Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



  • Chapter 220: Is this Called Somewhat Close?

    Chen Ming glanced at the dragon cave, Oh, right. I still have a nation weapon in that scripture storage. Sigh, you just can't take the teleportation array with you when you teleport.

    I'll deal with it after the battle!

    Wait, maybe I can bring four Sovereigns with me, next to the Bone Dragon. Then use killing tactics!

    Chen Ming's eyes shined. Fairy Zi Xia need just one look at him to know this manner implied a whole bag of dirty tricks from him!

    If I bring the other three with me, the Bone Dragon will detect it in an instance since they don't have stealth arts. No point in worrying too much. It'll take too long to deal with lackeys. We'll just jump straight to the boss!

    Chen Ming opened his black claws and hopped on the cloud, "Go, go back. I have a plan!"

    When the two landed, Liu Xuancha blurted, "How is it? How is his army?"

    Chen Ming said, "I have a way to go straight to killing the Bone Dragon. It's up to you if you want to come."

    Xue Xunmei said, "How?"

    "Bone Dragon is sleeping in his cave, which has a single entrance. I sneaked inside his lair and left a teleportation array through which we can appear next to the Bone Dragon. You four will deal with killing it and me with the entrance. With my crowd control skill, it won't pose any problem!"

    Liu Xuancha stood in a daze, "You're telling me you only went for a bit and yet set up a teleportation array under his bed?"

    Chen Ming snapped back, "What? Don't like it?"

    Liu Xuancha said, "Alright alright, you're an array master. You're in charge of arrays! Since it's like this then let us go try out this Bone Dragon's power!"

    The others, once again, gasped in amazement of Chen Ming's mastery of arrays, Sure enough, Master Chen learns all quirky things!

    Chen Ming stabbed the ground with a nation weapon then turned to the disorganized team, "If you're sure, you can enter. The place will be somewhat close to the Bone Dragon."

    They took out their immortal equipment and got ready, "This should be good. Let's start!" 

    Chen Ming glanced at the group, This should be enough. They're just a few more people, so how bad will it be if the teleportation array will open a bit wider?

    At the moment, Bone Dragon was studying with skepticism the nation weapon longsword in his claw. How did this sword end up beneath my lair? And why don't I see any scriptures?

    Did this sword eat them?

    It has to have a secret. This is not just a nation weapon, but immortal equipment!

    I will research it fully, then subdue this immortal equipment!

    Yet five people popped in his claw. The five seemed to be minding their own business, "Hmm? Is this Bone Dragon's lair?"

    "It's filled with junk!"

    "What can you do with mortal treasure, sleep on it?"

    "Yeah, but we don't seem to be sitting on a treasure."

    The five looked up, right into a pair of blue pulsing flaming eyes. The five humans and one Bone Dragon squinted eyes at each other. 


    The Bone Dragon woke up with a start, Just what is this? Did these people shrank to an inch then came next to me? The Bone Dragon's voice came with the clacking of bones, "Assassins! Protect your Lord!"

    Liu Xuancha was raining curses as his arms exploded in size. Flesh bulged and he lifted his black scythe as he charged Bone Dragon, "F*ck you, Chen Ming! Is this what you call somewhat close?"

    The others weren't far behind in unleashing immortal arts at the Bone Dragon.

    Chen Ming snapped on a sour tone, "This deviation is normal on a teleportation array!" 

    He jumped at the lair entrance and smiled at the incoming servants, "I just powered up, and this is the best time to try it out!"

    A look told him he had a danger value of 2400. I have yet to reach my peak. Without spending spiritual knowledge, my cultivation won't rise. Chen Ming didn't bump all his cultivation to the Dao Seed stage. He needed to prepare for the Heavenly Tribulation, to pass it slowly, and comprehend the Heavenly Stellar Array.

    Chen Ming's spoke in his mind, "Upgrade all those random Dao Seed cultivation methods to the peak of Dao Initiation realm!"

    His upgrade of the 92 cultivation methods spent a hundred and fifty thousand of his spiritual knowledge while also bringing him at 2700 danger value. This looks about right. Except for Liu Xuancha, none of the others are my match.

    The entrance had to be big enough for Bone Dragon to pass through. In the thousand zhang tall and hundreds zhang wide hole, scaled servants having a fanatic look in their eyes charged Chen Ming with reckless abandon!

    Chen Ming saw the dust beginning to rise, The force coming at me is even higher than a hundred thousand servants.

    "They all come to me, but none shall pass!"

    Getting a feel of his almost doubled spiritual power, Chen Ming flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo and ten thousand swords flew from it at the incoming servants!

    He closed his eyes, grasping his surrounding's changes. One by one, he controlled the swords into releasing sword energy without restraint. When a spiritual sword passed, it left behind a mangled corpse. Chen Ming turned the area into a metal storm. Proof a Sovereign was a living disaster! 

    But what was even more horrifying was that this disaster could be controlled!

    Chen Ming made the spiritual swords unleash spiritual sword arts, with a Vanishing Immortal Sword move thrown in the mix, cutting a straight line of carnage. His spiritual swords never failed in leaving corpses behind. Then zhangs around him, the rain never stopped falling, a rain of blood.     

    He then sensed a Sovereign's energy, similar to Dragon Sovereign in power, but not as strong. It must be another servant Sovereign! 

    Fairy Zi Xia and Liu Xuancha also sensed his approach, "There's another Sovereign!"

    "Can Chen Ming take it?"

    "I don't have the time to mind such things. We need to kill Bone Dragon fast!"

    "Only if we kill it, we'll be able to help him!"

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  • Chapter 221: Can't Use the Same Move Twice

    Chen Ming saw a servant Sovereign approaching amidst the dust.

    'Danger value: 2400.

    Danger rating: disaster


    Minor Dragon Claw Aura

    Description: with a body affected by Draconic Influence, you can unleash a fraction of a dragon's might. Give yourself to the dragons, as the dragons are eternal!

    Effect: once activated, you possess a certain Draconic Influence, your hands can change into dragon claws and have some of their power.

    Sovereign's Dominion Aura'

    From danger value alone, he doesn't seem up to my level. I wonder how much spiritual knowledge will I get once I kill him.

    As for Minor Dragon Claw Aura' effect, it's description doesn't make it clear. Just what type of dragon power was better?

    In the bloody rain, the servant Sovereign fixed his golden pupils on Chen Ming. He swatted an incoming spiritual sword, and said in a fierce tone, "Defiler of the Lord, your death shall be a tragic one!" 

    He then charged Chen Ming, his hands turning into golden dragon claws. The golden scaled claw swatted a flying sword then punched the ground three li away from Chen Ming!

    Its power sent a ripple, followed by the splitting earth, and a golden dragon burst out towards Chen Ming.

    Chen Ming reached for a nation weapon, entered Unity, and hacked the golden dragon. Sword wave and golden dragon collided, and although it shattered, it still sent Chen Ming staggering three steps back, "That powerful?"

    He threw the nation weapon casually, letting it return to the spiritual sword river. He flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo and unleashed Obscure Gates Swordplay Array!

    King Slayer Aura, Killing Intent Aura, and Warmonger Aura activated on the spot!

    The swords assumed dragon form and was upon the Sovereign in a flash!

    The servant Sovereign walked in mid-air, "What is this thing? Since it dares act like a dragon, see how I rip it apart!" 

    His two claws moved, sending explosive attacks towards the sword dragon as he bellowed, "Soul Devouring Claw!"

    Three golden claw waves collided with the sword dragon. At the moment of collision, a nation weapon drifted closer, to the servant Sovereign's contempt, "How can a nation weapon hurt me?"  

    Chen Ming's figure flashed above the nation weapon. His sleeves swelling as he spoke lightly, "Using the same move, again and again, is not my, Immortal Master Chen, style. Conquering Immortals Art!"

    He tightened his fists, with the Conquering Immortals Art held within. Spiritual power exploded as it was shaped into Qiongqi and the Flood Dragon. He sent his attack right on the Sovereign's back, leaving an imprint and making him spit a mouth of blood!  

    Chen Ming attacked again, with the two beasts reforming on his hands!

    He spat another mouthful of blood, but now he dealt with the sword dragon. Yet when he turned, there was no Chen Ming, "What! Where did he go?"

    "Come out!"

    In his front, sword dragon once again appeared, "This move again!"

    "You can't use the same move twice on a Sovereign! "

    Servant Sovereign sent a dragon claw wave at the sword dragon and turned. Sadly, there was no Chen Ming in sight. 

    Sword dragon canceled the dragon claw wave and Chen Ming came out of its body. He unleashed Conquering Immortals Art three times, impacting the Sovereign's back!

    Some of his ribs shattered under Chen Ming's assault!

    The blows sent him flying three li away, into the cave wall and making another room. Dust filled the air, his body dripping with blood as he came out of it, This enemy's too strange!

    Countless spiritual swords and nation weapons danced around him. It never crossed his mind these weapons had teleportation arrays. To him, this was pure fantasy.

    "Is it a resizing art?"

    Chen Ming shifted one leg over the other as he sat on a nation weapon. He took a swing out of a juice bottle and looked at servant Sovereign, "How is it? Is it effective using the same move twice?" 

    The Sovereign's fury boiled as he raved, "Hardly!"

    This is a battle and he drinks wine sitting on a sword. How more condescending can you get?

    The Sovereign jumped Chen Ming, but while he moved, his opponent was no longer there. He turned around in an instant but no Chen Ming there. Then another three punches blew up his back!

    The hits sent him smacking against the floor. He sent a furious fist against the ground, rupturing it. When he came out, he heard Chen Ming's voice from all directions, "Do take care!" 

    A terrifying killing intent swept him, sensing Chen Ming was about to unleash a finisher!

    But from where?

    He watched as Chen Ming appeared over the nation weapons, but by the time he attacked, he was gone!

    Servant Sovereign stood on the ground, his forehead dripping with sweat. He never met a weirder opponent in his life. He couldn't land one hit!

    Then a voice came from behind, "Here I am!"

    He didn't turn and sent a fist with all his power in front!

    You think you can distract me again?

    I won't let you succeed this time!

    His attack exploded but only sent a nation weapon flying. There was no sign of Chen Ming. What's going on? An attack from the back didn't come either.

    The soil shifted below him and Chen Ming holding Overflowing Void jumped out, splitting servant Sovereign down the middle!

    Chen Ming sheathed his weapon then turned to look at the Sovereign behind him, "The price of a wrong guess is high, even fatal!"

    "Ding! You killed a servant. Reward: 10,000 spiritual knowledge and 1,000 fame."

    "Ding! You killed a servant. There is no lottery ticket this time. It must be because the servant was too poor."

    Chen Ming's eyelid twitched, Come on! How can that Bone Dragon be that stingy? He doesn't give any treasure even to his slaves!

    He then heard Bone Dragon's roar, "Where is Dragon Sovereign?"

    "How can you betray me, Dragon Sovereign!?"

    Chen Ming turned to see the four Sovereign assaulting Bone Dragon. Liu Xuancha attacked from the front, while the rest unleashed vicious arts. In such a fierce battle, Bone Dragon still had time to mind other matters. 

  • Chapter 222: Come See the Treasure!

    The cave was a battlefield. Liu Xuancha's arms had blue veins popping all over, wiggling like snakes. He attacked Bone Dragon with his black scythe, stirring the earth with each move. 

    Fairy Zi Xia drew her bow into a full moon, releasing arrows one after the other and then falling down like shooting stars!

    Su Qinggang swept his Dipper Sword, releasing sword waves by the dozens.

    Xue Xunmei emanated white snow around him, becoming a ten zhang thick ice with threatening coldness. 

    They watched in shock how Chen Ming came back so soon. Since he was here, it meant he dealt with the servant Sovereign!

    But Chen Ming did it too fast!

    Just how long has it been since his last power jump?

    Regarding Chen Ming's perception, they had no words, only staring at a freak. But what they couldn't wrap their heads around was why was Chen Ming cultivating so many cultivation methods instead of focusing on a single one. If he poured all his efforts into training just one, his power would have long reached this level, and he might even have a chance at becoming immortal.

    It was sad that Chen Ming turned a deaf ear to their advice. To reach the Sovereign rank, all had their own Dao Heart. Chen Ming's Dao Heart must be the three thousand Grand Daos. He cherished all of them.

    Chen Ming observed Bone Dragon. I'll just trigger the advancement mission first. If I need to kill Sovereigns, I will out lose greatly once he's dead.

    "Upgrade Firmament Sword Art to Divine Palace stage."

    "Ding! You triggered an advancement mission. When you have three hundred Dao Seeds, you can upgrade to the Divine Palace stage."

    Eh!? I don't need to kill but gather Dao Seeds instead? I haven't suffered any losses yet. 

    With one eye fixed on Bone Dragon, Chen Ming lifted his right hand and extended his thumb.

    Bone Dragon caught Chen Ming's action without meaning to, What is this kid implying?

    That I'm awesome?

    He must admire the great me after witnessing my grand and imposing form. I have lost count to how many I've seen like him.

    Chen Ming looked over his thumb, aiming at Bone Dragon's chest. He spared a glance at the others' attacks, finding none of them hitting his chest wound. Seems Bone Dragon knows that they know of his weakness.

    Time to take Bone Dragon off guard and strike at the most opportune time, while also giving him a thrilling surprise.

