Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



  • Chapter 204: Soaring Wildly Through the Clouds, Master and Disciple Leave Streams of Tears

    Four Sovereigns sent their awareness into piles of rotten wood, in the hopes of finding the immortal equipment. 

    Chen Ming spread his own awareness, one spanning two hundred miles, and, in the next instant, he found an immortal power trace. He went wild with joy, "No way! Nailed it in on the first try!"

    He embarked on the journey of finding the trance, "All that sleeping must have strengthened my consciousness. That's how it got so wide, while the other's are lower than mine."

    He tore apart dozens of dried wood covering with spiritual power and, above a cliff, Chen Ming found a deep cave. Inside it, there was another immortal skeleton!   

    The skeleton entered Chen Ming's eyes in its entirety, but he soon homed in on its waist. There was a bag attached.

    Can it be he still had immortal equipment on him before his death?

    Chen Ming stashed the skeleton in his storage ring, the lifted the bag. It had an auspicious pattern embroidered on it, that of clouds. When he sank his awareness within, he detected a strong immortal power. It was immortal equipment!

    But what kind of immortal equipment is this?

    And does this toy binds to an owner?

    Well, whatever. Let's try dripping blood, don't all novels talk about this? Chen Ming gently swiped a sword on his finger and, drip by heart-rending drip, blood entered the bag's mouth.

    "Ding! Bag of Clouds is assessing. Because you cultivate a cloud cultivation method and have Control Aura lvl 2, the Bag of Clouds recognizes you as its owner."

    Chen Ming finally got to know its name, Bag of Clouds. What kind of name is that?

    He inspected the inside of the bag, to find... clouds. And because it recognized Chen Ming, they all began drifting around.

    They flew everywhere inside it, and Chen Ming soon found a five-colored cloud, its speed several times his!

    The Bag of Clouds seems more like a cloud raising bag. Are these clouds considered mounts?

    Chen Ming wanted to try calling one out, so he targeted one and ordered it. Come out!

    A white cloud popped in front of Chen Ming, then stepped on it. I still can't understand how you control this thing, but its so fluffy and oh so comfortable.

    Chen Ming sent his senses back into the Bag of Clouds and, as he was the proud new owner, it sent some information about itself. He understood that Bag of Clouds only had clouds in it and that they were all mounts.

    Chen Ming peered the cloud instruction(manual) in detail, then stepped on the cloud while laughing, "Race time!"


    The body's position was sent through his legs into the cloud and as Chen Ming leaned forward, it dashed out of the cave!

    The wind whistled past him, yet it didn't affect the mount or its rider, and it zipped Chen Ming ten li in a flash! 

    "With the white cloud this great, I wonder how fast will that five-colored cloud go?"

    No sooner said than done. He exchanged the white one with the five-colored cloud, stepped on it and said, "Go!"

    With a boom, his face made intimate contact with a mountainside, then slowly slid down. Chen Ming wiped the dust of his nose, "This one is too fast! I can't even make sense of my surroundings! I reckon only an immortal can control it, so I'll leave it be for now."  

    The sky is vast, the earth is broad, but safety comes first. Soaring wildly through the clouds, Master and disciple will leave streams of tears behind.

    After some deep thinking, he took out a three-colored cloud this time. After a few moments of getting used to it, it wooshed through the sky. Ah, so carefree. Now this I can control.

    When checking the clouds amount, he found thousands of white clouds, over a hundred two-colored clouds, just ten three colored clouds, and a single five-colored cloud. With this many, I can give each disciple one, and, while I'm at it, hold cloud piloting lessons.

    This way, Yan Mountain's disciples will ride the clouds(1) one after the other. The image will evoke such respect!

    Before we even fight, we'd have won through grandeur!

    As to avoid his disciples from twirling on the clouds, he left on each of them a line: 'The sky is vast, the earth is broad, but safety comes first. Soaring wildly through the clouds, Master and disciple will leave streams of tears behind.' 


    He jumped on the three-colored cloud and resumed searching with his awareness. There was nothing else except the Bag of Clouds. This settles the sect's mount problem. The immortal equipment here is very useful!

    Chen Ming sensed several hundred li away, a bright light in front of Fairy Zi Xia, bathing her area in a purple aura, "No wonder she has Purple Cloud From the East Aura. She found immortal equipment already!" 

    Seeing the light around Fairy Zi Xia, the other three Sovereign rushed to where she was. Since she found the immortal equipment, there was no point in wasting time with the search.

    Seeing the three rush to her, Chen Ming resumed his silent search. Since two immortals fell in this place, who could say there wasn't a third immortal! 

    I reckon Ling Xian will also find immortal equipment. The only one without one will be Chen Lingyu. Regarding his legacy disciples, Chen Ming wasn't one to play favorites. He had to think of a way to get her immortal equipment. Say what you will of this Bag of Clouds but it's useless in Chen Lingyu's hands. It doesn't even increase her power, so there's no point in giving it to her. 

    With his senses wide open, Chen Ming streaked the skies on his cloud, coming like a storm above a mountain peak. He found a cave with a trace of immortal power within its depths. He stepped inside, and only after walking ten li did a golden flash welcomed him. 

    To be perfectly honest, to one loaded with cultivation methods as I am, there aren't many pieces of immortal equipment who won't bind to me. He wiped the dust away and an undamaged storage ring entered his eyes.

    The storage ring was on a golden fingerbone. Chen Ming was having doubt if his luck changed for the better. It was a storage ring and an immortal's item at that!

    Chen Ming pried the ring from the skeleton, peeked to see if anyone was watching, and stashed the bones. That done, he sent his spiritual power inside the ring to see what laid in store for him.

    If all immortals keep their treasures on themselves at all times, then I struck gold!


    (1)    It can also mean arrogant, confident.


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  • Chapter 205: Just a Bit More, but I Can't Cultivate It Anyway

    When spiritual power finally seeped into the ring, he found one huge empty space. And resting there were 18 twin spacial stones. Why these things?

    18 teleportation arrays?

    But with these, he could set one at Yan Mountain and another on his body. This way he would return at a moment's notice.

    Who the hell said that these guys stashed their treasures in storage ring? It's nothing like in the novels!

    But it was quite reasonable when he thought about it. Those who didn't bring their wealth with them feared meeting their end against the next opponent. 

    An average storage ring had some items with tactical importance. 

    But since there was a third immortal skeleton, then there must be a third immortal equipment.

    Since three immortals already met their end in Origin Sect's grounds, this place wasn't that fortuitous. 

    Chen Ming went on with his search.

    Ling Xian relied on his intuition, venturing deeper into the tree. After flying for four hours, he arrived before a pond at the bottom of the tree. And what filled it was natural Grand Dao energy! 

    I looked high and low for so long and only got a trace of it in Purple Mountain. Yet here, I find a full pond of it!

    Ling Xian didn't rush to absorb it since it was too much, and saw a white skeleton in the pond's center, with a blue emblem in its palm. 

    Ling Xian jumped into the natural Grand Dao energy pond and reached for the emblem. It rested in his hand with three words inscribed on it: Divine Wood Seal.

    He only touched it and already felt his spiritual power surging. The natural Grand Dao energy was drawn to the Divine Wood Seal, burrowing inside it.

    As the level of natural Grand Dao energy dropped, it revealed countless symbols on the bottom of the pond, "This is the complete Dao Canon!" 

    Dao Canon, the first among myriad Daos!

    This first line shocked Ling Xian's mind. He saw the symbols transforming and evoking their true meaning, giving him the opportunity to understand them without effort. Besides, this transformation was connected to his instinct.

    Just what is this situation?

    From the white skeleton, symbols began to rise one after the other, and as Ling Xian comprehend them they sank in his body, painting his entire bones in white jade ancient symbols. 

    The spiritual energy moved erratically around him, forming a whirlpool, and above it, another black vortex formed.

    Ling Xian lifted his head and understood. That was his Heavenly Tribulation.

    He still saw many more symbols around him. If Master was here, his lecture would've helped me understand them all!

    At this moment, the four Sovereigns were making a dash to his location. Liu Xuancha never felt more amazed in his life, "Dao Canon cultivation has such a secret! He is forming a Dao Seed with his cultivation! My body is the art, my path is the Dao!"

    Fairy Zi Xia said, "As Chen Ming's disciple, it's obvious he'd find his chance. But what's with it being so absurdly powerful?"

    Xue Xunmei said, "I don't believe it! Li Suyi is a demonic cultivator, Zhuo Qingyao a hardship cultivator, and now Ling Xian is an immortal cultivator. They don't match at all."

    A gale swept their side and Chen Ming was there, on his three-colored cloud. Fairy Zi Xia asked, "How did you get your hands on a three-colored cloud? It looks like an immortal's mount." 

    Chen Ming signaled Fairy Zi Xia to shut up, "I don't have the time for that right now!"

    One look at Ling Xian's situation and he understood what was happening. He spent six thousand merits to bring Dao Canon to completion then spoke, "Clear sky and muddy earth, the wind stirs as the clouds are calm. I know not its name, as the strong name speaks of Dao. The Dao is the mother of all creatures, the origin of all, be it living or not. Thus the heaven and earth split in yin and yang, native to the sun and moon. The heaven and earth is merciless and so is the Grand Dao..."

    Ling Xian closed his eyes, listening enraptured to Chen Ming's lecture on Grand Dao. The more he heard the more floating symbols around him sank into his body.

    Liu Xuancha, Xue Xunmei, Fairy Zi Xia and Su Qinggang looked at each other in dismay, "Can this guy really pierce through all Dao Canon's meanings?" 

    "How did he do it? I just want to know just how bored was he!"

    "Les than you might think from the look of things. From Ling Xian's appearance, Dao Canon has a great secret hidden behind it!"

    The passing of the day marked the end to Chen Ming's lecture and with it, the final three symbols entered Ling Xian's body. The white jade skeleton also crumbled to dust. Chen Ming looked at Ling Xian and found another aura.

    'Dao Bones Aura

    Description: my path is the Dao, my body the art

    Effect: spiritual energy control. Once enabled, all spiritual energy in a ten li range is under your control.'

    Chen Ming was swept by shock and disbelief. That's a Main Character for you, his aura goes beyond strong! When he cultivates, he can do what no one else can, suck spiritual energy dry in a ten li range.

    In times of battle, the spiritual energy comes under his control. You tell me if that ain't scary!

    But why the hell don't I have it?

    I also can't get my hands on Zhuo Qingyao's Eight Sacred Powers Aura. I might cultivate Nine Nines Mysteries Art, but mine isn't genuine!

    Chen Ming turned to the scripture on the pond's bottom. Conquering Immortals Art. This scripture seems more intricate than a mere immortal art.

    Is this what the Origin Sect relied on to kill immortals?

    Chen Ming spoke in his mind, "Comprehend Conquering Immortals Art!"

    "Ding! It requires ten million merits. Not enough merits."

    Chen Ming's eyes lost focus. This needs a bit more merits, but why do I care? I can't train in it anyway!

  • Chapter 206: Immortal Rage

    I might not be able to train in Conquering Immortals Art, but it is obvious its might can't be fathomed!

    Chen Ming guessed that the scriptures asking for such insane amount of merits weren't the same as Bones of the Taotie, needing to be trained to completion before using it. Otherwise, even the many immortals that appeared before in this land wouldn't have been able to learn them. No matter how impressive the Origin Sect was, it still couldn't learn it fully.

    "How many stages does it have?"

    "Ding! After analysis, the Conquering Immortals Art has four stages: Ascending, Sea Gazing, Flay Mountains, and Palm of Extinction."

    "How many merits do I need for the Ascending stage?"

    "Ding! After analysis, fifty thousand merits."

    Hmm, I can lear the first stage, but should I? Fifty thousand merits wasn't pocket change for Chen Ming. He had more than a hundred thousand merits on hand but he saved them for when he found other cultivation methods. He needed to form three thousand Dao Seed after all.

    Above Ling Xian, the tribulation cloud drifted down golden petals. Chen Ming said, "Just what kind of Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation is this?"

    Fairy Zi Xia hasn't seen one like this either, "The petal contains Immortal's Pressure. How is this possible? Just what cultivation method is Ling Xian cultivating to triggered Immortal's Rage?"

    Liu Xuancha said, "This Heavenly Tribulation will kill him beyond any doubt."

    Xue Xunmei said, "Now I see why no one cultivated Dao Canon. Their Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation is at this level, blocking all paths at life!"

    Su Qinggang said, "This kind of cultivation method seems to incite Heaven's jealousy. Even the firmament can be envious. Those who the Heaven covets die young."

    Ling Xian stood among the golden petals and an immortal power struck him. He faced the Divine Wood Seal at the incoming attack, yet was overwhelmed and coughed blood.

    Fairy Zi Xia turned her gaze at Chen Ming. He jumped into the Heavenly Tribulation to save her and was afraid he would do the same for his disciple. "Chen Ming, this is different from my tribulation. It is three times as strong than my Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation and if you enter, it will become three times that of your Transcending realm Tribulation! It might even become an Immortal Tribulation!"

