deader than dead Dao Initiation realm cultivator away.

    Chen Ming glanced at the four swords sticking out of him. "Seems like either you beat me to death or me, you."

    "It's sad that I don't want to get beaten, and I am more curious to see what kind of faces do you make when you're on the receiving end."

    He fished out a thousand-year-old snow ginseng from his ring and took a bite out of it, chew a bit, then swallowed. it might not cure his wounds, but it helped maintain his fighting state. His left hand now had a spirit stone, absorbing it spiritual energy while the Dao Initiation realm cultivators approached.

    "I am cultivating the Iron Palm. Kill him while I grab his sword!" Said a tall and strong cultivator.

    This Dao Initiation realm cultivator dashed at Chen Ming and went to grab the Lustrous King Sword. Chen Ming smirked, "You're dreaming if you think you can grab my sword!"

    Chen Ming pointed his sword at the sky, in preparation for the Overlord's Rule.

    He twisted his sword, and while enveloped in sword energy, he slapped the incoming cultivator into the ground, instantly burring him, and helped Chen Ming by taking three soldiers down with him.

    The spirit stone in his hand turned to dust, and another took its place, resuming Chen Ming's absorption process.

    As dust kept drifting from his palm, Chen Ming found himself the target of five more incoming flying sword. He lifted his left hand to blocked,  the five more wounds appeared on his arm and left side.

    Chen Ming flew into a rage at this point, "All of you die! Overlord's Rule!"

    Sword energy erupted from his left hand, charging at the five swordless cultivators!

    Three of them fell from the sky, turning into a pile of meat.

    "He can't hold much longer. If we keep this up, he will die from his wounds!"

    "Attack together!"

    "Work together and wound him!"

    Chen Ming watched the approaching ten-odd cultivators and spiritual energy burst out of his left hand.

    Even if his spiritual power was depleted, based on his body, no one could stop him!

    "Finger From Beyond!"

    Chen Ming extended his finger and the bluish finger once again swept everything as it sped towards the incoming cultivators. 

    The bluish finger crushed all, killing nine of them on the spot, entering the earth and leaving another great crater behind!

    The aftershock met with the rest of the army, turning them to dust!

    The remaining cultivators finally cowered, not daring to continue attacking Chen Ming. He killed thirty-eight Dao Initiation realm cultivators in this battle, and there was no other left in the Imperial City to come and surround him.

    Chen Ming swept his sword, his gaze now landing on the soldiers on the ground, blood leaking from the corner of his mouth, "It's your turn to suffer my wrath!"

    He was talking like this because he was worried about Zhuo Qingyao getting hurt, getting ready to break away from here.

    With no spiritual power left, Chen Ming waved around his five-foot-long Lustrous King Sword amidst the crowd. He was akin a T-rex, smashing and bashing anything in his path, knocking against spears and swords. A frenzied beast, slaughtering his way out of the enclosure.

    Ordinary men weren't his match, sending them flying with each collision!

    Chen Ming slashed and hacked, all the while absorbing spiritual energy with his left hand.

    "Ding! Death toll passed the ten thousand mark, Ten Thousand Slaughterer achievement complete. Killer Aura becomes Killing Intent Aura. Reward: 5000 spiritual knowledge, 500 fame."

    'Killing Intent

    Description: people are struck with terror by your slaughter, paralyzed in fear.

    Effect: Intimidation. Resolute people will find their fighting spirit drained. Your magical arts now carry a hint of killing intent.'

    "Activate Killing Intent?"


    The blood spilled on the ground released a faint bloody mist, gathering around Chen Ming. His eyes turned blood-red, emanating a chilling killing intent. 

    Under the aura's cover, the already fearful soldiers now avoided Chen Ming's eyes.

    "He's no human, he's a devil!"

    "We can't win against this monster!"

    "Retreat, we can still make it!"


    Chen Ming walked forward, until he felt he had enough spiritual power to sustain his flight, then left this place on his fiend cloud.

    Chen Ming laid Zhuo Qingyao down next to a creek. She saw how hurt he was, the five swords sticking out of him and tears started gathering, "Master, does it hurt?"

    Chen Ming rubbed Zhuo Qingyao's head, "Don't be too emotional, of course, it hurts. Owww! If you want me to live longer, quickly come and pull them out!"

    "Easy, easy, ow!"

  • Chapter 42: The Weakest Acting


    At the Six Kings Alliance, in his lair, Chen Ming reclined on his chair near the fire, wearing the black-feathered robe over his bandaged body. These days, he told Ling Xian to inform the Great Fiends not to come to pay respects, the main reason being Zhuo Qingyao bandaged him in a bowknot.

    The one doing the bandaging could only be Zhuo Qingyao, of course. And Ling Xian? Sorry, but he couldn't approach more than ten feet, so he watched in admiration how Zhuo Qingyao took care of Chen Ming.

    Now that he thought about it, what was the meaning behind his admiration?

    Snow drifted outside, while Zhuo Qingyao and Ling Xian trained. Ling Xian was thrilled the first time he practiced with Zhuo Qingyao, wanting to learn from each other. But later, Zhuo Qingyao tyrannically stomped a long-lasting memory in Ling Xian.

    Senior sister Zhuo Qingyao was a monster from the start. I can't even one of her slaps.

    Can't offend what I can't defeat.

    After his war, the Six Kings Alliance regarded Chen Ming with more importance. The men they sent to the battlefield reported the destruction, proving Chen Ming's status, that of an Archfiend. Yet they didn't know he could only use that move twice.

    Regarding his true identity, they couldn't care less. Whether human or fiend, he was still one of them, at the King stage. No one minded it too much since everyone had secrets.

    The Fairy Sword in Zhuo Qingyao's hand drifted like clouds while sending snow every which way. When she finished, she walked before Chen Ming, cupping her hands, "Master, is there a method on this world that can help me form a Sword Heart?"

    She raised her to head, eyes sparkling as she watched Chen Ming.

    "Ding! You triggered the mission: a stronger heart! Zhuo Qingyao has had enough of being weak, she thirsts for more power. Please reveal to her the path of strength, towards a powerful heart! Reward: 1000 merits."

    Chen Ming already formed his Sword Heart, and knew how to comprehend it, "Let me ask you, do you know what a Sword Heart is? Why is this stage called the Sword Heart?"

    "The sword energy comes from the heart, and as the heart remains steady, the sword energy never wavers. The sword and body become one, the Sword Heart. Without any distracting thoughts, and only the sword remaining inside, makes the Sword Heart shine brightly!"

    Chen Ming shook his head while smiling, "What you said was what the world knows after a Sword Heart user swept the world. But what you want to do right now, is to have the sword in your heart, and nothing but the sword."

    Lustrous King Sword appeared in Chen Ming's hand, "What do you make of this?"

    "This is a sword."

    "When you open your eyes, you can see it. Close them and look again. "

    Zhuo Qingyao closed her eyes, as Chen Ming asked, "Can you see the sword?"


    Ling Xian stood at the entrance, mumbling, "How can you see with closed eyes?"

    Chen Ming glared at Ling Xian, "Go outside the courtyard and stick some swords in the ground. I will seal my awareness and guess how many swords there are."

    Ling Xian hesitated, 'No way! Are all sword cultivators this weird?'

    Ling Xian took seven swords and stuck them before the entrance, then came in, "Master, disciple finished."

    Chen Ming didn't open his eyes or released his energy, just smiled, "Seven swords."

    Ling Xian was stunned, "Master, how did you do it?"

    Chen Ming smiled, "With a bright Sword Heart."

    Chen Ming smiled towards Zhuo Qingyao, "Remember these words, a sword user kills! With the sword in your heart, you will have a sword in your hand. If the sword doesn't come, I go take it!"

    Chen Ming turned, and with a thought, the seven swords flew and struck the ground in front of him

    "Do you understand?"

    Zhuo Qingyao nodded, cupping her hands, "Disciple understands."

    Three days later, Chen Ming brought Zhuo Qingyao to a mountain peak filled with swords. The swords are scattered everywhere and of all kinds, numbering in the thousands.

    Zhuo Qingyao asked, "Master, what's with all these swords?"

    Chen Ming's eyes were cold and detached, "Your Master killed all of them."

    Chen Ming continued, "After each kill, a sword is left behind. I killed their owners and killed their glory. They were left with their owner's resentment, their resentment. And I awoke this resentment. From now on, you will draw these swords. Go, feel these swords and then realized the meaning of the sword."

    Zhuo Qingyao nodded, walked to the foot of the Sword Mountain, and grabbed the first sword. She couldn't pull it, she didn't understand why, when she ate so many things while cultivating, so she tried harder.

    Ling Xian watched in silence for a while, then asked, "Master, what about me? How should I comprehend the Grand Dao, and form a Dao Heart?"

    Chen Ming glanced at him, "It's all around you, but you can't see it."

    "Master, I don't understand."

    Chen Ming formed a Dao Seed in the end and knew what path to take, "Between heaven and earth, thousands of creatures thrive, multiplying endlessly. As yin and yang grow impure, the world shifts with them. The Grand Dao encompass countless creatures, moves the sun and moon with no regard and drifts throughout the mortal world. In your discussion with the Dao in your heart, you aren't intent on comprehending it, so how can you form the Dao Heart?"

    Ling Xian seemed to both understand and not. But he was in no rush, as his cultivation was still low.

    Ling Xian looked at the sword-filled mountain, knowing it took a lot of sword energy out of Chen Ming, "Master cares a lot about senior sister!"

    Chen Ming smiled bashfully, "At least I don't need to eat your senior sister's dark cooking. It almost took my poor old life."

    Chen Ming didn't notice how Zhuo Qingyao's body shivered, and as she pulled a sword out, she still had time to rub her face, her scorching face.

