Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



  • Chapter 118: I’m Truly Sorry for Letting You all Down


    A storm was brewing outside Yan Mountain, as close to a hundred Archfiends and more than ten thousand troops gathered. But they were all cautious since the pillar of this war, Moon Fiend, hasn't returned. Furthermore, among the Archfiends he took along with him in his chase for Chen Ming, none have returned. This spread some unease among them, but just a hint, since everyone knew of Moon Fiend's power. That was a Grand Archfiend, the Grand Archfiend that had great influence in Myriad Mountains.

    When a Grand Archfiend fell, the whole Myriad Mountains trembled.

    Over these days, as nothing was heard from neither Moon Fiend nor Chen Ming, it worked to further increase their unease.

    Moon King Hall was showing restraint, not giving the order to attack Yan Mountain. But after such a long wait, their patience was wearing thin. In any case, Moon Fiend couldn't lose, the only one dead could only be Chen Ming. 

    On Yan Mountain, Chen Ming just finished his preparations, including disciples among the Regalia Legion, but only in groups. It was utter nonsense for the eight thousand Regalia Legion to watch out for three thousand and six hundred disciples. For now, he only sent three hundred. 

    The time was ripe to let these disciples see what true terror meant, a true battlefield. According to Chen Ming's plan, these disciples would be fighting against the rulers of Ghost Immortal's factions. If they had yet to experience true war, when it came to leading troops, they would all be useless.

    As for his personal four, each had five hundred Regalia Legion troops at their beck and call. What, you mean to tell that even Chen Lingyu, a young lady alchemist, was going to fight?

    Didn't you know already? At night, Chen Lingyu got even Li Suyi and Ling Xian shaking in their boots!

    Chen Lingyu was the only one who looked forward to going to Zhuo Qingyao and sparing every day.

    The Yan Mountain's army assembled in twenty-four square formations. Black Python reported, "Mountain Lord, all is in place!" 

    Chen Ming nodded, "En!"

    His performance this time would be more and more aggressive, more and more rampant. To let them all know he had returned without a scratch, while Moon Fiend got left behind. Even if the opposition didn't believe in Moon Fiend's death, it would still deal a hard blow to their moral. 

    Black Python listened to a scout's report, then arrived next to Chen Ming, "Mountain Lord, the enemy began their advance!"

    Chen Ming waved, "Since they are impatient, we shouldn't let them wait!"

    In less than two hours, the twenty-four formation stood across from their enemies. The two armies were at a standstill. 

    Moon King Hall's King Corps' captain smiled, "Humph, just this many and a mere Divine Palace. We will swallow them in no time at all, then Yan Mountain will be ours. We have coveted this King raising land for far too long."

    The two armies were at the ready, and despite Yan Mountain's side having less, it was obvious who's army was better. Their army had discipline, while the other, although bigger, was just a rabble.

    Moon King Hall's morale was at an all-time high. No matter how they saw it, losing wasn't among them. They had Moon King Hall's King Corps on their side!

    King Corps was the symbol and power of a Grand Archfiend!

    The King Corps was Grand Archfiend's authority!

    But all was quiet on Yan Mountain's side. Then a flag fluttered above them, and roars came in waves from within the army, "We greet Mountain Lord! The Lord of Yan Mountain's power knows no limits, spreading throughout all creation. My utmost devotion to you!" 

    "The Lord of Yan Mountain's power knows no limits, spreading throughout all creation. My utmost devotion to you! "

    "The Lord of Yan Mountain's power knows no limits, spreading throughout all creation. My utmost devotion to you! "

    Chen Ming wanted to fly out at first, but when he heard this embarrassing catchphrase, he almost slipped face first. He eyed Black Python at this side, "No way, how did you all come up with this embarrassing catchphrase?"

    Black Python's sight shifted over to Silver Wing, who was now yelling at the top of his lungs, "The Lord of Yan Mountain's power knows no limits, spreading throughout all creation. My utmost devotion to you!"

    Chen Ming: ...

    Fine, this Immortal Master knows this fool's style. "In the event of other matters like these, go find Silver Wing. He might have a way out in unforeseeable situations like these."

    Moon King Hall was stunned. Many of the Archfiends under them looked over at Yan Mountain's side, "Did that kid, Chen Ming, came back?"

    "No way, they're just scaring us. Look, is there any sign of Chen Ming?"

    "Ah, but this catchphrase is so awe-inspiring. Should we also shout to raise morale?"

    No sooner said than done. The Archfiends sent the order to start yelling, "Lord Moon Fiend's power knows no limits, spreading throughout all creation. My utmost devotion to you!"

    "Lord Moon Fiend's power knows no limits, spreading throughout all creation. My utmost devotion to you! "


    Chen Ming's forehead creased into black lines, Even you are yelling this embarrassment. Fine, fine, guess I'll have this Immortal Master make his appearance.

    Chen Ming got up and jumped in the sky while using the banner as a stepping stone. The others, Why are you stepping on the flag if you can f*cking fly?

    The figure of Chen Ming, dressed in an azure Daoist robe, revealed itself to the masses, startling Moon King Hall's Archfiends and other vassal Archfiends, "What's going on?"

    "That's Chen Ming!"

    "Impossible, Lord Moon Fiend has yet to return, but Chen Ming came back safe and sound?"

    "You mean to tell me that Lord Moon Fiend died at his hands?"

    "Ludicrous! That is Lord Moon Fiend you're speaking of!"

    Chen Ming landed in front of the army, letting dark laughter creep out, and swayed his horsetail whisk, "Do forgive me, I'm truly sorry for letting you all down and return safe and sound. This is my fault, I will come forward and take full responsibility for this!"

    Moon King Hall's Archfiend and its vassals peaked behind, no trace of Moon Fiend there. Chen Ming smiled, "Don't look, you won't get to see Moon Fiend again for the rest of your lives. What's left of it." 

    Moon King Hall's King Corps' captain regarded Chen Ming, with fear gripping his heart, Arrogant, domineering, and he f*cking says he's sorry, that he takes f*cking responsibility.

    Truly unbearable. Humph, I, your grandpa, will be the one to kill you!

    Then retreated in silence three li, quietly giving the order for retreat. Attack, what attack? We know nothing of Lord Moon Fiend's condition. Yet here we have an unscathed Chen Ming, and Moon Fiend's whereabouts unknown.

    If Lord Moon Fiend is dead, then this Lord of Yan Mountain before us isn't just a simple Grand Archfiend. He is one who can kill Grand Archfiends. Being a Grand Archfiend and killing one are two entirely different things!

    And Lord Moon Fiend also took a dozen Archfiends along with him. None of those Archfiends came back, without even so much as sending a notice.

    The more he thought, the terrified he became.

    If Moon Fiend was dead, then what needed to be considered, wasn't fighting a losing battle, but determining who'd be the next lord of Moon King Hall!

    He controlled the King Corps, while Archfiend Stag, the Great Venerable, had the fiend army in his hands. He needed to return at once, or if the power landed in that eccentric Archfiend Stag's hands, the consequences would be dire! 

    The captain did some hard thinking, then yelled, "Brothers, kill them! Lord Moon Fiend will arrive shortly!"

    Let these idiots block Yan Mountain, while I'll be leaving in dignity! 

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  • And at this moment, they knew...

    They fucked up.
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  • Chapter 119: I Don’t Know My Own Strength


    With Moon King Hall's captain's assuring words, the Archfiends were free of worry, and launched their offensive, "Brothers, kill! Yan Mountain will be ours!"

    "This nobody, Chen Ming, is unworthy of this King raising land!"

    "With captain on our side, Yan Mountain will fall without fail!"

    "Charge! If we wait for Lord Moon Fiend's arrival, we won't get anything from Yan Mountain!"

    Chen Ming was smacked senseless. Are you all that much of fools that you even say he'll join you? Ah, he's gone already. Is he trying to slow me down with these wastes?

    Outside of the righteous cause of resisting Ghost Immortal, there hardly any perfect chances like this one for completing the advancement missions. Chen Ming valued this opportunity greatly. Since Moon King Hall fell back, leaving noisy trash behind, then he would let them experience first hand what total annihilation meant, and the reappropriation of their items of course. Um, the might of Yan Mountain's self-defense!

    If one were to relate the history of a Myriad Mountains' Grand Archfiend's rise to power, well that implied reappropriations and exterminations. Not only would this secure their lives as princes but also cut away at any slander.

    This was the main difference between cultivators and mortals. A cultivator, on the whole, would rise to power and could join the battlefield. In other words, one such cultivator would be the same as an entire kingdom's mortal army. Why one would cultivate? Well, that was to defy the heavens and strive for longer life. And to do that, he needed to fight with other people. Once one stepped on the path of cultivation, he crossed the point of no return. 

    That was why killing mortals was considered a great sin. The Heavenly Dao would enact a punishment, so the average cultivator wouldn't slaughter mortals on a whim. 

    But when it came to killing cultivators, the Heavenly Dao had no qualms against it, since a cultivator fought against it for longer life. He walked in defiance against the Heavens. Why else would you think a Heavenly Tribulation existed?

    Chen Ming held on to the horsetail whisk, on the prowl for incoming Archfiends. The strongest among them was only at the Divine Palace, just that most of them were back at Moon King Hall. And the second strongest was already swiftly dealt with by Yan Mountain in the previous battle.

    Truth be told, when faced against this group of Archfiends, Chen Ming's thought, Ah, I don't know my own strength!

    Chen Ming held the horsetail whisk and jumped in the sky, landing in front of an Archfiend. The horsetail whisk dropped lightly, yet ten thousand swords gushed, as they ripped him apart.

    Many magical arts came at him, but with a sweep of the horsetail whisk, they returned to origin, into spiritual energy, then scattered into the air. They were far from being Moon Fiend's equals.

    Chen Ming held the Dao Empyrean Bamboo as he walked among Kings, an immortal. All incoming magical arts held no meaning when directed at him. With Dao Empyrean Bamboo in hand, the untold Daos couldn't harm him!

    Some Archfiends joined attacks, as twenty-four charged towards him, "Let's unite, he won't resist against all of us!"

    "Yes, united we hold more power!"

    "As long as we kill Chen Ming, Yan Mountain is as good as ours!"

    The group of Archfiends enclosed him, yet they were met with the sigh of a carefree Chen Ming, "Ganging up?" 

    Don't these guys know that I'm most confident in fighting against groups?

    Chen Ming was sure that these guys didn't have the power to break his Eight Extremes Array. Since it's like this, then I will let you get familiar with the Eight Extremes Array!

    Dao Empyrean Bamboo swept and eight swords flew out, revolving around Chen Ming as they set up the Eight Extremes Array. In mere moments, next to him appeared lightning and fire, along with gathering starlight and with a fierce storm brewing on the side.

    With the descent of the black cloud, the area became Chen Ming home turf!

    Chen Ming's strolled like an immortal among commoners, as each swing of the Dao Empyrean Bamboo ended with the fall of an Archfiend!

    The twenty-four Archfiends held no advantage when up against Chen Ming. Yet what they wanted to resist was precisely the Eight Extremes Array!

    Among the black cloud, the broadsword, under Chen Ming's control, flew unabashed. He wielded it before because he could add his body's power as well as his spiritual power. But with the use of the Dao Empyrean Bamboo, it became irrelevant.

    He was controlling the Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword to kill them with his intent alone.

    With the broadsword flitting between them, the Archfiends were unable to dodge, to say little of the lightning, flames, gale, and starlight. As they held their left while managing their right, the defending Archfiends still wanted to attack Chen Ming, yet only sank deeper into the quagmire.

    With each movement of the Dao Empyrean Bamboo, an Archfiend was torn to shreds. While the broadsword wounded when slashing and killed when smashing!

    Such might caused fear to grip these Archfiends' hearts. They've never seen such a terrifying Divine Palace! 

    "This person is abnormal!"

    "The Lord of Yan Mountain, alone, can match a King Corps?"

    "This kind of power can only belong to Grand Archfiends!"

    "Only a Grand Archfiend can change the course of the war!"

    Chen Ming found it funny. What are you calling me a war-changing man for? Even if I didn't intervene, Yan Mountain's Regalia Legion can also handle a rabble like you with little effort!

    They were all useless. A Great Fiend launched a fire magical art when the Great Fiend next to him put it out with his water pillar! 

    Looking over at Yan Mountain, we have the perfect combination, with a united blood aura!

    But Chen Ming didn't find anything strange about this. With Yan Mountain like this, the other couldn't even hold a token of resistance. And they didn't even have a war formation like Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art. 

    Yan Mountain's trend of burning money was based on the thousands of alchemists supplying it with pills. Even Medicine King Valley couldn't d declare of having so many. 

    When those six hundred disciples advanced to Dao Initiation realm, united in refining spiritual weapons, Regalia Legion's power would reach a whole new level. 

    And now, the three Archfiend who had the Bones of the Taotie Chen Ming imparted to them were grabbing people. If not now, at such a perfect time, then when? When the battle was over and went devouring Great Fiends without rime or reason?

    One should know that, according to Mountain Lord, ever since its inception, Yan Mountain was the paragon of peace and relaxation!  

    Moreover, it was indeed so. If no one came knocking, why would Yan Mountain strike back in self-defense? Although excessive self-defense at that, but if it wasn't careful then it would have been robbed of all its possessions already.

    En, this isn't Yan Mountain's problem. If you're too weak, how can you blame us for dominating you?

    Right, we should agree on sparring, yet you insisted on barging in on us. How can it be my fault for insta-killing you?

    Chen Ming's power wasn't enough to face a Grand Archfiend, yet, when up against an Archfiend, he looked like one. After all, what he was most confident in were crowd battles. All were equal in the face of an array!

