Problem with Martial God Asura (MGA)

Translator took the 4th off, promised 5 chapters the next day to make it right. That should put us one chapter ahead of the original schedule.

The problem is... We are still missing two of the promised chapters. That hold us, currently, a chapter behind even the original schedule. I have commented about this a few times but I feel like the forums is the place to highlight this issue. So here I am.

5 chapters on the 5th, 2 on the 6th, 2 on the 7th... you get the idea. By the 7th, we only have 7 new chapters instead of 9. I have checked over and over again since the 5th, as the translator only released 3 chapters, took a quick break, and released the final 2 on the 6th without bothering to release the 2 scheduled chapters for the 6th. 
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