    The three-month limit was fast approaching. Today, Zhuo Qingyao reached the 10th stage of Dao Sense realm while Ling Xian advanced to the Dao Initiation realm thanks to Chen Ming's guidance, helping him comprehend the Dao Canon, besides taking pills like peanuts. When he broke through to Dao Initiation realm, Ling Xian couldn't be happier, thinking this was his time to shine and with his moral at the highest, he chose to have another bout with Zhuo Qingyao. Only to be thoroughly stomped the ground, again. 

    Chen Ming smiled as he saw the bloody nose and battered faced Ling Xian, "What, did your senior sister beat you up again? Why didn't I realize how much you like getting beaten when I took you in? "

    Ling Xian's felt dejected, "Master, am I useless? Am I a genius? Senior sister is just too ferocious!"

    Chen Ming smiled, "You wouldn't know no matter how much you guessed it. Listen, Flying Immortal Sect's Sect Leader convened a sword trial, where all the youngsters in the kingdoms of the Southern Border are participating. Even if you guessed you also wouldn't know that I heard how you and the Sect Leader's daughter were engaged once."

    Ling Xian's eyes burst with rage, "Yes, I will never forget the humiliation, even if my body turned to ash! "

    "You're my disciple. You will go and show them that, it isn't Hua Qingting the one disregarding you, but she is simply not worthy of you! "

    "Thank you, Master. I wish to come along and repay this disgrace!"

    Chen Ming shook his head, "In truth, this isn't for you. You are my disciple, one who had his marriage contract revoked, by the girl's side no least. They clearly look down on me!"

    That's right, they disgraced Master, "Right, Master, will senior sister also come?"

    "Your senior sister said she doesn't have the time for a dull competition. Hmm, might as well make it a rule. When there is another trial, the weakest will go. If Zhuo Qingyao went then it would look like bullying."

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  • Chapter 43: Wait, Where’s Ling Xian?


    The sword trial was a long-time tradition in the cultivation world. On one hand, it let their disciples the chance to safely display their skills, on the other, it showed the sect's power, bringing glory to the sect.

    Moreover, when two sects were in conflict and were they to fight, they would both suffer great losses. Even the winner would have to pay the cost of several experts. And so, they chose another way, let their disciples fight each for them. 

    The Flying Immortal Sect was the strongest of them in the kingdoms of the Southern Border. But because it was too close to the Myriad Mountains, it didn't control many kingdoms. Yet it didn't impede today's sword trial, further proving the sect's status. 

    The second strongest, the Black Saber Sect, with a Saber King as overseer, prevented Flying Immortal Sect from influencing the other kingdoms.

    Today's Flying Immortal Sect could be said to be a place of great spectacle, with disciples of great talent coming here to participate from all the other sects. To avoid any accidents happening to them along the way, the sect sent a team of elders to accompany them.

    "Sect Leader Huang, your disciple' cultivation is very profound. He's so young and yet reached the 7th stage of Dao Sense realm!"

    "You're too kind, Sect Leader Wu. Your disciple isn't weak either. He will surely get a high position! "

    "Sigh, I don't expect him to be in the top ten, be he should be able to secure a place in the first hundred."

    "I wonder who's sect will take the first place."

    At this point, a Daoist came, "You don't know? the Black Saber Sect has an otherworldly talent, Mo Yun. They say he is only fifteen years old and already in the Dao Initiation realm! And that's not all, he is also very close with Flying Immortal Sect Sect Leader's daughter. I heard that both sects plan to marry them."

    "Now that is a match made in heavens!"

    "Talent with talent, this is how it should be!"

    Mo Yun was currently touring the Flying Immortal Sect with Hua Qingting as the guide. He was already fifteen years old, a tall and imposing youth. His hair flowing down his body, carefree and graceful, yet of wicked presence. He pointed at a white lotus on an overhanging cliff and said, "Qingting, isn't that the Heavenly Mountain Lotus?"

    Hua Qingting looked elegant, at fourteen years old, beginning to show the signs of womanhood, with long luxurious legs, snow-white skin, and eyes like drifting clouds. If Zhuo Qingyao was here, "With looks like this, I can pummel  her a hundred times!"

    Hua Qingting described, "That is the snow lotus father requested from the Snow Domain. This is its time to bloom, spring."

    "With Snow Lotus' beauty and exquisite purity, it shows how rare it is, definitely the most beautiful flower in this world. And this flower can only match the most beautiful person. I will give it to you as a gift!"

    Hua Qingting's face showed a hint of blush, but Mo Yun already disappeared. Hua Qingting cried out, "Be careful, it's very slippery!"

    A moment later, Mo Yun was in front of Hua Qingting, speaking tenderly, "Let me help you put it on."

    A sudden dark cloud loomed, as two fiend clouds approached, covering the sky and enveloping the Flying Immortal Sect in darkness.

    "What's happening?"

    "This is the Flying Immortal Sect, yet fiends dare look for death here! "

    "Two Human Kings are overseeing the trial, not to mention many Dao Initiation realm cultivators. What fiend dares to come here?"

    "Subdue the fiends and destroy the demons is our life-long mission. See how this old man will behead fiends and demons!"

    "Today, my Fiend Killing Sword wants a slaughter!"

    Chen Ming and Black Tiger landed in front of the main gate, with Ling Xian behind them.

    Chen Ming never expected for Black Tiger to be so energetic, but when he heard how Chen Ming wanted to bring his disciple to a competition, he decided on the spot to come along and cheer for him. Archfiend Black Tiger said, "Sixth brother, if it weren't for those maps we wouldn't have had such a relaxing time. With the Pitfall Mountain sealed off, unaware of outside events, I came with you in my free time to get to know the Southern Border kingdoms better ."

    Chen Ming saw two old men past their two hundred pointing swords at him. He was somewhat baffled, "Sigh, are you telling me Flying Immortal Sect's custom is to point swords out of respect? What a strange rule."

    Regardless of Chen Ming's thoughts, he was still using the identity of an Archfiend. No wonder Dao Initiation realm cultivators dared to attack.

    'Wait, where's Ling Xian?'

    Chen Ming looked around, while the two old cultivators pointed their swords at Chen Ming were ready to boil from rage.

    The two of them looked at Chen Ming questioningly, thinking he was trying to talk them out of it, "How can that be, please go ahead and inspect our new swords, Archfiend!"

    His eyes landed on the swords, spiritual swords actually, and since they wanted him to appreciate them, then he didn't need to show restraint. He reached for the two swords, saying, "With suck kindness, how could I be disrespectful! I will definitely return this gift!"

    The two exchanged a pained look, then smiled at Chen Ming, "That would be wonderful."

    While Chen Ming and Black Tiger passed through the gate, the two old men yelled, "Sir Archfiend, our sects are Drifting Wind Sect and Chilling Ice Sect."

    Chen Ming waved his hand, showing acknowledgment.

    The two looked at each other, "Two spiritual swords, they don't seem to be wasted when they're used to get closer to an Archfiend."

    Chen Ming looked at what Ling Xian set his eyes on. He saw how Mo Yun put a Snow Lotus in Hua Qingting's fine black hair. The two were looking in each other's eyes, sending intimate looks, and making Ling Xian roll his eyes as he spat, "Adulterous couple!" 

    Hua Qingting never gave him such loving expressions, and then his breakthrough failed and couldn't wait to kill him!  And to avoid dirtying her name she tried using the fiends to end him.

    Hua Qingting and Mo Yun sent others to do their dirty work. Ling Xian remembers this suffering well.

    Hua Qingting caught sight of Ling Xian, eyes wide, "Weren't you dead?"

    Ling Xian smiled, "Thanks to your help, I am now alive an well!"

    Mo Yun said, "Little bastard, I let you get away that time, yet you came back. You must be impatient to die! "

    Ling Xian's fury spiked. He wanted to teach Mo Yun a lesson, but Chen Ming stopped him with his spiritual power, making him yell, "Let me at 'em, let me slaughter this adulterous couple!"

    Chen Ming peaked at the couples' danger values. Their hundred and a bit was no match for Ling Xian's 120. So he spoke throght his spiritual power in his ear, "This little bastard is getting on my nerves. Killing them won't make them feel true despair, so mess around with them, slowly. I want them to fall when they are at their highest, permanently!"

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  • Chapter 44: Poking Death


    In the world of cultivation, parents would leave the world earlier, while a Master would always be there by your side. So when they called Ling Xian a bastard it was, without a doubt, an insult to Chen Ming.

    Ling Xian listened to Chen Ming and showed restraint.

    Mo Yun thought Ling Xian was scared, and laughed harder, "Trash is trash. What morals and skills give you the right to be next to Qingting when I am a proud son of Heaven?"

    Hua Qingting patronized, "Did you returned to Flying Immortal Sect to beg for scraps, trash? It wouldn't do to die of hunger. Men, come bring this dog a bone!"

    Hua Qingting brought the bone to the starving dog, smiling, "Eat, this is delicious, a normal dog couldn't even dream of a treat like this!"

    The bones in Ling Xian's fists crackled, forcefully suppressing his anger, "I have come to join the Sword Trial!"

    Mo Yun guffawed, "Sword Trial? Even trash like you is qualified to enter? Do you even have a Master? Did you become the disciple of the Beggar Sect's Chief? Do you think any nameless punk can enter the sword trial?"

    Chen Ming wanted to applaud Mo Yun and Hua Qingting's speech, I'm touched, you have finally stirred my interest!

    Ling Xian glanced at Chen Ming, "Master, they say I'm not qualified to enter!"