    Liu Xuancha said, "This is not a trial we can defy."

    Xue Xunmei said, "To resist it, you'll have to have the power of those on the Dao Comprehending Board, or it will prove of no use."

    Su Qinggang shook his head, "It's wishful thinking to have that kind of power just when he entered the Dao Comprehending realm. He's a mere Dao Seed stage cultivator!"

    Ling Xian wiped the blood from his mouth, recalling head senior sister's voice as she once stood before the Sword Mountain, or how hurt she looked each day trying to comprehend the sword intent in the boat, "No, I won't yield. I went through many hardships to reach the Dao Comprehending realm, and I'm not about to give it all up so easily! Even when head senior sister was riddled with wounds, she still stood her ground!"

    Ling Xian lifted Divine Wood Seal, and the spiritual energy in ten li gathered here, "Finger From Beyond!"

    In a ten li radius there was not a drop of spiritual energy left. Five fingers took form, followed by a blue hand. It charged at the incoming immortal power keeping it at bay for a while, but it still vanished in the end.

    Immortal power descended, light and graceful like a feather. From the contact alone, Ling Xian spat blood, then smashed into the ground, creating a large hole. He struggled to get back up, "No! I cultivated for three years to reach this realm. I won't yield! If I trained in another scripture I would've been King by now, but I remained steadfast with Dao Canon. Even if Heaven wants me dead, I won't accept it!" 

    Ling Xian rose in the air, only to be brought down again by the immortal power.

    Chen Ming took in Ling Xian's appearance. If I am to go in, it won't help at all. Ling Xian is on his own.

    Conquering Immortals Art. The name itself showed its purpose. Dao Canon cultivators must have found their Dao Comprehending real Tribulation would contain immortal power and created this art to withstand it.

    Even if he learned it now, it didn't mean Ling Xian could too!

    Even a genius had its limit. When a genius challenged above his realm it still followed a set of rules!

    To be able to comprehend with a single look, it depended on the type of magical art. This magical art was an art that immortals clearly feared, one incomparable with to immortal ranked arts.

    It would be a crude joke to think Ling Xian would comprehend it in an instant.

    Just what cheat can I give Ling Xian in this situation?

    Does this mean this fellow isn't a Main Character, that he will fall here and now?

    No! Regardless of it all, he is still my disciple. As long as he's my disciple I will always save him. Chen Ming looked up at the sky, "Wretched Heaven, you need to ask for my permission first before you can to take my, Chen Ming, disciple away!"

    Fairy Zi Xia flew next to him, "This Heavenly Tribulation is not something you can fool around with. You will die if you go, are you trying to kill yourself?"

    Chen Ming calmly brushed her hand away, "Yan Mountain doesn't practice the custom of its Master ignoring his disciples. Any who dares harm my, Chen Ming, disciples I will destroy. Be it the earth, I will tear it asunder. Be it Heaven, I will extinguish the sun and moon!"

    Ling Xian turned his head, looking at Chen Ming with his face covered in blood. He abandoned wiping it as it proved futile, "Master!"

    He only yelled Master, not a word more.

    Chen Ming chuckled, as carefree as the day he accepted Ling Xian, "Don't be afraid. Isn't it just a Heavenly Tribulation? Master is here with you! You are my second disciple!" 

    The stars left Chen Ming's back and ten thousand swords danced as he moved forward.

    Yan Mountain.

    A shout echoed from a disciple's room, "No! I must bear spiritual energy's baptism! I am the only one who has yet to enter the Dao Initiation realm. But this will all change, today!"

    "The final Dao Sense realm cultivator in Yan Mountain is my humiliation. I am treated like a sect's successor here, yet after almost two years I still didn't breakthrough. Isn't it just a mere spiritual energy baptism? Come!"

    He uncorked a pill bottle and took the only pill inside. Spiritual energy exploded in his stomach and rushed at his Dao Palace, cramming inside and giving him the feeling he might explode!  

    "I will succeed! Master has done so much for us and now is my time to work hard for Yan Mountain. Yet my power is lacking, and I can't receive the order of expansion. I also want to be like my seniors, strolling all over the land!"

    Spiritual energy caused havoc in the room for two more hours before it vanished without a trace. 

    This could mean two things. One, his ambition ended and so did his life. And two, advancement to the Dao Initiation realm, with spiritual energy compressed into changing in spiritual power. 

    A loud boom burst out, as the spiritual power swept the room and destroying all that was within. A voice came from the ruined room, "Today, I will go receive my order for expansion. I am now a Yan Mountain pioneer!"

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  • Chapter 207: Enlighten Aura

    "Ding! You completed the title advancement mission. Your title is upgraded. You are no longer a high-ranked cannon fodder, but a Sects Ruler. Reward: Enlighten Aura."

    "Ding! As your fame broke the hundred thousand mark, you can accept a new title advancement mission. Current challenge titles..."

    "Ding! You triggered the mission Heaven's Jealousy. Ling Xian is in imminent peril. Please teach Ling Xian the Conquering Immortals Art, help him overcome his Heavenly Tribulation. Reward: 10,000 merits."

    Chen Ming had no time to check his title advancement mission and went directly to Enlighten Aura.

    'Enlighten Aura

    Description: voice piercing through the Grand Dao, awakening one to the right path.

    Effect: once enable, your words have a trace of enlightenment.

    Note: you can only fill your words with wisdom once per month.

    'Fill with wisdom?'

    As in, I can quickly teach others what I know?

    Chen Ming instantly flew before the Conquering Immortals Art. Below there were still immortal bloodstains. He looked at the scripture and spoke in his mind, "Comprehend the first stage of Conquering Immortals Art!"

    "Ding! You consumed 50,000 merits. You learned the first stage of Conquering Immortals Art: Ascending."

    The symbols revolved in his mind, giving him a quick understanding of Conquering Immortals Art's secret. Fairy Zi Xia watched him, and impossible thought rushed through her head, "The Conquering Immortals Art is what Origin Sect used to overcome their unusual Heavenly Tribulation. Is he trying to lear it then impart it to Ling Xian?"

    Liu Xuancha said, "This is preposterous! Thinking he could learn it in an instant, and then teach it to Ling Xian. Ling Xian doesn't have much time. Even if he comprehends it, how can Ling Xian learn it?"

    Xue Xunmei said, "His disciple is about to die from the Heavenly Tribulation. We mustn't disturb his final struggle."

    Su Qinggang said, "Let's go, we shouldn't disturb them. "

    Countless symbols revolved before Chen Ming's eyes, then one by one entered them. His eyes flashed. 

    Chen Ming enabled Enlighten Aura, including activating this month's words of wisdom, and shouted towards Ling Xian, "Ling Xian, watch closely! Do as your Master!" 

    Ling Xian nodded, eyes riveted to Chen Ming's every movement, "Yes, Master!"

    Fairy Zi Xia and the rest thought to give Chen Ming some space to calm down, who didn't want to witness Ling Xian's fall. But then they heard his shout. 

    They turned so fast it almost gave them a whiplash, only to see Chen Ming performing an art. His arms flowed and his feet stepped firmly while speaking, "The tiger and snake live on the ground, not trying to contest the height of the firmament. Yet the Will of Heaven is unfathomable, as a tiger grows wings and the snake a horn. Bear witness to my, Ling Xian, resolve. I shall challenge Heaven and see who's greater!" 

    A winged white tiger jumped from Chen Ming's left hand, while a horned python coiled on his left.

    Ling Xian began to follow Chen Ming's movements to the letter, "The tiger and snake live on the ground, not trying to contest the hight of the firmament. Yet the Will of Heaven is unfathomable, as a tiger grows wings and the snake a horn. Bear witness to my, Ling Xian, resolve. I shall challenge Heaven and see who's greater!"

    From the Divine Wood Seal on Ling Xian, natural Grand Dao energy came out, gathering around Ling Xian's arms. They took the form of a white tiger flying around his left, and of a coiling horned python on his right.

    Ling Xian's waved his fists, and the tiger grew wings, turning into Qiongqi(1), while the horned python became a Flood Dragon. His hands shook and the two beasts flew, ripping apart the incoming immortal power! 

    The four Sovereigns were moved to the core, "How does Chen Ming have such a terrifying perception?"

    "It is indeed, but Ling Xian's perception isn't far behind either. Does that mean his teaching worked?"

    "Must be that Chen Ming's imparting was perfect. Even with Ling Xian's perception, there's no way he could learn the Conquering Immortals Art in such a short time!"

    Chen Ming waved his fists while imparting Ling Xian wisdom, "Master, Heaven wants to destroy me, but how can I stop it?"

    Chen Ming burst in laughter, "Wave your fists together. Let's see how will Heaven face us now!"

    Ling Xian threw his fists, sending Qiongqi and the Flood Dragon together, "We'll more likely give it a bloody nose!"

    Ling Xian's sleeves fluttered, with natural Grand Dao energy coming from within, turning into the two beasts and conquering the immortal power!

    If one place ran out of spiritual energy, he'd move to the next, sucked it dry, and released the Conquering Immortals Art to kill the immortal power. As more fists flew, Ling Xian became more carefree, punching like a paragon, and sweeping the land. His body was enveloped by a bluish aura, like a Grand Dao's son. 

    Liu Xuancha said, "I see now why Dao Canon is so hard to cultivate. Ling Xian just entered Dao Comprehending realm yet he has the power to kill a Divine Palace stage!"

    Chen Ming taught for two hours, going through all of Conquering Immortals Art's intricacies. They were all open to Ling Xian's eyes, who studied from his Master all this time. Chen Ming smiled at Ling Xian and shouted, "Did you learn it?" 

    Ling Xian nodded, "Yes!"

    Chen Ming chuckled, "That's my, Chen Ming, disciple! You didn't let me down. Since you learned it, face this Heavenly Tribulation and see just what it can do!"

    Ling Xian turned and laughed at the tribulation, "Here I come, Conquering Immortals Art!"

    Ling Xian punched again and again, in the face of the booming Heavenly Tribulation. Qiongqi's wings send powerful winds as it flew, while Flood Dragon had lightning flickering across its body as it went on a rampage.  

    Ling Xian could now face the immortal power head-on and kill it. He popped the cork of a pill bottle and down its contents. 

    Fairy Zi Xia's eyes revealed a familiar look, "Ling Xian's style seems strikingly similar to Chen Ming when he overcame his tribulation."

    Liu Xuancha's sigh went on and on, "Who let their sect have tens of thousand alchemists? All we can do is look in envy."

    How could Ling Xian lack pills when he was Chen Ming's legacy disciple and spent most of his time on Yan Mountain?

    Yet this was a Dao Comprehending realm Tribulation, not needing as many as Chen Ming used on his. 

    Another six hours later, the tribulation cloud scattered and Ling Xian's cultivation officially entered the Dao Comprehending realm.

    "Ding! You completed Heaven's Jealousy. Reward: 10,000 merits."

    With the passing of the tribulation, Ling Xian fell to his knees before Chen Ming, "Thank you, Master, for your guidance!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Stand."

    But Ling Xian didn't show any intention to, "Master, because of me, the demonic sect took third junior brother. My heart cannot find peace. I want to go bring third junior brother back!" 

    Fairy Zi Xia said, "The whole world is littered with King ranked battlefields. Do you want to leave Yan Mountain in such times?"

    Chen Ming didn't try to advise him like Fairy Zi Xia, "Have you thought it through?"

    Ling Xian nodded with determination, "Master, I know the world is in chaos. I do not want for third junior brother to make any more mistakes. Master cannot involve himself in this war but, as his senior brother, I must stop him!"

    Chen Ming saw Ling Xian danger value at 500+300. The restricted value reached the three hundred mark and was already considered stronger than a Divine Palace stage. He also recalled what Li Suyi told him once. When Ling Xian reached the Dao Comprehending realm, he would soar. Chen Ming nodded and sighed, "Go. Master has no demands, just two words, come back alive."

    Ling Xian was confused, "Master, aren't those three words?" 

    Chen Ming kicked Ling Xian, "Beat it! Think you are worthy of teaching your Master math! Get lost! And don't bother me! Oh, here's a two-colored cloud as a mount. Take it and scram faster!"

    Chen Ming waved a two-colored cloud before Ling Xian, then explained its controls.

    Ling Xian held the Divine Wood Seal, knocked his head hard three times on the ground, and then jumped on the cloud, "Master, disciple is leaving!"

    Ling Xian went in the direction of Forest of Origin, accompanied by Ling clan's ancestor mumbles from the ring, "That's a true reincarnated immortal. Even if I'm an immortal, fear still lingers from being in front of the Conquering Immortals Art. Towards comprehending the Conquering Immortals Art, even if I take a millennium to understand it, it won't guarantee I will do it. Yet he only took a look, then impart it to Ling Xian in an instant."

    Three days later found Ling Xian wearing a bamboo hat as he entered a tavern. There was a loud commotion inside, "Did you hear? Demonic sect's head disciple, Ya Mo, crushed all Demonic Kings into submission. I don't think it will be long before they talk of him attacking the immortal sect!"