    After all, we're all Sovereign here, and shrewd.

    The actions of the four were clear a day. Xue Xunmei wanted to seal Bone Dragon's body. Su Qinggang and Fairy Zi Xia wanted to force him into a corner, where he would receive Liu Xuancha's fatal strike.

    Chen Ming waved his hand and the ten thousand swords swept around Bone Dragon. Xue Xunmei saw Liu Xuancha was next to his chest and shouted, "Ice Age!"

    Cold air filled the cave, freezing Bone Dragon's body and claws stiff. Su Qinggang stepped on his sword, arriving at his head and slashed, "Die!"

    His yell made the Bone Dragon lifted his head and defend against Su Qinggang's attack. In his eyes, Su Qinggang was the one unleashing the killing move.

    Chen Ming and co. never made an attempt on his chest, so he ignored it.

    There were no words that needed to be said between Sovereigns, understanding each other's thinking. Liu Xuancha jumped at Bone Dragon's back and waved his scythe, "Death God's Descent!"

    The attack exploded just as Chen Ming appeared on a nation weapon before Bone Dragon's chest. With a flick of Dao Empyrean Bamboo, ten thousand swords assumed dragon form and crammed into the old chest wound!

    Bone Dragon felt imminent danger from the two strongest people's attacks. They were making a pincer strike on his old chest wound! 

    With the fall of the scythe and the ten thousand swords, an explosion racked through Bone Dragon's wound. What followed were crackling sounds and then Bone Dragon broke in two.

    The dragon fell on the ground in a cloud of dust, followed by Liu Xuancha's strike, planting his scythed in Bone Dragon's skull. 

    Chen Ming found his danger value plummeting towards a thousand. If we don't end Bone Dragon now, then when?

    These Sovereigns aren't pushovers. Calm in normal times, but when they act, they go for the kill!

    He had Conquering Immortals Art on his hands, and sword dragon behind him whistling over. At the same time, Liu Xuancha continuous strikes left afterimages, as a rain of blades fell on Bone Dragon's head.

    When the dust settled after the two's ferocious assault, it revealed them standing before a pile of random bones. The three Sovereigns at the side looked in amazement at the gasping duo.

    These two are too fierce!

    "Ding! You killed Bone Dragon. Attack contribution: 30%. Killing blow contribution: 30%. Reward: 50,000 spiritual knowledge and 10,000 fame."

    "Ding! You killed Bone Dragon. You receive a lottery ticket that resulted in dragon marrow."

    "Ding! You killed Bone Dragon. You almost completed the achievement Dragon Slayer. You almost received the Dragon Slayer Aura."

    "Ding! You killed Bone Dragon. Subdue the Land of the Dragon Hoard mission is at 60% completion."

    Chen Ming was ecstatic, This way I stole Liu Xuancha's kill. I'm proud of myself!

    But then he heard the system lady's voice. Seriously? The rest I can accept, but what's with almost getting an achievement?

    If I didn't get it, then don't mention it, alright?

    Such a letdown!

    Chen Ming spoke, "You probably don't want Bone Dragon's corpse. In the end, I killed my first dragon and I want to take it back as a trophy. It will give off an imposing air placed in front of Yan Mountain!"

    The four snorted, "Just take it!"

    "Don't be irksome and leave!"

    Chen Ming saw they weren't objecting and stashed the intact part of Bone Dragon in his ring.

    The others also began to sweep the area. As for the servants, Dragon Sovereign was dead. Did they had the time to mind such trifling matter?

    They set them aside for the King ranks. They were Sovereign doing Sovereign work, not that of Kings. The Kings had to do their part!

    The others searched around in earnest while Chen Ming faked it. Fairy Zi Xia walked next to him and send her voice over, "When you came earlier, did you find Bone Dragon's secret stash?"

    Chen Ming snickered, "Come with me and I will show you treasure!" 

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  • Chapter 223: Crab Related

    Chen Ming went together with Fairy Zi Xia back at the box with dragon scales, "I looked inside this box and found it filled with dragon scales. They all have scriptures on them, possibly extinct!"

    When the box popped open, the number of people peering inside grew by three. The others saw glittering dragon scales.

    "With so many dragon scales, the ones who found it has it!"

    "You two don't intend to hog it all to yourself right?"

    "I saw you acting suspiciously a long time ago and knew you're up to no good."

    Hence, after a friendly exchange, everyone got their share of dragon scales. Liu Xuancha held up a palm-sized scale, conveying his doubts, "Could they have used these damaged scriptures to get to Sovereign rank?"

    Xue Xunmei said, "We will give them to the Sages and maybe they can deduce the rest of the scriptures!"

    They didn't hold any interest in the rest. They reckoned Dragon Sovereign got them. As for Chen Ming's scriptures, he didn't feel like sharing.

    Humph, deducing a complete scripture. What a joke! My system lady can't make anything out of them and you want to deduce the whole thing? Keep dreaming!

    His power got a significant boost this time and has yet to reach his peak. I'll slowly pass the tribulation when I get back.

    My merits hit rock-bottom again. I need to think of other ways to spread fertilizer to my chives.

    To pass the advancement mission, he'd need more than a hundred thousand merits. With his disciples' cultivations growing ever higher, the merit income rose to around ten thousand.

    Even if I wait, I'll still need a year. Better go start applying fertilizer.

    After going so long on this expedition, I haven't seen the growth of my crops. Hardworking farmer, Immortal Master Chen, needs to tend to his farm.

    They went outside to look for Dragon Sovereign and receive his reward. When he saw the shattered head of Bone Dragon, he couldn't contain his joy and even gave a book containing all his insight about his cultivation on top of the original promise. 

    The pill recipe landed in Chen Ming's lap, of course, since none of them cared about such things. This way, they would get the price of the pill recipe in the Dragon Transformation pills, and could also buy them later from Chen Ming.

    Chen Ming didn't care about other people's situations, "This thing needs some pricey ingredients. I can't refine it, for now, so don't be too hopeful."

    Fairy Zi Xia said, "Now that these forbidden areas are cleared, we need to return and report to the sects."

    Chen Ming tossed a spiritual sword with a teleportation array on it, "Take this with you. If you're in trouble, pour your spiritual power inside and I'll be there."

    Fairy Zi Xia received it, "Alright. If Sage wants to see you, I will inform you immediately."

    Ancient immortal sects' hinterlands.

    This wasn't this place's name, but what others came to call it. Under the ancient immortal sects' rule were many affiliated sects. Of these sects, most of them were under Ghost Immortal's control.

    This was a plain rebellion of the ancient immortal sects' subordinates. And today, this traitorous area came to have a different name in the ancient immortal sects, Chaos Battlefield.

    The most outstanding in this Chaos Battlefield weren't the four ancient immortal sects, nor other sects. It was the famous and renown Yan Mountain's Financial Group! 

    Of course, Yan Mountain never went by that name, calling it the Scarlet Tide.

    Yet when cultivators witnessed Yan Mountain's extravagant fighting style, they began calling them that.

    Yan Mountain didn't fight with weapons, oh no! It fought with spirit stones and pills!

    The one to rise the highest in fame in Yan Mountain's battles was none other than Zhuo Qingyao. Just her name alone would take one's thought to the cruel extent of the battles. All Yan Mountain armies, with Zhuo Qingyao at the helm, ravaged the battlefield, cutting through it like a hot knife through butter!

    Rumor had it that in its first month of battle, Yan Mountain Financial Group killed at least a million Dao Initiation realm cultivators and thousands of King ranks.

    Witnessing Yan Mountain Lords' powerful display, many rogue cultivators came to know of Yan Mountain's renown, while this also lowered the difficulty in recruiting them. When they heard Yan Mountain Lords were recruiting, they came in doves, competing among each other to be the first.

    More and more land came under Yan Mountain's control, yet the ancient immortal sects didn't object. Firstly, they though Myriad Mountains wasn't adequate for a sect of Yan Mountain's magnitude. Secondly, these were times of war. With the addition of Yan Mountain armies, there were now fewer variables in play in the final battle. They didn't want to have an enemy at their backs when fighting against the demonic sect.

    As the war has yet to end, all talks were valid. When the war ended, we would take our time and discuss it.

    But in times like these where the main issue was whether they could win against the demonic sect, why would they care about Yan Mountain's expansion? This war wasn't a mere quarrel!

    Plus, Yan Mountain's territory was nowhere near as large as the ancient immortal sects. It held no threat to their position.

    So much so that they were in high spirits about its expansion. Most of the pills came from Yan Mountain, while the few pills here and there from other sects didn't put a dent in their appetite.

    The stronger Yan Mountain got, the more pills arrived. The more pills, the bigger the advantage in battle.

    The ancient immortal sects were willing to let Yan Mountain sweep a million li, to push their border next to Steel Ox Valley's territory. This way, if the demonic sect attacked Yan Mountain, they could come to its rescue.

    After all, Yan Mountain's position was precarious, at the demonic sect's doorsteps.

    And Medicine King Valley's position compared to Yan Mountain's was equally dangerous. It was close to the border between the demonic sect and the immortal sect, but it relied on many Sovereigns under its control to free itself from the ancient immortal sects' influence. 

    Therefore, the current situation became awkward. In which two alchemy sects were the vanguard on the frontlines.

    The more the ancient immortal sects and demonic sect's Head Sect Leader looked at the two sects, the more cumbersome it seemed.

    This was why they came to a mutual understanding. Neither side was allowed to act against an alchemy sect.

    Chen Ming also felt the perilous position of Yan Mountain. Moreover, the chances were high for a battle to erupt not far away, at the Jade Void Temple. 

    Trouble after trouble let Chen Ming know how weak he was. He wasn't strong enough to face such a chaotic situation.

    But from Li Suyi's words that time, Chen Ming knew the King ranked war would last for a long time. What he didn't know was whether Li Suyi, Ling Xian and Qingyao's participating in it would cause a great shift and put a close to this state earlier.

    The more he pondered the more he feared for Zhuo Qingyao's safety. This lass must be related to crabs. The kind that likes to rush everywhere. One look is enough to bring her disaster. She is an easily angered girl.

    I'd better go look for her. I'll only feel at peace when there's a nation weapon at her side.

  • Chapter 224: Strategy’s Menace

    After trekking for tens of thousands of li, Chen Ming arrived at Chaos Battlefield. He couldn't show himself on the battlefield since he was a Sovereign. He knew there would be casualties among his disciples but he didn't have a choice. Yan Mountain was strong, yes, but there would also be casualties.

    They had to pass this trial by fire, to grow into imposing trees.

    Chen Ming looked around in confusion, when he heard a familiar voice, "Ha-ha-ha, look, I found a lone ten thousand army!"

    Chen Ming turned to see Zhang Ming leading two thousand troops on a chase.

    Standing true to Yan Mountain's style. But Chen Ming found an Aspect stage Human King hiding in the army! 

    This kid ran into trouble. Maybe he was even lured here.

    The enemy had an Aspect stage in hiding and many more soldiers. With Zhang Ming's troops, it would be hard to escape alive. 

    Zhang Ming soon discovered the trap, "Retreat! It's an ambush, retreat!"

    But the enemy Human King wasn't about to let him go, "Ha-ha-ha, now that you're in this old man's grasp, don't think of leaving!"

    Between the armies, an azure Daoist robed man appeared. The soldiers stopped as they all recognized him.

    The peak Human King asked, "Lord of Yan Mountain, why are you here?"

    Zhang Ming's eyes flashed with glee, I'm saved! Master's here!

    Zhang Ming cupped his hands, "Greetings Master!"

    Chen Ming nodded then turned to the peak Human King, "Give me some consideration and pull back!"

    The Human King knew Chen Ming was a Sovereign and his hands were tied in this war, "Ha-ha-ha, you can't do anything. So what if I don't?"

    Chen Ming regarded him, Are you stupid perhaps? Since someone under Sovereign rank doesn't show me, Chen Ming, any respect, is it that he wants an early demise?

    "I haven't involved myself yet because I don't want my disciples to know of my presence and be reckless in battle. I want to temper themselves. You have misunderstood this war's rules. They refer to the immortal sect and demonic sect's Sovereigns. You are the rats in our righteous immortal sect garden, mere pests. You don't fall in the rules."

    "Since, you don show respect then there's nothing to talk about. Anyway, since you rely on Ghost Immortal, thus my enemy, I won't waste words on you!"

    Chen Ming turned and more than a hundred stars bombarded the army. In mere moments, the army was laid to waste, including many King ranks.

    Chen Ming patted Zhang Ming on the shoulder, "Not bad, you know to retreat when you aren't his match. But you have to be more careful. Your Master can't appear every time."

    Zhang Ming saw his attack, It's simply miraculous!

    He ending the enemy without moving an inch. Master's cultivation is unrivaled, wiping out everything with but a thought!

    Zhang Ming cupped his hands, "Many thanks, Master!"

    Since he said he would give the sword to Zhuo Qingyao, Chen Ming was thinking of butting in some more. Yan Mountain's position is too dangerous, so I'll just be the strategy's menace.

    Chen Ming nodded, "Give this sword to your head senior sister, I can feel a hidden danger around. The ancient immortal sects' hinterlands have many Sovereigns but they haven't shown themselves yet. This won't bode well for her. Tell your head senior sister to pour her energy in the sword if she meets a Sovereign. It will activate the magical art I drew on it."