    Mo Yun and Hua Qingting looked over at Chen Ming, all the while thinking he was just a small-time sect leader or elder. But when they saw the fiend energy around him, Hua Qingting's voice wavered, "A c-complete t-transformation... it's an Archfiend..."

    Mo Yun paled on the spot, were they courting death just now?

    Chen Ming smiled, "This King would like to ask, does the disciple of Archfiend Wandering Crow, from the Six Kings Alliance, have the qualification to join the Sword Trial?"

    He was after all an Archfiend, even accompanied by Archfiend Black Tiger, and not to mention he belonged to the recently famous Six Kings Alliance. This kind of existence was something even her father needed to be careful around. Hua Qingting spoke, "Naturally!"

    Chen Ming glanced at her, "I didn't ask you, or others might say I'm bulling children."

    Hua Yang, the Sect Leader of the Flying Immortal Sect, ran over with Mo Tian, the Sect Leader of the Black Saber Sect. Hua Yang said, "Fellow Daoist Wandering Crow, fellow Daoist Black Tiger, welcome to Flying Immortal Sect. You are gracing us with your honorable presence. Of course, fellow Daoist Wandering Crow's disciple has the qualification to enter the trial."

    Then Mo Tian asked a peculiar question, "But did you know Ling Xian lied to fellow Daoist? His Dao Palace is shattered, trash, wouldn't he ruin your reputation as a Master?"

    Chen Ming laughed, "You're saying that I'm blind, that I can't see right from wrong?"

    Mo Tian cupped his hands, "Old Daoist has no such intention, only wanted to warn fellow Daoist."

    Hua Yang butted in, "Since fellow Daoists brought a disciple to join the Sword Trial, please follow me to the seats worthy of your status, to witness his performance."

    Hua Yang brought them at the highest terrace above the stage, as two extra seats and a table were added, filled with refreshments. The two Archfiends showed no restraint, plopping into the big chairs. The Sect Leaders bussied with trial arrangements, when Black Tiger whispered to Chen Ming, "Didn't expect the border of Myriad Mountains to have such arrogant Human Kings, to not even put the Six Kings Alliance in their eyes."

    The reasonable way would have been for the sect leaders to not provoke them. After all, they were only two King rank experts while the Six Kings Alliance were six.

    It can only mean that trouble lurked beneath the surface.

    The two of them were seasoned cultivators with plenty of life experiences. If they couldn't even see through this, then they weren't worthy to be called Archfiends.

    Chen Ming said, "I came here to see the guarding array of this place. Little brother has some understanding of the Dao of arrays, enabling me to see through it."

    Black Tiger laughed, "Relax, I already broke the talisman. This talisman comes in pair, when one breaks, the other follows. Two of my Fiend General are bringing over Great Fiends as we speak."

    The two's eyes met, coming to a mutual understanding.

    "Ding! Triggered a group mission: Archfiend Black Tiger trusts you to see through Flying Immortal Sect's guarding array! Reward: 2000 spiritual knowledge."

    Chen Ming peaked at his merits, seeing how to the previously measly ten or so points 550 were added with Ling Xian's breakthroughs, and 800 were added from rescuing Zhuo Qingyao, bringing it to a total of 2241 merits.

    Comprehending the Four Elements Array would make him a human rank array master. He didn't hesitate for a second and spent the 1500 merits price.

    But his danger value didn't increase because he only had the Fire Crow Art and Dragon Form Art at the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm.

    With the comprehension of the Four Elements Array, Chen Ming was now privy on how to use it. He knew that it needed cultivation methods of the fire, earth, wind and water elements to set it up.

    The Dragon Form Art was of earth attribute, while the Fire Crow Art was of fire attribute, but the Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art and the Dao Canon weren't suited for the Four Elements Array. He looked behind and saw the two sect leaders who welcomed him at the sect gate, from the Drifting Wind Sect and Chilling Ice Sect.

    Chen Ming's smile made the two nervous, and said, "You two, walk with me!"

    Chen Ming rose, with the apprehensive two in tow. Chen Ming began when they entered a room, "Do you have wind and water cultivation methods?"

    The two thought, So it's about our cultivation method. My heart was close to jumping out of my chest!

    Drifting Wind Sect's Sect Leader said, "Sir Archfiend, this cultivation method is the life of a sect. Why is Sir asking?"

    Chen Ming waved his hand and a thousand-year-old spiritual herb landed on the table.

    Chilling Ice Sect's Sect Leader said, "Sir Archfiend, I'm sure you know this, but a cultivation method is hard to come by. Our elders shed blood and even lives to be in its possession."

    Chen Ming directly said, "Ten thousand spirit stones."

    Drifting Wind Sect's Sect Leader said, "Spirit stones won't last forever, but a cultivation method can hold for a lifetime."

    Chen Ming followed with, "From now on, you will be under the Six Kings Alliance's banner."

    The meaning couldn't be clearer. They would be under the protection of the Six Kings Alliance, they would be their men.

    Drifting Wind Sect's Sect Leader fished out a booklet from his chest and put it on the table, "Sir Archfiend, this is our sect's treasure. When the Nirvana Astral Wind is trained to completion, you can absorb the Big Dipper's energy, allowing you to break your foes and melt metal!"

    Chilling Ice Sect's Sect Leader shifted his sleeve, then revealed a book, "This is my sect's secret legacy, Jade Water Core Sutra. When cultivated to completion, you can form a Jade Water Core and absorb rivers!"

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  • Chapter 45: Is Living too Hard for You?


    After skimming through the Jade Water Core Sutra and Nirvana Astral Wind, Chen Ming focused inwardly, "Comprehend Nirvana Astral Wind and Jade Water Core Sutra to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm."

    "Total cost is 837 merits, you don't have enough."

    Fine, it seems I need to wait for Ling Xian to beat Hua Qingting and Mo Yun.

    Speaking of the two lottery tickets he got, Chen Ming hadn't used them right after his disciples broke through. He was thoroughly convinced that he was trampled by Lady Luck's soles, so he decided to wait until after Ling Xian got his revenge so that his Luck Aura would rub off on Chen Ming.

    Chen Ming waved his hand, putting the cultivation methods inside his ring, then return to the terrace while inspecting Flying Immortal Sect's guarding array.

    The Flying Immortal Sect wasn't an old sect, as even their guarding array was only several hundred years old. His piercing eyes scrutinied everything, and along with his knowledge of arrays, he easily identified it. The Yin Yang Array had two cores, and one of them, the spiritual ranked Eluding Pearl, was inside a cave behind a waterfall.

    The other core laid deep below, in a fire gathering array, to hide the accumulated fire spiritual energy. Under the might of the great array, yin and yang merged, and between fire and water, all were turned to dust!

    Even an Archfiend would find himself at half power under the effect of the array!

    "Ding! You understood Flying Immortal Sect's guarding array. Reward: 2000 spiritual knowledge."

    He completed the mission just like that, It seems that this Ying Yang Array isn't much to look at. When when compared to the Four Elements Array, this one is as common as it gets.

    An array master was a secondary occupation to a cultivator. It was summed up in two words: hard and unsuccessful.

    The Dao of arrays was very hard to decipher. And after you did understand it, you'll need rare and precious materials. Therefore, there was no human ranked array master in any of the Six Kings Alliance, Pitfall Mountain, Flying Immortal Sect and Black Saber Sect.

    But on this large stretch of land, there was a legend of an array master. The legendary array master could draw the power of the heavens without the use of his cultivation. He could shatter the mountains and overturn the seas, the same power as a Grand Archfiend.

    Chen Ming reckoned that heaven ranked array master, without cultivation, based solely on his comprehension of arrays, could make the heaven earth the array and the Sun and Moon as the cores, comparable to a Grand Sovereign.

    But the legacies of array masters were far and few in between, with barely any coming out in the world, and even fewer people capable of understanding arrays.

    Chen Ming glanced at Black Tiger, "Brother Black Tiger, I am already aware of what this array can do. If Flying Immortal Sect and Black Saber Sect harbor evil, I will immediately deactivate it."

    Black Tiger nodded, It hasn't even been long and Chen Ming already saw through the guarding array. His array Dao must be deep.

    Chen Ming shifted his attention to Ling Xian. With a push from the Flying Immortal Sect's Sect Leader, Ling Xian entered the quarter-finals along with Mo Yun and Hua Qingting, but not out of the goodness of his heart. It could be said that Ling Xian was quite famous before, but more on the infamous side than anything else.

    The attack on the Dao Initiation realm's breakthrough at the age of nine made him famous throughout the land. And after failing, it also brought endless disgrace.

    Three months ago, Ling Xian still couldn't cultivate. How much could he have risen in such a short amount of time? let's not forget the fact that his Dao Palace was shattered at that time, so what power could he possibly have now?

    The Sect Leader of the Flying Immortal Sect wanted to, once again, make a public humiliation out of Ling Xian.

    He wanted Ling Xian speechless and crushed, to prove to him from that time what a colossal mistake he made by deciding to have Ling Xian as a son-in-law. That his current decision, to join with the Black Saber Sect by marriage, was correct.

    The jump to the quarter-finals of the two was in hope of not meeting along the way, but now it changed into making Ling Xian suffer like never before.

    Over the course of several days, thousands of geniuses fought to decide on the five spots besides Hua Qingting, Mo Yun and Ling Xian.

    The five geniuses were eager to begin and the Sect Leader made them draw lots, "Whoever gets Ling Xian was the winner!"

    "Fighting Ling Xian is the same as advancing to semifinals."

    "Let's see who has the bigger luck."

    "Don't they say that Ling Xian climbed on an Archfiend's leg?"

    The white-clothed genius among them said, "Look how smooth and white his skin is, his rear must be even more delicate. This Archfiend might have some weird kinks, like one man behind the other or sandwiched between two men..."