    "Yan Mountain is one strange sect. Its third disciple entered the demonic sect and became the Demons Ruler!"

    "What! Ya Mo's power reached such level?"

    "That's reality. Ya Mo's title is similar to Kings Ruler, unmatched below the Sovereign rank!"

    Ling Xian patted the two cultivators engaged in furious gossip, "Do you know where is Ya Mo?"

    One said in confusion, "Who are you? You do know we're talking about the powerful Ya Mo here, right?"

    Ling Xian chuckled, "I'm his second senior brother."

    They all remembered how Yan Mountain had another person, the last on the Dao Initiation Board. Yet in a single day, he became the last on the Dao Comprehending Board. He was Ling Xian.

    There was nothing impressive hearing about his rank, but there were few who could enter the second board so fast. Most of the ones on the Dao Comprehending Board were at the Aspect stage, the last stage in the Dao Comprehending realm. 

    That meant he crossed the Dao Seed stage, Divine Palace stage, and entered the Aspect stage in one step!

    Hearing Ling Xian's identity, the people shared all they knew of Li Suyi. Ling Xian asked in doubt, "Why do you call Li Suyi Ya Mo?"

    One answered, "It's very simple. Rumor has it that demonic sect's head disciple doesn't speak when killing, and people came to think of him as mute. That is why they call him Ya Mo(1)."

    Ling Xian couldn't help but recall the rule Master gave Li Suyi. First rule: never speak when killing.



    (1)      Qiongqi represents Deviousness. It looks like a winged tiger. It eats people, instigates wars, and commits many other evil deeds. One of the four evil creatures alongside Taotie.

    (2)    哑巴= mute.  His name comes from the fist character of mute and the character for demon.

  • Chapter 208: The New Title Challenge Mission

    Chen Ming's eyes followed Ling Xian leaving on his cloud and, when he vanished, Fairy Zi Xia's teasing came, "What's wrong? Didn't you say to him to scram faster? Why prolong it? Are you missing him already?"  

    Chen Ming's response, "He's not your disciple, so you won't feel my pain."

    Ling Xian passed his Heavenly Tribulation and Chen Ming now had the time to check his title advancement mission.

    To be honest, Chen Ming figured out already what this mission meant. A chance to gain another aura. A chance at another aura outside of completing achievements. 

    He began looking over his new title challenges:

    '1. Master of the Scarlet Tide (Unique)

    As the fires of war rise, the Scarlet Tide shall once again shroud the earth. It might be a calamity or the spark of hope. Let the Scarlet Tide sweep the whole land and you will receive this title.

    Additional reward: Tyrant Aura

    Completion: 5%.

    2. Star-Lord (Unique)

    Across the whole sky, in the endless Grand Dao, a Star-Lord carries three thousand stars on his back. With a flash of your eyes, you will make all stars move. Form three thousand stars on your back to earn this title.

    Additional reward: Sky Bearer Aura

    Completion: 3.1%.

    3. Array Demon (Uncommon)

    Where ever you go, hell follows. Walking the path of arrays, you descend on this land like a demon. Before the Transcending realm, transform your consciousness into divine will and control three thousand arrays.

    Additional reward: Brutal Aura

    Completion: 0.05%.

    4. Eminent Alchemist (Uncommon)

    Your skill in alchemy has undergone massive growth. Refine an immortal pill to earn this title. 

    Additional reward: Pill Heart Aura lvl 2

    Completion: 0%.'

    5. Wandering Daoist (Rare) 

    You are a mysterious diviner. Be it in the eyes of the common people or in those of cultivators, you will remain a mystery to all of them. Use your divination skill to scam mortals out of a hundred thousand tales of gold and you can obtain this title.

    Additional reward: Spirit Eye Aura

    Completion: 0%.'

    6. Thousand-faced Fox (unique)

    The aspect of your mask turns the others speechless and gives you an air of mystery. While wearing a paper mask, become an immortal grade sect's Grand Elder, prove your Enlightenment in a Buddhist Sect, a second Sect Leader in the demonic sect, a Commander in the Ghost Domain, and a Venerable to fiends.

    Additional reward: Secretive Aura and one of the ten great immortal arts, Thousand-faced Doll Words. 

    Completion: 0%.'

    Chen Ming peered closer, What Tyrant Aura and Brutal Aura? It's clearly the path of a boss to death!

    But the quality of these titles got higher and I never heard of a useless aura. Just from the name, Tyrant Aura must be quite powerful, yet I can't tell what are its effects. There's no point in even considering Thousand-faced Fox. My identity is known to everyone. At least, I won't have any chance of getting it in these lands. Its requests aren't that bad, but that Commander in the Ghost Domain is just not possible!

    Don't I have to die for that?

    Eminent Alchemist and Wandering Daoist are out since they can't improve my strength. Let others have these part-time jobs that can't improve one's abilities.

    Part-time jobs are impossible jobs. It's impossible for me to have part-time jobs in this life!

    Array Demon isn't that needed. To have three thousand types of arrays I will need heaps of merits, while I'm currently running dangerously low on them. I still need to train in three thousand cultivation methods first. Why would I ever go learn so many arrays when I can only control just a few?

    They seem to be just like the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array. While Eight Extreme Swords Array has been long forgotten.

    This Star-Lord mission looks doable. I'm already needed to train in three thousand cultivation methods, and each extra Dao Seed means another star on my back. This title also has a unique rating. Its aura can't be too bad!

    Chen Ming spoke in his mind, "I choose Star-Lord!"

    "Ding! You have now received your title advancement mission. Please fulfill it."

    Chen Ming turned to the four Sovereigns to the side, "What are we supposed to do now?"

    Liu Xuancha said, "After wrapping it up over here, we can leave for the next forbidden area. The mission states that we need to stay here for a while longer."

    Chen Ming said, "I see."

    A sudden voice swept Chen Ming's mind, "Ding! You triggered a storyline reward mission: Subdue Forest of Origin. Please subdue the Forest of Origin, to let the qualified cultivators of the immortal sect go on a treasure hunt. Reward: 30,000 spiritual knowledge and 3,000 fame. Note: don't ask why it came just now. The system never thought you could complete it. Completion: 83.2%."

    "Ding! You triggered a storyline reward mission: Subdue the Land of the Dragon Hoard..."

    "Ding! You triggered a storyline reward mission: Subdue Fire Phoenix's Nest..."


    The system lady has the same sharp tongue as always, acting cute while rolling delayed missions.

    As for how did these missions came about, Chen Ming surmised they were all triggered by the plot.  

    But for Chen Ming, his fate was his number one priority. Li Suyi is now called Ya Mo. Am I going to die by my own disciple's hand? 

    Li Suyi's aura reached a staggering level and also has a high chance of surpassing me in strength.

    It's not clear if the changing of my title will relate to the changing of my fate. Chen Ming looked over his fate:

    'Fate: A year after the Grand World Opening, at the Demon Subjugation Gathering, you will die at the hand of demonic sect's Head Disciple Ya Mo. Note: because of your tireless effort, and your relation with Ya Mo, a new variable appears but the effects are unknown.'

    Still unchanged? This means my title is too low, not enough to change my fate. Sects Ruler is just a common title after all.

    But it's enough knowing there's a variable.

    Need to think of a way to aver it. I, Chen Ming, don't want to die at my own disciple's hand. Does a little bastard want to upturn Heaven?

    Your Master's speed in improving will leave you gobsmacked!

    Doesn't the demonic sect have Wu Jiang? I will just end him. Let's see who in this land can face me, Immortal Master Chen?

    With a clearer head, he resumed completing his mission. But what had Chen Ming's heart still beating, was another immortal equipment around here somewhere. Three immortal skeletons were found yet only two immortal equipment turned out.

    Chen Ming eyed Fairy Zi Xia as well as the rest, "I cultivate Dao Canon and the Conquering Immortals Art sparked my interest. I will remain here a while longer, while also waiting for Yan Mountain's disciples to show up and give them some things."

    The others didn't give him a hard time, with Liu Xuancha saying, "Alright. We will give Forest of Origin's report to the entire immortal sect, not to rush carelessly and avoid senseless losses." 

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  • Chapter 209: There Are no Spirit Stones I, Immortal Master Chen, Can't Spend

    Once the four Sovereigns were out of sight, Chen Ming once again started his search for that last immortal equipment. There were no other people around, and Chen Ming didn't believe he couldn't find it. Fate hangs over my head, and I don't have a Luck Aura in limited time. He wouldn't go treasure hunting for anything else and was going to hand the rest of the work to others.

    His mind turned, Li Suyi and Ling Xian broke through to the Dao Comprehending realm. I can now draw two lottery tickets. I was preparing to have Ling Xian's Luck Aura rub off on me. And since he just broke through, the moment is ripe. In the imposing atmosphere, he rubbed himself in the remnants of Luck Aura, "Draw! Come out, come out immortal equipment!" 

    "Ding! Drawing two lottery tickets... You obtained Underworld Judge's Brush(imitation) and the Book of Life and Death(imitation). You obtained a Heaven Spirit Vein. Please inspect the rewards."




    I won!

    And big too!

    The Underworld Judge's Brush and the Book of Life and Death might be imitations, but their name alone inspires power!

    What was even more important was the heaven ranked Spirit Vein!

    Above Spirit Vein is the earth ranked Spirit Vein, something a Sovereign might have. Above the earth ranked Spirit Vein was the heaven ranked Spirit Vein. This is something only the four ancient immortal sects or the demonic sect might posses. It's a first-rate Spirit Vein!

    Just how many disciples can I raise with this?

    We'll have more and more spirit stones coming in!

    He released his awareness, searching for his surroundings while flying on the cloud. Even after three days, he has yet to find any immortal equipment. He did find plenty of King ranked spiritual herbs though, in the hundreds. Based on the agreement with Forest of Origin, he only took half, but it wasn't little even so. Across the whole land, there were barely any King ranked pills, and finding so many ingredients here was enough to satisfy even someone of Chen Ming's appetite. 

    Chen Ming suddenly detected a trace of immortal power, "What did I say? There's no way I can't find it when I'm the only one searching!"

    Chen Ming flew ecstatic and threw away the soil with spiritual power. A brush entered Chen Ming's eyes, baffling him. How can the immortal equipment be a brush?

    But when he heard the system lady's voice, his mood changed for the better, "Ding! Assessing Underworld Judge's Brush(imitation). Because you cultivate the Illustrious Casket, you earned its approval."

    Chen Ming stretched his hand, Is this Chen Lingyu's tailored immortal equipment?

    Chen Ming kept on with his search. Underworld Judge's Brush was here so the Book of Life and Death shouldn't be too far. Not a moment later, he held the said book in his hand. Like the Underworld Judge's Brush, the book also approved of him. Chen Ming rolled his eyes, The effect of these items is beyond strange.

    After using the Underworld Judge's Brush and the Book of Life and Death, as long you write the target's name and birth date, and the target is on this land, you can send death soldiers to attack him at any given time. That means, if the enemy traveled, or was sleeping in a brothel, he could receive the death soldiers' attack.

    Is this even an immortal equipment?

    All kinds of crazy things exist in this world!

    The effect of the Underworld Judge's Brush and the Book of Life and Death are much stronger than immortal equipment. They could be rated even higher.

    But Chen Ming wasn't certain. Immortal equipment was an immortal's weapon. Once they attained the Immortal realm, most likely they wouldn't attack these lands, treading the path to immortality outside it. It was of no benefit to them. But for those under them who wanted to look up at the sky and go higher, the threat was unimaginable. 

    Also, didn't the immortal holding the Underworld Judge's Brush and the Book of Life and Death still died because of Origin Sect? 

    Chen Ming found this power a bit unreliable, since not only did it called upon death soldiers, but also the Underworld River's waters. If the enemy fought us when the Underworld River descends, won't it kill our side's people too?

    This immortal equipment's effect could attack over extreme distances but was unreliable. It was better to fight the other face to face.

    When killing, including one's own men, you couldn't just say luck wasn't on your side. It was still a human life. Once this immortal equipment was activated, one needed to be cautious. I will have to have a long talk with Chen Yu. But not Chen Ling'er, since she doesn't like killing at all.

    Now that he collected Underworld Judge's Brush and the Book of Life and Death, he thought he should go find the Heaven Spirit Vein. With such a Spirit Vein, no matter how many disciples I have, I can raise them all.

    After some thought, Chen Ming came to the conclusion the Spirit Vein should be beneath the Origin Sect. Wonder how it looks. The spirit around a normal vein is just a palm-sized little guy. I wonder how big a Heaven Spirit Vein's spirit is? Is it male or female? 

    Chen Ming lowered his head and made a tunnel in the ground with his spiritual power. Burrowing a hundred li down, he finally found a spirit stone. Since he found its home, the spirit shouldn't be too far. 

    Chen Ming put the spirit stone into the storage ring from the immortal, since it had plenty of space, with only a few twin spacial stones inside.

