Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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    Chapter 20: A Thousand Merits!


    Li Changgeng felt his reputation hit rock-bottom. ‘Want Tian, you bastard, weren’t you high and mighty before? What the hell got you so scared?’

    Chen Ming smiled at Li Changgeng, “A disciple’s virtue is a Master’s duty to foster. Qingyao wasn’t sensible. I will definitely guide her to be such a virtuous disciple. “

    Li Changgeng’s face flushed, laughing from embarrassment, “There’s no need.”

    Zhuo Qingyao eyed the judge, “Now can I challenge a legacy disciple?”

    The judge face-palmed, ‘For years I’ve been presiding over this competition, but this was the quickest.’, “Of course.” 

    Zhuo Qingyao waved her sword, “Senior sister Li Qian’er, care to exchange pointers? “

    Li Qian’er wasn’t scared like the rest disciples, and leaped on stage, smiling, “Since you are so eager, then let me ‘teach’ you!”

    Zhuo Qingyao bowed slightly, “Then please ‘teach’ me, senior sister.”

    The judge’s eyes shook, ‘There’s bad blood between them?’

    The judge was also a legacy disciple and enjoyed presiding over this competition. But this time, it seemed, that he wasn’t able to show his skill! 

    Li Qian’er smiled, “A match is so boring, so plain, unable to teach you properly. How can it touch the meaning of cultivation? Wouldn’t a life and death battle be better?”

    Zhuo Qingyao was afraid she wasn’t going to fight, but now she knew that she wanted a life and death battle, something she happily agreed, “Alright, please guide me, senior sister!”

    The judge thought, ‘Good, now I can show my skill!’ 

    Chen Ming wasn’t interested in anything else, mostly because of the ‘Ding!’ in his head.

    “Ding! Mission: help Zhuo Qingyao earn first place in the inner sect disciple competition is complete. Reward: 1000 merits. the second disciple position!”

    ‘Good, such an abundant reward, and it came with a new disciple position too!’

    It must be noted, that an exceptionally talented disciple was like fast-growing chives for him. Let’s take Zhuo Qingyao for example, to Chen Ming, she was just a quick harvest! 

    And collecting the harvest was such a refreshing activity.

    But he wasn’t paying attention to any of this. What concerned him was his fiend cultivation, and if he could promote it. A cultivation method’s stage defines its limit. The more stages it has the faster the cultivator progresses. He now had 1180 merits and over 4100 spiritual knowledge points.

    With his current spiritual knowledge points, he should be able to promote Fire Crow Art to the 4th stage of Dao Initiation realm. It wasn’t much if a cultivation method reached this stage, but for a fiend’s cultivation, it was very important. As long as the fiend cultivation method formed the Dao Seed, it allowed the fiend to take human form. Wouldn’t it be odd if there was a Great Fiend in human form? 

    Chen Ming showed no remorse when speaking in his mind, “Comprehend the Fire Crow Art!” 

    “Ding! Comprehending the Fire Crow Art requires 1080 merits, continue?”

    “Yes, direct comprehension!”

    His whole body felt as if an inferno surrounded him and the Dao Palace corresponding to the Fire Crow Art inside of him began to change. It concentrated all the flames inside an egg, and if this process were to continue it would slowly hatch. But he comprehended instantly, so the egg hatched soon after, with a blazing three-legged Fire Crow bursting out of it. Fire engulfed it, with eyes shining like gold, and wings made of immense flames.  

    This was Chen Ming’s first Dao Seed. He never imagined his first Dao Seed would be a fiend Dao Seed.

    With the formation of the Dao Seed, the Fire Crow Art reached the Dao Initiation realm, so he asked, “How many spiritual knowledge points do I need to promote the Fire Crow Art to the 4th stage of Dao Initiation realm?”

    “3108 spiritual knowledge points.”


    This left him with around a thousand points, to avoid any future problems. Chen Ming felt the surge of spiritual power inside him, as the time finally came to use the rewards from the completed missions.

    “Ding! Host has formed a Dao Seed and also cultivates in two other cultivation methods. To calculate strength more easily, danger value and rating have been added.”

    Chen Ming checked the changes to his status.

    Name: Chen Ming.

    Fame: 355.

    Rank: mid-level Cannon Fodder.

    Realm: Dao Initiation realm. (There is no longer any relation between your strength and your realm)

    Constitution: Limitless Dao Body.

    Cultivation Methods: Fire Crow Art, completed. Dragon Form Art, stage 6/9. (At the 9th stage a Dao Seed is formed). Nines Mysteries Art, stage 24/81. (At the 72nd stage a Dao Seed is formed). Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art, stage 1/9. Dao Canon, volume 1/18.

    Magical Arts: Lustrous King Sword Art, Benevolent Sword Heart. Fairy Sword Art, entry-level.

    Dao Seed: Fire Crow.

    Disciples: Zhuo Qingyao.

    Merits: 91.

    Spiritual knowledge: 1000.

    Aura: Killer.

    Danger value: 180 (If the value isn’t calculated, then it means it is controlled)

    Danger rating: dangerous.

    Fate: A year after the Grand World Opening, at the Demon Subjugation Gathering, cut off the hand of demonic Dao Head Disciple Ya Mo. 

    With this settled, Chen Ming drew his attention to the fight. Zhuo Qingyao’s danger value was 54 while Li Qian’er was 48. Like this, the outcome should be obvious.

    A game of cat an mouse played on stage, with ruthless strikes thrown in between chases. But Zhuo Qingyao was only using sword energy and not her strongest move, the Overlord’s Rule.

    The inner disciple also returned strikes in a relaxed manner, showing the other disciples they weren’t her match, “Thank god we left earlier. Zhuo Qingyao can match a legacy disciple in power. If it were us instead, then the result would be horrible!”

    “Great Elder Chen is also incredible. It took only a month for senior sister Zhuo Qingyao to reach this level!”

    “A powerful Master has powerful disciples. But senior sister’s talent must also be great, or even with Great Elder Chen’s guidance, she wouldn’t be this strong.”

    “If I could learn even half a move from Great Elder Chen, then I could sweep all my enemies! “

    “Not to mention the fact that you need just a short amount of time under Grand Elder Chen’s guidance and your strength will soar!”

    The scene on the stage changed greatly as the blows grew more vicious. The two exchanged dozens of strikes, startling the audience, and even retreating in fear from being hit by the sword energy. Zhuo Qingyao knew she couldn’t go on like this and pointed her sword at the sky then executed the Overlord’s Rule!

    At this moment, even if she didn’t show everything, this overbearing sword scared the inner disciples, “How can this be?” 

    “Zhuo Qingyao just executed the move that made Grand Elder Chen famous.”

    “The... Overlord’s Rule!”

    All the elders jumped to their feet, watching Zhuo Qingyao, “This feeling isn’t wrong, it is indeed the Overlord’s Rule!”

    “This girl’s talent pierces the heavens!”

    “With Grand Elder Chen and now Zhuo Qingyao, they will bring the Endless Swords Sect into an age of prosperity!”

    “She needed only a month to learn Grand Elder Chen’s Overlord’s Rule!”

    “This kind of talent is unheard of!”

    Zhuo Qingyao released a ten-foot sword energy and hacked Li Qian’er’s sword to pieces, causing her to fly like a kite without strings and cough blood. Zhuo Qingyao didn’t let go of this chance and jumped at her opponent to deal the death blow!  

    ‘You threw me off a cliff and I kill you. It’s karma!’

    When Zhuo Qingyao’s Fairy Sword was about to land, they heard a powerful voice, “Stop!”

    A streak of sword energy flew at Zhuo Qingyao, scarring her back and causing her to cough blood. If she didn’t train in the Nine Nines Mysteries Art, making her body far stronger then a fellow disciple, the sword energy would have been enough to take her life! 

    Rage consumed Chen Ming’s heart as he activated the Killer aura. Thick murderous energy pervaded the surroundings shocking the audience along with Chen Ming’s spiritual power exploding and glaring at the attacker, “Gongsun Zhi, you’re courting death!”
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  • Chapter 21: Mindless


    Gongsun Zhi was one of the Endless Swords Sect’s elders, and also the son of the first Grand Elder, Gongsun.

    He wasn’t old, only thirty-nine years old, with a 3rd stage of Dao Initiation realm cultivation and of good talent. If it weren’t for Chen Ming, he would have been the next in line for the Sect Leader position.

    Chen Ming jumped to Zhuo Qingyao and helped her lay in front of Li Changgeng, “Please look after Qingyao.” 

    Li Changgeng and Chen Ming might have disputes, but they still valued fairness.

    He nodded, “Be at ease. I will take care of her.”

    “Master...” said Li Qian’er when Gongsun Zhi supported her.

    Gonsun Zhi’s rage-filled eyes glared at Chen Ming, “Did you know? If it weren’t for you, I would be the one to inherit the Sect Leader position. Everything changed when you showed up!”

    Chen Ming laughed, “The winner is always right. It has been true since time immemorial. With an inferior talent, you should work harder on your cultivation!”

    “You think that was all? Did you know, when Qian’er and I are under the sheets, she calls your name instead!”


    Who wouldn’t be enraged? 

    A master-disciple love! And he unknowingly made Gogsun Zhi wear a green hat!

    Chen Ming cursed, “How should I know? It’s not my fault I’m so handsome!”

    Gongsun Zhi laughed hard, “In the end, it doesn’t matter. Chen Ming, you think the Pitfall Mountain isn’t aware of how unrestrained the Regent’s estate is? Pitfall Mountain’s Fiend General Savage Bull is leading monsters here, as we speak. While all you Elders enjoy the inner sect disciple competition, Fiend General Savage Bull is finishing devouring the Sect Leader!”

    “Chen Ming, if you drop to your knees and beg forgiveness, I will give you a swift end. If not, then you will suffer the cruelest of tortures, deprived of even death!”

    Chen Ming peaked at Gongsun Zhi’s danger value, 130; a trash to the end.

    “Ding! Triggered a storyline mission: neutralize Endless Swords Sect’s crisis. Reward is based on the mission’s completion rating. Standard reward: 500 spiritual knowledge, 50 fame.”

    Gongsun Zhi had to die, a traitor like him deserved nothing better. Chen Ming panicked, “What! Pitfall Mountain had this place surrounded?“

    Chen Ming moved towards him, “Gongsun Zhi, no, Sir Gongsun, I don’t wanna die. Give me a chance, please!”

    Gongsun Zhi was brimming with pride, The day finally came for you to beg, “Ha-ha-ha, Qian’er, do you see? This Chen Ming is just a coward, just what did you...” 

    Gongsun Zhi touched his neck, now sporting a thin line of blood, left by the Lustrous King Sword, “Y-you! Aren’t you afraid of Pitfall Mountain’s retaliation?”

    Chen Ming struck again, this time aiming for his chest and piercing his heart, “You worry too much. I’ll think about it after killing you.”

    “Ding! Killed a 3rd stage Dao Initiation realm cultivator. Obtained 30 spiritual knowledge points.”

    Chen Ming withdrew his sword and looked at Li Qian’er on the floor, “Give her to Qingyao to kill when she wakes up! I’ll go check the back of the mountain, while you activate the guarding array!” 

    He jumped on his sword and flew towards Sect Leader’s peak. There, he saw a Fiend General with a bull’s head, covered in armor and a battle-ax, as he carried the unconscious Sect Leader.

    He presumed that he was the Fiend General Savage Bull and found that his danger value was 250! This person shouldn’t be provoked. Don’t look down on a mere seventy points difference. When he made quick work of Gongsun Zhi, he had a forty points lower value than Chen Ming.

    Even when fighting higher stages, rules still governed them!

    And behind Savage Bull, there were tens of Great Fiends, all at the Dao Initiation realm!

    Just how could he solve this crisis?

    Chen Ming’s eyes glazed over when he looked at the Fiend General because the Savage Bull had an aura.


    Calling him stupid would be an insult to the word.

    Effect: immune to Mind-numbing Aura. He has no basic intelligence, the problem is how did it ever get so low.’

    This world also has such an innate aura?

    It looked as if he was begging to be duped. Chen Ming shifted his Fire Crow Art’s Dao Palace to the front and changing his energy to fiend energy. 

    He sheathed Lustrous King Sword and then formed a cloud with his new energy.

    Chen Ming dashed in front of  Fiend General Savage Bull and raved, “You ruined my plan!”

    Savage Bull saw the human-shaped monster flying at him and was shocked, Impossible! Could he be an Archfiend? Only an Archfiend can take human form, just like Pitfall Mountain’s master.

    Even if he wasn’t an Archfiend in human form, a Great Fiend was also able to take human form. But because the fiend before him had a complete human form, it proved he formed his Dao Seed.

    Savage Bull sensed that the fiend before him was weaker than him, but he didn’t dare show contempt. Who knew if he were an Archfiend in hiding. And as for not considering the man in front of him, not a fiend, now that was a tasteless joke. How couldn’t he be, when he had such thick fiend energy around him?

    Savage Bull asked, “Brother, from which mountain are you?”

    Chen Ming began, “It’s a long story. When I was a mere crow, a great serpent wanted to eat me, but Pitfall Mountain’s Archfiend killed it with a wave of his hand, saving my life. I then sank all my focus into cultivating, so that I could return this favor to Sir Archfiend. I wanted to leave the Pitfall Mountain when I reached the Great Fiend stage but had to delay my departure since I didn’t find an appropriate gift for Sir Archfiend. So I went to Yan Empire and found it was conspiring to remove itself from under Sir Archfiend’s control. I then took the Regent’s Prince form and intended to gift the entire Yan Empire to Sir Archfiend. But you ruined my plan! You offended the Pitfall Mountain, you offended Sir Archfiend!”

    “No offense, no offense. Wait, so you are from Pitfall Mountain, well so are we!”

    Chen Ming faked astonishment, “What, you’re also from Pitfall Mountain!”

    Savage Bull flew next to Chen Ming, patting him on the shoulder, “Hahaha, so we are from the same mountain. I saw that brother has imposing energy and lofty bearing. You will certainly become a powerful fiend. Our Archfiend doesn’t need a gift and when he learns of brother’s talent, he will be immensely pleased. Meeting a fellow brother is a cherishable moment, come, let’s drink!” 

    Chen Ming smiled, “Then I’ll go get everybody excellent dishes to go along with wine!”

    Savage Bull waved his hand at Sect Leader, “What dishes, isn’t this a human?”

    Chen Ming reached out for the Sect Leader, “This human is too old, not tasty. How can it be worthy of my brother? I’ll go get you delicious food!” He then took the Sect Leader and fled.
  • Chapter 22: Pitfall Mountain


    Chen Ming carried the Sect Leader to the Endless Swords Sect. There, he checked on Zhuo Qingyao and saw how she would soon recover, thanks to Li Changgeng’s pill. He was thinking of preparing something for her, certain that he wouldn’t be returning as soon as the last time.

    Zhuo Qingyao’s auras complement each other. Cliff Falling Aura’s level might not be high, but it worked with the Dire Straits Aura, letting her practically hit that 10% chance each time. 

    He settled on sending Zhuo Qingyao to train on Cliff Mountain’s cliffs, filled with cliffs of course. The leader there was only a Great Fiend that just entered the Dao Initiation realm, but with Wang Meng looking out for her from the shadows, she shouldn’t encounter any difficulties. 

    Chen Ming left her a letter: ‘Disciple, you have reached the 7th stage of Dao Sense realm and need to go out to be aware of the Grand Dao. Your Master has left behind endless treasures on Cliff Mountain. You want them? Look for them!’