    Zhang Ming took the nation weapon at once and bowed, "Yes, Master, I will bring her the sword."

    Chen Ming took out five more nation weapons and mentioned four more strongest disciples he had besides Zhang Ming, "You take one of these five swords and the rest give them to the ones I mentioned. Any time you face danger you can't overcome, activate the magical art! After you use it, the others won't dare to move so quickly against you."

    Zhang Ming was happy, I never knew he cares so much. "Many thanks, Master!"

    Chen Ming nodded and vanished.

    Zhang Ming said, "Oh, forgot to tell Master of the new Scriptures Pavilion in Yan Mountain! Since Master is returning to Yan Mountain, fourth senior sister will tell him."

    Zhang Ming regarded the sword, Master left a magical art inside. I need to give them to others quickly and complete Master's task.

    What Chen Ming did was to let the demonic sect think highly of his power. He only said he left a magical art on the blades but the truth was he would be the one showing up. 

    If a magical art could kill an average Sovereign, how strong did Chen Ming became?

    Since Yan Mountain was a new up and comer, the others weren't clear on Chen Ming's strength. If Fairy Zi Xia and the rest let a few words slip out, no incident would occur. This way, the demonic sect would be afraid of Chen Ming and would think twice before acting against Yan Mountain. 

    No choice. As I don't have enough strength, I can only play some tricks.

    And while I'm at it, I might as well do it in style. As for what this means, what would be better than having a constant abnormal Heavenly Tribulation?

    He didn't lack spiritual knowledge, but merits. Chen Ming went to a cultivator city, spent five thousand spiritual knowledge, and upgraded a cultivation method at the Dao Comprehending realm.

    The sky changed in a blink, with the tribulation cloud making itself notice up above with the sound of thunderclaps! 

    Lightning fell and cultivators kept flying out of the city. With an ongoing tribulation, how could they not watch such an interesting show? They saw Chen Ming standing below the Heavenly Tribulation, "It can't be the new sovereign, Dawn Sovereign, standing there, right?"

    "Why is he passing the tribulation?"

    "He wants to become immortal?"

    "Will a new immortal appear?"

    "Hurry and report it to Sect Leader!"

    "This is breaking news! Dawn Sovereign is passing his tribulation!"

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  • Chapter 225: Movement From all Sides

    The news of Chen Ming passing his tribulation a second time spread like lightning across the continent. Others could be faked, but not Heavenly Tribulation's signature.

    Who could fake a tribulation?

    The news sent a shockwave even in the immortal sect and the demonic sect, the strongest powers on this continent. They were now setting their sights on Chen Ming, hoping to find more about him, yet what followed was beyond their predictions.

    The ancient immortal sects knew of Chen Ming's realm, the Dao Comprehending realm. They thought he wanted to break through to the Transcending realm.

    Astral Sage said, "Chen Ming is passing the tribulation again. What does this mean exactly?"

    Snow Mountain Sage said, "It's quite likely he is getting ready to enter the Transcending realm. His cultivation method has to be a particular one, just as particular as Zhuo Qingyao's Nine Nines Mysteries Art. She is in the Dao Sense realm and can defeat all King ranks. Chen Ming's cultivation method must be equally strange!"

    Tie Yi Sage said, "But why is Chen Ming breaking through to the Transcending realm in such a public place? This doesn't make sense."

    Astral Sage said, "This must be a part of his plan. Didn't Zi Xia give us a spiritual sword? After a while, we will call him and all will be made clear!"

    The Sages nodded, "Alright!"

    Astral Sage said, "Yan Mountain is sweeping the Chaos Battlefield like a hot knife through butter, which is good. But Ghost Immortal's Sovereigns have yet to show themselves. It's baffling!"

    On the demonic sect side, Chen Ming's tribulation meant something else. First of all, they found that Chen Ming was a Sovereign, one that hid deeply. He was from a never heard of hidden sect, one that had tens of thousands of alchemists.

    But the strangest part was that they never saw those alchemists. Thus, in the eyes of the people, the Yan Mountain in Myriad Mountains was a mere outpost. Yan Mountain must be just like Jade Void Temple, possessing a secret domain where the tens of thousands of alchemists resided.  

    Therefore, the demonic sect was unclear on Yan Mountain's strength. It even assumed Chen Ming was in charge of the affairs in the outside world, not being the real Lord of Yan Mountain.

    There was no doubt about Chen Ming's power was that of a Sovereign. And when a Sovereign passed his tribulation, he ascended to immortality! 

    Did that mean this continent shall see another immortal?

    Opinions divided. Among cultivators, only the ones closest to immortality knew the path to immortality was sealed. If this got out, who would continue cultivating? What they cultivate was to reach immortality! 

    Even the bearer of this information, Wu Jiang and the four Sages, kept a tight lid on it.

    It pleased Chen Ming that the cultivators in the city reacted. The Heavenly Tribulation sent a ray of starlight on Chen Ming. He stood there comprehending it with all his focus. How could a mere starlight harm Chen Ming?

    It's good that they didn't come all at once as before. It must be that I 'm already in the Dao Comprehending realm.

    The cultivators above the city felt they witnessed a miracle, "Could this be the immortal tribulation?"

    "Doesn't look the part. This array is too small, not fitting an Immortal Tribulation's power!"

    "You're talking as if you saw one!"

    "Who on this continent did?"

    "Oh, right, maybe this is indeed the Immortal Tribulation!"

    Chen Ming saw the tribulation cloud was about to vanish, but at least he finished the array inside the starlight. He turned dignified as an immortal and gazed at the cultivators, "Can't pass the tribulation here!"

    With those words, Chen Ming's body flashed and the tribulation cloud above him disappeared along with him. 

    Arriving at a deserted mountain, Chen Ming spread his awareness to make sure no one was near. He took a spiritual sword with a teleportation array and opened the pathway, "I wonder why are the ancient immortal sects looking for me?"

    He stabbed the sword in the ground and Chen Ming was already in front of the Sages. They soon found that Chen Ming's power was more robust, "Fellow Daoist Chen Ming, were you just passing your tribulation?"

    Chen Ming shook his head, "No, Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation. My cultivation method is a bit special and I still have thousands of Dao Comprehending real Tribulations to pass."

    The Sages were mystified. At least he was on their side. Since the war between the immortal sect and demonic sect was ongoing, they didn't have the luxury of minding this matter. They took what Chen Ming said as truth.

    Astral Sage said, "Fellow Daoist Chen Ming, what are you intending?"

    "Based on the list of names I've given you, the hinterlands holds many Sovereigns that have yet to surface. My guess is that they will strike against Qingyao. After all, as long Qingyao remains the hinterlands will end in her hands! Sages, I can teleport thanks to the array on the sword. I want Qingyao to attract the hiding Sovereigns, then go kill them!"

    "To the outside, we can make it look like I failed in becoming immortal. I already know the path to immortality is closed and can't ascend. No one knows I left a teleportation array on the sword in Qingyao's hands and we can just say it's a magical art. No Sovereign entered the battlefield so no rule will be broken."

    "This has two benefits. One, killing all hiding Sovereigns. Two, it will spread fear in the demonic sect in regards to my strength. It will think twice before attacking, thus safeguarding Yan Mountain. After all, it's position is precarious after all."

    The Sages clapped their hands in praises, "Marvelous! No one imagined you can teleport through swords. We were also worried about Yan Mountain's safety. This way we won't need to look after Yan Mountain and move without worry!"

    Astral Sage slapped the table, "With this settled, we will help you deal with the rest."

    Chen Ming got their approval so he teleported back to the deserted mountain.

    Snow Mountain Sage said, "Chen Ming's act will help us greatly. At least, the demonic sect will be reluctant to move. We need to think this through and help Chen Ming complete his plan as perfectly as possible!"

    Astral Sage chuckled, "How about we fake preparing to open the path to immortality?"

    The Sages exchanged a smile, "Perfect!"

  • Chapter 226: Immortal Master Doesn't Walk!

    As Dawn Sovereign was passing his tribulation, the ancient immortal sects let a piece of information slip by. The four Sages left for a place called the Immortal Stairway. 

    Regarding the Immortal Stairway, most cultivators never heard of it. They didn't know where it laid and what secrets it hid. 

    But for Wu Jiang, this came at a shock, "Then Chen Ming's attempt in becoming immortal is real? Immortal Stairway is the entrance to the path to immortality. Are the ancient immortal sects going to open the path to immortality for Chen Ming? 

    "What makes Chen Ming such a saint? He passed Demonic Blood Saber to a Dao Initiation realm disciple, Ling Xian holds the Origin Sect's most guarded treasure, and his head disciple, Zhuo Qingyao, also uses immortal equipment. Can it be that he is like me, a step away from immortality?"

    "Let's see if the ancient immortal sects dare to pry open the path to immortality!"

    Li Suyi came at this time to report, "Third Sect Leader, Fourth Sect Leader, Fifth Sect Leader, and Sixth Sect Leader wish to see you!"

    Wu Jiang sat on a large black iron throne, in a grand hall filled with demonic statues, "They came because of Chen Ming's matter. An immortal isn't someone they can withstand after all. Right, what kind of man is your Master?"

    Li Suyi said directly, "Walking three thousand Grand Daos, not one the same. Master taught me my saber art, Li Suyi's Conquering Immortals Art, sword art to head senior sister and fourth junior sister's cultivation method. Master taught us everything."

    Wu Jiang's heart shook. Be it Demonic Blood Saber, or the Conquering Immortals Art, and even Zhuo Qingyao's sword art, they were all peerless arts in his eyes. Yet all of them came from one man!

    Does this mean Chen Ming hid his strength? That must be it! When Yan Mountain attacked Myriad Mountains, it only sent a hundred thousand troops. Now Yan Mountain's troops are in hundred of thousand. Chen Ming must be hiding his power!

    Did he hide himself since he discovered the sealed path to immortality?

    Wu Jiang pondered deeply, "Tell them Chen Ming cannot become immortal. I don't believe the ancient immortal sects will allow an outsider to become immortal. But also tell them to cancel all plans against Yan Mountain! Even if Chen Ming fails, he isn't someone that can be slighted!"

    Li Suyi left Wu Jiang muttering to himself, "If it's true, Chen Ming might not be so set against fighting our side. He has the demonic sect's style when doing things, a deep-rooted cunningness. He is just like me, unable to become immortal because the ancient immortal sects sealed the path to immortality!"

    Chen Ming went to many cultivator gathering areas and, each time, a tribulation cloud hanged over his head. The people were starting to believe he was passing the Immortal Tribulation. Or did you ever see one enduring tribulation for days?

    "This is definitely the Immortal Tribulation!"

    "It's been 13 days already. Only an Immortal Tribulation can last so long!"

    "Will a new immortal descend on these lands?"

    Chen Ming was pleased with their reaction. The entire continent was now focused on Chen Ming passing his Immortal Tribulation.

    This was what he wanted. This way, his plan regarding Yan Mountain would be one step closer to completion. He might not understand what the Sages were doing but he guessed they considered his plan.

    He was now playing the role of an incredibly powerful figure.

    Chen Ming looked up at the sky. The abyss in his eyes was endless, yet seemed to hide stars, "The path to immortality is elusive and remote. Today, I am facing the door to the abode of immortals!"

    In the hearts of the cultivators a furious storm was brewing, "He truly wants to ascend?"

    "Dawn Sovereign wants to become immortal!"

    To make his act more ostentatious, Chen Ming lit up the galaxy on his back, filling the air with starlight and immortal demeanor!

    The cultivators were even more astonished, "What is that? Is it a change before ascending?"

    "Immortal! this is an immortal!"

    Chen Ming looked around then vanished among the endless mountains. This disappearing act stirred the fervor of the crowd to its peak, "An immortal arrived!"

    "We want to listen to immortal's lecture to reach immortality!"

    Chen Ming got to a desolate mountain in preparation to pass his Heavenly Tribulation. To be accurate, it was more along the lines of comprehending the Heavenly Stellar Array in a ray of starlight. 

    Done with understanding the array, Chen Ming did some thinking, The news must have spread by now. I'll vanish for a while to add to the mystery.

    He found a rock to sit on, Since I got nothing better to do, I might as well draw some more teleportation arrays on spiritual swords.

    Zhuo Qingyao revealed her power, walking along the path set by her heart. The number of King ranks she killed so far had to be above a hundred. With each kill, she nurtured the sword intent in her heart one step closer to completion. The so-called sword intent was a notion condensed to its utmost. And she was condensing the sword intent in her mind by killing Kings.   

    On this day, Zhuo Qingyao was resting in her tent when she sensed someone spying on her, "Who is it?"

    Zhuo Qingyao saw a footprint on a tree outside her tent and wanted to chase. She remembered Master's words and strapped the nation weapon to her back.

    In the endless night, Zhuo Qingyao rushed after the other's trail when she shouted, "Damn! He's luring me out of the camp! These tracks are too obvious!"

    Zhuo Qingyao retreated but a devil claw came from the sky and knocked her flying one li. She took the blow on her body yet it didn't leave a single wound. 

    "You're too late to realize!"

    A black-clothed man dashed at Zhuo Qingyao,

    "If we keep ignoring your campaign, there will be nothing left of Lord Ghost Immortal's King ranks. But because of the war regulations, I can't act inside the camp. Who would be able to tell I killed you in this wilderness?"