    Chen Ming's face went black, Is living too hard for you?

    Chen Ming pointed the white-clothed genius to Ling Xian, "Commit that little friend to mind. If you get him, don't show any mercy, fight the same way you fought your senior sister."

    Ling Xian brows creased, sensing a complication, "Do you really want me to fight like I did senior sister? Won't that be too ruthless?"

    Chen Ming laughed, "He says that you sold your a*s to save your life."

    Ling Xian's expression changed, now filled with battle spirit, "Yes, Master, disciple will follow your order to the letter!"

    It so happened that the white-clothed youngster burst in laughter, "Ha-ha-ha, I, Su Kuang, actually drawn Ling Xian. Luck is on my side!"

    Chen Ming let out a burst of evil laughter, 'Luck indeed!'

    Hua Qingting and Mo Yun easily dispatched their opponents and advanced. They were in the Dao Initiation realm, after all, having no problems dealing with Dao Sense realm cultivators.

    And now, it was finally Ling Xian's turn to fight.

    The Sect Leader of the Flying Immortal Sect glanced at him, He is still cultivating the Dao Canon. I can't sense his cultivation, but what cultivation would someone have when he trained in the Dao Canon?

    Over the past millennia, it was unheard of for someone who cultivated the Dao Canon to reach the 7th stage of Dao Sense realm, "Fellow Daoist Wandering Crow, if we stop now, his life might be spared."

    "If he were to fight, the outcome would be uncertain."

    Chen Ming waved his hand nonchalantly, "No need, Ling Xian might be my weakest disciple, but he shouldn't have any trouble in this trial."

    The Sect Leader of the Flying Immortal Sect didn't even doubt the fact that Ling Xian was the weakest. Just what could he possibly do?

    "Since fellow Daoist Wandering Crow insists, then let us bear witness."

    On his way to the stage, Ling Xian passed by Hua Qingting, who said, "Your joining is pointless. Me and Mo Yun are both in the Dao Initiation realm, and even if you had the guidance of an Archfiend, what help would it do? We are true geniuses, and you, a mere supporter role for us geniuses."

    Ling Xian coldly stated, "Is Dao Initiation realm that amazing?"

    Hua Qingting thought there was something wrong with Ling Xian's head, "Of course it's incredible, and even more so to us, youngsters!"

    On a bluestone stage with a ten-zhang radius, Su Kuang faced Ling Xian with a smile, "Ling Xian, I urge you to admit defeat and save me for dirtying my hands. People might say I'm bullying ordinary people!"

    Su Kuang also added, "Oh, right, I'm so sorry, you're cultivating the Dao Canon."

    Ling Xian's eyes were an endless abyss, pointing at him with his right hand, "Then I will become serious and fight you the same way I did senior sister."

    At his last word, Ling Xian's spiritual power came out in waves, shaking the entire stage. He, Ling Xian, was at the Dao Initiation realm!

    Ling Xian sneered at Hua Qingting, "You're right, Dao Initiation realm is indeed amazing! The last time, it took me five years to reach here, and now, only three months."

  • Chapter 46: The Same Way He Fought His Senior Sister


    Su Kuang was too stunned for words.

    Two years ago, Ling Xian was the most outstanding genius in the Southern Border, with no one more talented than him.

    A year ago, Ling Xian was the joke at every meal, everyone knew he became a cripple.

    Three months ago, no one heard of Ling Xian again, only to pop up, now, as an Archfiend's disciple. With his cultivation stepping into the Dao Initiation realm!

    For him to reach the Dao Initiation realm in three months, with the Dao Canon no least, had a profound meaning.

    This was a talent unheard of in the entire history of Southern Border!

    The teacup of the Sect Leader of the Flying Immortal Sect fell from his hands and shattered, "Dao Initiation realm in three months? Is this your weakest disciple?"

    Chen Ming reflected, then said, "He can't take a hit from his senior sister."

    The voice coming from the Sect Leader from the Flying Immortal Sect was high and filled with emotion, making it easy for many others to hear it, "What? With this talent, he is still the weakest disciple? According to what Archfiend said, Ling Xian can't even take a hit from his senior sister." 

    Just what freaks was this Archfiend raising?

    Or better yet, did he had a special way of training them?

    The eyes of the young geniuses participants sparkled, If trash like Ling Xian could be trained to this degree, then how much stronger will we become after he takes us in?

    Black Tiger saw how all eyes were fixed on Chen Ming, So cool! I should also get some disciples, then send the weakest to competitions. When he'll win then I will act in the same casual manner as Chen Ming.

    Ling Xian cupped his hands towards Su Kuang, "To what you said before, my response is total focus, to fight you with all I have."

    Su Kuang smiled, "Dao Initiation realm. Is it great? You're cultivating the worst trash of them all, the Dao Canon. Once I defeat you, I will become the world's greatest genius!"

    Ling Xian's concentration peaked, recalling the unshaken figure of senior sister; his eyes flashed with a hint of fierceness. He extended his finger, "Lightning of the ninth heaven, hear my call. Descend!"

    Ling Xian's finger flickered with lightning. His summoning caused the clouds to launch arm-thick lightning straight at Su Kuang!

    Su Kuang was too slow and burned black, with smoke drifting from him. The stage floor beneath him also darkened, then puked blood and collapsed, never to get up again.

    "That's a lightning Dao Palace!"

    "Only the lightning Dao Palace could summon heavenly lightning!"

    "The lightning cultivators are the most dangerous. The destruction they cause is the greatest!"

    Ling Xian didn't stop at one finger, as he remembers what senior sister told him, and what it meant to have the same bearing as her.

    To use all your power, without any restraint, because he was too weak when facing her. Even when battling with Zhuo Qingyao, his full power wouldn't be able to harm one hair on her head.

    Ling Xian rushed to the downed Su Kuang, each of his steps shaking his body. There, lightning flickered along his hands as he struck Su Kuang a dozen times!

    After Ling Xian stopped, Su Kuang landed outside the stage, his state unknown.

    Taking a short rest, Chen Ming found that these youngsters' eyes had weirder and weirder glints. Then he heard, "Next fight, Ling Xian versus Hua Qingting!"

    The eyes of the crowd shifted towards the stage, with Hua Qingting pulling a longsword, "Ling Xian, do you think you can act arrogant now that you're at the Dao Initiation realm? Your last match wasn't even of the same realm as you. I will once again prove to everyone, that you're only trash! I am a true genius, a true proud daughter of heaven!"

    The rage in Ling Xian's eyes began to boil, "I will repay your humiliation a hundredfold! With your meager talents, you people don't even have the right to admire my distinguished Master. I've never considered being a genius, I am Master's weakest disciple. The word 'genius' no longer applies to me."

    Hua Qingting laughed, "Ha-ha-ha, show me the Dao Canon. How could I have been blinded, fooled by trash who cultivated the Dao Canon?"

    Ling Xian nodded, "I won't waste my words on you. The only reason I came here today, was to tell the world, that it's not you calling off the engagement, but that you aren't worthy of me."

    Ling Xian moved, "Since you all wanted to see the Dao Canon, then watch closely!"

    The spiritual power surrounding him exploded, showering him in flickering lightning and taking the shape of a lightning serpent. Ling Xian struck his fist towards Hua Qingting, with the lightning serpent coiled around it!

    Hua Qingting's eyes showed surprise, "This is twice the amount of spiritual power I have!"

    Chen Ming knew long ago how unordinary the Dao Canon was. After the 7th stage of the Dao Sense realm, Dao Canon's amount of spiritual energy was far above when compared with other cultivators. When it reached the Dao Initiation realm, it increased to twice the spiritual power a normal cultivator would have. And that wasn't all, the higher the cultivation the purer and stronger it became!

    Ling Xian hard-pressed Hua Qingting with his assault, not giving her the chance to resist. Under this rain of attacks, Hua Qingting retreated bit by bit, all the while getting entangled by the lightning!

    With a flash of lightning, Hua Qingting's appearance worsened, as wounds covered her body. Ling Xian kicked her abdomen and as the lightning went through her, it sent her flying.

    Ling Xian looked down on her, "You should be happy it was Mo Yun who sent others to kill me, otherwise I wouldn't have stopped with just this. Remember, from now on there will be nothing between us!"

    Black Tiger suddenly signaled Chen Ming, and he responded with one of his own. The fiend army has arrived.

    Ling Xian returned at Chen Ming's side, then whispered, "Master, it was Mo Yun who sent others to kill me. Is it alright if I end him?"

    Chen Ming gave a curt nod. The mission wasn't over yet as it needed Ling Xian to defeat Mo Yun.

    Ling Xian continued, "Master if I kill him, we'll have a hard time escaping Flying Immortal Sect."

    Chen Ming shot Ling Xian a look, then smiled, "You don't need to worry, just focus on your match."

    Two tall and black-covered figures appeared in Chen Ming's eyes. They even had a black veil and a bamboo hat. Who else could they be if not Eldest Bear and Second Bear? The two squeezed their way towards Chen Ming, who said, "I don't recall telling you to come here. Why are you here?"

    Eldest Bear said, "Young miss asked for us to got to her and try her bread."

    They had Chen Ming's sympathy.

    Eldest Bear went on, "And just recently, young miss called for us once again, but this time for noodles. And then we saw Archfiend Black Tiger's Fiend Generals leading troops to this place, so we followed them."

    Chen Ming patted Eldest Bear's shoulder, "Since you're still alive after eating Qingyao's dark cooking, I forgive you. "

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    Chapter 47: Waiting to Happen


    Such valiant warriors! They ate Zhuo Qingyao's dark cooking and still lived to tell the tale.

    Mo Yun effortlessly dealt with his opponent, advancing into the final match, of him and Ling Xian.

