what atg did to my life

i know i shouldnt be posting this here but i just wanna share how atg affected my life. it was a year ago when i accidentally stumbled upon this novel and i thought why not give it a try and it was actually good that i didnt sense little by little it is already taking my time for other things,.. long story short i repeated a whole semester just becoz of this novel so i stopped reading at 1100 but last week i couldnt resist the urge to continue where i left off so folks .......here we go again


  • Wuxia is like drugs, you gotta manage it or you'll end up like me with AUD $70 a month on RGE. LOL
    Best of luck
  • it happens to most of us it's hard for me to focus at work when I'm reading a good novel I just can't wait to see what's going to happen next 
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