    The man walked towards her, "I didn't expect for you to come out unharmed from my claw. I cannot allow you to live!"

    Zhuo Qingyao looked at him with bright eyes, not a trace devoid of fear, "You seem like a Sovereign."

    "I've never fought a Sovereign before. Show me, in this life or death battle, just how powerful a Sovereign can be!"

    Zhuo Qingyao pulled Obelisk and pointed at him, sword energy bursting from her body.

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    Chapter 227: Breaking the Law

    The black-clothed man burst in laughter, "How can a pebble match the radiance of the moon? If you are looking to die, then I'm obliged to help you!"

    The man lifted his sleeve and a claw flew at Zhuo Qingyao, "Hell's Demon Claw!"

    This was an immortal art. The man was confident Zhuo Qingyao wouldn't last long under his claw assault.

    Zhuo Qingyao struck with her sword, "The result is foreordained by Heaven. And I shall break it with the sword in my hand!" 

    Obelisk moved, its heavy strike leaving space ripples. Zhuo Qingyao did not use any sword art. She was on the road of comprehending Sword Intent, and all her blows were at Unity.

    The claw clashed with Obelisk, blowing Zhuo Qingyao three steps back!

    The black-clothed man smiled at her, "Is this all you know? Didn't your Master teach you anything else?"

    Zhuo Qingyao's eyes flashed with coldness, "Master said that as long as I train in the sword I will one day cut untold Daos!"

    Zhuo Qingyao attacked the man. She cultivated a hegemon sword art, her sword never leaving the hand. It wasn't like an immortal sword art where one controlled flying swords. The black-clothed man watched her without a care.

    Even if you fight up close, what good will it do?

    But when Zhuo Qingyao drew near, he sensed something amiss. Her sword was beyond tyrannical!

    Sword energy erupted, with Obelisk sending tens of slashes. The man could barely withstand Zhuo Qingyao's speed and hegemon sword! 

    Obelisk began to hum in her hand as she unleashed a storm of attacks, pushing the man back step by step. He was at a disadvantage!


    Fighting a hardship cultivator in close combat was very difficult. More so with a hardship cultivator like Zhuo Qingyao, where it became a torment. 

    The man let his spiritual power surge and sending her flying, "All are ants below a Sovereign! Twin Art!"

    The man flashed and two of him took his place. Zhuo Qingyao believed the second one was an illusion. She was facing the one in front when the one behind her struck her to the point of spitting blood. 

    Zhuo Qingyao crawled up from the ground, her hair in a mess and eyed the one in front and the second in the back, "If you weren't a Sovereign, I wouldn't have to use Master's sword!"

    The man saw Zhuo Qingyao pulling the second sword from her back and poured her energy into it, "This sword contains Master's magical art!"

    The man watched with trepidation the nation weapon in Zhuo Qingyao's hand. Her Master was that Chen Ming who got all the continent buzzing!

    The rumor said that Chen Ming was now undergoing the Immortal Tribulation!

    This being was the strongest beneath the skies. He couldn't afford to take on such a man's magical art.

    But did he truly achieve it?

    Did he leave a move on that sword?

    The black-clothed man rushed Zhuo Qingyao. And just when he got in front of her, he saw a man wrapt in starlight standing on the nation weapon. He had an azure Daoist robe and held a blue horsetail whisk.

    This is Chen Ming's projection!

    Chen Ming wore a smiley mask, blocking the black-clothed man's view from seeing his true appearance. Chen Ming didn't look at Zhuo Qingyao or examined her wounds. He wanted to act the part of a powerful projection.

    Therefore, to complete the scene, he let the starlight shine brighter.

    Chen Ming released his awareness, making sure Zhuo Qingyao was safe, then turned to look at the two black-clothed men, Uh, this is just one man. He transformed his shadow with his cultivation into his double.

    Both of them were real, but after the split, they were weaker than the original.

    Chen Ming read hundreds of scriptures and saw through the opponent's move on the spot.

    The two were now less than a Sovereign in power. This couldn't be easier to deal with for someone like Chen Ming. 

    The black-clothed man wanted to act, to dissipate Chen Ming's projection. Then he saw him flicker Dao Empyrean Bamboo and the man flew. Chen Ming flashed behind him and behead with a sword strike. The other body was now in endless pain.

    Before he could react, Chen Ming blinked to another spiritual sword and slashed at the second black-clothed man.

    Two strikes ended a Sovereign in an instant.

    Chen Ming wasn't one to believe he could insta-kill a Sovereign. This happened because the two were at peak Human King rank.

    Uh, maybe a tad stronger than that. If any below a Sovereign tried this trick with me, Chen Ming, he'll have another thing coming!

    "Ding! You killed a shadow. Reward: 10,000 spiritual knowledge, 1,000 fame."

    Chen Ming leisurely walked to Zhuo Qingyao who held the nation weapon. She still thought he was just an image, "Master reached such a level in power. The gap between me and Master only widens. "

    Chen Ming silently touched the nation weapon and teleported back, missing Zhuo Qingyao's last words, "I wonder if I can pair with Master. What am I thinking!? We are Master and disciple."

    Zhuo Qingyao sheathed the nation weapon on her back then slowly walked towards the second body and behead it, "Next time, I will definitely have the power to kill a Sovereign!"

    Chen Ming returned to the desolate mountain, "It's good that I can blink between the arrays I left on the spiritual swords or it wouldn't have been so easy. But with my power, I can steamroll an average Sovereign. I wonder if this is considered breaking the law."

    Oh, it's time to keep up the act.

    He stashed the revised spiritual swords and spent spiritual knowledge on a cultivation method to bring it to the Dao Seed stage. The tribulation cloud was gathering above yet he stepped on air as he rushed towards a cultivator city. Just how many Heavenly Stellar Array do I have to comprehend before I can use it? Obscure Gates Swordplay Array was currently Chen Ming's strongest move.

    Chen Ming sight drifted on the third stage of the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array. In other words, for him to grasp the fourth and final stage, Ten Thousand Swords as One, he needed four hundred and forty thousand merits. 

    And how am I supposed to get them?

    All I can do is drag the act for a while longer.

    It could be said that all Yan Mountain disciples were now healthy and growing miniature Yan Mountains. All they needed was time and they would have explosive growth in power. 

  • Chapter 228: Ravenous Ghost Sovereign

    The continent was a buzz, even more so about Chen Ming's Immortal Tribulation.  Recently though, there was another rumor who joined the excitement. Immortal Master Chen's sealed magical art in a sword killed a Sovereign.

    This news got everyone shaking in their boots!

    A Sovereign was the strongest on the continent, yet even this didn't stop one from getting killed from a single move from Immortal Master Chen. And it wasn't himself who released it either.

    Though some said, "Immortal Master Chen hasn't shown himself for some time. He might be dead!"

    "Yeah, how can it be that easy to become immortal? A Transcending realm cultivator has a lifespan of a thousand years. If one wants to become immortal, he needs to walk the Dao for eight hundred years!"

    "Immortal Master Chen seems young but this might not be the case. He is not someone you can understand!"

    The debate went on strong until Chen Ming's figure showed hundreds of thousand li outside the Chaos Battlefield. And above him was another tribulation cloud. He was showing off inside a city.

    The people cleared his surroundings as none wanted to get hit even by accident by such a Heavenly Tribulation.

    It has been more than a month yet Chen Ming was still passing his tribulation. This was shocking news to anyone, and there were many cultivators who could attest to it being true.

    Those that said Chen Ming was dead, promptly shut their mouths. Even a Sovereign couldn't travel hundreds of thousands li in a day.

    The only one who could do that was the one at peak Sovereign rank!

    Resuming his acting, Chen Ming continued wandering the continent, while also visiting some remnants in search for more cultivation methods to increase the number of his Dao Seeds. There's no need to think about Ten Thousand Swords as One, for now, it's just too hard. I'll first deal with gathering three hundred Dao Seeds to advance to the Divine Palace stage.

    The ancient immortal sects were overjoyed when he heard he dealt with a Sovereign. The ones hiding in the Hinterlands were nothing but average Sovereigns. With Chen Ming handling them one at a time, this couldn't be better.

    On the other hand, the ancient immortal sects sent their own Sovereigns to work in tandem with him in eliminating the rest.

    With two sides tackling this problem it would quickly resolve the rebellion in their territories then they could return to deal with the demonic sect faster.

    On this day, Chen Ming finished his strategy's menace act, arriving on the bottom of a large river. He sensed how Zhang Ming's nation weapon opened the teleportation channel.

    Chen Ming mumbled, "What's going on? They don't go for Zhuo Qingyao and switched to Zhang Ming? This guy is only in the Dao Comprehending realm. If it weren't for Zhuo Qingyao's power, he would've been attacked faster!"

    Stepping into the teleportation array, Chen Ming stood on the ground with brilliant starlight shining around him. He spread his awareness without looking and soon spotted the Sovereign in front.

    He saw his danger value of a mere 2100. So pitifully weak. Indeed, without the knowledge from the ancient immortal sects, becoming a stronger Sovereign just won't happen.

    The opponent was wearing a purple Daoist robe. He took one look at Chen Ming and felt his pressure bearing down on him. Then mumbled, "This isn't right. How come even Chen Ming's disciples have such a treasure!"

    "Zhuo Qingyao is the obvious choice since she is his legacy disciple. So why does a normal disciple has it?"

    "Oh, these disciples are only in the Dao Initiation realm so this projection must only have a King rank's power. The pressure must come from our difference in realms!"

    Chen Ming's thoughts, You got one hell of a hole in your logic, mate.

    Zhang Ming looked at Chen Ming, "It's true, I can truly summon Master's projection! You're dead now, old purple Daoist!"

    He shouted, "Don't think you can act tough with a mere projection! See how I brush it away with one move!"

    But Chen Ming ignored his nonsense. He was a silent projection after all!

    Straight to attack!

    Chen Ming fluttered Dao Empyrean Bamboo and ten thousand swords surrounded the purple Daoist in an instant. When he sensed a spiritual sword with a teleportation array on it arrived behind the Daoist, he blinked there, unleashing Conquering Immortals Art!

    Qiongqi and the Flood Dragon caught him off guard and caused him to spit blood. Chen Ming kept blinking and using the same move on and on, leaving the Daoist with no room to wiggle, only capable of coughing blood.

    Some dozen breaths later, Chen Ming heard a familiar ding and returned to Zhang Ming's nation weapon sword with a step, then vanishing the next moment.

    Many disciples started drooling at the nation weapon, "You can summon Master's projection!"

    "Master's projection just killed a Sovereign in no time at all!"

    "Master is matchless in miraculous skills!"

    "Not even an Autarch can last in front of Master!"

    "If we can learn half a move like head senior sister, second senior brother and third senior brother, we will also be Kings Rulers!"

    With this short display, the worship the Yan Mountain's Lords had for Chen Ming grew another level. 

    A few months blinked by. The demonic sect suffered losses in the King rank war and used this time to recover.

    Li Suyi led the demonic sect to the Sky Canyon again, to fight the righteous Kings.

    Major events kept shaking the cultivation world all this time. Chen Ming walked the land with a constant tribulation cloud above, and the rumor spoke of him attempting to become immortal. Then his head disciple swept all obstructions in the Hinterlands, pushing Yan Mountain's border a million li until it touched Steel Ox Valley's lands.

    With Chen Ming and the ancient immortal sects working in tandem, they wiped out all but one Sovereign in the Hinterlands. They had no information regarding him, only knowing he was the strongest of Ghost Immortal's Sovereign. 

    Rumor had it that Liu Xuancha clashed with him but the outcome was undecided as he fled.

    Finding that Sovereign now was like finding a needle in a haystack.

    He went by the title Ravenous Ghost Sovereign, holding a Ghost Summoning Banner. He was so strange, it got the Sages worried. They couldn't catch wind of his position as he wreaked havoc in Yan Mountain's lands, killing more than a dozen Lords so far.

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  • Chapter 229: The Book of Life and Death

    Chen Ming raged at this news. He blinked next to the four Sages in the Astral Immortal Sect, who felt somewhat guilty, "What is going on with Ravenous Ghost Sovereign?"

    Astral Sage said, "His power isn't small and even equal to Liu Xuancha. Seeing so many Ghost Immortal's Sovereigns laid to waste, he feels cornered. And in his desperate act, he chose Yan Mountain as his target for revenge!"

    Chen Ming said, "Since he is Liu Xuancha's equal, then we will go together. With me sealing him in an array, he won't have the chance to escape!"

    Snow Mountain Sage said, "It's not that simple. Ravenous Ghost Sovereign is elusive, with no way of knowing where he'll appear next. We would have killed him by now if it weren't for this!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "I see."

    Chen Ming said. "Oh, right, do you have his date of birth?"

    Tie Yi Sage was puzzled, "We conferred his Sovereign title so of course we have it. Why do you ask?"

    Chen Ming smiled, "I can use it. If you tell me his date of birth, I will kill him three times over, even five!"

    The Sages didn't understand Chen Ming's words, but since his disciples were in danger, they gave him what he wanted. 

    Chen Ming pondered, Ravenous Ghost Sovereign is close to Liu Xuancha in power. With so many cultivation methods advancing at the Dao Seed stage, my power rose to 2800. This makes my chances against Liu Xuancha fifty-fifty, enough to deal with him.