    There were many interesting things in this trial, as the audience never stopped discussing among them, "I heard that Ling Xian was engaged with Hua Qingting, but she seems closer to Mo Yun now!"

    "Isn't this a love rivals' fight?"

    "What love rivals' fight! They say that Mo Yun almost killed Ling Xian when he was crippled!"

    "Then this fight is getting better and better, even blood might be spilled."

    "There are four King ranked cultivators presiding, it shouldn't come to that, right?"

    While waiting for Mo Yun and Ling Xian's turn, the Sect Leader from the Flying Immortal Sect turned to Chen Ming, "Fellow Daoist Wandering Crow, fellow Daoist Black Tiger, something requires my attention. I will be taking my leave."

    The Archfiends nodded, then Black Tiger scooched closer to Chen Ming, "Won't it be a problem if the old guy leaves?"

    Chen Ming gazed in the direction the Sect Leader took, knowing that he went to activate the array. He spoke into Black Tiger's ear, "Hua Yang went to activate the guarding array. He wants to trap us and then kill us. It seems that these Human Kings dare to move against us. It might have something to do with their connection with Archfiend Azure Lion. Brother Black Tiger, I can't leave while Ling Xian is still fighting. Go to the cave inside the waterfall then take the pearl from within. Once the Eluding Pearl is removed, the array would be rendered useless."

    An evil smiled crept on Black Tiger's face, "No worries, just leave it to me."

    Black Tiger made some excuse and also left, leaving Chen Ming and Mo Tian behind.

    Mo Tian then called Mo Yun over to hand him a dark-red heavy saber, "Yun'er, we've already allied with Archfiend Azure Lion and if we get rid of these two, we will then join forces to finish off the rest of the Six Kings Alliance, becoming the Overlord over all Southern Border. We wanted to initiate the attack sooner, but Ling Xian's talent is too frightening, even having a King's air. If we don't remove him, we won't have any rest. Take this Demonic Blood Saber and run it through him. When you kill Ling Xian, we will kill the Archfiends!"

    Mo Yun nodded, gazing at Ling Xian, Is Dao Canon amazing? Is an Archfiend so great? By the end of the day, you'll all be corpses!

    Chen Ming stared intently at the Demonic Blood Saber. This was a heavy saber, with a dark-red blade, five-foot-long, and with a trace of demonic intent within it.

    "Ding! Due to your King Slayer Aura, you gained the sealed Demonic Blood Saber's approval."

    Eh? Did I earn its approval? Is this saber picking its owner?

    Isn't that the same as saying that it has a saber soul, a demonic sword that can kill gods?

    Only an aloof Sovereign is worthy of wielding such saber. Might as well call it a godly weapon!

    How did the Black Saber Sect get ahold of this treasure? But besides Chen Ming, no one knew the true worth of this godly weapon. Since it was sealed, then the Black Saber Sect didn't even know of its secret.

    Seems that King Slayer Aura also has this kind of use, not bat at all.

    As for being unable to play with it, he-he. With three thousand Grand Daos, if I, Immortal Master Chen Ming, don't know something, then in the next second I'm an expert.

    Ling Xian and Mo Yun faced each other on the stage. Mo Yun began, "There's nothing amazing about beating up a girl. Now that you're facing me, I shall teach you the true meaning of despair!"

    The wrath in Ling Xian's eyes reached its peak, "You, who sent others to kill me?"

    Mo Yun held nothing back, laughing maniacally, "So what if I did?"

    Ling Xian gnashed his teeth, "Good, since you admit it, die!"

    A lightning serpent flickering and coiled around Ling Xian, yet Mo Yun's reaction was a burst of ridiculing laughter, "Others aren't afraid of you and neither am I. Have a taste of my saber, Endless Blood Sea!"

    Spreading from Mo Yun's body, Saber Energy enveloped the Demonic Blood Saber, then a three-foot-long energy blade rushed at Ling Xian. On the other side, Ling Xian waved his hands, "Mountain Fist Art, Avalanche Fist!"

    With the lightning serpent wrapped around his fist, this strike shattered the energy blade to pieces!

    The aftermath even sent pieces of the arena flying!

    Thunder child Ling Xian with lightning twisting around him, sent punch after punch, each holding enough power to collapse the stage, as pieces of it blew in all directions!

    Mo Yun waved the heavy saber, launching Saber Energy - tyrannical and unyielding. The dark-red Saber Energy then wrapped around his body, to suppress the invading lightning!

    The two clashed with deadly attacks, each to end the other's life. On the stage, the bluestones rattled, while dust filled the air, as each shockwave blew out chaotically! It even forced the weaker youngsters to retreat, in fear of suffering from stray attack!

    Ling Xian waved his hand, sending again the lightning serpent howling at Mo Yun, "So you learned how to use Saber Energy!"

    Mo Yun roared, "Ha-ha-ha-ha, what, you scared? You won't have such an easy defeat!"

    Ling Xian looked as if he heard the biggest joke, "Scared? This tiny Saber Energy is a child's toy when compared to senior sister's!"

    Ling Xian had a hellish training, all for this trial. Once recovered, he would go each day to spar with Zhuo Qingyao. Mo Yun used the Saber Energy wave one attack at a time, while Zhuo Qingyao flicked her wrist and dozens of Sword Energy waves flew his way. As for his Master, well he didn't even begin to imagine the extent of Master's power.

    Mo Yun ruthlessly said, "Since you talk big, show me what little skill you have!"

    Mo Yun brandished his saber, sending it towards Ling Xian while leaving a deep crevice in its wake, "Execution!"

    The saber sent bluestones flying randomly and then rose up into the sky, sending a furious dark-red Saber Energy wave at Ling Xian.

    Lightning twisted around Ling Xian's arms as he moved them in a circle, forming a wall of lightning. The Saber Energy clashed against the wall, with force of the explosion pushing him backward but he fought against it. Ling Xian gazed at the Demonic Blood Saber, "Something's strange about this saber."

    Mo Yun said, "You actually withstood it. Then let me present you with the strongest saber strike, ending your life!"

    Countless fine red threads converged on the Demonic Blood Saber, causing its blade to shine. The ones whose eyes landed on this brilliance couldn't help feeling afraid.

    Meanwhile, Mo Tian sat next to Chen Ming, all smiles, "Juniors like to be noisy, an Archfiend like you couldn't possibly deign it worthy to intervene."

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    Chapter 48: Battle of Kings – Beginning


    Chen Ming witnessed the battle between Ling Xian and Mo Yun, knowing that Ling Xian still had the lesser immortal art as a trump card. He figured nothing wrong would happen.

    "I find it entirely appropriate. Seniors shouldn't involve themselves in a fight between juniors."

    Mo Tian laughed, "I'm relieved to hear that."

    The two sat peacefully, watching how the Saber Energy on Mo Yun's Demonic Blood Saber thickened, illuminating the trial area with a flash of bloody brilliance.

    Ling Xian stood alert, "Something is definitely strange about this saber, it's far stronger than a spiritual weapon. I have no choice but to use it."

    Ling Xian extended his index finger and along with it, his berserk spiritual power gathered at its tip.

    Mo Tian's expression changed, sensing the power behind it, "This is... the aura of an immortal art!"

    The cultivator experts witnessing this fight also felt it, "It's not a true immortal art, but it can use its power!"

    "Using an immortal art's power is already amazing enough!"

    "How is this possible?"

    Mo Tian bolted upward, but Chen Ming’s hand touched his shoulder, "Sect Leader Mo, we, as seniors, need to witness a juniors' fight from afar, not involve ourselves."

    Mo Tian shot a furious glare his way, waved his sleeve, but still sat down.

    Mo Yun also sensed the pressure coming from that finger, and bellowed, "Impossible! You can't defeat me, Torrent of Blood!"

    Mo Yun slashed, launching a zhang-long Saber Energy wave straight at Ling Xian. Ling Xian's berserk spiritual energy took the form of a blue finger, clashing with the Saber Energy wave, "Lesser Finger From Beyond!"

    The blue finger poked a hole through the attack, moving unchecked towards Mo Yun's chest. It left behind a gruesome wound, making Mo Yun dazed when he inspected it, "This is impossible, how can you defeat me?"

    Ling Xian's murderous desire rose sharply, charging towards the blood puking Mo Yun!

    The result couldn't be clearer, but what needed to be resolved next was the result of a life and death battle!

    "Ding! Ling Xian's revenge mission is complete. Reward: 1200 merits."

    Finally finished. The time has come for me to step into the domain of Archfiends.

    That wasn't important right now, but the lottery tickets were!

    "Use the lottery tickets from Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao's breakthroughs to Dao Initiation realm!"

    Chen Ming didn't fully understand Zhuo Qingyao's realm, but the system lady said he had a draw at the lottery.

    "Ding! Drawing commencing... drawing finished. You got Illustrious Casket and 20,000 spiritual knowledge! Please inspect your reward."

    Illustrious Casket, an immortal ranked cultivation method, deciding life and death with but a thought. A wave of the hand gave death, a lay on hand bestowed life. Illustrious Casket had two chapters, the Illustrious Chapter and the Casket Chapter. The first saved lives, while the second reaped them.

    Cultivating it would give one's spiritual power the dual attributes of life and death. Wouldn't it mean death, since they’re incompatible?

    There might not be a second person in this world, besides Chen Ming, who could cultivate this Illustrious Casket.

    Good or bad, it was still an immortal ranked cultivation method. Seems that Ling Xian's Luck Aura rubbed off on him.

    Speaking of spiritual knowledge, that was what he lacked the most. With an extra 20,000 in the account, he was happy all over!

    Chen Ming spoke in his mind, "Comprehend Jade Water Core Sutra and Nirvana Astral Wind to the 1st stage of Dao Initiation realm!"