    Since there was no coming back for Moon Fiend, he might as well use this battle to validate his power of a Grand Archfiend. At least it would make Yan Mountain into one of the overlords of Myriad Mountains!

    Therefore, Chen Ming was increasingly careful when going against these Archfiends. He was to use this fight to cast his, Chen Ming, fame over the whole Myriad Mountains!

    The Archfiends weren't one to wait for death, so the dozen or so remaining put up a united front as they charged at Chen Ming. He was unshakable as a mountain, waiving his Dao Empyrean Bamboo, returning all to their origin. Black wings flashed behind him and appeared at an Archfiend's back, turning him to dust from a wave of the Dao Empyrean Bamboo! 

  • Chapter 120: Ah, Such Regret!


    Many disciples' hearts burst with respect and awe when they saw Chen Ming's unrivaled power, killing an Archfiend at the flip of a hand, Our Master is the only one with such awesome power!

    An Archfiend has power, each praised as Kings. But before Master, they're easy pickings, cut down as easy as veggies!

    The same applied to his legacy disciples, their hearts unable to calm the storm inside. There was nothing that needed to be said of Li Suyi. As he relived his life, he was a Sovereign before, one who had his own connections, one who was used to this path. He was far from equal to the three Archfiend, Black Tiger and the rest, but the Regalia Legion held Li Suyi in high regard, Mountain Lord's legacy disciples are all supreme geniuses!

    Ling Xian was no expert in commanding troops, but that wasn't important since he had a grandpa ring! As he witnessed Chen Ming killing left and right, he recalled the resolution he had at the time, to take him as his Master, thinking it couldn't have been more right, This leg is really thick!

    Guided by Ling clan's ancestor, Ling Xian was even more outstanding than Li Suyi. The Regalia troops under him killed wherever he pointed! 

    As far as Zhuo Qingyao went, Ling Xian and Li Suyi peaked over and shame crept in their hearts. Zhuo Qingyao surrounded and killed an Archfiend, and not only that, she held the advantage, with the Regalia troops as support! 

    Chen Lingyu, well, she was biding her time since it was daytime. She was clear that when it came to affairs of battle, Chen Yu faired much better. She just stood behind the Regalia troops, resting.   

    Chen Lingyu's troops watched helplessly as their comrades reaped contributions. They couldn't do anything since Chen Lingyu was a legacy disciple and speaking from an empire point of view, a princess. A princess that grasped alchemy! Since Chen Lingyu said to bide their time, then that's what they did. 

    Chen Ling held some worries when looking at these Regalia troops, "You better rest well for now. It's alright to even sleep because when the night comes, you won't even be able to keep up with the changes." 

    The troops scoffed, "Humph, we are the Regalia Legion, how can we not keep up?"

    The next day they got to know what Chen Ling meant, even holding deep regret for before. 

    With a war of such scale, a day was nowhere near enough to settle it. Time drifted away and night finally came, yet Chen Ming was still excited in his continuous killing of Archfiend, "En, 32, not bad, not bad at all. Ah, but I still need to put more effort into it!" 

    Chen Ling's sympathizing gaze landed on the Regalia troops, "Wish you the best of luck!" 

    The Regalia troops were doubtful, but then they felt the sudden change in Chen Lingyu's aura. Chen Yu had officially taken over. Her eyes roamed over the troops, "Are you the troops Master gave me?" 

    They responded in unison, "Yes!"

    Chen Yu roared, "Then what are you doing standing around for? Follow me in battle!"

    Ling Xian and Li Suyi's eyes met, each seeing the terror in the other.

    Your friend, Chen Ling, withdrew.

    Your friend, Chen Yu, arrived.

    Then they saw how, when they were about to call it a day and resume the battle tomorrow, a group charged from the retreating Yan Mountain's army. Chen Yu stood at the front, holding a longsword and leading her troops as she killed her way through the enemy.

    Chen Ming looked in silence, "Ai, after a toiling day of killing, I still need to look after this young lass at nigh. Ah, it's hard being a parent!" 

    Chen Ming followed Chen Yu, but couldn't just watch over. He sucked in a long breath then resumed his King killing spree.

    Most Archfiends were at their camps, thinking they had some respite since tomorrow the battle would resume. Tonight they also wanted to discuss an attack plan but, in the end, Yan Mountain came killing! 

    But why still so ferocious and filled with vigor?

    With Chen Ming's Eight Extreme Swords Array covering them, the Archfiends' camps retreated again and again. Chen Yu followed along Chen Ming, who didn't care about much except chasing down and killing Archfiends. When Dao Empyrean Bamboo swept, the targeted camp laid in tatters. As they went past it, they soon found the enemy Archfiend. Chen Ming rushed and under the ruthless attack of the Eight Extremes Annihilation Sword, he beheaded the enemy.

    When fighting a single Archfiend, like now, Chen Ming was beyond strong. How could they unite against him when the other Archfiends weren't there?

    The night passed, as Chen Ming led Chen Yu in a continuous attack of thirteen camps, killing them until only their equipment remained. The Regalia troops were shivering, yet Chen Yu showed no sight of relenting, "What, aren't you men? You can't even kill more than a thousand? What a pile of trash!"

    As the horizon brightened, Chen Yu's aura changed like a switch. She cutely looked over at the Regalia behind her, "It must've been hard. Come, let's retreat!"

    Chen Ling retreated as she spoke, "Ah, why is there so much blood? So sticky, I'm unable to bear it..."

    In Chen Ming's heart, This little lass finally pulled back. This Immortal Master can rest at last. Then he saw Zhuo Qingyao charging over, "Master, it's already late and we already rested. Let's continue the attack! It felt nice when I killed an Archfiend yesterday. I want to find another and spar with him!"

    Chen Ming: ...

    I know that I'm an array master that can last a long time, but I can't outlast you two lasses' ferocious manner. If we go like this for a few days, then my weary old body will end up a dried husk!

    Li Suyi and Ling Xian found this moment to rush over, filled with excitement. Yesterday could be said that they showcased their skills to the other disciples, strengthening their image as second senior brother and third senior brother, "Master, my troops' morale has never been higher. If we don't attack now, then when?"

    Chen Ming said, "I've truly met with disaster, taking you four broken toys in!"

    Zhuo Qingyao had no qualms as she began attacking. It was far more fun than messing with Li Suyi and Ling Xian, so she wasn't about to let this chance slip past her. Li Suyi and Ling Xian had their own cheats. But as more and more disciples entered Dao Initiation realm, they could sense a challenge to their status. They resolved themselves to reestablish the dignified positions of second senior brother and third senior brother.  

    "Master is the best and most hardworking person I know!"

    "Master, with great power comes great responsibility!"

    Chen Ming felt regret, Ah, why did I at that time invited death by teaching them?

    And now look, these little bastards are teaching me.

    Ah, such regret!

    You know for sure you will die, but there's always a desert you want to cross. Truly painful and happy at the same time!

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  • Chapter 121: All Are Equal Beneath the Array!


    Chen Ming took a pill from his storage ring, chewed on it, swallowed, and resumed his advance on the enemy camps.

    The Eight Extremes Array enveloped his surroundings, suppressing the world around him. Any and all Great Fiends caught inside couldn't do anything but wail their misery.

    The trailing disciples eyed him, "Master lied to us again, he is also an array master."

    "Despite the rumors of array masters being weak, Master is the total opposite."

    "We must make sure not to let Master deceive us. Anyone can become an array master. And it seems that Yan Mountain even has immortal ranked cultivation methods. Can you guys train in them?"

    "En, from Dao Canon's analysis, Illustrious Casket is a death sentence. Only fourth senior sister can cultivate."

    Chen Ming walked within the array and pointed. It released the Finger From Beyond, and when this blue finger landed, a hill shatters, along with countless perishing Great Fiends.

    Many disciples' eyes shined, "Wa, it's Finger From Beyond! An immortal art is so awesome!"

    "When I return, I will study the lesser Finger From Beyond!"

    "Wake up! You won't succeed if you're not at Dao Initiation realm."


    No one from Yan Mountain complained when Ling Xian learned an immortal art from Chen Ming. At first, he went to him for clarification, who instead asked him, "The reason why you're a genius, is because only you can train in immortal arts. Can you call yourself a genius just because you can learn faster and better than others?" 

    Ling Xian wasn't a fool, coming to understand shortly. Just based on his learning ability, he knew he only had above average luck, and not that he was a genius. That was why he placed the Finger From Beyond in the Scriptures Pavilion without any worry.

    Ling Xian had also come to know that Yan Mountain was not at all like those sects enticing one with beauty. Did you know? As long as you were a disciple of Yan Mountain, you could look at immortal arts and immortal cultivation methods. 

    Yan Mountain was the opposite of other sects, where only legacy disciples would get to train in the strongest cultivation methods. Other disciples needed to rise to that status, or never in their entire lives would they ever get to touch one. 

    On Yan Mountain, anyone could learn anything. Just like the demon sect, letting everyone touch its power.  

    This was why Ling clan's ancestor felt that Yan Mountain's stance was terrifying. A sect like Yan Mountain would find its control quickly slipping away since all trained the same and the difference between legacy disciples and normal ones was small. 

    But the ancestor was more and more convinced of Chen Ming being a reincarnated immortal. Only someone like him could implement such radical changes, with no regard to immortal arts or cultivation methods.

    Chen Ming killed his way among the Archfiends. His figure flashed, springing behind one, then a flick from Dao Empyrean Bamboo popped him like a balloon.

    Many Archfiends lost themselves to fear at the mere sight of him, "Kings, Lord Moon Fiend has yet to arrive and, last night, Moon King Hall retreated!"

    "We can't continue fighting. If we do, only death comes!"

    "The Lord of Yan Mountain came back, while there is still no word of Lord Moon Fiend. We should be clear on the situation!"

    "We surrender!"

    "We feel no shame in kneeling before a Grand Archfiend that killed Lord Moon Fiend!"

    Chen Ming withdrew his attack, regarding the Archfiends before him. They dropped their weapons and kneeled, "We surrender!"

    Chen Ming gave the signal for others to stop, then looked at the kneeling crowd of Archfiends and Great Fiends, "To unify the whole Myriad Mountains, as of now, this area will carry the name of Yan Mountain along with it!"

    Chen Ming continued, "Furthermore, to settle Yan Mountain's internal unrest, if any is late or missing at the audience held seven days later, he will die! "

    Chen Ming turned, "Yan Mountain, take inventory of the dead Archfiends. All who died were insurgents, wipe their clan and take everything they have. Not one is to be spared! Any who comes in their defense are all Yan Mountain's enemies. None shall live!"

    With their order, Regalia Legion went to settle the insurgent clans. The Archfiends heard his order, Return? Return my ass! Coming late will get us killed. There's only one outcome if we are late at the first audience with a new Grand Archfiend.

    They went outside Yan Mountain's borders, waiting on Yan Mountain's summons.

    Chen Ming liked being thorough, yet now, it seemed like there was chaos within chaos. He didn't want to be one who triggered it.

    News traveled fast, and soon the whole Myriad Mountains came to understand something. Moon King Hall was done. That Moon Fiend died in battle, that Grand Archfiend Moon Fiend was officially dead. This was the first Grand Archfiend killed in the last fifty years. Whether it was the other Grand Archfiends or even Fiend Sovereign, they all turned their attention to Yan Mountain, this previously unknown power.  

    No other reason than besides the fact that the Lord of Yan Mountain, with his outstanding military might, declared being a new Grand Archfiend.

    And Yan Mountain has finally captured the eyes of Fiend Sovereign. This was the first he heard of this power, but it was enough to shock him. But not too much, turning into a pleasant surprise. A Grand Archfiend fighting the others couldn't be a better outcome for him right now.

    "Fight, keep on fighting! The more you all lose, the stronger I become!"

    When other Grand Archfiends came to know this, it shocked them to no end. Without giving any sign, a colossus emerged? And he already killed his enemy, Moon Fiend.

    This unknown Grand Archfiend was without a doubt a Grand Archfiend. Because his first act was to have a Grand Archfiend's corpse as support.

    News regarding Chen Ming spread like wildfire throughout Myriad Mountains. He killed Moon Fiend, and in Yan Mountain's fight, he also personally killed fifty-three Archfiends, fully showcasing his might as a Grand Archfiend. They were only fifty-three at first, but as it spread:

    "Did you hear? The Lord of Yan Mountain, yes, that new Grand Archfiend, killed more than fifty Archfiends in one battle!"

    "What fifty, wasn't it more like sixty?"

    "Did you hear? The Lord of Yan Mountain killed more than sixty Archfiends in one battle?"


    And spread it did, "The Lord of Yan Mountain is too strong! He killed more than a hundred Archfiends in one battle. He wiped Moon King Hall clean of Archfiends!"

    News of him spread like lightning and Chen Ming found himself with a new title, proof of being a Grand Archfiend, the Butcher of Kings. 

    He was a demon to all Kings. Be it King, Great Fiend or Fiend General, they were all equal beneath his array.

    A power to be reckoned with arose within Myriad Mountains. In these times of unrest, it added an air of mystery. Many Grand Archfiends were silent at this news, thinking Moon King Hall's lord was exchanged with another. They ought to go test him, to see if Chen Ming had a true Grand Archfiend's might, if he had the right to enter Myriad Mountains' game of power. But it wasn't needed. Since Moon Fiend was dead, then it proved the Lord of Yan Mountain, Butcher of Kings, the one who's array made everyone equal, was indeed a Grand Archfiend.

  • Chapter 122: Speaking of it Brings Disgrace!