    Riding the Astral Immortal Sect's teleportation array, he wore a black robe and arrived at the Steel Ox Valley. Wearing a smiley mask, a disciple led him straight to Liu Xuancha.

    He knew Chen Ming's power and figured he came to see him with regards to Ravenous Ghost Sovereign's matter, "How is it? Do you have a way of finding him?"

    Chen Ming said, "I have a way to get him out of hiding."

    Liu Xuancha felt glee, "Great! I will help you eliminate him. He might not attack me but he will attack my son. It's time to settle this!"

    Chen Ming said, "Follow me, I'm going to my fourth disciple for her immortal equipment."

    Liu Xuancha agreed. This Ravenous Ghost Sovereign caused destruction everywhere and this needed to end!

    Chen Ming jumped on his cloud but Liu Xuancha waved his hands like no tomorrow, "Forge it, I'll ride my ox. I don't dare ride that thing!"

    Chen Ming rolled his eyes, smiling, "You're a hardship cultivator yet scared of a little ol' cloud?"

    He no longer pushed Liu Xuancha since he vehemently refused to ride it. The two took a few days before reaching the Forest of Origin. Chen Lingyu was fascinated by it from all the spiritual herbs inside. It was said that because of her extensive knowledge of herbs, she built a friendship with the ancient trees. 

    At the Forest of Origin, Chen Ming saw many Yan Mountain disciples. Many female disciples went together with Chen Lingyu to harvest spiritual herbs and refine pills. The male disciples, thanks to Chen Ming raising the limit on the war funds, threw themselves wholeheartedly into battles. Seeing Chen Ming arriving, the female disciples halted work and went to Chen Ming. 

    In mere moments, he was surrounded by a throng of girls, calling sweetly at him, "Master, how come you're free to see us?" 

    "Master, I heard you want to become immortal. Is it true?"

    Chen Ming waved for them to settle down, "Where is your fourth senior sister?"

    Then Chen Ming heard creaking behind him and saw said lass perched on an ancient tree's branch.

    I used all kinds of tricks to subdue the Forest of Origin, yet this lass did it so easily.

    A man can't compare to a dog, because one isn't even equal to a dog!

    Chen Ming was blunt with Chen Lingyu when she got in camp, "Are the Underworld Judge's Brush and the Book of Life and Death on you?"

    Chen Lingyu nodded, "What is it, Master? But these items are very useful. It deals with all Yan Mountain's fleeing criminals clean and efficiently."

    Chen Ming said, "Let your Master have them for a bit. Many Yan Mountain disciples suffered under Ravenous Ghost Sovereign's sinister attacks. Since we are unable to find his location, we have to resort to the Underworld Judge's Brush and the Book of Life and Death!"

    Chen Lingyu said, "Here, master. I'm not worried since there's no danger around here."

    Chen Ming was more than clear on how to use the two immortal equipment. There was only one way for another person to use someone else's immortal equipment, which was through the owner's approval.  

    Just like the ancient immortal sects' disciples. Why did you think Fairy Zi Xia, Liu Mang, and the rest could have their own immortal equipment before attaining the Sovereign rank? 

    Because the sect lent them the rights to use them. Many masters in the sects had immortal equipment who then lent them to their disciples when they were wondering the land.

    Now that Chen Ming had the items, he didn't feel appeased, so he left a spiritual sword with Chen Lingyu, "Take this sword. When there's a danger, pour your spiritual power and my projection will appear."

    Chen Lingyu took it with extreme caution and gently settled it on her back.

    Chen Ming and Liu Xuancha left in a rush. In mid-air, Liu Xuancha asked, "Aren't you exaggerating the effect of these things? You can attack anyone as long as you write their birth date?"

    Chen Ming said, "Watch. I will now use the Underworld Judge's Brush and the Book of Life and Death, sending a thousand death soldiers on his trail. Let us see how long can he hide while fighting against such power!"

    Chen Ming flipped the Book of Life and Death, held the Underworld Judge's Brush, and wrote Ravenous Ghost Sovereign's data. He dropped the brush: Thousand Ghost Kill!

    Chen Ming then felt his spiritual power drop by a third.

    Since it used so much of my spiritual power, the might of that brushstroke must be high!

    A great commotion sprung behind the two. Chen Ming turned to see a hundred li away a regiment of death soldiers descending!

    Liu Xuancha was worried, "His target must be none other than your fourth disciple!"

    Chen Ming's eyes burned with rage, "He wants to die! Let's rush over. The death soldiers should keep him occupied for a while. My disciples only need to keep away from the shockwaves, and should be safe!"

  • Chapter 230: You're Too Late in Figuring Out!

    Ravenous Ghost Sovereign was a cautious man. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have lived for so long. If he wasn't, he would have been long dead at the hand of the righteous pursuers.

    Ravenous Ghost Sovereign was inspecting everyone carefully, to make sure there wasn't anyone carrying a nation weapon. But then he heard Chen Lingyu, the Lord of Yan Mountain's fourth disciple, didn't carry a nation weapon.

    He first wanted to rush into the Forest of Origin, but he refrained from this rash action since he had yet to conduct a thorough investigation of the area.

    Before, one Sovereign thought no disciple before him had Yan Mountain's nation weapon and attacked, only to give his life away in the process.

    He had to confirm first that Chen Lingyu did not carry Yan Mountain's protection treasure and only then attack.

    As he was scouting nearby the Forest of Origin, he found that Chen Ming and Liu Xuancha were here. He almost lost his soul from fright!

    Chen Ming was passing his Immortal Tribulation. This power meant he was a step away from reaching it, no, a half-step being. He was a Sovereign and their clash would have an obvious result. 

    It wasn't long before Chen Ming and Liu Xuancha left without noticing him. When he once more looked over Chen Lingyu, he found a spiritual sword on her back.

    Was it possible that a spiritual sword could also have Chen Ming's magical art?

    Could a spiritual sword bear the might of Chen Ming's magical art?

    Ravenous Ghost Sovereign was a cautious man so he gave up on Chen Lingyu. Killing her would invoke Chen Ming's wrath. This wasn't someone he could offend right now.

    Just as he entered the Forest of Origin, ready to leave this place, the ground began to swell and death soldiers crawled out one after another. 

    Ravenous Ghost Sovereign was excited at first, "Can it be that Lord Ghost Immortal knows of my plight and send death soldiers to save me?"

    It didn't take him long to figure it out that they weren't allies but foes!

    But where did they come from? Why do they come after me with no remorse?

    It's baffling to extreme. Can it be someone put a curse on me?

    Ravenous Ghost Sovereign didn't dare linger here for long since Chen Ming and Liu Xuancha weren't far away. He waved the Ghost Summoning Flag, "How can mere death soldiers have any effect on me?"

    "Soul Recall!"

    Ghosts began to fly out of the flag and charged the death soldiers.

    But then Ravenous Ghost Sovereign found something unexpected. These ghosts were afraid.

    What's going on? Aren't they all from the race of the dead?

    Why are my ghosts afraid of these death soldiers?

    Death soldiers held a large variety of torture tools. They captured the ghosts with them then went back underground, "These are hell's death soldiers!"

    Of course my ghosts are suppressed. The death soldiers are punishers!

    The death soldiers spent a third of Chen Ming's spiritual power. That wasn't an amount anyone could ignore.

    Just when Ravenous Ghost Sovereign was about to release magical arts and fight back, Chen Ming and Liu Xuancha saw him waving the Ghost Summoning Flag surrounded by death soldiers.

    Liu Xuancha grabbed hold of the scythe on his back and charged Ravenous Ghost Sovereign!

    Chen Ming rolled his eyes, but he didn't want this disaster by the name of Ravenous Ghost Sovereign to escape. He flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo releasing the sword torrent and setting up the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array, sealing a ten li area.

    With the suppression from the array, Ravenous Ghost Sovereign felt weaker by a third!

    Ravenous Ghost Sovereign looked up at Chen Ming in surprize, "The pressure alone took a third of my power. Chen Ming, your power is far above mine, will you pick on the weak?"

    Chen Ming regarded him. This guy still thinks my strength's on par with Wu Jiang. "When you killed Yan Mountain disciples, did you think about picking on the weak? Killing them without rhyme nor reason should have enlightened you about your doom!"

    Chen Ming found Ravenous Ghost Sovereign with a danger value of 2900. How did he fight Liu Xuancha to a draw?

    As for auras, he had Devil Body Aura, greatly increasing his body's strength.

    It looked like his body was stronger than the average Sovereign and could face Liu Xuancha.

    Liu Xuancha didn't think too much about all this and just charged with all his might. He might not be Ravenous Ghost Sovereign's match, but with Chen Ming's array victory was assured. The black ox beneath him grew into a hill, giving the impression Liu Xuancha was a god descending when he struck down, "Vajra's Descent, die!"

    Glutton Sovereign was weary from fighting the death soldiers and now that Chen Ming added an array, he was no longer a match for Liu Xuancha. The first clash alone left his skinny body looking worse for wear.

    Ravenous Ghost Sovereign was like a mummy, without blood, and only skin sticking to his bones. Liu Xuancha descended like a golden god, waving his scythe into a tornado! 

    This was a weapon that needed a strong man to wield it, and Liu Xuancha's arm strength was beyond powerful, bringing out the best in each other's strong points!

    Liu Xuancha gained added power in his strikes with the ox below him charging, making pieces of Ravenous Ghost Sovereign falling with each blow.

    Chen Ming didn't join, he acted as deterrence while also waiting for the best moment to kill-steal.

    Your delusional or something? Since when was Immortal Master Chen's style to let spiritual knowledge pass him by?

    Ravenous Ghost Sovereign made furious moves. He was uncertain of Chen Ming's power and could only flee. But when he took this course, he found the entire battlefield, a ten li radius, sealed from the array.

    "Chen Ming, you're not at the peak of Sovereign rank. Above Autarch, you can only use arrays to suppress me!"

    Chen Ming chuckled, "You're too late in figuring out!"

    Ravenous Ghost Sovereign wanted to break the array, but Liu Xuancha's black scythe seemed to have locked on his soul, coming at him without remorse!

    Chen Ming was laid back as he enjoyed their battle. Ravenous Ghost Sovereign is worthy of matching Liu Xuancha. This might take a while.

    Just that they way they're fighting will result in a bottomless crater.

    A Sovereign ability for destruction was too terrifying.

    A bottomless crater is a bottomless crater. At least it's not me who did it!

    Chen Ming saw how one attacked while the other fell back with each blow. Ravenous Ghost Sovereign wanted to flee but Liu Xuancha pursued him like a heavenly god without respite! 

    After he took his time enjoying three delectable spiritual fruits, Chen Ming stood up and clapped his hands. He saw Ravenous Ghost Sovereign's danger value drop to 1500, "Oh, it's time for Immortal Master to subdue monsters and vanquish evil!"

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  • Chapter 231: All Kings Are for Nurturing my Sword

    Chen Ming sent his swords on Ravenous Ghost Sovereign. When a spiritual sword with a teleportation array flew next to him, he grabbed another one and blinked over. 

    The now close Chen Ming, threw two fists, Conquering Immortals Art!

    Conquering Immortals Art took the shape of Flood Dragon and Qiongqi. Power surged over his hands in a solemn rhythm then landed!

    Liu Xuancha followed next with his ruthless attack, his scythe leaving afterimages in its wake.

    The two joined in their attacks and made quick work of Ravenous Ghost Sovereign. But Chen Ming wasn't pleased since he didn't manage to kill-steal. 

    The two were looking at the Ghost Summoning Flag on Ravenous Ghost Sovereign. Liu Xuancha said, "This is immortal equipment, so how do we split it?"

    Chen Ming didn't want it, It doesn't suit me, nor my disciples. If I give it to the normal ones, it'll be too dangerous. It's like begging to be robbed.

    Chen Ming thought about it, "How about your Steel Ox Valley takes it and you let me look over your scriptures?"

    Then after a pause, "Not including the immortal cultivation methods and immortal arts."

    Liu Xuancha was pleased with this. Immortal ranked scriptures were the livelihood of every ancient immortal sect. It was impossible to show them to other people.

    Liu Xuancha said, "Your terms are reasonable, and even my Steel Ox Valley gaining in this trade. I accept. Follow me to the sect. I have to say it, fellow Daoist Chen Ming is very generous!"

    Chen Ming said, "You have so much power in Steel Ox Valley?"

    Liu Xuancha said, "Tie Yi Sage is my grandfather."

    Chen Ming took a long and hard look at Liu Xuancha, "You just can't tell. Your bulky shape says your life must have been hard in reaching so far, but you're actually the third generation of an immortal! "

    Chen Ming heard a sudden voice in his mind, "Ding! Ling Xian broke through to the Divine Palace stage. Reward: 5,000 merits."

    Eh? Wonderful news! This fellow truly breezes through the Dao Comprehending realm!

    "Ding! Because Ling Xian joined the war prematurely, the wheel of fate is jammed. Demon Subjugation Gathering is delayed."

    Another piece of wonderful news. Chen Ming needed time more than anything now. His normal disciples were unable to match the style of these fellows, who's rise in power didn't follow common sense. The disciples needed to slowly increase their strength.

    My strength is also not enough to handle this war. This will give me time to improve.