    With plenty of merits and spiritual knowledge, he could go on a shopping spree!

    "Ding! 1150 merits were consumed, comprehension complete!"

    Two more Dao Palaces appeared in Chen Ming's body, one for each cultivation method.

    Chen Ming followed with, "Upgrade Jade Water Core Sutra and Nirvana Astral Wind to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm!"

    "Ding! 12840 spiritual knowledge were used, upgrade complete!"

    Chen Ming eyed his danger value.

    Danger value: 330.

    Danger rating: very dangerous.

    'You are very dangerous to cultivators.'

    His danger value was bumped by 31 points, which meant his might rose to an extreme degree. But what mattered the most was that he now had an Archfiend's power.

    He was wondering if killing Mo Tian would complete his advancement mission.

    Ling Xian faced the heavily wounded Mo Yun, but Mo Tian's patience ran out. If he waited any longer, his son would die at the hands of Ling Xian. He slapped his armrest and jumped to his feet, roaring at Chen Ming, "Wandering Crow, are you ignoring the fact that Ling Xian wants to kill Mo Yun?"

    Chen Ming didn't cower, bolting upwards, "So?"

    There was an uproar below. The guardian elders of these youngsters finally realized that matters took a dangerous turn. A Kings' battle was about to erupt.

    A Kings' battle was rated as devastating as a kingdom destroying war. It wasn't worth staying here any longer.

    "What's going on?"

    "Is a Kings' battle going to happen?"

    "Or better yet, a king slaying fight?"

    "That can't be it! A King only appears once every few hundreds of years. They treasure life above all else."

    "Whether or not it's going to be a king slaying battle, we won't be able to resist the power of their clashes!"

    "Why can't it be a king slaying battle? The Six Kings Alliance has been waging such a war for several months!"

    Mo Tian bellowed, "Wandering Crow, you forget where you are. This is Flying Immortal Sect; this King and Hua Yang have hundreds of Flying Immortal Sect disciples along with tens of Dao Initiation realm cultivators. Do you think you and Archfiend Black Tiger will have it easy leaving this place?"

    The spectating cultivators approved, "Yeah, this is Flying Immortal Sect! You can't take us all on with only you and Archfiend Black Tiger!"

    "They shouldn't be thinking of attacking this place!"

    "They came alone, and might not be Sect Leader Mo and Sect Leader Hua's match!

    Chen Ming laughed, "You think you’re the only ones with an army? Where are Six Kings Alliance's men?"

    Fiend banners rose from the crowd, bringing with it a wave of fiend energy that swept the masses. Two Fiend General made their way here, leading tens of Great Fiends. The bear brothers also shed their disguises.

    "From the Six Kings Alliance, Archfiend Black Tiger's subordinate, Fiend General Tiger Fang, is awaiting orders!"

    "From the Six Kings Alliance, Archfiend Black Tiger's subordinate, Fiend General Tiger Claw, is awaiting orders!"

    "From the Six Kings Alliance, Archfiend Wandering Crow's subordinate, Fiend General Eldest Bear, is awaiting orders!"

    "From the Six Kings Alliance, Archfiend Wandering Crow's subordinate, Fiend General Second Bear, is awaiting orders!"

    Chen Ming released a fiendish energy of boundless and tyrannical might, his ice-cold eyes landing on the cultivators below, "If you don't want to die, scram!"

    The cultivators from the kingdoms in Southern Border wavered between humans and fiends. They couldn't just slaughter all these humans by themselves just based on Myriad Mountains' overwhelming power. The best would be to display their power, to make them cower in fear. Or at least stand and watch from the sidelines, not getting involved in their fight.

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  • Chapter 49: Battle of Kings – King Slayer


    With the fiend army's presence, its banners fluttering, and along with the four intimidating Fiend General, the cultivators fetched their sect's disciples and left the area.

    "By no means is this a normal Sword Trial. This was a planned king slaying battle!"

    "We haven't seen a King rank battle in hundreds of years!"

    "Let's watch from afar without approaching."

    "Not approach? How will our future be if we don't know the outcome of this battle? Who will be the winner, who will be the Overlord of the Southern Border's kingdoms? "

    "Won't we get killed? This is a King rank battle!"

    "When the battle nears its end we will know for sure."

    At some point, Lustrous King Sword appeared in Chen Ming's hand, "Ding! Triggered the E difficulty mission: Southern Border's Overlord battle. Description: Southern Border has been left in pieces for hundreds of years, unity succeeds division and division follows unity. The time has come for the decisive battle! Objective: destroy Flying Immortal Sect and Black Saber Sect. Reward: 5000 spiritual knowledge, 1000 fame."

    A thousand fame! Fame is such good stuff!

    This will be my first battle as an Archfiend!

    The Sect Leader from the Black Saber Sect sneered, "Wandering Crow, you seriously think there's only us two Kings? We've already informed Archfiend Azure Lion of you and Black Tiger's visit. The Pitfall Mountain's battle must be underway by now! If you kneel before me, you might still get the chance to live!"

    Chen Ming only said, "Ling Xian, kill! If you let Mo Yun and Hua Qingting live, your Master will arrange it so you'll have to face your senior sister each and every day, to overcome your weakness!"

    Ling Xian's face paled in a blink, Facing senior sister each day is too vicious!. He then charged with power and finesse towards Mo Yun, "Mo Yun, today's the day you die!"

    Black Saber Sect's Sect Leader said, "Men, protect Mo Yun. Wandering Crow, show me how great a newly promoted Archfiend is!"

    A great rumbling sound rose from outside the sect. A mountain peak was toppled, lifting a cloud of dust and shaking the ground. Black Tiger's angry roars were heard from afar, frightening the local fauna, "Old fool Hua Yang, die!"

    Hua Yang's golden halo shined like the sun, his spiritual power billowing like a storm, "See how I'll get rid of you, Archfiend Black Tiger!"

    The two clashed, each strike causing thunderous explosions, shaking the eardrums of the audience, "Is this a King's power?"

    "This destructive power is unheard of!"

    "It's not safe here, we need to go quickly, ten li further at the least!"

    Mo Tian stretched his hand catching the Demonic Blood Saber flying at him, then covered it in hundreds of Saber Energies as they danced wildly!

    Chen Ming laughed, "Is the Saber Heart stage so great? We're all Kings here, any of us can do it!"

    The Sword Heart moved and countless Sword Energies flashed into existence, rotating like a great maelstrom, turning to dust anything that stood in their path!

    Chen Ming and Mo Tian's hair fluttered from the magnitude of their respective weapons. As the energies clashed, screeching sounds echoed around them with each passing moment!

    While the King battle was underway, Ling Xian didn't miss this chance and made some signs, "All fiends, on me, destroy Flying Immortal Sect!"

    He, with the bear brothers in tow, went hunting for some Mo Yun, "Adulterous couple, today I'll slaughter you!"

    Mo Tian advanced while unleashing his Saber Energy towards Chen Ming. The saber came hacking and Chen Ming used the Lustrous King Sword to clash against it, only to be forced to retreat three steps!

    Mo Tian laughed, "Just a common Archfiend, and you still want to fight me? Die!"

    Chen Ming was now aware of the limits of his strength. His power was lacking when it was solely based on the Nine Nines Mysteries Art, but not by much.

    Mo Tian slashed again, the Demonic Blood Saber's blade flickering a red light!

    Chen Ming's lips curled into a smile, "Activate King Slayer Aura and Killing Intent Aura!"

    From Chen Ming, boundless killing intent erupted, the red glow enveloping him. Meanwhile, another power came from within, imposing and relentless, the King Slayer Aura. He struck with his sword and the clash with Mo Tian's Demonic Blood Saber generated an explosion, then crushed Mo Tian's Saber Energy. Now he was the one retreating three steps!

    Mo Tian showed astonishment. Chen Ming's attack contained something peculiar to break through his King power, and it even went through his Saber Energy, "Even with that strange power, it's still not enough. Let's see how long you last!"

    Chen Ming was also amazed. King Slayer Aura also had this effect!

    The two clashed, again and again, scattering Saber Energy and Saber Energy throughout the sect, turning it into a war-torn area, filled with holes and destruction!

    Fiend Generals and the cultivators who saw this made sure they far away from their clash.

    Black Tiger glanced at Chen Ming and Mo Tian's fight, amazed and happy to find that Chen Ming gained the upper hand. They knew for a while now that Wandering Crow was a mere 4th stage of Dao Initiation realm. Even so, they still treated him as a fellow Archfiend, but in their heart they doubted him, thinking he only had a devastating magical art. Black Tiger was now assured that Chen Ming's status wasn't empty and that he didn't become one just recently either. 

    He was worried that he would be hard-pressed by Mo Tian, but as matters stood, he no longer had any misgivings, "Geezer Hua Yang, have a taste of my mace!"

    The mace landed on Hua Yang's sword and caused his hand to go numb, Ugh, why did this Black Tiger use all his power? "So you weren't serious, Black Tiger? Heavenly Flaming Star, die!"

    There were sword and saber images in front of Chen Ming and Mo Tian, but what the spectating cultivators saw, was only the destruction. They couldn't see what attacks they launched.

    "A King's battle is too terrifying. We can't even see what moves they make!"

    "We can only see the sword and saber images, they must be the result of their strikes!"

    Mo Tian and Chen Ming's struggle crushed the ground around them. The only place left untouched was where they stood. They suddenly skipped over the river, clashing many times between each jump. When they intersected, havoc was unleashed upon the water flow, with maelstroms, waves, and explosions everywhere!

    When a tsunami came their way, the Saber energy and Sword Energy would shatter it with ease!