    If other people saw this letter, then it would be the start of the Great Bandit Era.(1)

    After arranging the letter, he sent word to Wang Meng to protect Zhuo Qingyao. While there he also took a fire attribute spiritual sword in passing, then changed to using the Fire Crow Art. He gathered some quality dried meat from the Regent’s estate than some wine that went well with it and then flew back to Savage Bull. The two of them drank and chatted without care, even made a sacred oath and became sworn brothers.  

    Savage Bull threw meat after meat in his mouth then stretched his hand towards Chen Ming. 

    Chen Ming saw the remaining meat in his hand and felt nervous.

    Fiend General Savage Bull gobbled up the rest of the meat, “Brother, what is this dried meat, I have never eaten this kind of met before. It has such a rich flavor, it’s wonderful!“

    ‘It would be a wonder if you had eaten, beef that is!’

    “This is something younger brother hunted, a deer by a creek in the White Mountain!“ Said Chen Ming.

    Savage Bull’s expression was unclear, “So deer meat can taste this good...”

    Of course, Chen Ming couldn’t tell what he was thinking, ‘Where would I even begin to guess what is in this thing’s head when it can’t even do elementary math? Too hard, it’s impossible!’

    After the feast, Savage Bull said, “Right, why are we here again?”

    The Great Fiends gave overlapping responses, “A cultivator told us to come to destroy the Endless Swords Sect.”

    “So it was only this small matter. Let’s return to Pitfall Mountain, with brother joining us is more important. Right, what are you called, brother? “

    “Ding! Neutralize Endless Swords Sect’s crisis, completed. Mission rating: average. Obtained 500 spiritual knowledge and 50 fame.”

    Chen Ming mulled it over, ‘This way I will later be a trojan horse to the fiends, the best would be to be as inconspicuous as possible’, “Wandering Crow.” 

    On their journey through the Myriad Mountains, Fiend General Savage Bull informed Chen Ming of Pitfall Mountain’s influence. The ruler was an azure lion, known as Archfiend Azure Lion, older than a thousand years and has been controlling this mountain for the last hundreds of years.  

    Pitfall Mountain wasn’t just a mountain, as it had four immense chains buried in the surrounding cliffs tied to the mountain peak, dangling above the abyss around the mountain. The entire mountain was one gargantuan rock, lacking trees and filled with numerous caves of all sizes.

    And Chen Ming was now stepping on the bridge leading to it. He rose many fiends’ eyebrows, after all, he was in human form. Did this mean he was an Archfiend?

    Archfiend Azure Lion sat on a throne of bones as three of his four Fiend Generals stood at his beck and call.

    Fire from a bonfire flickered inside the cave, revealing the only completely transformed human of the four of them, the Archfiend Azure Lion.

    Archfiend Azure Lion had a blue standard draped on his body and azure hair akin to a wild lion. He had fierce features as if they were sculpted with an ax, holding a shinny human skull in his large and mighty hand, “Where do you think we should assign Wandering Crow?”

    The four Fiend General, besides Savage Bull, controlled the kingdoms around Pitfall Mountain and the lesser fiends. The Fiend General White Wolf handled the kingdoms while Fiend General Gorilla and Fiend General Stag managed the fiends.

    As for Savage Bull, Archfiend Azure Lion made him go around the Pitfall Mountain’s territories, but after bringing chaos everywhere he went, he clenched his teeth and made him his bodyguard.  

    Fiend General White Wolf replied, “Based on Savage Bull, Wandering Crow might be at the 4th stage of Dao Initiation realm, but since he can take human form, then he must have formed a Dao Seed. In the next thirty years, I’m afraid we’ll have another Archfiend.”

    Archfiend Azure Lion nodded, ‘I knew this already, so what the f*ck do you mean by it?’

    Fiend General White Wolf, “Therefore, this important matter is a matter between Archfiends. We don’t dare to involve ourselves, and request Sir Archfiend to make the decision!”

    Archfiend Azure Lion’s thought, ‘Then why did I bother calling you here?’

    “Let’s meet with Wandering Crow first!” Spoke Archfiend Azure Lion.

    ‘Since discussing it all day won’t have any damn result.’

    Chen Ming entered the cave and felt the pressure given by the Archfiend, as his danger value was over 500.

    A for the Fiend Generals, the highest belonged to White Wolf, 270, followed by Gorilla’s, 260, and the last being Stag, 240. 

    Azure Lion King has officially become the strongest person Chen Ming has ever encountered.

    “Ding! You successfully infiltrated Pitfall Mountain, while your identity remained undiscovered. Triggered the undercover mission’s first objective: become a member of Pitfall Mountain. Reward: 300 spiritual knowledge, 30 fame.”

    ‘Eh? Only 300 spiritual knowledge? I guess even a mosquito has meat, it’s still worth ten 3rd stage of Dao Initiation realm cultivators I guess, since becoming a member of Pitfall Mountain was more than certain.’

    Chen Ming gazed at Archfiend Azure Lion with his burning eyes, (he used the Fire Crow Art), “I finally meet you, Sir Archfiend. When I was but a mere crow, a great serpent cornered me, on the verge of devouring me. But thanks to you, Sir Archfiend, my life was spared, gracing me with the chance of seeing you again, still imposing and majestic as before!” 

    Archfiend Azure Lion’s thought, ‘I lived for hundreds of yeas, killed countless great serpents, how would I pay attention to a small crow?’ He was no fool, as he knew he used the great serpent as an excuse to reach to him, “Good little brother, it was a trifling matter, no need to care about it!”  

    Chen Ming shook his head, “That won’t do, this favor is something I must return!”

    Archfiend Azure Lion thought, then followed with, “How about this, good little brother will temporarily become Eagle Peak’s master, leading the birds(bird fiends), and will meet again after you have broken through to Archfiend!”

    Power couldn’t be given to the powerful. In any case, Eagle Peak was an ordinary area under his control. He would let Chen Ming do what he wanted and didn’t matter even if he became an Archfiend. He was just a glorified commander, with no Fiend Generals under him, that could only stay close to a man of power, like him.

    “Ding! Completed undercover mission’s first objective. Reward: 300 spiritual knowledge, 30 fame.”


    (1)    One Piece reference.

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  • Chapter 23: Archfiend Azure Lion’s Secret


    He faced no resistance when he assumed command of the Eagle Peak, as the bird fiends thought he was the second Archfiend of Pitfall Mountain. They even lacked a Fiend General and so, they received him with all respect. 

    Chen Ming now knew what power the Eagle Peak held, thirty-six Dao Initiation realm Great Fiends, not something Archfiend Azure Lion would pay attention to. Pitfall Mountain had hundreds of Great Fiends, proving to be a considerable force for a fringe area of the Myriad Mountains.

    But the surroundings of Pitfall Mountain, all had Archfiend accompanied by conflicts.

    Chen Ming started to think of a way to divert Pitfall Mountain’s attention from the Yan Empire and spent all day gathering important information. 

    To do this he had to understand the bitter conflicts that arose in the area. Thus, Chen Ming sent his Great Fiends to scout, the more important the information was, the better.

    “Lord, we found that Savage Bull adores eating venison, constantly watching Fiend General Stag with shifty eyes!”

    “Lord, Fiend General Stag brought a female boar in his cave. When he came out he started putting on his clothes, revealing content and relaxed expression!”

    ‘No way! The information you gathered is controversial indeed, but it’s f*king useless!’

    “Lord, Fiend General White Wolf sneaked inside Savage Bull’s territory...”

    Chen Ming perked up. It seemed that these two had a valuable secret and might be in cahoots with each other. Chen Ming grew impatient, “And then?”

    The black hawk giving the report gave a mysterious smile, “I don’t know what Fiend General White Wolf did to Savage Bull’s cows but White Wolf’s men started drinking cow milk!” 

    Chen Ming smacked him out of the cave, “Scram!”

    ‘A bunch of trash! You’d be better of as reporters!’

    When Chen Ming saw that Great Fiend Black Hawk returned while covering his face, he asked, “Got anything else to add?”

    Great Fiend Black Hawk nodded.

    “It isn’t gossip?”

    Great Fiend Black Hawk didn’t understand, but still reported, “I recently found that Fiend General Gorilla sneaked in Archfiend Azure Lion’s lair when he was away.”

    Chen Ming’s eyes sparkles, ‘Didn’t think bushy eyebrow Gorilla would defect. He must be an Archfiend’s spy, to infiltrate Azure Lion King’s lair and steal his secrets! 

    Chen Ming nodded, “Alright, you are free to leave. Let’s see what is Fiend General Gorilla up to!”

    Chen Ming activated the Fire Crow Art and turned into a pitch-black ordinary crow, something he could do since he formed the Dao Seed. For fiends, once they formed the Dao Seed they could take human shape and for humans, it seemed to be the opposite.

    In-flight, he moved the Dao Canon’s Dao Palace in front. With the first volume, now one could differentiate him from an ordinary man. Adding the fact that Dao Canon lacked an attribute, this made him look like any ordinary crow out there.

    He hid outside Fiend General Gorilla’s cave waiting for him to sneak into Archfiend Azure Lion’s lair.

    In the middle of the night, it amazed him it wasn’t Fiend General Gorilla who came out but Fiend General White Wolf who came in instead, ‘Could they be accomplices?’  

    White Wolf went inside Gorilla’s cave followed by Chen Ming’s wings flapping towards the entrance, eavesdropping on Gorilla, “Archfiend Azure Lion’s Spirit Devouring Art reached it’s peak and will soon be completed, causing his appetite grows larger and larger.” 

    White Wolf said, “There are barely any Great Fiends with no affiliation left. We must risk grabbing Great Fiends from another Archfiend’s territory.”

    “With our power, if we don’t meet a Fiend General, no one will know. This is a crucial time for our Archfiend, we must make sure not to cause chaos! “

    “What’s there to fear, once this period passes and Archfiend Azure Lion becomes a Great Archfiend, we will garner great merits and become Archfiends!” 

    The two fiends suited into black clothes, only their eyes revealed, then stepped on their fiend cloud.

    Chen Ming sat on a fiend’s spear, ‘Fiend General Gorilla doesn’t plan on rebelling but to fulfill Azure Lion’s secret order. What cultivation method is this Spirit Devouring Art, allowing a cultivator to devour Great Fiends?’

    The fiend holding the spear was drowsy, but then he saw there was a crow perched on it, “Ha-ha-ha, heaven favors me by gifting me this crow. Let me grab and roast you!”

    Chen Ming ignored the fiend and flew after the Fiend Generals.

    The night suited Chen Ming like a glove, helping him hide, but looking like any other crow didn’t hurt. He followed the two until they reached White Fox Mountain. This territory’s Archfiend was a three-tailed fox, known as Archfiend White Fox, having significant power under her. But she didn’t enjoy fighting and maintain neutrality. 

    White Wolf and Gorilla entered a cave with no effort, knocked out a Great Fiend. They used the same method until they got four captives, then retreated in the night.

    White Wolf said, “This affair won’t cause any problems, and this area is the border between White Fox Mountain and Thousand Serpents Cave. It shouldn’t cast any suspicion on us, but we can’t take more since it will draw White Fox Mountain’s attention. Let’s go!”

    Gorilla nodded, “Alright, let’s take them to the prison.”

    Chen Ming went after them and when it cracked of dawn, they arrived at the prison, in the Pitfall Mountain’s abyss. The two descended on a winding stone path on the abyss’ wall for a mile or so, then the prison’s entrance came in sight. 

    Perched on the path’s railing, Chen Ming could see prison cells on the abyss’ wall, holding close to twenty Great Fiends. 

    Archfiend Azure Lion, eyes bloodshot, transformed into a hundred feet Azure Lion, opened its maw and swallowed a Great Fiend whole. 

    He then sat cross-legged and controlled his spiritual power to digest his meal. Two hours later, Chen Ming saw how his danger value increased, point by point, until 532!

    If he keeps this up, wouldn’t he become a Great Archfiend in a few years? At that point, no matter how much he raised his cultivation with spiritual knowledge points, he would still come short of matching Azure Lion’s power. 

    White Wolf and Gorilla gave their report and left. Azure Lion smacked his mouth, “Devouring a Great Fiend has such an amazing effect. I wonder how stronger will I get if eat Wandering Crow? But the time isn’t right yet, the four Fiend General would feel threatened when their shield is gone. I need to get stronger, and when the time comes, I will devour the entire world, ha-ha-ha-ha!”

  • Chapter 24: Whoops, My Hand Slipped


    “Ding! Triggered undercover mission’s second objective: rescue the prisoners. Reward is based on how many Great Fiends you freed. If all prisoners die, the mission fails.”

    Azure Lion used to demand the kingdoms to attack the smaller factions. Was it to train in this Spirit Devouring Art? And with his current power, he switched to devouring Great Fiends, increasing his danger value one point at a time. Moments later it rose again showing that he could increase it without stopping. 

    What would happen if Archfiend Azure Lion continued to grow like this?

    In a few years, his value would be over one thousand and become a Great Archfiend. Even if the other Archfiends found out his secret two years later, Archfiend Azure Lion would be close to reaching the Great Archfiend level by then, and won’t be his match.

    Chen Ming understood why the Destroy the Pitfall Mountain mission had a D rating, this Azure Lion was not your average Archfiend.

    Azure Lion scanned the prison with his eyes and then left on his fiend cloud.

    Chen Ming flapped his wings, finding that the prisoners were at the 1st or 2nd stage of Dao Initiation realm. While Azure Lion’s power grew, he wanted to keep the other Archfiends in the dark. That was why the captured Great Fiends had low cultivation. 

    Chen Ming landed on a prison’s bars and listened to the mumbles of a pair of ten-foot-long white foxes laid on the ground, “Azure Lion’s cultivation is too evil, if we don’t return to White Fox Mountain and report this, then all the White Fox Mountain’s fiends will become his next meal!”

    “But how do we get out of this underground prison?“

    The entire underground prison was cast from molted iron then strengthened by an array. As matters stood, no prisoner would be able to break out with their low cultivation. 

    Chen Ming flew next to the Great Fiend guards who, like the Archfiend, were also azure lions. 

    Four azure lion Great Fiends made sure the Archfiend left, “Sir left, let’s take out the drinks. If we wait for Sir to finish training, we won’t get another chance!”

    The leader azure lion said, “It’s important to keep guard, what if something bad happens? “

    The Great Fiend who mentioned drinks replied, “What are you scared of, we are in Pitfall Mountain’s restricted area. No one comes here but the Fiend Generals and Archfiend, not to mention we have the key. Are you trying to say that a crow will take the key and then lead these prisoners through all the patrols and escape?”

    Chen Ming recalled what Black Hawk told him and had a clear image of Pitfall Mountain’s defenses.

    Based on the regular storyline, these guards would get wasted, and he would swoop in, take the key then free the prisoners.

    An hour later, the guard would take a break when it cracked of dawn and would give him a fifteen minutes window to escape.

    Chen Ming waited for these guards to get drunk, but less than an hour later, the four of them gave no sign of being wasted, “Goddammit, I knew that this could only happen to the Main Character and not to someone like me. Seems I’ll have to do it myself.”

    A glimpse at their Danger value showed they were around 120, even less than Gongsun Zhi.

    Chen Ming cawed a few times and flapped his wing, then the leader of the four said, “Fourth brother, grab that crow, it goes well with wine!”

    The fourth brother began drooling, “Guarding here for these past days, made me forget the taste of fowl. A crow shouldn’t be bad in comparison.”

    In the abyss, the fog still lingered, and Chen Ming flew inside it with the azure lion Great Fiend close on his tail. He made sure the rest of the Great Fiends couldn’t see fourth brother and turned into a human behind him, resting his Lustrous King Sword on his neck. He whispered in his ear, “Don’t scream, or I can’t guarantee my hand won’t slip and cut something that shouldn’t be cut.” 

