Fading Interest

I first started to read web novel since 2015 after I came to this site accidentally following the trail left by Tales of Demons and gods from Kissmanga. I didn't know Web novel was a thing back then and now its a part of my daily life. I read a lot and I've spent a lot of my time reading novels from this site starting from TDG, ATG, ISSTH, etc. 
There were other translation sites but none could compare to the quality Wuxia world provided and the number of books it had back then. And things have changed now, the translation industry has grown there are many more sites that does this work and there are numerous sites which provide quality translation. 

Also, the Qidian mess that happened has changed this industry a lot for better or worse. But we do have a lot to read now than what we had a few years back. 

I started my reading journey here and this site is special to me. I love this site, no doubt about that yet I find myself coming to this site less and less. 

The site has grown, there are a lot of new novels here and the quality is translation they provide cannot be questioned as they are good at what they do. The site has been upgraded yet every time I come here I feel so out of place. Maybe it's just me IDK. Probably the interface that is not to my liking comparing to what these sites biggest competitor has. 

The bookmarks are lame and feel clumsy especially if you read from phones. There are a lot of novels here that I just dropped reading just because I come here less and less. There was a time when I didn't open WW for two or three months and this site feels even foreign now. 

I'm proud of WW world coming this far from where it was but IDK. I can't find myself refreshing the homepage like I used to while waiting for updates anymore. I am not here re-reading the novels. I read TDG 3 or 4 times, ISSTH 2 times, and other novels I've at least ran through them more than once but the interest is just fading. I still read but just not from this site. 

I wish the site will get a fresher theme that won't make me feel bored staying here for a minute. It looks great but it's just boring. At least do something about the bookmarks.  


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    I do most of my reading though my phone and i can tell you, i don't think it's the interface or the theme nor even the bookmarks that stops you from reading as to what really is the reason only you can know :). As long as the novel is entertaining and drawing you in, interface, theme or even the clunky bookmark can't and will not stop you.

    On that note they are going to realize and app soon.
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    For me personally it's because the novels here become a bit generic.. Arrogant young master and face slapping and stuff. It becomes a bit boring for me.. The only thing I read here is overgeared right now. I just hope the next project they're going to take will be fresh new theme of a novel. It might not be the best novel in China but maybe it'll work for international reader. 

    Also hoping they'll make it so that people without credit can actually subscribe to vip.. 
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