    Yan Mountain's Regalia Legion swiftly and silently dispatched the clans' remnants, while havoc reigned in Moon King Hall. The King Corps' captain, Bai Yue, and the Great Venerable clashed, with the result being the victory of the former and the disappearance of the later.

    Faced with the new rising sun, Yan Mountain, Bai Yue was forced to acknowledge it but declared that he shall not join with Yan Mountain in battle. 

    Chen Ming didn't care, since he held no hope he could make use of this crowd. A King Corps had no purpose if not used. 

    Chen Ming, on the other hand, took advantage of his new position as the 9th Grand Archfiend of Myriad Mountains and nearly a tenth of its lands fell in his hands.

    Now, Yan Mountain's great reputation spread all over the whole Myriad Mountains.

    With such great expanse of land, Chen Ming felt content and didn't resume conquering his neighbors, since they were all under another Grand Archfiend's authority. If he attacked, then he would meet a Grand Archfiend on the battlefield, something not yet included in his plan. After all, he employed some hidden tactics when he fought Moon Fiend, and some even questionable. He wasn't one to believe the Grand Archfiends around him would be as stupid.

    Chen Ming didn't think of swallowing Moon King Hall since he would get fat if not careful. What he needed to do now was to digest all his spoils and new lands. To transform his domain into an iron bucket, one that had no holes and didn't let water leak in, or out.  

    Bai Yue has arrived at Yan Mountain way earlier. Despite still having three days left until Chen Ming's summon, he wanted to avoid any unforeseen incident. One dirty look from Chen Ming would end up with him as a corpse.

    Many Archfiends were apprehensive, not knowing their fates. They didn't give their allegiances through diplomacy but through defeat. 

    Chen Ming's condition might be harsh, but no matter how severe, they had to accept it. When one was under another's roof, he had to go by his rules.

    Chen Ming was taking stock of his spoils, and as all were turned into spirit stones, he now had an extra fifty million in the treasury. And to top it all off, he also got two Spirit Veins, an Earth Spirit Vein and a Fire Spirit Vein.

    It was fine he had a double of one type. He wasn't Ling Xian, who could have his wishes come true.

    After forming a spirit pact with the little turtle and little vermilion bird, Chen Ming settled them in, letting them play on the mountain.

    Chen Ming's mission has finally ended. Its rating was more than perfect, receiving a reward of 50,000 spiritual knowledge and 10,000 fame.

    But after thorough thinking, it was sorely lacking. He had already subdued Moon King Hall and yet when he fought the four Divine Palaces, he got 80,0000 spiritual knowledge. This time the payout was too low, but since he didn't kill Moon Fiend himself, he didn't have too high expectations. 

    His current spiritual knowledge, added to them the completion of the mission, along with the killed Archfiends, broke through the two hundred thousand mark. he could even say that he might not even have a place to spend them.  

    It was time to ease the hearts of his chives, and harvest those merits. When he spent all of his spiritual knowledge he might get the chance of becoming a true Grand Archfiend.

    Three days fluttered by, and more than a hundred Archfiends entered Yan Mountain. They didn't proceed to the external palace this time but towards the true Yan Mountain.

    They felt the difference just as they entered, "Eh!? This place's spiritual energy is too thick, it must have a Spirit Vein!"

    They were Archfiends at least, even if they haven't seen one, they at least heard of it. Just as they stepped through the gates,

    they sensed that there was a Spirit Vein here.

    "No wonder Yan Mountain became so strong, it had a Spirit Vein!"

    As the procession of a hundred-plus Archfiends continued, they again felt four other Spirit Veins. Yan Mountain had five Spirit Veins, it can be called a paradise, a place given birth by nature. 

    And it all belongs to a Grand Archfiend. Even Bai Yue was moved since Moon King Hall only had two Spirit Veins.

    "As expected of Yan Mountain! Seeing it today shows how narrow-minded we were."

    "With Yan Mountain's riches, it was normal to have someone like the Lord of Yan Mountain rise from it."

    The disciples looked at them as if they were country bumpkins who were dazzled by every detail. 

    There were even some who got to talking, "Have you heard? A dozen or so seniors that went through this battle have broken through to Dao Initiation realm!"

    "That doesn't mean anything, they were accepted earlier than us by half a year. If one takes more than a year to go from mortal to Dao Initiation realm, it speaks for itself what a disgrace he is!"

    "If we participated, we could have also understood many things and definitely would have been able to advance to Dao Initiation realm in a year!"

    The Archfiends stared shell shocked, "Saying it took more than a year to go from mortal to Dao Initiation realm, speaks what a disgrace he is..."

    "Is it truly a disgrace? It took me more than ten years to go from a common fiend to Dao Initiation realm cultivator..."

    "Are all Yan Mountain's disciples freaks?"

    It was as if they were hearing fantasies when the disciples talked. One such disciple said, "What can they amount to? They should first know that second senior brother took three months from mortal to Dao Initiation realm cultivator!"

    "Is second senior brother great? Head senior sister paid respect to Master when she was at the 1st stage of Dao Sense realm, and a year and a half later she can contest against a King rank."

    "I once overheard Master say that besides head senior sister's talet, if he spoke of second and third senior brothers' talents it would bring him shame!"

    "Second and third senior brothers are even now fighting to the death in the Tower of Trials!"

    Tower of Trials? What is that? This baffled the Archfiends. They then carefully went and ask a disciple, who had a dauntless attitude. How could this disciple be afraid when he chased after them not long ago?

    With the disciple as a guide, they arrived in front of the Tower of Trials. They instantly saw how those two broken toys, Li Suyi and Ling Xian, competed on pill capacity!

    The chugged bottle after bottle, with more than a dozen empty ones at their feet. No place the Archfiends traveled had such an intimidating sight. They blanked out on the spot, "Ah, how can it be called a living what I've been doing so far?" 

    When Black Python came to report, he saw the sore sight they were, and turned to Silver Wing, "You were the same when you first came to Yan Mountain."

    Silver Wing was pissed, "How couldn't I? With a freaky place like Yan Mountain, who doesn't gawk their first time coming here? What, are you displeased with Yan Mountain's second strongest?"

    Black Python's eyes showed some fire as he smiled, "I just advanced to Divine Palace stage and have no sparring partner. How about we have a go?"

    Silver Wing: ...

  • Chapter 123: Understanding a Fraction of the True Yan Mountain


    Silver Wing looked to see that his bottle only had a few pills left. He couldn't go living like this, Ah, what was I thinking when I said to disband at that time?

    Moreover, before, he could still say he was the only Divine Palace of Yan Mountain. To him, Chen Ming was a human cultivator who took two of his bottles of pills. While the other three Archfiends actualy cultivated hard and had a rise in power.

    I'm finished! If there's no next battle, then my status won't change!

    Silver Wing glared at Black Python, "This daddy has only three pills a day. Ah, I don't have the energy to fight!"

    He turned, then went to report to Chen Ming.

    "But not a moment passed and he came back, saying to Black Python, "Mountain Lord is waiting for you."

    Black Python nodded, straightened his clothes a bit then climbed Yan Mountain.

    Upon seeing him, Black Python reported, "Mountain Lord, I can't fathom why but, cultivating Bones of the Taotie, I have reached the Divine Palace stage. Yet subordinate feels ill at ease. Please check, Mountain Lord! "

    Chen Ming also had some doubts, Eh? Divine Palace stage already?

    Chen Ming gave Black Python a once over, as Black Python laid open his Dao Palace and Dao Seed for his inspection. 

    After a careful check, Chen Ming didn't find anything out of the ordinary. He then combed through Bones of the Taotie, then it dawned to him, "You are of the snake clan, and when a snake devours, it absorbs all the essence. This Bones of the Taotie seems to hold the same view, thus increasing your speed. But you need to strengthen your foundation and need to enter the Tower of Trials, to grasp control over your power. Don't advance for now and consolidate your power." 

    Black Python smiled. He was under the impression he made a mistake, "Many thanks, Mountain Lord!"

    "Right, Mountain Lord, all Archfiends are present. When do you want to receive them?"

    Chen Ming thought how there were only a year and a half until the Grand World Opening; the time was increasingly urgent. His disciples need at least a year or so if not two for all of them to reach Dao Initiation realm. Though three thousand Dao Initiation realm cultivators might not be enough to affect the overall war situation. Since he knew the ancient immortal sects failed to be of help, he could only depend on himself. 

    It was high time to start the plan he had for a long time now. 

    "Tomorrow, arrange for the audience!"

    On the morrow, the Archfiends came earlier in the hall, taking their respective seats. Chen Ming came later, sitting on the main chair. He gazed at them, the Archfiends at him, and they suddenly remembered of the death god roaming the battlefield as they rose, "Greetings, Lord of Yan Mountain!" 

    Chen Ming gestured for them to sit, then clapped, "Bring the food!"

    The bear brothers brought a bottle of pills before each Archfiend, shocking them. They knew since yesterday that what Yan Mountain ate wasn't food, but pills.

    For them, this was like a dream, There are places like this in the world?

    One should know that pills have reached a sky-high price on the outside. There are very few sources of pills, yet Yan Mountain takes them as meals.

    These Archfiends felt incredulous even as they looked a the pill in front of them. Chen Ming smiled, "I'm sorry Yan Mountain is not that great of a place, even lacking entertainment. Please forgive me, everyone!"

    Bai Yue was the first to show no fear in uncorking the bottle and popping a pill, "Ah, there's medicinal property! Even twice as much as ordinary Qi Pills."

    But why orange-flavored?

    Bai Yue bowed, "I can't thank Mountain Lord enough for his hospitality!"

    The rest no longer hesitated, and tried the pills, "Eh? This is chicken-flavored!"

    "Mine is strawberry-flavored!"

    "What, even strawberry-flavored? Let's switch pills!"

    Seeing the time was ripe, Chen Ming spoke frankly, "Eldest Bear, Second Bear, take everyone on a tour of Yan Mountain's Fiend Alchemy House."

    With his new status, he would lose respect if he did it himself. 

    The Archfiends followed the bear brothers to the Fiend Alchemy House, and from the first step, the flavor of pills assaulted their noses. Just that they were clueless as to what these Great Fiends' words entailed, "Spiritual grass powder has been tested. The average medicinal property, around the 7th or 9th rank. Slice it!" 

    "Pill mist formed, evaluation: average. Continue to pill forming stage!"


    Archfiends: "What are they saying?"

    "I don't understand, but I can sense how amazing it is!"

    "Look there, they're taking out the pills!"

    "How can it be so fast? The pills are done already!"

    "Not only done but come out constantly!"

    They saw how furnace after furnace of pills was refined and felt reluctant to leave. Bear in mind that these pills were worth a fortune outside. They refined more than a hundred, if not two hundred pills a day, and with the sky-high price on the outside, this meant more than ten thousand spirit stones!

    It was no less than a year of their territories' income. This way was even faster than killing for them! 

    Yet here, Yan Mountain's Alchemy House held who knew how many hundreds of outside Alchemy Houses in one place. This terrifying power of Yan Mountain made them feel like an ant in the face of a hawk, ashamed to even show their faces.

    This is the true Yan Mountain?

    This is just too scary. Did they use everything when they fought with us before?

    When a monster of this degree reveals all its power, what then? The scene must be unimabinable!

    "Ah, just what monster did we fight with?"

    "Is this what a person is really capable of?"

    Yan Mountain's power of pill refining would shock even those ancient immortal sects, not to mention a bunch of small Archfiends. They felt their world collapsing, Just what kind of existence is this Yan Mountain?

    Bai Yue was so scared, he was sweating a river. The Regalia Legion wasn't all to Yan Mountain's power. I'm afraid it was hiding its true power, only letting this little come to the surface. This thought further ascertained the fact that Moon Fiend's death wasn't a miracle but a matter of fact.

    Luckily, I surrendered, or the consequences would be horrendous!

    The Archfiends returned in a daze to their pre-established residence. And after a sleepless night, they were shocked awake from their stupor. Yan Mountain's methods were something they couldn't fathom.

    They thought that Yan Mountain's strength was beyond their comprehension, but now their impressions were crushed to pieces. They even came to the idea that what they thought before was but a small fraction of Yan Mountain's true power.

  • Chapter 124: Yan Mountain’s Rules


    On Yan Mountain, the mesmerizing fragrance of spiritual plants drifted about as Chen Ming enjoyed Zhuo Qingyao's little hand pushing strand after strand of sword energy into his body, wandering around his joints. There was no doubt about it, it was a truly relaxing experience!

    Black Python reported, "Mountain Lord, those Archfiends are shocked to the core. I guarantee that they didn't get a wink of sleep last night!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Great since we have them under control then what follows will be easier. Bring them all in."

    Many Archfiends, who waited for Chen Ming's summons, didn't know how to meet him. Chen Ming walked in the hall, but at his first step, the Archfiends were already standing. They felt fear from what they have come to know last night. They didn't even dare to guess what capabilities Chen Ming's body hid within. 

    Chen Ming took his seat of honor, then waved for them to sit, and began a speech for joint development of Yan Mountain, "Everyone has seen the Alchemy House yesterday."

    Many bobbed their heads, "We bore witness to the uncanny workmanship of Yan Mountain!"

    "It's too frightening!"

    "Before, we only saw through a crack and searched for death in fighting against Yan Mountain."

    Chen Ming followed with, "Since you all wish to serve Yan Mountain, then you must all follow Yan Mountain's rules. And the first rule is that no military force will exist beside Yan Mountain's. Every equipment will be turned in to Yan Mountain, who in turn will compensate with spirit stones accordingly. All manuals are to be brought to Yan Mountain, be them arts, arrays, or pill recipes. All shall be handed over!"