    The Great Fiend turned his head but didn’t recognize Chen Ming and since they guarded this place for many days. He wore his black-feathered robe, and his human form led the guard to believe he was in the presence of an Archfiend. 

    This black-feathered robe was something the Great Fiends in Eagle Peak offered when he took his new position. It was one hundred percent pure black hawk plume, leaving Great Fiend Black Hawk’s skin shining as the day he was born!  

    Who would dare ignore an Archfiend’s threat? 

    The azure lion Great Fiend shivered a nod.

    Chen Ming’s sword touched the Great Fiend’s neck and left a trace of blood, “Now, call one of your brothers.”

    The azure lion turned his head and yelled, “Third brother, come quick, there are so many crows here.”

    Third brother laughed, “Fourth brother is really useless, let me check to see.”

    Chen Ming swiped his sword, cutting the Great Fiend’s neck, “Uh, whoops, my hand slipped.”

    “Ding! Killed a 2nd stage Dao Initiation realm Great Fiend. Obtained 20 spiritual knowledge.”

    Fourth brother collapse at his feet, while third brother was making his way through the mist towards him, “Fourth brother, where are the crows?”

    As the mist retreated, a black shadow revealed itself in third brother’s eyes. He couldn’t even react to the white longsword running through his chest.

    Chen Ming withdrew his sword and watched as third brother collapsed. Then smiled, since the ‘ding’ was missing, “Playing dead? Nice try, but this doesn’t work on me.”

    Chen Ming waved his sword and planted it in third brother’s throat.

    “Ding! Killed a 2nd stage Dao Initiation realm Great Fiend. Obtained 20 spiritual knowledge.”

    Chen Ming saw the last two Great Fiend drinking. With Lustrous King Sword in his right hand and the Fire Cloud Sword in his left, the sword he tempered in the Fire Crow Art’s Dao Palace, he threw them at the guards. They sensed this and responded by raising their long maces. 

    But how could their current spiritual power be a match against a high-quality spiritual power comparable to that of an Archfiend?  

    Yes, Chen Ming already formed a Dao Seed, raising the quality of his spiritual power to that of a newly promoted Archfiend, but of less quantity.

    Or else, how could his danger value reach 180, when his highest cultivation was the Fire Crow Art, at the 4th stage of Dao Initiation realm? 

    The Lustrous King Sword and Fire Cloud Sword sliced the maces in two.

    Chen Ming controlled the swords to continue attacking the Great Fiends. They couldn’t just sit around and wait for death, so they released their spiritual power forming a round shield around their body, effectively blocking the swords from reaching them.

  • Chapter 25: Advancement Mission


    Chen Ming didn’t have the time for a friendly match, trade blow for blow. Wouldn’t Archfiend Azure Lion discover him so?

    Picking up a mace, Chen Ming popped behind a Great Fiend. The target was pulled everything in defending against a flying sword. If he didn’t, then how could he hold his own against the improved spiritual power of an Archfiend? 

    Chen Ming flung the mace at the azure lion’s head. With the strength he got from the Nine Nines Mysteries Art was at the 2nd stage of Dao Initiation realm, one hit bloodied the azure lion’s forehead. Chen Ming went on swinging, muttering all the while, “They do have stronger bodies than cultivators, being fiends an all.”

    It took no less than seven hits to crush the Great Fiend’s skull and scatter his brains.

    With one down, Chen Ming controlled the Lustrous King Sword to change targets. Working in tandem, the two swords made quick work out of their opponent.

    He then started waving the mace around, turning the bodies into mush and making sure no one knew what killed them.

    After checking to see if he received the reward from his recent kills, Chen Ming picked a bloody key from among the tenderized meat and glanced at the prisoners. The white fox Great Fiend realized White Fox Mountain didn’t send Chen Mingo to rescue him because he did not differ from an Archfiend.

    “Who are you? Why are you saving us?” White fox Great Fiend questioned.

    Chen Ming smiled, “Oh no, I didn’t come to save you. I only want to make a deal with the Archfiends behind you.”

    “What deal?”

    “You all know that Archfiend Azure Lion trains in Spirit Devouring Art and if we don’t kill him, he will become a Great Archfiend soon, not something your Archfiends could run from. “

    “You are right, we’ve all seen the evil method he is training in.” Nodded the white fox Great Fiend.

    “Then tell your Archfiends Azure Lion’s secret and this will save their precious lives. I am not a greedy person you know, this king only wants Pitfall Mountain! And your freedom will be my gesture of good-will!”

    Chen Ming stressed the words ‘this king’, to tell them of his status as an Archfiend.

    “I cannot accept his deal.”

    “Even if you agree, it won’t hold any meaning. Tell your Archfiends and they’ll decide.”

    Chen Ming threw the key in white fox Great Fiend’s cage, who rushed to open the cages, letting out twelve Great Fiends. 

    Chen Ming waved his hand, “Follow me.”

    With the patrols' routes in his head, he used what was left of the night to his advantage, along with the fifteen minutes the guard used to take a break, to lead the thirteen Great Fiends through a complicated route at the border of Pitfall Mountain. Here, he changed into a crow, also replacing his first Dao Palace position with the one belonging to the Dao Canon. He then took to the air, resuming guiding the escapees from above.

    Chen Ming perched on a mountain peak and watched as the thirteen Great Fiends left Pitfall Mountain’s territory, “Now I can finally begin making my stand. If all works out, who knows, maybe it will destroy Pitfall Mountain.”

    Seeing how they all escaped, Chen Ming flew towards Eagle Peak. All he needs to do now was to lay in wait for the war to erupt.

    “Ding! Undercover mission’s second objective completed, rescued thirteen Great Fiends. Rating: perfect. Reward: 1300 spiritual knowledge, 130 fame.”

    He has gathered over 2800 spiritual knowledge. This made Chen Ming consider promoting his realm. After all, the war would soon start and only Fiend Generals had the right to command Great Fiends. He needed to increase his strength.

    “Upgrade Fire Crow Art to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm!”

    The Dao Palace corresponding to Fire Crow Art in his body burst with a warm glow, increasing Chen Ming’s might and spiritual power.

    He checked his status.

    Name: Chen Ming

    Fame: 565.

    Rank: mid-level Cannon Fodder.

    Realm: Dao Initiation realm. (There is no longer any relation between your strength and your realm)

    Constitution: Limitless Dao Body.

    Cultivation Methods: Fire Crow Art, completed. Dragon Form Art, stage 6/9. (At the 9th stage a Dao Seed is formed). Nines Mysteries Art, stage 24/81. (At the 72nd stage a Dao Seed is formed). Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art, stage 1/9. Dao Canon, volume 1/18.

    Magical Arts: Lustrous King Sword Art, Benevolent Sword Heart. Fairy Sword Art, entry-level.

    Dao Seed: Fire Crow.

    Disciples: Zhuo Qingyao.

    Merits: 91.

    Spiritual knowledge: 11.

    Aura: Killing Intent.

    Danger value: 240 (Not calculated when it’s controlled)

    Danger rating: dangerous.

    Fate: A year after the Grand World Opening, at the Demon Subjugation Gathering, cut off the hand of demonic Dao Head Disciple Ya Mo. 

    It used over 2800 spiritual knowledge to jump his cultivation by two stages. With his almost depleted spiritual knowledge, and his new strength, he could be a match to a Fiend General, but not enough to go head to head with Fiend General White Wolf.

    But that was the reality. The Dao Initiation realm was divided into nine stages and reaching the 7th stage brought about a change. Only after entering this stage could a Fiend call himself a Fiend General, and a cultivator a Great Cultivator. Reaching the danger value of a Fiend General at the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm was thanks to having the same profound spiritual power as an Archfiend. On top of having the Dragon Form Art at the 2nd stage of Dao Initiation realm, and the same went for the Nine Nines Mysteries Art. 

    “Ding! Your power is changing and are no longer a simple cannon fodder. Because you are now, a mid-level cannon fodder!”

    Triggered the advancement mission: stage upgrade.

    Objective: slay an Archfiend.

    Reward: removing the stage seal.

    “What is this stage seal?”

    “Ding! Speaking plainly, the highest stage you can attain, for now, is the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm.“

    “Why is there such a strange restriction?”

    “Ding! Don’t you feel that, as a Limitless Dao Body who cherishes the three thousand Grand Daos, you are insulting it by promoting a single cultivation method to this stage?”

    Chen Ming found it reasonable. If he only promoted a single cultivation method how was he any different from other cultivators out there, what use would Limitless Dao Body have then?

    But this mission was insane. A 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm fighting an Archfiend was equal to committing suicide!

    In the furious wind and cold waves, once you’re gone you cannot return!

    ‘Then just don’t go!’

    With Chen Ming promoting the other methods to this stage, the gap between him and an Archfiend would reduce.

    And wasn’t Pitfall Mountain on the brink of war? If he could use this battle to his advantage, and kill-steal, wouldn’t this problem be as easy as pie?  


    (1)    A line from a poem by Jing Ke before Qin Dynasty. It means he has no choice but to do it once he started.

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  • Chapter 26: The Great Bandit Era


    In front of Cliff Mountain.

    Zhuo Qingyao was soon back on her feet, but the atmosphere surrounding Endless Swords Sect was strange. The elders surmised that Chen Ming went to deal with Pitfall Mountain, a hero seeking justice, never to return. While taking care of Zhuo Qingyao, the disciple pried the letter of its content.

    Since Chen Ming basically left with no hope of returning, his final letter became a will.

    In their minds, Chen Ming was certain of the perils and hid all his treasures on Cliff Mountain. Thus, the disciples assaulted the tool shops at the foot of the Endless Swords Sect’s mountain, stripping them clean of all shovels and hoes.

    They couldn’t say Chen Ming’s riches didn’t tempt them. He was a genius known throughout the entire Yan Empire. Someone like him was sure to have had many fortuitous encounters.

    And before Chen Ming left, he ended Gongsun Zhi with a single strike, making the elders believe he had the same power as the Sect Leader.

    Chen Ming had an extraordinary talent, of equal strength to the Sect Leader when their ages are hundreds of years apart!

    They just couldn’t compare. Therefore, Chen Ming’s hidden treasures attracted even more attention. 

    Chen Ming also annihilated Murdering Temple, a battle that everyone came to know. He had thirty thousand men when the enemy had a hundred thousand while holding terrain advantage. Yet he still dominated the battlefield, earning a resounding victory, with insignificant losses, while he personally killed a thousand men. Who could have such divine skill and valor to accomplish this?

    Want to be a genius?

    Come to Cliff Mountain on a treasure hunt!

    Want to be rich?

    Come to Cliff Mountain on a treasure hunt!

    Want an incredible cultivation method?

    Come to Cliff Mountain on a treasure hunt!

    Want miracle pills and elixirs?

    Come to Cliff Mountain on a treasure hunt!

    Want Chen Ming’s Art of War? 

    Come to Cliff Mountain on a treasure hunt!

    You don’t need an entry ticket, or wait in line! With just a hoe and a shovel, the riches the legendary Chen Ming left are yours for the taking! 

    Cliff Mountain is a place for you to explore!

    In the wake of Endless Swords Sect disciples charging at Cliff Mountain, the entire Yan Empire also heard the news, making the youths of the empire joint the hunt. Such an important event was impossible to conceal, to the point of making even the nearby kingdoms’ youths join. And so, at the Cliff Mountain, wherever you looked you’d see a youth with a hoe or a shovel, digging.

    Zhuo Qingyao read Chen Ming’s note and as his disciple, she was certain no one would write this except her Master.

    Zhuo Qingyao arrived before Cliff Mountain. It used the be a desolate place, but now there was a small town, with a lively atmosphere.

    Zhuo Qingyao took a step towards the small town, and a Daoist holding a compass approached her, “Miss, you must have come for the treasure hunt! This Daoist has been digging for gold for the past sixty years, an expert at finding tombs. Hire this old Daoist, I only charge a hundred silver taels a month!” 

    Zhuo Qingyao was suspicious, “Why would I search for a tomb?”

    “Since miss doesn’t know the secret this place holds, let this old Daoist enlighten you. There is a rumor that the Prince from Yan Empire’s Reagent estate, Immortal Master Chen, died in a great battle fighting the fiends. Immortal Master Chen knows the Dao of the world and foretold this outcome, therefore he built himself a cenotaph where he left his legacy, containing riches beyond your wildest dreams and the secrets to his cultivation. Miss, aren’t you tempted?”

    A large man looking like a bandit rejected the old Daoist, and said to Zhuo Qingyao, “Don’t listen to his nonsense, Immortal Master Chen only left his cultivation knowledge, the path to reach the King stage. Girl, follow me, become my companion, a great bandit, and on this treasure hunt and through Immortal Master Chen’s trials, you will become this world’s glorious Bandit King!” 

    Zhuo Qingyao’s eyelids twitched, You’ve really done it this time, Master! 

    Zhuo Qingyao waved her hand, “Grandpa Fang, arrest these two and send them to the prefecture office to convict them!”

    Old Fang cupped his hands in respect, “Understood, young miss. Guards, arrest them!”

    “Grandpa Fang, Master sent me here to train, and if you follow me, it won’t be as effective.”

    Old Fang led the Flying Tiger Army away, all the while watching Zhuo Qingyao as she climbed Cliff Mountain. When he was far enough, he gave a signal and Wang Meng disappeared after her.

    Crowds of cultivators gathered at Cliff Mountain, and although it shocked the Great Fiend taking residence here, he believed they came on a punitive expedition, only to find that they were all at Dao Sense realm. He barked, “How dare they disturb the peace of my Cliff Mountain, kill them all!”  

    And the unaware cultivators found themselves under attack by fiends and sighed in response, “This must be Immortal Master Chen’s trial. A lofty person like him can’t be underestimated!” 

    Chen Ming, who was cooking up a plan to wreck Pitfall Mountain sneezed constantly these days, “This isn’t right, I’m a cultivator, how can I get sick? Is someone cursing me to death?”

    Not paying any mind, Chen Ming listened to Black Hawk’s report, “Pitfall Mountain has entered a state of war, with increased patrols everywhere. Also, Archfiend sent Lord an invitation to discuss important matters.”

    It looked like Archfiend Azure Lion knew what happened in the underground prison and Chen Ming needed to go hear about the troops’ deployment. If he didn’t go would look guilty. Despite being a newcomer, having no idea of Archfiend Azure Lion’s secret. 

    The five Archfiends from White Fox Mountain, Thousand Serpents Cave, Old Turtle Pond, Blazing Mulberry Nest, and Black Tiger Mountain, the surrounding areas around Pitfall Mountain, mobilized their forces, joining together in preparation for war!

    Under the five Archfiends’ siege, if he were Azure Lion, he would make a run for it. But the Archfiend had no intention to flee, confident in his methods to deal with them. 

    This Pitfall Mountain wasn’t as simple as he speculated.

    At the same time, a voice echoed in his mind, “Ding! F ranked storyline challenge mission ‘Block Pitfall Mountain’s anger’ completed! Reward: 3000 spiritual knowledge, 300 fame, a random item. Collect?”

    Chen Ming rubbed his palms, So not only do I get a load of spiritual knowledge points but also the chance to win an item. I need to wash my face first!

    Washing his face, Chen Ming chided himself, “It’s impossible to win something good, I will never win something good in my entire life!”

    “Draw, dammit!”

    “Ding! Received a storage ring. The reward has been delivered, please receive it.”

    Chen Ming grunted as he searched himself, Where’s the storage ring?, “Come out, storage ring!”

    “Open sesame!”

    “Where did the storage ring go?”

    Chen Ming walked around in circles, unable to find the reward, What is this? Fine, it doesn’t matter, let’s just got to Archfiend Azure Lion first.
  • Chapter 27: I’m Not, I Never Was


    Time until Grand World Opening: three years.