    Taking the previous world's events into account, Ling Xian shouldn't have reached Dao Comprehending realm at this time, and neither should he had learned the Conquering Immortals Art. I sped up the process and this, in turn, changed the storyline.

    That's expected. You only need someone like Ling Xian, with his Main Character aura, to advance a realm and the storyline shifts!

    I lost count of how many Sovereigns I've killed so far yet it didn't affect the storyline one bit!

    Gotta speed up my strength increase. I am someone who Ghost Immortal has his mark on after all.

    Chen Ming did some thinking. Based on strength alone, I surpassed the limit of a great boss in this storyline. I should be a damn great boss.

    The entire continent was in a continuous change, the war between the righteous and demonic sides never faltering. Yet there was a change in the Dao Comprehending Board. Ling Xian, the last on the board, became the second.

    The people already knew of Ling Xian's identity, of him being Chen Ming's second disciple. They didn't feel that much amazement from his growth, "Isn't it just a normal increase of an Immortal Master Chen's disciple?" 

    "Who could have imagined that of Immortal Master Chen's disciples, one turned out as demonic sect's Demons Ruler, while another a Kings Ruler!"

    "This pair of Yan Mountain disciples will surely fight!"

    "One is a proud talent of the demonic Dao, while the other a righteous genius. And from the same sect too. I wonder who's stronger and who's weaker!"

    "They are next to each other on the rankings. If they don't fight, their strength will be unknown!"

    On the demonic sect's side of the Sky Canyon, Li Suyi appeared leading the five calamities. On the immortal sect's side, Human Kings began gathering. A battle between all the King ranks of the continent was about to erupt.

    Many cultivators were reflecting on the result of this battle, "The victory can go to either side!"

    "This is the largest battle between the factions over the last millennium!"

    "This battle will decide the outcome of the King ranked war."

    Whether it was the demonic sect or the ancient immortal sects, they each sent their most outstanding King ranks to Sky Canyon.

    Ling Xian was in a cave, looking over at the sun's rays peeking through it, "I finally made it to the Divine Palace stage. Third junior brother, let us see who will win this time!"

    Ling Xian's body erupted, blowing up the cave, and flew out on his cloud, "Third junior brother, no matter what, I will take you back to Yan Mountain. This is my promise to Master, and my responsibility!"

    In the Demonic Domain, Li Suyi stood enveloped by cold demonic energy, gaze lost in the distance, Second senior brother, I wonder if you can match my strength.

    I really want to fight you at your strongest!

    Thousands of Demonic Kings stood behind, waiting for him to shoulder the blood coffin and shout, "Set out! Also, tell the others that any late Demon King will be a devoured Demon King!"

    The thousands of black-clothed Demon Kings followed behind him, yet not one risked stepping one foot closer.

    Zhuo Qingyao stood before the Steel Ox Valley. She turned to look at the million li campaign she just crossed, The sword intent in my mind is not enough. Not strong enough, not fierce enough!

    Zhuo Qingyao turned to the waiting Zhang Ming in front, "How is it on your second senior brother's side?"

    "Second senior brother lost to third senior brother last time!"

    Zhuo Qingyao laughed coldly, "He became a disciple far earlier than third junior brother, who didn't know the meaning of cultivation. I heard all the Kings in this land are fighting over at Sky Canyon. How convenient, since all Kings are to nurture my sword!"

    Zhang Ming gazed at Zhuo Qingyao. If Ling Xian and Li Suyi were here, he would say: Second senior brother, third senior brother, don't fight again and run. A monster in the shape of a girl is marching towards you. You can't win against her! 

    Zhuo Qingyao put Obelisk on her back then jumped on her cloud, destination Sky Canyon.

    Zhang Ming watched her growing smaller. I'm afraid head senior sister is the only one who would run towards tens of thousands of King ranks.

  • Chapter 232: The Sky Rumbles, a Light Descends

    Sky Canyon.

    The two sides have fought at the canyon for several months and now was the time for the final battle. Each camp's Kings stared at Ling Xian and Li Suyi respectively. 

    The fight between the two Yan Mountain disciples would finally reach an outcome.

    "Just what will be the outcome of this battle?"

    "They came from the same sect, yet one is a demonic cultivator, while the other an immortal cultivator. Truly strange."

    "I wonder if the Lord of Yan Mountain still accepts disciples. I might be a bit advanced in age, but it shouldn't be a problem to be taken in as a normal disciple, right?"

    Li Suyi and Ling Xian's fame nearby Sky Canyon has reached an all-time high, with some Kings even believed them invincible. 

    It could be said that each of the two became a terrifying existence on their own. Li Suyi had a Taotie surrounding him and devouring the spiritual energy into spiritual power. Ling Xian had Dao Bones who's limit on spiritual power capacity seemed nonexistent! 

    They began at the peak of King rank, yet with the added spiritual power, they reached an inconceivable level.

    The more the two showcased their imposing powers, the more the people revered Chen Ming. A man who taught such peerless geniuses must have a horrifying high degree in understanding the Dao!

    Adding to that Chen Ming's stroll around the secular world, followed by endless Heavenly Tribulation, his power must have grown higher than a mountain.

    Be it the demonic sect or the ancient immortal sects, none of them had ever imagined the outcome of this King ranked war would rest on the shoulders of a pair of Yan Mountain disciples.

    Li Suyi and Ling Xian sat across, both silent. The later new the first wouldn't speak in battle.

    The two stood like that for a while, then got up in the end. Li Suyi took Demonic Blood Saber from the blood coffin, releasing a stained blood aura.

    Ling Xian held the Divine Wood Seal, natural Grand Dao energy enveloping him.

    "Ling Xian and Ya Mo are about to fight!"

    "This battle will be known throughout the ages!"

    "Now that I can witness such a battle between two geniuses in this life, I have no regrets about cultivating!"

    Under the watchful eyes of thousands of people. Li Suyi pierced the sky with his saber then let it fall. Ling Xian had the Divine Wood Seal hanging overhead, his hands unleashing the Conquering Immortals Art!

    Flood Dragon and Qiongqi danced in the saber energy sea. The two faced each other with their signature move across the Sky Canyon!

    The people felt Ling Xian was at a disadvantage, but not to the extent of suffering from each blow like last time. The strikes of the two were at a level none of the Kings there could withstand.

    Li Suyi's Demonic Blood Saber Art reached perfection, and Ling Xian Conquering Immortals Art's power joined the heaven and earth. Li Suyi had a thick blood aura around him while Ling Xian had the natural Grand Dao energy spinning with him at its center.

    The two fought like gods in the sky, rumbling the eardrums of the audience.

    They were both familiar with each other, not even restraining themselves in using killing blows.

    Qiongqi roared as it flew in the sky, Flood Dragon coiled on the ground, and the saber energy wave swept dozens of zhangs. The terrain became unrecognizable from the scars the two left behind. 

    Li Suyi put his saber in the blood coffin. It stirred in its sheath, and when he drew it, waves of blood surged, turning the world into a bloody sea.

    Ling Xian linked with the Divine Wood Seal, gathering spiritual power at a constant pace along with the natural Grand Dao energy. He was akin to a god walking on earth, with his blue aura shining everywhere. The light touched upon the sea of blood and repelled it. 

    They exchanged moves more than ten times, yet they showed no sign of stopping. Conquering Immortals Art filled the sky, rending it, while in contrast, the saber wave ran through the ground blowing up mountains on end.

    They were relentless, going like this to the point the Kings could see the daylight end. They were as fierce and resolute as when it started, throwing all kinds of magical arts at each other!

    "Their cultivation methods are beyond strong!"

    "Humph, but of course. Ling Xian cultivates the hardest one on this continent, Dao Canon. Once at Dao Comprehending realm, he will soar!"

    "Lord Ya Mo cultivates what the Lord of Yan Mountain imparted him, Bones of the Taotie. That's the continent's most evil cultivation method!"

    Even the night's darkness couldn't put a stop to this crazy battle. But the Kings noticed Ling Xian's disadvantage growing, "Ling Xian is only at the Divine Palace stage. If he were at the Aspect stage and developed his Aspect, Ya Mo would have fallen by now!"

    "Humph, Lord Ya Mo's Aspect is the Taotie. How can a plain Aspect be its rival!"

    "He's only picking on Ling Xian who doesn't have an Aspect. What's so great about that!"

    "Lord Ya Mo is a true Kings Ruler!"

    The mid-air battle continued for two more days. Ling Xian was soaked in blood from head to tow, but he clenched his teeth and wanted to keep fighting. He was behind by one stage, yet this proved he was no match for Li Suyi.

    The Bones of the Taotie was too evil, the same with its cultivation speed.

    Next to Li Suyi, the sea of blood spread far and wide. Above him stood a blue gigantic creature, with a bloody maw in its torso. This was the Taotie. 

    Second senior brother, I feel honored in fighting with you for three days and three nights.

    Li Suyi slashed at Ling Xian, who was now crawling his way to his feet. His blade had no remorse.

    The rest of the Kings finally saw the end of this long fight, "Ya Mo won!"

    Demon Kings shouted, "Kill him! Kill him! Ya Mo is the true Kings Ruler!"

    Human Kings couldn't let Li Suyi kill Ling Xian. They all acted together, "We must save Ling Xian. Without him, none can withstand Ya Mo!"

    "If Ling Xian forms his Aspect, Ya Mo won't be his match!"

    Human Kings flew in doves towards Ling Xian to protect him. Demon Kings also charged over and blocked them.

    Tens of thousands of Kings clashed, with stray magical arts flying every which way. Among this chaos, Li Suyi took a leisure walk for Ling Xian. No one could stop him, because he was a Kings Ruler.

    Li Suyi slashed without care, ripping apart three cultivators blocking him, only taking a moment to arrive in front of Ling Xian. He gazed for a long time at him, and Ling Xian could see through the blood-red eyes of his, witnessing the change within, "I only wanted to fight with you, second senior brother. I didn't want to kill you. But the demonic intent grew unchecked and the sea of bitterness is boundless!" 

    "I can no longer turn back!"

    Li Suyi lifted the saber, but then, out of impulse, he retreated dozens of steps as he sensed danger.

    A broadsword fell out of the sky right where he just stood, quaking the entire area. They all could see a red-clothed girl standing on its hilt. She wore a smiley mask and the broadsword at her feet was called Obelisk. 

    The Kings ceased battle in an instant, settling into an eerie silence. Only Zhuo Qingyao's voice echoed throughout the battlefield, "There're so many Kings here! Seems I got the right place!"

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  • Chapter 233: As a Fully-Grown Chives

    Seeing her making her entrance on the battlefield, the Kings recalled that Yan Mountain had another legacy disciple. She was Chen Ming's head disciple, Zhuo Qingyao.

    The person who picked the Hinterlands clean of Kings.

    And she was still in the Dao Sense realm.

    They kept a close eye on the first two on the Dao Comprehending Board but forgot about the monster at the top of the Dao Sense Board.

    Just how powerful was the Head Sect Leader of Yan Mountain?

    Although the head senior sister of Yan Mountain, she was still a girl, and a Dao Sense realm one at that. Did she have it in her to withstand Li Suyi's power?

    Zhuo Qingyao fell from the hilt, picked Obelisk up and pointed at Ling Xian while cursing, "Your meager skill is embarrassing Master!"

    Ling Xian struggled to get up and bow, "Head senior sister is correct in her scolding!"

    Zhuo Qingyao chided Ling Xian then walked straight to Li Suyi. He remembered the fond memories of being pushed around by her and couldn't help himself reeling three steps back.

    The Kings witnesses Zhuo Qingyao's attitude and were swept by a cold wave. This can't be! Yan Mountain's head senior sister is so fierce!

    Li Suyi and Ling Xian are meek as lambs before her!

    As legacy disciples of Yan Mountain, Li Suyi and Ling Xian had learned a hard and valuable lesson. On Yan Mountain, you could offend Master, because he didn't care. He thought it was just children playing around.

    But one must absolutely and with utmost certainty not provoke head senior sister. It would lead to unforeseen consequences.

    Not one on Yan Mountain, except Master, dared to slight head senior sister.

    Li Suyi gazed at Zhuo Qingyao, yet showed no intention of greeting her as in the past.

    Zhuo Qingyao riveted her eyes on Li Suyi, "Oh! You've been gone so long from Yan Mountain that you grew wings. Did your Master teach you to show disrespect to your head senior sister?"

    "Did Master sent you to clean this mess up?"

    "If I came to clean this mess, you'd have never gotten the chance to speak."

    Zhuo Qingyao raised his sword and roared, "On Yan Mountain, those showing no respect to superiors get a slap on the wrist. Come here with your arms stretched."

    Zhuo Qingyao was treating him like a child in front of everyone, "Enough! I'm not the same as before!"

    Li Suyi griped his saber, rushing Zhuo Qingyao, and slashed at her waist.

    Zhuo Qingyao's eyes flashed with a cold glint. I can last a hundred rounds against a Sovereign, so what do you amount to?

    Zhuo Qingyao swept her sword casually. She had no style, no form, just a simple swipe. 

    And yet, it sent Li Suyi flying into a hill. He clutched his bleeding stomach, fear creeping in his eyes. No matter how strong I've become, head senior sister still remains head senior sister!'

    Li Suyi muttered, "That felt like Sword Intent."

    The Kings' eyes trembled from fear, That much of a freak?