    Voicing all these, Chen Ming caused a commotion among the Archfiends, "You are taking all our power!"

    "Mountain Lord, do you still doubt our loyalty? "

    "We only want a part of the fiend army to protect ourselves, we don't have any thoughts of opposing you!"

    Chen Ming continued, despite their discontent, "Withing Yan Mountain's borders, all cultivators will have their credentials renewed every ten years. In the case of missing credentials, when discovered, he will be put in jail until his identity is investigated. From this point on, the safety of all cultivators will fall on Yan Mountain. As long as you are within Yan Mountain, it will work without rest to make sure to remove all the dangers to your lives!"

    "If you'd like to venture outside, you can employ the services of Yan Mountain's newly established Yan Mountain Escort Agency for protection."

    "Within Yan Mountain, everyone will hand over a tenth of their income as tax."

    "For added protection, Yan Mountain will establish the Yan Mountain Bank. Everyone can deposit their spirit stones within Yan Mountain Bank and can, at any time, withdraw or deposit according to your credentials.

    The Archfiends were lively in their discussions, sensing the strict nature of Chen Ming's rules. He wanted to control all withing his borders, every cultivator. He wanted to deprive the right to raise their own armies. From now on, only Yan Mountain would have a fiend army.

    This was something they couldn't accept.

    As far as the other clauses went, they were acceptable. Since they lacked a fiend army, then the biggest worry was that of safety, which Yan Mountain was ready to guarantee. To prevent any from having evil designs or chasing riches, he made them entrust all of their spirit stones to Yan Mountain. Towards the tax, they had no complaints since it was far lower then Moon King Hall's.

    "Mountain Lord, we won't rebel. We just want our own army to protect us!"

    "We can accept a smaller army, but not eliminate it. That is impossible!"

    "Mountain Lord, it's better not to be so ruthless. How will we defend our domains if we have no military?"

    Chen Ming snorted, "You should all know that I'm not consulting with you! I'm just informing you of the rules! Furthermore, each Dao Seed Archfiend that agrees now will have their own Alchemy House like the one in Yan Mountain, and any Divine Palace three! You can send your subordinate Great Fiends over and Yan Mountain will train them. They will return when they have successfully completed the course, letting you manage them as you please!"

    Following strict rules came with some benefits. But to the ears of these Archfiends, how can this be small? Ah, this was more like a large bonus!

    They've all experienced Yan Mountain's Alchemy House. That was uncanny workmanship, and since the alchemists were fiends, then any fiend could learn. With how many they had, they would definitely learn! 

    Ten thousand spirit stones a day. That meant more than three million a year. An Archfiend turned to Bai Yue, "Fellow Daoist Bai Yue, I was wondering, how many spirit stones did that traitor, Moon Fiend, accumulated in a year?"

    As Bai Yue thought, his heart cried in alarm, "No more than a few hundred thousand spirit stones." 

    The other Archfiends' thoughts ran wild, Isn't it just a fiend army? Yan Mountain guarantees our safety. Can't we hire Yan Mountain Escort Agency for protection with several million spirit stones a year? An army needed spirit stones, needed cultivation resources. The purpose of the army was to stabilize their position, but now they had Yan Mountain to look after them.

    It required several tens of spirit stones to raise those guys, a year. While their cultivation was always lacking. And now it gets better! I needn't bother raising troops, while my income will be in the millions! Since I have spirit stones to cultivate, why on earth would I need an army?

    But that equipment collecting rule caused them no little dissatisfaction.

    Chen Ming could see where their worries laid, "If an Archfiend has exceptional behavior within Yan Mountain, I will allow him to have spiritual weapons, denoted with a special mark on their credentials."

    Yan Mountain's rules might cut off a lot of their power, but gave them many opportunities to make spirit stones. Who would complain at this point? Bai Yue was the first to say, "Mountain Lord is of magnificent reputation and generosity. I am willing to accept Mountain Lord's conditions!" 

    Chen Ming was very pleased with him, "Stay for a while longer Bai Yue, I have something to tell you."

    Bai Yue was overjoyed. He thought he would get something extra from being the first to accept!  

    Many Archfiends were afraid of being last, as they rushed to give their consent!

    Chen Ming smiled broadly, and waved, "Alright, alright, go find Black Python and White Fox, and they will handle the rest."

    After the others left, Bai Yue bowed towards Chen Ming, "Is there something Mountain Lord needs of me?"

    Chen Ming smiled, "Your display wasn't half bad. I decided to let you have four Alchemy Houses. What do you think?"

    Bai Yue was over the moon with joy. He was the only one with this benefit, "Many thanks Mountain Lord!" 

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  • Chapter 125: An Auction Can Be a Good Destination


    Three days later, Chen Ming saw many Archfiends bringing their subordinate Great Fiends to hand in their equipment. Meanwhile, White Fox and Black Python's men were also handing over the Archfiends' credentials.

    Black Python stood near Chen Ming, "Mountain Lord, are we giving away the riddle that is Yan Mountain's Alchemy House so easily? Will it be alright?"

    Black Python was worried that when the Archfiends got stronger, Yan Mountain wouldn't be able to control them.

    Chen Ming smiled, Still green. Ah, a cultivator might be clever, but that's only when it comes to cultivating further ahead. They would never understand Chen Ming's methods, nor imagine them. 

    This was modern knowledge. Nothing could contend against the machine that was a nation. The old way of controlling cultivators was far too inefficient.

    "You need to understand something most profound, they will never again have military power. I will all belong to Yan Mountain. Without the military as protection, they are just domesticated pigs waiting for slaughter. Moreover, their thinking is too wishful. When pills come rolling out in waves, the profit won't be that huge."

    "Even if they gather many spirit stones, Yan Mountain has an even fiercer method to harvest them. Like say, those Great Fiends they sent over. Most of them can only learn to refine a single pill. If they want another, they will need to spend loads of spirit stones so Yan Mountain will teach them. Moreover, after they gathered a certain amount of spirit stones, Yan Mountain's Alchemy House will sell their pills in the form of auctions. So long as they compete against one another, there will be no chance of cooperating."

    "Wanting to leave Yan Mountain is nothing more than a pipe dream. As long as we control the types of pills they can refine, Yan Mountain can use all its power to refine the same type and make the price plummet, returning it to normal value. "

    "And once they have credentials, Yan Mountain will be in control of every cultivator, and all of their possessions. Everything shall be laid before our eyes."

    "To say nothing of Yan Mountain Bank. It's protection services don't come at any cost. For their spirit stones' safety, for their own safety, they are sure to deposit a large number of spirit stones in Yan Mountain, for rainy days. Can they even take these spirit stones and leave?"

    "Also, their thinking is very narrow. Firstly, you should know that every person hands over a tent of their income. In case of any changes, Yan Mountain will still remain the strongest. Even if it were to face this group of fellows deprived of their armies, its position would forever be invincible."

    As Black Python listened, cold sweat poured from his forehead, Mountain Lord, has truly otherworldly abilities. He even has the power to govern!

    "Mountain Lord, subordinate understand, and will immediately get to work!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Have Black Tiger make some more preparations. When we deprive all their armies, their Great Fiends will have one path to chose from, leaning on Yan Mountain. Our army will be bolstered in one fell swoop. Also, tighten the guard on the information regarding devouring Great Fiends. Don't ket them find out, understood?"

    Black Python bowed, "Mountain Lord, be at ease! The ones in charge of this matter are all from my department."

    Chen Ming nodded, "Have Black Tiger and Fire Swallow come see me, I have some matters to settle with them."

    Black Tiger and Fire Swallow bowed in respect when they met with Chen Ming in the afternoon, "Mountain Lord, is there something you need of us?"

    "Establish the Yan Mountain Escort Agency, taking all those Great Fiends whose talents are inadequate."

    Black Tiger said, "Subordinate understands, I will have my men working on it!"

    Chen Ming continued, "Furthermore, since I said that I'll protect them, raise a city within our borders and send two regiments of one thousand Regalia troops over to patrol it. The rest of the Regalia Legion is for you to handle how you see fit so that the border of Yan Mountain is observed regarding any movements."

    "Any who wishes to leave Yan Mountain needs to pass through a thorough inspection, but no one is allowed to leave for now. Then again, they might not want to leave for the next while, since all their energy is poured in establishing their Alchemy House."

    "All with the right to build Alchemy Houses are to swear the Heart Demon Oath. They are to keep all the information regarding Yan Mountain's Alchemy House to themselves."

    These measures should prevent anything drastic from occurring.

    With the equipment pile growing ever higher, Chen Ming looked it over. He would melt them down then reforge them into armors for Yan Mountain's field army. Withing days of establishing, Yan Mountain Bank gathered thirty million spirit stones.

    The Archfiends and Great Fiends didn't fear Yan Mountain would embezzle them. Since from their point of view, this was just the tip of the iceberg that was Yan Mountain, holding no interest in such a tiny amount of theirs. And with Chen Ming's promise as a guarantee, they developed trust for him. From what they saw, Chen Ming never broke his promises. When he said he'd kill someone, kill he did! 

    In fact, Chen Ming was sorely tempted by these spirit stones, constantly searching for a mean to stuff them in his pockets.

    The Bank was such a good idea. Even better than robbing, taking spirit stones as I please!

    Yan Mountain's transformation was unstoppable. Chen Ming finally felt relieved with his territory, that nothing bad would happen. He should now focus on increasing his strength.  

    Chen Ming had the means to promote many cultivation methods to the peak of Dao Initiation realm. He didn't start because he wasn't sure what great array would he stumble across. If the cultivation methods he had were useless in an array, wouldn't that mean he wasted it?

    With the amount of hoarded cultivation methods, many could be advanced to the Dao Seed stage. But those permitting cultivating into the domain of Sovereigns were few and far in between.  

    Chen Ming had a feeling that he would linger for a lot longer in the Dao Seed stage. If he wanted to transcend, he needed three thousand Dao Seeds.

    The best, for now, was to find a cryptic array. Not a picky one, but the more people it required, the better!

    Black Python came to report, "Half a month from now, Grand Archfiend Golden Howl will hold an auction on Purple Mountain! Golden Howl has sent an invitation over, asking for Mountain Lord's participation!"

    Chen Ming's eyes shined, Eh, an auction? Isn't that the place where a Main Character gets rich?

    That's right, besides jumping cliffs, a Main Character has another way of getting rich: auctions!

    It didn't matter if you didn't have treasures, an auction would only have immortal tools that only the Main Character could recognize! No cultivation method? No worry, the auction had one at the immortal rank that none other than the Main Character could cultivate! No magical art? No worry, the auction had a cryptic immortal art to others, yet plainly open to Main Character's eyes! No girl? No worry, the auction would take it upon itself to have a pretty young auctioneer, sweet of voice and tender of beauty!

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    Chapter 126: I Seem to Hear Someone Calling Me


    Chen Ming watched Yan Mountain, thinking those broken toys of his finally found some use.

    He called his four legacy disciples over and wondered his eyes over them. Ling Xian had a grandpa ring. En, an immortal's eyes are sure to know many. Take!

    Li Suyi relived his life, he surely saw many treasures, En, not bad, not bad. Take!

    Chen Lingyu cultivated an immortal cultivation method, She might have a quirky response to an item, or something. Take!

    Ah, Zhuo Qingyao still doesn't have a worthy weapon. Reckon that what she will want will be none other than a heavy one. And most surely it won't be cheap either; maybe she'll run into it. Take!

    "Purple Mountain is organizing an auction half a month from now. Grand Archfiend Golden Howl has sent an invitation for your Master, so you need to get ready to follow your Master in experiencing the world!"

    Li Suyi's eyes sparkled at this and bowed, "Yes, Master, disciple will prepare!"

    Seeing Li Suyi in a joyful mood, Chen Ming was certain, This auction is bound to have something good!

    The other three had no Main Character epiphany, only thinking they would go along for the fun. So they went to prepare too.

    Chen Ming inspected Golden Howl's invitation. It wrote:

    'Killing Moon Fiend built Yan Mountain into a formidable power. This brother's heart longs to see dear younger brother's face, thus I ask for dear younger brother to join me at the auction on Purple Mountain. But do be careful, and remember dear younger brother, to take a thousand soldiers for protection!'

    Golden Howl's personal letter.

    Truth be told, seeing this handwriting, Chen Ming's eyelid twitched nonstop, They're all weirdos!

    It's definitely written by Golden Howl!

    Golden Howl's body was that of a golden lion. Some said he had the blood of the nine-headed lion divine beast in his veins. He was known throughout the Myriad Mountains as one filled with virtue and morality. He was also the oldest among the Grand Archfiends, some even considered him a people pleaser. If it weren't for this Golden Howl, then his auction wouldn't have had so many supporters, compared to the auctions of the other Grand Archfiends. 

    And Golden Howl even stated in his invitation for Chen Ming to bring along a thousand troops. This matter isn't that simple.

    Chen Ming though it over and over again, but still took a Regalia regiment with him. His power fell short of a Grand Archfiend and could only pass as one thanks to his array. 

    As for the four personal disciples, they had nothing in common with those plain disciples. Just from their auras, it would be more likely for him to die, while they would surely survive.

    After spending a day on preparations, Chen Ming led a thousand troops, all the while dragging along that ignoble Silver Wing, and set his destination for Purple Mountain. 

    This time he would get to hold a discussion with Golden Howl. And since time was in short supply, he'd let that daft Silver Wing look after the four. That fool of a Silver Wing! He might like messing around, but, all in all, he doesn't have bad intentions. But the crucial matter is that his fleeing skills are first-class!

    When things take a turn for the worse, he would take the four and leave at the drop of the hat. 