  • Chapter 50: Battle of Kings – Four Elements Array


    The river water never found peace as the two clashed without stop. It reached a point when the water touched the heavens, creating clouds and then rain.

    Chen Ming charged at Mo Tian and that simple exchange revealed his advantage. Chen Ming wasn't one to let this chance slide! The Lustrous King Sword's sword images formed a great net, trapping Mo Tian within.

    Mo Tian knew how even a simple attack was a struggle for him, that he wasn't Chen Ming's match. He cleaved the net with his saber then yelled, "Hua Yang, activate the Flying Immortal Sect's guarding array already!"

    Hua Yang fished an array disk from his chest, "Alright, let me give you a taste of Flying Immortal Sect's guarding array!"

    The witnessing cultivators changed expressions. How could a sect with a King have a common guarding array?

    "The two Archfiends came with the fiend army, but this is the Flying Immortal Sect!"

    "Flying Immortal Sect has the guarding array. The two Archfiends have no choice but to withstand the pressure of the guarding array!"

    "The two of them will lose!"

    "Eh? Didn't he say he activated the array? Why didn't it start yet?"

    A roar came from Hua Yang's mouth, "Have a taste of the Yin Yang Array's power. Yin and yang as extremes, borrow the power of the world, guarding array activate!"

    Chen Ming and Black Tiger watched Hua Yang with interest; Black Tiger laughed, "Didn't you want to activate the array? Come on, do it, let me see if it's so awesome!"

    Chen Ming smiled, "Maybe the array is too old, decrepit, and completely useless."

    Black Tiger said, "How can this be?! The guarding array is a sect's final defense, Hua Yang must know of its importance. He couldn't have skimmed from its funds and went to enjoy the pleasure houses, right? My guess is that his chant ain't loud enough. "

    Chen Ming was with him on this, "He needs to put more heart in it!"

    Hua Yang's face pinked, his voice growing louder, reading with more care, "Yin and yang as extremes, borrow the power of the world, guarding array activate for me!"

    Yet the array showed no sign of hearing him. Black Tiger smiled and said in a mystifying tone, "Geezer Hua Yang, you're so old, aren't you ashamed of stuffing your pockets with the guarding array's money and then going to the pleasure houses?"

    Chen Ming added, "How much could pleasure house ladies take? Looks like geezer Hua Yang's stamina isn't bad, doing it a hundred times in one night!"

    Black Tiger laughed, "A hundred times! Then isn't he a quick shot?"

    Hua Yang's rage grew until it harmed his heart, his face shifting between red and white. How could an upstanding and honorable man like him not understand this was all those two's doing, "What the hell did you just do!"

    A blue pearl appeared in Black Tiger, pure and clear, with ripples along its surface, "Were you looking for this?"

    Hua Yang gazed upon the Eluding Pearl, understanding everything, "Impossible, you've been here for only three days. There's no way you would have known unless a traitor told you!"

    Chen Ming smiled, "Let me enlighten you on what a true array master can do. Is that Yin Yang Array even an array?"

    Chen Ming waved the Lustrous King Sword as his left hand formed gestures, "The first takes the form of a heavy sword, carrying the profoundness of the earth and the stability of a mountain. Go!"

    The earth element increased in density, creating a barrier with Flying Immortal Sect within it.

    Lustrous King Sword flew out of Chen Ming's hand then landed in the Flying Immortal Sect's eastern corner.

    Another sword landed in Chen Ming's hand, Fire Cloud Sword, "The second takes the form of a blazing fire, burning towards the heaven, carrying the fire's swiftness. Go!"

    The Fire Cloud Sword flew toward the Flying Immortal Sect's Southern corner, creating a red cloud inside the barrier.

    Chen Ming took out the Fiend Killing Sword, the one given to him by the Drifting Wind Sect's Sect Leader. And since it was now his, he erased the other's imprint to make it official, "The third takes the form of a tempest, dancing in the storm and being one with the wind. Go!"

    Fiend Killing Sword fell in the Flying Immortal Sect's Western corner, engulfing the area in crushing storms, ravaging it.

    Chen Ming's final sword was the Fiend Executioner, a gift from the Chilling Ice Sect's Sect Leader, now put to good use in the Four Elements Array, "The fourth takes the form of perfection, carrying the virtues of water and the calmness of the sea. Go!"

    The Fiend Executioner landed in the Flying Immortal Sect's Northern corner, covering it in a layer of ice crystals, yet didn't clash with the wind and fire in the sky.

    Chen Ming jumped down from the sky and into the middle of the array, "East carries the thick earth, South burns like fire, West blows like the wind, and the North carries the deep glaciers. Within the endless variation of the four elements, Four Elements Array, activate!"

    A stained and transparent array disc appeared in Chen Ming's hand. He then threw it inside the earth, and the elemental fluctuations in the surroundings changed in a flash!

    The spiritual energy in the sect's vicinity rushed towards the Four Elements Array, beginning to devour it without a stop!

    Chen Ming might have thrown a few swords with his mind, but it only took a few breaths. He gazed towards the two Human Kings, all smiles, "Foolish geezers, not knowing the meaning of an array. I'll have you know, wherever this King goes, an array follows!"

    Hua Yang and Mo Tian felt a pressure cutting their power by more than forty percent.

    Not to mention the firestorm sweeping across the sky, while on the ground there were countless ice spears pointing straight at them.

    Hua Yang said, "So you're an array master, no wonder you saw through my guarding array!"

    Black Tiger was amazed. He knew Chen Ming's knowledge of arrays was deep, but he didn't know it reached the point of becoming an array master. A single man created an array in a flash. If Chen Ming used the array on him, then he wouldn't be his match.

    The surrounding cultivators stared blankly, "I-is this how a King attacks?"

    "This is undoubtedly too shocking!"

    "If this array covered my sect, then all would be destroyed in an instant!"

    "Thank god we left the battle area earlier, or we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to keep our lives!"

    "I fear this is a King's true attacking method. What they did before was just a warm-up!"

    Ling Xian looked at the panicked Mo Yun and Hua Qingting, not knowing which path was best to follow as the formation swept them off their feet. In one moment, fire was coming their way, and in another, an ice spear rose to stab them.

    Ling Xian roared, "Adulterous couple, just where do you think you're running! There's no escape now!"

    Tiger Fang, Tiger Claw, and the bear brothers exchanged a smile. Under the cover of the array, Chen Ming made sure not to target them. They could go wherever they wanted. The previous unfavorable situation now took a sudden turn.

    Eldest Bear wiped the blood from his mouth, "It's time to counterattack boys, kill!"

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  • Chapter 51: Battle of Kings – Ultimate Control


    Black Tiger was crystal clear on the fact that Chen Ming's Four Elements Array didn't restrict him. He had exquisite control over its power.

    If an average cultivator had set it up, first he needed four cultivators with one of the four elements, and secondly, their cultivations had to be closely related. They also needed to be well-coordinated, and even more importantly, they needed to be familiar with the array. This posed a grave hurdle for cultivators, to the point that almost no one could accomplish it.

    But Chen Ming laid out an array all on his own. They were all aware of how easy he controlled it, that he needn't worry if a mishap would occur.

    Black Tiger said, "Bro Wandering, let the array affect me also. Let me have a try at its might!"

    By trying out the array's power, Chen Ming knew that Black Tiger wanted to see how he'd cope with it.

    Black Tiger began to feel how his power was reduced by forty percent. Thirty percent came from the array's effect, while ten percent from a strange energy within the array, sweeping between the Kings.

    Chen Ming now knew how formidable Kingslayer Aura was. It didn't simply increase the array's power, it also granted his array an extra sharp energy, cutting away at his enemies' power.

    Towards spiritual power, it encumbered the others' flow while making his into a sharp sword.

    This was the difference between the properties of spiritual power.

    Black Tiger nodded with a smile, "Bro Wandering's understanding of arrays astonishes me to no end! I can feel its power!" 

    Chen Ming removed the suppression on him, as Black Tiger brandished his black iron heavy mace, laughing all the while, "King rank? Is there anything impressive about it? Let us proceed with today's king slaying battle, I alone am enough for the two of you!" 

    The audience retreated again, from fear of the Four Elements Array. "It changed to a king slaying battle!"

    "The outcome of this battle will decide the Southern Border's Overlord!"

    "The winner will be the Overlord!"

    "It will also affect Pitfall Mountain's war. If Hua Yang and Mo Tian win, the Six Kings Alliance collapses, and if Wandering Crow and Black Tiger win, Pitfall Mountain's power will be greatly diminished!"

    "We must not leave this place, there's too much at stake. We need to know the winner and inform the sect!"

    "A step ahead means forever in the lead. We can't make rash decisions on this!"

    Black Tiger jumped on his fiend cloud and flew at Hua Yang, yet his first strike already made Hua Yang spew blood! 

    Hua Yang yelled in fury, "This array's power is without measure. It restrains our movements and our strength. We need to break it!"

    Mo Tian said, "He sent those swords when he prepared the array. They must be the cores, we need to find a way to destroy them!"

    Black Tiger grew furious, "I don't recall asking for my permission first!"

    It could be said that Black Tiger could deal with the two Kings alone. The others didn't even get the chance to retaliate, while Black Tiger still had the time to chat, all because of Chen Ming's Four Elements Array. How could he let them ruin destroy it?

    Black Tiger took full advantage of his position and the heavy mace in his hand, akin to an imposing mountain, struck again, with enough power to crush rocks and tore mountains. 

    Chen Ming listened to Mo Tian's rambling. He looked like an old dog, when in fact, he was the old dog.

    Even his thinking was amusing. Breaking the array's swords?


    No one will ever guess where the is core, because I am the core!