    It wasn’t hard to guess what it was. I would stir many talents into joining, seekers for fame and beauties all around, striving to become the best, with great auras to boot. To avoid the deadly fate of being killed by these geniuses, one should at least stand aside while hoping for the best. 

    This piece of information reached the Archfiend Azure Lion’s ears but stopped there, leaving the five Archfiends in the dark.

    They seemed to think their alliance could inflict serious damage to Archfiend Azure Lion.

    On the verge of setting out, Great Fiend Black Hawk arrived before him, grinning from ear to ear as he handed over a plain ring, “Lord this is something servant has discovered. I offer it to you!”

    Chen Ming picked it,  Is this the reward? 

    He infused his spiritual power into the ring and found it to have a space of ten square meters. It wasn’t large but a storage ring was high-level stuff.

    Chen Ming blew spiritual power on the ring, washing away the dust and also giving it a polished shine, like a brand new silver ring. 

    After putting it on, he went to the Archfiend. Azure Lion didn’t look worried, and from the look of things, he seemed to think he’d already won.

    Archfiend Azure Lion saw the last arrival and asked, “Recently, the five Archfiends surrounded Pitfall Mountain. Are you afraid?”

    “They are nothing, how dare they anger Pitfall Mountain, they are asking for death!” Replied Chen Ming.

    The four Fiend Generals glanced at him, Isn’t your reaction too quick?

    Archfiend Azure Lion didn’t wait for them to speak and followed after Chen Ming’s response, all the while encouraging him, “Precisely, they’re mere five Archfiends, nothing Pitfall Mountain fears! You think Pitfall Mountain has only four Fiend Generals? “

    It was ludicrous! Were the four Fiend Generals made out of five? It made no sense!

    Archfiend Azure Lion waved his hand, “It’s time to reveal Pitfall Mountain’s power. Tell the hidden Fiend Generals in Thousand Serpents Cave, Old Turtle Pond, White Fox Mountain, Black Tiger Mountain, and Blazing Mulberry Nest to meet me!”

    And then they were nine...

    Chen Ming’s heart skipped a beat, I need to reevaluate my opinion of Archfiend Azure Lion. He even sent five Fiend Generals to lay low. When they’ll rebel, the damage will be catastrophic, shifting the course of this war.

    Chen Ming had no intention of informing the other Archfiends because he didn’t even know where those Fiend Generals were hiding and by the looks of things, Archfiend Azure Lion already delivered the order. This was just him giving them the heads-up.

    Pitfall Mountain’s war preparation took a strange turn. Archfiend Azure Lion knew his secret was exposed and used his trump cards. Unable to defend against the betrayal of the five Fiend Generals’ betrayal, their morale hit rock bottom while the Archfiend Azure Lion’s ranks were bolstered with five more Fiend Generals, more than a thousand Great Fiends and countless fiends. 

    Archfiend Azure Lion’s strength increased as the days went by and the five neighboring Archfiends united, assembled the troops and surrounded Pitfall Mountain, wanting to fell Archfiend Azure Lion in one fell swoop.

    The five Archfiends didn’t use any strategy while the Azure Lion sent for the five undercover Fiend Generals to launch attacks against them.

    The flames of war soon spread from Pitfall Mountain’s border towards the other areas, making it clear Archfiend Azure Lion’s ambition to rule them all and forcing the five Archfiends to set their sights on their sixth. 

    That would be Chen Ming of course.

    They didn’t invite him and he didn’t care. These five fools weren’t enough to deal with Archfiend Azure Lion and it wouldn’t be long before they’d accept him as one of their own.

    In this one versus five war, Archfiend Azure Lion controlled the battlefield, and with the power to swiftly destroy an Archfiend’s territory, it was no wonder the other side was afraid after constant defeats.

    This day, Archfiend Azure Lion sent for Chen Ming, “Wandering Crow, some time has passed since you’re coming here and I don’t doubt your loyalty. Fiend General Stag is in a precarious situation as he battles White Fox Mountain’s troops. Lead the Eagle Peak’s fiends to provide support and relieve the pressure on him!”

    Chen Ming didn’t delay, “I will crush White Fox Mountain!”

    Archfiend Azure Lion smiled in content, “Go.”

    But when Chen Ming stepped outside of the cave, “Ding! Triggered undercover mission’s third objective: cause Fiend General Stag’s defeat. Reward: 800 spiritual knowledge and 80 fame.” 

    Well off course there’d be this kind of mission! This won’t be easy. First, must make Fiend General Stag suffer an ingenious defeat, and I cannot be the reason behind Pitfall Mountain’s loss. What’s even more important is to not have Archfiend Azure Lion cast any suspicion on me later.

    This was a troublesome matter that needed to be thought out perfectly. He stepped on his fiend cloud and flew towards Eagle Peak and convened with the other Great Fiends preparing for Fiend General Stag’s fall. It would be hard to win, but to lose, Chen Ming had tons of tricks. 

    But he still needed to be subtle, careful not to get his cover blown.

    “Ding! Completed undercover mission’s third objective. Reward: 800 spiritual knowledge, 80 fame.” 

    Eh, what happened?

    Why did Fiend General Stag collapse before he even began? 

    What point had Chen Ming’s honey trap, multi-layered schemes, and misdirection tactics now?  

    Hold on, this Stag could still prove useful. 

    Question: how could a spy avoid detection?

    Answer: when another more outstanding than him appeared!

    And Fiend General Stag was ‘outstanding’ enough. His mission was completed without even lifting a finger. How could he leave such a nice person to die? 

    And of course, he also wanted Stag to contribute to the destruction of Pitfall Mountain.

    Chen Ming cackled, making the Great Fiends under him nervous. He stood up and jumped on his fiend cloud, saying, “Let’s go help Fiend General Stag!”

    Flying for a full day, he arrived on the battlefield and saw that Fiend General Stag’s army has collapsed, with the enemy Fiend General on Stag’s tail.

    White Fox Mountain’s Fiend General was confused. They were evenly matched before so why did Fiend General Stag’s army suddenly collapse?

    When he saw Chen Ming’s arrival, White Fox Mountain’s Fiend General understood, So Fiend General Stag is one of us! Why else would Wandering Crow be coming to save him?

    Fiend Generals knew of Wandering Crow’s identity since they were army leaders, it wouldn’t bode well to harm one of their own.

    With Chen Ming’s arrival, White Fox Mountain’s Fiend General ordered a full retreat.

    Fiend General Stag was still dazed, Even with Wandering Crow’s arrival, you shouldn’t be so obvious in your retreat.

    White Fox Mountain’s Fiend General felt that his Oscar performance was pathetic, and followed with, “The enemy’s Archfiend arrived, retreat!”

    Fiend General Stag came out of his stupor, So that’s how it is. They think Wandering Crow is an Archfiend. If he knew White Fox Mountain thought him as an ally, Stag wouldn’t know what to say.

    I’m not, I wasn’t, it’s all a lie!

  • Chapter 28: No Main Character Treatment for Me


    Fiend General Stag had many wounds. He might have had great power but lacked the strategy to go along with it. 

    Chen Ming offered his hand to support him, “Fiend General Stag, this defeat leaves us with a few dozen Great Fiends. You’re the only one I could save.”

    “Wandering Crow, if it weren’t for you, I would’ve been dead already. I will never forget this!”

    Carrying Stag, the two returned to Pitfall Mountain. Along the way, he asked why Stag lost and the response he got, “I might be a Fiend General but had only skimmed through the art of war. I planned to do a night raid but didn’t expect the enemy’s ambush. It looks like they have a great commander!”

    “Pff” Chen Ming barely reigned his laughter, ‘White Fox Mountain’s Fiend General is akin to a cat. For you to come up with such a heaven-defying and awe-inspiring plan, shows you have a flawless talent!’

    Chen Ming stifled his laughter, “You were beautiful!”


    “I mean, your plan was perfect, but the enemy wasn’t stupid. Victory and defeat are found everywhere. We will return to Pitfall Mountain’s main force to come up with a plan and regain this loss! “

    “Right, I lost this time but not the next battle. I will ask for forgiveness for my crimes and return to the battlefield!”

    Chen Ming’s letter left Archfiend Azure Lion gobsmacked, ‘Fiend General Stag was routed! How can this be?’

    The five planted Fiend Generals reported there was an important spy among his forces sent by the enemy Archfiends. ’Do you mean to tell me that the spy is Fiend General Stag?’

    At first glance, everything seemed to be in order. The Fiend Generals Gorilla and White Wolf were the ones tasked with capturing Great Fiends, while Savage Bull was his bodyguard. All but Fiend General Stag had high positions, making it reasonable if he rebelled.

    He didn’t even consider Wandering Crow. Firstly, he was not important. Secondly, the battle was lost before he even arrived, it had nothing to do with him.

    But on second thought, there was no value for a spy to reveal himself at the start of a war. A true spy would use the best opportunity to rebel. Today’s deliberate loss looked completely fake. 

    When Chen Ming and Stag arrived, Archfiend Azure Lion glared with his golden eyes, “Fiend General Stag, do you know your crimes?” 

    Fiend General Stag cupped his hands, “Archfiend, servant lost this battle, but not the next. I will massacre White Fox Mountain. Please give me one more chance Archfiend, let subordinate redeem himself!”

    Archfiend Azure Lion saw the heavily wounded Stag and knew he was rescued from a bloody battle. ‘Maybe I was thinking too much. Fiend General Stag’s loyalty is unwavering.’ 

    Chen Ming added, “When subordinate arrived, Fiend General Stag fought with his life on the line, killing more than ten Great Fiends and countless fiends. If it weren’t for his outstanding military skill, the enemy would’ve been more coordinated!”

    Adding his explanation, it made Archfiend Azure Lion relent and nod, “Alright, I will give you a hundred Great Fiends and ten thousand fiends. This time, you must win! But you’ll be attacking Old Turtle Pond next, understood?”

    Stag’s eyes burned, “General received the order. I will destroy Old Turtle Pond’s fiends until not even their shell remains!”

    Archfiend Azure Lion waved his hand, “Go.”

    For a while, Chen Ming didn’t receive any significant orders or requests to leave for the battlefield.

    Chen Ming’s understanding of the troop deployment in this period increased, knowing where Archfiend Azure Lion’s forces were hiding. 

    The only thing left was to find the chance to leave Pitfall Mountain, give this intelligence to the five Archfiends and settle the terms with them. 

    Chen Ming was drawing the final map when he felt a powerful wave of energy from outside. He stashed the map in his storage ring just as Archfiend Azure Lion stepped in, “And what is our Wandering Crow doing?”

    Chen Ming cupped his hands, “Archfiend, what need do you have of subordinate?”

    White Wolf appeared behind the Archfiend Azure Lion, “Want me to break his limbs?”

    Archfiend Azure Lion waved his hand, “No need, normal methods won’t work on a spy.”

    Chen Ming thought, ‘All novels are full of cheats.’ A big spy like him never had an instruction manual to go by, he only watched 007’s movies hundreds of times. Why was it that only the lead role could cheat and lie through anything? 

    Chen Ming said, “I don’t understand. What are you trying to say?”

    Archfiend Azure Lion laughed, “Even exposed you still continue your act?”

    “What exposed? Archfiend, what do you mean?”

    “Very well, since you’re still acting, I will explain. I have someone in Black Tiger Mountain.”

    Chen Ming stood up, “What do you want to do, Archfiend?”

    “Wandering Crow, relax, I don’t plan on killing you, you are still a genius. I have many other creative ways of making you talk.”

    As a spy, even when discovered, he would still keep his cool. Chen Ming saw the unfavorable situation he was in, got up then charged towards the cave’s mouth. Archfiend Azure Lion’s eyes flashed, “You want to kill yourself? No chance! Your life is no longer in your hands!” 

    Archfiend Azure Lion waved his hand and a power surge immobilized Chen Ming on the spot.

    Chen Ming said, “I don’t understand, I am not even a Fiend General’s match so why have you come here in person?”

    The Archfiend laughed, “You think I’m stupid? The one who has you is the one who wins this war. Sending a Fiend General wouldn’t have put me at ease. What if you were stronger than a Fiend General and escaped?”

    ‘But of course!’ He knew that a Main Character could fight above his level, and kill with ease the one sent over to capture him, giving him experience and treasures in return. This only happened to a Main Character and not to Chen Ming.

    ‘No Main Character treatment for me!’

    If he knew you were a threat, then even a moron would know to make sure you were dealt with.

    And so, Archfiend Azure Lion came in person, to avoid further problems.
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  • Chapter 29: Leaning on a Fellow Spy


    White Wolf escorted Chen Ming, while Archfiend Azure Lion was in front, preventing any chance of escape.

    “Ding! Undercover mission’s fourth objective: you’ve blown your cover, staying here any longer will mean death. Escape! Reward: 1000 spiritual knowledge, 100 fame.”

    F*ck! What good would a mission do now? I am sure Archfiend Azure Lion will tear me apart.

    Arriving at the underground prison, White Wolf chained Chen Ming to a cross, then introduced to him the tools of his trade laid on the table, “You haven’t seen such a barbed whip before, right? One slash will flay your flesh, leaving nothing but bone.” 

    Then White Wolf picked up an iron tool, “While this branding iron here, will give you an unforgettable memory.”

    White Wolf continued, “This is a termite, relax, it doesn’t eat meat. After making some cuts on your body and filling them with honey, the termites will start to tear at your flesh, not killing you, but causing an unbearable itch. You will open your wounds, mutilating yourself, and stopping only you’ve lost consciousness.“

    “There’s also this, a common housefly. I will cut your leg and these flies will lay eggs inside. They would eat you from the inside, bite by bite until you’ll become a bag of skin, a bag filled with bugs. And the best part is, that you will feel each and every one of them crawling inside of you.“

    “But they aren’t the worst, oh no. The most terrifying torture is to give you aphrodisiac and then leave you alone with a female boar. Ha-ha-ha-ha, this will become your most cherished memory.”

    Archfiend Azure Lion found this moment to enter, “How is it?”

    White Wolf said, “I was just introducing him the wonderful effects of my wares.”

    “En, continue.”

    Chen Ming’s forehead dripped three drops of sweat, “Wait, ask me anything and I’ll answer!” 

    Fiend General White Wolf: ...

    Archfiend Azure Lion: ...

    Horsefly: ...

    Female boar: ...

    Archfiend Azure Lion eyed Chen Ming carefully. ‘It didn’t even start and you’re ready to spill the beans?’

    “Then let me ask you. Name?”

    “Wandering Crow.”



    Archfiend Azure Lion yelled, irate, “You take me for a fool? Did you form a Dao Seed at 23? No one will believe you. You don’t want to talk, fine. Do it, White Wolf, begin the torture!”

    Chen Ming panicked, Even if I say the truth, you still won’t believe it, “What if, I’m 240?”

    Archfiend Azure Lion nodded, “That’s more like it, you’re indeed younger than me.“


    Chen Ming thought, What’s with these questions?, “Male?”

    Archfiend Azure Lion and White Wolf’s eyes met. They appear to be hesitating. 

    F*ck! Why the long pause? you’re telling me I’m female?

    Fine, I admit I’m very handsome.

    Archfiend Azure Lion shook his head. Chen Ming still thought he wanted him to admit he was a female but then he heard Azure Lion, “This isn’t right, this interrogation is useless. All spies have hardened wills, or they wouldn’t be able to bear the torment of killing their companions. When we exposed him, he wanted to bash his head on a wall and kill himself...” 

    ‘When did I even had the chance to escape?’

    Archfiend Azure Lion added, “You can see that his heart is set on killing himself. Towards such a man, no punishment will work. We need to find his weakness.”