    After some time in his journey, while standing in his carriage, Chen Ming heard someone calling his name. He looked left, he looked right, but his four guys were cultivating in the spacious area of the carriage. It can't be them, did I misheard?

    There was a full-blown storm outside, with sand flying all around.

    Traveling for hundreds of li in the desert, the Regalia regiment's clothing turned to rags crossing this endless sandstorm. When they were supposed to be at the edge of the desert, they discovered they went the wrong way, all thanks to the sandstorm. Seeing unending sand, the abyss this Yellow Sea became, they could barely hold on, "Chen Ming! You better hope this King doesn't come out, or I will show you what it means to wish for death!" 

    On their journey, be it Archfiend or Great Fiend, any who heard this, they quickened the pace. But the one passing through the air, was the supposedly dead Grand Archfiend, the one the nouveau rich ninth Grand Archfiend, the Lord of Yan Mountain, climbed on top of. 

    Even when crossing Grand Archfiends lands, they were allowed passage. It looked like these Grand Archfiends sent the news to the troops of their coming. 

    Chen Ming had yet to bump into a Grand Archfiend. From what he heard, they already left for Purple Mountain long before Yan Mountain did.

    Trudging for thirteen days, Chen Ming finally arrived at the foot of Purple Mountain. After the shining rays passed, this place was no mountain at all, but an outstanding city of fiends.

    Countless armored fiends patrolled the area, watching. They were much more powerful than Moon Fiend's men, definitely no pushovers.

    The Archfiends on the ground looked up, "Eh, who's the one who wants to die flying towards Purple Mountain?"

    "Don't know, they must be new, and don't understand the rules!"

    "Someone will handle them!"

    "Look, Crown Prince arrived!"

    Up ahead, a golden-haired youngster flew closer. he looked to be of twenty years, wearing a purple crown, donning purple armor, and having a graceful and poised air about him. That youngster stood in front of Chen Ming's carriage and bowed, "My humble self is Jin An(1), greetings Uncle Chen. Lord Father has asked me to personally welcome you!"

    Chen Ming's eyebrows twitched as he looked over at his four legacy disciples, and asked in a small voice, "Do I look like an uncle?" 

    The four shook their heads in sync. They all knew of Chen Ming's temper, who could only let out a drawn-out sigh, "Ah, age comes with time. It's good that you four are sensible."

    He flipped the carriage cover aside and walked out along with his four disciples. He was a Grand Archfiend, so of course he heard of Jin An. How couldn't he know the heirs of other Grand Archfiends? Jin An was the first son of Golden Howl. Asking him to welcome Chen Ming, it already showed him a lot of respect. He eyed Jin An, En, there's indeed an aura. Control Aura lvl 1. He does have some skill after all. Chen Ming took the impression of an elder, as he patted Jin An on the shoulder, "Ah, very good. You youngster show promise!" 

    Jin An's hand trembled. Alright, Chen Ming and his father were of the same seniority. So him telling him he was promising wasn't an insult. 

    Jin An pointed at the four behind him, to which Chen Ming only laughed as he himself pointed at Jin An, "This is Purple Mountain's, Crown Prince!"

    Then Chen Ming regarded Jin An, Uh, could it be he wants me to introduce these four little fellows as my legacy disciples? With an impressive and glorious name as Crown Prince, to act as the intermediary is so shameful. "Um, these are the four Sect Leaders of Yan Mountain."

    Let's go with demonic sect's trend. Yan Mountain's personal disciples are Sect Leaders to outsiders.

    The two exchanged greetings, then Jin An smiled, "Uncle, please follow me, I will take you to your peak for rest."

    On the way to their accommodations, many Archfiends sensed something amiss, "Ah, this isn't right. How can the refined and mannered Crown Prince be a guide?"

    "I haven't seen the one he's leading, he must be important!"

    "He must be the new up and coming Grand Archfiend, the Lord of Yan Mountain. He has the title of Butcher of Kings, known to make everyone equal under his array!"


    (1) One of the nine sons of the Dragon King. A mythological creature Hybrid of tiger and dragon. A creature that likes litigation, and its statues are placed over prison gates (in order to keep guard).
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  • Chapter 127: This Daoist Robe is Waterproof


    In Purple Mountain, lights came into existence, thousands of them flickering in the gentle wind. 

    There were two more days until the auction, and Chen Ming was taking his four dearies on a stroll around Purple Mountain. There was no strict guard like on Yan Mountain, to the point that anyone could come and go as they pleased.

    Chen Ming reached the guard at the gate who, getting the notice, got out of their way and let them enter. Since Silver Wing was bored out of his mind, he also tagged along.

    The auction might start later, but the city was still lively, with many fiends selling their wares.

    Chen Ming looked around and found patrols at every corner, so nothing bad should be happening. He tossed his storage ring to Zhuo Qingyao, with four hundred thousand spirit stones inside, "Qingyao, take your juniors for a walk. Just buy anything you find to your liking since there are four hundred thousand spirit stones inside." 

    Zhuo Qingyao didn't refuse. Wasn't it normal for the four to hold on their Master's belongings? 

    With the three in tow, she proceeded to go window shopping.

    Chen Ming took advantage of this free time and went with Silver Wing to a tavern. He ordered some dishes and was ready to drink here for a while. With the chance to relax, he had no intention to stroll around and buy things. He wasn't a Main Character, turning everything he bought into treasures.

    He enjoyed the meal with Silver Wing, then glared at him as he was pouring him wine, "What's so great about wine, give me fruit juice!"

    Silver Wing was puzzled, "Mountain Lord, what's fruit juice?" 

    It stunned Chen Ming, Ah, they don't have fruit juice here. "Um, then give me fruit wine." 

    Silver Wing poured him fruit wine, which Chen Ming proceeded to taste, Hmm, sweet and sour, not a bad taste. It only lacks alcohol, it's not strong enough.

    He then tried Silver Wing's cup, Pretty much beer. What's so great about these drinks?

    A black-clothed group entered the tavern, all in human form, and at the lead was a young girl. The black outfit hugged her body, fully emphasizing her curves, while a black veil hid her face, but not those sharp, clear and pure eyes.  

    The girl sat across from Chen Ming as a black-clothed attendant whispered in her ear. The girl's two charming pupils landed on Chen Ming, dressed in an azure Daoist robe and holding a green horsetail whisk. 

    Silver Wing had a wicked smile directed at Chen Ming, "Mountain Lord, Mountain Lord, a girl is looking at me!"

    Chen Ming glared at him, It's just looking, what's there to fuss about?

    Silver Wing continued, "I can sense a deep look in her eyes when she glances at me."

    Chen Ming peaked outside, Ah, spring isn't here yet.

    A fragrant wind came from next to Chen Ming, as the black-clothed girl sat near him. She didn't look older than eighteen, and gazed at Chen Ming, "Fellow Daoist has also come to participate in the auction?"

    Chen Ming eyed this girl, Not a bad figure, same for her eyes. "One who has a big chest has a small brain indeed. Why would I come if not for the auction?"

    She was stunned for words, it was the first time someone spoke to her like that. All the other men fawned over her without exceptions. But Chen Ming was very indolent in his attitude and speech. The girl looked at Silver Wing to see him whipping the drool from his mouth,  That's the normal reaction.

    The girl smiled in embarrassment, "Fellow Daoist is so funny!"

    Chen Ming disinclined to reason with her. He had seen far too many trying what she was tempting. He had his fill. 

    The girl said, "It must be fate that allowed us to meet. A cup for fellow Daoist."

    When lifting the cup, presumably from carelessness, it spilled on Chen Ming's robe. The girl panicked, "Forgive me, I was clumsy and dirtied your clothes. Let me wipe it off." 

    She lowered her head, showcasing the deep white ravine on her chest to Chen Ming's eyes. He grabbed her hand and said flatly, "No need, my robe is waterproof."

    The girl saw how the traces of the spill disappeared, leaving nothing behind.

    She smiled in embarrassment, "Fellow Daoist's robe must be of ingenious craftsmanship." 

    Chen Ming had no care for small talk, "You should know who I am. Speak, why is your purpose here?"

    She smiled, "You're jesting fellow Daoist. I've lived a simple life, how can I know fellow Daoist's identity? "

    Chen Ming pointed at Silver Wing, "This dunce shows no restraint with his Divine Palace energy, and me, I'm just a Dao Initiation realm cultivator. Despite taking human form, how can I compare with this fool's might? But then you come along next to me, totally ignoring the fool, and started talking with me. You tell me if nothing is suspicious. "

    The girl bowed, "The Lord of Yan Mountain is wise beyond words. This lady won't waste your time and say her request. I want to ask the Lord of Yan Mountain to bring me to the auction. There is a family heirloom sold there that I want to buy. But, sadly, I do not have the right to enter. If Lord is willing, this lady will gift you with a million spirit stones."

    Chen Ming roamed his eyes over her veil, "I don't like talking with strangers. If you will remove the veil and take a walk with me around Purple Mountain, I will consider it."

    The girl was dazed, "Forgive me, but if this veil falls, it will bring endless troubles. Sometimes, beauty is a crime."

    Chen Ming waved his hand, "Then let's leave it at that."

    The girl: ...

    Weren't common men always curious about my appearance? 

    There was a sudden disturbance outside the tavern, "Did you hear? A fight is about to break out in the gambling house!"

    "What? But the gambling house is overseen by Grand Archfiend Long River's son. Who dares to make a ruckus there?"

    "Ah, I don't know! I heard they are two youngsters and two girls!"

    Chen Ming reckoned Zhuo Qingyao and the rest might have stirred up the place. He got up, "Silver Wing, let's go. We need to check if Zhuo Qingyao is in any danger."

    Chen Ming and Silver Wing left the tavern, with the girl trailing behind them, "Mountain Lord, this lady might be frail, but I offer you my help."

    The girl picked up the pace as she walked next to him. Silver Wing was tactful enough to fall back, leaving the two to walk together.

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    Chapter 128: I Suddenly Got in the Mood


    Chen Ming couldn't make heads or tails of this girl, It seems she wasn't taken by my dashing good looks.

    Just what is her motive?

    I'll just have to wait and see I guess.

    Arriving outside the gambling house, Chen Ming saw Zhuo Qingyao looking detached from a distance with her arms crossed. Chen Lingyu was also cold. Ah, it was night, so it should be Chen Yu.

    Inside the gambling house, the place was on the verge of erupting. Many fiends came to see just who had the gal to look for trouble here.

    Chen Ming walked behind Zhuo Qingyao, "What's going on?"

    "Ling Xian said this place looked fun so he came to bet spirit stones. We saw how he won quite a sum, while his opponents were steadily losing. After winning a million spirit stones, the head of the gambling house refused to pay him."

    Chen Ming's thought, Ah, this is the right way to use the Luck Aura!

    Chen Ming asked, "And now?"

    Zhuo Qingyao coldly rolled her eyes, "Now, Li Suyi and Ling Xian are arguing who should beat up the head of the house, to hand over our winnings."

    Her eyes stopped next to Chen Ming, Eh? It hasn't been that long and there's an extra woman next to Master?

    Then she remembered what once Chen Ming said to her. Remember, no man is good!

    Zhuo Qingyao regarded the black-clothed girl with a cold eye, "Master, who's the auntie?"

    The black-clothed girl: ...

    Auntie!? Auntie your granddad!

    Chen Yu was also fearless, poking where it hurt. She exclaimed when she saw the girl, "This auntie's figure is really good!" 

    Was that a compliment? Was it?

    Anger grew in the girl's heart, I will bear it, for Lord Father. And said charmingly, "What a pair of lovely young ladies. But you shouldn't always be cold as ice, and smile more." 

    Zhuo Qingyao and Chen Yu have always been like this, and Chen Ming found nothing wrong with that. But now, Yan Mountain couldn't afford to fight with another Grand Archfiend. When he heard the gambling house was Grand Archfiend Long River's son, he didn't want the trouble to escalate. 

    Yet he had no interest in getting involved. It was too demeaning of his status.

    Inside, Ling Xian and Li Suyi were discussing, "Second senior brother, we need to deal with this guy fast. If head senior sister or fourth junior sister gets involved, there'll be hell to pay."

    Ling Xian was also thinking along those lines and nodded. But the head of the gambling house, Little Prince, didn't agree with them and slapped the table, "Where the hell did you bastards come from? Don't you know who I am?"

    Ling Xian, of course, wouldn't compromise so easily, "This Sect Leader has won the money fair and square. Why aren't you holding your end?"

    The Little Prince laughed evilly, "It seems you don't want a peaceful understanding and dare show this young master disrespect in Purple Mountain. Fine, I remember that you also brought two girls. The two girls look like divine beauties with amazing grace. After I kill both of you, I will take those two to my bed to liven my mood!"

    Ling Xian looked at Li Suyi, "Third junior brother, we gave him the chance to speak, that's kindness enough. But he isn't grateful, and leaves us with little choice."

    "If he wants to die, that's his business. But if he really annoys head senior sister, then how many peaceful days will we have after we return to Yan Mountain?"

    Ling Xian faced-palmed, "You make excellent sense!"

    Ling Xian rubbed his hands, I'm terribly sorry, this is all for our peaceful days to come!

    Ling Xian flew in the air while pointing his finger!

    A great noise covered the entire gambling house, as the finger descended and blew Little Prince out of the building!

    Little Prince looked through the crowd then fell before an enraged man in a white robe, "Lord Father, Lord Father, you have to seek justice for me! Those guys are threatening your son!" 

    Long River's eyes glared fixedly at Ling Xian. He was the one who sent his son flying just now, "Just who dares act unruly in my territory?"

