Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)

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Follow Chen Ming as he accepts disciples, establishes a sect, and fights his way in a world that deems him a cannon fodder. 
He goes against any common sense using his wits and novel knowhow to finish missions and arm himself against his cruel fate.


Hope you'll enjoy the new project and share laughs with the Chen Ming.

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    Chapter 1: Accepting a Disciple


    “Ding! Master of Untold Daos System is installing...”

    “Progress... 10%.”


    “100%, installation complete! Welcome to the Master of Untold Daos System. Remember to leave a positive review!”

    Chen Ming listened with stupefaction at the gentle voice of a young lady echoing inside his head.

    What the hell happened? Did I crossed over?

    Chen Ming felt lost. He was an orphan—an average Joe—who started work after graduating and enjoyed reading parody novels. He was just enjoying one such novel when—out of carelessness—spilled water on a power outlet. That shocked him into hearing the system lady’s voice. 

    Then the memories began coming in waves, flooding his mind. Chen Ming was twenty-three years old and a cultivator in the second realm. He was one of the four Grand Elders in the Endless Swords Sect, the highest status below that of the Sect Leader. He had healthy parents, while his grandfather was the Regent. He was filthy rich and even had his grandfather’s affection to boot! He was a carefree and distinguished young man who—at the tender age of twenty-three—entered the 2nd stage of Dao Initiation realm; not to mention being an elder in the Endless Swords Sect. That wasn’t the end though. He had the Ancient Desolate Sword Body, formed the Benevolent Sword Heart, and attained perfection in wielding the Lustrous King Sword Art.

    Cultivation had four realms: the Dao Sense realm, the Dao Initiation realm, the Dao Comprehending realm and the Transcending realm. 

    Why did he have to cross over in such a powerful body? F*ck you! Crossing over should come with a cheat. Having this moron’s useless knowledge is asking for death! Are you just a stepping stone for the furious Main Character coming for revenge, to smack your face in and take your treasures? And the Main Character will have the second-highest cultivation, right? There aren’t even manuals for the highest stage yet! The Main Character will also cultivate an outrageous cultivation method, right? Mine is too plain! 

    No wonder you’re not the Main Character! Your parents are way too healthy and you haven’t suffered enough.

    The script was wrong from the start!

    If his grandfather passed, or he turned into the next Sect Leader or a Lord, he might get rid of the emperor and seize the throne. The ministers would not object. Hell, they might even shed tears.

    If he didn’t have enough strength, the Main Character would simply pull him—as cannon fodder—in a scripted world-shaking battle for revenge. If he was strong, then a single spit from him on his flying sword would conveniently kill the Main Character’s parents. The outcome: death by Main Character, according to script! 

    Should he kill the Main Character at his weakest? No no no, were you jesting? Haven’t you heard of the Main Character’s Aura? Chen Ming might have had the Ancient Desolate Sword Body, the Benevolent Sword Heart, the Lustrous King Sword—cool stuff though—but up against the Main Character? Only death awaits! Could their powers even compare? And if the Main Character didn’t win, he would use a god knew what freaky art to escape right before his eyes.  

    Based on many years of reading novels, he knew that danger lurked everywhere. His worry was that—at any moment—the Main Character would destroy the world, and him along with it. No, the only chance of survival was to firmly—and unwaveringly—latch on to Main Character’s leg.

    But the next moment found him depressed, assuming he would be the Main Character’s little brother. What if he was gay? With his dashing looks, wouldn’t it be the same as throwing himself in Main Character’s arms?

    “Ding! System started. Given the host’s current status, you have a disciple position open. First mission: Accept a disciple! Reward: 10 merits.”

    “What are they used for?” questioned Chen Ming.

    “Merits help the host comprehend cultivation methods. As host is bound to the Master of Untold Daos System, host’s constitution became the Limitless Dao Body. It allows host to learn every cultivation method in the world. Furthermore. a lottery ticket will be awarded when a disciple breaks through into a new realm!”

    Chen Ming mulled it over, aware of the word ‘comprehend’. With enough merits, he would gain instant enlightenment of any cultivation method or magical art!

    It sounded as if he could have Main Characters as disciples. I have such a wonderful mind! 

    And who could have a loftier status than a Main Character’s Master? Hmm?

    In the mountain range’s depths, on a mist-covered mountain, laid a ten-thousand-foot a stone square stage.

    Thousands of youngsters were on the stage, looking at the dozen immortal masters standing on a tall terrace. These immortal masters were all cultivators, each of them in search of a disciple to teach them the Great Dao.

    The youngsters were exited to know they could become an immortal master’s disciple. They would then shed their mortal coil and become cultivators! 

    This was the Endless Swords Sect, and Chen Ming was one of these immortal masters.

    His mind made up, Chen Ming began taking an interest in these children. Next to him, Li Changgeng noticed Chen Ming’s behavior, and intrigued him, “Elder Chen, you will also accept a disciple?”  

    The previous Chen Ming never took a disciple. His focus was cultivation and accepting a disciple would shorten his training. It was no wonder it surprised Li Changgeng to find Chen Ming taking an interest in these children. 

    Chen Ming laughed, embarrassed. “This old man is getting on in years and time has come for me to accept a disciple. It will embarrass me greatly if no one came to pay my last rites at this old man’s passing. It would be nice to find an unpolished gem to pass on my legacy.”

    The gray-haired Li Changgeng looked at the charming, lively, handsome and bright Chen Ming. His hair was smooth and black—jade-like—and his skin flawless. A Dao Initiation realm cultivator could live up to three hundred years. You just stepped in this realm at twenty-three; you’re still a child. If you call yourself an old man, then what am I? An old fart with a foot in his grave?

    Li Changgeng laughed out of embarrassment, “True. Elder Chen, you honor Endless Swords Sect with your position, despite having no disciples. This won’t do, please look and see if there’s any child connected to you by fate.”

    The elder presiding over the stage heard what Chen Ming said  and empowered his shout with his cultivation, “You’re fortunate, children. The Endless Swords Sect’s youngest Grand Elder and the Yan Kingdom Regent’s grandson, Grand Elder Chen, will accept a disciple!”

    All the youngsters were excited at this. They grew up hearing Chen Ming’s legend. If they could pay respect to Chen Ming, they would surely soar above the clouds!

    Chen Ming watched the children with indifference. In less than a day, they gathered the details regarding their history and talent into a ledger.

    Li Changgeng took the ledger and handed it over to Chen Ming, “The youngsters qualified to enter the Endless Swords Sect are in here. Elder Chen, you have never accepted a disciple, so please go first.”

    Chen Ming received the ledger and saw that the first ten had great talents, despite the lack of notable backgrounds. The first youngster even had the Destiny Sword Body.

    Li Changgeng thought Chen Ming would choose these children. But who could have imagined that he flipped to the last page instead and checked the least qualified youngsters! His words were: How could the Main Character take first place? He can’t get bullied in the sect if he’s the first! The way he saw it, this youth with the Destiny Sword Body would be the first mini-boss the Main Character would trample. Forget it, let’s skip the first ten. The last ten are more fit to be the Main Character, anyway!  

    Chen Ming looked at the last child. Zhuo Qingyao was thirteen years old and at the 1st stage of Dao Sense realm. She had a trashy talent, was poor, lost her parents, and crossed the Myriad Mountains for an apprenticeship. Her Dao Heart was strong and after going through such an arduous journey, she still only qualified among the last.

    Chen Ming brightened at this. She was a freak!

    There were countless beasts and monsters in Myriad Mountains. Only a cheat could get a 1st stage of Dao Sense realm child alive out of there!

    What? You thought she only had incredible luck? Even if she did, would she still be the Main Character based on heaven-defying luck alone when she survived through thousands of monsters?

    Zhuo Qingyao stood behind many youths, watching Chen Ming opening the ledger. The first ten youths stepped forward, letting him inspect them. They even put their cultivation on display, to draw Chen Ming’s interest.

    Zhuo Qingyao never hoped to be chosen, not when she had such a low talent. She had—for far longer than the rest—absorbed spiritual energy, but very little went into tempering her meridians. With her younger brother a slave to the city lord’s residence, she came here to become an immortal and save him.

    She knew that no one would pick her, but she still hoped to train in a proper cultivation method.

    On the terrace, the lofty and elegant Chen Ming watched the youths. His unfeeling eyes sweeping the crowd, “Who is Zhuo Qingyao?”

    The youngsters looked around everywhere for the lucky Zhuo Qingyao. She gazed at the charming, lively, handsome and bright Chen Ming, Is the living legend looking for me?  

    Chen Ming smiled gently, exuding a noble character, “Who is Zhuo Qingyao?”

    Zhuo Qingyao’s heart held some hope as she shyly stepped forward. She faced Chen Ming and cupped her hands, “My humble name is Zhuo Qingyao.”

    Chen Ming descended the terrace and walked before Zhuo Qingyao. He smiled at her and spoke in an undeniable voice, “From this moment on, you will be my first disciple.”  

  • Chapter 2:  Master is Evil


    The system lady found this moment to speak. "Ding! Accept a disciple completed. Earned 10 merits!"

    Lustrous King Peak.

    Zhuo Qingyao followed behind Chen Ming to the peak of the mountain, feeling her arms and legs sore from all this walking, Isn't Master an immortal? Why does he walk instead of using the flying sword?

    Chen Ming also felt the need to explain why he didn’t use a flying sword, "A cultivator seizes every moment to comprehend the world's Dao. You had no complaints while walking this entire time. It showed that you have a strong heart."

    Was this a joke? Why would Chen Ming say he was afraid of killing a Main Character's parents with his spit on his flying sword?

    In her heart, respect bloomed. So Master was comprehending the world's Dao all along and also tested my heart. Master is great indeed!

    "Do you know the master-disciple ceremony?" he asked when they arrived inside his courtyard.

    Zhuo Qingyao cutely nodded.

    Chen Ming told her where the tea leaves and the teapot were, then laid back in his chair while Zhuo Qingyao boiled tea. It went without saying that this little girl had a certain charm. She had a delicate skin, with fine black hair, a pair of willowy eyebrows and clear bright eyes that conveyed stories.

    Hold on!

    Why a girl, for god’s sake!

    Was this a romantic plot?

    Oh, sh*t! Doesn't this script revolve around the love between a disciple and her Master? Being together for three lifetimes and all that nonsense? Would he turn into Zhuo Qingyao's harem guys—the legendary rebound guy!?

    While Chen Ming's mind was in chaos, Zhuo Qingyao presented him with the tea while kneeling, "Please receive this tea Master."

    Chen Ming drank once and spoke, "Qingyao, what do you think of the name Long Aotian(1)?"

    Zhuo Qingyao felt awkward. Master, why are you asking me this weird question. "Very domineering."

    Chen Ming observed Zhuo Qingyao, The name Long Aotiang isn't suited for a girl. Never mind then. "Qingyao, do you have a family?"

    "Disciple has a younger brother taken slave by the city lord."

    Chen Ming showed calm while a smile blossomed in his heart. This was a well-written script. An unyielding girl, orphaned and homeless, whose only brother was a slave to the city lord, crossed countless mountains and rivers to become a disciple. Then she would return—after cultivating—to kill left and right and behead powerful enemies!

    Taking another sip, Chen Ming said, "All right, by drinking your tea, I became your Master."

    "Master, my talent is very poor. I'm afraid I will disappoint you."

    Chen Ming smiled, "No no no, in my eyes, you have a freak level talent."


    Chen Ming coughed, "Every person's constitution is different. It's just that your Conception and Governor meridians(2) aren't opened yet, so your Main Character Aura hasn't revealed itself."

    It puzzled Zhuo Qingyao, "Conception and Governor meridians? Main Character Aura? But Master, I cultivated for seven years and I'm still at the 1st stage of Dao Sense realm."

    "Nothing important. Let your Master see you cultivate."

    Zhuo Qingyao sat cross-legged on a stone. The so-called Dao Sense realm was to draw in spiritual energy into one's body and temper the meridians, to use the meridians to temper the blood and the blood to temper the body. A strong body could withstand the establishment of the Dao Palace at the Dao Initiation realm as the spiritual energy passed through the body.

    A normal cultivator's body had ten meridians, and each opened meridian allowed the cultivator to advanced a stage.

    Zhuo Qingyao established a connection with the spiritual energy of the world a gale rose as it formed a vortex and converged on Zhuo Qingyao. Chen Ming's eyelids twitched. Main Character indeed. Only at the 1st stage of Dao Sense realm and she has more spiritual energy than one at the 7th stage. What a freak!

    Chen Ming put his hand on Zhuo Qingyao's back, feeling the spiritual energy inside her. He immediately found the problem. No way! Others temper meridians, so why are you tempering the entire body?

    No wonder you were stuck for years at this stage. Others tempered the ten meridians, and you want to temper the whole body! What a baffling constitution. Was this the legendary constitution that allowed the tempering of 81 meridians in the Dao Sense realm?

    He recalled that this constitution's activation was quite troublesome, as it required a great deal of spirit stones. These spirit stones were even precious to the Dao Initiation realm cultivators and only they had the right to use them. As expected of the Main Character; cultivating at the Dao Sense Realm and needing Dao Initiation realm resources.

    Chen Ming roused Zhuo Qingyao and took ten spirit stones from his storage bag. "Try using these spirit stones."

    Zhuo Qingyao looked scared, "Master, these can only be used at the 10th stage Dao Sense realm or at the Dao Initiation realm. If not, my body will explode."

    Chen Ming shook his head. "Rest assured, there is nothing to fear with Master by your side."

    Zhuo Qingyao was doubtful as she picked a spirit stone and began absorbing its spiritual energy. To her amazement, the spiritual energy inside her wasn't strong enough to make her explode. Master is great indeed!

    She then started to absorb spiritual energy in a happy mood. Detecting no problems, Chen Ming left the courtyard and an old servant approached him, "Prince, do you have any orders? "

    Chen Ming pointed at Zhuo Qingyao, "Old Fang, that is my disciple. It seems her younger brother was taken slave by the local city lord. You know what to do."

    Old Fang realized, "I understand. I will send three thousand soldiers and raze the city lord's residence to the ground. I promise that not even a blade of grass will remain. I will then return with young miss Qingyao's brother. This way, she can cultivate in peace without distractions."

    Chen Ming smacked his head, "You understand sh*t! Send a Dao Initiation realm Venerable."

    Old Fang thought three thousand soldiers were too ruthless, but Chen Ming topped it off by sending a Dao Initiation realm cultivator to kill the city lord. "I understand. I will ask the Lord to send a Dao Initiation realm Venerable to kill the city lord and rescue young miss Qingyao's brother!"

    Chen Ming smacked him again, this time on the shoulder, “No, Old Fang. Where did the cunningness you used to escape paying when going to the brothel went to? If you kill the city lord where would my disciple find a mini-boss to fight? Wouldn't you ruin it? How could the storyline end like this? Send a Dao Initiation realm to look after my disciple's brother. Make sure he doesn't die or become disabled. The best would be for him to be beaten black and blue, to ignite Qingyao’s anger. She will have enlightenment and all will be perfect! Then she will kill the lord's son or whatever and the lord will send an 8th or 9th stage Dao Inkling realm that was tied by marriage to oppress Qingyao. And only then will they be rescued.”

    Old Fang scratched his head.

    Chen Ming smack came again, "What?"

    "Slightly confusing."

    "Don’t try to understand and do what you’re told you!"

    "That city lord is just an ant. What if he knows that young miss Qingyao became Prince's disciple? Wouldn't he release him?"

    Chen Ming's eyes flashed, “You're smart after all. Then also send ten thousand troops and seal the city. Prevent any word from being leaked!”

