Martial Skills in Xianxia.

So, I'm currently thinking about writing a Xianxia fic and i'm having trouble with the martial skills. Well i'm having issues with a couple things but let's focus on one thing at a time..

I don't know exactly how to show the difference in levels between low, mid, high, top, and peak ranked martial skills. I could do the obvious thing and just say that oh since this skill is higher ranked its obviously better and stronger in every way. But i really don't wanna do things that way. I want there to be a reason why these skills are higher tiered and better than the lower tiered martial skills besides just being a bigger rank. 

Like why is a peak ranked martial skill different from a low ranked one besides power?

Can you guys help me out thinking of differences between the ranks or something that'll help me differentiate the tiers?


  • I think the difference in tiers is really just in name/power. Besides going into philosophy, and other factors to show how there really isn't a hierarchy, or that you can use one's own dao to advance, etc. But if you really want to show that there is a true difference, it really is in battle and that's it. That is the only time that we will actually see tiers going against each other, and allowing the reader to compare this and that. But a slightly weaker alternative is to showcase the difficulty, rarity, of the said skill. For example, a peak-tiered skill being extremely difficult/for fated ones/luck-based, while a low-tiered skill being something everyone has access to/can learn.
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