    He soon discovered many spirit stones fragments around him. It must have been buried here for so long that even the spirit stones decayed. From the looks of things, these spirit stones seem to be the ones produced by the Heaven Spirit Vein.

    As he stashed them away, Chen Ming came upon a gathering of spirit stones, in the shape of a river. Wherever one looked, it could see the dazzling light of spirit stones!

    A Heaven Spirit Vein lives up to its name!

    It's much faster than all other Spirit Veins in producing spirit stones!

    Only a Heaven Spirit Vein can support an ancient immortal sect!

    Chen Ming had no idea how many he collected since he wouldn't stop till the storage ring was full. When he began, he found wind spirit stones. He kept hoarding until he had around a hundred thousand, yet the spirit stone river had no end as if it was infinite. This overjoyed Chen Ming.  

    The Origin Sect, in its prime, must have been like an ancient immortal sect, with most spirit stones coming just from this Heaven Spirit Vein.

    When he reached the two hundred million mark, it came as a surprise to find a fire attribute spirit stone river next to him. Just what kind of situation is this?

    Oh, I seem to have heard Fairy Zi Xia once say her sect's Heaven Spirit Vein can produce spirit stones of many attributes.

    Chen Ming burst in laughter, "This is great, the spirit stones keep on coming! See how I'll later crush everyone with spirit stones! What an outstanding feeling!"

    Then Chen Ming's vision was in swooning, "Hold on, don't I have three thousand and six hundred broken toys back home?"

    With a hundred thousand spirit stones per person, it would be quite hard to train a Regalia Regiment. If he could get his hands on more than three billion spirit stones, giving a million spirit stones to each disciple, them the same status as Archfiends, it should solve this problem. This way, the speed of Scarlet Tide would increase exponentially!  

    Really, there are no spirit stones I, Immortal Master Chen, can't spend!

  • Chapter 210: Heaven Spirit Vein

    Spirit stones depicted in small rivers ran over the stone walls, casting dazzling hues.

    Chen Ming kept advancing, harvesting spirit stones all the while. And where did he get? To a large space, with a small mountain in its center. But what was interesting was the fact only spirit stones were used in forming the small mountain.

    Spirit stones glowed in myriad tones like a galaxy in the night sky, of impeccable beauty and natural perfection. But all these were reduced to mere money in Chen Ming's eyes! 

    Truth be told, this shady fortune was one of very few Chen Ming got his hands on. It couldn't compare with mere clan pilfering.

    A chance like this was rarer than rare.

    As piles of spirit stones kept going in the storage ring, Chen Ming found a cave inside the mountain. He had no interest in going in, You think Immortal Master Chen is the type to go pay a visit?

    Of course, the spirit stones around it come first!

    After packing god knew how many hundreds of millions of spirit stones, a dark green tree caught Chen Ming's eye. It emanated thick spiritual energy, to the point that it could be felt when breathing. 

    Even the surrounding air was foggy.

    On the green three at a hight of a man, laid perched an infant-sized bird. It had a long beak and, instead of feathers, green leaves with jade luster. As Chen Ming stared at this woodpecker it took this moment to preoccupy itself with the wood in front of it.  

    This can't be real, right?

    It is a Heaven Spirit Vein! Yet you mean to tell me it passed its days eating wood?

    But Chen Ming soon found it entirely reasonable. The Forest of Origin was filled with ancient trees, and since it couldn't dip its beak in spiritual herbs, it had no choice but to delight itself in wood.

    When it noticed Chen Ming, its leafy body trembled and its clear lustrous eyes began to tear up.

    Chen Ming's thought: Is this a spirit's moe attack?

    Chen Ming had yet to react when the woodpecker threw itself in his embrace, "You're finally here. I sensed Dao Canon's energy and new your return. You have no idea what all I've eaten is wood ever since you left. I've eaten, uh, how long? I can't even remember!"

    A memory struck Chen Ming, in which Fairy Zi Xia told him Heaven Spirit Vein was intelligent and were capable of speech. They weren't as crude as those other Spirit Veins, having just simple thought. A Heaven Spirit Vein had the mentality of a child. In other words, a tasty treat could deal with this headache!

    And I, Immortal Master Chen, fight for food with spirits every day!

    He took a candy apple from his storage ring and gave it to the woodpecker, Uh, three-legged. Is that a Bifang Crane?(1)

    Bifang Crane snatched the candy apple with its small claw, finishing in no time at all!

    Now that's one ravenous appetite!

    Chen Ming gave it another and used this chance to paint the spirit pact on its forehead.

    It was never meant to be this easy to subdue a Heaven Spirit Vein, just that anyone who had a Heaven Spirit Vein would treat it like a child by giving it treats and used the chance to paint the spirit pact. Raising spirits, in contrast to raising pests, was barely any difference. You still needed to brush its plumage, gave it a snack and hang out! Spirit Veins had no fighting abilities, more so for those that produced spirit stones. They were simply manufacturing tools. 

    Subduing Spirit Veins had nothing to with luck, but strength. If you had enough power, you could hold on to one. If not, even if you found one, another would come and steal it.

    With the spirit pact done, the Bifang Crane cast Chen Ming a more friendly look, who began whispering soft words, "Little guy, it's better if you come with me, and I will make sure you'll only eat delicious food!"  

    The spirit pact was done, so the Bifang Crane didn't even hesitate, feeling a strange feeling of closeness from Chen Ming, "Sure, sure!" 

    Seeing as Chen Ming didn't eat any, Bifang Crane flew holding two, "Have one! This is the tastiest I've ever eaten!"

    Chen Ming's thought, This little guy's behavior ain't bad at all. It knows when to share, while also gentle like a human. With him, in the mixt, the rest of the spirits shouldn't be fighting for much longer. I've decided, you'll be handling the spirits as their leader!

    Stuffing the tree into his storage ring, then letting Bifang Crane perch on his shoulder, Chen Ming was ready to take it back to Yan Mountain.

    With this little guy, the level of the spiritual energy on Yan Mountain will reach an astonishing degree.

    Chen Ming took stock of the number of spirit stones he collected. Over four billion should be enough to push the development of the Scarlet Tide to its peak.

    But before he left, he had to hide Bifang Crane from the eyes of the ancient immortal sects. Yan Mountain was also close to the Demonic Domain and would be unlikely he could keep the Heaven Spirit Vein once news broke out. It was better to handle it in silence.

    My strength just isn't high enough, or I wouldn't have such reservations.

    Once he arrived at the edge of Forest of Origin, he saw many camps outside. A Yan Mountain disciple wearing Yan Mountain attire, and a sword at his waist, was instructing a group of people. 

    The Yan Mountain disciples, who already discovered him land, stopped what they were doing and gathered to pay respects to Chen Ming, "Greetings, Master!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "How many disciples came?"

    "Fourth senior sister also came and she should be clearer on this. I will go bring her."


    Soon, Chen Ling'er was before Chen Ming, "Master, how come you're still here?"

    "Had to tie some loose ends. Oh, gather all Yan Mountain disciples, I have an announcement to make."

    Chen Ling'er didn't doubt Chen Ming. What Master says must be true.

    Six hours later, all Yan Mountain disciples gathered. Chen Ming flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo, unsheathing ten thousand swords and setting a soundproofing array. He assumed a dignified air, enabled Control Aura lvl2, and began, "You can all sense the war between the righteous and demonic faction, while I sense an imminent danger. A thousand years ago, a Ghost Immortal coveted this lands, wanting to turn the whole continent into a Ghost Domain. This continent's Immortal, Immortal Pill Cauldron, fought him till his dying breath. He was no match for Ghost Immortal but managed to seal him in the end. A thousand years later, Ghost Immortal began stirring, corrupting many sects to help him break the seal and spread death all over the continent!"


    (1)    It is a mythical firebird. It resembles a Red-crowned Crane, but only has a single leg. The name “Bifang” is supposedly an onomatopoeia for the sound of wood crackling in a fire. They are considered to be ominous, with sightings of Bifang Cranes heralding disastrous wildfires.

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    Chapter 211: War Escalates

    "The marks on your maps are all forces belonging to Ghost Immortal. Now that the demonic sect entered the war, it changed everything, turning it into a crisis. To avoid Ghost Immortal's destruction of this land and turning it into a Ghost Domain, with all the people withing into devils, I have decided that Yan Mountain will also join the war. But your current rate of development, as well as the spread of Scarlet Tide, are too slow. Thus all disciples having earned the order to expand will receive a million spirit stones as war funds!"

    "Yan Mountain must give its all to protect its territory and never allow anyone to invade it!"

    "Perhaps the light of the sun and moon will no longer shine on this continent. Perhaps it will become a sea of blood. But we will absolutely not give up the hope of victory!"

    "I have no trust in the ancient immortal sects winning this war, as they only hold a third of the continent in their grasp. What we will have to fight consists of the other two thirds. I have thus decided to give everything I have, in response to this war!"

    "When the final battle comes, I hope you'll all be Kings. This is the only way to have any hope of victory!"

    "This is a kill or be killed war. Our only choice is to give everything we have, and more!"

    Most disciples felt fear, but there were some who's hearts throbbed. 

    This news sent the Yan Mountain disciples over the moon in joy. Each of them shall receive a million spirit stone. That was the same as a King's accumulated wealth over a hundred years. And they could throw all of them into war preparations!

    After all, they were hot-blooded youngsters, not at all like those stale old geezers, who only knew how to scheme at home. What youth had was endless desire to shine under the sun!

    Of course, Chen Ming woke them to the seriousness of the situation, since they had no way of turning the war around at this time. 

    Chen Ming continued, "This might not be a disaster for Yan Mountain, but providence. We rarely have reasons to expand, to obtain more resources. But we have no limits in this case. I want Scarlet Tide to engulf everything, so Yan Mountain can rule them all!"

    "We are Yan Mountain and need to display, at any given time, our glorious tradition. Pilfer their clans, along with killing and robbing! From Yan Mountain's point of view, all are just fat sheep waiting to be slaughtered!"

    The disciples' morale burst like a tidal wave. This is the way, this is our Master we know best, this is our Yan Mountain's everlasting tradition!

    "We will change the face of this war!"

    "We will make the land fear the mere sight of the Scarlet Tide!"

    "Three thousand Scarlet Tides will block the sun and moon!"

    "Go! Let's go f*cking pillage. Pei, let's go vanquish evil!"

    "Hey, don't mind it, let's just go robbing!"

    In fact, Chen Ming's worry revolved around the low cultivation of these disciples. Only with high enough cultivation would they offer him more merits. Advancing to the Dao Comprehending realm wasn't as simple as breaking through to the Dao Initiation realm, where comprehending scriptures and eating pills was enough. One needed to gain enlightenment of Dao. This could only be accomplished by relying on themselves.  

    Chen Ming could only hope the state of this war would last long enough to promote all his disciples to King rank. 

    In all honesty, Chen Ming didn't take it into consideration how long would these disciples need to grow stronger and advance. They were treated even better than King ranks successors of sects. Because Yan Mountain was different from other sects, he let his legacy disciples leave the mountain, and he proceeded to do the same with the rest. Just look at the immortal art Finger From Beyond. Because it was the only one of this rank at the beginning of Yan Mountain, almost all know it now. How could the other sects beat that?

    Not even immortal ranked sects would dare to come!

    Pills come out endlessly, and one by one end up stuffing their stomachs, holding no qualms even if they are the ones refining them.

    Yet Chen Ming still found it slow. He needed merits and if, say, each cultivation method needed a thousand, he would need three million in total! 

    Then Chen Ming stumbled upon a bigger problem. Some of the cultivation methods were connected and treated as one!

    He gave a storage ring to Chen Lingyu, "Distribute the spirit stones to the rest."

    If I want my disciples' cultivation to go higher, I need more fertilizer. How can chives grow without it?

    These guys aren't ripe yet, so I need to give them plenty of fertilizer.

    Even now, they still need to rely on me, Immortal Master Chen, working me to the bone by spreading fertilizer!

    Chen Ming held no fear regarding these guys wasting the spirit stones on entertainment. Yan Mountain had no such things to begin with. And if there were used for that, who would ever cultivate? Just who would pass the Heavenly Tribulation?

    After receiving their share of spirit stones from Chen Lingyu, the disciples started talking, "What area has the most rogue cultivators? The first six hundred seniours snatched all the Great Fiends in the Myriad Mountains. We can only go somewhere else and look for rogue cultivators."

    "With Yan Mountain's reputation, if we shout we're Yan Mountain disciples, rogue cultivators will come in droves!"

    "We can't just carry a million spirit stones on us anyway. Let's deposit them in Yan Mountain Bank first. I want to use these funds to raise a Regalia Regiment!"

    Now that he was done with setting the disciples straight, Chen Ming returned to Yan Mountain. He wanted to set in the Heaven Spirit Vein carefully. But barely a few days passed before Bifang Crane was flying above Yan Mountain, honking complaints, "Little carp, spit out little sunflower's seeds! Little sunflower, let go of little carp's tail! You can't eat that!"   