    Old Fang gave a silent prayer to the city lord and said, "Servant obeys!"


    (1)  Translates as Dragon Proud Sky. It is often used to satirize the protagonists in some novels, denoting a person who has no common sense, brainless and using his immense power to easily kill his enemies.  A typical xuanhuan protagonist.

    (2) According to ancient Chinese medical theories, the Conception and Governor vessels, located at different acupuncture points, control the flow of the human body's Yin and Yang energy, respectively.
  • Chapter 3: Nine Nines Mysteries Art


    The activation of Zhuo Qingyao’s constitution went without a hitch and Chen Ming was now thinking what cultivation method was best for her. This was the Main Character, there’s no way she would cultivate an insipid method!

    But putting aside these bland cultivation methods, he hadn’t even seen a God, not to mention God rank cultivation method.

    How to fix it?

     Right, wasn’t there always a baffling cultivation method among the bland ones? One that only the Main Character could cultivate while all the others were stuck in a rut or dead?

     Chen Ming smiled, “Qingyao, we will go to the Scriptures Pavilion to find you a cultivation method.”

    When he arrived, he ran into Li Changgeng and his disciples, with the youth having the Destiny Sword Body following behind him. Chen Ming supposed that Li Changgeng offered many things to the Sect Leader to get hold of this disciple.

    When Li Changgeng saw Chen Ming, he grumbled. He is outstanding and carefree, coming from an illustrious family and known throughout the land. Yet why did he took the worst disciple? Was it for her beauty? But with how old Zhuo Qingyao was, she hadn’t even developed yet. Hold on, I just had a crazy thought. Does Chen Ming like little girls...?  

    No way, no way. Even if Chen Ming found something different about her, Li Changgeng still believed that her talent was nonexistent.

    Did Chen Ming’s cultivation go awry and damaged his eyesight?

    Li Changgeng walked in front of Chen Ming and cupped his hands, “Elder Chen, have you come for a cultivation method?”

    “Precisely.”  Nodded Chen Ming. 

    His status still intimidated Li Changgeng, “Please go first, Elder Chen, to avoid the trouble of picking the same manual.”

    “Then I won’t be polite.”

    At that moment, the youth with the Destiny Sword Body, Wang Tian, walked in front of Chen Ming, “Elder Cheng, I would like to know why you didn’t choose me. You have the Ancient Desolate Sword Body and I have the Destiny Sword Body, constitutions for cultivating the Sword Dao, that are a perfect match. Yet you took this last piece of junk instead!”

     Chen Ming was over the moon inside, Come, come, this is how it should be. If you aren’t yelled at for being trash a bunch of time, how could you be a Main Character? Then, he watched Zhuo Qingyao with blazing eyes. Truly a freak!

     Chen Ming, however, was composed and smiled while faking greatness, “Under my teachings, you could easily become the first in the inner sect disciples competition. It would pose you no challenge, so how could I reveal my teaching skills?”

    Wang Tian’s eyebrow twitched, F*ck, you didn’t accept me to show off? Couldn’t you have found a weirder reason?

    Wang Tian raged, “Humph! Just you wait! Elder Chen should give your trash of a disciple many protective treasures or at the competition three months later, a careless move from me might end her!”

    Chen Ming gave Wang Tian a three seconds silent prayer, You dumb sh*t, if there was anyone you shouldn’t offend that would be the Main Character!




    Praying done.

    Chen Ming walked to Scriptures Pavilion’s elder and asked, “Do you have any cultivation method that very few cultivated and the ones that did never advanced, while some ended up dying?”

    Scriptures Pavilion elder’s eyebrow twitched, “There is actually, the Nine Nines Mysteries Art. I heard that before it was passed on, this method was very powerful. It was the strongest cultivation method in the Dao Sense realm, but some who trained in it died. The rest went crazy, and no one dared to try it ever again. Um, Elder Chen, why are you asking me this? You can’t possibly think of...”

     Chen Ming laughed, “Nine Nines Mysteries Art, was it? Bring it for me.” Chen Ming then gave a soothing smile to his disciple, “Qingyao, you will be cultivating this art.”

    It petrified her, Master, you’re evil...

    It petrified Li Changgeng, Oh god, oh god, my crazy idea was wrong. Chen Ming was insane from the start. I need to report it to the Sect Leader...

    It petrified Wang Tian, Thank god he didn’t accept me, what a close shave...

    It petrified the disciples, Is this the living legend Chen Ming? Why was the legend wrong?

    Chen Ming didn’t care and walked with Zhuo Qingyao towards the Lustrous King Peak. She probed, “Master, will I cultivate that Nine Nines Mysteries Art thing?”

    “Look it over first.”

    Zhuo Qingyao opened it after some hesitation. She was afraid at first but soon became entranced. As she was reading, the spiritual energy began converging inside her body.  

    Chen Ming heard a ‘pop’ and Zhuo Qingyao reached the 2nd stage of the Dao Sense realm.

    What the f*ck just happened?! Would someone tell me if there is any chance of winning against the Main Character? One look and she advanced. This cheat activation is way too obvious!

    The system lady’s voice echoed, “Ding! Zhuo Qingyao reached the 2nd stage of Dao Sense realm. Reward: 20 merits!”

    So a disciple’s advancement can also yield merits. I will see just how incredible this method is when I comprehend it with merits when I arrive at the Lustrous King Peak.

    Zhuo Qingyao felt her advancement and smiled overjoyed at Chen Ming, “Master, it looks like I can cultivate this Nine Nines Mysteries Art. Master is truly great. I shouldn’t have doubted you.”

    “Cough, cough, it’s only natural. With Master’s cultivation, nothing escapes my eyes. There is nothing amazing about these trifling matters. If you can practice it, then continue.”

     Zhuo Qingyao cheerfully went cultivating. Chen Ming was finally at peace. He boiled the compassionate jade tea, that even the emperor couldn’t drink, and with a cup in hand, he lied back on his chair, basking in the sun while surrounded by the fragrance of tea.

     You might ask yourself, why was he so relaxed? Why didn’t he cultivate? Humph, so what if cultivation was the focus in a cultivation world? As an NPC and a Main Character’s Master, it was enough if he followed the Main Character’s script. With the Main Character taking the spotlight, he didn’t need to be impatient. Cultivation would rise by itself when needed. The script wouldn’t let you advance, no matter how much you trained. When the script let you rise, then you would breakthrough, regardless of danger.

     Sorry, Chen Ming saw through all of it.  

    Li Changgeng was behind Sect Leader and behind him followed a hundred physicians, as they burst into Chen Ming’s courtyard. The Sect Leader had a good friendship with his grandfather, as they were lifelong friends. He hoped that Chen Ming would one day replace him, but never thought he would turn crazy.

    The Sect Leader’s life was close to ending and wanted nothing to happen to Chen Ming in this important period. He stopped Li Changgeng's explanation and marched up the mountain with a hundred physicians in tow.

    Sect Leader’s age showed through his white hair and beard, while wearing white Daoist robes. He found Chen Ming was sipping tea without a care in the world, “Are you all right, Elder Chen?”

    Chen Ming just accepted a Main Character as a disciple, bringing joy to his heart. How could there be anything wrong, “Everything is great. Why are you asking, Sect Leader?”

    Sect Leader was serious, “Chen Ming, you will take my mantle in the future and need to learn to cherish your disciple. Although you took a talentless disciple, it doesn’t mean you should give her a deadly cultivation method! If this comes out, your fame will plummet!”

     Chen Ming’s eyebrow twitched, So that’s why, “Sect Leader, I have no intention of harming Qingyao.”

    Li Changgeng advised, “Elder Chen, teaching a disciple needs time. You mustn’t be impatient with your first disciple, as cultivation must be done one step at a time.”

    Sect Leader extended his arm, “Examine him. Check if Elder Chen has any wounds or if his cultivation suffered from cultivating too harshly.”

    A hundred physicians swarmed him, scaring Chen Ming into jumping to his feet, “Sect Leader, I am perfectly fine.”

    “How can I face your grandfather if something happened to you? Ignore him and make a thorough inspection!”

    Zhuo Qingyao took that moment to skip inside the courtyard while giving an ecstatic yell, “Master, Master, I broke through to the 3rd stage!”

    Sect Leader: ...

    Li Changgeng: ...

    “Ding! Zhuo Qingyao reached the 3rd stage of Dao Sense realm. Reward: 30 merits!”

  • Chapter 4: Fairy Sword Art and the Bamboo Sword


    Chen Ming thought, Worthy of a Main Character. This kind of pace is inconceivable. “See, there are no issues.” 

    Sect Leader eyed Zhuo Qingyao carefully, “Are you suggesting that Qingyao can cultivate that Nine Nines Mysteries Art?” 

    He then gave Li Changgeng a look and said, “Li Changgeng, walk with me.” 

    Li Changgeng had dark lines on his face. 

    Sect Leader smiled, “Qingyao, there has never been someone like you before, ha-ha. Then, um, in the inner sect disciple competition, do your best to make your Master proud.” 

    He then dragged Li Changgeng by the ear. 

    Li Changgeng’s wails could be heard from afar, “Sect Leader, this old fellow is over two hundred years old. Leave me some respect... ow ow ow...” 

    Zhuo Qingyao was puzzled. She noticed how odd these two geezers were, not acting their age, “Master, are they all right?” 

    “Ding! New mission: Help Zhuo Qingyao place first in the competition! Reward: 1000 merits!” 

    Hot damn, when a big mission appeared, a great reward followed! 

    Chen Ming shook his head, “Don’t mind them. I will now teach you a sword art. My family has two sword arts, of common origin. One is the Lustrous King Sword Art cultivate in, and the other is the Fairy Sword Art. The two of them complement each other and if the two swords are in perfect harmony, you can travel anywhere under the heavens. I will show you the first art.”

    At the ‘two swords in perfect harmony’, Zhuo Qingyao’s face turned pink and nodded. 

    I’m teaching you sword arts so why is your face red?

    But he didn’t pay it too much attention. He looked around and finding no audience, he unsheathed the five-foot-long Lustrous King Sword from his back. Although he didn’t practice the Fairy Sword Art for long, based on his familiarity with the Lustrous King Sword and their common origin, he could teach it to Zhuo Qingyao. 

    The sword’s rise startled the autumn wind, shifting the clouds. The white-colored Lustrous King Sword flowed in Chen Ming’s hand and—through dozens of moves—it created flowers as he danced about. Chen Ming rarely showed seriousness as the immaculate Lustrous King Sword caused great changes in the clouds and sky above, while his clothes fluttered, and sent chilling sword lights. Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes shined like stars, Master is so cool.

    As the sword moves ended, Chen Ming’s voice sounded, “What do you think?” 

    She blurted, “So cool!” 

    Chen Ming’s eyelid twitched, “I know it’s cool. This is something everyone can see and common sense stops them from mentioning it. How much have you understood?” 

    Zhuo Qingyao blushed, Master is so cool, making anyone distracted, and I only saw how elegant and mesmerizing Master was... 

    Qingyao’s wheels spun fast, “Master, it was too fast for me to remember.” 

    Chen Ming thought, A girl who has never seen a sword art in her life will find it hard to understand a sword art like Fairy Sword Art that needs to form the Sword Heart to showcase it. Right, can’t I use merits to comprehend cultivation methods? Maybe I can also comprehend magical arts. 

    Chen Ming asked inwardly, “I want to comprehend the Fairy Sword Art!” 

    “Ding! comprehending the Fairy Sword Art to the Sword Energy level requires 10 merits (because the Lustrous King Sword Art is at the Sword Heart level and since the two sword arts complement each other, only 5 merits are required). 

    Comprehending the Fairy Sword Art to the Sword Heart level requires 100 merits (because the Lustrous King Sword Art is at the Sword Heart level and since the two sword arts complement each other, only 50 merits are required). 

    Comprehending the Fairy Sword Art to the Unity level requires 1000 merits!”

    His Lustrous King Sword Art wasn’t even halfway to the Unity level. 

    Chen Ming checked his status. 

    Name: Chen Ming.

    Realm: 2nd stage of the Dao Initiation realm.

    Constitution: Limitless Dao Body. 

    Cultivation Methods: Dragon Form Art 6/9 stage. (At the 9th stage a Dao Seed is formed). 

    Magical Arts: Lustrous King Sword Art at the Benevolent Sword Heart. 

    Dao Seed: None. 

    Disciples: Zhuo Qingyao. 

    Merits: 60. 

    With 60 merits he could directly comprehend the Fairy Sword Art at the Sword Heart level. He thought, “Comprehend the Fairy Sword Art to the Sword Energy stage!” 

    “Ding! Please choose between direct comprehension or inferred comprehension.” 

    “Are they different?” 

    “Ding! Direct comprehension implies instant understanding. Inferred comprehension means you will understand it as you practice it.” 

    “Inferred comprehension!” 

    Chen Ming then said to Zhuo Qingyao, “Watch closely.”

    Lifting the Lustrous King Sword in his hand, all the Fairy Sword Art’s moves flashed in his eyes. Each strike and motion echoed in his heart, becoming clearer. Chen Ming thrusted his sword and not only sword flowers bloomed, but they also possessed a mysterious intent. He only lifted his sword but in Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes, it stood still. To her eyes, each strike was broken down, each part having an indescribable charm that made her heart absorbed by them. 

    After practicing the Fairy Sword Art, bluish sword energy came from Chen Ming’s fingertip, This must be the Fairy Sword Art’s sword energy. It truly is in harmony with the Lustrous King Sword Art, how marvelous.

    Chen Ming looked at Zhuo Qingyao who just came from her stupor, “Now, how much did you understand?” 

    “I seem to have understood a little.” 

    Chen Ming passed his sword to Zhuo Qingyao but found a problem. His Lustrous King Sword was too big for her... 

    Chen Ming didn’t even dare to imagine a little girl waving around a sword as big as himself. It wasn’t a pleasant sight. 

    Chen Ming scratched his head, “Think back on the Fairy Sword Art I just showed you, while I’ll be right back.” 

    Walking behind the Lustrous King Peak, Chen Ming chopped a green bamboo and shaped it into a bamboo sword. An hour later—and with a fresh wound on his hand—he returned to the courtyard, presenting Qingyao with the new sword, “Cough, use this to practice for now. When I have the time, I will go to the Regent’s estate for the Fairy Sword.” 

    As Zhuo Qingyao took the bamboo sword, Chen Ming’s eyebrow twitched from the pain in his palm. She then saw the bloodstains on the sword, “Are you hurt Master?” 

    Chen Ming laughed it off, “Your Master is a man of greatness, how could I get hurt from a bamboo sword? This was from fighting with a monster on my way back. Don’t you worry, I easily handled it!” 

    Zhuo Qingyao saw through it. She has always been an orphan and Master was the first to show her kindness, “En, Master is the best!” 

    Zhuo Qingyao went to practice with the new sword. The sword moved in her hand, and although the sword art was unfamiliar to her, she was already a third way there. Chen Ming thought, Sure enough, a cheat can’t be reasoned with! This perception left him a thousand miles behind!

    Watching him comprehending also helped, but this girl’s talent was something else. 

    At night, Zhuo Qingyao changed her clothes with the new ones a servant brought her. She took the bamboo sword from the table and felt the scratch on its body. She felt immense regret, so she wrapped the sword in her old clothes and laid it under the quilt, then she picked a woodcutter’s ax and walked towards the back of the mountain. 

    “Master gifted me this bamboo sword. It won’t be good if I break it.” 

    In the courtyard, Chen Ming laid in his chair while swinging his legs. Old Fang entered and said, “Prince, young miss Zhuo Qingyao just left.” 