    Archfiend Azure Lion appeared enlightened, and clapped, “Bring that one over!”

    Archfiend Azure Lion pointed at the heavily chained Stag and watched Chen Ming, “You recognize Fiend General Stag, don’t you?”

    Chen Ming kept silent, but then he heard him, “Fiend General Stag made us think he was the spy, to cover for you. But after exhausting himself and using all tactics, what was even more startling was the night attack on the cats, the water attack on the Old Turtle Pond’s water fiends, and the fire attack on the fire-resisting Blazing Mulberry Nest. And even now he is so loyal to you. Isn’t there something you want to say?”

    Chen Ming wanted to applaud Stag for his performance, but said, “No, Fiend General Stag has nothing to do with me.” 

    Archfiend Azure Lion laughed, “Ha-ha-ha-ha, when death is at hand, you still want to take Fiend General Stag’s place. Humph, don’t think it’ll work!“

    Stag roared, “Archfiend, I have always been your faithful servant. I am no spy, I’m truly not a spy!”

    Archfiend Azure Lion waved his hand, “Block Fiend General Stag’s mouth, I don’t want him to interrupt my discussion with his leader.”

    Archfiend Azure Lion said to Chen Ming, “I know that no punishment will work on someone with a death wish like you. Fiend General Stag’s loyalty to you is unquestionable, and if you don’t speak, then I will try all these eighteen torture tools on him.“

    “I already said I’ll answer, but you won’t believe me!”

    Archfiend Azure Lion raged, “You’re still trying to cheat me into believing with your flowery speech. Fiend General White Wolf, use the worst torture, and give enough aphrodisiac to Fiend General Stag! “

    Archfiend Azure Lion watched Chen Ming, and bellowed, “I’ll ask you again, will you finally speak the truth?” 

    Chen Ming wanted to say, You’ve asked again already.

    Archfiend Azure Lion continued, “Seems you won’t be sorry until you see the underworld. White Wolf, give Stag three doses of aphrodisiac, then put him together with the female boar.”

    White Wolf pried Stag’s mouth open and poured the medicine, then sent him a female boar. 

    Archfiend Azure Lion was in no rush, as he sat in front of Chen Ming, “You’re calm, Wandering Crow, but so am I. It’s not my man being tortured, anyway. I want to see just how long can you hold it in. How long do you believe your devoted soldier can last? “

    Chen Ming couldn’t see the other cells, only hear ‘pa-pa-pa-pa-pa’, and the cries of both Stag and the female boar!

    Chen Ming’s thought, Fiend General Stag’s suffering must be excruciating, thank god it’s not me.

    Two hours later, Archfiend Azure Lion was calm as ever, all the while urging Chen Ming, “Do you know what I cultivate? I’ll become a Grand Archfiend in a few years, while for you, it was all a matter of time before you became an Archfiend. If you stayed with me, I would have given you so much when I became a Grand Archfiend, giving you the chance to reach the Archfiend stage much sooner. Wouldn’t it be better than standing against me?” 

    White Wolf arrived in front of Archfiend Azure Lion, embarrassed, “Can’t take it.”

    Archfiend Azure Lion laughed, “Fiend General Stag reached his limit, so why are you acting so awkward?”

    White Wolf coughed, even more embarrassed, “It’s not Fiend General Stag who can’t take it, it’s the female boar. Fiend General Stag wanted me to bring another one...”

    Archfiend Azure Lion’s smile froze, “What did you say?” 

    “It’s not Fiend General Stag who can’t take it, it’s the female boar. Fiend General Stag still wanted me to bring another one...”

    Chen Ming’s thought, How terrifying, the torture opened the door to a brand new world for Fiend General Stag.
  • Chapter 30: Stalwart


    Under the cover of the night, two figures faced each other, Chen Ming and the disfigured Fiend General Stag.

    He was locked in the underground prison, with his spiritual power sealed. Was he left with no choice but to use his ring to dig a tunnel for eighteen years? 

    But this was Pitfall Mountain’s abyss, from which even ten thousand years wouldn’t be enough to dig an escape. 

    Chen Ming glanced at the great lock hanging from the bars of his cage and remembered how there were many people with myriads of skills in Regent’s estate. Among them was a thief with lock-picking skills. He even showed him how a hair could pry open a lock. So he started studying it, but it wasn’t possible to learn these skills that took a lifetime to master in a short period of time.  

    A daring idea struck him, “Comprehend lock-picking skill.” 

    “Ding! Comprehending lock-picking skills requires very few merits. Rounded up, it is 1 merit, continue?”

    “Yes, direct comprehension!”

    Chen Ming pulled a hair and tried picking the lock. And as expected, what he learned was different as it didn’t open.

    Wasn’t this all a bunch of nonsense?

    Chen Ming suddenly realized why that guy did it. He had inner power from practicing martial arts and strengthened the hair. How else could he do it then?

    Chen Ming searched and soon found a needle from a porcupine. He inserted in the lock then felt around for the tumblers, and lifted three of them. 


    The big lock fell.

    Granddaddy has lock-picking skills, ya fool!

    Chen Ming opened the door and felt how his spiritual power was no longer sealed. He turned into a crow, then pushed Dao Canon’s Dao Palace to the front and flew into the night.

    White Fox Mountain.

    The five Archfiends stood in five directions as Archfiend White Fox began, “The situation on the front line is critical, does anyone have a plan?” 

    Archfiend White Fox had a white robe and looked like a charming young woman, with three white alluring velvety tails peeking from under her robes, behind her. 

    Archfiend Black Tiger had a stocky built, tall and strong, and was waving around a black iron club, “What can we do, Archfiend Azure Lion is far stronger than us. If we fight and someone gets eaten, we will stand no chance with four against one! We have no choice but to rely on our troops to win and defeat him!”

    Old Turtle Pond’s Archfiend was an old turtle that lived for more than a thousand years, as seen from his white hair, “Is there any word from Wandering Crow?” 

    White Fox said, “No news.”

    The sixth seat appeared to have a crow perched on it, watching the five Archfiends and assessing their danger value, between 300 and 400. It was no wonder they were helpless since not even two of them together were a match for Azure Lion.

    Chen Ming transformed into a human and sat down, all the while shifting Fire Crow Art ‘s Dao Palace to the front.

    The five Archfiends sensed a new Archfiend’s energy and focused on him. 

    White Fox said, “Archfiend Wandering Crow, I presume?”

    Old Turtle said, “With this concealing technique, it’s no wonder you moved unhindered in Pitfall Mountain.”

    Chen Ming nodded, “Archfiend Azure Lion already knows my identity.”

    White Fox said, “What about Fiend General Stag, did he also escape with you?”

    Chen Ming’s thought, Un-f*cking-believable! Even you guys know his a spy. Then does that mean that besides Fiend General Stag himself, all the others, including Pitfall Mountain and the five Archfiend’s armies, believe he’s a spy?

    Only a genius like Fiend General Stag could accomplish this feat.

    Chen Ming slapped his armrest, and roared, “You can’t even recognize him from all the torture, yet Fiend General Stag still didn’t talk.” 

    What could he say? He knew nothing from the start!

    The five Archfiends sighed, “Fiend General Stag is a stalwart. He will be met a miserable end, in the hands of Archfiend Azure Lion.”

    “Fiend General Stag’s loyalty is beyond any reasonable doubt.”

    “For Wandering Crow to find such a stalwart, it is indeed sad.”

    “It would be great if we could save him, we cannot let such a stalwart die.”


    Chen Ming’s felt a headache coming, and motioned for them to stop, “I have Pitfall Mountain’s deployment maps with me. Use them and form a strategy, to launch a powerful counterattack and even the playing field.” 

    Black Tiger said, “This is for the best. We won’t act until the final battle, where we hope to at least have an advantage concerning Fiend Generals!”

    Chen Ming glanced at Black Tiger, and coldly said, “Archfiend Black Tiger, you have a spy among your troops. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have been exposed and Fiend General Stag wouldn’t have been tortured!”

    Black Tiger’s eyes went wide with fury, “What! The traitor is one of my men? He even caused such injustice to you and even put the stalwart Fiend General Stag in such a dire condition? I will find him, peel his skin and pull his bones!”

    “Ding! Escape Pitfall Mountain complete. Reward: 800 spiritual knowledge, 80 fame.”

    “Ding! Triggered team mission: find the traitor. Reward: 1000 spiritual knowledge, 100 fame.”

    Chen Ming said, “I have a plan. If we spread the information, claiming that I know how to end Archfiend Azure Lion, then this traitor won’t sit still. He will use any means to contact Archfiend Azure Lion, and if he acts, we will catch him red-handed!“

    Chen Ming took out the maps from his storage ring and placed them on the table, “Black Tiger and I will go find out who the traitor is, while you four devise a plan to attack Pitfall Mountain. “

    All the Archfiends nodded, with no objections to Chen Ming’s intentions.

    The four began planning according to the maps, while Chen Ming, draped in his black-feathered robe, talked cheerfully with Black Tiger. The alliance’s fiends finally knew that Wandering Crow from Pitfall Mountain was one of them and became the most famous of the six. 

    Then, the information he gathered soon spread to all fiends.

    While walking he spoke with a loud voice, revealing his return, then said next to Black Tiger’s ear, “The ones who know of me are your Fiend Generals, Archfiend Black Tiger. You should make a feast to entertain them, then tell them I know Archfiend Azure Lion’s weakness, that I know how to kill him. At that time, the traitor will be exposed.”

    Black Tiger nodded, “That is also my idea and I’ve already made the arrangements. Let’s go and see who it is.”

  • Chapter 31: The Classic Wall-bashing Technique

    Chen Ming and Black Tiger followed the plan and spread the information to Black Tiger’s Fiend Generals, that Wandering Crow knows Archfiend Azure Lion’s weakness. Then, Black Tiger told the generals to retire while he and Chen Ming stayed behind to get drunk. 

    When all generals left, Archfiend Black Tiger asked, “Bro Wandering, no one can detect you with such a concealing skill. I’m dying to begin, and I will once you make the first move.”

    Chen Ming smiled, “I ask that brother Black Tiger stays here and continue drinking.”

    “Of course.”

    Chen Ming’s body shifted, turned into a pitch-black crow inside the black fog, then flew out of the cave. He perched on Black Tiger’s lair overlooking Archfiend Black Tiger’s camp. 

    Chen Ming knew that the spy had to have a special method, to hid the fact he leaked information.

    His sharp eyesight allowed him to stare fixedly at each of Black Tiger’s subordinates.

    In the middle of the night, Chen Ming almost dozed off when he heard a pair of wings flapping. He looked over and a dove entered his sight, along with its place of origin.

    It was no wonder Archfiend didn’t detect it when the spy used a dove to send messages.

    Chen Ming flew towards the dove. There was no way it could lose him. Chen Ming got next to the dove and captured it with his spiritual power, then assumed human for and saw there was a message tied to its leg. 

    Chen Ming returned to Archfiend Black Tiger and gave him the bird, “You should know who it is!”

    Archfiend Black Tiger opened the piece of paper tied to its leg and it was indeed what they discussed yesterday, making Black Tiger let loose a burst of evil laughter, “It was Fiend General White Dove all along. Let’s grab this traitor.”

    “We need to keep quiet. This Fiend General White Dove can send messages to Archfiend Azure Lion and may have other uses.”

    Archfiend Black Tiger seemed impulsive but wasn’t a fool, “I know, we can use White Dove to send Archfiend Azure Lion false information.” 

    Under the cover of darkness, the two sneaked up on Fiend General White Dove. When he saw the Archfiends, White Dove’s eyes panicked, and when he saw the dove in Black Tiger’s hand he knew the jig was up. He flew straight towards the cave wall.

    Black Tiger released his spiritual power throughout the cave and captured him in a flash, “You won’t get off with such an easy death. If it weren’t for you, bro Wandering wouldn’t have been exposed and the stalwart Fiend General Stag wouldn’t have suffered such humiliation!”

    Chen Ming’s eyelid twitched, No wonder Archfiend Azure Lion thought I wanted to kill myself when I tried to escape, it seemed all spies, when discovered, would take such action!

    With White Dove detained, Chen Ming’s mission came to a close. His current spiritual knowledge reached 5600, enough to promote Dragon Form Art to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm.

    But his power wouldn’t grow much with this. What Chen Ming needed was merits, urgently, since even if he got more spiritual knowledge he had nothing to spend them on. 

    As for this shitty thing called cultivating and comprehending, the slow and natural way, they weren’t even mentioned since he only had three years left since the Grand World Opening. At that point, he didn’t know how chaotic would the world be, or if the demonic sect’s Head Disciple Ya Mo would end him within one strike. 

    Also, how could slow and steady cultivation make him feel as wonderful as spending merits and spiritual knowledge?

    It was time for him to find his second disciple, the time to plant another chive!

    With his maps, the alliance should have not to trouble restoring the balance of power in this war. Even after years of war, no cultivator would put it to mind when a war between ordinary kingdoms didn’t last longer than a dozen or so years. 

    The Six Kings Alliance’s troops all knew that his only subordinate, ‘stalwart’ Fiend General Stag, was no more and gave him a mountain peak, along with a dozen of Great Fiends to attend him; he was an Archfiend, how could normal fiends be worthy?

    In the harsh forest of a mountain range, some ones were tossing around a bloodstained youth. Two disciples in Daoist robes spat at him, “Who do you think you are? How can a Dao Canon cultivating trash could ever enter Flying Immortal Sect? Are you trying to bring us shame?” 

    “Let’s go, senior brother, this is the Myriad Mountains. Let the fiends give him a burial.”

    “En, a fitting end for a mere Dao Canon cultivator trash!”

    “He fancied entering Flying Immortal Sect only because of his engagement with Hua Qingting. But do you think senior sister Hua Qingting is someone you can use?”

    “Senior sister Hua Qingting is a genius while you, trash. Remember, senior sister Hua Qingting already tore apart your engagement and you no longer have any relation with her!”

    The bloodstained youth raised his head, gazing at the two Flying Immortal Sect disciples that beat him up. Three years ago, they acclaimed him as the most outstanding talent in all the kingdoms of the Southern Border. Even the Sect Leader of Flying Immortal Sect engaged his daughter, Hua Qingting, to him. But when he was one step away from reaching the Dao Initiation realm, while in the process of breaking through, his entire spiritual energy vanished, failing his breakthrough and shattering his Dao Palace. The only choice he had left was to train in Dao Canon.

    The two disciples launched another round of abuse on the youth, and only when Ling Xian had no strength left to move did they stop, “Just let the beasts devour him. This way, we can justify his death to his clan.”

    “When they hear that fiends ate him, then not even Ling clan will dare provoke an Archfiend. Let’s go, if we kill him, we’ll get in trouble.”

    The Flying Immortal Sect disciples left the area, leaving the bloody, motionless youth behind. 

    “Do the heavens want my death?”

    “No, even if I can only cultivate the Dao Canon, I, Ling Xian, will erase this humiliation!”

    Ling Xian suddenly heard a peculiar voice, “En, he seems human.”

    Ling Xian was struck dumb on the inside, Was I trashed so hard I no longer look like a human?

    The voice resumed, “Anything that looks like a human, must be human.”

    “Archfiend recently said that food doesn’t taste good, why not return with this human and improve Sir’s meal!”

    “Yes, yes, this way we’ll also eat something exquisite; the last human meal was ages ago.”

    Ling Xian struggled to look in the voice’s direction, only to find two fiends with human bodies and beast heads. Only fiends that reached the Dao Initiation realm, Great Fiends, could change their bodies into human form. As for a human-shaped fiend, well that was an Archfiend.  

