Brainiac novel suggestions

Could you all kindly suggest me a new novel to read, preferably one with an MC who uses his brain more than brawn. Something like human emperor or release that witch. Would even prefer it if the MC is really weak but is rather op at outsmarting everyone. I would also like it to be a long novel with least 200 chapters.  I thank you all sincerely.


  • Warlock of the Magus World.
    The sage who transcended Samsara
    Lord of the Mysteries
    Reverend Insanity
  • Hey thanks for your response, haven't read any of them. I tried to start with Lord of mysteries but couldn't get into it even after reading 30-40 chapters. I tried reverend insanity next and am actually enjoying it so far, I have read upto chapter 170 and really like it. 
  • "Ultimate evolution" man, the MC is both brainiac and physical,dont know if the translation is good but I've read Chinese novel for more than ten years now so I think you can trust me
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