    “En, don’t get to close while protecting her and give her some freedom. Keep in mind that a genius has secrets. You need to give her room to grow. Don’t let her discover you.” 

    Old Fang thought, Prince seems to like many things recently, “Servant understands.” 

    In the dead of night, Chen Ming jumped out of bed and bellowed, “Who’s the bastard that chops bamboo at this hour? You better hope this young master won’t find you, or I will skin you alive!”

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  • Chapter 5: How to Mistreat Your Disciple


    Qingshan City.

    The Regent’s banners fluttered as ten thousand Flying Tiger Army soldiers in armor raised a dust cloud while marching on the plains. The ground shook with the armored cavalry’s passing. General Wang was in front of the army and looked at the distant Qingshan City, “According to our information, the city lord enslaved the Prince’s head disciple’s brother!”

    The vice-general standing behind General Wang stated, “General Wang, Prince told us to prevent any information from leaking. But we are experts in killing and don’t know a thing about preventing rumors!”

    A trembling caravan popped up in front of the army. Seeing the fiendish Flying Tiger Army, the caravan leader’s heart jumped, No way! I only took some liberties with a woman yesterday! Did they had to send the ten thousand Flying Tiger Army to arrest me?

    General Wang saddled on a fierce tiger, rode towards the caravan leader and inquired, “You want to do business in Qingshan City?” 

    Caravan leader nodded, “Y-ye, yes.”

    The general questioned further, “Then did you know that Zhuo Qingyao became the disciple of Regent’s Prince?”

    Caravan’s leader was scared shitless and shook his head, “No!”

    The general nodded happily, “Very good, since you don’t know you may enter Qingshan City.”

    Caravan’s leader was overwhelmed as he led the caravan inside the city.

    General Wang looked at the vice-general next to him and smiled, “See, they don’t know and you let them go. Even if they do, they still won’t understand it!”

    Vice-general nodded, enlightened, “Subordinate understands. I will follow your example and block any who knows!”

    In three days, the entire Qingshan City, was buzzing with rumors, “Did you know? A lass called Zhuo Qingyao got lucky and became Regent Prince’s disciple!” 

    “Who is this Zhuo Qingyao, to have such luck?!”

    “Exactly! Prince is the next in line to become Endless Swords Sect’s Sect Leader and Regent’s most favored grandson. I heard that Regent intends to pass on the title of King to His Highness!”

    “I heard that Prince sent the ten thousand Flying Tiger Army to announce his disciple to the entire Yan Empire! You can see how much he dots on his disciple!”


    Qingshan City, city lord’s residence.

    The city lord held a wine glass and enjoyed looking at a painting. The caravan leader behind him said, “Yes Lord, the Flying Tiger Army’s General Wang asked me if I knew if Zhuo Qingyao became Prince’s disciple.”

    The city lord blurted, “Do you know how someone like me who had no fame reached my position?”

    “I do not.”

    The city lord gave a brilliant smile, “Because I know the intentions of my superiors. From where I’m standing, Prince’s intention couldn't be clearer. My city’s name has one character missing from young miss Zhuo Qingyao’s name, which is unthinkable. Prince must have sent the army to celebrate his new disciple. I will abide by his intention and have decided that, from this moment on, Qingshan City will change its name to Qingyao City!”

    It filled the caravan leader with admiration, “City Lord is wise!”

    City lord drank the glass in one gulp and, filled with zeal, shouted at a servant boy, “Xiao Zhuozi, more wine for this Lord!”

    Xiao Zhuozi seemed to be ten years old. He was pouring wine while he wondered where his big sister escaped to. This pair of siblings lost their parents when they were young. They didn’t even have names and always called each other sister and brother, while others didn’t even care about two beggars’ names. 


    In these three days, Zhuo Qingyao advanced to the 4th stage of Dao Sense realm. Her speed slowed noticeably from before. From Chen Ming’s analysis, he discovered that her speed wasn’t because of a cheat, but due to her 81 broken meridians now fused with her body. While others trained to temper ten meridians, she cultivated to temper the entire body. Her incredible speed the previous days was, on one part, because of accumulated cultivation over the years, which had a miraculous effect after receiving a proper cultivation method. The other part due to using spirit stones.

    And Chen Ming, with just a single disciple position, if he wanted to increase his power, he had to first focus all his energy on Zhuo Qingyao.

    Zhuo Qingyao jumped and bounced over to Chen Ming to ask, “Master, why do I feel like my speed has slowed down?”

    Old Fang almost puked three liters of blood. Aunty, you broke through the 4th stage from the 3rd in just a day, and you want to go on like this forever? Others need many years to advance a single step and yet you’re so good that you only a day is needed. If this speed was slow, then others would have no choice but to bury themselves to save the world the shame of having them.

    Old Fang expected Chen Ming to give her proper guidance. 

    Then came Chen Ming’s lazy response, “If you think your speed dropped, then it means you’re not hated enough!”

    Zhuo Qingyao: ...

    Old Fang: ...

    Humph, don’t make me laugh. What Main Character can cultivate in peace on a mountain? What is a Main Character's number one ability? That’s making trouble, of course. You know what they say, a Main Character that doesn’t know how to court disaster isn’t a genius.

    If the Main Character wasn’t hounded day in day out, how could he breakthrough in mid-battle?

    This was a common occurrence for the Main Character!

    Except for one problem. Why weren’t any ruffians and mini-bosses bashing their way in yet? 

    The confused Zhuo Qingyao went back to cultivating, while Chen Ming asked Old Fang, “About that thing with the Destiny Sword Body, if he resents Qingyao, why haven’t I seen him coming up the Lustrous King Peak looking for a fight?”

    “Prince is profound, with an unparalleled sword skill. No ordinary person would dare come to make a scene at the Lustrous King Peak!”

    Chen Ming face-palmed, “Old Fang, you’re absolutely right. Being too strong is also a problem, apparently!”

    Chen Ming sprung up, “Old Fang, make the arrangements. We are going out!”

    At the foot of Lustrous King Peak, there was a notice board: This Prince will return home and to bring back the Fairy Sword. No guards are left as they will protect this Prince and the servants are taken as I need attending. In the next half a month, there would be only one person on Lustrous King Peak, Qingyao. I assure you there won't be a second person!

    At the foot of the mountain, Chen Ming pretended to be heartbroken from parting with Zhuo Qingyao and shouted towards Endless Swords Sect, “Qingyao, Master needs to leave for a while and I most certainly won’t return in the next half of month. Take care and cultivate hard!”

    Chen Ming thought his yell didn’t carry out to all the Endless Swords Sect and so, he went on doing it for no less than a dozen times to be on the safe side. “Qingyao, with Master gone, you’ll be alone on this mountain!” 

    “If others come up in this period, Master won’t be able to keep you safe. You’re not their match with your current cultivation.”

    “They might bully you with numbers, or secretly poison you, like the shapeless powder that has neither taste nor smell you can’t defend against, so you must be wary!”


    Zhuo Qingyao was disturbed as she looked at her irrational Master, “Qingyao will be here, Master!” 

    Chen Ming sent some instructions behind him and, escorted with great fanfare, left the mountain. 

    Two hours in his journey, Chen Ming asked Old Fang, “Did you spread the message?”

    “I made certain that even a dog knows of our departure. I also said that Prince didn’t like young miss Zhuo Qingyao. If someone were to defeat her, then Prince would be interested in him!”

    Chen Ming was completely satisfied and patted Old Fang on the shoulder, “You did well.”

    Old Fang gave a silent prayer to Zhuo Qingyao, How could Chen Ming mistreat his disciple and spread such things? He was even afraid that others didn’t know how to deal with Zhuo Qingyao, and even yelled about poison!

    Chen Ming stopped dead in his tracks and said, “Do you think the one silently protecting Qingyao is enough?”

    Old Fang nodded.  

    Chen Ming wasn’t convinced. As the saying went, a master was like a father. Even such a father, that mistreated his daughter still wouldn’t go too far, and had many worries, “Forget it, I will go watch over her. Don’t forget to bring back the Fairy Sword!”  

    Chen Ming unveiled his cultivation, used spiritual power to protect himself, and quietly returned to the Lustrous King Peak. 

  • Chapter 6: This Bully is Lacking


    Chen Ming strolled towards Lustrous King Peak. His perception warned him that the girl was training her sword on the mountain; a challenger has yet to come. Chen Ming walked inside her room and picked up the Nine Nines Mysteries Art from the table. 

    Chen Ming heard that it usually killed any who dabbled in it. Even though the little girl’s cultivation went smoothly, he was still worried. He would just comprehend it since his constitution needed him to cultivate at least three thousand methods.  

    Chen Ming though, “Comprehend Nine Nines Mysteries Art!” 

    “Ding, comprehending Nine Nines Mysteries Art’s 81 stages requires ten thousand merits. Host has ninety-five merits but can comprehend the first 24 stages. Start comprehension?” 

    “Comprehend! Direct comprehension!” 

    Only a moment passed and Chen Ming felt the difference. The power of his body has multiplied! 

    “The Nine Nines Mysteries Art is actually a cultivation method that cultivates the body! I need to get more ginseng things for this little girl to chew on, or the stock will run out soon.” 

    Only relying on his body’s strength, Chen Ming’s power was comparable to a 2nd stage of Dao Initiation realm cultivator. 

    But comprehending the Nine Nines Mysteries Art was extremely difficult. It actually needed ten thousand merits. It was an incredible cultivation method worthy of a Main Character. 

    Now that he was also training in it, Chen Ming discovered that it wasn’t the strongest in the Dao Sense realm. Nine nines return to one, with one step transcend mortality! In other words, when it would be cultivated to perfection, it allowed one to go beyond mortality. It fit the Main Character like a glove. 

    Chen Ming pondered, then began writing his insights onto the Nine Nines Mysteries Art manual’s sides. This way, the little girl’s cultivation speed would increase. 

    Endless Swords Sect. 

    A group of recently promoted female inner disciples gossiped, “Have you heard? Elder Cheng didn’t like Zhuo Qingyao from the start. If you defeat her, Elder Chen will take an interest in you!” 

    “I heard, and I also heard that Elder Chen returned to Regent’s estate. The Lustrous King Peak should only have her there.” 

    “Let’s go teach this trash Zhuo Qingyao a lesson, let her know she isn’t worthy to be Elder Cheng’s disciple!” 

    “Younger sister is brilliant!” 

    “If the two of them stay together for long, who knows when this b*tch will crawl in Elder Cheng’s bed!” 

    “Humph, as if to say her charm is better! But Elder Cheng is a carefree person, so how could this wench be a match to him?” 

    “Exactly. Elder Cheng is in his prime, and this b*tch will have many chances of using him!” 

    Lustrous King Peak. 

    Chen Ming finished writing his insights and strolled through the mountain while using his spiritual power to remain hidden. Halfway up the mountain, he heard a woman’s voice, “Zhuo Qingyao, you’re planning on getting close to Elder Cheng, all for the sake of money. Take this ten thousand gold taels and leave Elder Cheng!” 

    Chen Ming laid atop an old tree while enjoying the show. Facing Zhuo Qingyao was the daughter of a great merchant, Li Qian’er, who was quite wealthy. She appeared to be eighteen-nineteen years old and wore a long skirt, and wasn’t bad in the looks department. 

    Zhuo Qingyao took a bite out of the snow ginseng she fished out of her pocket. She said in amazement, “Wow, ten thousand taels of gold!” 

    Li Qian’er expressed her disdain, “Humph, you must know nothing, since you’re making such a fuss over ten thousand tales of gold!” 

    Zhuo Qingyao bashfully asked, “I only heard of gold, but never seen it. How much money is ten thousand taels of gold? Is it valuable?” 

    Li Qian’er arrogantly explained, “Only a peasant doesn’t know what value ten thousand taels of gold has. Then I will enlighten you. This money can buy you a street or one-year food supplies for a thousand people. If I’m not wrong, ten thousand taels of gold can only buy a mere root from the snow ginseng in your hand...” 

    Could only buy a single root... 

    Afterward, Zhuo Qingyao took one crunchy bite out of the snow ginseng, eating most of it. Li Qian’er’s voice trembled, “That bite, is worth fifty thousand taels of gold...” 

    Even someone like Li Qian’er, with her wealthy background, never saw someone eating snow ginseng as if it were a radish! 

    Li Qian’er felt something was amiss. To compare her wealth to Chen Ming’s, she was asking to be humiliated. 

    It disappointed Chen Ming, “Sigh, today’s bullies are completely useless. Their quality is so low! They lack any desire to fight and instead made me pity them. I thought it would be a show, watching  the Main Character wiping the floor with someone!” 

    Chen Ming was let down yet said, “But it’s all assisting to the Main Character’s growth, presenting their dignity for before the Main Character for trampling. And she is sacrificing her life to further the Main Character’s journey. This bully is admirable. Li Qian’er is not just a bully, she is a hero!” 

    Li Qiang’er scowled, “You conspired to become Elder Cheng’s disciple then take his money. I will act instead of Elder and take out the trash!” 

    Li Qian’er was at the 7th stage of Dao Sense realm and should have no problems defeating Zhuo Qingyao. Moments later, Zhuo Qingyao was beaten black and blue and tried to run, only to be chased to Reflecting Cliff. 

    You must be asking yourself, why doesn’t Chen Ming help Zhuo Qingyao? This was a moment of utmost importance and needs to mind the script, or else it would endanger Main Character’s destiny. 

    As the name implied, the Reflecting Cliff is a cliff. Chen Ming couldn’t help himself, “I almost forgot. For Qingyao’s cultivation to rise she still needs to jump!” 

    To a Main Character, nothing worked better than jumping off a cliff! It would be better to jump twice while you’re at it! Did you lack a treasure? Then the bottom would have a treasure left behind by a Dao Comprehending realm cultivator. Did you lack a cultivation method? Then below you’d find a cultivation method left behind by an immortal. Did you need an immortal art? Then below you’d find an immortal on his deathbed. Did you need a girlfriend? Then at the bottom, you’d find a pure—treacherous—and lovely—big-chested—enchantress! 

    The bottom of a cliff had anything you heart desired! 

    In the meantime, Li Qian’er’s palm threw Zhuo Qingyao off the cliff, letting Chen Ming see how the mist swallowed her. As if it was fate, Zhuo Qingyao grabbed a vine that happened to hide a cave in the cliff wall.  

    The startled voice of Zhuo Qingyao came from within, “Wow, this is Jade Mushroom! Master said this was a rare spiritual medicine, worlds apart from the snow ginseng. Eating it will not only recover my wounds but it will also improve my cultivation! Just you wait, Li Qian’er! When I leave Reflecting Cliff, I will make you answer for this!” 

    Zhuo Qingyao’s words eased Chen Ming’s heart. The ancestors didn’t deceive me. He jumped on the Reflecting cliff and found that a black-clothed man stood where Li Qiang’er  previously was. The man smiled at Chen Ming, “People said that Yan Empire’s proud son of heaven, Chen Ming, took in a disciple. Never expected for Prince, at such a young age, to have already caught a glimpse into the Dao Comprehending realm. If you become an accomplished cultivator, then won’t Yan Empire double in power?” 

    Chen Ming looked at him and face-palmed, “F*ck, forgot about the hidden storyline!” 

    It confused the black-clothed man, “What hidden storyline?” 

    “A hidden storyline is a major event the Main Character finds when he is still weak, the gratitudes and grievances we NPCs have. If it weren’t for these, we would all be living in peace. How can the Main Character slaughter his way through when there are no sides?” 

    The man was at a loss, “Could the Prince be touched in the head?” 

    Chen Ming pulled out Lustrous King Sword from his back and pointed it at the black-clothed man. Two experts facing off on a cliff was like a final battle between leaders. Just that Chen Ming sighed, “Stop your yapping and let’s advance the storyline!” 