    A slash, just a mere swipe, and Ya Mo received a heavy wound!

    Zhuo Qingyao resumed walking to Li Suyi, "Put your arms out. Don't and you'll get a beating!"

    Li Suyi's shame turned his face into a tomato. Demon Kings rushed at her, "Safeguard Lord Ya Mo's retreat!"

    Zhuo Qingyao stared at the incoming Demon Kings, "So the number one on the King board only amounts to this. It's not that you're too weak, but that I'm too strong. This Sword Intent is enough." 

    Zhuo Qingyao waved her sword, rending the heavens. Here and now, this was the only sword beneath the heavens.

    A sword fell and heaven and earth lost their splendor.

    The peerless genius title of the two on the Dao Comprehending Board spread across the Sky Canyon for several months, only to fall on their head senior sister. Zhuo Qingyao held an unparalleled demeanor and power, venturing forth and sweeping all, sending the demonic sect back in defeat. 

    All geniuses on the continent lost their radiance with Yan Mountain's three legacy disciples standing in front. Ironically, this made the news of Chen Ming becoming immortal seem more believable.

    Yet the man in question was now fighting his way throw the scriptures in the Steel Ox Valley's Scriptures Pavilion.

    Chen Ming was beginning to realize he was different from before. He didn't need to comprehend each scripture through merits. Some of them appeared to him as different cultivation methods treading the same path.

    Is it because I comprehended so many scriptures that I can infer their contents?

    I now see why Steel Ox Valley is one of the four ancient immortal sects. It has many scriptures, and not only hardship cultivator manuals, but also a good deal of cultivation methods.

    Chen Ming gazed at the scriptures. To be honest, Chen Ming now had a basic understanding of everything, to the point of even capable of grasping some magical arts in passing. 

    Spending considerable time and merits, Chen Ming pretty much finished going through most scriptures, besides the immortal cultivation methods and immortal magical arts. He sensed how 32 new Dao Seeds formed, leaving him with just 98 before reaching his target of three hundred.

    To advance from the Dao Seed stage to the Divine Palace stage, one didn't need to comprehend but refine his spiritual power. As long as Chen Ming had the three hundred Dao Seeds, he only needed to spend spiritual knowledge and he would upgrade his strength.

    This meant this was Chen Ming's best way to raise his strength and grasp the power of one that was above a great boss. I have a long way to go.

    At least, Chen Ming now knew the four stages of the Transcending realm: Detached, Emergence, Chakra, and Beneath Immortal.

    Wu Jiang's stage was that of Beneath Immortal. This meant he was closest to becoming immortal.

    Forming ones Chakra meant one became an Autarch. But the Sovereign ranked war has yet to start so he didn't know how many there were. Chen Ming was uncertain if the ancient immortal sects would give him an answer if he asked.

    Now that I learned so many scriptures, it is time to hold a lecture for those disciples of mine. It has been too long since the last time and they might have forgotten many important things. And while I'm at it, I might as well use Enlighten Aura to see how good it is.

    When he got to Yan Mountain, Chen Lingyu came to cover his eyes with a cloth, saying she had a surprise in store.

    This sudden surprise almost caused Chen Ming to barely contain himself, Can it be that my disciples are thoughtful?

    As fully-grown chives, they not only learned how to fertilize themselves, but they also understood how to cut themselves and lay on the table?

  • Chapter 234: I Can Raise Even a Pig to Be King

    As Chen Lingyu tugged his hand, he asked, "What have you prepared for Master? Why are you acting so mysterious about it?"

    Chen Lingyu pulled him along, "Master, you'll know when we arrive."

    Once he sensed they were in a room of sorts, Chen Lingyu uncovered his eyes revealing scriptures as far as his eyes could see!

    Bronze lamps were set here and there, basking in light the countless scriptures resting on endless shelves.

    Chen Ming took one step and found it to be hundreds of zhangs large. And all were scriptures. This Scriptures Pavilion was even bigger then Steel Ox Valley's.

    "How did you all know Master likes all kinds of scriptures?"

    Chen Lingyu covered her soft laughter, "Master, everyone on Yan Mountain knows that. In the disciples and head senior sister's campaign, among the spoils of war, they also gather scriptures to build this Scriptures Pavilion for you. "

    Chen Ming was immensely pleased with this place. Sure enough, the chives matured, even knowing when to harvest themselves.

    "I love it. Tell the disciples to do their best in finding all scriptures that are missing from this place. Now that there's a Scriptures Pavilion, I will turn it into one that encompasses all this world's scriptures."

    Chen Lingyu received the order, and spread it to all other disciples, letting them all know what to do.

    Chen Ming was clear of Zhuo Qingyao, Ling Xian and Li Suyi being on the immortal-demonic battlefield. With Zhuo Qingyao there, everything will be fine. She knows when to hold back against them.

    Chen Ming lifted a bronze lamp and began his journey through the scriptures-filled corridor.

    I wonder if this time my body will hold a hundred more scriptures. No, No, at least a thousand. With my body, I can raise even ten thousand.

    What freaky constitution was this Limitless Dao Body that needed three thousand Dao Seeds for its first stage? Chen Ming reckoned he would be able to kill immortals when he entered it. And this was just the beginning of this path.

    The immortal road was endless!

    Chen Ming held the bronze lamp as he looked around. Usually, those who defended a Scriptures Pavilion were all old monsters. I wonder if this watcher, if this title, is accompanied by an aura.

    'The sweeper and watcher of the Scriptures Pavilion are definitely experts!'

    Who'd have imagined that I'll one day become such an old monster?

    The following days were peaceful, with Chen Ming slowly comprehending scriptures. He wasn't going to spend all his merits on only comprehending, that would be too wasteful.

    His method went like this. If one look was enough to understand it, then he spent none. If not, then it wouldn't be a loss to spend merits and learn it.

    With his return to Yan Mountain, Chen Ming resumed his old custom, lecturing the disciples. The Dao Initiation realm was like second nature to him. He cultivated it more than two hundred times, including the ones his disciples were now training in. If I haven't, that would be even better. I'll just take a peek and add another Dao Seeds to my collection!  

    The number of Yan Mountain immortal arts grew by a few with Chen Ming's return, with most of them coming from the Land of the Dragon Hoard. 

    Chen Ming didn't think the Dao Initiation realm disciples, in regard to his sect, in regard to all the magical arts, to all the teaching provided by Yan Mountain, that they couldn't cultivate to the Sovereign rank. How could they not reach King rank like this?

    With pills, I can even raise a pig to King rank.

    When he began his lecture, he discovered that more than half of Yan Mountain Lords rushed home. These disciples do care about my teachings.

    And when he saw these Lords dressed for battle and armed with weapons, he felt a difference. They were changed now that blood and fire washed over their bodies.

    The Lords were no longer as childish as before. They could sense they were close to death than ever, bringing about this transformation.

    Although each month brought him a few thousands of merits, it still felt slow to Chen Ming. I need to find a way to trick, pei, advance these disciples' cultivation.

    No need to mind the legacy disciples, they are having a blast fighting.

    I changed food with pills before, but what do I use this time?

    Chen Ming decided to first understand them better, so he went to their mountain peak. But few greeted him as most sat cross-legged and cultivated, "I feel like the spiritual energy around Yan Mountain has increased several times!"

    "It's even better than laying on spirit stones!"

    "Even the air is filled with spiritual energy!"

    As a Master, I am gratified to know my disciples are fond of cultivating.

    "Head senior sister and second senior brother have grown famous on the King rank battlefield, while we are bitter from the ancient immortal sects' disciples always asking us to swap pointers!"

    "It can't be helped. They're still the ancient immortal sects, and since their geniuses can't stand above head senior sister and second senior brother, they take it out on us!"

    "Yeah, they are all King ranks yet the pick on us, Dao Initiation realm disciples. They have no dignity, yet they still say head senior sister and second senior brother are amazing, and that all the rest are trash!"

    "Right! They also say that we listen to Master's lectures on Dao, that we can learn immortal arts, yet still can't compare to them. It's unbearable!"

    "They will soon see! I will reach the King rank and show them how amazing Yan Mountain disciples are!"

    Chen Ming was speechless, So they look down on Yan Mountain disciples. But the result is good. At least they work harder on cultivating.

    I don't need to trick them for now, just fan the flames. On the Yan Mountain's notice board a new rule appeared. The disciples on the ranking board, those going through the Tower of Trials, all saw this.

    'The first disciple at the end of a two month period can climb Yan Mountain and can receive teachings on the Dao before the Mountain Lord seat for a day.'

    Anyway, this is a chance to transform ourselves every two months. Who would waste it? We can't let all the chances squander on the legacy disciples. We also want a share!

    Chen Ming reckoned, Based on my renown, this will set start to a cultivation rush.

    Of course, if he wanted to increase his merits income, he had to work with his legacy disciples too. Zhuo Qingyao and Ling Xian weren't here while Li Suyi left. He could only go to Chen Lingyu. Just how is this lass a legacy disciple? The other three are all Kings Rulers while she is still in the Dao Initiation realm. Such an embarrassment.

    Chen Ming stormed down to Chen Lingyu's Alchemy House and saw her small face above the pill furnace, peering inside. Her face flushed from the fire. Chen Ming looked at the sky, Oh-oh, it's evening.

    Then he saw the soot-covered Chen Yu kicking the furnace, "Pills, pills, pills! Only Heavens knows what's so damn good about refining pills! Chen Ling'er, I told you, going down this path is hopeless!" 

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  • Chapter 235: Heart Enlightenment

    With the emotional Chen Ling'er going offline, Chen Yu took over the job of watching over the pill furnace.

    Wait, with Chen Yu's temper, it won't even cross her mind to watch over the pill furnace.

    It would be better to hope she won't wreak it.

    Chen Yu's gaze turned to Chen Ming, "Master, Master, talk to Chen Ling'er! This girl only knows how to bake pills with not even one thought about cultivating. I would have been in the Dao Comprehending realm by now if it weren't for her!"

    Chen Ming stared long, That's saying Chen Ling'er's alchemy takes too much time and drags the other's cultivation behind.

    Of the Illustrious Casket, Chen Ling'er cultivated half, while Chen Yu the other half. Chen Yu's cultivation has long outstripped a mere King rank while Chen Ling'er's cultivation barely moved an inch. 

    Chen Ming said in earnest, "Relax, I will talk to her tomorrow. Master will give her a long lecture!"

    This gave Chen Yu a nice surprise, "Master, that ain't right. Don't you always give me a lecture on cultivation? Why Chen Ling'er all of a sudden?"

    Chen Ming showed discomfort, "Such low cultivation is too embarrassing. Logically speaking, with you two cultivating an immortal cultivation method, plus the fact the both of you can cultivate day in day out, you can spend twice the time on cultivating compared to your senior brothers and senior sister, with an even greater talent to."

    Chen Yu nodded seriously, "It's all because of Chen Ling'er! If not for her, with senior brothers' levels, I would have mopped the floor with them by now!"

    Mopping is mopping. At least I won't be the one disgraced when they lose to their junior sister.

    "Ding! You triggered the mission Chen Yu's Anger. Please help Chen Ling'er focus on cultivation, thus causing Chen Lingyu to break through to the Dao Comprehending realm. Reward: that's right, 10,000 points."

    Oh, the mission came.

    I just need to wait for daylight, dupe Chen Ling'er, then done!

    As he got nothing better to do, Chen Ming taught Chen Yu a few moves. He noticed her perception was outstanding. He only showed them to her a few times and she already learned them.

    Chen Ling'er and Chen Yu were baffling. One was a killer the other a savior, yet their talent was incredible.

    On the morrow, the sweaty Chen Yu's face changed, "Ah! How come I'm soaked? Right, my pills!"

    "Chen Ling'er!" Chen Ming's voice came from behind.

    Chen Ling'er turned, "Eh!? Master, how come you're here?"

    Chen Ming crossed his hands, speaking words of righteousness, "Ling'er, you can't even see the problem."

    Chen Ling'er was puzzled, "What problem?"

    "Look, don't you find it funny the blockhead Chen Yu is refining pills? Just look at the furnace."

    Chen Ling'er nodded in earnest, "Right, Chen Yu is a blockhead!"

    Therefore, Chen Ming began urging her with passionate words, "With your skill in alchemy, you need more than a day to successfully refine a batch. If you still want to refine then there's only one way!"

    Chen Ling'er blinked at him, "How, Master?"

    Chen Ming flipped on the Enlighten Aura to lead her by the nose, "Look, if you reach the Dao Comprehending realm, won't it mean you can finish refining a batch in a day? Rather than make Chen Yu look after the pill furnace, something she'll be unable to do for all her life, it would be better to raise your cultivation to the Dao Comprehending realm!"

    Chen Ling'er sank in deep contemplation, "Master's words are reasonable. Letting Chen Yu look after the pill furnace is a lost cause. I'm going to cultivate Master. Forgive disciple for leaving earlier!"

    Chen Ming's heart was filled with delight as he waved, "En, go!"

    That was one damn good duping!

    Chen Ling'er didn't lack in the talent department. She just needed to cultivate and soon would enter the Dao Comprehending realm.

    As seasoned with the cultivation world as Chen Ming was, he had absolute certainty he was no Main Character material. If I had any, I wonder if money would have mattered.

    Uh, probably not. With Yan Mountain Lords' financial ability, pill making won't put a dent on the income.