    Ling Xian felt he lost all hope, Out of the frying pan and into the fire. It seems like my poor life found its end here.
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  • Chapter 32: First-hand Knowledge of the Mind-numbing Aura


    Ling Xian saw as the Great Fiends with bear heads approached, then Eldest Bear poked him. This was the first time they saw a human in Myriad Mountains since any who wandered aimlessly in the fiends’ territory was guaranteed and early death. Eldest Bear spoke, “Second Bear, you think he’ll bite us?”  

    “Think so, I heard humans also eat bear paws.”

    Ling Xian raged inside, Bite your sister! I’m not a wild beast!

    Second Bear checked Ling Xian’s mouth and hands, then said in earnest, “Look, he has no fangs, just teeth. While hunting he can only use his teeth to bite, so he must be a biter.” 

    Eldest Bear was in deep thought, then nodded, “Second Bear, what you say is reasonable. I heard human cultivators all have protective treasures, so their clothes and armor must be treasures. This kid might not have a hight cultivation, only the 1st stage of Dao Sense realm, but he’s a cultivator nonetheless. Let’s strip him clean, just in case!” 

    The two of them took no time at all exposing Ling Xian in all his glory. Eldest Bear reached over and flicked Ling Xian’s little brother, “Why is this guy’s little brother so small, I wanted to eat it and increase my stamina.”

    “Humans, how could their’s compare to ours?”

    Ling Xian huffed and puffed inside, I’m 12, alright! I didn’t even go through puberty yet!

    His shame burned hotter and hotter until it knocked him out cold.

    The two bears were enjoying themselves as they carried the squeaky clean Ling Xian, flying towards their cave and prepping him as a gift for their Archfiend. 

    When Ling Xian woke up, he found himself in a fiend’s cave. He looked around and saw someone on a seat of bones, draped in a robe made of black feathers, with a jade-like face, a carefree and remarkable young fiend.

    He was in human form, an Archfiend!

    I’m finished, there’s no way out this time.

    And what Chen Ming was holding was a book titled, ‘18 Ways to Cook Human’!

    Chen Ming glanced at Ling Xian, ‘Something’s fishy about how he’s tied up. Do those bears have suck hobbies?’ He then looked at the ones he dubbed Eldest Bear and Second Bear, “How come you returned with a human?” 

    Eldest Bear spoke, “Archfiend Sir, weren’t you saying nothing taste good lately? So we brought you a human.”

    Chen Ming looked at Ling Xian and his shinny skin, “Why did you pick him clean?”

    “Heard that humans have protective items and were afraid his Daoist robe was one of them.”

    Chen Ming walked towards Ling Xian. Not that he wanted to try the taste of long pig, no, he didn’t have such an appetite. As he was intending to let Ling Xian go, at ten feet from him, he heard it. 

    “Ding! Entered Mind-numbing Aura’s range. Your intelligence is lowered, detecting resistances… You don’t have any resistance for the Mind-numbing Aura, your IQ is halved.”

    Eh, Mind-numbing Aura?

    Chen Ming carefully inspected Ling Xian and he now saw two auras on him:

    ‘Mind-numbing Aura lvl 2

    Everywhere I go, I feel at home!

    Effect: everyone will have half IQ in a ten-foot radius.’

    ‘Luck Aura lvl 4

    It isn’t impossible to have one’s wish granted.

    Effect: luck is greatly increased.

    Secondary effect: passive.’

    This kid actually has two aura, and their even Mind-numbing Aura and Luck Aura.

    These auras were much more impressive than Zhuo Qingyao’s! 

    For reasons unknown, the thought of making him his disciple struck Chen Ming, to nurture him! 

    Chen Ming was about to speak when he realized, Damn, I’m under the effect of the Mind-numbing Aura!

    Leaving the ten-foot radius in a flash, Chen Ming once again considered the youth. Taking a disciple like this would leave him with no room for respect, and the youth might not be willing to accept him.

    Regarding seasoned Immortal Masters, geniuses had an uncanny instinct on choosing their masters. 

    Chen Ming waved his hand, “Get him some clothes, aren’t you embarrassed to watch something so small? And this kid isn’t fat, are bones even tasty? Raise him outside my lair first.”

    After dealing with Ling Xian, Chen Ming thought back on the kid’s situation. He had a shattered Dao Palace, from his failed attempt to enter Dao Initiation realm, and could only train in Dao Canon. According to this kid’s bones, he should be around twelve years old. That meant that three years already passed since he failed to breakthrough, that he was around ten years old when he attempted to advance to Dao Initiation realm. 

    What a genius!

    Chen Ming turned into a crow and tuned in on what Ling Xian was doing from a corner of the courtyard, then glanced at his merits, Eh? 171 already? It seems Zhuo Qingyao went up a stage.

    Since you cultivate Dao Canon, and since it conceals a great secret, I will guide you.

    Chen Ming asked inwardly, “How many volumes of Dao Canon can I comprehend with current merits?”

    “Ding! Current merits are 171, can comprehend 8 volumes, with 13 merits remaining. Continue?”

    “Yes, direct comprehension!”

    Chen Ming disinclined of using inferred comprehension. This wasn’t a magical art, and one needed to comprehend a cultivation method with one’s heat. Was it even possible for this kid to see him comprehending it with his heart? 

    Ling Xian was currently talking to himself, “I am trapped by a fiend, and an Archfiend at that. I don’t know if it’s good or bad.”

    “Escape might be difficult, but I can’t lose hope! Let’s survey the area first.”

    Chen Ming watched as Ling Xian inspected the terrain, and when he began seeing the corner of the wall where a crow was, Chen Ming flew towards his lair while operating the Dao Canon at full power.

    Ling Xian finally climbed the wall, and saw Chen Ming, Shit, Archfiend didn’t see me, right?

    Ling Xian mental faculties recovered rather quickly, He looked as if he was cultivating. I should be in the clear. 

    Ling Xian peaked his little head out, gazing at Chen Ming. It was fine not looking, but one look was enough to scare him witless, This fiend is cultivating the Dao Canon! 

    Ling Xian practiced the Dao Canon for the past three years and was very familiar with its energy signature.

    He trained day in day out yet made no noticeable progress. Dao Canon was as common as it gets, known to be hard to comprehend, difficult to cultivate and useless to boot!  

    Ling Xian felt as if the Archfiend mocked him by training in the Dao Canon , Most likely I had stepped on a pile of dogshit. If others could see this, their hearts might flatline.

    ‘Humph, how can someone cultivate Dao Canon so easily? ‘

    Then Ling Xian heard a boom and all the surrounding spiritual energy rushed towards Chen Ming’s body. He had a breakthrough! 

    Ling Xian comforted himself, I know how hard it is to train in Dao Canon, even an Archfiend hundreds of years old advanced only a stage.

    And then Ling Xian heard another pop, Chen Ming advanced again!

    It short-circuited Ling Xian’s thoughts, Impossible! He still thought Chen Ming trained for hundreds of years before he advanced a stage.

    Then Ling Xian heard a third bang, emphasising Chen Ming’s advancement yet again!

    Ling Xian’s thought, This Archfiend’s understanding in Dao Canon has reached such a profound level! If I can pay my respects to him and receive his guidance, I will recover my cultivation!

    Chen Ming laughed on the inside, Humph, squirt, Immortal Master Chen is not someone you can easily control!

  • Chapter 33: The Most Intense Look of a Lifetime


    Ling Xian witnessed how Chen Ming advanced three stages in a row and now regarded him as a celestial. Someone like him, who was dubbed first in the Southern Border, cultivated for three years yet was still stuck at the beginning while an Archfiend progressed thrice with a snap of his finger.

    Ling Xian returned to his courtyard, cooking up a plan to force Chen Ming into making him his disciple.

    An aged voice suddenly reached his ears, “You want to take that human-shaped thing as your Master?”

    Ling Xian looked next to him to discover a black-clothed old man with half-white and half-black hair. But this old man’s body was see-through as if he was a soul.

    Ling Xian saw the man’s appearance and a portrait from his clan flashed in his mind, “You are Ling clan’s founder!”

    The old man smiled and nodded, “Correct, I am your ancestor. But my immortal vessel was destroyed and I can only survive inside the ring you are holding by absorbing your spiritual power.”

    “It was you who took my spiritual power when I was breaking through to Dao Initiation realm.”


    Ling Xian realized it was his ancestor who harmed him into reaching this state and wailed his suffering, “Ancestor, you ruined me.” 

    “What do you know? Your previous cultivation method, in this entire land, might be considered good, but in the land of immortals, it doesn’t amount to anything. The right path is the Dao Canon!”

    “When I became immortal and ascended, I saw someone with aloof cultivation fighting the immortals. That man cultivated the Dao Canon.”

    Ling Xian felt his spirits rise, “Since ancestor wants me to train in Dao Canon, could ancestor guide me?”

    The old man showed a confident smile, “Of course, not!”

    A black crow landed on the windowsill while the two were absorbed in their discussions.

    “Then ancestor still wants me to cultivate the Dao Canon?”

    “Heaven’s Will is impartial, if it wanted revenge, then you will pay. With my understanding, I cannot fully grasp the Dao Canon, but it isn’t the same for your perception. All you need is time.”

    “Then how long will it take to comprehend the Dao Canon with my perception?”

    “Even someone like you, it will still take two-three hundred years.”

    Ling Xian felt bitter, “That’s the same as saying I’ll never succeed in cultivating it, that I’ll die of old age...”

    The old man waved his hand, “Then as a second option, don’t you already have a better Master?”

    Ling Xian recalled Chen Ming’s cultivation on the Dao Canon, “Ancestor, are you talking about that Archfiend?” 

    The old man smiled, “He isn’t an Archfiend, but a human. No, he should be an immortal, a reincarnated immortal.”

    It amazed Ling Xian, “Reincarnated immortal? What realm is that?”

    “Immortal are beings that seize control of the world, existing only in legends. In front of a reincarnated immortal an immortal is but an insignificant ant, and only a peak Immortal King could be called a reincarnated immortal. At the end of this realm, everyone else were ants, while the world a mere mayfly, as years passed in the blink of an eye. But they still wanted to become stronger. For that, they needed to rethread the path of cultivation, to become enlightened of the world’s Grand Dao. If I am right, the one you just witnessed should be a reincarnated immortal. In all my immortal life, I have never got the chance to see an immortal or catch hits of them, yet here I am, after my death, meeting with a reincarnated immortal! “

    Ling Xian’s mouth was agape. He also found it impossible to believe that that Archfiend was actually an imposing and matchless reincarnated immortal!

    “Then how can catch his eye? The disparity between us is beyond measure! And my Dao Palace is shattered, how can I cultivate again?”

    The old man patted Ling Xian’s head but failed miserably since he was translucent, so he smiled awkwardly, “Silly child, how are you so foolish. Such a gigantic and outstanding existence doesn’t care about something like talent. The way they choose disciples is based on their hearts, and only their hearts. A reincarnated immortal is someone who walks the path of the world’s Grand Dao, with fluctuating emotions, and if he goes on a journey to see the world, you might have a chance.”

    Ling Xian’s eyes hardened, “No matter the anguish, I will take him as my Master and walk the path of cultivation once more!” 

    Chen Ming spread his wings and returned to his lair, baffled as he was visualizing reincarnated immortals and immortals’ power, What a waste of talent, they would be better of writing novels!

    But this ‘grandpa in a ring’ setting isn’t bad either!

    The next morning, the weather was gloomy. Chen Ming watched the dense lead clouds, It’s going to snow. I wonder if that little lass Zhuo Qingyao is freezing, if she eats well, how is she sleeping, if she misses my abuse. Sigh, as a parent, I need to deal with these emotions.

    Since there’s nothing to do today while waiting for Ling Xian come to pay his respects, I’ll find something to pass the time. Seems there is a card game going on in these recent boring days, becoming an instant hit, so much so that the entire mountain finds it more interesting that dices. All the Great Fiends play it, from big to small. Whit such a happy decision, he went to find Eldest Bear and Second Bear to play Fight the Landlord(1). He opened the door and saw Ling Xian kneeling in front of him; his eyelid twitched, “What are you doing kneeling here?”

    Ling Xian’s recalled the ancestor’s warning, it was taboo to expose a reincarnated immortal’s status. He said, “Ling Xian, wants to pay respects to Master! Please make me your disciple, Archfiend!” 

    As the saying went, ‘what is never obtained causes anguish, and what is easily obtained isn’t cherished’. Chen Ming didn’t agree straight away, wanting to fully look the part of a ‘reincarnated immortal’.

    He ran his eyes over Ling Xian, then, “Is kneeling helping? It won’t guarantee it will make you my disciple, but since you like to kneel, kneel.”

    Chen Ming called for the two bears, then made quite the commotion in the main hall as the three of them played Fight the Landlord. Chen Ming felt restless these days, not playing this game for such a long time, reminded him of the time from before all this, while having fun with the bears. 

    From time to time, he peaked on Ling Xian to see if he’s still kneeling. Six hours later, the sky began to darken, the cold wind began to blow, chilling to the bone, and snowflakes drifted down. Eldest Bear and Second Bear glanced at Ling Xian, “Archfiend Sir, is frozen meat good?”

    Chen Ming hesitated, “Why do you, simple fools, ask me this?”

    Eldest Bear pointed at Ling Xian, and when he looked over his eyes met Ling Xian’s. After making sure his eyes conveyed a reincarnator’s deep and intense look, he said, “He likes kneeling, so let him kneel.”

    This time’s Fight the Landlord lasted three days. Chen Ming won some and lost some, but he didn’t lose too much. Playing with so little stakes held didn’t matter to him.

    The world was covered in a silver lustrous blanked, then a sudden hill popped out of the snow where the kneeling Ling Xian froze, becoming a snowman. He was just at the 1st stage of Dao Sense realm, not much different from a normal person, and also a youngster. He already lost feeling to his body, I’m dying! 

    But the way he looked at Chen Ming still held determination, as fire danced in his eyes.  

    And now, this fire was about to be extinguished, because he could sense as his consciousness was slipping, that he was about to die.

    At this moment, black feathers appeared in his eyes, shaping into a black-feathered robe, as indistinct sounds reached his ears, “From now on, you will be my second disciple!”


    (1)    Fight the Landlord is a card game in the genre of shedding and gambling. It is one of the most popular card games played in China.

  • Chapter 34: Jade Void Temple’s Secret Domain


    “Ding! Took in a second disciple, rewards 100 merits.”

    “Ding! Triggered a mission: Ling Xian has a shattered Dao Palace, please aid him with its repair. Reward: 1000 merits, the third disciple position.”

    ‘Fuckin’ a, a big mission finally came!’

    His merits reached rock-bottom. He first needed to infer comprehend the Dao Canon to a certain stage then let Ling Xian cultivate for a while. He didn’t have any magical arts besides the Lustrous King Sword Art and Fairy Sword Art. They were good for the Dao Initiation realm but once he reached the Archfiend stage, they were dispensable, as anyone at that stage would have something similar!

    Moreover, when the time came for Ling Xian to learn magical arts, he couldn’t teach Lustrous King Sword Ard and Fairy Sword Art again! When his disciple became great experts, a single look would be enough to see that these two arts didn’t come from a man of great status. ‘They all must cultivate different paths, that’s the right way!

    Adding to that he also needed to comprehend arrays, and how should he use the promoted Dao Palaces at the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm? If he couldn’t then he would be unable to set up an array. Wouldn’t his dream of becoming a human-shaped walking array go up in smoke?

    As his eye drifted towards the unconscious Ling Xian, Chen Ming gave him a medicine soup, then began writing his insights on the Dao Canon. When he finished, he put an inkstone over it, told the Great Fiends that he was his disciple, then started reflecting on how to rebuild Ling Xian’s Dao Palace.