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    Chapter 7: Fate: Go kill yourself…


    The man didn’t mess around, “Since you insist on dying, then let me help you!”

    The man then flew in the opposite direction, leaving Chen Ming face-palming, “Almost forgot, these little mobs are retards only around the Main Character so that even if they were weaker, they would still throw their life away. An NPC like me never had this privilege. It's fortunate that I was installed in the strongest youth.”

    Chen Ming opened his hand and Lustrous King Sword spun, “Go!” 

    The sword energy roused Chen Ming’s white clothes, while Lustrous King Sword streaked across in the horizon. The black-clothed man peered back and took out a dagger akin to a wolf’s fang to block the strike. Then he shouted, “What are you waiting for?”  

    Chen Ming felt something amiss, and the ground swelled, causing his eyes to shine, “Earth Escaping Art!” 

    They weren’t here just to spy on him, but also to kill him. The man in black let himself be the sword’s target so that another assassin would leave Chen Ming wide open for attack.

    The ground rippled and a man in gray jumped out, hacking at Chen Ming with his saber, “Ha-ha-ha, Prince’s head has a great value and today I, Qiu Sandao, will become famous!”

    Chen Ming dodged sideways as the saber strike started a windstorm that fluttered his hair. The saber energy flew and made a ten-feet-long groove in the stone wall. 

    Qiu Sandao laughed it off, “Let’s see you handle with the next one. A sword cultivator without a sword is no match for me!”

    Chen Ming found that the man in black was at the 1st stage of Dao Initiation realm, and Qiu Sandao was an assassin that had no equal at this stage. In the Yan Empire, nine Dao Initiation realm cultivators already fell at his hand. 

    Chen Ming smiled, “I was wondering who it was. You are Murdering Temple’s men!”

    Qiu Sandao laughed, “What help does it do if you know? Don't bother looking, Third Hall Master is holding your men back! There is no doubt you will die today!”

    Qiu Sandao charged again, but the Lustrous King Sword was in de middle of returning. Chen Ming kicked at him, only to make Qiu Sandao laugh, “A sword cultivator wants to use his body’s strength against me? You will surely die!” 

    Qiu Sandao didn’t even dodge, and the next thing he heard was the shattering of his skull. The explosive force of the kick threw Qiu Sando twenty feet, leaving him with a line of blood on his forehead and bugged-out eyes. He was dead before he even hit the ground. 

    The man in black was shocked, “Impossible! I've never heard of you being a hardship cultivator. Why is your body so powerful?”

    Chen Ming chuckled, “I learned it this morning.”

    This enlightened the assassin, “You truly are the Regent’s grandson. You hid it very well so no one would find out!”

    Chen Ming felt awkward, I said the truth and you don't believe it. But don't worry, dead men don't need to know so much.

    Lustrous King Sword returned to Chen Ming’s hand and charged at the black-clothed man. The sword released sword energy as he executed Lustrous King Sword Art’s strongest move, “Overlord’s Rule!”

    This was a finishing move, with all his power behind it. The man used the dagger to block it, making sparks fly, followed by blood dripping from his right hand.

    Despite resisting Chen Ming’s Overlord’s Rule, his hand couldn't stop shaking. Chen Ming was like a savage beast coming at him again. Each of his steps left a deep footprint as he flipped the Lustrous King Sword in his hand. The assassin tried to block it with his dagger, but his wounded arm couldn't hold and snapped. 

    Chen Ming kicked the man in the chest, making him cough blood, and collapsed on the ground, powerless to defend himself. 

    Chen Ming’s sword came from the side and looped the man’s head, then went to behead Qiu Sandao too, “En, next time, I will tell Qingyao to remember to be thorough.”   

    For a villain, assassinations were a common occurrence. 

    “Ding! Because of the failed assassination of the Yan Kingdom Regent estate’s Prince by the Murdering Temple controlled by the Yan Kingdom’s emperor, it triggered the background storyline. It will start in three years.”

    “The host’s status has changed, now having fate, rank, fame(affects rank), spiritual knowledge(improves cultivation) and aura tags.”

    Chen Ming had a bad feeling and opened his status.

    Name: Chen Ming

    Fame: 5.

    Rank: Cannon Fodder (from 5 fame). 

    Realm: 2nd stage of Dao Initiation realm.

    Constitution: Limitless Dao Body.

    Cultivation Methods: Dragon Form Art stage 6/9 (at the 9th stage a Dao Seed is formed). Nine Nines Mysteries Art stage 24/81 (at the 72nd stage a Dao Seed is formed).

    Magical Arts: Lustrous King Sword Art, Benevolent Sword Heart.

    Dao Seed: None.

    Disciples: Zhuo Qingyao.

    Merits: 60 points.

    Spiritual knowledge: 0.

    Aura: None.

    Fate: A year after the Grand World Opening, at the Demon Subjugation Gathering, you will die at the hand of demonic sect's Head Disciple Ya Mo.

    Ignorance was bliss. Now that he looked, his heart sank. It classified him as cannon fodder, not even an NPC. And what the hell was with this fate thing? Why would he want to stay and rot in Endless Swords Sect, to wait for the Grand World Opening then get himself killed at the hands of Ya Mo! 

    This thinking wasn’t just dangerous! It was fundamentally unacceptable! 

    This fate was the script this world wrote for him to play! And with his current fame, based on what he knew from novels, the head disciple of a demonic sect can overturn the world in a single strike. Powerful enough to kill thirteen righteous Dao cultivators! Not even a name was left behind, or a face, and he bets the guards are no cannon fodder either!

    No, according to the script, he only had four years left to live. He needed to think hard and find a way to change it.

    “Ding! Triggered storyline challenge mission. The Prince’s wrath was ignited from being the target of an assassination. Only a ruthless counterattack could wash away this humiliation.

    Obliterate the Murdering Temple. The reward is based on the Murdering Temple’s destruction rate.”

    Eh, would this mission, with its rewards varying on the completion, would also give fame if it had a perfect rating? 

    From the trees came a middle-aged man with the Tiger Army emblem on his shoulder. This was Wang Meng, the person he left to watch over Zhuo Qingyao. Seeing Chen Ming unhurt, he cupped his hands, “Subordinate came late, please forgive me, Prince!”

    Chen Ming took the black-clothed man’s mask and wiped the blood of his hand, “Burry them! Then gather the Relentless Tiger Guards. Since the Murdering Temple doesn't want to live, then no life will be spared!”

    Wang Meng was in a daze, so Chen Ming asked, “What, objections?”

    Wang Meng shook his head, “No objections, Prince may command the Relentless Tiger Guards. It's just that Prince differs from before, more... ruthless! “ 

    Chen Ming smiled, “You think I don't know what those two geezers have planned for me? My father is still alive, but the title of Prince fell on my shoulders. Grandfather is planning on making my father the Yan Kingdom’s Emperor. IF I couldn't even figure this out, then even blind with and the Yan Kingdom’s Emperor, I would still have no power to defend myself!“ 


    Do you think this was his truth? No no no, he was just a cannon fodder!

  • Chapter 8: These Two Geezers Are Really Good


    Chen Ming sat astride a fierce tiger, with a bamboo hat, as he read the file the Relentless Tiger Guards brought him on the Murdering Temple. Murdering Temple was an organization of assassins operating from the shadows. The record revealed that they had around three thousand members, including fourteen Dao Initiation realm cultivators. The Murdering Temple’s leader was at the 3rd stage of Dao Initiation realm and trained in a secret killing art. He hunted down over ten cultivators in the Dao Initiation realm, with two of them being at the same stage as him. Their headquarters were at Jing Wang Tomb.

    Only one way allowed them to get such exact intelligence. The Regent’s estate had someone inside the Murdering Temple.  

    Chen Ming looked at the tiger riding Wang Meng and stated, “Wang Meng, tell the spy in the Murdering Temple to assemble all hall masters at the headquarters.”

    “It’s risky.”

    “Any issue that emerges is for him to handle it. I only want results. I ask you, can it be achieved or not?”

    Wang Meng cupped his hands, “Yes it can.”

    Chen Ming nodded, “That’s for the best. Also, how many Tiger Army troops can I use?” 

    “Thirty thousand.”

    Chen Ming thought it through and added, “Make use of the guard change excuse and draw three thousand men from ten cities the Flying Tiger Army is guarding. Bring them through various courses, make sure they aren’t followed then concealed them as merchants, and convene nearby Jing Wang Tomb. Also, make sure you avoid this from reaching the Emperor’s ear. Notify Old Fang to return to Regent’s estate with grand fanfare. Everyone must believe that I came back at the estate. From this moment on, all of my orders are of the highest order. Only father and grandfather have approval.” 

    Relentless Tiger Guards were cultivators belonging to Regent’s estate. They carried secret missions and each one of them was at the Dao Initiation realm. For this mission, Chen Ming took thirty-six.

    If the two side’s strength were measured, then the Murdering Temple stood no chance. But Chen Ming’s mission was to obliterate the Murdering Temple. Not just defeat, but crush them to the extent there would be no chance for the Murdering Temple to recover. He needed to kill all the important leaders of the Murdering Temple. To avoid its revival and to raise the rating of his mission, along with increasing the rewards.

    There was a reason the Murdering Temple could, for so many years, thrive in the shadows of the Yan Kingdom.

    After taking care of matters, Chen Ming dismounted his fierce tiger since, in the Yan Empire, it was a symbol of the Regent’s estate. After the others dismounted, he and the thirty-six Relentless Tiger Guards disguised as merchants set off to Jing Wang Tomb.

    Regent’s estate, the main hall.

    Regarding the Regent’s estate, it wasn’t much different from other imperial halls. There were two political assemblies in the Yan Kingdom. One was in the Yan Kingdom’s Imperial Palace where trivial matters were discussed, and the other was at the Regent’s estate were critical cases were debated.  

    The aged and grizzled Lord had explicit authority, with most of the Yan Kingdom under his rule. His name was Chen Wang, a name incapable of concealing the ambition he had.

    He was holding a secret letter. Only two people were in the Regent estate’s main hall, the two who had the highest influence in the Yan Kingdom. One was Regent’s estate old Lord, Chen Wang, and the other was his son, Commander Chen Yuhu. 

    Chen Yuhu was a middle-aged man with a rectangular face and was wearing official garments, his might formidable. He peered at the letter the Lord was holding and let out a helpless laugher, “This little bastard is using the highest order again! Is he even capable of handling it for serious matters? And not just to declare to the entire kingdom he accepted a disciple. Is he afraid no one will know? He even made Qingshan City change its name to Qingyao City. He must genuinely like his disciple. What chaos is he trying to raise this time, that warrants the use of the highest order?”  

    The Regent saw the letter and softened his wrinkled eyebrows, “This time it’s genuine.” 

    Chen Yuhu became serious as he jumped to his feet, “What does the little bastard want to do?”

    “Based on Ming’er’s letter, Murdering is Yan Kingdom Emperor’s pawn. They have previously carried out an attempt on Ming’er’s life and he’s planning on ending them.”

    Chen Yuhu narrowed his eyes, peering like a tiger, “No wonder we blocked their money and they still held on. So the Emperor helped them. But the Murdering Temple isn’t so simple to get rid of. In a straight battle, I can destroy ten Murdering Temples but they are a bunch of rats, appearing and disappearing on a whim. That’s why we showed no intention of moving against it. Once we alert them, it won’t be easy to follow their movements.”

    “So you’re saying that the ostentatious way Ming’er accepted a disciple wasn’t without an aim. He wanted to pull the wool over their eyes, a classic case of misdirection. An excellent move. Since it already started, and without our knowledge, shows that Ming’er had some growth.” 

    Chen Yuhu smiled, “He doesn’t always act, but when he moves he overwhelms the world. This boy had it easy for so long, who could have imagined that when this bastard acted, the plan was already in motion? We’ll carry our end. Let’s direct the Murdering Temple’s attention on us while Ming’er deals with them!”

    Old Regent laughed, “Wiping out Murdering Temple will be the same as cutting off the Emperor’s arm. This chance is not something this King will miss. Guards, deliver the order that I will survey the border! “

    Cheng Wang chuckled, “Royal father, while you inspect the borders, I will take up arms against you!”

    Old Regent didn’t care, “Make sure you do it with more ardor. You might as well use this chance to tidy your ranks of the Emperor’s spies.” 

    Three days afterward.

    The Regent’s sole son, Chen Yuhu, took advantage of his father’s leaving to survey the border and revolted. In reply, the Regent took charge of a hundred thousand soldiers and was now resting before the Yan Empire’s capital. The word spread like wildfire throughout the whole empire.

    “Have you heard? The Commander rebelled against the Regent!”

    “Regent’s authority stretched far these days. Who wouldn’t be tempted? And the title of Prince is still on the Regent’s grandson and not the Commander. He won’t allow this!”

    “Maybe this father-son pair are giving us a show!”

    “What a show! They’re fighting outside, with over ten thousand casualties!”

    “What! They’re fighting already? Commander must be serious about rebelling!”

    Yan Empire’s Imperial Palace.

    The Emperor of the Yan Empire wasn’t a true emperor; he was Cheng Wang’s puppet. His authority extended to the Imperial Palace. An emperor like this was tragic but still had to go along with Chen Wang’s requests.

    But today, the emperor was happy from picking up a certain report.

    The emperor sat on his throne and laughed, “Chen Wang, you finally get what’s coming to you! I’ve waited years for this day! Send the order to all our hidden units to find information on Chen Wang and Chen Yuhu’s activities. When two tigers fight, one was bound to get hurt. Maybe both parties will suffer. Notify General Bing under Chen Wang to make sure they fight each other! I will wait for them to suffer then will come down and eradicate them both!”

    An imperial bodyguard rushed inside the Grand Hall to report, “Thirteen high officials have come at Your Majesty’s request!”

    The emperor smiled while his eyes flared, as if the world became his once more, “Tell them I want to debate urgent matters!” 

    At a tavern in a town nearby Jing Wang Tomb, Chen Ming was wearing a bamboo hat and sipped tea. He heard how his father rebelled and put the teacup down, “These two bags of bones are really going at it!” 

    He knew them too well and never believed his father rebel. What a joke! Whit a son like the Commander, how could his grandfather not pass on his position. Some might claim whether his father could outlive his grandfather, thus the reason for this conflict for power. There were many cases like these in history, where the crown prince fought against the emperor since they could never become one in their lifetimes. When has there ever been a sixty-year-old crown prince in this world? His father wasn’t the Prince, so could he have lost his marbles and rebelled?

    However, his grandfather couldn’t cultivate, while his father was at the Dao Initiation realm, with a lifespan of three hundred years. 

    Wang Meng came and sat next to Chen Ming, whispering, “Our spy in the Murdering Temple declared that the hall masters convene only when they chose a replacement for this position. But because the spy’s report concerning the present battle for power has gained the temple master’s approval, the temple master ordered all members to return to Jing Wang Tomb.”

    Chen Ming smiled, “So this was those two old bastards’ intention. But isn’t it a mere Murdering Temple? Their battle caused ten thousand men to waste their lives, bringing scrutiny on themselves.”

    “Prince might be oblivious that they never gave the order for battle. Those who perished are people who didn’t obey orders. They should be the Emperor’s men, that spurred the Commander and Regent into fighting.”

    Chen Ming spat, “These old bastards are playing the Emperor for a fool. They have such rotten and broken characters!”