    They no longer needed Yan Mountain's spirit stones. And he could even levy taxes from them once the order of expansion ended.

    He spent his time reading scriptures and, after a month, Chen Lingyu, who was at the peak of the Dao Initiation realm, broke through to the Dao Comprehending realm and became a King. Due to Chen Lingyu passing her tribulation at night, she didn't need Chen Ming's help, going through the whole trial in a carefree manner. 

    Chen Lingyu's style evoked emotions in the hearts of the witnessing disciples, "I didn't know Illustrious Casket can be so amazing!"

    "Fourth senior sister is now in the Dao Comprehending realm, so why aren't we also?"

    "We didn't work hard enough!"

    Chen Ming smiled, not planning on telling them a hard cold truth. Chen Lingyu was on the rise, knowing the twists and turns in her cultivation, so of course she achieved this progress in just a month.

    Chen Ming's thought, That fellow Ling Xian won't return any time soon, so I'd better use the lottery ticket. "Draw Chen Lingyu's Dao Comprehending realm lottery ticket!"

    "Ding! You received Heart Enlightenment. Please check your reward."

    Heart Enlightenment? 

    Did I get trash this time? Why does this toy sound like a counterfeit divine trinket?

    Chen Ming was wondering where could it be when he heard Silver Wing report, "Jade Void Temple's Sect Leader requests an audience!"

    Chen Ming waved, "Jade Void Temple is one of Yan Mountain's subordinates. Show him in."

    Chen Ming received him through the backyard. When the Sect Leader saw him, he performed a deep bow, "Lord of Yan Mountain, righteous and outstanding in skill, the unifier of the Fiend Domain, achiever of historical accomplishments, unrivaled paragon..."

    Chen Ming stopped him, "Alright alright, I know already. So why have you come."

    "The secret domain is in turmoil. The savage beasts seemed to have gained awareness and are attacking Jade Void Temple. If not for Lord Black Tiger patrolling in the area at the time, the sect would have been destroyed!"

    "Lord Black Tiger sensed this wasn't the end and sent me to beseech Mountain Lord for help!"

    Chen Ming frowned, So strong that not even Black Tiger with his Regalia Legion could end this matter? This isn't as simple as it sounds. Also, what's the deal with the savage beasts gaining awareness?

    Everyone knows savage beasts had basic instincts. Counting from one to ten was already a genius among genius savage beasts!

    Fiends and savage beasts weren't the same, the biggest difference laying in their intellect. The savage beasts relied on their powerful bodies to earn their status. The main use of them was as mounts.

  • Chapter 236: Flying Pigs

    Based on the system lady's priors regarding her snarky temper, the reward was related to the first matter that needed his attention. This Heart Enlightenment must be in Jade Void Temple's secret. They are a sect who birthed an immortal after all.

    He said to the Sect Leader as he pulled him on his cloud, "I will see to this matter personally!"

    The Sect Leader's heart was at peace when he saw the words on the cloud.

    'The sky is vast, the earth is broad, but safety comes first. Soaring wildly through the clouds, Master and disciple will leave streams of tears behind.'

    These words must say Mountain Lord's flying skill are exquisite!

    Then he felt how heaven and earth kept changing positions. Two hours later, Chen Ming jumped off followed by Sect Leader wobbling walk and muttering philosophies, "Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?"

    Black Tiger glanced at Sect Leader, then bowed towards Chen Ming, "Greetings, Mountain Lord!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Quickly report the situation! "

    "I was on a patrol with my Regalia detachment three days ago, protecting the other sects inside Yan Mountain's lands. At that time, I saw thousands of savage beasts rushing out of Jade Void Temple! I saw the dire state it was in and went to finish them off. Then I found the savage beasts had awareness, knowing how to use tactics!"

    Chen Ming asked, "Have you looked inside?"

    "Yes. The savage beasts have organized themselves, but I haven't found any creature that might be the one controlling them. This is very strange."

    In Chen Ming's heart, It can't be that Ghost Immortal did something, right? Though Vermilion Bird did say the seal won't last much longer.

    If Ghost Immortal did it, then this was a grave matter.

    Chen Ming waved, "I will go in and check the situation. You must block the beast tide from spreading to other sects!"

    Black Tiger bowed, "Subordinate understands!"

    When he was getting ready to enter, he saw the hesitant Black Tiger, "Is there something else?"

    Black Tiger pointed at the Sect Leader, "Mountain Lord, is he alright?"

    Chen Ming turned for a look. Jade Void Temple's Sect Leader was sprawled on the ground and foaming at the mouth.

    "Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?"

    Uh, is my driving that reckless? "Give him a couple of refreshing soup bowls!"

    Chen Ming took to his crow form and ventured inside Jade Void Temple's secret domain. He noticed something was off right off the bat. There're cultivators inside the secret domain, so why haven't these savage beasts charged at them instead of rushing out? 

    Can they actually have awareness?

    He arrived bellow the Elemental Cauldron and, as he descended, saw the cultivators dashing over. Everyone knew of Chen Ming now. They were ancient immortal sects' Kings after all.

    Chen Ming went to see Xing Ming who said to him, "Immortal Master Chen is here. Now everything will be alright!"

    Chen Ming asked, "What happened here?"

    Xing Ming answered, "The savage beasts seemed to have grown intelligent, behaving like a cohesive army group and started attacking the secret domain's entrance!"

    "I was referring if you have found anything strange here."

    Xing Ming took a moment to recall, "There was a wild boar savage beast flew over here for a stroll! Then it went to the floating island."

    Chen Ming was in a daze, Can pigs fly?

    This isn't a simple matter at all.

    Chen Ming was more and more certain the savage beasts grew intelligent. But what triggered it?

    Chen Ming went crow and flew to the Floating Island. The Floating Island was a place in the earthen area of the secret domain, filled with thick earth spiritual energy. On a large floating landmass, he saw hordes of savage beasts standing in formation. They were groaning and yelling as a wild boar in front seemed to conduct a drill operation.


    The savage beasts are smart!

    Chen Ming looked around, slowly flying to the island where he picked up a voice.

    He followed the voice and soon heard the pig giving a speech on a platform, "For food and other savage beasts, we must break out of here, break them from the cultivators' control as mounts!"

    "Good. We will now begin with the general election. Tell me, what is four plus five?"

    Deafening silence... then a boar squealed and humphed, "Humph, humph, oink, oink."

    The wild boar high up was filled with pride, "Perfect. Your answer, nine, is correct. Only a genius like you is worthy of becoming a general to this savage beast army! Go!"

    Chen Ming's eyelid was having a stroke as he watched the wild boar. Then his eyes found something green on his ear. It can't be the reward, can it?

    It's not a fake divine trinket, but a real one!

    This toy is a tad evil to make even a pig intelligent!

    If I give it to my disciples, wouldn't that give them wings?

    Chen Ming's disciples didn't lack resources but perception and talent. If I have enough Heart Enlightenment Fruits, my merits will soar!

    All of a sudden the wild boar became adorable in Chen Ming's eyes.

    Chen Ming was engulfed in black smoke and, when it scattered, a human took its place on the ground. The wild boar noticed him and was alarmed, "You, what's your job?"

    Chen Ming felt glee inside, "I am a pig butcher!"

    The wild boar nodded in earnest, "Oh, you're a pig butcher... Wait! Aren't I a pig!? Guards, protect your lord!"

    In an instant, hordes of savage beasts looked at Chen Ming with cold glints as they charged.

    Chen Ming didn't plan on hanging out with folks that didn't know how to count to ten. The wild boar up top wasn't much of a threat to him, having a danger value lower than 2000. But this is normal. If I needed to work hard then that wouldn't be a reward. A reward is the type that waits peacefully for me to pick it.

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  • Chapter 237: Can I Eat It? Is It Tasty?

    Chen Ming flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo, unsheathing ten thousand swords, and scarring the wild boars into peeing themselves. They've never seen such an array before.

    The sword dance rooted the wild boars in place. Chen Ming waved Dao Empyrean Bamboo as he took a casual walk in front of the wild boar leader standing on the platform, "I heard you want to ride humans." 

    He was scared into prostrating, "Don't dare, don't dare!"

    Chen Ming patted it, He's spotless alright?, "Turn around."

    The leader did as he wished, thinking Chen Ming found him alright and wanted to ride him. He turned, showcasing his mighty hind legs. Chen Ming rubbed his chin while nodding, "En, this thigh ain't bad. Plump and tender, and even has some spiritual energy. Go wash and come for roasting!" 

    The wild boar leader stood in a daze, watching Chen Ming with its eyes, "Are you the devil?"

    Chen Ming recalled something, "Oh, right, if you don't castrate it, the pig's taste will be too strong. Go castrate yourself, heal, then come for roasting."

    The wild boar leader threw itself to his feet, "Spare me oh, Great Immortal!"

    Chen Ming said, "Right, where did you get that green thing on your ear?"

    It stammered, but still spoke in the end, "Great Immortal, you can't go there."

    "I think castrating you will be better."

    The wild boar leader noded on the threat of emasculation, "Great Immortal, I will take you."

    Assuming crow shape, Chen Ming followed it to a black river, "Great Immortal, I found it while swimming across. There is an island there and on it a three that bears these fruits." 

    Chen Ming was pissed, "Well what are you waiting for? Why aren't you swimming already?"

    "This is feeble water. If any touch it, they will all drown. Not even feathers float on it."

    "Then how did you do it before?"

    "Feeble water destroys those with strong-minded souls. The stronger the mind the more you sink. At the time I crossed it I had no intelligence to speak of, unclear on how to even return. Thus I could swim over."

    Chen Ming nodded, "You're saying you're too smart now so you can't swim?"

    It nodded with pride, but then came Chen Ming silent kick in his rear, propelling him in the water. The wild boar started flopping its arms, "I'm dying, I'm dying! Save me, Great Immortal!"

    Chen Ming rolled his eyes. This guy still floats, so his brain must only be surface level.

    Then the wild boar found he wasn't dead. It then floated like nothing happened while shouting in joy, "Thank god I'm still dumb!" 

    This was Chen Ming's first encounter with someone so happy for being stupid. Chen Ming perched on the leader's head and the wild boar felt a mountain crushing him from above, frantically waving his hooves to stop the inevitable sinking.

    Now that he landed, he couldn't take flight; he was too heavy.

    With claws on the wild boar, he finally reached the shore. The miserable boar said, "Great Immortal Master, you're too smart! I can't carry you!"

    Chen Ming never found himself in this situation before, I'm so smart I can't even cross a river?

    Chen Ming's gaze gave the wild boar a once over. When one ain't enough, dozens shall prevail!

    I, Chen Ming, will get that Heart Enlightenment Tree!

    But this river is so damn strange. He couldn't even touch it and had no idea how to make it into a weapon. If I can refine it into a weapon, feeble water will flood the world!

    It can't even be touched.

    Chen Ming wanted to put some in his storage ring, yet it proved useless.

    Chen Ming thought hard for a bit, "Go bring your whole family!"

    The wild boar leader lost all notions of resisting Chen Ming and his call soon brought a hundred wild boars over.

    Chen Ming kicked each of them in the water, fastened them together with a bit of rope, and threw a wooden raft over their heads. Anyway, only blockheads could float on feeble water, so the wooden raft should be weightless.

    Seeing the raft floating, he jumped on it. It wobbled here and there but held steady.

    A hundred wild boars still have their use!

    He eyed the wild boar leader and said, "Onwards!"

    Chen Ming was keeping his eyes peeled about, Thank god no one's here to see me riding a hundred pigs. I'll lose all my dignity!

    Sigh, things a Master would do for his broken toys.

    Chen Ming was now sailing on a pig-driven raft, venturing to the legendary island. He took a peek in the water and saw eerie humanoid figures floating.

    They all had long hair and pale faces. They're ghosts!

    All kinds of ghosts floated in these waters, filling Chen Ming's eyes with an endless number of them.  

    Just what ghostly place is this!? Well, I at least know it's a ghost-filled river.

    Chen Ming turned to the wild boars under the raft, Then again, aren't these pigs afraid of ghosts?

    Even I feel skittish around them.

    Then he caught wind of the wild boars' whispers, "Wow, over there! That woman with long hair looks so beautiful!"

    "The one over here is too strange. She has no face! There are so many different kinds of humans!"

    "Look there! Such a long tongue! I wonder what'll feel like if she licked me."

    Chen Ming's thoughts on their comment, I say! They don't even know what ghosts are? They're still thinking ghosts are another sort of humans.

    Ignorance is bliss.

    Chen Ming looked at the wild boars under the raft, "What do you guys know about ghosts?"

    They started whispering, "Ghosts? Can we eat them?"

    "How do we eat it?"

    "Is it tasty?"

    Chen Ming nodded in satisfaction, "Not tasty at all, so swim faster!"

    Once I finish crossing the feeble water, I will make sure the fact that I had pigs for mounts to cross a river doesn't leak out!

    This is the dark history of a grand boss!

    He saw in the distance small red lamps floating on the river surface. Damn! There's something up ahead. This Heart Enlightenment Tree isn't that easy to get it seems!

    "All pigs, close your eyes and swim with all you have!"

    A drawn-out singing voice drifted over, "Three lifetimes of bitterness turned into a bowl of soup. The soup although bitter, drinking it shall wash away all worries..."

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