    If it were before, he wouldn’t have had away, but now that he became a member of team Archfiend, he knew many many secrets.

    A rumor had it that a sect in the Southern Border kingdoms, the formally flourishing Jade Void Temple, from ten thousand years ago, has now declined in power, having a similar standing as the Endless Swords Sect.

    The Jade Void Temple had a legacy, a secret domain that was filled with treasures. But because of its danger, they didn’t dare explore it, and so they sold the entry spots to maintain their power.

    And in this secret domain, there was a spiritual fruit called Spirit Returning Fruit, whose effect could rebuild one’s Dao Palace.

    Once he confirmed this information, Chen Ming was set on paying the Jade Void Temple a visit. But to gain entry, he needed to pay a thousand spirit stones. 

    He had the thousand spirit stones, but they were in Yan Empire. Who would casually carry a thousand spirit stones on himself? 

    It took him three days to go to the Yan Empire, fetch two thousand spirit stones, then rush over to Jade Void Temple. Like a switch, the Fire Crow Art’s Dao Palace went in front. He did this all in order to avoid any further annoyances, thanks to his Archfiend status since power spoke louder than words. 

    As Chen Ming flew, the fiend energy gave a biting cold feeling, as if a black cloud shrouded the sky, making the cultivators on the ground realize that an Archfiend graced Jade Void Temple with his presence. At this news, the entire sect was beside itself in fear, while the Sect Leader sent a message to their protector, the Flying Immortal Sect, waiting for their Human King to come to negotiate.  

    Chen Ming jumped from his fiend cloud and landed before the Jade Void Temple’s gate, giving a strong sense of dread from the fiend energy surrounding him. A cultivator, then and there, shrieked, “T-that i-is an Archfiend!”

    “How terrifying, is this an Archfiend? Just looking and I feel like fainting. An Archfiend’s pressure is horrifying!”

    “Me too, me too, soo handsome. I’m gonna faint from how cool he is...”


    Despite being in seclusion for many years, the Sect Leader had to come out. Who would dare not welcome an Archfiend!

    Jade Void Temple’s Sect Leader was just a forty years old middle-aged man, wearing a black Daoist robe, while his face stayed neutral. He cupped his hands, “Why has Sir Archfiend come to visit our Jade Void Temple?”

    Chen Ming stated, “I heard you have a secret domain, so I came to try my luck.”

    The first rule of business: don’t let the other know what you want.

    The Sect Leader considered, “My Jade Void Temple is under Flying Immortal Sect’s protection. Wouldn’t it be better if Archfiend discusses this with them?”

    Chen Ming frowned slightly, “Are you trying to pressure me with the Flying Immortal Sect?

    The Sect Leader didn’t dare admit it, “It was never my intention.”

    Chen Ming asked, “Then tell this to the Sect Leader of Flying Immortal Sect: I am the sixth Archfiend Wandering Crow from the Six Kings Alliance. Tell him to go talk to my brothers and sister!”

    The Sect Leader was terrified, he thought Chen Ming was but an ordinary mountain’s Archfiend. Who would have guessed that he had five more behind him? The Flying Immortal Sect was impatient to die, offending suck a great power like the Six Kings Alliance.

    Chen Ming added, “How about this, I first wipe out your sect, shouldn’t take too much, then I will take a walk inside your secret domain. This is way better, saving a thousand spirit stones too.”

    The Sect Leader finally caved, ‘Since an Archfiend arrived, wouldn’t it mean disrespect if I don’t let him enter the secret domain? And even if he went inside, this unprovokable Wandering Crow, he will be just at the Human King rank in the secret domain.’

    And most of the cultivators in the secret domain were humans. Once he entered, he might not come back.

    “Alright, then I will guide Sir Archfiend to the secret domain.”

    As they walked, Chen Ming wasn’t afraid if the Sect Leader laid an ambush since he didn’t have the guts. 

    Under the gesticulations of the disciples, the two of them reached a mountain cave. Chen Ming could feel that the surroundings have a fantastic appeal, as space-time was warped here. One Flower One World, this was a type of Mt Meru(1 a famous mountain in ancient India. in Buddhist text is the flower of north India check wiki mt Meru) magical art, and the source of it all was a spatial stone, strengthening this secret domain, similar to a small world.

    The cave walls were lined with night pearls, flickering like stars. On the floor of the cave, there were many flowers, incredible and vibrant, with soft green grass and sounds of water trickling down. The siberian crane spread its wings, the red crap flowed through the water. The whole area held an atmosphere akin to an immortal’s dwelling, along with its wide variety of plants, the likes of which Chen Ming has never seen before.

    The Sect Leader led him to a silver lake, “This is the entrance to the secret domain. The secret domain is shrouded in Elemental Arrays of earth, wind, fire, and water. One-quarter of the secret domain is the earth world, Floating Mountain, another quarter is the water world, Shifting Glacier, another quarter is a world of storms, Eroding Winds, and the last quarter is a raging world of fire, the Infernal Flames. While in the center, there is a bronze cauldron as big as a mountain, the Elemental Cauldron. It is the heart of the secret domain, and if you want to get out, just enter the silver lake on top of the bronze cauldron.” 

    Chen Ming waved his hand and a thousand spirit stones appeared, then circled the lake and jumped inside.

    The current pulled him in towards the vortex at the bottom, then sucked him inside. 

    The next moment found Chen Ming in dark blue seawater and using his fiend cloud, he reached the surface. The bone-chilling wind struck him, while also containing a violent water attribute’s spiritual energy. For Chen Ming who trained in the Fire Crow Art, it pressured him. It stifled his Archfiend’s spiritual energy down to seventy percent. Under this pressure, a Fiend General wouldn’t be able to last very long and would soon meet his end here.


    (1)    Mount Meru is the sacred five-peaked mountain of Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist cosmology and is considered to be the center of all the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes.

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  • Chapter 35: Danger Rating: Demon God!


    No wonder the Jade Void Temple, the protector of this treasury, couldn’t get any items, with such a low cultivation it was tantamount to death. A treasury like this would always attract attention, so the sect had to let other people enter. 

    “This area’s spiritual energy inhibits my Fire Crow Art. While the Fire Crow Art’s spiritual power is thirty percent lower, the Dragon Form Art shows nothing out of the ordinary. I’ll first go to the center of the Four Elements Array to see if there is any information regarding the Spirit Returning Fruit.”

    Chen Ming stepped on his fiend cloud and three days later he spotted a bronze cauldron in the distance, standing proudly on a mountain peak, the Elemental Cauldron. The cauldron was perfectly round, with ancient seals carved on it, two three-foot handles and had a part of inside the mountain peak. Trees were even growing on the bronze cauldron. 

    The surrounding spiritual energy grew calmer as he got closer to the Elemental Cauldron.

    Many cultivators who came here in search of treasures stood at the edge of the silver lake inside the Elemental Cauldron. Most of them were humans, while some, fiends. When they sensed a strong fiend energy approaching, they all came out of their dwellings to look at Chen Ming, “Who released his fiend energy with no regard, do you have a death wish?”

    “I’ve seen many arrogant fiends in my life, but this is a first.”

    “Then let’s teach him some manner, get him acquainted with his limits!”

    “Eh? That fiend is in human form.”

    “Fellow Daoist, what did you say?”

    “That fiend looks to be in a complete human form.”

    Complete transformation, that meant Archfiend. 

    “So it was Sir Archfiend gracing us with his visit. Didn’t I say he had such an overflowing and boundless power?”

    “Sir Archfiend’s fiend energy is indeed flawless, without equal!”

    Chen Ming landed on the shore of the silver lake and surveyed the cultivators, “Let me ask you, where can I find the Spirit Returning Fruits?”

    The only one present, a Fiend General with a human body and horse head, said, “In the fire world. Go South a thousand li and you’ll see a Spirit Returning Tree protected by a group of savage beasts.”

    Savage beasts, they weren’t fiends, but transformed wild creatures lacking intelligence. But because they had strong bodies and savage natures, who enjoyed killing, they were not easy to handle.

    Chen Ming flew towards the fire world and saw a stampede of thousands of beasts, the ground shaking beneath their feet. When he entered the fire world, there were ever-burning flames wherever he looked. 

    Chen Ming didn’t care, as he kept flying South, and after six hours he finally saw a ravine with ripples of spiritual energy. In the center of these ripples was a blazing sapling stood, tall as a person, but its spiritual energy seemed to have taken shape. 

    Three fruits hanged on its branches, two red and one with lightning flickering around it. He didn’t expect for this tree to bear a lightning attribute Spirit Returning Fruit. There were few cultivators with a lightning attribute, as this attribute held great power, much higher than any other. Those who found a lightning attribute Spirit Returning Fruit would choose to shatter their Dao Palace then rebuilt it.

    He had many Dao Palaces, and who knew if he might suffer some accident then have a palace or two shattered in the process, ‘Let’s just take the whole tree, regardless of its fruit.’

    In the ravine, among the many sleeping savage beasts, there were some as long as three zhangs, and these weren’t something a Fiend General could handle. No wonder no cultivator set his sight on this tree.

    Chen Ming was, at best, a Fiend General, and a weak one at that. If he wanted to kill them, then he would die. Killing them? Ha! More like the other way around.

    Chen Ming shifted his Dao Canon’s Dao Palace in front, turned into a crow, then released his spiritual energy generated by his Dao Canon cultivation and flew towards the Spirit Returning Tree. The savage beasts were uninterested to pay him any attention. How could a creature as big as a dot settle their appetite?

    Chen Ming landed gently on the tree then formed a connection with his storage ring, throwing the Spirit Returning Tree into it. 

    Afterward, Chen Ming patted his rear and flapped away, leaving the savage beasts searching for the disappearing tree. With their intellect, they would never even begin to consider that a crow could fly away with it!

    Chen Ming did some thinking, ‘Their savage to the point of idiocy. Since I’m here might as well see if there’s anything else good around here.’

    ‘Eh? There is a thousand-year-old spiritual plant on the cliff. Check. That little lass Zhuo Qingyao is a bottomless pit.’

    ‘Huh! This should be a jadeite banana, with its trunk akin to jade. Check.’

    ‘Oh! There is a spiritual pagoda tree here, used in refining King rank weapons. Check!’

    Chen Ming showed not an ounce of restraint as he raked the fire world of worldly treasures. Hi only complain was that his storage ring was too small, that it couldn’t hold them all.

    The usual happy feeling he got when he looked at spirit stones was now gone. It was replaced whit something akin to dead weight and was on the lookout for a place to dump them.

    Chen Ming was about to return to the silver lake, but saw that the savage beasts on the ground were going crazier than usual, ‘Eh? What’s going on with this horde of savage beasts? I only took a couple of trees, do they need to go this far?’ 

    Chen Ming followed the horde and discovered that these raving savage beasts were all rushing in a single direction. Far away, he heard their roars, as they fought against each other. It looked strange to Chen Ming’s eyes, as they weren’t fighting but killing themselves. From the mound of corpses, blood flowed, drawing a large array on the ground. The blood seemed to have a mind of its own, moving in a certain pattern. 

    A blood sacrifice array soon took shape, with a blood pool in the middle. The blood pool hid a human-shaped monster, that seemed to absorb the blood.

    Chen Ming didn’t dare to close in and only watched from afar. In fact, he already thought of bolting, since everything that happened here was too strange.

    Many people won’t die at first, but they liked to watch, and then watch how they died. A standard method like this didn’t affect Chen Ming.

    Want to use such a plain method on Immortal Master Chen? Keep dreaming!

    From the South, a fiery great bird flew over. It wasn’t a great bird actually, but a ball of fire in the form of a large bird. 

    The large bird flew above the blood sacrifice array and spat flames on the figure inside the blood pool. Even at this distance, Chen Ming could still feel the scorching heat, almost igniting him. 

    Chen Ming looked at the large bird. Danger value: 5400. Danger rating: disaster.

    Chen Ming then glanced at the human freak. Danger value: 3100(12800 maximum). Danger rating: demon god.

  • Chapter 36: This Is Such a Sad Story


    ‘Impossible! This monster’s power is over ten thousand!’

    An existence at the rank of demon god!

    ‘I didn’t bump into the main storyline, did I?’

    Just where was this a secret domain, this was that monster’s seal from the start!

    If I continue watching from the sidelines, I reckon I will die from the fallout of their battle, just like a cannon fodder. 

    Chen Ming flapped his wings, getting ready to slip away when a violent gale swept the surroundings. Black clouds gathered, forming an immense vortex while shadows broke out of the ground slaughtering any living being in their path.

    The places through which the shadows walked decayed, while the wind turned darker and the water colder. It was hell on earth. 

    Where ever the massive flames passed, the shadows burned to a crisp, and although Chen Ming saw the scorched earth, he could sense the vitality returning to it.

    The energy of death and decay surrounded the shadows. 

    I made even Chen Ming drowsy. He shook his head and redirected his eyes back to the front just to see how the danger value of the large bird took a plunge while the human-shaped monster was at his last point, ‘Impossible! I was dazed for a mere moment and you guys finished already?’ 

    It seemed he was dizzy for longer.

    A bold and reckless idea struck Chen Ming.

    ‘This monster was down to his last point and if my blade can end him, then maybe I’ll trigger an achievement and get myself a brand new aura.’ 

    ‘You need to be tough to stand up straight!’

    ‘That fucking Heaven! If I come out of this one, I swear I’ll live an honest life!’ 

    Chen Ming turned human, then unsheathed Lustrous King Sword!

    He threw the sword straight at the human-shaped monster, while the monster still held his cruel smile, “You won this time, but this world will still die, this only drew closer to death! The moment has arrived!”

    The large firebird wanted to say something, completing the storyline, but it heard a roar from next to her, “What demons, gods or monsters! Just die!” 

    The firebird looked at Chen Ming but did nothing. When it turned around to glance at the monster, it discovered that a five-foot-long sword ran through his chest. The bird frowned as if to say ‘This kid acted first and then shouted?’ 

    The monster raved and wailed, akin to demonic sounds, then his body exploded, leveling the surroundings in the blast. The firebird gazed at Chen Ming and flapped its wings, making a firewall in front of him and protecting him from the shock wave. Chen Ming looked around and found that everything has turned to dust.  

    The black clouds quickly dispersed and rain started pouring down.

    And on the ground, there was an extra-large bottomless hole.

    The entire secret domain trembled and quaked, collapsing countless mountains, unleashing ten-zhang tall tsunamis and violent storms!

    But Chen Ming didn’t have the time to notice this since he was waiting for the rewards.

    “Ding! You killed Shi Jiuquan’s double. Calculating contributions from the attack... 0.0001%. Deathblow rewards 30% contributions. Reward: 10000 spiritual knowledge, 15000 fame.”

    “Ding! You killed Shi Jiuquan’s double, calculating achievement... Shi Jiuquan’s power is determined to be at Grand Sovereign. Congratulations on completing the Kingslayer achievement.”

    “Ding! You killed Shi Jiuquan’s double, obtained Vermilion Bird’s approval and gift. “

    “Ding! You killed Shi Jiuquan’s double, obtained a lottery ticket, giving you the chance to get one of the items he possessed. This drawing cannot be controlled or predicted. You won the incomplete immortal art A Finger From Beyond.”

    With so many rewards, Chen Ming eyed his status. 

    Name: Chen Ming.

    Fame: 2625.

    Rank: high-level cannon fodder. (Your endless struggle helped you in finally shedding your mid-level cannon fodder fate and becoming a glorious high-level cannon fodder)

    Realm: Dao Initiation realm. (There is no longer any relation between your strength and your realm)

    Constitution: Limitless Dao Body.