    Chen Ming kept silent, but the black-clothed girl stepped forward, "A win is a win, a loss is a loss. Grand Archfiend Long River, are you using your power to push others around?"

    Chen Ming quietly observed the ever changing situation, Just who is this girl, daring to speak up to Long River?

    Long River inspected the black-clothed girl then let out a dark laugher, "I was wondering who it was. It turns out to be Sovereign's little princess, Wu Feihua. What, is Sovereign interested in how I handle matters?" 

    Wu Feihua wanted to wait for the chance next to Chen Ming since he didn't know her and the other Grand Archfiends were also unaware of who he was. She hoped that when they saw them together, the Grand Archfiends would think something was going on between them.

    Even if there wasn't, the misunderstanding would take root in their hearts.

    But Chen Ming was stubborn as a mule. She was left with no other choice than to step in Chen Ming's stead, giving the impression the Sovereign and Yan Mountain were on good terms.

    Chen Ming instantly understood Wu Feihua's plan, Ugh, this girl is Fiend Sovereign's daughter, what a bother.

    Before Chen Ming had the chance to speak, Long River said, "Wu Feihua, you want to make it hard for me just for a couple of brats?"

    Wu Feihua softly laughed, "How easy for you, Long River, to think of them as simple brats. Did you know that these brats are the four Sect Leaders of Yan Mountain?" 

    Long River was caught by surprise. He looked at Zhuo Qingyao and the rest, These four fellows are from Yan Mountain, that new up and coming, Moon Fiend's killer, Grand Archfiend Chen Ming's disciples! And now, Wu Feihua is helping them. Could it be that Yan Mountain was under Fiend Sovereign? 

    No wonder Yan Mountain killed Moon Fiend, it was because they had Fiend Sovereign's silent support!

    Long River thought he saw through everything in that instant, but then saw how Zhuo Qingyao pulled her sword on Wu Feihua, "Yan Mountain's matters are not for the Sovereign to but in!"  

    The fiends around them stood dumbfounded, Long River included. He just didn't understand, Could it be that Wu Feihua isn't doing this to help Yan Mountain?

    Why would Yan Mountain's Head Sect Leader pull out her sword all of a sudden?

    Wu Feihua's hand pressed on Zhuo Qingyao's sword, "Child, it's not good to always resort to violence. Ah, even if it doesn't bother me, you shouldn't pull out your sword!"

    Zhuo Qingyao smiled, "You're right, it's just that I suddenly got in the mood, so I want to challenge you."

    The crowd went wild. Zhuo Qingyao had no fiend energy on her, she was a human. And a Dao Sense realm one at that. A fifteen years old young lady wanted to challenge Wu Feihua!
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    Chapter 129: A Single-minded Sword Dance


    Wu Feihua, with her exquisite appearance, could be called an outstanding beauty. But what she was most famous for was her talent, reaching the King rank at eighteen years, and becoming a proud genius to walk this earth. This degree of talent in Myriad Mountains, one that appeared once in the last thousand years, belonged to one person only, hers. 

    "I didn't mishear, right? That little miss wants to challenge Princess Wu Feihua!"

    "A Dao Sense realm challenging an Archfiend..."

    "An atrocious talent of Dao Sense realm at fifteen years dares to challenge Wu Feihua!"

    Long River didn't understand, No way! Does Yan Mountain have to be so fierce in showing their stance with the Sovereign? They are letting a Dao Sense realm little miss challenge a once in a thousand Wu Feihua! 

    Little Prince wasn't one to start being nosy now. His thought, Ah, this fight is worth watching!

    Ling Xian and Li Suyi came out of the gambling house they just wrecked. Ling Xian was ready to enjoy everyone's respecting gaze on him, but those looks were all focused on his head senior sister and a black-clothed girl. Seeing Chen Yu on the side, he asked, "Fourth junior sister, what's the situation?" 

    Chen Yu laughed, eagerly waiting for Zhuo Qingyao to start. They have never seen head senior sister pull out all the stops in a fight, "Head senior sister is challenging Fiend Sovereign's daughter." 

    Ling Xian pulled Li Suyi over, "Third junior brother, quickly take out the seeds. Head senior sister is about to start!"

    Li Suyi brought three wooden seats, "Don't be hasty, second senior brother, I even packed some wooden chairs for this!"

    Ling Xian was cracking seed as he enjoyed the view, "Everyday head senior sister smack us around, and now we get to see others getting the same treatment!"

    All the fiends around them threw weird glances at them, No way! Your head senior sister is looking to die challenging Wu Feihua and you three juniors don't go to stop her, but instead sit on chairs and crack seeds?

    Are you all under the same Master

    You have such immense hatred that you're so relaxed while enjoying the show?

    Chen Ming and Silver Wing went and sat together with those three seed-cracking kids. Li Suyi fished some seeds from his pocket and gestured towards Chen Ming, "Master, here's some seeds!" 

    All eyes were on him, Is this the one rumored to be the recently emerged Lord of Yan Mountain? Just where does he look like a Butcher of Kings?'

    Hold on, why is he also cracking seeds?

    The Dao Sense realm young miss is really his disciple? With a Dao Sense realm challenging an Archfiend, he, as a Master, isn't showing any concern and cracks seeds instead.

    Long River was baffled, and gave Little Prince a kick in the rear, "Useless thing, why haven't you already brought a chair next to the Lord of Yan Mountain?"

    Long River sat on the chair brought by Little Prince next to Chen Ming and cupped his hands, "My humble name is Long River. I offer my apologies for this mongrel offending fellow Daoist!"

    Chen Ming nodded, not in the least beat caring. And so, the two Grand Archfiend sat in the street, face to face, and cracking seeds. Long River looked long at Zhuo Qingyao. She looked to be of fifteen years and still at Dao Sense realm. This talent was as commons as it got in Myriad Mountains. He said, "Your disciple is still soo young. If she were to truly fight, the result would be unappealing." 

    Chen Ming did some thinking, It does ring true. To other disciples outside Yan Mountain, Zhuo Qingyao was neither hard no light on them, "It seems the outcome might be a tad undesirable."

    Then Chen Ming resumed cracking seeds.

    Long River was dazed by this, Didn't you just say the outcome will be undesirable? Why dit you went back to cracking seeds?

    Shouldn't you move to stop it?

    Then Long River heard Ling Xian and Li Suyi started placing bets. The first said, "I think head senior sister can deal with this woman in thirty moves!"

    Li Suyi said, "Thirty? You exaggerate! Won't it be more like fifty?"

    "What? You haven't been smacked around by head senior sister lately! If I lose the bet, I will eat ten pill bottles!"

    Li Suyi wasn't one to back down, "It's a deal then, who's afraid of losing?"

    Long River looked at Yan Mountain's group, The more I look the stupider they seem. You think that Dao Sense realm young miss will win against an Archfiend? He then turned to Chen Ming, "Have your disciples never left Yan Mountain?"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Yeah, they were pretty much cooped up!"

    Long River let a sound of amazement, I see it now. So their just a bunch of kids who haven't seen the world. That can be expected since, with the sudden rise of Yan Mountain, its disciples are oblivious to the difference between an Archfiend and a Dao Sense realm cultivator. Um-hum.

    Um-hum my ass!

    Don't all cultivators know the difference between a Dao Sense realm and an Archfiend?

    Wu Feihua's voice came out as clear and soft as water when she spoke to Zhuo Qingyao, "Little girl, you should know your limits."

    Zhuo Qingyao took a moment to contemplate, "You're an Archfiend?"

    Wu Feihua gave a smile and a nod, "Yep, most people know I'm an Archfiend."

    Zhuo Qingyao then asked, "You haven't reached the Divine Palace stage yet, right?"

    Wu Feihua was caught off guard, "Um, not yet, why?" 

    Zhuo Qingyao nodded, "Then it's fine. Come, let's trade some blows!"

    Wu Feihua was put on the spot. You mean to say she didn't have any choice but to use her Archfiend might and suppress a Dao Sense realm disciple of Yan Mountain?

    A powerful energy wave came from afar, making the eyes of Chen Ming and Long River flash. The man had a white wolf pelt draped over him and a long sword scar on his face, further emphasizing his evil demeanor. Long River whispered, "That is Sovereign's number one loyal dog, Sinister Moon Wolf. He is also the Sovereign's only Grand Archfiend."

    Chen Ming nodded.

    Sinister Moon Wolf walked beside Wu Feihua and whispered, "Princess, you are still young. A Grand Archfiend walked a path of blood and carnage to earn his rank, how can he fall so easily in another's trap? Since Yan Mountain refused our kindness, then we don't need to fret shaming them." 

    Wu Feihua nodded, "Yes, Commander!"

    Wu Feihua smiled as she gracefully made a full circle around Zhuo Qingyao, "Since little girl insists on fighting a losing battle, then I am willing to indulge you. But please be careful little girl, I will make sure not to go to hard on you, so as not take your life! "

    Zhuo Qingyao put away her sword since the other accepted her challenge and there was no longer any need to point it. That was the same as saying that she followed the path of the sword. It shouldn't affect the whole battle, but Zhuo Qingyao wanted to defeat the other as soon as possible.

    You think you are worthy of standing beside Master?

    Zhuo Qingyao asked Chen Ming, "Master, I severed almost all my thoughts, but there is one that I have yet to banish."

    Chen Ming smiled as he asked, in the same way as when he first met her, "Are you certain you can't severe it?"

    Zhuo Qingyao nodded.

    Chen Ming smiled, Never would I have thought this little lass would be just a fraction away from reaching the One With the World stage. Chen Ming formed ten Dao Seeds, comprehended Dao ten times, and even became One With the World inside the Eight Extremes Array. He couldn't be more clear of what this stage entailed. He spoke, "If there are no thoughts left withing you, then are you any different from a walking corpse? You severed all but one. Since you cannot resolve it, that thought represents your sword. Merge it with your sword, pour all your notions within it, and that is the One With the World stage!"

    Zhuo Qingyao nodded. She unsheathed her sword and began to move it with a single though in mind.

  • Chapter 130: The Sunset is Really Beautiful Today


    At that moment, the entire city was turned upside down. All the swords, be it in someone's hands or at their waist, began to tremble.

    As if they were afraid, as if they were venerating. 

    Wu Feihua regarded the frail Zhuo Qingyao as the Fairy Sword slowly came out from its sheath.

    Wu Feihua could feel the chillness from within that sword nipping at her skin. What did that sword sheath hide inside?

    To be perfectly honest, she envied Zhuo Qingyao's talent in the sword Dao. Why did it feel like the sword came alive?

    Sinister Moon Wolf looked towards Zhuo Qingyao, not in the least bit credulous she achieved the One With the World stage. The only one to step in this stage, in the entire Myriad Mountains, was the Sovereign. 

    He believed this was one of Chen Ming's tricks.

    It was the same for everyone else. She was just a fifteen-year-old young miss, a Dao Sense realm young miss to be exact. 

    This sword of mine disregards the common people, disregards demons or gods, disregards wright or wrong. The only thing it cares about are three words: first under heaven!

    Then they saw the clear sword radiance sweeping the surroundings. The sword left the sheath as if it was cutting away at heaven and earth. This didn't look like a sword a young miss would use, because this sword was overbearing in its might, cold and desolate. 

    A sword made itself noticed, brimming with boundless power.

    Purple Mountain now had a different color as the sword energy surged tens of zhangs higher each time. Zhuo Qingyao held the Fairy Sword in her hand, and when it reached its peak, she dropped the immense blade down. 

    Wu Feihua's eyes showed a trace of anxiety. She could sense the power behind that sword, and even became dazed beneath it. She just couldn't believe a Dao Sense realm could reveal such might. 

    From her forehead, a strand of hair fell.

    Zhuo Qingyao's sword halted at her shoulder, then quietly withdrew it and walked away, "And to think I thought you were strong. Yet you can't even take a hit."

    Zhuo Qingyao walked to Chen Ming and stood quietly behind him as if all that happened was of no significance. 

    Li Suyi and Ling Xian's gazes met, coming to realize why Zhuo Qingyao was the head senior sister. Mommy! Head senior sister is more and more terrifying.

    One sword concluded the battle.

    They knew she would win, but never in their wildest dreams would they guess she would win so flawlessly. 

    Chen Ming carefully sensed Zhuo Qingyao's sword energy. It was the one left behind by the skeleton on the wooden boat.

    The place sank into a deafening silence.

    Sinister Moon Wolf's eyes leaked killing intent when they landed on Zhuo Qingyao. It spread everywhere, lifting even the snow on the ground, as the wind blew stronger. The Great Fiends around him got out of the way, not willing to risk it staying there any longer.

    Sinister Moon Wolf's eyes moved to Chen Ming standing in front of her, and, in the next moment, the violent killing intent vanished without a trace. 

    He couldn't see through him. In his eyes, Chen Ming was only at the Dao Initiation realm. 

    It was true that a Dao Initiation realm was a mere ant before him, but just now, that Dao Sense realm young miss had achieved Unity. She crushed Myriad Mountains' greatest talent, Wu Feihua. To the point that she couldn't even gather the courage to face that one sword.

    Sinister Moon Wolf held Wu Feihua, "Princess, we should go."

    With his support, the two left.

    Once outside Purple Mountain, Sinister Moon Wolf asked, "Princess, what did you saw in that sword?"

    Wu Feihua took a deep breath, "I saw that young miss' Dao Heart, one that had only three words: first under heaven."

    "This person shouldn't appear here. We need to report this to the Sovereign. The time we need to unify Myriad Mountains is not enough. Next time, I hope you can find the courage to face her."