    “If the Emperor was shrewd, the Regent wouldn’t have his position. But Murdering Temple has over three thousand men. In the spy’s report, these men all have their own force and could gather a hundred thousand men at the Jing Wang Tomb. It might also include the concealed forces of the Emperor. He will wait for the Commander and the Regent to sustain heavy losses then finish them. The spy has also mentioned a tunnel inside Jing Wang Tomb; they would use it to flee when they’re exposed. With our present strength, we might not be their match. And if we signal the main forces, the Murdering Temple will get wind of it.”

    Chen Ming put the teacup down, “How many cultivators are there?”

    “Three thousand, give or take. They are the Murdering Temple’s elites.”

    “Come, let’s examine the map in my room.”

  • Chapter 9: Don’t Tell Me He Understands When Even I Don’t Understand


    As they came into the room, Wang Meng nodded towards the guards. Inside, he opened the map of Jing Wang Tomb. Chen Ming saw a river that circled the tomb, leaving only an entrance similar to a corridor. 

    Wang Meng explained, “The Jing Wang’s Tomb lays hidden in the forest, where the Murdering Temple is running. A river surrounds the area, leaving behind just an entrance; making it hard to attack and easy to defend. The art of war says ‘The 10th rule of siege: assaulting a place that is easy to defend needs at least ten times the troops’. They have a hundred thousand men while we have thirty thousand.”

    “What an excellent position.” Said Chen Ming when he studied Jing Wang Tomb.

    The river was a natural barrier, stopping the enemy. Crossing over? Don't joke around, crossing the river was dangerous, not to mention they were fewer than the opponent. The other party could use fire arrows to ignite their ships, winning with no losses on their part.

    Forest, fire, river.

    Chen Ming felt like he discovered something and peered at the corridor, “How long is this?”

    “This entrance is thirty li long, it is a densely covered thicket making advancing hard. Murdering Temple has held this place for a long time and is familiar with the terrain and its advantages.”

    With this thirty li long path, there might be a way.

    Chen Ming tapped the entrance of the corridor. There was no way he could attack it. But in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Lu Xu set fire to Liu Bei’s camp, burning a million of his men, “To win, we not only need to remove the advantage the river gave them but to turn it into becoming their prison wall. Tell the troops disguised as merchants to buy the forest around the path’s entrance, then tell the others, guided by the people, to cut the trees in this area. Remember to cut along these lines in front of the corridor’s entrance, three-zhang wide. But leave a small distance between them. To avoid Murdering Temple from figuring out our strategy. Then send other soldiers to cut trees around the river, to give off the feeling that they only came to buy wood.” 

    Wang Meng thought, Isn't this war? Why are we chopping wood? How could the Murdering Temple figure out Prince’s plan when even I can’t?

    Even if he didn't understand, Wang Meng still followed Chen Ming’s orders. Never mind, it’s just Prince making some trouble.

    After three more days, many groups have gone in the forest to cut down trees. With how obvious these activities were, they were easily discovered by the Murdering Temple…

    Jing Wang Tomb. 

    This tomb, as its name suggested, was the grave of a Lord, and Murdering Temple took hold of and built many garrisons in its proximity.

    The temple master was listening to one of his men’s report. HE had a bronze mask on his face and was clad in a pitch-black robe.

    “Temple Master, the hundred thousand troops will arrive in three days.”

    Temple master rose from his seat, “Good, what are the nearby Flying Tiger Army’s actions?”

    “Nothing remarkable. They wait for the Prince to show up. Any unusual behavior they might have will be brought to the attention of the Regent and Commander, as they are now standing on opposite sides.”

    “Ha-ha-ha, good. I stuck around in this place, taking care of my men, for this exact moment. When the two parties suffered enough, I will coordinate with lord father and will kill my way in the capital, capturing the Regent’s entire family. Only with their deaths will my hatred subside!”

    “Furthermore, merchants are buying the woods in the vicinity and people are chopping down trees near the Jing Wang Tomb.”

    “Cheng Wang and Chen Yuhu are fighting, and when Chen Ming arrives, he will set off for the capital. At that time, there will be a lot of wood ready to make siege equipment. These merchants must have found something.”

    The temple lord smiled beneath his mask. He got the Murdering Temple under control thanks to his wits, “Wait, show me on the map where are they cutting.” 

    The scout took out a map and pointed at each red dot. They appeared like red stars, shining brightly, but most of them were next to the corridor.

    The temple lord saw the erratic dots, without a pattern, and thought, What do they need all this wood for? Could they try to bury his hundred thousand men in wood? The corridor was wide and flat, with no place to set up an ambush. He waved his hand, “I must be thinking too much. Tell the men to keep hiding and withdraw the men watching these people. There is no need to risk them being found.” 


    The Regent’s estate.

    The Regent, covered in black, went in the Grand Hall and sat on his seat while Chen Yuhu greeted, “Lord father!” 

    The Regent was angry, “Don't you know we are in the midst of a show? What happened, for it to demand my presence?”

    “Lord father, I received a letter that stated there are a hundred thousand troops in Jing Wang Tomb!”

    Old Regent smoothed out his beard, “Seems the Emperor has kept himself busy these past years. No wonder the men that infiltrated our ranks disregarded their lives so we would fight each other. But is this little a reason for alarm?“

    “Wang Meng’s letter writes that Ming’er intends to fight the Murdering Temple.”

    “What did you say?” shouted the Regent.

    “Ming’er is prepared to fight them.”

    “Ming'er has thirty thousand Flying Tiger Army troops assembled in secret, along with thirty Relentless Tiger Guards. Jing Wang Tomb is easy to defend, why is he engaging them with so few troops when the enemy also has terrain knowledge? Is he trying to die?”

    “Deliver the order for Ming’er to retreat, to delay the attack on Murdering Temple. His men can die but nothing must happen to Ming’er! Since the Emperor hid a hundred thousand soldiers, then so be it. We need to think this through, it is not something Ming’er’s army can handle.”

    “I’ll send the order immediately!”

  • Chapter 10: With the General Away, the Lord’s Order is Delayed


    With night’s descent, the full moon hovered in the sky. In the Cyclamen Tavern, more than ten generals met and awaited Chen Ming’s orders.

    Chen Ming finished supper and cleaned his mouth, then went downstairs.

    He sat at the main seat, and when he was about to speak, Wang Meng stood up, “Prince, Regent has sent an order. With these many enemies and fighting in such an unfavorable position, it exceeds what Prince can handle. Please retreat and follow the Regent and Commander’s decision.”

    Wang Meng then passed him the letter.

    You want me to leave on the eve of battle when all preparations are made? If I pull out now, then I would waste this rare opportunity to change my cannon fodder status! No wonder it’s a storyline challenging mission. If all went smoothly, how could he change his fate of a cannon fodder?

    Chen Ming took the letter and held it over a candle. The letter’s ashes scattered around as Chen Ming looked coldly at the men, “With the general away, the lord’s order is delayed!”

    Chen Ming smiled, “I won't hide it from you. The Murdering Temple has a hundred thousand soldiers and terrain advantage while we have thirty thousand. If there is anyone who doesn’t wish to accept my orders, he may leave.” 

    The generals looked at each other in dismay. A moment afterward, a man in white finally stood up and cupped his hands, “With the odds stacked against us, only death awaits. This humble general asks forgiveness for not standing beside you!”

    The white-clothed general stood up and walked away.

    When he was at the door, Chen Ming formed a hand gesture and the Lustrous King Sword on his back fell in his hand. It then streaked across the room—shining brightly—and pierced the general’s body. 

    This shocked the other and sent shivers down their spine. He was indeed the Regent’s grandson, having the same ruthless determination. 

    Chen Ming walked at the door, lifted the bloody sword, and wiped it on the clothes of the dead general. He then put on a harmless smile, “Anyone else? Say it now, to not waste time cleaning my sword twice. The Flying Tiger Army doesn’t lack generals, even if all of you die it will continue working. Maybe the attack on the Murdering Temple is certain death, but if you want to run before the battle, then I will give you an early death.” 

    The threat on their life couldn’t be clearer, and it didn't take long before one caved, “I will fulfill Prince’s orders with my life!”

    Chen Ming’s meaning was crystal clear. They could either die here or fight tomorrow for a chance at life. The thought of killing Chen Ming never crossed their minds, as they would be dead before they could even get up. Not to mention he also had the Relentless Tiger Guards. And even if they could escape, the Regent and Commander would just dismiss it. How could they punish Chen Ming, their dear son and grandson? 

    One general showed his loyalty, and the others followed his example, “I will fulfill Prince’s orders with my life!”

    “Excellent.” nodded Chen Ming.

    Chen Ming returned to his seat, “Wang Meng leaked information and will receive thirty cane strikes.”

    Wang Meng knew Chen Ming had complete control, and cupped his hands in helplessness, “Subordinate will follow!”

    Then he left to receive his punishment.

    Chen Ming continued explaining the plan, “Three days later, I want you to put twenty thousand soldiers at the corridor’s entrance. The other ten thousand will bring flammable oil and scatter it around Jing Wang Tomb. Then wait for my signal. Once the arrangements are done, tell the spy to collapse the tunnel, Then send a fire signal and break out through the corridor.”

    When he saw no reaction, he demanded, “Understood?”

    All generals stood up and bowed, “Yes, Sir!”

    Despite receiving Chen Ming’s punishment, he still sent a letter to Chen Yuhu and the Regent. Chen Ming knew but didn’t care. He already had control, and by the time they got wind of things the battle was already underway.

    Three days later, at night.

    The Regent’s estate.

    The Regent entered the Grand hall and threw his black shroud on the floor, “What is it now? This is the second time, the second time! You got some explaining to do, Chen Yuhu!” 

    Chen Yuhu felt helpless. This bastard wasn’t obedient and his old man took it out on him, “Lord father, Ming’er burned our letter in front of the generals. Even said ‘with the general away, the lord’s order is delayed’!”

    The Regent smiled while stroking his beard, “This kid is just like me when I was his age. He is our blood, after all. Wait, you said he is violating our order?”

    Chen Yuhu nodded.

    The Regent was fuming mad, “This bloody bastard dares to defy us! Sent the men to bring this little bastard back, now!”

    “I already sent the rest of the Relentless Tiger Guards and ordered the Flying Tiger Army near Jing Wang Tomb to the rescue. I'm afraid that it won’t arrive on time. No matter how is Ming’er’s battle going, I ask lord father to go to him. This is what I wanted to say.”

    The Regent clenched his hands, “Will my line truly end? That bastard!”

    Outside Jing Wang Tomb, Chen Ming stood on top of a fierce tiger. He saw a shadow coming out of the forest and knelt before him, “Sir Ye Ying began collapsing the tunnel!”

    Chen Ming nodded. He took out the map and pointed, “Make haste and cut the trees to connect these lines!”

    None of them knew Chen Ming’s plan, but the arrow has already left the bow, “Understood!”
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  • Chapter 11: Who Said Anything About Defending?


    Outside Jing Wang Tomb’s tunnel.

    Close to the stone tunnel, footsteps echoed as a group of assassins approached the area, having a white cloth tied to their hands. The torches on the walls shine their tranquil faces as the leader of the tunnel guards smiled at them, “So its Hall Master Ye Ying. Did the Temple Lord asked you to inspect the tunnel?”

    Ye Ying had a lanky figure with no remarkable features. But the Murdering Temple men knew that he was a Dao Initiation realm cultivator, who fought alongside the temple lord for ten years. Today, Ye Ying wasn't in the mood to talk, as he tied a strip of white cloth to his hand. The guard knew something was wrong, but it was too late. Ye Ying already drew his long saber and ordered, “Kill them all!”  

    He was tasked with calling the guard to temple lord for important matters, and Ye Ying knew exactly why: to gather their forces and charge towards the capital. This also gave him the opportunity to finish his assignment with ease.

    One swing of his cold blade cut a guard in half, then moved on to the next one, as blood dripped from his saber. He practiced an uncanny saber art, rousing fear in the hearts of Dao Initiation realm cultivators alike. Killing this group of Dao Sense realm cultivators was the same as a tiger charging at a pack of wolves.

    Ye Ying slashed again, and another body as slip apart, then shouted behind him, “Finish this quickly, or we won't have the chance to leave!”

    The hundred-odd men charged at the fifty guards with their long sabers, generating constant clashing sounds.

    With Ye Ying here, the guards were powerless to resist, and in less than fifteen minutes, blood covered the ground.

    The tunnel was wide and had wooden supports to allow speedy evacuation. Ye Ying waved his hand, “Smash the supports.” 

    His men were all elites and only needed one strike to cut the wooden pillars.

    His men retreated, after smashing the supports over a hundred zhang distance. Ye Ying saw cracks spreading above him and immediately followed after them!

    With the pillars removed, the already shaky tunnel collapsed.

    Ye Ying nodded with satisfaction and said, “Let's go, we're leaving!”

    One of his men asked, “Sir Ye Ying, will we win this battle? With the escape route destroyed they will be forced to fight with Prince, who only has thirty thousand soldiers.”

    Ye Ying shouted at him, “We are soldiers. And as soldiers, we only need to follow orders. As for winning or losing, it is not something we should consider. Let’s go!”

    Murdering Temple’s mausoleum.

    The temple lord sat in the main seat, gazing at the hall masters, “Are all hall masters present?”

    “Only Ye Ying is missing.” responded the guard near him.

    “I can no longer wait for him. Tell him later.”

    The temple lord rose from his seat and smiled, “I know that all of you are curious about my identity and today, I will show you who I am!”

    He reached for his mask and removed it. It shocked the hall masters to find that their lord was the crown prince!

    The temple lord smiled, “Yes, I am the Yan Empire’s Crown Prince. The Regent rebelled by disregarding the Emperor’s order, showing no respect for authority. He is the greatest traitor this Empire has ever seen and now he reaps what he has sowed. His son is the same, rebelling against his own father. Now that the Regent and the Commander have heavy casualties, we will use this chance to bring peace to the Empire!”

    The hall masters have always thought they could never come into the light for their entire lives. But they now had the chance to wash the slate clean, with their loyalties now belonging to the crown prince! 

    When the chaos ended, the imperial family would regain its power, and they would become court officials! From rats to officials, the difference was incomparable!

    No one hesitated to kneel, “We will devote ourselves to Your Majesty to bring order to the land and usher the imperial family in a new era!” 

    The temple lord nodded happily, ‘I have waited ten years for this day’, “Ha-ha-ha, good, a toast!”

    While toasting, a guard rushed inside, “Hall Master Ye Ying and his men collapsed the tunnel!”

    The temple lord was enraged, flinging his cup on the ground, “You dare defy me, Ye Ying. Men, go capture him!”

    Just as they left, a scout entered, “The Regen’s Prince has brought a thirty thousand men army at the entrance of the corridor!”

    The temple lord chuckled, “Chen Ming is quite bold. Are you sure they only have thirty thousand?”

    “The other Flying Tiger Armies show no movement, but even if they do, they still need three to five days to arrive.”

    The lord laughed, “Who needs the tunnel? Does he think I only have thirty thousand men? No, I have a hundred thousand soldiers and in an advantageous position. This Chen Ming is impatient to die. Assemble the army and capture him. Whoever brings me Chen Ming, dead or alive, will receive the title of Lord!”

    “Since he wants death, then let's give him death!”

    The hall masters’ eyes reddened when they heard of title bestowal. In their minds, there was no Chen Ming, only the title!

    “We, no, us humble generals will go capture Chen Ming at once!”

    Chen Ming was riding his tiger,  having no care. Then, a fire signal came from Jing Wang Tomb and Wang Meng said, “Prince, Ye Ying completed his mission, but the enemy found us.” 

    Chen Ming waved his hand, “It doesn't matter. Right, were the lines connected?”

    “Yes. Please leave quickly Your Majesty, as this place is too dangerous and without a garrison, we won't be able to keep you safe!”

