Acquiring a book in it's original language

Hello Fellow Daoists,

I am a long-time lurker, and intended to stay that way. It is in my nature, or Dao, as my name suggests to stay mostly unknown. However, I have to get a breakthrough, for which I have to step out of this comfort zone.
I am trying to acquire Cixin Liu's collection of short stories, collectively named "the wandering earth" (or a subset thereof) in the original chinese. I want it in order to read it and hence practically acquire some chinese language skills (I learn by reading better than any mobile app or regurgitating dry words, that's how I got most of my english too).

But I find myself unable to acquire this book in the original language, due to vcarious issues. Also, due to some other circumstances, Amazon is not an option. So with that in mind, can anyone recommend me:
Either an online store that accepts PayPal (or iDeal, for those familiar with it) and would carry this book as well as ship it to the Netherlands.
Or a local-ish bookstore in the Netherlands, west-Germany or belgium that would have this book in stock in the original language.

Thanks in advance,

Nevernown, Dao of the unknown
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