    Ah, so peaceful.

    In these days, Chen Ming also declared the funds for the expansion order were raised to a million spirit stones, inciting the trend of war to its peak.

    Outside the Yellow Sea, Zhang Ming stood astride his weary warhorse, with the red-colored Regalia Legion behind him. He went on an expedition against an Archfiend and was just now returning victorious. Along with victory he also carried with him a million spirit stones in spoils of war. 

    Everywhere he looked, Zhang Ming saw Regalia troops rushing in waves. His subordinates were filled with astonishment. So far, they believed Zhang Ming's status to be quite high, but only now realized that all Yan Mountain disciples received the same treatment. What a terrifying sect! 

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    Chapter 212: Your Friend, Yan Mountain, Is Here

    When one saw the Yellow Sea's border, he would see Scarlet Tide camps. Their limits came closed in on each other as each took hold one mountain peak after the next. New Regalia recruits stood in shock at the sheer size of it. They were now aware of the extent of their might, compared to an old Archfiend who had three hundred soldiers. 

    But today, there was Scarlet Tide as far as the eye could see.

    There were some proud bunch at first, but at this very moment, all Great Fiends had was loyalty to Yan Mountain. They couldn't even get to feel anything else since, here, they were a mere drop in the ocean.

    Most camps outside the Yellow Sea were filled with red. These were the armies of the first six hundred disciples. Being the first to enter the sect, they had many resources.

    The first Yan Mountain Lord who tasted the thrill of pilfering thought, With how many Archfiends are in Myriad Mountains, it won't be long before they run out. Fellow disciples will wipe them all, and with each new Yan Mountain Lord, the purse swells bulges again and again.

    So much so that Zhang Ming united with two dozen Lords to put out a Divine Palace stage Archfiend, earning huge profits on top of it.

    Zhang Ming was riding in front, with another Lord beside him, "Senior brother Zhang Ming, did you hear? Master is back, and he bumped the expansion funds to a million spirit stones!"

    This news startled even Zhang Ming, "With Master raising it to a million, can all fellow disciples receive it?" 

    "Yes. I came back to raise my Regalia army to Regalia Regiment. Many sisters don't go to war and us the spirit stones on Tool Refining Workshops. They must have plenty of King Slaying Sword and spiritual armor in stock!"

    "Great! This saves us time, as we can just buy the equipment from them. These war filled times also brings us the best chances. This is the largest war in a thousand if not ten thousand years. There are many fat sheep outside Myriad Mountains waiting for us! With Master raising the war funds limit, I decided to increase my Regalia Regiment to ten thousand soldiers, a Regalia Division. I will then have enough military might to run amok in a Divine Palace stage Archfiend territory! "

    "I don't have such ambition as a senior brother. I can only have a regiment, then slowly attack and save bit by bit to recruit further!"

    "This is the best chance to raise an army. Don't stint on spirit stones. Remember what Master said, spirit stones are to be spent. They are worthless inside the bank and only spending will reveal their value! The war in Myriad Mountains is over, and we need to find a reason to attack those outside it. But there are Aspect stage there, and I must ask head senior sister do deal with them first!"

    The Yan Mountain Lords carried their battles with great fervor. After all, this was just them going to rob resources, spirit stone, and spiritual herbs. 

    In Zhang Ming's mind, Now that Master raised the funds, I can sell those Great Fiends captives to my dear juniors? That could earn me a nice amount!

    Zhang Ming handled his soldiers and entered the Yellow Sea. Yan Mountain went through a sudden changed. The disciples were all flying on clouds, quite fast too. And the clouds even had something written on it: 'The sky is vast, the earth is broad, but safety comes first. Soaring wildly through the clouds, Master and disciple will leave streams of tears behind.' 

    A look was enough to see its relaxed manner. Master must be the one who wrote it.

    Only when he reached Yan Mountain's headquarters did he find out all disciples could have a cloud for a mount.

    Zhang Ming received his cloud then went in search of Silver Wing. He still had respect for the fiend, despite the humiliating behavior of that time. He was still Master's direct subordinate. Although, head senior sister now has the power to order him too. "Uncle Silver Wing please report to head senior sister that I have a request!"

    Silver Wing rolled his eyes at him. This little fellow has some influence. Who knew he would become a Lord in such a short time. "I'll go to Head Sect Leader right now!"

    Only to come back a moment later, "Head Sect Leader waits for you on the mountain."

    Zhang Ming straightened his clothes, his heart in a vice as he climbed the mountain. Head senior sister's pressure is too great. She wields Obelisk and her strength also reached the peak of Dao Comprehending realm.

    Head senior sister was as dignified as a mountain.

    Uh, icy mountain.

    He chanced upon Zhuo Qingyao's sword practice. When she noticed him, she sheathed her sword and asked, "What is it?"

    "Myriad Mountains is now at peace. Many of us, disciples, want to march outside its borders but there are many Aspect stage cultivators in the ancient immortal sects' hinterlands. We have a hard time handling an Aspect rank so I ask head senior sister's help in dealing with them."

    Zhuo Qingyao blanked out a bit, "Many Aspect stage cultivators you say. How many exactly?"

    "There should be tens of them."

    Zhuo Qingyao's eyes soon let out a cold glint, scarring Zhang Ming into bowing his head, "As head senior sister's heart is focused on cultivation, we will think of a way ourselves to deal with this!"

    "This war limits the Sovereigns from entering, so it shouldn't be a problem. It's been too long since my last spar. Assemble the troops!"

    Was this a joke? How could a battle maniac like Zhuo Qingyao let this chance slip by?

    Zhuo Qingyao whispered under her breath, "Just when Master went out again with Fairy Zi Xia and the others. With Master gone I am in charge of Yan Mountain. I will take eighty thousand troops and attack!"

    Zhuo Qingyao sent her voice at the foot of the mountain, "Silver Wing, send for the three Grand Archfiends to see me!" 

    Zhuo Qingyao turned to Zhang Ming, "All of you must stay close, or you won't manage to gain anything from this. Second junior brother went on the immortal and demonic frontline, and I will wipe out all the hinterlands of Ghost Immortal's King ranks. Third junior brother united the demonic sect's King ranks, and I will effortlessly conquer the ancient immortal sects' hinterlands!"

    Losing? That was never in Zhuo Qingyao's mind, and neither was it in Yan Mountain disciples' heads.

    They were more than clear of Regalia Legion's might, where even one versus ten would be an easy win for them. Other Dao Initiation realm cultivators would seldom have spiritual armor, while Regalia soldiers were armed to the teeth, not to mention they cultivated a war manual!

    Today, Yan Mountain sent its troops outside Myriad Mountains. The cultivators witnessing the endless soldiers storming out of Yan Mountain, saw only a red cloud shrouding the horizon.

    The recently famous and mysterious sect in the immortal sect, one who's first rumor spoke of it having tens of thousands of alchemists, with money bursting at the seams, had the Scarlet Tide, an army that blocked one's vision.

    The cultivators felt their hearts shudder and tighten as more and more red clouds spread at the horizon, "Is this Yan Mountain?"

    "Such power is similar to an ancient immortal sect!"

    "Is this the real Yan Mountain?"

    They had no idea that these were the first six hundred Yan Mountain Lords' armies. Zhuo Qingyao's soldiers, along with the rest three thousand Yan Mountain Lords were now marching to the ancient sect's hinterlands, to recruit rogue cultivators and establish their very own Regalia Regiment. 

    Yan Mountain has officially joined the war on Ghost Immortal's battlefield.

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  • Chapter 213: Yan Mountain Financial Group Will Arrive in 30 Seconds

    The immortal sect's perception of Yan Mountain dithered around it being an alchemy sect. Making a million pills a month was nothing to scoff at.  

    As for Yan Mountain's power, the Lord of Yan Mountain was a Sovereign, considered to have a very high cultivation when it came to an alchemy sect. After Medicine King Valley cut off the pill supply, Yan Mountain's pills came in grand style. 

    As for it joining the war efforts, the other sects never even dwelled on it. If fact, the ancient immortal sects took Yan Mountain out of the war. 

    A sect with its primary occupation being alchemy would mainly fight through its connection. Just how Chen Ming refined the Yin Yang Harmony Pill in the Nine Frozen Springs could have all those Kings he helped answer his call.  

    But all those King ranks were on the battlefield, thus making Yan Mountain's relations moot. As for Yan Mountain going personally to war, everyone thought of it as a bad joke. Was your head on straight when you let a bunch of alchemists fight in the war? 

    An alchemist should stick to alchemy, not waste time joining the excitement.

    Then the ancient immortal sects' scouts reported Yan Mountain setting out. The ancient immortal sects' King ranks were baffled, No way! Can't a bunch of alchemists be more serious for a change and stay home backing pills? Are you so free that you come to war for some excitement?

    But many ancient immortal sects' King ranks discovered a new side of Yan Mountain. The Lord of Yan Mountain was right now participating in the clearing of forbidden areas. He had no time to mind Yan Mountain, so the one presiding over the sect must be Head Sect Leader, Zhuo Qingyao, a mere sixteen years old girl. 

    They must have thought that girl was still young and, without thinking, sent troops to join the bustle.

    After Yan Mountain had a nice chat with those King ranks in the Ghost Immortal's camp, they would surely think of returning home.

    Su Qingyang waited a long time at the ancient immortal sects' camp in hinterlands, yet had yet to see any sign of Zhuo Qingyao's coming to the camp and hold a meeting. The report said she should've been here yesterday. Why isn't she then?

    His mission, this time around, was to clean up the hinterlands of Ghost Immortal's factions. As for Liu Mang and Xue Ziyu, they had the task of dealing with Li Suyi. The number one on the Dao Comprehending Board wasn't something you could look down on. 

    He heard someone coming to report, "There is a battle a hundred li to the South. It should be Yan Mountain!"

    Su Qingyang was getting nervous, "How can they go straight to war? Assemble the troops on the double, and follow me to provide assistance!"

    If another ancient immortal sect went to war, he wouldn't care. The sects were in a competition, so let them fight. But Yan Mountain was different, an alchemy sect. It was classified as an associated sect, one that couldn't be offended, or no more pills came out.

    When Su Qingyang led his troops to the battlefield, he saw a sea of red in the distance. More than half a million Regalia soldiers were causing havoc everywhere. And by the look of things, it just ended, with them stashing away the spoils of war. 

    Su Qingyang blanked out, The hell is this!? Yan Mountain barely had a hundred thousand troops a few months back, so how are they now over five times that?

    I fought for half a month and have yet to attack a King ranked sect, yet they just showed up and wrapped things up?

    Zhuo Qingyao walked with Obelisk drawn among the bowing disciples, "Greetings head senior sister!"

    Zhuo Qingyao nodded, "This sect was poisoned by ghostly energy, devoted to Ghost Immortal and with no hope of recovering. They are the enemy, one that is of a different race. They are the dead, a race that hates the living. We must not leave any of them alive, and cut it all out from the root. We will crush all Ghost Immortal's forces!"

    The disciples cupped their hands, "We understand! We will not let anyone escape!"

    Only then did Zhuo Qingyao noticed Su Qingyang, "Eh? You also joined the war?"

    Su Qingyang: ...

    And how am I supposed to answer? What 'you also joined the war'!? Where the main force here!

    Su Qingyang felt helpless, "Yes, we also joined."

    "Great, then let's attack together."

    Zhuo Qingyao jumped on the two-colored cloud. Now she could fly, thanks to this mount, "Listen, Regalia Legion! War has come and we can't retreat because we have Myriad Mountains at our back, Yan Mountain! Press on, crush them all into oblivion!"

    Freezing killing intent accompanied those words, to which the Regalia Legion replied in roars, "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

    Su Qingyang watched bug-eyed, Your Eminence. didn't you say you have a peace-loving sect? Why are all Yan Mountain disciples emanating icy killing intent!?

    Furthermore, why the hell are a bunch of alchemists more zealous than us, who vanquish demons!?

    Su Qingyang was filled with doubt as to how did they win. But a look at Yan Mountain's troops answered that problem. They were all wearing spiritual armors and trained in the same cultivation method!

    And this cultivation method allowed them to unite their strengths.

    Following Zhuo Qingyao, Su Qingyang found why Yan Mountain's power was so great. Forgetting the fact they had standard spiritual swords and spiritual armor, Yan Mountain's troops had pills on top. Pills they took at the lightest wound.

    You're too wasteful!

    Su Qingyang was clear about his sect. Recovery pills were something you could only take in moments of crisis, to reverse the situation and only one at that. But he saw with his own eyes how a Regalia soldier complained of stomachache and took a recovery pill!  

    You're way too wasteful!

    How can you take a pill for any stomachache!?

    Su Qingyang finally grasped the source of Regalia Legion's power. It came from a simple saying: 'with pills, you can do anything'!

    As for disciples, they all new immortal arts to some extent.

    Only geniuses like them could learn such arts in their sects, yet it was free to all Yan Mountain disciples! 

    You didn't come to fight, but to flaunt!