    Chen Ming smiled pleased, “Who said anything about defending? We will be attacking.”

  • Chapter 12: Blazing


    Chen Ming watched the lights in the distance. Those were the torches of the enemy, that grew in number as time went by, lighting up the night like a sea of stars. The lights were moving towards them like an unstoppable wave.  

    The generals looked at each other while holding their saber with shaky hands.

    Wang Meng looked at how unwavering Chen Ming was and wondered where all his confidence came from. Even if Chen Ming was at the Dao Initiation realm, he still couldn't kill all of them by himself.

    Chen Ming looked at the messenger on a platform as he held two torches for sending orders, “Tell the Relentless Tiger Guards to stand by and the rest to hold their ground and await my command.”

    He climbed on the thirty feet tall platform to overlook the enemy troops. What did a hundred thousand troops mean? If it were daylight, the shock would be less since the trees hid them. But since it was night, the torches looked like a sea, a sea of weapons. 

    The messenger was shivering. 

    Chen Min was waiting for Ye Ying. But he would only wait until the enemy was five li away before he gives the signal to start the fire.

    A quarter of an hour later, a group of people dressed in black and a white cloth on their hands came out of the forest. Chen Ming smiled, The enemy is ten li out, let's see where they will run to now, when the river will be blocking their escape.

    Chen Ming ordered, “Leave no one alive!”

    The messenger was dazed, Wouldn't we be massacred when they get to us?

    He wasn't the only one, as all the generals had the same thought.

    I'm done for. I put my life in Prince’s hand and my pure and delicate wife will run off with another man.

    Then Chen Ming said, “Use the catapults to launch the fire oil and light up Jing Wang Tomb.”

    Wang Meng cupped his hands, “Prince, you mustn’t! This forest goes on for miles, taking up a fifth of Yan Empire’s lads. If you use ignite it, then the forest will become a sea of fire. The death count will be unimaginable, with millions of people dead. And it will also make this area a wasteland. This is too cruel!”

    Chen Ming shook his head, “Only Jing Wang Tomb will burn. Did you forget about the lines of trees that were cleared? How can it burn without trees?”

    Wang Meng was confused, How can it burn without trees?

    The river circling the Jing Wang Tomb won't burn, and the only thing that could, was the corridor, but there was now a line separating the mouth of the corridor from the forest.

    This convinced Wang Meng, “Prince’s divine strategies are something this low servant can’t understand.”

    Ten catapults launched jars of burning oil, igniting large area each time they landed. The fire soon spread to the trees, turning into tens of zhang high flames and burning everything in its path.

    In mere moments, a sea of fire surrounded Jing Wang Tomb.

    With the river and the deforested line blocking the fire, the only place it could go to, was Jing Wang Tomb.

    The fire burned brightly, turning night into day. In an area such as this, with trees close together, the fire continued to rise and with it, its temperature. It was even high enough to ignite the trees in the water. 

    Only now did the generals understood Chen Ming’s plan. They never expected for him to used fire, since it was the best and worse tactic. It would destroy the enemy but also a fifth of the empire if it went out of control. 

    They had no such worries now, since the fire wouldn’t reach them in a place devoid of trees.

    And by the time it reached their area, only embers remained.

    One by one, the generals were getting impatient for battle, eager to gather military contributions, as they waited for the enemy to meet their doom once they came out of the fire. 

    Their thoughts shifted from worrying if their pure and delicate ran away, to how many contributions can they garner.  

    Chen Ming pulled out Lustrous King Sword from his back, and jumped on it, flying towards the fire, “Where are the Relentless Tiger Guards?”

    The thirty Relentless Tiger Guards flew on their swords behind Chen Ming as he shouted, “With this fire, even if they are a hundred thousand men, they would still die. We now need to handle the Dao Initiation realm cultivators stopping the fire from spreading. For victory and glory, will you men dare to follow me in battle??”

    The men were moved and roared together, “Where Prince’s sword points, blood will be spilled!”

    “Good, kill any who stands in your way!”

    Chen Ming took the lead and flew inside the blaze. He didn't even use his spiritual power to fend off the heat, as he wanted to test how effective was this Nine Nines Mysteries Art hardship cultivation method.

    The fire spread along his body but the power in his blood protected him from injuries.

    Chen Ming was delighted, as he no longer needed to squander spiritual power to insulate him from the heat like his enemy. He would have no problems handling an exhausted 4th stage of Dao Initiation realm cultivator!

    Many dying shouts reached his ears, yet he was having the time of his life.

    Chen Ming flew on his sword, as the firestorm twisted around him. He was like a fire lord, causing his men and generals to feel reverence towards this white figure gliding among the flames.

    Who dared go through fire, cutting anyone in his path? No one but our Prince!
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  • Chapter 13: Standing Before the Blaze, Killing Behind the Fire


    The temple lord was no fool, The sheer size of this fire will turn night into daylight for a distance of ten li, “Chen Ming is mad! He used fire to wipe out my hundred thousand men army; isn’t he afraid of burning the empire? Did he know I was here and used such a risky move?”

    “No, I’m not worth the southern area. But it's too late now, the fire is already raging. Hall Masters, quickly put out the fire! Clear a path and break out!”

    The ten-odd hall masters acted immediately. Only they could do it now, using their spiritual power to defend against the flames.

    Send soldiers to bring water from the river? Don’t joke around! First of all, wouldn't these soldiers burn to death before they could even approach it?

    As Chen Ming flew through the flames, he saw a black-clothed man waving his hand as he used all his strength to put out the fire. A single palm created a storm that erased three-zhang-tall flames. Behind him were over forty men doing the same thing, clearing a path for the soldiers. 

    “Ding! Host has entered the battlefield, started the death toll. Once it passes 1000, host will obtain the Thousand Man-Slayer achievement.”

    Chen Ming thought, So this was also possible. Let’s see if killing a thousand men will change my fate as cannon fodder. He would never throw away a chance at earning fame.  

    Chen Ming waved his hand, “Kill!”

    He flew toward a hall master and jumped down. As the Lustrous King Sword landed in his hand, he advanced, with each step leaving deep gouges on the ground. The next moment found Chen Ming in front of the hall master, brandishing his sword. The sword flashed with a cold light splitting the sea of fire!

    The hall master wore two golden gloves and worked his explosive spiritual power through his hands, then bellowed, “Wind Palm!” 

    The sword created sparks as it met his golden gloves, but Chen Ming stood his ground while the hall master retreated several steps. His hands were shaking, with blood dripping from them. 

    Such a mighty sword strike!

    The hall master found something amiss. They had the same cultivation, but he couldn’t even block it, “Not only did you formed the Sword Heart, but you’re also a hardship cultivator, developing the body!”

    Chen Ming had no interest in speaking to him. The Lustrous King Sword Heart inside of him trembled and sword energy gathered on his sword. He had no interest in trading blows, like the Main Character in novels. He then struck down with his best strike.

    he didn’t have an aura of eternal life, and once dead, he’d stay dead.

    This was a battle, and in battle, all it mattered was to kill your opponent.

    Didn’t killing in one blow show how superior he was when compared to his enemy?

    Chen Ming walked forward, while the Lustrous King Sword exploded with sword energy. When he was ten steps away, he charged, covering the distance in an instant, the shouted in his heart “Overlord’s Rule!”

    From inaction, he erupted with his best strike!

    To finish it in one move!

    Lustrous King Sword felt his killing intent and hummed, spreading its white sword energy everywhere as it struck down on hall master’s gloves.

    His chopped of hands flowed with blood. The strike continued by cutting through his gloves, arms and then his body into two parts. The torn corpse was enveloped by flames and become ash in the raging inferno. 

    “Ding! Death toll: 1. Killed a 2nd stage Dao Initiation realm cultivator. Obtained 20 spiritual knowledge points.

    Chen Ming saw that the thirty Relentless Tiger Guards split into fighting two against one. But because the charge through the fire used some of their spiritual power reserves, it wasn’t clear if they could win. 

    Chen Ming walked through the heat and when he met two Relentless Tiger Guards in a deadlock with a hall master, he waited for the chance when the hall master blocked, then hurled his spinning sword at him. The defenseless hall master was torn apart as the sword went through him.

    Chen Ming acted like a death god in this inferno. Each place he passed now had a hall master’s corpse. 

    The strongest hall masters had the 2nd stage Dao Initiation realm cultivation, while the rest were a stage lower. They posed no obstacle to Chen Ming, not to mention they were confronting two Relentless Tiger Guards. 

    Of the fourteen hall masters, Chen Ming alone killed twelve, earning him 220 spiritual knowledge points.

    Chen Ming silently asked, “How many spiritual knowledge points do I need to reach 3rd stage Dao Initiation realm?”

    “1030 spiritual knowledge points.”

    He didn’t know what reward Thousand-Men Killer would have, but he believed it to be significant.  

    Chen Ming saw the soldiers breaking away in fear and clutched his weapon, now dripping with blood, then jumped between them.

    The five-foot-long Lustrous King Sword danced in his hands, each swing taking a life. Blood drenched the white sword, while his immaculate clothes sported countless bloody stains.

    Chen Ming pressed on; it was like he wasn’t killing people but piling up the death toll. 

    As it spread, the fire scorched countless Murdering Temple soldiers to death, but it wasn’t going to last forever. And when the enemy troops walked out of the fire, the fierce tiger cavalry laid wait for them to show up. The generals readied their weapons, perhaps in apathy, and shouted, “Kill!”  

    Chen Ming had an inferno at his back and the enemy in front. The soldier had only escape in their minds, as even if they were to fight back, the only one there were ordinary soldiers and Dao Sense realm cultivators. But when their opponent was Chen Ming, the only option was to flee.

    Chen Ming skillfully wielded Lustrous King Sword, as he danced among the enemy, killing without restraint or remorse!

    Blood began dripping from his hair, making him feel sticky. 

    But none of it mattered as he had to keep on slaughtering.

    His bloody sword erupted with sword energy as he was standing in front of the fire, killing any that came out.

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    Chapter 14: Thousand Man-Slayer


    Chen Ming moved through the inferno as his sword slashed left and right, taking a life at each turn.

    Some sensed that something was amiss and more than a hundred men drew back their bows into a full moon.

    The released arrows flew passed through the wind and towards Chen Ming. The fire shining off of the arrow tips gave them a cold glint, akin to a rain of swords. 

    Chen Ming launched a wave of sword energy at the rain of arrows, proving once again how ordinary men were powerless before a cultivator.  

    Chen Ming didn’t plan on wait for the second volley. With his speed, the enemy had no way to lock on to him.

    He jumped between them and his sword picked them apart.

    A sword light three-zhang-wide flew and over ten people were cut in half! 

    Chen Ming moved through the fire, leaving a red trail behind him, all the while continuing his slaughter over a distance of li. At the end of his trek, we found him beheading a man as the body fell limply to the ground.  

    The fire burned everything in its path, leaving only ash behind, as the tiger cavalry moved unhindered through the burned victims, sparing no one. 

    Flying Tiger Army had also suffered casualties but negligible when compared to the other side.

    Flying Tiger Army went through the blaze and cut their way through to Jing Wang Tomb, and standing in front of it was their commander.

    Cheng Ming gazed at the stone Jing Wang Tomb, untouched by flames. Three hundred enemies waited for him on the stone stairs leading to its entrance. 

    With a quick look, Chen Ming found that his death toll was 732.

    Flying Tiger Army gathered behind him and a general was preparing to charge but Chen Ming stopped him, “I killed 732. Leave these three hundred to complete my one thousand death toll!”

    He already killed 723, how could he let the rest to others? Wouldn’t all this killing be for nothing if he didn’t complete the achievement? 

    The Flying Tiger Army around him shuddered, Prince already killed 723...

    And now he wanted to reach the one thousand death toll!

    The army retreated, leaving room for Chen Ming.

    Chen Ming waked towards the stone stairs, holding the bloody Lustrous King Sword, and as he touched the first step, a spear came at him. His sword moved, and the spear fell along with the enemy, dyeing the white stair in blood. 

    Chen Ming pressed on, meeting the charging enemies. It was like he was taking a stroll, taking a life every three steps.

    As Chen Ming climbed, the corpses fell, some rolled down, others collapsed on the stairs.

    As his killing spree went on, the men felt afraid. They knew winning was out of the question and opted to flee.

    Chen Ming cracked his mouth open and smiled, “Where do you think you’re going?”

    The Lustrous King Sword left his hand, and under his control, it passed through the chests of the soldiers rushing down the steps.

    When it returned to his hand, he no longer had any spiritual power left, but he found himself a hundred men short to complete the achievement. Chen Ming gripped his bloody sword but found it slippery, so he tore a cloth then bound the Lustrous King Sword to his hand and resumed his march. 

    The remaining enemies at the top of the stairs knew that Chen Ming wouldn’t spare them and chose to fight to the last man. 

    Chen Ming brandished his sword. I have no spiritual power left, but the power I got from the Nine Nines Mysteries Art is enough to deal with the likes of you!

    Chen Ming struck left and right, but it showed no effect from the lack of spiritual power as it still went through the chests of his enemies.  

    He was tired for fighting the entire night. The only reason he lasted this long was because of the Nine Nines Mysteries Art.

    Chen Ming clenched his teeth and continued his killing spree. 

    No one was spared from the deadly sword Chen Ming wielded. Arriving at the top of the stairs, he looked at the last one, a 5th stage Dao Sense realm cultivator. Before he could even react, Chen Ming planted his sword in the cultivator’s heart.

    Chen Ming turned and sat on the top step, resting his hands on the Lustrous King Sword.

    Dawn arrived, revealing the blood-covered Chen Ming. His white clothes have now taken on a darker color from all the blood. 

    Flying Tiger Army watched the bloody Chen Ming and fear gripped their hearts.

    “Ding! The death toll passed one thousand. Host completed the achievement Thousand Man-Slayer. Obtained 500 spiritual knowledge points, 100 fame, and the Killer aura. The next rank is Ten Thousand Slaughterer.”

    From all the spilled blood on his clothes, a red mist began to rise and penetrated his body. It invaded his every pore, giving him a sense of dread comparable to death. 

    Chen Ming opened his status.

    Name: Chen Ming.

    Fame: 105.

    Rank: mid-level Cannon Fodder.

    Realm: 2nd stage Dao Initiation realm. 1st stage Dao Initiation hardship cultivator.

    Constitution: Limitless Dao Body.

    Cultivation Methods: Dragon Form Art stage 6/9. (At the 9th stage a Dao Seed is formed). Nine Nines Mysteries Art stage 24/81. (At the 72nd stage a Dao Seed is formed)

    Magical Arts: Lustrous King Sword Art, Benevolent Sword Heart.

    Dao Seed: None.

    Disciples: Zhuo Qingyao.

    Merits: 50.

    Spiritual knowledge: 1108.

    Aura: Killer.

    Fate: A year after the Grand World Opening, at the Demon Subjugation Gathering, you will die at the hand of demonic sect's Head Disciple Ya Mo.

    Killer: Can intimidate people with weak willpower, lowering their morale. 

    Is this a mistake? I am still a cannon fodder!

    But he soon knew it was correct. Most of my kills were common soldiers. If not, I wouldn’t have been able to kill so many.

    “Activate Killer aura?”

    “Activate!” responded Chen Ming.

    The Flying Tiger Army looked at their commander in the light of dawn. In this battle of thirty thousand against a hundred thousand, they won a decisive victory. It was all thanks to Chen Ming’s ingenious plan and valor in battle. 

    The generals realized they have underestimated Chen Ming. He wasn’t an arrogant trouble making young master, but a divine strategist and a death god on the battlefield. 

