Can't remember this novel name!!?

I've searched through all my bookmarks and all the websites I can remember but I can't for the life of me remember the name of this novel!

It's a reincarnation novel where the main protagonist has become a genius due to his knowledge and passes on his knowledge to his best friend's, who are all the second in line to their families. Their families are in a different realm..? But with him helping them to get stronger, they can fight to the chance to become the first in line. He's dedicated to a girl who's really young in this life because of his past life (think she's like 12) and she has issues with her body/meridians or something that he can fix but it'll take a while to get the ingredients. He makes and gifts her a beautiful dagger which gets taken away from her by her family. 

Please! What's is this novel? It's driving me insane! 


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