    Thus, Yan Mountain's rich reputation spread like wildfire to every ancient immortal sect. Yan Mountain once again upended their view on them.

    Zhuo Qingyao stood on a mountain peak, gazing at the rivers and mountains, "Is this killing to affirm one's Dao? My sword intent is that of first under heaven, and I will behead all kings in these lands to prove it!"

  • Chapter 214: Fighting a Sovereign is a Blessing

    Sky Canyon.

    It was a long stretching abyss. There were two reasons for its name. One, because it was so long it seemed to reach the sky.

    And two, it was the border between the immortal and demonic domains.

    Now that the restriction was lifted on King ranks, Human Kings and Demon Kings were wrapped in a bloody battle above the Sky Canyon.

    Countless Kings entered this carnage, where blood flew like rain and followed shortly by King corpses.

    Blood and rain soon melded, flowing to the bottom of the abyss, and turning into a bloody river extending into the distance.

    The mortals over the entire continent only felt fear and desperation. They were immortals in their eyes, fighting day-in day-out across the blue sky in this bloodbath, destroying anything along the way.

    These fights were a calamity to them, powerless to resist or avoid.

    But luck had it that these King ranks never attacked mortals. If one did, he would invoke the wrath of Heaven.

    Among the heavy rain, a Demon King rushed towards a bloody coffin, "Lord Ya Mo, we did our best but we have yet to seize Sky Canyon!"

    The coffin opened slowly, blood overflowed from within, and Li Suyi coming out of it as he sized the Demon King with his blood-red eyes. He ignored the Demon King's shivering legs and glanced at the distant Sky Canyon. 

    Li Suyi said flatly, "It's likely it won't be called Sky Canyon in the future, but Cross Mountains."

    Li Suyi shouldered the blood coffin and pulled Demonic Blood Saber from it. He hacked at the Sky Canyon, sending a tens of zhang long saber wave, splitting the earth and forming another canyon. It's new shape resembling a cross.

    The Human Kings paled, "Crap, it's Ya Mo!"

    "None of our Dao Comprehending Board geniuses are here yet!"

    "If they don't come, we'll have to retreat!"

    Before they could react, a saber wave as large as before, and filled with blood, shined a red color all around and severely wounded a dozen Human Kings.

    Carrying the blood coffin, Li Suyi stood on a cliff overlooking the other side in silence. 

    Under the heavy rain, demonic energy warped left and right, intimidating everyone with his presence. He, Li Suyi, was the number one on the Dao Comprehending Board, a Kings Ruler. Everywhere he treaded, Kings fell back!

    The rain turned to snow as Xue Ziyu walked on the opposite cliff. The blue-eyed dark ox stepped forward, with Liu Mang next to it, carrying the Soaring Dragon Spear.

    Li Suyi didn't cower. Even if he was up against two on the Dao Comprehending Board, he didn't feel like retreating. Because he was the first on the Dao Comprehending Board.

    Li Suyi swiped, Demonic Blood Saber's blood energy filling the area. Xue Ziyu shouted, "Li Suyi, you were a righteous person, why did you leave for the demonic sect?"

    His answer, a bloody saber wave. Its color turned the world in shades of red, as Li Suyi's spear released a roaring dragon. Li Suyi perked an eyebrow, not minding it much. He jumped and then split the incoming dragon with his saber. He was Chen Ming's disciple and wouldn't listen to the King ranks' exclamations. He straight out rushed at Liu Mang.

    The great saber and spear collided, exchanging a dozen moves in an instant. Li Suyi followed with a slash and propelled Liu Mang into making a new hole in the ground. This exchange shook his insides, wounding him into spitting blood!

    Xue Ziyu was nervous, with dejection setting in the Human Kings' hearts around him, "That clash alone gave Liu Mang wounds. Ya Mo has reached such a high level!" 

    Xue Ziyu curbed his hesitation, flying at Li Suyi, "Ice Palm!"

    Xue Ziyu waved his hand and a thirty zhang long palm of ice descended from the sky, yet Li Suyi scattered it to pieces with one slash! 

    He continued toward Xue Ziyu, who now wielded a snow-white sword. Li Suyi sheathed his sword and executed the Saber Drawing Art!

    Demonic Blood Saber exploded before Xue Ziyu, sending him staggering ten feet. Li Suyi took advantage of this and repeated the move!

    Human Kings and Demon Kings alike watched stunned, "His saber art reached such height!"

    "Only a Sovereign can fully use the Saber Drawing Art!"

    Xue Ziyu retaliated but couldn't match Li Suyi's speed. After two dozen exchanges, he was also sent flying into a fresh hole!

    Demon Kings' eyes shined, "Ya Mo is matchless, a Demons Ruler!" 

    "No King can face Ya Mo's attack!"

    "Unequal under Sovereign!"

    "There's nothing he can't beat!"

    Li Suyi approached the heavy wounded Xue Ziyu, floating among the raindrops. The Human Kings had no faith left, full of fear in the face of Li Suyi's might.

    Li Suyi wanted to kill Human Kings.

    A man took off his bamboo hat, leaving himself open to the rain and eyes of the King ranks. A face Li Suyi could never forget.  

    Ling Xian lifted his head, "Third junior brother, as long as I'm here, you'll never fell one from the righteous faction!"

    Li Suyi stared at Ling Xian as he waved his saber, Second senior brother, I always heard talks of your legend in the previous world! You are a proud genius of the immortal sect, while I, the dreg of the demonic sect. You are loved and acclaimed, while I, alone and miserable. Parents died young and younger sister stranded who knows where, refined into pills by the Medicine King Valley!

    Who would have thought I would have the chance to have a battle of geniuses with you, in this life. It's as they say:

    Fighting a Sovereign is a blessing.

    Xue Ziyu checked Ling Xian's cultivation, "Ling Xian, you're just at the Dao Seed stage. You can't fight him!"

    Li Suyi found he had twenty percent of spiritual power left. His power came at a price, as each Saber Drawing Art drained it quickly.

    Liu Mang urged, "Li Suyi is already a demon, and even if you're his senior brother, he will still kill you!"

    Ling Xian walked with steady steps towards Li Suyi.

    Li Suyi jumped at him, Demonic Blood Saber waving, bathing all in a sea of blood.

    The Human Kings closest recoiled ten feet. They could only watch from afar as the Yan Mountain disciples entered a deadly battle.

    Ling Xian's sleeve flickered, gathering the spiritual energy in ten li radius into a whirlpool. It focused on his hands, taking the shape of Qiongqi and Flood Dragon! 

    Conquering Immortals Art!

    Demonic Blood Saber versus Conquering Immortals Art! 

    The ten-zhang-large beasts flew against the incoming saber wave. A thunderous explosion roared in the area, cracking stone and rupturing the earth.

    Li Suyi recognized that move!

    At that time, you took ten years to learn it. How long did it take this time?

    Oh, right, Master.

    With Master beside you, you'll learn anything faster.

    Let us see then, which of our arts Master taught us is stronger. Will it be my Demonic Blood Saber Art or your Conquering Immortals Art?

    The Human Kings and even the Demon Kings gasped in amazement, "Ya Mo learned the Demonic Blood Saber from the Lord of Yan Mountain!"

    "Is it the same for Ling Xian's move he just showed?"

    "Just what kind of freaky existence is this Lord of Yan Mountain!"

    "One man produced two disciples of peerless talent. One is the demonic sect's paragon under Sovereigns, while the other, with his Dao Seed stage, can contend against an Aspect stage!"

    Li Suyi swiped his saber while Ling Xian's eyes flickered with the light to sever all ties, "Master gave you the Demonic Blood Saber while also giving me the Divine Wood Seal. Let us see who took to mind Master's teaching!"

    Ling Xian opened his hand, with the Divine Wood Seal within releasing natural Grand Dao energy to gather in his sleeves!

    Li Suyi's cape billowed in the wind as he rushed forward. He swung Demonic Blood Saber simply, while Ling Xian sent Qiongqi and the Flood Dragon!

    The saber strike hacked the beasts and the aftermath of the blow sent Ling Xian into spitting blood.

    Ling Xian wiped his mouth and rushed at Li Suyi using the Conquering Immortals Art again.

    Li Suyi's hit sent him back into a coughing fit.

    One slashed while the other coughed blood.

    After fifteen long minutes, a bloody Ling Xian staggered to his feet, eyes set on Li Suyi, "Wu Jiang took you under my watch and I will take you back. No matter what, I must take you back!"

    Li Suyi sheathed his saber sensing he only had a tenth of spiritual power left, "Second senior brother, you're not my match with just a Dao Seed cultivation. Why keep going?"

    Ling Xian called out to him, "Third junior brother, come back!"

    Li Suyi burst in laughter, "With the crimes I've done, how can I turn back? If I can turn around, where will the sea of bitterness lay?"

    Li Suyi looked at Ling Xian, "I am almost out of spiritual power after today's fight while your cultivation is also lacking. None of us are at our peak. I did not enjoy it fully and I said I won't speak when killing. Since I opened my mouth, I won't kill anyone here, I won't kill you!"

    With those words, Li Suyi left. When he was among the Demon Kings, one asked, "Lord Ya Mo, you could clearly kill Ling Xian. He has such power while still in the Dao Seed stage. Lord Ya Mo, you're too soft, and softness is very dangerous for a demonic cultivator!"

    Li Suyi took out his saber and sent his head flying. He turned toward the rest, "Does anyone else have a problem?"

    No one dared to make a peep.

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  • Chapter 215: You're one Damn Smooth Talker

    Outside Forest of Origin.

    Chen Ming thought long and hard whether or not to give Chen Lingyu Underworld Judge's Brush and the Book of Life and Death, but he still gave them. The items might be strong but this lass, would rise in popularity fast. It was of utmost importance to handle her safety adequately. 

    Chen Lingyu had nothing of the sort like Zhuo Qingyao's Dire Straits Aura, Ling Xian's Luck Aura, or Li Suyi's Reckless Aura. With the two immortal equipment safeguarding her, Chen Ming could breathe easier.

    Chen Yu thought he wanted her to do something when he asked for her, "Master, did you look for me?"

    "I want to give you two immortal equipment. Their power cannot be measured. They have strange effects, so you better be careful when you use them. Understand?"

    Chen Yu smiled, "Master, are you still worried about me? I'm not someone who likes killing!"

    Chen Ming peeked at the sky, Wait, it's evening. Did this lass change already?

    Chen Yu had long been yearning for immortal equipment. Head senior sister, second senior brother and third senior brother all have immortal equipment. Is it finally my turn? From Master's words, these seemed much more powerful than the others!

    Chen Yu hugged Chen Ming's hand while swaying and pleading in a soft voice, "Master, Master, where are they? Let me see!" 

    Chen Ming caved under her spoiled act. He had no resistance against his two disciples' tantrums. The King Slayer Aura was useless!  

    Chen Ming opened his hand, "Here, but remember to be careful. These immortal equipment's powers can't be measured and can danger the others on our side!" 

    Chen Yu was bouncing with joy as she took them. She loved them the moment she laid eyes on them. She even became their owner in no time at all.

    Chen Ming's thought, This lottery ticket is so convenient for my disciples. While no matter how much I need something, I'll never get it.

    Sigh, I'm only here to spread fertilizer!

    With Chen Lingyu having the Underworld Judge's Brush and the Book of Life and Death, Chen Ming was free from worry. In these chaotic times, the safer the better.

    Now that he settled the matters regarding the Forest of Origin, Chen Ming set up a teleportation array in Yan Mountain, since he had 18 twin spacial stones. The pair of the teleportation array, he left it in his storage ring in case he needed to return post-haste.

    Now, Chen Ming was thinking about how to set the other teleportation arrays. He even thought of drawing a teleportation array on each of the twelve nation weapons. This way, he would have a pseudo-blink ability, but among each them.

    Such a matter was a cinch for an array master like Chen Ming, though it did took time.

    This move will help greatly in battle. I can blink!

    And when a hit comes, I'll flash away, becoming unbeatable!

    Well sure, the Sovereigns weren't fools. They would figure out, in the end, the pattern regarding the movement between the twelve swords. 

    Thought by the time they do, I'll reign supreme!

    As a fake cultivator, he wasn't bound to conventional rules of battle. I need to bring out the most of my professions. To slowly understand each of my three thousand Grand Daos!

    Closing the door to his room in the camp, he began a vigorous bout of banging to alter the nation weapons. Logic dictated that two weapons only needed one twin special stone, but Chen Ming was one who liked being full of surprises, especially to his enemies. He used seven stone, with two weapons connected to Overflowing Void.

    By the time one would find the pattern of blinks, thinking that Overflowing Void only had a single array, when he would only have this sword in hand while defending, he would blink to the second. This would surely get his opponent rilled up!

    He would also need common spiritual swords besides the nation weapons set up with teleportation arrays while altering their appearance to look like the originals. Just when the enemy felt he overcame the dilemma of the blinking nation weapons, Uhm, my plain spiritual swords can also blink. Now that's a surprise right there! 