    Cultivation Methods: Fire Crow Art, completed. Dragon Form Art, stage 6/9. (At the 9th stage a Dao Seed is formed). Nines Mysteries Art, stage 24/81. (At the 72nd stage a Dao Seed is formed). Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art, stage 1/9. Dao Canon, volume 8/18.

    Magical Arts: Lustrous King Sword Art, Benevolent Sword Heart. Fairy Sword Art, entry-level.

    Dao Seed: Fire Crow.

    Disciple: Zhuo Qingyao, Ling Xian.

    Merits: 13.

    Spiritual knowledge: 15872.

    Aura: Killing Intent, Kingslayer.

    Danger value: 260 (Not calculated when it’s controlled)

    Danger rating: dangerous.

    Fate: A year after the Grand World Opening, at the Demon Subjugation Gathering, cut off the hand of demonic Dao Head Disciple Ya Mo. 

    ‘Big risks, big win! Not only a great amount of spiritual knowledge but also a lot of fame, and even an immortal art!’ 

    But the most important was his second aura!

    Chen Ming rushed to open the Kingslayer’s description.


    Description: Instead of meeting kings, you confront them! Lift the sword of a kingslayer, look down on a king’s ambition!  

    Effect: You won’t kneel before a king!

    ‘Won’t kneel before a king? What kind of damnable effect is that? I know I’m not fated to have Luck Aura, and I seem to walk further and further on the road of a boss. 

    Vermilion Bird’s voice reached his ears, “Little guy, you saw what happened and knew that if this creature came out everything would be disastrous. Is that why you helped me?” 

    Chen Ming turned around, and as the Lustrous King Sword returned to its sheath, he put, in passing, the immortal art in his storage ring. At Vermilion Bird’s words, he knew that a mission was coming, “Did you choose me because of karma?”

    Vermilion Bird’s lava-like eyes trembled, then released flames, ‘This guy doesn’t look too bright.’, “You think I’ll tell you? You don’t even have a ten-thousandth of the genius of an immortal and you think you’re heaven’s son, fated to go on killing demons and immortals?” 

    Chen Ming hesitated, “I’m not?”

    Vermilion Bird wiped her forehead. If this bird made of fire could sweat, then that action was wiping it away, “Sorry, you’re not it at all. There’s nothing special about you. The reason I let you help me is because I don’t trust other people.”  

    “Then why do you trust me?”

    “Because you killed Ghost Immortal’s double. And if you don’t help me, you will be his first target when he comes out.”

    This was such a sad story...

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  • Chapter 37: Because You Can’t Beat Her


    Chen Ming didn’t feel any pressure from Vermilion Bird’s aura while talking with her. Maybe this was the effect of ‘Won’t kneel before a king’, making any pressure useless.

    Chen Ming now knew the identity of that monster, a Ghost Immortal. When an evil spirit cultivates to immortality, he becomes a Ghost Immortal, and a thousand years ago, Shi Jiuquan wanted to turn this land into his Immortal Domain, no different from making the entire continent a Ghost Land.

    Chen Ming said, “Didn’t a second immortal appear in these thousand of years?”

    Vermilion Bird shook its head, “I’ve never sensed an immortal’s energy. This world does not have an immortal. Perhaps the path to the immortal stage is forever cut off, or it’s too obscure, preventing anyone from peering through its veil. I will give you the Four Elements Array scripture. Find the fated one and impart this parchment to him so that he may seal the Ghost Immortal once again!”

    Vermilion Bird flapped her wings and a scripture fell in front of Chen Ming. When he took it, it still felt warm. This was a golden page, with tens of thousands of characters, each of them hovering above the parchment, but still distinguishable. 

    This was Vermilion Bird’s gift.

    It just so happened he was missing an array to cultivate, and this Four Elements Array could seal a Ghost Immortal. ‘What give it to a fated someone, wasn’t he fated enough?’

    ‘There is nothing in this world that I, Immortal Master Chen, cannot cultivate!’

    After saying bidding goodbye and taking extreme care, under Vermilion Bird’s disdain, to search the devastated area with no results, Chen Ming shifted to crow form and left. 

    With ten thousand spiritual knowledge points, but nothing to spend them on, a great scripture, yet no merits to cultivate it, Chen Ming kicked it in high gear, wanting to return and complete the mission of helping Ling Xian rebuild his Dao Palace. Three days later, he saw the aggrieved Jade Void Temple’s Sect Leader outside the sacred domain’s entrance, I didn’t cheat you did I? Why do you look so hurt? Just what is this old guy planning on doing to me?

    The Sect Leader immediately presented the thousand spirit stones to Chen Ming. The Flying Immortal Sect’s Sect Leader heard there was an Archfiend in his territory and thought of threatening him, but when he knew that Archfiend was Wandering Crow, the Sect Leader’s legs turned to mush. That was no Archfiend, but a whole nest of them, and I heard that the Six Kings Alliance’s war with Pitfall Mountain was getting worse. In this battle between kings, the Archfiend Azure Lion can hold them back but I cannot!

    Flying Immortal Sect’s Sect Leader left the Jade Void Temple’s Sect Leader to receive Wandering Crow while he high tailed it out of there. 

    “Sir Archfiend brings us a great honor by coming to Jade Void Temple, how could I accept your spirit stones? “

    Chen Ming nodded, So that’s how it is. Wait, what!? Are you planning on giving me spirit stones? No way, I’m still vexed about finding a good site to dump them! You’re dreaming if you think I’ll let you use these thousand broken rocks to take space in my storage ring!

    Chen Ming waved his hand, dropping another thousand spirit stones on the ground, “I don’t need such junk, but that doesn’t mean you don’t, your secret domain is a far greater place. This thousand will be for the next time I’ll visit the secret domain!”

    Chen Ming jumped on his fiend cloud and bolted, having no time to waste on him.

    The two thousand spirit stones on the ground were quite a fortune for the Sect Leader. And although there were many cultivators inside the secret domain, there wasn’t any who felt nothing when taking out a thousand spirit stones. But he had a daring thought about this Archfiend who threw them away like trash, It wouldn’t be bad to get closer to him!  

    Ling Xian was clasping the insights Chen Ming wrote with joy. The writing might be crude, but he thought it fitted Master like Chen Ming better, Master doesn’t enjoy calligraphy. If he did, then what if his writing mesmerized me and then neglect his teachings? Master cares about me!

    In just a few days, Ling Xian took Chen Ming’s insights as a guideline. Where the Dao Canon pose him problems, then Chen Ming’s insights proved to be their answers.

    Ling Xian didn’t lack perception. He even had the chance to break through to the Dao Initiation realm at nine years old. How could such perception be weak? The fact he already had three years experience with the Dao Canon, along with Chen Ming’s insights, a day was a thousand li progress. The more he comprehended the more he felt that the Dao Canon was unfathomably profound, holding incredible secrets. 

    While studying, Ling Xian sensed a change outside the door and went to see, only to find that Chen Ming returned.

    Ling Xian wanted to pay proper respect, but at Chen Ming’s signal, he didn’t approach, “Ling Xian, if you want to be my disciple, you need to follow Master’s rule.”

    Ling Xian was resolute, “Please inform me, Master!”

    “Good, my first rule is that you cannot be in less than ten feet of me!”

    Ling Xian’s eyebrow twitched, What the hell kind of rule is that? but Ling Xian cupped his hands, “Disciple understands!”

    Chen Ming scratched his head, “As for the second rule, let me think it through.”

    Ling Xian: ...

    Why do I feel like this Master is unreasonable?

    Chen Ming didn’t want to stay under the influence of the Mind-numbing Aura.

    Chen Ming asked, “Do you know the custom to become a disciple?”

    “Disciple is aware.”

    Ling Xian went to make tea while Chen Ming stretched in his chair, basking in the sun’s rays. Ten feet from Chen Ming, Ling Xian held the teacup as he knelt. Chen Ming used his spiritual power to bring the teacup over, then Ling Xian kowtowed three times as Chen Ming drank, “En, the ceremony is complete and I received your tea. You are now my second disciple, rise.”

    “Thank you, Master.”

    Chen Ming waved his hand and the treasures inside the storage ring appeared under Ling Xian’s eyes, “I seem to recall that your Dao Palace is shattered. These are Spirit Returning Fruits for you to choose from. While you’re at it, take these plants and use them to improve the scenery of this courtyard.” 

    Ling Xian looked at the pile of heavenly treasure, These are all legendary treasures and Master wants me to plant them to improve the scenery!? 

    When would I get to finish planting all these treasures? Hold on, I’m Master’s second disciple, then doesn’t that mean I have a senior brother? How about I do it with him?

    “Master, do I have a senior brother?”


    “Then why am I the second disciple?”

    “It’s a senior sister.”

    “What is senior sister’s cultivation?”

    Chen Ming hesitated, “Of no importance, your senior sister’s talent is too poor. I don’t want to say.”

    Ling Xian was delighted, Did Master accept me because of my senior sister’s lack of talent, to pass on his legacy?, “Then what about me?”

    Chen Ming eyed him, then showed a disappointed look, “Worse!” 

    Ling Xian: ...

    “Can I plant these treasures with senior sister?”

    Chen Ming examined Ling Xian again, “I advise you not to have such thoughts.”


    “Because you’re not her match.”

    Ling Xian: ...

  • Chapter 38: Urgent Mission


    Ling Xian wasn’t foolish to plant these plants alone, so he called for the bears to it for him. When their gaze landed on these plants, the brothers drooled so much they made a three-thousand-foot long stream. This confirmed that Ling Xian was right about these plants being the spiritual herbs from the legends, of the spirit rank.

    Ling Xian picked the best Spirit Returning Fruit from the pile, the one with lightning attribute. If he could use it, then he would have spiritual energy with the lightning attribute!

    It would still be powerful despite him cultivating the Dao Canon.

    Ling Xian ate the fruit and sensed the change in his body. When the Spirit Returning Fruit hit his stomach, it went to his Dantian, turning it into a sea of fire and fine streaks of lightning here and there. The lightning increased and converged on his Dao Palace, then began repairing it, rebuilding it!

    Six hours later, Ling Xian finally has an intact Dao Palace. With a reforged Dao Palace, Ling Xian was eager to cultivate the Dao Canon, reaching the 2nd stage of Dao Sense realm in a mere hour!

    Chen Ming basked in the sun while waiting for his reward. “Ding! Ling Xian rebuilt his Dao Palace, mission accomplished. Reward: 1000 merits, the third disciple position.”

    “Ding! Ling Xian reached the 2nd stage of Dao Sense realm. Reward: 20 merits!”

    It was time to put these merits to good use and upgrade his power. Holding the Finger From Beyond Art, Chen Ming saw that this immortal art had three stages, “How many merits do I need to comprehend Finger From Beyond Art’s initial stage needs?” 

    “Ding! The initial stage of Finger From Beyond Art requires 532 merits, continue?”

    “How many merits do I need to comprehend the Four Elements Array?”

    “Ding! The Four Elements Array has 3 stages. Comprehending the first stage will make you a human ranked array master, requiring 1500 merits. Comprehending the second stage will make you an earth ranked array master, requiring 15000 merits. Comprehending the third stage will make you a heaven ranked array master, requiring 150000 merits. 

    You’re telling me I don’t have enough merit to learn even the first stage?

    How will I become a walking array then?

    As for the second stage, Chen Ming held no interest whatsoever. The Four Elements Array only used four Dao Palace and held no meaning for someone like him that could have three thousand of them to learn it. But it was crucial to have the first stage, yet his merits were lacking. Each cultivation method comprehended to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm would require 300-500 points, so he could promote his Dragon Form Art to completion. 

    You can never have enough merits.

    “Ding! Ling Xian formed his Dao Palace, but the humiliation he suffered in the Flying Immortal Sect is affecting his Dao Heart. A martial trial is held in the Flying Immortal Sect three months later. Please assist Ling Xian in defeating Hua Qingting and fulfill Ling Xian’s revenge! Reward: 1200 merits.”

    Eh? The reward ain’t bad. I solved the cultivation method problem, but regarding magical arts, I can’t teach him the Lustrous King Sword Art. It would be too demeaning. Later on, the entire world will say that Chen Ming had nothing to teach but Lustrous King Sword Art!

    The best art he had was the immortal art Finger From Beyond, so he might as well try it first.

    “Comprehend the initial stage of Finger From Beyond!”

    Chen Ming didn’t want Ling Xian to witness his training in the Finger From Beyond. The reason couldn’t be simpler: this was an immortal art. It would be weird if Ling Xian could comprehend it in the first place!

    Chen Ming thought about writing a lesser Finger From Beyond after understanding it, then used it to build Ling Xian’s foundation. When Chen Ming finished comprehending the Finger From Beyond, Ling Xian training would progress much faster.

    Chen Ming was clear on this, Might as well say I am a portable cheat for these Main Characters, just like a parent! It’s so difficult!

    They’re all a bunch of broken toys: Zhuo Qingyao gnaws spiritual herbs like radishes, and the second will probably gulp pills like peanuts!

    “Used 532 merits to comprehend Finger From Beyond! 

    The Finger From Beyond’s words echoed in his mind, showing the path to wield it, An immortal art indeed. When this finger descends, it will leave my Fire Crow Art‘s Dao Palace bone dry of spiritual power.

    “Upgrade the Dragon Form Art to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm.

    “Used 6320 Spiritual knowledge to upgrade the Dragon Form Art to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm.”

    It wasn’t good to be empty of spiritual power after one finger, so he upgraded the Dragon Form Art.

    Oh right, Ling Xian is also cultivating the Dao Canon. Might as well bump it to the Dao Initiation realm and see what’s so special about it. Spending another 180 merits and 900 spiritual knowledge, he had the Dao Canon upgraded. After the upgrade, Chen Ming found that the amount of spiritual power was staggering. It only entered the Dao Initiation realm, and it already had the same amount of spiritual power as one who reached the 4th stage of Dao Initiation realm. As the realm increases, spiritual power’s rise would become even greater. 

    No wonder the Dao Canon needed so many merits to comprehend.

    While he was at it, Chen Ming checked his danger value and saw it climbing to 280, comparable to a Fiend General.

    He needed 20 more points and he would have an Archfiend’s might. Chen Ming reckons that once he learned the Four Elements Array and upgraded four cultivation methods to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm, he would step into the domain of Archfiends. 

    Not having comprehended the Four Elements Array, he still didn’t dare to confront Archfiend Azure Lion, even if he had the other five Archfiends’ help. 

    It would be best to wait for a while longer.

    He called Ling Xian over, “I wish to impart an immortal art to you, but after careful consideration, you won’t understand it with your inferior perception. So I will give you the lesser version.”

    Ling Xian was delighted, Ancestor was right, this was a reincarnated immortal. When he teaches, he imparts immortal arts, incomparable to any magical arts!

    After Chen Ming wrote the simplified Finger From Beyond and demonstrating it a few times, it helped Ling Xian understand it. Even though it was lacking, it still proved useful for a disciple like Ling Xian. With this, he had no worries, and with his innate Luck Aura, he would find a treasure wherever he walked.

    As he taught Ling Xian for half a month, he also broke through to the 4th stage of Dao Sense realm. When compared to Zhuo Qingyao, his speed was slower.

    I wonder how is that lass doing on the Cliff Mountain?

    Being gone for so long, it’d be a wonder if he didn’t miss her.

    “Ding! Triggered an urgent mission: Wuji Kingdom captured Zhuo Qingyao and are torturing her for the Bandit King’s treasure. Please save Zhuo Qingyao in seven days. Reward: 800 merits! Failure: Zhuo Qingyao dies.”

    Chen Ming jumped out of his chair, “What, Zhuo Qingyao got captured? “

    The reward is irrelevant. Since they dared touch my, Chen Ming’s disciple, someone must be itching to die!

    But what the hell was the Bandit King’s treasure!

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