Plot points or Arcs for Xianxia novels.

I'm currently thinking about making a story that's set in a xianxia world with the basic strong eats the weak kind of premise and a mc who gains a cheat device and gets stronger and stronger. But! From all of the xianxia novels i read, they all basically go the same route of fighting/killing people who are against the mc and then moving to a stronger place where they aren't as strong anymore and rinse and repeat basically. 

To finally get to my question.... I would like to know what kind of plot or story arcs i could make so that the story doesn't follow into that routine i mentioned above or at least diverse enough that it isn't the same joining a sect > trouble in the sect or got too strong for sect > moving to a new stronger sect > trouble happens there > and so on and so forth. Like how can i make the story's goal about becoming strong but at the same time have interesting arcs on the journey to that goal?
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