    Swinging the hammer and painting the inscriptions, Chen Ming was cooped up for three days in refining his weapons. Inscriptions came one after the other, followed closely by array, everything for each nation weapon of course, and each finished item added another red vein to his bloodshot eyes. He carefully embedded the twin spacial stone into the swords, then even more inscriptions to link them.  

    Twin spacial stone worked on a simple principle, the two could change places. But the place varied if it had no teleportation arrays.

    Chen Ming handled them one by one, working each nation weapon to the perfection that was his standard. 

    He came out three days later, with a mess of a hair and a laughing Chen Lingyu bringing water for him to wash.

    He toiled for three long days and sat at the table in a daze, "Right, give me something to eat, I'm a bit hungry!"

    Chen Lingyu boiled some vegetables then passed them in front of him. He had a few bites before he recalled the taste the last time he went hungry, Eh? How come last time was delicious?

    Oh right, Zhuo Qingyao cooked then. It's been so long since I've eaten her noodles, I'm beginning to miss the taste.

    No wonder I liked Zhuo Qingyao's last time's noodles. At least there's no problem now that her noodles are edible!

    Yet, if she marries, where will I go to eat?

    They all say when girls are of age they must be married off. Zhuo Qingyao is sixteen right now, the time for the first stirring of love to blossom. A dangerous time, but thank god I gave them that lesson. There should be no problem now.

    The sky darkened and Chen Yu came online, a grim look on her face as she watched Chen Ming, "Master, did you went to steal chickens? Why is your hair so sloppy?"

    Chen Ming gave her a look, I wonder why I even bothered having that talk. With these two lasses' tempers, it'd be stranger if they got married! If that times ever comes, I will write my name backward!

    Chen Ming rolled his eyes at her, "Since your Master's hair is in a mess, come help me straighten it out. Can't you see your Master's dog-tired?"

    Chen Yu was just as blunt in her answer as she was in character, "Master, don't say you're dog-tired when there's not a dog tired than you!"

    Chen Ming: ...

    You're one damn smooth talker. So much so I'm lost for words. Why do I even bother worrying?

  • Chapter 216: Danger Rating: Cataclysm

    Land of the Dragon Hoard.

    Chen Ming jumped off his cloud on a mountain peak. So did Fairy Zi Xia, Liu Xuancha, Xue Xunmei, and Su Qinggang.

    When the four jumped off, the world was spinning, their eyes hazy, and a storm brewed in their stomachs.

    The King ranks, standing a distance outside the Land of the Dragon Hoard in preparation to enter it, glanced at the peak, "Look, the Sovereigns arrived!"

    "Are they intending on killing the evil dragon inside?"

    "Once it's dead, we can go treasure hunting!"

    "Why do some Sovereigns are swaying left and wobbling right? Is it a super-secret mysterious magical art??"

    "Must be, the Sovereigns are releasing secret arts!"

    Liu Xuancha massaged his temples, taking another look at the two lines Chen Ming left on his cloud. 'The sky is vast, the earth is broad, but safety comes first. Soaring wildly through the clouds, Master and disciple will leave streams of tears behind.'

    Are these lines for real? This f*cking cloud it's more like flying on thunder! "Chen Ming, If I ever ride your mount again, I'm not human!"

    Fairy Zi Xia held her forehead, face pale, "I think you need to take the lines off. I truly trusted your evil ways and rode your cloud."

    Chen Ming strutted, "Isn't it fine? You're all talking like wounded people."

    Fairy Zi Xia had no strength to argue, "Internal wounds!"

    Then said suddenly, "Right, they say that Yan Mountain entered the King ranked battlefield. How pretentious! The Sages allowed your Yan Mountain to not get involved in the war, so don't go make trouble if you have nothing to do. An alchemist needs to behave and only make pills."

    Chen Ming said, "How should I know what happens there if I'm not on Yan Mountain. It must be that lass's, Zhuo Qingyao, fancy!"

    Fairy Zi Xia's face made a sudden shift to a weirder look, "Didn't you came out in full force the last time you attacked Fiend Sovereign?"

    Chen Ming said, "Why do you ask?"

    Fairy Zi Xia said, "There have been sightings of at least half a million Scarlet Tide army. It has an uncanny speed in besieging camps and it forced the frontline to shift a thousand li in."

    Chen Ming laughed, "Since I don't, know why worry? Just let Yan Mountain disciples toughen themselves up a round or two. Anyway, what are the theories behind this Land of the Dragon Hoard?" 

    Fairy Zi Xia said, "Rumor has it there's a Dao Dragon-"

    Chen Ming cut her off, "Hold on. I heard of Gold Dragon, Azure Dragon, Fire Dragon and the like, but what the hell is a Dao Dragon?"

    Xue Xunmei explained, "A dragon who's scales are filled with carved scriptures. The rumor says that all the scriptures on this continent come from this Dao Dragon, that he is the first cultivator of this land and the first immortal. Immortal Coiling Dragon comprehended the Dao on this dragon and launched the path of cultivation."

    Chen Ming's eyes lit up, "So what you're saying is that this Dao Dragon has many scriptures on his body?"

    Xue Xunmei said, "Indeed so."

    Chen Ming asked again, "So why did it turned into a forbidden area? It's more reasonable for it to be a paradise."

    Xue Xunmei said, "After Immortal Coiling Dragon soared, many cultivators coveted the Dao Dragon. Without the Immortal Coiling Dragon's pressure, they no longer hesitated and wanted to kill the Dao Dragon to take its scriptures. This is why Coiling Dragon flew into a rage, slaughtering any cultivators it saw until they were almost extinct."

    Chen Ming said, "Since it's that fierce, can the few of us truly handle it?"

    Liu Xuancha said, "The Dao Dragon has grown old. Even if it's a dragon, his life is approaching its limit. Not to mention Dao Dragon isn't considered a dragon. As for what it is, no one knows. An old Dao Dragon isn't as powerful as in his early years."

    Chen Ming peeked over the Land of the Dragon Hoard mission. Its reward was unknown, which bode well for him and his curiosity. Each scale's a scripture. Heaven's helping me!

    With the current merits, cultivating a hundred cultivation manuals to Dao Seed is a cinch. My spiritual power will double!

    That's the same as saying ti skin it!

    They walked in the Land of the Dragon Hoard's depths, with the humid jungle proving no obstacle for them. The reason was simple, they flew. Why would they ever fear a mere jungle?

    After a flight of a thousand li, Chen Ming spotted a scaled-man for a split second. He flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo and sent ten thousand swords to bar its path. The others finally saw this strange man, "What is he?"

    Liu Xuancha said, "It's a Dao Dragon's servant, and also his fanatic."

    The strange man regarded the five without an ounce of fear, "You people came again? Degenerates that want to take advantage of Master's weakness?"

    Liu Xuancha didn't show any embarrassment, "If Dao Dragon is the source of all the continent's Daos, he wouldn't have let you take this appearance."

    The strange man cracked up, "Ha-ha-ha, such nice words. Dao Dragon bestowed the Grand Dao upon you all and this is how you repay it? Born in a faraway dragon land and finding rest beneath the dragon. This is my honor. Don't think you passed your journey unnoticed. Dragon Sovereign is on his way and your death shall be the world's apology to him!"

    Chen Ming only saw insanity in his eyes, "This Dao Dragon doesn't seem such a nice fellow." 

    Moments later, Chen Ming saw in the jungle a youngster with two jade fishes on his forehead. For him to not detect someone this near, proved the depth of this person's cultivation.

    Fairy Zi Xia took out her immortal equipment, noking an arrow. Liu Xuancha reached out for his black scythe, Su Qinggang pulled his sword, and Xue Xunmei's robe swelled. 

    Chen Ming regarded this youth. Besides the endless question marks, the only thing visible was his danger rating, cataclysm.

    Does this mean he has the power to sink this continent?

    His danger value must be over five thousand. How do we beat him?

    As the danger value grew the greater the gap between two points became. Someone who had this much danger value would have more than enough power to beat the five of them at three thousand danger value. 

    The strange man showed happiness at the youth's arrival, "Lord Dragon Sovereign, kill these ungrateful people and protect the Dragon Ancestor!"

    The Dragon Sovereign took a leisure walk to them. They felt their hairs standing on end as a terrifying killing intent shrouded them. Then a whistling dragon claw came as he lifted his hand!

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  • Chapter 217: Wait a Sec!

    The golden dragon claw pierced through the servant, yet the ecstatic look on his face never vanished. The five were unclear if he unusual Dragon Sovereign was a friend or foe.

    Liu Xuancha sent his voice, "He must be an Autarch rank. We must think of a way to escape. An Autarch's power is not something we can handle."

    Chen Ming's thought, If there's one to fear, that's an Autarch!

    Chen Ming also sent his voice, "I will set up a teleportation array to Yan Mountain. Once the fight starts, we can get away!"

    They all gazed at Chen Ming, No way! You can even do that?

    Teleporting at a whim anytime and anywhere?

    As expected of a fake immortal cultivator!

    The Dragon Sovereign's face was delicate, and not at all bulky, but the five didn't dare underestimate him. He looked long and hard at the five with his golden pupils, giving them a feeling as if a vicious beast was on the prowl, "Did you came to kill the Dragon Ancestor?"

    Chen Ming gave a split second answer, "No! We came to visit! We heard senior is nearing his end and came bearing gifts!"

    Is this a joke? Think I'll speak the truth in front of a Dragon Sovereign so powerful?

    Dao Dragon was blunt, "I heard your discussion with the servant!" 

    Chen Ming was almost lost for words, "You knew and still asked. Are you sick or something?" 

    The Dragon Sovereign waved carelessly, "I just wanted confirmation. If you came to kill Dragon Ancestor, you must have some preparations made. That old geezer is close to rotting but still has some fight left in him. With you five's power, you do have a small chance of succeeding."

    Eh? What's with this Dragon Sovereign?

    Liu Xuancha put away the scythe, "You're not a servant? Why do you want us to kill Dao Dragon?"

    "Dao Dragon is the one who made-up the story you all know. That story, for me, isn't the real truth."

    Chen Ming scrunched his eyebrows, Is this pushing us to walk the storyline?

    Dragon Sovereign looked for a stone to sat one, turning a blind eye to the astonished look of the five, "Eight hundred years ago, I entered the Land of the Dragon Hoard and devoted myself to Dao Dragon. I became one of his fanatics, studied Dao Dragon's cultivation method and magical arts. But I didn't know he left a strange effect in my cultivation method, making me his puppet. Whatever he said sounded true to me, until three hundred years ago. I somehow broke free of his control and that is when I also learned of the true history."

    "All who wanted to become immortals needed a star to act as their fate, to support their cultivation. Dao Dragon took a liking to this continent and wanted its Fate Star. He came on this land, wiped out all its cultivators and proclaimed himself Dao, in attempt to change it into his Immortal Domain. But as he was corrupting the people, turning them in servants, Immortal Coiling Dragon ascended."

    "Immortal Coiling Dragon fought and wounded Dao Dragon gravely, while also receiving injuries himself. Then, the cultivators rebelled and attacked Dao Dragon until he died."

    "When Dao Dragon's body died, he became a bone dragon, with his cultivation lowering to the Sovereign rank, but no longer able to conquer the continent. As the people of that time died, he made up the story you've all heard, believing he is a reincarnation of righteousness."

    "A few years ago, I overheard Bone Dragon speaking of getting in touch with a friend, Shi Jiuquan, who attempted to turn the continent into a Ghost Domain, helping Bone Dragon's body return to being immortal. 

    "But he said that Shi Jiuquan barely won, but then the ancient immortal sects sealed him. Now, Dao Dragon gathers his servants to attack the ancient immortal sects."

    "I used to think that evil meant killing without reason. Only now I realize that true evil is controlling others, leaving them without awareness, and turning them into walking corpses."

    Liu Xuancha said, "You know Dao Dragon is evil and your cultivation is enough to defeat him, so why didn't you kill him?"

    "It's not that I don't want to. As I've said, Dao Dragon can control his servants, becoming stronger the closer one gets to him. If I get too close, your only way out is death. At that time, it won't be me anymore, but a servant!"

    Chen Ming didn't feel like mincing words, "Then what's his weakness? Since you said we have a chance at killing him, he must have one."

    Dragon Sovereign nodded, "Correct, there's a wound left behind by Immortal Coiling Dragon in his chest. If you can make use of this, you will kill him."

    Liu Xuancha cupped his hands, "Thank you, we will be on our way then!"

    Just when they were about to delve deeper into the Land of the Dragon Hoard, Dragon Sovereign's voice sounded next to them, "Don't hesitate to attack any servants you see. They have no hope of waking up. They all became twisted creatures of evil."

    In a part of the Land of the Dragon Hoard, a Sovereign gazed in the direction of Chen Ming's party, "Even Dragon Sovereign failed? This enemy isn't to be underestimated!"

    Behind him, a hundred-zhang-long bone dragon's two blue flames for eyes pulsed, "Kill them!"