    The generals faced Chen Ming with their hand on their chest and kneeled, “Where Prince’s sword points, blood will be spilled!” 

    The soldiers followed their generals and showed their loyalty, “Where Prince’s sword points, blood will be spilled!” 

    But Chen Ming wasn’t intent on accepting their devotion, What the hell am I supposed to do with you lot?, “The temple lord is still alive, and you have time to kneel? Make yourselves useful and find out where he is! Do you people still have time to kneel?”

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  • Chapter 15: Dao Canon


    His challenge mission didn't end here. Letting the temple lord escape after killing so many, would have a serious impact on the mission’s completion rate.

    Chen Ming checked his mission. 'Storyline challenge mission: The Regent’s Prince’s wrath was ignited from being the target of an assassination. Only a ruthless and merciless counterattack could wash away this humiliation.

    Obliterate the Murdering Temple. Reward is based on the rate of Murdering Temple’s destruction. Completion: 67%.'

    The generals knew of this and followed Chen Ming, inside the tomb to search for the temple lord.

    Not long after, a soldier came to report, “We have found the Temple Lord.“

    Chen Ming followed along, with the army in tow, and arrived to see the crown prince sitting in the mausoleum, holding a glass of wine.

    He began, “Chen Ming, I lost, lost completely. You won alright, but it doesn’t matter. You think I will kneel before you like a dog, and beg for my life?”

    Chen Ming found it odd that the crown prince was here, but he did not care. Killing you would allow Chen Ming’s mission to have a higher completion rate, “No, I...”

    Crown prince cut him off, “Spare me, don’t think you can make me lower myself with your bloody appearance. I am Yan Empire’s Crown Prince. I don’t beg for mercy!” 

    He downed his wine glass and his face turned red, then blood flowed from his mouth as he pointed at Chen Ming and laughed, “Ha-ha-ha, Chen Ming, I will wait for you below. Pitfall Mount(1) will send you to me!” 

    Chen Ming walked towards him, but the crown prince never stopped laughing, “There's use, you can’t save me. This piercing powder has no cure!”

    Chen Ming stabbed his chest, but he was still a Dao Initiation realm cultivator, and such a hit wasn't enough to kill him on the spot. The crown prince watched Chen Ming with confusion, then his eyes drifted towards the sword in his chest, not understanding what Chen Ming has done. 

    Chen Ming muttered, “Have you finished?”

    When he rose, crown prince’s chest had seven more wounds, and it satisfied him to know that the completion rating was at 97%. 

    Chen Ming sheathed his sword, “I’ll go wash, burn all the bodies.”


    Chen Ming lied down in the hot spring, feeling relaxed from the warm water. He played around here for half a month and it was high time to return to his well-behaved disciple.

    Right, let’s see this mission’s reward. Submit the mission! 

    “Ding! Mission completion: 97%. Submit?”


    “Because the Murdering Temple’s strength increased, the reward increased as well. Mission evaluation: perfect. Determining reward...

    Reward: 250 fame, 3000 spiritual knowledge.”

    With 3000 spiritual knowledge, he was missing just a few until he could reach the 5th stage of Dao Initiation realm. But only 250 fame. Chen Ming felt that his identity needed a thousand fame to reach high-level cannon fodder. The path of a cannon fodder was full of hardships! 

    He wasn’t interested in cultivation and whatnot stage promotion, as he was undecided whether he should increase his spiritual cultivation or hardship cultivation. Spiritual cultivation was ever-changing, capable of using countless magical arts. Hardship cultivation was unmatched in body strength. With one hit he could defeat ten, and in one sword strike, all magical arts broke.  

    He had the Limitless Dao Body, something unheard of, but these three words assured Chen Ming that he could practice all arts and methods in the world. What kind of concept was that? 

    A normal Dao Initiation realm cultivator trained in a cultivation method to form their Dao Seed. Only when the Dao Seed formed could he attempt breaking through to the Dao Comprehending realm.

    And a normal cultivator used a single cultivation method. If he were to train in two cultivation methods or two hardship cultivation manuals, then he would suffer changes. These changes came from the cultivation method in which he trained the most. If not then he would have two different spiritual power and, like fire and water, they would fight each other constantly, resulting in having much lower power. The outcome could also lead to madness.

    Therefore, all common cultivators used a single cultivation method until they found a higher cultivation method. After comprehending the new one, it would allow them to transform their spiritual power into a much stronger one of the same attribute.

    Therefore, a cultivator could train in a spiritual cultivation method and a hardship cultivation manual at the same time, since spiritual power and body strength have no conflicting areas.

    Yet he could train in all of them. Would doing this make the spiritual power inside him transform, or would he be able to use all types of spiritual powers?

    Anyway, he now had enough merits and spiritual knowledge allowing him to train another cultivation method and test this theory. But he wasn’t looking for a profound method, as it would take too many of his points to learn.

    He recalled a method that all common people in this world knew. It was the most ordinary method of them all, the Dao Canon. 

    This plain method was something Chen Ming had no trouble getting it. He opened then spoke, “Comprehend the Dao Canon!”

    “Ding! The Dao Canon has 18 volumes. To comprehend it requires ten thousand merits. Host currently has 60 merits. You can comprehend 7 volumes. Continue?”

    “What, the most common Dao Canon needs ten thousand points to comprehend? Is it of the same grade as the Nine Nines Mysteries Art?”

    The Dragon Form Art was a profound cultivation method that could form a Dao Seed, and it only needed around a thousand merits. How come this Dao Canon required so much?

    Chen Ming detected the problem as he recalled the information related to this Dao Canon. The requirements to cultivate it were very low. In other words, a person, no, an intelligent being, whether he was a man, a fiend, or a beast, could train in it. The one cultivating the Dao Canon would find it extremely hard to advance, and his spiritual power would be very weak since it had no attribute. 

    His Dragon Form Art had a strong and dense spiritual power for example. He would use seventy percent of spiritual power on a strike when his opponent would use a hundred percent. Its origin was also much more powerful than other cultivation methods. Someone like Chen Ming who trained it to this stage would also have a trace of dragon power.

    And this Dao Canon was neutral so that one who cultivates it could use any attribute with no problems.

    But the Dao Canon, needed ten thousand merits to learn. It showed that there was a secret behind it. In the entire world, there has never been one who cultivated it to the Dao Initiation realm. He wanted to try it and see just what changes would it have once he reached the Dao Initiation realm with it.



    (1)    Reference to Journey to the West. A mount with a bottomless cave and filled with monsters.

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    Chapter 16: Dire Straits


    Despite his thoughts, he did not have enough merits to learn the entire Dao Canon and see just what kind of toy was this Limitless Dao Body.

    “Comprehend the first volume.”

    “Ding! It requires one merit, continue?”

    “Yes, direct comprehension!”

    The first volume echoed in his mind as it changed into a page of scriptures that sank in his mind. Chen Ming then discovered that there was a new Dao Palace in his body!

    The Dao Palace was at the place where a cultivator stored spiritual energy. When one entered the Dao Initiation realm the spiritual energy would transform into spiritual power. 

    Chen Ming introspected his body and found one large and one small Dao Palaces!

    Then the Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art came to Chen Ming’s mind, the one the Sect Leader of the Endless Swords Sect practiced, “Comprehend the first stage of Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art!”

    “Ding! The first stage of Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art requires 3 merits, continue?”

    “Yes, direct comprehension!”

    The Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art unraveled in his mind, and a sudden idea flashed through his mind, allowing him to comprehend the first stage of this mysterious scripture. 

    He looked again and found another Dao Palace there. Both of the small Dao Palaces were gathering spiritual energy, the Dao Canon’s palace gathered neutral spiritual energy while the Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art’s palace lightning attribute spiritual energy.

    “Um, doesn’t this mean I can become three immortals? And if I train in more methods, will I become an all-in-one immortal?”

    “Ding! You’re thinking too much. You might have the Limitless Dao Body, but your current body is average. The Limitless Dao Body isn’t even in the fledgling stage yet and your current highest capability is the Dao Comprehending realm.”

    “Huh? Then what is the fledgling stage of the Limitless Dao Body?”

    “Form three thousand Dao Seeds!”

    “Why you @#$*%(the next pages were omitted)!”

    After a few moments, Chen Ming cooled down. He could reach the highest realm, the Dao Comprehending realm, but that wasn’t important when he could now have three thousand Dao Palaces. 

    Three thousand Grand Daos. He liked them all, so how could he choose one over the other? 

    But his fighting style would need to change. As he got more Dao Palaces, he had to study arrays to use all their power as if he had many cultivators under him, and interlink them.

    Others needed countless cultivators to set up an array, while he could do it on his own, and the powers would be interconnected. He could change it whenever he wanted while easily controlling the array’s power!

    Since he never studied arrays before, he would do some research when he returned to Endless Swords Sect.

    But every Dao Palace would need something as a medium through which he could draw its spiritual power and use it to form the array.

    He would just use every Dao Palace to temper swords and form a sword array.

    An array’s power was much stronger than an outstanding magical art. But it had a fatal flaw; it was hard to move it. And so, what kept the sects safe were guarding arrays. Would he turn into a moving array then? Would he be able to comprehend mystical space-related arts that would allow him to teleport? 

    He would become a sect, and could change the arrays he used as he wished!

    “The Limitless Dao Body seems to have an overbearing nature!”

    There were ten days left until the inner disciple competition. It was high time to return since this mission had a reward of one thousand merits. This amount would allow Chen Ming to bring three cultivation methods at the Dao Initiation realm. At that time it would count him as four cultivators, enough to use arrays! 

    The Regent’s estate.

    One side raized the Murdering Temple, and this side shook hands, ending the play.

    Truth be told, Chen Ming’s letter shocked the Regent and Chen Yuhu. Chen Ming, who never led an army in his life, has taken thirty thousand Flying Tiger Army troops into battle and won a resounding victory. Of the ninety thousand men casualties, Chen Ming was the culprit behind earning the terrifying glory of killing one thousand men.

    The fact he had a way to win was already amazing, but what was strange was that he was close to wiping them out. It was a thorough victory with negligible losses on the Flying Tiger Army side. 

    Winning in such an easy manner was something they never saw before, not to mention hearing about it.

    They were incredulous even now and sent for Wang Meng to ask them personally what he witnessed, “Are you sure you hid nothing?” 

    “Regent, all is true. I didn’t say you should doubt it, as even when I myself witnessed it, I still feel like it was a dream. Besides His Highness the Prince, all the generals think the same. I can only say that Prince is a divine strategist and a grim reaper on the battlefield.”

    Chen Yuhu finally relaxed, “Ha-ha-ha, good. My son surpassed me!”

    Old Regent smiled, “Alright, alright, we are getting old. I can now rest easy, knowing Ming’er has such heroic abilities.”

    Chen Yuhu smiled, “I heard that last night, the Emperor threw a fit and smashed countless art pieces.”

    “What an ignorant fool, daring to scheme against us. Right, did Ming’er returned with you?”

    Wang Meng said, “Prince already returned to Endless Swords Sect. Young miss Qingyao is about to take part in the inner disciple sect competition and he is worried. “

    Old Regent cursed, “This little bastard, he doesn’t even come to see I, his grandaddy, and his father? See if I don’t tear him a new one when he gets here! “

    Lustrous King Peak.

    After a three-day stroll, Chen Ming returned to Lustrous King Peak. He remembered that the girl was still below the cliff. He looked through the vines and saw that Zhuo Qingyao was practicing her sword. Didn’t this girl learn the Fairy Sword Art? Why was this move resembling the most overbearing move, the Overlord’s Rule from the Lustrous King Sword Art?

    And this move had thirty percent similarity, with a hint of intent behind it.

    Training in Fairy Sword Art, through some freaky coincidences, led to her practicing the Overlord’s Rule. 

    Zhuo Qingyao noticed him and Chen Ming flew inside. Zhuo Qingyao showed a wronged expression, “Master, I almost fell to my death while you were gone.” 

    Chen Ming watched her and found that there were two auras on her. 

    'Cliff Falling Aura lvl 1.

    Description: How could a true genius fall to his death off a cliff?

    Effect: 70% chance of death, 20% chance of surviving, 10% chance of obtaining a treasure.' 

    'Dire Straits Aura lvl 5.

    Description: When there’s no way out, a glimmer of hope appears!

    Effect: When pushed to the extreme, one’s spiritual power will rise based on the aura level!'

    No wonder she survived the journey through the Myriad Mountains!

    It seemed that she was born with such an awesome innate aura while he had to kill his way through many difficulties just for the chance to get the Killer aura. 
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  • Chapter 17: New Mission


    A dog couldn’t compare to a man. If it could, then wouldn’t that mean Chen Ming was lower than a dog?

    Zhuo Qingyao had an innate aura and even if she wasn’t a Main Character stereotype, then she would at least belong to the hero stereotype.

    Luckily, she was his disciple. Chen Ming coughed and showed no sign of embarrassment for being put on the spot by Zhuo Qingyao, “I left a Jade Mushroom here. Are you convinced now?” 

    Zhuo Qingyao blinked, understanding something, Master already took into consideration that I would fall off the Reflecting Cliff and prepared a Jade Mushroom to help me recover. If not wouldn’t Master eat it if he had found it?

    “So Master prepared that jade mushroom. How did you know that I would fall here? “

    Chen Ming made a hand gesture and showed a mysterious smile, “I wouldn’t dare to fully foretell your fortune as the will of heaven is ever-shifting. These are heaven’s secrets, how would I dare reveal them?” 

    “Oh, so that’s why.”

    “For so many days here, you must have only eaten vine fruits. Cough. Here, I brought you some cakes.”

    Chen Ming took a handkerchief from his chest and put it in her hand, “Eat, they aren’t good cold.”

    Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes were brimming with tears. The only person good to her was Master. She lowered her head, not wanting to let Chen Ming see her expression, and found a new determination, to not let her Master down.

    Chen Ming saw that she finished eating and said, “There are seven more days until the competition. I saw how good your sword was just now so I will teach you one more move! You only need to concern yourself with practicing this sword and need to discard all other matters, even the outcome of the battle.”

    He then took the Fairy Sword from his back and gave it to Zhuo Qingyao, “From now on, this sword will be yours. Take care of it.”

    The Fairy Sword was three-foot-long, like inky black jade, and a slender blade, fitting of a young child like Zhuo Qingyao.

    Chen Ming never thought of teaching her anything else but the Overlord’s Rule. 

    He unsheathed the Lustrous King Sword and pointed at the sky, then he slashed. A powerful wind blew everywhere, sending all the dust in the cave flying. 

    “Did you see?” asked Chen Ming.

    Zhuo Qingyao nodded. She already felt she was beginning to understand this strike and now that Chen Ming showed it to her, she had more or less comprehend it.

    She began to wave the Fairy Sword and practice what Chen Ming had shown her, but he soon found something amiss, “Use that move to attack me.“

    Zhuo Qingyao immediately directed her sword at Chen Ming and he lightly moved the Lustrous King Sword to block her move. He quietly used his spiritual power to draw the Fairy Sword in and making her used the Overlord’s Rule, “Remember that feeling.”

    Chen Ming looked around the cave, at various etches, Why do I sense the overbearing intent of the Overlord’s Rule?

    Chen Ming held Zhuo Qingyao and they soon flew out and landed on top of a waterfall. The ten-zhang tall waterfall looked incredibly tall from above. This was the new place where she would train the Overlord’s Rule.

    Chen Ming released her and said, “Come, continue attacking me!”

    Zhuo Qingyao was absentminded, “Eh? We arrived already?”

    Chen Ming was stepping on top of the waterfall, once again using his sword to draw in the Fairy Sword and show Zhuo Qingyao all the changes it went through to launch the Overlord’s Rule.