    Wu Feihua nodded, "Don't kill her. My Dao Heart isn't steady and this will become the demon blocking my path of cultivation."

    Zhuo Qingyao was standing near Chen Ming, he sword sheathed, while Long River's son, Little Prince was shaking in his boots. Did he just come close to offending that demon?

    A scary silence pervaded the air.

    Be it Great Fiend or Archfiend, fear lingered in the hearts of all around them.

    Chen Ming's laughter broke the stillness, "My poor disciple has no manners. I made you witness a shameful display!"

    Long River only now recovered from his stupor. From now on, Myriad Mountains' number one genius has changed, no doubt about it. Even he was finding it hard to believe a single sword would determine the outcome of this battle.

    For Chen Ming to teach such a genius disciple, it went without saying that he killed Moon Fiend.

    Long River smiled, "A great disciple has a great Master. Dear little brother, you give us, Grand Archfiends, much honor!"

    Chen Ming cupped his hands, "You're far too kind. But we should now go back to the topic of that million spirit stones my poor disciple won!"

    How could they not get the spirit stones they earned fair and square?

    Long River laughed, "Dear little brother, we are the same, you and I, fighting the Sovereign side by side. A mere million spirit stones are of no importance."

    Chen Ming said, "If we are brothers then, of course, I wouldn't mind it. But this is regarding my little disciple. Brother Long River, do you mean to oppress the young? "

    Long River grew furious, "So what if I am?"

    Chen Ming eyed him carefully, Are all Grand Archfiends this shameless?

    Long River had no remorse, "What are you looking at me for?"

    Chen Ming said, "Nothing much, just that your style just now and the yet to be dead Moon Fiend are somewhat similar."

    Little guy's cheeks trembled, "Fine! You four, follow me..." 

    Long River just remembered that Chen Ming had a Grand Archfiend kill under his belt.

    The four kids went with him to receive their winnings. Chen Ming wasn't that comfortable since Sovereign's daughter and his number one dog were in town. The situation was devolving increasingly faster.

    After that battle, Yan Mountain's fame spread to each corner of Myriad Mountains, but the title of the number one genius wasn't a trivial matter. 

    Practically the whole Myriad Mountains knew of this event. And what was baffling was that this number one genius of Myriad Mountains was just a Dao Sense realm cultivator.

    And since that Yan Mountain was a new power, unknown to everyone, it had all kinds of rumors flying around about it. 

    Chen Ming led his four little guys on a stroll around town, when Ling Xian saw a gambling house in front, "Third junior brother, head senior sister, fourth junior sister, how about we go in and bet for a round or two?"

    Chen Yu was one who didn't know what fear was, "Uh, it's not that we can't, but that we never lose."

    Chen Ming glared at the four, Can't you four be still for a second? Ling Xian switched topics on the fly, "Ah, the sunrise is so beautiful!"

    Li Suyi approved, "The warm sun makes me feel so comfortable."

    Chen Ming said, "Don't make a scene and look around to see if there's anything you want to buy."
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  • Chapter 131: I’m Worried About my Useless Son


    As they strolled around Purple Mountain, they stumbled across many things. Ling Xian pointed at a flying sword from a stall, "How much is this?"

    The stall owner's eyes flashed golden when they landed on Ling Xian, "Young hero has great eyes. This flying sword has a great history. It was once an Archfiend's weapon. It is said that as long as you hold it, you will become a King rank!"

    Chen Ming looked it over but found nothing special about it. He only heard the owner trying to dupe him by showing it off.

    But Chen Ming had a composed manner, since with Ling Xian's ring grandpa and all.

    Ling Xian and the owner haggled the price, then the later picked up a small wooden cauldron, "How about this, buy the flying sword and you get this little toy for free!"

    The stall owner saw he was about to sell the flying sword, so without much thought, he threw the small wooden cauldron into the deal.

    The five of them walked a bit further when Chen Ming reached for the cauldron to fiddle with it, "Eh!? This small wooden cauldron has a trace of Grand Dao inside!"

    Ling Xian smiled, "Master, this trace is of great benefit to my Dao Canon cultivation. Cultivating the Dao Canon is just too slow!"

    The wooden cauldron soon became pieces in Chen Ming's hand. He had the Limitless Dao Body, and thus sensitive to traces of Grand Daos. He went and extracted the trace from the wooden cauldron and new it was of the purest trace of Grand Dao. He inserted some of his spiritual energy into it, who took it and filtered it into a very pure form.

    Chen Ming pulled Ling Xian over and with a slap, he put it into his body, "You are unable to control this Grand Dao trace for now. Let it grow within your Dao Palace, and when you cultivate, you only need to absorb spiritual energy, not refine it."

    Ling Xian bowed, "Many thanks, Master!"

    This Grand Dao trace was a treasure, and a precious one at that, especially for Ling Xian. After all, cultivating the Dao Canon was as slow as it got, allowing Li Suyi to surpass him.

    With this trace, Ling Xian's speed should speed up quite a bit.

    Resuming their stroll, Li Suyi showed disinterest. It looked like he wanted the things from the auction.

    Chen Yu, on the other hand, seemed piqued by a strange willow branch. It was pitch-black at the tail, yet with a vibrant green bud at the top.

    After a bout of haggling, they bought it at three hundred spirit stones.

    Chen Ming didn't make out much of it, just that it contained the power of death and the force of life. Truly strange. "When we get back and grow it, maybe it will reveal something of interest." 

    As they walked around Purple Mountain, Zhuo Qingyao and Chen Yu bought a ton of stuff. Not all were treasures, you know. No no no, they were all stylish clothes, jewelry and the like.

    A woman's talent couldn't be taught.

    They stayed in the place arranged by Jin An and, two days later, the auction started right on schedule. Chen Ming was rather curious about what item got Li Suyi so eager.

    With the invitation in hand, he arrived at one of the ten most lavishing rooms. Chen Ming took a seat as a Great Fiend prepared drinks and fruits.

    Chen Ming waited patiently for the official start of the auction. On the stage, a beautiful woman dressed in a red dress, and showing her white legs, made her way on the stage, "Everyone honors Purple Mountain with your attendance. I won't detain you for long, as I imagine you are tired of waiting. Let the auction begin! "

    A person came within the room and whispered in Chen Ming's ear, "Lord Golden Howl is inviting Lord of Yan Mountain for a talk. But please be discreet, since there are many spies of the Sovereign lingering about."

    Then he left a black robe in Chen Ming's hand.

    Chen Ming nodded and gave his storage ring to Zhuo Qingyao, "There are forty million spirit stones inside. If you want to buy something, just shout the price."

    Then Chen Ming donned the black robe and followed after the man.

    The things a Main Character bought were all baffling oddities to others. Chen Ming was led to the lowest and normal room.

    Inside the tiny room, there were three Grand Archfiends. One was Long River, that he already met, the second was a man with a head filled with wild blond hair, Golden Howl, and the third was someone he never met, White Crane.

    Rumor had it that one of White Crane's ancestors was a mount to an immortal. But the bloodline has declined, leaving behind a mere King in Myriad Mountains.

    When he heard of this, Chen Ming's eyelid acted up. He was a Grand Archfiend of Myriad Mountains, then he went to say his bloodline waned. So why did he have to go so far as to say he was an immortal's mount? 

    A carpet laid on the floor, with the Grand Archfiends sitting cross-legged on it. The three were calm, knowing that they were here to talk secret matters.

    Chen Ming also went with the flow and sat like them. The four were facing each other and, when he saw the anxious Long River, he asked, "Has the situation become so grave that you are this restless, Long River?"

    Long River shook his head, "That's not it. I was just thinking of that worthless son of mine. Now that I left, he will surely spend spirit stones left and right on useless trinkets!"

    It looked like the other Grand Archfiends were the same. They left someone to continue participating in the auction, to let others believe they were still up there.

    Golden Howl coughed, "Dear younger brothers, I assume everyone can surmise why I invited you here."

    White Crane said, "What about the other five Grand Archfiends?"

    Golden Howl replied, "The other five brothers are too near the Sovereign to come."

    The other three nodded. They were all crystal clear on the Sovereign's ambition, and since the five Grand Archfiends were too close to him, they were unable to extricate themselves.

    Golden Howl continued, "These are troubled times. I just heard an unbelievable rumor, that a ghost corrupted Fiend Sovereign. It promised that as long as he attacked Myriad Mountains, it will confer to him the position of Fiend Sovereign, leader of all fiends beneath in the world."

    White Crane asked, "Ghost? Does the elder brother knows what is the meaning of this ghost?"

    Golden Howl shook his head, "Eh? What other meaning can it have?"

    White Crane said, "All ghosts are dead, something that does match well with a living being. A ghost is no living thing and can't be trusted!"

    Golden Howl said, "But we can't convince the Sovereign since the ghost already corrupted him. All we can do for now is to find a way to fend off his attacks."

  • Chapter 132: Wind Fiend Patriarch


    Golden Howl's idea was for all of them to stand united against a common enemy, to fend off Sovereign's attacks. 

    Golden Howl said, "Rumors are rumors, and Fiend Sovereign has yet to act. We don't know the truth behind them, but we need to prepare nonetheless. If Fiend Sovereign rebels then we need to unite our forces against him!"

    Chen Ming nodded since he had no reason not to agree. Not even twenty Grand Archfiends are certain to fight him off, not to mention nine. Once the front line collapsed it wouldn't be just a Sovereign charging at them. 

    Chen Ming wasn't quite clear on a Sovereign's power, but based on the saying 'Sovereign, the kingdom crusher', he could presume a thing or two.

    A fiend army would fight a losing battle against a Sovereign.

    After Golden Howl signed an agreement, the three Grand Archfiends scattered.

    Returning to his room, he came right on time for the selling of an unknown treasure. It was a yellow bead that, from the auctioneer's words, all that was special about it was its toughness. 

    Then Li Suyi's voice reached his ears, "3.2 million!"

    Next came the Little Prince's voice from the room across from them, "3.3 million!"

    Li Suyi didn't hesitate, "3.4 million!"

    The two sides upped the price as Chen Ming asked what was the bead's base price. Ling Xian's answer: "A hundred thousand." 

    Chen Ming saw the situation was peculiar, Shouldn't a common and cheap item be easily bought by a Main Character? Why keep bickering with another person?

    Chen Ming looked toward the opposite room just in time to hear a painful yell escaping Little Prince's mouth, "Lord Father, I was wrong. I won't bid again!"

    Ah, so it was that Long River's failure of a son. He then eyed Li Suyi, "What does this bead do?" 

    "Master, this bead is called Wind Pearl. There lives a clan of wind fiends in the desert, and their core is precisely like this Wind Pearl. This Wind Pearl is actually the core of the wind fiend patriarch. If we return this pearl to the desert, the wind fiend patriarch will surely give us a great reward."

    Eh? This bead has such amazing use!

    Chen Ming asked, "What is the cultivation of that patriarch?"

    "Disciple doesn't know, but when that wind fiend receives this Wind Pearl, and recover his cultivation, he might have the power to rival a Sovereign."

    Chen Ming reckoned that the wind fiend patriarch's power wasn't just that of a Sovereign. Since if the might of a Sovereign was so terrifying then Fiend Sovereign would have already acted against him, not to mention being unafraid of facing nine Grand Archfiends.

    With this Wind Pearl, he could move the entire Yan Mountain to the middle of the desert. As long as Ghost Immortal didn't arrive, it would become a place that didn't act no matter what disasters befell outside. 

    Chen Ming nodded. No wonder Li Suyi said he wanted to grab this bead, "Continue bidding."

    Li Suyi cupped his hands. "Yes, Master!"

    With that nuisance, Little Prince, out of the way. Li Suyi was relaxed in his bidding.

    When the bead came and Chen Ming handed the spirit stones, he turned to Li Suyi and asked, "What do you want from that desert?" 

    "Master, there is an ancient sect within. That Tower of Trials was a part of it and that wind fiend patriarch is its guardian. After its destruction, the patriarch lost his core in that battle. If we can enter the desert, then we will obtain that sect's legacy. This is of great benefit for the other disciples."

    Chen Ming nodded, "Might it be possible for that ancient sect to have an array? "

    Li Suyi shook his head, "Master, this I do not know. We will need to enter for us to find out. What disciple knows is that this is a sword Dao sect."

    It seemed Li Suyi didn't know much, but to understand the secret buried in the Yellow Sea they would need to dig it up first.

    And Li Suyi had no selfish reasons. He didn't know what was in there, only that it was a sword Dao sect. He reckoned he fought for that bead out of consideration for Zhuo Qingyao and Chen Lingyu.

    The following items that were up for bidding had no use for Chen Ming. There were even some arrays among them but proved worthless in his case.

    With the Grand Archfiends private meeting settled, and the Wind Pearl in his pocket, Chen Ming was itching to hit the road. He wanted to know what treasures lay buried in that ancient sect. If he had an array, then his power would jump again. 

    Once back at the Regalia regiment and with him sitting inside the carriage beside his four dearies, they made their way back to Yan Mountain. After seven-eight days, at the border of the Yellow Sea, Chen Ming told the soldiers to wait as he took his disciples nearby the desert, all the while taking out a bead, the Wind Pearl.

    Chen Ming could see through the sandstorm raging in the sky, the sand coming ever closer, a line through which the sand never crossed, filled with calmness. 

    Chen Ming stepped on the line and after waiting for a few minutes, the sand in the sky took the shape of a huge face, similar to that of a mouse, "Human, you have something that doesn't belong to you!" 

    The four disciples were shocked by this strange face, but not too much. They were Yan Mountain's legacy disciples after all.

    Chen Ming asked, "Are you the wind fiend Patriarch?"