    The Sovereign bowed, "Yes, Lord Dragon Ancestor. I will kill them and maintain the safety of the Land of the Dragon Hoard!"

    While going about their way, Chen Ming popped a question, "Wait a sec! If the true history is what that Dragon Sovereign said, then they're no scriptures on the dragon scales. So why are we still going to kill Dao Dragon?"

    All sounds of walking stopped. Liu Xuancha reflected, "Your words seem to hold some grain of reason!"

    Xue Xunmei added, "Since there are no rumored scriptures, why are we still clearing the Land of the Dragon Hoard?"

    Su Qinggang steeled his expression, exuding coldness, "We would've been better fighting the demonic sect!"

    The team made a u-turn and walked towards Land of the Dragon Hoard's exit. Then the servant Sovereign, leading tens of thousands of soldiers, came to the empty battlefield. He asked, "Huh? Where's the enemy? How come they're gone?" 

    Chen Ming saw Dragon Sovereign drinking wine at the entrance and cupped his hands, "Since Dao Dragon's scales have no scriptures and we hold no mutual grudges, we will forgo this matter. Goodbye!"

  • Chapter 218: Words Aren’t Needed, Goodbye!

    The Dragon Sovereign looked stunned, Seriously!? You clearly said you wanted to kill Dao Dragon, so why are you leaving?

    How will I get my freedom?

    "Wait! Dao Dragon might not have scripture scales but still hoarded many scriptures from the slaughter he did ages ago. Below Dao Dragon's resting body is the scripture that gave me my cultivation! There are many others and even some exstinct cultivation methods!"

    They exchanged a glance, with a trace of hidden interest, yet Chen Ming cupped his hands, "Words aren't needed, goodbye!"

    Dragon Sovereign threw the wine bottle, standing with clenched teeth, "How about this. If you kill Dao Dragon, I will give you a lecture on Autarch ranked secrets of Grand Dao along with their fighting skills!"


    "You drive a hard bargain. I will throw in ten thousand-year-old Dragon Blood Grass! It's the best in body strengthening! It even effective on Sovereigns!"


    "Still not enough? I will also throw in a Sovereign ranked pill recipe!"

    "Good-, uh, that's about right. Killing monsters and vanquishing demons is our duty. Let's go!"

    "Ding! You triggered a storyline mission, Dragon Sovereign's Struggle. Dragon Sovereign suffered under Bone Dragon for a long time and wishes for freedom. Please kill Bone Dragon and release him from his pain. Reward: 50,000 spiritual knowledge, 3,000 fame, and Dragon Sovereign's gift."

    After swindling a spendthrift, while also getting a mission to boot, Chen Ming and co. once again entered the Land of the Dragon Hoard filled with excitement. Liu Xuancha couldn't help but show his approval of Chen Ming's haggling by giving a thumb's up, "Fellow Daoist Chen Ming is an expert at bartering!"

    Chen Ming cupped his hands, "You're too kind. This is the innate skill of an alchemy sect!"

    Liu Xuancha though hard about something then expressed his doubts, "With fellow Daoist Chen Ming's mastery in haggling, then won't we suffer from buying pills from you?"

    Chen Ming flipped on the spot, "You love to buy without buying! Since you have guts, go buy somewhere else. Other sects buy pills from Yan Mountain at ten times the normal value, while you who buys them at the original price still think its high? This deal won't happen!"

    Liu Xuancha also thought it unreasonable, as Yan Mountain was quite earnest in their prices, "Fellow Daoist Chen Ming, you know I am a coarse fellow with no propriety. Don't take what I say to heart!"

    Fairy Zi Xia was quick to act, "Please calm your anger your Eminence!"

    Chen Ming was in a sour mood as he glared at the fearful Sovereigns, That should settle it. It's great they didn't catch wind of my booming pill profits, or it would've been dreadful!

    When I'll get back, I need to tighten the lips of my disciples. It's not good to let others know of Yan Mountain's secret.

    Venturing, again, into the Land of the Dragon Hoard, Fairy Zi Xia unleashed her stealth art and turned into a purple cloud flying overhead while hiding her. Chen Ming took to his crow form and stood on the cloud. He looked around before saying, "C'mon! Have you seen purple clouds before? Can't your stealth art be normal for a change?" 

    Fairy Zi Xia looked around to find only her cloud was purple. She made some gestures and the color changed to black. Chen Ming was perched on the cloud as it floated in the deepths of this Land of the Dragon Hoard.

    First and foremost, he had to find out the enemy's power, along with his troop deployment. Or they might unwittingly fall into a trap.

    As he infiltrated the Land of the Dragon Hoard, Chen Ming saw countless servants patrolling on the ground. He began to understand their forces, consisting of a hundred thousand servants. Attacking the ancient immortal sects with so few? Is he committing suicide?

    Just what is he relying on to attack?

    Chen Ming guessed, It has to be that Dragon Sovereign!

    His cultivation was so strong only the four Sages could deal with him. If they waited for when the Sages were tied in the war with the demonic sect, Dragon Sovereign's sudden appearance would have a surprisingly large effect.

    But Dragon Sovereign was fighting for freedom from under Bone Dragon's control and wanted Chen Ming to kill Bone Dragon in Dragon Sovereign's stead. Bone Dragon wasn't a saint, that's for sure, and, from Dragon Sovereign's cultivation, he seemed to hold on to some nice things.

    There was a huge cave beneath, with all the servants on high alert. This had to be the Bone Dragon's lair, "Wait here while I go scout Bone Dragon's power." 

    He left a nation weapon with Fairy Zi Xia, then flew into the cave,

    If there's any danger, I can just teleport. He flew along the cave, with the servants ignoring him. Some commented, "Hey, a crow came in!" 

    "It's here to admire Dragon Ancestor's mighty bearing!"

    "You stupid or what? How can a crow know of Dragon Ancestor's greatness?"

    Ignoring those servants with unsound mind, Chen Ming flew for a hundred li before he saw light coming from pearls, jewels, and treasure. In this treasure laid a long long sleeping Bone Dragon.  

    Isn't this an eastern dragon? How come it likes to sleep on money?

    But soon came to an understanding. If it were a real dragon, it wouldn't cultivate to immortality. That Flood Dragon was so fierce, yet it only had a trace of dragon blood. And a fake one at that!

    If it had a drop of real dragon blood, the Flood Dragon would fly in the sky!

    As for those with only true dragon blood in their veins, they were truly powerful beings.

    Chen Ming roamed his eyes over the pile of treasure beneath the dragon, but all he found was mortal treasure. Gold, silver, gems, and the like. Just that their amount is close to that of a mountain. These things are too many, and more like a pile of junk!

    Chen Ming went to an immense box and ented through a crack. And what dazzled his eyes were scales carved with scriptures!

    Did Dragon Sovereign lie to me? There're scripture scales right here!

    Can't worry about that for now. Got to comprehend them first. The battle has yet to start, and if Dragon Sovereign words prove false, I'll just leave.

    Chen Ming dropped on a scale who was filled with slash marks as if made from an ax. No way! Are these what you guys truly want?

    Look, aren't there only slashes on it?

    "Comprehend the scriptures on this scale!"

    "Ding! The scripture is too damaged."

    Fine, it seems like there's no hope of getting them out of these scales. I can only take those under the Dao Dragon's body. Chen Ming came out of the box and took a stare at Dao Dragon: 

    'Danger value: 3600

    Danger rating: disaster

    Auras: Dragon Body Aura(fake), Dragon Bones Aura(fake), Clouds and Rain Aura'

  • Thanks for the chapters!
  • Thanks for the chapters!
  • Chapter 219: The Strongest Summon!

    'Dragon Body Aura(fake)

    Description: birthed like a mountain range, and buried as a dragon nest. 

    Effect: a stronger body than an average hardship cultivator.

    Dragon Bone Aura(fake)

    Description: eternal even in death, feeding on nature's creatures 

    Effect: a chance to become a Bone Dragon after death

    Clouds and Rain Aura

    Description: the storm is ever my companion!

    Effect: once activated, can summon storm and lightning.'

    The effect of the Dragon Bone Aura(fake) already triggered. Who knew dragons have such talents. They appear to be one of the rulers of this world.

    Dragon Body Aura(fake)'s effect is weird. His body is as strong as a hardship cultivator. This must be the reason behind Bone Dragon's might.

    Lead by the trail of gold and jewels, Chen Ming got to a human-sized door. 

    He reckoned this was where he kept the things that held the servants in check. He went inside through the small door window and his eyes reflected loads and loads of scriptures.

    These must be all died out scriptures of this land from ages past. There should be hardly any duplicates with mine, increasing my strength.

    Chen Ming picked a random book, Asura of Slaughter, and thought, "Comprehend this manual." 

    "Ding! Comprehending Asura of Slaughter requires a thousand merits. Continue?"

    Since it was only a thousand, it could only take him to the Dao Seed stage, "Direct comprehension!"

    With that, Chen Ming's number of Dao Palaces was raised by one.

    Chen Ming didn't spend any spiritual knowledge to bring it to the Dao Seed stage, as it would invite the Heavenly Tribulation over. How can a Bone Dragon not notice a Heavenly Tribulation?

    Chen Ming looked for the rare cloud manuals, of which he found three, further adding to his power.

    As for the others, there were hardly any duplicates he already had, and Dao Palaces sprouted in his body one after another, bumping his power a good deal.

    Chen Ming set to work, gaining enlightenment every time a book passed through his dexterous hands. Let's see if the scriptures here can soak all my merits.

    Once he was done with a book, Chen Ming threw it in his ring. I say, with a thousand books here, and most of them died out, this becomes a real treasure-trove.

    He even found magical arts, with three of them at them immortal rank. One was a truly special immortal sword art, the Vanishing Immortal Sword, astonishing him. Finally found an immortal sword art!

    An Immortal sword art and sword art are two different things. The first was related to flying swords, unleashing attacks from a distance with spiritual power. Sword art referred to handheld swords, which hardship cultivator attacks using the power of their bodies. The sword never left a hardship cultivator's hand, this was why their sword arts were also called hegemon sword arts.  

    This is not for Zhuo Qingyao, more befitting of me. When I'll be sending ten thousand swords on the attack, each releasing an immortal art, the strength will be higher by a few levels!

    Now that my Dao Palaces increased, I might even handle an immortal art's spiritual power cost.

    He saw that Vanishing Immortal Sword used up the same amount of merits as Finger From Beyond. He only learned two stages, taking ten thousand merits with them. Once at the second stage, his Unity stage in sword Dao reached the peak! 

    That's an immortal sword art for you!

    And this Vanishing Immortal Sword was so damn great it had a range of hundreds of li!

    Vanishing Immortal Sword should also have the hidden trait, covering its trail.

    Beyond the Unity stage was the Sword Intent. Everyone had only one inside them, and Chen Ming was no exception. He might have many Dao Palaces but Sword Intent was unique. Thus, Chen Ming held no interest in other Sword Intents. He needed one that melded ten thousand sword energies together. This was the way to maximize his power. 

    He reached the doorstep of the Sword Intent stage a long time ago. How could I not, when I have tens of Unity stage sword arts. But when it came to making that final step, Chen Ming had no clue how to even approach it.

    Most likely I need more comprehension in the sword Dao.

    Chen Ming resumed stashing and comprehending these scriptures.

    With no commotion from the surface, Chen Ming continued unabashed. Six hours later, his work was done, leaving him with a slight feeling of remorse, since there were no time and space cultivation methods. They must be even rarer than rare.

    Chen Ming had seen his more than fair share of scriptures, yet never met one with those attributes.

    Seeing the spotless and empty space before him, and since there was nothing more of interest here, he waved Dao Empyrean Bamboo, sending a nation weapon in his hand and teleported above the clouds! 

    He sheathed the sword here and returned to crow form, scaring Fairy Zi Xia, "How did you pop out all of a sudden? Are you a man or a demon?"

    "You've seen many demons, so tell me. Have you seen a more elegant and refined demon then me?"

    Fairy Zi Xia said, "Then how did you get here?"

    Chen Ming chuckled, "I left a teleportation array here."

    Chen Ming expected Fairy Zi Xia to sigh in amazement with An array master can also do that? But she covered her white chest glaring with her guard up, "You're saying you left a teleportation array on my body and can appear next to me at any time? Just what are you trying to do to me?"

    "You can't be thinking of taking advantage of the time I bathe or sleep to suddenly pop next to me, are you? Or is it that you've done it already?"

    Chen Ming spread his black wing, "Stop, stop! I carved a teleportation array on my weapon. Do you think you can carve one on a human?"

    Fairy Zi Xia rolled her eyes, "Chen Ming, how would I know! Maybe you just left one now!"

    Chen Ming pondered, "Onto more serious matters, your idea seems reasonable. I can leave a spiritual sword with a teleportation array carved on it on my legacy disciples and then get to them when they're in danger!"

    Yet a sudden picture came to his mind, that of Chen Lingyu raising a sword high while shouting, "Come out my strongest summon, Master!"

    The scene would be so perfect I can't even look.

    Get that image out of my head!

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