    Time passed slowly and besides instructed her on the sword art, he also took out snow ginseng, from his home, for her to eat. 

    In these seven days, Zhuo Qingyao advanced her cultivation another stage.

    Tomorow was the inner sect disciples competition. As Chen Ming watched Zhuo Qingyao practicing, he found that the only thing she lacked was confidence. She still had some misgivings, unable to focus entirely. Ever since she entered the sect she had been labeled the worst talent and under the mockery of the other disciples caused her to be nervous.

    If he could resolve this problem, then her Overlord’s Rule would have seventy percent of his potential, along with sword energy! 

    Chen Ming feigned carelessness and stepped in the water, making it look like Zhuo Qingyao’s strike sent him flying.

    It worried Zhuo Qingyao, “Are you alright, Master?”

    Chen Ming crawled out of the river, “En, your strike had seventy percent of it’s potential, capable of injuring me. In this competition, there will be no one who will be your match. Come, use that same strike on the waterfall.”

    It brought joy to Zhuo Qingyao, I did it, I am not the trash they say I am! How could I have made Master retreat otherwise?

    Zhuo Qingyao closed her eyes, focusing on her energy. She slowly lifted the Fairy Sword and at its peak, she opened her eyes then used her body and mind as one to strike! 

    A wave of sword energy was launched from the Fairy Sword at the waterfall causing the river water to surge wildly! 

    Chen Ming saw the sword energy gathering in Zhuo Qingyao’s body giving her an instant of enlightenment and allowing her to use it and break through to the 7th stage Dao Sense realm!

    But who can tell me why was that move the Overlord’s Rule from the Lustrous King Sword Art when the condensed sword energy was from the Fairy Sword Art?

    Forget it, it made no sense anyway. It’s good that she condensed sword energy, as only those reaching this stage are considered sword cultivators

    “Ding! Zhuo Qingyao condensed sword energy, walking the Dao of the sword. Reward: 100 merits.”

    “Ding! Zhuo Qingyao reached the 7th stage Dao Sense realm. Reward: 70 merits!”

    Reaching the 7th stage and with sword energy, her last strike was definitely at seventy percent similarity and should be enough. 

    All he had to do now was to sit back and enjoy Zhuo Qingyao revealing her power. 

    What? Do you think Zhuo Qingyao might lose? How can that be when in a month she reached the 7th stage from the first stage. Was this a freak or what? 

    As for Chen Ming, he used no less than fourteen years to reach the 10th stage, they just don’t compare.

    Now Chen Ming began to ponder another problem. When the crown prince died, he mentioned the Pitfall Mountain.

    He went to ask the Endless Swords Sect’s Sect Leader, “What is the origin of Pitfall Mountain?”

    The Sect Leader watched him warily, “You already know of Pitfall Mountain?”

    Chen Ming nodded.

    “The reason the Emperor had a stable position, is because of Pitfall Mount. At the southern border of the Yan Empire are the Myriad Mountains a place ruled by fiends. It is said that the ruler of the Myriad Mountains is a Fiend Lord. The Pitfall Mount is the closest to Yan Empire and an Archfiend rules it. “

    Just like the Yan Empire, the other empires around it are also serving the Pitfall Mountain. Yan Empire’s Emperor relies on the fact that he pays tribute to the Pitfall Mountain, assuring him safe stay on the throne.

    “In truth, you weren’t the eldest of your family as you had three more brothers, but the Emperor forcefully sent them along with the tribute to the Pitfall Mountain.”

    “Ding! Triggered storyline challenge mission. Difficulty: F. Block the monsters’ rage. Because the Yan Empire’s Crown Prince died, the Pitfall Mountain started to pay attention to the Regent’s estate. Please draw the Pitfall Mountain’s attention before it invades the Yan Empire.”

    “Ding! Triggered storyline challenge mission. Difficulty: D. Vengeance is delayed, but not forgotten. the Pitfall Mountain killed your three brothers. Please destroy Pitfall Mountain and complete this delayed vengeance!

    Why didn’t the other mission had difficulty? Asked Chen Ming.

    “Because it didn’t register as difficult.”
  • Chapter18: Feels like he’ll die in one hit!


    How to distract Pitfall Mountain? If he were to make a ruckus there wouldn’t they discover he was the Prince and then invade the Yan Empire faster? 

    To complete this mission, he needed to first know Pitfall Mountain’s intentions. This, in itself, was utter nonsense, since he wasn’t a fiend belonging to Pitfall Mountain. If he were to go there as he was, based on the fact that fiends used fiend energy, he would appear like a flashlight in the night.

    Hold on, couldn’t he practice any cultivation method? If a cultivator were to train in a fiend’s cultivation method, would it generate fiend energy?

    With this thought, he left the Sect Leader and headed towards the Scriptures Pavilion to check if it had any fiend cultivation methods.

    Sect Leader watched him leave and muttered, “Don’t know if it was right to tell him, but with an Archfiend overseeing Pitfall Mountain, he probably won’t be so angry that he would go there to die, right?”

    The Scriptures Pavilion’s elder didn’t ask for Chen Ming’s badge as everyone in the sect knew that he would become the next Sect Leader.

    Chen Ming entered the Scriptures Pavilion and went straight to the floor restricted to the Sect Leader. In this restricted area, only someone with his status could enter and began to search for fiend cultivation methods.

    A while later, he found a demonic cultivation method called Demonic Blood Saber that could also form a Dao Seed once cultivated to completion. He mulled it over, but still placed it in his bosom. Who knew when he would need it.

    A beast hide hanged on the wall, portraying a three-legged Golden Crow. The Fire Crow Art depicted had nine stages and of equal grade as his Dragon Form Art.

    To prevent the Scriptures Pavilion’s elder from noticing the fiend energy, Chen Ming set up a layer of spiritual power.

    Chen Ming spoke in his mind, “Comprehend the first stage of Fire Crow Art.”

    “Ding! Comprehending the Fire Crow Art requires 5 merits, continue?”

    “Yes, direct comprehension!”

    Chen Ming felt an indescribable warmth inside him as if a spark was ignited. A huge Fire Crow took shape in his mind, having wings of fire burning towards the sky! 

    The difference between comprehending a fiend cultivation method and human one was immense.

    Chen Ming looked inside him again, but this time at the Dao Palaces, and found there was an extra one, holding scorching fiend energy!

    He could cultivate fiend energy!

    But he found that he still displayed the energy signature from the Dragon Form Art.

    Chen Ming inspected his four Dao Palaces and saw that the Dragon Form Art’s Dao Palace was at the front. He strained his mind and the Fire Crow Art ‘s Dao Palace drifted towards the first position. Along with it, his energy changed into fiend energy!

    If a fiend would see him, he would definitely consider him to be a Great Fiend that took human form!

    If a cultivator saw him, he would definitely attack, “Die, fiend!”

    It’s possible!

    These missions told Chen Ming something. The so-called fame required him to experience events, then change the original direction of these events. That was the only way to improve his rank. Just that a big mission was difficult, and he couldn’t do such an important mission here. I also can’t get these pots and plants killed. To do this major mission needs me to go to the fiend’s territory, and Myriad Mountains doesn’t seem too bad of a place to go to.

    After changing back to the Dragon Form Art, Chen Ming took the beast skin with him. The inner sect disciple competition was about to start.

    When he returned to Lustrous King Peak, he took Zhuo Qingyao, and master and disciple descended the mountain. As they walked, Zhuo Qingyao asked, “Master, are you testing disciple’s heart again?” 

    Zhuo Qingyao still had some doubts about why Chen Ming didn’t use the flying sword. He laughed, embarrassed, “Seems like your heart is not steady. How about this, there will be a new rule for my disciples. Before you experience battle, you cannot travel on your sword!”

    Zhuo Qingyao thought that her Master was doing it all to harden her determination and made sure to remember this rule.

    When they arrived at the competition, there was a sea of people. The elders urged their disciples to use this chance to earn a name for themselves and reach a high rank. Only this would make the sect invest resources and time to foster them. 

    The disciples found it strange when they took notice of Zhuo Qingyao, “What’s going on? Zhuo Qingyao couldn’t be thinking of taking part right?”

    “Who knows! But it doesn’t matter even if she does since she is still the same 1st stage of Dao Sense realm trash from a month ago!”

    “They say that her meridians are broken and unable to cultivate!”

    “It looks like Grand Elder Chen is still young. He might have profound and high cultivation and an extraordinary sword, but his judgment of character is poor!”

    “It couldn’t be that Grand Elder Chen had suffered from deviated cultivation and lost it, right?”

    Rage painted Zhuo Qingyao’s face. Chen Ming looked at them, They would die from just one punch, and yet these 2nd and 3rd stage of Dao Sense realm are making fun of Zhuo Qingyao! 

    Chen Ming didn’t care, as he sat in his chair in high spirits. His attention landing on Endless Swords Sect’s guarding array, beginning to study the Lake and Mountain Grand Array. 

    Yet moments later, Li Changgeng brought Wang Tian to the competition. Wang Tian looked at Zhuo Qingyao with jealousy and deep contempt. 

    Li Changgeng sat in his chair when Wang Tian demanded of Zhuo Qingyao, “You had better not join in this competition.” 


    Wang Tian had an arrogant smile, “If you can’t even handle new disciples, you will bring disgrace to Grand Elder Chen!”

    Zhuo Qingyao was no push-over, “We will see.”

    Li Changgeng watched them bicker, but didn’t add anything since he wasn’t one to bully the weak. He found that, until now, Chen Ming was the proud son of heaven in Endless Swords Sect and Yan Empire, but he now had the chance to surpass him, “If Wang Tian has the misfortune of fighting Qingyao, ha-ha-ha. Um, that is, I will tell Wang Tian to be lenient!”

    Chen Ming cupped his hands, “Thank you Elder Li.”

    Elder Li was pleased, “Ha-ha-ha, you flatter me. Wang Tian, don’t be too rough and make things difficult for Grand Elder Chen!”

    Wang Tian cupped his hands, “Disciple complies, but if Zhuo Qingyao has no propriety, then I can only teach her!”

    Feels like he’ll die in one hit!

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  • Chapter 19: Bye!


    The competition officially started and Zhuo Qingyao’s first opponent happened to be a female disciple under Li Changgeng, named Linghu Xiaoxiao. They considered her to be second to Wang Tian in power.

    Wang Tian shook his head at this.

    Another disciple asked him, “Senior brother, why are you sighing?”

    “Zhuo Qingyao’s luck isn’t good. Her match is with Junior sister Linghu, and might be her last.”

    The disciples started commenting, “Yeah, she has bad luck!”

    “Senior sister Linghu is at the 5th stage of Dao Sense realm!”

    “Hope senior sister Linghu will go easy on her, or she might die.”

    “Senior sister Linghu isn’t that weaker compared to senior brother Wang Tian, and has a high chance of becoming a legacy disciple!”

    On the stage, the judge went to his spot, “The competition begins! On the right corner, we have Elder Li’s disciple, Linghu Xiaoxiao. She has a high talent and almost certain of becoming a legacy disciple this year! On the left corner, we have Grand Elder Chen’s head disciple, Zhuo Qingyao. Um, whatever, she has the lowest talent and needs no introduction. We can see that Zhuo Qingyao is going to be the first to attack! When she entered the sect she was only at the 1st stage of Dao Sense realm, and even with Grand Elder Chen’s guidance... Um, Grand Elder Chen had to deal with Murdering Temple this month, so Zhuo Qingyao wasn’t taught for more than a few days. Yet she is brave enough to attack first. But where did she find the bravery to do this? Linghu Xiaoxiao shows no emotion, worthy of someone with high talent, even having the aura of an expert!”

    Chen Ming’s eyelid twitched, This judge knows how to comment. How are you so good at this? 

    The judge followed with, “Linghu Xiaoxiao moved, is she intending to retaliate? This strike of hers caused a storm. Wow, it’s the Torrential Sword Art and a skillfully implemented move at that. She clearly reached mastery in it. What? Zhuo Qingyao is just waving her sword. She got so scared by her opponent she doesn’t know what to do? It hit, it hit!”


    Chen Ming watched as Linghu Xiaoxio smashed three chairs next to Li Changgeng, falling flat on her face. She coughed, spitting blood, and stretched her powerless arm at the dumbstruck Li Changgeng, “Master, I can still...”

    The scene was terrifying embarrassing, distracting the judge, Was this a one-second match?

    The judge’s eyes shifted to Zhuo Qingyao, Are you sure this girl is still at the 1st stage after a month? Are you sure this girl before me is a girl and not a savage beast?

    Chen Ming watched the dazed Li Changgeng, “You know, Elder Li? Qingyao never fought with anyone and doesn’t know how to hold back. Elder Li, your disciples talked bravely, so I said nothing to Qingyao. I’m afraid she beat your disciple to death. Blame me, it is all my fault. Blame me for thinking too highly of you. But be at ease, from now on, I will never respect you. I will do my best to look down on you!”

    Li Changgeng’s face was blazing, choking on his words. How could he endure it?

    Chen Ming saw the silent Li Changgeng and patted his chest, “Rest easy, Elder Li, I vow at the heavens, that you will never enter my eyes again!” 

    Li Changgeng finally waved his hand and scared his disciples with his shout, “What are you staring at? Go help your senior sister!” 

    Zhuo Qingyao didn’t care about this farce, because she stared towards legacy disciple seats, at Li Qian’er. According to the competition’s rule, the first place has the right to invite a legacy disciple and exchange pointers.  

    Zhuo Qingyao glared at Li Qian’er, You threw me off a cliff. If it weren’t for Master’s Jade Mushroom, I would be dead right now.

    The fires of revenge burned brightly in Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes and searched among the rest of the disciple below the stage, “Enough nonsense. Forget wasting time with each match and come, all of you!” 

    Li Changgeng’s stared down Wang Tian as if to urge him to get up there, only to notice that his legs were shaking. Linghu Xiaoxiao might not be his match but he needed a dozen of exchanges before he could best her. While that Zhuo Qingyao just swung her sword and sent Linghu Xiaoxiao flying! One strike might not defeat him, but there was always the next one, and he surely didn’t want to be the next one to fly off the stage!

    And she just declared she wanted to fight them all at once!

    This clearly won’t end well!

    He always trash this trash that when mentioning Zhuo Qingyao and if he went up there, how would he leave when she would break his legs?

    “Master, I forgot the chicken soup on the stove. If I don’t return the soup will be ruined! Bye!”

    With Wang Tian as a lead example, all disciples involved in today’s competition seemed to have forgotten important matters, “Look at the sky, it’s going to rain soon. I need to bring the laundry inside! Master, disciple will be taking his leave, bye!”

    “Right, Master, I promised to go with other disciples moon gazing. It is late so disciple will be leaving, bye!”

    “Master, I ordered a sword. It should be done by now. I’m leaving, bye!”


    In no less than ten breaths, they deserted the competition. 

    Zhuo Qingyao saw how there was no one left to fight, and asked the judge, “Did I take the first place? Can I request for a legacy disciple to exchange pointers with me?”

    The judge surveyed the area and found Wang Tian sprawled on the ground, Eh? Weren’t you the first to bolt, why are you still here?, “Wang Tian, you want to challenge Zhuo Qingyao?”

    Wang Tian uttered profanities, “Who’s the son of a bitch that tripped me! I need to make sure Master’s soup doesn’t get burned. Junior brother, help me get up, we can’t stay here!” 

    Wang Tian turned his head by chance and saw the raging eyes of Zhuo Qingyao. It made him shiver, Will anything good come out of fighting this monster? 

    Wang Tian exerted his entire strength, and like a carp, he made a mad dash out of the area.

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