    Chen Ming walked towards the center of the array, increasing his control along the way, over the fire, wind, and ice, while killing the nearby Dao Initiation realm cultivators. He began to feel the array as he stood in its center. He was coming to understand an important fact, that he was the supreme ruler of this area. 

    Everything around him followed his whims, even without his urging. He became one with the world!  

    It was a stage beyond the Sword Heart, the One With the World stage. 

    Regarding the sword Dao, this stage was called Unity, between a man and his sword. Despite not having the same name, it was still the One With the World stage. 

    Standing inside the array, Chen Ming experienced this new-found feeling, turning everything in the surroundings to his control!

    Chen Ming glanced at Ling Xian, how he already half-killed Mo Yun. Ling Xian took a blade from a Great Fiend's waist and when he was about to strike, Mo Yun yelled, "Save me, father!"

    Mo Tian's eyes burst with savagery, "I'm coming!" 

    Chen Ming gave a cold laugh, "Shouldn't you be asking for my permission first?"

    A firestorm took the shape of a dragon and rushed over, making Mo Tian retreat step after step. Meanwhile, Black Tiger's mace bashed his face, blood flowing from nose and mouth.

    Mo Tian watched Chen Ming with vicious eyes, "Wandering Crow, if I ever leave this place, I will tear you into a thousand pieces!" 

    Chen Ming rolled his eyes at him, laughing hard, "These words of yours have no meaning. I am a man who does everything to the end, leaving nothing behind to come back and haunt me!"

    Ling Xian didn't even hesitate, "I've waited so long to kill you!" His blade fell, straight at Mo Yun's heart. Mo Yun grabbed the blade, trying to prevent it from skewering him. His weary and wounded body failed him in mustering the strength, and blood flowed like a stream from his mouth, forming a wide pool at his feet.

    Hua Qingting was afraid now. She crawled before Ling Xian and grabbed his leg, "Ling Xian, I never hurt you. It was all Mo Yun, only Mo Yun!" 

    Ling Xian laughed coldly, "You think I'd believe that? I clearly remember the wound you left me, the humiliation, and then you went as far as calling me a dog, even giving me a bone?"

    Ling Xian struck again but hesitated. He saw that Chen Ming arrived next to him and asked, "Master, what should I do?"

    Chen Ming glanced at Hua Qingting, so young, yet so vicious and fickle, "What she likes is your strength, your glory. If you don't kill her today, her time will come. It's all a question of when." 

    Ling Xian nodded and cupped his hands, "Disciple understands!"

    That's right! What she likes is my strength and glory, vanities. When may cultivation falters, that will be the moment she kills me. Only Master believes in me, still there to support me when that moment comes. And despite coming out battered after each sparring with senior sister, she still showed care, letting me recover for two days.

    Ling Xian's blade landed and Hua Qingting left this world, and so did his feeling for her.
  • Chapter 52: Battle of Kings – Demonic Blood Saber


    After helping Ling Xian remove his anguish, Chen Ming refocused on the King battle. He was quite curious to find out if killing either Hua Yang or Mo Tian would complete his stage advancement mission. When the mission ended, he would then be allowed to step into the domain of Archfiends.

    With it, his chances of winning against Archfiend Azure Lion would also rise. Azure Lion wasn't someone like Hua Yang or Mo Tian, he was a prospective Grand Archfiend!

    With his mind set, Chen Ming fished out a spiritual sword from his storage ring then went to clash with Mo Tian.

    Black Tiger wasn't quite pleased with him joining the fray. It was hard to find the chance to fight against two Kings at the same time, looming over them and enjoying it, "Bro Wandering, watch from the side, for now, see how elder brother deals with these geezers!"

    Chen Ming said, "Hua Yang already notified Pitfall Mountain, and their Fiend Generals have begun fighting. While the other Archfiends are waiting for our fight to end. Elder brother Black Tiger, you should be clear on the extent of Azure Lion's power!"

    Black Tiger knew his intention, and said begrudgingly, "Got too excited there and forgot the order of business. Let's quickly deal with these two fools and join the battle for Pitfall Mountain!"

    Black Tiger went on the offensive, his hits ruthless, each aiming to take Hua Yang's life.

    Chen Ming concentrated on his fight with Mo Tian. He used Lustrous King Sword Art to its peak, turning each strike into a deadly one. With the added suppression from the array, Mo Tian received hit after hit, spewing blood time and time again, as more wounds appeared on his body.

    Chen Ming swept his sword, the tip pointing at the heavens, Overlord's Rule!

    This strike of his turned out to be his strongest move, wreaking havoc in its wake.

    In a normal situation, Mo Tian wouldn't even care about Chen Ming's attack, but it now had the power to end his life. Mo Tian's eyes grew bloodshot, "You made me do this. Since you won't let me live, then everyone will die!"

    Mo Tian's left hand swiped the saber's blade. Blood began to flow along the Demonic Blood Saber, dyeing it red and causing it to release strands of demonic energy, "You thought that that was the extent of Demonic Blood Saber's powers? Ha-ha-ha, not even close. Demonic Blood Saber's seal, open!"

    Black Tiger and Hua Yang faced the sky, "Damn, that's demonic energy!"

    Hua Yang and Mo Tian were on friendly terms, but he never imagined this saber was actually a demon saber!

    This no longer mattered, as surviving came first!

    Hua Yang laughed hard, "Ha-ha-ha, the time for counterattack is at hand, die!"

    Mo Tian's eyes were blood red, while strand after strand of demonic energy gathered around him. The demonic energy surged as if a demon king descended!

    He stuck the Demonic Blood Saber into the ground, making it unleash a wave of demonic energy and transforming it into demonic earth.

    Chen Ming found it intriguing, But I have this Demonic Blood Saber's approval. Since Mo Tian went ahead and released its seal, didn't it mean he is giving me a god ranked weapon?

    Chen Ming extended his arm and bellowed, "Demonic Blood Saber, to me!"

    Mo Tian sensed how the Demonic Blood Saber wanted to fly out of his hand towards Chen Ming's. He knew of its temper, that it only recognized this world most wicked, most ruthless men, especially those that had demonic natures. Even more so when he used it for so long. Mo Tian fury reached the heavens as he raved, "This is impossible! Why is the Demonic Blood Saber accepting you!"

    Chen Ming smiled, "Nothing's impossible. The impossible isn't impossible since I haven't done it yet."

    Mo Tian let a wicked smile sneak on his face, "I toiled for three hundred years on this blade, yet it didn't submit to me. But it took one look at you and it already bows at your feet?"

    "No matter, I only released its seal. This saber cannot leave my control. Once I kill you, I will make it understand who its master really is!"

    Mo Tian lifted the saber, causing a hurricane in its wake, while in the heavens above, black clouds gathered, then cast a bloody light on the Demonic Blood Saber's blade.

    The boundless demonic energy reached everywhere, dyeing all it touched black.

    The audience was struck dumb, "Demonic energy, that's a demon saber!"

    "I can't believe Sect Leader Mo is using this kind of saber, an actual demon saber!"

    "They say weapons at this rank all had their own tempers, it's even more so in the case of the demon saber. If you don't have its approval and still use it, you will receive its backlash!"

    "Backlash! So it's a legendary weapon!"

    "But a backlash of this degree will greatly injure Sect Leader Mo. At the two Archfiends won't be able to handle the demon saber's power!"

    Black Tiger showed a trace of nervousness. He wanted to prevent the attack from reaching completion but Hua Yang just laughed, "Archfiend Black Tiger, didn't you say you wanted to kill me?"

    Hua Yang wasn't his match but, at a crucial time like this, he had to block Black Tiger no matter what.

    A mace blow from Black Tiger sent Hua Yang into retreating while spitting blood, "Get lost!"

    Hua Yang's hands had blood flowing from between his fingers, but he still didn't let Black Tiger leave, "Archfiend Black Tiger, we're not done with our fight!"

    The battle changed constantly, yet the audience didn't dare get close to the energy waves, "What a desperate fight!"

    "What is Archfiend Wandering Crow thinking!? If it was me instead, I would be long gone by now!"

    Black Tiger struck while Hua Yang spat blood. But the old man looked as if he lost it, giving it his all to stop Black Tiger from leaving!

    Mo Tian's strike descended, creating a five-zhang long bloody blade energy, wanting to tear the earth asunder.

    Chen Ming faced him with his spiritual sword. He channeled the array's power into it but it still threw him ten steps back.

    Mo Tian let a sudden howl of pain. Strands of demonic energy sucked at his blood, giving him the full taste of a demon saber's backlash.

    Mo Tian smiled, "I might not have complete control of the Demonic Blood Saber in its current state, but it's enough to kill you. Take my strongest attack, Torrent of Blood!"

    Bloody energy flew in each direction for ten zhang, even causing a rain of blood! This was incomparable to the Torrent of Blood Mo Yun unleashed!

    Chen Ming readied himself by choosing to confront it with his strongest move, Overlord's Rule. The weapons clashed and the Demonic Blood Saber left a nick on the spiritual sword. If he didn't have the Four Elements Array strengthening it then this sword would have broken by now!

    Demonic Blood Saber struck Chen Ming's shoulder, giving him a not so light wound while also causing him to spit a mouthful of blood!

    Mo Tian pressed forward, his saber bearing down on Chen Ming's shoulder, while the other did his best to defend with his spiritual sword. His feet left a deep trail as Mo Tian pushed Chen Ming for over ten zhang. He only stopped when he crashed into a cliff, spider web cracks quickly spreading from the point of impact.

    Mo Tian smiled, "You have nowhere to retreat."

    Chen Ming lifted his head and grinned, "Do I need to keep retreating?" Mo Tian found Chen Ming's left hand's finger pointing at him, "That's, an immortal art's power..."

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