    The Patriarch laughed, sand spewing from his mouth, "Human, hand over that bead and I will spare your life!"

    Chen Ming sat in front of this line, "Since I obtained this bead, I knew it is useful to you. Enough nonsense, I'm not scared of you as I came to talk terms! "

    To be perfectly honest, if it weren't for the sand not coming close to Ling Xian's position, Chen Ming would have put him in front of the Patriarch instead. To let the Mind-numbing Aura soften his face a bit! 

    The Patriarch reflected, "Alright, since you know I can't leave, speak your terms."

    Chen Ming said, "How's this? I give you the core and you surrender."

    The Patriarch laughed, "Don't think you can toy with me, human. Even that Flying Sword Sect that captured me couldn't subdue me and only made me stand guard over their gate. What makes you think you can?"

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  • The Patriarch laughed, "Don't think you can toy with me, human. Even that Flying Sword Sect that captured me couldn't subdue me and only made me stand guard over their gate. What makes you think you can?"

    CM looks at his broken toys/ demon chives

    "Let's just say I have a good feeling."
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  • Chapter 133: Playing Around


    With every sweep of the sandstorm, bones fell out of the sky, turning into splinters the moment they struck the desert sands.

    The furious winds engulfing the sands slowly formed a large face, spreading across the whole sky, and casting its shadow over all that stood bellow. The wind fiend Patriarch emerged from the darkness, "Human, state your terms!" 

    A ball of fire popped in Chen Ming's hand, shining over ten-some zhangs with each pulse, "Maybe we can talk this out."

    Swearing allegiance right off the bat was out of the question it seemed. He said, "I don't want much, just the whole Flying Sword Sect. And that you won't harm Yan Mountain's people."

    The Patriarch's eyes swept over him, "You're clearly ignorant on many things, but you're terms are fair. I accept these conditions."

    Chen Ming stretched his hand and let the Wind Pearl drop from it.

    As it touched the sand, the Wind Pearl vanished, "Ah, what a nostalgic feeling. I, the lord over winds and sands, Rushing Wind, have returned!"

    A human appearing to be made out of sand walked out of the billowing wind, "I promised the Imperial Sword Sect not to step out over the line they set. I have never left since I was born here, and since we have come to terms, I will hold my end of the deal!"

    The sands cleared a path for Chen Ming, making it possible to see a large dune of sand in the distance, "As long as you have some of this sand on you, my children won't attack you. Wherever the sand falls, the wind is bound to cease."

    Chen Ming just reached his hands for that dune and crammed it into his storage ring. He gave some to his four disciples, then took out some for himself, "Let's go see the Flying Sword Sect."

    The five traveled through the sandstorm without a worry as the gale settled when it came closer to them, while the sands formed a map in front of Chen Ming. It depicted the Flying Sword Sect, placing it right in the middle of this Yellow Sea. Yet this desert was incredibly huge spanning tens of thousands of li. The part belonging to the Myriad Mountains was only a small corner.

    Chen Ming flew with his legacy disciples towards the Flying Sword Sect. With it established in the center of the Yellow Sea, it's disciples, composed of mostly weak children, didn't have the strength to cross the desert in their entire lives. Thus the sect formed a wind tunnel, to help pass through these lands quickly. With the help of this tunnel, Chen Ming and the rest rode the winds and three days later they were welcomed with the sight of the Flying Sword Sect.

    Yet as far as the eyes could see, there was only sand. As if sensing their arrival, the sands shifted, parting before them and unearthing the ancient sect below.

    The sand flowed like a torrential river, letting Chen Ming see the main gate, a hundred zhang tall majestic bronze sword. It extended from the earth to the heavens, with a stone plate hanging around it and the words Flying Sword Sect carved on it.

    The sands gathered next to Chen Ming, "Can you see that huge sword?" 

    He nodded.

    The Patriarch's voice came from the sands, "Its name is Obelisk, ranked third on the Divine Weapons Board."

    Chen Ming asked, "The ancient immortal sects or perhaps an even stronger sect would know of Obelisk being here, right? Why has no one taken it away by now?"

    The sand shifted as the voice echoed, "Because no one was able to obtain its approval."

    "Is it hard to gain it?"

    "Ha-ha-ha, not at all. As long as you can move it, it is yours. As its name implies, Obelisk, its weight is that of a massive mountain. It is a hundred and eight zhang tall, with each zhang being a mountain. When it was refined, they took the tallest hundred and eight most imposing mountains in this world, preventing the world from ever forming any other dignified mountain. If it wasn't for this sword, I wouldn't have lost at the hands of that Flying Sword Sect's old geezer."

    Zhuo Qingyao regarded the Obelisk, her eyes filled with brilliance, You can take it with enough strength?

    Chen Ming looked up to see how the tip pierced the clouds and walked before it. He let his finger touch Obelisk, who trembled upon contact.

    The Patriarch's eyes shook, "This can't be!"

    Chen Ming nodded, It doesn't seem hard at all to get Obelisk's approval. He flew into the clouds and grasped its hilt. Then he focused all the power in his body, his blood moving like waves, booming with each heartbeat. 


    Obelisk inched higher, shaking the entire world with it!

    With Obelisk lifted off the ground, Chen Ming wanted to swing it around but it was too hard with the hundred zhang sword, And too heavy. It probably accepted me because of my Nine Nines Mysteries Art cultivation.

    It was worthy of only being able to cultivate the Dao Sense realm, to only cultivating the body. It trained the body to the utmost, a cultivation method that sought to transform one's body into that of a divine being!

    Obelisk shrank in Chen Ming's hands until it was a greatsword just a head taller than him. He landed on the ground and let it drop in Zhuo Qingyao's hands, "Give it a try, see if you can lift it."

    The wind whistled at the Patriarch's odd laughter, "It's lucky enough you received Obelisk's approval, so how can it give it to this young miss?"

    Zhuo Qingyao reached for it, the power of her body surging with each booming heartbeat, searing the ears and causing the other three disciples to recoil, "Head senior sister is as terrifying as ever."

    Obelisk acted smoothly in her hands, not showing any discontent. It was plain to see it approved of Zhuo Qingyao much more than Chen Ming.

    Zhuo Qingyao held the now smaller Obelisk, no longer the dreadful weight from before, and executed a few slashes. After setting it on her back, she bowed to Chen Ming, "Many thanks, Master!" 

    The Patriarch was stunned, For so many years no one was able to take Obelisk away yet, today, this craziness happens, letting Master and disciple have the ability to move it. This was the divine weapon Obelisk's approval, but it didn't require one to move a hundred and eight mountains. It went according to one's realm. Zhuo Qingyao's cultivation which, if converted to a normal person's cultivation, would be the peak of the Dao Initiation realm. So Obelisk set a standard cultivator's cultivation as the requirement.  

    When it came to Zhuo Qingyao, there was no one in this world of the same realm having such a strong body as her. After all, a standard person had ten meridians, while she had eighty-one, making this a smooth affair. 

    Chen Ming's realm was entirely unknown, but he still couldn't wield Obelisk. Probably because his Nine Nines Mysteries Art cultivation was too low when compared to his current power.

    With Obelisk in hand, however you looked at it, Zhuo Qingyao turned into a terrifying power.

    Chen Ming and Zhuo Qingyao's cultivation of Nine Nines Mysteries Art had no difference whatsoever. So how come? Chen Ming could train it, true, but his constitution wasn't in full accordance with the Nine Nines Mysteries Art. This was why he would never be able to fully use all its power.

  • Chapter 134: You Have such a Narrow View of the World


    But Chen Ming was far above Zhuo Qingyao in regard to understanding the Nine Nines Mysteries Art.

    The other three stared at Chen Ming, It's true. As long as you learn a half-assed move from Master, you can move unhinged throughout the land.

    Getting a divine weapon just as they arrived, raised Chen Ming's expectation of this Flying Sword Sect.

    He was ready to step through its main gate.

    Then he heard the laughter of the Patriarch, "You think it's that easy to enter the Flying Sword Sect?"

    "Why do you say that?"

    "Guarding the Flying Sword Sect is me, of course. No matter what you might think, going inside the true Flying Sword Sect is going to be as hard as scaling the heavens. On the brink of destruction, Flying Sword Sect's Sect Leader imposed a restriction. Outside the main gate, nine stone tablets are holding nine flying sword arts from the sects' three hundred and thirty-three. You need to display the nine arts in their entirety two hours after you looked at each tablet, then you can enter. Don't, and you will trigger the guarding array, Endless Sword Execution Array. Only the descendants of the nine peaks of the Flying Sword Sect can remove this restriction."

    Chen Ming smiled at this, "So I only have to display nine sword arts. It doesn't sound so hard."

    The Patriarch laughed hard as if he heard a joke, "Even the ancient immortal sects sent its people to try opening the restriction but they all turned back with tail between their legs. Only nine are allowed entry and only one time at that. They not only have to be extraordinary geniuses, but they also have to be geniuses that can comprehend a flying sword art in two hours. Even finding one is a difficult affair, not to mention nine such characters."

    "And so, the only one who can remove the restriction is the Flying Sword Sect's descendants, but none yet lives. Why else did you think I wanted to give this sect to you? Because you can't enter!"

    Chen Ming laughed, "Only eighteen hours to understand nine flying sword arts. This is too easy."

    Chen Ming then walked towards them.

    The Patriarch went on, "Fail and you will be put to death with the Endless Sword Execution Array. Do you know what that means? Not only killed but executed! Not even the founders of the ancient immortal sects can defend against this array. I heard that at the end of their long lives, they came to try removing the restriction, to help future generations. Even the founders only came when their death drew near. And you, who returned the Wind Pearl to me, might still have a chance to live if you turn back now!"

    Chen Ming regarded him and said in earnest, "I once said that you, wind fiend, are a Sovereign, yet you have such a narrow view of the world."

    Chen Ming walked in front of the first stone tablet on the stone steps. He roamed his eyes over it and found a few words: 'Of the world's sword Dao, half is within my grasp!

    Of any swords in this world, half is what I wield!'

    This tone is grand indeed. But I like it!

    Chen Ming then saw the flying sword art's name: Whirlwind Sword. 

    The so-called flying sword art was a way to control the sword as you rode it through the air. Chen Ming checked his merits, ten thousand merits. It was enough. With his merits fewer by a thousand, he flicked the Dao Empyrean Bamboo and a longsword flew, the astonishing Whirlwind Sword! 

    At that exact moment, Chen Ming was at the Unity stage, as the Whirlwind Sword sends out a fierce wind, blowing away the sand in its path.

    The Patriarch stared at him in the drifting gale. He didn't have a human form, but one would wonder what shocked expression would he make right now if he could take human shape. 

    Chen Ming climbed another step to the second tablet and waved the Dao Empyrean Bamboo again. A thunderous noise echoed when a sword flew from the horsetail whisk and struck the ground. The sound of thunder still lingered in one's ears as Chen Ming was at the Unity with this sword too! 

    Chen Ming resumed his trek, like a leisure walk through his home. He only took a look and then showed the Unity stage again by shacking the Dao Empyrean Bamboo and fully exhibiting the flying sword art's power.

    On the path of the sword Dao, one would first form Sword Energy, then he would make his Sword Heart shine brightly. Going further, he would find himself in the Unity stage, and when he left this stage behind, he would attain the Sword Intent, where one swing of the sword overflowed with boundless power.

    The Unity stage was arduous to attain. Just a look at Zhuo Qingyao and one would know. And the other three disciples were aware of how many hardships she had to endure.

    Zhuo Qingyao herself couldn't be clearer on this.

    And Chen Ming was at the Unity stage in a single step, and not with just a single sword art either!

    When the nine steps ended, along with nine examples of Unity, Chen Ming stood within the Flying Sword Sect. There was no Endless Sword Execution Array, proof that he removed the restriction.

    The wind blew unrestrained as the Patriarch witnessed how a single person attained Unity nine times, and each taking only an instant, "For the world to have one with such uncanny perception... Could it be that the ones before weren't even worthy of stepping on the path of the sword Dao? No wonder Obelisk approved the two of them!"

    The four legacy disciples saw for themselves this awe-inspiring scene, further engraving their admiration for Chen Ming into their core. This leg is truly strong! So strong that I can barely hold it!

    Chen Ming gave a sidelong glance, noticing the fervent and sparkling glint in their eyes, He-he-he, what's so great about a Main Character? Don't they all pay respect to me, Immortal Master Chen?

    Ling Xian glanced at Li Suyi, "If he wasn't our Master, I would have paid my respects again."

    Li Suyi had a lot of experience under his belt, Just why haven't I met Chen Ming in my previous life? Or at least hear his name? Is it possible that he relives his life and only now his abilities improved tremendously, yet never wanted to reveal himself?

    At this, he could only say, "I feel the same!"

    Chen Ling had a sweet smile while her eyes sparkled, "Master is so cool!" 

    Zhuo Qingyao glared at the three plain fellows, "You should also have some talent yourselves! Let's go, let's see what this Flying Sword Sect, uh, no, our Yan Mountain has anything useful inside."

    Zhuo Qingyao stepped towards the stone inscription in front of the main gate and carved it with Obelisk. Metal screeched as it tore into the stone until it revealed two words: Yan Mountain. 

    Chen Ming inspected it, En, this writing is proper, much better than Immortal Master Chen's. Any writing task will be left for Zhuo Qingyao to handle. Yes, that's the best choice.

    It's not that I, Immortal Master Chen, is lazy, alright? Just that my writing is ugly and unintelligible.

    As of today, Flying Sword Sect belonged to Yan Mountain, something Yan Mountain's Head Sect Leader, Zhuo Qingyao, wrote personally.

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